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Made in Baltimore supports makers and manufacturers in Baltimore City, connecting businesses to the tools they need to grow, create jobs, and strengthen our local economy.

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TABLE of CONTENTS APPAREL & ACCESSORIES Clothing, Accessvories, Jewelry














Soaps, Personal Care, Fragrances

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Made In Baltimore is a program of the Baltimore Development Corporation, Baltimore’s economic development agency. Learn more about BDC at www.baltimoredevelopment.com

Made In Baltimore is a program that supports makers and manufacturers in Baltimore City. Our mission is simple: Encourage investment in Baltimore’s economy by growing the market for locally-made goods and supporting the people who make them. At the heart of our program is a strong community of manufacturers, retailers and maker spaces working together to create and promote locally-made products. Our growing network of over 200 product-based businesses ranges from home-based makers to large scale manufacturers. Learn more about our members and our projects at:

www.madeinbaltimore.org Credits: Photography by Jill Fannon and Tatiana Mullin Layout and design by Anya Mizani, with the support of the MICA Grassroots DesignFest Printed by Uptown Press Special thanks to Hotel Revival and Baltimore Museum of Industry for on-location photo shoots

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BDC President Letter A Letter from Colin Tarbert, President and CEO of Baltimore Development Corporation In 2018, Made In Baltimore (MIB) became part of the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC). BDC serves as Baltimore’s economic development agency and works to grow local businesses. This integration enables seamless delivery of business and technical assistance to makers and manufacturers in Baltimore City. With the spread of COVID-19 adversely affecting small businesses, BDC provided grant funding for makers interested in adapting their business models to produce PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). These grants were used to hire employees and purchase equipment and supplies. With MIB’s assistance, BDC awarded 15 grants to Baltimore makers and manufacturers. In addition, BDC and MIB coordinated local government procurement of $400,000 in PPE from Baltimore makers and manufacturers. The stories of Baltimore’s innovative makers and their products, can be seen in the following pages. As small businesses continue to face challenges during these economically uncertain times, MIB and BDC will continue to identify resources for small businesses and continue to provide our assistance. We hope that you will join us in supporting local businesses by buying local this holiday season, and beyond.

Colin Tarbert President & CEO

Baltimore Development Corporation

www.madeinbaltimore.com | BDC President Letter


INTRODUCTION In the summer of 2015, a group of makers, designers and organizers calling itself the Industrial Arts Collective ran the first-ever Made In Baltimore pop-up shop in an art gallery on North Avenue. Five years later, the seed planted at that DIY event has grown into a thriving network of over 200 small manufacturers, makerspaces, and local product retailers, reaching into all corners of Baltimore City, and supported by robust programming housed at the Baltimore Development Corporation, our city’s lead economic development agency. The businesses that make up this vibrant community are featured in the pages that follow. At its core, Made In Baltimore is a program that certifies products as ‘locally made’ and promotes buying local to the Baltimore region. But we believe our mission runs much deeper than that. We believe that economic opportunity is the key to unlocking Baltimore City’s untapped potential, and small-scale manufacturing is a perfect vehicle for spreading that opportunity. The manufacturing sector creates full-time, living wage jobs that are accessible to workers of any education level. When manufacturers are small to mid-sized, they are a great fit for urban neighborhoods, offering high-quality, walkable jobs, and making use of older industrial properties that would otherwise become vacant eyesores. When residents of a region support their small manufacturers by ‘shopping local’, they foster the growth of these jobs right in their own communities. All this adds up to the spread of economic opportunity into communities that have been dis-invested in for far too long.


2020 has been a historic year. In addition to a sweeping pandemic that has stolen lives and rocked our economy, protests against police brutality towards people of color has lifted a veil on the systemic racism that has plagued our country for centuries. Part of that insidious system has been the exclusion of people of color from opportunities for economic advancement, like access to capital to start new businesses, or access to higher education to land jobs in high-paying industries. It’s no wonder that one call-toaction of the Black Lives Matter movement has been to ‘Buy Black’, or support blackowned businesses through our consumer spending.

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This practice is a form of reinvestment; it is a way of spreading economic opportunity. In this, our second edition of the Made In Baltimore Lookbook, we are using icons to identify businesses in these pages that are Black-owned, womanowned, or both. We see this as a small step to help our readers practice conscious consumerism, using their dollars to support the advancement of women and people of color. At this point, no one can predict what Baltimore, or the United States for that matter, will look like in 2021. We can be sure that the recovery from our current economic crisis will take a lot of time and effort. At Made In Baltimore, our hope is that we use this opportunity to rebuild a more equitable economy, one that prioritizes people over profits, and long-term resiliency over short-term convenience.

By picking up this book, you are already a contributor to this vision. We applaud you for simply being curious about the incredible products our Baltimore businesses have to offer, and we hope you find something in these pages that you like! Most of all, we hope you’ll join the ‘Buy Local’ movement, and we look forward to seeing you, in person, in the better days ahead. Andy Cook Executive Director

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The products featured in the following pages are all available for purchase, just not from us. If you’re reading the printed copy, we encourage you to visit our business directory at www. madeinbaltimore.org/business-directory for links to all of these businesses’ e-commerce sites. If you’re reading online, you’ll see that nearly all of the product names in this book link directly to sites to buy the products. This year we’ve added several new features to the lookbook. Products marked with a [B] are made by minorityowned businesses, and products marked with a [W] are made by woman-owned businesses. We’ve also added sections for Custom Printing and Fabrication (pg.76) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (pg.70). If you’re a business owner yourself, or handle purchasing for a business or institution, we hope you consider the businesses in these sections as service and product providers.

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Apparel & Accessories | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Apparel & Accesories www.madeinbaltimore.com | Apparel & Accessories


Koi Ride Sleeveless Cycling Jersey and Headband SassyCyclist $95 - $20


Apparel & Accessories | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Chromatic Stacks New Vintage By Sam $80

Riso Wave T-Shirt Baltimore Print Studios $32

Fanny Pack SewLab USA $28

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Apparel & Accessories


Petal Ring & Open Front Cuff Maria Louise High $150 EACH

Wood Earrings Magan Ruthke: Art & Design $175


Pressed Nature Collection Tigerlillyshop Jewelry $60

Shell Earrings Maria Louise High $120

Apparel & Accessories | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Starter Stack New Vintage by Sam LLC $100 — A miscellaneous mix of our 2 most popular “ready to wear” sized Healing Hardwear pieces. Style them together or share with a loved one. Each stack comes with a Stone Story and dust bag.

Unisex Kenya Clutch Travel Bags/Cosmetic Bags $40 Regal Clothes — The Kenya unisex travel bag/ cosmetic bag is the fashion item of the season. Hand crafted with vegan leather and authentic African ankara fabric it will become your favorite clutch.

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Apparel & Accessories


DIFFERENTREGARD DIFFERENT REGARD designs and manufactures sustainable apparel, offering ready to wear, made to measure and custom options. They pursue a perfect fit, troubleshoot pieces in the shop and work to meet each client’s specific style tastes. Shifting to mass production of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic presented them with a steep learning curve.

After Baltimore’s economy largely shut down in early March, Art Director & Founder Dominick Davis and his team members took time to discuss their options. At the time, they didn’t have experience with high-volume production, lacked the necessary equipment and had no idea how the coronavirus crisis would play out. They had some clarity, though — a sense of purpose inspiring them to meet the moment. “We all knew exactly what we were here to do — helping to save lives the best way we could by preventing the spread of coronavirus,” Davis said. Scaling up their operations in just a few weeks presented a challenge. They weren’t used to buying thousands of yards of fabric at a time — a single roll might weigh 140 pounds. They had to implement quality control. They started off cutting each piece by hand with scissors. They estimated that they could make 500 masks in a day. When they fell short of that goal at first, they kept working at it. “We had to find a process, and once we defined that process, it took a few troubleshoots just to ramp up the speed,” Davis said. “We didn’t fail. It’s just that we had to learn the process. Now, we’re exceeding that in a day.” 14

Davis said that they knew they had to understand the challenges facing their community so that they could do their part to meet those challenges.

Upgrading to a rotary cutter let them slice through fifty layers of fabric at once. With a stand for heavy rolls of fabric, they could unwind yard after yard with less hassle.

“As a small business owner, your objective is to understand the pain and do your best to solve the problem of your market needs,” he said. “We’re still learning.”

DIFFERENT REGARD has sent PPE to local funeral homes, dental offices and even the firefighter’s academy. People on the front lines fighting coronavirus right here in Charm City, Davis said, need quality protection.

Through Made In Baltimore’s Home Sewers Network, they recruited six new hires to help streamline production. Davis was proud to offer more jobs to Baltimoreans at a moment when they were more needed than ever. With a grant for PPE manufacturing from Baltimore Development Corporation, they invested in six new sewing machines and other equipment.

Apparel & Accessories | www.madeinbaltimore.com

“We’re born and raised in Baltimore City,” he said. “To start a business in the city, and now to know that people can use our services and our experience, to be making something that is so essential to everyday life now — we feel honored.”

Floral Lace Bomber Jacket DIFFERENTREGARD $300

Sweetheart Polka Dot Blouse DIFFERENTREGARD $185

Black Twill Knit Casual Pant DIFFERENTREGARD $225

Black Wool Highwaisted Pants DIFFERENTREGARD $200

White 10oz Vneck T-Shirt DIFFERENTREGARD $50

Royal Blue Crushed Silk Blouse DIFFERENTREGARD $200

Silk HoneyComb Women’s Pant DIFFERENTREGARD $175

Silk Honeycomb Scarf DIFFERENTREGARD $75

Royal Blue Wool Basket Weave Suit DIFFERENTREGARD $650

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Apparel & Accessories


Tropics Soon Earrings Magan Ruthke $35

1 Multi-Bar Necklace Large Tiger Lily $75

Celine Hi Lo Ankara Cape Top Regal Clothes $40

$50 $50


Apparel & Accessories | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Succulent Earrings Crewel & Kind $150 — Beads add a temptingly tactile dimension to the newest piece in my collection of gardeninspired embroidery hoops. This piece flaunts the sturdy succulent roots, normally hidden, in an authentic and celebratory representation of soil quality and ecology. 9” x 9”. Cotton fabric, semi precious-stones, and dmc embroidery threads. This piece took 15 hours to produce.

Pressed Nature Collection Tigerlillyshop Jewelry — Nature Specimen pressed into metal to create unique jewelry.


Tropics Soon Earrings Magan Ruthke: Art & Design $35 — Hand cut (no lasers!) from exotic wood salvaged from a guitar workshop in Maine. These earrings are hand-made and constructed in my Baltimore studio. Hand-painted in rusty red acrylic. Completely unique. 24k gold plated hooks. Cooper findings. Sealed with eco-coat. 3 1/4”x 7/8”

Raw Diamonds Ring Maria Louise High $120 — Open-front style stacking rings have white or grey raw diamonds set in beach sand and then encapsulated in copper. Ring bands are 14kt gold filled wire.

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Apparel & Accessories



This Sporting Life


Baltimore Bolt T-Shirt

Pangea Printing Co.



SewLab USA



Apparel & Accessories | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Baltimore x Carhartt Hat Pangea Printing Co.


Dog Zodiac Key Chains Mel’s Workshop


Baltimore Crewneck Pangea Printing Co.

Cute Diamond Bling Earrings The Codex Club



Hippie Hat Pangea Printing Co.


Ceramic Earrings Pinkkiss Pottery


Unisex African Print Bow Ties Pretied Regal Clothes $35 — This distinguished bow tie with a modern eclectic twist of the African wax print . A classic look that can be worn by both men and women. Hand cut and machine stitched for long lasting wear. This hand crafted fashionable accessory is more than your average bow tie, Pretied, double layered with an adjustable neck band.

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Apparel & Accessories


Koi Ride Sleeveless Cycling Jersey SassyCyclist $95 — Take Koi Ride along on a ride! Gorgeous shades of purple, green, and pink set a background for black & white fish to glide smoothly among bamboo leaves on this jersey. A light lavender trim adorns the cuffs, collar, and hem.

Holdfast FRS Sewlab USA



Dopp Kit SewLab USA

Apparel & Accessories | www.madeinbaltimore.com


Fanny Pack Sewlab USA


Baltimore Theme Patches This Sporting Life.org

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Apparel & Accessories


Brass Necklace Tiger Lily $28

Waverly Dress Erin Draper $159

Cuff Ring Tiger Lily $28


Apparel & Accessories | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Clio Tunic Erin Draper $109

Open Front Cuff Maria Louise High $140 Cuff Bracelet & Small Adjustable Ring Tiger Lily $40 - $28

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Apparel & Accessories


The Baltimore Museum of Industry celebrates Maryland’s industrial legacy and shows how innovation fuels ongoing progress. Our exhibitions, educational programs, and collections engage visitors in the stories of the people who built Baltimore and those who shape the region’s future. The museum is now open by appointment only! Or visit our new outdoor exhibition, Women of Steel, on the museum’s fence along Key Highway in South Baltimore, built to allow for social distancing and openair exploration during COVID-19. This is the first time the BMI has hosted an outdoor exhibition and it is free of charge to view. 1415 Key Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21230 (410) 727-4808 www.thebmi.org


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Nestled in the heart of Baltimore’s historic Mount Vernon neighborhood, Hotel Revival was built to uphold its name. Since opening in 2018, Revival uplifts local artists, promotes social justice, and engages with its community through curated programming. By working with Baltimore-based talent, Revival contributes to the vibrancy of the area and serves as a gathering place for travelers and thought leaders worldwide. Hotel Revival invites everyone to experience the best of Baltimore firsthand through its dynamic, art-centric guest experience, expanded outdoor dining, stunning rooftop views, and signature bars. 101 W Monument St, Baltimore, MD 21201 (410) 727-7101 revivalbaltimore.com

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Apothecary 26

Apothecary | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Nazahah Amin, Owner and Founder of Amascents

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Apothecary


Roll Ons Ama Scents — Aromatherapy mists with a variety of effects on your mood


Peppermint + Eucalyptus + Rosemary Face and Body Bar Earth Elements Soapworks $9 — Cooling peppermint maintains clear skin. Eucalyptus cools. Rosemary rejuvenates, hydrates and tones. Spirulina neutralizes signs of aging.


Yoni Love Ama Scents $25 — Show your yoni some love with this blend of geranium + ylang ylang infused with the healing herbs of calendula & yarrow.

Foaming Hand Soap - Citrus Blend Mount Royal Soaps $4.99 — We formulated our new foaming hand soap to be just what the CDC ordered. Strong enough to blast the nasties off of your hands.

Apothecary | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Lavender Lemongrass Body Butter Earth Elements Soapworks $18

Glass Succulent Garden The Modest Florist $34.95

Bergamont + Sweet Orange with Annatto Face and Body Bar Earth Elements Soapworks $9

Body Scrub Fancy Free Hair & Skin $9.99

Rose Detox Face Mask Hon’s Honey $15

Clarifying Solid Shampoo Mount Royal Soaps $11.99

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Apothecary


Earth’s Elements Earth Elements Soapworks founder Kellie Martin built her skincare brand around the principle that natural beauty should be a source of confidence. She creates products with natural ingredients that skin recognizes, greets warmly and absorbs into a glow of health. She drew inspiration from her greatgrandmother, who instilled values of taking confidence from hard work and a holistic lifestyle. “Suffering all my life from sensitive skin, prone to inflammation and breakouts, I was a frustrated brand-hopper searching for anything that would help,” Martin said. “I began educating myself on natural ingredients and formulations beneficial to the skin and decided to make my own soaps. To my amazement, my skin began to clear and I regained my confidence.” For years, Martin produced batches of each precisely crafted scent in her home studio, but recently scaled up into a commercial space. To help meet the demand for personal protective equipment, Martin focused her resources for a few months on producing hand soap and sanitizer for local hospitals, daycare centers, nursing homes and businesses, supported by a grant from the Baltimore Development Corporation. She’s also seen organic growth amid the broad economic impact of COVID-19. “Working from a home production environment has its limitations — I was running out of space at home, and hiring help to come into my home was not an option during COVID,” she said. “Making the decision to take on commercial space is indeed scary, but a risk I was willing to take in hopes of increased rewards of growing my business with positive intention.”


Moving into a new space has given Martin access to opportunities, like providing a safe workplace for local makers, investing in more efficient equipment and realizing her ambition of becoming a space for collaboration within the community.

“I wanted to be part of a family of makers all working together for the greater good of our community,” she said. “MIB staff have always been responsive to my questions and have gone above and beyond to help grow my home-based baby into its very first commercial space.”

“Since the birth of Earth Elements Soapworks, I’ve had humble beginnings. I’ve been a one-woman show, managing all aspects of the business,” she said. “Having everything moved out of my home, I’m now able to sit at my dining room table, which I haven’t seen for months since my business was taking over my home.”

She said that up-and-coming entrepreneurs must build strong teams and be responsive to the needs of their audience. Staying focused on a mission helps her avoid overthinking as she makes tough decisions and guides her business through a period of organic growth.

Building that community starts with tapping into a network of local collaborators, customers and smallbusiness superfans, something Martin found at Made In Baltimore.

Apothecary | www.madeinbaltimore.com

“Be prepared to take calculated risks. You’ll never know the outcome of your efforts unless you actually do it,” she said. “Have a vision and work toward your goals daily.”

Deep Radiance Face Cream Priya Means Love


Botanical Fragrance Priya Means Love


Sunshine Butter Priya Means Love

Beard Salve - Citrus Shuga Scrub - Raw Local Honey- Wash Bars Hon’s Honey — Made with all-natural ingredients - NO sulfates, parabens, preservatives, or artificial fragrances.

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Apothecary


$16 - $14 - $16 -$8


Lemonade Body Butter Slay Naturals $10

Black Girl Joy Ama Scents $15

Lemongrass Body Scrub Fancy Free $9.99


Apothecary | www.madeinbaltimore.com

RelaxHER Herbal Bath Salt HealHER $10.10 — Our staple Herbal Tea Bath is back +is the perfect way to unwind. Tea baths are great for muscle tension, detoxing the body, helping with poor circulation + overall relaxation. Made to bring you a spa like experience all in the comfort of your own home.

Take a Hike - Bug Repelling Balm Mount Royal Soaps $13.99 — Naturally effective, naturally appealing. Our blend of essential oils is effective against mosquitos. Shea butter and coconut oil nourish and condition hike-chaffed skin.

Aluminum Free Deodorant Fancy Free Hair & Skin $9.99 — Our Aluminum Free Deodorant is designed to fight the toughest body odor. Our Fancy Friends have put it to the test to prove that it lasts all day. We promise you will not have apply it more than once a day. Fancy Free natural deodorant does not have baking soda, it is not likely to irritate your underarm skin. Finally, Fancy Free deodorant does not include aluminum, parabens, phthlates or other known carcinogens. Use it on your underarms, your feet, or any other crease on your body.

Mango Sugar Scrub SLAY Naturals — This sugar scrub is designed to wake up your skin and increase circulation. The sugar scrub exfoliates, hydrates, and moisturizes your skin.

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Apothecary



Andrea McKinnon started the codex club with other female designers at their corporate job. It quickly became a fulltime small business, and promotes over fifty over local makers here in Maryland as well. www.thecodexclub.com/

Double Dutch Boutique

Doubledutch Boutique Indie Lines & Vintage Finds. New modern women’s clothing and accessories plus Baltimore made, quality vintage and Men’s goods. Independent and women owned. Best of Baltimore 2006-2019 1021 W. 36th Street Baltimore, MD 21211 www.doubledutchboutique.com Hours: Mon-Sat. 11-6, Sunday 11-5


Advertisements | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Found Studio

Unique Gifts

Carefully curated gifts made (mostly) by locally/regionally small maker owned businesses who use ethical and more sustainable practices creating their small batch goods.

When shopping at Found Studio | Shop you are supporting not only one small business but several. Located in Northeast Baltimore City in the neighborhood of “Lauraville.” Due to COVID-19, only online shopping is available at this time. Local pick up available at Red Canoe Cafe (4337 Harford Road). Shipping within the continental US. www.foundstudioshop.com/#/

Locally Created & Crafted At Su Casa, we believe in thoughtful simplicity, fine craftsmanship, and originality. We are pleased to present artisan pieces created and hand-crafted by our neighbors right here in Maryland. Shop our locally crafted pieces at one of our four locations and join us for our pop-up artisan markets.

It’s Your Home

Historic Ellicott City 410.465.4100

Historic Fells Point 410.522.7010

Ocean View


Bethany Beach 302.829.8398

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Visit on-line @

ESUCASA.com 35

Jinji Fraser, Owner and Founder of Pure Chocolate By Jinji

Food & Beverage 36

Food & Beverage | www.madeinbaltimore.com

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Food & Beverage


Taste This Cake


Food & Beverage | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Birthday Sprinkle Donuts Treats For Eats


Lemon Poundcake Treats For Eats


Gluten Free Vegan Pumpkin Pie Treats For Eats $19.99-36

Large Handcrafted Chocolate Assortment Charm City Chocolate — Twenty four pieces of our handmade artisan chocolate confections in milk or dark chocolate or an assortment. Flavor variety will vary by season and availability. www.madeinbaltimore.com | Food & Beverage



Comsa, Pangoa Coffe and Nitro Cold Brew- 12 oz Can Thread Coffee Roasters $13 - $3.99 — A smooth medium-dark roast with chocolatey notes. Chocolatey and smooth with complex herbaceous notes. Cold Brew Coffee features a smooth and bold slow brewed coffee with a high-caffeine kick, infused with nitrogen for a creamy perfect finish.

Coffee Blen Variety Dear Globe Coffee


$14.50 - $16

Tea Tins (4oz) Cuples Tea House

Food & Beverage | www.madeinbaltimore.com


Tea Variety Mini Tin 4oz Wight Tea Company

$6 - $20

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Food & Beverage


Taharka Bros Taharka Brothers has worked for years to become a mainstay of delicious local treats, with ice cream in dozens of Charm City retailers and restaurants. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and customers could no longer go out to get their favorite flavors, Taharka was ready to bring the flavors straight to them — with a home-delivery program. According to Taharka CEO Stephen Butz, the company saw at least 20 percent growth in the last year, despite losing institutional clients like local universities which halted food services after sending students home. He attributed this growth to the home delivery program, which can satisfy the sweet teeth at any socially distanced gettogethers. “It was very much a business accelerator, because when you’re bringing it directly to the consumer, you’re cutting out the middleman and it’s even more profitable,” Butz said. “When people are having an at-home event like a birthday party, or they’re having relatives over, they want to share some of the best stuff made in Baltimore.” Home deliveries aren’t likely to replace Taharka’s relationship with retailers and restaurants, but has buoyed the business through months of economic turbulence. During the spring, Taharka saw between 400 and 500 home deliveries per week, using Butz’s tech background to create the software to map out routes and perfectly line up a number of complicated pieces. How did Taharka make the home delivery model work so quickly? Butz said it simply built on years of making a quality product that Baltimoreans came to know and love (and crave).


“It takes the ability to stick with it, persevere and understand that things do not happen quickly,” he said. “Home deliveries were a great recipe for us, but it was because of the nine to 10 years of foundational work, making sure the ice cream is quality and making sure that people are not disappointed.” Taharka is also working to become worker-owned, a milestone Butz expects to reach by the end of the year. He said the goal is to reinvest rewards in those who have worked to build the brand’s value. “The true desire has been to make sure that, as the value of the brand and the company was built, the people behind the brand and the

Food & Beverage | www.madeinbaltimore.com

company was built, the people behind the brand and the creation of that value were rewarded with wealth,” he said. “If you put your shoulder against this boulder and help push it up the hill, you’re going to be rewarded with the value creation that happens when a company gets bigger.” Recognizing that the many companies are struggling to survive amid the pandemic, Butz said that Taharka is proud to be growing, sustaining employment for Baltimoreans and tapping them into the profit. “There’s a lot of good stuff that goes on in the city,” he said. “Everyone knows where the media headlines are, and where the attention goes — the crime rate and things like that. It feels good to be working on another side of that.”

Pint Case Taharka Bros — With over 15 flavors to choose from, Taharka Ice Cream can we found at local grocery stores or delivered straight to your door. Taharka even offers 3 non-dairy flavors along with new seasonal collaborations with local visionaries.


Italian Cappuccino Toffee MFG Toffee $from 10 — A sumptuous, crunchy toffee infused with espresso, glazed with a fine, imported white chocolate, and topped with thinly shaved almonds and Trapani sea salt, harvested from the northwest coast of Sicily. The result is a toffee that not only tastes and smells amazing but is visually stunning.

Liquid Dark Chocolate Pure Chocolate by Jinji — Our signature dark chocolate, gently balanced with raw blue agave nectar and finished with sea salt. Perfect for beverages, pastry and mid day pick ups!

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Food & Beverage



Miso Kimchi HEX Ferments $14 — Miso Kimchi is a flavor party. Made with chickpea miso blended into house-made gochujang. Mid-range heat packed with traditional kimchi ingredients, but vegan!

Tortuga Vieja $3 Tortuga Kombucha — A harmonious combination of Green and Black tea. Balance of earthy flavor, crisp acidity. Moderate bubble count. Medium body.


Butterfly Lime and Ginger Kombucha $15 HEX Ferments — 100% USDA Certified Organic, Gluten-free and contains organic honey.

Food & Beverage | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Fumus Pumila

Baltimore Spirits Co $32.99

1904 Apple Brandy Liqueur

Baltimore Spirits Co $34.99

Baltamaro V.1: Fernet

Baltimore Spirits Co $34.99

Shot Tower Gin

Baltimore Spirits Co $32.99

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Food & Beverage


2019 Viognier - 2019 RosĂŠ - 2018 Casa The Wine Collective $28 - $24 - $30


Food & Beverage | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Almond Bark Charm City Chocolate $12

Handcrafted Chocolate Bar Charm City Chocolate $7

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Food & Beverage


Lamp collection by La Loupe


Furniture & Home Goods | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Furniture & Home Goods

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Furniture & Home Goods


Pagoda Hoop Crewel & Kind $215 — Chic, minimalist embroidery hoop with the original design for the Pagoda in Patterson Park. This historically accurate piece fits in with classic decor perfectly, or serves as a nostalgic accent piece in an eclectic collection. One of a kind.

Deconstructed Sunset Wall Hanging Magan Ruthke: Art & Design $27 — An effort to use every piece, this wall hanging is made with exotic woods from a guitar making workshop in Maine, then jewelry and art in Baltimore. Black waxed cord, found branch. 7”x10”

Underground Railroad Quilt Pattern Magnets Magan Ruthke: Art & Design $4 — There is a story that tells of quilts being used to message escaping slaves on the Underground Railroad. 1” ceramic

How Succulent - Hoop Crewel & Kind — 100% Cotton. Embroidered in Baltimore.


Furniture & Home Goods | www.madeinbaltimore.com


On Behalf of Shell Crewel & Kind $43

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Furniture & Home Goods


Knit Pendant Lamp La Loupe Design $75

Tiny Dog Coasters Tiny Dog Press $10

Mug Pinkkiss Pottery $48

Reed Diffuser Namascents Candle Co. $12

Crab Trivet Words with Boards $44


Furniture & Home Goods | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Pod Planter Wall Hanging Pinkkiss Pottery — A sweet spot for displaying your favorite air plant, cuttings or dried flowers. These ceramic pods are strung from natural twine and a wooden bead making them a lovely way to brighten up a forgotten corner of your home or office. Hand made from white stoneware clay and decorated with original illustrations by local artist, Shawna Pincus. Available in multiple designs and colors.

Illustrated Mugs Pinkkiss Pottery — This lovely illustrated mug is perfect for sipping morning coffee or tea. Handmade from white stoneware clay and decorated with illustrations by local artist Shawna Pincus. Available in multiple designs.

Pour Over Coffee Maker and Condiment Dish Pinkkiss Pottery — Start your day with a handcrafted cup of pour over coffee using this lovely brew set. Hand made from white stoneware clay and decorated with original illustrations by local artist, Shawna Pincus. Available in multiple designs. Mug sold separately.



$50 $38

A dish for holding salt or spices, perfect for keeping next to your stove or on your dining table. Hand made from white stoneware clay and decorated with original illustrations by local artist, Shawna Pincus. Available in multiple designs.

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Furniture & Home Goods


Various Products Mel’s Workshop $8-$12 — Mel’s Workshop expresses its love for furry friends by making products with unique cat and dog designs. From cards to cutting boards, products to bring joy and smiles to all customers. When you purchase from Mel’s Workshop, 10% of net proceeds always go toward animal welfare.

Scrapple® Words with Boards



Baltimore Bench Kit Custom 3D Stuff LLC

Furniture & Home Goods | www.madeinbaltimore.com


BMORE Mini Cutting Board Words with Boards


Standard and Mini Candle Namascents Candle Co.

Aluminum Horse Sculpture Drawn Metal Studios

$15 - $7.50


Northeastern Wildflower Seed Bomb Jar Urban Roots Company LLC $18

Room Mist Namascents Candle Co.


GURL BOSS- 8oz Soy Candle Sweet Epiphany Candle Co., LLC

Aluminum Moose Sculpture Drawn Metal Studios



Baltimore Skyline Mug Pangea Printing


www.madeinbaltimore.com | Furniture & Home Goods


Naoki Table Lamp La Loupe Design $255 — The Naoki Table Lamp is made of a hand-folded folded pattern inspired by the traditional origami designs.

Toro Table Lamp La Loupe Design $375 — The Toro Lamp is made of a hand-folded folded pattern inspired by the traditional origami designs with a hand-crafted wooden base.

Ume Wall Lamp $435 La Loupe Design — The Ume Wall Lamp is made of a hand-folded folded pattern lampshade inspired by the traditional origami designs. The hand-crafted wood wall bracket complements this lamp, bringing to the piece an interesting geometric form combined with curved and clean lines. 56

Furniture & Home Goods | www.madeinbaltimore.com

La Loupe Design www.madeinbaltimore.com | Furniture & Home Goods


Quality Mask Supply Imperium Shaving headed into the new year bolstered by a busy holiday shopping season. By mid-March, though, sales of their handcrafted wooden razors ground to a halt. As the toll of the COVID-19 pandemic grew, consumers focused on survival basics like groceries, medicine and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Imperium Shaving Owner Dan Janssen reached out to local sewn trades extraordinaire Jill Andrews of Jill Andrews Gowns, who had already been in touch with Mike Pararas and Kim Strassner of Words with Boards about producing face masks. After those early Instagram messages, the three businesses came together quickly to create Quality Mask Supply. “We all had relatively successful businesses, and then, within a matter of days, they were completely gone,” Janssen said. “It was about survival. We don’t have the types of jobs where we can work remotely from home on the computer. Either we’re selling things, or we’re not. If we’re not, we can’t eat.” Andrews previously worked with Johns Hopkins University to design hazmat suits protecting against Ebola, so she had the know-how to tackle COVID-19. She said that each of the businesses in the Quality Mask Supply partnership brought a new perspective.

Their face masks are designed to fit comfortably for hours and use organic cotton to avoid bleach and dyes that can irritate the skin. Through this network, Quality Mask Supply maximized their economic impact in Baltimore City. The work was a lifeline for many of the home-based sewers, such as a mother and daughter duo who finished over 500 masks a week.

“All three of us are used to imagining what we do from different angles,” Andrews said. “Coming together allowed us to take mistakes we have learned previously and scale up really quickly.”

“Some people are producing because they need to pay a mortgage,” Andrews said. “Some people are producing because they have two small children at home and need to buy diapers. It’s essential.”

Quality Mask Supply sourced production to 40 members of Made In Baltimore’s Home Sewers Network, many of whom had no other income.

Production starts at the Words with Boards facility, where a laser engraver slices miles of fabric into precise shapes, preparing around


Furniture & Home Goods | www.madeinbaltimore.com

1200 fabric kits in a day. These kits are distributed to home-based sewers, and completed masks are collected at Andrews’ studio for inspection. Finally, they return to Words with Boards to be packed and shipped. Janssen, who manages Quality Mask Supply’s website and online sales, secured grant funding from Baltimore Development Corporation for PPE production. The funding allowed them to purchase a stock of organic, all-natural cotton to keep up with Quality Mask Supply’s growth. They also upped pay for their producers by $0.50 per mask. Coming together under Quality Mask Supply was a life preserver for these small business owners and the home-based sewers they depend on. “Everyone is pulling together and helping each other,” Janssen said. “We’re tough, resilient people here in Baltimore, and when we need to pull together, we will.”

Happy Hour Cutting Board

Words with Boards


www.madeinbaltimore.com | Furniture & Home Goods



Printed Products | www.madeinbaltimore.com

printed products www.madeinbaltimore.com | Printed Products


Abdu Ali Zerflin $300 — This portrait of Baltimore musician Abdu Ali was done for an article for the Baltimore City Paper that was never published. I loved the drawing so much that I decided to finish it on my own.

Calvin Edwin Ripken Jr Zerflin $300 — Calvin Edwin Ripken Jr, nicknamed “The Iron Man”, is an American former baseball shortstop and third baseman who played 21 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB) Orioles (1981–2001).

Michael Fred Phelps II Zerflin $300 — Michael Fred Phelps II is an American retired competitive swimmer and the most successful and most decorated Olympian of all time, with a total of 28 medals.

Raymond Anthony Lewis Jr. Zerflin $300 — Raymond Anthony Lewis Jr. is a former American football linebacker who played all of his 17-year professional career for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL).


Printed Products | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Eutaw Place Journal Drama MaMa Bookshop $40

Printed Pencils Row House 14 $5 - $18

Underground Railroad Quilt Magnets Magan Ruthke $4

Baltimore “Greatest City in America” Bench Enamel Pin Tiny Dog Press $12

Abstract No. 1 Notepad Row House 14 $8

Ocean Sunset Sticker Row House 14 $3.50

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Printed Products


Baltimore Print Studios 64

Printed Products | www.madeinbaltimore.com

BaltAmour Rainbow Print Baltimore Print Studios $25 — We’re showing our love for Baltimore with this letterpress print, based on a hand drawn design and wood type, and printed in a lovely rainbow roll. We printed this on a soft cotton paper to show off the impression. 8” x 10”

Drink Series Letterpress Prints Baltimore Print Studios

$40 each

— This series is letterpress printed using only wood type, ornaments and metal rule to create the imagery. Wood rule is used for the glassware, wood type flipped over creates the beer and whiskey liquids, and the drinks are garnished with wood ornaments or frothed with metal type.

Drawdown Series (Spring) Baltimore Print Studios $75 — Taking inspiration from the screenprinted drawdown color tests we make when we mix inks, we’ve printed a limited edition series of these marks. These prints utilize bright colors and overlapping forms to create brilliant new colors and shapes. This is one of three designs in this Spring Series. 18” x 24”

Floating Grid #1 Baltimore Print Studios $25 — Our Risograph printed Floating Grid series is inspired by the color grid tests we run to show the range of combinations and values of Risograph inks, but with a little twist. We love layering halftone patterns with these vibrant inks. This is one of four in the series. 12” x 16”.

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Printed Products


Washington Monument in Bloom Tiny Dog Press — Washington Monument in Bloom is a 3-color hand pulled silk screen poster measuring 16” x 20”. The poster illustrates the George Washington Monument in the Mount Vernon neighborhood framed with blooming cherry blossoms.

Baltimore Icons Letterpress 5-Card Tiny Dog Press $20


Charm City Poster Tiny Dog Press

Printed Products | www.madeinbaltimore.com



Baltimore City Icon Coasters Pack Tiny Dog Press $10

Candles Birthday Card Row House 14


Dandelion Hedgehog/Good Cat Card The Codex Club $5

Gold Foil Birthday CardJar Row House 14

Custom Mug Chase Street Accessories



Killin’ It Tiny Notes Row House 14

Social Distancing Stickers Curry Printing & Copy Center

Printed Pencils Row House 14


$ 15-25

$5 - $18

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DRAMA MAMA BOOKS Alisa Brock has always journalled, a practice handed down from her mother, but found motivation in notebooks bound with beautiful designs and affirming messages. She was in a dark place after going through a painful loss in late 2016, and turned to her love of design to start creating and selling her own notebooks. “I wanted to manifest, to create my own reality. I wanted to write things that would be more in alignment with how I wanted to feel, while still being transparent about my emotions,” she said. “Turns out, other people were motivated too.” And so, Drama MaMa Bookshop was born. Brock creates each of her notebooks with 100 percent sugar cane paper, and can customize pairing covers with planners, journals, blank and graph notebooks or with creating entirely new designs. Before the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted business back in March, Brock used a laser cutter and production space at Open Works while hosting workshops and other community-building events at her own studio. More recently, she invested in her own laser cutter — it’s slightly smaller, but she can’t be stopped. “I’m trying to figure out what my business can look like now, in terms of structure,” she said. “As long as my product is in a space where an audience can appreciate it, I feel the traffic really flows to me.” Amid the ‘Buy Black’ movement which seemed to swell over the summer, Brock saw a boost in sales from more customers reaching and sharing her products.


Still, she said acknowledged ongoing challenges Black business owners face on an institutional level.

“As entrepreneurs of color, we don’t always have access to funding and the relationships that provide funding, so it forces us to be ultracreative in how we get things done,” Brock said. “It’s really important to be innovative in how we show up.” Made In Baltimore, she added, has worked to help businesses access resources and build community, bolstering economic strength across the city.

Printed Products | www.madeinbaltimore.com

“What Made In Baltimore offers the community — I’ve seen it work for other businesses and other people. I’ve seen it grow businesses and encourage local makers to keep making,” she said. “It’s really helping us.” Drama MaMa recently began offering book boxes, a customizable kit for creating your own bound notebooks. To keep customers safe, she also offers curbside pickup in Mount Vernon. Brock teased at other ideas coming down the pipeline. Being flexible and creative are keys to riding out a tough time for business, she said. “We can get used to doing business one way, and not really want to change because we’ve mastered that way,” she said. “But now, this time in life is telling us that we need to be different, and we need to make different choices in order to continue on the path of success.”

My Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams Drama MaMa Bookshop $20 — A paraphrasing of Maya Angelos Quote, “” I am the hope and the dream of the slave.” I want to create and experience the moments and opportunities my ancestors dreamt of. I want to manifest the things they never saw as possible and found hard to believe due to practicality and unimaginable circumstances. I want to manifest the greatest emotional, mental, financial, physical, cultural, political, spiritual awakening and triumph that my minds eye could muster up for my people. I want a community of creators to add to that vision. And it all starts with writing it down.

I Am Deliberate and Afraid of NOTHING Drama MaMa Bookshop $20 — Book: The Collected Poems of Audre Lorde My favorite Audre Lorde book is Zami. Reading it was the first time I truly felt seen in literature. I was inspired by the story of this rebellious little girl who decided to live life on her own terms. This little girl who became a woman, brave enough to leave behind traditions that were never designed for someone like her. She went about, fearlessly paving out a new way of being and unraveling the contradictions that life presented.

MANIFEST (Wooden) Drama MaMa Bookshop $30 — Definition: To bring about. To will something into existence. I wanted to give my goals and dreams a place to start. Somewhere I would primarily focus on them and how it would feel to have them. There is so much power in writing what you want down. May your goals and dreams meet you where you stand. 100% Sugarcane Paper Made by a Human BEING Made with LOVE

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personal protective equipment 70

PPE | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Madagascar Head Wrap and Face Mask Combo Regal Clothes $35

www.madeinbaltimore.com | PPE


Organic Cotton Face Mask- Indigo Quality Mask Supply $34.99 — Traditionally-dyed indigo face masks made with organic cotton and produced with Neighborhood Fiber Co. in 4 styles. Featuring 2 layers of protection and an inside pocket for filter.

Sneeze-Guard Open Works $65 — They are 24”x36”, oriented landscape, freestanding and made from 3/8” clear acrylic.

Custom Masks Curry Printing & Copy Center. $6 - $8 — We have a wide variety of customizable mask types; here are some of our best sellers. See our website for additional options (including face shields and clear masks).

Sassy Face Masks/ 2 pack SassyCyclist $30 — Our super comfy Sassy face masks are reusable, washable, made with our typical soft, stretchy fabric. They’ve got 2 layers, 3 pleats, a nose dart, and elastic ear loops to assist with fit. Non medical grade. 2 per pack. Designs vary.


PPE | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Cotton Face Mask with Filter Pocket Chase Street Accessories & Engraving $14.99

www.madeinbaltimore.com | PPE


mount royal soap co. Remember back in March, when Americans were scrambling to buy food, toiletries and personal protective equipment (PPE)? Pat Illes of Mount Royal Soap Co. remembers. When he saw bottles of hand sanitizer selling for astronomical prices online, he decided to intervene. “I knew how to make it,” Illes said. “I whipped up a batch, and just put up an Instagram post for our neighbors that said, ‘If you need some gel sanitizer, here’s a bottle that doesn’t cost $100.’” From that first batch, production scaled up explosively — Illes and co-owners Matt Williams and Sam Kiffer moved production to a 8500-square-foot facility in Woodberry outfitted with upgraded machinery. But don’t worry — they aren’t leaving their Remington storefront any time soon. As demand for PPE erupted, Mount Royal could hardly keep up with the orders that flooded in. “It was a little scary,” Illes said. “We had the City of Baltimore coming to us, the funny little soap shop on the corner in Remington, for something that they desperately needed to protect themselves.” As they began to scale up, a grant from Baltimore Development Corporation allowed them to purchase a pair of piston fillers, one for small squeeze bottles and one for gallon jugs. With the fillers, they went from filling 100 to 700 small bottles an hour, and while they had previously lacked the equipment for gallon jugs, they could now fill 1100 a day. As the pandemic disrupted global production, many small businesses struggled to find supplies. When Bill Stevenson of Waverly Color Co. offered Mount Royal a warehouse full of empty squeeze bottles, Illes bought out his entire stock. On scaling up, Illes advised, “Don’t do it this quickly, if you can avoid it.”


Hand Sanitizer - 4 oz Fragrance Free Mount Royal Soaps $3.99

He added that small business owners grappling with growth should tap into networks of support like Made In Baltimore.

“Just ask people for advice,” he said. “People want to help.” Mount Royal continued to grow, signing a regional grocery store procurement deal and supplying a large defense department agency. While scaling up in equipment and supply surged, personnel was a challenge. Staying on top of large orders left little time for hiring. Mount Royal shifted production to their Woodberry space while their Remington store remained closed. Illes said that while they miss their customers, they want to stay safe with online orders and no-contact pickup.

PPE | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Illes said that the challenges Mount Royal faced proved the importance of investing in local small-scale manufacturing. “We have more invested in the enterprise than just money,” he said. “I could end up in the hospital where our sanitizer or Quality Mask Supply’s masks are used, or my mom could.” Expanding into PPE production amid the pandemic was fulfilling for Illes and the Mount Royal team.

“We’re doing our very small part providing something that otherwise people wouldn’t be able to have on the front lines,” he said. “We’re incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to supply critical needs.”

Headband Mask with Built-In Filter Erin Draper $32

Masks Afrothreads


The Codex Club Reusable Face Mask The Codex Club $10

torres consulting Producing isolation gowns for healthcare workers at their factory in Carroll-Camden

www.madeinbaltimore.com | PPE



Custom Printing & Fabrication | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Custom Printing and fabrication www.madeinbaltimore.com | Custom Printing & Fabrication


Heavy Paper Co.

“I create form, function and beauty through raw materials “ Lawrence Moore, founder and owner of Heavy Paper Co, is a custom fabricator with a passion for the arts. Originally from New York City, Lawrence joined Baltimore’s maker community 5 years ago, through volunteering at the Station North Tool Library. “I started Heavy Paper Co. to bring custom creations to life. My creativity is focused around Woodwork, Metalwork and Digital fabrication, tools I use to create custom furniture and signage.Over the years I have worked with many local businesses and personal clients to create fantastic pieces.” www.heavypaper.co

Custom signage for Motzi Bread by Heavy Paper Co


Custom Printing & Fabrication | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Thomas Brown Woodwright Thomas Brown, Woodwright LLC has been at the forefront of quality architectural millwork in Baltimore since its inception. All our work is custom-made here, tailored to the exact needs of our clients. We are dedicated to preserving the historic integrity not only of America’s built heritage but also the tools and techniques that built it, using antique tools whenever practical.

In short, we care; we fabricate millwork as if it were going into our own homes. If the folks making your product don’t care about the result, nobody is going to be happy. And making our clients happy is what has kept us in business for almost 30 years. www.thomasbrownwoodwright.com

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Custom Printing & Fabrication


Openworks Open Works provides contract fabrication services at $105/hour for prototyping, signage, cabinetry, and small-to-medium production runs. Contact Zach Adams, Contract Services Manager, at zach@openworksbmore.com to get a quote.



Custom Printing & Fabrication | www.madeinbaltimore.com

WDI Works

WDI WORKS / Wilhide Draperies Inc. has been providing custom window treatments and upholstery services to the architecture and design industries in Baltimore and beyond for over 40 years. We have the tools, expertise and experience to execute your commercial or residential vision with meticulous precision and care. Some of our services include custom blinds and solar shades, decorative top treatments and cornices, re-upholstery and custom upholstery. We also fabricate custom pillows, cushions, acoustic panels, banquettes, and more. You can trust that we will translate your design down to the last stitch. Our passion is in the details.

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Custom Printing & Fabrication


Curry Printing

Curry Printing is the intelligent choice when your business needs digital or offset printing, graphic design services, promotional items, printed t-shirts and apparel, copying, bindery services, signs, posters and banners, mailing and marketing services, and much more. We are fast, professional, reliable, know our craft, and we’ve been around for a long time. We make you look good, every time. We provide top-notch customer service to organizations in industries such as financial services, venture capital, manufacturing, non-profit, technology, education, legal, professional services and government. Curry Printing is a Baltimore City-and state of Maryland-certified Minority Business Enterprise/Women’s Business Enterprise. Contact us for a quote. curryprint.com


Custom Printing & Fabrication | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Chase Street Accessories

Chase Street Accessories & Engraving offers employee recognition/awards, promotional items, office accessories, personalized gifts, and Baltimore City souvenirs. We create tangible evidence of your esteem for the people in your life. Our engraving and customization services combine state-of-the-art technology with inspiration from our historic neighborhood of Mount Vernon in Baltimore, Maryland. Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for a loved one or need full support for a corporate event, we’ll help you find a way to honor friends and colleagues the way they deserve -- with a lasting memory. chasestreetae.com

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monkey in the metal


Custom Printing & Fabrication | www.madeinbaltimore.com

Shelf Trusses (set of 2) Monkey in the Metal $99 — These shelf brackets will hold the meatiest of shelves, countertop overhangs, or mantels without getting in the way and show off your industrial style at the same time.

Scott Leg Monkey in the Metal $1,080 — This is our flagship ready-topurchase table leg. Just enough style and warmth from the mid-century modern cant of the leg and industrial lines. This set is sure to fit in any decor and can be colored to match your tastes.

Enoch Bookshelf Monkey in the Metal $1,200 — Need a place to display your wares, but don’t want them cluttering up your room, try our our bookcases/ display shelves that go from rustic and industrial to modern and fun. Create your custom look today

Monkey in the Metal provides custom pieces for hospitality, retail/ restaurant, and residential needs. Utilizing a combination wood and metal that originate from new and salvaged materials, we can create a single table up to a complete design solution, We make everything you need. monkeyinthemetal.com

www.madeinbaltimore.com | Custom Printing & Fabrication