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SPeCial SuPPlemenT march 2010

Printed on a Toshiba e-STudio 6530c Pro

dPS news printed in-house on new Toshiba I n response to so many calls for print samples from the beta test Toshiba 6530c, CSN decided to print 6600 double sided colour DPS News magazines and send one each to every UK digital print shop. The proof as they say is in your hands… Compare the latest digital colour print quality from Toshiba with your own equipment and consider this: You no longer have to invest over £100,000 to benefit from sub 5p per print running costs. The Toshiba e-STUDIO 6530c will deliver A3 full

Digital Print Shop News • March 2010

colour prints at less than 5p including all toner. Rentals are offered from £250 per month or invest between £12,000 and £20,000 depending on fiery options and finishing requirements. The CSN beta test centre is situated at the same Brighton city centre site as our own copy shop Colourfast, so real scenario print testing is our forte. We produce our customers most challenging jobs and as most of our print professional readers will appreciate, we also seek endorsement on trial equipment from our most

challenging customers. It’s not just that they demand litho quality on small and immediate print jobs but their budget would make the work impossible on an ink, water and plate print job. Top class digital print is a product all of its own, it negates comparison, but for your CSN readers eyes only, go compare the print quality of the back covers of this DPS News insert and this month’s litho printed CSN magazine.


Print Shop Customers Vote for Toshiba 6530c


or our best hands on report we asked our key operators who have used the new printer to create a variety of print jobs over a period of a few weeks in a real print shop. It is a pleasure to have a control screen that is so user friendly as not all print is just sent from the desktop. The print driver is also very easy to use and refreshingly simple to alter prints to be lighter or darker. CSN readers will know that many printers are over complicated to override for simple image variation and we don’t always have time for a re-design!. Our intrepid beta testers have some dastardly colours to try and matchtwo of which are regular corporate colours specific to our clients palette. Historically the hardest to match colours used to be grey however all new kit seems to achieve this, leaving pastel green and a rich plum to be our most challenging. The Toshiba 6530c matched these and everything else under the rainbow that we threw at it. Very impressive, if you are to be measured on colour balance you will not disappoint your most discerning customer with this


series from Toshiba. In all of our colour trials the results were solid and accurate without having to calibrate. Visitors to Colourfast will know that we have regularly invested in our own Toshiba kit for reasons including the ability to regularly print onto thicker than normal media. This meant it was no real surprise for the bypass to feed 300 gsm card with registration a good fit for our ten to view business cards. Remarkably menu covers and the like on media up to 160 gsm fed direct from the main paper trays, even when double sided. We had to purposely cause a jam as in our various tests up to 200,000 copies we hadn’t experienced one. Clear instructions led to machine and print quality back to the highest level in less than a minute. Interruptions for adding toner are few due to very large toner containers outlasting our expectations. Uptime was also very noticeable due to the most productive finishing unit. No signs telling the operator to remove finished sets here. You can plan an uninterrupted run of thousands being hole punched or stapled without that

constant unloading of the finisher to keep the print unit running. This all goes to make our Toshiba 6530c more productive than either its size or price would suggest, whether you

want to upgrade your existing colour printer or take volume from your digital press, your customers will appreciate your investment in this innovative Toshiba technology.

March 2010 • Digital Print Shop News

Toshiba Carbon Zero/ Environmental Day


ith over 35,000 people involved and over 120 heads of state and billed as the summit to save the planet could the Copenhagen meeting really live up to its reputation? In reality the meeting was a mixed bag but is certainly not all doom and gloom! The ability to get so many influential people from so many different countries in one room is an enormous break through and with communication channels now open it leaves 2010 and beyond open for environmental targets and negotiations. Whilst there were no targets put in place for short term carbon reduction and support for the developing countries (where it is much needed), internationalisation of carbon reduction was agreed as was the increased potential of involvement from the USA and China. But what we do know from these talks and the agreement on carbon reduction is that to meet any guidelines put in place to reduce our carbon usage the government will need to initiate some new legislation. Details on these legislations and how businesses/individuals will be involved with carbon reduction is yet to be announced however the Toshiba Carbon Zero scheme from Toshiba has already started the ball rolling and has reduced the carbon output from any Toshiba MFP to ZERO.

Features • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

High speed RIP boosting overall productivity of complex graphics documents ICC colour matching of CMYK, RGB, CIE Lab and Spot Colours Advanced queue management utilising EFI fiery technology True Adobe PostScript Scanning: 600 x 600 dpi, 10 bit per channel Printing: 600 x 600 dpi, 8 bit per channel 2,400 x 600 dpi, B&W with smoothing Colour: Approx. 6.5 seconds B&W: Approx. 5.3/5.3/4.6 seconds 25-400% (platen glass), 25-200% (RADF)1) Text, Text/Photo, Photo, Printed Image, Map Auto-Colour (ACS), Full Colour, Twin Colour, Mono Colour, B&W Hue, Saturation, Colour Balance, 5 One-touch Modes, RGB Adjustment

OPTIONS MULTI-STAPLE FINISHER – MJ-1103 2 trays, 3,250 sheet capacity, 50 sheet multi-position staple, A5R-A3, 64-105 gsm (staple mode), 617 x 603 x 1,085 mm (W x D x H), ~ 40 kg

SADDLE-STITCH FINISHER – MJ-1104 2 trays, 3,250 sheet capacity, 50 sheet multi-position stapling, Saddle-stitched booklets of up to 60 pages, A5R-A3, 64-105 gsm (staple mode), 617 x 603 x 1,085 mm (W x D x H), ~ 70 kg

HOLE PUNCH UNIT – MJ-6102 Option for Finisher MJ-1103/MJ-1104 Available in 2-holes (E), 4-holes (F), 112 x 573 x 323 mm (W x D x H), ~ 7 kg

LARGE CAPACITY FEEDER – MP-2501A 2,500 sheet capacity, A4, 64-256 gsm 360 x 552 x 542 mm (W x D x H), ~ 29 kg

GRAPHIC ARTS KITS EFI Spot-On, EFI Hot Folders, EFI Auto Trapping

EFI COLOUR PROFILER Profiling Software incl. ES-1000 Spectrophotometer


Digital Print Shop News • March 2010

Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme Toshiba are committed to the environment and with the help of carbon offsetting expert co2balance and a small donation (either paid for by Toshiba, or by the dealer if sold via the reseller channel) can offset the carbon footprint of your Toshiba MFP plus the first million pages*. It’s clear that human activities are causing the global climate to get significantly warmer; making finding ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions vital – but this is where carbon offsetting can help. Carbon Offsetting allows for the investment in projects that save the emission of, or absorb, an equivalent amount of CO2 to that of your MFP footprint plus the first million copies*. Through this process the emissions are balanced to become ‘Carbon Zero’, which allows for positive printing and copying with no detrimental effect on the environment. Toshiba are supporting a number of projects in the UK and developing world to help offset this carbon, including: The African Energy Efficient Stove Project African Energy Efficient Light Bulb Project Micro Hydro Power Project, China Somercombe Wood Project, UK All projects supported are aiding registered charities, so as well as helping the environment you are also helping people less well off. If you have to print/copy, do it with Toshiba and carry out Positive Printing/Copying. * All calculations are based on a 5 year MFP lifecycle

Toshiba and the environment Environmental considerations are taken into account throughout their business – and the Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme works alongside many other “reduce, reuse, recycle” projects. From the manufacture of the MFP itself and cutting down on parts and plastics used, to the functions on the MFP which allow for paper savings and decreased energy consumption Toshiba are conscious that environmental considerations are built into every MFP. This philosophy is also reflected at the other end of the MFP lifecycle. Where possible parts are reused and those elements of the MFP which can’t be reused are sent to a recycle plant where 99% of the MFP is recycled. Alongside the recycling of the MFP itself the toner and toner bottles are recycled and used in the manufacture of paints, dyes and plastics. Toshiba look for continual improvements in their products and processes as part of their environmental strategy and adopt a strong environmental stance with strong “green” product features. Their Carbon Zero scheme is an example of continual Innovation for the environment. 3



INTRODUCING THE FINEST BUSINESS DECISION YOU CAN MAKE Comprehensive colour management and solid output performance coupled with the optional EFI Fiery ensures complete satisfaction. This flexible MFP delivers professional results at speeds of up to 65 ppm ensuring that no deadline is too tight. Support for a wide variety of print media, including SRA3 and exceptional colour quality ensures that total satisfaction is achieved with every print job.



Digital Print Shop News - Toshiba Special  

Toshiba 6530c Special

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