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EXCLUSIVE Official nominations 2016 Cantonese Rice Three the movie Two of Us City Bus Bluey Contentus Frayed Ends Heart of a Lion Tomorrow

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Issue 1 • July 2016 • AUD $14

Girlfriend Kontrak Soft Voice Lupus Perditus The girl with red baloons Winter’s Journey Max Peril The Eve The low road, baby


Girlfriend Kontrak, directed by Virginia Kennedy

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Alex Schiller

he main aim is to run Colortape International Film Festival as a competitive film festival simultaneously every year in every country, to bring together filmmakers from different cultures around the world with the local audience. Alexandru felt that he needed to bridge our cultural differences, bridge friendship, promote multiculturalism not only online but also in the Australian and the broader international communities, by making and showcasing films, which opens us up to understanding various cultures, to bring people together from every corner of the world, to encourage the sharing of thoughts and creative visions, advocate for art and love. more on page 15�

Alex Schiller

Chief Editor - COLORTAPE



a word from the

directors Lucienne Lanaz

Director of Les Petites Familles The Petites Familles children’s homes do a fantastic job and I am convinced that in this film I can show that education, a healthy life style and affection are essential to a child’s development.

Lucy Carr

the movies a bit about

Left to their senses

Director of Frayed Ends When developing the concept for my film I wanted to show multiple stories displaying different types loneliness. My aim with this film was to create a story everyone could relate to, characters and situations that strike a nerve with each viewer.

Directed by Cecilia Guichart

Boubaker Boukhari

Director of Karouma

Can talent become a burden especially if it makes us look different? Can it deprive us of the ability to interact normally and seamlessly with society? That’s the centrepiece of Karouma - an animated short film that explores the concept of alienation.

Alma (Dominique Pattuelli) and Sam (Cecilia Guichart) live together, yet each in her own universe. Sam is the more extroverted type, a woman of action; Alma is rather withdrawn and contemplative. When it comes to love, they both agree: they long for the ultimate commitment. Full of passion, they bridge the differences in their daily life, a balance still jeopardized by their fears.

Life before life Directed by Richard Romanin

Emotions and contrasting scenarios counteract in a young couple’s life. The lightness and hope within the love felt by the girl, are compared to the apathetic and urban settings in which, the boy is found wandering

Omul (Human)

Christian Slezak

Director of Lupus Perditus

Directed by Brigitte Drodtloff

Christian is an incorrigible perfectionist. He always sees the big picture, thinking for others. One reason for that is his experience in many different departmens of film making: assistant director, camera, light, sound and postproduction.

He is a silent man. He walks the streets, watching, looking for the right place. He finds it. In the middle of a market. He sets up a stand. But instead of selling his goods, the silent man gives them away for free. The other sellers watch. They feel provoked. The situation escalates. They lose control. But in the end... there is hope.

Wen Cheng Yu

Flight of the Contrapunk

Director of Ciwidian

Directed by Weiling Neo

I live in Taiwan. And I started to produce documentary films from 2005. Now I am in my fifties. This film is a challenge and gift I gave to myself. It is a happy and easy-going film with a lot of music and songs.

SHE awakes, alone from slumber amidst a peculiar forest where everything is at once angular in form. It isn’t long before things get very bizarre, and her natural instinct is to run. As her situation worsens, a sudden intervention sparks a curious revelation, leading her to an outerworld discovery larger than her own. 5

Feature Story The latest news from the Australian film community LOGLINE

Girlfriend Kontrak

An insecure village girl comes to the city to save her beloved fireflies from extinction but is accidentally hired by a rich development tycoon to be his pretend girlfriend. She quickly has to learn the ways of a totally different world to achieve her desires.

Alisa is a poor village girl who’s job is to collect her fathers debts.


nfortunately she is not very strong at standing up for herself. The debtors either ignore her or she feels sorry for them and can’t take their money. Alisa loves saving animals, she is especially protective of the fireflies that live near her village. When her sister steals her boyfriend and life just can’t seem to get any worse, Alisa decides to go to the city and save some dying fireflies. With no resume, and hopeless work experience Alisa is miraculously hired by Umar, son of the owner of the glamorous Monaki development corporation.

Job description? Girlfriend! No one understands why! What is Malaysia’s Bachelor of the Year doing with a mousy village girl? What they don’t know is Umar is in trouble. His company is loosing money and his father is going to take his company away from him. His previous girlfriend revealed to the press that his pet “green” development project, killed all the fireflies. The government is putting pressure on Umar’s father. Umar needs a way to distract the media and please his father. What better way to distract them than find a new, decent obedient girlfriend? Alisa is


thrown into the glamorous world of the mega rich. Private plane rides, parties and glamor. Hardly the place for a plain insecure village girl. But Alisa has something up her sleeve no other girl has. She also knows about fireflies! What Umar doesn’t bargain for is how good a “fake” girlfriend Alisa turns out to be. With a lot of screw up’s and a lot of determination, Alisa transforms herself into a the kind of girlfriend Umar needs. She saves Umar’s reputation and his company project. She eventually causes Umar to do something he has never done. Love someone n


Other works


2010 - Kinks – feature length comedy 2008 - Jalan Berangan – 60 minute Telemovie for NTV 7 Festival Series.

2009 - I’ll Trust Next January – 19 minute short film – drama 2007 - @traction – 30 minute horror short film – horror 2005 - Pua – Winner Malaysian Best Documentary



2014 - Thread - short film 16 min magic realism

2015 - Girlfriend Kontrak feature film romantic comedy

2014 - Thread - short film 16 min magic realism - WINNER Clermont Ferrand Film Festival 2015 2010 - Kinks – feature length comedy 2009 - I’ll Trust Next January 2008 - Jalan Berangan – 60 minute Telemovie for NTV 7 Festival Series

Directing Girlfriend Kontrak In Malaysia By VIRGINIA KENNEDY


irlfriend Kontrak is my second feature film but my first commercial film shot within a studio system. The studio controlled a lot of the story content of the film about a poor girl accidently thrown into the lifestyle of the super rich. A typical Cinderella story with a modern twist. As the script writer and the director I was able to add my own personal elements to the script about the environment, sustainable architecture and about trying to save the fireflies. A lot of people have asked me how I made a film in a language I am not totally fluent in. Many of my commercials were shot in foreign languages, Arabic,

Malay, and many others. I found that as long as I knew what the material is saying and I trust the actors I can feel if the emotions are correct. In the case of Girlfriend Kontrak the comedic actor playing the effeminate character, Harith, he loved to adlib. He would ramble on and the crew would laugh like crazy. I thought as long as the meaning is not distorted and people are laughing then he must be adding magic. He in fact became the most loved character in the film. So trust is very important in making a film, in a foreign language or not. The name of the film was debated for a long time. My

Continued on page 8

Risteena Munim the main actress had superb emotional depth and the innocence needed to pull off the role.


First shot on the first day of shoot, perfect natural lighting, and a great start! Continued from page 7

working title was Chasing Fireflies. I loved it but there was a concern that it was to aesoteric. Audiences need at title that is clearer. There are many highs and lows working with a studio. Firstly they have the final say in who is going to act in the film. I learnt that early. They will want to choose actors with box office pull and I had to bow to their decision because I found out very quickly the actors are everything when it comes to the box office. Then the next stress is the availabilty of the actors. With my mid to low budget for the film. we could not pay the actors for the month I needed before the shoot for rehearsal. I had to beg and cajole them and their agents into coming for rehearsal. Initially my producer told me “no way” when I asked for rehearsal time. It seemed like it was unheard of. In Malaysia a lot of actors learn their lines a few hours before the shoot and wing it. I don’t like shooting that way. I told my producer that rehearsals will make the shoot run quicker and more smoothly. I was right. I felt that the actors knew what

level of emotion was needed when on set because we had gone through the whole film in rehearsal. My actress was amazing at crying on que for the right amount of time. Her innocence and professionalism was amazing. Sometimes the male actors would tease her terribly and she took it in her stride. I am a strong believer in loving your actors and I certainly did on Girlfriend Kontrak. I got mad with them once when they were playing the fool on a scene where I had very little time to shoot, but they forgave me. You cannot be too hard on yourself. Directors are under so much pressure on set. I use pre shoot rehearsal time to block the actors so that I can discover what works and what does not. I let the actors play and then decide what works for the scene. I think rehearsals are essential. On the set I can show the Director of Photography exactly where the actor will need to move. The studio also dictated how much money they were going to give me for production. It was much less than the proposed budget. I had to penny pinch with a lot of things. Extras were much


less and I had to angle the camera to avoid empty areas without extras. I had to beg and plead to get the private plane and the helicopter. The helicopter scene was actually shot in two different locations because we could not afford to fly the helicopter to the abattois location. The helicopter scene was shot in a field near the airport. The Lotus sportscar was also sponsored. Because of the reduced budget, I had to shoot the whole movie in 26. We had to move very quickly to cover everything. I had experience with working fast from my days in advertising and from some low budget films I had shot so I knew that preparation is the key. Do most of your work before the shoot. What you cannot control is weather. On the last day of shoot it rained. For some reason we had left the most complicated scene to the last day, or rather night. There was NO way that the producer was going to allow me to shoot a contingency night of shoot, so we had to wait for the rain to stop and shoot the Lotus stunt scene stopping the bus in one hour. It was a race against time. Luckily the stunt driver was from Lotus and had a daredevil attitude. Each shot was perfect! Again because of the reduced budget I wanted to shoot two cameras so we could cover more with less takes. It worked well but we could not

afford two similar cameras. I was told NEVER shoot a film with two different cameras. We had already budgeted the Sony F55, and the DOP had a black magic camera. We did a test before the shoot to make sure the footage could cut together. This is recommended but still there was some panic when the editor saw the footage from the two cameras. They looked totally different. Luckily we were able to color the film to make it look seamless. The film was released in cinemas in September 2015 and became the third top grossing local film in Malaysia that year. I was excited at the premier seeing the film through the eyes of the audience and feeling them laugh in all the right places. I think premier audiences are kinder because of the free food and the presence of the famous actors! My first feature film was an independent film KINKS which was a political satire on the state of censorship in Malaysia made as a mockumentary. It was fun to write and fun to make but too contraversial to ever make it in Malaysia. It is downloadable on Reelhouse, and Googleplay. I am excited to continue writing and directing films. My next film will be a Malaysian horror called Placenta, and I am also shooting a feature length version of Thread, a short film that won at Clermont Ferrand Short film festival. I will be shooting this film in China with a leading Chinese cast.

Keith Foo is not only handsome but a television star with a huge following. Risteena Munim, this was her first movie as lead.


australian creatives

Alexandria Nagy Alexandria Nagy is a 23 year old writer from Bathurst, New South Wales who is a current editor for the Australia Times Magazine.


aving obtained a degree in Communications in 2014 majoring in Theatre/Media, Alexandria moved to Far North Queensland to care for disabled children for 6 months. This experience moulded her views on the world and shaped the manner in which she chose to write and what she elected to write about. Alexandria was soon after headhunted to write a string of IGA Supermarket ads for their 2015 campaign. Upon the commencement of this, Alexandria began writing for CargoART Magazine, interviewing the likes of ‘Thirsty Merc’, ‘Dragon’, ‘Eurogliders’, ‘JOY’, ‘Colin Hay (Men AT Work)’ and Michael Leunig. After a year of interview writing, Alexandria moved onto article based ventures within the ‘Australia Times Magazine’ family.

PLACE YOUR AD HERE Advertise in Our Magazine in the Next Issue. Inquiries to


Her place within ‘TAT’ was soon advanced and she was offered the role of editor of the tattoo department of the magazine where she joined 27 other editors in the team. Alexandria is currently working on a novel inspired by an eye opening true story, which she aims to be published in the coming months. Alexandria is also an avid horse enthusiast, having retrained close to 100 off the track Standardbred horses over the past 5 years. She is currently working on a YouTube channel ‘A Change of Pace’ showcasing her passion and methods which she hopes to be live in the coming weeks. Alexandria’s thirst for writing, creativity and all things equine intertwine themselves within one another in a young career full of aptitude and possibilities.



HOW TO SELL YOUR FILMS ONLINE Socializing, keeping track of your former pay pals, classmates, childhood friends, while reconnecting with your high-school old crush, maybe even documenting your every film, documentary, animation, screenplay, even an old prank—you would use social media nowadays. Yet finding ways to sell your films, or developing an online monetarization solution or platforms for your film is a different story. If you made your film, solution to sell your film (make maybe even done you some money) in a very some marketing, practical and efficient approach. pitching, but you No more different than a well don’t know where to known brand selling a value start, perhaps you are meal burger to its repeat confused of so many customers, in a well established stories and options franchise that is setup with a you have found on the whole range of administration internet, or maybe you and financial tools from POS only have a small budget, who doesn’t? Then think no further, Although Facebook and try using our YouTube are a musts; and solution, called alternative while Twitter and Instagram online solution (at IOPS PTY LTD), as your only seem the next tier, it is one STOP. Tthe best and best you look after your most convenient solution investment and get some to cash in on your film, returns. together with help of social media tools (described below) should generate some income to you as filmmaker, and represent a (pay by card, cash) to cooking healthy percentage of your film the meal, making the drinks, promotion efforts. Platforms are pack them all and hand them still free (snazzy websites are over to the customer as it was not), and if you play your cards order, while the cash register right, you will expand your reach has recorded your customers beyond friends and family, orders, recoded the money connecting with the right affinity exchanged or handled by the groups and dedicated film fans, business, a transaction record who will become your future has been issued, the money got customers! Our alternative transferred into the business’s online solution monetarization bank account, transactions


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The Platforms

First, let’s run through the major platforms. Be realistic about your potential audience demographic, and then follow your nose. Fish where the fish are. Although Facebook and YouTube are a musts; and while Twitter and Instagram seem the next tier, it is best you look after your investment and get some returns. Use alternative online solution .com (IOPS account for Colortape filmmakers) as we offer a fair share scheme, transparent in all aspects of accountability billing system

and monetarization of your film, and a very rewarding option at the same timew Our Best Suggestion Though is – Sell Online your films using the alternative online solution .com Solution Monetize your films with the solution our partner and affiliate branch offer (IOPS) abbreviated from Indoor Outdoor Promotions & Services. Affiliate partners and a branch related to Colortape International Film Festival. Set-Up: First, create an account through “IOPS” email to info@ for setup & login instructions What: Add your film to the platform. When: Once you made your own film load them up when you are ready to make some money by selling online. Dont share your films/ videos on other platforms without making some money. After all you spent quite a considerable amount of time, money and resources to have the films made. Right?

Facebook is the behemoth, encompassing the general public and fans of all ages. This is the place to build a lasting community around your film, one that will evolve while the film makes its way through the distribution windows and beyond. Use this platform to sell your films using alternative online solution . Set-Up: To create a fan page for your film, you must already be on Facebook as yourself—no way around it. Add colleagues as “admins” on your film’s page, though make sure you trust them to represent the film. You can schedule some posts ahead of time directly into Facebook—click the “Publish” dropdown menu and select “Schedule.” What: Upload photos and share videos. Promote festival premieres, theatrical screenings and VOD releases. Give peeks behind the scenes from your production process. Share links about the cast, crew, and relevant issues in the film. Connect with potential fans by asking questions and responding to their comments. Shares > comments > likes.

How: Follow this link to set you up with an account Time Commitment: If you have made a few films in the past and would like to generate a bit of income you can upload them, the follow the simple instructions on how to setup the monetarization process or selling option in simple terms.

Example how to Sell My Films:

Sign up or login to use your alternative online solution IOPS account (click here) or go to the web address: http: www. online solution


Sure, you’re dazzled by Vimeo’s shiny optics, but YouTube is the second-largest search engine out there, and it’s fully integrated into Google—which, crucially, means your page will come up higher as a search result. Though your video output may not be daily (or even weekly), create a YouTube channel, using the film title or your production company name,

Note: A @handle is a specific person’s account. With it, you are talking about or to a specific entity. Meanwhile, a #hashtag is a topic: #Oscars. By using a #hashtag, you automatically join in the conversation; anyone can see your post if they are following the #hashtag, even if they don’t follow you.

where the video progression of your film—teaser, interview snippets, clips, trailer—can live and grow. BUT it still does not make you any money, unlike our alternative online solution option. Use this platform to sell your films using alternative online solution . Set-Up: First, create a Gmail account for your film or production company. [Movietitle] works, and you can always set it up to forward to your regular email. Use that to log into YouTube and create your channel. What: Add playlists for your behind-the-scenes clips, teaser trailers, etc. You can also create a playlist of videos from other users that already exist on YouTube and are relevant to your film. When: Space new videos out over time, and then share those videos out on your other platforms. Time Commitment: If you have a bunch of clips to post, you can upload them all at once, but set

When: If you are still in production, you don’t need to post more than a few times per week, and only if you have good content to share. As your premiere nears, post once a day, and even more frequently if you have lots of good content. As a rule of thumb, never post more than three times a day. Time Commitment: A strategic user could schedule posts for the week over the course of one morning. Leave room for posts that arise during the week, though. Good Examples: Iris (/irisfilm) and Under the Skin (/UnderTheSkinMovie) make the most of beautiful memes that are provocative, fun and reflective of the films. Everything these film pages post has style. BUT it still does not make you any money, unlike our alternative online solution option.


them as “private,” “releasing” one per week, or at whatever interval you’ve decided upon. Good Examples: Aggregating all the films they release over time, IFC Films (/IFCFilmsTube) makes great use of playlists and metadata. Making Of (/MakingOf) is a master of taking film fans behind the scenes. Though these are large entities, they exemplify best practices on YouTube. BUT it still does not make you any money, unlike our alternative online solution option.

Gaining traction on Twitter can be intimidating; the feed is like a river, and with every tweet, you’re dipping a toe in as everything rushes past you.

Alternative Platforms where you Can Promote the Selling of Your Films using alternative online solution .

While promoting your (IOPS) alternative online solution

Finding a following takes time and commitment. You need to tweet and interact a lot (as much as 10-20 times a day) to make headway. Use this platform to spread the word, to help you sell your films using alternative online solution.

(alternative online solution ).

Maintaining social media platforms for publicising the sells of your film is not entirely different from running your own daily business or a personal accounts, after all—you want people to think you are cool and interesting, and you want to provide value, a good service, or a good product, something they can use. It’s ideal to keep the social inhouse because your voice will be the most genuine, but there are specialists you can hire if you have the budget. Good ones will keep the voice authentic and not sound like a marketing agency. Depending on the experience level and intensity of the work, this can run $500-

Set-Up: Twitter @handles for films have an expiration date: Once the film’s release life is over, the profile becomes mostly moot. Being a non-person on Twitter is also tough; people mostly like reading tweets from real people, with actual opinions and a personal POV. So instead of (or in addition to) your film’s account, create a personal profile for yourself and use a #hashtag for your film. (Balance “short-and-sweet” with “recognizable” for the #hashtag.) As yourself, converse with the filmmaking community. You’ll cultivate a career-long following that can grow over time, and your audience will not just be tied to one particular film. What: Twitter works especially well for documentaries about issues that have passionate advocates; find those voices, follow them, and start a conversation. For narrative films, do your cast and crew have large followings? If so, have them use your @handle and/or #hashtag and give them copy-and-paste 140-character tweets to get your message out. Retweets > replies > favorites. Shorten hyperlinks using, which tracks clicks (valuable insight on your fans).

Keywords (a.k.a. metadata or tags) are how search account on Tumblr can be a solid (free!) substitution for a webpage; Pinterest is another home for vibrant images; Snapchat is growing every day. But remember the cardinal rules—don’t spread yourself too thin, and fish where the fish are. You’ll probably only need to devote yourself to two or three platforms at most to get enough publicity and exposure for your films.

When: As long as what you say is interesting, you can tweet anywhere from one to 50 times a day. Just don’t tweet all at once. Use an app like Buffer or TweetDeck to schedule your posts. Time Commitment: You can schedule foundation tweets (promotion, etc.) for the week in a morning. But check often for replies, retweets and notifications. Installing the app on your phone helps. BUT it still does not make you any money, like our alternative online solution option.

Rules of Engagement – How to Promote the Selling of your film using your IOPS account 12

5,000 per month. Make sure your specialist provides training so you can eventually take the reins. He or she might tell you this… IOPS PTY LTD could recommend you to a third party specialist or marketing guru we use for our own business. They are affordable and effective. Enquire within via email to Create a voice. Decide on a personality for your social media, similar to the tone of your film—serious, irreverent, etc. No matter what, you want

to be informative, insightful, smart, and feedback-friendly. Never insult other films or filmmakers. Pick one handle. Whenever possible, keep the account names consistent across platforms. (It’s best to use the movie title without spaces.) If your title is a common phrase, add “Film” or “Movie” to the end (e.g. @MyFilmName AtColortapeFestival).

Keep your visual identity consistent. Though your key art may change as you near distribution, you want to brand your film as soon as possible, so people start to recognize your project visually. Create an eyecatching title treatment that can be used as your profile picture across platforms, and pick a

tags) are how search engines and other algorithms know what to show people who are combing the Internet. If someone enters the search term “comedy film,” and your film is about rescuing fun, you want your film to show up. So make a list of all potential search terms now. (In addition to “comedy,” your list would include “hilarious,” “laugh my head odd,” “Colortape comedy,” “JohnCitizen,” “laugh,” “LoL,” etc.) You will use this list all the time: when entering tags into your YouTube videos, when targeting ads in Facebook, when adding metadata to your website’s backend, as #hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. As long us you are promoting the sells of your film

to make some money. If someone replies to a post, sends a private message, or tags your film page, answer them back—even if they didn’t ask a specific question. Just say hi, or thanks, or ask them how they heard about your film. Acting as your film page on Facebook, “like” other pages. Follow Twitter #hashtags to know what people are saying about issues important to you and your film, and then retweet, reply and converse (but don’t spam). If people like what you say, they will follow back and maybe even buy your film. Keep it fresh. Update your accounts, even if it’s only once or twice a week. Space assets out. Repeating, “You’re going to love my movie!” will get old fast.


Photoshop. Pictures tend to get a good response on every platform (except YouTube). Memes (i.e. pictures superimposed with text) can be the best kind of shareable content. Choose stills from your film and superimpose quotes onto them. Introduce your team with photos and fun facts. Have the sound editor explain her job in a snappy sound bite. Keep trailers short. Under two minutes is best. Forty-five seconds, even better. Give insider access. People who follow films and filmmakers are curious about how it’s done. Give them a peek behind the curtain in photos or video clips. Show them the movie set, the editing room, the festival premiere feel, use Colortape

engines and other algorithms know what to show people who are combing the Internet. key cover photo image that represents your film. Organize. Create an editorial calendar to plot your attack. Google Docs can be an ideal way to monitor key dates, schedule posts, track your goals and communicate with your team. You can also include columns for keywords, social logins, handles for your cast and crew, etc. Find a sample at http:// Even Google offers a professional solution just like us.

Brainstorm a list of keywords.

Keywords (a.k.a. metadata or

using alternative online solution (IOPS) Be sociable. Factoring in your production team, your community should start with your already-established social circle. Ask the crew to share and promote with friends and family, and give them clear instructions (and copy-and-paste graphics, sample tweets and Facebook posts). Dont forget to promote the selling of your film with your account on IOPS usingb alternative online solution solution. Once you setup your account it will be time for you

Instead, give fans something to latch on to. Set up Google alerts for your keywords and then share relevant news about the topic. Introduce the film’s characters and what they have to say. Use your team’s strengths. If there’s a great photographer on your team, task her with documenting the production. If someone is a snappy writer, have him write tweets. The Google doc is a good place to draft and refine posts; then have one person responsible for the actual posting.


International Film Festival (and other festivals) as a good source for your audience to look at. Be meticulous. Everything you do on social can be seen, shared and judged. Take time with your text, avoid mistakes, and make sure your key art and shared photos are professional, hi-res, and provocative or beautiful. Don’t overthink. The flip side of the above holds true. Spending a day and a half vetting every post with your team is counterproductive. Get information out while it’s still timely.

Filmmakers are staking a modest claim on Instagram, which can be an ideal place to connect with a younger audience of teens and 20-somethings. If you know your potential audience is older, focus your energies elsewhere. Set-Up: Create a film or production company account. Or use your own account to promote the film with a #hashtagSellMyFilm_NameofFilm (a la Twitter). Follow some films, filmmakers, studios and distribution companies and see what works. Then share and spread your own account on the alternative online solution platform to sell your films.

Don’t set up automatic crossposting. Instead, craft posts that make the most of each platform’s strengths. Twitter is limited to 140 characters, but Facebook isn’t. @Handles and #hashtags do not always travel well. Instagram photos on Twitter require an extra click to view. It’s more work, but it pays off. Experiment. You’re a filmmaker! You have ideas! Try new things (a behind-the-scenes video blog? a pop quiz about your film? a confessional about your filmmaking fears?). Social media is fleeting—no matter how perfect it is, your tweet will probably be forgotten tomorrow, so if you screw up, try, try again. Colortape editor’s choice

A Facebook Ad Budget?

With even a small budget, you can use Facebook ads to drive new likes to your page (IOPS) alternative online solution solution site where you sell your film. You can target your audience by geography, age, interests, gender, type of genre, length of film, categories of films, by festival (don’t forget to mention “Colortape” and more. Think about what kind of budget you have and how long your promotional window

is—one month? two years?—and do the math to come up with a monthly spend. • Start with $2/day budget to promote the page. Use your key image and a strong logline. • Strategically boosting selected posts increases your visibility when you need it most—e.g., when you want to tell the world you got into Sundance, boost the post for $5-10. You will see a huge increase in the post’s reach. • During the month before a release, a $500-1,000 budget is ideal, to promote your page ($10-20/day) and boost your posts for $5-10 each, targeted to difference audiences. • Don’t be bamboozled by how cheap and easy it can be to attract fans in other countries, a.k.a. “click model” and bots. Spend your money on an authentic audience that makes sense for you. One hundred real fans beats a thousand fake ones who will never even look at your page again. n Article prepared for your convenience by Colortape editor, Alex Schiller from Brisbane Australia. To start monetarization your film please feel free to register via email at


What: Roll up your sleeves and create some dynamo graphics before you even create an account. You’ll need a lot of them, and building a following will take time and consistent, frequent posting. Because there is no one-click way to repost on Instagram as there is on other platforms, most organic discovery happens through #hashtags. Do your research and use them liberally (even if you find them déclassé). They can be keywords, cast names, topics of interest, locations, genres (#indiefilm) and more. When you type a #hashtag, Instagram will tell you how big that audience is, so you can tell which ones are worth using. When: You can post five times a day on Instagram if you have lots of good images, but make sure to space them out at least an hour apart. Time Commitment: Five minutes per post should suffice. Note, though, that since Instagram posts can’t be scheduled, you need to post photos live. Good Examples: Reed Morano (@reedmorano) promotes her work, but she also gets personal, with beautiful shots of her family. Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) is a master at giving fans a peek into her everyday life, and they love her for it. BUT it still does not make you any money, unlike our alternative online solution option.


to sing opera at Sydney Opera House) Queensland University of Technology (multimedia lecturer Sylvia Saints) and Queensland Arts. Unfortunately the consortium was unsuccessful in applying for a grant offered by the Prime Minister at the time, Mr. Paul Keating ($12mil for Arts). Nevertheless, Alex felt it was one of the greatest projects he ever worked on and was proud to be the instigator of such an ambitious assignment. After travelling forth and back and forth between Brisbane in Queensland and Perth in Western Australia, the lure of big money in the West, and personal reasons, meant he finally resided in Perth, WA. Alex earned a living through his involvement in smaller entrepreneurial affaires, whilst generating capital through a number of small business investments in the local WA market. In mid 2007 bought Colortape studio, a high end video production company. Through this he endeavoured to raise some venture capital for his own film production and a mobile production studio which was aimed at making TV commercials, investigative documentaries and corporate productions for the local and international market. However Alex’s immediate attention was drawn to a new technology. An encoding process by use of a new medium such as PodCasting (iPod), DVB-H/S/C and DMB-T technologies that drive the market for compression technologies, and DVB’s advanced new systems (DVB-S2, DVB-H) were then at the forefront of the applications which will use new video codecs such as MPEG4 Part 10 (H.264) and VC-1. These technologies are still predominately used as they represent an ideal solution for the mobile TV market.

about the publisher lex describes the realization that he might actually be a good producer as an epiphany. Alex is a strong believer in the four major management principles: POLC - planning, organizing, leading & controlling; as he is trying to utilize these principles in all aspects of his everyday life. Alex’s early migration from Romania to Brisbane, Australia during the world Expo 88, brought him closer to Movie World on the Gold Coast, where he virtually witnessed its birth. Soon after his arrival in Australia, Alex gained much experience in the printing of packaging world, at St Regis Bates in Queensland (a subsidiary of AMCOR Packaging), a sudden illness forced him out of employment. This exit from the workforce allowed Alex to embark on a learning crusade. He studied IT for a year in 1994 at Queensland University of Technology, but found programming harder than he originally anticipated. Alex then switched to International Business the following year; however macro and microeconomics proved uninteresting even when studied under Professor Leighton, the former economics adviser to then Prime Minister, Paul Keating. Alex had begun to show more interest in Multimedia, during which time he was involved in a multimedia consortium between Save $$ PC’s, Export Access (Mr. Stollar) / Daki Budtcha Records (Ade Kukoy) & Maroochy Barambah (the first aboriginal

Alex gradually moved into small scale production, on a subcontracting basis , making of infomercials and safety inductions for major clients from mining, government to aviation industry. After finishing a film diploma at SAE Perth, he continued to spend the majority of his spare time concentrating on pre & post production work. His ambition was to develop a new generation PDV (Post Production Digital Visual Effects) company which will be primarily concerned with the treatment of vision and sound after it has been filmed; a cornerstone for the Australian film and television industry. Alex began producing in mid 2006 and admits he still had a lot to learn.

Professional challenges

Dealing with clients and their demands proves to be Alex’s biggest challenge; although, at the same time it creates a huge desire and ambition to fulfill their dreams and visions. For the past decade Alex has wanted to be involved in a film festival after having had a bad experience with local festivals. Noted that many young local and foreign filmmakers were not recognised or accepted in festivals past the first stages of enrolment. Found it discriminatory and unfair in a way. Hence, ColourTape studio’s off shoot business arm Colortape International Film Festival was born. The realization of ever changes in our social structure, the world’s constant changes in peace and war, the radicalization of youngsters everywhere, felt that we needed to bridge our cultural differences, bridge friendship, promote multiculturalism not only online but also in the Australian and the broader international communities, by making and showcasing films, which opens us up to understand various cultures,


to bring people together from every corner of the world, to encourage the sharing of thoughts and creative visions, advocate for art and love. Also to help us change with it and integrate in a rapidly changing social fabric or social structure, affected by a demographic change and the era we live in. Equalwly important was the idea behind the foundation of the new film festival, to help, support and encourage filmmakers to bring to fruition or realization of their work, the last hurdle often seen or felt as a roadblock for showcasing their films to the public which made them unable to get some form of recognition. The main aim is to run Colortape International Film Festival as a competitive film festival simultaneously every year in every country, to bring together many filmmakers with a larger audience. Formerly were in partnership with Amazon. com’s arm, Withoutabox. But for the past two years we enjoyed a much stronger relationship and experienced exponential growth with the help of FilmFreeway, our new partners. If interested in event running & franchise setup in other countries, or event and film sponsorship opportunities, to sell your films (montarization) online using a proven advanced solution, for donations or offer of support please feel free to contact us via email to info@ We thank you for your readership and support. n Note: Colortape is a registered Trademark owned by the CEO & Founder, Alexandru Schiller.

MUSTSEE Ciwidian

This is a happy and easy-going film. It has a lot of music’s and songs. If you’re curious about Austronesian culture and exotic stuff. That will be wonderful. This film would be just right. But behind the musical melody, there is a serious theme about survive culturally and physically.

Duration: 01:37:00 Submission Categories: Feature film & Documentaries Language: Chinese Director: Wen Cheng Yu

Duration: 01:30:00 Genre: Adventure Submission Categories: Animation (2D & 3D) Language: English Director: Christian De Vita Aspect Ratio: 1.85


Just when it’s time to migrate to africa, darius, the elder of the flock, is wounded. he will have no choice but to share all his secrets, wisdom, and new flying routes, with the first bird that happens to come along. the candidate is none other than yellowbird, an eccentric little fellow, super excited about the challenge, but without the slightest hint of knowledge or natural talent for migrating whatsoever…



Love at first sight

A shy lonely young man (Slym) arrives in a new country, in a strange new town. His world is suddenly lit up when he spots his beautiful neighbour on the balcony opposite his new room. He tries desperately to be noticed, yet she remains stubbornly oblivious to his infatuation. Slym is not giving up though he has one more idea to try. Can he catch her attention and win her heart? The film tries to feel not foreign to anyone. Instead of using dialogue, the director worked with body language and the basic raw human emotions of loneliness and love - something that unites us all, whoever we are, wherever we are.

Contentus (18ďż˝)

CONTENTUS takes its cue from the meanings of the (Latin) word - to strain with exertion, to hold together; in which three parallel stories intersect in a contemporary allegory of labor, loneliness, prejudice, power and place. Connected by isolation, everyday cruelties, unheard stories and underrepresented characters straddle the metaphoric and the real - an unseen Asian escort’s clientele of Caucasian sex tourists blur into one another, domestic tensions and violence of a professional man and his young live-in lover, and an encounter between a young banker and his older homeless doppelganger in a city meridian (populated with High Finance workers in the day and the homeless at night).

Duration: 01:46:50 Submission Categories: Feature film & Documentaries Language: English Director: Stephen Chen Aspect Ratio: 16:9


Duration: 13.55 min Submission Categories: Short Films Language: English Director: Mark Playne

Max Peril


In an effort to finish a film before turning thirty, Riley Young documents and re-creates the bizarre but supposedlytrue stories of a retired secret agent using local talent, a VHS camcorder, and every lowbudget trick he knows. Duration: 01:36:00 Genres: Comedy, Mockumentary Submission Categories: Feature film & Documentaries Language: English Director: Frank Ladner Aspect Ratio: 16:9

CHILDHOOD - A New Life in Les Petites Familles

“Childhood – A New Life in Les Petites Familles“ is a reminder how essential it is for a child’s development to have a good education, a regular and stable way of life where it feels loved. Duration: 00:07:42 Submission Categories: Animation (2D & 3D) Director: Naser Shillova Aspect Ratio: 16:9

The girl with the red balloons The existence of an individual remains in the memory of others. It’s the last defense against absolute nothingness, and it must be cultivate. Duration: 00:01:00 Submission Categories: 0-60 Seconds iPOD Content Competition Directors: Nathalie Giraud, Timothée Corteggiani Aspect Ratio: 16:9


Love and goodwill is the message of all religions, that all humanity may live in peace Duration: 00:24:00 Submission Categories: Short Films Language: Arabic Director: Sameh Salem

Winter's Journey

Walter is waiting at the last station of his journey through life. His family and friends all know what is best for him. But in the end they have to understand that his ending belongs only to him. Duration: 00:90:00 Submission Categories: Documentary Language: French Director: Lucienne Lanaz


THE OLD ONES CALLED IT CHAOS One night, Pierre decides to go out of his house to follow a strange white light. His family is not ok with that.

Duration: 00:16:00 Submission Categories: Short Movies Language: French Director: Matthieu Moerlen

KAROUMA Karouma is a Unique gift striving to break through and to leave his parent’s nest to live pursue his dreams and live his life in its full potential


Duration: 00:12:00 Submission Categories: Animation Language: Arabic Director: Boubaker Boukhari


The Eve


A man struggling with alcoholism, loneliness and a meaningless job has an encounter that motivates him to change. Duration: 00:07:25 Genres: Drama Submission Categories: Short film Language: English Director: Jonathon Gittus Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Duration: 00:19:24 Submission Categories: Short Film Language: English Director: Luca Machnich Aspect Ratio: 1,85

Winner of 47 awards

Duration: 01:35:00 Submission Categories: Feature film & Documentaries Language: English Director: Tom Waller


The Last Executioner

The remarkable true story of Thailand’s last machine gun prison executioner who worked at the notorious ‘Bangkok Hilton’.

Simon is an eight-year-old boy who seems to have everything from life. He’s a handsome child, he’s rich yet unhappy. He senses that there’s something wrong with his life and this leads him to wander off thanks to his fervid imagination. His greatest wish is to leave the materialistic world behind since he isn’t fond of it. That’s why the only present he wants for Christmas is for Santa Claus to take him away to live in his fairyland toy factory. At the same time, a secret that his family has been keeping for a long time suddenly comes to the surface and it is feared that the worst might happen soon. The expectation for the stroke of midnight on the night before Christmas is transformed into reality for everyone on the eve of something truly different. Something terrible that might happen.

UNDER A KALEIDOSCOPE Caleb Loomis (Kenji Shimada) is an agoraphobic. Having been stuck in his apartment for the last five years, he spends his days tripping on acid and making amateur sciencefiction films with cardboard boxes and foil. After a vivid LSD dream he begins hearing a female neighbour being abused, her name is Beatrice. Striking a friendship with her he learns the details of her dangerous partner, Rog ‘The Hatchet-Man’ Smith, a feared Melbourne criminal.. Setting in to motion a tale of redemption, revenge and friendship. Under A Kaleidoscope is a Psychedelic/Thriller/Comedy written and directed by Addison Heath (Writer of the critically acclaimed ‘Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla’) Starring - Kenji Shimada, Kristen Condon and Aston Elliot. Winner of ‘Best Australian Feature Film’ at Monster Fest 2014. Nominated in 5 categories. Winner of “Best Film”, “Best Director”, “Best Cinematography” & “Best Lead Actress” at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival 2015.


Duration: 01:14:00 Submission Categories: Feature film & Documentaries Language: English Director: Addison Heath Aspect Ratio: 16:9


Organize Your Ideas into an Effective Structure Imagine that there was one foolproof way to come up with a story. Well, keep dreaming. It’s all well and good to think up incredible ideas. In the end, though, a screenwriter has to turn them into something. orkable story ideas can, though, be developed into a solid, industry-ready script—a combination of creative impulses, and the harnessing of those impulses into a structure. The following action structure sheet will give you an overview of the building blocks of story: the major actions and events, and most importantly, the “human value”—what it is that your main character discovers at the end that changes his or her life, or at least offers a recognition of the need for change.

Good Ideas You’ll Need Before You Write

The first thing to do is to think about how your story affects your main character (not the audience, not your agent, not yourself!). Avoid genre questions, like “What would make a good horror movie?” Rather, ask what kind of conflict you can put your main character into. Then come up with a workable story. Starting with the basics creates a stronger, clearer story. The main thing to remember is your story idea must be active. That is, it must be about theactions your main character takes. It’s what your character

does, one action after the character, you will need to other, that defines your story. decide on his or her: Ideas can come in so many 2. Character Deficit different forms: a particular This is often called the “fatal scene you imagine your flaw,” a vitally important human character being a part of, an trait that your character is emotional impulse—a vision of lacking. This is not the thing that a moment in your movie that your character wants (we’ll get causes you some excitement— to that)—it’s the thing that you or a more intellectual concept want to give your character. This of a story idea, such as “You “deficit” might be an addiction. might think you can take on It might be a false goal: wealth the forces of corruption, but and power are always good those forces will win in the (see: The Wolf of Wall Street). end.” (Sound familiar? It’s the How about popularity (Shallow core idea behind the classic Hal)? Or being in love with a Chinatown. It’s also the core idea in All the President’s Men.) Whatever way your story Workable story ideas can, idea comes to you, you though, be developed into now have the germ of it— a solid, industry-ready the molecule that you can script—a combination of use to create a solid and workable story. creative impulses, and the

to-face with this deep-seated problem, which will eventually lead to an all-important change at the end of your story.

3. Path to Satisfaction (i.e. the Character’s Plan)

Now we get to the character’s desire. Here’s where you get to put your character on a journey— one that is certain to cause them psychic pain. In Midnight Cowboy, Joe Buck decides he’s going to become the most successful male escort in New York. Lousy idea? You bet! Putting Joe Buck on this journey teaches him more about himself than anything he’s ever experienced before. Similarly, in Maria 1. The Main Character Full of Grace, our 17-yearIf you believe that you can harnessing of those impulses old, pregnant heroine quits create a story built around into a structure. her job and must make some something other than a money fast, so she decides human being, screenwriting to become a drug mule. may not be for you. All good That’s right: a really bad idea! stories are built around a human person who will not love you In both cases, these being and his or her conflicts. back (Silver Linings Playbook)? protagonists are thrust onto This includes Finding Nemo, In Casablanca Rick Blaine a path where they cannot Bambi and Wall-E—stories that thinks he can hide from his own control the outcome—though dress up their human conflict in ideals—but he can’t bury his they think they can. And here’s some sort of “other” being, but own heart, no matter how far where you come in: You are are essentially about a person. he runs. As the writer, you will going to teach them a lesson As you imagine this main bring your main character face- that will last. You will be cruel.



The Action Structure Sheet

You will be tough. But you will also be compassionate. Put your character on this journey that will be tortuous, but will result in some kind of change or recognition in the end. Looking at it that way, Robert Towne was doing Jake Gittes a favor. This path to satisfaction will also serve as your plot, a map of the new world through which the main character travels. In Chinatown, it’s the world of the wealthy and privileged of Los Angeles who think they can do whatever they want. In Midnight Cowboy it’s the world of the sleazy characters of Time Square. In Maria Full of Grace it’s the world of drug mules.

4. The Story Plan

This is the thing that your character must do or the story is not over: a task he or she must complete to get out of the ordeal. In Silver Linings Playbook Pat must go through with the dance contest with Tiffany, even though he believes that Tiffany is not the woman he loves. But what does he find out because he agrees to dance? That Tiffany is the girl for him,

not his ex-wife. Simple stuff. But look at how that conflict works constantly through the story. Pat keeps going back—over and over—to his mistaken faith in his ex-wife. Yet he doesn’t actually believe his error until he’s been taken through the ordeal of the dance contest, and seen how he treats the people around him. Your character is in charge of his or her plan, the path to satisfaction. But you are in charge of the story plan. The two are in direct opposition and this is what keeps your character in conflict throughout the story.

5. The Human Value

We’re already deeply familiar with human values in the movies we see: “Love finds a way.” “Be yourself.” “Be connected to people.” “Money isn’t everything.” “Family can save you.” In the old days they called these “the message”—the kind of fundamental truths we struggle with in our lives. But human value shouldn’t be a sermon or an essay. Your script is a piece of drama that brings to life, through human action, a character’s struggle with this value.

OK, now we’re ready to write something. This sheet will combine all of the above items into one coherent story. Think of it as an expanded “pitch.” In fact, once you’ve completed this, it will be the material that you keep in your head when you do pitch this story to buyers, producers and friends. The action structure allows you to put into prose all the elements that will form the base for your screen story, so you can see the whole story at once. Some of the moving parts you may be familiar with are in here: the “inciting incident,” “call to action,” “climax” and “resolution.” Distill your idea into six to 10 very short paragraphs, no longer than one page (if you can help it!). This is not a beat sheet— that’s when you list actual, specific scenes in your story. Instead, the action structure is a way to define major arcs and human value. You needn’t fill in all the details. For example, in Act II, “bad stuff happens” is an acceptable placeholder, because later on in your beat sheet you’ll detail these actions and events. Use the template below to create your action structure sheet. The page count in parentheses represent the probable space each section will take up in your 90- to 120page script.

character must do something seemingly everyday or trivial— go to a job interview, answer the phone, pick up a package for somebody else. This little action is part of the normal reality in his or her world. The character has chosen to do this action because the character believes it will lead to some personal “satisfaction.” This must necessarily transition into– n The Call to Action: A decision is thrust upon the protagonist. This is not based on desire. It’s not what the character planned, but it must be resolved. It’s the writer’s way of pushing the character out on the journey. ACT II: Journey and Ordeal (6580 pages)


n Introduce your main character in their “regular” world n Who is this person? What do they do? n Where are they? n What will bring them “satisfaction”—at least, according to them? n What is their character deficit?

The combined reality of the journey, other characters and the protagonist’s bad decisions leads to more distress and more complications designed to force the character to struggle (even if the character still thinks he or she is pursuing “satisfaction.”) n A Further Complication (end of Act II): This makes it nearly impossible for the character to move ahead unless something is done. Your protagonist has exhausted all options. ACT III: Climax and Resolution (10-15 pages) n What’s the worst that can happen? That’s exactly what happens. n A major choice is made and the protagonist ceases to struggle with the primary problem, but must now resolve the “human value” part of the equation (Climax!) n The path to satisfaction is completed, but then there’s… n The Resolution: The character decides to change or gains recognition about his or her deficit. This is the story value. The character finally learns why the initial plan for “satisfaction” was a mirage, but also gains something far more important—a new insight into his or her soul. n

n The Inciting Incident: The

This article appears in Colortape Film Magazine: for Filmmakers 2016. Image courtesy of Colortape

Action Structure Template

ACT I: Protagonist and World (15-25 pages)

Character & Setting

The Inciting Incident & Call to Action







Ahabi in sultore cris horteat iae in det vir adhum iptiam ma, nemus in huiuAxim earibus sed quatectota qui conet la volor atur maio officiis prae mintiae. Nam receseque prae sitate delecus repe saectem porerum


“Obsessed By A Mysterious Voice Message, Astronaut Meredith Will Face Its Paradoxical Condition In Order To Stay Connected To His Humanity.”


“Spoken Word”, written by Tamika Rochele turned into a short film. New up and coming poet Tamika Rochele, from Phoenix, AZ has always had a passion for writing and bringing thoughts to life through the art of spoken word. She spent most of her childhood writing poems and greeting cards for family and friends. She has always had a love for the art of stringing words together in such a way that they might truly have an impact on someone else, which is what inspired her to put pen to paper and share her poetic thoughts with the world. While she has resided in Phoenix most of her life, her roots are in the heart of Cayce, SC. Her poetic style is smooth and silky, with a little in your face, “Real Talk”, dirty south attitude. Take a handful of intellect, a little bit of humor, and just enough sex appeal, and you have Tamika Rochele (w/one L) at her finest!”



“An animation of Sezar Alkassab’s stand-up routine about David vs Goliath.”






Short film by JP White, AKA JP Fox. Set in the mysterious outback of Australia, a young woman journeys to confront her depression but what she discovers will change her perception forever. Special credit to Benjamin Andrew for end scene/credits soundtrack Filmed in Stanthorpe and Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Ahabi in sultore cris horteat iae in det vir adhum iptiam ma, nemus in huiuAxim earibus sed quatectota qui conet la volor atur maio officiis prae mintiae. Nam receseque prae sitate delecus repe saectem porerum


A film by Dudi Dorham. “A Thirty year old man and a twelve year old girl meet at a local park.”

TEENAGERS (by Paul de Métairy)

“It’s a film that already saved lives. All the part about the drama of the suicide of young people was perceived by the medical film festival of Liege (Belgium) as a help to professionals to come in confidence with teenagers; the method of massage used by the young Alexis to dissuade his buddy Brieuc to kill himself, is now in use in Belgium. This film can do understand to young people that affection between boys is not really a monstrosity…There is also showed that violence ends up, early or late, backfiring on the authors. Even terrorists will now think twice, before killing innocent people.”




“Good Evening, Ladies And Gentleman. My Name Is Orson Welles. I Am An Actor. I Am A Writer. I Am A Producer. I Am A Director. I Am A Magician. I Appear Onstage And On The Radio. Why Are There So Many Of Me And So Few Of You?” Documentary







Cantonese Rice


Two sisters meet while shooting a kinky International reality show in Malaysia and fight because one is the Host and the other, the Censor. The movie takes a cynical but nevertheless humorous look at two inter-racial sisters who appear far from alike. Inside and outside. One is white Caucasian and one is dark Indian.


My eyes may have the Chinese slant, but I speak French, not Chinese. My Cantonese grandmother loves French cheese but not the language. We both live in Paris. Our mutual interpreter is my oft-reluctant father. And so I set out to meet other Chinese immigrants – people of different languages and backgrounds. It has allowed to me to give some sense to being deprived of my father’s mother tongue.

4 Mosyo 3

Lupus Perditus

Cevdet Ogut is the owner of a second hand shop but he accept himself as an antician. Although he is a shop owner in downtown his intellectuality is much higher than his neighbors. They appreciate his intellectuality and named him as The Monsieur. The Film is the portrait of a man who makes so much difference in his environment.”

Responsible for his wife’s death, Sven escapes into the wild in order to set an end to his life. Not able to pull the trigger, he feels downcast and gets stuck between two tree trunks. Sven starts hearing a cheeky voice inside his head that is driving him mad.


Love at first sight The heart-warming story of a lonely young man and his increasingly creative attempts to attract the attention of the girl of his dreams. A Gentle film of hope and optimism




I want to be Afsaneh At the age of thirteen, Afsaneh is forced to marry. After a few years under the traditional mentality and severity of her husband and his family she tries to find a way out…


I am not a virgin A girl who makes love with a boy and has lost her virginity so she has problem for marriage because her suitors know that she isn’t a virgin they swear at her and leave her so the girl thinks that has a surgery but she realizes that it is very difficult because she hasn’t have enough money for surgery and because of illegal surgery the doctor wants to misuse her.



Heaven Kid ToTo by accident opened a device that transformed a chessboard into a Space Door. So, he and Ahya could become anything they wanted, going anywhere they wished. They fought with each other while playing out many different roles. This means they would be locked within, unable to escape.


Once there was a mountain

Once there was a mountain

directed by Gu Yingling. On a mountain across a river, there is a Buddhist temple. One day a pilgrim, a young woman, encounters a young monk in the temple. The monk cannot help being attracted to the woman and is thus perturbed.


Locandina The Guest Directed by Federico Oliveti. After the father’s death, a man gets on a train and stops in a country town. He takes a room in a boarding house run by a mother and her daughter, a sixteen year old girl. The girl seduces the man and the man rapes her. The man pays for his stay, waits for the mother to walk away and in order to avoid any possible official complaint, induces the girl to kill herself. He leaves the town and escapes.

Top 100


Film Nominations


AGELESS FRIENDS It was the fascination of the personal stories from the Second World War that brought him to the American Military Cemetery in Margraten. There, Maarten Vossen, adopted at the age of 13 one of the 8301 graves. Private First Class James E. Wickline from the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment died during operation Market Garden on September 17th 1944. That was all Maarten Vossen knew at that time. During the past years, Vossen started a quest to learn more about the soldier. He searched for the cause of death, located the exact spot the soldier died and eventually he went off to Morgantown, West Virginia. The state where Private James grew up. 70 years after James’ death, a solution was approved in Morgantown in which the bridge on route 19 will be renamed to James Wickline. For the first time, the unknown soldier got a face, a voice and became a person with whom Vossen feels a kindred connection.

Harry Webster (Mark Wingett), in trying to survive his wife’s death, has fallen prey to alcohol and gambling and finds himself bankrupt. He becomes seduced by the idea of drowning as the only possible way out. As he is about to leap from the cross Channel ferry he has a chance meeting with Bethany (Alice Bird), an attractive young woman who offers him a new beginning, working in her mother Sarah’s (Claire King) vineyard. As Harry travels across Europe the beauty and tranquility of the countryside start to heal him. In Tuscany, he begins to see his life more positively and believe there is the chance of a future there. However, he discovers that Bethany and Sarah have secrets of their own and it is not long before the past starts to catch up with him.

A TALE WITH CHRIST AND JESUS Christ is a lonely young man who has not overcome the loss of his mother and the memories of a violent childhood full of abuse. Jesus student who still lives with his parents, with an intolerant overprotective mother and very different to Christ’s past.



ACACIA Rachel Ashcroft, a conspiracy theory blogger, receives a package that could expose a toplevel government conspiracy against the American people. In a race against time, she must find a way to decode the information before those willing to kill for it catch up to her.

AS LONG AS IT TAKES It’s New Year’s Eve in San Francisco and Cheryl is having a formal dinner party for her boss and colleagues, but she makes a big mistake by asking her young gay brother, Jeffrey, to bartend. Thinking it’s an open party, Jeffrey invites his boyfriend, Julian; Julian invites his ex-lover, Brett.

BEATIN A young woman dreams of idyll but her fantasy quickly turns into a nightmare.

AM STRAND (ON THE BEACH) Laura (34) and Clemens (36) spend their holidays at the sea in Northern Germany. Laura is bored and invents a game: She pretends to be blind. Over the course of a few days the couple gets entangled in their lie, revealing the emptiness of their relationship.

AWAT THE KURD WITNESS About a child who witnessed the crimes of Al-AnfaL, the genocide committed by the forces of Saddam Hussein’s troops when they occupied the city of Kifri, a small town in Kurdistan in the North of Irak in 1988.

BETONFRASS (CONCRETE CANCER) FUCHSER was beaten by his father and JOJO survived a stabbing. Their friend BALLA is terminally ill and he asked the two for one last act of friendship. At the same time the FC HANSA sinks into the third division. A coming-of-age story in fast, sharp contrasts.




Mr Tuan, vice-president of the Hanoi Old & New Bicycle Club, runs a busy Báhn Bao ‘fried dumpling’ street food stall. In his spare time he finds, buys, restores and rides vintage bicycles.

Harald Mayr is a devoted postman in a small village called Gaiswinkel. He is not only delivering letters, but also checking them. If their content doesn’t meet his moral standard, he amends them to fit this. Day in, day out he lives his routine, each discrepancy throws him easily out of the track until he meets Lisa.

䈀爀攀渀搀愀 䴀愀琀琀椀挀欀Ⰰ 愀渀 䄀甀猀琀爀愀氀椀愀渀 昀漀爀洀攀爀氀礀 戀愀猀攀搀 椀渀 䠀愀渀漀椀Ⰰ 洀愀搀攀  琀栀椀猀 昀椀氀洀 眀椀琀栀 愀 琀愀氀攀渀琀攀搀 琀攀愀洀 漀昀 嘀椀攀琀渀愀洀攀猀攀 瀀攀漀瀀氀攀⸀ 匀琀愀爀爀椀渀最  䴀爀 吀甀愀渀Ⰰ 栀椀猀 搀甀洀瀀氀椀渀最猀 ጠ 愀渀搀 栀椀猀 氀漀瘀攀 漀昀 瘀椀渀琀愀最攀 戀椀欀攀猀⸀



Ben Johnson is a struggling PhD candidate in the school of philosophy. It is his seventh year and this is the semester that he must finish his dissertation or all his work will be for nothing. He runs into Ara, a fellow PhD candidate, who is everything he is not.

A girl hitchiking late at night takes a lift from a stranger, but who should be more scared?



Being the further adventures of a fictional, poorly drawn cat. Bubble Bubble Meows and his buddies work to reverse a new fashion trend’s unfortunate side effects. This is the second of three Bubble Bubble Meows motion pictures.

Being the adventures of a poorly drawn, fictional cat (Bubble Bubble Meows), a string bean, and some marshmallow robots as they search for a cure to accidental meteor ingestion.





A film against drug addiction COME BACK JEETU has been written and produced by Dr Jaswinder Singh Gandhi and is based on one of the stories of his first book. Recently this movie has won Award of Merit at International film festival Jakarta.

Common man takes the viewer through the eyes of conscience as the reality of being a commoner is xrayed through the experiences of James, Bukky, Efe and Onome. James and Bukky die on the night of their honeymoon due to a fire outbreak. Efe is devastated and seeks to find ways to immortalize his friend’s memory.



A child who collect copper wire and sell them for renting a movie.

70-year-old “Djado Ivan” lives in the little Bulgarian village Grivitsa on the Romanian border. Together with his numerous animals, Ivan lives life in his very own rhythm, in tune with nature.



On her way through the woods at night a woman hits something with her car. Besides a silver ring nothing is found at the site oft he accident. The lights of a different car can be seen in the distance. Driven by fear and chased by unknown danger the woman lives through that night again and again, in a re-occurring nightmare.

A photoshoot. The model Helen is unnerved. Back in the changing room she makes a surprising discovery. Everything around her is edible - the chair, the TV, the walls…




Eat Me, short musical film, directed by Luiza Grigorova and Nigel Barber.

Elisabeth is a writer. Since her mother was sent to a nursing home, she lives completely isolated, spending her days writing.One day when Elisabeth takes a, stroll through the park, she walks past seventeen year old Malek. When the young boy sees her, he is compelled to follow her home.



Shira has difficulty getting over her ex, and when she’s feeling empty and the nostalgia strikes her, she turns to Itay.

An old couple are living in an apartment, the man is sleeping and the woman is doing housework. The lady wants to change the fish tank’s water but it slips out of her hand and falls on the ground. They’ve ran out of water and there’s no water for the fish. But with the help of the man they find water for it.


GOLDEN A tale of being different – and growing up.

Patricia’s story tells of someone who is surrounded by people yet she still feels completely alone, a concept I find fascinating. Alternatively, Angus’s story is one of love and loss.



I DREAM OF AN OMAHA WHERE... Omaha has a long-standing problem with gangs and youth-onyouth violence and is one of the most dangerous cities to live in for African American youth. ‘I Dream of an Omaha Where . . .’ is a collaborative project involving former gang members and people who have been affected by gangs.

IN THE LAST DAYS Based on 2Timothy 3:1-5, this experimental choreopoem suggests we are living “in the last days.”

I WANT TO BE A KING Abbas has turned his own home to a guest house in a nomadic area of Iran. With the support of his wife and three children, he runs a successful ecotourism business. He has an ambitious dream, creating a new tribe by his own and becoming the sovereign.

INTENTIONS Cris finally got a date with Natalia. But Roberto, her father, is clear about her daughter not to date anyone.



Every year, a guiltridden man who is haunted by a car crash that claimed the life of his daughter, returns to the same small town where the fateful accident occurred. But on this visit his car breaks down and he meets a striking young woman who recently moved into town. There is a spark between them.

L’Chaim! is a glimpse into the unusual life of Chaim Lubelski. He had a wild past as a hippy in Germany, London and Paris, before he became a millionaire in New York and a professional chess player in St. Tropez. When his mother needs care, Chaim decides to move in with her into the elderly home in Antwerp.




LOOKS tells the story of a gray lynx that doesn’t quite fit into a world of colourful animals. He’s being excluded and bullied by the coloured animals. On his search for acceptance and belonging he finds himself resorting to drastic measures... The film aims at children from 4 to 10, showing them how important it is to stand up for victims of bullying.

Oisín, a musician from Dublin, travels to Berlin with his band, buzzing with the potential for adventure. He leaves behind the weight of losing his mother. Oisín meets Sabine, a pretty young Berliner, who shows him the secret places that belong to the people who live in the city.


MON CHÉRI On a hot summer‘s day, lonely Franklin is invited to play with other kids for the first time since moving to a new village. But when the children stumble across a recently moved-in house and observe his mother, things take another turn.

In the Jilin Past Stories Speech Competition in Beihua University, two students tell their personal stories separately, unexpectedly finding out that the seemingly different stories actually come from one love story.



A custody battle gets out of hand on a highway overpass in roaring traffic.

Director Teresa Mular examines the hilarious indignities of airplane travel as seen on a dogcentered airline with her own German Shepherd acting as co-pilot. Seemingly an absurd tale, it is actually based in most part on the director’s experiences as an average passenger.



PAGDI A simple love story with in the most complicated circumstances. An old man looses his respect due to love interest of his son. He is not ready to accept this relation at any cost. Eventually he agrees but with a weird and unbelievable condition to fulfil.

SIBERIA When Sputnik II was sent into space with a dog named Laika on board, it was a major leap for science. But that’s the human point of view. Imagine yourself as Laika – unable to understand where you’re going , what you’re doing and not even knowing if there is a way back.

THE BRAZILIAN AFFAIR The Brazilian Affair is a classic story of power, love, and betrayal. Carter Briggs, who used to be a bodyguard for the governor’s family, meets with the Governor to discuss an assignment. We learn that Carter, ex-military, had left the governor’s employment because Carter had become too close to the governor’s wife.

ROAD TO PREDITION wo portable mechanic men get involved into an accident. The accident is an opportunity for them to possess half a million USD. They are on the track which turns decision-making difficult for them, not knowing that the owner of the money has already made his decision.

THE FIRST SMILE AFTER By their innocent world, children save us from our sad miserable world and this film has a quick look at a love message that is the savior.

THE DESCENDANTS Jacob’s family worries about Farrokh, the son of the family. Farrokh left Iran to continue his studies but he has not been in touch with them for a long time. Jacob travels to Sweden to look for his son...




The name of the film “ The Poland Journey” was given by Simone. Simona could not read or write, her speech also heavy. During the journey to the death camps in Poland, she fought for her right to express her pain through dance that she dance fluently. Fighting and winning. Simona’s human rights does not come easily to her. As a woman is diagnosed with Down syndrome she had to fight for everything in her life with a severe stutter. Fighting for the right to get a job, to exercise love, to live full and happy life.

Modern diseases not only harm the patient but also cause an extreme disturbance to the family and the consequences are debatable. What could be done in such situation? How people who are involved, react to it? This film has a quick look at a day of the life of an Alzheimer’s patient.


TOUCH OF THE RAIN Rain is a pleasant murmur for beauties of nature. With a childlike view, this film tries to show that there is always hope for raining and even it is our own mind that presents rain to us in a dry.

An unfinished story about the Mohammadi family who are living in Canada . The father was an enthusiastic and faithful supporter of Mojahedin e Khalq (an Iranian opposition group) for more than 30 years and he encouraged his daughter to join this organization in Iraq.



This feature documentary is the story of Zanzibar’s women’s soccer team, the New Generation Queens. The movie examines the history and culture around women’s soccer in Zanzibar. It also follows the team to mainland Tanzania, where the Queens participate in a tournament for the first time and several hope to be recruited to the Tanzanian national team.

While they Watched is a 90-minute feature documentary about North Korea set in the future, that looks back at the collapse of the Kim dictatorship. The film questions the morality of the current inaction by regional and global powers towards the North Korean dictatorship.





Queensland musical video clip, by Shiva Nassab

Directed by Morteza Payeshenas An unfinished story about the Mohamaddi family who are living in Canada. The father was an enthusiastic supporter of Mojahedin e Khalq (an Iranian opposition group) for more than 30 years, and he encouraged his daughter to join this organization in Iraq, when she was 17 years old.



“Population growth has been left out of the climate debate because it is seen as controversial, yet it is one of the most important factors. The global population has passed the 7 billion mark and India will soon overtake China as the most populous nation in the world, but one state in southern India has found the solution.”

In 1943 a few brave men reconnected an empire. They flew Catalina flying boats non stop for up to 32 hours across enemy territory, breaking the Japanese air blockade of Australia. They achieved the impossible, but despite all of this, the crews of the Double Sunrise Flights were never recognised for their brave efforts. Today a few brave men hope to change all of this.



Directed by Rajko Ristanovic, Serbia Vlada is a happy barber, the best in his town. One day, an unexpected visitor of his barbershop triggers a traumatic childhood memory...

It was the warm day in summer, Yamada got the skull with a letter from his ex-wife. The letter says, “Please take this skull with you wherever you go, as if the skull was me besides you.” Yamada was scared about that skull and the letter because he felt that it was his ex-wife’s curse. At the same time, he thinks back about her. Their marriage was not a very happy one though.




Directed by Jamon Holmes Stefan Blake’s girlfriend Christa has serious jealousy problems. After Stefan receives a number of text message from a mysterious woman. Christa physically abuses Stefan and in the end finds out what she finds out leaves her in utter shock.

Directed by Nischal Poudyal Set in Northern Nepal, during the climax of the civil war that consumed thousands of lives and caused an unprecedented loss and damage to property, this fiction is the story of a father and son, an officer of state intelligence agency and a philosophical idealistic rebel.



Directed by  James Christopher Chris, lost in his late twenties and scrambling to find a sense of identity, returns home to small town Texas when he learns that his mother died. As he confronts the family, friends, life and love he abandoned, Chris must finally come to terms with his decision to run and try to take control of his own future.

Directed by Robert Butler What do you say when someone has lost a loved one? What can you say that brings comfort and peace to them? What can you say that they can hold onto during these troubled times? The short film Color Of Life explores this very subject. How does a person get over the death of a loved one?



Directed by Jerzy Donus This documentary follows Jerzy Donus who in 2009 was manipulated out of his children ́s life as father for the children he loves and cares for. The worries and stress in the struggle for the children, gave him a diagnosis of deadly cancer. In spring 2014 Jerzy decides that before dying he wants to create a message to his children.

Directed by Zviki Eshet, Israel Suddenly, in the middle of their lives, during a vacation in New Zealand, an Israeli family, find themselves building a new life on the other side of the world. There, through a journey starting with loss and heartbreak they experience both individual and family growth.





Directed by Serdar Yilmaz, Turkey A man in the flea market (Mihran Tomasyan) walks while checking walls  covered with old posters and counters full of stuff with prying eyes.  Due to the incarnating object that he sees on one of the counters just carries him away into another reality.







THE NETWORK KEEPER Directed by  David Dufresne-Denis, Canada In Haute-Gaspésie (Qc), it is still impossible to get a high-speed Internet connection in some areas. Thankfully, there is Ginette and her trusty relay system.























best dialogue


“Not My Tempo” Terence Fletcher, Whirplash


“The Two Most Significant Events of the Twentieth Century: The Allies Win the War, and This” Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs “I Look Like Someone’s Homophobic Aunt.” Susan Cooper, Spy


“I’m the Answer to a Fucking Trivial Pursuit Question” Riggan, Birdman

Mad Max: Furry Road Star Wars: The Force Awakens (teaser) The Good Dinosaur The Revenant Suicide Squad

“Dear White People... Stop Dancing.” Sam White, Dear White People


GEORGE MILLER Mad Max: Furry Road KEANU REEVES John Wick LILY TOMLIN Grandma KURT RUSSELL Fast & Furious 7 HAN & CHEWIE Star Wars: The Force Awakens

“I’m Gonna Have to Science the Shit Out of This” Mark Watney, The Martian



“I Love Dogs, I’ve Always Loved Dogs.” Jupiter Jones, Jupiter Ascending


“Goddamn Time-Travelling Robots! Covering up their Goddamn Tracks! I Hate Them!” Detetive O’Brien,Terminator Genisys “The Carrots are Cooked!” Philippe Petit, The Walk


“Hunt is the Living Manifestation of Destiny.” Alan Hunley, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

CHURCH CARNAGE Kingsman: The Secret Service TRAIN PUNCHUP Spectre ROAD RAGE Wild Tales SPANNER TIME Fast & Furious 7 HULKBUSTER VS HULK Avengers: Age of Ultron

“I See It!” Ray (looking at a Tsunami), San Andreas


sundance film festival

Me And Earl And the Dying Girl

golden globes Boyhood

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venice film festival



From Afar


london film festival

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