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mojgan aghamir UNDERGRADUATE PORTFOLIO 2007-2012


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sketches Honar residence

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SFMTA San francisco municipal transportation agency

exploratorium the musuim of science, Art and human perception

mojgan aghamir 111 st. matthews ave. san mateo, ca 94401

Looking from ancient architectural sites to the contemporary, one can see the constant transition of cultural evolution: from the conventional, rule-bound, conformation of the past to that the non-conforming, free and expressive forms of our present. And, in tandem with this new liberty of form, the driving principles of the art have shifted from cosmological and iconological terms of a humanity imposing its imagination on the world to a new harmony with both the aesthetics and the welfare of our environment. I am committed to playing a part in this evolution of the art and the shape of our communal life .

education university of san francisco

bachelor of arts in architecture and community design

west valley college

architecture and community design

azad university of tehran- central branch architectural engineering

tehran institute of technology experience Hubbard godfrey architects junior designer

university of san francisco school of management university advisor for degree completion

mti - mineta transportation institute

research team leader collaborative research investigating global warming issues and subsequent impacts on transportation

skills autodesk- autocad, 3d studio max, sketchbook express adobe- photoshop, indesign, illustrator, acrobat, lightroom google- sketchup, earth microsoft office- word, excel, power point physical modeling- 3d printing, laser cutting

hand drawings and sketches My studies in architecture have greatly influenced my work as an artist. I have tried to emphasize architectural function and effect in the subjects of these sketches. While designing a structure, I consider its function to be of utmost importance. Here, functionality transfers to a non-abstract representation of a site. As in my architectural work, creativity is constrained by primacy of human purpose.

Baudgir (Windcatcher) Yazd- iran

Jame Mosque yazd- iran

Masouleh gilaun- iran

Amir Chakhmaq Mosque Yazd- iran

Si o se pol isfahan- iran

nasir al- mulk mosque shiraz- iran

An alley in the old town of Yazd yazd- iran

Darb e Koshk Gate qazvin - iran

1 honar residence residential project 2007

azad university of tehran Studio 2 professor: sara kalantary

A conceptualization of honar (“art” in Farsi) as depicted in Persian calligraphy. This residence for three artists extrudes calligraphy from flat inscription, elevating it to a third dimension in an architecture that layers semiotic statement and form. Proposed for Vali-Asr Street, Tehran’s main thoroughfare and the longest street in the Middle East, the site would be set across from a café and public gallery—a convenient location for artists and architects alike. conceptualization hand sketches

Initial conceptualization

Top view

right elevation

left elevation

perspective view

azad university of tehran Studio 2 professor: sara kalantary

2 Aquatic Swimming pool Sports and leisure project 2009

This design considers the simplicity of functionality in concert with the aesthetics of motion. A simulation of movement in the building’s form achieves a type of transformation in which static structural components of concrete and glass are frozen in a moment of dynamism. A layered geometric conglomerate, when posed against defined areas of light and shade, can create a clear and defined space (or set of spaces). Because of its glass boundaries, the design that encloses the pool contains such parameters. As a result of this variegated nature, the experience of space will resonate visually, physically and psychologically.

interior perspective hand sketch

Initial sketch of the conceptualization

interior perspective 3d studio max

interior perspective hand sketch

top view 3d studio max

west valley college design 2 professor: soroush ghahramani


san francisco municipal transportation agency

Mixed-use project 2010

location of the site map of san francisco

N.E. Perspective view topography of the site

The core focus of reinvigorating this site is aimed at contextualizing its layout within the pedestrian experience. As such, a sense of “breathing” is brought to the forefront of the structure—the functionality of circulation being of paramount importance. The proposed project is to be set on Geary Boulevard: an area of northern San Francisco that sees heavy utilization of public transit.

Right elevation- euclid ave

left elevation- geary blvd analysis of the concept through site

S.E. Perspective view

Front elevation- presidio AVe.

university of san francisco studio 5 professor: tanu sankalia

Ramps, and even moderate inclines, collaborate with the stepped topography—like an upward funnel leading to the open-air rooftop. Ideally, a philosophical or poetic relationship is implied through its functionality: a shape ascending spatially toward release.

university of san francisco studio 5 professor: tanu sankalia

4 exploratorium

the museum of science, arts and human perception

Renovation project 2012

hubbard godfrey architects inc. supervisor: hilary hubbard

The Geodesic tactile dome contains pitch-black, abundantly textured physical passages. The dome’s main purpose is to inspire a reorientation in the hierarchy of senses—replacing sight with touch as the dominant mode of perception.

Time - section

Comprehensive review of the different sections

hubbard godfrey architects inc. supervisor: hilary hubbard

1st floor plan

2nd floor plan

3rd floor plan

Perspective views

Illustration of the dome’s structure

hubbard godfrey architects inc. supervisor: hilary hubbard

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Photography - geometry as applied in architecture Professor: zohre sangouri

Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio  

Fall 2007-Spring 2012

Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio  

Fall 2007-Spring 2012