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NO. 5 WINTER 2020 Magazine for maritime industry and sea lovers


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Tool policy at MAEM New packaging line Waves of helping Maem cycling action Holiday selfie Product range Transport with MAEM MAEM and Robert Lewangoooalski Bee a hero New Year's traditions Sea of food

TOOL POLICY AT MAEM Reasonable tool policy as one of the methods of production optimization - as we do at MAEM.

In previous editions of our newsletter (you can find all of them on our w e b s i te a t w w w. m a e m . c o m) w e told you about MAEM's approach to reverse engineering as a production process, how we use state-of-the-art measuring tools and why we equipped our plant with balancing machines.

of various details, which finally went to the engine room of our customers' ships.

In this article, devoted to our production department, we will present the benefits of a reasonable tool policy.

Due to the variety of processes that our machines perform on a daily basis, we have a special place at MAEM where we store all the necessary tools for production. Recently the tool room has been equipped with one of the more advanced solutions supporting production intelligent tool cabinet, which we have acquired from SECO company.

Throughout 2019 year, the machines in MAEM's Production Department have a total of 21 869 hours of operation. During this time they processed 78.5 tons of raw materials and 5613 pieces of castings,resulting in 41382 pieces

The purchased Secopoint system, equipped with a dispensing cabinet, is fully synchronized with information about production technology. The unit, after programming the production process, selects an appropriate set of tools, which

4 | Winter 2020 | Made in MAEM

are then made available to the operator in automatically extending drawers. This solution eliminates 100% of the risk of production losses caused by the use of unsuitable tools and also reduces unscheduled machine downtime caused by their absence. Fewer mistakes at this stage means much higher production efficiency and execution of planned orders on time. Another function of the AC200 cabinet is to control the level of tool wear. The operating system stores archive data from previous production cycles - too many tools issued for a similar process clearly indicates some problem that technologists, together with machine operators, can already diagnose at this

stage. This is extremely important from the perspective of optimizing time and tool consumption. The cabinet also has a purchasing module. Our planners get a report if the level of any of the tools drops below a predefined minimum. Only one click in the system allows to send the order directly to the supplier. Thanks to the cabinet, the tool level is under constant control, which makes the risk of machine downtime due to lack of tools almost zero. Thanks to the tool room and the purchased SECO solution, we have all tools in one place under strict control of the automated system. By significantly increasing production efficiency, lowering costs and strict tool control, we have further increased the quality and competitiveness of our products. Mission accomplished

‘Secopoint system together with AC200 device, which we delivered to MAEM, is a solution reserved for the elite of modern manufacturing companies. We are glad that thanks to AC200 we can welcome MAEM in this group’. Michał Łesejko , SECO Poland

Made in MAEM | Winter 2020 | 5

NEW PACKAGING LINE AT MAEM When ecology, modernity and elegance go hand in hand.

The project, carried out in close cooperation between the logistics and marketing departments and with the local manufacturer Pallza, will result in the introduction of a completely new packaging line for our products. The new solution is another s tep forward for our organisation. We see in it the very advantages, which we will try to talk about briefly. In presenting the new packaging line to you, we would like to mention three important aspects that characterize it 1. The aesthetic aspect The results of psychological research say that perfume from a nice bottle smells nicer and the taste of wine is greatly influenced by the appearance of the bottle. We can laugh, but it is worth wondering if we have never been caught in such a psychological trap? At MAEM, the look of the packaging does not affect the quality of its contents - as far as the features of our products are concerned, we have already done everything necessary to positively surprise our partners. However, we hope that when you see the packaging with our logo, you will make sure that there are unique, reliable products inside, which you have been waiting for. The package also contains a list of the assortment, website address and social media. We

6 | Winter 2020 | Full ahead

will be extremely pleased if you want to visit them - we promise you will find only interesting information there. 2. The technical aspect Thanks to research and analyses carried out by the logistics department, we have modified the type of cartons and the way they are closed. The walls were boldened, additional security features and a new way of closing were

introduced. As a result, we have completely abandoned the use of plastic security tapes. We are confident that our products are now completely safe during difficult journeys to the farthest corners of the world, regardless of the delivery port. 3 The environmental aspect Ecology has always been our priority. One of the key requirements for the

ecological criteria. The new packaging line will be made of recycled materials, fully biodegradable and recyclable. This way, we know that we will make a significant contribution to reducing the logging of forests. Elimination of plastic safety tapes means hundreds of kilograms less plastic per year in circulation. In addition, our supplier has proposed its own original ecological solution. Thanks to the cooperation with Pallza, we will replace plastic and wooden pallets with those made of cellulose pulp. These are another hundreds of trees, which thanks to us will remain intact, where they belong - in the forest. We hope that the new MAEM packaging line will appeal to you. Thank you for choosing our produc t s , together with us you care about the environment.

Full ahead | Winter 2020 | 7

WAVES OF HELPING At MAEM we feel responsible for the environment in which we operate and for the people working for us and for the local communities. It is thanks to their ideas and commitment that everyday reality changes for the better and we are becoming a better company every day. Last year, our employees took part in over twelve dif ferent actions whose main goal was to help the environment, animals and people. There were also initiatives aimed at improving the well-being and health of our employees. As part of our pro-environmental activities, we organized an action to clean the banks of the Vistula River in the vicinity of the Bielańsko-Tyniecki Landscape Park. As a result, we collected 60 kilograms of rubbish. Three months later, inspired by a local community

8 | Winter 2020 | MAEM Values

worker, we decided to conduct a food and blanket collection for the Man for Animals Foundation, which has dogs, cats, horses, donkeys and goats in its care. We also helped bees - the caps collected by us were exchanged for honey plants given to local beekeepers. In turn, as par t of our activities for people, our employees took part in four races, the total income from which was transferred to the Schola Cordis Foundation, which helps children with congenital heart defects. Some of our employees also donated blood to one of the Regional Blood Donation Centres. We also managed to bid for a ball signed by the world volleyball champions, and the amount reached went to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. We also organized a money collection for the Specialist

Support Centre for Victims of Family Violence. We have not forgotten about health promotion among our employees. For several months we encouraged them to commute to work by bicycles, providing appropriate infrastructure and offering benefits in the form of gadgets and money for every kilometer driven. As a result, in 2019, the total number of kilometres travelled turned out to be three times greater than in the edition organized in 2018! This year we plan to achieve an even better result. The willingness to help us is a value in itself. Join us and do something for others!

MAEM SALINOMETER MS 19 In response to the needs of the market and thanks to close cooperation with representatives of the maritime industry, we have developed a proprietary MAEM solution - MS 19 salinometer. Check what you gain by using our product.

FULL INTERCHANGEABILITY You don’t have to change anything when replacing the DS20 with our solution. The MAEM salinometer is fully interchangeable with the DS20 in terms of installation and works with the same electrodes.

EMERGENCY When the salinometer detects an alarm condition, its display will automatically change color, making it much easier to recognize the fault.



The MAEM salinometer has a measuring range not only up to 20 but also up to 200ppm, which is 10 times more than its equivalent! Thanks to this, it can also be used in boiler system applications.

You are guaranteed the full support of our engineers at every stage of use. The warranty period for the MS 19 salinometer is 24 months.


We are an independent manufacturer of high quality marine alternative spare parts and complete devices for fuel, oil and water treatment. It is our goal to help our customers get the right product they need anywhere on earth: quickly, easily and affordably.

MAEM Sp. z o.o., 22A Bociana Street, 31-231 Krakow, Poland, www.maem.com, info@maem.com, +48 12 415 08 16

Winter 2020 | 9

MAEM CYCLING ACTION Ecology, health and helping in one.

In the last days of October 2019 we finished the second bicycle action in the history of our company. During its seven months, 20 out of 120 MAEM employees promoted ecology and a healthy lifestyle by giving up the car and public transport for cycling and walking. The total number of kilometres we have travelled is 17,262. By comparison, this is a distance corresponding to almost half of our planet's perimeter, for which a passenger car would need about 1381 litres* of petrol to drive. Thanks to us, about 4500 kilograms** of harmful exhaust fumes, which would be produced by burning such an amount of fuel, did not enter the atmosphere. 17,262 kilometres driven by bike and on foot is about 345,240 kcal***. This is the energy value corresponding to 986 icing doughnuts****. Appreciating the effort and commitment of the employees, the management of the company rewarded the participants of the action with a set of useful gifts and a monetary gratuity for each kilometer covered without exhaust emissions. Additional support provided by the company is a free bicycle service. Bicycle action is a great idea - thanks to the involvement of employees and appropriate support of the company, it brings only benefits for the environment, health and pocket. To sum up this year's bicycle action, it is impossible not to mention two of its participants. Kamil and Lech from the production department are absolute record-breakers in the number of kilometres driven. Out of the total sum of 17 262 as many as 8045 kilometers they owe it! Not only that, our colleagues voluntarily gave up the gratification provided by the company and donated it to the center of the Children's Village in Oświęcim. By decision of the board, 10 | Winter 2020 | We love to help

the amount collected by Kamil and Lech was doubled, thanks to which we were able to buy gifts for the children of the center: bicycles and a pool table. We hope that the gifts given will make the group of enthusiasts of active recreation grow with more members.

* Combustion of a medium-sized compact car - 8 litres of petrol per 100 kilometres

After the winter break, we will take the dusty bikes out of the garages and cellars again, and set off to help ourselves and others. Of course, we will keep you informed about everything in detail.

*** Cycling at an average speed of 15 km/h in flat terrain

** 8 litres of petrol burnt is 26 kilograms of exhaust gas, source www.auto-swiat.pl.

**** Icing doughnut - 350 kcal each

We love to help | Winter 2020 | 11

HOLIDAY SELFIE Tr a d i t i o n a l l y, a f e w d ay s b e f o r e Christmas, an annual meeting of our employe e s w a s held . A mong the sounds of joyful music, at the tables with delicious food, we commemorated another year of our activity on the maritime market with joint selfie pictures. It is estimated that every day more than one million people around the world make their own selfies. Where did this phenomenon come from? The fashion for the selfie started in the first decade of the 21st century on MySpace. It was on its pages that for the first time users started to publish their profile photos taken in a mirror using a mobile phone. With the development of social networks and mobile phones, selfie has been gaining in popularity from year to year, to the extent that in 2013 the word selfie was considered the word of the year in Oxford Dictionary. Few people know, however, that in 2019 it is 180 years since the first selfie was made. It was then, in 1839, that American chemist Robert Cornelius made a self-portrait on a metal plate, using a photographic technique called daguerreotype. To celebrate this round anniversary, we decided to give our business partners our warmest wishes, using group selfie photos. If you haven't had a chance to see them, we cordially invite you to check the link provided below: https://youtu.be/F9oCsINQFgo.

12 | Winter 2020 | MAEM. I like it!

MAEM. I like it! | Winter 2020 | 13


NEW SOLUTIONS Alternative spare parts for Kral pumps (K) Alternative spare parts for Desmi pumps (NSL, MODULAR S) Alternative spare parts for Alfa Laval pumps (ALP – sizes 15-85)

At MAEM, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality marine solutions. We have built our whole business on this concept and since the beginning we have continued to seek ways to improve every product that we manufacture. In order to achieve this goal, we have developed our unique reverse engineering method which relies on duplicating in 1:1 ratio the more durable machine component that works identically to the original. Nowadays, our production plant, which employs around 100 people, provides about 10,000 different, totally interchangeable, alternative spare parts and complete marine solutions which are shipped worldwide. We are confident about the quality and functionality of them, but for our customers’ convenience, each of them is covered by warranty. Choosing MAEM solutions, you will definitely get The Smart Value.

14 | Winter 2020 | Product Range

STANDARD SOLUTIONS Alternative spare parts for Alfa Laval & Westfalia separators Plug and play separators

Alternative spare parts for Nirex fresh water generators including plates and gaskets

Reconditioned separator bowls

Alternative spare parts for IMO pumps (ACD, ACE, ACP, ACG, LPD, LPE, ACF) and Allweiler pumps (BAS, SPF, SPZ, TRD, TRF, TRE, ZAS, ZASV)

Alternative spare parts for Jowa bilge water separators

Complete brazed plate heat exchangers

Electronic control systems (reconditioned and brand new)

Alternative spare parts for Aquafine water sterilizers

Replaceable gaskets for plate heat exchangers

Alternative spare parts for Moatti back flushing filters

Scrubber nozzles for pollution control

Product Range | WInter 2020 | 15

TRANSPORT WITH MAEM Oman, Namibia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea... No, this is not an exotic offer of a travel agency, these are just a few more interesting places to which we sent packages with products ordered by our customers in 2019. Last year, thanks to the sales record, was the most busy year for the logistics department since the beginning of our company. Thanks to their hard work and excellent service of two major partners providing courier services to us, during 2019 our warehouse was left with goods weighing 156 tons, of which 36 tons by air!

16 | Winter 2020 | Full ahead

In 2019 we shipped more than 20,000 products, which now travel around the world with our customers' ships. Behind these great numbers are the silent heroes - employees of the logistics department of MAEM, who meticulously packed each order and then accompanied it until it was handed over to the courier, organizing all documents for customs clearance and transport. A record year in sales and, consequently, a record year in logistics, is also another good news for our partners. Thanks to the high volume of shipments we managed to negotiate even better

transport rates. Already in more than 90% of cases our customers decide on transport organized through MAEM. We believe that this percentage will increase even more. Do you have a parcel to send from MAEM warehouse? Give us a chance and we will show you how competitive our rates are. Compare our transport offer with your current logistics solutions provider and entrust the order to specialists.

Full ahead | Winter 2020 | 17

MAEM AND ROBERT LEWANGOOOALSKI Do you recognize the gentleman in the pictures below? Yes, it is Robert Lewandowski, currently one of the best strikers in the world (some, unlike the author of this article, claim the best). Besides, as a player of Bayern Munich, as well as Borussii Dortmund, German champion s everal times , captain of the Polish national team and scorer record holder for scored goals in the history of Polish football, several times the best shooter of the Bundesliga season and the author of some extraordinary feats that have written down in the history of world football, such as scoring five goals in nine minutes in one match. MAEM has once again taken an active part in the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity - a nationwide charity action aimed at supporting medical programs and purchasing equipment that saves

18 | Winter 2020 | We love to help

lives and health, especially for children. On 12 January 2020 the 28th final of the Orchestra took place. This time we collected money to ensure the highest standards of diagnostics and treatment in childhood surgical medicine. What do these two seemingly unrelated information have in common? Goodness, willingness to help and an open heart! As a result of the financial involvement of the company's management, thanks to the donor of the T-shirt and the personal dedication of Angelika and Joanna during the auction, the original T-shirt of the Polish national team with Robert's own signature was delivered to MAEM. The auctioned t-shirt will take an honorary place in our production plant and together with the volleyball signed by the current world champions (yes, yes,

yes, Poles), which we auctioned out a year ago (to be seen in the News tab at www.maem.com) will remind us of the Christmas period of disinterested help. At MAEM we believe that it is worth helping and - in accordance with the motto of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity - we will do it until the end of the world and one day longer.

We love to help | Winter 2020 | 19

BEE A HERO Honeybees are great! It is thanks to their hard work that plants are pollinated and then used for food production. In addition, the bees produce honey from the nectar they take. Unfortunately, all over the world we have been observing mass extinction of these useful creatures for several years. Albert Einstein once said that humanity will have four years to live if the last bee dies. Without bees, there will be no fruit, and no seeds from which new trees and other plants can grow. There will be a shortage of food, not only for humans, but also for animals. What is the reason for this? T h e re a re m a ny re a s o n s f o r t h i s . It is air pollution, climate change, disease, spraying of f ields with plant protection product s and liquidation of natural bee habitats: m ea d ow s , f o re s t s an d d o rchard s .

20 | Winter 2020 | Lifestyle

So what can we do to help them? There are many ways to help bees, including: •

Buying products producedwithout plant protection products (pesticides)

Purchasing organic food certified or from verified sources

Buying honey from local beekeepers

Supporting actions to protect bees

Planting flowering plants in your surroundings

Flower meadows are an alternative to green lawns. They do not need to be mown or even fertilized. They are very easy to maintain, they look beautiful

when they bloom, and most importantly, they are a natural feeding ground for bees. Unlike grasses, these flowers provide bees with nutritious pollen and nectar. In addition, flowery meadows catch the smog forming dust better and also lower the air temperature - this is not what ordinary lawns do. Knowing the above properties of flower meadows, this year we decided to encourage our employees and business partners to grow them. As part of the Christmas action, we handed out 340 menus filled with seeds of Polish field flowers, which will soon be sown in home gardens and in balcony boxes. It will be beautiful and colourful, and also to the benefit of bees!

Bees have been producing honey for over 150 million years. It consists of 80% natural sugars, 18% water and 2% minerals, vitamins, proteins and pollen. A kilogram of honey is made from nectar taken from about 4 million flowers.


Lifestyle | Winter 2020 | 21

NEW YEAR’S TRADITIONS On 1 January we celebrated the beginning of the year 2020, as determined by the Gregorian calendar. This custom was started in ancient Rome where, on the days of the winter solstice, Saturn was worshipped. Loud games and songs took place in the streets during which they dressed up as different animals. People wished themselves luck by shaking hands and kissing. Furthermore, they tried to spend this day in the most pleasant way, because it was believed that if it was successful, it would be the same all year round. Nowadays, this special day is celebrated virtually all over the world, often in a very special way for a given country. Some of them have one element in common – water. ◀ A visit to banya, Russia

Banya is a variety of sauna and is shaped like a wooden barrel. It is where the Russians go on New Year's Eve. This custom is to make a new year with a clean body and mind. Used at least once a year, it improves the mood, calms the nerves and relaxes. When deciding to visit the sauna, one should remember to cool down the whole body with cold water immediately afterwards.

The sacrifice for Yemanji, Brazil Yemanji is an African-Brazilian sea goddess . Ever y evening before the beginning of the new year, her followers bring her in sacrifice e.g. white flowers, jewellery, rice, perfume, which they then throw into the sea or put into small boats set on waves. If Yemanji is satisfied with the sacrifice, i.e. does not return it to the beach, the goddess devotee will be lucky and his dreams will come true next year.

22 | Winter 2020 | Lifestyle

Lead Pouring, Germany

One of the traditions that have been cultivated for hundreds of years in Germany is to pour lead on New Year's Eve. This custom dates back to Roman times. It consists in melting (usually on a spoon over a candle) a small piece of lead which is then poured into cold water. The shape obtained is a fortune for the coming year.

Morning face wash, Croatia On the first morning of the new year, each member of the family washes his face with fresh water from a bowl in which an apple is immersed with a coin placed inside. This custom is to ensure wealth and health for the next twelve months.

Bathing in an icy sea, the Netherlands

The tradition of bathing on the beach in Scheveningen began in 1965. It was then that a group of seven people on the first day of the new year immersed themselves in the icy North Sea. Today, the event has grown to such an extent that 10,000 people already participate.

Lifestyle | Winter 2020 | 23

SEA OF FOOD We invite you to cruise through the most sophisticated dishes, whose main ingredients are fish and seafood. Our journey will start with traditional Finnish and Estonian appetizers and end with Russian and Croatian specialties. All dishes will surely provide you with an unforgettable visual experience. â—€ Graavilohi, Finland

Graavilohi is a traditional Scandinavian dish, usually served as a snack for dark bread or young potatoes. It owes its name, which literally means 'salmon from a hole', to the medieval process of preparing this dish. It consisted of burying gutted pieces of salmon rubbed with salt, sugar and dill in the sand for at least three days. Nowadays the fermentation process takes place in the fridge, so that the pieces are no longer as dry as they used to be.

Rosoje, Estonia We all love mayonnaise salads. Although we try to avoid them as long as possible because we care about the line, it is hard to resist the unique taste. One such temptation is rosoje - a traditional Estonian fuchsia-coloured salad. It is made from boiled beets and potatoes, onions, pickled cucumbers and pickled herrings or meat. It should be noted that some Estonians claim that if the salad does not contain herring, it is not a real rosoje. Dressing is made from mayonnaise and sour cream, sometimes mustard, horseradish and fresh herbs.

24 | Winter 2020 | Lifestyle


◀ Chow Mein, China

If you have ever been to a Chinese restaurant, there was a dish called chow mein on the menu with almost 100% confidence. It is extremely popular in all Chinese restaurants around the world. Chow mein is nothing but the most ordinary, thinly sliced egg noodles. This, contrary to the way we know how to prepare it (boiling), we fry it for a while in deep fat, which makes it a pleasant crunch. Combine the prepared pasta with the sauce of squids, shrimps and scallops. Ready dish is ser ved with a glass of dry white wine.

Ukha, Russia

Ukha is a very saturated, thickety broth made from several species of fresh fish such as zander, perch, ruf fian, carp, salmon or carp. It is usually cooked on potatoes, with the addition of celery and spices. The principle is simple: the fatter the fish, the more spices must be added, and these are parsley, bay leaf and black pepper. Interestingly, fishermen prepare a ukha on water from the river, because they think it gives it a unique aroma. The whole process of preparation is crowned by adding a glass of vodka to the soup - it is supposed to improve the taste and neutralize the aroma characteristic for some species of fish. The finished soup is served with slices of lemon and freshly chopped dill.

◀ Peka, Croatia

Peka is the best known dish of traditional Croatian cuisine. It is prepared in a special cast-iron or clay dome dish, which is then filled with heat for about two hours. This unique cooking process gives Peka its aromatic and intense taste. The dish itself usually consists of octopus or meat sprinkled with olive oil, potatoes, vegetables and aromatic herbs. Peka is usually served with a glass of wine and a salad of tomatoes or cucumbers poured with vinegar.

Lifestyle | Winter 2020 | 25


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