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CIRCOLO GOLF VILLA D’ESTE TROFEO AMICI DI COMO 36 BUCHE MEDAL - STABLEFORD SABATO 26 - DOMENICA 27 APRILE 2008 1° Netto Assoluto Maximiliano Galli Prima Categoria 1° Netto Franco Bologna 1° Lordo Alessandro Calcaterra 2° Netto Stefano Grassani 3° Netto Marcello Cornelio Seconda Categoria 1° Netto Maximiliano Galli 2° Netto Giampaolo Pozzi 3° Netto Francesco Cornelio Terza Categoria 1° Netto Dario Cazzaniga 2° Netto Maurizio Fieschi 3° Netto Giampiero Roncoroni 1° Juniores Paolo Ferraris 1° Lady Flavia Raffaelli 1° Seniores Claudio Rezzonico Miglior 2° Giro Egidio Ballabio


trophy turned out to be successful, starting from the choice of the location: an outstanding Golf Club that was the perfect setting for this event. The great approval gained by this sports event is also the outcome of the effective collaboration with all the personnel of Golf Club Villa d’Este and of the professionalism that was shown, that made the work carried out by T.B.M. Service & C. simpler, leading all efforts to success. Seen the payoff of the experience they are considering the idea, still in collaboration with BSI and Henry

Cotton’s, of expanding organizing for 2009 a tour with events involving other three golf clubs of the province. At the end of the second day, president of Golf Club Villa d’Este, Giancarlo Rizzani and Amici di Como’s president Mario Pittorelli awarded the winners of each category with the prizes. Winner of the first edition of the tournament was Maximiliano Galli, who won the first Henry Cottton’s Challenge on the prestigious green of Golf Club Villa d’Este, one of Italy’s best golf courses.


Magic Lake summer 2008  
Magic Lake summer 2008  

Magic Lake #10