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3 3 h i g h s t r e e t, s h o r e h a m - b y - s e a , w e s t s u s s e x . b n 4 3 5 d d telephone: 01273 463500 www. c rown a nd a nchor- s Living in Lancing • January 2011

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A very Happy New Year to all our readers and local businesses. We hope that this year is a good one for all! In this month issue of Living in Lancing we hope you will enjoy reading our regular articles and this month the latest article from Judy Upton is an amazing story behind the Famous Novel “Black Beauty” and its roots in Lancing!. We also have the latest from Mark on what you should be doing in your garden this coming month. We also have a host of local businesses looking to service you so do use our local businesses and help Lancing and Sompting thrive that much better. Please do send us your local or charity activities in the area and we will always try and publish them in magazine for local residents to read. On that note, have a great January 2011. Warm wishes


Inside this issue Adur Council Launches a second Pot of Gold........4 Worthing Ice Rink ...............................................................4 Preparing your garden for the year ahead ..............6 Samins Menu ...............................................................14-15

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Living in Lancing • January 2011

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Adur Council launches a second Pot of Gold


dur Council launched their second Pot of Gold in December following the success of the first one. Once again the council want to encourage people to come up with ideas to improve their local neighbourhoods. There’s £50,000 up for grabs for the bigger projects and £20,000 for smaller ones. This is a great opportunity for people to talk to their neighbours, get the ideas flowing and put in an application to make their area a better place to live. Adur Council Leader, Neil Parkin said: “Even though times are tough for councils these days, we were

determined to do the Pot of Gold again. It worked well the first time and made a difference to many people in Adur. The Pot of Gold gives people a real say in where the money goes and I think that is even more important now. So get thinking and get those applications in.” Community groups, residents associations and charities can apply for cash. These must be Adur groups, or, if a charity, for the benefit of the people of Adur. Groups must be properly constituted to be eligible. Local residents individually, or in groups, can put forward their ideas and if successful these will be carried out by

the council. All bids require a written application which can be completed in hard copy or online at This must be submitted to the council by 5pm on 31st January 2011. The applications will be whittled down to a shortlist in February, and in March we will hold an ‘ask the audience event,’ inviting the public and an Adur ‘factor’ panel of judges to vote for their favourite proposal. The decisions will then be confirmed by full council on 14 April. Bids for the large pot can be from £10,000 to £15,000, so if the idea is big, for example a vehicle for a charity, this is the pot to apply for. Last year’s winners included a new roof, new storefront and better communication equipment to help save lives. Bids for the smaller pot can be for under £10,000, ideal for smaller projects, for example like some of last years winners, money for to help set up a nature reserve or build some new dirt BMX ramps in a recreation ground.

Contact Sarah Garbutt, Consultation Officer, on 01903 221109 or send the Consultation Officer an e-mail and ask for an application pack. You can also download an application pack or put your ideas on

Worthing’s Ice Rink is back W

orthing’s very own Ice Rink in Steyne Gardens is back by popular demand for its third year - this is a magical experience – and the perfect way to chase away those winter blues! Book your places online today by visiting their website: Over the last 2 years around 50,000 thousand people have flocked to the outdoor Ice Rink to practice their skating skills. This is one of Worthing’s most popular events attracting skaters from as far away as Newhaven and Portsmouth. The 29m x 16m rink, holding 130 skaters per session, opens to the public at 11am on 5th February, right through to Sunday March 6th 2011. Sessions last 45 minutes starting on the hour with costs


at peak times just £7 for adults and £5 for children 16 and under - including skate hire. (Children under eight must be accompanied by an adult). Off Peak and Credit Crunch Sessions cost from as little as £2.50 – A real bargain! Living in Lancing • January 2011

Living in Lancing • January 2011


Preparing for the year ahead A

happy new Year to all of you who take the time to read the column, I hope Christmas was everything you hoped for and more! Well, here we go again, into the New Year and Spring time accelerating towards us, with mid-Winter behind us and the evenings getting lighter, little by little. I’m not wishing the year away, but I love this time of year and can’t wait for it. When you work outside, everyday you can see little signs of spring time fighting through each day. Of course that means there’s more work to do in the garden! Hopefully we won’t be covered in yet another blanket of snow when you read this, but already in the garden you can start to undertake some work to put new life in the garden. Bare root roses can be planted out, but always be careful to ensure you plant them to the same depth as they were in the pot. Despite the ravages of winter, there will still be some weeds growing in the borders, so get in amongst them and get them out now. This is an


wonderful compost. Guess where my beans will be going this year! On the subject of looking head, don’t forget to start ordering seeds or potatoes if you are doing so from a catalogue, so you have them at the right time. This time of year is always a good time to get any machinery serviced before the usual spring rush, and it’s worth taking the time to clean off and sharpen any tools. You will be amazed at how much easier it is digging with a spade that has a clean sharp edge, so for the sake of a few minutes work, make life easier! I’m really looking forward to the growing season this year. By the time you read this I should be well into the task of re-landscaping our front garden, with the aim of turning it into a vegetable growing area on our doorstep. It’s a real experiment as we are trying to keep it looking pleasant as a landscaped garden, but keep it functional as well. I will give updates of how it is going and hopefully the odd photo as well. Mark Oakley, Any Garden.

easy job to do whilst the ground is moist. Never miss an opportunity to get some more compost or manure dug into the beds whilst you are there, but watch out for new growth. You can also plant bare rooted canes, such as raspberries and fruit trees. Give them plenty of compost when you plant them. It’s also a good time to tidy up any existing fruit canes, such as blackberries by pruning them back. Thinking ahead to the growing seasons you can carry on using your compost bins, or start improving the ground for your bean trenches, by filling them with compost and other green material. We recently had a large bin full of about three weeks of material that was supposed to go in the compost bin, which due to the weather I hadn’t been able to. (Well that was my excuse) I buried this straight into a trench in the ground and it was a swampy mess covered with about six inches of soil. I was amazed that a few weeks later, it had all been devoured by the worms and turned into Living in Lancing • January 2011

Neighbourhood Watch Neighbourhood Watch gives people the confidence to get together to say no to crime. We are not having it down our street! We don’t want it here! In Sussex, Neighbourhood Watch has the following main objectives: To prevent crime - By improving security, increasing vigilance, creating, and maintaining a caring community, and reducing opportunities for crime by increasing crime prevention awareness. To assist the Police in detecting crime - By promoting effective communication and the prompt reporting of suspicious and criminal activity. To reduce the fear of crime - By providing accurate information about risks, and by promoting a sense of security and community spirit, particularly amongst the more vulnerable. To improve police/community liaison - By providing effective means to notify Co-ordinators of local crime trends, and by members advising the police of incidents when they occur. To increase community safety - By providing safety information from other Partnership bodies such as Trading Standards and the Fire & Rescue Service. The most important thing you should do is become a member of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. It is so simple to do. Either visit your local police station or enter your postcode in the ‘Contact your local officer’ section on the home page of the Sussex Police website to find contact details of your PCSO. (Please find direct links opposite). Get the interest of some of your neighbours, and you will be told how simple it is to start a scheme. Neighbourhood Watch really works. Some Insurance Companies offer reductions in premiums for: Additional window locks; Alarms; Members of Neighbourhood Watch.

BEAT THE BuRGLAR HOME SECuRITY GuIDE Any home is a potential target for burglars; some are more appealing than others and some offer themselves up with a bow that begs to be opened. If your home falls into the latter category then you need to improve your security measures fast to help you beat the burglar and keep your valuable possessions safe from harm/loss. Home insurance premiums rise every year due to increasing insurance tax and ever climbing claims levels due to crime/burglary; making home insurance comparison more important than ever. Ensuring you follow the following top 10 tips will help to secure your property as well as brining your insurance premium down. 1: Windows; most burglars will want to enter your property from the rear and it is most likely that they will look to force a window to gain entry. Breaking a window 8

will usually be a last resort as this will attract unwanted attention so you should turn your attention to visibly securing them with key operated locks. 2: Lighting; burglars don’t like to be in the spotlight so you should ensure you have outdoor lights fitted that operate on a sensor switch (to save electricity) which activates when movement is detected. Using timer switches can be a good deterrent for an opportunist thief if you are away for a few days. 3: burglar alarms; many homes still do not have a burglar alarm and this should be a basic security measure on all homes. The siren box will act as a visual deterrent to some extent (dummy sirens can also be bought cheaply) and you can choose a system that simply let’s off an alarm or one that dials a preset number or a local security company. 4: Doors; It is imperative that you ensure your external doors are strong, in good condition and secured to a high standard. Fitting a 5 lever mortice deadlock or extra sliding bolts will greatly improve security and French doors - which are much weaker than singular doors should be fitted with top and bottom mortice locks on both doors. 5: Gates & Fences; a weak or low fence can make gaining access to the rear of your property much easier. Sturdy 6ft fences make the task a little harder and thorny hedges such as Hawthorne make a good deterrent. Gates should also be similarly sturdy and locked from the inside with a bolt that is out of reach as a minimum standard. 6: Spare key; Never hide a spare key in convenient location, it will be just as convenient for the average burglar too and will hand the house to them on a silver platter. 7: Don’t Leave Valuables in Sight; Fitting blinds or net curtains will make it harder to see into your property. You might be proud of your 40” LCD TV but do you want to advertise it to an opportunist thief? 8: buy a Safe; if you have particularly valuable items such as jewellery or large sums of cash in the house then it is a good idea to purchase a safe which can be secured in place in a hidden location. Passports, unused credit cards, etc should also ideally be locked away. 9: Mark Your Property; so that if you are burgled your possessions can be identified should the police recover them. This can be achieved by etching your postcode, surname and house number/name onto the item, or, where this is not practical, using an ultraviolet marker. 10: Don’t advertise Your absence; many people now use social networking websites such as Facebook. com to tell everyone about their daily exploits. Don’t unwittingly give details of when you’re going on holiday by mentioning dates, etc. For more information visit: Living in Lancing • January 2011

exclusively from

no VAt

UNTIL 31 JANUAry* Visit our Factory & Showroom. Call us on 01903 524343 Email Open 9.30 - 5pm Monday to Friday (4pm Saturdays) Manhattan Furniture Works, Chartwell Road, Lancing Business Park, Lancing, Sussex, BN15 8UH

• Built in Lancing - buy direct from the people who make it. • Over 50 affordably priced quality kitchen styles built in Sussex. • Full range of Granite and Quartz work surfaces and appliances. • Professional and friendly design and installation service by qualified installers (supply only also available). • Established in 1948. Locally owned and managed. *We’ll pay the VAT on orders placed before 31 January 2011. Terms and conditions apply. See in-store for details.

To book at any Worthing Theatre call: 01903 206206 or visit:

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We care for our carers

We are passionate about nurturing our carers.

TFCA is recruiting foster carers in the Lancing area. To find out more please contact us. Tel: 0808 1788 909


Living in Lancing • January 2011

Your Will may not be enough to provide for your family Grieving over the loss of a loved one is bad enough, without discovering their Will isn’t watertight or tax efficient. A Family Trust can protect your estate against inheritance tax, care fees, re-marriage, divorce or creditors… for generations to come. Contact us and safeguard your family as you had intended. For your FREE personal consultation, call 01273 236036. Plan ahead now…before it’s too late.

Southern Service 1010 (135x190L).indd 1 Living inLegal Lancing • January 2011

Qualified & Insured Legal Expertise

Estate Planning Experts For Wills, Trusts, Tax & Probate Lasting Powers of Attorney


27/10/2010 11:06

Anna Sewell A

nna Sewell was born 1820 in Great Yarmouth into a Quaker family. Her father was Isaac Sewell, and her mother, Mary Wright Sewell, a writer of children’s books. Anna also had a younger brother, Philip, who later became a construction enginee on the railways. Anna was home educated until the age of twelve, when the family moved to Stoke Newington in London. After two years in London, Anna badly sprained both ankles when she slipped over while walking home from school. Her father moved the family to Brighton in 1836, hoping the sea air would be beneficial to his ailing daughter. Then in 1845, they made a short move west along the coast to Lancing. The damage to Anna’s ankles left her permanently unable to walk more than short distances though. Realiant on horse-drawn carriages, her love of the animals and concern for their welfare, grew from this point. Driving her own beloved pony and trap, Anna would leave her Lancing home daily to collect a newspaper from Shoreham or to take her father to and 18

from Shoreham station. A gifted artist, Anna loved the natural world and took every opportunity to sketch in the West Sussex countryside. Also in 1845, the year Anna Sewell’s family moved to Lancing, it was noted that a famously fine horse was reared at Lancing, in the area of Lancing Park near the Three Horseshoes public house. It is rumoured that Anna’s knowledge and admiration of this horse made it the inspiration behind her first and only novel. Her aim in writing the book was, in her own words, to “induce kindness, sympathy and an understanding treatment of horses”. Anna’s novel ‘Black Beauty’ was written for children. It tells of the life of a black mare that endures much suffering before finally being given a kind home. Anna’s family took her to various European spas in this period, hoping their climates would help her regain her health. Here, for the first time, she met a number of writers, artists, and philosophers who may have encouraged her desire to write. The first mention by Anna that she was writing what would become her famous work ‘Black Beauty’ was an entry in her journal for the 6th November 1871. Here she wrote, “I am writing the life of a horse, and getting dolls and boxes ready for Christmas”. A second entry five years later, in December 1876, said, “I am getting on with my little book ‘Black Beauty’, so we know that by this time she had titled the novel. Unfortunately by the 1870s, Anna’s mobility problems had worsened. She and her parents were now living near Norwich, where she spent most of her time indoors, writing her book in pencil. The pages were written on slips of paper which her mother then transcribed. Of this time, Anna said “I have been confined to the house and to my sofa, from time to time, when I am able, been writing what I think will turn out a little book”. She was often so weak that she was confined to her bed and writing became a challenge. When necessary she dictated the text straight to her mother. Anna Sewell sold her novel to the publisher Jarrolds for £40 and ‘Black Beauty’ was published on the 24th November 1877. She was 57 years of age. Fortunately Anna Sewell lived long enough to see her novel in print and hear of its almost overnight success. She died though only three months later, on April 25th 1878, due to hepatitis. ‘Black Beauty’ went on to sell over 100,000 copies by 1894 and was translated into French, German, and Italian. Its fame has continued for many generations and it has become a children’s classic, as well as spawning many films and a popular 1970s TV series. Probably even more pleasing to Anna, had she known, is that the book, which did so much to publicise the cruelty and hardship suffered by working horses, did actually improve the animals’ lives. ‘Black Beauty’ was instrumental in the abolition of the painful practice of using the checkrein on horses and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recommended it. Anna was buried in the Quaker burial ground at Lamas near Norwich. Judy Upton Living in Lancing • January 2011



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Traditional Pub Food. Great quality, fantastic value *Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer ends 31st January 2011.

Living in Lancing • January 2011


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Living in Lancing • January 2011

Living in Lancing • January 2011


What’s on in Lancing and Sompting in January Wed 5 Jan 11: WASSAIL - MORRIS DANCING. SOMPTING VILLAGE MORRIS will be celebrating our traditional torchlit Processional WASSAIL with all the usual colour, music and general razmataz . Bring rattles and noisy instruments and help us frighten off naughty bad spirits For more details visit our website at 8.00pm Tarring High St, Nr Worthing West Sussex

Thu 13 Jan 11 to Sat 15 Jan 11: Pride and Prejudice coming to Worthing By Jane Austen, Adapted for the stage by Laura Turner.Take a step back in time with Chapterhouse Theatre Company as we meet Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters. Whilst their interfering mother engineers various courtships, sisters Elizabeth and Jane must pursue their own quest for true love. Amongst misunderstandings, mistakes and miscommunications, the two girls must fight for the men they love until Elizabeth can finally surpass her prejudices to see past the proud exterior of the enigmatic Mr Darcy. After all, it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

13th Jan at 7.30pm, 14th Jan at 10.30am and 7.30pm, 15th Jan at 2.30pm and 7.30pm. Connaught Theatre, Worthing West Sussex BN11 1LG Thu 20 Jan 11: Belly Laughs! Warm up this winter with Belly Laughs - Open Mic Comedy at The Shaftesbury Room, Worthing Leisure Centre. Loads of acts with a slick and funny host. Visit our Facebook page to find out the local acts or if you fancy a spot yourself then send us your details. New comics always welcome! 8pm, Entry is only £1! Shaftesbury Avenue, Worthing West Sussex BN12 4ET

Sat 5 Feb 11: Beginner Chen Tai Chi Workshop Worthing Everyone is welcome on this beginner Chen Style Tai Chi course, covering Tai Chi Foundations; Qi Gong breathing, silk reeling, Tai Chi stance and the Chen 11 Short Form. Suited to beginner level as an introduction to the Chen Style. Tai Chi is a powerful internal martial art that helps you towards a stronger body and calmer mind. Our 1 day workshops are friendly and informal, contact instructor Nicola to reserve your place. 07984 186888 Time: 10.30am - 5.00pm Cost: £45 (£15 deposit required to secure place) Worthing West Sussex

Sat 5 Feb 11: Worthing Philharmonic Orchestra and guests present Carmina Burana... Boundstone Chorus, Worthing Choral Society and Worthing Philharmonic Choir join forces for a wonderful selection of music that includes Stravinsky’s Symphonies of Wind Instruments and Kevin Withell’s Requiem.Orff’s Carmina Burana normally steals the show but this concert also premieres a Requiem by local young composer Kevin Withell. Opening the concert is Stravinsky’s fascinating memorial to Debussy, inspired by the burial service of the Russian Orthodox Church. See you there! Evening Concert: 7:30pm – 10:00pm (approx.) Tickets £8-15 (£3 for children plus some concessions) available by telephone on 01903 206206, online @ or in person from the Pavilion or Connaught Theatres Box Offices in Worthing. Also available in person on the day pre-concert from the Assembly Hall Box Office (subject to availability). Assembly Hall, Stoke Abbott Road, Worthing West Sussex BN11 1HQ

2nd - 8th Jan 2011: Sinbad The Sailor: To book tickets either call the box office at the Barn Theatre is Southwick on 01273 597094 or to book online.


Saturday 22nd January: Community Band Concert. St Michael and All Angels Church, Lancing, 3 pm Admission Free – Retiring Collection. The Community Band presents an afternoon of music

Friday 28th January: Music Spectacular. The Pavilion Theatre, Worthing Adults £6, Concessions £5 The Academy Band, Junior Band, Samba Band and Choir present a spectacular evening of music. Show starts at 7.30pm

January programme of Health Walks 2011 • Jan 2nd Beggars Bush to No Man’s Land 10.30 am • Jan 5th Lancing library to Beach Green 10.30 am • Jan 7th Southwick library to harbour. 2.00 pm • Jan 8th Lyons Farm to Lychpole Hill 10.30 am • Jan 10th Shoreham library to Old Toll Bridge. 10.30 am • Jan 12th River Adur to Cuckoo Corner 10.30 am • Jan 13th Lancing Leisure Centre 10.30 am • Jan 14th Lancing Ring to Coombes Farm 10.30 am • Jan 16th Lancing Leisure Centre to Steep Down 1.45 pm • Jan 17th Shoreham Library to Widewater 10.30 am • Jan 19th Lancing library to Beach Green 10.30 am • Jan 21st Southwick library 2.00 pm • Jan 22nd Hill to Hill 10.45 am • Jan 24th Shoreham library to Old Fort 10.30 am • Jan 26th River Adur to Mill Hill 10.30 am • Jan 27th Beggars Bush to Cissbury Ring 10.30 am • Jan 28th Mill Hill Nature Reserve 10.30 am • Jan 30th Lancing Ring, to Coombes Farm 1.45 pm • Jan 31st Shoreham library to Old Toll Bridge 10.30 am The walks vary in length. The shorter walks take just over 1 hour and the longer walks take around two hours. ‘Take A Step’ leaflets are in the local libraries, on-line, or call 01273 263311 to request a copy by post. See our website

Worthing Farmers’ Market Every fourth Saturday of the month, South Street Square, Worthing The Worthing Farmers’ Market selling local Sussex produce takes place in South Street Square, Worthing (area adjacent to Chapel Road and Warwick Street), between 9am and 1pm every fourth Saturday of the month. The market normally has around 30 stalls selling a wide range of local fresh produce and goods. Please contact David Steadman Adur Town Centres Coordinator,on 01273 263152

5th February to 6th March 2011: WORTHING’S ICE RINK IS BACK Worthing’s very own Ice Rink in Steyne Gardens is back by popular demand for its third year - this is a magical experience – and the perfect way to chase away those winter blues! Book your places online today.... Over the last 2 years around 50,000 thousand people have flocked to the outdoor Ice Rink to practice their skating skills. This is one of Worthing’s most popular events attracting skaters from as far away as Newhaven and Portsmouth. The 29m x 16m rink, holding 130 skaters per session, opens to the public at 11am on 5th February, right through to Sunday March 6th 2011. Sessions last 45 minutes starting on the hour with costs at peak times just £7 for adults and £5 for children 16 and under - including skate hire. (Children under eight must be accompanied by an adult). Off Peak and Credit Crunch Sessions cost from as little as £2.50 – A real bargain! It’s a good idea to pre-book your tickets; On Line bookings opened on 1st December 2010 and in January the special Ice Rink phone booking line 01903 222934 will also be available to you.

Living in Lancing • January 2011

Music, Arts and Creative Writing at the Ropetackle Centre Shoreham Oratorio Choir

Rehearsals Thursday evenings 7.45 – 9.30pm in The Methodist Church, Brunswick Road, Shoreham by Sea. For more details call Maggie Kent 01273 465495 or visit

Saturday 15th January 2011:Barnstormers Comedy Club

Line-up to be confirmed. Saturday night out at Ropetackle with three top comics from the UK comedy circuit and beyond. Every month Barnstormers Comedy promises, and delivers, a great laughout-loud night out. Notable acts that have graced the Barnstormers stage include Danny Bhoy, Boothby Graffoe, Jeff Green, Andy Parsons, Lucy Porter, Rob Rouse and Paul Zenon. Perhaps not an evening for grandma (unless she’s broad-minded) or under 18s. Saturday 15th January 2011 Doors 7.30pm Starts 8.30pm

Friday 21st January 2011: John Otway’s Big Band

John Otway Legendary English Comedic-Punk-Rock-Poet-Performer and his Big Band buddies rock Ropetackle! If you thought the microphone-butting, ladder-leaping, shirt-ripping Aylesbury nutter was a treat on his own; prepare to be amused, amazed, apoplectic and anything else beginning with ‘a’ when he turns up with the full band. A tragicomic genius with the world’s only double-necked guitar pointing in different directions and bending in the middle!Friday 21st January 2011 Doors 7.00pm Starts 8.00pm Tickets £10

Saturday 22nd January 2011:Edith Piaf, A Celebration of a Legend

With Tina May & Her Musicians Featuring the amazing Tina May, this very special evening is a real treat for Edith Piaf and music fans alike. La Vie En Rose, Milord plus Nom. Je ne Regrette Rien… your favourites plus many more all performed in the style of Edith Piaf at her electric best ‘handles the classics as the gems they still are’ The Guardian Saturday 22nd January 2011 Doors Starts 7.30pm Tickets £15

Thursday 27th January 2011: Richard Durrant’s Monthly Musical Forensics

Guitar and Film ‘all comparisons are futile, just be sure to make a date with Richard Durrant wherever he is, and whatever the weather. You will not see his like anywhere else’ Sublime guitar performances and beguiling film footage - a powerful combination that Richard uses in his popular touring show ‘The Guitar Whisperer’. Plus a screening of the award winning short film ‘Mowzer’ featuring Richard’s beautiful score. Thursday 27th January 2011 Doors 7.00pm Starts 7.30pm. Tickets £12 on the door, £11 in advance, 14 years and under free if accompanied by adults

Friday 28th January 2011: An Audience With Baroness Shirley Williams

Former Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords Now freed from her duties as Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords, Baroness Williams – better known to us as Shirley Williams is taking to the stage with her new one woman show, An Audience with Baroness Shirley Williams. Now this well loved and respected politician reveals what life is like behind the closed doors of the Westminster village. Shirley Williams was one of the famous Gang of Four who in 1981 broke away from the Labour Party to found a new political party - the Social Democratic Party. From 1982 and 1988 she was President of the new party. When, after the 1987 election, it became clear that the two parties should merge she strongly supported the creation of what was to become the Liberal Democrats. She re-entered Parliament in 1993 as a peer, and chose to use her old constituency of Crosby in her title: Baroness Williams of Crosby. She served as the Party’s spokesperson on Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs in the Lords from 1998 to 2001 and was elected Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords in 2001 and served in this position until September 2004. This is a night definitely not to be missed by anyone interested in finding out the secrets of power! Friday 28th January 2011 Doors 6.45pm Starts 7.30pm Tickets £15

Living in Lancing • January 2011

Sunday 30th January 2011 Doors: The Noise Next Door’s Cod & Comedy Club Featuring the comedy masterpiece The Noise Next Door ‘hilarious... a superior kind of chaos’ The Daily Telegraph.’performances such as these are simply beyond the capability of mortals’ ThreeWeeks A once-a-month evening of brilliance featuring non-stop razor-sharp improvised comedy plus fish and chips! The Noise Next Door are the face of improvised comedy at its instantaneous best. With no two shows the same, audiences return again and again for a dose of The Noise Next Door’s unique cutting-edge brand of off-the-cuff humour. The Noise Next Door are Tom Houghton, Charlie Granville, Matt Grant, Tom Livingstone and Sam Pacelli. With no rehearsal or script, they transform audience suggestions into fantastically funny scenes, epic stories and songs in the blink of an eye.Sunday 30th January 2011 Doors 7.00pm Starts 8.00pm. Tickets £15 – includes lovely fish and chip supper.

General The Southwick and Shoreham Country Market Will be open on Friday mornings between 9.15 and 11am. The market is held in the Garden Room at the Southwick Community Centre in Southwick Street.There will be the usual homemade cakes, savouries, jams as well as honey and free range eggs.In addition there is a large selection of handmade knitted toys and children’s clothing.Christmas Break – There will be no market on 24 and 31 December 2010 and 7 January 2011.

Fridays - Lancing Country Market Cakes ! Preserves! Vegetables! Plants! All homemade produces and on sale at the Lancing Country Market every Friday from 9.45am to 11.15am. Eggs and crafts and fruit in season. Meet your friends for coffee at the Lancing Parish Hall and benefit from reasonably priced goods from the local area.

Tuesdays - Weekly Table Sale Held every Tuesday mornings 9.30 -12pm at the Lancing Parish Hall. Come along to see a variety of things on sale – books, jewellery, brica-brac, homemade & cross-stitch cards. Refreshments also available so come along and see!

Wednesdays – Shoreham Centre Indoor / Outdoor Market 9am – 12.30ish. With Coffee Shop, Refreshments and Car Parking. For more info please call (01273) 454686 or visit www.

Fridays at the Sompting United Reform Church: Cokeham Road, Sompting Come along to the 50+ club every Friday at 2.15. On the first Saturday if every month come and join us for our coffee pot 10.30am – 12 noon. Toddlers Group 9.15 -11.15. £1 per family. Contact Hazel for further details on 01903 755122. Pensioners Group: Meets first Thursday of the month at Lancing Parish Hall. Arthritis Care: Meets first Tuesday of the month at Lancing Parish Hall. The Worthing and District Amateur Radio Club: They meet every Wednesday evening at 8pm in Lancing Parish Hall, South Street Lancing, new members and visitors always welcome.

UCA Meets first Tuesday of the month at Lancing Tabernacle Hall.


What’s on in Lancing and Sompting in January WSAD - West Sussex Association for Disabled people.

Lancing Art Club

Lancing and Sompting group. The group meets every Monday at 2pm the Church Hall, with the 3rd Monday of the month being a trip out. Where: At Holy Family Roman Catholic Church Hall, 127 North Road, Lancing, BN15 9BB Contact: Clive Maskell - 01903 767244 Thursdays - Lancing Partially Sighted and Blind Self Help Group We would welcome new members. The clubs meets every Thursday 10.00am to 2.30pm, for refreshments entertainment and general chit chat. Transport to and from the club and lunch can be arranged.

We meet every|Tuesday from 7-9pm at the Lancing Parish Hall. There are monthly demonstrations or workshops. Call Mrs P Smart on 01903 521025. Lancing Art Club Exhibition Sat: 14th Aug. Open 10am until 8pm. Sunday Closed. Monday 16th- Thursday 19th August. Open Daily 10am-8pm. Friday 20th 10am – closes 4pm.

Coffee Craft `N’ Friendship Coffee Craft `N’ Friendship has been set up for the people of Sompting and Surround areas. We meet at Sompting Primary School, White Styles Road, Sompting every forthnight. Please contact Pat on 01903 532608 for future dates. Bring your own ‘craft’ along to do or just come for the coffee, cake and a bit of chat. We have ‘clothes swapshops’ , the occasional guest speaker, picnics and demos. We go out to gardens, car boots and more, inshort, we are just friends. We are relaxed friendly group, welcoming all ages. We offer lift for people coming alone for the first time.

Courses and Classes Wick Theatre Company Most Mondays from 8pm. Membership £20 pa. 17 year olds and above welcome. The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre. (The Young Wick Players (12 – 17 year olds) meet Weds 7.30pm – 9.30pm in Southwick Community Centre). For more info contact Betty Dawes on (01273) 594052.

Courses, Clubs and Workshops The Leconfield Project We are situated in Lancing and the project aims to bring together the local community, working in partnership with othe voluntary organizations and statutory agencies, to establish a community centre and to organise educational and recreational activities in order to reduce anti-social behaviour and to improve the quality of life for local residents. For more information contact Trevor Crowter (Chair): Leconfield, Laura Moore ( Secretary):01903 763842 or visit

Lancing and Sompting Lions Club A fundraising organisation for local, national and international charities. We meet on the first Monday of every month at the Lions Community Hall in Roberts Road and on the third Monday to have a social. New Members are always welcome. Call Sandy on 01903 766257.

Adur East Lions Club The local Adur East Group, which covers Southwick and Shoreham area, meet on the fourth Tuesday of the month ( except December), at the Royal George Pub and Restaurant., Holmbush Roundabout, Shoreham-by-Sea., at 8pm. New members are always welcome. Call David or Elaine on 01273 591376

Lancing Flower Club We meet from March to September( excluding August), on the third Monday of the month at 2.30pm in the Lancing pArish Hall and the last Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm at sompting Community Centre. Membership is £16 per year and you may pay a small entrance fee. New members weolcome. CallHelen Taylor on 01903 207255

The Friends of Lancing Ring All are welcome! Join us for our task days, we meet on the third Sunday of every month at 10am at the Mill road car Park. Subscription £2. Call Sue Crowhurst on 01903 762769.


Lancing Manor Cricket Club We play in the West Sussex League every Sunday throughout the summer – from May- September. We also have friendly games on Sundays at the start of the Seaon in April and at the end of the season all through September. We also play occasional games on Sundays during the league season, depending on demand! During the league season we meet at Lancing Manor at 1pm for home games, or 12-12.30pm for away games. For more information call Nick Brown, Club Secretary on07799417721 or visit: www.

Lancing Eagles We are a local running club and meet on a Wednesday evening at 6.30pm at Lancing Manor Leisure Centre ( Impulkse Leisure Centre)> The club is affiliated to West Sussexfun run league. We run an annual fun run on 11 october from lancing manor. Contact David Clubb on 01273 445946/07872 633793 or email:

Lancing W1 We meet on the second Wednesday of every month (except in August) at 2.30pm in the Jubilee Hall at Lancing Parish Hall. Visitors always welcome. Call Hillary on 01903 754762 or Joan on 01903 751615.

Civil Service Retirement Fellowship – Lancing Group We meet on the first Tuesdat of every month at the Lancing Methodist Church Hall in the Chester Avenue at 2pm. All are welcome. Miss Iris Hawley 01903 766998

Lancing and Sompting Winemakers We meet every third Tuesday at Sompting Village Hall at 7.30pm. New Members are welcome! Call Betty Kewell on 01903 266353.

Phoenix Afternoon Art Club We are small friendly group who meet every Tuesday in the Lions Hall, Roberts Road, Lancing from 1.00pm – 4.00pm. For more information please call Pam on 01903 750992.

Adur Art Club Meets Tuesdays 7.30pm – 9.30pm & Thursdays 2pm – 4pm. Room 8, Shoreham Centre, Pond Road, Shoreham. Membership £35 per annum. For more info please visit

Arts and Crafts, ICT, Health & Well-being, Languages, Maths, English & ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages) West Sussex Adult & Community Learning Service runs a wide range of courses in the local area. Using the excellent facilities at Southwick Community Centre, Shoreham Academy and local libraries there really is a learning opportunity on your doorstep! For further information please contact 01273 598811 or pick up a brochure from your local library.

Living in Lancing • January 2011

Sports and Leisure


Worthing Speakers Club – Public Speaking Made Fun

Penhill Toddler Group

Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays each month at The

We meet on Tuesdays and Fridays, 12.30 – 2.30pm during term time, at the Guide Hall, 5 Penhill Road, Lancing,.. Cost is £1.30 per child, with additional children 60p extra. We provide a range of activities and resourse to little ones amused, including playdough, rides on cars, drawing, puzzles, baby toys, train set etc and have access to an outside play area in good weather. Free refreshments for the parents , carers and children. Regular Table sales and other fundraising activities also take place.

Charles Dickens Pub, 56 Heene Road, Worthing, BN11 3RG. Arrive for: 715pm, Start: 7:30pm, Finish 9:30pm. Everyone very welcome. For more information please contact Meg Heyworth on (01323) 872487, or visit

Adur Valley Bridge Clubs- Shoreham EBU Affiliated Duplicate Bridge Club. Very friendly. Visitors welcome. No partner required. The Hall of the Church of The Good Shepherd, Shoreham Beach. Tuesday afternoons at 1.30pm. For more

Babies and Toddlers

St James Toddlers Group


We meet every Monday in Term time from 1.30pm-3pm at St James Church Hall, Mill Road, Lancing. It costs £1 per family, which includes refreshments and a craft session. Call Joan on 01903 762652

Adur East Lions club

Lancing Children and Family Centre

Meet 4th Tuesday of the month at the Royal George Public House,

Adur Petanque Club (Boules)

We are based at 42 North Road, Lancing, BN15 9AB. We have lots of exciting and useful groups running at thte centre. Contact 01903 276 898

Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7pm and Sunday mornings from

Youth Activities & Events

10.30am at Lancing Manor Park (next to the Impulse Leisure Centre).

Lancing Youth Centre, Penhill Road, Lancing, BN15 8HA. Tel:01903 754901. Email: Lancing.youth.centre@west

information contact Bob & Kathy Whiting on (01403) 711707,

Holmbush Roundabout, Shoreham. 8pm. All welcome.

New members welcome. Come and Try. For further information please call (01903) 776387 or visit

Adur Book Club for the over 60s Meetings are at Shoreham Library on the 1st Thursday of every month from 10am – 11.30. All books are supplied free by West Sussex Library Service. Large print and audio versions available. Cost £2.50 per session. Call Pam Simons on (01273) 441571 for more details.

Health and Support Groups Cardiac Rehab Support Exercise classes supervised by qualified instructors are held every Wednesday and Friday 11.15 - 12.15 and Tai Chi classes every Monday 3 - 4 pm at Shoreham Free Church Hall, Buckingham Road. Exercise classes also at Southlands Hospital, Cardiac Rehab Unit, Cedar Ward Wednesdays 2.30 - 3.30 pm and Fridays 2-3pm Carers welcome. £3 per session (£5 per couple). Just turn up or ring (01273) 455239 for more details.

Adur Stroke Group Fridays at Marsh House Park Lane Southwick from 2 - 4pm. Any person who has been affected by a stroke (and their carer if necessary) is welcome. Social events are arranged with the occasional trip. Transport is restricted but can possibly be arranged in certain circumstances. Applications can only be accepted from persons living in the Adur area. Further details or enquiries should be made to the Secretary (Stan Ford) on 01273-453760.

Living in Lancing • January 2011

Mondays: Open Clubnight for 13-18 years olds. Safe, comfortable environment and wide variety of activites. 7pm-9pm. Tuesdays: ASP Interact Clubnight. Session with Adur Special Needs Project for ASP members and those young people 13-18 that wich to volunteer as Helper Partners – 6.30-8.15pm. Wednesdays: Young Parents Group. Session for pre/post natal young parents up to 23 years of age – 11am-1.00pm. Junior Club Clubnight for 8-1 year olds – 6.15 – 7.45pm. Thursdays: Open Clubnight for 13-18 year olds. Safe, comfortable environment and wide variety of activites. 7pm – 9.30pm. Fridays: Friday Football. Inforaml football session on outdoor courts at Lancing Leisur Centre. 7pm-9pm. Streetdance Session in Dance Studio at Lancing Leisure Centre – 8.15 – 9.15pm

Sunday School at St James’s During term time our Sunday school meets in the Church Hall, Mill road at 9.45am. Our children explore the Christian Fatih ina creative way before joining the congregation at the Parish Eucharist. Just come along - mums and dads welcome. On the third Sunday of the month children, family and friends are invited to the all worship of the family Eucharist at 10am. Ring the Church office weekdays 9am11am on 01903 750286.

If any of the details listed here are incorrect or your club or event isn’t included and you would like it to be please email with details. 25

The Vegetable Garden Index Blinds


Home Improvements

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Simply Blinding .............................................................7 GB Home Improvements ........................................5 Crown & Anchor ..........................................................2 mouth, still I did say May can still have a few The Marlipins.................................................................19 surprises so watch your new plants. Hopefully none got Book Keeper

Landscape Contractors

Registered charity no 256789

damaged by .............................................................21 the cold snap in Mid May. Fingers crossed it Sussex Offices Any Garden .....................................................................6 Takeaway will be warming up nicely by the time you read this, and Samins ....................................................................14/15 Carpet Cleaning we will have gone past the stage of looking at the patch Kitchen of soil you planted that row of seeds in and wondering SafeClean ....................................................................20 The Kitchen Store.........................................................9 Taxi when they....................................................................17 will ever come up! Ben Daniels ABCA..............................................................Front cover As you can probably tell from my monthly input, my real Local clubs Taxi-link .....................................................................21 Care Agency passion is the vegetable garden, but not everyone is lucky Slimming World .........................................................21 Ashleys Airport Taxi ...............................................19 Maple Care ...................................................27 enough toAgency. have an allotment or a lot of space in the garden. Even if all you have is a small balcony, thereMechanics is no reason The Natural Healing Centre Chiropody why you can’t grow a small range of plantsPrestige that will be very Autotech.......................................................21 Anerley Crystals.........................................................20 Foot Health....................................................................27 tasty and can be attractive to look at. The most obvious Pet care/Supplies way to do this is to use growbags. Traditionally they are Tree Care Estate Agents Sussex used for growing tomatoes, but they can be usedPet forCare just...................................................10-11 Ben Reilly.........................................................................27 Bacon & Co .................................................back Page about any plant if space is limited, there is no reason why & Heating Wills and Estate Planning Foster Care you can’t split the bag long ways to use it toPlumbing grow rows CG Barnes.......................................................................27 of salad leaves, radishes, rocket or lettuces. While on the Southern Legal Services..........................................17 The Foster Care Agency .........................................13 subject of growbags, it’s important to remember that they Property Maintenance Window Replacements Garden Maintenance only contain a limited amount of nutrients and will dry out Angel Properties Any Garden .....................................................................6 quickly. Regular watering and the use of additional feed, .........................................................27 GB Homes Improvement.........Front Cover & 5 such as a liquid fertilizer or slow release pellets is always a Sussex Cleaning Weight Loss Host Families good idea. They can also be stacked on top of each other English Language Homestays............................. 20 Gutter Problems.........................................................20 Slimming World .........................................................21 to give a deeper root bed for tomato plants or other taller vegetables such as beans or peas. With a bit of imagination virtually any container can be used for growing things in. Just make sure there are some drainage holes, a bit of gravel in the bottom and some Dear friend, decent compost in there. I’ve even seen old wellies used to grow vegetables in. If you’ve got limited space, give it a try, the St Barnabas House Fundraising there’s nothing better than taking some fresh foodJoin from the garden straight to your plate. Its also a wonderful activity to Team for coffee and cake to find out how get the children involved in you One thing that has been noticeable about the weather can help us raise funds and awareness since Easter is that it has been very dry, with only afor few the hospice in Lancing and Sompting. sporadic bouts of rain. (I do not accept any responsibility if you are now reading this article in a torrential downpour We need fantastic people with fabulous as the wet weather has set in for the summer!)The ground ideas and enthusiasm. All ages welcome, is quite dry so make sure you look after any new plants or grass to allow their root systems to establish and not be prepared to have some fun! just dry out. Water before a plant starts to droop to avoid cell damage to the plants structure which can weaken it. This time of the year is when you win or lose the battle with the weeds. It seems they sprint off well before anyJanuary 2011 Saturday 29 seedlings you have planted and are 2 feet tall before you have turned your back. The easiestBetween way to get rid 10am of them is and 12pm to use a hoe, especially while the ground is dry. Few weeds Sompting Village Hall will survive once they have been regularly hoe’d. It’s a lot West Street, BN15 0BE easier and quicker to do this now then spend hours once they have taken hold. Not only that they will have had time to spread their seeds and so you will have created a legacy 01903 265824 of work for next year. Mark Oakley, Any Garden Limited 26

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Claire Butterfill MCFHP MAFHP

Karen Butterfill MSSCH MBCHA HPC

Treatments Include: Routine Nail Care Corns and Callus Removal Ingrowing Toenails Nail Infections Diabetic Foot Care Verrucae Cosmetic Nail Surgery 01903 720961 Call to

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Home visits, fully insured, excellent rates

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