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NO. 3 SUMMER 2019 Magazine for maritime industry and sea lovers


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Balanced by Nature Ready for departure Enhancing our development Earth day Unusual audit In pursuit of the European Bison Product range Lighthouses. Coastal treasures Sea murals What's in the sea?

BALANCED BY NATURE The aim of balancing is to identif y and determine residual unbalance caused by production inaccuracies, change in the structure or composition of the rotating element or the revolving system.

Deviations from the set standards are corrected by mechanical processes carried out up to the moment the required parameters are achieved.

Starting with our car wheels which are balanced every time we replace them, through washing machine drums, to amusement park carousels.

Balancing around us

Balancing – why so important

Permissible residual unbalance vary across classes of balancing quality and is determined using specific standards, based on which such balancing accuracy classes are established. In each class, the permissible residual unbalance, i.e. the unbalance that is acceptable for the equipment of the structure and intended use specified by the standard, is defined.

Balancing or rather the effects of it is, contrary to what we believe, something we encounter more often than expected. Although the balancing process is closely associated with the precision engineering industry and requires the use of expensive equipment, devices that need balancing do not work in laboratories only. There are a lot of things used by us every day which work properly thanks to being balanced.

Precise balancing is extremely important and cannot be ignored.

4 | Summer 2019 | Made in MAEM

Lack of proper balancing may lead to: •

• •

damage or quick wearing out of bearings on which the rotating element is mounted increase in noise level in the vicinity of rotating elements damage to other devices cooperating with the units that have not been

Thanks to our balancing machine and other equipment, we are sure that the bowls and separators reconditioned by us and delivered to our customers worldwide can be of use to them for years to come. The customer will only have to ensure that maintenance is performed on a regular basis, with the use of spare parts from a verified supplier. “Our company will satisfy all your needs�, says Eryk, technical director at MAEM


properly balanced fatal accident when an unbalanced rotating element comes off

Balancing as perceived by MAEM To eliminate the above threats and fully control the unbalancing issues, responsible manufacturers start establishing their machinery stock with purchasing a quality balancing machine. At MAEM, we manufacture various types of rotors, we repair innumerable separators or their bowls, so a top-shelf balancing machine is absolutely necessary for us.

Our balancing machines are produced by one of the European leaders in the sector. They are so sensitive that the slightest deviations from mass axis are easily and precisely detected. The balancing machines we use are fully automatic and computer controlled.

faster than usual), but obviously for safety reasons. If an unbalanced bowl comes off inside the machine due to a high rotational speed and mass, the machine may be completely destroyed and may also pose a threat to life of individuals within the range of its operation.

Balancing of the bowls we recondition and repair at MAEM is one of the vital processes ensuring that our customers will get a safe product they can use for years. Engineers know that replacement of one of the bowl key elements requires balancing of the whole system. This is necessary not only for economic reasons (when a bowel is not properly balanced, the cooperating elements wear out much

Made in MAEM | Summer 2019 | 5

READY FOR DEPARTURE What do you feel when you get to the top and see some other, even higher peaks? What do you do when you break your own record in a run and see that others have been faster than you? Being proud, aware of the hard work and perseverance that have led to your success, you start preparing for new challenges and you will do it still better next time. When you are ambitious, like we are at MAEM, you know that once you get to the top in one field, you are ready to take the next step… What do you feel sitting on a plane flying at an altitude of 11,000 m, 800 km/h? Most of us enjoy their coffee, listen to the favourite music and look down on the world, calm and relaxed. You are calm because you know that the aviation industry is where rigid standards, well-defined procedures and an uncompromised quality prevail. The above references are made not for nothing … We are proud to say that after reaching the heights of quality in the marine industry, MAEM manufacturing processes have been assessed positively by the aviation industry. We have embarked on yet another climb aimed at reaching one of the most technically demanding peaks – the aviation market. Our efforts have led to a positive result of the pre-assessment audit, with the final goal being AS 9100 certification awarded only to the companies that can prove their ability to comply with strict requirements of the aviation sector. The very possibility of embarking on the certification process is a clear indication of the level of quality we have attained in the marine industry. Our aim? To deliver products for the aviation industry in response to orders supported by notes from the industry mechanics like the ones we spot on material requisition forms today. They are made by mechanics on our customers’ ships and they say: „MAEM parts please”. There is no better motivation for us!

6 | Summer 2019 | Full ahead

Full ahead | Summer 2019 | 7

ENHANCING OUR DEVELOPMENT At MAEM, we believe that enhancing our development means investing in our future. To this end, we focus on achieving the highest level of technological and organisational development. This approach makes us a company that stands out from our competition, with a unique culture being a substantial asset too. Personnel is a foundation stone for success of our organisation. Their professionalism and commitment to work are invaluable. Appreciating this, we try to create the perfect working conditions to stimulate their development. Every day, all our employees are provided with fresh fruits, snacks and freshly roasted coffee. We also remember to create a team atmosphere, which is a driving force

8 | Summer 2019 | MAEM Values

of our company development. Team building activities include monthly dinners at which we enjoy good food and tell interesting stories from our lives. This is a moment of shared joy flavoured with delicious food. We develop our production and logistics centre as well. Built in Zator three years ago, it originally had a surface area of 4,000 square meters. Now, it has been extended to 4,500 square meters and is planned to be further expanded in the next few years. In addition to the development of our production and logistics centre, we enhance our technological resources by purchasing, among other things, state-of-the-art

software, production machines, control and measuring equipment as well as separator bowel balancing machines. There are a number of reasons why we focus so much on continuous development: we want to be a leading supplier of alternative spare parts in the world; we want to increase our product range and manufacturing capacity; we want to keep our customers as close as possible to meet all their expectations. Accordingly, we improve our strategy on a consistent basis and set long-term goals in individual areas of our business activity.

MAEM RECONDITIONED BOWLS Why the replacement of any of the key elements of the bowl may not solve the problem? Why is it sometimes worthwhile to buy a whole new bowl instead of spare parts for the existing one? Have a look below to see how we can help you.




A bowl is the heart and the most c o m p l i c ate d e l e m e nt o f the separator. It is the proper functioning of the bowl that directly determines the efficiency of your separator. A well-maintained bowl guarantees a long and failure-free operation of the separator.

Bowls for the most widely used separator models are available in our stock. Each bowl is packed and ready for shipping. You can have a reconditioned bowl at any place you choose 24 hours after placing an order.

Deliver the bowl you have a problem with to us and we will take care of the rest. Following careful inspection by our servicemen, we will provide you with a list of things to be done and an estimated cost of reconditioning. If you decide to have it repaired, MAEM will cover the cost of inspection.

BALANCING IS A MUST A bowl comprises parts that fit together and, as a whole, run at high speeds. Replacing even one of the key components requires rebalancing. Only perfect balance guarantees safe and smooth running of the separator. Each reconditioned bowel is delivered with a certificate of balancing performed by MAEM engineers.


We are an independent manufacturer of high quality marine alternative spare parts and complete devices for fuel, oil and water treatment. It is our goal to help our customers get the right product they need anywhere on earth: quickly, easily and affordably.

MAEM Sp. z o.o., 22A Bociana Street, 31-231 Krakow, Poland, www.maem.com, info@maem.com, +48 12 415 08 16

Summer 2019 | 9

EARTH DAY 2019 GLOBAL EFFECT OF LOCAL SUCCESSES Did you know that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch covers an estimated surface area of 1.6 million square kilometres? Did you know that 1,6 million square kilometres is an area nearly the size of France, Germany, Poland and Spain taken together? Would the global problem of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch ever arise if it were not for waste dumped in rivers by people? Unfortunately, the problem grows worse every day, with tonnes of waste ending up in the seas and oceans, killing the flora and fauna in them. While not underscoring the importance of global plans aimed at solving the issue, we, at MAEM, believe that the problem stems from human mentality, bad habits and it is where an effective solution should be sought. One plastic bottle dumped in the river does not make a problem, but when one million people dump one bottle, we have a disaster. One plastic bottle fished out from the river does not make much difference, but when one million people fish out one bottle, we have a local success. Environmental education is the first, basic tool to be used to prevent waste from entering rivers and woods. And what if it is already there? Each of us can help save the world seas and oceans! MAEM employees have also joined the world clean up action this year. Living in Krakow and its surroundings, we are lucky to enjoy the view of Poland’s longest river, the Vistula, flowing through the area. The Vistula crosses the whole country and enters the Baltic Sea. The quality of water and the condition of river banks have improved significantly over the past decades, but there is still a lot to do. As part of the celebration of this year’s Earth Day, we decided to clean up at least a small part of its bankline.

10 | Summer 2019 | We love to help

It took us a few hours to collect 60 kg of all kinds of wastes. We are happy that instead of ending up in the sea they will be dumped in the landfill, where they belong.

We love to help | Summer 2019 | 11

UNUSUAL AUDIT AT MAEM MAEM offices as well as Production and Logistics Centre have already been visited by numerous customers and other distinguished guests. This time, thanks to our process development manager Joanna, a special audit was conducted by the most demanding auditors. Production processes were carefully inspected and the 3D scanner at the Quality Control Department was recalibrated with the help of a mysterious rubber device brought by the auditors. After a careful inspection and a close look into every nook and cranny of the Centre, the little engineers confirmed the highest level of our professionalism and agreed that MAEM fully deserved all the quality certificates currently held.

12 | Summer 2019 | MAEM. I like it!

The audit results were communicated to MAEM Management Board at a specially organised video conference. We thank would-be engineers, firemen, soldiers, singers and all others who are now preparing for their dream jobs at Kubisiowy Ogrรณd Kindergarten in Krakow for their commitment to the audit and the highest grades awarded to our company. We promise to give preference to all those who after seeing our production facility would like to become MAEM engineers, while offering internship opportunities and hiring new personnel in a couple of years.

MAEM. I like it! | Summer 2019 | 13

IN PURSUIT OF THE EUROPEAN BISON Krakow is located within 30 km from the place where the European bison still live. The world’s population of these largest European mammals is estimated at about 6,000, out of which 25% live in Poland. They now inhabit Western and Central Europe as well as the Caucasus and can be found living in the wild only in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Slovakia and Germany. In 1997, the European bison population was only 2,925 specimens (about 700 in Poland). Fortunately, the number of the European bison grows each year. In 2013, it was estimated at about 5,249. The animals live mainly in mixed wetland forests. In the Niepołomice Forest, which is the place near Krakow mentioned above, live about 30 European bison. Every year, Run in Pursuit of the European Bison is organised there to honour the animals. This year, brave members of MAEM Runners Team have decided to join lovers of these fascinating animals. And here is where it all began… The fastest of the fast appeared at the start, including: • •

Barbara from Finance Department Marika from Managment System Department Angelika from Managment System Department Kamil from Marketing Department Aleksander from Sales Department Jakub from Sales Department Błażej from Logistic Department

20,000 years ago, the European bison (Bison Bonasus) inhabited nearly the whole Europe and in the 19th century, it could be found only in Poland and in the Caucasus Mountains. In 1919, the last specimen of the lowland European Bison living in the wild died in the Białowieża Forest and the year 1925 saw the death of the last highland European Bison in the Caucasus.

At the International Nature Conservation Congress held in 1923, Poland appealed for support to save the European bison. The naturalists from other countries were won over and in the same year, the International Society for the Protection of the European Bison was established. The species future depended on several dozen specimens that survived in zoos and private preserves. After World War II, Poland became the world centre of the European bison breeding.

In addition to MAEM Team 1200 runners took up the challenge of 8 km run in the picturesque scenery of the Niepołomice Forest.

14 | Summer 2019 | MAEM. I like it!

• • • •

After the run, the tired MAEM Team agreed they were not done yet and they would make headlines eventually. Obviously, we will keep you posted on that.

MAEM. I like it! | Lato 2019 | 15


NEW SOLUTIONS Alternative spare parts for Kral pumps (K) Alternative spare parts for Desmi pumps (NSL, MODULAR S) Alternative spare parts for Alfa Laval pumps (ALP – sizes 15-85)

At MAEM, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality marine solutions. We have built our whole business on this concept and since the beginning we have continued to seek ways to improve every product that we manufacture. In order to achieve this goal, we have developed our unique reverse engineering method which relies on duplicating in 1:1 ratio the more durable machine component that works identically to the original. Nowadays, our production plant, which employs around 100 people, provides about 10,000 different, totally interchangeable, alternative spare par t s and complete marine solutions which are shipped worldwide. We are confident about the quality and functionality of them, but for our customers’ convenience, each of them is covered by warranty. Choosing MAEM solutions, you will definitely get The Smart Value.

16 | Summer 2019 | Product Range

STANDARD SOLUTIONS Alternative spare parts for Alfa Laval & Westfalia separators Plug and play separators

Alternative spare parts for Nirex fresh water generators including plates and gaskets

Reconditioned separator bowls

Alternative spare parts for IMO pumps (ACD, ACE, ACP, ACG, LPD, LPE, ACF) and Allweiler pumps (BAS, SPF, SPZ, TRD, TRF, TRE, ZAS, ZASV)

Alternative spare parts for Jowa bilge water separators

Complete brazed plate heat exchangers

Electronic control systems (reconditioned and brand new)

Alternative spare parts for Aquafine water sterilizers

Replaceable gaskets for plate heat exchangers

Alternative spare parts for Moatti back flushing filters

Scrubber nozzles for pollution control

Product Range | Summer 2019 | 17

LIGHTHOUSES – COASTAL TREASURES Lighthouses are among the most treasured coastal landmarks. The first historical records of them date back to 400 BC, when they marked the entrance to ports. In the course of time, their function and structure changed. They became a warning signal against shipping hazards. The number of lighthouses is now estimated at more than 18,000. They differ in shape and light characteristic. The light colour, frequency and pattern are specific to a lighthouse. In the old

days, they had to be tended and cared for by a lighthouse keeper, today many of them are automated. Yet, they still make each coast they are located on look picturesque, with a little bit of mystery.

◀ Tokarevsky Lighthouse, Vladivostok, Russia One of the oldest and most recognisable lighthouses in the Far East. It was built on a rocky Tokarevsky Spit, a man-made island 796 meters in length. In 1876, a beacon light started to warn passing ships of shoals and more than thirty years later, a lighthouse was erected there. It is said to be a symbolic place where the Pacific Ocean begins and where the sun rises first on Earth with each new day.

Leander’s Tower, 200 meters from Istanbul, ▶ Turkey One of the smallest and yet most recognisable monuments located in Üsküdar, a district of Istanbul. A legend has it that an emperor’s daughter was kept there, hence the name Maiden’s Tower (Turkish: Kız Kulesi). Its history goes back to 408 BC, when Alcibiades, an Athenian general, had it built on a small islet on the Bosporus. Today, it houses a cafe and a restaurant as well as the Bosporus traffic control station and can be reached by ferry departing, for example, from Ortaköy port.

18 | Summer 2019 | Lifestyle

◀ Sõrve Lighthouse, Estonia Built in 1960 on tip of Sõrve, the south-eastern coast of Saaremaa island, with a height of 52 meters it is one of the highest lighthouses in Estonia, distinguished for its simplicity, elongated form and ornamentation. The lighthouse is open to visitors from 1 May to 15 September, seven days a week. It is worth visiting to feast your eyes on a beautiful view of the nature around.

Tourlitis Lighthouse, Andros, Greece

A one-of-a-kind lighthouse in Europe. Built in 1897 on a rock, 200 meters from the coast of Andros island, it brings to mind a fairytale wizard’s tower, with the steps carved out of the rock and a unique shape of the rock itself formed by thousands of years of exposure to sea water, sun and wind. The lighthouse was destroyed during World War II, to be restored to its original condition in 1994.

Punta Palau Lighthouse, Italy

An operating lighthouse located on the northern extremity of a granite promontory of Sardinia. Built in 1960 in place of the first one erected in 1935, it is fully automated. Every 10 seconds, two green flashes visible from a distance of 4 nautical miles (7.4 km) are emitted. The lighthouse is situated to the north-west of the symbol of Palau town, the Bear Rock (Italian: Roccia dell’Orso), nearly 300 million-year-old natural granite sculpture of a bear. Sailors are said to have been scared of it, believing it attracted ships like a great magnet.

Stawa Młyny Beacon, Poland

Located at the entrance to Świnoujście port, where the Strait of Świna joins the Baltic Sea. The beacon, in the shape of a windmill, was built in the years 1873-1874 as part of the navigation system modernisation. Because of its characteristic shape and finishing, it can be seen in the official logo of the city of Świnoujście. There is a legend associated with it. It tells of an old miller who made mariners returning from long sea voyages look young again. He did not disclose the secret of rejuvenation treatments given to them to anyone, taking it to the grave. The windmill machinery he tended stopped working on his death as well. Yet, people looking for ways to retain a youthful appearance kept on coming to the place and they still do, to soak in mud, swim and walk.

Lifestyle | Summer 2019 | 19

SEA MURALS Considered to be one of the oldest art forms, they date to the Upper Palaeolithic 50,000 years ago. The first ones, painted on cave walls, depicted important moments from everyday life of the ancient people. With time, murals started to adorn the walls and ceilings of buildings, temples and tombs. Now they decorate urban areas, fitting perfectly in with street art. They are great social dialogue starters or reflection awakeners. Exploring important universal themes, they sometimes

cause considerable controversies, though. Differing so much in the form and message, they fascinate and inspire us. Communing with murals, we participate in the free art movement, whether we like it or not. Murals are art in the streets, not vandalism..

▲ Artist: M-city 122 Boulevard de l'Hôpital, Paris Painted in 2011, it can be seen in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, home to the largest wall paintings in the city. The mural shows two boats. Is there a safe harbour waiting for them or will they be condemned to sail for eternity? Artist: M-city ◀

Świętego Wojciecha 7, Gdynia M-city received Galion Gdyński award from the Mayor of Gdynia for this mural. It was created in 2012 as part of the 2nd edition of Traffic Design festival. The mural depicts ocean liners looking like blocks of flats and thus illustrates the saying that Gdynia, its location, is the city where ships have taken the place of residential buildings

20 | Summer 2019 | Lifestyle

Artist: M-city 18 Harriet Street, Aberdeen Created in 2017 in connection with the 1st edition of Nuart Aberdeen festival. Two opposite walls of the building feature two tankers at the moment of surrealistic shipwreck.

Mariusz Waras

▲ Artist: M-city

Artist: M-city

26 Krupnicza, Krakow

Cracovia ship, Poland

The theme of the mural executed in 2012 is the city of Krakow represented as a steamer drifting across a gigantic aquarium. It is attacked with ammunition looking like fish. This vision brings to mind stereotypes about Krakow, perceived as a fortress, a conservative place, the bastion of traditional values.

A mural on the bow of the vessel? Why not? In 2017, the bow was decorated with a colourful whale in the style of stained glass art created by Stanisław Wyspiański, Polish artist living in Krakow in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The vessel transports passengers and vehicles on the Poland – Sweden ferry route, Świnoujście – Ystad.

Born in 1978 in Gdynia, holder of a postdoctoral degree, professor at the Academy of Art in Szczecin, in charge of the Painting and Street Art Studio at the Faculty of Painting and New Media. In addition to the academic career, he is engaged in graphic design, installation art and large format painting projects. It is thanks to murals and especially the early M-city project, a showcase of Mariusz Waras’ style, that he is now recognised as one of the best world street artists. From the very beginning, his works have been deeply rooted in urban surroundings, with themes developed around architectural details, industrial areas, featuring shipyard facilities and transport means among other things. His style evolves, yet still remains graphically modest and blunt. Among the early dehumanised landscapes, machines in the process of production and destruction, the outcomes of playing with unlimited possibilities of combination offered by ever-expanding collection of elements, there have found their way personal reflections, statements, sometimes in the form of a terse comment on what is happening around – a wink at one of street art sources. He also performs the functions of a curator of exhibitions and other artistic events.

To learn more about Mariusz Waras and his work, please visit: www.m-city. org oraz www.instagram.com/stencilcity

Lifestyle | Lato 2019 | 21

22 | Summer 2019 | Lifestyle

◀ Justine Pechuzal & Liza McElroy This wonderful mural painted by two Alaskan artists portrays four humpback whales. This is a kind of tribute paid to the animals you can see and admire with your own eyes in their natural environment from mid-April to November in Kenai Fjords National Park situated near Seward. 135 4th Ave, Seward

VSA Partners & Colossal Media

The mural can be seen while walking along the Coney Island Boardwalk, on one of the walls of the New York Aquarium. Various sea creatures are painted against the background of nearby buildings. The mural was created with the help of 100 volunteers. 602 Surf Ave, Nowy Jork

◀ Yuko Shimizu, Coby Kennedy & Stefan Sagmeister, Wade Jeffery (Sagmeister & Walsh) A part of DUMBO Walls project, with DUMBO being a short for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass. It consists of two murals facing each other. Both feature the word “Yes”, with the lettering in black and white in one of them and in the form of an octopus emerging from the abyss in the other. The positive message of the murals attracts in particular those in love, who use the two murals for their engagement or wedding photo shoot backgrounds. 115 Jay St, Nowy Jork

Artist unknown

The mural depicts koi fish, believed to be a symbol of perseverance in adversity. They were painted in 2006 as part of the government Ihwa-dong Naksan Project aimed at revitalisation of a declining suburb of Ihwa-dong. The murals created under the project became so popular among tourists that tension built up between the local residents and the visitors. In 2016, to prevent the growing discontent, the fish staircase mural along with the other murals were painted over with grey paint.

Ihwa Mural Village, Seoul

Lifestyle | Summer 2019 | 23


In May 2019, Victor Vescovo, an American explorer and traveller, dived solo in his submarine DSV Limiting Factor to 11 km, thus setting a new world record for the number of solo dives, the deepest dive and the longest period of time ever spent at the bottom of the ocean. On the way to the Challenger Deep in the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench, he discovered three new species of marine animals, a plastic bag and candy wrappers. Whether we like it or not, plastic will become the second largest component of marine ecosystems after water

24 | Summer 2019 | Lifestyle

in the mid-21st century. An estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in water every year. Eaten by marine animals, it is most likely to be consumed by us finally. It may take plastic from some 600 to over 1000 years to decompose. Nobody knows for sure how long it will actually last. If we keep dumping plastic into water at the current rate, there will be 1 tonne of plastic per 3 tonnes of fish in the oceans by 2025. Plastic in the oceans first of all poses a major threat to marine ecosystems. Swallowing microplastics (pieces less than 5 mm in diameter), zooplankton

do not collect food and cease to grow as a result. Aquatic animals, on the other hand, swallow macroplastics that cause gastrointestinal tract mechanical injuries and a feeling of early satiety, contributing to the creatures’ premature death. The question then is: what can we do for the nature? Start with implementing the 3 R’s principle whenever possible. Reduce the amount of packaging and waste; Reuse those which cannot be reduced; Recycle those which cannot be reused. And buy products made by environmentally friendly companies.

Lefrik was established in Madrid in 2012 with the aim of creating fashionable, functional bags, backpacks and other travel accessories made of eco-friendly fabrics and offering them to conscious consumers. Nowadays, all products are made out of recycled plastic bottles. Lefrik thus contributes to the environment by reducing the use of virgin polyester and extending the life of discarded plastic bottles, while saving energy in the production process. Lefrik is vegan too; it has been approved as vegan by the animal welfare organization PETA. More information about Lefrik can be found at: www.lefrik.com IG: www.instagram.com/lefrik FB: www.facebook.com/lefrikbrand TW: www.twitter.com/lefrik_co

Lifestyle | Summer 2019 | 25


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