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2018 Annual Report

Our Mission To provide comprehensive & integrated Social Services to the Immigrant population of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Middle East & European countries. These services include but are not limited to educate, counsel, assist & empower individuals & families to become productive members in their new home.

2018 Annual Report

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President’s Welcome Letter


Welcome from Jean Bohnhoff, IDOA



Annual Report


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Annual Report


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2018 Annual Report

2018 Annual Report


President’s Welcome Letter Your contributions are invaluable to the organization and will be used to fill the gaps in funding and expand our senior services. Dear Guests, On behalf of our Board of Directors, our fundraiser committee, and our entire staff at MAFS, I would like to thank you for joining us as we commemorate 26 years of helping our community in making a difference in the lives of seniors. A new Fiscal year is upon us and we are filled with immense excitement as we are set to open new facilities to reach out and serve more people of our communities. It is my pleasure to lead this esteem organization, which serves humanity without any discrimination of cast, creed, nationality and religion. First, I want to let you know how this organization reached its height but then I thought about Mr. Kumar, our role model, and how he was always calm, fair, and ready to give until his last breath. I know him best as a strong backbone of the organization who tirelessly helped in building and expanding programs, from one center to 12 centers. His passion to the South Asian community is well known. Also, I must mention his wife Mrs. Santosh Kumar, the founder, a leader, counselor, lawyer, professor, and MAFS’ Executive Director, who left her legal profession to become a voice of the immigrant population of South Asia suffering due to cultural and language barriers. In her leadership, MAFS has progressed immensely and has been recognized

by the Governor of Illinois as the best multicultural, multilingual community based not-for profit organization in the state of Illinois and proclaimed October 17, 2006 as METROPOLITAN ASIAN FAMILY SERVICES DAY in Illinois. Under her leadership MAFS serves the community by providing 20+ programs of human and enrichment in the Chicago land area. The State of Illinois also gave her recognition in celebrating 26 years as a multiethnic organization committed to educate, assist and empower the immigrant community to adjust to life in the US. I know her best as a strong leader who leaves no stone unturned until she achieves her mission and is known as “Mother Teresa of Chicago.” I am also happy to report that MAFS’s future is very secure with the joining of young and vibrant professionals like Prashant and Sagar Kumar. They are well-educated, technically savvy and well versed in financial and management skills while still having the passion to serve the community as their parents, a rarity in today’s generation. At the end, I appeal to all of you to preserve this federally recognized State licensed organization and provide support to MAFS mission to help your loved ones. Keep the legacy going on…. Sincerely,

Dr. Firdaus Jafri, DDS, President, MAFS


2018 Annual Report

A Message From Jean Bohnhoff Director, IDOA

Metropolitan Asian Family Services Firdaus Jafri, President 7541 N Western Avenue Chicago, IL 60645

September 29, 2018

Dear Friends: Greetings! It is my great honor and pleasure to welcome you to the 26th Annual Fundraiser of the Metropolitan Asian Family Services. For 26 years, the Metropolitan Asian Family Services has successfully been an advocate on behalf of older adults, providing programs and services of care to individuals, families and the community. I am pleased to know that the Metropolitan Asian Family Services, an innovative provider of community-based and residential programs, continues to depict its promise in developing healthy, positive services for the benefit of future generations. I proudly recognize tonight’s event to be held this year at Ashyana Banquets. May you continue to celebrate the agency’s past achievements and adhere to the principles of respecting yesterday, supporting today, and hoping for tomorrow. Thank you all for your dedication - I offer my continued best wishes. Sincerely,

Jean Bohnhoff Director, Illinois Department on Aging

Open Enrollment starts November 1, 2018



For more information call:

(800) 433-3808


Health Insurance | Life Insurance | Dental Insurance


2018 Annual Report

Annual Report 2017/18 I am thrilled to announce that we recently opened a new site in Schaumburg, in the Patel Brothers Plaza, to provide congregate meals and other supportive services to the community. Also, a new project funded by AgeOptions, the Memory CafĂŠ, to help individuals suffering from dementia and their caregivers. I wonder sometimes and feel honored that The Almighty has selected me to serve the most frail and impoverished elderly population of various communities. I am pleased to report to you that MAFS continues to be a very strong and reputable organization, responsible to its core values and inspired by its mission to educate, empower and enrich human lives, by advocating to improve the systems to strengthen the elderly population so they can age well. The past two years have been very challenging for MAFS to fulfill its mission due to the budget impasse for months at the State and Federal level which resulted in non-reimbursement for critical services for the elderly to the extent that some agencies were forced to close their doors. We are pleased that despite these challenges, MAFS sustained and continues to provide the essential services to home-bound seniors and other public benefit programs.

MAFS also had a number of successes during FY 18. We received a grant as community partner for South Asians Heart Health Project with the Northwestern School of Medicine for 5 years. We also received the Adult Literacy grant from the Secretary of State of Illinois that was previously defunded the previous year. In order to do this outstanding work all these years, we relied upon a collaboration and combination of dedicated staff, volunteers, sister agencies, donors, senior advisory board and board members with a strong leadership of our President Dr. Firdaus Jafri. In the end, I request you to come forward and support the MAFS mission to serve your loved ones and our community.

2018 Annual Report

23,237 meals served at our Chicago, Niles and Schaumburg Locations 4,586 clients served through T-CLIP funded by AgeOptions 2,549 families helped with their light & heat bills 1,140 people helped through the Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) 155 individuals enrolled in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) 500 people helped with immigration services & N-400 forms 83 individuals learning through the South Asian Healthy Lifestyle Initiative Study


AT A GLANCE 2017/18


2018 Annual Report

A Look Back 2017/18 What a year it has been!

Advocacy for the Older American Act (OAA) MAFS plays a key role in advocacy efforts to promote programs that help improve the lives of the senior population. Recently, Mrs. Santosh Kumar along with Jonathan Lavin (CEO, AgeOptions) and several other leaders (pictured below) of the Aging Network met with Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi to discuss their programs in relation to the Older Americans Act (OAA). Congressman Krishnamoorthi sits on the Committee on Education and the Workforce which govern the OAA. In January 2019, Congress will consider the next Older Americans Act Reauthorization so this meeting with Congressman Krishnamoorthi was vital in making him aware of how important the Older Americans Act is for providing essential programs for seniors such as Nutrition (Congregate

SAHELI study renewed for 5 years

and Home Delivered Meal), Social Services, Community Care

For the past 12 years, MAFS has participated in a

Program senior centers and elder rights for their well-being in

community-based partnership with Dr. Namratha

the state of Illinois1.

Kandula, MD, MPH and Northwestern University. As


part of a new research study funded by the National Institutes of Health, we will be starting recruitment into the South Asian Healthy Lifestyle Intervention (SAHELI) which is a culturally tailored lifestyle intervention for South Asian men and women. This research is intended to create a larger network of researchers and community groups to address the serious issues of cardiovascular disease amongst minority populations. The relationship between Northwestern and MAFS has resulted in extending the research grant with MAFS for 5 more years. For more information please go to page 16. If you would like to see the findings of this research or

Mrs. Santosh Kumar along with Jonathan Lavin, CEO of AgeOptions, Carol Reagan, Palatine Township Senior Services; Megan Conway, Schaumburg Township; Tracey Colagrossi, Hanover Township; Spencer Harstead, Community Nutrition Network; Crissy Castillo, Kenneth Young Center; Stacy Subida, Catholic Charities Northwest, Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi

want to participate, please visit:

2018 Annual Report


Opening of a new Schaumburg site

827 W Higgins Road, Schaumburg, IL 60195 The Grand opening of our Patel Brother’s Plaza location at 827 W. Higgins Road, Schaumburg, IL 60195 was held on Friday June 1st, 2018. It was undoubtedly a celebration of collaborative efforts of MAFS in serving the community for the last 26 years. This location will concentrate mainly on serving seniors with our Congregate Meals and T-CLIP programs funded by AgeOptions. The opening ceremony commenced as our key office staff assembled in a professional and well decorated office with beautiful art work done by our very own, Eva Contractor. Mrs Santosh Kumar, Executive Director along with our Board President, Dr. Firdaus Jafri, Mrs. Sumitra Patel, Dr. Rakesh Asthana, Sagar Kumar, Treasurer, and Prashant Kumar, Director, welcomed our chief guests as they arrived. Ms. Michelle Mussman & Aide Mike Normoyle, State of Illinois House of Representative of 56th District, Schaumburg Township Trustee Mr. Nimish Jani and Ms. Paula Bartolozzi, from AgeOptions, Area Agency on Aging, and our own, “King of Devon” Mr. Mafat Bhai Patel. These distinguished guests did the ribbon cutting ceremony. Mr. Nimish Jani, chanted the ancient mantra of Vedas before the Ribbon Cutting ceremony. This office is open Monday to Friday and serves nutritious Hot Lunch from 12:30pm-2:30pm. To register you can call 847-7648350 or toll free 866-330-8627.

MAFS Chicago site visit for SHIP Recently, on August 21, 2018, CLESE honored MAFS by recommending our site to be ‘showcased’ to Federal, State and Local government as one of the most accomplished providers of SHIP services to limited English speaking populations in the state of Illinois. Mary Lazare, Principal Deputy Administrator, Lance Robertson, Assistant Secretary for Aging, Jean Bohnhoff, IDoA Director, Joyce Gallagher, Executive Director of Senior Services AAA Chicago, and Amy Wiatr-Rodriguez, Regional Administrator for ACL and our very own Grace Nawakowski, Program Manager-SHIP Grant Coordinator, who helped organize the visit at MAFS and introduced Mrs. Santosh Kumar, Executive Director, Awilda Gonzalez, Program Director, CCP Program, Connie Dogaru, and Charlotte Singh, SHIP counsellors. Guests interacted with seniors of our ADS Program in dancing and communicating. We have given the tour of the facility and explained we serve our seniors including vegetarian food and Indian spices (especially turmeric) that helps control dementia in older adults. Everybody tasted the delicious, nutritious and culturally-appropriate food MAFS prepares for seniors. All were amazed and profoundly impressed with services provided by our agency. For more information on SHIP please go to page 15.

2018 Annual Report


Nutrition Program To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art. Our staff and members strongly believe in this adage. Golden Diners - CHI

Congregate Meals - NIL

Congregate Meals - SCH

We serve hot, fresh, home cooked meals that

and socialize to break free from isolation. These

take into account the dietary requirements and

meals are freshly prepared by trained cooks

traditions of Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis.

under strict hygienic conditions. We provided

We also help educate participants on choosing

23,237 hot meals to the community this year from

the right kind of foods that help prevent &

our Chicago (funded by the City of Chicago), Niles

manage diseases like diabetes and hypertension

and Schaumburg (funded by AgeOptions) facilities.

11,193 Meals Served in Chicago

which are common in our culture. The smell of


masala in the kitchen does not only entice one’s

Meals Served in Niles

appetite, it also brings people together. Sharing a meal with a group can be the cure seniors need against feelings of social isolation. So come join us for a meal and tell that joke you know! MAFS is in its 18th year of serving hot lunches to the senior citizen population. These lunches are

395 Meals Served in Schaumburg*

nutritionally balanced but more importantly they provide an opportunity for seniors to make friends

2018 MEALS SERVED Many older adults do not want to eat alone. MAFS provides healthy meals each day to seniors while enjoying the company of friends. In 2018 we provided 22,506 meals through our Golden Diners Program in Chicago, Congregate Meal Program in Niles, and our unfunded Senior Hot Lunch Program.



Congregate Meals

Golden Diners

*Congregate Meal program only open for one month of the 2017-18 fiscal year


2018 Annual Report

Public Benefits Program Have you ever wondered what benefits you qualify for? Many people do not know what is available to them. MAFS can help you understand and apply for benefits like: medicare


citizenship immigration


food stamps (snap)


social security kids care

access to care ssi prescription drug


Title lll B (T-CLIP) - AgeOptions

Senior Medicare Patrol - CLESE

MAFS is a pioneer in providing social services to low-

SMP empowers and assists Medicare beneficiaries, their

income and underserved populations. The demand for

families, and caregivers to prevent, detect, and report

these kinds of services is increasing due to the slow

health care fraud, errors, and abuse through outreach,

recovery of our economy. MAFS staff assists clients in

counseling, and education. SMPs are grant-funded projects

accessing public benefits available to fit their individual

of the federal U.S. Department of Health and Human

needs. Our staff helps fill-out applications for these services

Services (HHS), U.S. Administration for Community Living

and escorts them to the appropriate public benefits offices

(ACL). MAFS helps with this program by focusing on three

such as Department of Human Services or Social Security

key areas:

Administration, Immigration, and Naturalization to submit


the application and serve as their interpreter. We also translate official forms in Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Spanish and

fraud, waste, and abuse.


Bosnian languages to facilitate the process of applying for benefits. Our staff acts as liaisons between the client and public officials to help our community members get the help and support they require. This year we had the privilege of helping complete 4,586 cases in Cook, Suburban Cook County, DuPage and Lake County.

Protecting beneficiaries from Medicare & Medicaid Helping to detect Medicare & Medicaid fraud, waste, and abuse.


Reporting Medicare & Medicaid fraud, waste, and abuse so further actions can be taken

2018 Annual Report

Energy Assistance Program - CEDA


The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is

DuPage Human Services Grant Dupage County

designed to help low-income families pay their heat and light

MAFS is funded under DuPage County Asian Human Service

bills. This program is offered multiple times throughout the

Program (HSGF) to support the underserved Asian immigrant

year and brings hundreds of people from all nationalities to our

community (residing DuPage County) to provide basic needs

Chicago and Niles offices. Many of them arrive before the office

(food, clothing, furniture and medical) counseling/support

opens and wait in line for hours to benefit from this program.

treatment, case management and client advocacy. The annual

This service is funded by the Community and Economic

target number of clients who will benefit was 100, but our

Development Association of Cook County (CEDA). MAFS’ staff

social workers have served 300 clients to date. We provide

help clients in processing their application in order to receive

these services from Naperville, Carol Stream and Roselle

funds. This year we have helped 2,549 eligible families through

Locations. Please call 630-705-1208 for more information.

this program.

Affordable Care Act Asian Health Coalition

Immigration/Citizenship Not Funded Since its establishment, MAFS has, and continues to provide

Metropolitan Asian Family Services has collaborated with the

help with the immigration and naturalization process for

Asian Health Coalition for assisting our community with the

community members. MAFS also helps applicable members of

Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare. It was the

the community in acquiring their Overseas Citizen of India (OCI)

state-run outreach and education program offered to all legal

card. This year we have helped 500 seniors to fill N.400 for

residents of Illinois to enroll into Medicaid or Marketplace

citizenship and I-130 for family petition. This service

health insurance. We have enrolled over 155 individuals into

is provided without outside funding, however, we

Medicaid or Marketplace health insurance and reach out to

continue this service to benefit immigrant

over 1,500 people through outreaching at temples, mosques,


churches, and Gurudwaras.

SHIP - CLESE MAFS is a Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) certified site. You can take advantage of our free statewide senior health insurance counseling service for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. Our staff members, Connie Dogaru, Meenu Jethi and Charlotte Singh, are SHIP certified counselors. Seniors with any Medicare or Medicaid queries can contact them for appointments. This year we served 1,140 individuals.


2018 Annual Report

Health Research

For further information Please contact Himali Bharucha at: 773-465-3105, or 847-824-9414 Ext. 1032.

We partner with the leading health and educational institutions to explore and study problems that concern our culture the most. SAHELI - Northwestern University

The pilot study and the relationship with MAFS and

Since 2006, MAFS and Northwestern University have

Northwestern was so successful that the grant has been

been working to improve health in the South Asian

extended for 5 more years. This new study will be from

(Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepali and Sri Lankan)

years 2017 to 2021. MAFS staff has started working full

community in Chicagoland.

time for 4 years and recruiting 550 participants for this new

South Asians are four times more likely to develop heart disease and diabetes

study. The goal of the study is to test the hypothesis that

compared to any other racial ethnic group. MAFS and Northwestern University established the South Asian Healthy Lifestyle Intervention (SAHELI), which is a partnership to improve South Asian health through culturally tailored, research proven interventions. MAFS in collaboration with Northwestern Medicine performed a pilot study during the years 2013 to 2015. The results were significant, the intervention group showed significant weight loss compared to the control group as well as improvement in cardiovascular risk factors.

the culturally-tailored SAHELI will significantly improve cardiovascular risk factors and patient-centered outcomes compared to a control group receiving print health education materials only. There is a qualifying criterion in place for enrolling participants into SAHELI project. If you are between the age of 18 to 65 and have one or more of the following: high blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetes, we invite and encourage you to join the study. You will receive compensation for your participation.

2018 Annual Report

Education Programs At MAFS we believe in education. Education and knowledge help you better understand yourself and the world around you. Adult Volunteer Literacy Illinois Secretary of State This grant was halted for the 2016-2017 year due to the situation with the Illinois State budget but this year has been re-awarded to MAFS and funded by the Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White. Our program entails learning English as a second language which includes speaking, reading and writing English, Math, Life Skills and practical English speaking which helps them lead a life with confidence in the US. Our tutors have taught vocabulary, comprehension and assisted learners to summarize readings. This program has brought a positive impact on the lives of recipients in the area of citizenship, community participation, family and work life. It has also helped our elderly in boosting their self-esteem and confidence. English as a Second Language is for the immigrant population who face cultural and linguistic barriers. Our goal is to assist such persons to improve basic literacy skills and help them read, speak and assist them in everyday math skills.

Computer Literacy- Not Funded MAFS started computer training for South Asian immigrants in 1997 although there has been no funding for this program from since its inception. This year MAFS taught 50 community members the basics of computer skills from typing to Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. These skills will allow them to feel confident and be assets in America’s workforce. MAFS has also adopted its training for newer technology such as social media because many use Facebook and WhatsApp to communicate with family back home. Our training focuses on how to use these applications as well as signing up for e-mail for the first time and demonstrate sending and receiving messages and photos. Such knowledge empowers our seniors to live in fulfilment and satisfaction in their golden years.

What’s Next? Memory Café 2018-19 MAFS is getting one-time stipend funding for the Memory Café project for the fiscal year of 2018-19 by AgeOptions. Memory Café is a program that promotes social gathering in an accessible community location designed for people living with dementia or other cognitive impairment and their Caregivers. This project gives an opportunity for a person living with dementia and their Caregiver to focus on supportive, affirming, and stimulating interaction with one and another including dancing, exercising, singing, arts and crafts, “show and tell”, reminiscing and socializing. New Location in Naperville Patel Brothers Plaza MAFS is proud to announce that we will be opening another location that is currently under construction and is scheduled to open January 1st, 2019! We have already started the process to bring the Nutrition Program to this site. The address is: 1568 Ogden Ave. Suite # 144, Naperville, IL 60540


2018 Annual Report


FY 17/18 Financial +31%




hy Donate? MAFS can only sustain itself

and serve the community by grants, fundraising, volunteering and in-kind contributions. The majority of MAFS’s funding comes from grants but one factor that is often overlooked is that funding from State, Federal and Local Government make up ONLY 65% to 75% of the cost to run these programs. The remaining 25% to 35% deficit must be raised by


MAFS through fundraising and donations. That is why we need our community and people like you to contribute through fundraising activities, donations, and contributions in person, through mail, or online. These donations/contributions can be done in several ways, including money, in-kind donations of space or supplies, and/or volunteering time and talent to serve & support MAFS’s programs.















2018 Annual Report






2017/18 DEFICIT

Without fundraising & donations MAFS would have a deficit of over $196,000. It was with the help of donors such as yourselves that we were able to raise $165,000 ($118,000 net) to offset our losses to only $78,204 and continue our programs.










4% 7% CLESE






2018 Annual Report

FY 17/18 Financial


Congregate Meal AgeOptions

Revenue: $94,552.00 Expenses: $174,856.55 Deficit: $80,304.55

Golden Diners


Revenue: $52,147.12

Revenue: $74,510.00

Expenses: $77,930.04

Expenses: $116,820.01

Deficit: $25,782.92

Deficit: $42,310.01



Revenue: $33,180.00

Revenue: $17,796.78

Expenses: $40,123.93

Expenses: $21,445.05

Deficit: $6,943.93

Deficit: $3,648.27


Asian Human Services

Revenue: $20,165.01

Revenue: $7,500.00

Expenses: $50,653.23

Expenses: $14,168.14

Deficit: $30,488.22

Deficit: $6,668.14

City of Chicago


Northwestern University



DuPage Human Services


HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE? HIGH CHOLESTEROL? DIABETES? You may qualify for a free research study working to reduce heart disease & diabetes risk in the Desi community. Understand your risks by reaching out to SAHELI for a free health screening.

Qualified participants may receive up to $175 & healthy lifestyle classes at no cost.

To qualify you must: Be a South Asian adult (18-65 years old) Have not had a heart attack or stroke Live in the Chicago area

For additional information, please contact MAFS at: @sahelistudy

773-465-3105 Ext. 1032 847-824-9414 Ext. 1032


2018 Annual Report

2017 Annual Fundraiser

Date:November 18, 2017 Location:Ashyana Banquets Funds Raised:$114,930

kal bhi aaj bhi

Commemorating its Silver Jubilee, Metropolitan Asian Family Services held its 25th annual fundraising dinner on November 18, 2017 at Ashyana Banquets, Downers Grove IL. The celebration started with the traditional “Deep-Lighting” performed by Swami Mukundananda of Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Aurora IL. Prominent dignitaries in attendance were Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, Schaumburg Trustee Nimish Jani, Philanthropist Deepak Kant Vyas, Dr. Vijay Prabhakar, Executive Director CLESE Marta Pereyra, Chairman for Indian Community Outreach Krishna Bansal, FIA Ex-President Sunil Shah, Chandmal Kumawat, Chairman of Manees Media, India, Anis Ahmed, Chairman, AMU of Greater Chicago, MAFS Board members, Dr. Firdaus Jafri, Dr. Rakesh Ashthana, Harish Kolasani, Nikunj Baxi, Sumitra Patel, James D’mello, Sagar Kumar and other community leaders, Narsinhbhai Patel, Dr Rasik Shah and business leaders, seniors and their families were in attendance.

2018 Annual Report

Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi commended MAFS team for its exemplary service to the community for 25 long years and said he wishes MAFS will continue to do so many more years in the future. Honorable Consul General of India Ms. Neeta Bhushan also congratulated MAFS for completing 25 years of serving the elderly and other immigrant populations in Chicagoland. She praised MAFS for delivering an array of successful services to the community successfully, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle appreciated MAFS’s commitment & dedication in serving the community and gave her good wishes to continue for years to come. A special Award of GSA Outstanding Citizen of the year 2017 given by Shri Pranav Mukherjee, President of India on July 1, 2017, presented by Hon’ble Nita Bhushan, Indian Consul General and Dr Vijay Prabhaker, Chairperson of Minority Ethnic Task Force to Mrs. Santosh Kumar, Founder of Metropolitan Asian Family Services, IL USA. A special dance-drama was showcased to celebrate 25 years of Metropolitan Asian Family Services - “Kal Bhi Aaj Bhi” conceived, written, produced and directed by Mr. Kushal Bose was a multimedia play that incorporates live dance, narration, video projection and music that essentially translates to “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”. The play chronicles the evolution of Indian classical music, dance and musical instruments over five thousand years that have historically adopted and evolved with many styles- influenced by both from within and outside India. The dances were mesmerizingly performed by the well-known Kathak actor/dancer from Chicago’s own Madhura Sane. It tells the story of roots of indian classic music, found in the vedic literature of Hinduism such as Samaveda and Rigveda. Told through in documentary style of narration and live examples, it presents three art forms- musical instruments (vadya), vocal music (geet) and dance (nritya). The play captured and demonstrated skillfully the essence of the development of Sangeeta as it became a distinct genre of art, expressing emotion, feelings, spirit and passion of epic like Ramayana, Mahabharata, and other Hindustani literature over thousands of years. The audience were captivated by this interesting tale of their own history, heritage and culture. The evening was brought to a close by “Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai” a musical tribute to the Founder/ CFO of MAFS, Late Mr. Pramod Kumar performed by well-known artists from Chicago again researched, conceived and directed by Mr. Kushal Bose, whose inventive and intelligent plays and musical programs have been enlightening Chicago audience over two decades. He brilliantly traces the life of Mr. Kumar from 1937-2016 era. His life journey was show cased through video and matched the music drama of that era. Again, performed by Madhura Sane, was not only electrifying, unforgettable but also a spiritual experience.



2018 Annual Report

2018 Mini Fundraiser

Date: May 10, 2018 Location: MAFS NAperville Funds Raised: $22,400

Over 300 seniors and prominent community members attended Metropolitan Asian Family Service’s Mini Fundraising dinner on May 10, 2018 at 1032 E. Ogden Ave. Naperville IL 60563. The celebration started with Lighting of the auspicious Deep by prominent leaders of the community like Jon Lavin CEO AgeOptions, Attorney Joe Fortunato, Christopher Pecak Mayor of Lisle, Jossue Espinosa Administrator at State of Illinois DHS, Beatris Gonzalez DHS office, Marta Pereyra Executive Director CLESE, Jagat Shah Founder and Chief of Mentor on Road, Nimish Jani Schaumburg Village Trustee, Krishna Bansal Outreach Coordinator Naperville Village, Ashfaq Hussain, Care Coordinators from various counties, Dr Firdaus Jafri President MAFS, Mrs. Santosh Kumar Executive Director MAFS and members of the MAFS Board.

2018 Annual Report

In his speech Jagat Shah Founder and Chief “Mentor on Road” gave a new formula for living where he explained that seniors should count their age backwards every year so they will remain young forever. Mayor of Lisle Christopher Pecak was happy to be there for his first time and promised to come every year. Jossue Espinosa Public Administrator at the DHS office thanked MAFS for inviting him and appreciated the work done to make seniors’ lives better. Attorney Joe Fortunato wished MAFS success in all their endeavors and reminded everyone of the diligent service and support of his wife Judge Linda Davenport. Nimish Jani and Krishna Bansal both counted themselves as a part of MAFS family and are proud to support the organization. Keynote speaker Mr. Jonathan Lavin President and CEO AgeOptions remembered his long association with MAFS and Mrs. Santosh Kumar and congratulated MAFS for 26 years of dedicated service. He also announced his retirement which was met with a lot of dismay from all present. The MAFS Board of Directors commemorated Mr. Lavin for continuous community service with a plaque and flowers were presented to all the guests of honor. The Seniors’ performances began with a rocking show by Niles ADS seniors performing on “Macarena”. Vernon Hills ADS seniors performed “Unity in Diversity” emphasizing togetherness and one world. Naperville ADS seniors showcased the beauty and grace of Rajasthan with “Ghoomar” dance performance. Chicago ADS seniors rocked the show with a Marathi wedding dance “Navrai Majhi Ladachi”. Orland Park ADS seniors performed for the very first time on a dance medley taking the audience from Shammi Kapoor’s era to Sridevi’s times. Schaumburg ADS seniors followed by a dance tribute to the Late Sridevi ably introduced as “Meri Chandni” with a speech from ADS senior Jayesh Desai. Next was a hilarious surprise performance by the UMAS staff spoofing some of the Board of Directors. Written and introduced by Schaumburg ADS senior Jayesh Desai “Parichay” was received by a thunderous applause from the audience. The seniors’ performances ended on a high note by a solo performance from Naperville ADS senior Ms. Tabassum Rabbani dancing on a very popular number “Mere Rashke Qamar”. In her address MAFS Executive Director Mrs. Santosh Kumar remembered the help and guidance given to her by Jon Lavin 26 years ago and added that due to budget constraints this program will not be able to sustain itself for long and appealed to the public to help in every way they can. She thanked Board president Dr. Jafri as a pillar of the organization, other board members, staff members who are working in front and behind the scene to make MAFS a well reputed social service organization. She also showcased few key staff members from the public benefit program Ms. Connie Dogaru, Ms. Meenu Jethi, Ms. Charlotte Singh and Mr. Harish Mahajan for their exemplary work for the community. The audience enjoyed a delicious vegetarian dinner catered from Touch of Spice, Itasca IL. Dinner was followed by a melodious performance of Bollywood songs by local singers Chetan Trivedi and Dr. Sonal Patel ably supported by professional DJ Abhi Trivedi. Our emcees Neelam Desai, Naperville Manager and Jahnavi Bavisi, Niles Manager successfully managed the entire program and the event was concluded with the vote of thanks presented by Mrs. Santosh Kumar.


Enriching inspiring possibilities. Building alives, community of new possible.

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2018 Annual Report

Our Board Members

Our Board routinely gives their time, money and resources to organizations fighting to help strengthen the South Asian community here in Chicago. MAFS would be nothing if it were not for their talent, fundraising, goodwill and donations.


r. Jafri is an accomplished dentist with her own practice in Carol Stream, IL. She is currently the President of MAFS. She also serves as a member of the Research Committee of American Academy of Implant Dentistry, International Congress of Oral Implantologists and the American Dental Association. Her passion for humanitarian efforts, especially for Indian Americans, is manifested through her dedication to multiple organizations in order to help them achieve their goals. Dr. Jafri has brought many active members to MAFS since she joined, which has enriched MAFS with great advocacy, leadership, and insight into the problems that face immigrants.

Dr. Firdaus Jafri, DDS President

2018 Annual Report

Dr. Rakesh Asthana

Mr. Sagar Kumar

Ms. Sumitra Patel



Board Member

Dr. Asthana is a veterinarian by education and is a retired Major of the Indian army. After having practiced for nearly eleven years as a veterinarian with the Indian Army, he was seconded to the Kuwaiti Army for two years. He migrated to the US in 1993, Dr. Asthana has worked as a Cardiovascular Specialist, with various pharmaceutical companies like ParkeDavis, Pfizer, Glaxo, Novartis, and Astra Zeneca. He tirelessly volunteers in various not-for-profit organizations. He sits on the Board of Directors of Black Feet Volunteer Medical Corps (BVMC), which is a NGO looking after the medical needs of the Native American Blackfeet Tribe in Montana. Rakesh also volunteers his time with “Young Hearts 4 Life”, an organization screening young high school children in the US to avoid “Sudden Cardiac Death” syndrome. Rakesh firmly believes that the elderly and senior citizens in the US need our help and that MAFS is doing commendable work, which should be whole-heartedly supported.

Sagar Kumar is an Industrial Engineer by profession from Purdue University and received his MBA with emphasis on Entrepreneurship and Leadership from Arizona State University. He worked in Honeywell Aerospace as a New Product Development Program Manager for Honeywell’s top commercial jet engine. He worked for Honeywell for 7 years before moving back to Illinois. Sagar become an active board member in late 2016. He brings a very strategic and project based mindset to MAFS as well a more technical approach on day to day operations.

Ms. Patel was born in Ahmedabad, India. Sumitra grew up in Sabarmati, where Mahatma Gandhi lived in the later part of his life. Sumitra now resides in Schaumburg, Illinois, with her sister Hansa. Sumitra graduated with a degree in psychology from Gujarat College in 1969. Her move to the US in January of 1970 marked the beginning of her family life in Chicago. Sumitra’s first professional position in the Little Fuse Company was as the Quality Control Supervisor. She retired after 35 years in May 2006, and now spending time with her 4 Grandchildren. She has received numerous awards. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Organizations awarded her as the Best Mother in 2010 and New Millennium Women of Dorothy Brown’s Organization presented her “Woman of the New Millennium Award” in 2011. Sumitra is a staunch supporter of Metropolitan Asian Family Services and joined MAFS in January 2015. A devoted Hindu, Sumitra is a strong believer of his Holiness Pujya Pramukhswami Maharaj of BAPS.

Mr. Nikunj Baxi

Mr. James D’Mello

Dr. Sonal N Patel, MD

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Mr. Baxi has a bachelors degree in Chemistry and currently holds a managerial position at a pharmaceutical company in Chicago. His passion is social work and helping the community. Nick is a young, energetic community activist. He served as the President of Gujarati Samaj of Chicago, one of the oldest and very reputable organizations to date. He has also served as the Director for FIA and the Ribbon Foundation. Nick remains connected with the Gujarati community and continues to serve the Indian American community in various ways.

Mr. D’Mello has a Master’s degree in Education from Maharashtra Mumbai, India. He started his carrier as a Math teacher. He also worked as a Customer Service Manager for Whole Foods Market. At present, he works for MB Financial Bank as a Banking Specialist. He was born in Gujarat Rajkot, India. He was the State and National champion in Soccer & Field Hockey. Mr. D’Mello found that MAFS is one of the largest institutions that provide all kinds of services to all different Religions in Good Faith and that is what made him come and join the board to give some extra time in helping fund programs and different events. He wants to help our community with all respects to all Religions and stay United as one Citizen.

Dr. Patel is a doctor of anesthesiology and has a fellowship in pain management. She graduated with honors in 1994. She has more than 23 years of experiences in the medical field. She works at St Alexius Medical Center in Hoffman Estates where she is also the clinical director of pain management. She strongly believes in giving back to society, and preserving our heritage and culture. Along with supporting MAFS, she also supports VGS and AIA organizations. She joined the board in 2017.


r. Kolasani is an individual who serves the needy for his own satisfaction & that is the reason for his quality services. As an NRI, he has been serving many Indians & Americans in various forms through different organizations and as an individual for the past 9 years. He has been providing free physical therapy treatments & free blood tests through free mobile health camps in slums, schools, and senior homes every day since April 2012. These services are offered through NRI SEVA Foundation with his personal financial backing which also include Adoption of Government Schools, Women Empowerment Center, Free Senior Day care center and Village Development. He’s been playing an important role in FIA Chicago and representing pride of India to all communities in Chicago and he’s also part of major organizations in US. Through his credibility and reach, he hosted 2 events in India with the President of India in Vigyan Bhavan & Rashtrapathi Bhavan in New Delhi. He works closely with the External Affairs of India to help with their local activities and also take their help for Indian community emergencies.

Mr. Harish Kolasani Vice President



2018 Annual Report

Our Staff & Locations

Chicago (Main) 7541 N Western Ave Chicago, IL 60645 (773)-465-3105 Santosh Kumar Executive Director Shrenik Dalal Manager

Awilda Gonzalez Program Director Promila Mehta Program Coordinator Himali Bharucha Research Coordinator Urvashi Bhatt Public Benefits Specialist Harish Mahajan - Volunteer Kiran Patel CEDA Jagruti Jagatia - Title V Senior Support Services Dahyabhai Patel Kitchen Manager Vijay Bhandari Senior Cook

We would like to thank our incredible staff! They are the ones who put in the long hours and give up their weekends so we can find new and innovative ways to help our community.

Sumitraben Patel Kitchen

Jasbir Mann Outreach Coordinator/Media

NILES (847)-824-9414 Jahnavi Bavisi Manager Suhani Khan Adult Literacy

Suresh Sangani - Volunteer Public Benefits Coordinator

Chandrakant Soni Kitchen Manager

SCHAUMBURG (1421) (847)-306-7623 Marilyn Cuicci - Volunteer Public Benefits

Jaya Bhavsar Taiyyaba Bukhari Maya Patel Cook ROSELLE (630)-307-6277 Prem Jalota Program Director SCHAUMBURG (PATEL BROS) (847)-764-8350 Avantika Singh Congregate Meal Coordinator Ramesh Prajapati Food Handler Pankaj Patel Outreach Coordinator Charlotte Singh Public Benefits Coordinator

Surakasha Gulati Senior Support Services

Uma Nath - Volunteer Senior Activities VERNON HILLS (224)-207-5075 Bharatbhai Soni Senior Support Services Adult Literacy NAPERVILLE (630)-705-1208 Meenu Jethi Public Benefits Coordinator ORLAND PARK (708)-675-1980 Grishma Shah Outreach Coordinator ELGIN (224)-242-7002 Jasbir Mann Outreach Coordinator/Media

2018 Annual Report



2018 Annual Report

Our Donors DIAMOND SPONSORS $10,000

Wintrust Bank Joe Eichman

Healthcare Solutions Team


Dr. Firdaus Jafri, DDS J. James Mo Mode Architects Steve Koutsonicolis Steeplechase US BANK Wheeling Branch


Mr. Surinder Jain Ashyana Banquets Jasbir Suga Suga Builders SAHELI

Northwestern University

Patel Brothers Payroll Processors

Our donors, board members, staff and volunteers are critical to the success of MAFS. Their support ensures that in 2018 our programs will continue to be able to provide services for tens of thousands of people annually. In 2018, we were able to secure $465,529 in funding. It’s going to be a great year!

$2,000– $1,000 Orochem Technologies Anil & Asha Oroskar Enterprise Medstar Meghana Jewelers Urmilaben & Chirag Patel Air India Grogan Hesse & Uditsky, P.C. Jordan Uditsky Helen Branch Foundation Home For You Reality Vasanti Bhatt Inland Bank Mark McKinney Rashmikaben Patel Sandata Technologies US Bank Schaumburg Branch

Wolin Law Phil & Jason Wolin

$999– $600 Beena Chhablani Best Brains Bohemian Cemetary David C Pimm Horizon Medical Center NRI Seva - Harish Kolasani Padima Desai Santhigram Wellness

$399– $200 Abha Bhandari Raheja Casa Bella Sourcing LTD Central Dental Associates Clover Insurance Country Side Funeral Diabetic Shoes Darlene Harris Eve Salon Kamdar Plaza Khandubhai P. Patel &

Strategic Financial Group Inc.

Chris Clepp

$599– $400 A to Z Medical Suppy All Brite - Carpet Cleaners Art Sada Dofler Insurance Exeutive Reality Group Furturity First - Kriti Desai Waterford Manohar L Jethani Mass Mutal - Ajit Pant Mohinder Bedi - Senior Moned Contruction Northwest Medical Care Dr. Sanjay P. Patel Vini Salon CLESE - Marta Pereyra

2018 Annual Report


FUNDING AGENCIES We want to thank our Funding Agencies. Without them none of these programs would be possible.

Shantaben Patel La Case De Isaac & Moishe Naperville Seniors Real Pros Right Choice Dental Care Schaumburg Seniors Shardaben & Chandubhai Patel Suburban Insurance Services

Joy Kaur Willowlake Pharmacy Dixit & Beena Patel Bombay Bowl Paresh & Shobhana Patel Muhammad M. Sharif Mustansir & Muhammad Malik

$199 & Below Girish & Rasila Machhar Swera Sikh Woman Era Orland Park Seniors Harshad & Jyotsna Patel Jaymin & Diptiben Shah Prashant Barot Rajashree Sen Rajesh & Jyoti Shah Ajit & Geeta Pant Biren & Mital Patel Diwalker Atri Gopi Ramanathan Jagruti D Jagatia Laskshmi & Sarathraj

Sivadasan Mary & George Reaves Metro Home Health Care Sanghvi Navinchandra Subhash & Rekha Deodhar Subway Vilayath Unnisa Samdani Mark Simon Minesh Patel Veena Mayani Dhara & Chirag Thakkar Dhaval Mody Hafeez & Maimoona Quadri Maheshkumar & Kintu Patel Rodrigo & Jennier Reyes Subymole Cyriac Urmil Patel Amitkumar & Shilpa Patel Bhupendrabhai Patel Dhirendra & Jayshree Puvar Viren R Patel Mehta Mira Ayesha & Asma Hashmi


2018 Annual Report

2017/18 Awards

Rep. Danny K. Davis

Trustee Nimish Jani

Joe Eichman

Pramod Kumar Philanthropy

Community Service Award

Partnership Award

Danny K. Davis was chosen by the people of the 7th Congressional District of Illinois as their Representative in Congress on November 5, 1996. He has been reelected by large majorities to succeeding Congresses.

Nimish Jani is a Trustee for the Township of Schaumburg first being elected in 2013 and reelected in 2017. Mr. Jani is a successful small business owner and a 30-year resident of Schaumburg Township.

Joe Eichman is the President of Healthcare Solutions Team (HST) and is one of the founding partners. He has been a partner of MAFS for over 15 years. He and his staff, including Sheila Buck and Beata Biedron, have managed nearly all the health insurance needs of MAFS. Joe considers Mr. Pramod and Mrs. Santosh Kumar two valuable mentors in his life. The late Mr. Pramod Kumar and Joe forged such a strong friendship that Joe joined Mr. Kumar in a vacation to India.

In the 115th Congress Representative Davis is resolutely committed to preserving our democracy, protecting social security, maintaining our nation’s gains in civil and human rights, women’s rights, voting rights, protection of the environment, consumer and labor protections, reducing inequality, and ensuring quality, affordable health care for all, while retaining his focus on issues of job creation, poverty, health care, education, youth and criminal justice reform.

Mr. Jani was educated in India and has a diploma in Marketing and Journalism. Mr. Jani has helped to recruit, mentor, and lead, campaigns for candidates for local and state offices. Mr. Jani is well respected in the community, and is a member of good standing with his Temple. Mr. Jani assists in BAPS Charities and has volunteered time with Boy Scout Troop 496 and other civic organizations. He resides with his wife, son, and daughter in Roselle and in his free time enjoys competitive sports.

Mr. Eichman is a true entrepreneur from his youth, Joe previously owned ET Construction, Front Line Valet Parking and The Insurance Consultants Group. By leveraging this great business experience, he recognized a tremendous opportunity in the failing economy for a new business vision. In 2007, he turned this vision into reality and called it Healthcare Solutions Team.

2018 Annual Report

Dahyabhai Patel

Urvashi Bhatt

Himali Bharucha

Pillar of MAFS

Coordinator of the Year

Employee of the Year

Dahyabhai Patel is the Kitchen Manager for MAFS and started in 2001. Since joining he has dedicated his life towards our organization. Known as “Annapurna,” Mr. Patel has completely changed the face of MAFS’s food program. He is not only manning and managing the City of Chicago’s Golden Dinner Program, he also oversees our Hot Lunch programs in Chicago and Suburban counties.

Mrs. Urvashi Bhatt is the Public Benefits Specialist for MAFS. She started with MAFS in 2018 and serves our seniors with patience. She is native to India and came to America 33 years ago to Chicago, IL, USA. She has served the state of Illinois, Department of Human Services for nearly 32 years. She served many state and human services programs in her journey and holds a Master’s Degree in Economics.

Himali Bharucha, currently a Community Health Specialist, MAFS, is a part of a Northwestern Research Grant to reduce the risk factors of Heart Diseases such as Heart Attacks and/or Strokes in South Asian Community. She worked with South Asian Healthy Heart Life Style Intervention SAHELI Research Study in 2012 and 2013, and a Diabetes Prevention Exercise Intervention in 2014. She has experience with Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Program of Age Options, Title-D with MAFS since she joined MAFS in 2006 and up until 2011. In addition, she has conducted “Take Charge of Your Health,” a Chronic Disease Management Program for seniors offered by Age Options.

Mr. Patel is a graduate in Science from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He started his life in the textile industry and later joined in the Newspaper industry after migrating to the United States.

Additionally, she holds Business management degree with specialized in Office management.

Harish Mahajan

Jasbir Mann

Maya Patel

Volunteer of the Year

Outreach Award

Cook of the Year

Harish Mahajan has been working with MAFS for more than 10 years as a volunteer. He is an engineer and has worked with the ONGC in India and in national oil companies in the Middle East before moving to the US with his family. He is a very hard working, reliable, efficient and sincere worker. We are proud to have him with us. Harish Mahajan is a Senior SOS Coordinator. He helps seniors and new immigrants on various matters like Public Benefits, free telephones & free ride card, immigration services (such as petitions for immediate family members, Citizenship, Green card/ passport renewals, etc.), OCI, renewal of Indian passports, visas, and advising seniors on various subjects. He works as an Intake EST with CEDA helping seniors, disabled and other low income households get help for their utility bills. On June, 18th, 2015, Mr. Mahajan was the Volunteer Award by AgeOptions for dedicated work at MAFS.

Jabir Mann works as an Outreach Coordinator for MAFS. Her role is to promote and expand the awareness of the essential programs for Human enrichment in the community. She was born and educated in Punjab, India. She is a certified Physical Education Teacher. She lived in Kuwait with her family for seven years before moving to America in 1990 where she worked for Snap-On tools and Weber Stephen Products. She was involved with the Sikh Religious Society of Chicago, She serves as a Trustee of Education, Sunday School Principal and Gurmat Camp Organizer. She is the Founder of a Non-Profit Organization called Swera. usa! , an organization that supports the empowerment of women. She volunteered as an MC and Judge for many cultural programs namely, Punjabi Heritage Organization, Palatine Gurdwara and Swera. usa. She was a successful radio jockey for Chann Pardesi Radio. She received Best Punjabi Personality of Chicago Award and won the pageant of Mrs. Punjaban from Punjabi American Organization (PAO).

Ms. Maya Patel has been working with Metropolitan Asian Family services for over two years. She is sincere and hardworking, also very punctual with a proper attire. She is loving and caring and always has a smile on her face. She cooks food with utmost interest and serves the seniors with attention. Ms. Patel is comfortable to work in a team and as an individual. She feels blessed and takes pride in serving her community.


Trusted by MAFS for 10+ Years !!

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Support and Questions Phone: (773) 745.9216


2018 Annual Report

Rashmikaben Shah (Chicago)

In our Senior’s Words I came to Chicago in 1975 and received my green card in 1978. Meanwhile, I volunteered my services at the Metropolitan Asian Family Services. When I received my legal status, I obtained a job as a machine operator making scarf and then worked for the hospital’s laundry service department. I am proud to say that I am U.S. citizen and self-employed for many years with cooking, baby sitting and worked as a sales woman to provide for my family. I lost my husband in 2015 and I miss him a lot. He was very sincere, loving, supportive and shy person. When I was in India, I never sit idle and always keeping myself busy, taking cooking classes, nursing classes, sewing classes and always take pride in working. My childhood was pleasant and I come from a wealthy family. My father owned a movie theater in India so I was very fond of cinema and fashion. I was married into a modest family and had to work hard to make ends meet. I live with my son and daughter-inlaw Sonal. I have two grandsons name Satyam and Shivam. I have a brother and a sister and they live in Texas and California. Because of my strong work ethic, MAFS asked me to volunteer

my services and now I am a helper and organizer. I have a great support of Mrs. Santosh kumar and Mrs. Promila Mehta in MAFS. I help sponsoring Indian festivals such as Diwali and Tulsi Vivah. I believe in cleanliness and big fan of clean India (Swatch Bharat) project. Therefore, I volunteer to clean streets of Chicago. I come to adult day care five days a week and it feels like a family to me. They teach me “be well, live well, and age well“.I am saddened by the great loss of Mr. Pramod Kumar. He was a great man with heart of gold and I miss him very much. Mrs. Santosh Kumar considered me as her family member. We are all fortunate to sing bhajan everyday with others as a group. I love the friendly and loving atmosphere in MAFS. We are a proud MAFS family and enjoy fully. We are happy and healthy seniors because of MAFS! Thanks!

2018 Annual Report

Padma Desai (Niles)

On behalf of Mrs. Padma Desai & her family, we would like to congratulate MAFS on their excellent record of serving the senior community for the last 26 years.



2018 Annual Report

Vinod Jayswal (Niles)

In our Senior’s Words Mr. Vinod Jayswal, who resides in Des Plaines, IL, says that his life would have been miserable if we were not serving vegetarian Hot lunch at the Niles location. At the age of 71 his wife died of a heart attack, and he underwent depression questioning himself who will feed him after her? He started living with his daughter who was raised in an Americanized way and didn’t know how to cook vegetarian Indian food. He started visiting all restaurants that were serving vegetarian meals but didn’t find a restaurant which satisfied his taste. Also, it was expensive to eat out every day.

Once his friend informed him about the Congregate Meal Program in Niles he came to the center and experienced the environment, the food and the hospitality of the staff. He felt at home and at this late age he got the meal which he used to eat when he was little. The food tastes just like his mother’s food (He had tears in his eyes while saying this). He wishes to have this program during weekend and nights as he survives with fruits when we are not available.

Khandubhai P. & Shantaben Patel (Orland Park)

Shardaben & Chandubhai Patel (Niles)

MAFS wishes you a happy & blessed 100th Birthday !! They both are very thankful to MAFS . He started working in 1953 Nyasaland as a primary Teacher then he moved in Zambia and worked as book keeper. In 1986 he got retired and moved with his kid in USA .

On behalf of the Shardaben Chandubhai Patel family, we would like to congratulate MAFS on their excellent record of serving the senior community for last 26 years.

2018 Annual Report


Mohinder Bedi (Naperville) I have been in the United States from the last 15 years and have been a privileged member of the Metropolitan Asian Family Services since the last 4 years. I became aware of the services provided by MAFS around 4 years back and hesitantly started visiting the center two times a week. Very soon after I started going to the center I realized the value and benefit that I started gaining. The staff at MAFS is extremely helpful and caring and there have been numerous occasions where I suddenly felt unwell at the center and the staff provided all the care and attention immediately to make me feel better. The social engagement that I get at the center is invaluable. Interacting with other members gives all the seniors a channel to discuss various topics and refresh the mind.

always concerned about how I could make friends and build a network where I could freely interact with others. I can proudly say that MAFS has given me the opportunity to address these concerns. I have made many good friends and we all share the joy and love when we are at the center together. The staff at MAFS is so loving and caring and they make it a point to attend to the concerns and needs of every member that visit them. Life has become so much better after I joined MAFS.

Coming from India in my 60’s was challenging and coming from a very socially active lifestyle I was

Best Wishes & Congratulations to


For completing 26 Glorious years of services in Chicago

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1. Nehal Thakkar. 2. Elnas Topic. 3. Jahnavi Bavisi. 4. Sucharitha Sunder 5. Arijana Metic. 6. Khyati Dave. 7. Awilda Gonzalez. 8. Jigna Shah










Guess Who?

Can you guess our staff member from their baby picture?

2018 Annual Report

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We understand the concerns of aging. Our unique homecare program helps you keep your independence from the privacy of your home. We match families with caregivers that share your culture and create a care plan built around your needs. This can be provided at no cost to you*

Who We Are

Adult Day Care

Universal Metro Asian Services has been providing Homecare and Adult Day Care services in the Chicagoland area for over 15 years! Our aim is to serve immigrant populations of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Middle East, Latin America and Europe. For the past three decades we have been at the forefront of meeting the requirements of the South Asian immigrant community and have since evolved to serve all communities. UMAS is an equal opportunity employer.

Getting older doesn't mean being lonely or slowing down. Your golden years can be a great time! Our adult day centers provide a venue for the elderly to get involved in structured and fun-filled activities. We offer door to door pick-up & drop off services for qualified individuals*


It takes a special person to be a great Caregiver. Care, compassion, excellent workmanship qualities and the ability to treat seniors with dignity and respect are the primary attributes of our caregivers (homecare aides).




Carol Stream

Vernon Hills

Orland Park


Schaumburg Patel Plaza

7541 N Western Ave Chicago IL 60645 773-465-3105

266 Hawthorn Village CMNS

Vernon Hills, IL 60061 224-207-5075

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Congratulations to Metropolitan Asian Family Services on another great year of service!

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“With Blessings to MAFS�

Dada J.P. Vaswani

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Sadhu T.L. Vaswani

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Best wishes & Congratulation to

MAFS for completing 26 glorious years of service in Chicago

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Potential, carefully nurtured, creates real possibilities.

With the support of families and communities, we create brighter futures for us all. U.S. Bank is proud to support Metropolitan Asian Family Services.

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Please Contact: Kirti Desai 1211 W. 22nd Street, Suite 102 Oak Brook,IL 60523 Phone : 630-537-0990 Cell:847-769-9968

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Patel Plaza—Schaumburg Locations: 7541 N Western Ave. Chicago, IL 60645 Phone: 773-465-3105 9015 N Milwaukee Ave. Niles, IL 60714 Phone: 847-824-9414 1032 E Ogden Ave. Naperville, IL. 60563 Phone: 630-705-1208 127 E Main St. Roselle, IL. 60172 Phone: 630-307-6277 MAFS is also in :

Carol Stream, Elgin, Schaumburg, Orland Park, and Vernon Hills

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827 W Higgins Rd. Schaumburg, IL 60195 Phone: 847-764-8350


MAFS is a Not-for-Profit tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization MAFS does not discriminate in admission to programs or activities or treatment of employment in programs or activities in compliance with the Illinois Human Rights Act; the U.S. Civil Rights; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act; the Age Discrimination Act; the Age Discrimination in Employment Act; and the U.S. and Illinois Constitutions. If you feel you have been discriminated against, you have a right to file a complaint.

630.453.5656 664 S. Route 59, Naperville, IL 60540

Ajit Pant

Finanacial Services Representative Registered Representative CA Insurance License # 0C61947

MassMutual Illinois 2650 Warrenville Road Suite 100 Downers Grove, IL 60515-1748 Office(630)441-1191 Fax(630)725-1240

Sourcing Ltd. Beautiful Designs for your Dream Home ...

Sourcing & Execution Consultant - INDIA & CHINA

MEXICAN RESTAURENT BREAKFAST - LUNCH- DINNER-CATERING 2014 First Street . Highland Park 847-433-7400 . Mon-Thurs 9am-10pm . Fri 9am-3pm . Sat after sundown to 11pm . Sun 8am-10pm

We are sourcing company with our offices in China & India and our own network in Europe with our expertise on sourcing of Designer Sanitary ware, Walk & floor tiles, Aluminum or upvc doors and windows, Furniture, Decorative lights and Art effects for individual Residence, Corporate offices, Restaurants, Hotels- Motels, Schools, Hospitals etc. We help you source the best products at a great price and managing all logistics and delivered to your door step. Contact Us:

Rushi +1 847-987-6854 www. Illinois, Chicago

Purvin +1 224-808-7730 www. Illinois, Chicago

Isaac & Moishe Deli, Fruits & Vegetables 311 Waukegan Avenue . Highwood . 847-433-0557 Mon-Thurs 7am-10pm . Fri 7am-4pm . Sat closed

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LACASA DE ISAAC & MOISH 847-433-7400 . 847-433-0557

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Sayeda Khan

Our Services 5539 W Cemark Rd Cicero, IL 60804

708-652-7575 Phone 708-652-7545 Fax

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“Come in for a free trial make-up and see for yourself the quality and excelence at Eve salon”.

Crest Dental Monil Shah DMD

1354 W Army Trail Road Carol Stream, IL 60188


Business Hours Monday - Friday: 10am - 7pm Saturday : 9am - 4pm Sunday : 10am - 4pm Open 365 days

1060 S. Roselle Road Schumburg, IL 60193 847-301-1510

Abha Bhandari Raheja Attorney At Law

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US Immigration Law/Visa Matters Business Contracts


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Real Estate Transactions Wills and Estate Planning

Phone: 312-912-4000, 630-360-3037 Fax: 630-541-8469

Office address: 7501 Lemont Road, Suite 18 Chase Building Woodridge, IL 60517

Office Hours: 9:00am-6:00pm Monday-Friday Saturday By Appointment only

Naperville ADS Seniors Suburban

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from Naperville ADS Seniors: Esmet Malik, Nirmal Kapoor, Manju Kalra, Manju Checkar, Sunaina Sarup, Balwant Bhardwaj, Tabassum Rabbini, Tara Kalra, Bimla Kamboj, Mohinder Bedi and Raj Gupta.

Insurance Joy Kaur

Services Agent

820 W. Golf Rd Services: Schaumburg IL 60169 Auto: Home: Phone: 847-884-1040 Life: Cell: 847-736-0675 Commercial: Fax: 847-892-0497

Joy Kaur

Tax Specialist

820 W. Golf Rd Services: Schaumburg IL 60169 Payroll & Sales Tax: IRS Tax Audit: Phone: 847-884-1040 Bookeeping: Cell: 847-736-0675 Business Incorporation: Corporation and Personal Returns: Fax: 847-892-0497        

21�� CENTURY CURES ACT COMPLIANT EVV™ SOLUTION  Electronic Visit Verica�on™   Combines mul�ple visit verica�on technologies to ensure visit data is captured, regardless of loca�on.   

Telephonic Visit Verica�on™ validates telephone calls to log in and out, records tasks, �me,   and loca�on in real��me.  


Mobile Visit Verica�on™ veries caregiver loca�on and visits via GPS enabled devices. 


Fixed Visit Verica�on™ device veries visits when no landline or cellular service is available. 

Agency Management  Automates key opera�onal processes such as Scheduling, Compliance, Billing, Payroll, Repor�ng  and Expor�ng.  

Manage end to end “Referral to Cash” processes of running a home care agency. 


Manage Medicaid, Private Duty, Medicare, and Facility Staffing lines of business. 


Integrate care management tools such as care assessment, care plan, data tracking, and visit   record into a single document. 

Point‐of‐Care Powered by DeVero. Easy to use data collec�on and remote chart access tool.   

Streamline the process of assessment comple�on and submission  


Reduce clinical inconsistencies and documenta�on errors  


Eliminate costs associated with paper forms and printed charts  


Enhance communica�on between caregiver, agency, and the physician with real��me messaging  

Payroll Powered by Paypro. Specic to the Home Care industry and automates the necessary and o�en   labor‐intensive business processes.  

Hard checks, direct deposit, and pay cards.   


Handle W2, 1099 employees, and contractors.  


Track hours for benet eligibility tracking. 


Print a list of shi� detail being paid on the earning statement. 

Sandata Technologies  26 Harbor Park Drive   Port Washington, NY 11050  1‐800‐544‐7263    

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