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hoosing just the right gift during the holiday season can be difficult. New gadgets and electronic gizmos are on every shelf. And while those things are neat, could there be something more? Something that makes a difference for eternity? The Holiday Giving Catalog you hold in your hands gives you an alternative. You might select a gift that coincides with a loved one’s interest, choose one that honors the memory of a beloved friend or relative, or one that matches your heart’s desire to share the Gospel. Whatever you decide, you can be sure that your gift will have a lasting impact in the lives of isolated people around the world. Your support through this gift catalog will make a difference by enabling MAF to continue to Bring Help, Deliver Hope, Serve Communities, Expand Possibilites, and Maintain the Fleet … all of which have a part in meeting physical and spiritual needs and spreading the Gospel. Each of these gift categories portrays the work of MAF … from delivering vaccines and providing emergency evacuations to bringing in food supplies and other relief aid, to creating distance learning options and other digital tools for discipleship training.

Scattered throughout these pages are highlights of some of the work you helped accomplish through your support of last year’s gift catalog. For instance, last year with your help, MAF … • • •

executed 33,047 flights transported 98,610 passengers delivered 8.16 million pounds of cargo

Lives were changed, and lives were saved. And it’s all to the glory of God. Now gather the family around, make a list, and check it twice. There’s something for everyone––from airplane engines to baby chicks. We’ve even included four cards you can send to friends and family to let them know you’re giving a gift on their behalf. (More are available upon request.) May you be filled with joy as you pick the perfect gift for that special someone on your list. Be encouraged to know that your gift will make a difference to isolated people around the world. To learn about MAF, scan this QR code with your smart phone or go to


Free gifts when you give!

See the order form in the middle of this catalog. MAF Acrylic Tumbler or MAF Tote Bag Share MAF wherever you go! You can receive either this generously sized tote bag or resilient acrylic tumbler as a thank you when you give $75 or more.

MAF Aviator Bear or MAF T-Shirt This cuddly bear or soft t-shirt sporting the new MAF logo can be yours as a thank you for a gift of $150 or more.

Cessna Caravan Model Airplane org www.maf. Fellows hip Aviatio n PO Box 47 0047 8365323) Nampa, ID AF (359-76 1-800-FLYS-M email: MAF-U

Missio n

Cover photo:

This custom, wood model is 1/32 the size of an actual Caravan airplane and is a great gift for any aviation enthusiast. As a thank you for your donation of $1,500 or more, we will send this model and elegant presentation stand to you.

Dave Forney

2013 MAF Calendar





With every order from this holiday giving catalog, you can choose to receive the beautiful new 2013 MAF calendar for you to enjoy yourself or pass along to family and friends. Check the box on the order form to receive your copy!


dar 2013 C alen

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Look for the Stocking Stuffer symbol throughout this catalog, and stock up on meaningful gifts for your family and friends.


WHY MEET PHYSICAL NEEDS? When injuries, serious illness, or complications during childbirth occur in isolated places, many times the only hope of reaching medical help is an MAF airplane flying from small, hand-hewn airstrips. Every year hundreds receive emergency evacuations to find healing; medical teams are transported to stop serious outbreaks of diseases; remote hospitals and clinics have medicines delivered on a regular basis; and thousands of children receive vaccinations. Disaster aid also finds its way into remote villages, thanks to MAF planes bringing food and other supplies to help with famine, flooding, tribal conflicts, and rebel attacks.

tons of food to remote villages. Whether the food shortage was caused by drought, flooding, or political unrest, MAF shows the love of Christ by providing the most basic of needs.

80 Pounds 16 Pounds 4 Pounds

$100 $20 $5 OCKING ST

Gift 2 Medical evacuation

For those living in the dense jungles of Kalimantan, Indonesia, or the high mountain villages of Lesotho, Africa, access to healthcare can require several days of walking over rough terrain. MAF airplanes provide quick, safe access to medical help.


Medical Evacuation 1 Evacuation Flight Share the Cost

$1,105 $40


Food to the hungry Each year, MAF delivers

Food to the Hungry


Gift 1



Meeting Physical Needs Meeting Physical Needs

FIGHTING DEADLY DISEASE Already the leading cause of death in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), malaria exploded in 2012, becoming a widespread epidemic in northeastern DRC. In May and June, malaria claimed the lives of five children each day; some days saw as many as 50 deaths. MAF was called on to make medical supply drops in the areas hardest hit. One community, Zobia, was especially desperate. Fortunately, the villagers discovered an old airstrip that had been abandoned for almost 20 years and set about cutting back the jungle––using hand tools to remove trees, brush, and grass. When the airstrip was finally ready, the MAF Cessna 206 arrived looking like an African taxi, with bulky medicines and other equipment loaded, and little medicine boxes stuffed into every available nook and cranny. The plane was greeted with plenty of smiles and cheers, as the entire village came out to celebrate its arrival. From three bases in DRC, MAF pilots transport medical personnel, vaccines and other supplies to help stop the spread of deadly diseases.

Gift 3

Disaster Relief

After earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, famines, and health epidemics, MAF is the critical link between relief workers and victims. When the need is greatest, MAF planes deliver food, water, tents, and medicines.


Disaster Relief 1 Flight Share the Cost

$1,105 $35 5

Each year, MAF delivers tons of vaccines to remote areas, protecting children against polio, diphtheria, measles, and other illnesses. And since vaccinations need to be refrigerated, it’s important that they’re delivered quickly in large coolers. MAF planes can accommodate bulky cargo like this and transport the vaccines safely in hours, not days.

Vaccines for Children 3,500 Vaccines

$150 $30 $9 $3

Vaccines for Children

700 Vaccines Suggested Gift 70 Vaccines


Gift 5

transport Medical Workers AND Supplies Mission hospitals and remote clinics call upon

MAF to transport doctors and nurses to and from their facilities. In addition, planeloads of medicine are transported to restock pharmacies at mission hospitals or as needed to help combat a serious outbreak.



Get an MAF aviator bear for free when you give a gift of $150 or more!

Medical Workers/Supplies 1 Worker 40 Pounds of Supplies

$221 $50


Vaccines for Children


Gift 4


BRING HELP BRING Meeting PhysicalHELP Needs

Meeting Physical Needs



WHY BRING SPIRITUAL ASSISTANCE? From transporting indigenous pastors to and from remote churches, to supplying flights for missionaries based in far-flung locations, to delivering translation work and completed Bibles ‌ the work of reaching the lost is accelerated with the help of MAF. Instead of a three-day trek through the jungle, an MAF flight covers the distance in 30 minutes. Additionally, in areas where travel is unsafe, MAF transports Kingdom workers over the danger. Missionaries and church workers can accomplish more for the Kingdom and reach remote areas that previously would have been nearly impossible to access. Scan this QR code to find a missionary family to adopt, or go to

Gift 6

Adopt a missionary family While Adopt A Missionary Family MAF flights serve isolated villages, they also act as a bridge to One-time Gift $150 $100 build relationships and share the love of Christ. Daily, MAF Vaccines for Children pilots have a chance to show compassion and model Christlike Monthly Gift $35/ month $30 behavior to each passenger who boards the plane. MAF families Suggested Gift $9 also have an impact in the overseas communities where they live, Monthly Gift $3 month $100/ by developing friendships, teaching English to neighborhood children, doing hospital visitations, weekend ministry trips, and other outreach activities.

Gift 7


100 Bibles

$150 $200 $30 $9 $3 $6 OCKING

Vaccines for Children

15 Bibles Suggested Gift 3 Bibles





MAF is often called upon to carry God’s Word to eager villagers who have been waiting to read the Scriptures in their own language.

Deliver Bibles




MAF is privileged to be able to offer subsidized flights to indigenous pastors and other church workers, some of whom are using the “JESUS” film as an outreach tool. For example, Alberto, a Mozambican pastor in Nampula, had a heart for reaching people in the bush villages. For some time he had felt a burden for a community near the village of Mueda. To begin an outreach there, he was planning to show the “JESUS” film. He and his church began to save for a 280-mile bus trip.

Providing Spiritual Help

MAF staff learned of Alberto’s intentions and informed him of the subsidized flights for church workers. When Alberto heard that it would cost half as much as the bus fare, his face lit up. “That is exactly how much money we have saved!” he exclaimed in amazement. And so, just two days before Easter, the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection was shown to a group of curious onlookers in a remote bush village. MAF is grateful to have helped in this “seed planting,” and we trust in the Lord of the Harvest to bring forth fruit.

Gift 8


Indigenous church leaders are asking MAF to assist them with travel to remote churches, to lead flocks, train new leaders, and show the “JESUS” film to those who have never heard the Good News.


Fly a Pastor Fly 1 Pastor Share the Cost

$221 $45


WHY SERVE COMMUNITIES? When MAF serves an isolated village, the community benefits. Flights bring access to much-needed healthcare, education, clean water and agricultural projects, and improved food supplies and goods. In fact, all of these add up to improved living conditions and longer life spans, which are important considering the fact that MAF programs operate in some of the most impoverished nations of the world. Serving communities leads to changed communities.

For remote villages that are fortunate to have a school, MAF flights bring in text books and other classroom materials to equip students and enable them to learn. Each flight to build a new school or supply books brings children hope for a better future.

Fly School Supplies 60 Pounds 20 Pounds 8 Pounds

$75 $25 $10




Fly school supplies


Gift 9




Help build a better community in a remote area. Building materials mean that new clinics, school buildings, churches, and more can be constructed.

Gift 11

Dig a well

In the desert land of Mali, teams of Malian MAF staff have been hand-digging wells and sharing the Gospel since 1989. Help dig a well, and introduce a villager to Christ.


Over the years, MAF pilots have transported a number of creatures, including pigs, baby chicks, calves and fish, to name a few. This makes for some interesting flights (and stories). In hard-to-reach villages, livestock can provide food for a family or large event, a source of income, or even a monetary device.

As a thank you for a gift of $75 or more, you can get this MAF tote bag for free!

Deliver Building Materials One Flight Share the Cost

$1,105 $38

Dig a Well Finance 1 Well Share the Cost


$10,000 $75 Livestock

16 Baby Chicks


Fly a Young Pig

$62 $500

Fly a Calf



Deliver building materials


Gift 10



WHY TECHNOLOGY? An MAF newsletter from April 1964 excitedly proclaimed that remote mission outposts finally had contact with the outside world. MAF missionaries had been hard at work connecting remote mission outposts ... with shortwave radio. Similarly, on today’s mission field, additional tools are used to serve isolated people. The MAFLearning Technologies (MAF-LT) division plays a key role in developing distance education strategies and software applications to help meet the critical need for training indigenous ministry leaders in remote or religiously sensitive environments. And in countries where Christians are not welcomed, MAF offers communication solutions, providing safe, secure, and reliable email, VSAT (high-speed Internet connection via broadband satellite), and VPNs (virtual private networks) for indigenous and expatriate Kingdom workers. So whether by flight or technology, MAF is making sure that no place is out of reach of the Gospel.

Gift 13

protect a christian worker

Around the world our Christian brothers and sisters are often working in hostile environments. It’s important that they are able to securely communicate with other team members and have access to critical online resources. MAF helps to meet those needs by providing secure connections (VPNs) that allow for safe Internet browsing and email communication. Cover the set-up fee for a Christian worker in a closed country, and enable him/her to communicate safely. Protect Set a up Worker a VPN VPN Set-Up + 1 Year Suggested Gift of Service VPN Set-Up


$9 $50 $30

When you give a gift of $150 or more, you can tell the world about MAF with this t-shirt!

EQUIP ISOLATED CHURCH LEADERS The MAF-LT team has developed Estante (Spanish for “bookshelf ”) ––a portable digital library. Estante is a revolutionary app that allows isolated pastors and church leaders to easily store, view, and share digital Christian resources anywhere in the world. Internet or website access is not necessary...they can simply use their mobile phone or tablet computer. In the future, Estante will take distance learning to the next level, allowing for two-way communication and seamless synchronization between pastors (“students”) and mentors (“teachers”) when their Androidbased tablets or phones come within close proximity of each other. Additionally, this tool can be developed into a virtual school.

Gift 14 EQUIP A PASTOR WITH ESTANTE Provide a library for an isolated pastor in their native language. Purchase a tablet computer preloaded with biblical resources!

Equip a Pastor Tablet Computer Preloaded with an Estante library

$250 $25

Share the Cost

Gift 15 MENTOR THROUGH ROBOTICS Supply a robotics kit for a computer training lab in the slums of Costa Rica. MAF missionaries train youth to have relevant and marketable skills as computer programmers while building relationships and mentoring the young men and women. Mentor through Robotics Buy 1 Robot Kit Share the Cost


$300 $15 13



After countless flights, one thing stays the same: There are always more people to serve.


Why service the airplanes? Every eight minutes, an MAF plane takes off or lands somewhere in the world. To keep those planes flying, MAF pilot/mechanics, with the help of local staff at nine flight programs in six countries, perform regular maintenance and handle flight requests. Training standards for flight and maintenance are stringent but necessary due to the difficult conditions the pilots face and the amount of flying they do every day. It all comes back to MAF’s vision of sharing the love of Jesus Christ through aviation so that isolated people may be physically and spiritually transformed.

Gift 16

Plane maintenance

MAF standards exceed comparable air service requirements in the U.S., leading to a safety record that is outstanding and ever improving. This year alone, 36,679 MAF flights will serve isolated people in Africa, Asia, Eurasia, and Latin America. The thousands of people we reach depend on our pilots. And our pilots depend on safe equipment.

Gift 17

fill the tank

1 Month for 1 Plane Share the Cost

$1,500 $75

Fill the Tank 320 Gallons 10 Gallons 1 Gallon

$1,920 $60 $6 OCKING





By providing jet fuel for MAF’s planes, you will enable thousands of isolated people to see the compassion of Jesus Christ in action.

Maintain a Plane


MAINTAIN THE FLEET Purchasing And Maintaining Aircraft

ALL PLANES ON DECK In early May, tragedy struck the village of ThabaTseka in the mountains of Lesotho. A vehicle careened off the road and into a group of youths who had gathered to watch a local soccer match. Seven girls required an emergency evacuation to the hospital in the capital city of Maseru. MAF planes were already in the air when they got the “Code 1” call––three of the five airplanes at the Lesotho program carried out the flights. Because all were well-maintained and flying that day, they were available to collect the girls, who had head traumas, broken hips, legs, arms, and multiple lacerations. While the girls were recovering at the hospital, the MAF chaplain, Sefiri, made daily visits. He also went to the village to try and comfort the families of the girls and share the love of Jesus with them. The MAF Lesotho team counts it a privilege to have served these families at such a critical time … saving lives, ministering to the families, and sharing Jesus with a hurting village.

Gift 18 build a hangar in lesotho

Help build a new hangar at our Lesotho program, where five planes are making healthcare available to more than 200,000 people. The current hangar only holds two planes. A new hangar will hold all five of the planes and protect them from the weather.


Build a Hangar Finance the Hangar Share the Cost

$600,000 $1,500 17

Gift 19

fund a caravan In Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the Cessna Caravan multiplies the efforts of evangelists and church planters, speeds peacemaking and reconciliation, brings access to medical care, helps stop epidemics, and responds to crisis situations … among other things. A second caravan will enable the MAF team to expand these services. Help purchase a plane and enable MAF to say “yes” to more flights that bring hope and relief to this recovering country.


Fund a Caravan Purchase the Plane Share the Cost

As a thank you for a gift of $1,500 or more, you can get a Caravan model airplane for free!

$1,800,000 $1,800

MAINTAIN THE FLEET Purchasing And Maintaining Aircraft

Gift 20 TWIN-ENGINE REPLACEMENT In Central Asia, MAF’s King Air is an all-weather, pressurized aircraft that can be relied on yearround. It can cruise at altitudes up to 25,000 feet, fly through weather systems that normally cause airframe icing, and land on any of the airstrips in the area––paved, gravel, or unimproved dirt strips. The MAF King Air is the only plane able to fly into some of the more challenging, rough airstrips, making it a reliable choice for NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) that bring development and humanitarian aid to remote communities. And the plane is especially important considering the number of security and medical evacuations needed each year. The twin-engine replacement will be an upgrade from the current engines, allowing them to operate cooler at higher temperatures. This means higher performance levels resulting in the ability to carry more weight as well as adding an extra margin of safety. Because it’s such an important plane and well-suited to the rugged terrain and high altitudes of this area, it’s important for the people we serve that this plane keeps flying. Help share the cost of replacing one of the King Air engines, and continue to bring help to isolated people in Central Asia. Thanks to a matching grant being offered by a generous donor (up to $400K), your gift will go twice as far. Twin-Engine Replacement 1 Engine Share the Cost


$400,000 $4,000


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