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Un GREEN pieno di Amici

Alcuni dei modellini in scala 1:50 realizzati da Angelo Tagliabue. Sopra, il Broletto e Sant’Abbondio. A destra, Villa Olmo Some plastic models in 1:50 scale realized by Angelo Tagliabue. Above, the Broletto and Sant’Abbondio. Right, Villa Olmo

di Elisabetta Comerio foto Carlo Pozzoni

success for Amici di Como, mainly for what concerns the Como Cuore and Croce Azzurra projects, which were promoted in parallel with the shows. With the help of this kind of events Amici di Como wants to intervene dramatically in the social ambit, giving its concrete contribution to associations and companies of the Como area that daily operate in the sensibilization projects and actions for the territory. GENERATIONAL TRANSITION OF FAMILY-OWNED BUSINESSES Amici di Como will support an exclusive and prestigious event, organized by T.B.M. & C, in collaboration with Studio Torres and with the advice of Studio Tundo Associazione Professionale of Milan: on 9th July in the splendid setting of Villa d’Este, the first Convention on International Fiscality will take place. During this first and important appointment the “Generational transition of family-owned businesses”, a problem that is increasingly present in local economy, will be tackled. Professor Francesco Tundo (University of Bologna, Studio Tundo Associazione Professionale) will chair the event. Following, professor and lawyer Luigi Balestra (University of Bologna, Studio Patti) will participate dealing with the topic “Civil law instruments in generational transition”, professor and lawyer Andra Colli Vignarelli (University of Messina) will talk about “Taxation on successions, donations, gratuitous deeds” and finally lawyer Matteo Fanni (Studio Tundo Associazione Professionale) will present “The trust regime between law and standard practice”. The historical helvetic Institute BSI is one of the member of organisation committee. AMICI DI COMO AND ART Considering what happened to the 14th century frescos of the Church of San Fedele, which represent an artistic heritage for everybody, Amici di Como, Corsorzio Como Turistica and the magazine Magic Lake couldn’t show indifference, instead they decided straight to give a contribution for the restoration of the works of art. AMICI DI COMO AND THE PROJECT OF RESTORATION In the following months, Amici di Como will promote an important project to preserve our artistic heritage: actually a relevant investment in a three-year project has been allocated by the Association, in collaboration with the Diocesi di Como, to carry out the restoration of the canvas of the collection in the Cathedral. Amici di Como contacted Gian Maria Casella to realize this delicate but also prestigious work. The Association selected Dott. Casella, who is a well-known expert


working from 1960 and restorer of cavas by Andrea Celesti and Tiziano, to restore the six canvas and the frames, during the next three years. First of all the four paintings on canvas, cm 215x130, representing the four Saint Bishops of Como, which today are kept in a very precarious condition. Then, there will be the restoration of two other important works of art, “Adoration of the three Kings” and “The risen Christ among the Saints”, canvas of cm 450x350, kept in the Cathedral. These works of huge value will return to the ancient beauty and Amici di Como are happy to “return” them to the city, as a sign of their commitment. A definite action which let Amici di Como have always a stronger role of patron in our territory. EXHIBITION ‘A COMO YOU CAN ALMOST TOUCH’ An exhibition that is innovative yet still tightly bound to tradition. Innovation lies in the making of the works, plastic models in 1:50 scale, entirely realized by Angelo Tagliabue. Tradition is represented by the subjects he chose: Como’s most important monuments. So the Broletto will be transformed for about one month into a kind of miniature Como, where it will be possible to go back over the history of our town through its most outstanding buildings. Amici di Como, following the philosophy of making the most of and promoting our territory, decided to support this exhibition to offer all vistors, tourists and residents, the chance to appreciate, very closely, our architectural gems. Sonnets composed in dialect

by poet Riccardo Borzatta and significant images by famed Como born photographer Enzo Pifferi will accompany the pieces of art. The exhibition will be inaugurated 2nd July at 6.30 pm and will be open until 27th July, all days, except Monday morning, 10.00 am to 12.30 noon and from 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm. AMICI DI COMO, YOUNG PEOPLE AND SPORT Once again the Association Amici di Como plays the role of the protagonist in an important sports event: together with GGR and Ginnastica Comense 1872 it has supported the realization of the film “Il sogno di un bambino…la sfida di crescere” (“The dream of a child…the challenge of growing”), shown in Villa Erba, on 30th May, in front of a numerous public. This project aims at getting children close to the discipline and practice of sports activities, in every form, stressing the importance of sport in relation to the education of children.


Magic Lake summer 2008  

Magic Lake #10

Magic Lake summer 2008  

Magic Lake #10