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March 2013

Molding Madison’s youth RYLA is shaping young leaders

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Whistle Stop Sweet Shop brings treats downtown

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Rocket Harley-Davidson offers the lastest trends Madison Living 1

Ah yes, spring is in the air. The birds MADISON are chirping and the LIVING weather is (presumably) comfortable enough for residents of Madison to explore what the city has to offer. In this month’s issue of Madison Living, readers will have a chance to explore a place where they can satisfy their sweet tooth all while relaxing in a historic district that is on the rise. Readers will also dive into a world of peace and a health utopia at Bikram Hot Yoga which just recently opened up in the Madison area. Looking for examples of Madison youth becoming brighter leaders for the future? Look no further than RYLA put on by the Madison Rotary Club. There are countless examples of what makes Madison tick in this month’s issue of Madison Living, you just have to turn the page! Enjoy!

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Future Leaders RYLA building Madison County

WRITTEN BY AlDo AmAto phOTOGRaphS BY crIsten smIth

6 Madison Living

LEFT: Karen Morris (in green) and the Madison scholars. ABOVE: Claire McKee, wrestles with a board as she works to make her way to the next “island” in this course called: “Maui to Kauai.”


n an age that is often criticized for its lack of young leadership, one group in Madison County stands alone in grooming the next generation of American leaders. The Rotary Club of Madison has served the area for years building leaders to better guide their community. For the past six years, the group has focused on its younger generation with the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) in Madison County. District RYLA Chair Karen Morris described the event as a great way for local high school students to learn ways to give back to the community while also building their own portfolio. “It’s our way of giving high school a leadership program to put on their resume,” Morris said. “But most importantly it is an opportunity for us to build better leaders in our community.” When most hear the word “awards”, thoughts of golden men, plaques and other award décor come to mind. However, RYLA is different Morris said. Those selected to attend the event go through a camp-like atmosphere in order to enhance their leadership skills and better embody

the Rotary Four-Way Test, which includes the following principles: “Is it the truth?, Is it fair for all concerned?, Will it build goodwill and better friendships? and Will it be beneficial to all concerned?” Morris said that the four principles in the test is what all of the young scholars should base their weekend off of. Scholars are for the most part sophomores and juniors in high school but seniors can be accepted. All of the scholars have been either selected by the Rotary Club or have been actively been involved in Interact which is a Rotary Club organization in local high schools such as Bob Jones. “What we do is that each club select’s their own scholars and sponsor’s their own scholars so there is no out-ofpocket money at all,” Morris said. “Most of the clubs send 2-6 sophomores and juniors from their local high schools and we do accept seniors.” This year, The Rotary Club of Madison held RYLA 2013 at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville and attendees were able to experience a scaled down version of Space Camp. Scholars will also be able to hear various speakers who Morris said have been fantastic and truly Madison Living 7

inspirational in recent years. “One of the speakers we had in the past was Judge Sybil Cleveland who was truly a truly inspirational speaker because she represented overcoming adversity, Many of the speakers who have come each year have given scholars a glimpse into their success both in and outside of the community. Some of the other speakers in year’s past have included Sen. Bill Holtzclaw (R-AL) who showed graduates his “Tools for Success” and how that though all the paths in life may be different, they can lead to the same successful destination. “We’re trying to show these scholars that everyone has their own path and that they can all be successful,” Morris said. “We talk to them too about how team building is key.” This year’s keynote speaker was Sen. Arthur Orr (R-AL). The theme of RYLA 2013 was “Peace” and Morris said that many of the conflict-resolution exercises were built around that central theme and how as a team, community leaders can better strive for peace. Morris said that success rate of those who have attended RYLA in the past years have been phenomenal as they transition from high school to college life. “We’ve had parents whose children attended RYLA come back and say that it was a life changing event,” she said. “I know of one instance where we had a scholar come who was very quiet and after she attended RYLA, she just blossomed and went on to join various organizations in college.”

8 Madison Living

Aside from building individual success with a team first mentality, Morris said that RYLA all comes down to helping Madison County’s young leaders making the right decision. “It’s all about helping them learn to make the right decision,” she said. “I have more kids after graduation tell me that RYLA is the best thing they’ve ever done an it really hits home to me because to see all those benefits of the program pay off, it is just worth every penny. ”

FAR LEFT: (L to R): Kareem Belhadj, Sandhya Krishna, Haelin Oh, Maddie O’Donnell, Johsias Hussen, and Julia Roberts work together on a project. LEFT: Patrick Hammond participates with other scholars “walk the plank” from island to island.

Madison Living 9

R 10 Madison Living


Riding in fashion phOTOGRaphS BY sArAh breWer | MakE up BY AngIe rAetz Madison Living 11

12 Madison Living

(L to R): Jasond Cole, Baleigh Baskin, Lana Barshinger, Keith Barshinger, Kristy Harbin, Will Harbin and Essence Nesbit all model some of the fashionable items found at Rocket Harley-Davidson.

Madison Living 13

A Couture Bridal Boutique

500 Providence Main Street | Huntsville, Alabama 35806 | 256.270.8895 14 Madison Living

PA an lea aH we



“The perspective I gained from the UA EMBA program changed the way I look at business and my career. It continues to provide benefits for me and my company.” – T YS O N H O R R O C KS , e m b a 2 0 1 0

e m b a .ua . e d u 205-348-4501

PAGE 14: Keith and Lana Barshinger wearing the Men’s 110th anniversary leather jacket and the Women’s 110th anniversary leather jacket w/removable hoodie. TOP: Lana Barshinger models a Harley-Davidson black fringe handbag. ABOVE: Keith Barshinger wears a Men’s 110th anniversary leather jacket.

EMBA print ad.tyson.indd 1

Madison Living 15

1/28/13 10:16 AM

L r H l

16 Madison Living

LEFT: Jasond Cole models men’s HD leather jacket with a removable hoodie. ABOVE: Baleigh Baskin rides on the back of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle while wearing a women’s Pink Label leather jacket from Rocket Harley-Davidson.

Madison Living 17


Adding a personal touch Hunts make thier Highland Lakes home thier own WRITTEN BY gregg l. pArker phOTOGRaphS BY sArAh breWer


ear Rainbow Mountain’s base, Dr. Matthew and Virginia Hunt continue to settle in their new home after moving from their hometown of Jackson, Mississippi in fall 2012. Dr. Hunt is a general surgeon at Madison Hospital. Virginia Hunt is a nurse practitioner and works as clinical instructor for the School of Nursing at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. They both attended Mississippi College and the University of Mississippi Medical Center. They chose to live in Highland Lakes, ‘midway’ between Huntsville Hospital and Madison Hospital. They chose the house for its floor plan with two downstairs bedrooms and an upstairs living area that daughter Kennedy Tate Hunt, 14, claimed as her domain. “The community has been welcoming. We have great neighbors. Kennedy likes her school, and we enjoy the proximity to some other nice cities. Everything is copacetic,” Virginia said. The home’s traditional exterior features brindled slate/gray brick. Mass 18 Madison Living

PAGE 18: Antlers sit atop a Restoration Hardware table on an animal hide rug in the Hunts’ formal dining room. A vintage gumball machine filled with wine corks adds a whimsical touch. ABOVE: On the kitchen table, antique pipes guard a wine bottle chandelier topped with a fleur de lis.

Madison Living 19

20 Madison Living

CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: The Hunts gather for informal dinners in their cozy, kitchen dining area. “The kitchen is the popular place,” Virginia Hunt said. The living room uses soothing neutrals and monochromatic color schemes. A vase with cotton bolls remind the Hunts of relatives back in Jackson and the Mississippi Delta. Kennedy Hunt’s bedroom suite features bold colors with teal in one room, lime green in another and a pink bathroom.

plantings of evergreen shrubbery accent the lawn, and purple leaves of loropetalum shrubs welcome guests along the entrance. Covering about 4,400 square feet, the house has five bedrooms and four baths with classic wainscoting, elaborate crown molding throughout and an attractive fireplace mantel. Initially, the Hunts were annoyed by their garage’s cumbersome storm shelter. “Coming from Mississippi, no one had these. We were quickly educated and are now thankful for it,” Virginia said. The family always gathers for dinner. “The kitchen is the popular place,” Virginia said. She loves the formal dining room with their Restoration Hardware table, but suppers are more casual. Afterwards, they shift to the living room, “cozy and not uncomfortably formal.” “My style is very eclectic,” Virginia said. “Homes in Madison are mostly traditional so I’ve tried to make my style work in our home.” Steer horns are mounted over their wide-screen television, deer antlers guard the dining table and wine corks fill a vintage gumball machine. Through the years, Virginia has found these and other ‘treasures’ and “dragged them home. I’m always on the hunt.” Also, her grandmother was an antique dealer so Virginia inherited a few pieces. She is especially fond of her Roseville pottery with “more sentimental value than anything.” When they moved, the Hunts found the dining room and office painted green and master bedroom and bath a sky blue.

daisy lane gifts Thoughtful Gifts-Treasured Memories

11156 County Line Rd Madison, AL 35756-5403

(256) 325-2704

Corner of County Line & Mill Roads

Madison Living 21

“I much prefer neutrals and monochromatic color schemes so my painters got to work,” Virginia said. “Benjamin Moore’s Abalone is what I used in the study, formal dining room and master bedroom. Eventually, I will paint the entire interior that color.” She also painted the beige front door to Wythe Blue. “I would have gone a little brighter, but I didn’t want to rattle any neighbors,” Virginia joked. Much more dramatic, Kennedy’s room ‘pops’ with three colors -- teal in one room, lime green in another and a pink bathroom. “The painters thought I was crazy,” Virginia said. “It turned out very cute and Kennedy loves it.” Looking forward to spring, Virginia will begin work “to bring the yard to life.” Her lawn in Jackson drew raves, even from people driving down the street. “It was magnificent,” she said. Her favorite plantings are mixed beds with red Dallas lantana, Mexican petunias, Knockout roses and all daylily species. Kennedy is an eighth-grader at Discovery Middle School. She runs as a sprinter on the Bob Jones High School track team. The Hunts’ four pets are major players in the household. “Lily, our yellow lab, is an old girl. Rowdy the Maltese is the sweetest, funniest little companion,” Virginia said. They rescued Lily, Rowdy and Gypsy, a 15-year-old, 15-pound calico cat. They also own a Persian cat. “They all liven up the house. At any moment, someone’s fighting or being chased.”

22 Madison Living

Kennedy, Dr. Matthew and Virginia Hunt stand at their living room fireplace. | 256-542-1629 |

Madison Living 23


S 24 Madison Living

LEFT: Whistle Stop Sweet Shop opened in November 2012 on Main St. in historic downtown Madison. ABOVE: Lynn Crumbly said that fudge is the most popular item at Whistle Stop Sweet Shop and that it is starting to gain notoriety across the region.

Sweet Satifaction Whistle Stop Sweet Shop

brings treats downtown

WRITTEN BY AlDo AmAto | phOTOGRaphS BY sArAh breWer


nce a month, most Madison residents have to give into the guilty pleasure of satisfying their sweet tooth. And what better way to do so than to stop into Madison’s newest gourmet candy shop, Whistle Stop Sweet Shop located on Main St. in historic downtown Madison. Shop owner and operator Lynn Crumbly said that she is excited to be a part of the ongoing growth and renovation of

Madison’s historic district. “I had a shop in Arab in the 1990’s,” she said. “So I have had that passion for candy making going on but life goes on and my moved to Washington D.C. so it really did not become a reality till we moved into a house on Front St.” Crumbly said that she began to think about the little area downtown and questioned herself if she could make a living owning a candy shop. Madison Living 25

“You have to sell a lot of candy,” Crumbly said. After noticing the renovations going on in the historic downtown district and hearing about other businesses relocating to it, Crumbly said that her interest peeked when a spot along Main St. opened up. “This little spot was dropped on me and that was like the catalyst that said ‘Ok if you’re going to do it, it’s now or never’ so I thought about it for a long time and that’s how it really came to light.” While she was making the final steps towards making her dream a reality, Crumbly said that she met the perfect companion to not only become business partners with but also to become life-long friends as well. “I had met Crystal McBryer and she was so encouraging about it,” Crumbly said. “She kept telling me ‘You got to do it, you got to do it’ and so we went from there.” Crumbly attributes all of the creative aspects that go into her products to McBryer’s art savvy mentality. “It doesn’t matter if you buy something that is $5 or $50,” McBryer said. “We are going to do our best to make whatever you purchase look professional and the way you want it.” Although Madison is no longer the small town that it once was with it’s now 40,000 plus residents, both Crumby and McBryer said that there is one thing that keeps bringing multiple residents, young and old, into their confectionary paradise.

26 Madison Living

Lynn Crumbly (left) and Crystal McBrayer sit behind an array of delicious treats at Whistle Stop Sweet Shop.

Rookie R ookie o off tthe he Y Year ear

Madison Living 27

28 Madison Living

Page 28: Candy coated pretzels just in time for Easter. ABOVE, Clockwise from far left: An assortment of Easter treats. Chocolate bunnies are always a favorite in the spring. The decor inside Whistle Stop Sweet Shop mixes small town hospitality with big city flavor.

“It is the product,” Crumbly said. “It’s just also been good customer service and good word of mouth. We also don’t just put fudge that is ‘ok’ out there. We want people to know what we put in the shop; we’ve decided it’s the best we can offer to them.” McBryer added that having the small town atmosphere to go along with Whistle Stop Sweet Shop’s economic-friendly prices also keeps attracting people from all over the Tennessee Valley to their Main St. location. Ever since the grand opening of Whistle Stop Sweet Shop in November of 2012, Crumbly said that everything she had hoped for the shop to be like has gone for the most part according to plan. “I think the shop has done more than I expected,” Crumbly

said. “Yet it hasn’t done more than I dreamed it would be. It is not constantly overcrowded to where we are unable to the customers. So in that respect, people have been so receptive when it came to the renovations, our product and they just keep coming.” Looking ahead, Crumbly said that she would like to expand Whistle Stop Sweet Shop as much possible and modernize the shop as much as possible with additions like a back patio and Wi-Fi technology all while at the same time keeping a small town, community oriented charm. “I’d love to expand,” she said. “But at the moment I think we are trying to remain as proactive as we can in the community and it has been wonderful being able to assist fundraisers and just remain true to our customers and residents.” Madison Living 29

30 Madison Living


Deloris Foster adds detail to her recipe card.

Once Upon a Scrapbook: A crop of memories with sentimental garnish

WRITTEN BY gregg l. pArker phOTOGRaphS BY crIsten smIth


t Once Upon a Scrapbook, memories turn into stories as ‘scrapbookers’ across North Alabama find topquality supplies and a talented staff that enjoys cropping and popping artful images in the arts-and-crafts pastime. Dolores Slusher and Darlene Slusher

are the mother/daughter team managing the family-owned business. On March 17, 2013, they will celebrate our eightyear anniversary. Once Upon a Scrapbook was the first store of its type to open in the Huntsville area. “We wanted to teach people about scrapbooking and how important it is to preserve their memories,” Dolores said. “So many things are out there that you can do, but nothing was available in stores

at that time.” The store’s address is 6945 U.S. 72 W. in the Indian Creek Village shopping complex near Madison’s eastern city limits. Friendly, one-on-one customer service is a top priority. “Since we are a small store, we try to help everyone that comes into the store. We show customers how to use tools and products,” Dolores said. “We have lots of classes, where you can Madison Living 31

CLOCKWISE: 1. Stamps. 2. Decorations for that special someone. 3. Paper flower decorations. 4. Colorful card stock. 5. Rows of stickers and embellishments. 6. A scrapbook album. 7. An assortment of scrapbooks.

32 Madison Living

learn how to scrapbook or make cards. It is a great way to meet people and make friends.” One class allows customers to make four 6-by-6-inch recipe cards. “We also have $1 card day every other Wednesday. On this day, we design two cards that can be made for $1 each,” Darlene said. “We have many classes for scrapbooking and card making, tool demonstrations and more. We show you how to use different tools, products and techniques. We have something for everyone.” The Slushers teach customers how to use newly released tools and scrapbook materials. “Daily, we are trying to find all the latest and greatest products and teach how to use them,” Darlene said. Children’s classes offer perfect summertime breaks. Depending on skill and age, youth can enroll in adult classes. Class calendars are available online. Once Upon a Scrapbook stocks a myriad of supplies. The store is organized in sections for holidays, ranging from Christmas to individual and monthly celebrations; professional service, like the military, doctors, nurses, fire fighters and police officers; pets and animals; infants; collegiate sports, including the Alabama Crimson Tide, Auburn Tigers and Tennessee Vols. “We have sections for all sports -- baseball, softball, basketball, football, gymnastics, cheerleading, karate, track & field, wrestling, bowling and golf, hockey and more,” Dolores said. Customers can capture their children’s lives from preschool to graduation and other events through school years.

ations r

d album.

Madison Living 33

Shelia Eaton cuts pieces for her scrapbook page.

34 Madison Living

Currently, travel is a popular scrapbook theme. Once Upon a Scrapbook has merchandise for numerous countries and U.S. states, Washington, D.C. and the beach. Weddings are another favorite feature, including pages for bridal showers and the bachelorette party. “Everyone loves the lines by Bo Bunny, Graphic 45, Basic Grey, Bazzill, Disney and licensed products like Harry Potter, ‘Star Wars,’ SpongeBob, ‘Sesame Street,’ Hello Kitty, LEGO and ‘The Wizard of Oz,’” Darlene said. The store carries products from Fun Things, like aquariums and games; family products for mother, father, sister and brother; and heritage/family tree. Hobbyists can find scrapbooks and refills, adhesives, trimmers, punches, rulers, scissors, Quickutz, Spellbinders, Cuttlebug & Cottage Cutz dies, rubber stamps, ink, embellishments, Copic and Spectrum Noir markers, Quilling items, Scor Pal, Tim Holtz, Flower Soft, Silhouette Cameo and accessories and much more. “If we don’t have it, we usually can get it,” Dolores said. “We’re happy to do special orders.” The Slushers plan to continue their shop’s success with the best of customer service, classes and quality products. Store hours are Monday-Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call 256-417-6445, email to or visit www.onceuponascrap. com.

Celebrating our one year anniversary! On Feb. 28, 2012, Madison Hospital opened for patient care. As your community hospital, we are grateful you trust us to care for you and your loved ones. Alongside our patients, we’ve experienced several “firsts” this year … first inpatient admission, first surgery, first newborn delivery … and the list goes on. We are also fulfilling our commitment to provide important services close to home, such as the recent opening of Madison Hospital Breast Center, the city’s first breast imaging center for screening mammography, and by bringing a general surgeon to the community who now lives in Madison. Though the years may pass quickly, our pledge will remain the same ... to treat you like a member of our family while we take care of you. It is our honor and privilege to serve you.

Madison Living 35


Balance your life WRITTEN BY AlDo AmAto phOTOGRaphS BY sArAh breWer

36 Madison Living


s human beings, we all strive to find the perfect balance of mind, body and spirit to overall attain a healthy wellbeing. Little do people know that there is a place in Madison where patrons can get started on that journey. Bikram Hot Yoga, located along Madison Blvd. in Madison, offers a style of yoga that cleanses both the mind and body in a way not normally portrayed in mainstream media. Bikram Choudhury, an exercise and yoga enthusiast and champion from India developed Bikram Yoga in the early 1970’s. After Choudhury arrived in the United States, his 26 postures became so popular that several celebrities sought his guidance. Dell Watkins, owner and instructor at Bikram Hot Yoga in Madison, said that while the thought of practicing yoga in a 105 degree heated room sounds intimidating; the heat is actually an accelerant to purify the body during the exercises. “The postures work the entire body by the time you are done,” Watkins said. “From the inside out, your bones, skin and your fingertips are all worked out. The heat helps the body see quicker results.” Watkins said since the day that Bikram Hot Yoga opened in Madison in October, the number of patrons who saw immediate results increased as they kept coming back to experience the hot yoga sessions. “We’ve been getting a lot of clients in who have seen the benefits in the heated environment,” she said. “It consists of a 90 minute session where you work on your mind, heart, respiratory system and you name it, we touch it.” According to literature handed out by Bikram Hot Yoga, some of the health benefits of practicing the 26 postures include: restored flexibility, spine strengthening, an increase in daily energy, pain relief, improved circulation and a psychological refresher that ‘calms your soul’ and ‘clears your mind.’ Of course practicing physical exercise in a 105-degree environment will naturally make the body sweat in high amounts. But Watkins said that is something that clients should not fear and is actually encouraged during the sessions. “Sweat is your natural cooling system,” she said. “So you want to sweat and we encourage our students to sweat. People want to naturally Madison Living 37

Those that attend classes at Bikram Hot Yoga stretch out everything. RIGHT: Owner Dell Watkins in a relaxed posture. Watkins is a certified instructor and encourages Madison residents to try Bikram Hot Yoga at least once.


Acupuncture & Herbs Clinic

38 Madison Living

wipe the sweat off because that is what we are used to but we urge them to keep the sweat on their body.” Watkins added that as far as preparation goes before each class, there is not much that students have to do. The only thing she would recommend would be being well hydrated in advance. Cleanliness always comes into question whenever high amounts of sweat and a heated room come to mind. However Watkins said that Bikram Hot Yoga holds health and cleanliness to the highest standard and there should never be a cause for concern while practicing yoga at their Madison facility. “We keep the room extremely clean,” Watkins said. “We have a system whereby once the Co2 gets to a certain level, the used air is sucked out of the room and pushes fresh air back into the room. We have a very sophisticated system.” Despite Bikram Hot Yoga being around for more than two decades, Watkins said that its popularity is just now growing and many don’t realize that they have a special thing right in their backyard. “People just don’t really know about it yet,” she said. “It’s a big deal because it’s a resource for people to use when they feel like they don’t have another alternative.” Watkins said that some of the testimonies she’s heard have been remarkable. Whether it has been from relieving pain during a post-surgery rehab or a simple detox, she has seen the results in person and looks forward to serving the residents of Madison and introducing them to a growing popularity.

Madison Living 39

40 Madison Living


Essence Nesbit models a women’s leather jacket found at Rocket Harley-Davidson.

Madison Living 41

42 Madison Living

Madison Living 43


Walgreens ribbon cutting


Representatives from both Walgreens and the City of Madison came out to celebrate the ribbon cutting of the new Walgreens pharmacy location on Jan. 7. The brand new store is located at the corner of County Line Rd. and Browns Ferry Rd. photographs by aldo amato. 1. City Councilman District 4 representative Mike potter, James Rogers, Store Manager Julie Tony, Mayor Troy Trulock. 2. Lynn park 3. Store Manager Julie Tony 4. Mayor Troy Trulock

44 Madison Living




5. Linda horton and Raven Mcanally 6. James Rogers 7. Donna Wallace




EmbroidMe Madison Living 45


An evening of Art at the Village salon The Village Salon, located in the heart of the Village of providence’s business district, hosted an event on Feb. 5 promoting the arts in huntsville, and specifically the huntsville art League. peter Grant, the president of the art League, was on hand and expressed his appreciation for the support shown by owners Jennifer, Sharon and Shelby Manning. The evening’s entertainment was provided by Ingrid Marie. The art on display was provided by art League members, Carrie alderfer, Fred McBride and peter Grant, as well as first time exhibitors Stacie Wooten and Jennifer Spaub along with that of angie True. photographs by Fred McBride. 1. Ingrid Marie and Curtis putnam 2. andrew Baites 3. amy Neil and Laura Skinner 4. Carrie alderfer

46 Madison Living







6. Shelby Manning 7. Stacie Wooten 8. peter Grant (president of the huntsville art League) and Charmion Baugher


Madison Living 47

madison celebrates mardi gras Madison residents and local officials gathered at the hudsonalpha Institute of Biotechnology to celebrate and bid at the 2nd annual Medi Gras Bash to Benefit Madison hospital Breast Center. Madison Manor celebrated Mardi Gras by naming a king, feasting on cake and wearing various Mardi Gras attire. photographs by aldo amato. 1. Councilwoman Ronica Ondocsin and her husband Bill 2. Mary Lynne Wright and Susan Ready 3. Madison Mayor Troy Trulock, Dana Trulock, Dr. Julie Finley and former mayor paul Finley

48 Madison Living







4. Yolanda Wright, Jo Beauchamp and Iris Ramsey 5. Carolyn ashley, Felita Smith and Nancy Lawler 6. Sen. Bill holtzcalw and his wife pam. 7. Mardi Gras “king” James Bryant and his wife Celia


Madison Living 49

connect 2013


Mayor Troy Trulock and city officials from huntsville and Madison gathered at the Davidson Center at the u.S. Space & Rocket Center for Connect 2013. Trulock gave his annual State of the City address. photographs by Sarah Brewer. 1. Nansi Clark and Gayle Malone 2. Gerald & Tina Clark 3. Tommy & Debbie Overcash and police Chief Larry Muncey

50 Madison Living





4. Dana Trulock 5. Brad & pam Sparks 6. Tony & Cindy Sensenberger 7. Sharon & Tim holcomb



Madison Living 51

kidVenture ribbon cutting



kidVenture and the Madison City Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony at their Madison location off of Lanier Rd. on Jan. 15. photographs by Sarah Brewer. 1. Mayor Troy Trulock speaks at the kid Venture ribbon cutting 2. amanda keen 3. kristen Strickland, Sherri Blair, Janelle Thomas, Rhonda Brewster and Mayor Troy Trulock cut the ribbon at kidVenture



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52 Madison Living


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4. penny Robinson and son Dylan. 5. Sean Wilson with his son Caden. 6. Janelle Thomas and Rhonda Brewster speak at the kid Venture ribbon cutting. 7. angie Enderton


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CARRY TRANSIT Decatur Alabama Now hiring DRIVERS * Good Pay * Excellent Benefits & Home Time * 18 Months OTR exp. * Class A CDL with Tanker Endorsement Apply on Line @

ZERO % DOWN With Your Deed, Low Payments Easy Finance 256-233-3101 Clayton Homes Discount Vinyl Siding and Handyman Services Up to 40% off most bids. Free Estimates. Call 256-686-1647 Or 256-337-3884 NEW & USED Stair Lift Elevators, Walk-in tubs, Roll-in showers, Scooters, Wheelchairs, Lift Chairs, Car Lifts. Servicing North Alabama 25 Years in Business! 205-424-5858 or 800-682-0658 CAREGivers and CNA’s Tired of working in facilities? Need extra money for the holidays? Assist the elderly 1 on 1 in their homes with personal care, meal prep., & light housekeeping. Flexible Schedules. Competitive Pay. 256-883-3080 Hunky Dory Salon Looking for Stylist booth rent/commission for our NEW location. Call Tiffany @256.895.6688 Sheetrock Hanger Experienced Sheetrock Hangers/Finishers and Acoustical ceilings. Must have valid ID, references, and Drug Test required. Fax resume to 256-851-0613 and call 256-759-6771. WE HAVE FREIGHT!!! James R. Smith Trucking of Cullman, AL is currently seeking drivers

and Owner-Operators. Benefits include daily settlements; direct deposit or express cash; 100% of fuel surcharge, stop & drop pay; discounts on fuel, cell phones & tires; pre-pass furnished; excellent home/family time and a payroll deducted truck purchase plan. Contact Greg Quick at 256.338.5168 or 800.633.3252 DRIVERS WANTED Qualified Class A Tanker Drivers. Fair Wage with great Benefits that include $1000 Sign on Bonus, $2.00 /Hour Safety & Performance Bonus. Free $1000,000 Life Insurance Policy Searcy & Quitman Arkansas. CONTACT KEVIN OR JACQUE 501-589-4044 A CUT ABOVE! 1810 Eastwood Dr. SE, Decatur Exquisite 4BR home with new gourmet kit, h’wood, updated baths & much more in SE Pt. Mallard Est w n’hood, tennis, swim, & club close to TN River & Pt. Mallard Park. $275,900 MLS#640346 Call Cynthia Volin @ MarMac Real Estate 256-318-5179 DRIVERS OTR Drivers needed with 2 yrs exp. Midwestern & Southeastern States only. Call Mike Peterson 800-356-5312 Delivery, Sales, MGMT No Exp. Nec. Co Trk provided, D/L a must. Earn $800+/wk. Call Brandon @ 256489-0874

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Stay cool this Spring! See you in April! phOTOGRaph BY sArAh breWer 54 Madison Living

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