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ISSUE 45 : APRIL 2013

The Chequers Inn Woolmer Green

Rose Todd

Law of Attraction & Conscious Living

A history of Breachwood Green

PLUS Local Businesses showcased • Codicote • Kimpton • Whitwell • Preston • Breachwood Green • Graveley • Little Wymondley • Great Wymondley • St. Ippolyts • Gosmore • Knebworth • Welwyn Village


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WELCOME to april A big warm welcome to all our readers, April 23rd is St Georges Day when we should come together to celebrate our great nation and have fun, let’s hope the April showers stay away! This month we have lots of great articles for you to enjoy including the history of Breachwood Green, Rose Todd a Law of Attraction Expert, JCS Solicitors in Codicote and we also pop in to The Chequers at Woolmer Green to see their fantastic Garden Zoo. If you have a local story or run a local group which you would like us to showcase then please get in touch. We are also looking for local photos so if you are a budding photographer with images taken in the Village Life area, contact us for the chance for your photo to feature on our cover! Don’t forget you can find the answers to the crossword on our website – and we are also on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter – @villagelifemag! Bye for now,


Jose & Melanie

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Local news


Wellbeing: Rose Todd – Law of Attraction & Conscious Living


Community: Aston Cricket Club


Community: A history of Breachwood Green


Lifestyle: JCS Solicitors - Mediation


Community: Craft Classes in Kimpton

Rose todd: page 6

the chequers inn: page 16-17

16-17: Pub Review:The Chequers Inn Woolmer Green 18:

Local Business: Kip McGrath – Maths & English Tuition


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Kimpton 49th May Festival 3rd to 6th May 2013 Kimpton Village is hosting its 49th Kimpton May Festival this coming first May Bank holiday weekend.

The Kimpton May Festival started in 1964 to raise funds to repair the roof of the village church and has been running consecutively since then. Typical proceeds in excess of £20,000 are split three ways between; church restoration fund, Kimpton Memorial Hall and other community projects and worthy causes. Box Office events include Wine Tasting (Friday night) Kimpton Entertains (Saturday night) The Music Night (Sunday night) and Brains of Kimpton (Sunday night). Mary Hyde event organiser and great niece of Ron Hyde the village milkman who started the May Festival 49 years ago says; “I used to ride on the floats as a young girl, so now it’s great to be part of the team that puts on this great festival for future generations” This year promises to be bigger and better with 4 days of action packed events themed –“Toy Box”. What was your favourite Toy growing up? Maybe it was a board game or for the younger ones probably a cartoon character. The scope is endless, so expect Saturday’s street procession of up to 30 themed floats from the local community groups of Kimpton to cover all your favourites. Attracting thousands of visitors each year from across Hertfordshire, the festival is recognised as one of the biggest and brightest village festivals in the UK. Four solid days of events start on Friday 3rd May with the Art show opening night in the


13th century church and an exclusive English wine tasting event hosted by Mark Buckenham of The Wine Society from Stevenage. Saturday night’s concert ‘Kimpton Entertains’ has helped launch a few showbiz careers and Sunday night showcases local brilliance of the cerebral kind at ‘Brains of Kimpton’ whilst the new ‘Music Night” has music galore with “Oasiz” providing a great tribute act , supported by “Nick and the Sun machine” and other awesome local bands. Children’s activities include fairground rides, candy floss, a football tournament, maypole dancing, a programme of entertaining arena events on the Saturday includes the “Wacky Tumblair’s Comedy Trampoline Act” with international comedy clown duo Johnny and Barbara and recognising our rural roots we have David Seamark’s Sheepdog Handling Display except those nice sheep have been replaced by geese – good luck with that Shep! Jazz bands, 10k fun-run, a craft fair, barbecues, bars, a giant charity auction, Morris dancers, a car boot sale, traditional music sessions, maypole dancing – it’s wall-to-wall fun for the whole of the long weekend in this lovely village that won the title of Hertfordshire Village of the year 2008 (West). For further information visit or contact Graham Archer on 07973 69 88 77 or

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April 2013

l a s s o l Co Cake Sale! Prize Raffle! Help for Heroes merchandise

Saturday 27th April 2013 10am til 1pm at

NEELDENTISTRY 43 High Street, Welwyn AL6 9EE come along to buy some tasty cakes!


Rose Todd The Law of Attraction and Conscious Living

You can do it!

Is your life as you want it to be? Are you one of the few people who are actually living their dreams? Do you know that you can have the happiness and success that you dream about? You can. You can build a better life. Have you have you heard of the Law of Attraction? A few years ago a book called The Secret caught the attention of thousands upon thousands of people worldwide. It told of the ancient ‘secrets’ of life and creation. In a nutshell it told of using your thoughts and feelings to attract the people and experiences you want into your life. The basic principle is ‘Like Attracts Like’ and you’re aware of this principle: we all like being with like-minded people. Lots of people use this principle to help attract things like new or improved relationships; more money; better health or a new career. When you take control of your thoughts and guide them, focusing on to where you want to go or what you want to achieve, rather than what you don’t want – it conjurers up happier feelings. Happiness and success is a way of living that involves understanding how life works. An important part of this, is knowing about the Law of Attraction and how you interact with this Universal Law. It’s all done with your mind.Your mind is incredibly powerful and you can create everything you want, when you know how. Try this and see what happens Just before you fall asleep, think of something specific you want to happen the very next day: Keep it nice and simple. Visualise a parking place, or someone buying you a cup of coffee, or unexpectedly meeting a friend. Imagine it and feel how you’ll feel when it happens and then drift off to sleep. As you wake in the morning; in that soft luxurious time before waking completely; imagine the 6

same thoughts and feel the feelings.The feelings are the most important part. Hold the feelings you conjured up and see what the day delivers.You may well be surprised – and you’ll have a really good day. Deliberately deciding what you want in life and then creating it will bring you great joy. I call this Conscious Living and it’s very empowering. Here’s a short simple story A long time ago I used to live in Rhodesia. I worked for an airline and had rebated travel. I decided to visit my mother and father in England. My husband and I arrived at the airport to find chaos.The flight to London was over booked with fare paying passengers.The Duty Office sent all the stand-by passengers home saying he’d be lucky if all the booked passengers get away. My husband said – ‘Let’s go home,’ I told him I was going to England that night to visit mum and dad and I was waiting. And we waited and waited, with him getting more and more disgruntled as I was being ‘stubborn’. But I was going to England and that was my focus! 15 minutes before the flight departed the Duty Office came running out of the office, calling out “Rose, thank goodness you’re still here.There’s been an error in the head-count.There is one seat available! Run.They’re waiting for you”. I did get to England that night – but I expected to. I held my focus in the face of a considerable amount of opposition, I might add!

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April 2013


Testimonial “I had the pleasure of working with Rose at a very difficult point in my life. I was at a career crossroads having been made redundant out of the blue. I had always wanted to set up my own business and it was going well but I just seemed to have too many options. I didn’t have time for them all but couldn’t decide between them. Rose sifted everything through with me over the course of our four sessions. She presented it all back in a way that made the way forward obvious and her suggestions felt right straight away. And there’s been no stopping me since. My business has gone from strength to strength. Just three months after consulting with Rose, I was earning as much from my own business as I had in my previous job! I am so glad I met Rose at that critical time. I would highly recommend Rose to anyone at a crossroads or who has a difficult decision to make.” Cheryl B. Gloucestershire

If you are interested in finding out more I have a free E-book for you called Seven Secrets of Manifestation. Just go to my website and you can download it for free. If you can consciously create a parking space or someone buying you a cup of coffee – imagine what else you can create when you really put your mind to it! If you would like to discover more, I offer a one to one guidance and coaching.

As a special deal for Village Life readers, this month I am offering a full one hour coaching session on Conscious Living and the Law of Attraction for the discounted price of just £30 (my usual price is £55). For more information just contact me on or call me on 0774 802 1887. I changed my life by consciously guiding my thoughts. I’ve helped others change their lives. I can help you do it too.

Rose Todd 0774 802 1887 April 2013

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Aston Village Cricket This month we were contacted by Ray Falder from Aston Cricket Club. Aston (a small village just east of Stevenage) has enjoyed having a Village Cricket team since the club was revived in 1978 after a gap of 24 years. In setting the club up it was agreed the club would remain ‘village’ with the majority of the players living in or connected to the village and as this would limit the standard of play, then games would all be friendlies and competing in a league was not for Aston.


ver the years the club grew and in 1992 it returned to the prewar setting of ‘Centre Field’ with its Church, Pub and open views across the Beane Valley. Exactly what Village Cricket is all about and this was enhanced by a local farmer who donated an old Chicken House which now has water and electric and is the classic village pavilion complete with uneven floors (even if the showers work!) However, since 2000, the club has found it harder and harder to get young men to play. The old stalwarts, now in their 50’s, are still there (even if their fielding and arms are not what they were), and the club always seems to find some teenagers to just get 11 to turn out a team BUT where are the 20, 30 and 40 year olds? Talking to other village cricket clubs, it seems the situation in Aston is quite common. The average age in villages is getting older with more retired people and fewer ‘young men’ and the number of people per household is also declining. What ‘young men’ there are now work longer and more unsocial hours in order to afford to live in the village and enjoy the lifestyle of their choice. So, cricket is a nice idea but simply gets squeezed out even if cricket on the village green does add to the attraction of the village and value of the house. Aston CC still enjoys cricket teas with sandwiches, cakes and mugs of tea but, again, it is getting harder to find ‘other halves’ to do the job on


a rota basis – there are so many more important and necessary things to do. Perhaps the idea of ‘Village Cricket’ with the Squire, Parson and Blacksmith is a rose tinted view of England that has passed away – the local Squire, Parson and Blacksmith have. Cricket as a sport is healthy and the England team successful and very well supported. Perhaps the trend is for more and more village greens to fall silent to leather and willow but cricket to be concentrated in the big clubs of which Hertfordshire has plenty. Multiple squares, 3, 4,5 or even 6 teams on a Saturday, further Sunday teams, overseas sponsored players, a large youth set up with qualified coaches and fitness people, sponsorship, advertising hoardings and of course – outside caterers. For the sake of English Cricket – good luck to it and the large dedicated committees that run it. What of Aston? Well, it is the rose tinted view if we can but the club needs to adapt to survive. It needs to add to its number of people who would like to play friendly but competitive cricket on a Sunday afternoon and is now prepared to encourage people, who do not live in or have connections with the village to come and play in the team. We need you. If you would like to play, come to a weekly Thursday net session starting on April 18th at 6.30pm or contact Roy Falder on 01438 352505.

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April 2013


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Event Catering

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Private dinner parties • Garden parties and barbecues Christenings and naming ceremonies • Canapés • Hog roast Picnic hampers • Working lunches and corporate catering 07725 186815 April 2013

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A history of Breachwood Green


reachwood Green lies 7 miles from the market town of Hitchin with a population of approximately 614 people. The village has one pub The Red Lion, which is owned by Green King and there is also a Village Hall. The village has the only school (Breachwood Green JMI) in the parish which was built in 1859 and was originally a plait school. These were schools in which straw plaiting and a little reading was taught. JMI School was also honoured with first prize for Primary School of the Year at the Herts Sports Partnership Service to Sports Awards 2012. During the 1970s there was a separate Post Office and Village Stores located in different parts of the village. The Post Office was originally located in Chapel Road next to the Red Lion this moved a few hundred yards along the road to north near St Mary’s rise, it then moved again in the mid-1970s to the village store on retirement of the village postmistress.The Village Store closed during the 1990s and has become part of a neighbouring car showroom which was formerly the village petrol station.To the north of the village is a partially restored windmill (without sails). Breachwood Green owes its existence to the farming community as the village was originally a collection of farms,Wheelwrights, Blackmiths and substantial stables.The village also has a large gothic Chapel. The Domesday Book from 1086 doesn’t mention Breachwood Green but there is little doubt that people were living here at that time.The earliest surviving written records show a pattern of settlement, much as today, of scattered hamlets and isolated farmsteads and cottages. There are many surviving documents from the 12th century onwards, now held in the British Museum, which give glimpses of what the local area was like. From these it is possible to recreate a picture of the village in the late 13th and early 14th centuries. It was in this period that the village began to take on its present shape. Breachwood Green today includes what in medieval times were separate hamlets at the Heath (another area of common waste land) and Brownings/Colemans Green. People living at these places are mentioned in early 14th century charters. Darley is mentioned in a document of 10

1189. It was somewhere between Breachwood Green and Darley that, in 1912, workmen discovered a pagan Saxon burial of about 560 A.D. What is now the ‘village green’ was then a larger area of open woodland with mature trees. On one side (Pasture Lane) was another wood (Greathouse); on the opposite side (Chapel Road) was a farmstead.There were other farmsteads and cottages nearby. In 1333 the Lord Walter de Neville, felled the 236 large trees in the wood and “le Brach Wode” became an open common or ‘green’ on which the surrounding tenants grazed their animals.This explains the origin of the former name for the village which was Brachwoddgrene.

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April 2013

No.7 Cooking Academy & Catering

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Dinner Party Catering


Cooking Classes Wedding Catering & Events

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Ladies Nights


Corporate Team Building 01438-712-622 No.7 Cooking Academy & Catering 7 High Street, Welwyn, AL6 9EE.




od Stewart is back with his own material after 22 years. In his new hit single “It’s over” Rod confronts the pain of divorce. A pain all too many experience. Rod sings “I don’t want our kids to suffer, can’t we talk to one another.” Mediation aims to encourage talking to each other. A trained mediator meets with the couple to help them to talk to each other and resolve the many problems that arise on a breakdown of a relationship. Each relationship and each family is unique and mediation may not be the best option for a particular couple. Nevertheless, talking and sorting out problems together allows parties to come up with solutions that are suited to their unique family. The court process is adversarial in nature and considering the cost and corrosive nature of court proceedings, any alternative that allows parties to resolve disputes themselves is to be welcomed. Mediation is entirely voluntary and depends entirely upon parties negotiating in good faith and being open with each other. It is all too easy for parties to adopt an adversarial and entrenched position. Often, once the parties actually start talking to each other, it is realised that little is to be achieved by such an approach and by working together they can reach an agreement which is acceptable to both parties and allows the family to function in future. Whether the parties are about to commence proceedings or are in the middle of proceedings and making little progress, mediation offers a real and workable alternative to the costs and trauma of court.

You can find more about Mediation at JCS Solicitors can be contacted on 01438 820 946.

Jeremy Chandler-Smith of JCS Solicitors in Codicote is a solicitor specialising in family law and is a an accredited specialist member of Resolution, the national organisation of family lawyers committed to non-confrontational divorce, separation and other family problems. Jeremy is also a Collaborative Lawyer and Resolution trained Mediator. JCS Solicitors Hill House, 1 St Albans Road, Codicote, SG4 8UT 01438 820 946 12

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April 2013



Stonework Paving Patios Terraces Walling Turfing Planting Water Features & Related Projects Call: 07833 591340 01438 821384 e:

April 2013

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Wow! Did You Do That? community


owDidYouDoThat? provides an exciting new opportunity for you to try your hand at crafts and skills through a series of evening classes. If you are looking for a friendly, creative environment to explore new crafts and revive old talents, then WowDidYouDoThat? is for you. Did you love making bead jewellery as a child, but have never thought to try again since then? Did you learn to knit once, but promptly forgot? Do you have a sewing machine tucked away somewhere but no real idea how to get it working? Do you have plenty of crafting talents, but need a fresh start and some new inspiration to let you fall back in love with it all once more? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then WowDidYouDoThat? is just the place for you! Classes are held at Dacre Rooms in Kimpton (opposite the White Horse) and run by Ellie Smith who is originally from Codicote. Following a few years in St Albans, she now lives in Kimpton with her partner and their young family. Ellie set up the classes because she wanted to learn more about crafting, but couldn’t find what she was looking for locally. Classes are run in Kimpton, in the evenings, covering a variety of different crafting disciplines.They have made jewellery, learnt to knit, learnt to use a sewing machine, decorated cupcakes, and also more advanced topics like freemachine embroidery and applique. The classes offer a unique opportunity to experiment with different crafting methods with experienced teachers, in a relaxed and friendly environment (and some all-important homemade cake!) Ellie told us, “We meet for evening classes in a wide variety of crafty disciplines. You can learn new skills, brush up old skills, make friends, make cake crumbs, and make beautiful and wholly personal work that will have friends and family saying Wow! DidYou Do That? £35 buys you all materials, and a class with an experienced, specialised teacher. At the end of the class you will be taking home all of your work – most people find that they have a finished item to take away with them, and of course all the skills to make much more on their own.”

“Such a fun way to remember old skills and learn new ones: I am genuinely astounded by how great my creations are!” L Nichols

“I was amazed at how impressive the results of the crafting workshops were, and how each lesson inspired me to learn more.... I really didn’t expect to be making jewellery for my female relatives as their Christmas presents after only one workshop!” H Sweet

To find out what classes are coming up for the summer term please visit, or speak to Ellie on 07876 742 696. You can also find them on Facebook. Mention Village Life magazine when you book and you will receive a £5 discount off each class. 14

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April 2013


Evening Craft Classes

at Dacre Rooms in Kimpton • Making Jewellery • Knitting • Using a sewing machine • Decorating cupcakes • Free-machine embroidery & applique. Learn new skills, brush up on old skills To find out what classes are coming up for the summer term Call Ellie on 07876 742 696 Mention Village Life for a £5 discount off each class.

April 2013

Are you a local

Personal Trainer

looking for more business? Village Life is looking for a reliable Personal Trainer to advertise in the magazine. If you would like to come on board and advertise your company to 17,500 readers each month, we will offer low advertising rates & some free editorial.

Contact Melanie on

01483 216 950

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pub review

The Chequers Inn This month we visited The Chequers Inn in Woolmer Green, a family Pub/Restaurant which is owned and run by Marian and Nick Darter with their son Ben, who is the head chef. The Chequers is a lovely village pub with a real sense of community, it was given the CAMRA North Herts Community Pub of the year award in 2009.


s a former Coaching Inn, the pub retains an old world charm and has a small selection of comfortably fitted bedrooms.There is a bar area with traditional furniture, a restaurant with a more contemporary feel and a large garden with the same menus available throughout. There are three draft ales -Young’s and two guest ales which change regularly. Lagers include Carlsberg, Carling and Stella and there is also draft Guinness and Scrumpy Jack.You will find all the usual spirits, mixers and soft drinks and a good selection of reasonably priced wines, with some available by the glass.


All food is homemade and prepared on the premises from fresh, daily delivered produce.You will find some fantastic starters on the menu including Smoked Haddock & Salmon Fishcakes with Creamed Spinach,Tempura King Prawns with a Sweet Chilli dip and Sautéed Wild Mushrooms, Garlic & Parsley butter with a Toasted, seeded batard. Main Courses include Proscuitto wrapped Chicken Breast with Wild Mushrooms,Thyme & Crème Fraiche and Sautéed Potatoes, Crisp Corned Beef Hash with Double Fried Hens Egg and Green Beans and Goat’s Cheese, Red Onion & Sun Blushed Tomato Tart with Green Beans.There is a selection of fish including Hake and battered Cod and Chips, a specials board which changes regularly, and a snack menu offering Homemade Burgers, Chicken Kebabs, Home Roasted Ham, Egg and Chips, Cajun Chicken Burger and a variety of Baguettes and Jacket potatoes. Desserts include Sticky Toffee Pudding, Homemade Shortbread with Strawberries & Cream, and Apple & Berry Crumble. Wednesday and Saturday are pie days where you can enjoy a fantastic pie with choice of potatoes and fresh vegetables for just £5.95.The pies have won awards and people come from all over to taste them, you will always find a choice of 6 or 7 pies including Steak & Stilton,

Village Life | | tel: 01438 216950

April 2013

pub review

Lamb & Mint, Chicken & Chorizo, Pork with Stuffing & Apple,Venison & Red Wine and a Vegetarian option. On Thursdays you can enjoy a £6.75 menu with 8 dishes available including Homemade Burgers, Cod & Chips, Liver & Bacon, Curry, Chilli, Cottage Pie, Fisherman’s Pie and Pork Chops. On Sundays you can enjoy a roast from £8.75 with a choice of 3 meats or Pie of the day, with roasted potatoes, homemadeYorkshire Pudding and vegetables. Every Friday from 9am there is a Breakfast Club serving everything from coffee and cakes to a full English breakfast. The restaurant is available for functions and holds 40 people for a sit down meal, perfect for private parties, christenings and funerals. The Chequers had one surprise that I hadn’t counted on, a Secret Zoo! In the garden there is a zoo area with Continental Giant Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Miniature Chickens, Chipmunks, Quails and various breeds of Owls. Nick has worked hard over the winter months to completely revamp the zoo with new hand build enclosures, and the addition of two Pygmy Goats (Tilly & Milly) and Marmoset Monkeys. This is perfect for children to see while parents are enjoying a drink or bite to eat in the garden over the summer. We will be returning next month to sample the menu and see the animals again! Opening times are Tuesday to Saturday 12pm – 11pm, Monday 4pm to 11pm and Sunday 12pm – 9pm. Food is served Tuesday to Friday from 12pm – 2.30pm and 6pm – 9pm, Sunday 12pm – 3pm and Saturday 12pm – 9pm. For more information or to book a table, or enquire about a function, call Marian on 01438 813 216 or visit

April 2013

The Chequers Inn 16 London Road, Woolmer Green, Herts SG3 6JP 01438 813 216

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local business

Maths and English tuition for children of all abilities using fully qualified teachers. Kip McGrath Stevenage is delighted to announce the opening of our new tuition centre in Stevenage Old Town.


he centre caters for children of all abilities aged between 5-16 years in both Maths and English. It provides tuition for all aspects of English including reading, comprehension, handwriting, creative writing, SAT’s, GCSE, entrance tests and 11+ exam preparation. In Maths there is assistance in all areas and topics, from mental maths, times tables, basic number skills, both formal and informal methods of calculation, geometry, algebra, problem solving as well as SAT’s, GCSE, entrance tests and 11+ exam preparation. Here at Kip McGrath Stevenage we recognise that the decision to find your child additional tuition is not an easy decision to make.Whether your child is struggling and requires some additional help or excelling and could benefit from extension work.Who do you choose? Kip McGrath Education Centres have a very unique approach to children’s learning.They set themselves apart from all others as they only employ fully qualified

teachers who have had experience teaching in schools in the UK. The Stevenage Centre Director Karen Johnson who is an experienced primary and secondary school teacher explained, “When a child comes along to the centre they are assessed by a fully qualified teacher who creates an individual educational plan to meet that child’s learning needs. The teacher then uses proven resources which are both online computer and paper based to deliver top class teaching. Teachers at Kip McGrath Stevenage carefully monitor and assess the children’s work and their progress is fed back to parents regularly each week.This careful planning and monitoring ensures each child develops to reach their full potential and that parents are kept fully up to date with their child’s achievements.” The tuition centre in Middle Row has been purpose built and designed with children’s learning in mind.The pods cater for small groups of 5/6 students so as to ensure each child’s

individual learning needs are met each session. The Kip McGrath method is renowned across the world and there are over 200 centres now in the UK. The Stevenage centre is open after school during weekdays and also on Saturdays. Every child is offered an initial free assessment to ascertain their individual needs and assist in the development of their educational plan.

To book your FREE assessment or to find out more contact Karen on 01438 365467 or go to stevenage. 18

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April 2013


Langford Windows Doors and Conservatories Your Local Glazing Specialist

Full range of Soffits, ttering Fascias & edGu Guarantee •

• 10 Year Secur • Quality Assured Profile • Internally Beaded • • • Shoot Bolt Security Locks • Multi-Point Door Locks • Maintenance Free • Over 35 years experience •

For your FREE QUOTATION & Friendly Advice Advice, please call 01462 701 828, email: or visit Langford April 2013 Windows HP 0511.indd 1 Village Life | | tel: 01438 216950

13/04/2011 12:5019


Sing for FUN Sing for PLEASURE Sing for SMVC

Stevenage Male Voice Choir OPEN EVENINGS Friday 5th and 12th April from 7.45pm The Arts Guild Centre, Roaring Meg Trading Estate (Next to ‘Costa Coffee’ & ‘Hobbycraft’)

You don’t have to be a Pavarotti, an Elvis or a Gary Barlow. Just call in for an informal chat to the ‘lads’: listen to the choir rehearse and join in, if you wish. Bring your partner or a friend. All ages welcome. All visitors will receive complimentary tickets to the choir’s next concert and the opportunity to attend four weeks rehearsals free of charge.

For more Info: Bob Parsons on 01438 353457 or e-mail:

STAGG PLUMBING & HEATING Specialists in Annual Boiler/Central Heating Services Plumbing and Heating Requirements Boiler & Heating Installations Boiler Upgrades Power Flushing Pumps, Radiators & Valves Hot & Cold Water Tanks All Plumbing & Heating work undertaken

For a free no obligation quote contact: 01438 712712


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April 2013


Old Welwyn Construction Specialists in Extensions, Home Refurbishment, Landscaping, Patios and Driveways.

Call Daniel on 01438 715362 or 07748 204 818 Email: Old Welwyn Construction 0811 HP.indd 1

April 2013

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21/07/2011 14:05


VILLAGE LIFE lifestyle


Knebworth Care Home is a luxury care home set back from London Road in the peaceful village of Woolmer Green. This 50 bedded home offers a range of services which includes Residential, Nursing, Respite and Convalescence in a luxury environment that is tailored to individual needs. All rooms are spacious and well-appointed with en suite facilities. Each room also offers a 24-hour call system, a 37 inch flat screen TV and a telephone point that provides both telephone and broadband internet access. The home also offers a range of communal facilities such as a bar/coffee lounge, a salon and a various lounges and dining facilities. Knebworth Care Home offers level access to its grounds and gardens, and the surroundings are ideal for residents wishing to maintain a more independent lifestyle. The home also backs onto open countryside and provides some wonderful views which can be enjoyed from many of the rooms within the home and also whilst sitting in the landscaped gardens. Woolmer Green has excellent transport connections including bus services, a railway station and easy access to the A1, enabling families and friends to visit Knebworth Care Home with ease.

We are very proud of our home and would be more than delighted to show you round. For further information and enquires please contact Jackie Clarke on 01438 814 580 or email 59 London Road, Woolmer Green, Knebworth, Herts SG3 6JE 01438 814 580

Emily’s Tea Shop & Waterhall Farm Peter and Maxine welcome you to visit Emily’s Teashop, a small family run Teashop on a working farm in Whitwell. Based in a converted 19th Century barn they serve delicious homemade cakes, light lunches, and Fairtrade beverages. Situated in a lovely area of the countryside, perfect for cyclists, families and walkers with various walks easily accessible around the farm and local area. The farm is free to visit and there is also a beautiful ‘secret Garden’ to explore and enjoy.

Open Tue to Sun 10am till 5 pm Tel 01438 871928 Visit Our postcode is SG4 8AF. Please access us via the track off the Hitchin Road and do not park on ‘The Valley’ as this causes problems with our neighbours who are unable to park near their properties.

While at Waterhall Farm, visit The Linen Chest to find high quality gifts and cards for all occasions made and sold by local crafts people. These include hand painted wooden plaques and flower pots, quilted cushions and wall hangings, scented candles, a range of bags, jewellery, painted glass, bird boxes and much more!

07966 379810 (coming soon) 22

Village Life | | tel: 01438 216950

April 2013


DAVID THOMAS GARAGES Service is our Business • • • • • • • •

For all your vehicle servicing and MOT requirements Latest Bosch Diagnostic Equipment Air conditioning servicing and repairs Fuel injector testing and ultrasonic cleaning Friendly, personal service from family run team All work carried out by fully skilled and trained staff We do not carry out extra work without your authority Courtesy vehicles available on request

Telephone: 01438 820 288 Newtown, Codicote, Herts. SG4 8UG David Thomas Garages HP 1110.indd 1

Personal, caring and independent.

21/10/2010 10:46

The complete funeral service 224 4 hour hour service ser vice • P Private rivate C Chapels hapels of of Rest Rest •M Memorial emorial SStonemasons tonemasons • FFuneral un neral P Plans lans •O Own wn C Crematorium rematorium

Serving the local community for ten generations STEVENAGE • 01438 316623 HITCHIN • 01462 438422 KNEBWORTH • 01438 812365 BUNTINGFORD • 01763 274111

WELWYN GARDEN CITY • 01707 390018 WELWYN • 01438 714686 HERTFORD • 01992 582052 WARE • 01920 468551

austins_dove_LAND_HPC_129x186_artwork.indd 1

April 2013

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21/11/11 09:52:14



Hertfordshire’s Premier Travel Service Airport Direct Cars provides a quality private hire car service at affordable costs, using a modern fleet of Saloons & MPVs (up to 8 seats) for business or private travel.

All drivers are fully licensed and we are very experienced in organising transport solutions for meetings & conferences. Single or multi person travel can be arranged giving you the total visibility on all transfers and costs.

Airport Transfer Departures & Arrivals Corporate & Business Journeys Frequent Flyer & Regular Run Service

Contact us for competitive prices on all your travel requirements or to open a business account. Telephone: 01438 812615

Sea Port Departures & Arrivals

Get your holiday off to a stress-free start and avoid paying for ever increasing car park charges. We offer competitive rates without compromising on quality of service.

Wedding Parties & Social Events Sporting Events & London Theatre Trips Discreet, Friendly Service All major credit and debit cards accepted

01438 812615 Airport Cars Direct HP 0111 2.indd 1

20/01/2011 10:09

Deep Cleaning plus Fast Drying for Upholstery, Carpets, Leather Cleaning Amtico & Karndean Floors Cleaned, Carpets & Fabric Protector Leather Renovation, Burn Retufting, Oriental Rugs & Curtains Specialist Recommended By Leading Retailers, Insurance Companies & Other Cleaners! Professional, Reliable & Good Value for Money 25 years experience Courteous & Uniformed Operatives - not a Franchise We operate in Stevenage, Hitchin and the surrounding areas

74 High Street, Codicote, SG4 8XD


Village Life | | tel: 01438 216950

April 2013


5 Pondcroft Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire

Village Life is looking for a reliable Accountant to advertise in the magazine.


The flooring store that comes to your door

Carpets Vinyls Laminates Wood Adaptations & repairs l


for a free quotation call Ewen McPherson on or

If you would like to come on board and advertise your company to 17,500 readers each month, we will offer low advertising rates.


Contact Melanie on

07966 463761 01707 338505 the pleasure is underfoot

Your Local Electrical specialists Our mission, to advise, specify and install only the very best in energy saving and automation solutions to our Domestic, Commercial and industrial customers. For more information or advice:-

Freephone: 0333 123 1044 The Coach House, St Albans Road, Codicote, Herts, SG4 8UT April 2013

01438 216 950


All Your Fencing Needs Supplied & Fitted Free Estimates Council Approved Hedge Cutting Garden Maintenance Friendly & Reliable Service

Call Simon on 07971 860 135 / 01707 326 366

Village Life | | tel: 01438 216950



Rabley Tree Care Rabley Tree Care Rabley Tree Care

All Aspects of Tree and Hedge Work Undertaken Garden Maintenance Fully Qualified and Insured Call Duncan Evans on 07759 804 035 for quotes or advice

For Specialist Matrimonial Advice

abley QP 0711.indd 1


17/06/2011 11:11


Mobile Hairdressing

Divorce & Separation Cohabitation Children

 We are a niche firm who provide a supportive and personal service during the stressful experience of divorce and family separation. We cover Herts & Beds.

Tel: 01438 820 946

Specialising in: Cuts & Blow Dry Colour & Colour Correction Hi Lights, Low Lights

Fully Qualified & Insured Call Francesca for an appointment or a free consultation on

07579 007 049

Hill House, 1 St Albans Rd, Codicote, Herts, SG4


Village Life | | tel: 01438 216950

April 2013


Andrew Sinclair Electrician

All domestic electrical work undertaken from a socket to a rewire 20 years experience City & Guilds qualified

Kitchens Bathrooms Fusebox changes l

Call for a free quotation Tel: 01438 832 673 Mob: 07796 648 930

127 High Street, Kimpton, Herts, SG4 8QN

HOME APPLIANCE REPAIRS Repairs of Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Electric Cookers & Ovens and all domestic appliances. Specialist in Hotpoint, Indesit, Ariston, Creda and Whirlpool.


Tel: 01438 720304

Mobile: 07739 922493 April 2013

P&G Property Maintenance Your local fencing specialists · Repairs & Maintenance · All Aspects of Carpentry · Painting & Decorating All work carried out to the highest standards City & Guilds qualified Fast & Reliable Service Recommendations Available Please call for a free no obligation quotation

07505 131 154 07581 042 948 07845 222 321 Need help with your PC?  All your computer problems solved  Friendly, affordable, jargon free service  Training and advice provided  Website design and hosting  Home and small business specialists  Local company, fast response time  We guarantee NO FIX NO FEE

Call now on: 01438 833 671 spectrum IT support Solving your IT problems

Village Life | | tel: 01438 216950


what’s on

What’s on in APRIL... Wed 10th Apr, 2pm & 6pm High School Rocks, Hawthorne Theatre, The Campus, Welwyn Garden City AL8 6BX A high energy, foot stomping, interactive production featuring all the very best hits from High School Musical 1,2 &3, Hannah Montana, Camp Rock and Glee! £12.50 or £40 for a family of four (2 adults & 2 under 16s) 01707 357 117

Sat 13th & Sun 14th Apr, 10am – 5pm East of England Food Festival, Knebworth House, Knebworth, SG3 6PY Huge range of food and drink, unique arts, craft and gift products plus a full programme of cookery demonstrations, wine and beer tasting and family entertainment. Tickets £9.00, Under 4s free.

Sat 13th Apr, throughout the day Harriet Kelsall Jewellery Spring Clean, North Barn, Fairclough Hall Farm, Halls Green, Weston SG4 7DP Bring in your jewellery for a free ultrasonic clean. Jewellery designers on hand to discuss redesigning old jewellery. Pop in for a no obligation chat with an expert -

Thurs 18th Apr, 7.45pm Letchworth Gardeners Association, Central Methodist Church Hall, Pixmore Way, Letchworth, SG6 3TR Find out which vegetables will grow well in containers, advice from John Branham, Chairman of the East Midlands branch of the National Vegetable Society. All welcome, visitors £3.00.


Sunday 21 Apr, 10.30am – 12pm (NCT members can enter at 10am) W.G.C NCT Nearly New Sale at Stanborough School, Lemsford Lane, W.G.C AL8 6YR All you could need for children 0-8 years old: top quality baby and children’s clothes, equipment and toys. Admission £1 (in aid of National Childbirth Trust NCT Charity). Light Refreshments available to purchase and parking available.

Sun 28 Apr, 2pm – 5pm Teas in Garden at 31 Mill Lane, Welwyn AL6 9EU This garden of will be open to the public as part of the NGS. Proceeds from the teas will go to Isabel Hospice. Contact Renee on 01279 755320.

Sunday 28th Apr 2013 Rotary Club Walk for Isabel Hospice Starting from Campus West car park in Welwyn Garden City. Suitable for young people (must be accompanied) or those with disabilities and wheelchairs. For further details call 01582 832679.

Fri 3rd to Mon 6th May 2013, 12.30pm (road closes at 11.30am) Kimpton May Festival – “Toy Box”, Kimpton SG4 8RB Street procession of up to 30 themed floats, fairground rides, candy floss, a football tournament, maypole dancing, a programme of entertaining arena events and much more at the UK’s biggest village festival. GET YOUR EVENT LISTED FOR FREE HERE, EMAIL: or call us on 01438 216 950

Take a Break… ACROSS 1. Woodworking tool (6) 4.  You land up here when you are in trouble! (8) 9. Inexpensive (5) 10. Legal declaration (9) 11. Mongrel (4) 12. Bridge arch (4) 13. Sheeplike (5) 15. Turkish title of respect (7) 16. Imperial measurement (4) 19. Climbing fruit vine (4) 20. Make an emotional outburst (7) 23. Playing area (5) 24. Agreement to prayer (4) 25. Guitar accessory (4) 27. Relating to quality of sound (9) 28. Breed of Japanese dog (5) 29. Covering for a wound (8) 30. Thwart (6)


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DOWN 1. Salad vegetable (8) 2.  To conceive of as united or associated with something (8) 3. Catch sight of (4) 5. Relating to something unpleasant to the senses (13) 6. Device for viewing underwater (10) 7. Take off covering (6) 8. Favourable regard (6) 10. Process of increasing magnitude (13) 14. Direct opposite (10) 17. Sun room (8) 18. Deserted, lifeless (8) 21. To a higher position (6) 22. Rower (6) 26. Sensitivity to what is appropriate (4)

April 2013


Are you a local Nail Technician looking for more business? Village Life is looking for a reliable Nail Technician to advertise in the magazine. If you would like to come on board and advertise your company to 17,500 readers each month, we will offer low advertising rates. Contact Melanie on

01438 216 950

MIKE GREER Painter & Decorator

Established in Welwyn & Knebworth since 1998 Interior & Exterior Painting, Decorating & Papering

Respectful to your home Reliable & Friendly Service

01707 880 256 07968 100 619

Village Village Tree Services Tree Services Professional Tree Care Services All Aspects of Tree Work Undertaken Fully Qualified and Insured Logs Available

Pest Control & Wildlife Management We treat a wide variety of pests using   both modern & traditional methods.

We promote the use of non-chemical  control whenever suitable. Wasps, Flies, Fleas & Other Insects  Mice, Rats, Moles, Foxes  & Problem Birds  07974 720724 

Tel: 01462 435 873 Tel: 01462 435 873 Mobile: 07717 744274 


A member of the National Pest Technicians Association

Mob: 07717 744 274

April 2013

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I.B HYDE & SON All Types Of Plastering 35 Year Est. Family Business Internal & External Walls & Ceilings Skimmed Renovation - Lime Mortar Rendering, Pebble Dashing 01582 725266 or 07774 790400


• FREE prescription collection from any surgery • FREE home delivery of medication & shopping • Passport photos & digital processing

Codicote based, covering all areas

Call for free quote 01438 821 773 07922 576 452

01438 840240

Round Robin Secretarial Support confidential, professional, affordable

CV writing also available Contact Nicky Morrison on 01462 625404 / 07531 547332

Clean it & Mean it Specialist House Cleaning



• Health & Safety Trained

An Independent Oil Boiler Maintenance Company Offering: -

• Silver & Brass Polishing •S  pecialists in


Wet Room Cleaning

OFTEC Registered & Certificated by

Call for a free quote 01438 214 984 07807 386 559

Major Manufacturers.

01438 355583 / 07831 364607

GOT YOU You have read this ad too!

How can you not invest £25pm HERE to reach out to YOUR new customers?

CALL 01438 216 950 30

Internal / External, Frames, Gutters & Conservatories

41 High Street, Welwyn, AL6 9EF

Open Mon to Sat 7am – 10pm, Sun 10am – 8pm 10% discount when you purchase non-prescription items Ask about our free medicine delivery service

Hourly rates No agency fees No employee costs

• NHS & Private Flu jabs available here

Terms and conditions apply.

“Window Cleaning at its best”



Want to kick your computer?

To The Roof

TV Aerials and Satellite dishes installed by fully insured TV Engineer. TV / DAB Aerial installations, Sky Setup / upgrades / multiroom / remote extenders, Freesat systems, Foreign channels etc... 01462 811 150 07595 985 025

Advertise here TO 17500 LOCAL CUSTOMERS

CALL Mike for a FREE consultation

JUST £99 for 4 months

Telephone: 07889 056172

CALL 01438 216 950

Village Life | | tel: 01438 216950

Includes design of advert

April 2013

James Howe Landscapes Design



Design Services      Grass Cutting     Planting     Turfing Drainage        Garden Clearance      Brickwork       Tree Work Hedge Reductions      Patios       Driveways      Fencing Decking      Rockeries      Water Features Free quotation and advice.

With James Howe Landscapes, you are guaranteed a friendly, reliable and quality service. M: 07787 517372

T: 01438 820148

Village Life Hitchin April 2013  

Community Magazine for Codicote, Kimpton, Whitwell, Preston, Breachwood Green, Graveley, Little Wymondley, Great Wymondley, St. Ippolyts,...