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3 3 h i g h s t r e e t, s h o r e h a m - b y - s e a , w e s t s u s s e x . b n 4 3 5 d d telephone: 01273 463500 www. c rown a nd a nchor- s Living in Lancing • December 2010

Living in

LANC NG deCeMBer 2010

Editor’s comment

A Very Merry Christmas to all our readers. I hope that you have enjoyed the reading our magazine over the past few months. We certainly appreciate your support for local businesses. Well, in this month issue we have some great articles that I hope you will enjoy reading and also will be of benefit to you. We have our regular articles and this time of the year they are particularly relevant if we are to have a cheerful Christmas. Our latest article from our Support Police is on the Drink Driving Campaign. We all want to end the year on a good note, so we hope that this will help you to do so. We of course have a lovely article on Christmas Past in Lancing and Sompting by Judy Upton. It certainly was very festive! At this time of year many of us will be with our families and friends. I hope that wherever you are, I hope that you will not be alone and that your celebrations are filled with joy and happiness On that note, warm seasonal greetings to you all! Angela

Inside this issue Sussex Wildlife Trust Christmas Cards .....................4 Local 2011 Calendar ..........................................................4 Lifting the winter garden gloom ..................................6 Christmas Drinking and Driving Campaign ...........8

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Living in Lancing • December 2010

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Sussex Wildlife Trust Christmas Cards

Lancing/Sompting Charity calendar 2011 The Lancing & Sompting

Calendar 2011 Sold in aid of St Barnabas, Chestnut Tree and the Salvation Army

Sold in aid of St Barnabas, Chestnut Tree and the Salvation Army

Lancing from the Air

On the east side of Lancing Parish is what is known as Brighton City

Airport. This is how our village looks from an approaching aircraft. Photo courtesy of Mr Andy Macmahon.

May 2011 Monday






Sunday 1

















upport Sussex Wildlife Trust (SWT) this festive season and spread some cheer with our wildlife Christmas cards. There are five winter wildlife designs to choose from produced by professional wildlife photographer Mike Read featuring tawny owl, goldfinch, lapwing, barn owl and stonechat all in a winter setting. Anyone sending our cards this Christmas will also support the work of the Trust across the county as 15% of every sale is donated back to SWT. With a pack of 10 cards starting at £5.50, cards are approx 7x5” and carry the greeting “Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year” with the SWT logo. To order your Christmas cards and support the Trust, please order directly with photographer Mike Read by visiting his website www. Please remember to mention Sussex Wildlife Trust when you place your order to ensure the donation to the Trust. Mike’s entire range of cards and prints can be seen by visiting his website and anyone ordering from him will also secure a 15% commission for the Trust. For more information on SWT visit 4
















We are proud and happy to support The Salvation Army


series of photos of the Sompting and Lancing areas have been put together to produce a lovely calendar for 2011. The calendars cost £7 each and would make an excellent stocking filler for Christmas or for your own wall. All funds raised will be going to the following three charities: St Barnabas House hospice; Chestnut Tree House children’s Hospice; and The Salvation Army. The calendar consists of 14 pictures taken around the villages of Lancing and Sompting by Eric Bull. The calendars are available now and you can purchase your copy in the St Barnabas shop North Road Lancing or the Salvation Army shop in South Street. Alternatively they can be purchased direct from Eric Bull. He can be contacted on 01903 521474 or by email on Eric would like to say a big thank you for the support of Equiniti and the generosity of the printers Orchestra Group. Every penny raised from the sale of these Calendar’s will be going to the above three charities. Living in Lancing • December 2010

Living in Lancing • December 2010


Lifting the winter garden gloom I

t only seems a short while ago I was writing about the New Year and all it would bring and here we are with Christmas fast approaching. It’s been a very strange year in the garden and to be honest it’s taken a real pounding, what with the really cold weather in the beginning of the year and the long hot and very dry summer. So if it’s all survived in your garden, then you must be doing something right! We are well into the deep middle of winter with the really dark short days upon us. A period spent in the garden on a dry sunny day can really lift the winter gloom, so its always worth getting out there. It’s a good time to get any pruning finished and make sure you clear away any dead plants or leaves. You’ll be amazed at how many slugs they can give a home to, not to mention harbouring diseases that can cause problems next year. If some parts of the garden need a change, now is a very good time to transplant shrubs that you want in a different place. Make sure you get the new hole dug and prepared with extra compost first. The shorter you leave a shrub out of the ground, the better its chance at survival in its new home. If you’re storing any bulbs or any crops then make sure you regularly check them for any signs of rot. Make sure you get rid of any that are affected as soon as possible. The old adage about one bad apple is very


true and applies across the board to any stored bulb, fruit or vegetable. If you have any greens such as cabbages or sprouts growing, then to avoid disappointment for the Christmas table, get them covered with a net. They are a very attractive meal for our feathered friends. Any work you do on improving the soil now will be returned next year with improved crops. Digging the ground now also helps the frost to get in and break up the soil and kill off diseases. You can get next years crops under way as well, by planting out garlic and onions. It always gives me a good feeling to be looking ahead to next year. If you have a pond in the garden then its worth giving that some attention now. Cut back any plants around the ponds that need attention, and try to avoid too much debris falling in the pond when you do it. The fish and other wildlife should be heading to the bottom by now to avoid the colder temperatures, so avoid disturbing them. It is well worth leaving a tennis ball or tow in the pond. This helps when the pond ices up, by preventing the oxygen supply falling, and also helps to protect the liner from splitting. Now is a really good time of year, now that you have cleared the garden, to have a good look back at what worked and what didn’t. If you are considering big or small changes then try to take the time to plan them out

carefully. It gives you an excuse to stay in the warm as well. If the job is too big or ambitious then it is always worth calling in a professional. We always find now is a good time of year as we can get a really good view of the garden, and its also a good time to beat the spring rush. Mark Oakley, Any Garden

Living in Lancing • December 2010

Christmas Drink Driving Campaign

The truth is, even if you are below the legal limit you can still be prosecuted if a police officer considers your driving has been affected by alcohol. The are so many variables that the best drinks limit to stick to is ‘None at all’. It just isn’t worth it.

What can you do? Don’t listen to peer pressure: Often people will try and push you into having ‘one for the road’ or ‘a proper drink’. Remember, they’re not the ones driving, or the ones having to face the consequences should you be involved in an incident whilst over the limit. Nominate a driver: If you’re in a group, agree before any alcohol has been drunk. Give your keys to trust: It’s someone you can trust easy to think you’re perfectly able to drive safely when you’re not. Remove the temptation before it’s there. Take a taxi or public transport: Remove the question of driving from the equation. And remember, a taxi can cost as little as one round of drinks.

How much time before you can drive again? There is a good rule of thumb: ‘Allow 12 hours between bottle and throttle’…and this includes a good sleep. But even this isn’t an exact science. Give it longer if possible.

taKe tHe drinK drivinG QuiZ


rink Driving, Christmas is approaching, as it does so will the number of drink drivers. Thankfully, there is an ever-increasing number of drivers who have realised just how anti-social and dangerous drinking and driving is. The number of deaths and injuries as a result has dropped in the last decade. Having said that, they are still too high, and there can be no room for complacency. Even the smallest amount of alcohol can affect a driver’s skills without them realising: awareness will decrease, reactions will slow. Limits have been set as to how much a driver can drink lawfully, but everyone is different. As a result, the whole thing can turn into a lethal guessing game, and human life is worth much more than a game. 8

1. If you have been drinking, which of the following will sober you up? A: black coffee B: cold shower C: time 2. How long does it take for the alcohol in one pint of beer to filter out of the body? A: at least ½ hour B: at least 1 hour C: at least 2 hours 3. The alcohol content of one whiskey (single pub measure) is equivalent to? A: half a pint B: one pint C: two pints of standard strength beer 4. Can the police stop a driver if they have reason to believe he/she has been drinking? A: yes B: no C: only if the driver is seen leaving the pub 5. What is the maximum penalty for causing death by careless driving under the influence of drink/drugs? A: disqualification for one year B: imprisonment for 10 years C: £10,000 fine. Answers: 1: C, 2: C, 3: A, 4: A, 5: B Living in Lancing • December 2010


       

    

       

 

  

Buy great local food, gifts, crafts and support charity fundraisers

   

Festive Music…. Carol singing Big Wheel, Children’s rides & Sideshows These events are organised as part of the Adur Town Centres initiative For further information contact David Steadman Adur Town Centres Coordinator 01273 263152 or email: Helping to improve the viability, vitality and quality of Adur Town Centres

Take the challenge for 2011

thin, so you don’t get too hot, flexible for comfort, with special material that “wicks away” sweat.It’s also tight, so the wind doesn’t flap your clothing all around and the bright colors serve a purpose as well: they make you visible. Wear layers so that you can put on extra clothing or remove it as the weather changes. Cycling shorts reduce the risk of skin irritation because the material doesn’t bunch and rub against your skin. Sun glasses are useful as they block insects and other debris from hitting you in the eyes.

What to carry


o you want to get fit this year, have fun as well as raising money for the Chestnut Tree Appeal? Why not start training now for The Downs Link Challenge? This annual bike ride of up to 30 miles across the stunning scenery of the Sussex Downs is a great, family friendly event. This year the ride starts at Bramber Castle at 8am on Saturday 21st May. Log onto www.downslinkchallenge for all the details, maps and entry forms. Cycling is a great form of exercise, and most importantly it’s fun. There are lots of health benefits associated with regular cycling. Your cardiovascular fitness will improve and this means you’ll lower your risk of heart attack and stroke. On average, 350 calories an hour are burned off during leisure cycling so it’s a good way to lose weight. Pedalling is low impact, so you can improve muscle tone without stressing your knee and ankle joints. Here are our top tips for cycling Start slow – there’s no need to kill yourself when you start. Even if you’re already in good shape, cycling uses different muscles than other exercises, and your body will need time to get used to the new types of stress. Start out nice and easy, enjoy yourself, and progress gradually. Just do 2-3 miles at first, and do them nice and slow. Have fun! 12

Be safe – always wear a helmet which fits your head correctly. Be aware of traffic and always be as visible as possible. Don’t wear headphones. You need to hear what’s going on around you. The Downs Link Challenge has the advantage of being mainly off road, cycling across the old dismantled railway line between Bramber and Christ’s Hospital.

equipment To start with, any old bike will do. As you improve make sure your bicycle is appropriate for your height and needs. Ask staff at bike shops for help when choosing a new bicycle. Adjust your saddle for your leg length. Your knee should be only slightly bent when your foot is on the pedal with your leg fully extended. Regularly check your bike yourself to make sure it is in good repair. Check the tyres, bearings, gears, nuts and bolts, and lubricate the chain and cables. If you’re not sure how to do this, consult with staff at bicycle stores or bicycle repair shops. Narrow seats may be uncomfortable, particularly for women. Opt for a wider saddle or a gel-filled saddle.

Clothing If you begin to get serious about cycling, you should consider some good clothing. Good cycling clothing is

Money and mobile phone for emergencies. Water bottle, – get one with a cage that attaches to your bike. A portable pump that you attach to the bike is necessary, in case you get a flat or a slow leak. You don’t want to be walking your bike back home. A Repair kit – a simple repair kit would include a patch kit, a spare inner tube, two tyre levers, a multi-tool for bikes, all in a small bag that attaches to the bike.

riding tactics Switch to lower gears whenever you can as pedalling in high gear for a long time will stress your knee joints. Maintain the same cycling rhythm when going uphill by changing gears. Altering your riding position from time to time reduces the risk of muscle overuse, stiffness and soreness. Once you’ve crested the hill, avoid the temptation to coast down the other side. Pedal a little bit to reduce the risk of lactic acid build-up in your leg muscles. Avoid using your brakes continuously when riding down a long hill, because you may overheat your brakes and consequently your tyres. Hot tyres are more likely to burst. Instead, apply the brakes gently and intermittently. Flat tyres happen to everyone. Know how to fix them, and be sure to have a pump and a spare inner tube. It’s really not that hard. And finally, enjoy your cycling. Get on your bike and see us at The Downs Link Challenge on 21st May 2011. Living in Lancing • December 2010

Fact 7

We care for our carers

We are passionate about nurturing our carers.

TFCA is recruiting foster carers in the Lancing area. To find out more please contact us. Tel: 0808 1788 909

Tips for buying online M

any tips on buying on the internet are the same as buying in the shops, such as: • Shop around! That great deal might well be on offer somewhere else and cheaper!! • Use retailers and services you know about – or ones that have been personally recommended to you. But there are also extra things to remember when shopping online. It is clear that more and more people shop online these days. Here are a few tips to ensure that you do not become a victim of online crime.

tHe risKs The risks of shopping online are worth considering, these risks include: • Purchases aren’t delivered. • Purchases don’t match the description. • Delays and hassles with delivery. • Poor after sales service. • Misuse of your credit / debit card details. • Hassle with returning your purchases.

sYMBols & inForMation These are some of the symbols and information that should guide you to safer shopping online. • https: Make sure that ‘https’ (not just http:) begins the webpage address at the top of your screen before you key in your credit / debit card information at the checkout. That final ‘s’ means that a secure, encrypted connection is in place between your browser and the website you’re visiting. • Padlock or unbroken key icon These show that the site is enabled and encrypted for online safety. Encryption is a data-scrambling technology that keeps crooks from stealing your personal financial information. • VeriSign Trust Seal This means that VeriSign has verified a website company’s identity. The seal verification 16

page displays their business information and encryption information. Combined with a closed padlock, ‘https’ in the URL or a green address bar, the seal also means the site is secured by a VerSign SSL Certificate. • ISIS Logo ISIS (Internet Shopping Is Safe) is run by the e-retail industry body IMRG (Internet Media Retail Group). The ISIS logo certifies that the retailer has: • registered with the ISIS programme and undertaken to trade in a manner that is legal, decent, honest, truthful & fair; • had its website and service reviewed and monitored by IMRG; • had its Business, VAT and Data Protection registrations checked by IMRG. To verify the e-Retailers ISIS accreditation simply click on the ISIS logo – a new ISIS verification page will open up confirming specific retailers accreditation. If you see an ISIS logo that doesn’t correctly link through to the verification page report it IMRG immediately.

orderinG If you’ve considered the risks then you are halfway there, but to considerably reduce the risks we advise the following: • Deal with reputable sellers, a company may have a great website, but that doesn’t mean its law abiding. • Look for evidence of a physical address and telephone number. • Be especially cautious when buying from overseas companies. The internet makes buying from abroad easy so it’s important you know your rights. • Check the seller’s privacy and returns policy. • Use an appropriate, safe means of online payment to get some protection against non delivery. Use credit cards rather than debit cards and try to make all your online transactions with one credit card. • Use a secure online payment service like Paypal. • Tak e into account the shipping, postage and packing costs. Weigh them up against the parking and travelling costs you would have to pay if you went to the high street. • Don’t keep your personal or financial information (including account passwords) on your computer. • Don’t give out personal or financial information over the phone, through the mail or online unless you are absolutely certain that your contact is legitimate. • Keep a record of what you pay for and always check your online purchases off against your statement(s). • Keep your operating system, anti-virus, anti-spy ware and firewall software up to date. • NEVER enter your pin number for your debit or credit card on the internet – this will never be required.

deliverY Having taken all the steps to ensure you’ve reduced the risks of online crime, don’t forget to consider the following: • Make a note of when to expect your delivery. • Always check the ID of the persons delivering your purchases, especially if they have to enter your home. • Never pay cash on delivery – this will never be required by legitimate internet or delivery companies. Living in Lancing • December 2010

Your Will may not be enough to provide for your family Grieving over the loss of a loved one is bad enough, without discovering their Will isn’t watertight or tax efficient. A Family Trust can protect your estate against inheritance tax, care fees, re-marriage, divorce or creditors… for generations to come. Contact us and safeguard your family as you had intended. For your FREE personal consultation, call 01273 236036. Plan ahead now…before it’s too late.

Southern Service 1010 (135x190L).indd 2010 1 Living inLegal Lancing • December

Qualified & Insured Legal Expertise

Estate Planning Experts For Wills, Trusts, Tax & Probate Lasting Powers of Attorney


27/10/2010 11:06

The local Christmas Past C

hristmas is a time when we partake in many seasonal activities: carol singing, decking the tree, going to pantomimes. However there are other traditions once followed locally at this time of year that are now all but forgotten. As recently as the 19th century, the last Sunday before Advent was still referred to as ‘Stir-up Sunday’. In church the collect for that day began ‘Stir up O’ Lord’ and people used it as a reminder to start making and ‘stirring’ their Christmas puddings. During the first week of December, the grocers’ shops of Lancing would be full of the dried fruit and spices needed for the pudding mixture. Nowadays most of us buy ready-made Christmas puddings but traditionally every family made their own with all, from youngest to oldest taking a turn to stir the mixture. The pudding was stirred from left to right, as this was the direction the Three Kings travelled as they journeyed to Bethlehem. The stirrer closed their eyes while they stirred and made a silent wish. Mince pies too were made at this point. The traditional mincemeat represents the exotic spices brought as gifts by the Three Kings to the baby Jesus. St. Thomas’ Day, the 21st of December, was once known as 18

Gooding Day. This was the day that the poor of the parish could go door-to-door asking for a few coins towards their Christmas festivities, and from shop to shop where they would be given a little food towards their Christmas meal. Sometimes the person would ‘sell’ a sprig of holly or mistletoe instead of begging. All over Sussex there was a tradition on Christmas Day for the head of the household to open their front door and welcome Christmas into their home. If you had the good fortune to actually be born on Christmas day it was said that you could never be drowned or hanged. The more modern Christmas activity of carol singing has its roots in something known as wassailing. This involved labourers going from house to house singing old ballads as well as carols. They’d be welcomed inside and offered food or a sip of ale while they warmed themselves at the hearth. Originally the wassailers had sung to the apple trees in the orchards around Christmas and New Year to encourage them to be fruitful in the coming year. Today, Sompting Village Morris Dancers keep the tradition of the wassail alive locally during the festive season. Boxing Day was the day when

Lancing households, like those elsewhere in the country, would give a tip to tradesman and employees. Boxing Day was also the time when the traditional Mummers’ plays would be performed. Another tradition that like wassailing had been lost for many years it has also been revived in recent times by the Sompting Village Morris Dancers. Traditionally, the people acting in the Mummers’ play would be locals rather than professional actors, and they were known as Tipteerers. A group of around six men played various characters in a comic play, which centred on St. George. The characters also included a Turkish knight, a comic doctor and Old Father Christmas, who would be wearing a long fake beard. The characters of the play would stroll through the town and Old Father Christmas would knock front doors. When the door was opened he would treat the occupants to a little rhyme. In the Sompting Tipteerers’s Play, recorded by F.E. Sawyer in 1882, Father Christmas introduced himself as follows: “In comes I, old Father Christmas Am I welcome or am I not? Sometimes cold and sometimes hot, May old Father Christmas never be forgot!” Old Father Christmas then introduced the other players and the play took place. Like most Mummers’ plays it derived loosely from the story of ‘The Seven Champions of Christendom’ and involved a fight between St. George and a Turkish knight, who would be killed by St. George and then revived by the doctor. As in our present day pantomimes, topical subjects were often mentioned and poked fun at. The play would end with the performers singing songs and being invited by the household to share their food and drink. The Sompting play had among its cast a character called ‘Little Johnny Jack’ who ended the play with the traditional pleas for charity. Put your hands in your pockets And give the poor little Christmas boys just what you please. Judy Upton Living in Lancing • December 2010


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Living in Lancing • December 2010

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Living in Lancing • December 2010

Living in Lancing • December 2010


What’s on in Lancing and Sompting in December Worthing - Thursday 2nd December, 2010:

Thursday 2nd December 2010: The Treason Show

Christmas is coming and Worthing Town Centre is launching the festive season with it’s fantastic Countdown to Christmas Event. This year the event will be held on Thursday 2nd December 2010, the first night of late night shopping, and will feature something for everyone. From 4pm Santa, his Sleigh and 3 Reindeer will be in Montague Place so make sure that you bring your Letters and Christmas Lists along. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this year’s Panto Stars; the cast of both productions will be joining in the fun during the packed programme of traditional and contemporary music on our Christmas Stage. The grand finale will be a superb Firework Display from Worthing Pier starting at 7pm. There will be an opportunity to experience a firework never seen before in the UK. The water cake will fire 36 projectiles either side of the pier into the sea, these projectiles will then fire blue and white stars 50ft above the water in an amazing show of colour and noise.

Friday 3rd December 2010 : The Noise Next Door Cod & Comedy Club

Adur’s Countdown to Christmas There’re three Christmas Festivals planned across the Adur area, featuring Late Night Christmas shopping, Street Entertainment, Carol Singing, Children’s Rides and Sideshows, plus a Christmas Market with Food and Drink Stalls, Charities, Craft and Gift Stalls. The dates are:: Thursday 2nd December, 2010 - Southwick Square 5pm to 9pm; Tuesday 7th December, 2010 - Shoreham Town Centre - 5pm to 9pm. High Street, East Street and Brunswick Road plus the Shoreham Centre and Ropetackle Centre – will the added bonus of Santa’s Grotto Thursday 9th December, 2010 - Lancing - : 5pm to 9pm North Road, Lancing

22nd November – 31st December Adur Art Collective Free entry. This exhibition showcases the variety of crafts and talents from artists across the Adur District. Highlights include colourful paintings, pastels and prints, mosaics, ceramics, stained glass and sculpture. A fine example of high quality affordable art.

Wednesday 1st December: Dirty Oil A special film screening, in association with The Co-operative An exclusive screenings of Dirty Oil, a powerful film that uncovers a secret that needs to be told. In association with The Co-operative. The Co-operative’s Toxic Fuels campaign with WWF-UK, aims to combat the shocking global trend of extracting oil from unconventional sources, such as tar sands and shale oil. The extraction and production of tar sands emits on average three times as much carbon dioxide as the extraction and production of conventional oil and this exploitation threatens global efforts to avoid dangerous levels of climate change and risks ecological disaster. The tar sands development is already destroying formerly pristine forest, polluting the air and water and is having devastating effects on local wildlife and indigenous communities. The Co-operative Bank has had an Ethical Policy on fossil fuels and renewables since 1998 and since then we have declined £108 million worth of business that conflicts with this position. Dirty Oil is a ground-breaking documentary that explores the struggle between industry, government, local communities and environmentalists over the development of the tar sands in Canada. This vital evening includes free drinks and nibbles (courtesy of The Co-operative), an introduction from a key expert speaker (tbc), questions and answers, plus the exclusive screening. For further information please see here. Wednesday 1st December 2010 Doors 6.00pm Starts 6.30pm. Tickets: FREE. Please collect your free tickets in person from box


Celebrating its 10th record breaking year.‘Savagely funny fantastically silly’ The Guardian. ‘TTS, Brighton’s renowned all-singing, all-silly satirical revue, is now in its tenth year and hasn’t lasted so long by being afraid to hit a target where it hurts’ The Argus Celebrating ten years of comedy mayhem, the notorious Treason Show team get into festive mood with their usual mix of satirical songs and sketches based on the news that’s new and unapproved. Topically funny with lashings of sauce! Written by a team of over 40 writers and performed by a team of multi-talented satirical sketch performers The Treason Show continues to wow it’s audiences with a fast moving gag-a-minute sketch show that since it’s debut in June 2000 has become a Sussex institution.

Featuring the award-winnng improv-comedy masterpiece The Noise Next Door ’Pure genius’ Fringe Review ’High calibre comedy... with their own unique style’ The Argus. Transforming audience suggestions into fantastically funny scenes and songs in the blink of an eye, Ropetackle favourites The Noise Next Door will have you in stitches with their perfect blend of ludicrous characters, witty oneliners, epic stories and musical mayhem. A once-a-month evening of non-stop razor-sharp improv comedy plus fish and chips! ‘A very funny bunch of guys...original improv’ Ed Byrne. Expect comedy fireworks at this bonfire night special! The Noise Next Door are Tom Houghton, Charlie Granville, Matt Grant, Tom Livingstone and Sam Pacelli. Doors 7.00pm Starts 8.00pm Tickets £15 – includes lovely fish and chip supper

Saturday 4th December 2010: The Los Palmas Six

The total Madness tribute night! This is madness… the total Madness tribute night! The Los Palmas Six play Madness and only Madness, offering ALL the hits from Madness’ extensive collection, including Baggy Trousers, One Step Beyond, Night boat to Cairo, Lovestruck and It Must Be Love. The Los Palmas Six inject so much ska energy and authentic Madness into their performance that you have no choice other than to dance! Saturday 4th December 2010 Doors 7.30pm Starts 8.00p Tickets £10

12th December 2010 Starts:A Christmas Concert With the Adur Concert Band

A wonderful Christmas Concert by the Adur Concert Band. The Adur Concert Band is long established in Shoreham, and plays tours in Europe as well as entertaining in Sussex all year round. Kick off your Christmas celebrations with this unmissable family evening of fun. Lots of rousing festive favourites guaranteed, including carol singing with the band. 12th December 2010 Starts 6.00pm Ends 9.00pm Tickets: £8 Concessions: £6 (children, over-60s, unwaged)

Sunday 5th December 2010: Shoreham Allstars

Presented by The Allstars Network and Soundlocker Projects This show will feature all bands that have completed the Studio and Junior Allstars courses playing covers from the 70’s plus the tunes they have written over ther preceeding 8 weeks. The night will also be the official launch of the Original Allstars vol. 3 CD, which will again be a charity CD with proceeds going towards www.carousel., a local charity who help people with learning difficulties to reach their potential. See also for more info on the music side of what they do and some of their bands that will undoubtably be sharing the stage with Allstars bands in the future. Sunday 5th December 2010 Starts 6.00pm Ends 9.00pm Tickets £5 full price, £4 for under 12s. Free entry to Allstar members and the under 7s.

Living in Lancing • December 2010

Saturday 11th December 2010 Doors. Mari Wilson’s Threesome! ‘Once the beehive queen of retro-pop… now Radio 2-friendly cross between Karen Carpenter and Diana Ross. Feather-light ballads, beautifully arranged.’Sunday Express Bringing a touch of glamour and humour to Ropetackle’s live music programme, Mari Wilson’s Threesome is an intimate show with Adrian York at the piano and Matt Backer on guitar. Performing songs from all of her albums, including early hits like, Cry Me A River and Just What I Always Wanted, and her unusual choice of covers (including the showstopping Wild Horses and the sublime Be My Baby), and previewing a selection from her new one-woman musical, The Love Thing. Add to this Mari’s unique style of glamour, storytelling and anecdotal meanderings and you’re in for a night to remember.Tickets £12 12th December 2010 Starts:A Christmas Concert With the Adur Concert Band. A wonderful Christmas Concert by the Adur Concert Band. The Adur Concert Band is long established in Shoreham, and plays tours in Europe as well as entertaining in Sussex all year round. Kick off your Christmas celebrations with this unmissable family evening of fun. Lots of rousing festive favourites guaranteed, including carol singing with the band. 12th December 2010 Starts 6.00pm Ends 9.00pm. Tickets: £8 Concessions: £6 (children, over-60s, unwaged)

Friday 17th December 2010 Doors. Bella Hardy With Anna Massie and Chris Sherburn ‘one of the best vocalists on the British folk circuit’ ’...Bella Hardy is more than a new generation folk revivalist... Her potential is massive’ fRoots Bella Hardy performs her new festive tour, Bright Morning Star, with special guests Anna Massie and Chris Sherburn Bella Hardy’s brilliant Bright Morning Star tour features a repertoire of seasonal treats, from her local Castleton carols Down In Yon Forest and All in the Morning, to well known favourites O, Come All Ye Faithful and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas! She will be singing her arrangement of The Coventry Carol, which was shown on BBC Two on Christmas day 2008 as part of Howard Goodall’s show The Truth about Carols, along with popular songs from Bella’s critically acclaimed albums Night Visiting and In The Shadow of Mountains. As well as a rich and true voice, Bella’s songwriting is also garnering acclaim (multiple BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards nominee). She will be joined by guitarist Anna Massie, winner of the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year in 2003 who now tours with Blazin’ Fiddles and The Unusual Suspects, and concertina genius Chris Sherburn of Last Night’s Fun.Tickets £10

Saturday 18th Dcember 2010 Barnstormers Comedy Club Saturday night out at Ropetackle with three top comics from the London comedy circuit and beyond. Every month Barnstormers Comedy promises, and delivers, a great laugh-out-loud night out. Notable acts that have graced the Barnstormers stage include Danny Bhoy, Boothby Graffoe, Jeff Green, Andy Parsons, Lucy Porter, Rob Rouse and Paul Zenon. Perhaps not an evening for grandma (unless she’s broad-minded) or under 18s. For further information please see here. Saturday 18th December 2010 Doors 8.00pm Starts 8.30pm Tickets £12 in advance £13.50 on the night

Living in Lancing • December 2010

Tuesday 21st December 2010: Richard Durrant’s Monthly Musical Forensics A Winter Solstice A closer look at music… musical discussion led by your genial, guitar playing host followed by a performance focusing on a particular area of musical repertoire from guitar master Richard Durrant. A winter solstice selection of guitar music through the ages. Beautiful images, beautiful music and mulled wine. Tuesday 21st December 2010 Doors 7.00pm Starts 7.30pm Tickets £11 in advance, £12.50 on the door. Free entry for children 14 and under

Sunday 26th December 2010 Herbie Flower’s Boxing Day Jazz Breakfast Join Herbie and friends for a special Boxing Day jazz breakfast. Guests to be confirmed. Christmas treats and jazzy winter wonders. 10.45am Starts 11.00am Tickets £8 adults, or £2 for children Friday 31st December 2010 Doors:The Noise Next Door’s New Years Eve Party With the award-winnng improv-comedy masterpiece The Noise Next Door We’re really sorry, but our New Years Eve Noise Next Door special has been cancelled. The NND boys have informed us that they are unable to meet this obligation, leaving us no choice but to cancel the evening. Watch this space for news of The Noise Next Door’s fantabulous

Worthing Farmers’ Market Every fourth Saturday of the month, South Street Square, Worthing The Worthing Farmers’ Market selling local Sussex produce takes place in South Street Square, Worthing (area adjacent to Chapel Road and Warwick Street), between 9am and 1pm every fourth Saturday of the month. The market normally has around 30 stalls selling a wide range of local fresh produce and goods. Please contact David Steadman Adur Town Centres Coordinator,on 01273 263152 Tuesday 26 October: Fun for all:This October half term Sussex Wildlife Trust (SWT) starts a series of special wildlife events for disabled children or young people to enjoy alongside their siblings and family members.These events are suitable for children age 6- 11 years. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Toilets and disabled toilets available. Sorry no dogs. Booking essential please ring 01273 497561. Members Adults £5/child £6/family £13 Non-members Adults £6/child £7/family £18

General The Southwick and Shoreham Country Market: Open on Friday mornings between 9.15 and 11am. The market is held in the Garden Room at the Southwick Community Centre in Southwick Street.There will be the usual homemade cakes, savouries, jams as well as honey and free range eggs.In addition there is a large selection of handmade knitted toys and children’s clothing. Christmas Break – There will be no market on 24 and 31 December 2010 and 7 January 2011.

Fridays - Lancing Country Market Cakes ! Preserves! Vegetables! Plants! All homemade produces and on sale at the Lancing Country Market every Friday from 9.45am to 11.15am. Eggs and crafts and fruit in season. Meet your friends for coffee at the Lancing Parish Hall and benefit from reasonably priced goods from the local area.


What’s on in Lancing and Sompting in December Tuesdays - Weekly Table Sale

Held every Tuesday mornings 9.30 -12pm at the Lancing Parish Hall. Come along to see a variety of things on sale – books, jewellery, brica-brac, homemade & cross-stitch cards. Refreshments also available so come along and see!

Wednesdays – Shoreham Centre Indoor / Outdoor Market 9am – 12.30ish. With Coffee Shop, Refreshments and Car Parking. For more info please call (01273) 454686 or visit www.

Fridays - Sompting United Reform Church : Cokeham Road, Sompting

Come along to the 50+ club every Friday at 2.15. On the first Saturday if every month come and join us for our coffee pot 10.30am – 12 noon. Toddlers Group 9.15 -11.15. £1 per family. Contact Hazel for further details on 01903 755122

The Leconfield Project

We are situated in Lancing and the project aims to bring together the local community, working in partnership with othe voluntary organizations and statutory agencies, to establish a community centre and to organise educational and recreational activities in order to reduce anti-social behaviour and to improve the quality of life for local residents. For more information contact Trevor Crowter (Chair): Leconfield, Laura Moore ( Secretary):01903 763842 or visit

Lancing and Sompting Lions Club

A fundraising organisation for local, national and international charities. We meet on the first Monday of every month at the Lions Community Hall in Roberts Road and on the third Monday to have a social. New Members are always welcome. Call Sandy on 01903 766257.

Adur East Lions Club

Pensioners Group

Meets first Thursday of the month at Lancing Parish Hall.

The local Adur East Group, which covers Southwick and Shoreham area, meet on the fourth Tuesday of the month ( except December), at the Royal George Pub and Restaurant., Holmbush Roundabout, Shoreham-by-Sea., at 8pm. New members are always welcome. Call David or Elaine on 01273 591376

Arthritis Care

Lancing Flower Club

Meets first Tuesday of the month at Lancing Parish Hall.

The Worthing and District Amateur Radio Club

They meet every Wednesday evening at 8pm in Lancing Parish Hall, South Street Lancing, new members and visitors always welcome.


Meets first Tuesday of the month at Lancing Tabernacle Hall.

WSAD - West Sussex Association for Disabled people.

Lancing and Sompting group. The group meets every Monday at 2pm the Church Hall, with the 3rd Monday of the month being a trip out. Where: At Holy Family Roman Catholic Church Hall, 127 North Road, Lancing, BN15 9BB Contact: Clive Maskell - 01903 767244

Thursdays - Lancing Partially Sighted and Blind Self Help Group

We would welcome new members. The clubs meets every Thursday 10.00am to 2.30pm, for refreshments entertainment and general chit chat. Transport to and from the club and lunch can be arranged.

Coffee Craft `N’ Friendship

Coffee Craft `N’ Friendship has been set up for the people of Sompting and Surround areas. We meet at Sompting Primary School, White Styles Road, Sompting every forthnight. Please contact Pat on 01903 532608 for future dates. Bring your own `craft’ along to do or just come for the coffee, cake and a bit of chat. We have `clothes swapshops’ , the occasional guest speaker, picnics and demos. We go out to gardens, car boots and more, inshort, we are just friends. We are relaxed friendly group, welcoming all ages. We offer lift for people coming alone for the first time.

Courses and Classes Wick Theatre Company

Most Mondays from 8pm. Membership £20 pa. 17 year olds and above welcome. The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre. (The Young Wick Players (12 – 17 year olds) meet Weds 7.30pm – 9.30pm in Southwick Community Centre). For more info contact Betty Dawes on (01273) 594052.


We meet from March to September( excluding August), on the third Monday of the month at 2.30pm in the Lancing pArish Hall and the last Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm at sompting Community Centre. Membership is £16 per year and you may pay a small entrance fee. New members weolcome. CallHelen Taylor on 01903 207255

The Friends of Lancing Ring

All are welcome! Join us for our task days, we meet on the third Sunday of every month at 10am at the Mill road car Park. Subscription £2. Call Sue Crowhurst on 01903 762769.

Lancing Art Club

We meet every|Tuesday from 7-9pm at the Lancing Parish Hall. There are monthly demonstrations or workshops. Call Mrs P Smart on 01903 521025. Lancing Art Club Exhibition Sat: 14th Aug. Open 10am until 8pm. Sunday Closed. Monday 16th- Thursday 19th August. Open Daily 10am-8pm. Friday 20th 10am – closes 4pm.

Lancing Manor Cricket Club

We play in the West Sussex League every Sunday throughout the summer – from May- September. We also have friendly games on Sundays at the start of the Seaon in April and at the end of the season all through September. We also play occasional games on Sundays during the league season, depending on demand! During the league season we meet at Lancing Manor at 1pm for home games, or 12-12.30pm for away games. For more information call Nick Brown, Club Secretary on07799417721 or visit: www.

Lancing Eagles

We are a local running club and meet on a Wednesday evening at 6.30pm at Lancing Manor Leisure Centre ( Impulkse Leisure Centre)> The club is affiliated to West Sussexfun run league. We run an annual fun run on 11 october from lancing manor. Contact David Clubb on 01273 445946/07872 633793 or email:

Lancing W1

We meet on the second Wednesday of every month (except in August) at 2.30pm in the Jubilee Hall at Lancing Parish Hall. Visitors always welcome. Call Hillary on 01903 754762 or Joan on 01903 751615.

Living in Lancing • December 2010

Civil Service Retirement Fellowship – Lancing Group We meet on the first Tuesdat of every month at the Lancing Methodist Church Hall in the Chester Avenue at 2pm. All are welcome. Miss Iris Hawley 01903 766998

Lancing and Sompting Winemakers

We meet every third Tuesday at Sompting Village Hall at 7.30pm. New Members are welcome! Call Betty Kewell on 01903 266353.

Phoenix Afternoon Art Club

We are small friendly group who meet every Tuesday in the Lions Hall, Roberts Road, Lancing from 1.00pm – 4.00pm. For more information please call Pam on 01903 750992.

Adur Art Club

Meets Tuesdays 7.30pm – 9.30pm & Thursdays 2pm – 4pm. Room 8, Shoreham Centre, Pond Road, Shoreham. Membership £35 per annum. For more info please visit

Arts and Crafts, ICT, Health & Well-being, Languages, Maths, English & ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages)

West Sussex Adult & Community Learning Service runs a wide range of courses in the local area. Using the excellent facilities at Southwick Community Centre, Shoreham Academy and local libraries there really is a learning opportunity on your doorstep! For further information please contact 01273 598811 or pick up a brochure from your local library.

Sports and Leisure Worthing Speakers Club – Public Speaking Made Fun Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays each month at The Charles Dickens Pub, 56 Heene Road, Worthing, BN11 3RG. Arrive for: 715pm, Start: 7:30pm, Finish 9:30pm. Everyone very welcome. For more information please contact Meg Heyworth on (01323) 872487, or visit

Adur Valley Bridge Clubs- Shoreham

EBU Affiliated Duplicate Bridge Club. Very friendly. Visitors welcome. No partner required. The Hall of the Church of The Good Shepherd, Shoreham Beach. Tuesday afternoons at 1.30pm. For more information contact Bob & Kathy Whiting on (01403) 711707, Email:,

Adur East Lions club

Meet 4th Tuesday of the month at the Royal George Public House, Holmbush Roundabout, Shoreham. 8pm. All welcome.

Adur Petanque Club (Boules)

Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7pm and Sunday mornings from 10.30am at Lancing Manor Park (next to the Impulse Leisure Centre). New members welcome. Come and Try. For further information please call (01903) 776387 or visit

Adur Book Club for the over 60s

Meetings are at Shoreham Library on the 1st Thursday of every month from 10am – 11.30. All books are supplied free by West Sussex Library Service. Large print and audio versions available. Cost £2.50 per session. Call Pam Simons on (01273) 441571 for more details.

Health and Support Groups Cardiac Rehab Support

Exercise classes supervised by qualified instructors are held every Wednesday and Friday 11.15 - 12.15 and Tai Chi classes every Monday 3 - 4 pm at Shoreham Free Church Hall, Buckingham Road. Exercise classes also at Southlands Hospital, Cardiac Rehab Unit, Cedar Ward Wednesdays 2.30 - 3.30 pm and Fridays 2-3pm Carers

Living in Lancing • December 2010

welcome. £3 per session (£5 per couple). Just turn up or ring (01273) 455239 for more details.

Adur Stroke Group

Fridays at Marsh House Park Lane Southwick from 2 - 4pm. Any person who has been affected by a stroke (and their carer if necessary) is welcome. Social events are arranged with the occasional trip. Transport is restricted but can possibly be arranged in certain circumstances. Applications can only be accepted from persons living in the Adur area. Further details or enquiries should be made to the Secretary (Stan Ford) on 01273-453760.

Babies and Toddlers Penhill Toddler Group

We meet on Tuesdays and Fridays, 12.30 – 2.30pm during term time, at the Guide Hall, 5 Penhill Road, Lancing,.. Cost is £1.30 per child, with additional children 60p extra. We provide a range of activities and resourse to little ones amused, including playdough, rides on cars, drawing, puzzles, baby toys, train set etc and have access to an outside play area in good weather. Free refreshments for the parents , carers and children. Regular Table sales and other fundraising activities also take place.

St James Toddlers Group

We meet every Monday in Term time from 1.30pm-3pm at St James Church Hall, Mill Road, Lancing. It costs £1 per family, which includes refreshments and a craft session. Call Joan on 01903 762652

Lancing Children and Family Centre

We are based at 42 North Road, Lancing, BN15 9AB. We have lots of exciting and useful groups running at thte centre. Contact 01903 276 898

Youth Activities & Events Lancing Youth Centre

Penhill Road, Lancing, BN15 8HA/ Tel:01903 754901. Eamil: Lancing. yout.centre@west Mondays: Open Clubnight for 13-18 years olds. Safe, comfortable environment and wide variety of activites. 7pm-9pm; Tuesdays: ASP Interact Clubnight; Session with Adur Special Needs Project for ASP members and those young people 13-18 that wich to volunteer as Helper Partners – 6.308.15pm; Wednesdays: Young Parents Group Session for pre/post natal young parents up to 23 years of age – 11am-1.00pm; Junior Club Clubnight for 8-1 year olds – 6.15 – 7.45pm; Thursdays: Open Clubnight for 13-18 year olds. Safe, comfortable environment and wide variety of activites. 7pm – 9.30pm; Fridays: Friday Football, Inforaml football session on outdoor courts at Lancing Leisur Centre. 7pm-9pm; Streetdance session: Session in Dance Studio at Lancing Leisure Centre – 8.15 – 9.15pm;

Sunday School at St James’s

During term time our Sunday school meets in the Church Hall, Mill road at 9.45am. Our children explore the Christian Fatih ina creative way before joining the congregation at the Parish Eucharist. Just come along - mums and dads welcome. On the third Sunday of the month children, family and friends are invited to the all worship of the family Eucharist at 10am. Ring the Church office weekdays 9am11am on 01903 750286.

If any of the details listed here are incorrect or your club or event isn’t included and you would like it to be please email with details. 25

The Vegetable Garden Index Blinds


Loft Conversions

e’er cast a clout till May is out! Me and my big PJ Carpentry. mouth, still I did say May can still have a few ..................................................................21 Book Keeper surprises so watch your new plants. Hopefully none got Localcrossed clubs it Sussex Offices damaged by .............................................................21 the cold snap in Mid May. Fingers will be warming up nicely by the time you read this, and Slimming World ........................................................20 Carpet Cleaning we will have gone past the stage of looking at the patch SafeClean ....................................................................20 of soil you planted that row of seeds in and wondering Ben Daniels ....................................................................17 Mechanics when they will ever come up! Prestige Auto................................................................20 Care Agency As you can probably tell from my monthly input, my real Maple Care Agency. ...................................................19 passion is the vegetable garden, but not everyone is lucky Pet care/Supplies enough to have an allotment or a lot of space in the garden. Chiropody Sussex Care ...............................................10-Nov Even if all you have is a small balcony, there is noPet reason Foot Health....................................................................19 why you can’t grow a small range of plants that will be very Plumbing & Heating Estate Agents tasty and can be attractive to look at. The most obvious Baconto&do Co this ...............................................Back Cover CG Barnes......................................................................20 way is to use growbags. Traditionally they are used forCare growing tomatoes, but they can be used for just Foster Property about anyCare plant if space is limited, there is no reasonMaintenance why The Foster Agency .........................................13 you can’t split the bag long ways to use it to grow rows .........................................................26 Angel Properties Maintenance ofGarden salad leaves, radishes, rocket or lettuces. While on the Any Garden .....................................................................6 Sussex Cleaning..........................................................20 subject of growbags, it’s important to remember that they only contain a limited amount of nutrientsGutter and will dry out Home Improvements Problems. ........................................................20 quickly. watering and the use of additional feed, GB HomeRegular Improvements ........................................5 such as a liquid fertilizer or slow release pellets Pub is always a Landscape Contractors good idea. They can also be stacked on top of each other Any Garden .....................................................................6 The Crown & Anchor .................................................2 to give a deeper root bed for tomato plants or other taller vegetables such as beans or peas. With a bit of imagination virtually any container can be used for growing things in. Just make sure there are some drainage holes, a bit of gravel in the bottom and some decent compost in there. I’ve even seen old wellies used to grow vegetables in. If you’ve got limited space, give it a try, there’s nothing better than taking some fresh food from the garden straight to your plate. Its also a wonderful activity to get the children involved in One thing that has been noticeable about the weather since Easter is that it has been very dry, with only a few sporadic bouts of rain. (I do not accept any responsibility if you are now reading this article in a torrential downpour as the wet weather has set in for the summer!)The ground is quite dry so make sure you look after any new plants or grass to allow their root systems to establish and not dry out. Water before a plant starts to droop to avoid cell damage to the plants structure which can weaken it. This time of the year is when you win or lose the battle with the weeds. It seems they sprint off well before any seedlings you have planted and are 2 feet tall before you have turned your back. The easiest way to get rid of them is to use a hoe, especially while the ground is dry. Few weeds will survive once they have been regularly hoe’d. It’s a lot easier and quicker to do this now then spend hours once they have taken hold. Not only that they will have had time to spread their seeds and so you will have created a legacy of work for next year. Mark Oakley, Any Garden Limited Simply Blinding .............................................................7



Samins ...................................................................14/15 Crown & Anchor ..........................................................2

Solar Energy GB Homeimprovements..........................................5

Taxi ABCA..............................................................Front cover Taxi-link


Ashleys Airport Taxi ...............................................19

Tree Care Ben Reilly........................................................................20

Window Replacements GB Homes Improvement.........................................5

Weight Loss Slimming World .........................................................21

Wills and Estate Planning Southern Legal Services..........................................17

Living in Lancing • December 2010


An event for children aged 0-19 years .00pm 4 m a 0 .0 0 1 , 0 201 12th Decembeinr g Leisure Centre Worth FREE activities including: ■ Arts and crafts ■ Bouncy castle / soft play ■ Basketball ■ Circus skills ■ Music ■ Sensory play activities ■ Table tennis ■ Trampolining


Aiming High is a day for disabled children, young people and their families. All activities are subject to change.

Worthing Leisure Centre, Shaftesbury Avenue, Worthing BN11 2EN Tel: 01903 502237 •

Living in Lancing December 2010  
Living in Lancing December 2010  

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