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Monday 12 Sep 2016 | 7- 9pm

Exhibition Preview and Cocktail Reception Sotheby’s, 2029 Century Park E #2950, Los Angeles

Tuseday 13 Sep 2016 | 3- 5pm

Panel Discussion & Film Premiere Portraying Fereydoun Ave’s Multidimensional Practice Co-organised with the Art of the Middle East Department at LACMA Brown Auditorium LACMA, 5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles

Thursday 15 Sep 2016 | 7- 11:30pm

VIP Exhibition View & Champagne Reception

Sotheby’s, 2029 Century Park E #2950, Los Angeles

VIP Dinner & Art Auction

Craft, Los Angeles This event is non-ticketed & by invitation only

Hotel Information Special discount of 25% at Viceroy L’ermitage Beverly Hills from 8-16 Sep available to MOP guests VIP Code: MOP2016 Booking: 1-877-235-7582 / www.viceroylermitagebh.com


PANEL DISCUSSION and FILM PREMIERE Tuseday 13 Sep 2016 | 3- 5pm

Co-organised with the Art of the Middle East Department at LACMA Brown Auditorium LACMA, 5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles

Portraying Fereydoun Ave’s Multidimensional Practice ​

Fereydoun Ave, Artist Dr. Shiva Balaghi, Independent Writer & Curator Tony Shafrazi, Artist & Gallerist Roxane Zand, Sotheby’s Deputy Chairman for the Middle East Moderator: Fereshte Moosavi, Art Director & Curator, MOP Foundation

7 Days Out Of 70 Springs A Documentary About Fereydoun Ave A documented experience by: Omid Bonakdar, Keyvan Ali-Mohammadi Producer: Omid Bonakdar 2016

7 Dr. Shiva Balaghi is an independent scholar and curator based in Los Angeles. For two decades, she was an academic, teaching on modern and contemporary Middle Eastern cultural history at NYU and Brown University. She’s written widely on Iranian art for publications like Artforum, Ibraaz, MERIP, and Canvas. Her recent projects include co-curating Parviz Tanavoli’s first US museum retrospective exhibit at the Davis Museum. Born in Iran to Armenian parents, Tony Shafrazi was educated in England, graduating Hammersmith’s College of Art & Architecture and The Royal College of Art. In 1969, he moved to New York to pursue a career as a conceptual artist, exhibiting in Holland, Belgium, Italy, France, and New York. From 1974-78 Shafrazi was advisor to the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. In 1979, he opened his first New York gallery, introducing foremost American artists of the 1980’s: Haring, Basquiat, Scharf, Baechler, while exhibiting masters of the 1960’s: Warhol, Ruscha, Hopper, among others. Tony Shafrazi Gallery has represented the Estate of Francis Bacon and continues to mount museum-quality exhibitions: Picasso-Bacon-Basquiat; Andy Warhol Portraits and recently, the critically acclaimed Who’s Afraid of Jasper Johns? Harvard and Oxford educated, Roxane Zand began a career in museum and arts administration after three years in UNESCO. She was one of the first employees at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. She left Iran after the Revolution to resume professional activities in London in the field of education. She was an officer of the Iran Heritage Foundation before moving to Asia House, and worked variously as arts editor of the Encyclopaedia Islamica and freelance consultant for numerous projects for the British Museum and elsewhere in the art world before joining Sothebys in 2006 where she is now Deputy Chairman for the Middle East.






AUCTIONEER Andrea Fiuczynski

Chairman of the Americas for Sotheby’s

As a dynamic art world professional with a distinguished 30-year career in the auction world, Andrea Fiuczynski has developed outstanding relationships with important collectors, advisors, attorneys, and institutions throughout the western United States. Based out of Los Angeles, the Executive Vice President and Chairman of the Americas for Sotheby’s works closely with colleagues worldwide to develop and execute the company’s business strategy for the region, while cultivating and maintaining close relationships with clients. Prior to joining Sotheby’s, Ms. Fiuczynski worked for Christie’s as a specialist in the French & Continental Furniture Department in New York and served as the Director of European Furniture & Valuations in Berlin before relocating to Los Angeles, where she was appointed President of Christie’s Los Angeles in 2001. Ms. Fiuczynski was also an important member of the company’s team of auctioneers, taking sales in New York, Hong Kong, and Europe, and continues to auctioneer internationally for Sotheby’s. Highly regarded in the international marketplace, Ms. Fiuczynski provides her auctioneering services to charities throughout the world. She has been featured in several publications and lectures frequently at museums. She also hosts educational programs and mock auctions for the advisory community and educational institutions.





Shahriar Ahmadi Armin Amirian Abol Atighetchi Fereydoun Ave Andisheh Avini Mohammad Bahabadi Sassan Behnam–Bakhtiar Mohammad Bozorgi Habib Farajabadi Farhad Fozouni Dara Gallopin Ghalamdar Shokoufeh Malekkiani Marjan Nemati Fereydoun Omidi HIM Farah Pahlavi Iman Raad Shadi Rezaei Natasha Riboud Atoosa Vahdani







Untitled, from ‘Rumi in my Chalice’ series 2009 Acrylic & gold leaf on canvas 59 x 39.3” Courtesy of the artist

Shahriar Ahmadi Shahriar Ahmadi (born 1979 in Kamyaran, Iran) received both his BA and MFA in Painting from the University of Art, Tehran. He began his artistic career through calligraphy, creating portraits with words. His oeuvre seeks to engage in a dialogue between history and the present, drawing on the literature, religion and history of his native country. Known for series such as Rumi in My Chalice, Ahmadi’s palette juxtaposes vivid hues with painterly consistency, allowing colours to interact freely within a controlled technique. Calligraphic influences are present in the form of loose scribbles pushed to the edges of each canvas, and beneath the forms he paints. Working in acrylic, his paintings act as an extension of his imagination, filled with riddles and mystery. He is a member of the Iranian Society of Painters of Iran and a Kermanshahand Member of the Visual Arts Society of Iran. Ahmadi has exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions in Iran, the Middle East, Europe, China and the USA.





Hobb (Love) 2010 Acrylic on canvas 35.4 x 51” Courtesy of the artist

Abol Atighetchi Abol Atighetchi (born 1948 in Tehran, Iran) gained his BSc from London’s Queen Mary College, University of London, and continued his studies in Fine Arts at the Mid-West City College, USA and the Solihull College, Birmingham, UK. Atighetchi has worked with nouvelle figuration in France for many years, before taking on the art of calligraphy upon his return to Iran in 1996. An admirer of the great Persian Sufi and poet Jalal-e-din Mollana Rumi, much of Atighetchi’s inspiration has been drawn from the poet and many of his calligraphy works dedicated to him. His work incorporates Thuluth, Kufic, Naskh and more recently, a Nastalig style of contemporary and mystic calligraphy. Attighechi has regularly collaborated with international art auction houses such as the Drouot, Bonhams and Sotheby’s since 1987 and is a member of Maison des Artistes in Paris and the Maison des artistes in Tehran since 1979.





Untitled 2008 Acrylic and inkjet on canvas 74.8 x 46� Courtesy of the artist

Andisheh Avini Andisheh Avini (born 1974 in New York, USA) is a Brooklynbased artist, whose practice includes painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture, often incorporating the traditional craft of marquetry. Avini explores the duality of his own identity by combining iconic Iranian images like Persian calligraphy, decorative peacock motifs, and political figures with occidental concepts of minimalism and abstraction. Avini’s approach speaks to a larger globalized society of nomads and dispersed individuals and reflects a contemporary multicultural experience to which many can relate. His solo exhibitions have been held at the Marianne Boesky Gallery in New York, Gallerie Frank Elbaz in Paris, 2014 and the I-20 Gallery in New York, 2011 to name a few. His latest group exhibitions include Venus Over Manhattan in New York, 2016 and Opposing the Binary at Michael Kohn Gallery in LA, 2013.





Analogy I 2012 Digital C-print on archival paper Edition 1/10 27.5 x 39.3” Courtesy of the artist & Janet Rady Fine Art

Armin Amirian Armin Amirian (born 1995 in Esfahan, Iran) is a young photographer and artist who inspired by the work of many before him and the plight of his country, has chosen to create dynamic interpretations of the collective experiences of his people. The artist’s father, the elder Amirian, gifted him with his first camera and taught him what he now knows of theatre, painting, sculpture and music, all of which are communicated through the artist’s current work. What began as an interest in documentary photography soon transformed into a desire to re-interpret and re-create his surroundings and the scenes before him, communicating complex social issues in his unique cinematic style. “I wanted to recreate locations, direct, and then take photos…to expose something and say that I want it to be seen and heard. All the photos you see have the same decoupage and creation of a film” Amirian says.





When I Saw The Light #4 2016 Archival pigment print on Hahnemuhle Monet canvas 39.3 x 59� Edition 2/4 Courtesy of the artist

Shokoufeh Malekkiani Shokoufeh Malekkiani (born 1977 in Tehran, Iran) is an award-winning Iranian photographer, lawyer, philanthropist and humanitarian activist, who has dedicated her career, law and life to overcome hunger, which she strongly believes is the root of numerous societal problems. She uses art and photography to draw attention to themes and issues of common concern that would otherwise go unnoticed. Shokoufeh’s great determination has helped her win many national and international awards and underscore her dedication to the underprivileged. In addition her work was chosen to be included in the Oscars gift bag of the 83rd Annual Academy Awards in 2011, and was dedicated to the United Nations World Food Programme. Ms. Malekkiani has been the recipient of notable awards, such as 2nd place in the Canadian Association for Photographic Art, 2006 Annual digital Competition, some others in USA, England, Belgium to name but few. Her works have appeared in many magazines around the world, she was a spotlight artist in ARTisSpectrum magazine in New York, 2014. Shokoufeh Malekkiani has been serving as the Honorable Artistic Consultant of the United Nations World Food Programme since 2009.





The Photographers 2009 Selenium toned silver gelatin print 29 x 36” Edition 3/10 Courtesy of the artist

Natasha Riboud Natasha Riboud (born 1979) is a Brooklyn based photographer. She began using traditional black and white photography and a darkroom to develop her images, later moving on to digital colour photography and variety of new techniques. Riboud photographs anything and everything that speaks to her, with a passion for odd objects from times gone by and the intentional and unintentional works of art lining the streets of a city. Amongst other things, her work consists of landscapes, fashion photography and portraiture. Her ‘PhotoStories’ series features sequences of overlaid frames that construct various scenes, taking the viewer along through a narrative unfolding as if from a film. Riboud often works with developers and designers to create works that not only fill, but belong in their respective spaces, often using cutting edge techniques to render her photography as an installation.





Destruction 2009 Oil on canvas 70.8 x 59� Courtesy of the artist

Fereydoun Omidi Fereydoun Omidi (born 1967, in Roudbar, Iran) is a painter and calligrapher with more than 70 local and international exhibitions in Iran, Qatar, Armenia, Japan, Italy, France, United States, England, Emirates and Malaysia. Omidi received his MA from Tehran`s Art University in 1998 and is a faculty member of Azad university as well as a member of the Iranian Society of Painters. He works with thick layers of oil colour and paintingknives, creating disfigured letters with depth and dimension, dispersed or otherwise drawing together, transformed from their original shapes into visually performative figures, pulling the viewers gaze along their rhythmic patterns. His works are often large, thus displaying a uniquely absorbing presence in the spaces in which they hang.





Top left: Number 190 2015 Mixed media on canvas 15.15 x 10.43” Top right: Numer 9 2015 Mixed media on canvas 12.87 x 10.04” Bottom: Around Molavi Street 2015 Mixed media on canvas 10.35 x 15.04” Courtesy of the artist

Marjan Nemati Marjan Nemati (born 1981 in Tehran, Iran) predominantly works in the medium of painting and her latest series, What Was, What Is, focuses on the urban historic architecture and its relation to collective experience. She received her BA in Painting from Azad University, Tehran in 2004. Subsequently, she completed her MA degree in Illustration at the Tehran University in 2007. Nemati’s MA thesis, Comic Books, is published by Nazar Art Publications with an introduction by Mr. Farshid Mesghali in 2014. She has held solo exhibitions at Golestan Gallery, 2010, 2014, and Banafsheh Gallery, 2002, Tehran. Her works have been exhibited in a variety of national and international art galleries since 2001. She was accepted as MOP/Parasol Unit foundation Research Resident in London in summer 2015. She currently lives and works in Tehran, Iran.





Tehran Kenar 2008 Mixed media 47.2 x 35.4” Courtesy of the artist

Farhad Fozouni Farhad Fozouni (born 1978 in Tehran, Iran) is the art director of the Tehran-based graphic design office Studio Tehran, which he founded in 2006. He is art director and editorialboard member of several culture magazines, including Art Tomorrow, Tasvir Nameh, 77, and Haal Magazine. In his work, Fozouni draws upon Persian traditions such as miniatures and calligraphy, deconstructing them away from their traditional roles and playfully re-assembling them in designs created to astutely capture the current – his work often employs the use of cultural signifiers to evoke feelings that capture at once sense of identification and loneliness in an exploration of the personal and the public. Fozouni’s use of graphic design in his work combines the geometry of Latin typography with the calligraphic fluidity of the Farsi script, exploring new possibilities in the use of language and graphic markers as visual material. His graphic design has been featured in many international exhibitions. He has exhibited and participated in a number of competitions across Europe and the Middle East.





Water Has Wings 2016 Luster photo paper 31.5 x 47.2” Edition 2/3 Courtesy of the artist

Sassan Behnam–Bakhtiar Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar (born 1984 in Paris, France) has been dubbed ‘the multitalented renaissance artist of his generation from Iran’ by The Huffington Post in 2014 and ‘A man on a mission to inform the world of the true nature of Iran’ by Harper’s Bazaar Art in 2015, Sassan Behnam Bakhtiar’s work is the carrier of an essential understanding that drives one to speak of his subjects based on their physical and mental individualism, as well as their trace in history. Considered a citizen of the world without boundaries, Sassan is driven by his opinion of the truth that is communicated to the outside world via his signature artistic forms of expression, portraying a different Iran than the one being seen through the lens of the media – a necessary alternative view stated by The Huffington Post U.K Bakhtiar has exhibited worldwide, including in Abu Dhabi, London, Los Angeles and New York. He is based in the South of France.





Untitled 2015 Crayon and pencil on paperboard 14.17 x 17.7� Courtesy of the artist

Habib Farajabadi Habib Farajabadi (born 1982 in Shahrood, Iran) is a selftaught Iranian artist who currently lives and works in Tehran. Farajabadi’s work draws from a range of influences from both the East and West of the art world and employs a vibrant and liberating process of improvisation that propels his work into a realm of childlike and unschooled abstraction. His technique is unconstrained as he engages the canvas with every tool at hand, brushing, splattering, smearing and finger-painting his way through both colour and texture. Through the use of various media including crayon, his work displays a raw and chaotic vitality that challenges the viewer to consider, like a child, that which often goes unnoticed in the routine of daily life. He has exhibited both within Iran and abroad, with exhibitions held at galleries such as the Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, the Galerie Kashya Hildebrand, Zurich , Total Arts and Mottahedan Projects, Dubai. He has also participated in both Art Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, 2014 and Art Basel, Scope, Basel, 2012.





Cheshire Cat 2012 Fur and mixed media 47.2 x 15.35 x 15.35� Edition of 1 Courtesy of the artist

Dara Gallopin Dara Gallopin (born 1982 in Geneva, Switzerland) studied at La Libera Accademia di Belle Arte, RUFA in Rome, Italy in 2006 and in 2009 graduated with a BA from ECAL, Lausanne, Switzerland. His solo exhibitions include the Gallery Yabo in Beijing, 2011, the Gallerie Mutoscope in Geneva in 2008 and Galeria IDA in Madrid in 2007. Group exhibitions include, most recently, ART15 in London, 2015, Art Dubai 2015 at Dastan’s Basement booth and Contemporary Istanbul in 2015. He works across a variety of mediums creating uniquely imaginative multi-dimensional pieces, often modelled on familiar objects such as microscopes and hoverboards or imagined time-machines, transformed into their uniquely peculiar counterparts. He currently lives and work in Geneva, Switzerland.





Mortar 2009 Bronze and stone 16.9 x 14.9 x 14.9� Special edition/3 Courtesy of the artist

Atoosa Vahdani Atoosa Vahdani (born 1976 in Tehran, Iran) is a member of Iran’s Sculpting Association with a degree in electronic engineering. She began her sculpting as a student in Kargah-Honar in Iran in 1994 and stayed on to soon become a teacher at the institution. In 2006 she was introduced to master Parviz Tanavoli and began work as his apprentice in 2009. Her work explores contemporary societal concerns. Exhibitions include shows at the Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, 2012, the Belgian Embassy, Tehran, 2012 and the Salsali Private Museum, Dubai, 2012.





Justice Dead End 2014 Mixed media, glass, bronze and money 32.8 x 30� Courtesy of the artist

Mohammad Bahabadi Mohammad Bahabadi (born 1972 in Behabad, Iran) hails from a town that lies at the junction of Yaz, Kerman and Khorasan. His name draws on the geography of the region, an area next to the Lott Desert. He went to school in Yazd, before studying at the Isfahan University of Painting in 1991. This was followed by the Tehran University of Art where he sought to study handicrafts, before moving to the University of Tehran, where he graduated in the field of sculpture. Recent exhibitions include Justice Deadend, 2015, A Properly Placed Shell and Walls To Be Seen, 2014 at Aun Gallery, Tehran.





Shahab III 2010 Silkscreen on canvas 43.3 x 98.4� Edition 1AP/ 5 + 2AP Courtesy of the artist

Iman Raad Iman Raad (born 1979 in Mashad, Iran) lives in Tehran where he has worked in the field of Graphic Design for many years. His refined, hand-draughted typography and designs reveal works that walk the line between graphic design and art. He draws on ancient visual heritages from North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia to weave vivid embroideries, drawings and designs that reconcile traditional mystical and imagined talismans and folkloric tales with contemporary existence. He has been published in numerous design books and has been awarded a number of prizes at national and international poster contests, including First Prize at the Trnava Poster Triennial in 2009.





Sometime, Somewhere, Someone 2015 Acrylic on canvas 59 x 82.6� Courtesy of the artist

Mohammad Bozorgi Mohammad Bozorgi (born in 1978 in Tehran, Iran) follows the aesthetic principles of Islamic art by mapping his compositions according to precise mathematical structures and symmetry, and never deviates from the meaning of words despite the innovation of his script. Bozorgi was originally educated as a biomedical engineer before entering the visual arts with a decade of training at the Society of Iranian Calligraphers, where he mastered a number of calligraphic forms. This robust background has inspired Bozorgi to use the directives of geometry to create abstract illusions of depth and space while developing stylised characters based on Arabic and Persian examples. Bozorgi builds on the breakthroughs of Modern predecessors, as he seeks to advance the art of calligraphy through experimental formalism. Within his meticulously designed compositions, text multiplies as it is infused with energy and appears to move across the canvas or paper in unison, originating from and returning to the center like the cyclical rhythms of nature. Recent exhibitions include Ayyam Gallery, Dubai, 2015, Ayyam Gallery, Jeddah, 2014, Homa Gallery, Tehran, 2014 and Galerie Nicolas Flamel, Paris, 2013, among others. His works are housed in private and public collections, including the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia.





A Metaphor 2015 Mixed media on cardboard 19.68 x 23.62” Courtesy of the artist

Ghalamdar Ghalamdar (born 1994 in Tehran, Iran) currently lives and works in Rotherham, England. His name is literally translated as “the writer” in Farsi. Growing up in Tehran, Ghalamdar sought to break the monotony of the grey walls that surrounded him, and began leaving his mark on the city’s surfaces, infusing them with colour and pattern. Looking to the Saqqaakhaneh movement of the 1960’s and 70’s for inspiration, Ghalamdar’s style draws together Shi’i iconography and folk subjects that feature in his graffiti work alongside calligraphy and the delicate brush painting of Iranian miniature (Negar-Gari). He avoids the strict rules and preparation rituals of the craft in favour of abstraction, moving beyond traditional calligraphic practice to create works that interlock the aesthetics of both the traditional form, and “wild style” graffiti in an amalgamation of two cultures. Commonly, GhalamDAR creates by deconstructing Iranian folklore stories, legends, talismans, superstitions and generally Iranian culture and traditions. He takes a critical look at Iranian contemporary identity, particularly with post-modern philosophy, making his art a personal investigation through Iranian art and history.





I am not “I” Nor am I #5 2015 Acrylic, hand stitching & C-print on canvas 47.2 x 35.4” Courtesy of the artist

Shadi Rezaei Shadi Rezaei (born 1986, in Tehran, Iran) is a London-based interdisciplinary artist. She received her BA in Graphic Design from the University of Art in Tehran in 2009 and is currently an MFA Fine Arts student at UAL, Chelsea College of Art in London. Inspired by her country of origin, Iran, Rezaei’s passion for the visual arts comprises of an exploration of the relationships between tradition and contemporary art. In her practice, Rezaei explores her own eidetic memory. A wide range of themes, such as power, gender, animalism/humanity, oddity/beauty and identity, are depicted in her work. Her journey of examination and exploration is carried out through various creative mediums and the use of unconventional materials, which enable her to create and question metaphoric expressions of the untold. Her subjects are often invited to play a part in the creation of the work, and a combination of photography, performance, dance, painting and the use of video renders her work truly multi-dimensional. Rezaei’s works have been exhibited in several group exhibitions and auctions in the United Kingdom and Iran, as well as having been presented in panels and publications.





Left: Golfe du Mexique 2011 Lithograph Edition 1/10 42 x 33.8” Right: Lac Leman Suisse 2011 Lithograph Edition 1/10 42.5 x 30.3” Courtesy of the artist

HIM Farah Pahlavi HIM Farah Pahlavi began drawing while studying at the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris. Inspired by the pictures taken by HIH Prince Reza Pahlavi, some of which have been published in 1986 by “Crépuscules, Photographies Reza Pahlavi”, HIM created a series of paintings. These limited edition lithographs of the paintings have been created in the remembrance of Prince Alireza Pahlavi.





Royal Air Maroc from Agadir to Paris 2011 Lithograph Edition 8/10 31.3 x 41” Courtesy of the Artist

HIM Farah Pahlavi HIM Farah Pahlavi began drawing while studying at the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris. Inspired by the pictures taken by HIH Prince Reza Pahlavi, some of which have been published in 1986 by “Crépuscules, Photographies Reza Pahlavi”, HIM created a series of paintings. These limited edition lithographs of the paintings have been created in the remembrance of Prince Alireza Pahlavi.





Postcards from Iranestan, Postcard Sculpture 11 2013 3D print on card mounted on foam board 31.5 x 39.25” Courtesy of the artist

Fereydoun Ave Fereydoun Ave (Born 1945 in Tehran, Iran) studied Theatre Arts at Arizona State University before continuing to study film at New York University in 1969. He is currently based between Tehran and Paris. With a career spanning four decades, Ave is one of the most important figures to emerge from the first generation of contemporary Iranian artists in the 1970’s. Ave’s work is represented in various collections worldwide, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, the British Museum, London and Lloyds Bank, Geneva. His work often explores complex conceptions of Iranian masculinity and the cultural psyche, employing poignant imagery assembled in visually acute pairings to create profound visual puzzles, decipherable through the deep reckoning of associations and histories. His longstanding mixed-media collage series “Rostam” represents the epic mythological Iranian hero in an attempt to locate and balance the opposing concepts of male chivalry and chauvinism. Rostam is given a distinct dynamism as the figure is repeated and overlaid, as if to animate and add dimension to his flattened image. Rostam’s arms, the source of his brawn and the tools of his strength, radiate around him like butterfly’s wings. A mushroom cloud, the contentious symbol of the atomic bomb and the visual marker of its very real devastation, propels Rostam forward.






Online Residency Programme mopcap.com/curate-archive

Daeharko Arts Theatre Main Hall, Seoul, South Korea

The Future of Iranian Theatre Current Resident: Zoya Sardashti September-December 2016

Since the launch of the MOP Foundation Contemporary Art Prize in 2008, every two years hundreds of portfolios are submitted by emerging Iranian artists, cultivating a thought-provoking collection of visual/audio/text-based material on its website. Through CURATE ARCHIVE a curator, appointed every four months will experiment with this archive to reactivate its contingent device and continuously alter its formation. Operating within such field of visible/invisibility while interrupting and preserving, each online residency aims to inhibit forgetting and re-approach disappearance differently.




“245 Degrees of Freedom Shadi Rezaei

Upcoming Solo Exhibition, March 2017, GRK Gallery, Paris, France 32 rue Feydeau 75002 Paris | Tel: +33 (0)1 42 21 11 13 | www.grkgallery.com

ART CAPSULE A selection of Contemporary Art Hosted by Fiat Chrysler Motor Village UK in partnership with Monica Colussi

Exquisite artworks by

Afshin Naghouni, Nahal Rostami, Roxana Manouchehri & Shadi Rezaei

Private View & Cocktail Reception

Thursday 22 Sep 2016 | 6-9pm RSVP & more information

m o n i c a c o l u s s i @ m e. c o m | + 4 4 ( 0 ) 7 8 0 2 6 4 7 4 2 4

Exhibition 23 Sep - 21 Oct 2016 Venue Fiat Chr ysler Motor Village UK, 105 Wigmore Street, London W1U 1QY








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70 CONDITIONS OF SALE FOR THE CONTEMPORARY IRANIAN ART FUNDRAISING AUCTION The Friends of MOP Foundation The property offered in this sale will be offered and sold by the Friends of MOP Foundation. Any questions should be directed to the Charity (“Friends of MOP Foundation”) and not to Sotheby’s, Inc., (“Sotheby’s”), which serves merely as auctioneer for the Charity in conducting the auction sale and participates on the following terms and conditions, as amended by any posted notices or oral announcements during the sale, which govern the sale of all the property offered at the auction: 1. (a) Neither Sotheby’s nor the Charity assume any risk, liability or responsibility for the authenticity of the authorship of any property offered at this auction (that is, the identity of the creator or the period, culture, source or origin, as the case may be, with which the creation of any property is identified). (b) ALL PROPERTY IS SOLD “AS IS” AND NEITHER SOTHEBY’S NOR THE CHARITY MAKES ANY REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND OR NATURE, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE PROPERTY, AND IN NO EVENT SHALL EITHER OF THEM BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CORRECTNESS OF ANY CATALOGUE OR NOTICES OR DESCRIPTIONS OF PROPERTY, NOR BE DEEMED TO HAVE MADE, ANY REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTY OF PHYSICAL CONDITION, SIZE, QUALITY, RARITY, IMPORTANCE, GENUINENESS, ATTRIBUTION, AUTHENTICITY, PROVENANCE OR HISTORICAL RELEVANCE OF THE PROPERTY. No statement in any catalogue, notice or description or made at the sale, in any bill of sale invoice or elsewhere, shall be deemed such a representation or warranty or any assumption of liability. Neither Sotheby’s nor the Charity makes any representation or warranty, expressed or implied, as to whether the purchaser acquires any reproduction rights in the property. Prospective bidders should inspect the property before bidding to determine its condition, size and whether or not it has been repaired or restored. 2. Any property may be withdrawn by Sotheby’s or the Charity at any time before the actual sale without any liability therefor. 3. Sotheby’s and the Charity reserve the right to reject a bid from any bidder. The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer shall be the purchaser. In the event of any dispute between bidders, the auctioneer shall have sole and final discretion either to determine the successful bidder or to reoffer and resell the article in dispute. If any dispute arises after the sale, the Charity’s sale records shall be conclusive in all respects. 4. If the auctioneer determines that any opening bid is not commensurate with the value of the article offered, s/he may reject the same and withdraw the article from sale, and if, having acknowledged an opening bid, s/he decides that any advance thereafter is insufficient, s/he may reject the advance. 5. On the fall of the auctioneer’s hammer, the highest bidder shall be deemed to have purchased the offered lot subject to all of the conditions set forth herein and thereupon (a) assumes the risk and responsibility thereof (including without limitation damage to frames or glass covering the prints), (b) will sign a confirmation of purchase thereof and (c) will pay the full purchase price no later than Friday 30 September 2016.

71 in US$ by check or wire transfer. All lots will be transferred to a warehouse belonging to Cookes Crating in Los Angeles, and will be released to the purchaser upon receipt of full payment to the Friends of MOP Foundation and the request to release provided by the Friends of MOP Foundation. The purchaser will be notified of the location of their property thereafter. Handling fees apply and storage fees will be applicable from Friday 30 September 2016 and are the responsibility of the purchaser*. If the foregoing conditions and other applicable conditions are not complied with, in addition to other remedies available to the Charity by law, including, without limitation, the right to hold the purchaser liable for the bid price, the Charity at their option, may either (a) cancel the sale, or (b) resell the property on three days notice to the purchaser and for the account and risk of the purchaser, either publicly or privately, and in such event the purchaser shall be liable for payment of any deficiency, all other charges due hereunder and incidental damages. 6. Any checks and wire transfers should be payable to the Friends of MOP Foundation. 7. (a) If a prospective buyer gives Sotheby’s instructions to bid on his/her behalf Sotheby’s shall use reasonable efforts to do so, provided these instructions are received no later than 24 hours before the sale. (b) If Sotheby’s receives commission bids on a particular artwork for identical amounts, and at auction these bids are the highest bids for the Lot, it will be sold to the person whose bid was received first. (c) In the case of order bids or bids transmitted by telephone, Sotheby’s and the Charity are not responsible for any errors or omissions in connection for such bids. (d) All lots are offered for sale subject to a reserve, which is the confidential minimum price below which such lot will not be sold. Sotheby’s may implement such a reserve by bidding up to the reserve on behalf of the Charity. 8. the export of any lot from the US or import into any other country may be subject to one or more certified documents being required by the local embassy of the final destination. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to obtain any relevant documents. The denial of import or delay in obtaining such documents cannot justify the cancellation of the sale or any delay in making payment in the total amount due. *Cookes Crating is a full service art handling company and can help to arrange the delivery of your purchase.Items which cannot be picked up on the night of the 15th will need to make alternate pickup arrangements, subject to a handling fee of $55. Once payment for the lot(s) have been received in full and confirmation has been provided by the Friends of MOP Foundation, pickups can be arranged by e-mailing Cedric Tai with 24 hours prior notice. He can be reached at Cedric@cookescrating. com and 323-268-5101. Work can be released with prior notice between 9:30 and 4:30 pm on a weekday on or after Monday the 19th.Their contact for domestic and international shipping is Sarah Galvan. She can be reached at Sarah@cookescrating. com and 323-268-5101.Sarah can get estimates within 3-5 days for door to door deliveries, and within 1 day for shipment whose final destination is an airport. Import charges will require the value you wish to declare in order to provide an estimate. Items will need to be arranged for pickup or delivery before Friday 30 September in order to fall under the complimentary storage. After this date the minimum storage charges are $85 per month for climate-controlled storage.





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TRUSTEES Sara Ameri Shirley Elghanian Shirin Elghanayan Asal Sobati Vajihe Soleymani

COMMITTEE Darya Alikhani I Project Administrator Shirley Elghanian I Chief Executive Fereshte Moosavi I Art Director & Curator

VOLUNTEER Naghmeh Navabi Noor Soussi Roxanne Farhad

CATALOGUE DESIGN Shadi Rezaei | Interdisciplinary Artist MFA Fine Arts, University of the Arts London

Friends of MOP Foundation is a US registered charity (EIN no. 20-37773879) that supports art and educational initiatives with a special focus on the activities of MOP Foundation. 16a Lowndes Square, London SW1X 9HB Tel: +44 20 7235 8026 | Fax: +44 20 7259 6417 | www.mopfoundation.com | www.mopcap.com | UK-registered charity #1104066




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Contemporary Iranian Art Group Exhibition | LA | September 2016  

Contemporary Iranian Art Group Exhibition | LA | September 2016