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As summer begins to wind down in August, MADISON there are still plenty LIVING of places to visit and things to do in the City of Madison. If you are looking for the perfect place to eat just grab some quality food on the fly, look no further than Food Fighters Bustaurant that sets up at various locations across Madison and serves up American classics from a bright yellow

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school bus. And after you enjoy some great food, get those pearly whites checked at Complete Dental along Madison Boulevard by some of the state’s top dentists. Looking for one last way to pamper your little one? Well Bananas Boutique in historic downtown Madison is where it is at. Bananas offers clothing and spa treatment for your little girl as she prepares to head back to school in style. So take a glimpse inside and enjoy the last month of summer!

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Arts & culture SPEED, SPRAY, STUNTS!


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29 4 Madison Living



Morris Lovelady by his boat with one of his prized possessions, his ski.

Speed, Spray, Stunts! Barefooting Madison great-grandfather passes his love of skiing to a new generation wRiTTEN bY chArles molIneAux PhoTogRAPhS bY AlDo AmAto


elatives insist he could have been a contender, a national star, a pro. Instead longtime barefoot water skier Morris Lovelady, one of the nation’s first barefooters, became Madison’s own neighborhood, and family, water skiing guru, an outspoken advocate, and now an admired icon among professionals who

have singled him out for his dedication to the sport. “There is this huge community in north Alabama skiing because of him,” said Lovelady’s daughter, Amy Strickland. At 78 years old, Lovelady’s zeal for water skiing, especially ultra-challenging barefoot skiing, is undimmed. “To know you can do it after sixty years, there’s so much gratification to something like that,” he said. “It’s like you’re skeet shooting and hit the skeet every time.” Madison Living 5

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Lovelady and an autographed bodysuit. A framed memory from when he started skiing in the early 1960s. Mementos from 1961. Tournament skis.

6 Madison Living

In June, the American Barefoot Waterski Club gave Lovelady its very first “Community Champion Award,” a prize created specifically with him in mind to honor “quiet champions who build barefooting at the grass roots.” Lovelady credited it all to his boyhood mentor Euel Garrison, owner of the Decatur drycleaners where young Morris worked in 1950. At the time, Garrison was also one of the few people in Decatur who had a power boat. And a love for the water. “Anything water related, we’d go. Boat races, water skiing shows,” Lovelady said. In those days for Lovelady, “water skiing” usually involved an aqua plane, a bulky kitchen table sized board actually towed by the boat. Then came the day he and Garrison watched a professional skier barefooting at a ski show in Guntersville. “Euel looked at me and said ‘Why can’t you do that?’” Lovelady recalled. “That’s where it all started, I think. It took me a few times but I was about 120 pounds and it didn’t take a lot of speed back then because I was so light.” “He once rode 5 miles down the Tennessee river barefoot,” said Strickland. “When you’re a kid, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, you like the attention,” Lovelady added, “and I was the only one in north Alabama doing this kind of thing.”

Madison Living 7

“Nieces, nephews, cousins. Anybody he can get his hands on, he’ll teach to water ski. Now all the neighbors’ kids know how to ski.” — Amy Strickland By 1961, he had officially qualified to ski for a living. Then life intervened. “He was poised and ready to go professional,” said Strickland, “when he met my mom and they ended up with four babies.” With that, Lovelady put dreams of Cypress Gardens aside and became a stable father with a stable job, managing a paint store. But he never surrendered his passion for the water, teaching skiing, first to his five daughters, then to his grandchildren, often with relish. “My grandson Charles in Arizona came to visit and we taught him how to ski,” Lovelady said. “They don’t have that much river out there near Phoenix.” It was that infectious enthusiasm that excited the leadership of the American Barefoot Club. Club president Joe Malenfant presented Lovelady with a newly coined crystal trophy as its first “community champion.” It was a heartening salute for Lovelady who was laid up with a back injury and off the water, but only temporarily he insisted. “I don’t give up,” he said. “It’s a challenge to see if you can still do it. I’m going to be back out there. I don’t have the words to do it justice, to tell you what it does for a person.” Friends and neighbors too were swept up in his excitement for speed and spray. “Nieces, nephews, 8 Madison Living

TOP: Lovelady and his 2013 ABC Award. LEFT: One of his first skies. ABOVE: An old pair of Reebok shoes from when Lovelady began skiing.

cousins,” laughed Strickland. “Anybody he can get his hands on, he’ll teach to water ski. Now all the neighbors’ kids know how to ski.” Lovelady’s little outboard Bayliner remains ready to hit the water near Wheeler Dam. This year, he’s working on his 5 and 9 year old great-grandchildren. “We’ll get on the slalom skis, then barefoot,” he promised. Strickland says all the recognition is well earned. “He’s always been very humble. If it wasn’t for people like daddy,” she said, “it wouldn’t be a sport. Period.”

Go Bananas!


Your little one will absolutely flip when she sees what clothing Bananas on Main Street offers PhoTogRAPhS bY Jen fouts-Detulleo

Madison Living 9

PAGE 9: Angelia Paisi, left, is wearing a Flowers By Zoe Gold Sequin skirt: $44; Sheer Cream poncho top with Gold heart sequin $54. Olivia Culver, right, is wearing a Flowers By Zoe Cream & Gold Sequin Party Dress $54. ABOVE: Olivia Culver gets her makeup done at Bananas on Main Street. RIGHT: Angelia Paisi is wearing a Persnickety Clothing, navy and white stripe Fiona romper $42. PAGE 11, TOP: Jayden Alexis is wearing Flowers by Zoe Aztec print leggings $26, sheer grey & yellow button down top $32 and Olivia Culver, right, is wearing Flowers By Zoe Aztec western fringe dress $39. BOTTOM: The entire staff at Bananas is always ready to meet each and every girls needs.

10 Madison Living

Madison Living 11

RIGHT: Casie Lacy, left, is wearing Flowers by Zoe sheer grey and pink poncho $29, neon pink skinny jeans. Angelia Paisi, right, is wearing Flowers By Zoe, Aztec print mini skirt, $28.00, sheer pink &orange button down top $32. PAGE 13: Casie Lacy, center, is wearing Oh La La Couture, Black & Pink Heart Sequin Tank, Black Chiffon Petticure Skirt $100 (for set includes top & bottom). Jayden Alexis, right, is wearing Oh La La Couture, Mint & Pink sequin heart tank, Mint & Pink chiffon petti skirt $100 for set. Olivia Culver, left, is wearing Oh La La Couture Mint & Pink Gingham tie front shirt dress.

A & T Nails & Spa 7559 59 U U.S. .S. 72 M Madison, adis ad i on, AL 357 35758 5758 57 58

(256)) 3 325-0086 25-0086 12 Madison Living

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ABOVE: By the time your little one leaves Bananas, she will be a ‘fashionista’ for life.

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Frank Nola Jr. designed the classical revival home with traditional influences of the American South and classical form of Thomas Jefferson and Andrea Palladio.

Madison’s historical glimpse Classical and Mediterranean influences define Nolas’ home wRiTTEN bY GreGG l. PArKer PhoTogRAPhS bY sArAh breWer


wenty years ago, Frank Nola Jr. designed and built his house on Mill Road, soon after graduation from the University of Virginia and a year at the University of Venice, Italy. His parents now own the classically inspired dwelling. Frank Jr. with VanPeursem Architects, PC in Huntsville also worked as the architect for Mill Creek Elementary and James Clemens High schools. In 1996, he sold the house, intending to build similar homes on either side. However, he bought

“a great 1940s-era house in Huntsville” and lived there seven years. The Mill Road house had two other owners before his parents, Frank Sr. and Grace Nola, bought it 11 years ago. The “classical revival” design is strongly influenced by traditional houses of the American South and work of Thomas Jefferson and 16thcentury Venetian architect, Andrea Palladio, whom Jefferson greatly admired. Many people associate the house with a “schoolhouse” but that was never Nola’s intention. “The front and sides’ strict symmetry and large central volume, flanked by lower elements, are very basic classical-revival design ideas,” he said. Opposed to American porches that project Madison Living 17

Frank and Grace Nola’s living room boasts rich textures, vibrant colors and impressive artwork — all illuminated from soaring windows.

18 Madison Living

Madison Living 19

outward, covered exterior spaces are recessed into the house’s body, increasing privacy like Italian loggias. “Yellow ochre and Pompeiian red exterior color scheme is another clue to the house’s classical Mediterranean roots,” Frank Jr. said. The house is frame construction with wood siding on an exposed, unpainted concrete block foundation. Working with home builder Mark Harris, Nola built the structure efficiently with off-the-shelf materials when possible. “The only custommade items are the three-part arched windows of the gabled ends — a nod to the renaissance architect Palladio and ancient Roman architecture,” he said. Frank Sr. and Grace Nola now live in a house their son designed, next door to son Charlie Nola and family and “have a special place for our daughter Linda and family when they are up from Florida,” Grace said.

With 1,450 square feet, the house has bedrooms in three corners, kitchen in the fourth, central living room and vaulted dining room. “Everyone’s favorite is the living room, the most unique feature,” Grace said. Extending more than 20 feet, the ceiling has high, clearstory windows on all four sides. “Large, arched windows are great for stargazing or watching clouds.” Its airy feel and abundant light are uplifting in any season. “The tall, central toplit space was inspired by the atrium of a typical ancient Roman house,” Grace said. The living area offers central — Frank Nola Jr. circulation, eliminating need for hallways. Casual furnishings represent the Nolas’ travels — African masks, Spanish Colonial paintings, Indian textiles, Japanese prints and Turkish ceramics. Regional art balances international objects. Florence, Alabama artist Michael Banks painted the mantel artwork. The late Chris Clark, a

“Yellow ochre and

Pompeiian red exterior color scheme is another clue to the house’s classical Mediterranean roots.”

Back-to-school time can bring on some frowns, no doubt. But Gigi’s has just the thing to turn those frowns upside down! Give your kids plenty of yummy reasons to celebrate— because no matter what time it is, if Gigi’s is there, it’s back-to-party time!

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MADISON • 1591 Hughes Rd, Suite A • Madison, AL 35758 • (256) 325-0448 Mon-Fri: 7am-7pm; Sat: 9am-7pm HUNTSVILLE • 2109 Whitesburg Drive • Huntsville, AL 35801 • (256) 270-9950 Mon-Sat: 9am-7pm DECATUR • 1241 Point Mallard Pkwy., Suite 412 • Decatur, AL 35601 • (256) 340-7250 Mon-Thurs: 10am-7pm; Fri-Sat: 10am-9pm

20 Madison Living

RIGHT: Frank and Grace Nola Sr. relax on their loggia, which has garden-fresh vegetables and a primitive painting of a spirited church service. FAR RIGHT: This tall, worktable from the early 1800s has Far Eastern flair, topped with a silk print from India.


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Madison Living 21

Birmingham outsider artist, painted the side porch’s church scene. An oversized metal catfish ‘swims’ over the living room. Their secretary desk was a wedding gift to Grace’s parents from their parents in 1925. Tan and brown neutrals and off-white trim suit the eclectic mix of furnishings. “We decorated the house ourselves with some advice from the original owner and Frank Jr.,” Grace said. Traditional Italian gardens inspired the landscaping. Emerald-green arborvitaes at front corners recall Italian cypress trees, she said. Symmetrical plantings reinforce the house’s architecture. Grace is fond of their bottle tree, fashioned on a winged elm. Originally from Miami, Frank and Grace moved to Huntsville in 1958. They both are members of Madison Station Historical Preservation Society and St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. An electrical engineer for 35 years, Frank retired from NASA. An accomplished angler, he enjoys fishing when they visit Florida. Grace is a member of the American Association of University Women, P.E.O. and charter member of Westbury Garden Club and Westbury Homemakers Club. RIGHT: The dining room sideboard’s formal lines blend with more relaxed furnishings.

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Food Fighters will drive your taste buds wild

wRiTTEN bY AlDo AmAto PhoTogRAPhS bY sArAh breWer Madison Living 23


s they travel and prepare to set up camp along one of their many routes, “Food Fighters Bustaurant” owner Jason Lafferty reflected on how he turned a 22-year-old, broken down school bus into a wildly popular eatery that has taken Huntsville and Madison by storm. “Well, I bought a school bus at an auction with the idea to flip it when I was living in Texas,” he said. “Over the phone with some friends from Huntsville, we where joking around about what to do with the bus. We talked about turning it into a camper for fun, or a limo-like service hauling fans to concerts or ball games, or turning it into a food truck.” Lafferty said he did some research and decided to go with the latter. “We looked into the laws and regulations in Huntsville,” he said. “We also looked into what was going on in the region food wise and decided it was just the right time for an idea like this to come to Huntsville.” “Food Fighters” began serving food in January but not after major renovations from the bus from Texas. “There were enough (renovations) to keep me busy for months,” he said. “The bus had a lot of bolts and screws that were frustrating to deal with.” Lafferty started by taking out the seats, redoing the floors/trim, custom building a propane holder on rear of bus, installing a custom three compartment sink and installing cabinets and kitchen equipment. “My good friend Joe is an electrician and he set the bus up with plenty of power outlets and lights. Not to mention the city gave me a 12 page guideline of regulations PAGE 23: One of Food Fighters’ signature cheeseburgers. CLOCKWISE FROM RIGHT: Jason Lafferty pokes his head outside the ‘bustaurant’ A grilled chicken sandwich with fries combo. Customers place their orders outside the bus.

24 Madison Living

Madison Living 25

26 Madison Living

that didn’t have answers to half my questions. Sometimes you gotta roll the dice and keep moving forward.” Their gamble paid off and the restaurant now serves quirky items like the “Fatty Melt”, “Border Patrol Burger” and “Quad City Tenderloins.” It’s hard to say what is a favorite menu item because I try to keep a wide variety of options but overall I would say our “Border Patrol Burger” with sriracha fries is our most popular item.” The “Border Patrol Burger” has queso blanco, mild green chiles and tri-colored tortilla strip chips on the side. “Food Fighters” sets up at a variety of locations throughout the week. They are located at north downtown Huntsville on Clinton Ave. on Thursday through Saturday from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Lafferty said he hopes to expand in the next year or so but enjoys where he is at right now with the business. PAGE 26: Food Fighters employees do not skip on the mustard, or the potions. LEFT: Owner Jason Lafferty transformed a 22-yearold bus into a popular eatary.



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Services: Delivery • Gift Certificates Special Orders Soil Mixes Diagnostic Services Plant Selection Gardening Tips and Advice Custom Container Planting

Merchandise: Bulk Materials • Bagged Goods Fertilizer Chemicals • Soils Mulches • Sod (Seasonally) Landscape Rock Decorative Stone Statuary • Tools and Accessories Home and Garden Accents

The Earth Laughs in Flowers

-Ralph Waldo Emmerson

8027 Madison Boulevard, Madison, Alabama 35758


Madison Living 27

“Sometimes you gotta roll the dice and keep moving forward.” — Jason Lafferty “I’m constantly looking for more locations, catering opportunities and events,” he said. “Right now, you can’t help get a sense of fulfillment or joy when someone comes up to and tells you how amazing your food was or when you see someone at a concert or around town and they tell you if you don’t stay open its not the quality of your food because your food is delicious. It’s just great right now.” For more information, visit or email Lafferty at foodfighters bustaurant@ RIGHT: Owner Jason Lafferty said he had to retrofit the bus in order to fit the grilling and cooking supplies.

28 Madison Living


The WQXD FM radio station is located in Decatur.

God … and Country? Religious radio station keeps the ‘religion’ volume low to reach a sometimes scattered flock wRiTTEN bY chArles molIneAux PhoTogRAPhS bY AlDo AmAto Madison Living 29


he sound is just as passionate and visceral, loud and fun as country music gets on radio stations across the country but managers at WQXDFM seek a spiritual backbeat to move listeners’ souls, not just their feet. Stealth salvation? “In essence that’s what we’re doing,” granted founder Rev. James Henderson, “We’re sneaking the Gospel message in. Absolutely.” Billing itself as “God’s Country,” the Athens based station aims its limited power transmission at Madison. “We want to be Madison’s hometown radio station,” Henderson said. The station is a project of Henderson’s Emmanuel Ministries, and avoids the

30 Madison Living

“In essence that’s what we’re doing. We’re sneaking the Gospel message in. Absolutely.” — Rev. James Henderson “Gospel” label, instead embracing an inspirational “positive country” format. A visit on the dial treats listeners to the likes of Travis Tritt’s “It’s a Great Day to be Alive.” The overtly Christian message of Martina McBride’s “Reluctant Daughter”

could be followed by Taylor Swift’s rendition of the nondenominational but decidedly star-spangled “American Girl,” “We’re very selective,” said Henderson. “Frankly we leave out the whoring, the drinking and the excuses for divorce and we stick to positive family values. But virtually all of the big name artists do music like that. What they’ll hear are the big names in country music.” Now in its 8th year on the air, the station is a venture that developed almost by happenstance or, as Henderson prefers to see it, divine assistance. “It did come to us in a miraculous way,” said Henderson, recalling that his foray into radio was a product of serendipity, extraordinary timing …and someone else’s passion. In 2004,

David Carney and James Henderson sit behind the microphone at WQXD.

Madison Living 31

CLOCKWISE FROM ABOVE: David Carney. James and Carol Henderson prepare to go on-air. PAGE 33: James Henderson atop the radio tower.

he was accosted by an acquaintance, the owner of an AM radio station who vigorously suggested Henderson look into a radio license. He even followed Henderson to his car urging him to at least explore the mechanics of applying.

“I discovered that we were two days into the five day filing window,” Henderson said. And the last few opportunities were almost gone. “So I was able to get an application in and it was approved and one thing led to

Don’t let leg pain slow your pace Venous reflux disease develops when your veins become damaged or diseased. Using minimally-invasive techniques, our vein specialists treat: • Varicose veins • Restless legs • Ankle swelling • Leg pain, aching, cramping or fatigue • Leg ulcers, open wounds or sores • Burning or itching on the legs Call to schedule an evaluation: (256) 265-VEIN.

32 Madison Living

another. Now it’s a key part of our ministry.” And an admittedly subtle part. Managers say a religious message with a barely perceptible touch is just what some listeners need in troubled, sometimes spiritually ambiguous, times. “You do what you can for others,” said David Carney, general manager and an on-air voice of the station. “You can give them money but still, what motivates people is how they feel about themselves inside. When you can tell stories and tell messages to make a person feel better, that’s God’s Country. And that’s what we do.” Programming will indeed include local community announcements, and preaching on Sundays. Rev. Henderson usually handles that himself. He’s also fervently working to generate excitement over local outreach for the healing ministry of St. Luke the Physician. Henderson and his wife Carol have been working on setting up a Madison Huntsville chapter of the group, which emphasizes the healing

value of prayer. The rest of the week on WQXD the message, gently delivered, is in the music. “We want to reach people who are away from the church,” he said, “people who are where we all were at one time, away from God, and really don’t want to be confronted. We don’t want to be reminded of where we are in life.” Not that the “positive country” of God’s Country is relentlessly upbeat. George Jones’ “50,000 Names,” for example, is a solemn tribute to America’s Vietnam dead and Carney points out the trials and tribulations of many a country song can provide lessons and inspiration. “When you fail three or four times,” he said, “God’s still got a path.” We play a few ‘lost love’ songs. That’s real life,” said Henderson. “But we don’t glorify that kind of thing. We deal with people with respect, in a way that is gentle and subtle, as a friend. It’s supposed to be encouraging and we believe it is.

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34 Madison Living

Madison Living 35


Complete Dental Placing patient satisfaction as paramount focus wRiTTEN bY GreGG l. PArKer PhoTogRAPhS bY AlDo AmAto


omplete Dental covers the gamut in dentistry — from toothaches to complete smile restorations. “Our dentists are always adding new services that benefit the patients’ oral health,” chief financial officer Michael Boggs. Procedures range from restorative to cosmetic. In 2012, Complete Dental added Botox to help TMJ patients and “Teeth in a Day” with four specially placed implants, which allows for 36 Madison Living

an immediate placement of a denture. “Our new procedure for 2013 is IV sedation, allowing patients with anxiety to have a relaxed procedure,” Boggs said. The dentists have practiced in Montgomery, Decatur, Athens, Madison, Huntsville, Sarrell Dental in Athens (for needy children) and the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor Hospital. They also have completed medical missions to the Dominican Republic, Peru and Costa Rica. All Alabama natives, the dentists earned doctorate of dentistry degrees at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Dentistry.

PAGE 36: Stephanie Mann examines patient Sybil Gibbons. CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Dr. Brandon Chambless, D.M.D. Complete Dental is located at 8263 Madison Blvd. in Madison. The I-Cat 3D machine.

Both Dr. Jason Selman and Dr. Brandon Chambless grew up in Jasper. Selman received a bachelor’s degree at the University of Alabama (UA) and graduated from the prestigious Las Vegas Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry. Chambless completed undergraduate study at the University of South Alabama, a master’s degree at UAB School of Public Health and Medical College of Georgia’s Implant Maxi-Course. He won the Quintessence Award for Excellence in Research and represented UAB at Tokyo’s Meikai University. He consults with sleep medicine physicians in treating sleep apnea with oral appliances.

“Dentistry has opened many doors for me and has allowed me to help those who are in physical pain or psychological pain due to lack of confidence in their smile.” — Dr. Brandon Chambless A native Madisonian, Dr. Rob Sotoudehnia earned a bachelor’s degree at UAB. “His knowledge of implants ranges from single-tooth to fixedMadison Living 37

denture restorations,” Boggs said. Sotoudehnia is experienced in cosmetic dentistry, Botox and SixMonth Smiles. Dr. Tyler Geise grew up in Florence and received a bachelor’s degree at UA. At UAB, he worked with dental pathology. He is pursuing certification in oral sedation and implantology. From Montgomery, Dr. Ashley Nemec graduated summa cum laude from Auburn University. She

38 Madison Living

can assist medically compromised patients and administer conscious sedation. Chambless wanted to work in a field that helps the people of Alabama with their overall health. “Being from Jasper, UAB dental school allowed me to stay local in Alabama while finding a career in the health field,” he said. “Dentistry has opened many doors for me and has allowed me to help those who are in physical pain or psychological pain

due to lack of confidence in their smile.” Complete Dental’s staff established the annual “Season of Smiles,” which offers free dental care to uninsured or needy individuals. “All of our staff and dentists volunteer time to help those in need,” Chambless said. After several years in Decatur, the dentists looked to Madison, which “was continuing to grow as a community,” Boggs said. “We wanted to grow with Madison.” Complete Dental dentists strive to make each visit a unique experience, emphasizing individualized care from a friendly greeting to a customized treatment plan. “Our goal is to help each patient to have the smile he or she wants,” Boggs said. Extended hours and dentists’ commitment at Complete Dental set the practice apart from other clinics. Hours are Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Patients easily find appointment times to fit busy schedules. Televisions in all patient rooms enhance relaxation. All digital x-rays and intra-oral cameras provide digital photographs of teeth. “Our patients’ satisfaction is of paramount importance,” Boggs said. An online, customer feedback program confirms the optimum level of customer satisfaction. This

feedback led to Saturday appointments, Botox, snore guards and “Teeth in a Day.” Locations are 8263 Madison Blvd., Suite A, Madison; 7540 S. Memorial Parkway, Suite L, Huntsville; 607 E. Hobbs St., Athens; and 1241 Point Mallard Parkway, Suite 105, Decatur. For more information, call 256-774-7228, email to or visit or Facebook.

PAGE 38, FAR LEFT: Dr. Brandon Chambless, D.M.D and staff in the main lobby area of Complete Dental. PAGE 38, RIGHT: Art decor line the walls of Complete Dental. ABOVE: Essential dental equipment.

Madison Hospital delivers Is your family growing? Ours is too! At Madison Hospital, we recently welcomed more obstetricians to our medical staff. More than ever before, your community hospital is ready to deliver. Currently delivering at Madison Hospital: • Clinic for Women • OB/GYN Associates • Dr. Leon Lewis Visit for more information. Call (256) 265-5188 to schedule a tour of our Maternity Department.

Madison Living 39


! e m i t y n Served A

40 Madison Living


Madison Living 41

chamber luncheon



The madison chamber of commerce held their monthly luncheon July 18 at the best western in madison. Photographs by Aldo Amato. 1. Jaclyn Acree and linda Nicodemus 2. Sylvia martin and Siglinde fike 3. Abby lee harmon and Allen Stroud 4. Jim and Steve leavy

42 Madison Living








5. Representatives from the huntsville/madison county cvb. 6. Patrick Smith and Kristy cole 7. Terry Sampson 8. Talbot hackett, Joe Knoch and Sen. bill holtzclaw (R-Al) 9. Richard King and christy hall

Madison Living 43


Enroll online at w w w. c c s l i o n . c o m


madfood 2013 hundreds turned out for madfood at the Port of madison on June 18. local restaurants and vendors provided samples of their food and beverages. Photographs by Aldo Amato. 1. cast members from fantasy Playhouse 2. lynn crumbly and crystal mcbrayer 3. Josh west



4. claire montgomery and leigh Thigpen 5. Sylvia martin 6. Phoebe Steele 7. The crew from Apple lane farms in madison





Madison Living 45

I love sushi ribbon cutting


The city of madison and huntsville gathered to celebrate the new i love Sushi on hwy. 72 in madison. Photographs by Aldo Amato. 1. huntsville mayor Tommy battle cuts the ceremonial ribbon. 2. lori warner and christy Nalley 3. The Xue brothers own the i love Sushi restaurant 4. Susan Shulte and melissa Putzier


5. valeria and Tessy cabrera 6. hollie mcgee and Tammy watts 7. owners of old black bear brewery 8. mike brazier and Joe Knoch 9. leJuan george and Sonia greene 10. Abby lee harmon and Sabra lewis




46 Madison Living







Madison Living 47


chamber After hours The madison chamber of commerce held their June “business After hours� at iberia bank on July 11. Photographs by Aldo Amato. 1. cheryl webb and leo gilliand 2. Joe bergantz 3. gary matthis and Richard white 4. David barrett 5. carlos bowden and Kevin wright



48 Madison Living






6. Ron and mary wimbs 7. Ronnie Rainwater and Jordan Province 8. marianne windham and linda Nicodemus 9. lizzie, Don and Desiree Palmer


Madison Living 49

fourth of July at Dublin Park


Just over 100 madison residents turned out on a rainy fourth of July at Dublin Park to take part in the annual festivities. Despite the flooding conditions, the event went on as scheduled. Photographs by Aldo Amato. 1. James Alex, charlie white and Andrew foote. 2. michael and Earnest Duren. 3. Sutton carle and chloe hardy. 4. members of the madison Police Department. 5. lesllie, Dustin and landon Tielking. 6. cavett, megan, winslow and wyatt cooper.



7. Xia and Kyra Singh. 8. James and Elizabeth o’Neil. 9. Tammy and Aliyah lamb. 10. Kiara little, Kamiyah huckabee and Amaiya williams.



50 Madison Living






Madison Living 51

Armed forces Week concert


hundreds turned out to the vbc in huntsville for the U.S. Army Soldier Show on July 23. Photographs by Aldo Amato. 1. Sgt. Polmateer and Pfc. madrigal 2. chyna Rixson and John Jackson 3. claudiene and christian hutchison 4. Spc. Theno and Sgt. Anderson 5. Spc. Phelps and Sgt. Dorn 6. Takneisha Jordan and matt Ealy 7. Robbie Koebl and Kevin Shanahan 8. The Rivera family





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Classified advertising All New Happy Jack Kennel Dip II: Kills fleas, ticks & Manage mites without steriods. Do not use on cats! Thompson Way Farm & Garden. 851-4200 Arts & Crafts Fair, 8am to 2pm. Madison Senior Center 256-772-2557 Studio 106 Hair Booth Rental. Available! Beautiful location in Historic. Downtown Madison. $500/m Call 256-464-0017


Glory Model and Talent Studios located at 8006 Suite 12-B, Old Madison Pike (Miller Plaza) Madison Alabama 35758 The ProÕ s Painting Contractors! Want work today! Free Est. Repairs & Pressure Washing. Call 256-694-6291 Artistic Cakes By Tiffany. Cakes customized by order. Red Velvet, Cinnamon Rolls. 4155 Sullivan St., Madison AL


9. Zeshenah, Avanni and Kemah barnes 10. Sfc. Smith and Sfc. Kennedy 11. lTc. wil Ransom 12. Sgt moton and mSg. hamilton


OTR Drivers Needed Class A CDL, Clean MVR 3 Years Experience Req. Health, Dental, RX, 401k Call Jay @ 256-432-3944 Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm Caregivers & Nurses Male & Female ALWAYS THERE IN-HOME CARE Seeks compassionate Employees Now Branch Offices in Pell City & Huntsville. Apply in person: M-F 10-3; 3021 Lorna Rd Suite 100, Hoover 205-824-0224 Immediate Openings! Ambassador Personnel is hiring immediately for client in Madison.Peak season assembly/warehouse. 1st shift/Mon-Fri. No holidays. Fast paced, MUST meet daily required number to hold your position. Apply in person Mon-Wed morning from 9 to 11am. 9076 Madison Blvd. (256) 850-9000 FLATBED DRIVERS New Pay Scale - Start @ .37 cpm, Up to .04 cpm Mileage Bonus. Home Weekends. Insurance & 401k. Apply @ 800-648-9915 CARRY TRANSIT Decatur Alabama Now hiring DRIVERS * Good Pay * Excellent Benefits & Home Time * 18 Months OTR exp. * Class A CDL with Tanker Endorsement

Apply on Line @ ZERO % DOWN With Your Deed, Low Payments Easy Finance 256-233-3101Clayton Homes NEW & USED Stair Lift Elevators, Walk-in tubs, Roll-in showers, Scooters, Wheelchairs, Lift Chairs, Car Lifts. Servicing North Alabama 25 Years in Business! 205-4245858 or 800-682-0658 CAREGivers and CNAÕ s Tired of working in facilities? Need extra money for the holidays? Assist the elderly 1 on 1 in their homes with personal care, meal prep., & light housekeeping. Flexible Schedules. Competitive Pay. 256-883-3080 WE HAVE FREIGHT!!! James R. Smith Trucking of Cullman, AL is currently seeking drivers and OwnerOperators. Benefits include daily settlements; direct deposit or express cash; 100% of fuel surcharge, stop & drop pay; discounts on fuel, cell phones & tires; pre-pass furnished; excellent home/family time and a payroll deducted truck purchase plan. Contact Greg Quick at 256.338.5168 or 800.633.3252 DRIVERS WANTED Qualified Class A Tanker Drivers. Fair Wage with great Benefits that include $1000 Sign on Bonus, $2.00 /Hour Safety & Performance Bonus. Free $1000,000 Life Insurance Policy Searcy & Quitman Arkansas. CONTACT KEVIN OR JACQUE 501-589-4044 DRIVERS OTR Drivers needed with 2 yrs exp. Midwestern & Southeastern States only. Call Mike Peterson 800-356-5312 Delivery, Sales, MGMT No Exp. Nec. Co Trk provided, D/L a must. Earn $800+/wk. Call Brandon @ 256-489-0874 DRIVERS Class A Flatbed Drivers Needed ASAP Team & Solo. Starting Pay up to .34 per mile solo and .44 Team Split Tarp and Strap. Pay Good Miles and Home Weekends. Assigned Equipment, Holiday Pay, BCBS Ins, Vacation, Co paid Life insurance Late Model Equip. Great place to work Call 615444-9928 for more info RN & LPN positions available. Full-time. Shift differential for 2nd & 3rd shifts. BC/BS Health & Dental insurance, Vision ins., Life,

Disability, Accidental insurance available. 401K, Cullman Aquatic Center discount. Apply in person @ Woodland Village Healthcare Center 1900 Olive Street Cullman, AL. or email: e.holcomb@usahealthcare. net EOE RN & LPN positions available. Full time. Shift differential for 2nd & 3rd shifts. BC/BS Health & Dental Insurance, Vision Ins., Life, Disability, Accidental insurance available. 401K, Cullman Aquatic Center discount. Apply in person @Woodland Village Healthcare Center, 1900 Olive St. Cullman, AL or email e.holcomb@usahealthcare. net EOE Class A CDL- Hire on today at our Decatur, AL terminal. Positions available for Home Every Night, SE Regional, OTR & Salaried jobs. Call 866-215-3659 Drivers- Class A Flatbed Drivers needed ASAP Team & Solo. Starting pay up to .34 per mile solo and .44 Team Split Tarp and Strap. Pay Good Miles and Home weekends. Assigned Equipment, Holiday Pay, BCBS Ins. Vacation, Co paid life insurance, Late Model Equip. Great place to work. Call 615-444-9928 for more info. Class A CDL Drivers needed for short haul, S.E. Regional or OTR, Great home time and pay. Call 1-866-215-3659 DRIVER $2,500 Sign-On Bonus! Hiring Solo and Team Drivers, Great benefits package, Excellent Home Time, CDL-A Required. 888-441-9358 Drivers: Immediate Openings! Great Pay! Vacation, Benefits, Ride Program. DryBulk/ LongHaul. 21 yoa, 6mos OTR, CDL-A, Hazmat. 855-777WSTL DRIVERS WANTED O/O, and L/P drivers wanted for OTR and SE Regional Flatbed Trucking. Must have valid Class A CDL and a good driving record. Local orientation. Call Dave Hughes, 205-460-3977 or online 23 PEOPLE NEEDED TO LOSE 5-100 POUNDS! DR. RECOMMENDED! GUARANTEED! 256 650 5715 ATTN: 29 Serious People to Work From Home using a computer. Up to $1,500-$5,000 PT/FT

To place your ad in Madison Living, call (256) 772-6677. Madison Living 53


Work it! See you in September! PhoTogRAPh bY Jen fouts-Dettuleo 54 Madison Living

Madison Living 55

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