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Issue 9 1st March

contents Editor’s Note Hello all, This month’s E-Magazine is a special edition in celebration of International Women’s Day. In this issue you’ll find interviews with Louise Distras and As December Falls along with album reviews from MUNA and CoCo Hames. We also have a Top 5 Female Musicians article in this issue! You’ll also spot our usual Artist in Review and Gig Guide. We hope you enjoy this issue, and that you find some new favourite female artists. Please check out our social media and let us know what you thought. See you in the next issue! Happy Reading, Editor, Rachel Colley

Contents Interviews: Louise Distrass - 4-7 As December Falls - 18-21

Reviews: Coco Hames - 24-25

Muna - 32-33

Articles: Artist in Review - 10-11 Famous guitars and their players 34-37 Upcoming Tours - 12-15 Film Review - Split - 28-31

Top 5’s: TOp 5 of the Month - 22-23 Top 5 Female Musicians - 40-43

Gig Guide - 44

Louise Distrass

Quick Fire: Favourite album?

Right now I’m listening to ‘Document’ by REM in the van

Best gig you’ve played?

Last night at Key Club in Leeds was pretty good! Yorkshire!

Biggest musical influence? Nirvana

Next release date? Sometime in 2017

Can you give our readers a brief history of how you got into the music industry? I can’t remember a time in my life where I didn’t play music, so I think it’s more a case that the music industry got into me! What were your reasons for changing your sound from Punk to Powerpop? It’s the same thing isn’t it? Since the release of my first album ‘Dreams from the Factory Floor’. I have grown a lot as a person and as an artist, so it nothing has been a conscious decision - just a natural progression. The official single from your new album ‘Aileen’ is about the ‘first female serial killer’. Can you tell us more about this and how it influenced the single? ‘Aileen’ is the first single since the release of ‘Dreams...’ but I don’t have a title for the second album yet and I don’t even know if ‘Aileen’ will even go on there. ‘Aileen’ was written after watching the Nick Broomfield documentary ‘Selling of a Serial Killer’, because there are things that happened to Aileen that happened to me, and these things also happen to women all over the world every single day. So it’s all about breaking the silence to show other survivors they aren’t alone. The only way I know how to do that is through songs. What other genres would you like to try out on your future releases and why? I would have to say Dubstep, because I always liked the idea of being called MC Distras! Which artists have influenced you the most? Probably The King Blues, because they show that music with a message doesn’t have to be boring and they write great songs that you can dance to!

Are there any other artists that you want tour with? I wanna tour with Against Me! Because... Against Me! Is there anywhere that you would love to play? They’ve been playing my music on FM radio in Japan and I’m told there’s been a big response, so I would love to play in Japan. You’ve played at festivals before. How was your experience at Glastonbury? The show was a lot of fun plus I got posh camping and unlimited free tea, coffee and phone charging in the green room. I saw Public Enemy and it was fucking great. Do you have any good luck charms you take with you on tour? My band are my good luck charm, I love them! Are there any other festivals that you would love to play at? Download, L&R, Riotfest, Amnesia Rockfest, because why not! Do you have any other future plans you can share with us? Right now I’m on tour with The King Blues, once tour is over the plan is to start working on the album and play lots more shows and festivals, followed by releasing the album and lots more shows!

Louise Distrass

artist in review

Jazz Mino This infectious electro-pop track from rising star Jazz Mino is an absolute must for any and all spotify playlists. Her modern dance style bass drops are mixed with old school piano chords, layered under her powerful vocals. These elements come together to make “Hurt”, a fresh sounding dance track that’s sure to grace to club scene before too long. Jazz Mino is a London based artist, rising fast in the European music scene. Rightly so, her other tracks are fun to listen to and contain deep and thoughtful lyrics hidden under catchy beats. Jazz Mino’s work can be found on her Spotify or Soundcloud and she is definitely an artist to watch for.

Indigo Rose Indigo Rose, Manchester based soloist, recently featured on our website in a review for her debut EP ‘The Cold Spell’. With a selection of instruments ranging from guitar to harp with a stop at flute along the way, she creates a truly unique sound. Combined with her vocals, it makes for an extremely enjoyable listening experience. This is most clear on ‘Heavy Weather’ despite it being her first release. ‘The Cold Spell’ has featured on BBC introducing. There are big things coming for Indigo

Rose, and she is definitely an artist to watch out for. She’s set to make a full solo tour later this year.

Alessi Laurent-Marke Alessi Laurent-Marke is a London based folk artist with a dreamlike style and voice to match. Her new single “Wives” is reminiscent of Dido’s “No Angel” but where Dido’s sound is more down to earth, Alessi’s is a stroll through a fairytale with her breathy melodic voice guiding you through the marriages of two women, ending with herself. Her melancholy lyrics serve to add more depth to a track that you can already drown in. The album of the same name is already sold out and it’s not hard to see why as she has an incredibly unique sound and a beautiful voice that is more than worth a listen or 10.

Shakin’ Stevens ‘Echoes Of Our Time’ 18/5/2017 - York Barbican, York To support his latest critically acclaimed album ‘Echoes of Our Time’, Shaky (as he’s known to many) embarks on his biggest UK tour yet. Performing in over 30 cities around England, Scotland, and Wales, Shakin’ Stevens is back and ready to Rock N’ Roll! Status Quo ‘Acoustic Live’ 21/6/2017 – York Barbican, York Status Quo are back and they’re “Rockin’ All Over The World”. Maybe not “Whenever You Want”, however they’re kicking of their Acoustic Live tour and they’re playing in York. Following the death of their lead guitarist Rick Parfitt, Status Quo will surely continue his great legacy in style. Imelda May 16/5/2017 – York Barbican, York Imelda May is back! Supporting the release of her newest album ‘Life, Love, Flesh, Blood’ (to-be released in March 2017), May’s UK + Ireland tour also has a stop in York in May (pardon the pun). Known for dressing up like a 50’s Rockabilly singer, that Imelda May is postponed for this tour. Ready to show the different side of Imelda May, this wonderful singer is sure to make an impression. Pura Vida 31/3/2017 – Fibbers, York From BBC Introducing and Radio 6 to the release of their first EP ‘Sundae’, Pura Vida are growing and rocking like never before. Headlining Fibbers in March, with supporting acts Mom and Frames, to celebrate their 1 year anniversary release of their 2nd Single “Sway”, Pura Vida are ready rekindle the spark of the beautiful sounds that they’ve always managed to achieve.

Upcoming tours

Upcoming tours UK Foo Fighters

Chas & Dave

7/10/2017 – Fibbers, York

18/5/2017 – Grand Opera House, York

A lot of people tend to ignore or evade tribute bands, hoping to instead get the opportunity of the original band to perform nearby. That, however, sometimes fails. Up to now the Foo Fighters are not planning on touring in the UK, which means for fans of Dave Grohl’s growl, you’ll either have to wait or succumb to just studio albums and live recordings. But why wait when you can see UK’s very own Foo Fighters – UK Foo fighters!

The kings of Rockney! Combining good old Rock N’ Roll with cockney accents, Chas & Dave ended up creating a whole new genre of their own. From nationwide hits like “Gertcha” and “Ain’t No Pleasing You”, Chas & Dave have been kicking the scene since the start of 1970’s. With a career spanning over 4 decades and a following of fans which includes both the young and old, Chas & Dave never failed to make an amazing performance.

John Mayall 31/10/2017 – Grand Opera House, York The godfather of British Blues is here (or will be at least in October)! 64 albums later and John Mayall is still growing strong. Worked and performed with legendary musicians such as Mick Fleetwood, Mick Taylor and Eric Clapton, Mayall is must-see for any lover of the blues. With a special collaboration with Buddy Whittington (a Texan guitarist), the Grand Opera House is sure hava a magical night on the last day of October of 2017.

Jools Holland & his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra 3/11/2017 – York Barbican, York One of the biggest names in the music business is at it again – touring! And this time (like always) it’s going to be a spectacular performance. Featuring the Latin American Grammy Award winning musician José Feliciano, Jools Holland & his lovely Rhythm & Blues Orchestra will without a doubt create a lovingly memorable performance.

As December Falls Can you give our readers a brief history of your band? Ande: The band formed in 2014 when our old bassist Timmy approached Beth and Luke with the idea of forming a female fronted pop/rock band. Timmy and I grew up playing in different bands since we were 15 in Nottingham and we used to regularly play at the same shows. Ironically, it was at a reunion show for all the old crowd years later that Timmy told me about the new project he was getting together.

We then recorded the first EP ‘A Home Inside Your Head’ and started booking our first shows. Two years, two EPs, a UK tour and several festival appearances later we’re still hard at work! For those who haven’t heard your music before, what influences do you share? Ande: We’re a female-fronted, loud Rock/Pop band for fans of Fall Out Boy, You Me At Six and We Are The In Crowd.

Quick Fire: Favourite album?

Bethany: So many to choose from, but I will never get sick of Taking Back Sunday-‘Happiness Is’. Ande: This literally changes month by month. At the moment I’m really vibing Set It Off’s ‘Upside Down’.

Best gig you’ve played?

Bethany: Headlining Rescue Rooms!

Biggest musical influence?

Bethany: Hayley Williams Ande: Slash

Next release date?

Ande: Aiming to put a little something out in May!

Are there any other bands that influence you that your fans may not know about and why?

You’ve just released your new single ‘More to You’. What was the inspiration behind this track?

Bethany: I love listening to all sorts of music, at the moment I keep listening to the Joy Formidable, I find them so catchy and the melodies/harmonies are really fun.

Bethany: The lyrics, they’re about a certain type of guy... The ones that make out that they’re a big shot, when realistically they’re just full of it. They keep claiming there is ‘more to them’ but there really isn’t.

Ande: Summer Set. Legendary is one of the best written pop albums ever created. Every song is single worthy.

As December Falls

Last year, you played Camden Rocks Festival with the likes of Yashin, Young Guns and Zebrahead. How was this experience for you guys? Bethany: It was so cool and we had such a lovely time, we handed out some flyers throughout the day so we got to talk to so many new people, and gained a few fans! Which artists did you check out at Camden Rock festival? Bethany: I know everyone had their favorites, I really liked Yashin, they were so entertaining and the crowd was going crazy! Bambi got to meet Rob Chapman and had a proper fan-boy moment later on. What was it like to be able to headline your hometown’s venue the Rescue Rooms? Bethany: It was awesome - it was so great that so many fans had travelled such a long way to see us. Words can’t describe how incredible it is to look out in to a full room of people who are singing the lyrics that you wrote right back at you! What topics have you covered in your songs before? Bethany: We’ve got songs about relationships, following

your dreams, confidence, all sorts! Its all stuff that people can relate too, so people want to listen to it! Which venues would you love to be able to play? Bethany: I would love to go over to America and play! We have a lot of fans who tweet us asking us to come over. Vans Warped tour would be great... Ande: Yeah, America is the dream so many of our musical idols come from over there so we’d love to experience it! Which of your recording sessions was the most challenging? Bethany: The most challenging was probably recording our EP ‘When You Figure Out You’re Wrong Get Back To Me’, we had a lot to do in a short time, and it was a real step up from our previous music! You’re music is mainly Pop-punk. Are there any other genres that you’d love to try out? Ande: I think we just use the pop-punk label because its accessible and captures a movement more than an actual sound. In terms of our genre we’re pretty much just making pop music to rock guitars and drums - my guitar work has a lot of blues influence and you can hear a lot of metal influences thrown

into Luke’s drumming. We’re really excited about putting out the odd acoustic track and also doing more electronic stuff with remixes of singles like Hunt & Haabi’s remix of More To You. Do you have any future plans that you could share with us? Ande: We’ve just announced a show with Camden Rocks on the 18th March at Proud Camden, we’re also playing Lowdefest in July. We’re planning another UK tour, more singles and potentially a live EP!

Top 5 of the month Game:



NOT A HERO is a slightly wacky 2D indie platformer game, which was free on Play Station last month. It is the story of a man named Bunnylord who wants to become the prime minister of England and hires a few “followers” to help him clean up the streets... by killing many gangsters and bad guys... he’s definitely not a hero...

At The Drive-In have recently reformed and continue to be a brilliant as they were back in 2000 when they split...their latest song ‘Incurably Innocent’ is a lot like their old stuff, yet still sounds fresh and new. With a bouncy yet heavy sound that they’ve had since the beginning, I’m really looking forward to hearing more of their new stuff.

The Lego franchise is such a massive thing now, and have incorporated massive franchises into their for years, but this year they finally made one of them into a movie, Batman has always been a massive part of tv and film but never in this Lego filled form and has never been this funny since the 1960s batman films.

Twitter Post:

Game Console:

Space has always been such a cool thing. Every kid ever wants to adventure and learn about space, so when NASA posted their latest discovery I felt like a small child again, 7 Earth sized planets which could sustain life have been found in one solar system! Although no life has currently been found, there is still the potential for it to be there! The suspense is killing me!

Nintendo have always had a good idea for games consoles, last time they tried to make a hand held and a home console at the same time though (the Wii U) it seemed to fall flat on its face... This time though, with a new Zelda game, Skyrim and Pokemon to name a few, their newest idea, The Nintendo Switch, might actually work!

Coco Hames

This self-titled release, via Merge Records, is Memphis based Coco Hames first album. I’m cheating a little bit here, since the album isn’t actually out yet, but it will be soon. It’s official release date is the 31st, but the first two tracks (‘When You Said Goodbye’ and ‘I Do Love You’) are streaming now on bandcamp. The album is described as alt-country, which fits it very well. There are country elements mixed in with alt-rock vibes which create a truly unique listening experience. We seem to be getting a lot of music from the US lately where people try a new take on country, and I for one am loving it. ‘When You Said Goodbye’ explores the emotions that are to be experienced postbreakup. Nothing new here, especially not in country music (Kiefer Sutherland’s ‘Down in a Hole’ seems to come to mind). But that Coco Hames can pack a twominute song with such emotion (“When you said goodbye I was lonely, you were satisfied.”) and keep the song sounding like a breezy country-pop song. “There were times I held you, there times it was real” Coco sings, over jangly guitar that seems to hide the hurt like a wellplaced ‘lmao’ at the end of a depressive tweet. These tracks are both bitter love songs, which seems to suggest that might be the theme of the album. I have mixed feelings about that, but I’m sure from what I’ve heard Coco Hames can and will pull it off. I’m giving this album a pre-emptive 8/10.

Split I went into ‘SPLIT’ feeling concerned. Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), recently reclassified as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) has been used as a plot device in media for a very long time. Most are very successful. See: ‘Fight Club’, ‘Psycho’, ‘Mr. Robot’, Carpenter’s ‘The Ward’ and another McAvoy classic, ‘Filth’. These narratives don’t shy away from insensitivity. DID is heavily vilified by the media. I find the notion of turning a mental illness into a plot twist quite strange. It’s rare we see the words SPOILER ALERT: THE PROTAGONIST HAS DEPRESSION!

Personality disorders garner a lot of coverage in fiction. The first trailers for SPLIT received harsh criticism. Whilst M. Night Shyamalan is reputed for his plot twists, he gives away the antagonist, Kevin’s DID in the first act of ‘SPLIT’. It is with pure curiosity and concern, then, that I decided to engage with the film. It is important to note that this film has two epicentres. 1. Suffering = strength 2. DID = The ability to change body chemistry. The exposition regarding Kevin’s mental state comes from his therapist, in scenes

which are inserted at random. Rather similar in style to ‘LUCY’s Morgan Freeman, Psychiatrist Dr. Fletcher insists that DID enables chemical changes in the body. The main premise of ‘SPLIT’ is that Kevin’s personalities pander to ‘The Beast’ – a personality yet to emerge, who is hungry for the flesh of those who have not suffered in their lives. Locked in his Zoo basement, three girls find themselves desperate for an escape, as James McAvoy auditions repeatedly for his new films. Thematically, the film falls close to ’10 Cloverfield Lane’. In which the protagonist is

also forced to escape a basement, but finds herself faced with aliens. In much the same fashion, ‘SPLIT’ revolves around the three young girls finding a way out of Kevin’s underground lair before they are… eaten. ‘SPLIT’ has some deeply uncomfortable moments. Dennis, one of Kevin’s identities, is often repressed due to his enjoyment of watching young girls dance naked – he also suffers from OCD due to childhood abuse. I have OCD myself, and it was odd to see my mental illness played out in an obsessive “need” to remove girls ‘dirty’ shirts.


One of Kevin’s more endearing personalities is Hedwig, a nine-year-old boy. He provides a lot of comedic relief throughout. Asking Casey to kiss him, and then telling her she ‘might be pregnant now’ did make me laugh, but with a grimace. As much as the personality in Kevin’s body is nine, Kevin certainly is not. The film is intercut with the kidnapped Casey’s flashbacks which hint heavily at childhood abuse. It is ultimately Casey’s exposure to abuse which causes ‘The Beast’ to praise her – setting her free. In this sense the film can be read as heavily metaphorical. Perhaps that is the most unproblematic way of reading it. The idea of turning victims into heroes, and giving the mentally ill strength, is an admirable one. But Shyamalan doesn’t pull it off hitch-free. My main problem with this film is that eating young girls because they haven’t been molested isn’t exactly a great premise. ‘The Beast’ is motivated to kill those who haven’t suffered, as they are weak. Does this propose a world in which children must be abused to survive? Does the girls’ kidnapping not cause them enough trauma to count as profoundly damaging? Surely, making someone suffer for not suffering defeats the objective? Regardless, this film did have some wonderful moments. Casey screaming ‘PLEASE, I WANT TO SEE YOUR KANYE WEST ALBUMS!’ to prolong her investigation of Hedwig’s room being one of them. The film had some tender moments too. Kevin is only ‘brought into the light’ once in the films duration. Upon realising he is no longer on a bus in 2014, and seeing the carnage he has caused, he begs for death. The ending of this film, or the two endings to be more precise, have proved rather divisive. Casey is spared by the Beast upon her shirt being ripped off in a fight scene, and the reveal of her self-harm scars. Perhaps her self-harm saving her would be a powerfully ironic moment, if the scene

didn’t echo back to Dennis’ complaints about her owning too many shirts to remove for his perverted goals. The second ending [SPOILER ALERT, GENUINELY THIS TIME] is simply: Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis is there. This ending comes after the final title card has appeared on screen, and is reserved for those Shyamalan hardcore fans. It is a gesture at a sequel to ‘Unbreakable’, which may have been a clear link for some having seen the artwork on the film’s posters. Having not seen ‘Unbreakable’ myself, I assumed that I would gain nothing from this ending. However, it did genuinely leave me excited to see how Kevin will cope in the world beyond the bunker. It is a shame that the tension and fast pace of the ending is not maintained throughout the entire film. The first two acts move quite slowly, due to the explanation required to understand Kevin’s mentality. But the payoff is worth it. Whilst this film is problematic, it is also rather insightful. I haven’t quite decided whether I loved or hated its representation of DID yet. I have decided that I liked the film, despite being a bit confused by its contradictory logic. If you enjoy films that make you question the mind and self, give this one a watch. It doesn’t shy away from excess – pushing the boundaries of mentality quite far. But it is an interesting and engaging watch


MUNA are three piece, all female group, that term themselves as ‘Dark Pop’. With influences ranging from Fleetwood Mac to Cyndi Lauper, this group definitely has a nostalgic feel. Even though this album has an eighties sound, it has its own unique take on the genre. Katie Gavin (lead vocals/ production), Josette Maskin (lead guitar) and Naomi McPherson (rhythm guitar/ synths/production) have created a strong debut album to announce their presence to the world. Even though this nostalgia pop is a main feature of the album, MUNA’s website states that the band are a ‘dark pop girl band […] blending the brooding sensuality with R&B, rhythms of funk, and audacity of synthpop…’ This description certainly fits the diversity of the tracks. It is a refreshing take on a much-explored genre. Although the lyrics generally cover similar topics, the group can make the lyrics themselves catchy and intriguing. For instance, ‘Loudspeaker’ where Gavin sings ‘I am the loudspeaker’. Gavin is able to create these striking lyrics seemingly with ease. Some of the highlights from the album include ‘Winterbreak’, ‘Around U’ and ‘Promise’. If you’ve been looking for a new, intriguing girl pop group to listen to MUNA is the one for you. After I listened to most of their album, I was surprised to find out that this is their debut. I thought that this album was their second or third because of their professionalism. I will be watching out for MUNA in the next year. I give this record a strong 8.5/10 stars and can’t wait to hear what MUNA have in store for us.

Famous guitars and their players

Oranthi PRS SE Orianthi Signature Electric Guitar The Australian-born guitarist Orianthi has quite a career. From playing and recording with artists such as Steve Vai, to being the lead guitarist for Alice Cooper, this female virtuoso has clearly proven she’s one of the best in the business. But her weapon of choice? PRS SE. With 2 doublecoil pickups and an ebony neck, this guitar is her favourite. Fallen in love during her first Carlos Santana concert, this guitar has been her baby ever since. You’re very unlikely to see her without one. Sheryl Crow Fender Limited Edition Sheryl Crow 1959 Custom Telecaster From a teacher to an established songwriter for artists such as Tina Turner and Celine Dion (and even a McDonald’s Jingle), Sheryl Crow had a wild one. Still going strong, her solo career is an impressive achievement. However, what’s her sixstring child? That child, is a lovely ’59 Fender Telecaster, given to her by a loving late fan. Perfect instrument for her musical needs of country-rock, her Tele has been by her side ever since they met. Nancy Wilson Gibson Nancy Wilson Nighthawk Standard If there was no Nancy Wilson, there would be no Heart, and if there was no Heart, there wouldn’t be one of Rock’s finest songs of all time – “Barracuda”. The Wilson sisters were, are and still will be some of the biggest female names in music. Naturally, for one to achieve so much they must have the proper skill and gear. Nancy has both with the Gibson Nighthawk. One of Nancy’s favourites, it’s been by her side ever since.

Famous guitars and their players

Joan Jett Gibson Joan Jett Signature Melody Maker The Godmother of Punk! From her success with the Runaways to a fantastic solo career with Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, the godmother is one important lady. Achieved her fame with her cover of The Arrows’ “I Love Rock N’ Roll”, Joan Jett needed something special to help her through these times. I’m talking about the late 70’s, but no I don’t mean drugs. The Gibson Melody Maker! Her prized possession and by far one of the most easily recognizable guitars of all time. Her signature melody maker editions have even been personally supervised the godmother of punk herself. Bonnie Raitt Fender USA Bonnie Raitt Signature Stratocaster ’95 One of the finest female guitar players in the world, Bonnie Raitt could be dubbed as the Mother of the Blues Guitar. No one can play the Blues or Country like Bonnie, her wonderful sound has been critically acclaimed since her earliest of days. Loving the Stratocaster from an early age, Raitt made this type of electric beauty her own. In ’96, Fender released their first female musician signature guitar models, all based on Raitt’s no. 1 weapon of choice – ’69 Fender Stratocaster.

When people think of female musicians most people immediately think of singers like Madonna, Hayley Williams Kylie Minogue and others like this, which although they are brilliant in their own right, most people overlook other women in the music industry that aren’t on the ‘frontline’ such as bassists and drummers. This article is to show some of the lesser known women in music who deserve applause! Sandy West (The Runaways) The Runaways were a all female punk band from the 70s, led by Joan Jett, who in her own right became a massive star, but the other members of the Runaways ended up mainly trying and failing in the industry. Sandy West, who was the drummer, formed many bands after the break up. Sadly none of the bands particularly made a load of income for her and she was forced into other areas such as working in construction, as a bartender and a veterinary assistant. But her punk attitude never seemed to leave her and she spent a little time in jail... She sadly passed away in 2006 of lung cancer. Cindy Blackman A rarity of sorts as a female jazz percussionist. That doesn’t deter her, she does what she wants, which is play drums and says that stereotypes about female musicians shouldn’t exist and every woman should be allowed to play whatever she wants and not be judged. Blackman is probably most well known for her time recording and playing for Lenny Kravitz. Kathy Valentine (The Go-Go’s) The Go-Go’s were an all female rock band, mainly known for their songs in the 80’s and were the first all female band to get a number 1 in america, making them a force to be reckoned with. Their bassist Kathy Valentine wrote a few of their songs and eventually became the guitarist of the band. After their split in 1985, Valentine

top 5 female musicians

top 5 female musicians

formed countless bands not leading very far until the 90s, where bands and collaborations such as The BlueBonnets and The Delphines as well as many reunions with The Go-Go’s. Tina Weymouth (The Talking Heads) The Talking Heads were one of the most iconic new wave bands of the 70s and 80s. Mainly known for their lead singer David Byrne. Tina Byrne was actually one of the original founders of the band and was involved in everything The Talking Heads did, including their side project The Tom Tom Club. After the end of The Talking Heads she stayed in music and produced albums for bands such as The Happy Mondays. Most recently she is mainly known for being part of the virtual band, Gorillaz as the fictional character Noodles. Meg White (The White Stripes) The White Stripes were easily one of the most iconic bands of the 00’s with such well known songs as Seven Nation Army and Blue Orchid. Jack White, the lead singer and guitarist was the main focus point of the band, but did other projects on the side too, while Meg White was the drummer and got less of the limelight. Her primal and very basic playing style on drums got many mixed reviews, some stating it was different and one of a kind, while others said it was bland and uninventive... Meg was a shy and quiet person at heart and didn’t enjoy the limelight anyway and kept herself to herself. Suffering from anxiety on stage, Meg called it quits and the band split up from that point and Meg has since left the music business.

gig guide Friday Friday 3rd 3rd March March Part Part Time Time Miserables, Miserables, Bloody Bloody Mango, Mango, The The Receivers, Receivers, The The Regime, Regime, Fibbers, Fibbers, York York Basement Basement Jazz Jazz Club, Club, Basement, Basement, York York Luna Luna Blue, Blue, Hope Hope and and Anchor, Anchor, Islington, Islington, London London Saturday Saturday 4th 4th March March The The Guns Guns N N Roses Roses Experience, Experience, The The Minster Minster Conspiracy, Conspiracy, Fibbers, Fibbers, York York Open Open Mic Mic Night, Night, Basement, Basement, York York The The InBetween InBetween at at the the Primrose, Primrose, Leeds, Leeds, A A night night of of funk funk and and power power pop pop Monday Monday 6th 6th March March The The Sherlocks, Sherlocks, Oddity Oddity Road, Road, Faux Faux Pas, Pas, Fibbers, Fibbers, York York Tuesday Tuesday 7th 7th March March Zach Zach Lount Lount (King (King No-One), No-One), Laura Laura Kindelan, Kindelan, Basement, Basement, York York Thursday Thursday 9th 9th March March Beth Beth McCarthy, McCarthy, Special Special Guests, Guests, Basement, Basement, York York Luna Luna Blue, Blue, Chichester Chichester University, University, Chichester Chichester Friday Friday 10th 10th March March Bonafide, Bonafide, Tequila Tequila Mockingbyrd, Mockingbyrd, Killer Killer Bee, Bee, Fibbers, Fibbers, York York Fatherson, Fatherson, Supports, Supports, Basement, Basement, York York Luna Luna Blue, Blue, The The New New Moon, Moon, Crawley Crawley Saturday Saturday 11th 11th March March Dub Dub Pistols Pistols (20th (20th Anniversary Anniversary Tour!), Tour!), Atomic Atomic Raygun, Raygun, Vox Vox Cornelious, Cornelious, Fibbers, Fibbers, York York Monday Monday 13th 13th March March Mortiis, Mortiis, Pig, Pig, Seraph Seraph Sin, Sin, Fibbers, Fibbers, York York Thursday Thursday 16th 16th March March Theatre Theatre of of Hate, Hate, The The Society, Society, Fibbers, Fibbers, York York

Friday Friday 17th 17th March March The The Harringtons, Harringtons, Special Special Guests, Guests, Basement, Basement, York York Saturday Saturday 18th 18th March March Glass Glass Caves, Caves, Faux Faux Pass, Pass, Corella, Corella, In In Sulks, Sulks, Fibbers, Fibbers, York York York York CD CD & & Record Record Fair, Fair, Basement Basement York York Mr Mr H H Presents Presents John John Otway, Otway, Basement, Basement, York York Wednesday Wednesday 22nd 22nd March March Please Please Please Please You You Presents Presents Amber Amber Arcades, Arcades, Basement, Basement, York York Thursday Thursday 23rd 23rd March March Sari Sari Schorr Schorr & & The The Engine Engine Room, Room, The The Dead Dead Cats, Cats, Fibbers, Fibbers, York York Friday Friday 24th 24th March March Luna Luna Blue, Blue, La La Havana, Havana, Chichester Chichester Saturday Saturday 25th 25th March March Sack Sack Sabbath, Sabbath, DIRT DIRT (Alice (Alice in in Chains), Chains), Fibbers, Fibbers, York York Thursday Thursday 30th 30th March March Please Please Please Please You You Presents Presents Devon Devon Sproule, Sproule, Basement, Basement, York York Friday Friday 31st 31st March March Pura Pura Vida, Vida, MOM, MOM, Frames, Frames, Native Native City, City, Fibbers, Fibbers, York York

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Down the Rabbit Hole - Issue 9  

Our Ninth issue of our E-Magazine 'Down the Rabbit Hole'. Like us on FB for more content ( or Foll...

Down the Rabbit Hole - Issue 9  

Our Ninth issue of our E-Magazine 'Down the Rabbit Hole'. Like us on FB for more content ( or Foll...