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News for Prayer 4 April 2013

Issue 472

Strange meeting Revenge attacks are common in Papua New Guinea (PNG). When a young man ran off with Endy Koweng’s wife, her husband decided to pay him a visit. But when Endy arrived at the house, he wasn’t there. Filled with rage and frustration, Endy attacked the young man’s father Tanom with a knife. Tanom’s shoulder, knee and hand were cut badly. Three days later, his injuries still untreated, Tanom’s shoulder wound was about four inches long and gaping open. His knee, covered loosely with a large bandage, had become infected. When Crew Training and Competency Manager Michael Duncalfe and pilot Michael Vogel arrived at Tumolbil to take Tanom to hospital, the patient was there – but so was Endy. He had been arrested by PC Praise Kaiyus, and Endy and Praise were waiting for the same flight to Tabubil. From there, they would take a 20-minute plane ride to court at Telefomin. Tanom has paid a heavy price for his son’s sins. Pray for justice, healing and reconciliation.

Cattle rustling Suzy Kuj, who works with In Deed and Truth Ministries (IDAT) in South Sudan, asks us to pray about the problems caused by tribal conflict and cattle rustling. Lual Mawar was tending his cattle when he was shot by a cattle raider who stole 55 cows. Eventually, a passing motorcyclist took him to Tonj where he was admitted to IDAT’s clinic. ‘Later,’ recalls Suzy, ‘a man called Ater was brought in. He had also been wounded during the same raid. We contacted MAF to collect the patients, and both men were flown to Juba Teaching Hospital. ‘Without MAF, we couldn’t complete our work. You fly in medical staff, medicines, missionaries, food and supplies, and respond to frequent emergencies. Pray for protection as our staff serve this community.’

Runway success Our Airfield Development team in Tanzania asks us to praise God with them for the progress they are making in the South Maasai area. Last week, the first landing in Kitwai B was completed successfully, as well as an inspection landing in Lerumo. Both airstrips are now fully operational and, from next month, these two destinations will be included in the medical and evangelistic safari work. This week, Julius and Kawawa will start working to complete the airstrip that the villagers in Katehe have started on. This airstrip will also be

part of the South Maasai work. Please pray for safety on the road and during their stay in the bush. Meanwhile, we have submitted an application to the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority to renew the airstrip licence at Orkessumet. While confident this will be processed in time for the next safari, pray God’s hand will be in the situation.

Frontline experience Pilot Steve Machell flew Melville Fernandez from Caritas Australia to Marsabit, northern Kenya, to visit their drought recovery project. Melville reports, ‘It was on this journey that I got a taste of what it is like for our dedicated humanitarian workers who risk their lives every day on the frontline delivering aid. The planned road trip from Nairobi to Marsabit was cancelled due to serious security concerns, including recent ambushes on the road by armed men. ‘We were driven to Nanyuki airport and, as we approached, all we saw was a narrow gravel airstrip. The plane to pick us up landed from Nairobi. Steve Machell very pleasantly greeted us, handed over our tickets, picked up our baggage and escorted us to the six-seater aircraft. ‘He asked us our weight and then, using a handheld weighing machine, checked the weight of every piece of luggage we carried. He kept calculating, mentioning that it was essential for him to distribute the luggage and people precisely in the aircraft; weight (amount and spread) was critical for the light single-engine aircraft, which was also carrying extra fuel. ‘When we had taken our seats, the most

memorable moment was Steve’s request to say a prayer before departure, which was the first I have experienced from a pilot. He stood by the side of the aircraft, said the prayer and then got into his seat and we took off. We were struck with Steve’s personal touch and great conversation. This was the flight of my life, a memorable 1½ hours flying over great scenes of Mount Kenya and other mountains and plains. We landed safely in Marsabit on another small patch of gravel.’

Working together Kenya Operations Director Tim Vennell shares a message received from a passenger, ‘so that you may see all the value in what you do.’ The Medair worker, who joined a Saturday flight from Juba, South Sudan, says, ‘On behalf of Medair, I want to say thank you! Thank you very much for doing all the work to assess the two airstrips. ‘Again, thank you for giving us special consideration by flying the vaccines on a Saturday! This is exactly “Flying for Life”. Our team is vaccinating vulnerable children against measles and MAF is now at the right-hand side of Medair to reach these difficult-to-reach children in Nyadin.’ Tim continues, ‘Whether you work in the finance department, are a guard, or the pilot, it is all about working together to bring about transformation. It is about “Flying for Life” – physical as well as spiritual. Thank you all for making this possible.’ That includes all those who regularly pray for MAF!

Prayer points • ARNHEM LAND Our staff help run Bible studies at the Milingimbi outstation. Pray that the people attending these studies will grow in their faith. • Pray for unity and peace at Elcho Island between different clan groups, and for protection, health and the provision of housing for MAF families living there. • AUSTRALIA Pray for good weather as our engineering team at Mareeba strip and paint aircraft. • CHAD Uphold pilot Kalvin Hildebrandt as he adds Acting Country Director to his flying and flight operation responsibilities. • DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO (DRC) Praise God for providing a Cessna 208 aircraft for our operation in eastern DRC. • Pray for safety and peace for our staff following unrest at Lubumbashi in the south.

• HAITI Pray that construction, which has already begun near the hangar, will have minimal impact on day-to-day operations, and that our need to relocate will result in a better facility (NfP 471). • SOUTH AFRICA A team of four ophthalmologists and an optometrist wish to support the work of clinics in Venda, 300 miles north of Johannesburg. Pray we will be able to help them with flights. • SOUTH SUDAN Pray we will soon find someone to replace Stefan Hageneier as Operations Manager for our Juba base. Pray for Stefan and Christine as they return to Germany for an extended period. • TANZANIA Uphold departing Country Director Bengt Lillvik and his family as they seek God’s will for their future. Pray for the recruitment of a new Country Director to lead the team. • WORLDWIDE Ask the Lord to provide candidates to fill the many vacant positions throughout Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas – particularly Kenya and South Sudan.

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