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Special report: the East Africa crisis MAF is ideally placed to respond swiftly when crises occur. Our extensive experience of emergency situations, combined with knowledge of local language and culture, enables our planes and personnel to make a significant contribution in times of disaster. MAF aircraft are able to fly partner organisations into locations within hours of disaster striking, or to the heart of a problem in a matter of minutes rather than the hours involved in overland travel. This enables informed action plans to be developed quickly – saving precious time and lives. Since July 2011, we have been flying aid workers into northern Kenya, Somalia and South Sudan to help relieve the suffering of those affected by the East Africa famine. With our Kenya operation overloaded with requests to meet the needs of organisations working at the Dadaab refugee camp, we transferred a Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft from our South Africa base. The aircraft made an immediate difference to the work of organisations such as Bridge of Hope, Canadian Baptist Ministries, Catholic Relief Services, Concern Worldwide, Goal Ireland, Handicap International, Norwegian Refugee Council, Operation Blessing, Tearfund and World Vision. In addition to everything we planned to achieve in 2011, we were overwhelmed by the generous response of over £919,000 given as a result of our East Africa Crisis Appeal. Due to the scale of the disaster, our teams in East Africa utilised – and continue to utilise – every available aircraft, pilot and opportunity to reach those affected by the drought and conflict.

Illustration of financial activities Resources received Income £11,383,000 Individuals 54.6% Legacies 20.2% Churches 6.9% International staff support 7.0% Governments 3.2% Trusts 6.2% Companies 0.9% Investment and other income 1%

Resources used Expenditure 11,383,000 Charitable activities 65.6% Publicity and fundraising costs 15.6% Marketing and profile-raising 3.6% Governance 0.2% Retained for future projects 15.0%

The purpose of this summary is to present simply and concisely the sources and uses of funds during the year. These charts are based on information contained in the Fellowship’s accounts for the year ended 31 December 2011 which were approved by the Board of Trustees on 3 April 2012 and an unqualified audit report has been received. This summary financial information may not contain sufficient detail to allow a full understanding of the financial affairs of the charity. Copies of the accounts are available from the registered office of Mission Aviation Fellowship. Signed on behalf of the Trustees

Dadaab refugee camp

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Annual Review 2011 Mission Aviation Fellowship UK

Flying for Life

Roger Mitty, Chairman, MAF UK

Mission Aviation Fellowship UK

2011 Report

Message from the Chairman and the Chief Executive As we review 2011, we are immensely grateful for the generosity of the many thousands of people who supported our work through their time, prayer, money and energy


Significant anniversaries We celebrated 60 years of MAF

service in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and 50 years in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). As we recall how the work in both countries has grown – as it has in the other nations in which we work – we thank the Lord for all He has done over so many years.


Annual Review 2011 Mission Aviation Fellowship UK

60 years of service in PNG

Building God’s Kingdom In Kenya, our planes flew a team

50 years of service in the DRC 9,312 new Supporters recruited 1,020 dedicated Volunteers raising funds and awareness

Our mission is to reach otherwise unreachable people in some of the world’s most remote and isolated areas: places cut off due to geographical barriers, conflict, or dangerous overland travel. During 2011, our flights continued to enable our 1,500 partners to overcome these challenges to help people in spiritual and physical need. Here are a few highlights from the year.

Reaching unreachable people Thanks to a new airstrip at Pyrulama, PNG, even more remote villagers can now access medical services. Like the people of Ibba, South Sudan, and Gua, Ilembula, Matemanga and Ngwala, Tanzania, who benefited from new, reopened or newly reconditioned airstrips, Pyrulama’s people can now radio for help and no longer have to suffer the tragedy of friends and relatives dying unnecessarily.

commitment is outworked. They testify that our planes and staff have enabled lives to be saved, isolated people supported, vital food, supplies and medicines transported, relief and development work sustained, the Gospel preached, churches strengthened, believers encouraged, disciples nurtured, remote communities helped and many thousands to receive essential medical care. We give our heartfelt thanks to everyone who, through prayer, financial support and practical help, have enabled isolated people to be physically and spiritually transformed throughout 2011.

Historic changes Also in 2011, South Sudan became the world’s newest country, following elections which resulted in independence from the North. We continue to work closely with relief and development agencies, churches and missions to support people in South Sudan at this time of historic change. We witnessed the peaceful elections in Uganda at the beginning of the year, and the less peaceful presidential and parliamentary elections in the DRC at the end of 2011 – our planes remaining on standby so we could evacuate partners if the need arose. Long-term commitment MAF’s long-term involvement is only possible due to the dedication of our staff and the commitment of our Supporters who stand with us faithfully in prayer, serve voluntarily in numerous ways, and come alongside us financially. Reports from our staff and partners in countries such as Bangladesh, Chad, Kenya, Madagascar, Mongolia, PNG, South Sudan and many others demonstrate how that

29 countries served

1,500 partners flown

£919,000 raised for the East Africa crisis

Able to help in time of need With bases in 24 countries

Roger Mitty Chairman of Trustees

Ruth Whitaker Chief Executive

Supporting Church growth and development In

Madagascar, we flew representatives from Wycliffe Bible Translators over mountains, jungles and swamps to three remote villages. They met Malagasy translation team members, a pastor and his wife who distribute their work through local networks, and some potential new translators.

84,000 flights

504 churches taking part in MAF’s Day of Prayer

hanks to a growing number of loyal Supporters, funds continue to be raised and released, new airstrips opened, and lives saved and transformed in Jesus’ Name. The strength of the support is reflected in the highest annual income reported to date (£11.4m), at a time when many charities are reporting dramatic falls in funding. Looking back at all the blessings we received, we also praise God for the 33 UK families serving overseas and the 84,000 flights made in 2011. These provided essential help to hundreds of communities and thousands of people living in some of the world’s most inaccessible and isolated places.

across the developing world and the ability to fly into another 9, MAF is well positioned to reach out to people living in isolation and poverty and provide the help they so desperately need. Our operations are based where the needs are greatest – many of which have been operating for decades. In response to the famine in East Africa, we transferred an aircraft and personnel from South Africa to Nairobi, to join our six planes in Kenya. These were deployed to meet the needs of over 50 aid agencies, missions and charities working in Dadaab, home to nearly half a million refugees. Here in the UK, we launched the online East Africa Prayer Movement and, as well as joining us in prayer, our Supporters generously gave nearly £1 million to finance our flights to that region.

2011 highlights

from Shalom Centre for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation from Nairobi to Moyale. They ran peace and reconciliation workshops in scattered communities where the two main people groups frequently raided each other for cattle, killing each other in the process. The team presented them with concepts such as grace, forgiveness, mercy and justice.

Empowering communities: building futures MAF planes enabled staff of the Department of Agriculture from Kiunga in PNG to fly building materials and garden equipment to Mougolu to encourage remote communities to grow vanilla as a cash crop. Although vanilla pods are grown in remote communities, their value is still high enough to give a good return after being transported to market by air. As we continue to reflect on the great blessings God has given us through our Supporters, Volunteers and overseas teams, we give thanks for every prayer, gift, enquiry and hour of time given for our work throughout the year.

Powerful partnerships Our medical safaris in Madagascar, a joint operation between MAF and HoverAid, resulted in 5,280 patients in remote areas receiving treatment from medical teams. In drought-stricken Garissa, Kenya, MAF flew in enough food to feed 120 households for 2 weeks when International Christian Fellowship in Nairobi, in partnership with Convoy of Hope, raised 400,000 Kenyan shillings for food aid.

Airstrip opening at Gua, Tanzania

Saving time – saving lives MAF planes flew 750kg of medicines and medical supplies from Kampala, Uganda, to Juba in South Sudan, when a hospital was unable to obtain medicines from its normal supplier. Our flights meant that basic operating facilities could be put swiftly back into action.

Wycliffe Bible Translators recording Luke in Bara, Madagascar

Receiving food aid in Garissa, Kenya

Annual Review 2011 Mission Aviation Fellowship UK


MAF Annual Review 2011  

MAF Annual Review 2011

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