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Floating Candles For a Little Romance

If you want to create a sense of serenity there is no better way than with floating candles. Watching the flame flicker in the refection of the water is a very relaxing and calming way to enjoy an evening. It can create a little romance as well. Fire and water mixed in an entrancing dance of impossibility. Maybe that's a little too romanticized but what an intoxicating feeling it imparts.

You can use any kind of candle for a floating candle, but a votive candle makes for the best floating candles bulk available. That's because you can put more than one in a floating candle bowl. They also come in any color and some even come in animal shapes and butterflies. Some are scented and can provide just as an intoxicating aroma as they do atmosphere. The most exotic use for them is in swimming pools to add to the decor of an outdoor party. Place five or six in the water and let them light the night for guests.

The candles themselves, like I mentioned, are typically votive candles but they have rounded bottoms so that they float without getting the wicks wet. A lot of times they are used in weddings as centerpieces. You can easily place two or three to a bowl without them appearing crowded together. Larger wider candles will have several wicks. These are best used as pool floating candles and especially when they incorporate flowers as part of the decoration.

The bowls used to hold candles for floating are generally clear so you can see the flame better. They will have wide mouths to allow the flame enough oxygen so they burn evenly and most are drip-less so there's no mess in the floating candle bowl to worry about. When you put the candle in the water be sure not to get the wick wet. Toss is some small flowers to accentuate the mood and you will have quite an entertaining evening, no matter the event.

Floating candles for a little romance