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Magellan Roadmate Updates | Magellan Roadmate GPS System

Magellan Roadmate GPS devices give you the best navigational experience at a very affordable price. All the Magellan Roadmate devices come with the best hardware and software. The Magellan GPS is manufactured with very high-grade material which helps the device in getting satellite signal even in regions where most other GPS device struggle for a signal. A GPS device comes in very handy when you want to go on trips, adventures and you don’t know the routes. Magellan Roadmate GPS system makes travelling quite easy and fun. There are different models of Roadmate devices to choose from. You can choose according to your needs and budget. Here we have listed the different models of the Magellan Roadmate GPS system which can be used in different vehicles. ● Roadmate 7771T-LMB - It has a large 7” high-resolution touchscreen ● Roadmate 7732T-LM - It comes with real-time traffic updates ● Roadmate 7722-LM - It has free lifetime map updates ● RoadMate 6722-LM - It comes with full HD dash cam

The following devices are made especially for RVs. A dedicated RV device has maps which show the routes which are RV specific. Most of the time, big vehicles are not allowed on some routes or they are allowed for a specific time period. Also, the RV GPS device will show you the best places to camp or park your RV.

Here, are the most popular RV GPS devices: ● Roadmate RV9490T-LMB ● Roadmate 5632T-LM When you want to shop for an RV specific GPS system always look for a GPS that provides you ● RV specific routes ● Camping grounds ● Fuel prices ● Weather updates ● RV specific Points of Interests Magellan leads the business world in terms of manufacturing the commercial vehicle GPS device. Some of the most popular models are ● Roadmate RC9496T-LMB ● Roadmate RV9365T-LMB ● RoadMate RC9485T-LMB

All the commercial GPS system have ● Routes which are suitable for your commercial vehicle according to the weight and dimension ● Highly customizable routes ● Logbook for filing in the long hauls A ​Magellan Roadmate GPS system​ will fulfil all your navigational needs. When you buy a device you can rest assured that you will get the best value for your hard earned money. The GPS will guide you to your destination safe and on time. However, as days turn into months and months into years, the maps on these GPS devices become obsolete. The device then might lead you to a wrong location or to a dead end dark street. This happens due to the construction of new roads, streets, highways, buildings, bridges which changes the landscape. To cope up with such situations ​Magellan Roadmate updates ​are released by the company on a regular basis. With every update, the

device map and software become updated to all the changes happening around. The Magellan Roadmate updates are quite easy to do by following these simple steps: ● The first step is to connect your Roadmate device with the computer with the USB cable provided to you at the time of device purchase. ● When you have connected the device then log in to your account by going on to the official website of SmartGPS Eco. ● After, which the GPS device will search for all the available updates for your device. ● Click on the “update” button to install the maps.

There are two types of Magellan Roadmate Updates ● Free - The free updates are mostly of the region for which you had purchased the device. ● Paid - With paid updates you can buy new maps and other updated features.

Before trying to update maps or purchasing the new maps always check for the available space on the device or the SD card. If you have any question or query regarding the update please visit the website​. We recommend all our readers to keep your GPS device updated to avail the full benefit.

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Magellan RoadMate updates | Magellan RoadMate GPS system  

Most of the time when the device is not turning on then it can be due to the dead battery. When the battery is dead then the device won’t t...

Magellan RoadMate updates | Magellan RoadMate GPS system  

Most of the time when the device is not turning on then it can be due to the dead battery. When the battery is dead then the device won’t t...