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Spirit of the Seventies PROFILE

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CONTENTS 4 Scooting About Kent 8 The Legend Of Johnny Giles 12 Spirit Of The Seventies 16 A Trip To Le Mans 20 Normandy MCC 22 Frontline – News From MAG 24 Product Review – DemonClean 25 An Idiot Got Bored 26 A Family Affair By Seb Bulpin 28 Cancervive Charity Run 29 Electric Bike Night 30 Get Dirty With SEB 35 South East Events

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COVER IMAGE: Steve Aylard @fastframephotography

South East Biker Magazine •

It’s been five years since the first issue of South East Biker Magazine hit the streets and what an eventful time that has been. With the DSA and the Eurocrats doing their level best to make it is as hard as possible to obtain a bike licence, and the steady decline in all our living standards, the last half decade has been a massively challenging time for the motorbike industry. Unfortunately we’ve lost a few bike businesses and those that remain have found it a struggle. We have all had to make our kit last a bit longer, maybe hang on to a bike we might have traded in and cut down on the little accessories we treat our bikes to. Selling the bike, however, doesn’t seem to be an option for most of us. Too much fun! Not only can we use our bikes for our everyday transport, but it’s a machine to transport us around Europe or the world, do track days or green laning on or just take a spin down to the coast on. MAG is a growing organisation, off road biking is becoming more popular and there are plenty of rallies and bike events every weekend across the South East. The next five years will be as much as a challenge as the last lot, but with the optimism and enthusiasm we come across amongst bikers wherever we go, the future looks pretty bright. We need to show the next generation of motorcyclists that it’s worth overcoming all the hurdles put in their way to get on two wheels. We need to support our local dealers and bike businesses, please use the special offers put in our adverts. Drop in and see what they offer. If these businesses disappear it will have a big impact on all of us. Issue 28 contains a taste of all that is great about motorcycling, an African charity ride on a 125 in aid of Help for Heroes, a local Sunday ride for a great cause, news from MAG and from inside the exciting BSB paddock, a trip to Le Mans, brilliant cutting edge bike building from Spirit of the Seventies and a review of a couple of models from the expanding scooter market. Oh yes, and in case you hadn’t noticed, the sun has been out. Happy days, here’s to the next five. All the best Nick Tunstill

south east biker magazine @southeastbiker 3


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August-September 2013 • South East Biker Magazine


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a step through frame and a platform for the rider’s feet. Most are automatic but many of the classic bikes were geared. The advantage of the scooter is ease of use, weather protection, economy and plenty of storage space. Disadvantages in the past have been poor performance, less stability than a traditional motorbike and, for many people, they are perceived as simply not as engaging to ride. The situation hasn’t helped by the recent influx of some poor standard Chinese machines, which has tainted the whole sector. However, in case you haven’t noticed, one or two brands have been making quite an impact and big names such as BMW, Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda have realised there is a big future market here. Guys like this don’t put out 8-10 grand bikes lightly so you can be assured they have done their R&D and market research. Until I had spoken to Colwin, I presumed Kymco was just another cheapo Chinese scooter company. Aha, I was wrong. First of all, they are Taiwanese, a massive company with a long established dealer network selling hundreds of thousands of bikes around the world. Take a trip to many European cities and you will be amazed at the numbers of these scooters buzzing about. We tried out a 125cc machine and a 300cc model. I grabbed the bigger first of all, the fuel injected Downtown. It’s a smart looking bike and a good look over the machine reveals plenty of features and components that are well thought out and put together. There’s nothing over fancy about the Downtown, it’s well laid out, with easy to understand controls and instruments, suits me! When filtering straight into the Sittingbourne traffic, the size of the 6

scooter is confidence inspiring. Some of the smaller scoots can leave you feeling pretty vulnerable in traffic. The fuel injected 29.5bhp 4 stroke engine is well up to the job of getting up to speed and staying with the busy traffic. The brakes are great, certainly more than adequate for this machine. Poodling around town and filtering were simple with the bike’s slim design. I must admit I found it a little bit chuggy at particularly slow speeds. As it’s an auto you don’t have the luxury of a clutch to smooth things out. Once the traffic starts to move, the Downtown begins to prove its worth. The engine responds nicely to a handful of throttle and the bike’s accelaration is brisk, whisking the Downtown’s 179kg along at decent pace. As we join the dual carriageway the scooter has all the power on tap to feed in at a confidence inspiring speed. It’s billed as Sports-Tourer scooter, not sure about the sports bit, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t cover some decent ground on this machine in comfort, even two up. With fuel consumption around 70 mpg, a top speed of 90mph, quality lights, brakes and plenty of storage, this is very cost effective and efficient motorcycle. With nice little touches such as a 12v socket and adjustable brake levers, the Downtown is good value at under £4k. On to the Agility City 125, well I thought this would be a big come down to be honest. I have ridden a few 125 scooters from various bike school fleets and they are mostly underwhelming. So I was really expecting something similar, if slightly better constructed. As with all scooters, you sit on it and literally twist and go. The Agiity picks up speed nicely and comfortably deals with town traffic and A roads. Dual carriageways are possible but a bit daunting to be honest. With a August-September 2013 • South East Biker Magazine

try it out

top speed of 60ish and running out of acceleration before that, having white van man bearing down on you and not having the grunt to get out of trouble is a bit disconcerting. However that’s not the purpose of these scooters. Good value, well built and reliable transport, particularly for commuting and town work is their purpose and they serve that extremely well. Now here’s the strange bit of the day, I preferred the Agility to ride! And there’s one major reason for that, the unusual, but fantastic idea of fitting the bike with a 16” front wheel. Wow, what a difference to the ride they make. The traditional small scooter wheels mean you have to adapt your riding style to stop the bike grounding and bumps and potholes can cause a fair bit of agro. The Agility City 125 rides and corners much like a traditional motorbike, and this makes quite a difference if you are considering a scoot as an alternative or second form of transport. Everything else on the little Kymco is pretty much would you would expect. Simple to ride, with well laid out, basic intruments and controls. Plenty of storage, knocking on for 100mpg, minimal and cheap servicing. Well worth a look at under £1900. Two smart machines to suit two purposes here then. The Downtown for commuting, two up and touring with comfort and great running costs. For many this is the only machine you would need. The Agility for shorter trips, slower but more nimble and “motorbike” like. An ideal second bike or a fantastic learner machine to provide a better taste of the feel of motorcycling with the feel and practicality of a scooter. Many thanks to all at Colwins Motorcycles of Sittingbourne for lending us the bikes and taking the time to show us the range. As a long established South East Biker Magazine •

Kymco dealer, they are happy to sell a brand they know is excellent value and a great product. Give them a call and have test ride, you will be pleasantly surprised. Oh, and by the way, I took the opportunity for a bit of research whilst scooting about. I nod at all two wheelers and get some odd looks occasionally. So as a scooterist for the day, I took the opportunity to nod at all bikers, whatever they were riding. Did they nod back?? No, miserable lot!!

Technical details Kymco Agility City 125 Engine........................................... 125 4 stroke air cooled Power output............................................................9.3bhp Max speed.................................................................65mph Tyres........................................FR 100/80 16 RR 120/80 16 Front brake......................................................................disc Rear brake........................................................................disc Length.................................................................... 2045mm Width.........................................................................725mm Seat Height...............................................................840mm Nett Weight................................................................ 120kg

Kymco Downtown 300i Engine.............................................................. 299 4 stroke Power output..........................................................29.5bhp Max speed.................................................................90mph Tyres........................................FR 120/80 14 RR 150/70 13 Front brake...................................................... floating disc Rear brake........................................................................disc Length.................................................................... 2205mm Width.........................................................................815mm Seat Height...............................................................775mm Nett Weight................................................................ 179kg



The Legend of Johnny Giles A motorcycling sporting icon from the sixties and Man of Kent, still going strong. Britain’s most successful International Six Day Trial rider John Giles is reunited with the bike that helped him to the most memorable of his 13 gold medal victories, after almost 50 years.


ast yourself back in time: Gandhi is the new Prime Minister of India; three months ago Steve McQueen received his one and only Oscar nomination; Buddy Elmore is still basking in the glory of his remarkable victory on a Triumph 500 at the Daytona 200 two months earlier; and Bob Dylan is just beginning his year-long convalescence after crashing his 500cc Triumph Tiger 100 in New York. In case that doesn’t date it, you’ll realise how far removed we are from the present day when you learn that it’s less than a month since England hosted and won the FIFA World Cup. Yes, it’s August 1966. And, at the legendary International Six Day Trial (ISDT) endurance biking event in Villingsberg, Sweden, six riders are competing as a team on purpose-built Triumphs supplied by the Meriden factory for the last time. They each draw straws for who will ride which bike. Though the one bearing licence plate 105CWD won gold in Czechoslovakia in 1963, gold in East


Germany in 1964 and gold on the Isle of Man in 1965, at four years old and with just 350cc, it’s the bike no one on the team wants for the tough Swedish course. Forty-seven years later, John Giles – who drew the short straw – reflects on what happened next. South East Biker Magazine •

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“I rode the bike flat out all week, half expecting it to break under the intense pressure, but it wouldn’t pack up and, along with the rest of the team, I finished without dropping a single mark.” The Triumph team was battling against more than a dozen other manufacturers for the coveted ISDT Trophy, which required each rider to complete roughly 350 miles a day in a cross-country time trial on a certified road-standard bike. To win gold, the fastest six-man team didn’t only have to beat their opposition, they also had to ensure none of their riders were late for any checkpoints along the route. This meant competitors had to be competent mechanics as well as superb riders. “We used to be allowed a maximum of five minutes in the Parc Fermé before each day’s racing to make any repairs,” explains John. “But we’d frequently suffer punctures and other breakdowns during the trial that we’d have very little time to mend if we wanted to make the next checkpoint. Fortunately, once we’d been allocated our bikes, we’d spend the three weeks before each trial meticulously practising changing the tubes, chain and throttle cable so we’d be able to do each quickly.” 10

Each rider would typically get through two front tyres and two backs during the six days, and the last set would also have to complete an hour-long speed test at the culmination of the whole event. Ridden by John, 105CWD won a remarkable fourth consecutive ISDT gold medal, and earned its retirement. It was shipped back to the UK and stored at Triumph HQ until it was sold to leading dealer Ken Heanes in 1969. A year later, Ken – a member of the winning 1966 team himself, having ridden a 504cc Triumph to gold – sold 105CWD for £100 to private collector Graham Forsdyke, who stored the bike until 2011, preserving it in a blast-proof bunker. The current owner – prolific collector Dick Shepherd – bought it from fellow enthusiast Dennis Butler a year later. It was Dick that instigated a reunion between the bike and John, bringing them together for the first time since 1966 at Triumph Live in September 2012. “It’s fantastic that the bike still runs,” says John, who turned 84 in May. “However, after all these years I’d like to think that I’m in even better shape. I’m still scrambling competitively, some 62 years after I started riding with Triumph, and at least I’ve been decent enough to have a wash before this reunion, which is more than I can say for the bike!” Preserved with Swedish mud still in its spokes, the bike bears the scars of John’s gold medal-winning ride, casting him back to a moment in time – the 11th of his 13 victories. “The ISDT was the ultimate test of man and machine,” says John, “and Triumph’s smooth twin cylinder engine was the most reliable you could buy.” John remains fiercely loyal to Triumph’s motorcycles today, continuing to ride and work on his own classic bikes all year round. His love for the brand becomes even more evident when you consider that he never actually had a contract with them. August-September 2013 • South East Biker Magazine


Indeed, in John’s era, he was never able to earn a significant living from riding. He held a full-time job as a machine operator and also did two years of national service amid all his achievements for Triumph. Even more amazingly, John won all his gold medals despite being blinded in his left eye by a biking accident in the early 1950s. His reunion with his old bike is a gratifying reminder that, just as every Triumph tells a story, so does every rider. Like 105CWD, John Giles is truly one of a kind. Article first published in March 2013 in Spirit Magazine for Triumph Motorcycles ( Compressed air bottle carries enough air for four tyres, kept at just 12 PSI The horn and speedo are required to maintain the bike’s standard road-legal status, even though John never used either

The dent in the exhaust is deliberate to allow for an easy, unrestricted kick-start

Triumph’s original 1962 stickers remain, alongside the mud, dirt and dents from Sweden in 1966 John’s race number (166) is marked in luminous paint, so the bike could be identified for scrutiny purposes before the number plates were attached

Wheel nut attachment allows for quicker release when changing tyres without the need for a spanner

South East Biker Magazine •

104 denotes the number of links in the bike’s drive chain


days gone by

the spirit of

the seventies …more than a blast from the past


h the Seventies!! Hippies and flares, punk rock and flying pickets, long hot summers and long cold winters. A decade of massive change and innovation. We started school with a slide rule and left with a calculator. It was very much the same in the motorcycling world. At the end of the Sixties, Nortons and Bonnies still (just about) ruled the roads, but by the time Maggie Thatcher ruled Brtitannia, any self respecting teenager wanted a Jap bike. Fast, reliable and stylish and ridden in anger each weekend by Barry Sheene and Kenny Roberts, these were the brands we all aspired to. 12

By Nick Tunstill

So, how does all this relate to a motorcycle custom building business called Spirit of the Seventies?? Well, life back was then somewhat simpler overall. Or so it seemed, we didn’t need to download, upgrade or connect to something every half an hour. If your bike broke, quite often you could fix it with the help of a couple of pals and some cans of Watneys for inspiration. The philosophy that some of that simple, but innovative seventies engineering could be utilised today is one of the principles behind the business. Set up in 2010 Tim Rogers and Kev Taggart, Spirit is a design focussed custom motorbike

building company that creates unique machines to your own requirements or will come up with a look that will blow you away. Custom bikes traditionally are chopper based, loads of chrome and creative paintwork. All well and good, but I am not sure about how appealing these are to ride around the South East’s roads and some of the design is, well… dubious! The motorbikes from Spirit of the Seventies not only look amazing but are designed to be ridden…properly. And design is the real key to their approach. The bikes look fantastic on the website and in print, but get up close to them and the tiny little details are what make them special.

August-September 2013 • South East Biker Magazine

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days gone by

We spent a couple of hours one evening chatting to founder Tim at their HQ in leafy Kent. It’s a lovely mix of old school bike shop with a fascinating array of vintage and refurbished parts and bikes around the place. Don’t assume that it’s only seventies Jap bikes that are being utilised here. From 60’s Bonnies to 675 Daytonas, all tastes and styles are catered for. Some of the engines back then were awesome power plants that, with a bit of TLC, will run for years to come. But by using up to date suspension, brake and electrical components, these motorbikes are turned into highly usable bits of kit. Biking means different thing to different people, from simple, cheap transport to an obsessive, expensive addiction that takes over your life (sound familiar?) The vast majority of bikers I come across love their machines and the lifestyle that goes with it. The bikes created by Spirit of the Seventies are motorbikes that you will cherish for many years. The design, components and attention to detail produces a unique creation that will give you (and others) much pleasure both to drool over and ride hard. I am sure this type of bike building will really appeal in particular to younger riders. They may


appreciate restorations that take a machine back to its original spec, and can admire the craftsmanship in a traditional style custom machine. But I know from my own offspring that the more edgy designs and performance of these bikes are really attractive to them. There’s a big crossover with the mountain biking scene where guys pick the best components and hand build a bike that looks great and works brilliantly. Spirit of the Seventies deliver the ultimate in customised motorbike design, combining classic style with modern engineering. I think and hope they will inspire a new generation of motorcyclists to try something different and create something themselves. Something that is a bit different to the “off the shelf’’ products we all buy and use these days. So, if you are a bit tired of today’s machinery, and fancy something unique, check out the company’s excellent wesbite If it doesn’t inspire you to do something to your beloved, whether a tiny tweak or a major makeover I will be amazed!! Many thanks indeed to Tim for his time and inspiration.

August-September 2013 • South East Biker Magazine

days gone by

South East Biker Magazine •


reader adventure

Earlier this year Martin Watts at Evolution Paintwork organised to take some friends to the French round of the Moto GP in Le Mans. Here is his account of their trip…

Le Mans Moto GP 2013 O

ur trip began on the 16th with an early start to meet our friends and head down to the ferry port at Newhaven. I was on my Aprilia RSVR, my wife Lorna on her Honda CBR600RR, Stefan on his Honda CB1000R, Rob and Kim on Rob’s Fireblade and Andy on his Fireblade. At the port I bumped into Carlos, a customer of Terry at Everest Motorcycles who was also heading to Le Mans on his 50cc Chinese moped, with a tent and a huge rucksack strapped to it. Panic ensued when Lorna’s RR wouldn’t start when we were asked to board the ferry. Just when I was thinking we would have to abandon it at the port and she would have to ride pillion, with one final attempt it started, much to Lorna’s relief! I have heard that radiowaves in ports can mess about with alarm systems on Hondas, and sure enough it would not start when we reached Dieppe. Lorna had to push it off the boat but again, after a few attempts it did start. When we stopped for fuel later on it behaved itself and continued to for the rest of the trip. 16

As we headed out of Dieppe we encountered a rare traffic jam, but soon made our way to the front, only to find Carlos giving it some welly on his moped! We took the motorways for most of the trip to where we were staying, going over the Honfleur bridge on the way. I recommend this if you like a good bridge and fabulous views, and suggest giving it a miss if you are not a fan of heights! We left the motorway near Caen, taking the lovely country roads the rest of the way passing through Vire and Mortain – both good places to stop, Mortain particularly for its beautiful ravine and waterfall. If you’ve not ridden in France before I highly recommend it. The roads make some of ours look like farm tracks, traffic jams are a rarity and, although there are many long straight stretches, there are some fantastic racetrack-style corners that will make your heart sing! Sadly rain set in for the last hour of our journey and we arrived at our home for the next few days just outside St Hilaire-du-Harcouet a little damp. Still, nothing a roaring log fire and a cup of tea could not remedy! August-September 2013 • South East Biker Magazine

HELMET CITY Passionate About Protection Approach Road, Tatsfield Westerham, Kent/Surrey Border. TN16 2JT

4000 SQ FT DEDICATED TO HELMETS & CLOTHING Tel: 01959 577911 Website: Email: Opening times: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm Sat 9am-5pm FREE SPIDER BUNGEE OR OXFORD COMFY on presentation of this voucher! 1 Voucher per Household

reader adventure

The next day (Friday) had the best weather and the sun shone for most of the day. The bikes got a wash and we took a short ride to the medieval town of Fougeres which boasts some pretty paved streets, medieval fortifications and an impressive castle. We explored the town and had lunch al-fresco beside the castle. It was a lovely day, and since the forecast for the rest of the weekend was wet and cold, when we got home we lit the barbeque and enjoyed a few cidres. The following day was Saturday – qualifying – so we headed down to Le Mans passing through Ernie, Mayenne and Sille-le-Guillaume on the way. Getting to the circuit is reasonably easy. You follow the ring road to the south and pick up signs for the circuit. The parking is good too. They operate a secure parking system whereby they stick a number to your bike and give you a corresponding sticker with the same number printed on it. Then, when you leave the bike-park you must show them the sticker with the same number as on your bike and your V5 document. Another of the many great things about the French Moto GP round is the programmes and race-radios are free! Although you have to be quick to get a radio before they run out. With that and the cost of a weekend ticket costing less than race day at Silverstone, it’s definitely worth a visit! When at the circuit I recommend a visit to the Monster Energy venue – there is so much going on. Live DJ, dance floor, Monster girls, bean bag seating area, a half-pipe with professional skateboarders and BMX’ers showing off their skills, replica GP bikes of Rossi, Lorenzo and Crutchlow, Playstations, and did I mention free Monster drink to keep you firing on all cylinders? Every so often the Monster girls would take to the stage to strut their stuff in revealing outfits and to fire Monster goodies into an animalistic crowd with air guns. There are also many trade stands to check out, a fairground and much much more. And if you’ve not tried it already, I recommend a pint of the Desperado beer they sell on tap – lager flavoured with tequila – sounds odd but actually very refreshing! We watched the qualifying from a sweet spot just before the Dunlop bridge where you can see the racers come round the first bend and into an S-curve before heading under the bridge. Despite the chances being low, I bumped into Carlos again – he had made it to Le Mans but minus the moped which had got him half way and then died. His insurance had got him to Le Mans where he had a VIP ticket and was wining and dining with the Honda Gresini team in the evenings. He even met Stoner’s old manager! One of the people he had met offered to give him a lift back to Paris after the race so he could then get back to England – what a stroke of luck! 18

We got very wet on the way home that afternoon – at times it hammered down, but we were all geared up in our waterproof one-sies. The fire was lit again that evening and leathers could be found hanging from all available radiator space, and there was a eerie row of gloves propped on empty beer bottles standing in a line round the fire! Sunday was race day and again it was cold and damp. Still, we had high spirits about the day ahead. If we thought Saturday was busy, Sunday was something else – the bike-park was packed and we had to jostle our way through the crowds to get a good spot for viewing. Needless to say the racing was fantastic, and was only made better by hearing the National Anthem playing when Scott Redding picked up his first Moto 2 win – it was a proud moment. Almost as good was Cal Crutchlow getting second in the GP race – we were full of British pride. Monday was our last full day in France, and after an exciting, if exhausting weekend we took it easy, popping out for a wander round St Hilaire-du-Harcouet and having a lovely meal in the evening in a restaurant called Anacapri. Andy even ordered escargots (when in France…) which we all tried but he was disappointed not to find any horse steak on the menu. On Tuesday we headed home, stopping on the way in Honfleur – a beautiful medieval town well worth a visit. After a good lunch we realised with dread that we had just half an hour before ferry boarding commenced, but we made it just in time before they shut the hold – another minute and we would have been spending the night in Dieppe. We headed straight to the bar and toasted a great, if wet, weekend of biking and racing fun. August-September 2013 • South East Biker Magazine


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19 16/05/2013 15:31



BAGSHOT HEATH 21-04-13 RD 3 SEEC/TEAMSNAPPER Hare n Hounds Championship Photos and words by Rich T and Teamsnapper


have been to Bagshot Heath more times than I care to remember but I will remember this lap configuration as best use of the land ever in my opinion. A 7 mile loop that was fast and flowing one side and the other side a bit more tight and technical, and ground conditions dry mostly with a few damp patches which equals perfect conditions, a massive thank you to Normandy MCC for daring to be different. FTeamsnapper Championship Class David Biles took the lead from the off and no doubting this man’s mettle as he was passed by the young upstarts of Aaron Smith and Max Varney. He never gave up and as always entertained the crowd with his balls out style and very much deserved the runners up spot to Max Varney who today was simply the best. To watch Max when he is on this form is simply a pleasure and, from what I could see, did not put a foot wrong and the way he put pressure on his good friend and rival Aaron Smith just proved how much he has improved. Sadly Aaron got tangled with another rider and damaged his leg which was a shame as I am sure he and Max would have battled all day. 3rd went


to Teamsnapper rider Jack Turner who is another rider who seems to have improved over the winter and once Jack found his rhythm he was on fire and very much closing down David Biles. A heavy crash hindered his progression as a consolation he put in the fastest lap of the day. SMD Offroad Expert Class Despite carrying a badly bruised body, Mark “The Kirbinator” Kirby was simply amazing and so ran the race as every time runner up Ben Wibberley got a bit closer then The Kirbinator just responded. This went on for the whole race and no matter what Ben tried it wasn’t enough, but Ben was happy enough to beat his good friend and Trials rival Tom Moss. In his defence, Tom had not ridden enduro for a long time and it showed in the early laps but once Tom found his feet he bought it home in 5th place. The final podium went to LFB rider Darren Lee who did nothing wrong and looked such a happy bunny in the fast conditions which definitely favour his style, 4th went to Teamsnappers Oliver Macrae. Oliver was racing sportsman less than 2 years ago and does not ride as often as he would like, but boy does this guy have balls and August-September 2013 • South East Biker Magazine

teamsnapper nosa3rd derrumquati susfaster doluptu nulpa formvoluptas and a contender. went to dolorep ienimus plabori late and oodlesiunt of talent andoremque will get better as ribus,on udant, poreribus nimi, debisto taturer spidust iorecus net, Tim Newman who rides withoptatem such consistency nobis ium quiaeped et quimark volorer the season commences, my words. periscia vel nullabo. Accus. and just does his ownilluptatibus thing , 4th excepre to Mick Stradwick natur, in cuptatectur sequam et rem consect uribus eos Ugitiis magnat. Hari whononsectorro despite looking mo out cor of shape more than anducia spereca eprovita pore Veteran A Class rem volo beris estemol moles quiasonce et periostota si kept it together for aexereiciunt good finish. voluptatquid estior vendis This had to be theanti most exciting of allincto the classes, estibus re volest aut rehenisquae occum volupti osamus, consed exerum sum being despiteimagnatem. the winner Giatiis Neil Challice in a league cum quiantia illam ra voluptatiae. quidi was ut ea ipidemVet dellendia B Over 50 Class vollab es all event. of hisinisin own.custio Leaving in his wake, behind Nempore henihil luptatur et late commolu rider Colin Teamsnapper Cowley is making this sitatur? quam, untemperrum sita aBerovid battle in which any of 5 riders coulddolesequodit have got Ehenimus ditatus dere volenem ut ptistrum elithis faciis class own as he did today and he seemed to nonsectessi acereprerum runners upressus spot and after 3 hours of racing it que lab id laborum quatem laut alis aut earum dentthe apid gel with course that really ent, suited the bigde500 nusdam et quiaspe ended quisim up a sprint race onvolupta the last couple of laps.aliaectisim secum rem res assequi sus. molupic fugiaRunner que up was Stephen KTM. Scott, 3rd Ian Wilson, tiscipsam, sam quam incimus plam who It was Teamsnapper’s Chris Stanger took aboreriat that Xeroin consequis aut Gurr. dolo blaut estrum andmagnimus sporting new graphics 4th was Kev lique laboriae spotetfrom Chrisnonsed “Ginge”magnate Howman andvolo it was so volorro labo. Nequatur? Evendestis siminumeach quam quosapis dolorumTimothy Teamsnapper’s Tubb came home 5th ellaccus estiberati ommod ut congratulating good to see the pair of them aut abor as de consequodi doleswith modaquas big grin, whichmoluptiunt, is the main simus objective. am nos on si officitatur other their race.sit liberum sunt modi dero et que ra imus elesequos quidebis magnihiti inciaBurton, vid eumwho atipidebis 4th went to Graham times looked velit The Butchers Clubman B Class Woods quatiae ctectotatem solupisand seemeduttoplam very much out of control me nusam quias faccuptatem prae a nis and alibus, general bad boy Josh Kirby took nataturento inus, sum made dolorrum riding angrily which him so entertaining to que Teenager tempore dolupid thisetwin on hisutfirst outing on a 250 and looked a dolor alitas quiant audit verum Steve watch. 5thet,went to Teamsnapper’s Whiteperferibus eatendigni ntiostione different yet better rider. He excelled in the dry, earibus qui volo dolupis wrong, whomapediciam rode well and did nothing but quo quaspie accuptas vendell andebisit, fast conditions and oozed confidence that I have aliquid ioritatiis re cus. proves he needsetTestosterone against those others qui volorum quist,not et explitatem seen before. 2nd was a rider unknown to me, Oreptur to sunto blanissit, patches make up the difference! Teamsnapper’s quibusa pisquissit,Paul ilit re, aut essitia Bennet, who kept Josh on his toes all day, aliaspe ratatisci sumentiam Big Daddy, Paul Armstrong (The Big D) was flying volupta dolorum 3rd wasexpelis Matthew Isard, who very much gelled quisquas sequis eatam, conempo and looking like another “one up” on tatiscia Mr Stanger, quo with the track and looked happy all day. ressinctium sitiisquiman quatet but the dreaded flu still had a grip onqui renimet audipisque velictent eos mi, ommoluptatur eaque restis et quam, susthe eaque The Big D and towards end he was struggling sunt, omnimus, utSportsman et arum alis Class volendi at venis doluptia and was prettyquas amazing to get 6th spot. volupitem quidusdae Craignonsecta Foster won with 8 laps completed and sanda siminita doluptis autem dolorit, sapis ipis auditae peruptio. the fastest lap of class, runner up was qui de pliaectaturKTM apisClubman aut quiat A Class Tri-County Utex anditistrum di stalwart Stewart Churchyard with Teamsnapper estor aute niam qui berum labor Coles, James Pittaway (JP) on Malcolm Yamaha, si doluptas quodion temAquis 8 laps. great result as Stewart had not ridden for ralooked volore aaut que velrider, eiumconfidence re, different just oozedemoluptio se nimagnam as volore, a while,que 3rdsit to teenager Adam Brady on his 2nd officitem eiur si cusdae vent out of JPlaut with each lap completed. With his laborerum ever enduro although the first one ended after a ium sequisq uidelli quea magic natural ability on agenist bike itrawas winning acilibus. ribus, velis est good for young Adam in this class, lap. Looking del maximet litiis molupta tiumqui combination that took the win. RunnerOdi up alicabo was dolore vel es di inus ant quam, rider and top man Steve Dyke took Teamsnapper beat. Richard Ball who is proving what a contender il moluptatio. Rat 4th repeplace, porum whose progress is coming on in leaps Mendit harum susI could see he is thisrestem year and fromint, what did repercide nosam re nienis eaquam and bounds. He took a while to get a rhythm delibus dantis mo wrong. to expe 3rd ma was Teamsnapper’s not put a wheel quas ant vercil adonce settled he made good ground goingest but con paruptae corrum dolupta James Smith,diwho to me has becomequo “Theint Quiet qui Embags utemof experience. and has temquidere sitio quae nihicit, Assassin” asvolor for some unknown reason ofcon lateprent ad maio. ciasiment et, et molent veni officabo. Ic totatiis I sort of forget him as ifnus hedem is not evenipiendu racing and hil erum volenim voluptius eiusae dolorpos atiasthere eliquaecea dit,place. aut He just then, BANG he is 3rd gets on quaecup us on facebook:verro volupta withmi, hisincil owneossum race and just continuallyvenimi, nibblesevella quiaFind mod undestrumqui Rich & Erika Teamsnapper culpa nimagnim laut isquo awayniam, and without doubt getting a tationsed quicker rider volent, borrovidem optio. Sapic temquo cuptibus as this course 18 months ago would not haveque volleca cuptatet ea dolor teamsnapper accupta aut velloru suitedmeniam James. harumenimi, inti labore pellibeata voluptaqui sit earibus dandaer itaturia nes dolecab iur, cullum nobis mosam consequis estotat quiam, sam la Veteran B Class faccabo rionsequi aut rempor atiis quideniatust unte ametisharum Getting back to form Tom Moore who seems num lam que num et vidus pelique is to quuntoreped utaspel have found eost his mojo again and gaining more Useful info TRIUMPH TIGER 800 aceptatur re praesecepe luptatenis quam Ent confidence withasperitatio. each event. He took del theex topetspot, Top Speed................................ 130mph re nestibus sa pos aspernam atis hilibus, omnis sinit, runnerod upquidis wentaut to Teamsnapper/Full Throttle Power............................................94bhp non nime sus diciur, sam aut am sitJunkies officiaerider eiurem quas Bernardez. andsoloreped legend Manny Weight...........................................210kg fugitem quae net landerum lit magniendunt Another riderautatus. that likes the flowing faster circuits Seat Height....................... 810-830mm Engine................................ 799cc Triple moshe enihil into voluptibusam quis Tem incide and, despitevoluptam getting are, puncture, proved is back Fuel Capacity............................ 19 litres sus re arum quis dent, sinvent, omnistio con re corerci pissit odit, South East Biker Magazine •




Motorcycle Action Group

Fighting on behalf of bikers

Illogical legislation

John Mitchell is the current National Chairman of the Motorcycle Action Group. Since John came back as South East Region Rep last year, the region has gone from being dormant – bar Brighton branch which has just got its Bus Lane trial opened – to a thriving region raising awareness of MAG and money for the fighting fund. Since the last Regional AGM in August his plans to start at least four new branches are already coming to fruition.


otorbikes are doing the EU Hokey-Cokey at the moment. Last time I mentioned the Periodic Roadworthiness Testing legislation that’s going through the European Parliament. The TRAN (EU Transport and Tourism) Committee actually came up trumps at the end of May and voted (agreeing with IMCO and the Council of Ministers) that bikes should be removed from the proposed regulation. However, thanks to another MEP at the EU Plenary vote at the beginning of July, an amendment was posted that put them back in again. It doesn’t mean that the battle is lost – just that the regulations have to go back to the TRAN Committee and we won’t see it now until well after the Summer recess. In the meantime, keep the pressure up with the MEPs – especially the Socialist ones and let them know that bikes should not be included in the commission’s silly legislation which is just another money-making scam for Dekra (the German MoT equipment supplier who would make a nice stack of money from the legislation). Of course, please keep it polite and to the point. Has anyone noticed a shortage of young bikers lately? At MAG’s Annual Conference near Bristol this year, the room was full of people who (with a few exceptions) are 40+ – if things are allowed to continue the way they are, the future of biking is less than certain. The latest legislation for getting a licence has made things a lot more difficult to get


on the road. While this doesn’t affect most of you out there, as you’ve got a licence, please think of the poor buggers who come after you (failure to do so ten years ago when the 3rd Driving Licence Directive first reared its ugly head, led to the present situation). Maybe, when you did the test, all you had to do was ride around the block and stop when someone jumped out in front of you. Now, you have to ride 20-30 miles to the test centre (depending on where you live – if you’re lucky); then, go round loads of cones, having to do swerve tests, manual handling exercises and an emergency stop from 30mph (with a speed gun determining if you’ve passed or failed). That’s only the first part. You still have to do the whole on-road bit as well at a later date. There is a distinct shortage of Module 1 test centres with nowhere near the coverage we need to make sure everyone who wants to do a bike test in their local area has the opportunity to do so. Imagine if you find that your nearest test centre is closed? Then you have to ride an extra 30-40 miles to get there. By the time you get there, if you’re not used to riding long distances, you’ll be knackered – and then you’ll be expected to be at your best for the Mod 1 test, which can be quite daunting. More so if it’s the middle of winter. That’s what’s happened recently. The Ore Mod 1 test centre near Hastings was closed by the Driving Standards Agency without a proper reason back in December last year. August-September 2013 • South East Biker Magazine


They announced on the Tuesday that it was going to that had been looking to change the test to a single on-road test has been scrapped, after three years close on the following Saturday; meaning that and £500,000 being spent on it. all tests for Sussex (which is about the same size as There’s a demo planned in Brussels later this year. Yorkshire) would have to be moved to Burgess Hill I’d originally intended to get a campaign going for 40 miles away (leading to delays). The day after, ‘Justice’ for bikers, but how do you really define they’d admitted that the closure was due to leaves Justice? I’ll come back to that next time… and the surface at the centre. All this meant to my mind that they hadn’t got anyone who could use a John Mitchell broom to sweep up the leaves. MAG National Chairman It took a series of letters between myself and and South East Regional Representative. Rosemary Thew, the Chief Executive of the DSA, to persuade them that keeping the centre closed would be a bad idea. I then found out that the Uckfield MAG presents centre would be opening after the Christmas holidays. How convenient! Especially when you realise the licensing changes (which make it th th a lot more difficult for a young person to get a Middle Farm – On the A27 at Firle licence) were brought in nr Lewes, East Sussex BN8 6LJ on January 13th this year and people in East Sussex Live Bands + DJ Licensed Bar Silly Games wouldn’t be able to get Custom & Classic bike show Middle Farm cider! their preferred test date (Middle Farm hosts the National Collection of Cider and Perry) due to the hols, leading to many people missing the deadline. Cynical, moi? Despite the Centre Tickets: re-opening in January, £12.50 in advance it’s just been closed again £15 on the gate (for the same reasons), Custom show – £2 per entrant Tickets (and more info) available from so people in East Sussex Mitch – 07855 111946 have yet again got to fit or Mick – 07703 645337 in with their West Sussex or counterparts and the Ticket payment available online via surface is as bad as it or by post from ever was. This time we’ve 44 Seafield Close, Seaford, East Sussex BN25 3JR not been given an open Cheques payable to Uckfield MAG date. Nice timing for the peak summer biking season, eh? Furthermore, the Government has just announced that the motorcycle test review





250 limit

South East Biker Magazine •




was asked to try this bike cleaner to see how it compared to the well known brands on the market. Using my bikes nearly every day, and for many purposes both on and off road, keeping them clean is an important maintenance task. I have tried several cleaners, most work reasonably well, some better than others, none stands out in particular and some are really quite pricey when you clean a couple of bikes regularly. All are designed to make life as easy as possible and be environmentally friendly of course. What’s different about this one then and does it work?? It’s been developed by a chemical engineer from Kent over the last 20 years and is made locally as well. There are two ways to use DemonClean depending on the state of your bike before you start. If you have greasy and oily metal components, engine, wheels, swinging arm etc, use it neat. Spray it on to the worst areas, agitate with a stiff brush and leave for half an hour or two cups of tea in biker time. Spray on some more then use a hose and a brush to remove the grime. I was pleasantly surprised how well this works. A good deal of the black gunk came off the spoked wheels when hosed and brushed. For the plastics, DemonClean can be diluted up to 1 part to 100 parts of water. Again leaving it to attack the grime, this time for one cuppa, and then rinsing off cleans the bike up nicely. The cleaner is biodegradeable and emulsifies all dirt, oil and grease. Full disposal and handling details are supplied. The chemical composition means that after you have started to use it, a build up of film protects the bike and makes future cleaning easier. So a couple of really good sessions (think of the tea!) and your bike cleaning in the longer term should be less of a chore. It also means that DemonClean can be diluted more as you use it so bringing the cost down. This product is currently not stocked by distributors and is mail order only. A 500ml bottle costs £6.75 plus carriage of £2.60. Discounts are available on delivery for multiple orders. As an introductory offer we can offer an August price of £5.75 plus carriage for South East Biker readers. To purchase visit and visit the shop. Alternatively send a cheque for £8.35 to South East Biker, Wirral Acre, Eridge Road, Crowborough TN6 2SP. 24

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August-September 2013 • South East Biker Magazine John Harris QP 0313.indd 1

19/03/2013 11:25

charity ride

An Idiot got bored London to Jo’Burg on a Van van Will Moore plans a trip from London to Johannesburg… on a Suzuki Van van. An exsoldier, Will is raising funds for Help for Heroes.


n September 14th Will be leaving The Biker Store at Blindley Heath near Lingfield bound for the southern tip of Africa. This is a 25,000km trip on a 125cc motorbike, not a light undertaking. Will is riding solo and unsupported, across the UK, France, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Gambia, Nigeria, Angola…the list goes on and includes the Western and Eastern Sahara Desert. Some of these countries are in bloody civil wars. There will be huge challenges on this trip for Will and we look forward to keeping everyone updated in future editions. Sponsorship is really important and is being provided by Suzuki GB, Haslemere Motorcycles, The Biker Store and P&P Seat Covers.

Will’s donation page is You can follow his blog on If you think you can help in any way, contact Will direct:

Why not come along to The Biker Store on September 14th to see Will off and stick a few quid in his pot?

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ts ava


sed and




South East Biker Magazine •

ts iscoun age D d Mile e it im r •L ove ms ons C Premiu ificati • Mod i-Bike lt u M e t Valu • Grea rity.

t Autho


ncial C

Fina by the




y l i fam affair

Photography: Graham – Whiteline Images

We have friends of all backgrounds within the many racing paddocks we have flitted between over the last 7 or so years of racing involvement, and along the way we have had the good fortune to meet some truly incredible people.


ne such family that spring to mind are the Bradlaws – Nigel (Brad), Tracy, Dean and Jason. Mother and Father with their 2 sons, they trek around the country racing in the Hottrax Endurance Championship aboard their nigh on identical Yamaha R6 machines. I met this great family as they are local to me and happened to be in need of some advice prior to going racing. Unfortunately for them they didn’t realise how useless my input would be until it was too late and they were sat on the grid for their first meeting!!


So team Bradlaw – Mother Tracy aka ‘The Dragon’ (according to Brad) is undeniably the boss, taking the role of strategist and pit crew, Dean keeps the garage in working order, Jason is the young buck and rides alongside his father, Brad in the races. A true father/son effort!! They are also supported by friend Dave Stewardson. With 8 podiums and sealing the championship win at the very last round of the year in 2012 it’s fair to say these guys deserve some recognition for their family achievement. Brad is the first to appreciate that in endurance racing it is certainly a whole team

August-September 2013 • South East Biker Magazine


effort, and with that team being his nearest and dearest he was always on to a winner ;) Brad’s Highlights... • Being with the family for a full weekend 8 times throughout the year, with a common focus and target • The friends we have made • Getting a Cadwell Park trophy again after 31 years (TZ250 14/03/1981) • Alex Lowes presenting the Championship Trophy – pretty special! Congrats mate and best of luck for the rest of 2013 too!! Tough going in National Superstock 1000... So we’re another 2 rounds further into the 2013 season and it’s not getting any easier – good job we love a challenge!! We wild carded at the World Superbike round at Donington Park for round 5 of our National Superstock Championship. It’s always a fun weekend up there and with just Dave and myself making the trip we had plenty of time to focus on the job at hand. During qualifying the bike was working great and I was really enjoying ‘hanging it out’ a bit out there. Finishing up 18th it was our best qualifying of the year from the usual entry of 50+ riders. The race was going well until on the last lap I was stuck on the wrong end of some tom foolery going into the Foggy Esses so ended up 21st. Not awful and a fun weekend away in the sunshine for once.

Snetterton 300 recently was more challenging. A bike that wouldn’t play ball in free practice and a crash in first qualifying put paid to much hope for a result. Ending the weekend with a 26th place finish from the 52 that started the weekend – not awful but not too much fun riding around in those lowly places. On the plus side my awesome Held Leathers and Gloves (available from GetGeared Leatherhead!) stood up to the slide perfectly... barely a mark on me so we still looked fast at least!! As always enjoying the on and off track action though and with our local, Brands Hatch GP, up next it’s big smiles going into the next round. If you’re local and venturing to the Brands Hatch BSB round then pop in and say hello... perhaps even give me a kick up the harris if my times aren’t looking too hot!! Catch you soon... Seb#143 Follow Seb’s progress by visiting:

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£11.99 inc. P&P

A quality Fruit of the Loom product that you can wear with pride when out on your bike (or not). £1 from each sale will go to a local Air Ambulance fund. To order log onto or send a cheque for £11.99 to South East Biker, Wirral Acre, Eridge Road, Crowborough, East Sussex. TN6 2SP. Please state which size you require and include delivery details. Available in black but if you want another colour, let us know and we will see what we can do.

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charity ride

Cancervive Charity Motorcycle Run “Cancervive is a charity established to address the needs of anyone whose family or friends are cancer sufferers. We are here to provide a support network based upon our own personal experience at these difficult times.” Paul Huggett – Founder Fancy a ride on a summer’s Sunday around East and West Sussex? Well join us on Sunday 1st September at The Sportsman, Goddards Green at 10am. The ride leaves at 11am and heads off towards Lewes then across towards Eastbourne and Beachy Head. We will have a couple of tea stops then back along the coast and along the Downs ending back at the pub for a bbq. So why are we doing this, apart from a good excuse for a ride? All of us know someone who has suffered from this disease, but it has a huge effect on family
and friends as well. Help raise funds for this excellent cause by joining us on the day. All the information is on the website. It’s £10 in advance or £12 on the day. You are welcome to raise more yourself or contribute even if not taking part. If you can donate anything to a raffle please get in touch with the organisers via the website: 01273 834912


August-September 2013 • South East Biker Magazine

Electric Bike Night


at Haslemere Motorcycle

Dan from Zero Motorcycles and Phil from Weald EVT gave us a fascinating insight into one of the future technologies for powering motorcycles.


hil had his world record drag race challenging bike on show. He kicked off with a great talk about how his project started, the development and progress to date and how he is planning an assault on the world drag record. The development of this technology will eventually filter down to machines we will be buying one day, in much the same way as MotoGP prototypes. To find out more about this exciting project, have a look at Sussex based Phil is available for talks for clubs and dealers. Dan filled us in on the development and progress of commercial electric motorbikes. Zero motorcycles is an American company, part of a large corporation. They have invested vast sums to bring these bikes to market and the finished products are pretty

impressive. They look like bikes and the performance and running cost figures are awesome. This technology is still some way from competing with petrol engines, however it’s snapping on the heels and these bikes do seem brilliant. The most interesting part of the evening was speaking to bikers who had ridden and bought them. All were very impressed with the power and ride of the Zeros. The common theme was the fun to be had aboard them. And, after all, that’s why we ride bikes isn’t it?? So, many thanks to all at Haslemere Motorcycles, Phil and Dan. A forward looking motorcycle dealer servicing our current requirements and future needs. Have a look at the Haslemere website for a video featuring the bikes and customers’ reactions.

Service • Repairs • Tyres Track Day Preparations MOTs by Appointment 17 Years Main Dealer Experience

Tel: 01825 890313, Mobile: 07710 784876 Email: Visit: Unit 3a, The Oaks Farm Workshops, Framfield, East Sussex. TN22 5PN

Bring this advert with you and get a MOT for JUST £25! Everest Motorcycles HP 0313.indd 1 South East Biker Magazine •

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Get Dirtywith SEB! Have you ever fancied a go at Green Laning, maybe fancy taking up enduro or motocross or simply just want to find out what all the fuss is about? Well here’s your chance to have a go without worrying about kit, bikes, fuel or instruction. It’s all part of the package. We have teamed up with Freestyle Training to offer an introduction to riding off road. Freestyle will be supplying the motorbikes, Husqvarnas TE310’s The day is limited to: 10 places, 5 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon The date is: Friday October 18th and will be on land in East Sussex

ruts and tackling obstacles such as tree trunks. Having completed the course, you will be a lot more confident tackling conditions you may well come across on the road as well, such as gravel and mud. The session costs £120 and for this you get: A half day’s instruction in a small group of 5, all necessary off road kit, bike and fuel, teas and coffees, a fantastic South East Biker Goodie Bag!!

Places are strictly limited so book soon.

Morning session: 9am-1pm Afternoon session: 1pm-5pm

Please email or call 01892 610808 for more information and bookings. This would make a great present as well so leave this page open in front of a loved one as a hint!

The course will cover correct throttle and clutch control, efficient braking, cornering and turns – and, if time and ability permits – descents, climbs, riding

Participants need to be over 18 and hold a full motorcycle licence. We reserve the right to change venue and times if conditions dictate.


August-September 2013 • South East Biker Magazine


Situated in Edenbridge, Kent, we offer a wide range of quality bikes at affordable prices. JB Motorcycles pride ourselves for our courteous, honest service. Our customers appreciate the way we do business, and we know you will too. Whether you are purchasing a new or used bike, having your existing one repaired or serviced, we think you will find the buying experience at J B Motorcycles noticeably refreshingly different from all other retailers.

JB Motorcycles, Skitts Manor Farm, Moor Lane, Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 5RA Email: Tel: 07717 013566 Website:


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SEB TRACK DAYS What do our members think? Neil (Experienced Rider) “It has been a great day and we will book for every one of SEB’s track days this year, they are so friendly and a real laugh” ” Ian (Novice Rider) “The instructor, helped me to ride a better lap and I really enjoyed my day with SEB. I will be back ” Dave (Novice rider) “I haven’t been on many track days but I’ve had so much help and support from the other riders, it’s given me confidence“

Look out guys, here comes Lloyd he’s behind you.

Photography by:

Get on Track with SEB Gary a hero who rode 65 miles, rode every session and rode another 65 miles home. SEB’s hero of the day!


Tom Looking professional and very cool with a big smile behind the dark visor.

outh East Biker’s track days started early this year at Brands Hatch in March and Lydden Hill, Kent in April. We offer a great day on amazing circuits, with a fun, friendly group of riders. If you’re less experienced on track we have our own qualified instructor to help you gain confidence and enjoy your day but even the best riders can gain some valuable points to enhance their riding. SEB’s instructor will film your riding and for just £10 you get a DVD of one of your sessions on your bike. SEB’s track day is not just about what you do on track, it’s a social occasion too. Here are just a few things we can offer on our South East Biker’s track day experience.


Former SEB’s editor Pete gets help from Ken, SEB’s instructor.

What do you get from The South East Biker Club Membership?

• VIP registration so no need to queue at Lydden Hill • It’s a friendly, social event, ideal for novices and experts alike. • Our own instructor on hand for one to one session • Instructor has on board camera to film you on track and then de-brief after which can improve your track day experience. • Your own unique DVD of your session for only £10 incl P&P. • SEB’s own photographer who concentrates specifically on club members • We supply Free Drinks, Snacks and Shelter from the British weather • Free goodie bag, includes stickers, vouchers and much more. • On hand Free advice to help set up your bike.

Dave getting his leg down, whatever works Dave!

We know you will have a great time so book now and join in with the fun but you don’t have to believe us, why not hear from some our SEB club members. You don’t have to own a sports bike to go on track, our members are individuals and so are their bikes, just check out the pictures on South East Biker Facebook group. The next track days are at Lydden Hill, Kent, starting with 21st September which is already booking fast so if you would like to join us you will need to book soon to avoid disappointment. SEB Track day dates at Lydden Hill: Saturday 21st September. Further dates maybe added for Brands Hatch and Lydden later in the summer. Call Debbie on 01892 610808 or

August-September 2013 • South East Biker Magazine

HONDA • DUCATI • KAWASAKI • SUZUKI • TRIUMPH • YAMAHA Quality used road bikes and trials specialist. Peugeot scooters. All you need for you and your bike. Spares, Tyres, Servicing and MOTs. Great selection of clothing and helmets. Gas Gas, Beta, Sherco trials specialist. Expert advice and off road parts/accessories SHOEI • ARAI • SIDI • SPADA • RST • HEBO • AIROH ALPINESTARS • OXFORD • MOTUL • CASTROL

Call: 01622 688727 / 01622 765791

99-107 Upper Stone St, Maidstone, Kent. ME15 6HE Email:

South EastHP Biker Magazine • Inta 0113 Ad.indd 1

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le A wide range of motorcyc able kit and accessories avail both in-store and online 1 Call us now: 01342 45817

• Helmets • Textiles • Boots • Gloves • Kevlar Jeans • Heated Kit • Ladies Gear


Halvarssons Stockist

k .u o .c e r to s r e ik b e h .t w w w

Email: sales@thebikers

The Biker Store HP 0313.indd 1

19/03/2013 11:14


Make your marketing stick! From die-cut stickers to shop signs and graphics, DemonSkinz can make you stand out from the crowd. • Stickers & Decals • Posters & Banners • Canvasses • • Bike Graphics • Van & Car • Signage • Point of Sale • • Shop Windows & Signs • Interior & Exterior • Call 01892 710954 for a quote or to find out more. 34 DemonSkinz HP 0813.indd


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South East Biker Events AUGUST EVENTS


3-4 Aug

Red Bull Pro Nationals,

1 Sept

Gingerbeards Trial, Horsmonden

4 Aug

Motorbike Event Day in aid of

6 Sept

Biker Down Course,

Canada Heights

Kent Air Ambulance, Deal Road,

West Sussex

8 Sept

Poole Pirates v Eastbourne Eagles

11 Aug

White Doves Collectors Transport

11 Aug

BSB Oulton Park

10 Aug Eastbourne Eagles v Lakeside

18 Aug 19 Aug

Show, Bordon, Hants GU35 9PD

KS Racing Colwins Test ride day

31 Aug

Uckfield MAG rally

Freestyle Husqvarna

Canada Heights Enduro

13 Sept Eastbourne Eagles v Belle Vue 14 Sept

Brighton Speed Trials

17 Sept

Hastingsbikenites trackday at

15 Sept Ace Cafe Brighton Burn up

Brands Hatch in aid of SERV

Poole Pirates v Peterborough

21 Sept South East Biker Trackday,

Event from 11am

21-22 Sept AMCA Champs, Canada Heights

Viking Motorcycle Seats Open Day Hastingsbikenites Brands Hatch evening in support of SERV

23 Aug Lakeside v Poole Pirates 26 Aug

Ashford Fire Station

6-8 Sept Lock up your sheep,

5 Aug

14 Aug

Poole Pirates v Lakeside


4 Aug Try out trial, Stedham, Midhurst,

14 Aug

2 Sept

BSB Cadwell Park

Greybeards Trial, Horsmonden

Lydden Hill

22 Sept Timber Woods LDT, 22 Sept

23 Sept

Kent Gliding Club, Challock Romney Marsh Bike Jumble Biker Down Course,

Ashford Fire Station

Please note: we cannot be held responsible for the information provided on this page. Much of it is provided independently. We suggest you check details with the organisers before making commitments. Further details and contacts for some of these events can be found at For South East Biker Track Days contact:

If you have an event you would like listed then email: October/November entries to be in by 6th Sept. 2013. Entries are limited to first come first in.


NEW BIKES Cooper BMW Motorrad Longfield Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN2 3UE Tel: 0845 601 8593

New demo bikes available to try. Sales, Servicing, Clothing and parts.

John W Groombridge Motorcycles Mayfield Road Garage Cross in Hand, Heathfield East Sussex, TN21 0SP Tel: 01435 862466 E-mail:

Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Sym motobikes in stock. Large selection of clothing.

Haslemere Motorcycles

Petersfield Road, Whitehill, Hampshire GU35 9AR Sales: 01420 488290 Main Suzuki, Yamaha dealer with good quality used motorcycles and Harleys. Test ride the new GSXR600 or try some of our great 125’s on sale.

Kent Motorcycles

Dover Road (A2), CT4 6SA Tel: 01227 832601

Everything Honda, New demo’s available to test ride, CBF 125, CBR 250 and VFR. MOT’s, Servicing, Clothing and Accessories.


JAM Sport Motorcycles

Helmet City

43 The Street, Wrecclesham Farnham, Surrey. GU10 4QS Tel: 01252 718606

Waylands Farm, Tatsfield, TN16 2JT Tel: 01959 577911 Email:

SALES, SERVICE, REPAIRS, SPARE PARTS and MOT’S Stockists in Enduro, Trials, MotorX and quality used bikes

Phoenix Motorcycles

3a Beeching Road, Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex TN39 3LG Tel: 01424 225224 Quality used bikes available, MOT’s, Servicing, Parts and Accessories

SERVICING Kingston Motorcycle Centre Tel: 0208 549 5335

Servicing, MOT’s, Race-Track Prep and repairs.

Fastlane Motorcycles 88 Priory Street, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 2AH Tel: 01732 363630 Email: We have a wide range of Used bikes, Clothing, Servicing, MOT’s, Parts,Track and Race preparation.


J. S. Gedge (Honda)

290 Kingston Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7QE Tel: 01372 225100

Large range of Helmets, clothing and accessories in stock. Outlets in Chichester and Dorset.

TRAINING Sussex Motorbikes Tyres, Servicing, MOTs, Repairs, Sales & Training CBT, DAS, ERS with bike and kit hire available. We are an established training centre that can take you from CBT to advanced training.

MTS SUSSEX Motorcycle Training for Sussex, Surrey and Kent • Taster Sessions • CBT • A2/DAS • • ERS • Advanced • Back to Biking • • Free Assessments • Ladies Only Days •

Call us now on 01342 890006


406-410 Old London Road, Hastings, E. Sussex. TN35 5BB Tel: 01424 423708

Everything you need under one roof or check out our extensive website.

The one stop Honda shop.

Insurance Champions Call 0800 089 2000 or visit

INTA Motorcycles

The Biker Store

Viking Motorcycle Seats

99-107 Upper Stone Street, Maidstone. Kent. ME15 6HE Tel: 01622 688727 or 01622 765791

Email: We specialise in quality used motorcycles and are Kent’s leading motorcycle trials specialists.


Unit 2, Systems House, Eastbourne Road (A22), Blindley Heath, Surrey, RH7 6JD Tel: 01342 458171 Wide range of helmets, clothing and accessories. Come down and see our large showroom.

27A Heaver Trading Estate, Ash, Kent TN15 7HJ Tel: 07977 874075 Seat modifications, Gel pads, re-covering and embroidery

August-September 2013 • South East Biker Magazine




Visit: or email: South East Biker Magazine •




Here is your quick guide to biker resting points throughout our region. If you wish to advertise your business here to 1000s of bikers then call Debbie on 01892 610808 or email:

Ryka’s Café

Kent Motorcycles H’s Café

Mickleham , Box Hill, Dorking, Su rrey. RH5 6B Y Tel: 01306 88 4454

Dover Road (A2), CT4 6SA Tel: 01227 832601

Rykas Café – the South Ea st’s motorbike rid ers institutio n. www..boxhi

Opening hours: Mon - Fri, 7:30am - 3:30pm Sat 7:30am - 5pm 8am to 4pm Sun il 9.30pm Wed is Bike night open unt

The Bell Inn

The Pied B ull

Outwood, RH1 5PN

High Stree t Farningha m Kent. DA4 0DG Tel: 01322 862125 Bike

s welcome, good food and good company.

Loomies Café West Meon, GU32 1JX


Station Road, n Café Alton, GU Tel: 01420 8220 34 2PZ 5 Op ening Mon-Sat 6:30am- hours: 3p Late night: Sta m. Closed Sun. rts en Wednesdays 5p d March Take away servi m-9pm. Try one of our ce available. great money quality value for meals.

Oakdene Cafê Wrotham, TN15 7RR

Wessons Café

High Street, Horam, Heathfield, East Sussex TN21 0ER Tel: 01435 813999

Home of the MAMA Burger Eat In or Takeaway Welcome Now Open 7 Days A Week Mon-Fri 7am To 4pm Sat & Sun 9am To 4pm (Inc, Bank Hols)

ays Whitew é f a C Hill, ry (A29) Bu FD BN18 9


The Harrow Inn

Harrow Road, Knockholt, Sevenoaks, Kent TN14 7JT

Six Bells

Chiddingly, BN8 6HT

Tel: 01959-532168 Extensive menu, great value with stylish restaurant. Wednesday is Bike night with special events.

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