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CONTENTS 6 Fully Faired Fun

Good Friday frolics on the S1000RR

10 Naked Fun In The Sun

Review of Husqvarna’s Supermoto

30 Frontline

News from MAG

32 Bemsee Round Up

Results and info from Snetterton

14 Summer Events

34 The Milan Show

16 Circumnavigation Of Africa By Motorbike

36 Get Your Life OnTrack

20 The Motorcycle Student

38 An Evening With Sam Manicom

The Custom Motorcycle Show at Beaulieu

Excerpts from Spencer Conway’s book

Kaz Hasmi aims for the top on track

22 The Fourth Emergency Service

Behind the scenes at BLD

A reader sees how bike shows work abroad Details of the summer’s SEB trackdays

Win a complete signed set of Sam’s travel books

40 South East Biker Events

24 Product Review

26 Blood, Sweat and Gears

44 Local Trade Services

We test the Tutoro Chain oiler James Burroughs tackles the Scottish Six Day Trial

Plan your next couple of month’s rides Support your local bike businesses

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COVER IMAGE: COVER IMAGE: Spencer Conway on his African Adventure.

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The next twelve months could be highly significant for the future of motorcycling. From January 2013, the route to gaining a full motorcycle licence becomes more complicated. Bike training schools expect a busy year, with a rush to get through the current test before it all changes again. What happens after January is anyone’s guess, most likely a tail off in customers which willl have a knock on effect for the industry. Coupled with the Euro menace threatening how we can modify our bikes and what kit we have to wear, trying to attract new motorcyclists is an uphill struggle. On the positive side, more car drivers are seriously considering a motorbike as a feasible transport option and teenagers are using bikes as an affordable alternative to a car. New motorcyclists are vital for the future of biking and all the related industries. This summer we have plenty of bike shows, club meetings, charity rides, dealer open days and a huge variety of sporting events. Why not take some mates along and show them that a motorbike is a lot more than a mode of transport? Biking’s a lifestyle choice, pass round your copy of SEB and help enlighten some more of the unconverted! Nick Tunstill, Editor southeastbiker @southeastbiker 3

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Legal Corner Are tinted/dark visors road legal? We’re bikers who happen to be lawyers. Summer isn’t yet upon us but different shades of visors are starting to appear on those sunny days. It is hard not to be blinded by the sun when riding a motorbike when you are using a clear visor and many of us use a tinted visor. So what is road legal? There is some help out there in the form of legislation and guidelines from the Department of Transport. Section 18 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 subsection 3 a and b states that if a person driving or riding a motorbike on a road uses an appliance of any description for which a type is prescribed under this section, and that appliance is not of a type so prescribed, or is otherwise used in contravention of regulations under this section, he is guilty of an offence. The act also includes someone selling such items. The Department of Transport gives simpler guidelines on legal visors. Visors are to have a trademark or trade name on them and should have the words ‘Daytime Use Only’ if they are unsuitable for night time use. They should also have an international approval mark consisting of a circle surrounding the letter ‘E’ followed by the number of the country. In the UK BSI Kite Mark BS 4110:1999 applies specifically to visors. This ensures that visors let enough light through; visors that let less than 50% light transmission is illegal. Dark tint and iridium visors have particularly low light transmission rates and are normally

therefore illegal. On reputable websites that sell visors there is usually advice on which visors are road legal. What is the stance taken by the Police? This very much depends on the particular force and officer dealing with the matter. Most will be sensible and will be aware of the guidelines given in the ACPO National Motorcycle Enforcement Strategy (2008). These guidelines state that if tinted visors are used by motorcyclists during daylight hours, then a police officer should give the rider advice only, on their use. If used during the hours of darkness or conditions of reduced visibility then an officer should check the tint of the visor using ‘Tintman’ equipment where available. The guidelines recommend a pragmatic approach and only in cases where there is an obvious danger should prosecution be considered. So the general rules that the police follow are that visors should let through 50% of light transmission (dark and iridium visors don’t) but if you are stopped during the day and you have less light transmission through your visor you are likely to get advice from the officer. However, if you use a tinted visor when it is dark you may face prosecution. It’s worth taking a sensible approach. I wear a tinted visor on sunny days but also carry a clear one in case of sudden darkness.

Please call our Helpline on 03700 868686 or visit www.access-legal.co.uk for more information. We also have free guides and answers to frequently asked questions at www.access-legal.co.uk


Fully faired fun By Debbie Tunstill


t’s Good Friday, cool weather but sunny, so the perfect riding conditions to put a few bikes to the test. Whilst Nick tested the Husqvarna Nuda9000R, I was given a question with only one answer… Would I like to ride the best sport performance bike on the road, the BMW S1000RR? I needed to give it some thought for all of five seconds. BMW say that the S1000RR is a motorcycle designed for the race track, built to deliver power and acceleration that takes your breath away. Now, I know Simon Richards has already tested the bike for SEB, but I rode the new improved S1000RR 6

and I felt I could review the bike from a different angle. I am a 5’2” woman, on most bikes I struggle to reach the floor and I don’t have great upper body strength so for me some of the bigger 1000cc bikes are just too tall or heavy. I had sat on the BMW a couple of times and had felt like I could handle it. I was shown around the bike by Elle at Cooper BMW Tunbridge Wells, going over all the buttons and options you can ride it in. Just parked up, the bike is beautiful but I do like my colours on a bike and always thought BMW were missing a trick with their two colours. The launch of the new colours was when I looked at the

S1000RR as a real contender for the top selling sports bike in the UK. For BMW to compete against the amazing colour schemes the other manufacturers bring out, they would need to do something more than the BMW racing colours. Now don’t get me wrong, those are great but if they want to compete with the Honda Fireblade, Yamaha R1 or Suzuki GSXR they would need to make it more appealing in performance and appearance. If you are an owner of one of these bikes and thinking how much longer can my back and wrists take riding this bike, then have a look at the S1000RR, just take it for a ride and let it do the talking.

May-June 2012 • South East Biker Magazine


I started off up the road out of the North Farm industrial estate towards the A21 in the rain mode. Elle advised, once the bike was warm, I put it into sport mode. Well, to say there is a difference is a complete understatement, the bike becomes so quick to react but is still smooth. The first thing I noticed is that the bike is so quiet, it seems to purr with delight even when revved. Once I hit the A21 the bike just opened up and it really opened up! I had a quick look at the speedo and couldn’t believe the speed it got to so quickly.

Typical Easter traffic, at a stand still which meant some filtering. The bike is as comfortable doing that as it is at top speed. The bike is light enough to move in and out of traffic. As we travelled on to country roads the bike steps up a gear to flow through the country lanes with ease. I just can’t say enough great things about this bike, it looks amazing now with the new colour choices and the way it handles, it is just too easy to ride. Open up the throttle on a corner and you can really feel the drive out and the traction control working, I had kept it on the shop setting

“Two seconds faster than anything else on the track” MCN Superbike Shootout 11-1-2012

When the BMW S 1000 RR made its debut in 2010 it caught the competition by surprise, redefining the superbike market and collecting numerous accolades and awards. Two years later and it must feel like a re-occurring nightmare for them.

The new 2012 S 1000 RR, try it at Bahnstormer now.

Bahnstormer Alton

Gosport Road Lower Farringdon Hampshire GU34 3 DJ Tel: 01420 587 007

Thames Valley Bagshot Road Bracknell Berkshire RG12 0SH Tel: 01344 420 144



Defining superbike. South East Biker Magazine • www.southeastbiker.co.uk

S 1000 RR Sport

The Ultimate Riding Machine


BMW S1000RR but if you take the S1000RR on track it would be incredible with the race mode on and the full traction control. It would be a beast but probably a well mannered beast. I think out of all the reviews I have done there are only two bikes I would spend my own money on and they are the new Honda CBR 600F and now the BMW S1000RR. It is the perfect bike for a smaller person to ride and great if you don’t want a heavy bike, as when turned off, it’s easy to manouevre. It is incredible to think that in the S1000 RR’s first two years in production it has out performed the competition which has dominated the market for the past decade or so. The 2012 version RR takes performance to another level; with the improved electronics, the reduction in the weight and the great new colour scheme, it will definitely compete with modern day supersport machines. The new S1000 RR is a bike which can impress both on and off the track, it has had incredible press reviews. The RR has placed itself up at the top of the list as one of the most desired sport performance bikes on the market today. Thank you to Steve and the team at Cooper BMW Tunbridge Wells for allowing me to have a play on this wonderful bike. Why not go to one of our BMW advertisers Bahnstormers or Coopers and take this stunning bike for a test ride, you won’t be disappointed.


May-June 2012 • South East Biker Magazine

Cooper Tunbridge Wells

The Ultimate Riding Machine

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2. spRing heaLTh CheCk oFFeR.

For just £25 our BMW Approved Technicians will check your motorcycle for the following**: • Warning lights • Coolant level • Engine oil levels • Drivebelt • Battery • Tyre wear and pressure • Brake pads and discs • Steering • Exhaust Includes free 1litre oil top up, carry case and BMW Motorrad ceramic mug worth £30.00 RRP.

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To take advantage of any of these offers call 0845 125 5851 or email steve.franklyn@ir.inchcape.co.uk *Free MOT offer applicable for the life of the vehicle under your ownership. MOT for Life cannot be transferred to another motorcycle and ceases once ownership transfers to another party. **Any work identified as needing attention as a result of this check (which you would like us to carry out) will be charged at our standard rate. Offer ends 31 August 2012. ^From date of registration, complimentary year’s service covers servicing costs for the first standard 600 miles and 6,000 miles respectively. Excludes brake pads and tyres. Offer available on all new BMW motorcycles ordered before 31 May 2012.



A day out with the Husqvarna Nuda 900R. By Nick Tunstill


usqvarna was started as a weapons factory and began producing motorcycles in Sweden in 1903. The company has a long and interesting association with motorcycling, producing road and racing machines as well as being famous for its off road bikes. From the 60’s, the Swedish bikes were in demand across the USA and Europe for competition use, Steve McQueen being a big fan, riding one in “On Any Sunday”. In the late 70’s the company was taken over by Cagiva and relocated to Italy, then, in 2007, became part of the BMW group. So, with the Bavarian giant’s backing, Husqvarna as a brand has now relaunched its road bike side. With a new factory based in Varese, Italy, Husqvarna now offers a fascinating blend of German design and production and Italian styling.


May-June 2012 • South East Biker Magazine


I first saw the Nuda at the NEC and was impressed with the unique styling. Definitely stands out from the crowd! The Supermoto wouldn’t be my first choice of motorcycle style, but I was keen to try it out. I collected the bike from Freestyle near Mark Cross on a sunny Good Friday, a perfect day for this type of bike. The Nuda looks great with its traditional red and white colours in a trellis frame. This top spec model has some quality components to its name, and the nice thing is on this style of bike you can stand and admire them! Using the BMW F800R engine, Husqvarna has harnessed the quality and reliability of the plant and by adding 100cc, altering internal components and tuning, the bike now delivers 105bhp. The seat height, as on any Supermoto, can be an issue with the R version having a slightly taller saddle than the standard at 870mm. However as the seat is so slim and the bike so light at 176kg, it doesn’t feel as intimidating as a 900cc motorbike can. The light weight really is a bonus on a machine like this, both when pushing around and at full pelt. The instruments are simple and functional. The Nuda has a push button button engine mapping system with a rain mode. It was too warm and sunny to try this option! Start the bike up and a lovely deep throbbing sound comes from the carbon tipped exhaust. Much more fruity than some of the stock Japanese pipes these days. To ride, the Nuda R is a delight, awesome acceleration, lovely slick gearbox, superb road holding and phenomenal brakes. These took a bit of getting used to, offering massive stopping power on such a featherweight machine. Blasting along Kent’s A and quieter twisty B roads, the Nuda is in its element. I am by nature a conservative rider (OK, Captain Slow fits well), but riding the Nuda you get a little voice in your ear telling you that the bike will cope with pretty much anything you can throw at it, so give it a go!! Once onto the faster dual carriageway of the A21, the bike is comfortable up to 85 or 90 and then the buffeting starts to become a little uncomfortable. The capacity of the engine means that Nuda doesn’t run out of steam at motorway speeds so there is plenty of scope for quick overtakes at this pace. Filtering South East Biker Magazine • www.southeastbiker.co.uk

through the bank holiday traffic jams was easy and fun due to the high riding position and, again, lightweight and overall slimness of the bike. But it’s on the smaller roads that the Nuda is at home, overtaking is simple, and the wide bars and great OE tyres make tight cornering a joy, with excellent grip available. In town again, the bike is fantastic, nearer to a bicycle than a motorbike to flick around. Which brings me on to an interesting observation. I think these machines are the future of motorcycling and will be the bikes that will tempt the next generation of youngsters onto two wheeled motorised transport. When mountain biking took off, it reinvented the whole concept of cycling, turning it from a bit of an old fuddy duddy activity into a cool, exciting way of life for thousands of youngsters. My eldest son pointed out the similarity between top spec mountain bikes and Supermotos. Quality brakes, wheels and suspension, wide bars and stunning design. The future is bright, the future is Naked! There are two versions of the Nuda available, the standard has a RRP of £8175 and Nuda R at £9475. There is a decent range of accessories on offer, for touring, trackdays and general comfort. I am not sure how great this bike would be for a long trip, but boy would you have fun on the way. The engine is frugal, returning up to 55mpg but with a 13 litre tank, tank range is around 160 miles. I have seen reports of 70mpg, so in these fuel conscious days, a real consideration. The tank is under the seat, which adds to the great weight distribution. With many thanks to Freestyle at Mark Cross. Check out Freestyle’s full range of bikes including Husqvarna plus wide range of kit and accessories. Visit: www.freestylebikes.co.uk or call 01892 782288. Useful info


Top Speed..................................................................125mph Dry Weight.....................................................................174kg Fully adjustable suspension; 48mm Sachs forks at the front; Öhlins rear shock; Brembo monobloc racing brakes with 320mm discs; Fuel tank under the seat for ideal weight distribution; Carbon fibre clamp, end cap and heat shield on exhaust muffler.



Phatmama T-Shirt


hatmama have just launched these great new T-shirts at £19.99 and, as with all their other products, they are wonderful quality. The design of the T-shirts is the same as the hoody and looks great on. They are V neck instead of round neck so much better for anyone with larger chest or larger sizes, as they are more flattering. The sizes are perfect, so if you are a normally a 16 it will fit. We all know women’s sizing is different with every shop you go in to. The girls at Phatmama have put a lot of thought into the T-shirts as they understand the issues women face with sizing. The best thing I like about the Phatmama range is that, if you are on a sports bike leaning over they are long enough in the body so you don’t get a cold back where it is too short. The T-shirts are made of superb quality material and keep their shape after many washes and tumble drying too. Phatmama have put a lot of time and effort into designing the right look and quality products for women to wear. Let’s support them as they are

thinking about what normal women riders want and need. Most of the other manufacturers base their designs on the very leggy, beautiful Italian models and the only time I see myself like that is in my dreams! So support this new up and coming team that really care about what we like and need, as they are just like us; they are women bikers too. Thanks Phatmama for taking the gamble to try something new at this time of recession. Look out for more new products to come. Why not visit their website for updates on new products or discounts. www.phatmama.co.uk Phatmama products are exclusively available at JW Groombridge or via their website.


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May-June 2012 • South East Biker Magazine

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The Custom Motorcycle Show at Beaulieu UK affiliate event for the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building


he Custom Motorcycle Show is to be staged at Beaulieu, home of the National Motor Museum. Custom Chrome Europe has booked a huge exhibition stand in the Grand Marquee section of the Show. Custom Chrome specialises in parts and accessories for Harley-Davidson motorcycles – with more 
than 25,000 parts in stock, include leading brands Kuryakyn, Performance Machine, Arlen Ness, Santee, Le Pera, Revtech, 
TP Engineering and S&S to name but a few. Motorcycle Storehouse has also booked a massive stand at Beaulieu; an industry leader since 1982 supplying after-market 
motorcycle parts & accessories from major brands such as Paughco, Cobra, Bosch, Champion, Avon, Rivera-Primo, Biltwell, 
S&S and Vance & Hines. MAG Europe has also proudly secured their place at Beaulieu with a monster stand in the Grand Marquee, where you’ll be able to source many products from famous names such as Burly Brand, Progressive Suspension, Roland Sands Design as well as the aforementioned Performance Machine, Vance & Hines and Kuryakyn. Other companies exhibiting in the Grand Marquee include BLD who will be demonstrating the awesome art of custom air-brushing, and Burnout Bikes with a superb display of custom machines for sale. The Show organisers are also very proud to announce that for the first time ever the dealership Southampton Harley-Davidson will be participating. The list of exhibiting companies includes: City of Leather, Atlantic Events, Fat Maggot Clothing, Air Brush Art, 
H-C Travel, Fat Skeleton and Glorider-FX, Vmax Bitz, Nelly and Co Bikerwear, Biker Glasses, Adventures in Arizona, 
Screamin’ Kiwi, Biker Chicks online, Grinfactor UK, Motus Bikewear, Airy Arts, BB Customs, Powerbronze, MH Products, 
Jo Bill Spirit, Shadow Motorcycles, White Diamond Detail Products and the newly formed Quomp Customs who will be 
showing 14

an impressive display of old British hotrod bikes and scramblers...

The organisers are also delighted to announce that there will be lots of feature side shows including a fantastic collection of flat-trackers and cafe racers on the RedMax Speedshop stand, stacks of fabulous custom bikes for sale and dozens of trade stands to drool over! You can gain entry for a discounted price if you turn up on a custom bike, or chopper, bobber inspired cycle, streetfighter, cafe racer 
or any showy non-stock motorcycle! Your machine will become part of the Show! And included in the entry price you can experience 
all the awesome vehicles on show in the National Motor Museum - plus Bond In Motion, the world’s largest official collection of 
original Bond vehicles! To keep your fuel tank filled you’ll be pleased to know that there’ll be plenty of food and drink outlets for delicious refreshments, 
plus...a beer tent! You can even keep your hands free for that important glass, as Motorcycle Action Group will be hosting the 
helmet park where you can drop off your lid for a quid! The Custom Motorcycle Show is at Beaulieu, home of the National Motor Museum from 16-17th June 2012.
Open from 10am - 5pm both days. For more information please visit www.thecustomshow.com

Your Chance to Win £5000, a trip to the USA and a shot at the prestigious AMD World Championship Title!

This year the Show is expecting over 70 custom bikes to enter the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building and once again 
The Custom Motorcycle Show is proud to be a UK affiliate round, where the winning Best in Show bike will receive a £5000 prize to 
take themselves and their machine to Sturgis USA for the World Finals next year! May-June 2012 • South East Biker Magazine

Probably the oldest bike shop in the World!

Six leading manufacturers over four sites





Tel: 01424 423520 10 Silchester Road, St. Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex. TN38 0JB

Tel: 01424 423520 6 Silchester Road, St. Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex. TN38 0JB

Tel: 01424 423708 406 Old London Road, Hastings, East Sussex. TN35 5BB

Tel: 01323 765515 3-4 Pevensey Court, Eastbourne Road, Pevensey Bay, East Sussex. BN24 6EX



www.jsgedge.co.uk • bikes@jsgedge.co.uk

Spencer Conway: Extracts from an Adventurer


May-June 2012 • South East Biker Magazine

Spencer Conway: Extracts from an Adventurer

Circumnavigation of


by Motorbike

We at SEB are delighted to be able to reproduce some extracts from Spencer’s remarkable motorcycle journey around Africa. Spencer was brought up in Machakos, a tiny village in central Kenya before moving to the small mountainous kingdom of Swaziland. At sixteen he attended an International School in South Wales before completing a Masters degree in Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh. He is also a qualified teacher, first aider, cliff rescuer and diver. Spencer has worked his way around the world and up to now has travelled around 110 countries. He is a Motorcycle Adventurer by profession and was the first person to circumnavigate Africa solo and unsupported on a motorbike. (See www.africa-bike-adventure. com for more information). He lives with his girlfriend and daughters in Kent.


taying with nomads in the Sahara desert, getting shot at on his motorbike by bandits in Kenya, being arrested in Ethiopia for driving over a condom, and meeting a French Canadian Jesus lookalike travelling on a donkey, are just some of the experiences Spencer Conway faced during his epic solo circumnavigation of Africa by motorcycle. During his ten month 51 000 kilometre trip through 34 countries, covering one fifth of the world’s surface area, he hit a goat at over 100 kms per hour before having to hide from Al Qaeda operatives in Nouakchott, negotiate a sandstorm in Mauritania, a flash flood in Namaqualand as well as finding a cache of two thousand beers in the dense Gabon forest.

South East Biker Magazine • www.southeastbiker.co.uk

Desert Nomads in the Qattara Depression, Egypt Although I didn’t know it I was about to have a spiritual eating experience in the sand dunes of the Sahara desert. I decided to do some desert riding instead of following the standard coastal tarred route. The asphalt road snakes along the northern border of Egypt, joining the city of Marsa Matruh to the famous city of Alexandria, the second largest city in Egypt. Although it is a stunning ride with the Mediterranean on the left of the bike, and the vast expansive sand of the Sahara Desert on the right I was yearning to divert off this main thoroughfare and shoot off into the desert into the middle of nowhere. I stopped in Marsa Matruh to prepare properly for what could be a hazardous expedition, 17

Spencer Conway: Extracts from an Adventurer

especially if ill equipped. The Qattara Depression, where I was heading was considered, during the war, impassable by tanks and most other military vehicles, although German Afrika Corps patrols and the British Long Range Desert Group did operate in the area. Its presence shaped the Battle of El Alamein. The features that make the Depression so impassable include its salt lakes, high cliffs or escarpments, and Fech fech. (Fine powdered sand). I also knew that there was the Mogra Oasis but there was little chance I would find this uninhabited, brackish lake. Without the proper planning and provisions the Qattara Depression could easily become more than depressing. I was determined that this would not happen to me. I had a ten litre bladder bag which I filled with water, a handy bit of equipment, as it contracts as you drink, thereby taking up less space. I also bought two new, yellow, plastic jerry cans from a street vendor who was also selling plastic litre bottles of fuel. I purchased ten and siphoned them into the new containers which I then 18

strapped to the back of my panniers. He was also flogging small plastic dolls (?!), and flip flops but I decided they were a luxury and not at the top of my list of survival equipment in the Sahara. I declined his offer to buy two dolls and get one for free, thanked him, and headed off to a food stall I had spotted earlier on, a hundred metres further back up the street, on the opposite side of the sandy road. A large lady in a bright headscarf was busy selling handmade Egyptian bread, and that’s what I had my eye on. The bread, known as Eesh baladi, is whole-wheat, circular and about fifteen centimeters in diameter. It is very filling and more to the point is the perfect shape for slipping into my rucksack. The proprietor of the stall had her hands full over an open fire. She softened the bread by placing it under running water from a stand pipe sticking out of the sand, next to her stall. She would then pass it over a naked flame and serve it up on battered tin plates, with various sauces, to the waiting customers. I purchased five loaves of bread, and a variety of sauces which she poured into May-June 2012 • South East Biker Magazine

Spencer Conway: Extracts from an Adventurer the corners of plastic bags and tied off. She then cut off the excess plastic, above the knot, letting it drop into the fire, which caused an instant cloud of acrid, thick smoke. The smoke seemed to have no effect on her whatsoever, as she stood in the dead centre of it, negotiating with the clientele. At times only her arms were visible sticking out on either side of a column of smoke, happily gesticulating to the patient group. I also bought three cans of chilli sardines, thanked the column of smoke, and headed out of Marsa Matruh, towards the Qattara Depression. As soon as I was in the open desert the atmosphere changed completely. Anyone who has been in sand dunes will tell you that it is an experience so magical, so personal, yet so otherworldly, that it is never forgotten. The hairdryer heat, the stillness and the beauty of the contrasting horizon; dazzling, clear blue sky turning to pristine yellow/white sand produces a feeling of such vast immenseness that you cannot help but feel humbled. As I was riding I imagined an overhead camera view of me on the bike, the camera slowly pulling further and further back, a snaking tyre trail disturbing the pristine patterns in the sand behind me, until I disappeared like a grain of sand in the ever changing dune landscape. I defy anyone to not feel small and insignificant in this environment. Riding in sand is hard work until you get the hang of it. The desert’s sole intention is to swallow up the tyres of the bike at every possible opportunity. The first thing to do is let them down to about 5 psi to allow the tread to spread out, create a bigger footprint, and therefore prevent them sinking so easily. It is important to keep the throttle steady and even and to keep pushing forward without hesitation. It goes against normal instincts but it is better to stand up, go as fast as you feel safe, and then a bit. I fell often before I learnt these techniques, but luckily, the landing was fairly forgiving apart from the odd rock jutting out of the sand. I rode steadily, but stopped often to soak up the experience and to check my compass bearings. I did not see anybody for two days. The only living thing that crossed my path was a small sand fox which briefly appeared, standing on a dune, silhouetted against the immaculately blue sky, momentarily checking me out, before disappearing into the desert. It was liberating to be alone. Everything is so much more personal, vivid and unique. Being unable to share experiences with others verbally, adds beauty to life. Loneliness puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better. Loneliness is really the wrong word. Language has created the word “loneliness” to express the pain of being alone, and it has created the word “solitude”, to express the glory of being alone. I was feeling the full glory! South East Biker Magazine • www.southeastbiker.co.uk

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ast year Kaz travelled across Europe finishing eighth place in the European Junior Cup. Alongside his gruelling training schedule and time spent competing in international races, Kaz is also studying full-time at South Thames College’s Merton Campus on a Motorcycle Maintenance course. His dream for 2012 is to finish top five in the championship, and go on to become a professional racer. Kaz said “I chose to study the Motorcycle course at South Thames College, Merton, because it is connected to my motorcycle racing career. It has given me more of an understanding about what the mechanics do for me as a racer. The workshops at the College are nicely kitted-out and professionally done, I’d like to have workshops like that in my house!” South Thames College’s Merton campus was the natural location to study Motorcycle Maintenance for Kaz, having been raised in Croydon. The College is one of the only specialised centres for this subject in the country. The courses are long established and in recent years the department has benefited from 20

17 year old South Thames College student Kaz Hasmi is set for a sparkling career as a professional motorcycle racer.

generous investment into facilities. Students can practise on innovative technology such as a ‘rolling road’ to test bikes, and a micro camera (similar to those used in medical surgery) for studying detailed and enclosed motorcycle parts. The courses are designed to be practical in nature and can lead to a number of careers including engineering, mechanics, motor sports, product design. Messing around on his first bike at only seven years old, Kaz didn’t anticipate the success he would have later in his life as a motorcycle racer. He would practise at his local track, riding a variety of bikes including quads, minimotors and dirt bikes. In 2010 Kaz settled on an Aprillia 125CC which he rode as part of the Superteen Championship. Following these races, Kaz attended a three-day academy in Spain to improve his riding. Still only 17, he now races a Kawasaki Ninja in the European Junior Cup, which runs alongside the World Superbike Championship. He has secured a number of sponsors including Three Delta LLP, Pole Position Travel, Shark Helmets, TCX Boots and Building May-June 2012 • South East Biker Magazine


Estimator all of which help to support his travels and other riding expenses. Kaz finds it challenging to fit in racing, training, track days, motocross, fitness training, travelling and studying. But with the help of his manager, personal trainer and South Thames College he just about seems to balance it all! Bharat Hirani, Head of Motorcycle Maintenance at South Thames College’s Merton Campus said “It’s great to see students like Kaz competing in the motor sports industry at such a high standard. Motorcycle courses at South Thames College are great because we can offer flexible study so students with demanding schedules like Kaz can have the best of both worlds. Kaz is able to gain a qualification and firm

South East Biker Magazine • www.southeastbiker.co.uk

understanding of the bikes, whilst getting out of the track and competing.” If you want to follow Kaz’s endeavours you can follow him on twitter @kazhashmi and on facebook: www.facebook.com/kaz.hashmi



Our Fourth Emergency Service?

Your day from hell has just become reality. You’re riding your pride and joy on the way to work, thinking how well it’s running as you enjoy the sunshine and cool morning breeze. Then the world suddenly tumbles upside down and when you stop spinning you look up from the cold tarmac to see your bike crumpled up in a smoldering heap next to you. How could it have gone so wrong, so quickly? By Peter Karmios


ne minute you were enjoying the rush and flow of riding your bike, and the next instant you’re flat on your back cursing the numpty that pulled out of a side road without looking. You don’t often count your blessings in a situation like this, but after you’ve counted all your fingers and toes, you do remember to call your insurance helpline, because that’s what they are supposed to do at times like this – help! However, have you ever paused to contemplate what happens after the call has ended? Where does your bike go when it’s carted off? Who decides what the damage is and how much is it going to cost? Do you get a replacement bike and, eventually, who pays for it all? Most of us either don’t know, or don’t care so long as we get the right result. But I do lay awake at night thinking such thoughts, and the answers came as a mighty surprise! 22

Most people assume that their insurance company is ready and waiting to solve all their motoring problems, after all that’s why we pay our hefty insurance premiums. However, take your initial call to the insurance helpline. Chances are it’s not your insurance company you are talking to but an agency that will handle most aspects of your accident. One such company is BLD (Bikers Legal Defence), possibly the largest operator in this field. I spent a day in Dorset with BLD to find out what exactly goes on behind the scenes and I was impressed by the sheer scale of their operation. My contact was Jerry Moorhouse, Business Development Manager, track day enthusiast and keen biker. He threw a few statistics at me that were staggering. Their depots across the country can process up to two thousand five hundred bikes, they have a hire fleet of around seven hundred bikes from 50cc scooters to 1200cc Suzuki Bandits; their call centre is a point of contact for up to 80 percent of UK bikers. And this is a company no-one’s heard of! Okay, lots of people have heard of them, but they keep a low profile for such a big company that’s been around for twelve years. Partly, this is because they have expanded rapidly over the past few years and also because they work through insurance brokers and agents who use their services. The BLD call centre at their Ringwood head office takes the initial call once your accident has been reported. A quick assessment by one of their first response team will determine how your claim will proceed. They will advise on what can and can’t be done for you given the circumstances of your accident; and with support from their in-house legal department,

May-June 2012 • South East Biker Magazine

SPOTLIGHT plastic bits. your claim gets underway. Despite the cost savings, many of the bikes do end Within a day of your accident, your bike will be at up being written off, so BLD arrange for the bike to be one of their repair centres dotted around the country returned to its owner or disposed of as required. This and a replacement bike delivered to your door. Just part of the operation requires the juggling skills of a that service alone is a major undertaking when one armed plate spinner, with dozens of bikes being you consider the number of bikes they deal with written off every day – and not everyone wants a across the whole country... And everyone expects a mangled wreck delivered back to them! replacement bike immediately. Fortunately, BLD’s Audrey Foster has both arms and We dropped in to the Bournemouth repair centre, is very good at juggling with the salvage end of the which serves the south of England. The last time business. Her role is to raise the best price for your I saw this many bikes in one place was at a major beloved bike if it’s written off and then dispose of it bike rally! Spread across a massive aircraft hanger at through approved salvage buyers. Bournemouth airport, and stacked over two floors The entire process appears seamless to the were about five hundred bikes in various stages unfortunate customer. From that first phone call, of repair. From freshly bent machines through to to getting back the repaired bike – or settlement near finished repairs, hundreds of bikes were being cheque, most people don’t appreciate how much processed by the staff and mechanics. effort goes into making the experience as hassle free They also have a fully equipped paintshop that as possible. specialises in some excellent custom paintwork. My thanks go to Jerry Moorhouse, Audrey Foster Some bike repairs are now becoming more like and the BLD team for guiding me through the computer repairs, you throw the broken bit away hidden world of what I consider to be a biker’s fourth and replace it with a new part, but BLD try to repair emergency service. bodywork whenever possible to keep the costs Check out BLD’s website www.bldgroup.co.uk down. This can mean the difference between you for more information and details of their special getting your bike back, or it being written off, as a BS0115 Biker_Layout 1 14/03/2011 Page 1 offers. large partSouth of anyEast repair cost is the expensive painted 10:24





Bikesure Insurance Services share your passion for bikes and offer fantastic tailor-made policies based on your own personal requirements and riding history. Call us today and get a competitive quote for your bike.

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Tutoro Chain Oiler

Here at SEB we are always on the lookout for cost effective, useful devices that we would buy and use on our own bikes.


iling the chain is one of those jobs we need to do regularly but can easily get overlooked. There are already some well known devices on the market, some of which are quite expensive and take a bit of technical know how to fit. We came across the Tutoro Chain Oiler and decided to try one out and see if the device lives up to the description. The company produces various oiling devices starting from simple manual oilers from £14.99. I went for the Tutoro Auto standard edition with single feed. The kit contains: 1 x Tutoro Automatic chain oiler; delivery hose; nozzle; cable ties; and a multifit bracket. I must admit I was worried something cheap, plastic and nasty may arrive, but it is a nicely engineered bit of kit. I know instructions are there as a last resort, but I thought in the interests of science I would actually read and follow them, then there might be a chance it would work and stay on the bike. The information supplied is simple and clearly written, emphasising the importance of taking your time and watching the video clips on the website. So, with a clear head, I followed them to the letter, and it all went smoothly to my surprise and delight. It’s important to decide where to fit the olier before you jump in too fast. There are various styles of bikes in the clips, so select one that is similar to your bike and make sure it has good access for topping up, but not where it is going to get bashed about. It also needs to be as near vertical as possible to ensure the oil is delivered correctly. It’s a simple idea, nicely engineered. Once the unit is mounted and the feeder tube and nozzle routed, the reservoir can be topped up and you are ready to go. Fitting took about half an hour with no special tools required. There is a handy little multi angle fitting bracket set to accommodate any bike. At the base there is small thumb screw. This is turned to alter the flow rate…easy. Different surfaces and riding styles can alter the drip rate, so monitor the state of the chain and adjust the screw to suit. So, how does it 24

work with no electrics or vacuum take-off? As you ride along, the momentum opens and closes the valve system and the oil feeds through the tube via gravity and drips slowly onto the rear sprocket then chain. It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t need to be turned off as it will only deliver when the bike is moving. So, is it well designed and made? Yes. Is it easy to fit? Yes. Is it easy to adjust and maintain? Yes. Does it work? Yes, again. My chain has been well lubricated for the last couple of months with no manual oiling from me. The only issue I have had is making sure the delivery nozzle is in a correct position to deliver the oil and does take a bit of checking and tweaking. The twin delivery version may eliminate this. Overall, a great product for the money. I reckon this would pay for itself pretty quickly with the savings on cans of lube and long term with increased chain life. Tuturo can supply extra oil and spares, although you can use chain oil from a local dealer. There is also a decent choice of products to suit all budgets, ranging from the simple manual version. The website contains all available info, purchase details and a useful forum. We like! Visit: www.tutorochainoiler.com or email: info@tutorochainoiler.com May-June 2012 • South East Biker Magazine

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Scottish Six-Day Trial

Blood, Sweat and Gears The Event Kent rider, James Burroughs, will be bidding for glory in what many call the toughest motorcycle trial in the world – the Scottish Six-Day Trial (SSDT) event taking place from 7 – 12 May 2012 in the striking highland region of Lochaber. First established in 1909, the SSDT holds the same iconic appeal for trials riders as the Isle of Man TT does for road racers, with the event oversubscribed every year. James, riding on number 211, along with the 270 other competitors from 20 countries, will tackle 100mile courses per day, consisting of some 30 technical sections each. These comprise rough moorland, steep gullies, slippery rock steps, streams, boulder-strewn tracks and public roads. The courses are designed to test stamina, endurance, strength and consistency over long distances and draining days of tough competition. Many will not reach the end, bikes destroyed by the 26

toughest trials course in the world, or spirit broken by the endurance test it demands. James will be riding SSDT alongside the 2010 winner, Alexz Wigg. James helped Alexz return to full fitness following a knee injury and assists him with his training and nutrition programme through James’ own sports therapy company, BodyClinic. The Machine James will be riding a John Shirt Imports GasGas 300 supported by Freestyle Racing Husqvarna. Without the backing of valuable sponsors, James would not be able to compete in this event. He is lucky to have also been supported for the week by Putoline Oil and DP Brakes. However, entry to a gruelling event such as the SSDT does not come cheap, with a considerable toll taken on bike and rider by the complex and challenging course. James is seeking further urgent sponsorship May-June 2012 • South East Biker Magazine


Moorland. Silence…then the distant, low rumble of a motorcycle engine. Suddenly, the machine bursts into view with sweating, straining rider, eyes bulging with concentration, fixed on the winding track ahead. Impossible lean, improbable grip and with a throaty burst from the exhaust and a spray of loamy mud from the back tyre, he is gone as quickly as he appeared. WORDS: www.annieholder.com PHOTOS: www.fastframephotography.co.uk

to enable him to remain in the event for the full six days at a total cost of over £5,000, particularly assistance with spares such as tyres, chains and more that will doubtless be required as he tackles each seemingly insurmountable obstacle. The Reason James loves riding, there’s no doubt about that…but that isn’t the only reason why he wants to test himself and his ability at the SSDT 2012. James is riding to raise money to purchase a new patrol bike for a charity called SERVKent, often known as ‘The Bloodrunners’. SERVKent is a volunteer charity of motorcyclists who give up their nights to transport urgent safe blood and platelets required for transfusions and operations 365 days a year to A&E hospitals in and around Kent. James supports SERVKent simply because he met South May-June East2012 Biker • South Magazine East •Biker www.southeastbiker.co.uk Magazine

a group of their volunteer riders at an event and was inspired by their dedication. Sponsoring James to complete the SSDT 2012 will not only give a vital boost to a skilled and determined local rider, but will mean so much to the charity. Someone close to you might need the help of SERVKent in the future. Please give generously to support James and help him raise the money required to buy SERVKent their new bike. To donate, you can visit the following site: www.justgiving.com/ James-Burroughs-SSDT James will obtain as much video footage of his SSDT progress as possible, as well as giving regular updates of the fundraising total. Please keep giving. Follow James on twitter @jamesburroughs_ or log on to his website to watch the videos: www.jb3.co.uk 27

SPOTLIGHT – JAMES BURROUGHS The Man James Burroughs currently competes in the British Enduro Sprint Championship and the South East Enduro Championship, riding a WR250 2-stroke motorcycle provided by Freestyle Racing Husqvarna of Wadhurst. He has achieved a top 3 placing in the British E1 Expert Championship two years running, and qualified to ride in the British Enduro Team at the European Championship, competing in France, Poland, Italy and Spain. Although almost exclusively committed to Enduro for the past 3 years, James has also competed in motorcycle trials at European level, but he began his racing journey at only five years old, receiving a bike for his birthday and winning his first event just one month later! After competing in a Scottish trial, James decided to try Enduro racing, entering on his Beta 250 trials bike and winning the whole event! Despite his obvious talent and many successes, James has to work incredibly hard in order to be able to race at all. His determination to succeed and exemplary work ethic see him putting in 17-hour days just to earn the money he needs to compete. Often, he is unable to attend competitions simply because he cannot finance entry fees, fuel and basic spares.

As a part-time PE Teacher at Leigh Technology Academy and a Sports Therapist running BodyClinic, James exhibits total dedication to inspiring his pupils, motivating his clients, maintaining his own fitness regime and fitting in some essential practise time on the bike too! James greatly values and appreciates the sponsorship he receives, and is always looking to increase his supporters. He is delighted to currently be assisted by the following: Freestyle Racing Husqvarna, Putoline, Acerbis, Scott, HM Racing, Michelin, Watling Tyres, Apico, Renthal, Raptor Racing, Mega Systems, GB Nutrition, Better Body Shop, Illuminati Jeans, Body Clinic, Ice Valley Water. James actively seeks to promote his sponsors whenever possible, rewarding their faith in him and attempting to give them a return on their financial support of his racing career. Are you a local business seeking to promote your product or service to a wider audience? Sponsorship of James will not only yield results for him, but for your business too. He promotes widely on social media, at networking and at all the events he attends across the whole country. Please help to support the future of UK off-road racing.

To sponsor James’ riding career, please contact him via his website at: www.jb3.co.uk Follow James and his exploits on twitter @jamesburroughs_ To give money to SERVKent: www.justgiving.com/James-Burroughs-SSDT 28

May-June 2012 • South East Biker Magazine


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Fighting on behalf of bikers

To have your bike stolen is one thing… The chart-topper, ‘Ironic,’ was written by Alanis Morissette in 1995 and the greatest irony of course, was that the lyrics weren’t ironic. Paddy Tyson writes…


aving ten thousand spoons when all you want is a fork, may be bad planning, or at worst it’s mildly inconvenient, but it’s hardly ironic. Returning home as I did recently, from a national Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group (MCRG) meeting, and promptly getting your bike nicked, is pretty damned ironic though. The irony wasn’t lost on my local paper either, who gave front-page news to the story that ‘man who fights to protect riders’ rights has bike nicked by other riders’. They presumed the thieves were bikers themselves or they wouldn’t know how to handle the machine. It’s sad because motorcycling is such a small community and we are losing 10,000 riders every year through theft alone, so we should pull together and put our energies into fighting institutions like the DSA and EU, who seem intent on making our way of life impossible in the way thieves do. The MCRG contains police, insurance underwriters, MAG of course, representatives of the bike industry and companies like Datatag, all trying to find ways to work together to combat theft. As David Cameron says, we are all in it together, because if the thieves win, everyone else loses. So what happens when your bike is stolen, apart from having a dreadful sinking feeling followed by extreme anger and frustration? Well first off you tell the police, who give you a crime number and then send you a nice letter informing you that you have been a victim of crime, in case it had slipped your mind.


If you are a Motorcycle Action Group member you are then in a position to offer £1000 in reward for any information that may lead to a conviction of the scum involved. Then there is your insurance company, because we all need peace of mind and because we don’t want to turn a drama into a crisis. We pay our increasingly exorbitant annual premium of course, and since April 2011 some slick lobbying by the insurance industry has produced ‘continuous insurance,’ which I’m sure must only be in our best interests. My 1250 Bandit, which was steering locked, alarmed, data-tagged and chained to a lamppost immediately outside my house, was picked up and put in a van by some n’er-do-wells. It seemed like a cut and dried case. No ambiguity. I’d taken all possible precautions before I went inside to make my dinner. I’d never phoned my insurance company to make a claim before, neither theft nor accident, in the twenty odd years of riding and that includes a dozen spent as a courier, but I’ve always felt safe in the knowledge that should the worst happen, there’d be a warm cuddly reception should I need to make that call. How naïve have I been? When was the last time you read the wording in your insurance policy? Come to that, when was the last time you saw the whole policy without specifically requesting it? If you’ve ever used an online comparison site there May-June 2012 • South East Biker Magazine


is no way you can see what you’re buying until the deed is done. Clauses like ‘no pillion’ are becoming common. I advise you to check yours now. I particularly implore you to check on the theft clauses. When my insurance company initially turned my claim down because the bike wasn’t in the garage, I thought they were referring to the curfew clauses that a good number of insurers use, whereby if you own a garage, your bike must be in it between the hours of 10pm and 6am, or whatever they choose. Alas that wasn’t the case. My insurance, underwritten by KGM Lloyds, states that if the bike is in the postcode area, it must be in the garage 24 hours a day. What does yours say? Perhaps you really ought to look. With the summer coming you should also check whether or not they cover you at all if you are planning to use your bike to


s you all know Brighton MAG have been fighting for riders’ rights on both a national and local level. In particular we have been involved in a long standing task of trying to get Brighton & Hove Council to open up the bus lanes to P2W. I can confirm that in response to MAG’s petition in November last year, Councillor Davey is minuted as saying:‘It demonstrates how importantly MAG view this issue, given that it is following quick on the heels of the deputation that was made by Mr Frampton to a full Council last month and included on the agenda today’. As a consequence of this Brighton MAG is now part of the Transport Partnership, representing the views of all P2W Through the Partnership we have got the Council to confirm that officers have been requested to undertake a study of the principal issues of opening bus lanes up raises for the city – primarily congestion, air quality and road safety. Following that work, which they expect to be completed by the end of May 2012, they will be more informed of the overall provision made for P2W riders in the city, and be able to give much fuller consideration to the contribution that MAG have indicated this particular proposal would make to the overall transport strategy for the city. The study framework will include consideration of: General Desktop analysis of other studies – considerations and conclusions; P2W ownership/ use in B&H; Congestion – Analysis of traffic and P2W data on key corridors (including A23 (north

South East Biker Magazine • www.southeastbiker.co.uk

commute to work. I don’t mean use it for work, or in connection with work, I mean to get to work. You’ll not be surprised to hear that I’ve taken a bit of an interest lately and it is stunning how many policies preclude this. The feelings of anger and frustration don’t really fade. I’m still mad as hell that I lost my Bandit, but also that theft and the way insurance companies deal with claims is driving so many away from biking. If you join the Motorcycle Action Group (01926 844064) you’ll save the cost of your membership immediately when you buy a tracker system from mototracker.co.uk enabling the police to find your bike if it does vanish. It can happen to anyone. The irony of course, is that I hadn’t got around to buying one… Email: paddy.tyson@mag-uk.org, telephone: 01926 844064 or visit www.mag-uk.org

of Preston Park ) and A259 (E)); Likely implications of proposal on shift from car use to P2W; Views of existing users of priority lanes (including bus and coach operators, taxi and private hire, and cyclists); Views of ESCC; Road safety; Collisions and casualties involving P2Ws across the city; Likely implications of proposal for road safety; Views of Sussex Police and other emergency services; Air quality – Likely contribution to improved air quality in B&H Air Quality Management Area. I will report back next issue on the outcome of the study. It should have been completed by then. On another note MAG will be organising another National Street Demo on 24th June. there will be one change to last year’s demo, in that only one demo will be run per EU area. The idea of one demo in each EU Parliamentary constituency carries great symbolism, but this means of course, that some constituencies are dramatically different in size. http://www.europarl.org.uk/view/en/your_ MEPs/List-MEPs-by-region.html. Please keep an eye on our forum and Facebook to keep updated with these developments http://btnmag.freeforums.org/ http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/ Brightonmag Locally we will also be doing a street demo in May to raise awareness of our plight to open up the bus lanes. This will be announced through our Facebook page and on our forum. By Chris Cordell. 31

BMCRC, Round 1, Snetterton, 24-25 March

BMCRC Round Up Photo: Racing Line Photography

Minitwins Jesse Jones and 2011 champion Dan Couzens took two wins apiece in the opening round of the BMCRC Minitwin championship. In race one Jones, on a Steve Jordan prepared Suzuki Gladius in an SV650 dominated field, hit the front from pole position, and took his first win of the weekend, with Wright second and Couzens third. In race two Jones looked set to take his second win, crossing the line ahead of Couzens and Wright, however, both Jones and Wright were disqualified for exceeding the horsepower limit. Couzens was awarded the win, with Ashley Buxton second and Simon Schug third. On Sunday morning Jones, Wright and King had to come from the back of the grid, allowing Couzens to get away at the front with Schug and runner up Buxton. Jones took the win. Buxton also got the better of Wright to take second, Couzens rejoined to get third, and Wright had 32

to settle for fourth. Couzens took his second win of the weekend in the final race. Premier 600s In race one Lees and Simpkin got away at the front, however, with the pair of them competing at national level in 2012, they were exempt from the points. Behind, Cooper slotted into third and set about gapping Piers Hutchins in fourth. However, a late race surge from Hutchins saw him battle back, and even though he had to settle for fourth, he made Cooper work hard to fend him off, with the gap at the flag less than one tenth of a second. Sixteen year old Luke Helm came home fifth in his first outing on his SDC sponsored Kawasaki ZX-6R. Race two and it was another two horse race at the front, this time between Simpkin and Cooper. Simpkin triumphed, Cooper was second by just over half a second. It was Hutchins who got to stand on the remaining step on the podium.

On Sunday, Go Racing’s Simpkin took another win in the morning on his Yamaha R6, this time ahead of SDC Kawasaki’s Helm. Shellcock was third. In the final race, Cooper and his Yamaha R6 disappeared into the distance to take the win by 10 seconds from Simpkin. behind him Helm took third after a battle with Shellcock. Jed Angles took all four wins in the Clubman 600 class. Premier 1000s Dan Fowler took all three wins in the team Respro BMCRC Premier and Stock 1000s on the MG Sear Planthire Honda Fireblade, after he qualified on pole position ahead of John Waghorn and Seb Bulpin. Michael Neeves qualified fourth and was the leading Premier 1000 on the BMW Park Lane S1000RR. 2011 Powerbike champion Rob McNealy destroyed his S1000RR in qualifying and didn’t make Saturday’s race, along with Lloyd Sutton Foster, who also

May-June 2012 • South East Biker Magazine

BMCRC wrote off a BMW. In Saturday’s race Fowler hit the front from the off and led to the flag, ahead of Waghorn. Behind, James Edwards on the Go Racing Honda CBR1000RR sat third ahead of Matt Stone, Neeves and Bulpin. But three laps in and Neeves and Bulpin were running at a quicker pace than the two in front, and cut through to sit third and fourth by lap five From then on, the front three remained the same until the chequered flag, with Michael Neeves also the leading Premier 1000 home. On Sunday Fowler got away at the front again, leaving Bulpin, Neeves and Waghorn to do battle for second. Neeves finishing second by four hundredths of a second with Stock runner Bulpin, third. In the afternoon Fowler took his third win, this time ahead of Waghorn on the JW Smart BMW, with Neeves third and again leading Premier 1000. Westley Crozier took maximum points in the Clubman 1000s. Rookie 600s In race one, eventual winner Ben Gallaway on the Cornerstone Garage Yamaha R6 crossed the line elbow to elbow with second placed Benn Doolan on the Triumph 675, with Sam Fleetwood in third. Fleetwood, on the Fleetwood Grab Services Yamaha R6, went better in the afternoon, taking the win, ahead of Gallaway, with Alistair Dayus third. Fleetwood took his second win on Sunday morning. JRR Racing sponsored Jake Robertson on a Triumph 675 took his first podium with second, while Dayus took his second third placed finish of the weekend. Robertson took the final win of the weekend, with Dayus getting a second. Fleetwood was on the

podium again with a third, and left Norfolk leading the championship. Rookie 1000s In the new crop of BMCRC Rookie 1000s Danny Campion on the A-Skips Yamaha R1 took three wins and a second, with his nearest rival Michael Honey taking three seconds and a win. Steve Paddock took third in race one on Saturday on a Suzuki, before Yamaha R1 mounted Ian Pearson took the bottom step of the podium in the afternoon. Pearson took both thirds on Sunday in a strung out field. National Junior Cup The new Rapid Solicitors sponsored National Junior Cup, which uses evenly matched Kawasaki Ninja 250Rs, had an unofficial round ahead of their opening points scoring round with British Superbikes over the Easter weekend. Rowan Miller comfortably took all four wins after qualifying pole, with Mason Law taking all four seconds after battles with Aaron Maxfield, Stefan Hill and Adam Cross. In race one Law, Maxfield and Hill were all vying for second, and on the last lap three went into Murrays, but only two came out, as Hill went down. Red flags meant third went to Maxfield. In race two Cross took third behind Miller and Law. On Sunday Maxfield took a brace of thirds, seeing off challenges from Hill. BMZRC Reigning MZ champion Andy Saunders took all four wins in the first round of the BMZRC championship, in the year of their silver jubilee. Dean Stimpson took three seconds and a third, proving to be a headache for former champion and 2011 runner up Chris Rogers,

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who would have been hoping to be closer to Saunders over the weekend. Rogers did take second in the final race, however, to go with two thirds. Darren West took the other podium position available over the weekend, with a third in race two. Thunderbikes Rob Eyre put his Ducati 916 on pole in the BMCRC Thunderbikes and took three race wins. In the other race the win went to Ian Davis from Michael Simmons and Adam Nelson. In race two Eyre took his first win, with Simmons again second on his Yamaha TRX850 and the Tigcraft SV700 of Steve Parrot third. Eyre took both wins on Sunday with Mark Crisp second on both occasions. Simmons and Parrot shared the bottom step of the podium. EDI Asia Formula 400s Colin Martin and Richie Welsh shared two wins and two seconds each in the EDI Asia Formula 400s. Martin took pole and the win in race one, before being bettered by Welsh in race two, while Andrew Gill was third on both occasions. On Sunday and Martin and Welsh repeated the antics of Saturday, this time with James Runham and Gary Hennings sharing the bottom step of the podium. Open Championship In the popular BMCRC Open Championship, Waghorn Lees and Bulpin were on the podium in race one, before McNealy crashed the party in race two, coming in and taking the win from Waghorn and Lees. On Sunday Waghorn took his second win from Bulpin and Nicky Wilson in race one, but Bulpin went one better in race two and took his first win ahead of Waghorn and Mike Dawson. 33



Motorcycle Show EICMA, the annual motorcycle expo held in Milan, feels like a trade show that has accidentally opened its doors to the public. On the one hand, it’s a brilliant opportunity to check out new bikes and kit; on the other, you can’t actually buy any of it. By Alice Dryden


hen I visited the 2011 show in early November, seven halls of the vast Fiera Milano exhibition centre had been given over to the worship of all things two-wheeled (and threewheeled, and sidecars, and I think I saw a scooter with four wheels, but you know what I mean). Centre stage went to the home-grown marques. Ducati had acres of space for their new Panigale, plus the rest of the collection and all the merchandise you can buy to complement your Ducati Lifestyle, from aftershave to chocolate to babygros (the course of a Ducati relationship?), with red-shirted staff standing by to polish the bikes should a speck of dust dare to alight on one. Piaggio, who own just about everything that’s Italian, two-wheeled and not a Ducati, took up half a hall with their stable of brands including Aprilia, Gilera, Vespa and Moto Guzzi. Now, I’m a scooter person, but at UK motorcycle shows the autos come a very poor second to their geared cousins. In Italy, however, everyone from Valentino Rossi downwards cut their riding teeth on a scooter, and the beloved step-through is given the respect it deserves. BMW’s new maxi-scooter was by far the biggest deal on the German giant’s stand. I’m hazy on the technical specifications, but excited to report that it has a heated seat. Over at Honda, meanwhile, the much-anticipated 670cc Integra maxi had its very own plinth and a male model perched on the saddle (does that mean the scooter is aimed at women?). Peugeot had a concept three-wheeled scooter along the lines of Piaggio’s MP3, and they weren’t the only ones. The two-wheels-at-the-front tricycle


that can be ridden on a car licence suddenly looks like the next Big Thing for motorcycling. If you’ve got any drool left over after looking at the bikes, you can inspect all the latest helmets, clothing and accessories. Here’s where the lookbut-don’t-touch nature of the show gets frustrating, especially if you’ve come from the UK where not all the products on display will be available. If you attend on the last day of the show, you might be able to strike a bargain with a trader who doesn’t want to drag everything home again; otherwise, you’ll just have to start making a Christmas wishlist. There’s a striking contrast between the big brands, strutting their stuff and attracting the attention of the crowds, and the tiny, often deserted booths out in the ghettoes at the far edges of the halls. These are occupied by Far Eastern manufacturers seeking distributors and a toehold in Europe. I spent two days at the show and walked goodness knows how many miles, but I still didn’t manage to see everything. It’s a truly impressive array of motorcycle goodness, and if you’re interested enough in bikes to be reading this in the first place you should grab a cheap flight to one of Milan’s three airports and go along next November. Although you won’t find dealers selling off last season’s jacket at bargain prices, you won’t leave Milan empty-handed: I came away with a profusion of pencils, badges and stickers, including one that says ‘I KOK’, and a one-use breathalyser courtesy of the Italian police. Many thanks to Rick, editor at webBikeWorld.com, for arranging my press pass! www.eicma.it May-June 2012 • South East Biker Magazine


Service • Repairs • Tyres Track Day Preparations MOTs by Appointment 17 Years Main Dealer Experience

Tel: 01825 890313, Mobile: 07710 784876 Email: everest.motorcycles@yahoo.co.uk Visit: www.everestmotorcycles.org.uk Unit 3a, The Oaks Farm Workshops, Framfield, East Sussex. TN22 5PN

Bring this advert with you and get a MOT for JUST £25! South East Biker Magazine •Biker www.southeastbiker.co.uk May-June 2012 • South East Magazine Everest Motorcycles HP V2 0312.indd 1

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SEB TRACK DAYS What do our members think? Brian “Thank you so much SEB for such a fantastic day. Our group had a great time and we’re already booked for the next three.” Gary (Novice Rider) “Ken, the instructor, helped me to ride a better lap and I really enjoyed my day with SEB. I will be back ” Dave (Intermediate rider) “Fantastic day out was good thanks to all of you for making it such a good day for us all. Well done!”

Look out guys, here comes Lloyd he’s behind you.

Photography by: www.fastframephotography.co.uk

Get on Track with SEB Gary a hero who rode 65 miles, rode every session and rode another 65 miles home. SEB’s hero of the day!


Tom Looking professional and very cool with a big smile behind the dark visor.

outh East Biker’s track day at Lydden Hill circuit in Kent caters for all abilities. The great value track day is ONLY £90. We offer a great day on an amazing circuit, with a fun, friendly group of riders. If you’re less experienced on track, Lydden is a brilliant place to start your track day career. For seasoned track riders Lydden can test the best of them. Why not make the most of our great British Summer and get on track with South East Biker? SEB’s track day is not just about what you do on track, it’s a social occasion too. Here are just a few things we can offer on our South East Biker’s track day experience. Spaces are available in Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and the SEB mixed group at the discounted price of just £90, only available with SEB.


Former SEB’s editor Pete gets help from Ken, SEB’s instructor.

What do you get from The South East Biker Club Membership?

• VIP registration so no need to queue. • Discounted rate is excellent value for money at only £90. • It’s a friendly, social event, ideal for novices and experts alike. • Our own instructor on hand for a one to one session . • Instructor has on-board cameras to film you on track and then a de-brief after which can improve your track day experience. • Your own unique DVD of your session for only £10, incl p+p. • SEB’s own Photographer who concentrates specifically on club members. • We supply Free drinks, snacks and shelter from the British weather. • FREE goodie bag, includes

Dave getting his leg down, whatever works Dave!

stickers, vouchers and much more. • On hand Free advice to help set up your bike ready for the track. • Purchasing a SEB track day experience gives you free membership to the SEB Club. We know you will have a great time so book now and join in with the fun but you don’t have to believe us, why not hear from some our SEB club members. You don’t have to own a sports bike to go on track, all makes and styles of bikes are suitable, just check out the great pictures from our last track day. SEB track days dates are Saturday 23rd June, 21st July and 22nd September. Book now to avoid disappointment as space is limited already. Call Debbie on 01892 610808 or debbie@southeastbiker.co.uk

May-June 2012 • South East Biker Magazine



Quality Used Bike Specialist. We buy good used bikes for cash. Servicing and MOT’s. Spares available for Trials bikes and Japanese road bikes.



Call our friendly team on: 01622 688727 Email: intabikes@btconnect.com 99-107 Upper Stone St, Maidstone, Kent. ME15 6HE 10% off all clothing, spares and accessories – online and instore. Just quote SEBiker Inta 0111 HP Ad.indd 1

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Make your marketing stick! From die-cut stickers to shop signs and graphics, DemonSkinz can make you stand out from the crowd. • Stickers & Decals • Posters & Banners • Canvasses • • Bike Graphics • Van & Car • Signage • Point of Sale • • Shop Windows & Signs • Interior & Exterior • Call 07913 758955 for a quote or to find out more.

www.demonskinz.co.uk South East Biker Magazine • www.southeastbiker.co.uk DemonSkinz HP 0312.indd 1


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An evening with Sam Manicom

Photos: Steve Aylard www.fastframephotography.co.uk


e recently spent a very enjoyable and interesting evening in Tunbridge Wells at a charity event organised by Adventure Peru in aid of the Llacanora Primary School in Peru. The highlight of the evening was a presentation by the traveller and author Sam Manicom, discussing his worldwide adventures. Sam has written Into Africa, Under Asian Skies, Distant Suns and Tortillas to Totems. His distinctive writing really conjures up images and smells of distant lands that many of us dream of riding in. Sam chatted to everyone at the event and was only too keen to offer advice and encouragement to anyone considering an adventure. One of the appealing aspects of Sam’s approach is that he set off without back up, an old BMW and little in the way of mechanical know how. An open mind and enthusiasm carried him through the challenging situations that cropped up, including being shot at, arrested and suffering from malaria. The evening was arranged to raise funds for Llacanora Primary School in Cajamarca, Peru by Adventure Peru, who run motorcycling trips in South America. As Sam commented, “it’s wonderful to see a tour company getting involved with the local community and offering practical help.” They have contributed 70 school uniforms as many of the parents couldn’t afford them. Many of these children live well below the poverty line and struggle to obtain the fundamentals we take for granted such as clean water and basic medical care. This is an ongoing project and contributions are always welcome. The charity plans to fund better IT access in the future and make sure that all the children are clothed and get one nutritional meal a day. Any contributions can be made via Adventure 38

Peru Motorcycling, www.perumotorcycling.com, info@perumotorcycling.com 01424 838618. Credit must go to David Groves, Guy Sutton, Mark and Carole Stone and the rest of the Adventure Peru team for organising a splendid event. The Royal Wells Hotel put on a delicious buffet as well!


If you fancy a taste of Sam’s exploits, why not enter this issue’s competition? We are offering a complete set of Sam’s books signed by the great man himself as a prize. To enter simply answer the following question: Which continent was Sam born on? Entry can be via email to info@southeastbiker.co.uk or post to the address on page 3. Entries need to be with us by June 30th. Please include your address and contact details. These details are not passed on to any third parties or used by South East Biker Magazine for marketing. For more details of Sam’s writing and where you can see him in person visit www.sam-manicom.com. By the way, if you are on his site, why not follow the link to register on the national organ donation site, a subject that Sam is passionate about. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete. May-June 2012 • South East Biker Magazine

JOIN US FROM 7PM EVERY WEDNESDAY THE HARROW INN, KENT • Reguylar Bike & Car Meets • • Hot Food • Sunday Roasts • • Relaxed Atmosphere • Clubs Welcome •


The Harrow Inn, Harrow Road, Knockholt, Kent. TN14 7JT Telephone: 01959 532168 or visit: www.theharrowinnknockholt.co.uk


The Harrow In 0512 QP.indd 1



Starting at the end of October Some spaces available Book early to avoid disappoinment


Visit: www.perumotorcycling.com or email: info@perumotorcycling.com

23/04/2012 Adventure 14:42 Peru QPV 0312.indd 1

South East Biker Magazine • www.southeastbiker.co.uk

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South East Biker Events MAY EVENTS

4 May - Speedway Lakeside Hammers v Poole

5 May - Speedway Eastbourne Eagles v Coventry

May 6 - Free BBQ and event at Getgeared Leatherhead

7 May - May Day Run to Hastings

7 May - May Motocross Canada Heights 13 May - Enduro - Sudbury MCC Ltd 13 May - Trials - British Sporting

Sidecar Association (Wessex)

13 May - Trials - Ashford Motorcycle Club

18 May - Speedway Lakeside Hammers v Swindon

19 May - Trials - Bexleyheath & DMCC

19 May - Speedway Eastbourne Eagles v


20 May - Enduro - Southern Counties

Enduro Club

20 May - Vintage Motocross- Ridley,nr Wrotham, Kent 20 May - Sidcup Long Distance Trial Canada Heights

27 May - MOTOCROSS & Beachcross Braintree & DMCC 27 May - Trials - Basingstoke MCC


2 June - Speedway Eastbourne Eagles v Poole 2 June - Speedway Lakeside Hammers v Coventry

3 June - FREE Classic Bike Event

10am Higham Memorial Hall Higham ME3 7JL
Medway TOMCC Celebration of Motorcycling A-Z All bikes welcome especially the unusual
Charity Raffle KAA Cafe Trade Exhibits 01622 812043.

June 10 - Free BBQ and event at Getgeared Leatherhead

15/16 June - British Enduro Sprint Championship Canada Heights

17 June - Enduro - Portsmouth Motor

Cycle Racing Club Ltd

22 June - Speedway Lakeside Hammers v King's Lynn

23 June - South East Biker Trackday, Lydden Hill 25 June - Speedway Eastbourne Eagles v Lakeside

Please note: we cannot be held responsible for the information provided on this page. Much of it is provided independently. We suggest you check details with the organisers before making commitments. Further details and contacts for some of these events can be found at www.southeastbiker.co.uk. For South East Biker Track Days contact: debbie@southeastbiker.co.uk

If you have an event you would like listed then email: nick@southeastbiker.co.uk. July/August entries to be in by 5th June 2012. Entries are limited to first come first in.



Here is your quick guide to biker resting points throughout our region. If you wish to advertise your business here to 1000s of bikers then call Debbie on 01892 610808 or email: debbie@southeastbiker.co.uk

Ryka’s Café

Kent Motorcycles H’s Café

Dover Road (A2), CT4 6SA Tel: 01227 832601

Opening hours: Mon - Fri, 7:30am - 3:30pm Sat 7:30am - 5pm 8am to 4pm Sun il 9.30pm Wed is Bike night open unt

The Bell Inn

The Kings H

Outwood, RH1 5PN

ead East Grinst ead Road, N. Chailey , Lewes, East Sussex . BN8 4DH Tel: 01825 723821

Bikes welco me, good fo od, good com pany and Sky Sports available.

Loomies Café West Meon, GU32 1JX

Mickleham , Box Hill, Dorking, Su rrey. RH5 6B Y Tel: 01306 88 4454 Rykas Café – the South Ea st’s motorbike rid ers institutio n. www..boxhi ll.co.uk


Station Road, n Café Alton, GU Tel: 01420 8220 34 2PZ 5 Op ening Mon-Sat 6:30am- hours: 3p Late night: Sta m. Closed Sun. rts en Wednesdays 5p d March Take away servi m-9pm. Try one of our ce available. great money quality value for meals.

Oakdene Cafê Wrotham, TN15 7RR

Wessons Café

High Street, Horam, Heathfield, East Sussex TN21 0ER Tel: 01435 813999

Home of the MAMA Burger Eat In or Takeaway Welcome Now Open 7 Days A Week Mon-Fri 7am To 4pm Sat & Sun 9am To 4pm (Inc, Bank Hols)

ays Whitew é f a C Hill, ry (A29) Bu FD BN18 9


The Harrow Inn

Harrow Road, Knockholt, Sevenoaks, Kent TN14 7JT

Six Bells

Chiddingly, BN8 6HT

Tel: 01959-532168 Extensive menu, great value with stylish restaurant. Wednesday is Bike night with special events.

May-June 2012 • South East Biker Magazine

Northrise Lodge HASTINGS

Four Star Biker friendly Bed and Breakfast in the heart of Hastings, East Sussex. The beautiful Edwardian house is situated centrally between the old town seafront and the country park and has close connections to the bus routes into the town. We have secure motorcycle parking on the driveway with CCTV. Depending on space, there is limited garage parking also. Please call or visit our website for full details of accommodation and special rates. Call us now: 01424 721959 Email: stay@northriselodgehastings.co.uk Visit: www.northriselodgehastings.co.uk

Northrise Lodge 0412 QP.indd 1

18/04/2012 09:22

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NEW BIKES Cooper BMW Motorrad Longfield Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN2 3UE Tel: 0845 601 8593

New demo bikes available to try. Sales, Servicing, Clothing and parts.

Haslemere Motorcycles

Petersfield Road, Whitehill, Hampshire GU35 9AR Sales: 01420 488290 Main Suzuki, Yamaha dealer with good quality used motorcycles and Harleys. Test ride the new GSXR600 or try some of our great 125’s on sale.

Kent Motorcycles

Dover Road (A2), CT4 6SA Tel: 01227 832601 Everything Honda, New demo’s available to test ride, CBF 125, CBR 250 and VFR. MOT’s, Servicing, Clothing and Accessories.

USED BIKES J. S. Gedge (Triumph)

10 Silchester Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex. TN38 0JB Tel: 01424 423520

Triumph bikes, quality used bikes and clothing to cope with all weather.

J. S. Gedge (Honda) 406-410 Old London Road, Hastings, E. Sussex. TN35 5BB Tel: 01424 423708 The one stop Honda shop.

INTA Motorcycles

99-107 Upper Stone Street, Maidstone. Kent. ME15 6HE Tel: 01622 688727 or 01622 765791 Email: intabikes@btconnect.com We specialise in quality used motorcycles and are Kent’s leading motorcycle trials specialists.


JAM Sport Motorcycles

The Biker Store

43 The Street, Wrecclesham

Unit 2, Systems House,

Farnham, Surrey. GU10 4QS

Eastbourne Road (A22),

Tel: 01252 718606

Blindly Heath,


Surrey, RH7 6JD

SPARE PARTS and MOT’S Stockists in Enduro, Trials, MotorX and quality used bikes

Tel: 01342 458171 Wide range of Helmets, large stock of Furygan, Richa and many

Phoenix Motorcycles

3a Beeching Road, Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex TN39 3LG Tel: 01424 225224 Quality used bikes available, MOT’s, Servicing, Parts and Accessories

more. Come down and see our large showroom.

TRAINING BikeSmart Next to Haywards Heath station Tel: 01444 446919


7 High Street, Orpington Kent. BR6 0JE 01689 836679

CBT, DAS, ERS with bike and kit hire available. We are an established training centre that can take you from CBT to advanced training.

Kingston Motorcycle Centre

MTS SUSSEX Motorcycle Training for Sussex, Surrey and Kent

Servicing, MOT’s, Race-Track Prep and repairs.

• Taster Sessions • CBT • A2/DAS • • ERS • Advanced • Back to Biking • • Free Assessments • Ladies Only Days •

Fastlane Motorcycles

Call us now on 01342 890006 enquiries@mtssussex.co.uk www.mtssussex.co.uk

Service and repair to all bikes Bike sales and accessories

Tel: 0208 549 5335

88 Priory Street, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 2AH Tel: 01732 363630 Email: fastlanebikes@aol.com We have a wide range of Used bikes, Clothing, Servicing, MOT’s, Parts,Track and Race preparation.



Tel: 03700 868788 enquiries@shoosmiths.co.uk Free legal advice

GetGeared 290 Kingston Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7QE Tel: 01372 225100

Viking Motorcycle Seats

Everything you need under

27A Heaver Trading Estate, Ash, Kent TN15 7HJ Tel: 07977 874075

one roof or check out our

Seat modifications, Gel pads,

extensive website.

re-covering and embroidery



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69 Motorcycle Club, Dover


01304 820181

Associated Sheppey Bikers


01795 870533

Black Phoenix RC, Sittingbourne


Brighton Easyriders

07743 427227 www.facebook.com/ brightoneasyriders

BSA Owner’s Club

www.brighton-easyriders.co.uk www.horizonsunlimited.com/ country/uk/brighton www.westsussexbsa.co.uk

Burgess Hill & Distrct Motorcycle Club


Carshalton Motorcycle Club


020 8642 0964

Chimaeras MCC


Deal & District MCC

www.chimaeras.org.uk www.bike.org.uk/cma/ sw_london.php www.ddmcc.ocatch.com

Eastbourne and District MCC (Trials)


07733 050537

East Kent Advanced Motorcyclists


07092 857898

East Sussex IAM


01323 849073

Friends & Bikers MC


01634 245349

GEST Hastings MCC


Gravesend MC


Brighton Overland Travellers

Christian Motorcyclists Association

Greenwich Motor & MCC

07871 960603

07740 341042 01322 222197

Guildford Motorcycle Club


Honda Owners Club, Kent Branch


Huntsman Motor Cycle Club


Invicta Bike Club


Kent Advanced Motorcyclists Group


0844 585 7792

London Advanced Motorcyclists Group


07000 781 103

London Fire Brigade MCC

07774 422430 01322 400775 kent@hoc.org.uk

07931 627213

MAG - Motocycle Action Group (Brighton)


Merry Axemen The White Rock Underriver


Mid-Sussex British Motorcycle Club


New Life Bikers - Biggin Hill


01959 571667

Reigate & Redhill North Downs MC


07793 659176

ROSPA Southern Advanced Motorcycle Training


Royal British Legion Riders Branch (RBLR)


Sidcup & District Motorcycle Club


South East BMW


The Half Moon Bike Club, Half Moon Inn, Cade Street, Heathfield Tonbridge & Malling MC Triumph Owners MCC Mighty South London Tsunami Riders MCC UFO’s MCC West Sussex Advanced Motorcyclists Wey Valley Advanced Motorcyclists (WVAM) Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Ass., S E Chapter

07780 704357

01634 241215 halfmoonersbikeclub@ yahoo.co.uk

www.tmmcc.co.uk www.tomccmsl.co.uk www.tsunamiriders.org.uk www.ufos-mcc.com www.wsam.info www.wvam.org.uk www.widowsons-south-east.com

South East Biker Magazine • www.southeastbiker.co.uk


07870 373087


SEB PICK UP POINTS Berkshire Bracknell Bahnstomer BMW Thms. Vlly.... RG12 0SH TriCounty Motorcycles............... RG12 1NQ Newbury Nelson’s Diner.....................................SL6 8NP Reading Hein Gericke ................................... RG30 1EH Slough Hein Gericke .........................................SL1 2EJ

Dorset Bournemouth Crescent Motorcycles......................BH8 9RT Hein Gericke.......................................BH9 2EG Verwood Crescent Motorcycles HQ........... BH31 6AX

East Sussex Bexhill-on-sea Top Gear Superstore/ Phoenix Motorcycles.....................TN39 3LG Brighton Chandlers BMW.............................. BN41 1YH Chiddingly The Six Bells........................................BN8 6HT Crowborough ASF Tyres............................................... TN6 3JZ John Harris Motorcycles..................TN6 1JS Hastings J. S. Gedge (Honda)........................TN35 5BB Heathfield JW Groombridge........................... TN21 0SP Horam Wessons Café................................... TN21 0ER Mark Cross FreeStyle...............................................TN6 3PD North Chailey The Kings Head................................BN8 4DH Pevensey J.S. Gedge (Honda).........................TN24 6EX Leonards-on-sea J. S. Gedge (Triumph).....................TN38 0JB


Bradwell Essex Bikers Centre.......................CM77 8EB Braintree Hein Gericke...................................CM77 8GA Chelmsford Essex Honda .....................................CM2 9QP Colchester Colchester Kawasaki......................... C02 8JB Finchingfield The Three Tuns Pub ......................CM7 4NR Gants Hill Hein Gericke........................................IG2 6NQ


Aldershot Gordon Farley Motorcycles........GU12 6LF Alton Bahnstomer Alton..........................GU34 3DJ The Station Café / M. Snell ........ GU34 2PZ Bordon Haselmere Motorcycles..............GU35 9AR Fareham Destination Triumph................... PO16 0HD Farnborough Hein Gericke..................................... GU14 6EJ Portsmouth Hein Gericke........................................PO1 5ET Southampton Crescent Motorcycles................. SO50 6AA Hein Gericke ...................................SO15 1GG West Meon Loomies Café....................................GU32 1JX Winchester Alan Lear Motorcycles................SO23 7DW


AshFORD Viking Motorcycle Seats ............ TN15 7HJ Bromley The Warren...........................................BR2 7AL Canterbury Kent Motorcycles...............................CT4 6SA Robinsons Foundry Motorcycles......CT2 7QG Chatham Bowen Moto...................................... ME4 5AB Dover Coombe Valley Motorcycles......CT17 0HG Edenbridge Red Dog Motorcycles......................TN8 5AY

Maidstone Hein Gericke................................... ME14 2UU Inta Motorcycles............................ME15 6HE Ramsgate Dave Fox Motorcycles................... CT11 8PJ Sevenoaks The Harrow Inn.................................TN14 7JT Tonbridge Fastlane Motorcycles......................TN9 2AH Tunbridge Wells Breakaway Motorcycles..................TN1 2RF Cooper BMW Motorrad.................. TN2 3UE Welling Hein Gericke................................... DA16 3PA Wrotham Oakdene Café...................................TN15 7RR

London Chiswick Hein Gericke.........................................W4 5YT Clapham Infinity Motorcycles...........................W4 5YT Great Portland Street Infinity Motorcycles...................... W1W 5PG Hanger Lane Hein Gericke....................................... W5 3QP Infinity Motorcycles........................... W5 1ET High Holborn Infinity Motorcycles....................WC1V 6PW Kings Road Warrs Harley Davidson.......................... SW6 Leytonstone Double R Motorcycles...................... E11 4JT Mottingham Warrs Harley Davidson..................SE9 4QW Stockwell Hein Gericke...................................... SW9 9AE

Middlesex Kenton Hein Gericke....................................... HA3 8BL Middlesex West London Yamaha.................TW13 6HD Ruislip Daytona Motorcycles...................... HA4 8PT


Blindley Heath The Biker Store/ Motorcycle Centre..............................RH7 6JJ Boxhill Rykas Café............................................ RH5 6BX Coulsdon Doble Motorcycles...........................CR5 2NG Croydon (South) Carl Rosner Motorcycles.................CR2 0PL Dorking Beaky’s Motorcycles.......................RH5 4QU Guildford Destination Triumph....................... GU5 0JA Harley Davidson...............................GU3 1NA Leatherhead GetGeared.........................................KT22 7QE Kingston Kingston Motorcycles Centre.......KT1 3LG Purley Hein Gericke.......................................CR8 4DA Redhill Fins Motorcycles................................RH1 6ET Surbiton Tippets Motorcycles...................... KT6 7AW Woking Woking Yamaha..... ........................ GU21 6LJ Wrecclesham JAM Sport.........................................GU10 4QS

West Sussex

Arundel Whiteways Café.............................. BN18 9FD Chichester CMW Motorcycles..........................PO19 7JG Cowfold Chalet Café.......................................RH13 8DU Crawley P & H Motorcycles......................... RH10 9RD Haywards Heath Bike Smart........................................RH16 1DN Horsham New Street Motorcycles...............RH13 5DT Washington Destination Triumph..................... RH20 4AJ Worthing Keys Bros Motorcycles.................BN11 1UG

The South East’s No.1

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Why not advertise your Company in the South East’s No 1 FREE magazine for bikers? Maximize your company’s full potential by promoting it in South East Biker Magazine and make sure your company’s name reaches the customers you need. SEB has a readership of around 20,000 in the height of summer. SEB also has an active website, Facebook Group and Twitter to keep our readers in touch with what’s going on around the South East. With a fully readable edition online our readership is worldwide. Whatever your budget we can provide a solution; from a business card box to the prestigious cover ads, we are here to help you. Call Debbie Tunstill today on 01892 610808 or email debbie@southeastbiker.co.uk 46

May-June 2012 • South East Biker Magazine

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South East Biker May-June 2012  

The South East of England's No.1 Free bike magazine for all types of biking enthusiast.

South East Biker May-June 2012  

The South East of England's No.1 Free bike magazine for all types of biking enthusiast.