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June - August 2019


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CONTENTS Welcome to the Summer edition Welcome to my second edition, I sincerely hope you enjoyed my debut copy Spring 2019. I have tried to include a broader selection of articles, reflecting topical issues such as climate change and mental health awareness. In addition, some quirky Did you know’s? and a follow up from the article on Georges Bégué commemorating the 75th D-Day landings. Make the most of the long summer days picnicking in the vineyards with marinade recipes from Tasting the Lot combined with a delicious Strawberry cake recipe courtesy of Le Caillau, or pick up a pie from Maxine, British Bakery. Gardening tips from the Lauzerte garden club as well as the Open Garden scheme and a chance to join the membership. I’m pleased to welcome back Antic Disposition with Macbeth, their 15th year performing Shakespeare in magnificent open air locations across the region. Look out for the competition to win tickets. And finally, Festival season is here! Look out on our Facebook page to win tickets to the Cahors Blues Festival and Guitar Festival in Puy l’Évêque all in July.

Bienvenue dans l’édition d’été




Atelier Charmant


Who’d be a teenager?


Antic Disposition- Macbeth


Jardins des Gorges de l’Aveyron Did you know ?



Victoria Sponge Cake with Strawberry swiss meringue buttercream


Grèves étudiantes pour le climat


Quercy Cat Chat on territory Sunflowers



Stefaan Eyckmans Open Studio

J’ai le plaisir de vous présenter ma deuxieme edition. J’espère sincèrement que vous avez apprécié la première parution. J’ai essayé d’inclure une sélection d’articles plus diversifiés, traitant de sujets d’actualité tels que le changement climatique et la psychologie. De plus, des anecdotes et la suite de l’article sur Georges Bégué commémorant le 75ème anniversaire du débarquement en Normandie. Profitez des longues journées d’été pour pique-niquer avec des recettes de marinade de Tasting the Lot avec une délicieuse recette de gâteau aux fraises faite par Le Caillau, ou achetez une tarte réalisée par Maxine, British Bakery. Des conseils de jardinage du club de jardinage de Lauzerte et le programme Open Garden. Je suis heureuse de vous annoncer le retour de Antic Disposition avec Macbeth, leur 15ème édition, interprétant des pièces de Shakespeare dans de magnifiques lieux en plein air de la région. Participez au concours pour gagner des billets. Et enfin, la saison des festivals est arrivée ! Suivez notre page Facebook pour gagner des billets pour le Cahors Blues Festival et le Festival des Guitares à Puy l’Évêque. Email:

Sing a Song of Sixpence


Club de Jardinage Lauzerte


Cricket in South West France




The South West France’s River Invaders

Bergerac Wine tours SOE Commemoration

p.64 p.66


Le 900e Anniversaire de la Cathédrale de Cahors p.70 Les journées du Père Quepas




Open Gardens/ Jardins Ouverts


Marinades and delicious salads


Incentives for a new business




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A thousand year old Abbey, the source of Romanesque Art English audioguides available all year

Open July to September every day from 10am to 7pm at 70 km from Toulouse, 1 hour from Cahors... Inscrit au Patrimoine mondial par l'UNESCO

Chemins de Saint-Jacquesde-Compostelle en France

The Workroom


Curtains, Pelmets, Loose Covers, Blinds, Bed Drapes, Covers, Cushions, Lampshades, Table Linen and Room Screens


Soft Furnishings and Finishing Touches

Making up only or supply and make-up National Design Academy trained seamstress For further information please contact

The Workroom 05 65 21 32 82

HOT STONE REFLEXOLOGY INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE REIKI Bringing balancing and relaxing therapies to residents and holidaymakers of all ages in the Lot and Tarn et Garonne or from my home near Montaigu de Quercy (during term time only) 06 67 41 62 60

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Ann Gardner Paysage


Published March, June, September and December each year. The Quercy & Périgord Local • June - August 2019 Summer


Sing a Song of Sixpence by Mike Alexander In old French, the word entremets was used to describe a plate served between courses. It was a dish that had its heyday in the sixteenth century when royalty, and associated hangers on, were desperate to impress one another and alleviate some of the boredom that blighted their labour free days. At one stage, the entremets became more and more elaborate, sometimes depicting castles and other well known buildings, and chefs were often given a free hand at creating amusing and awe inspiring dishes.


ne of the more innovative servings was a pie that was sealed on top and contained live blackbirds. When placed before guests and cut open, the birds spilled out leaving the courtiers astonished at their host’s inventiveness and ingenuity. It is believed that this laid the foundation for the well known nursery rhyme Sing a Song of Sixpence. Of course the excitement could not end with mere blackbirds and there are records of rabbits, frogs and other unfortunate creatures being trapped in pies until released in front of their wealthy audiences. King Charles and Queen Henrietta Maria probably managed to outdo other contenders when they cut open a pie to reveal a renowned dwarf by the name of Jeffrey Hudson. It became a difficult act to outdo, and after that the entremets was reduced to a more uninteresting layered cake. For Jeffrey, his role as a pie filling was just the precursor to an intriguing life. He became a court entertainer, then a soldier and was twice captured by pirates. At one stage he killed a full sized man in a duel. He died in 1680 and was buried in a pauper cemetery. Blackbirds (Terdus merula) are one of the more common and widespread of the European garden birds. The French call them merles, and if you ask around amongst some of the more elderly locals, you are almost bound to find one who has eaten them at some stage or other. In fact the French even have a saying “faute de grives, on mange des merles.” Loosely translated, this means if we cannot eat starling then we will eat blackbird. It is used in the same way as we would use “half a loaf is better than no bread.” Older country folk assure me that starlings had more flavour than blackbirds. If you think that eating blackbirds is a thing of the past, then you need to think again. My father in law was recently at a barbeque where blackbirds were one of the delicacies on offer and they remain a popular dish in some parts of Sicily and Corsica.

I imagine that with so little meat on one of these birds, it can hardly be worth the effort of trapping or shooting them, which is a relief for those of us who are bird lovers. They are one of the few birds who have benefited from man’s large scale urbanisation of the countryside, and they can be found in gardens and parks across France. It is estimated, that today, there are over forty million breeding pairs across Europe and they are ten times more common in built up areas than in rural ones. The male is jet black with a bright orange beak and an orange ring around the eye. The orange beak becomes more pronounced during the breeding season. The female is a dull brown colour. Both birds have a wide singing repertoire and they are fond of stealing lines from other bird’s songs and incorporating them into their own, plagiarism rules being very poorly enforced in the bird community. If you have any living in your garden you should be grateful as they are experts at finding and eating snails and slugs that can be such a nuisance.

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                        

     

  


LANDSCAPE DESIGN Meet with the client Planning advice Prepare the plan for the garden


Pruning - Felling - Grinding - Clearance Terracing, Retaining-walls and Driveways Paths – Drystone-walls - Borders Ground Preparation (biodiversity) - Planting Soil - Mulching and Organic Fertilizing Property Maintenance

Expert help and advice for the creation and the maintenance of your garden We work throughout departments 46, 47 and 82.

T. 06 81 99 58 38


t was love that brought me to live in southwest France – love for the region, the people, and the traditions. After a nine month visit, I returned as soon as possible, this time to Monpazier in the Dordogne, close to the Lot and Lot et Garonne departments. A year and a half after settling in, I opened Atelier Charmant. The shop, where you’ll find brocante treasures and refashioned French linens, celebrates handmade, and vintage French country style. From rustic home goods to garden decor, I love not just the texture of these domestic items, but the savoir faire that went into making them, the years of care, and the visible repairs. Beyond esthetic appeal, the objects that interest me reflect my philosophy that no life’s work is wasted - all the know-how, and patience, and love that went into making objects and textiles can be saved and re-used for a long, long time. There is already enough “stuff” in the world. Some may need re-styling to be appealing or useful today. Or, maybe they just need the right eye to see how beautiful they already are. Charmant translates to lovely. Lovely is an attitude we can choose in all our endeavors. The shop is open Tuesday through Sunday from April to October, and by appointment. If the door is shut, call the number on the door and I will be right there.

Atelier Charmant 19 Rue St. Jacques, Monpazier 24540 07 88 67 25 22

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Château Le Brézéguet & Château Grand Chêne Vins AOC Cahors ~ Vins de Pays Vins Chemin de Compostelle and Château Grand Chêne

You can find our wine in L’Epicerie du Roc - Roquecor

Local and convenient – a true village shop

L’Epicerie du Roc Place de le Croix – 82150 Roquecor General supplies, Bread, Newsagents, Postal Point. We also stock a supply of British products and a great selection of wines from local producers.

05 63 95 25 78 / 06 82 84 56 30 Delphine and Jean Longueteau


Tel 0641255706 Sunday AM Market St Cyprien Dordogne 24220 Saturday AM Market Montaigu de Quercy 82150 Montcuq 46800 area by arrangement We are now trading at St Cyprien Dordogne 24220 market every Sunday and Saturday mornings at Montaigu de Quercy 82150 market, selling Awesome Chocolate Brownies


Jean Longueteau Château le Brézéguet, D656 46800 SAUX 09 61 32 82 70 / 06 82 84 56 30 You are welcome to visit and try our wine 14/08/2019 ~ Pique-nique au Château Grand Chêne à Bélaye From 6.30pm in the yard of Château Grand Chêne in Belaye

Restaurant ‘La Sirene’ Place de l’Hotel de Ville Montaigu de Quercy (82150)

Varied cuisine & a warm welcome guaranteed Opening hours: Sat. from 10am for breakfast. July 3rd – Sept 7th: Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sat. 10am – noon for coffee & noon – 2pm for lunch. Please reserve if possible (essential for large groups). Evening events from time to time such as our monthly quiz & music nights. Please contact us for further details & watch out for posters.

To reserve: 05 63 94 44 8 or

Published March, June, September and December each year. The Quercy & Périgord Local • June - August 2019 Summer


Who’d be a teenager?


’ve just got off the phone with a friend who is looking for advice about how to help her 17 year old grandson. He has been visiting from the UK and she and her husband are concerned that he may be depressed. He showed no interest in the people and activities he used to enjoy on his previous visits and spent most of the day in bed on his tablet. They are right to be worried. The alarming statistics that have come to light thanks to the younger royals taking a personal interest in mental health issues show that 1 in 5 adolescents suffer from some form of mental illness. That’s 20 percent. The challenge for those of us who may have a teenager in our lives who is developing a mental health problem is that many of the symptoms of mental disorders are not so different from ‘normal’ adolescent thinking and behaviour. It is not at all unusual for teenagers to be sullen, withdrawn, to experiment with drugs and alcohol, to be obsessed with their appearance, even to think about suicide and the meaning of life. Adolescence is a time of huge emotional and physical changes and this can explain why a teenager is often impulsive or secretive or just in a bad mood. The teenage brain is still a work in progress. The prefrontal cortex - the part of the brain that governs reasoning and self-control - is still developing. In fact the brain does not arrive at its fully adult form until we reach our mid-20s. Adolescence is a time of rebellion and is often a bumpy ride for all concerned. Teenagers can experience feeling under pressure from all sides: the media tells them they should look a certain way, parents want them to get good grades, activities such as sport or playing a musical instrument often lose their ability to de-stress and become part of the pressure to perform well. It is easy to understand the need to escape. As the teen brain is still growing young people can struggle with controlling their impulses and are likely to make poor choice re risky behaviours and sex. 21st century teens are spending excessive amounts of time on their computers or smartphones and this inevitably limits the time they spend having face-toface relationships or getting exercise. Pressures from social media make it almost impossible for them not to compare their lives unfavourably to the lives of others. The teenage brain is particularly susceptible to conspiracy theories and these abound on the internet. There are even websites that offer help at how to be

bulimic or to self-harm without alerting the parents. On top of all that young people today often struggle when coping with failure or negative feedback because their parents have praised them indiscriminately and have unhelpfully shielded them from the reality of life’s up and downs. So how do we tell if a teenager really needs help or is just being a normal teenager? There are no hard and fast ways to assess this but I usually recommend that worried parents or grandparents try to take a wider view. It’s a good idea to check with the school to see if the young person is having difficulties teachers and, especially, with their peer group. Often kids behave one way around their nearest and dearest and are completely different with their friends. Don’t be afraid to ask teenagers about their feelings and general outlook on life. Do this often. And listen without giving advice. Let them know that it is fine to feel down and confused or unconfident. If you’re still worried then have a word with the school or the GP. They are the experts and can often provide counselling or medication. For our part patience and love and time are often the best medicine. Anne Kearns is a retired psychotherapist and author who enjoys helping people to unblock their creativity. She is based in Le Vigan and can be contacted at

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La Noble Pie

8 Rue de la Pelisserie, 82140, Saint Antonin Noble Val (take away or eat in)



Sun. 9am-5pm Mon. Tues. & Wed. 12-3pm & 5-8pm Curry Nights – Mon. 6.30 – 8.30pm


On the menu:

Pies (baked daily): bœuf bourguignon; chicken curry; cheese & onion; roasted veg, balsamique, honey & goat cheese + weekly specials + vegetable gratin, chutney, soup, bacon & egg roll, desserts (sticky toffee pudding, orange & almond cake, cheesecake)

The NATURALIS range of pools really are a unique concept in swimming pool design. The high quality construction using reinforced concrete means that the structure is as good if not better than most in-ground pools and each pool comes with a ten year warranty. The simplicity of construction means that these pools can easily be self-installed making huge savings for you on your pool installation.

The pools come in decagonal or rectangular shapes and in sizes from 4.5x4.5 up to 8.8x4.5. High quality liner (10 year guarantee) and external equipment. Full step by step English language installation guide.

Administration & Business Management


No contract – just the help you want, when you need it Administration – Invoicing – Event Organisation Help with your French and English Customers Please call me or take a look at my website.

Valérie ROUSSEAU O6 70 64 54 97 - 06 31 17 25 60

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MACBETH comes to Quercy

‘By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes…’ It’s been fifteen years since award-winning theatre company Antic Disposition brought their first show to Périgord and Quercy. This year, they return with a spine-chilling, brand new production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Bonaguil, which will no doubt make extraordinary settings for this heady brew of greed, murder and dark magic. Tickets for Macbeth are already selling at a record pace, so please do book early to avoid disappointment. Tickets are free for children sixteen and under, making the show a perfect night of entertainment for the whole family. We hope you’ll join us for an unforgettable evening of theatre under the stars. COMPETITION TIME!

Antic Disposition’s annual Shakespeare productions are firmly established as one of the most popular cultural events in the summer calendar. Macbeth follows the company’s recent productions of The Comedy of Errors in 2016, Richard III in 2017, and last year’s riotous, Jacques Tati-inspired Much Ado About Nothing. First performed around 1606, Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s best-known and most popular plays. The story is familiar: Inspired by the supernatural promises of three witches, a powerful nobleman and his ambitious wife carve a bloody path to the throne of Scotland. But as the true horror of their crimes begins to be revealed, both the realm and its rulers are plunged into madness. The production will be performed in English in twelve stunning open-air locations around the region: the picturesque town squares of Lauzerte, Monflanquin, Beauville and Monpazier; beside the stone ruins of the castle in Eymet; under the ancient wooden halle in Belvès; against the backdrop of spectacular vistas high above the Dordogne in Domme and Château de Beynac; and in the intimate surroundings of Puy l’Evêque’s open-air theatre and the grounds of the historic Château de la Jaubertie. We are also delighted to be visiting for the first time the two incredibly atmospheric châteaux of Montastruc and

Win one of 4 pairs of front-row tickets to any Antic Disposition performance of Macbeth during their tour of Périgord & Quercy this summer. Send your answer to this email address Q. What is the last vision that the witches show Macbeth? A Macduff’s head B A procession of Eight Kings C A stain on his hand D A procession of bloody corpses Answers by the noon on the July 10th and 4 winners will be drawn randomly from the correct entries.

Macbeth will tour Périgord and Quercy from 31 July to 14 August 2019

31 July Domme Jardin de la Rode 1 August Beauville Place de la Mairie 2 August Puy l’Evêque Théâtre de Verdure 4 August Château de la Jaubertie 5 August Monflanquin Place des Arcades 6 August Monpazier Place des Cornières 7 August Lauzerte Place des Cornières 9 August Belvès La Halle 10 August Château de Beynac 12 August Eymet Jardin de Cadix 13 August Château de Montastruc 14 August Château de Bonaguil Tickets: e20 – e40 Free for children 16 and under (maximum two per adult) For more information and to book tickets:

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9 7 6 5 4 2 31 1 DOMME





m o c . r u o t d a www. LIN






E! n FRetE s for childre

Free tick d under 16 an ur les enfants its po Billets gratu et moins 16 ans

Published March, June, September and December each year. The Quercy & Périgord Local • June - August 2019 Summer


LOCAL, SOCIAL AND ORGANIC VEGBOX SCHEME The Jardins des Gorges de l’Aveyron is an organic vegetable garden where we produce veg boxes each week whilst helping people who are out of work to define their future professional project. We are members of the Réseau Cocagne network of gardens. On our 2.5 hectare site we produce organic field and tunnel vegetables all year round and supply 230 boxes each week. We deliver locally to pick up points in Saint Antonin, Caylus, Montricoux, Nègrepelisse and Septfonds, then on to Montauban, Albi, Gaillac and Toulouse. Members may also fetch their box each week at the gardens themselves. We deliver large and small boxes (9e50 and 12e50 respectively) containing fresh organic vegetables produced in our gardens on a weekly basis. Deliveries may be cancelled by email 2 days before the planned delivery. We also produce organic eggs (2e50 for 6). Annual membership to our association is 28e. Membership also provides access to our local organic meat delivery scheme. 2019 is our 20th birthday and on the 21st of September we will be organizing a festive open-day to celebrate. Interested parties are most welcome! Jardins des Gorges de l’Aveyron, Mexos, 82140 Féneyrols 05 63 30 94 37

British Bakery 20 years making food professionally including a cafe in Brighton and the Lot et Garonne has brought us to SW France selling handmade cakes, Awesome Brownies and sweet and savoury pastries. Making celebration cakes, wedding cakes and for any occasion is my passion however savoury pastry seems to be where we are currently lead. I was living in France near Miramont de Guyenne for years and returned back to the UK. Living in Cornwall. I concentrated on making bold decorative cakes and cupcakes even to prestigious events such as Eden Projects Housing Charity attended by HRH Prince Charles. Life changes forced a move to Sussex and making savoury pies and Chocolate Brownies. However my heart was in France and after a few hiccups moved back and now we are now trading at St Cyprien Dordogne 24220 market every Sunday, and Saturday mornings at Montaigu de Quercy 82150 market, selling Awesome Chocolate Brownies (incredibly to many traders for breakfast), and Savoury Pies. We also sell Scotch eggs, Sausage rolls and Pork pies. The most popular especially with the French customers is Butternut/Potimarron, Chevre spinach and red onion, one of the three vegetarian pies! Keeping to classic British recipes with a twist, our homemade own recipe buttery pastry and hot water crust for pork pies is welcomed around so much ready made pastry today. Everything is made from scratch. Our Steak and Guinness with rich gravy, steak and kidney or chicken pies with rich creamy white wine and paisley sauce sells out most Sundays. Apart from orders that we can deliver at set meeting points for those who cannot make the markets, this summer will see us rolling out our Pie and Mash events comprising of a pie of choice, bubble and squeak, gravy and a side at night markets or to parties by arrangement. Maybe a bit too British for some in France but with Thai curry, Moroccan, Asian cuisines all vying for trade why not serve some fresh British fare. The French customers too are regular customers, so that is a great recommendation.

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Published March, June, September and December each year. The Quercy & Périgord Local • June - August 2019 Summer


In the wrong hands it can be catastrophic This is not just any old decorating job. This is an M&S one. Painting and decorating services by Mark and Steve. With over 25 years experience, we pride ourselves on providing a professional, friendly, high quality service.


An endorsement of our workmanship is that most of our work is from word of mouth recommendations and repeat business.

Successful moves to and from France for over 30 years

All aspects of interior and exterior decorations No job too big or too small Call or email for a free no obligation quote on: Mark: 00 44 7852 252834 (E):- Steve: (E):-

Tel: 01622 690653 or 01622 695374 Email: Unit 15, Heronden Rd, Bircholt Rd, Parkwood, Maidstone, Kent ME15 9YR


Montaigu-de-Quercy, 82150


SIRET 48003796900015

           �   �� � �    



Holly when found

Holly now

Poor Micky, Molly and Holly...

Abandoned, starving and full of parasites these Labrador/collie cross pups really need a forever home. Sweet natured and playful since their foster carers have rescued and fed them, you can read all about these little darlings, see photos and learn their story on the Phoenix website.

Rescuing, helping and caring for abused and neglected donkeys

HeeHaws - for the Love of Donkeys Contact: 06 37 36 78 04 24500 Razac d’Eymet

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G M Construction A skilled and loyal workforce of British & French tradesmen

All aspects of building projects both new and renovation, including project management, swimming pools & ground-works If you are looking for a British/French speaking builder operating in 46, 47, 82 & 24 Contact Greg:

06 37 67 49 89 / 06 76 92 28 68 Siret No:- 50741519800013

Cement Tiles, and garden furniture/decorations - including Moroccan and Vintage styles Tel. 05 63 39 96 46 Mobile. 06 80 36 54 99

Parc d’exposition de 3 hectares Show Room - Livraison dans toute la France

Wholesaler of renovation, construction and decorative materials Vast selection of paving stones and travertine. Everything for your outdoor space Tél 05 63 95 39 08 Pont Rout, 82110 LAUZERTE

Ouvert du Lundi au vendredi de 8h à 12h et de 13h30 à 17h30; Le samedi de 9h à 12h : du 1er octobre au 31 avril; Le samedi de 9h à 12h et de 14h à 17h : du 1er mai au 30 septembre



Séverine et Christophe DALPOZO 2 large, air-conditioned cars, one for 7 and one for 5 people. Service to and from stations and airports Also ‘medical’ transport – Conventionné assurance maladie Child seats and wheelchair access 24 hrs / 7 days – Any distance

Mob: Tel: email: Based – 82200 MONTESQUIEU

Quercy Counselling English-speaking counselling and psychological services on all manner of issues. Based in Belveze, we offer services face-to-face, via telephone and Skype. For more information please see the website: Or contact Elizabeth Cross on +33(0)788279014 or


A few days before the terrible fire at the 800 year old Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, 16 copper statues were transported to the Socra association in Périgueux, Dordogne to be restored. Each weighing a 150 kilograms and measuring 3,5 metres tall. They consisted of the 12 Apostles and 4 Saints. The Socra are an Association specialising in the restoration and conservation of fine art and ancient monuments and have a workshop based in the heart of the Dordogne. Was it luck or divine intervention that saved these monumental statues?




“A fantastic service from beginning to end! I cannot praise or recommend them enough, a great professional service delivered by friendly, helpful people. You can safely book this company with confidence!”

Operating since 2005 and now in all areas of France


Phone: 05 55 76 31 59; Mobile: 06 37 52 84 77

La Cuisine de Karla

Is here for all your catering needs – up to 75 people • Breakfast, lunch and/or dinner during your holiday • Family reunions • Parties ….weddings or birthdays…. • Delivery services and arrival packs during your holiday

Please contact me for information, prices, quotes & menus

Karla Wagenar 0033 (0)563045517 or 0033 (0)628147136

la cuisine de karla


Published March, June, September and December each year. The Quercy & Périgord Local • June - August 2019 Summer

Victoria Sponge Cake with strawberry Swiss meringue buttercream


Victoria Sponge Cake Serves 10

with strawberry Swiss meringue buttercream


Ingredients For the sponge: • 225g butter at room temperature • 225g caster sugar • 225g self raising flour • 4 large eggs • 1 tsp baking powder For the filling: • Strawberry jam For the strawberry Swiss meringue buttercream: • 200g fresh strawberries • 2 tbsp caster sugar • 1 tbsp lemon juice • 2 egg whites • 150g caster sugar • 200g very soft butter To decorate: • Fresh strawberries halved You will need: • 2 x 20cm sandwich tins buttered and lined with greaseproof paper

For the cake: Preheat the oven to 180oC (160oC fan) /340oF. Add all the cake ingredients into a free standing mixer or large bowl and beat together until smooth, without over beating. Divide the mixture carefully into the prepared sandwich tins and smooth over. Bake for 25 minutes until cooked through, checking after 20 minutes. Transfer to a wire rack when cool enough to handle.

To make the orange buttercream: Place the fresh strawberries, 2 tbsp of caster sugar and lemon juice into a pan with two tablespoons of cold water. Gently heat the strawberries until they break down into a soft puree. Take off the heat and press the strawberries through a sieve to take out any lumps. Cover and keep to use in the buttercream. For the Swiss meringue, place the egg whites and caster sugar in the bowl of a mixer, then place over a pan of boiling water to carefully dissolve the sugar. Stir occasionally with a hand whisk until you can feel no more of the sugar grains when rubbed between your fingers. Take off the heat and place in the stand mixer with the whisk attachment. Whisk on medium-high speed until the eggs are glossy and have cooled to room temperature. Slow down the mixer and start adding the soft butter bit by bit, waiting until each chunk is well incorporated before adding the next. The mixture can split, but keep whisking and it will reform into a glossy, light buttercream. Next add in the cooled strawberry puree and briefly whisk until you have a delicious strawberry, pink, fluffy icing.

Put together the cake: Place the bottom layer of the sponge on a cake stand. Spread on some strawberry jam, and just under half of the strawberry buttercream. Place on the top layer and spread the rest of the buttercream on top and round the sides.

To decorate: Place the halved strawberries on top of the cake, adding in any strawberry flowers or other leaves that are available to decorate. To make a taller cake to serve 15 people (as shown in the photo), make one extra layer of sponge cake by increasing all the ingredients by a half.

Le Caillau: Nestled in the heart of the Cahors vineyards you’ll find Le Caillau, a family run Restaurant, Café and Pottery Painting Atelier. In 2011, Caroline and Chas Sharp opened the doors of Le Caillau, a renovated 300 year old winery. Our aim is simple - to produce great quality, simple and tasty food. In our restaurant kitchen our small team creates dishes based on vegetables from our own kitchen garden and local seasonal produce, (with some more exotic ingredients thrown in for variety and a different flavour from traditional Quercy cuisine). Our Café and Pottery Painting Atelier is perfect for an afternoon getaway, whether you’re after a coffee and slice of homemade cake (lemon drizzle and coffee and walnut are some of our customers’ favourites), or you’re feeling artistic and decide to get creative by painting some pottery. Restaurant opening hours: Monday: 12pm - 2pm, Tuesday: Closed (open 12pm - 2pm in July and August), Wednesday: 12pm - 2pm and 7pm - 11pm, Thursday: 12pm - 2pm and 7pm - 11pm, Friday: 12pm - 2pm and 7pm - 11pm, Saturday: 12pm - 2pm and 7pm - 11pm, Sunday: 12pm - 2pm

Café and Pottery Painting Atelier opening hours in July & August: (by appointment only outside of the summer months) Monday: 12pm - 2pm, Tuesday: Closed (open 12pm - 2pm in July and August), Wednesday: 12pm - 2pm and 7pm - 11pm Thursday: 12pm - 2pm and 7pm - 11pm, Friday: 12pm - 2pm and 7pm - 11pm, Saturday: 12pm - 2pm and 7pm - 11pm, Sunday: 12pm - 2pm Le Caillau, 46700 Vire sur Lot. Telephone: 05 65 23 78 04 lecaillau lecaillau Published March, June, September and December each year. The Quercy & Périgord Local • June - August 2019 Summer


Grèves étudiantes pour le climat : Vous en avez sûrement entendu parler, ces derniers temps les jeunes du monde entier sortent dans la rue pour exprimer leurs inquiétudes vis-à-vis du réchauffement climatique. Mais qu’est-ce vraiment que ce changement climatique ? Pourquoi cette soudaine prise de conscience écologique ?


l faut d’abord savoir que le réchauffement climatique est un phénomène global, c’est-à-dire qu’il se mesure à l’échelle de la planète et non d’un pays. Il est ainsi normal d’avoir des hivers plus froids et des étés plus chauds selon les endroits du globe, puisque c’est la moyenne des températures au niveau planétaire qui augmente. Aussi est-il préférable de parler de dérèglement climatique, puisque tous les points du globe ne subissent pas les mêmes conséquences qu’engendre ce réchauffement global. On peut ainsi constater que la montée du niveau des océans (par la fonte des glaciers et par la dilatation de l’eau de mer sous la chaleur) s’effectue principalement dans l’océan Pacifique (Asie du sud-est), principal foyer de la population mondiale. Des migrations climatiques sont donc à prévoir. Ce réchauffement est-il d’origine anthropique ? Oui, incontestablement. S’il est vrai que la terre est soumise à des ères de glaciation et de réchauffement successives, elles n’ont jamais engendré de changements aussi radicaux par le passé et se sont toutes étalées sur plusieurs millions d’années. Ainsi,

si la période interglaciaire dans laquelle nous sommes (l’Holocène) réchauffe la terre, c’est bien l’activité humaine qui engendre une telle modification des températures. Or c’est là le problème, puisque le réchauffement naturel de la terre laisse normalement le temps aux espèces de s’adapter à ce changement, ce qui n’est pas le cas aujourd’hui. Les extinctions d’espèces sont aujourd’hui 100 à 1000 fois supérieures au taux moyen naturel constaté dans l’histoire récente de l’évolution de la biodiversité. La “soudaine” prise de conscience écologique des jeunes générations n’en est donc pas une, il s’agit avant tout de préserver l’humanité des risques qu’elle produit elle-même. Si consommer des produits locaux est déjà un premier pas vers une réduction des gaz à effet de serre produits par les transports, la revendication principale de ces manifestations consiste à forcer grands groupes industriels (100 sont ainsi responsables de 70% des émissions mondiales de gaz à effet de serre) et les politiques qui fixent les règles de leur fonctionnement, d’enfin s’engager pleinement, pour que consommateurs et industriels réagissent enfin de concert contre le dérèglement climatique. L.M.

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Le Caillau is a 300 year old winery lovingly restored into a restaurant, café and pottery painting atelier. • Our restaurant serves fresh, local, seasonal food • Our café has a selection of teas, coffee and homemade cakes every day • Paint your own masterpiece in our pottery painting atelier LE CAILLAU 46700 VIRE SUR LOT TEL: 05 65 23 78 04 WWW.LECAILLAU.COM FACEBOOK.COM/LECAILLAU INSTAGRAM.COM/LECAILLAU

Opening hours July/August* MON–TUES: 10AM–5PM WED–SAT: 10AM–11PM SUNDAY: 12PM–4PM In the restaurant, lunch is served between 12pm–2.30pm and dinner from 7pm

For opening hours outside of July and August please see our website.


Le Caillau Quercy ad May 2019.indd 1

Global warming Is24/04/2019 a worldwide11:39 phenomenon measured on a global scale i.e not locally moderated or controlled. Some countries therefore, are deliberately ignorant of the effects as they are not directly affected at this time and do not feel the importance of reacting now in order to save our future. Is this an anthropogenic origin? Yes this is entirely down to human influence and action! Species are being wiped out physically through deforestation (Amazon forest) and or indirectly by climate change melting the ice caps like in Antarctica, The second largest Halley Bay Emperor Penguin Colony wiped out in 2016 due to ice melting. Students around the world are protesting in order to gain awareness as they feel their Governments are ignoring their responsibilities to the planet. Led in particular by Swedish 16 year old climate change activist Greta Thunberg. A determined and focused young lady who wants to protect her future and who is inspiring others.

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Traditional Stonework ~ New and Restoration 82190 Fauroux ~ 06 40 20 68 94 ~ English spoken ~

Orrom Informatique All your Computer, Website & Graphic Design needs English Spoken - Free Quotations Mark Orrom

46700 Puy l’Évêque - 09 67 46 02 63 - 06 42 69 83 92 Si re t: 503806275 0 0 023

Quercy Builders (82150)

Stone work and all aspects of renovation Subcontractors to the trade and a professional service to the public References available No obligation quotations 06 52 49 03 57 TERRITORY Territory is the space that a cat would normally defend and which envelops the resources the cat needs to survive, thrive and carry out its normal behavioural repertoire. They may feel threatened, fight, or try to hide because of threats to territory. If a cat’s territory is limited, for example when it is confined indoors, the owner needs to ensure that the environment is interesting and stimulating. Cats will use a range of methods to mark their territory, for example, rubbing, scratching or spraying urine. The cat is highly sensitive to odours, sounds and vibrations undetected by humans. They use scent and their acute sense of smell as a means of communication with each other and to define their territory – usually to keep other cats at a distance. Cats use scent derived from glands over the face and body. Changes to the familiar and reassuring the scent profile of the cat’s home can be challenging, for example, household cleaners and deodourisers, new furniture, visiting people or dogs, other cats coming in through the cat flap, decorating etc can be disturbing for them. Cats will leave scent messages for self-assurance. When they are relaxed they mark with face glands and if they feel insecure in their homes may resort to using stronger signals such as urine spraying. If you would like more information please contact Lynn Stone at The Quercy & Périgord Local • June - August 2019 Please support our advertisers and tell them you saw their advert in this magazine



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suivez-nous sur follow us on /


• Made to measure doors and windows in wood, aluminium and PVC • Bespoke staircases and joinery projects • Traditional and electric rolling shutters

• Installation of kitchens and bathrooms • Balconies, patios and other tiling projects • Electric gates and garage doors

For a FREE quote call or email

All products supplied carry a 10 year warranty for labour and functionality EURL POLES APART, Roc de la Jambonne, 82150 MONTAIGU DE QUERCY Tel : /

Siret : 483 819 496 00025

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SPECIALIST IN Travertine, Wall and Floor Tiling, Plaster Boarding, Plastering, General Building & New Builds References available Mobile Phone: 06 12 82 49 04 Evening Phone 05 63 29 27 31 Email: Siret: 802 145 706 00015

Anglican Chaplaincy of Midi-Pyrénées & Aude Update from the Cahors Congregation

For detailed information visit our website: All services are held at 10.00am – Centre Paroissial, 75 av J Lurçat, Terre Rouge, 46000 Cahors Religiously we’re in Ordinary Time – the period between the Great 50 days of Easter and All Saints, so I hope you will be interested in the Chaplaincy of Midi Pyrenees and Aude.

and Marriage and at the end of life with a Service of Thanksgiving or a Funeral.

Our ministry covers an area from the Aveyron to the Aude and from the Lot into Tarn and Garonne, including the Tarn, Haute Garonne and Ariège. We are an Anglican Chaplaincy and part of the Church of England Diocese in Europe. There has been an Anglican presence in this part of France since the early 1960’s. In the last five decades this has developed into the present day Chaplaincy with seven worship centres and a ministry team led by the Chaplain, Reverend Daniel Langdon- Griffiths

We also have to fundraise to pay for our Chaplain – we are financially self-sufficient – no grants from the UK or anything like that! We do this by covenanting (virements in France, which have generous tax benefits) and fundraising events. We also give monies to nominated charities which each worship centre chooses every 3 years. This year the Cahors Church selected two charities to support for the next 3 years. The charities chosen were Aide et Espoir in Lauzerte – this local charity helps refugees in camps on the Greek islands, in Syria they send containers of donation sand in Iraq they work to get visas for Yazidi people. The second charity is Sisabelo Saka which means “my refuge or fortress” from the Lozi translation of Psalm 46. This is a school for the blind in Lusaka, Zambia. The vision is to provide an education for young children who are not accepted by the state system. Mulambwa Gondwe is a Zambian teacher who feels called to devote her life to offering them an opportunity which otherwise they wouldn’t have.

We are a scattered community and people drive long distances to attend church on a Sunday morning. Our worship styles reflect the diversity of those who come, as not all are Anglicans by any means. Holy Communion is celebrated regularly throughout the Chaplaincy using Common Worship but often with a variety of hymns and music reflecting our different church backgrounds. We also celebrate life in all its wonder and fullness through Baptism

“For it is in giving that we receive ...” Saint Francis of Assisi

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Bringing Guests to holiday homes in the area since 1986 “ Come Brexit or high water, we will be here! “ • All administration and marketing

• Full rental payment before Guest arrival

• Personal service for Owners and Guests

• Commission based No up-front fee

• Regular property visits

• Global marketing • Over 60% returning guests in 2018

Please call or email for an informal discussion if we can help you rent your holiday home +44 1 46 03 02 00

See the NEW Halcyon Leisure Knowledge Base at www. for Owner & Guest information

A free evening of rock and roll music from the 1950s and 60s is on offer at this year’s fête de village in Touffailles Thursday July 18 - Sunday July 21 The fête offers a full programme – traditional activities mixed with new attractions. The marquee will be playing host to the rock and roll group Sweet Fifties from Toulouse on the Saturday evening, July 20 (for more, see sweet-fifties). The group will create a classic 1950s and 60s ambiance and there will be plenty of seating and a large dance floor to rock the evening away. Available from the barbecue will be hamburgers, hot dogs and fries to complete that American feel and the buvette will be open as usual (returning this year will be Ratz artisan beer as well as all the usual offerings). The evening of music will be preceded by an afternoon of family games at the marquee from around 3pm to 8pm. Organised by the ludothèque Jeux & Compagnie from Montcuq, this activity is free and open to all (English and French spoken). On offer will be a range of traditional and modern family board games, traditional wooden games and more,

with all age ranges catered for (including adults!). Experts will be on hand from Jeux & Compagnie to recommend games, explain rules and even play alongside you. Once again this year, the Sunday will see the traditional evening meal (menu to be confirmed – look out for the posters nearer the time). We will have the apéritif, followed by the meal and a free fireworks display. Other highlights this year include the Sunday morning fishing competition for children aged 16 and under at the lake in Touffailles (from 9:30am & competitors must have their own equipment), followed at 12pm by a free apéritif at the marquee for Touffailles residents. There will also be a traditional belote competition on Thursday evening and an evening pétanque tournament (doubles, strictly amical!) on the Friday from 8:30pm. For more information on any of the activities or to reserve for the Sunday evening meal, call 06 50 95 03 11 (English and French spoken). Président, Comité des Fêtes de Touffailles

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For a romantic lunch or dinner on the terrasse or a glass of wine at the « Wine Bar » LE RESTAURANT DU CHATEAU Menu Terroir and à la Carte  from 35€ to 50€

Open daily for lunch and dinner (except Monday and Tuesday-Saturday lunch)

New : Menu du Marché at 26 € Try our Menu du Marché

LE BISTROT DE STEPHANIE A formula “Table d’Hôte”at the Wine Bar Every day’s suggestion of a two courses menu at 20€ (cheese or dessert at 6€) from Monday to Saturday - 18h30 to 21h

for luncheons on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Wine Bar

A choice of wine by glass (from 3,50 to 5€) from Monday to Saturday 18h30 to 21h Happy Hour every Thursday from 18 to 19h - 2,50€/glass Choice of tapas on Thursday

Book your table : 05 63 95 25 61 –

Situated nearby Roquecor – Saint Beauzeil (D656 road Agen-Cahors) - Published March, June, September and December each year. The Quercy & Périgord Local • June - August 2019 Summer

Sunflowers I

t is one of the images most synonymous with the South West of France – le tournesol. The flower, blooming as it does in June and July (depending how far south you are), marks the height of the summer months when the region is alive with activities, fêtes and tourism. Many of us may also look upon the sunflower as heralding the end of summer, as the bright yellow blooms dry and turn black in the fields awaiting harvest. Helianthus annuus (from Helios, the Greek for sun) are generally sown in the month of April or May after the risk of frost has passed. They grow quickly, with the shoots visible after just a few days. They are harvested in late August and September once they have fully dried and the heads have bowed. During harvest, the heads are removed and dried further. To make sunflower oil, the shelled seeds are crushed. Each kernel contains around 45 per cent oil. The crop is popular here because it requires space and it is ideal for rotation with cereals (sunflowers have deeper root systems and use a different part of the fertilisation). The flowers themselves can grow as tall as 12 feet. However, the sunflowers you will likely see here will be dwarf or hybrid varieties with short stems and larger heads – for obvious reasons. Each head consists of as many as 2,000 individual seeds and there now exists varieties specifically for oil production, such as those with higher percentages of oleic acid and larger seeds. The flower originates from the Native Americans, who used to make flour from the kernels. Sunflowers were first brought to Europe in the 16th century, and many of the main sunflower-producing nations can now be found here. France began significant sunflower production in the late 1970s. In 2017, France produced 1.62 million tonnes of sunflower seed (ninth in the world) while in 2014 it produced 633,000 tonnes of sunflower oil (fifth in the world), according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation. This compares to a worldwide production of 50 million tonnes (seed, 2017) and 16 million tonnes (oil, 2014). The top three producers are Ukraine, Russia and Argentina. Other major producers include Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Turkey and China. Occitanie and Nouvelle-Aquitaine are by far the heaviest

sunflower-producing regions in France, with each area currently having around 200,000 hectares dedicated to the crop, out of around 580,000 or so nationally, according to the Etablissement National des Produits de l’Agriculture et de la Mer. The two regions currently contribute around 800,000 tonnes to the national harvest (these figures will fluctuate year-on-year). Much of the harvest each year will be sold to the national market via the network of local agricultural cooperatives, from which point it will be sold on for a range of uses. Around 80 per cent of the harvest each year is sold within France, with the remainder being sold abroad, mainly to other EU nations. A large part of the market (around 500,000 tonnes a year) is made up of sunflower oil products, principally domestic cooking oil, margarine and condiments etc. Other markets include motor oil, plastics, cosmetics, paints, washing detergents, bird feed and seed. Around 700,000 tonnes of cattle feed is produced each year as a co-product, making use of the kernels once they have been pressed. However, not all local sunflowers will head onto the national market. A small part of the local harvest will be used in the production of organic seeds and oil by small-scale producers around the Quercy and further afield. And for the domestic garden, sunflowers are great companion and host plants for your vegetable patch. They attract a wide variety of insects and they can offer support to other favourites, including squash, cucumbers, beans and tomatoes. Sunflowers also clean your soil, pulling out contaminates through a process called “phytoremediation”. When growing, the plant will turn to follow the sun. However, once mature the flowers face eastwards. Research by the University of California (published in the journal Science in 2016) found that this is because the plant reacts more strongly to early morning light, warms up more quickly and attracts more insects. There are many websites out there with recommendations for those wanting to sow and harvest their own patch of sunflowers, including covering the heads with paper bags to help them dry and to protect them from birds. There are also lots of recipe tips, such as grinding the kernels and adding them to pastries or pancakes. P.H.

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Estate agency for buyers and sellers in the Quercy

agency (open Tue - Sat 9 am - 6 pm): 15 Route de Moissac 82110 Lauzerte T 05 63 29 08 93 M 06 47 62 03 46 contact @

Hôtel du Quercy Hôtel ~ Restaurant ~ Traiteur

Frédéric Bacou Faubourg D’Auriac - 82110 Lauzerte - Tarn et Garonne Tel. 05 63 94 66 36

ARBRESERVICES Matt Strawbridge Tree Surgeon Elagueur Arboriste

Tours 47340 Cassignas 05 53 95 80 27/ 06 45 25 65 58 SIRET NO. 5025222200004

Open every day at lunch time & dinner except Tuesdays in June. July and August open 7 days a week. For information and enquiries about rescue dogs – so many dogs desperately looking for their ‘forever’ homes. contact Sue on 05 65 24 53 03 email:

Ouvert tous les jours aux déjeuners et aux dîners - sauf les Mardi en Juin. Ouvert 7/7 en Juillet et Août.

10h-15h - coffee/tea/crêpes 12h-14h & 19h-21h - full restaurant service 05 63 32 10 10 6 Bis Route de Moissac 82110 Lauzerte

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S a i s o n 2019

D'Avril à Octobre

Espace Points de Vue Expositions d'art actuel

L a u z e r t e (82)

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Café & Restaurant

D’Family & Co

Emergency numbers · Beef · Lamb · Pork · Bacon and sausages · Poultry · Dairy · Pies handmade in Dublin · Pre-prepared foods

Little Ireland Meats sources, supplies and delivers the best products available in Ireland. We deliver directly to our customers, ensuring farm to fork fresh meat and dairy products. There is a minimum order of €100 and free delivery. Group orders are welcome (and encouraged). Welcome to Ireland!!!

Medical Help/SAMU 15 Come and celebrate the

arrival summer on our terrace Out of hoursof Doctor 3966 See ourNationale Facebook(Gendarmerie) 17 page for upcoming Police/Police

events. Our restaurant is open every 18 lunchtime and Friday and Saturday SOS – All Services from aMonday mobile) 112 evenings. The(calling bar is open From 7am to 2pm, Tuesday to Saturday from Child in Danger (child protection) 119 7am to 9pm and Sunday from 8am to 9pm. Fire & Accident/Sapeurs Pompiers

Missing Child

116 000

Restaurant D’Family & Co Place de la Marie, 46700 Duravel 05 65 35 29 43

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Nestled in the Seoune Valley, La Grange de Truffes offers you a chance to explore a large, wonderful selection of collectables, antiques and furniture. You are welcome to visit and browse our eclectic exhibitions of the beautiful, curious and inspiring.


Platinum Plus The new way to sell property privately

Open Thurs - Sun, 11am - 7pm ~ April - Oct

Sell your home

for just £895 • Includes FREE visit to photograph, measure and floorplan • 12 months advertising • All properties listed on Rightmove, Primelocation, Zoopla and many more • 0% commission • Nothing more to pay

+44 (0)1803 469367 |

Lieu dit 575 Route de Truffes 82400 MONTJOI; 06 32 19 84 41 Out of season by RDV See Facebook for news and events GPS Latitude 44.194, Longitude 0.909. From the village of Montjoi, take road to Saint Maurin we are 250m on the LHS.

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book direct book

buggs small

small fun



crossover auto

compact fun



utility fun

7 seater

sports fun


book and pay on-line at our all new site bergerac - biarritz - limoges


Kingfisher Holidays

Kingfisher Holidays specialise in letting attractive quality properties, all with swimming pools. With over 31 years of experience in the holiday letting market we offer local knowledge and a personal relationship, appreciated by our clients, many of whom return to Kingfisher year after year. If you are interested in letting your property and looking for a high level of professional and personnel service then please contact us at

AUBERGE DU BRELAN In a lovely rural setting you can enjoy our fine cuisine with fresh ingredients cooked over a wood fire. We offer a lovely terrace setting for your relaxing family or celebration meal. Also available, vegetarian and gluten free foods. Open from Easter to November. Catering for groups, wedding parties including a buffet option, available all year. Pâtisserie et conserves to take away. You can find us easily on the D656. We look forward to welcoming you.

Laboissière, Anthé 47370 TOURNON D’AGENAIS GPS : N 44°22’10’’ / E 00°58’50’’ 05 53 40 78 08

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Paris, London, New York and Saux This is a good part of the world if you love art. There’s so much inspiration from the natural world as well as opportunities to enjoy the varied work of its artists.


rtists such as Stefaan Eyckmans, born and raised near Antwerp and whose work mixes Flemish mastery with an equal measure of contemporary realism; with side orders of stunning composition and a real love of beauty. Stefaan’s exquisite and detailed ‘still life’ paintings have meant that one of the great joys of summer has become, his Open Studio weekends. This is when Stefaan puts down his paint brushes (tidies up a little) and welcomes people to his studio. People travel from all over to take the chance to see the artist, his studio and some of his paintings. Everyone is truly welcome. The studio was created from a lovely old barn at Stefaan’s home in the Lot. Sharp-eyed visitors will also notice, in and around the completed works, some of the old objects that famously grace Stefaan’s compositions. These weekends go beyond ‘selling’, although they do sell rather quickly! What is nice is that, for a short while, the galleries of the world are denied some paintings simply so that they can be shown at Stefaan’s home, and to the people of this region. This is an opportunity to enjoy the art that you would usually travel to major international cities to see. Throughout the year, Stefaan’s paintings are sent to a Parisian gallery on the Ȋle Saint-Louis, they’re also sent regularly to buyers and galleries in the USA, Belgium Switzerland, London, Australia, Amsterdam and beyond. One recent work is known to now be in the private collection of an eminent American museum director – who shall remain nameless! This June The Elemental Garden Gallery in Connecticut holds an exhibition of Steefan’s work, and they’ve already sent a film crew to produce a documentary film. This will follow the preparation of a series of paintings based on birds’ nests, from sourcing the old nests, sketching, painting and glazing. The larger of these paintings will be exhibited in Connecticut but the remainder will be on show during the Open Studio days.

To save yourself a trip to Paris, Connecticut or any other international destination, why not simply take a bit of time out and make your way over to Saux (46800) on 20-21 or 27-28th July. A welcome awaits.

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Nursery for the complete garden plant package Trees - Shrubs - Conifers - Perennials - Grasses Climbers - Bulbs - Bedding Plants - Exotic Plants

Summer opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 8:30h-12.30h & 14.00h to 18.00h Pépinière La Vida Verda SARL, Guillotes, 82110 Lauzerte 06 88 87 34 08 La Vida Verda March – May

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Lavender Farm Open Days Sat. June 29 & Sun. 30, 10am – 7pm Ferme de Lacontal, Touffailles, 82190 Come and learn about lavender production, the distilling process and see the fields in flower. Craft and produce stalls. 05 63 95 78 12 At Touffailles, follow the signs ‘Bienvenue à la Ferme’

Free Entry - A great day out!

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Ironwood Motif Artist Blacksmith, Ferronnerie d’Art

In business in France since 2005, we create outstanding traditional and contemporary ironwork for indoors and outdoors. Pergolas, staircases, railings, handrails, balustrades, balconies, gates, sculptures, outdoor structures and more... simple or elaborate, intricate or uncomplicated, small or large, we can fabricate, forge and hand make ironwork customised to your needs.

Individual, original and unique.

Take a look at our website and follow us on Ironwood Motif, Ferronnerie d’Art and on Instagram Ironwood Motif 46330, BLARS, 00 33 (0)5 65 30 53 99, SIRET: 481 198 638 00019

Growers and distillers of Organic Lavender. Shop selling own lavender products. English spoken- videos and leaflets available in english. Discover all our products at our online shop - worldwide delivery. Open 2pm-6pm: Sept-June: Thurs, Fri & Sat. July-Aug: Mon-Sat. Lavender in flower June/July. Hélène LAFON & Xavier LEPLAIDEUR “Lacontal” - 82190 TOUFFAILLES GPS 44°16’37” N et 01°02’24” E Tél. 05 63 95 78 12 Published March, June, September and December each year. The Quercy & Périgord Local • June - August 2019 Summer


Cuisine Dressing Escalier Revêtement de sol Alarme LES MENUISIERS DES OCCITANS ZA du Haut Agenais 47500 MONTAYRAL

05 53 75 50 06

ZA Aulery 82110 LAUZERTE

05 63 94 69 42

Menuiserie Véranda Pergola Stores Portail Clôture

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Pu y

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Juillet 2019

Robert o Aussel Duo Bens a- C ar d i no t Pedro So ler & Gasp ar Claus Nora Buschm ann & Agus tin Luna Sandie Sant iago e t son grou pe fl amenco Co urs de guita re

Dégust at ion Lut hier Restaur atio n Ent rée 16€ avec un verr e d e v in


l ZA Saint Roc, 47370, Tournon d’Agenais 06 95 20 63 76 – 06 21 68 34 12 – 09 52 51 35 92 English Spoken

ThéÂtre de VERDURE

24 27



C as s ie M ar tin



05 53 95 95 95 06 81 22 47 89

4 x 6-seater cars CAHORS



Mercredi 24


Jeudi 25

Come and visit the

PEDRO SOLER et GASPAR CLAUS son fils, violoncelliste improvisateur hors du commun


Voted one of the top attractions in the Dordogne

Duo exceptionnel réunissant le grand guitariste flamenco


17 ans, jeune prodige française, guitare classique


Soliste argentin, un maître de la guitare, dédicataire de nombreuses œuvres de son ami Astor Piazzolla


Directeurs artistiques du Festival, guitares classiques et chant


Au Th éâtr d

Musique argentine


eV e place erdure, Boiza rd*

deux virtuoses de la guitare


Soirée flamenca

JUAN SANTIAGO guitare espagnole JOSE BOUBA DELERIA percussion

All profits go to the welfare and upkeep of these beautiful animals.

0033 (0)5 53 05 86 80

*S’il pleut, les concerts ont lieu à l’église à côté du théâtre de verdure ou à la salle des fêtes le samedi Animations musicales

Chaque jour




À partir de 18h

À partir de 17h

Accueil – Buvette – Luthier Cours de guitare avec Sébastien Exposition sur l’histoire du flamenco

. .


À partir de 18h

llage Au vie la d re Guita

De 18h à 20h45

Dégustation de vin de Cahors, animée par notre partenaire vigneron du jour


Petite restauration

RENSEIGNEMENTS-RÉSERVATIONS Offices de tourisme Lot-Vignoble : Cahors/Saint-Cirq Lapopie :

Atelier « Guitare et poésie » : jeu participatif animé par Geneviève et Jean-Pierre Staquet, avec Claude Préchac à la guitare.




À partir de 18h30

Mercredi & Vendredi

Conférence de Jean Verly, luthier : « Des origines de la guitare aux techniques les plus innovantes »



« Petite scène jeunes talents » : où sont invités à se produire des guitaristes amateurs

TARIFS DES CONCERTS Soirée / Pass 4 soirées Plein : 16€ / 48€ Étudiants, demandeurs d’emploi : 11€ / 33€ 10-16 ans : Soirée 6€ - de 10 ans : gratuit

Bon Coeur Charity Boutique Beauville 47470, Sous les Cornières, Place de la Mairie

FOR SALE: Books, clothes, brocante & jewellery in aid of mainly local good causes (for both people & animals) & all run by volunteers. Donations always welcome.

Mardi, Mercredi, Vendredi - 14h00 - 16h00 Jeudi - 15h00 - 17h00 Vendredi & Dimanche - 10h00 - 12h00 Bon Coeur 06 89 53 24 78

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Tax-efficient solutions for expatriates in France With advisers living locally and backed by teams of specialists, we can help you make the most of your wealth and living in France. Our holistic advice covers:

Talk to the people who know

Tax planning | minimising tax on income, capital gains, wealth, pensions and inheritances.

Estate planning | helping ensure the right money goes to the right people at the right time.

05 53 63 49 19

Investments | designing portfolios to suit your circumstances and goals. UK pensions | exploring your options to find the best solution for you.


INTERNATIONAL TAX ADVICE • INVESTMENTS • ESTATE PLANNING • PENSIONS Blevins Franks Financial Management Limited (BFFM) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, reference number 179731. Where advice is provided outside the UK, via the Insurance Distribution Directive or the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II, the applicable regulatory system differs in some respects from that of the UK. Blevins Franks Trustees Limited is authorised and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority for the administration of trusts and companies. Blevins Franks France SASU (BFF), is registered with ORIAS, registered number 07 027 475, and authorised as ‘Conseil en Investissements Financiers’ and ‘Courtiers d’Assurance’ Category B (register can be consulted on Member of ANACOFI-CIF. BFF’s registered office: 1 rue Pablo Neruda, 33140 Villenave d’Ornon – RCS BX 498 800 465 APE 6622Z. Garantie Financière et Assurance de Responsabilité Civile Professionnelle conformes aux articles L 541-3 du Code Monétaire et Financier and L512-6 and 512-7 du Code des Assurances (assureur MMA). Blevins Franks Tax Limited provides taxation advice; its advisers are fully qualified tax specialists. This promotion has been approved and issued by BFFM.

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They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes; at times like these, this has never seemed more true! As the UK enters unchartered waters with Brexit, there is much we do not know about what the future will bring. However, there are some things you can be sure of and that you can control to your benefit, whatever happens around us.

review your options now, before the tax-free window potentially closes.

Taxation of assets


Double tax treaties, such as the one between the UK and France, are independent of the EU. So if you are resident here, your existing tax treatment will not change with Brexit, or any other external influence. Something that can make a significant difference to the way you are taxed is the way you structure your assets and wealth. You can usually find France-compliant investment opportunities that can offer significant tax benefits, while also providing additional benefits like currency and income flexibility. Meanwhile, expatriates who favour UK-centric assets and investments are more likely to see increased taxation with Brexit, as some non-EU/EEA assets are treated differently. For example, if UK life assurance policies, such as investment bonds, become non-EU/EEA assets, they may no longer qualify for the full beneficial tax treatment given to assurancevie and EU capital redemption bonds. At any time, the UK can potentially increase the tax burden for non-residents, as has happened recently with property. 2015 brought new capital gains tax liability for non-residents on UK residential property; from 5 April 2019 this will also apply to commercial property. And in 2017, UK residential property owned through certain offshore structures became liable for UK inheritance tax alongside other worldwide property. Tougher tax rules are also possible following a change in UK government, including the possibility of a new wealth tax on higher-value UK assets. A locally-based adviser can advise about asset protection and how you can take advantage of tax-efficient opportunities for residents in France.

It is not just Brexit that can disrupt investment and currency markets today. At any given time, external influences and events can unexpectedly shift the direction of markets. Diversification is the key to minimising risk. A portfolio made up of a mixture of asset types – including cash, equities and bonds – from different countries, regions and market sectors is best placed to ride out turbulence. This approach reduces exposure to under-performance in any single area and enables the opportunity to produce positive returns over time. Conversely, if you mainly hold UK assets, your returns will be more vulnerable to the fortunes of sterling and the British economy during these uncertain times. Of course, you need to make sure your investments offer the right balance of risk and return for your peace of mind. An experienced financial professional can use the appropriate tools to create a clear and objective risk profile for you.

Taxation of pensions A similar threat hangs over UK pensions. Today, UK pensions can potentially be accessed by Britons abroad without paying any UK tax (under the double tax agreements). Brexit will not change this, but the government may take steps to recoup more taxes from expatriate pensions. The 25% ‘overseas transfer charge’ introduced in 2017 may indicate things to come. Currently, EU residents are only affected if transferring UK pension funds to Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) outside the EU/EEA, but the scope may increase after Brexit. Once you no longer live in Britain, you may find fewer advantages to keeping UK pensions where they are, but it is essential to take regulated, personalised pensions advice to establish the most suitable approach for your personal circumstances and goals. If you are considering transferring,

Estate planning While we cannot avoid death, with good estate planning we can control who receives our legacy and when. Even after Brexit, you can override local ‘forced heirship rules’ by applying the law of your nationality to your estate instead through the EU regulation, ‘Brussels IV’. While this would ensure your legacy is distributed according to your written wishes, beware this can have tax implications. If you are seen as UK-domiciled – as many expatriates are – your estate is liable to UK inheritance tax as well as local succession taxes in your country of residence (where applicable) and wherever you own assets. It is possible to restructure your wealth to reduce tax liabilities at the same time as ensuring your chosen heirs receive your gift at the right time, so explore your options. With careful tax, pensions, investments and estate planning, you can steer your financial future in the right direction. Cross-border financial planning is complex and needs to be designed around your specific circumstances and wishes, so take specialist advice for the best results. Tax rates, scope and reliefs may change. Any statements concerning taxation are based upon our understanding of current taxation laws and practices which are subject to change. Tax information has been summarised; an individual is advised to seek personalised advice.

Keep up to date on the financial issues that may affect you on the Blevins Franks news page at

Published March, June, September and December each year. The Quercy & Périgord Local • June - August 2019 Summer


Club programme for the remainder of 2019: Jun 11: Jul ** Aug Sep 10: Sep ** Oct 08: Oct ** Nov 12: Nov 17: Nov ** Dec 10:

Summer BBQ Visit to a Bamboo Garden & Water Garden with Picnic No club activities planned for this busy summer month “Ikebana Flower Arranging” by Bernadette Taupin Visit to Jardins de Martel + nursery “Preparing for Winter” Propagation workshop + Plant Swap “The Christopher Columbus Legacy” by Mal Casson Journée de l’Arbre, Lauzerte Making a Small Bug Hotel workshop Club Christmas Lunch

** Dates to be confirmed

Our two events in March, both presented by club members, were informative and a lot of fun. Members’ participation was the name of the game! Firstly, Yvonne Innes, an award-winning garden designer, led us through the intricacies of planting design. The aim is simply for everyone to feel good when they walk into their garden – and it’s all about planning. The following considerations will help you to achieve this: Providing conditions necessary for plant health such as light, moisture, minerals and nutrients. Thinking about what you are asking the particular planting to do: soften a building, framing a view, attracting wildlife, provide shade, etc. Understanding what might stop you from getting what you want – exposure, animals, existing structures, budget and aspect. Understanding Design Principles such as: Simplicity, harmony + contrast, scale + proportion, balance of height + mass, focal points, repetition, unity within the garden and with the landscape beyond. Thinking about what overall style you want: Informal, Formal, Urban, English Country, Mediterranean, Prairie, Wild, Low Maintenance etc Considerations of the best plants for the purpose – rockery, annual, biennial, herbaceous, climbers, trees, shrubs, bulbs etc. Getting started – primary and secondary planting. Planting combinations – choosing plants that compliment each other and enjoy the same conditions.

The above lists are by no means exhaustive. When considering plant combinations, for example, it’s important to balance evergreens and deciduous, and to give consideration to the colour, height, form and texture of chosen plants. A garden in winter does not need to look bare. And, finally, don’t forget to bring your house into the equation – colour and form of plants in relation to the house are so important. The photo below shows a simple design that achieves a balance between different shapes and colours. Our friendly bi-lingual gardening club holds meetings throughout the year: in the winter months at 2pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in the Salle des Fetes, Lauzerte. In the summer, you’ll also find us out and about visiting the glorious gardens, nurseries (and restaurants) that surround us. If you feel you’d like to do the same, why don’t you pop along to one of our meetings? There is no obligation to become a member on your first visit, but you will receive a warm welcome and a cup of tea! Just contact our club secretary, Pam Westcott, who will be delighted to hear from you.

Tel: 07 86 40 05 29 or Find us on Facebook – Website –

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THE QUERCY & PÉRIGORD LOCAL • 51 Ce vignoble de 25Ha est situé sur 4 terrasses bien distinctes répertoriées à Cahors, qui ont été analysées géologiquement. Le chai, est de construction moderne aux normes en vigueur de 2010. Bernard Bouyssou vous propose une gamme de vins rouge (100% MALBEC) mais aussi 1 rosé, 1 blanc et un apéritif liquoreux, élaborés dans le plus grand respect de la tradition depuis 3 générations. Ve vignoble offre une grande diversité d’arômes et de saveurs, ce qui lui doit plusieurs médailles et récompenses!

La propriété viticole de Bernard BOUYSSOU, ou travaillait déjà son grand père Armand, est devenue un lieu d’escale pour les marins qui croisent le Lot grâce à sa bonne idée de construire un ponton privé.

This 25Ha vineyard is situated on 4 very distinct and well-known terraces in Cahors, which were geologically analysed. The Winery is modern and has been adapted to the 2010’s legislation. Bernard BOUYSSOU offers a wide range of red wine (100% MALBEC), as well as rosé and white wine. Besides he can also propose a liquorish aperitif. All of his products are made in the same respect of tradition that his grand father created 3 generation’s ago. This vineyard offers a great diversity of aroma and flavours which also explain why it has won few medals and awards over the years!

Bernard’ BOUYSSOU’s estate which use to belong to his grand father, became a stop over for sailors who cross the Lot as he had the great idea to built a private boat landing.

Published March, June, September and December each year. The Quercy & Périgord Local • June - August 2019 Summer



VOS COMMANDES au 05 63 32 46 53 Horaires du 01 Novembre au 30 Avril : fermé le dimanche Snack ouvert tous les jours de 11h30 à 14h et 18h à 21h Pizza ouverte le soir de 18h à 21h - fermé le dimanche soir

Horaires du 01Mai au 31 Octobre :

Snack ouvert tous les jours de 11h30 à 14h et 18h à 21h Pizza ouverte 7Jours / 7 le soir de 18h à 21h30




à montaigu de quercy

réservations au :

05 63 94 32 66



Lantern light tour of Puy-l’Evêque At sunset, follow the guide for discovery of the medieval city illuminated by lantern light Wednesday 31/07, 07/08 & 14/08: 9pm-10.30pm adult 6,5€ / children from 12 to 17 years of age included 4€ / children free until 12 years Maximum of 40 people - Reservation required. Office de Tourisme Lot-Vignoble - 05 65 21 37 63

QUERCY OAK Construction & Renovations

A friendly, reliable service with many years experience in all aspects of the building industry. All projects undertaken, completed to the highest standard. General building, All aspects of carpentry, New build, Complete renovations & conversions, Timber frame houses, Refurbishments, Green oak framing, Roofing & insulation, Hardwood flooring & tiling, Bespoke joinery including staircases. And much more...

Please call us today for an estimate or quotation 07 80 58 39 60 mob 06 75 51 89 13 mob instagram: quercyoak The Quercy & Périgord Local • Juin - Août 2019 Soutenez nos annonceurs et dites-leur que vous avez vu leur annonce dans ce magazine


Holistic Therapies Reiki Reflexology Indian Head Massage l



Loren and Pierre look forward to welcoming you to their lovely restaurant in the heart of Puy L’Évêque, deep in the Lot valley. Where you will find both local and refined dishes all accompanied by a large range of great wines.

uide Michelin 2019 Bib Gourmand au G

BALADE EN VOITURE toutes époques jeudi le 15 août 2019 ENVIRON 60KM

DÉPART 10H ST BEAUZEIL 82, ARRIVÉE BELVÈZE 82 DÉJEUNER À BELVÈZE À 13H30 (conducteur + 1 passager inclus 15€) personnes supplémentaires @5€ par personne Déjeuner 18€ par personne

Open All Year from Tuesday to Saturday 12h-15h et 19h-22h

24 Grand Rue, 46700 Puy L’Évêque Please reserve - 09 86 31 80 88

Reservation obligatoire. Formulaire d’inscription

Offices de tourisme

Boutiques Bazar Charity shops de Roquecor et Lauzerte Merci à nos sponsors


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Cricket in South West France


id you know that according to historical archives the French invented cricket and, in the words of Michael Caine, ‘...not a lotta people know that...’ The French National Archives state that ‘criquet’ was already being played in the North of France by 1478, and by the mid-1700s several clubs were established in the northern regions. A visit by the MCC planned in 1789 was cancelled at the last minute because of a Revolution in progress! France even won the silver medal at the Olympic Games in Paris in 1900, the only Olympics that has included cricket, (although many of the players were expatriates). Cricket has become a sport largely associated with the UK and its Commonwealth members. Today it remains the case that most of the players in France are immigrants from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, Australia and the West Indies, although there are some passionate French involved. In total there are 105 cricket playing countries which are members of the International Cricket Council (ICC). The game here is overseen by Association France Cricket, which represents France on the International Cricket Council. The type of cricket played at local levels fall into three main categories: 1. Competitions organised by France Cricket, these clubs are mainly in the Paris area. 2. Clubs playing local friendly matches against each other, touring teams from other countries and locally organised tournaments.

3. Clubs in Nouvelle Aquitaine and Occitainie. These formed their own regional association in 1992 , the“Association des Clubs de Cricket du Sud Ouest”, known as “ACCSO”. France Cricket still oversees their activities but allows them to organise their own competitions. Currently 8 clubs are members of this association, see map above. To many people cricket is a complicated game... but in an effort to explain the game in simple terms, here goes! • Cricket is a team sport played by two competing sides, usually formed of 11 players each. However, even if it’s just you and your mate in the park, you can still indulge in a game! You can play cricket anywhere – in the park, your garden, the street,

The Quercy & Périgord Local • June - August 2019 Please support our advertisers and tell them you saw their advert in this magazine


the beach, a car park. The opportunities are endless! • If you play club cricket, you will usually play at a cricket ground. A cricket ground is a large expanse of flat grass, quite often circular or oval in shape and surrounded by a boundary marker. • The pitch is situated in the middle of the field. • A coin toss decides the order in which the teams bat and field. The two team captains contest the toss with the winning captain choosing whether to bat or field first. • The two teams take turns batting and fielding. • Players on the batting side bat in pairs, with one player situated at each end of the wicket. • The wicket can refer to either the 22 yards between the stumps, the stumps themselves (with bails included), or a batsman’s dismissal from the game. • Stumps are comprised of three upright wooden posts placed side by side in the ground, with two smaller sticks(called bails) laid horizontally on top of the posts to form the wicket. • Players on the batting side score runs by running between the wickets or by hitting the ball beyond the field boundary marker. • An over consists of six balls (deliveries) by a bowler from the fielding team. • One-day matches are formed of limited overs. As the name suggests, teams bat for a predetermined number of overs. Teams bat until they’ve either completed their overs or ten of their batsmen have been dismissed by the fielding side. • The team with the highest number of runs at the end wins! There are a number of clubs in “ACCSO” with Eymet Cricket Club at the regions centre. Eymet Cricket Club was one of the first cricket clubs to exist in the French provinces. Club Eymetois de Cricket was founded in 1983 by a group of ‘expats’ who were seriously missing their favourite sport. For the first season they played on coconut matting laid on the town’s football pitch, but the following year the Mayor kindly offered use of our present ground at Stade de Bretou, Eymet – complete with stand and all necessary facilities.

Last year saw the Club achieve the League and T20 Cup double. The Club now finds itself in a transition period with a few of the old guard deciding that playing is no longer an option – so we are actively looking for more playing members. An important part of our membership is our Asian contingent; young players who have now been with the Club a number of years, and who bring to the team an athleticism that is perhaps lacking in some of the more mature members! As well as playing the games, we have a strong social side with events being held during the winter months and to coincide with the visits of our touring teams to Eymet. Our current President, Andrew Cardle, is keen to bring the social activities of the Club to the fore front and to that end a new Social Committee, headed by Eileen Draper, is hard at work to organise events that everyone can take part in and enjoy. So far this year the Club has run 3 themed quiz evenings, which were very well attended .The main fundraising event of the Club’s social calendar is hosting a visit from the Leeds University Big Band on the 19th April at St Colomb de Lauzun. This annual event is so popular, the evening has already sold out. The club is always looking for playing members – whether you are new to the area or have been here for a while, whatever level you play or used to play, please get in touch. If you just want to come along and watch, or support our social events, whatever the reason we guarantee you will be warmly welcomed by Eymet CC. Keep in touch with us for information on matches and events by following us on Facebook or via the website. Full details of upcoming games and events at Eymet via Facebook and the web site:Facebook: Web site: Details of cricket in South West France region:ACCSO website

Published March, June, September and December each year. The Quercy & Périgord Local • June - August 2019 Summer



Small Profits – Quick Returns English building team. All general building, including roofing, plumbing, electrics, plastering and landscaping

• Roofing – Leak finding and fixing, cleaning and moss removal, guttering, ridges, tiles, battens, beams, insulation. We can make small repairs carry out preventative maintenance or fit a whole new roof. No job too small or too large!

• General Building and Restoration Works – Experts in complete internal and external renovations and stone work. All structural and general carpentry including beams and supports and staircases. Everything from foundations up!

• Satellite Television – All European Satellite reception services for recording

and playing Satellite broadcasts, such as Sky, Freesat, TF1-5, Canal+, etc. All equipment including Humax, Sky, Manhattan and others. All UK and French services. Internet Protocal Television (IPTV) - Television services through your internet connection, offering all channels, catch up tv and video on demand. All films and sports are available through the ability to view on the national channels of any country. All Premiership games can be viewed live regardless of what BBC or Sky may be showing. This is not a satellite service and is less expensive than a Sky subscription. Call to arrange a free estimate or free advice. Our motto is Small Profits, Quick Returns. Always top quality at a price you can afford! Matt Piper 06 72 56 73 77 or email

Concert Colla Voce Camerata : Un très beau concert dans un magnifique cadre, dont le programme diversifié est une rencontre entre musique classique, chants inspirés du folklore, pièces pour piano. Apéritifs servis sur la terrace du chateau. Johanna-Marie D’Oyly Chambers, Soprano Elizabeth Chambers, Mezzo-Soprano John Taylor, Bariton Charlotte Ellis, Pianiste 11 août à 18h, Château de Fumel, salle de mariage, FUMEL

Hercule Haendel La mort de

Un drame musical de Georg Friedrich

une histoire de jalousie

L’enlévement de Dejanire par Nessus le centaure. Hercule les poursuit.

Concert Bols tibétains: dans la jolie chapelle romane Saint-Sernin du Bosc, dans un vallon au doux nom de « Combe du miel », Lauzerte 18 août à 17h

Les chanteuses de « Voix égales » 16 novembre, église des Carmes, LAUZERTE

Orchestre Choeurs

Verteuil Moirax Bergerac Villeréal Puy l’Evêque Villeneuve/Lot 47260

Samedi 1 juin

20h30 à l’église

2 juin 16h à l’église Vendredi 7 juin 20h30 au Temple Samedi 8 juin 20h30 à l’église Dimanche 9 juin 16h à l’église Lundi 10 juin 16h à l’église d’Eysses Dimanche




Plus de renseignements: Aide et Espoir-Help&Hope 0679636201

et Solistes du

Centre Philharmonique

Hercule - Mark Boocock Hyllus - German Gholomi Déjanire - Triin Lellep Princesse Iole - Marie-Caroline Kfoury Lichas Camille Le Bail Direction Musicale - Richard Beswick

46700 47300

Adultes 20€, jeunes 10€, moins de 12 ans gratuit - billets à l'entrée et réservations: 05 53 41 38 66 Enquiries in english 05 65 36 45 98 Courriel: Site: Moirax Tourisme

OVAL Orchestre du Centre Philharmonique. Licence de spectacle : 2-1059171, 3-1059172

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Victoria and Fabrice welcome you to their restaurant for all seasons – in winter there’s an open fire, charming open stone-work and a lovely cosy ambiance then in summer there’s a large shaded terrace

Fresh seasonal produce used to prepare fine cuisine. Easy parking opposite.

Closing hours- Tuesday and Wednesday. Visit our Facebook page for regular updates

L’Atelier, 66 tour de ville, 24560 Issigeac 05 53 23 49 78 Restaurant L’Atelier Issigeac








Thomas DELCOURT La Coquille Mareuil Lanouaille


Verteillac Brantôme


Chalais St Aulaye



La Roche Chalais

Le Bugue Port Ste Foy

Sarlat St Cyprien


Christelle DENYS Morgan SICCHI

Gardonne Lamothe Montravel





William SERRE

English-speaking advisors are just a phone call away ! Crédit Agricole Charente-Périgord regional branch, cooperative organisational structure with variable capital, approved as a credit institution - Head office : 28-30 rue d’Espagnac, Soyaux (Charente) - Registered on the Angoulême companies register, under the number 775 569 726 - Insurance broker registered on ORIAS, the French Organisation for the register of Insurance Intermediaries, under the number 07 008 428. © Photo credits : Jean-Marc Barrère - Design : Maïa - 05/2018

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é Lampshade and lighting makers Each lampshade is unique and made to measure, in shape, size and fabric. I combine traditional and contemporary techniques. Come with your lampbase and I will create, with you, the lampshade of your dream. I re-wire your lamp to current and French standards. I can also suggest matching cushions and curtains. Nadège TRICARD - Le Bugue – –



La Petite Cuillère Bar - Restauration Salon de Thé - Glaces Café Littéraire Soirées Musicales á themes

Help with administration, moving and settling in France and business registration

Do you dream of a life in France, or need help making your life here simpler? Then as a French speaker, let me help!

Vente de Déco Vente de Thés

Rosalynde HICKS | 9 Avenue Pasteur 24160 EXCIDEUIL |

12 rue des Déportés, 24150 Lalinde 05 53 27 36 39 La Petite Cuillère

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Twilight Retirement Home for Dogs


Friday & Sunday 28th/30th June. 10am-3pm Food & drink, all day. Meet the old dogs.

At Twilight, La Peyzie, St Paul La Roche, Dordogne, 24800


29th June. 5.30pm-8pm Music with Phil, Saxophonist, apéro & tapas. e10.

Limited tickets. Contact Leeanne,

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Recently the scythe has been making a big comeback in Britain, and now it is having a renaissance in France too. A small resurgence in northern France is now followed by a chance to learn this ancient skill with courses offered by Sean Rawnsley, near Saint Antonin Noble Val.

LA CORDONNERIE 15 Rue Albert Caillau 82150 Montaigu De Quercy Téléphone: 06 32 83 51 38

Horaires d’ouvertures: Mercredi, Jeudi ,Vendredi: 9h30 à 12h30 et 15h30 à 18h30 Samedi matin: 10h à 12h30 Réparation de chaussures, sacs, blousons, etc... Pose de fermetures éclairs sur blouson, sacs, portes monnaies... Reproduction de clés... Produits entretiens pour chaussures Créations de ceintures en cuir Créations de petits objets en cuir et laine Ne pas hésiter à venir me voir avant de jeter Shoe repair, bags, jackets, etc Zippers on jackets, bags, purses Key cutting | Shoe care products Leather belts | Leather and wool designs

I can upcycle and repair!

After living near St Antonin for 25 years Sean was given a surprise present for his 60th birthday: a gleaming Austrian scythe. Within months he was a total convert. Having attended the British Scything Association course in Somerset, and regularly using it on his 1.5 hectare piece of land here in France, Sean is keen to spread the word. Compared to the noisy, polluting brush-cutter or débroussailleuse, a scythe is silent, ecological, inexpensive, and stroke for stroke far more efficient. Once proficient, a scyther can cut grass in all seasons and weathers, quickly and neatly. Scything is ideally suited to steep slopes inaccessible to machine mowers, perfect in orchards to cut around trees and in awkward corners of the garden where you need to be selective in what you cut. The motion of scything is calming and extremely good for the posture and back muscles. In SW France there is a growing movement in permaculture, organic farming and gardening, to which the scythe is perfectly suited. Sean Rawnsley offers introductory day courses, once each month this summer, followed by weekend residential courses next year. They are held in French and English and include learning to set up the scythe to your morphology, sharpening, safety and how to cut grass of different kinds depending on the season. Courses are open to anyone aged 15 upwards and include a scyther’s lunch and the chance to buy blades, snaths and sharpening equipment. All newcomers will have equipment provided for the day. So if you want to say goodbye to the noisy and dangerous brush-cutter and learn an ancient skill, it is 70€ for the whole day including lunch. Contact Sean Rawnsley Courses (Saturdays): 15 June, 20 July & 10 August 2019 Cost: 60€ inc. lunch.

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Charpente neuve Traditionelle et Rénovation, Bois et Bardages, Toits (démoussage et nettoyage), Zinguerie, Sols et Revêtements bois, Abris et Auvents La taille de nos charpentes se fabrique dans nos ateliers. Garantie décennale.

M. 06 85 53 19 17 T. 05 63 94 32 73 EURL El Kessi



Nous intervenons sur un rayon de 50 kms autour de Montaigu de Quercy (82150). (46, 47, 82)

MAGNIFICENT QUERCY STONE PROPERTY WITH GUEST HOUSE IN AN OPEN AND UNSPOILT ENVIRONMENT. It’s not only a question of what it cost, it’s more a question of what it’s worth. This beautifully restored and immaculately presented a large main house and guest house has undergone a complete renovation of the highest of standards providing total elegance. Combining modern facilities with striking original features whilst retaining the charm and character of traditional buildings. Ref 3680P

You can contact Marianne Charpentier on 06 71 71 77 22 or at You can also visit our website: Mouly Immobilier, 4 Avenue de la Promenade, 46800, Montcuq

Do you need a helping hand? Stay in your own home and receive support from our experienced English speaking team. Housework t Shopping t Cooking Companionship t Laundry & Gardening Call now on 05 63 05 17 35 or 06 37 22 88 16 for an informal chat

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The South West France’s River Invaders

Weighty,Whiskery & Wild The occasional (sometimes lethal) flooding aside, the wide and meandering rivers of this corner of France are best known for decorating the landscape and for the bathing or canoeing opportunities they provide in the summer.


istorically people living along these waterways prospered. The trading routes the rivers created allowed industry and agriculture to develop. They also allowed the people to move; meaning the arrival of new ideas and skills but also possible dangers. The rivers Dordogne, Lot, Garonne and Tarn have over the centuries done just this, but that has meant contending with various large and foreign invaders. If you are reading this whilst on holiday in the region – the term ‘invader’ does not (hopefully) mean you! Some of these river-invaders have been rather weighty, almost all of them whiskery and it would seem all with a propensity to be rather wild. Firstly Vikings – yes, the Vikings were literally everywhere! Very little is documented about the region’s great Nordic presence during the 8th and 9th centuries. French history generally recorded things well. But this epoch, when France was laid-low to what were Scandinavian aggressors, innovators, (and to be frank) ‘rulers’, goes fairly un-mentioned.

Why? Well, the Vikings did not themselves help secure their own place in the annals of history. They were hugely successful as naval architects, carpenters, fishermen, whalers, traders and as fearless invaders. But they simply did not write things down, so there are no real records. Furthermore, their strength lay in wooden construction (think wooden longboats) and so nothing tangible survived. Also, over the centuries French historians have discounted the part played by what they considered to be ‘pagan’ and perhaps more worryingly yet more ‘Germanic’ whiskery interlopers. The region having been overrun with Germanic Visigoths prior to this. These French historians preferred instead to concentrate on and record France’s Latin, (more learned they believed) Mediterranean roots. Dictionaries rarely cite Scandinavian origins to French vocabulary, but these links do exist, as do (arguably) links to regional place names. Normandy was perhaps the most widely known French region to be dominated by the Vikings. The name Normandy and thereby ‘Norman’, derives

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from the Scandinavian for ‘Men from the North’. The Viking Rollo (846 – 930 AD) was also the first Duke of Normandy. He was said to have been so huge that no horse could carry him, so he became known as Walking Rolv. The Vikings were genetically disposed to be red-haired (and whiskered), blue eyed and tall and this one seems to have been a prime ‘weighty’ example. The Vikings did, however, come further South than Normandy. Their interests continued round into the Mediterranean. They overran Seville and made their way to Italy. Their interest in trade led them to seek quicker routes to the Mediterranean and that meant coming overland from Bordeaux. Bordeaux was a major Viking stronghold/sea port (for many generations) and Gascony holds evidence of their occupation. No longer in the form of existing buildings but earth formations and of course the region’s wealth of skill for timber construction is perhaps a lasting legacy. The Vikings rowed their longboats up the South West’s rivers. Defenses that still appear along the banks were, at some point, constructed or enhanced because of Viking incursions. Notably, on the River Dordogne the Abbey at Brantôme was destroyed by Vikings. Their longboats also made their way to Toulouse, plundering the Garonne Valley; at Moissac they ransacked its Abbey. They also held Auch and to add some perspective and to prove their incredible progress – they also held Paris, nowhere was safe. These were ruthless and efficient invaders. These ‘victories’ were not always by force. These invaders were negotiators as well as aggressors. Sometimes they were given access to a city to avoid the destruction of valuable goods, deals were done! So, their arrival could be survived if indeed ‘maintain the peace’ could profit the great Nordic investment campaign. You would expect there to still be genetic evidence to their time in the region. Well, there is! There are blue-eyed Gascons, including a specific group known as the Agots of Gascony, who were institutionally, legally and socially outcast until about the time of WW1. Their origins are believed to be Nordic, descendants of those left after the long period of Scandinavian rule. These people still have typical Viking features (maybe less the whiskers). As expert sea fishermen and whalers (there where many Whales in the Bay of Biscay until about the 16th century) the Vikings would probably have been quite at home with our next whiskery invader – the catfish. Those same magnificent rivers that allowed the Vikings to row inland and plunder the region, are home to a modern-day invader. Not moving with great oars but now lurking silently (almost) below the glistening

surface of the water. Please don’t let this put you off your summer sports! The wels catfish (silurus glanis) is a large species of catfish native to mainly eastern Europe. It was introduced to France in the 1970s and has thrived in the many large, slow-moving rivers of the South West. It has no scales, a large broad, flat head and wide mouth and of course its famous whiskers – hence the term catfish! These whiskery fish can live for fifty years. These invaders are generally bottom feeders (so swimmers and canoeists don’t worry) confining themselves to a diet of worms, insects and small fish. However, some of the larger examples have been recorded taking mice and ducks. Then there are the notorious catfish of Albi that wildly launch themselves out of the Tarn to catch (and eat) pigeons - quite a sight to behold! These weighty, whiskery creatures can achieve between 2 and 3 meters in length and so hunting them has become popular with ‘wild’ fishermen from around the world. The Rivers Tarn, Garonne, Lot and Dordogne are all well-known catfish habitats. Their growth is dependent on great living conditions so clearly, they love it here. A recent catch from the River Tarn measured 2.7m (130 kg). Not to be outdone, fish as large as 5m have ‘apparently’ been recorded in Russia. I am not sure we do not need to wish for anything quite that big! Did you know? The catfish swims in a similar style to a crocodile and can swim backwards. The female fish lays 30,000 eggs per kilo of her body weight and it is the male fish that guards the eggs until they hatch; ensuring that they do not dry out if water levels fall – by splashing his tail. So, whilst in the summer season progresses and the local rivers offer cooling relief. It is worth remembering that these waters have a wild, weighty and whiskery past and that little has changed! By A. Atkinson Note: If you are interested in finding out more about the Viking period in French history – please look up the writings/research of Joel Supéry.

Published March, June, September and December each year. The Quercy & Périgord Local • June - August 2019 Summer


bergerac wine tours Wine Tourism Reaches New Heights in France Wine lovers from all over the world are visiting the South West France to learn how wine is made and experience the whole wine making process.


ine enthusiasts are visiting the stunningly beautiful Dordogne and Bergerac wine region for short and long term holidays to experience the area and the Bergerac Wine Tours. Last year was an amazing year for Bergerac Wine Tours, not only did they receive record numbers for their tours where wine lovers had the extraordinary opportunity to explore the workings of a real vineyard with an expert tour guide, they also received some of the best reviews in their history. ~ TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. ~ Luxury Travel Guide - Best Tour Operator in Europe - 2017 and Service Excellence Award 2019. This year Bergerac Wine Tours are hoping to beat the record numbers from last year and make history again. The tour gives an excellent opportunity to experience and enjoy the Bergerac wine tradition, which started over 2000 years ago. With the wine industry being one of the oldest industries in France, wine connoisseurs will be able to see how many of the award winning wine labels are made, while tasting them to understand why they have been bestowed with awards. Holidaymakers are no longer just coming to France to experience the great weather and the amazing beaches, they are also coming far and wide to experience and learn more about the winemaking process, food & wine pairing and the vineyards of the region. Thanks to the huge interest in winemaking in France, the tourist offices has seen a huge tourism boost, which includes people holidaying in France to enrol on the Bergerac Wine Tour. Alexander C. Hill from Bergerac Wine Tours said: “Last year was an amazing year where we saw record numbers book their place on our unique wine tasting tour. We are delighted to have a 5 star TripAdvisor reviews and certificate of excellence four years running. ( It shows the hard work we, and the vineyard owners put in for the tour, is worthwhile.”

Alex from Bergerac Wine Tours who has promised a unmissable tour this year for wine lovers, which includes alfresco homemade lunch and transport from May until October, explained there were many reasons to book a place on the tour which includes:

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1. Guests can experience and explore the beautiful vineyards of the South of France Wine Region. 2. Visiting local food farms is also part the daily tour, where people are taken to a prunes farm, goats farm where they can taste a variety of cheeses, and also a chocolate factory, making the tour an enjoyable day for the whole family. 3. Taste award winning wines. People who come on the tour will be able to taste award-winning wine. 4. Amazing Food. A homemade lunch is provided, giving people a day where they enjoy amazing wine with fresh local produce. 5. Have the luxury of transport. (pick up and a drop off are included) Bergerac Wine Tours website gives full details about the tour as well as providing details of quality accommodation holidaymakers can stay at during their stay in the South West France. For more information on the tour, please visit About Bergerac Wine Tours Bergerac Wine Tours is a company run by a wine enthusiasts with extensive knowledge of the Bergerac wine region and the Dordogne terroir. Media Contact: Bergerac Wine Tours (Alexander C. Hill) Tel: +33(0)783733300 Email: Location: Eymet, Aquitaine, France Website: Published March, June, September and December each year. The Quercy & Périgord Local • June - August 2019 Summer



Ward Poppe + 33.687.67.03.80 Les Huguets 47300 Villeneuve sur Lot



eorges Bégué (featured in the last edition of The Quercy & Perigord Local) was the first WW2 secret agent from a brand new WW2 secret service to arrive in occupied France by parachute – and HRH The Princess Royal was recently in central France for a commemorative ceremony close to where he’d landed. The Special Operations Executive (SOE) was the deliberately innocuous name of that secret service which had been instigated in 1940 by Winston Churchill, and on the night of May 5th-6th 1941 an RAF aircraft dropped Bégué by parachute close enough to Valençay (Indre) that he could reach this small town on foot. He’d been tasked with locating a patriotic local politician who’d contacted ‘London’ asking for help with organising resistance against his country’s German occupiers. The Allies would infiltrate many hundreds more agents and special forces personnel into France, and also other occupied countries; courageous men and women of many nationalities who’d volunteered for operations behind enemy lines which would enable resistance to be supported and coordinated by way of weapons, ammunition, explosives and other supplies being delivered by parachute or small aircraft, to eagerly awaiting resisters. More would survive their missions than had been expected, but the risk of betrayal, capture, torture and execution was common to all - and fifty years after Georges Bégué had landed near Valençay, this small town was chosen as the location for a national monument in memory of the 104 men and women from SOE’s French Section who were killed during their missions or while in captivity. In May 1991, on the fiftieth anniversary of his arrival by parachute, the memorial was inaugurated in the presence of The Queen Mother, with many of the surviving agents and descendants present. An annual ceremony has taken place each May ever since, and this year, HRH The Princess Royal - as Patron of The Special Forces Club – was the guest of honour in recognition of the imminent D-Day 75 anniversary.

Special guests included Britain’s ambassador to France, Edward Llewelyn, local and regional French dignitaries and present-day military representatives of both countries, resistance associations and the Royal British Legion who joined the descendants of the wartime agents, historians and friends who gather each year to remember those who had not survived their clandestine wartime missions. The memorial ceremony was followed by a reception at Valençay’s spectacular chateau, during which HRH devoted a great deal of time speaking to individual guests. It was clear she particularly enjoyed hearing the anecdotes of Debbey Clitheroe, Magda Thomas and Rohini Bajaj - being three of the finalists in BBC Two’s recent immersive history series about SOE. During the filming of SECRET AGENT SELECTION: WW2 they’d experienced first-hand the challenges of agent recruitment and training; and even though the series was filmed some time ago, they and other participants became so interested in SOE history that they regularly attend educational and commemorative events. SECRET AGENT SELECTION: WW2 is available on DVD; and also on Netflix under the title Churchill’s Secret Agents: The New Recruits.

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anniversaire de la Cathédrale de Cahors


ans sa programmation culturelle riche, la ville de Cahors accueille en cette année un événement d’exception rendant hommage à l’un de ses plus beaux édifices : la Cathédrale SaintEtienne, classée en 1998 au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO au titre des chemins de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle en France. La bâtisse fête en 2019 ses 900 ans. Cahors saisit alors l’occasion de la célébrer et de la faire redécouvrir à tous. Culture, patrimoine, histoire et partage sont les maîtres mots de cet événement qui se déroulera jusqu’au 8 décembre. 900 ans, un si bel âge pour fêter un anniversaire ! La présence des églises ou cathédrales dans nos cités peut parfois nous sembler usuelle du fait de leur ancrage dans notre culture. Cependant, on oublie très souvent que ces grandes bâtisses sont, en tout premier lieu, un héritage patrimonial, résultant d’un long travail de construction et restauration grâce à des savoir-faire, encore aujourd’hui, inégalables. Le projet du 900e anniversaire de la Cathédrale de Cahors est né de la collaboration entre le diocèse de Cahors, l’état et la ville de Cahors.

Tous animés par l’envie commune de redonner vie à la Cathédrale, ils s’allient en créant ensemble l’association des 900 ans de la Cathédrale de Cahors. Le but est alors simple : fédérer tout un territoire pour le rassembler autour de son patrimoine. De nombreuses présentations du 900e ainsi qu’un grand appel à projet ont lieu en novembre 2018 pour appeler les associations, commerçants ou encore institutions à créer / décliner des projets dans le cadre des festivités de la Cathédrale. C’est ainsi que la programmation, se déroulant du 5 mars au 8 décembre 2019, s’est vue enrichie de plus de 60 manifestations : trail, repas de fête, marchés, concerts ou encore expositions proposeront un nouveau point de vue sur la Cathédrale. Un réel engouement nait du projet et de cet esprit de cohésion. La véritable idée du 900e est là : rassembler les gens, peu importe leurs origines ou croyances. La Cathédrale est le bâtiment de tous, chacun peut la découvrir comme il le souhaite. Ainsi, manifestations spirituelles, culturelles ou encore patrimoniales se déclineront tout au long de l’année pour rendre hommage à la vieille dame de Cahors et remettre à

The Quercy & Périgord Local • June - August 2019 Please support our advertisers and tell them you saw their advert in this magazine


la vue de tous ses trésors, la Sainte Coiffe notamment. Cette relique, étant en réalité un bonnet de lin, aurait été porté par le Christ lors de sa mise au tombeau. De par son histoire et sa symbolique, cette relique ne manquera pas d’attirer de nombreux pèlerins et curieux tout au long de l’année et même au-delà. Au-delà de l’aspect culturel et local, ces célébrations et cette relique représentent une opportunité pour la ville de Cahors : celle de rayonner à travers le monde mais aussi celle de faire la fête tous ensemble ! Au programme de cette année festive, de nombreux événements mais aussi et surtout un cycle de 9 manifestations, de juin à septembre, retraçant chacune un siècle d’histoire de la Cathédrale ! Du temps des bâtisseurs à aujourd’hui, la Cathédrale a vécu de nombreuses choses et a croisé d’illustres personnages. Ces 9 événements permettront à petits et grands de prendre part, eux aussi, à l’histoire ! Suivez le guide ! LES TEMPS FORTS DU 900e : • SAMEDI 8 ET DIMANCHE 9 JUIN LE TEMPS DES BÂTISSEURS – XIIe SIÈCLE • JEUDI 20 JUIN CAHORS, CARREFOUR DE L’EUROPE - XIIIe SIÈCLE • JEUDI 4 JUILLET UN PAPE À CAHORS : JEAN XXII - XIVe SIÈCLE • JEUDI 18 JUILLET CAHORS ET LA GUERRE DE CENT ANS – XVe SIÈCLE • SAMEDI 27 JUILLET ANNIVERSAIRE OFFICIEL DE LA CATHÉDRALE • JEUDI 1ER AOUT SOUVENIR DE CLÉMENT MAROT - XVIe SIÈCLE • MERCREDI 14 AOUT ÉPOQUE DE LA SCULPTURE SUR BOIS XVIIe/XVIIIe SIÈCLES • JEUDI 29 AOUT PARADE NAPOLÉONNIENNE - XIXe SIÈCLE • SAMEDI 14 SEPTEMBRE CAHORS EN CHANSON – XXe siècle • J EUDI 26, VENDREDI 27 ET SAMEDI 28 SEPTEMBRE CAHORS EN LUMIÈRE - XXIe siècle • DIMANCHE 8 DECEMBRE CLÔTURE DU 900e

Zoom sur Cahors et la guerre de cent ans : Dans ces divers événement, un mettra particulièrement à l’honneur le lien étroit entre français et britanniques. Même si la Manche les sépare, les peuples des deux terres ont une histoire commune riche. Il paraissait donc évident pour les organisateurs du 900e qu’à l’occasion de l’événement autour du XVe siècle, cette amitié serait la vedette de l’événement. Le 18 juillet, le public sera invité à prendre part à de véritables

reconstitutions de la guerre de Cent Ans, à découvrir l’art du combat et de vivre à cette époque où les français combattaient les britanniques ! Et oui, au XVe siècle, français et anglais ne faisaient pas bon ménage. Cependant, pour ne pas rester sur de vieilles rancunes et pour célébrer l’entente qui existe de nos jours entre les deux pays, une grande soirée de réconciliation aura lieu le soir même et invitera les convives à venir redécouvrir les deux mets d’exception emblématiques de ces pays : bières et vins seront à l’honneur ! Venez nombreux porter haut vos couleurs ! Retrouvez toutes les manifestations du 900e et/ ou rejoignez le projet en contactant l’organisation : / Facebook :@leneufcentieme / / 05 65 53 20 65 ! Nous recherchons actuellement de nombreux bénévoles, n’hésitez pas à prendre part à l’aventure ! It’s the 900th birthday of the Cahors Cathedral and the people of Cahors have rolled out a program to honor and celebrate its long history. The Cathedral Saint Etienne which was pronounced a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1998, as part of the historic pilgrimage walk Saint Jacques de Compostela de Santiago. Cahors is running events from the 5th of March to the 8th of December to celebrate its rich history and includes festival, concerts, nocturnal markets and fêtes. The 900 year celebratory project is a collaboration between the diocese of Cahors, the State and of course the town itself, which is the capital of the Lot department. Much time, money and dedication has been spent on the Cathedral and other historic buildings in Cahors over recent years and the town is proud to show off its most historic landmark by celebrating this enormous milestone. Its main aim is to bring together people from all backgrounds including Pilgrims to admire the old lady of Cahors and all its treasures inside, as well as the beautiful stone work and stained glass windows. A particular treasure, la Sainte Coiffe, a linen bonnet, which was allegedly placed on Jesus’ head as he lay in the tomb and is incased in an ornate bronze display. The Town of Cahors is also celebrating the historic links between the French and British nations. Their main objective is to follow our paralleled history during war time and peace over the last 900 years. A fine opportunity to reconcile, commemorate and celebrate our two histories on the 18th of July where the public will be invited to share our two passions Wine and Beer! See French text for contact details.

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Kathy’s China & Cutlery Hire Up to 120 covers

Minimum Hire Charge 40e Free Delivery 40km from Valeilles (82150)

Rent it clean and send it back dirty!

Come & relax with Rosie & the team


World food. Live music. Bar snacks. Catering & Wedding planning service. Takeaway. WIFI. Open: Thurs, Fri lunch & dinner/Sunday, Monday lunch Book now - resto_montclera restaurantmontclera

Osons la pierre l’humour et le savoir-faire de couleurs, parachutes lampions et canapés. C’est aussi une initiation à la taille de la pierre pour les enfants chaque matin et après-midi, une buvette et une restauration sur place. La radio AJT couvrira l’évènement, relayée par d’autres radios locales (Antenne d’oc Radio 4...).


Montaigu de Quercy, c’est devenu un rendez vous annuel incontournable : « Les journées du Père Quépas » manifestation GRATUITE qui OSE la pierre, du lundi 5 au samedi 10 Août sur la place Mercadiel (place du marché). L’Association des Joyeux Tailleurs du Quercy (les A.J.T.) est à nouveau fière de proposer à un public toujours plus nombreux (plus de 8000 visiteurs l’année passée) pour cette 10 ème édition, un programme* artistique et culturel des plus festifs avec toujours pour objectif de développer les échanges, L’HUMOUR et la convivialité. Cette année aussi, les AJT du Quercy mettent tout en œuvre pour rendre accessible au plus grand nombre le SAVOIR-FAIRE des tailleurs de pierre, des musiciens et des circassiens. GRATUITEMENT, tout au long de la semaine, et dès le matin, le public pourra apprécier le travail en direct des tailleurs de pierre, ferronniers, sculpteurs, architectes, plasticiens, charpentiers... à l’œuvre d’une pièce monumentale qui sera dévoilée le samedi 10 août. A partir de l’apéro (18h) des concerts et spectacles prennent le relais sur la place, parée pour l’occasion

This year marks the 10th anniversary of « Les journées du Père Quépas ». A weeklong festival celebrating stone. The brain child of an association of stone masons “ L’Association des Joyeux Tailleurs du Quercy » in Montaigu de Quercy 82150. The week long festival offers an insight to the creative marvelous skills of this Age old trade including sculpturing courses for all. Free entry(tokens needed for the bar and food). The artisans decide on a theme and essentially take the whole week to design and sculpture a fantastical piece from a large rectangle Quercy stone. Live music, food and drinks throughout each evening. This festival has become a regular and popular event with people traveling throughout Europe and beyond. 350000 vues depuis l’année dernière père quépas

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Montflanquin Lot et Garonne

Monflanquin est une bastide fondée en 1256 par Alfonse de Poitier (le frère de Saint Louis) par la signature d’une « Charte de Coutumes » de 37 articles aujourd’hui conservée à Londres.


ar la signature de ce document le seigneur accorde des libertés et avantages fiscaux qui feront le succès de la bastide et attireront une population nombreuse ! Les premières traces de peuplement remontent à l’an 250 quand Saint Martial converti les populations et fit construire une première église au pied de « Mounflanqui ». Sa position dominante naturelle à 187 mètres d’altitude a certainement participé à l’attrait de Monflanquin depuis l’aube des temps Vous pourrez le vérifier depuis le point de vue. Admirez la vallée de la Lède et avec un peu de chance, par temps clair, vous apercevrez le château de Biron à la limite de la Dordogne et du Lot et Garonne. En entrant dans l’église Saint André c’est un bout d’histoire que vous toucherez. Cette église aux fondations du XIIIeme siècle fit partie des fortifications de la bastide puis fut partagée en deux, les catholiques et les protestants ne parvenant pas à s’entendre sur son usage, avant que son chevet et ses voutes ne

s’effondrent donnant lieu à des travaux au XIXeme et XXeme siècle. Vous ne pouvez pas, non plus, passer à coté de la Maison du Prince Noir. Selon la légende, le Prince de Galles et Sénéchal d’Aquitaine Edward de Woodstock à l’armure noire y aurait séjourné durant la Guerre de Cent Ans …C’est surtout une des plus belles maisons de la fameuse place des Arcades qui accueille le marché traditionnel tous les jeudis matins depuis 1256 ! Une halle dominait autrefois la place. Semblable à celle de Villeréal (autre village classé récemment parmi « Les Plus Beaux Villages de France ») elle accueillait à l’étage la salle de réunion des Consuls de la Jurade qui administraient la bastide avec le « Bayle ». Après son effondrement en 1753 elle ne fut pas reconstruite et les mesures à grain furent déplacées sous les arcades. De cette place partent les rues principales appelées « charretières » et perpendiculaires à celles-ci les rues « traversières »qui définissent le plan orthogonal des

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& Purchase | Sale | Valuation

+33 (0)6 70 72 37 75

S u d Lo t | Ta r n & G a r o n n e Négociateur Indépendant RSAC 810 742 270

bastides du Sud-ouest . Sans oublier ses carrérots, petites ruelles de circulation utilisées par les habitants. Dans l’un d’entre eux, le carrérot des Cabanes, vous trouverez le « Silo de l’Oie », cet ancien garde-manger redécouvert dans les années 90 pouvait contenir du vin, des céréales mais ce qui est certain c’est qu’il fut la dernière demeure d’une oie. Son squelette complet y fut retrouvé ! Admirez les « pontets », ces petits passages au dessus des carrérots pour relier les maisons. Perdez vous dans l’enchevêtrement des ruelles qui vous mènera peut être devant l’actuel temple protestant. Monflanquin accueille une communauté protestante depuis le XVIeme siècle, pas toujours sans difficultés. A cette même période, Guerres de religion oblige, des frères Augustins installés dans un couvent hors les murs du village auraient été jetés dans un puits. Ces événements ont poussé les Augustins à s’installer dans la bastide. Un carrérot traversant l’emplacement de leurs anciens bâtiments porte aujourd’hui leur nom. Monflanquin est encore aujourd’hui un village exceptionnel classé parmi « Les Plus Beaux Villages de France » ne perdez donc pas une occasion de découvrir ce lieu chargé d’histoire mais aussi de chaleur humaine, de gastronomie et d’activités typiques du Sud-Ouest ! A.M. Published March, June, September and December each year. The Quercy & Périgord Local • June - August 2019 Summer


Gardening tips by Cameron Field I would like to introduce Open Gardens/ Jardins Ouverts to you, the readers of Quercy and Perigord Local. The idea

1) I shred all of my pruning’s that don’t compost and are not diseased. Each spring I spread this on the garden beds and under the shrubs. The advantages are fivefold; retention of moisture; soil conditioning; weed suppression; creates an insect environment and protects against sun scorch. 2) After my spring bulbs have flowered I give them a foliar feed of nettle tea. This gives the bulbs a boost as they form next year’s flower. Later I give a granular feed for their root systems. 3) I dead head roses and perennials after flowering.

Astuces du jardin français : 1) Je déchiquette toute ma taille sauf ce qui ne se composte pas et avec maladie. Je répands chaque printemps sur les lits de jardin et sous les arbustes. Il y a 5 avantages de cette action ; rétention de l’humidité ; une meilleure condition du sol ; suppression des herbes ; bon environnement pour les insectes ; une protection du soleil fort. 2) Après que mes bulbes de printemps aient fleuri, je leurs donnent un engrais foliaire des orties en liquide, celui donne aux bulbes une force pour la floraison de l’année suivante. Plus tard je leur donne un aliment en granule pour le système racinaire. 3) Je coupe la tête des roses et les vivaces après la floraison

OGJO is a French registered association with charitable status. Inspired by the National Gardens « Yellow Book scheme” in the UK (created in1927), the French association was founded in 2013 by a British man, Mr. Mick Moat. A keen gardener himself, he felt that the British model of opening gardens to raise money for charity could work in France too. The French people love gardening and greatly admire us Brits for our flare and gardening instinct. They adore the cottage style of gardening and are keen to emulate this in their own gardens.

How it works Since France is quite vast, the OGJO scheme works through a network of co-ordinators across France who recruit gardeners to open their garden to the public. Visitors buy a membership card in order to visit the gardens. The membership cards are either annual 10e or a day pass (5e). The yearly membership allows the holder to visit all gardens that are registered on the web site during that year on the opening dates. Monies collected by the sales of membership cards are passed directly on to only French charities. Last year at the Fetes de Plantes in Chantilly (which is the Chelsea Flower Show equivalent in France), 25,500e was presented to various charities. The main recipients “A Chacun son Everest”, a charity which exists to support terminally ill children, received a cheque for 15,000e which was presented by his Highness the Aga Khan. This year we have over 200 gardens opening their doors for us in 39 departments across France.

New President In November 2018 sadly, Mick Moat, decided to stand down from the association. After a vote at the February AGM, we now have a lady President- Mrs. Karen Roper. Whilst acknowledging that the objective of the association is to raise money for charitable causes, Karen feels that the wider benefits of our activities are also very important. ‘As an association

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we are delighted to be able to contribute to and encourage an aspect of social well-being as well as the obvious environmental and economic improvements to society.’

How do I get involved?

Bernadette Beduer, Mas de Niquet 46310 Laborie, Saint-Germain-du-Bel-Air Ouverts / Open: dimanche 16 juin 2019 10:00 - 18:00

We would love to hear from The Quercy and Perigord readers who would like to get involved in one of three ways: • Simply by visiting some of the beautiful gardens in our scheme • Opening your garden if you live in Quercy or Perigord. • Being a local coordinator to help inspire others who live in your area. • Please go to for further details. We all know gardening is good for you, what could be better than to share your efforts with others and raise money for those in need too?

The Gardens 2 examples of our gardens opening this year in your area: Sue and John Herring, Mas de Bouyé 46310 Saint-Germain-du-Bel-Air

Notre jardin d’un hectare se présente comme un jardin formel en face de la maison, avec des mixed borders de vivaces et rosiers. A l’arrière de la maison il y a une petite cour “japonais” qui donne à une allée de grands arbres et un potager long de couleurs chaudes, dédie à Christopher Lloyd. Our garden of over a hectare is divided into a formal front garden with herbaceous and rose beds. To the rear of the house is a Japanese influenced courtyard which leads to a mature tree alley, beneath which is a long “hot bed” dedicated to Christopher Lloyd.

C’est un jardin des arbres, des fleurs et des légumes. Autour de la maison il y a plusieurs parterres de rosiers et de plantes vivaces. Nous essayons d’être autosuffisants et pour ça il y a un grand potager. Nous avons aussi une petite collection d’orchidées. We have a garden of trees, flowers and vegetables. Surrounding the house there are a number of rose beds and flower beds. We try to be self-sufficient and so have a large vegetable plot. We also have a collection of orchids.

Published March, June, September and December each year. The Quercy & Périgord Local • June - August 2019 Summer


Tasting the lot

summer food marinades & delicious salads Finally it is the time of year to plan our summer menus. Food and wine is so much a part of living in the Lot and the South West of France. Wine tasting evenings and food and wine pairings can be booked for parties, social evenings, groups or individuals. We are having a picnic and barbeque for our summer wedding in The Lot. The word picnic comes from many different sources and ….as we are in France, I will stick with the French claim on its word. Though it may have appeared in a 17th-century dictionary as “pique-nique,” the actual usage began as “pique un niche” meaning to “pick a place,” an isolated spot where family and friends could enjoy a

jolly meal together away from the distractions at home. The term morphed into “pique-nique”. After the French Revolution in 1789, royal parks became open to the public for the first time. Picnicking in the parks became a popular activity amongst the newly enfranchised citizens. This summer, some of the vineyards in The Lot are open on June 9th for picnics. Find one local to you

Here are some of my favourite dressings and marinades for you to try. This recipe uses a tea cup as a measure.

Duck & Prune Skewers Ingredients


Makes 4-6 brochettes

Soak the prunes in the Armagnac for at least 30 minutes. Finely chop the rosemary, pink peppercorns and salt. You want to end up with a fine spice rub. Divide the rub in two equal amounts. Sprinkle half of the rub over the pieces of duck. Thread on skewers starting with an orange section, then a piece of duck and then a prune. Finish off with an orange section. Before grilling the brochettes, squeeze a little orange juice over them and sprinkle with the rest of the rub. Grill to your liking, taking care to turn the brochettes frequently. Best served with a red cabbage coleslaw.

18 pruneaux d’Agen 2 tbsp Armagnac 1 large orange, sliced and cut into small triangles 2 sprigs of rosemary 1 tsp salt (preferably fleur de sel) 2 tsp pink peppercorns 2 magrets of about 200-250g each, cut into large sections

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Lavender Honey Duck Breast

Bleu de Causse, walnuts & red cabbage coleslaw

Ingredients 2 x 500g Magret de canard Salt and pepper, to taste 1 tbsp vegetable oil for searing

Ingredients 1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil 1 tsp butter 1 teacup of walnuts ¼ tsp salt ¼ tsp freshly ground pepper 3 tbsp pure maple syrup 8 cups very thinly sliced red cabbage 2 spring onions, thinly sliced 1/3 cup crumbled blue cheese

Marinade: Grated zest of 1 lemon & 1 orange Juice of 1/2 lemon 1 tbsp wild flower or lavender honey 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 tbsp freshly chopped thyme 1/2 tsp black pepper Sauce: 1/4 cup sugar, 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar 2 large shallots, finely chopped, Grated zest of 1/2 orange, 1 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp cassis, 1/4 cup orange juice, 1/4 cup red wine Method Preheat oven to 350°F/176°C. Prepare the marinade: Add all the ingredients into a small bowl and mix well. Rub over both sides of Magrets. Cover and refrigerate for up to 4 hours. Score skin side of breasts lightly. Season flesh side with salt. Meanwhile, heat vegetable oil over a medium heat in a large over-proof skillet or grill pan. Sear duck breasts, skin side down, for 5 minutes. Transfer pan to oven, bake for approx. 8 minutes. Turn breasts over and bake for a further 5 minutes, to achieve medium. Take pan out from oven, leave the duck to rest on a warmed plate. Drain off excess fat into a jam jar to keep for later.

Vinaigrette: 1 tbsp crumbled blue cheese ¼ teacup extra-virgin olive oil 3 tbsp red-wine vinegar 1 tbsp Dijon mustard ¼ tsp salt ¼ tsp freshly ground pepper Method Vinaigrette Whiz 1 tbsp blue cheese, ¼ cup oil, vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper until creamy. Salad Place baking sheet near your stove. Heat the oil and butter in a skillet over medium heat. Add walnuts and stir for 2 minutes. Add salt, pepper and drizzle in maple syrup. Cook, stirring, until the nuts have begun to caramelize and are well coated. Transfer to the paper, spooning any remaining syrup over them. Separate the nuts while they’re still warm. Let stand until cool. Place cabbage and spring onions in a large bowl. Toss with the vinaigrette and sprinkle with blue cheese and walnuts.

Sauce In heavy bottom saucepan, over medium heat, heat sugar until it turns amber colour and starts to smoke. Remove from heat immediately. Add apple cider vinegar and stir until smooth. Cover and allow to cool. If caramel sets and crystallizes, reheat over low heat, stirring until sugar has melted. Meanwhile, in duck pan, over medium heat, add shallots and orange zest in butter and saute until soft. Add cassis, orange juice and wine, reducing heat slightly, for about 3 minutes. Pour into caramel mixture and heat through. Add any juices from duck. Slice duck thinly and drizzle with sauce. Serve with potato salad or a huge mixed green salad.

This summer Tasting The Lot is available for food and wine tastings, afternoon teas and wine tutorials in your home or holiday destination in The Lot. Please do contact if you would like any more information. Happy Tastings.

Luci Cox

Published March, June, September and December each year. The Quercy & Périgord Local • June - August 2019 Summer


Meet: Chloé Moore from French Business Management

‘A friendly, dynamic, bilingual team, helping you and your business succeed’

Are you aware of the Incentives for a new business? What incentives for my new business? I often hear people complain about the lack of incentives for small businesses in France. And yet there a few advantages that aren’t necessarily well known. ACRE (ex-ACCRE) – this measure is now open to ALL new business owners from 01 Jan 2019 (including AE/Mes). MEs benefit from lower contribution rates for the first 3 years, whereas sole traders and company directors benefit from a total exemption in social charges for the first year of business (CSG, training tax and obligatory pension contributions are still due). As the ME system is considered advantageous as it reduces the needs for accounts and advanced business management, the other measures are not available under this regime ; this is why advance planning and astute business advice can be worthwhile! Business’ created in a ZRR (zone à revitalisation rurale), ZFU (zone franche urbaine) or ZAFR (zone d’aide à finalité régionale) benefit from temporary exemption from income tax (for sole traders) or corporation tax (for companies). You can find whether you are situated in one of these zones by checking the governmental websites. Do note that these zones can change from one year to the next so be sure to check an up-to-date list. In addition to the exemption from income or corporation tax, there is also often an added bonus of exemption from CFE. Please note that the exemption from CFE can be part or total, and that associated taxes (such as CCI taxes) will still be due. This article is meant as a general guideline only and is not exempt from seeking expert advice. Quels avantages pour ma nouvelle entreprise ? J’entends souvent les gens se plaindre du manque d’aide pour les créateurs d’entreprise, mais il existe des dispositifs visant à assister les nouveaux entrepreneurs.

L’ACRE (anciennement ACCRE) est désormais ouverte à tous les créateurs d’entreprises (sous conditions !). Les microentreprises bénéficient de taux allégés pendant 3 ans, tandis que les entrepreneurs et gérants TNS bénéficient d’exonération totale pendant un an (hors CSG, formation professionnelle et retraite complémentaire obligatoire). La microentreprise étant considérée comme un régime avantageux du fait de sa gestion simplifiée, elle ne peut bénéficier des autres dispositifs d’allégement. Or les entreprises implantées en ZRR (zone à revitalisation rurale), ZFU (zone franche urbaine) ou ZAFR (zone à finalité régionale) peuvent bénéficier d’exonération temporaire d’impôt sur les bénéfices (impôt sur les revenus pour les entreprises individuelles ou impôt sur les sociétés pour les sociétés). Cette exonération s’accompagne souvent d’une exonération totale ou partielle de CFE. Le positionnement de votre commune dans l’une de ces zones peut facilement se vérifier sur les différents sites gouvernementaux. Attention toutefois à prendre une liste à jour, les communes pouvant entrer et sortir du dispositif au 1 janvier de l’année considérée. Cet article vise à apporter une information généralisée et ne se substitue pas à des conseils personnalisés.

Notez que pour l’exonération CFE peut être totale ou partielle, et que les taxes CCI/CMA payées avec la CFE restent dues.

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Buying or selling a property? We have over 15000 properties for sale on our website, over 20 years experience and a dedicated team of support staff ensuring clients receive the best possible service. Our professional, fully trained and multi-lingual agents living and working in the region are ready to help.

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Luzech, LOT


0800 900 324 Published March, June, September and December each year. The Quercy & Périgord Local • June - August 2019 Summer

Agence Newton Immobilier

JAS-885 Penne d’Agenais, 47

€449,000 FAI

Tel : +33 (0) 6 47 78 49 16

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SR-8156 Lalbenque, 46

JAS-842 Montcuq, 46

SR-4543 Puy- l’Evêque, 46

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€499,000 FAI

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1, rue Montaigne 24200 SARLAT

Galerie Du Lion d’Or - 3, place de la République - 46800 MONTCUQ Musée du Mecanic Art - Place Hugues Salel - 46250 CAZALS Galerie Lou Canotiers - 46330 ST CIRQ LAPOPIE Vente en ligne | + 33 (0) 6 16 24 01 35 galeriemecanica  .com




LOU CANOTIERS - 1, rue Montaigne 24200 SARLAT

GALERIE LOU CANOTIERS - 46330 St CIRQ LAPOPIE | Tél. +33 (0)6 07 22 52 32 - 070519-1


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