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during the Stone Age period

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Культ Афродиты, богини любви и красоты


и перерождение Айя-Напы

Мыс Капо Греко:

там, где небо сливается с синевой моря...








Castle Residences

Like no


Just launched, Castle Residences are the only luxury apartments on the sea in the Mediterranean. Surrounded by water, steps away from the beach, this final residential phase of the Marina development enjoys uninterrupted views of the sea and the coastal city of Limassol. For more information or to book a private appointment, contact +357 25 020 020

Living on the sea

/ about the island /

History of Cyprus The geographical location of Cyprus has made it the center of attraction of many countries and civilizations. As a result, Cyprus has been influenced by various civilizations of east Mediterranean over a period of hundred years. PREHISTORIC CYPRUS This city was established by humans during the Stone Age or Paleolithic period. The first humans who settled in this region were mainly agriculturalists; they knew the art of farming but did not create any kind of pottery. They started keepings pigs, goats and sheep as pet animals and used to reside in round shaped homes. With the onset of Bronze Age, first cities like Enkomi built. Greeks used to inhabit Cyprus during the later stages of Bronze Age. During this time, Cyprus was under the empire of Hittite. ANCIENT HISTORY OF CYPRUS Though Achaean Greeks inhabited Cyprus from the 14th century, majority of them had inhabited the island sometime after the Trojan War. According to the first sources that were written, Cyprus was under the Assyrian empire. It became independent for a short while in 669 BC after which it was once again conquered by the Egyptians under the leadership of Amasis. In 545 BC, Persians invaded Cyprus. In 58 BC it was annexed by the Romans, then officially became a senatorial province in 22 BC. The promoter Paul introduced Christianity to Cyprus and converted many people of the region in 45 AD. When the Roman Empire was divided into two, Cyprus became part of the Eastern Roman Empire or the Byzantine Empire. Cyprus was then conquered by the Arabs from 649 AD, until they reached an agreement with the Byzantines in the 688. As a result, both Byzantine and Arabs ruled Cyprus as a condominium for around 300 years. During the 12th century, it became the center of attraction of many crusaders.

In the year 2004, Cyprus agreed to become a member of EU. From 1st January 2008 Euro became the currency of the island and it replaced the previously used, very strong Cypriot pound. MODERN CYPRUS Due to the Cyprus Convention on 4th June 1878, Cyprus came under the administration of United Kingdom. It became part of the British Empire as a Military occupation from 1914 to 1925 whereas between the time periods of 1925, and from 1925 to 1960 was a Crown colony. In 1955, the Greek Cypriots formed a nationalist organisation called the EOKA. It was made so as to achieve enosis, meaning the union of Cyprus and Greece. While the union was not achieved, this led to the independence of the island in 1960. It was on the 16th of August 1960 when Cyprus finally claimed its freedom from the UK. Their first president was none other than Archbishop Makarios III, a wonderful religious as well as political leader. He claimed to have no involvement in the violent resistance movements of EOKA, with whom he nevertheless shared a common political ground, but was acquainted with their leader George Grivas. In the subsequent year i. e., 1961, Cyprus became the ninety ninth member of UN.


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Dear Readers, After the successful release of "Luxury Limassol Hotels" and "Luxury Paphos Hotels" we dedicating the next edition of our magazines to "Luxury Ayia Napa and Protaras". We, at MACS Marketing, have created a tribute to, and an intricately fashioned invitation for, a sojourn at our legendary luxury resorts, each a landmark of hospitality on or close to a beach as well as the City Centre, and an everlasting memory for guests spoilt for choice by this earthly utopia.


HE ISLAND is so beautifully laid out topographically that tourism has surpassed all expectations, none more than Ayia Napa and Protaras. This glamorous, bi-lingual (English and Russian) publication will be distributed in selected Luxury Hotels of Ayia Napa and Protaras, the major Cyprus Airports and will be available Online on International and Russian Hotel booking websites as well as distributed to over 150 overseas Tour Operators from ten different countries presently working with Cyprus. By the end of July 2017, we plan to release a new bi-annual magazine, "Cyprus Finest", with 6 months cycle, mainly design to target the Locals and Russians living in Cyprus markets. This magazine will be published in two versions: Blue edition, is the most demanding by our readers Magazine on the market due to the "Guess the place" competition which has got valuable prizes from our sponsors and has over 1000 distribution points throughout the whole Cyprus. The second, Red edition, will be available in the VIP and Business Class lounges of Airlines flying to Cyprus in three major airports of Moscow: Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo. Besides our usual overseas distributors, for unmatched global reach, we will, tentatively, add Pulkovo Airport


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Contents 10 H istorical places History and mystery around Ayia Napa and Protaras

12 Fun for everyone


Many interesting places to visit

14 Cyprus cuisine Traditional table fare

16 Beaches

Basking in the Sun

24 Definitely Cypriot The intriguing world that is Cyprus

26 Rural villages

Slow down and get a taste of rural life in Cyprus

28 Churches and monasteries

12 18

Religious sites around Ayia Napa and Protaras


30 Night life

It’s as Incredible as You are!

32 Medicine

The upbeat medical scene in Cyprus

33 W hat Cyprus Offers

When examined in totality, it is worth your while in becoming a citizen of Cyprus.



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/ historical places /

HISTORY AND MYSTERY around Ayia Napa and Protaras While the towns of Ayia Napa and Protaras, located on the south-eastern tip of Cyprus in the Farmagustra district, may be famous for their lively nightlife and dive sites, they are also rich in history. If you’re interested in history, you will want to make sure to check out these 5 places: CAPE GRECO Cape Greco’s position on the most south-eastern tip of the continent has certainly contributed to its historical significance over the years. Ruins in the area span many civilizations — from the Phoenicians to the Greeks — and this was a popular landing spot for invaders. Take in the natural beauty as you walk in the National Park (which contains the mythical birth place of Aphrodite) or along the coast. Also make sure to check out the museum and lighthouse. Who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of the Ayia Napa Sea Monster! MAKRONISSOS TOMBS The Makronissos tombs, 19 nearly identical tombs from the Hellenistic and Roman periods, are cut into rock and have wide steps leading into simple tombs. You will notice stone benches, which were originally used to hold sarcophagi. The tombs’ surfaces contain pyres which are characteristic of Greek funeral customs. It is also interesting to note that the Makronissos Tombs were looted during the 1870s. THALASSA MUNICIPAL MUSEUM This museum focuses on the role and significance of the sea in shaping the island of Cyprus. It opened in 2005 under direction of Pierides Foundation. Spanning three stories, the Thalassa Museum contains a variety of exhibits including paintings, carvings, antiques, naval vessels, and fossils from prehistoric to modern-day. The museum’s main exhibit is the replica Kerynia II — a life-size replica of a merchant ship built in 400 BC which was salvaged in the 1960s. The museum also offers a restaurant, coffee and souvenir shop, and an open-air amphitheatre. To plan your visit and see the museum’s hours. AGROTOSPITO COUNTRY HOUSE MUSEUM Located in Ayia Napa’s central square, the Agrotospito Country House Museum (also called the Farmhouse or Folklore Museum) offers a look into the Cypriot peasant farmer’s daily life. The museum is an authentic reconstruction of historical rural traditions, tools, furniture, utensils, etc. AQUEDUCT The Ayia Napa Aqueduct (also known as the Aqueduct Archaeological Site) is 2 km long and dates to the Roman period. Alterations were made in the Frankish period when the Monastery was built, and the aqueduct played a key role in supplying water to the monastery and the surrounding region. Builders took advantage of the land’s natural contours to deliver water from the Protaras area to Ayia Napa.


x To plan your visit, check makronissos-tombs.php or call +357 23 816 300. Open daily from 9:00–17:00, admission is free.

x Check or call +357 23 816 366. Ticket prices (individual/ group): adult €4/€2.50, high school and university students €2.50/€1.50, elementary junior high school students €1.50/€1.50.

x To plan your visit, check FB/nikikouzari or FB/ Agrotospito Country House Museum or call +357 99 684318. Admission is free.

x For more information please visit aqueduct.php Admission is free.

• 2017/2018 EDITION

/ fun for everyone /A Y I A


FUN FOR Ayia Napa and Protaras with their wonderful beaches like Nissi and Fig tree have been famous all around the world for their wonderful partying. More than that, they both offer so many other interesting places to visit and things to do, which make them a fun destination for everyone.

WATER WORLD WATERPARK This waterpark serves as a wonderful destination for a family fun day out in Ayia Napa. It features different kinds of pools, slides and rides that can be enjoyed by people of any age group. For small children, there are many play areas and activity pools with shallow water, making them ideal and safe for them to enjoy. Bigger kids can choose from a wide array of faster and bigger rides that will keep them busy all day long. Some of the waterpark's popular attractions are Odyssey lazy river, wave pool of Poseidon, Atlantis towering drop and kamikaze slides. This waterpark has received 25 International accolades since it was opened in 1996.

BOAT TRIPS OF AYIA NAPA A large number of trips on the boat are conducted from the harbor of Ayia Napa. These trips have varying time duration and destinations; one can visit sea caves, Protaras, Famagusta and Cape Greco. The most popular boat rides amongst families are those taken in yellow submarine glass bottom boats. On this, you can explore the world underwater without taking a dive. For kids and adults alike, the Safari of Dolphin Boat, Pirate boat Black Pearl are great fun; for those who thirst for knowledge, Discovery boat ride is a must. During some of the boat trips visitors are also provided with snorkeling equipment.


WATER SPORTS AT FIG TREE BEACH Protaras has not only wonderful beaches where you can relax and enjoy the nature, but also different kinds of water sports available on the coast, which makes perfect for family holidays. The water activities include jet biking, banana boats, private boat hiring and much more.

THALASSA MUSEUM The Museum is located in the heart of the town and welcomes tourists all year around. It showcases various historical articles from the Stone Age, as well as jewelery and pottery that reflect the various historical periods of the island and Ayia Napa. If you or the children are science lovers, the marine life exhibits at the basement will surely be appealing. The wonderfully reconstructed model of Kyrenia boat that was discovered near the Cyprus coast 40 years back is also on display here. • 2017/2018 EDITION



/ fun for everyone /

MAGIC DANCING WATERS After enjoying a wonderful day on the beach, the most beautiful way to relax and get entertained at the same time is by visiting the Magic Dancing Waters at Protaras. The park won first prize in the Innovative Theme Park contest of Europe. Children and parents never fail to be enthralled by the magical show, which combines dancing waters along with laser show, fire and smoke, volcano eruptions in the most spectacular manner, leaving you and your family mesmerized for the rest of the holiday.

PARKO PALIATSO Parko Luna Park is one of the great destinations for family fun located in the core of Ayia Napa city. The Park opened its doors in 1999 and now stretches around the area of 25,000 square meters filled with about 25 attractions for the visitors. For smaller kids, there are rides like bumper boats, trampolines, carousels and tea cups. For the older ones, Blizzard, Rodeo bull and Pirate ship of Viking are the major attractions. Other fun activities you'll find here are darts, rifle shooting, Sling Shot and big wheel. In other words, Parko Paliatso is simply a haven for the adrenalin junkies. There are 2 cafeterias available to make the full day stay quite comfortable. EDEN SQUARE In the middle of Protaras strip lays the Eden Square. Here you will find a beautiful small church which makes your outing more interesting. Nearby is a play area where kids can keep themselves busy and entertained after a long day at the beach.

GO KARTS Go Karts is one of those places that attracts both kids and kids at heart. The Go Karts of Seasons is an ideal track for smaller kids as it is a minor track. The other two tracks which are perfect for kids and adults can be found at The Parko Paliatso and near Water World Waterpark. The name of Go karts of Macronissos beach is EMW. MINI GOLF If you are a golf enthusiast then Mini Golf should be in your list of places to visit. It is located near the Nissi Avenue at the Family Entertainment Center of Seasons. Other than golf it also features other family fun activities like go-karting track and trampolines.

OCEAN AQUARIUM PARK If you love marine life and want to come face to face with different sea creatures then you are more than welcome at the Ocean Aquarium Park in Protaras. It is home to more than 1000 species, including Piranha, turtles, stingrays, penguins and crocodiles. You can relax and unwind while exploring the mysterious underwater world on dry land.

• 2017/2018 EDITION


/ cyprus cuisine /

Traditional Table Fare As per historical sources, Cyprus was invaded and ruled by rulers of different regions; this is clearly reflected on the flavour and styles of preparation of the Cuisine of Cyprus. The Cyprus cuisines involve usage of a variety of green fresh vegetables like zucchini, okra, green peppers and beans, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and many more. It also involves wonderful and distinct usage of herbs and spices. APPETIZERS Tzatziki is a dip with a wonderful blend of ingredients. It is made by combining yogurt with garlic. It is seasoned with olive oil and a dash of pepper then served with cucumber slices. Tahini is another delicious dip, made by crushing seeds of sesame with a small amount of olive oil, garlic and lemon. Combining Tahini and chickpea creates hummus that is served with Pita bread.

Grilled Halloumi is one of the most popular appetizers of Cypriot. This is prepared by grilling the halloumi cheese, made from either sheep or goat milk. It is sometimes seasoned with peppermint. SOUPS Soups are an integral part of Cyprus Cuisine. Trahan soup is a special kind of soup which is made only on this island. It is prepared with the ingredients like groats of local wheat, goat milk, and spice. Chicken meat is also used in some cases. As you may soon discover, lemon and goat milk are essential ingredients in almost all dishes of Cyprus cuisine. The method of preparation of Trahan soup is quite extraordinary. First, it is cooked to a thick consistency. After that, it is cooled and modeled in form of dry sausages. These dry sausages are then poured in boiling water that is seasoned with Halloumi cheese and yogurt. It can be consumed immediately after preparation. Fakes soup is a simple vegetarian Cypriot soup that requires few ingredients. Its main ingredient is lentils, and it can be prepared very easily. Fakes soup is considered the best


treat during winter nights. Sometimes to make it more fulfilling, chicken broth is used instead of water.

Afelia is made by cooking pork, mushrooms and potatoes with red wine and seasoned with seeds of coriander.

DELICACIES Every gourmet lover should try the Lountza, which is pork loin that is smoked slowly. This process gives it its distinctive taste. Tsamarella is made by combining dried goat meat with wine and seeds of coriander. Chiromeri is made by adding wine and salt to pork meat, then smoked for 2 days. Zalatina, as the name suggests, is made up of boiled pork and gelatin.

SEAFOOD Some of the common seafood of Cypriots includes red mullet, sea bass, octopus, calamari and many more. Salt cod, which is the most customary fish of the island was baked in the beehive ovens outside with seasonings of tomatoes and potatoes until recently.

SALADS Ahtapot Salatasi is a salad made up of octopus. It can add real zest to your dinner and is usually served together with butter and bread. Halloumi and Lentil Salad is a mouthwatering salad. As halloumi cheese is quite popular among the people of Cyprus and the tourists, it is commonly grilled or roasted then added to salads. This salad is quite easy to prepare and is surprisingly very filling. Vodino Salata is a common salad of the island and is made with meat and vegetables. Preparing it takes a bit longer compared to other salads, but the taste is definitely worth the wait. MAIN COURSES Generally, any kind of meat that is grilled on charcoal is called Souvla. The name is derived from the skewers used to prepare it. It is accompanied with oregano, lemon and salt. Souvlaki is similar to Souvla but its pieces are smaller in size. It is served along with pita bread, tzatziki and salad. Moussaka is with of baked lamb and eggplant. It is then covered with the sauce of béchamel. Kleftiko is a time-consuming dish and requires lots of patience and expertise while making it. In this cuisine, lamb is marinated with cinnamon and lemon juice. Then it is cooked in low heat inside the clay oven for about 24 hours. Loukanika is sausages of pork which have been saturated with red wine and garnished with pepper and coriander.

DESSERTS Some of the most popular desserts of Cypriots are Loukoumi, also called Turkish delight; Soutzouko, which is made from nuts and grape juice; Palouzes or Cyprus Grape Jelly; Melomakarona honey cookies; Kourabiedes, which are almond shortbread cookies covered in powdered sugar; and Finikia or walnut cookies. BEVERAGES Cyprus coffee is generally made from fresh Brazilian coffee beans. It comes in three categories — Glikis is sweet, Metrios is medium and Sketos is unsweetened. Cyprus coffees are often served in tiny cups and are offered together with a glass if cold water. Commandaria is a sweet tasting dessert wine. Beers of Cyprus are made by fermenting rich quality wheat that produces light beers of good quality. Zivania spirit and Ouzo are also famous alcoholic drinks of Cyprus.

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/ cyprus cuisine /

AVGOLEMONO SOUP OR EGG-LEMON | You can’t go into a Cyprus house without encountering this. Traditionally enjoyed around Easter, Avgolemono has a frothy lemon flavoured broth. Egg-Lemon Soup is prepared with many different meats including; Lamb, Beef, Chicken, and even fish.

• 2017/2018 EDITION


/ beaches /

Basking in the Sun Ayia Napa has been blessed with some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world. Both the west and east coast extends beautifully and the magnificent sea washes the entire area. It is well known for its beaches having blue flags status and they are one of the most fun party destinations. VATHIA GONIA BEACH It is also known as the Sandy Bay beach. The meaning of its Cypriot name is deeply angled, as it is a protected inlet that has low stretches of rocks. At the starting of the bay lies a wonderful white sand beach that has sea sports as well as sun beds. This beach is quite deep and therefore one of the favorite spots for people who like to enjoy the beaches quietly. Its rocky headlands serve as a wonderful spot for getting the magnificent views of coastal Ayia Napa. VRISI BEACH The most important beach of Protaras is Vrisi Beach. It is actually a 1.5 kilometers succession of beach strips variably known as Sunrise beach, Protaras beach, Flamingo or Golden Stay Beach. It is a natural expanse of sand which does not have


any distinct markers. There is wooden boardwalk that stretches at the backside of the coast which makes it comfortable to move from one area to another. It is blessed with shallow water as well as shelving coast which make it safe for children to enjoy beaches. Therefore, it is also one of the favorite spots for families for vacationing. The beach is adorned with a wide array of water sports and restaurants making it a perfect place. PROTARAS AND PARALIMNI AREA Protaras resort is a human-made tourist resort which has been constructed on the land near Paralimni village. It is amongst some of the favorite tourist spots for the visitors around the world due to its scenic and natural sea beaches. Some of its popular beaches have been described below.

NISSI BEACH This one is the most popular beach of Ayia Napa and stretches around three kilometers in the western direction. The meaning of Nissi in the Greek language is Small Island. It possesses a small islet which is linked with the beach by means of a wide bar of sand that divides the beaches into two portions. The other portion is having sheltered shallow sea waters which are favorites among children. Nissi beach has been equipped with various kinds of water sports like banana riding, windsurfing, bungy jumping and jet biking etc. This beach has a large number of beach bars, cafes and restaurants for tourists.

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/ cuisine / FIG TREE (BAY) BEACH Near to a tiny rocky cove lays Bay of Fig tree or beach. It has derived its name because of the trees of fig that use to grow in that area, now it has a single fig tree only that stands close to the beach. It is amongst the most exclusive beaches of Cyprus and has been blessed with shallow waters and pockets of golden sand. It is quite popular among tourists for its breathtaking natural and scenic beauty. It has all kinds of water games to entertain adults as well as children. On the northern corner of the coast, it has a small islet that maintains the calmness of the sea. This beach is well connected with roads and faces huge traffic during both the summer and winter. It has the status of the blue flag that is why the sands of the beach are clean.

PANTAHOU BEACH This beach is the most important beach in the Ayia Napa region which is located on the western coast of the harbor. It is called Panatahou in Cypriot; however, it has many different names which are Limanaki beach, Beach of Ayia Napa, Greko or Kryo Nero beach and Harbor beach. Depending on the area of the coastal beach you are and which tour guide you have hired, you will get to know the name of the beach. It is a long stretching of sand which extends in the eastern direction for about more than one kilometer. It has the basic tourist facilities and during afternoon gets windy and welcomes bigger waves.


MOSt LOved Seafood Restaurant

GREEN BAY BEACH Near to the Paralimni region lays the wonderful Green Bay beach which is facing towards south. It possesses the backing of scrubs and trees due to which it has received its name. It is located near the southern side of a headland which has cloves nearby. It is having limited accessibility, due to which it is a soft and silent beach. Thus those who want to enjoy the sounds of seas found this beach as amazing. It is located in the middle of Protaras beaches and beaches of Ayia Napa which are located in the north and east direction respectively. The waters of this beach are extremely clear which invites snorkelers to explore rock formations around the coastal area.

At Ocean Basket you'll find friendly people, a home-from-home feeling and great value for your hard-earned bucks. Some Ocean Baskets have a fresh-fish deli too, and you can order to eat in or takeaway, whatever grabs you.

1st October Street, 15, Ayia Napa Tel: + 357 2 372 1703

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/ events /C Y P R U S


23–25 June


ANTHESTIRIA In May, Cypriots celebrate the spring’s return and nature’s beauty in spring with Anthestiria, or Flower Festival. Though held in honour of Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility, Anthestiria was also the carnival of souls, plants and flowers to celebrate the re-birth of man and nature. The festival is commenced by a parade of floats and people carrying beautiful, fresh flowers to the seafront. Location: Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca

2–30 June

EUROPEAN CONTEMPORARY DANCE FESTIVAL This annual Dance Festival takes over the Rialto Theatre in Limassol and the Pallas Theatre in Nicosia. 16 European countries unite for an extravaganza of contemporary dance performances. In Limassol, the Rialto Theatre hosts performances and the Municipal Dance Centre hosts workshops. Transport can be provided by 4VIPTour. Location: Limassol & Nicosia www.rialto.


3–4 June

CYPRUS RUSSIAN FESTIVAL The biggest event of its kind in Cyprus. About 12–15,000 people gather in June annually in the Limassol Municipal Gardens to celebrate the unique relationship between Russia and Cyprus. Nearly 50,000 Russian-speakers reside in Cyprus and more than 800,000 tourists from CIS countries visit it every year. Over 1,000 actors, dancers and singers from both countries perform on 3 stages in the non-stop cultural and entertainment programme. Location: Limassol Municipal Gardens

4–7 June

FLOOD FESTIVALKATAKLYSMOS The annual festival Kataklysmos, the Cyprus Water Festival (Festival of the Flood) takes place fifty days after Orthodox Easter. Celebrated only in Cyprus and some Greek coastal villages, this festival marks the Pentecost. Honouring Noah and the Flood, celebrations are focused on water. People sprinkle each other with sea water, a symbolic purification of body and soul. The 3–4 day event includes numerous contests. Sunset kicks off music and dancing late into the night. Location: Cyprus

SHAKESPEAREAN NIGHTS The Shakespeare festival is an annual charity event held at the ancient open air theatre of Kourion (Curium), 19 km from Limassol. Plays are staged in a fascinating old world amphitheatre & attract large audiences from Cyprus and abroad. The Play for 2017 is The Comedy of Errors, directed by Colin Garland. Transport can be made available by 4VIPTour.

Location: Limassol


TRAVELLING STAGE PAPHOS This is a multicultural program created by Pafos 2017 that takes place in different places in Paphos with ensembles from Greece, France, Spain and the Balkans. The Stage that travels is a tool for transporting and presenting events at conventional and unexpected places, aiming to reach a mass audience. Location: Paphos • 2017/2018 EDITION



LARNACA SUMMER FESTIVAL Summer in Cyprus is festival season, with Cypriots celebrating festivals of culture, like music and performing arts. This annual event provides outdoor/ indoor concerts and entertainment including dance, theatre and music, film screenings and poetry by national and international talents at various town venues throughout July. Location: Larnaca


ANCIENT GREEK DRAMA FESTIVAL Every year in July & August, ancient theatres in Cyprus host one of the greatest festivals of ancient Greek drama, recreating stories written by prominent ancient playwrights such as Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophanes, in modern times. The month-long Festival welcomes several international theatre companies to present one performance each, either in Ancient or Modern Greek. A short description of the plot is provided in English as well. Every year the festival attracts thousands of Cypriot and foreign audiences. Events take place in Limassol, Paphos and Nicosia under the aegis of the Cyprus Tourism and the Cyprus Theatre Organisations. Should you wish to attend, transport can be made available for you by 4VIPTour. Location: Limassol, Paphos & Nicosia annual/cyprus-annual-events


THE AMATHUSIA FESTIVAL This festival takes place among the ruins of the Agora, of the lower city kingdom of Amathus, ten km east of Limassol. It was once among the strongest and most powerful kingdoms of antiquity and had a great Sanctuary of Aphrodite. This weekend festival includes performances by Cypriot contemporary dance groups, top string quartets and Greek and Cypriot singers of both traditional and modern styles. Location: Limassol &

23–24 July

PLATRES HERB FESTIVAL The Platres herb festival takes place at the Cultural Centre of Platres and Platres’ Main Square. Its purpose is to demonstrate the beneficial properties of the Cypriot herbs, which are in abundance in the Troödos area (674 different species), to people’s health through herbal exhibitions, herb tasting, educational seminars, an entertainment show & organised herbal walks and visits to botanical gardens. Location: Platres village

/ events /

August and September LIMASSOL WINE FESTIVAL This 10-day long annual event of evening fun and frolic in August and September is open to one and all. 15,000+ visitors come to the Festival, pay an entry free, and drink as much free wine as they wish. Transportation from other major cities is free. Local transportation can be made available by 4VIPTour. The site is dominated by the 7m tall ‘The Vraga Man’, a Cypriot winegrower. Festivities include traditional music, bouzouki, singing, dancing, Cypriot food priced cheaply, fireworks displays and treading of the grapes.

23–29 July

KOUMANTARIA FESTIVAL The Koumantaria or Commandaria Festival is celebrated in Laneia village, one of the 14 villages in a small area in the Troodos Mountains producing the signature Cypriot Commandaria Wine. Commandaria is a sweet amber-coloured dessert wine made from sun-dried grapes using the Xynisteri and Mavro varieties. It is thought to be the world’s oldest named wine still in production, dating back to 800 BC. The annual week-long festival draws many crowds each year, both locals and tourists alike to Laneia. The festival programme includes Greek and traditional Cypriot revelry, traditional Cypriot delicacies and as much Commandaria as you’d like at the ‘Old Linos Winery’. Timing: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Location: Laneia village Events/commandaria-festivalkoumantaria-festival/ • 2017/2018 EDITION

Location: Limassol Municipal Gardens wine & limassol-wine-festival.html


LIMASSOL BEER FESTIVAL Limassol hosts a 3-day dance and beer event at the Molos Waterfront promenade. The event is fairly new but highly successful, where visitors enjoy tasting Cypriot and a wide array of international brands of beer sold at low prices, and savour appropriate snacks and meals. DJ’s and international bands perform on a huge stage. Admission is free. A similar festival is held at Ayia Napa in late August. Location: Limassol &


/ events /C Y P R U S


August and/or September



APHRODITE OPERA FESTIVAL Another of the great Cyprus festivals is the Opera, often featuring an international cast. Set around Paphos Castle by the harbour, this is the highlight of the year for some people. Some years this event can fall in August so do check the calendar to see when it is being held. As always, 4VIPTour is on call for transportation. Location: Paphos


ZENTRALKAPELLE & WINDKRAFT BAND A recurring event, the two bands from Germany and Cyprus respectively operate a cultural meeting where they communicate in a language called ‘music.’ The bands are meeting together for exclusive rock ‘n’ roll for the third time, where music like German Blasmusik, pop melodies and traditional rhythms delight the audiences. The concert is set to take place on Sunday, 1st October, at the Castle Square, 8pm. Location: Lemona zentralkapelle-windkraft-band‑2


DISCOVERING WORLD KARAGIOZIS This is a manufacturing workshop where series of performances are carried out by Christodoulos Paphia. Teachers and students together initiate the construction of figures, implementation of designs and watch the horrors, mishaps as well as heroic tales of immortal Karagiozis in the shadow theatre. It is scheduled for three days, 4th to 6th October, at Hani Ibrahim, Paphos. Location: Paphos

6–23 October

VISITING STONE AND SEA The Ministry of Education and Culture brings a photo exhibition and poetic meeting together this October where the benchmark stone and the sea will be the main


theme to go by. The project combines visiting the sea and shoreline along with viewing the statues. The event begins on 6th October, ending on 23rd October at the Municipal Gallery. Location: Yeroskipou

12 October

PAPHOS KINGDOM Archaeologist Claire Balandier and partners have arranged an archaeological visit to the Paphos Kingdoms of ancient work, mosaics, tombs and a series of journeys into the area of Fabrica and excavations of recent years. This sheds light on the mythical remains of Paphos, still surviving as one of the important ‘must-sees’ of the city. Pack your things for a trip beginning on October 12th at Bridge Unification of Archaeological Sites. Location: Paphos

15 October

STREET ART SQUARE Artists from Greece, Cyprus, Asia, Europe and many more places participate in this colourful event which was inaugurated back in 2014. Through the evolving event of street art, the artists convert the entire city into a kaleidoscope of art and colour, while also rearranging the mapping of our daily life. This unique event, from 15th to 17th October, will run from dawn till midnight. Location: Paphos

31 &


October November

OPTIKOAKOUSTIKI ART AND CULTURE International Short Film Festival, with the cooperation of Cultural EU Japan Fest, is a twoday award-winning ceremony of short films, videos, animated films, documentary and other art or cultural masterpieces of work. It aims to present the public in Cyprus with appreciation and honorary achievements. It starts at 8.30pm at Old Lower Paphos. Location: Limassol

18 November

«THE WORLD AS STOCHASMOS» The project has been designed to deal with the art of weaving which had been neglected over the years. It also brings forward the issue of female labour and the role of women in the history of art through screening of films and presenting documentaries. The program starts at 4pm on 18th of November. Location: Paphos

9 December

ABOUT CITY An attempt at reawakening the people of the city through collection of histories, data, photographs and narration, and presenting the content in a documentary. This event aims at bringing the locals closer by providing a reflection of the past into present day’s city life. This way, citizens will get to know more of Paphos’ adventures, passions and achievements. Ideal to attend when you wish to know more about your city, make sure you get Hani Ibrahim on 9th of December. Location: Paphos ↳ • 2017/2018 EDITION

/ estate /

Aristo Developers boasts an impressive land portfolio in excess of six million square metres The Company designs and constructs projects which contribute significantly to the economic development of the island of Cyprus.

The Company’s success story is supported by an extensive, multicultural client base of 12,000 satisfied homeowners over the last twenty years, who have trusted Aristo Developers with their property investments, largely due to: • High quality construction and design for which Aristo Developers is renowned • Unique and select locations for their island wide developments • Years of experience and international awards from credible organisations across the world (Aristo Developers was the first property developer in Cyprus to be accredited with the ISO 9001 verification for quality construction) • Network of 1,500 global partners • Firm presence in Russia, China, Vietnam, Egypt, Israel, Greece, United Kingdom, Dubai and Cyprus


RISTO DEVELOPERS prides itself on being one of Cyprus’ leading construction and development companies. Established in the early 1980s by Theodoros Aristodemou, Aristo Developers continues today to thrive under the direction of its founder, who serves as Chairman and CEO of the Aristo Developers Group. Boasting an impressive land portfolio in excess of six million square metres in the most exclusive locations, the Group continues to develop projects which contribute significantly to the economic development of the island of Cyprus. The Company has completed landmark developments in Cyprus such as: a) Signature golf courses, including the renowned Secret Valley Golf Club at the prestigious Venus Rock Golf Resort b) Educational institutions such as the International School of Paphos c) Theme Parks such as the Aphrodite Waterpark d) Commercial developments, including the Kings Avenue Mall — the largest and most contemporary shopping mall in Cyprus Through its course, the Company has been instrumental in the growth and prosperity of the island of Cyprus, having encouraged the employment of over 250 people in its organisation. An essential component of client trust, which is enjoyed by Aristo Developers, is undoubtedly its excellent reputation for guaranteeing and delivering title deeds to its property buyers. During the course of 2015 and 2016, the Company issued over 1,000 title deeds to existing Aristo Developers’ home owners, with 1,300 title deeds available for immediate transfer in 2017; an impressive amount which classifies the Company as a leader in its field. • 2017/2018 EDITION

Having delivered over 265 projects in Cyprus and Greece, over a span of three decades, Aristo Developers has 50 new projects currently in the market such as the Venus Rock Golf Resort — the largest beachfront golf integrated resort in the south eastern Mediterranean, and a plethora of other developments in the most exclusive locations around Cyprus. New developments include Spectrum Boutique Residences — an opulent collection of state-of-the-art apartments located in the tourist area of Limassol, Pearl Park Residences in the heart of Pafos, and other coastal developments such as Sea Caves Residences close to the renowned sea caves in Coral Bay, Pafos. As a reputable property developer, Aristo Developers has been recognised for its high-level, quality product by a plethora of local and international organisations. Having been acknowledged by the International Finance Magazine as “Best Real Estate Cyprus Developer 2016”, in terms of innovation and performance, Aristo Developers was also the first “CLASS A” property and construction developer in Cyprus to be endorsed by the International Standards Organisation (ISO 9001) for quality. The Company is pioneering ahead into 2017 with new, awe-inspiring developments. Driven by the same values and principles on which it was founded, Aristo Developers continues to evolve and succeed dynamically. Tel: +357 26 841 800 Call Free: 8000 2747 E-mail:


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19 February 15




WORLD SONG Dramatized by THEPAK, the European Capital of Culture bids farewell to the year of 2017 by presenting a dramatised World Song. It also honours the historical mayor, Galatopoulos, a spiritual poet and a political and social fighter. World Songs aims at bringing forth spiritual life in Paphos during the first half of the 20th century. The show starts at 8:30pm on 15th of December. Location: Markideio Theatre, Paphos

GREEN/CLEAN MONDAY Known by multiple names such as Ash Monday, Pure Monday, Monday of Lent, as well as Green Monday, it is the first day of the Great Fast in the entire Eastern Christian orthodox community, preparing Christians for the grand feast of the year, Easter. This event is celebrated across Cyprus by means of outdoor excursions, feasting on shellfish and other simple food such as bread, meat, eggs and dairy products. This day is also listed as a National public holiday. Location: Cyprus cyprus/2018




CELEBRATING THE NEW YEAR New Year’s Eve will abound with merriment, parties, celebrations, fireworks and the sharing of ‘Vasilopitta’ by families around midnight — ​also known as ‘Basil’s Pie’ which is a sponge cake divided amongst families, the poor and the Church. This day is also a national holiday. Location: Cyprus



GREEK CYPRIOT NATIONAL DAY This day honours 1st April 1955, the start of the heroic Ethnikí Organósis Kipriakóu Agónos (EOKA) rebellion, which led to Cyprus’ independence from the British and hence is celebrated as a national public holiday. Location: Cyprus holidays/cyprus/2018

6–10 April LIMASSOL CARNIVAL FESTIVAL Limassol Carnival Festival is one of the most notable carnivals known worldwide. It is celebrated in Limassol, Cyprus, and is a 10-day long colourful event where people sing, dance and play; feast on delicious platters of food; indulge in satire and carry out carnival processions. Importantly, the carnival is held 50 days before Orthodox Easter. Location: Limassol, Cyprus www. cyprus/#Carnival

25 March Celebrated 12 days after Christmas, Epiphany in Cyprus is known as ‘Ta Fota,’ meaning ‘the light,’ where the baptism of Christ is celebrated as a big festival. This day is also a National Holiday across all of Cyprus. Location: Cyprus cyprus/2018

1 April

GREEK INDEPENDENCE DAY A combined religious and national holiday, celebrating the annunciation of Lady Mary and honouring the Greek Revolution against Turks. On this day, exactly nine months before Christmas, a military parade takes place. Location: Cyprus usefulinfo/important-days-andfestivals-in-cyprus

EASTER DAYS Celebrated from sixth of April till the tenth of April, Easter is the greatest festival in Orthodox Cyprus. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Cavalry will be commemorated on 6th April, Good Friday. Saturday 7th April, known as Holy Saturday, is the day before Easter and the last day of the ‘Holy Week’. Holy Saturday is also called Easter Saturday, Joyous Saturday or the Saturday-of-Light. On that evening, youngsters will light a bonfire near their church recalling Judas Iscariot and his betrayal of Christ. At about 11.30 pm everyone will gather for the Easter midnight service. Easter, 8th April 2018, also called Pascha or Resurrection Sunday, is a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Easter Monday, the day after Easter, is a National Holiday in Cyprus, while 10th April Tuesday, is only a bank holiday. Location: All of Cyprus cyprus/2018

• 2017/2018 EDITION


/ definitely cypriot / Cyprus is an interesting place surrounded by many mystical and historical facts. Having association with many religious beliefs, Cyprus is quite a captivating place. It is a beautiful island with its varied flora and fauna. This coastal city has been blessed with magnificent natural beauty and diverse culture and traditions, where many historical and religious events have impacted its traditions.


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/ definitely cypriot /

THE INTRIGUING WORLD THAT IS CYPRUS BELIEF IN FAMILY Cyprus has enriched traditions and believes in the unity and power of family. For them, families are the heartbeat of its society. They become the strength of each other in good and bad times. Here, families are quite large, as they consist of twenty to thirty people on average. This includes uncles, aunts, cousins, their children etc. They don’t have the concept of extended family. Cypriots have no concept of extended family as they regularly get together at each other's place. More than regularly being together physically, families in Cyprus are always ready to support and assist each other. FOOD AND TRADITIONS Food always plays an important role in the tradition of a city; likewise, food has its unique place in the culture of Cyprus. Every traditional event marks its impression on the lifestyle and food of the country. Souvla is a wonderful barbeque event, Cypriot style. It is perfect for family gatherings where large chunks of pig meat are cooked slowly on a rotational spin. It is mostly conducted on Sundays and holidays as on those days all family members can enjoy it together. Easter is also one such special occasion when various types of traditional foods are being prepared. A distinct variety of bread is made in Cyprus during the festival of Easter, called flaouna. It is basically meant to break fasting during the season. These pastries are made up with cheese, raisins, and seeds of sesame. They are made on the day of Good Friday and enjoyed on Easter. Christmas is also enjoyed by preparing a special delicacy, a cake called Vasilopita. Here's an interesting fact about this cake: during preparation, a coin is placed in the batter before baking the cake. It is said that the person who gets this coin while eating will be lucky, as the coin brings good fortune. One more festival which is related to food and is celebrated by Cypriots is called Green Monday. It is in actual a movable banquet conducted at the initiation of the seventh week before the Easter Sunday. The celebration is marked by family coming together and relishing on great fasting foods like fish, vegetables, dips, bread and salads. Also on this occasion, a particular variety of bread known as Lagana is made. Apart from these wonderful dishes there also other traditional dishes that are made on different occasions round the year. Some of these dishes are Halloumi, Mousaka, Ouzo and Koupepia. WEDDINGS — ​A FUN EVENT Greek weddings have always remained a wonderful event; it is a long traditional function which takes place over several days. Weddings are huge; a wedding with 1000 invited guests is considered a small one. The function of wedding starts in the morning, but the main ceremony takes place at around 4 pm in the afternoon. Best man prepares the groom while the maid of honor helps the bride in getting ready. A piece of red cloth is tied around the midriff of groom and bride many times as it represents fertility. During event, the groom and bride wear a special kind of headband known as Stefana, which is carried by the Koumaros and the

Koumbara. The wedding rings which have to be worn by bride and groom are exchanged 3 times. The wedding is succeeded by a lavish reception. HOSPITALITY Hospitality is deeply ingrained in Cypriots. Every visitor of Cyrus is wished by saying “Kalos Orisate”, which means “welcome”. Each guest is treated like royalty. Whether they are a normal family or staffs at restaurants, Cypriots know the meaning of hospitality. At restaurants, it is customary for customers to be treated with a wonderful drink Zivania or Ouzo, which are traditional spirits of Cypriot. It is highly advisable to taste these complimentary drinks as a gesture of respect. It might seem somewhat odd to some people, but Cypriots take hospitality very seriously. In a nutshell, the traditions of Cyprus are very much friendly to its guests. Always remember that food is an integral part of their traditions and to enjoy their hospitality.

• 2017/2018 EDITION


/ villages /A Y I A


RURAL VILLAGES Slow down and get a taste of rural life in Cyprus There are many ways to experience the beauty of rural Cyprus around the areas of Ayia Napa and Protaras. Enjoy one of the many cultural, religious, cycling, or hiking routes, explore the many churches and historical monuments or simply take in the lifestyle of the inhabitants of the villages. Villages in this area are collectively known as the Kokkinochoria, or “red soil villages”, due to the red soil in which potatoes and kolokasi (Cyprus’ famous root vegetable) are grown. DERYNEIA Deryneia is a predominantly agricultural area located 11 km north of Ayia Napa. It is known for its produce production and is Cyprus’ largest producer of strawberries. The village celebrates this every two years with its Strawberry Festival. Deryneia has three important churches: Agios Georgios, Agia Marina, and a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary (Panagia). You can learn a lot about the history of Cyprus at Deryneia’s two historical centres. The Folk Art Museum displays a collection of historical agricultural tools and equipment used by traditional farming families. There is also the Open Air Traditional Folk Art Museum, which showcases traditional professions such as tailor, blacksmith, and fisherman. You can also visit the Cultural Centre of Occupied Ammochostos (Famagusta), which was created to hold presentations in response to the “Cyprus Dispute” following the Turkish invasions of 1974. From here, you can see the occupied city of Ammochostos. There is also a small photo exhibit and a handicraft market. PARALIMNI This small township became the administrative centre of the district following the Turkish occupation of Ammochostos. It is located 7 km from Ayia Napa and is built on the shores of a shallow lake. At its centre stands a large modern two-aisled 13th century church dedicated to the Virgin Mary alongside an older stone church. The bustling village has many restaurants, cafes, bakeries and bars. The surrounding countryside has rich red soil and is known for growing potatoes. You will also notice hundreds of windmills dotting the hills; these were initially used to draw water but have mostly been replaced by modern pumps. Check out the Folkloric Museum, which gives visitors a glimpse of the traditions, art and everyday tools of historic rural life. If you travel to the east toward the sea, you can relax at Trinity or Kapparis Beach. SOTIRA Sotira is located 12 km west of Ayia Napa and has a population of just over 5,500. The village is named after Jesus Soter (saviour) and celebrates Soter’s Metamorphosis every August 6th. Sotira was an important village during the Byzantine era and still contains five impressive Byzantine churches: Agios Mamas, Panagia Chordakion, Agios Georgios Chordakion, and Agios Theodoros.


DERYNEIA Village celebrates this every two years with its Strawberry Festival

PARALIMNI | The large modern two-aisled 13th century church dedicated to the Virgin Mary

SOTIRA | The medieval Church of Ayios Georgios Chortakion

Other churches and chapels also exist, including the church of the Transfiguration of the Saviour (13th — 16th century) in the centre of the village. The main industries in Sotira are agriculture and livestock, most notably kolokasi cultivation. In addition to the many churches, Sotira tourists can also enjoy the Ecclesiastical Museum or Poseidon Beach on its southern coast.


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/ villages /

LIOPETRI Liopetri is located 15 km west of Ayia Napa. Like the other Kokkinochoria, it benefits from the rich red soil to produce its main crop — potato. Liopetri is also known for its pomegranate and fig production and its basket weaving tradition. Liopetri is historically significant due to the Battle of Liopetri (between the Cypriots and British) in 1958. The barn at Liopetri is now a Greek Cypriot national monument called the Akhyronas Barn Museum. Other interesting sites include traditional mud and brick houses, the 15th century church of Agios Andronikos (which includes remnants of murals) and the 16th century church dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

AVGOROU | Ethnographic Museum

Akhyronas Barn Museum

Frenaros village

AVGOROU The village of Avgorou, situated about 23 km northwest of Ayia Napa, was named after the baths of King Evagoras — the king of the Ancient city of Salamis. There are many interesting Byzantine and Post Byzantine churches. The main church is dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul. Other notable churches include the chapels of Agios Georgios and Agios Georgios Teratsiotis. There are two important religious festivals each year: the Feast of Apostolos Peter and Paul to honour the saints and the Feast of Agios Kendeas Monastery. Avgorou also features an Ethnographic Museum located in an old two-storey house, which depicts historic daily life of villagers. Potato is the most famous agricultural product and is celebrated with a Potato Festival each July. FRENAROS The village of Frenaros is located about 16 km northwest of Ayia Napa and is named after the Lusignan monks that lived in the nearby monastery of Panagia of Hortakion. Frenaros is one of Cyprus’ main watermelon growing areas and celebrates each July with its Watermelon Festival. Frenaros has many small Byzantine churches, such as Archangelos Michael and Agios Andronikos, which date to the 12th century. There is an annual religious festival on September 6th to celebrate Archangelos Michael, where residents and visitors partake in traditional festivities. The 15th century church of Agia Marina is also worth seeing and contains some interesting frescoes.

MEMORIAL PANAGIA TRACHIAS church’s structure symbolizes the first church that was erected during this time, which was a tent.

ACHNA Just west of Frenaros, you will find the village of Achna. The Achna Dam, completed in 1988, is an area that is visited by many migrating birds and holds water that is used mainly for agricultural purposes. Achna also has a large church — the Memorial Panagia Trachias Church — dedicated to refugees and missing persons from the Turkish Invasions. Other points of interest include an animal park and a speedway. VRYSOULES Vrysoules is located beside the British Bases of Saint Nicholas, at the border of the Kokkinochoria and the plain of Mesaoria. There are a few notable churches here, the main one being Agios Demetrios in the centre of the village. Built after the Turkish Invasion, it is a three-aisle vaulted basilica containing icons of St. Georgiou, the Virgin Mary, along with smaller icons of the resurrection and birth of Christ, silver chalice, Bibles, and a silver cross. The church celebrates St. Demetrios on October 26. There is also a small 15th‑16th century chapel to the north.

Agios Demetrios church

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/ churches /

AYIA THEKLA CHAPEL Situated on the seaside a few kilometres west of Ayia Napa, this chapel offers a serene spot for quiet reflection. In addition to the modern blue and white church, you can take the stairs down to the Catacomb of Ayia Thekla — ​a carved underground chapel. The story of Thekla is based on the apocryphal work Acts of Paul and Thekla, written before 190AD.


AYIA NAPA MONASTERY The Ayia Napa Monastery, dedicated to “Our Lady of the Forests”, is a must-see historical and religious site in Ayia Napa. Built by Venetians in the 15th century, the monastery protects a cave in which an icon of the Virgin Mary was found by a local hunter. The icon remained hidden and protected during the iconoclasm of the 7th and 8th centuries. Unlike many other religious sites, the monastery remained undamaged during the Ottoman rule. It can now be found in Ayia Napa’s central square surrounded by a high wall, standing in stark contrast to the neon bar signs of the nightlife district. A sycamore tree, believed to be over 600 years old, exists amongst beautiful gardens in front of the south gate. Soak in the history, admire the columns and marble fountain in the courtyard and make sure to step down into the cave alcove where the Virgin Mary icon was hidden. To plan your visit, check discovercyprus/culture-religion/sites-monuments/item/165agia-napa-monastery or call 357 23 722 584. Winter hours are 9:00–15:00 daily, summer hours are 9:00–21:00 daily. Admission is by donation.

around Ayia Napa and Protaras 28

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/ cuisine / PROFITIS ILIAS Located atop a rocky peak, the Greek Orthodox Church of Profitis Ilias is a quaint stone building which was rebuilt in 1980. It offers a magnificent view of Protaras and surrounding areas and is particularly stunning at sunrise or sunset. Be prepared for a climb — ​ there is a long staircase to reach the church. Built in the Byzantine style, the church has one dome and a bell tower. Outside, there are areas to rest and reflect and trees on which to hang ribbons as tributes to loved ones. Inside, you can enjoy the tranquillity and architecture and light a candle. The church is named after the Prophet Elijah and celebrates a “naming day” each year where the icon is carried outside the church so that people may receive a blessing from the saint.

Fine Indian Cuisine



Indian Restaurant AGIOS EPIPHIANOS CHAPEL | This chapel, located near Ayia Napa’s Sculpture Park, is dedicated to the Byzantine Bishop Epiphanius of Salamis. The site offers a nice panoramic view of the “Paliochori”, a Byzantine settlement destroyed during the Arab raids from 632–964 AD.

AGIOI ANARGYROI CHAPEL Agioi Anargyroi Chapel is another Greek Orthodox church located on the eastern outskirts of Cape Greco National Park. It is built on top of a cave and is dedicated to Saints Cosmas and Damian, doctors who healed the sick for free. It is now a popular spot for weddings and a beautiful backdrop for photos. From the church, you can take wooden stairs down to the sea to check out the cave which is believed to contain holy water of the Saints.

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Located next to Sunrise Hotel DINE IN OR TAKE AWAY +357 99033080


/ party /A Y I A


NIGHT LIFE It’s as Incredible as You are!

As if your vacation to a beautiful city with lush, oceanic landscape and fascinating history weren’t enough for you, Aiya Napa is also home to one of the most upbeat and lavish nightlife scenes on the entire planet. Your fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down here — ​dry off from your day of fun at the beach in one of Aiya Napa’s twelve booming nightclubs and almost eighty — ​ yes, you read that correctly, eighty — ​ bars to choose from! 30


HE BEST PART about these bars is that they have such a wide variety of special drinks and atmospheres to best suit your mood. There are crazy ones with booming music and a fun aura, but if you’ve just had a day at the spa and want to keep up the relaxing momentum, feel free to indulge yourself at one of their many sophisticated bars that have live piano, jazz, or ambient music as a perfect backdrop to the perfect evening. If you find yourself on more of a budget as the end of your vacation draws near, you don’t have to

worry about stopping the fun there. There are about four or five different bars that serve drinks starting at only about 2 pounds! These more budget-friendly bars still have wonderful music and a comfortable atmosphere to ensure that you’re having the very best time possible. As for the clubs in Aiya Napa, hardly any of those close until around 1:30 in the morning, but for those of you who like to party extra hard, there are a few that stay open all the way until almost eight in the morning! You can literally do as the songs say and dance until the morning comes! Another wonderful feature of these exuberant clubs


is that each club specializes in different musical genres. So, fear not — ​you’ll have no trouble finding exactly where you want to fit in. There is a country music club, r&b and hip-hop club, rock, and EDM/ Dubstep clubs. All of these are definitely always filled to their maximum capacity, but the EDM/ Dubstep clubs have remained a favourite even as the years and genres of the world have changed. In addition to the music, these clubs also have delicious munchies available for you to snack on. They offer little snacks such as mozzarella sticks,

THE CASTLE CLUB was voted as the #1 club in the entire country, and for good reason! The Castle Club has its own dungeon areas for each arena room that was set in place from when the structure was first built as well as a balcony at the top portion of the dance hall’s walls that you can dance and party on.

CASTLE CLUB This place is truly everything that you see in the movies. As this club was once a castle in historical times, it’s been modified to accommodate the new generation while keeping its historical roots. Castle club is home to five arenas that each play different genres of music. All five of these arenas stay jam-packed each night of the week. The first room plays strictly commercial dance music, the second R&B Hip-Hop, the third, House/Techno/Dubstep, the fourth, more ambient music, and finally, the fifth and most luxurious arena is strictly for those who have booked it for a V.I.P. event. • 2017/2018 EDITION

/ party /

onion rings, fries, chips and salsa, and even peanuts so you can maintain your energy levels and dance for even longer, making the most out of your nights out in Aiya Napa! The best attribute of Aiya Napa is that taxi service is always available to make sure that you reach back your hotel safely. What’s even better than that? the hotels are within a 3 mile radius, so you won’t be spending a fortune on cab fare or having to walk too far after you’ve decided to leave one of the many luxurious clubs or bars.

SOHO CLUB While this club is relatively smaller in size compared to Castle Club, what lies inside of it surely makes up for it. There are many different poles for people to dance on, and the bar lights up with blue luminescence, making your club experience just that much cooler. It’s sophisticated and you do have to be dressed to impress to enter. With that being said, however, most people are scantily clad — ​but in a tasteful way. Drinks are poured by incredibly experienced and classy bartenders, and the music pumping out of their turbo sound system is only the best international dance jams. While this club might be a little highly priced, you certainly get your money’s worth and you’ll undoubtedly make memories you won’t soon forget!


/ medicine / FIVE «A» FACTORS: Affordable, Accessible, Available, Acceptable and Additional.

The Upbeat Medical Scene in Cyprus Visitors have come to magical Cyprus to be treated by Cypriot medical practitioners in their apothecaries since 9500 BCE. Numerous divinely blessed sites also draw their share of the seriously ill. Medical visits continue till today, but more for modern day ground realities.


Healthcare in Cyprus is cheap and effective in both public and private sectors


HE CYPRUS GOVERNMENT is promoting Cyprus strongly as a Health Care Destination with annual expenditure on health of over €700 mn representing 6% of Gross National Product. The health industry bears an excellent reputation of essential post operative care after any kind of surgery where the Mediterranean climate, with its dry summers and mild winters, is ideal for recuperating. Cyprus is attracting more medical tourists through the use of “imported” doctors. The Government grants temporary licenses to doctors from non-EU countries willing to provide treatment and operate on foreign patients in Cyprus, provided that such medical treatment is not practised by Cypriot doctors. Cypriot doctors will benefit in the long term. The major factors involved in the decision making process of medical tourists are the five “A Factors”: Affordable, Accessible, Available, Acceptable and Additional. When read with EU’s holistic Directive on Cross Border Healthcare, Cyprus is one of the chartbusters. Starting 2013, highly modern private hospi-

tals and specialised medical centres, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and qualified personnel have been available. The main pros re medical tourism in Cyprus include use of many languages in hospitals, besides Greek, Russian and English; the salubrious climate and qualified medical staff, trained with handson medical practice in the EU. Cyprus also abounds in wellness and preventive services, spa treatments and a variety of rehabilitation programmes. Healthcare in Cyprus is cheap and effective in both public and private sectors. Public healthcare is either free or inexpensive for citizens of the EU. Even private healthcare is relatively affordable. Both state-funded and private hospitals are found in all major cities in Cyprus. Emergency medical treatment in Cyprus is free to citizens of the EU member states. Care for both in- and out-patients will probably incur a fee. Medical science has advanced globally from specialisation to superspecialisation, as evinced in the personal beauty segment in Cyprus, given the luxury of the best of Harley Street who combine business with pleasure. The other popular medical services in Cyprus are gynecology, obstetrics & reproductive technologies and trauma and orthopedic services. An important competitive advantage for Russian-speaking patients is the presence of experts speaking Russian, many of whom have been trained in medical schools in the former Soviet Union or who are its former citizens. PHARMACIES There are many pharmacies in Cyprus, especially in highly populated areas like Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca. EU citizens needing controlled drugs in Cyprus should bring an original prescription with them, but be prepared for a prescription rewritten by a local Doctor, as foreign prescriptions are not always accepted.



For clients interested in cosmetic injections, facial or body therapy, we recommend that they get in touch with UKqualified English and Russian-speaking beauty specialist, Julia Dobrovolska, on (+357) 99111570, or visit her website for more information. • 2017/2018 EDITION

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What Cyprus Offers

When examined in totality, it is worth your while in becoming a citizen of Cyprus. Here’s why: LIFE EXPECTANCY Cyprus, with its benevolent and salubrious Mediterranean weather is proven to aid people who suffer from atmosphere-related illnesses, evinced by a healthier lifestyle and longer life expectancy. The average life expectancy in Cyprus is 80 years‑85 for women! CITIZENSHIP Becoming a Cypriot citizen entails a plethora of local benefits and also those derived from membership in the European Union. Travel Benefits: Travel within the EU without a visa is both an economic and bureaucratic relief. EU citizens enjoy extensive compensatory relief is case of travel damage of any kind. Cypriot driving licenses are recognised throughout the EU. Avail visa-free travel to 129 countries outside the EU. Educational Benefits: All undergrad courses Cypriot students take up at its two public universities are free. Cypriot citizens may study in another EU State at par with

nationals of that country. Several such States provide free education or charge very low tuition fees for both under and postgraduate degrees, like Germany, Sweden, etc. Healthcare Benefits: Cyprus provides healthcare based on socio-economic criteria, even gratis in certain cases in Cypriot public hospitals. EU citizens have many rights re healthcare in any of its 28 Member States. Also, patients may receive healthcare in any EU State and be reimbursed appropriately. Employment Benefits: Cypriot citizens enjoy wide ranging rights in all EU States. They can move freely and work in any State and live therein with family even if their partner is not an EU citizen. Cyprus specifies minimum wages, redundancy allowances and protection against unlawful dismissal. Social Security Scheme: Cypriot citizens enjoy benefits like sickness benefits, jobseekers allowances, maternity allowances, pension, disability allowance and workplace accident allowance.

TAXATION BENEFITS Cyprus has a very low corporate tax rate, of great advantage in expanding business activities in countries Cyprus has signed double taxation avoidance treaties with. Currently, more than 100,000 international business entities are registered and operating out of Cyprus, a major portion of which have full-fledged offices in Cyprus. There are a large number of reductions, exemptions and reliefs for the entrepreneur. Non-tax Advantages: Cyprus offers the infrastructure for doing business internationally at the highest professional standards, with relatively lower working costs. Cyprus’ time zone allows an investor to work with the East in the morning and the West in the afternoon. Advantages include a median geographical location, English as a business language, European standard of living, comparatively lower set-up/ maintenance costs of international business entities, highly efficient accounting, legal and

The average life expectancy in Cyprus is 80 and 85 years for women! banking sectors; excellent transport and telecom facilities and the option of acquisition of immovable property. BECOME A CYPRIOT Cyprus offers passports and citizenship for an investment in Government bonds, Cypriot businesses & organisations, immovable property, deposits in infrastructure projects or banks in Cyprus or a combination thereof. This programme begins from €1.5 m investment plus purchase of residential property worth €500,000, as well as satisfying good standing criteria. Alternatively, you may invest €2.0 million. You will get your citizenship within 6 months. The minimum time you have to keep the investment is 3 years, after which you must retain investment worth at least €500,000. Citizenship can be passed to future generations by descent. There is no need to renounce previous nationality as dual citizenship is allowed. Above changes applicable from Sep 16, 2016. Refer: cyprus-citizenship-by-investment

For any questions involving European citizenship through property investments or company formation, you can speak to our specialist on (+357) 99799399 • 2017/2018 EDITION



THE ADAMS BEACH HOTEL AND DELUXE WING is the ideal choice for your visit to Cyprus for its enviable location, unbeatable facilities, great service and value.

Adams Beach Hotel The Adams Beach Hotel and Adams Beach Deluxe Wing (Aults Only – Over 16 y.o.), in Ayia Napa, Cyprus command a superb aspect, as they are located on the spectacular beach at Nissi Bay with its fine white sand and turquoise waters. To add to this, we also have our own secluded cove for our guests to enjoy! OFFICIAL CLASSIFICATION 5 Star Superior LOCATION Situated on the breathtaking Nissi bay known for its fine white sandy beach and shallow, turquoise waters, the Adams Beach Hotel has a long-established tradition of providing top accommodation and service to holiday makers from around the world. FACTS & FACILITIES Rooms and Suites: 435 Hotels has main building, Bungalows, and Deluxe wing Number of outdoor Pools: 5 Indoor Pool: 1, Children's Pool: 1 Last Hotel Partial Rennovation: 2015/2016/2017



UR RESORT is located around 2.5km from the hustle centre of Ayia Napa where there is of course, both lively nightlife at the local clubs and pubs but also family activities such as the large permanent fun fair and numerous local festivals. There are also many cultural attractions such as the peaceful 15th Century Monastery, 'Thalassa' Marine Museum, picturesque harbour where boat trips to the sea caves and around Cape Greco can be taken. Also close by is the Waterworld waterpark and Ayia Thekla with its stone carved underground church. Right outside our hotel, a coastal path runs all the way to Ayia Napa centre or in the other direction along the shoreline towards Makronisos and Ayia Thekla – just right for that leisurely after-dinner stroll. Lounge on a sunbed by the pool before enjoying a drink at our swim-up Vitaminas Pool Bar or if you feel like taking a break from the glorious sunshine, how about a swim in our indoor swimming pool?

As the evening draws in, experience the stunning view of the sunsets here in Cyprus, from the comfort of your own balcony before dining in one of our variety of restaurants. For a special treat, you may choose to dine at our exclusive roof top Glasshouse Lounge Restaurant or enjoy the best of sushi and other Japanese delicacies at our Socci Sushi Bar whilst sampling a delicious cocktail or two! At the Adams Beach Hotel, we have a tradition of welcoming our guests with the best of Cypriot hospitality and we aim to do all we can to ensure your stay with us is as enjoyable as possible so that you will want to return again and again. CONTACT Address: Nissi Avenue P.O. Box 30029 5340 Ayia Napa, Cyprus Tel: + 357 23840000 E-mail: Web:

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Summer is the most beautiful time of the year for a party and Cyprus is renowned for its particularly long sundrenched summers. The gentle, sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea are just a few footsteps away. Our wonderful venues and experienced staff are on hand to ensure your wedding day flows just as you have planned, leaving you relaxed and free to enjoy your special day.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

WELLNESS Whether spa enthusiasts or unaware of such pleasures, a world of fitness, health and beauty is waiting to be experienced. At our Olympic Health Centre you can choose from a full range of exceptional treatments; massages, facial treatments and body care therapies which include full-body, neck and shoulder relief, hot stone, deep tissue and reflexology.

OLYMPIC HEALTH CLUB AND SPA | in addition to the large indoor pool and Hi-tech Gym, you will find our Spa facilities which include, sauna (private), treatment rooms, where the fragrance of essential oils surrounds you and soft candlelight has an instant calming effect.

Hotel Awards

YOUR DREAM WEDDING We know that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and should always be a special one. We guarantee only one wedding per day so that each couple's special day, remains just theirs! The most important moment of a wedding day is the ceremony. At Adams Beach Hotel we have three wedding venues, each with its own character: For a traditional religious ceremony, we have the bijou St.Andrew's chapel with whitewashed walls and courtyard with views over Nissi Bay. We also have our Beach Gazebo venue for civil ceremonies located at the edge of the hotel's grounds overlooking the beach. Our secluded and intimate Garden venue is situated amongst palms, hibiscus and typical Mediterranean plants and is ideal for both civil and religious ceremonies.

AWARDS 2016 • Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2016

AWARDS 2015 • Proven Quality 2015 by Thomas Cook Group • Cypriot Hotel Awards • Trip Advisor Bravo! Adams Beach hotel rated "excellent" by 494 travellers

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RESTAURANTS & BARS GLASSHOUSE LOUNGE RESTAURANT Glasshouse restaurant is found on the top floor of Adams Beach Hotel, overlooking Nissi and Macronissos Bays. Glasshouse restaurant provides a combination of exceptional views and exquisite cuisine …for those looking for a “Glasshouse” dining experience! It is a special place not only because of its unique and delicious dishes, but also because of its glass inspired luxury interior design!

ATLANTIS RESTAURANT (adults only) Our new Atlantis Restaurant is located in the Deluxe Wing and provides an exclusivebuffet dining option for our Deluxe Wing guests and the guests from our Honeymoon Suites, Ambassador Suites, King Suites and Presidential Suite. Our Restaurant here offers an upgraded Breakfast and Dinner buffet experience. The Atlantis Restaurant is open for breakfast between 07:00 and 10:00 and dinner between 19:00 and 22:00.

VICTORY PUB Sports Bar with several big Screens showing all major sport events. Serving drinks and snacks.

DIONYSOS RESTAURANT The Dionysos Tavern is under complete refubishment for summer 2015. Main Outdoor Restaurant of the hotel in the garden area. Open daily for Buffet Breakfast between 07:00 – 10:00, reach Buffet Lunch between 12:30 – 15:00 and various Theme nights Buffet between 19:00 – 22:00.

Open Daily from 17:30 – 01:00 hrs


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DELUXE BEACH FRONT SUITE | The Super Deluxe Beach Front rooms have been redesinged and transformed to unigue Luxurius Suites with an extensive living room area ovelooking the beach and renamed to Deluxe Beach Fornt Suites.


HONEYMOON SUITE | This stunning studio suite is decorated in romantic colours and comprises of a king size bed, chaise lounge, two chairs with a marble coffee table and a stylishly decorated Jacuzzi next to the bed.


• 2017/2018 EDITION

All our rooms in the Deluxe Wing are uniquely designed with comfort and luxury in mind. The decor of each room has been devised by blending natural materials and colour tones to create a contemporary style and atmosphere, conducive to relaxation and soothing calmness. Each room is equipped with a sumptuous kingsize bed, satellite LCD flat screen TV, free wi-fi internet connection, mini bar, complimentary coffee/tea making facilities. All our rooms in the Deluxe Wing have a balcony with either a view to the pool or side sea view or direct sea view, however we have some rooms which offer something a little extra special...



A luxurious, welcoming and discreet five-star hotel, the Alion is noted for its modern refinement and its stunning natural beauty, as it borders the sea and a natural park.

Alion beach hotel Philoxenia — the Greek word for hospitality — is a welcoming, a generosity of spirit, a joy of sharing… this is the philosophy that drives the Alion Beach Hotel and the reason we treat you as an honoured guest, catering to your every desire. An experience you will always remember. OFFICIAL CLASSIFICATION 5 Star Superior LOCATION Located in Ayia Napa, in the Famagusta district of Cyprus, the five-star Alion Beach Hotel inspires you to relax and pamper yourself in luxurious yet discreet surroundings with outstanding services to choose from. Savour the hotel’s quiet location and unwind while enjoying the surrounding natural splendour. The hotel has one of the island’s most beautiful white-sand beaches at its doorstep and offers stunning views of the town’s harbour and the turquoise blue sea. FACTS Rooms: 100



HE ALION BEACH HOTEL and its first-class services offer the ultimate in relaxation and recreation. Unwind and enjoy your stay – let us take care of your every wish. Just a few steps from the Alion Beach Hotel stretches one of the most stunning white-sand beaches of the island. Sink your toes into the warm sand and swim in the Mediterranean crystal-clear waters – or boost your adrenaline levels with the awesome water sports on offer. The Alion Beach Hotel’s three pools offer you the chance to relax while enjoying the surrounding natural beauty. Nestled in the hotel’s blossomed gardens and surrounded by shady flowered trellises, our main outdoor pool and the children’s pool provide a uniquely relaxing atmosphere for you and your family to lounge and play. Our third pool – indoors and heated during the winter – is inundated with natural light and looks out onto a fabulous view.

SPORTING ACTIVITIES The Alion Beach Hotel offers both indoor and outdoor sporting facilities, from tennis and squash, to table tennis, the fitness studio, aqua aerobics, yoga classes, and water sports. ENTERTAINMENT Holidays are all about relaxing and having fun, and, if you like, trying something new. That is why the Alion Beach Hotel hosts a variety of appealing events and shows. From piano and saxophone performances to dancing shows, cocktail-making lessons, and local wine tasting. CONTACT Address: Kryou Nerou 38, P.O. Box 30450 5343 Ayia Napa, Cyprus Tel: + 357 23722900 E-mail: Web:

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THE DECK TERRACE RESTAURANT | Dine al fresco under a starry summer sky at The Deck Terrace Restaurant, where you can enjoy our à la carte Mediterranean delights and flambé specialties whilst enjoying the beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea.

ACCOMMODATION The Alion Beach Hotel’s 100 elegant and cosy rooms offer the optimum in refined living space, relaxation, and well-being. Whether you choose a Panoramic View room, a Sea View, a Side Sea View room or a Park View room, each room is tastefully appointed to cater to your every need. Attentively complemented by high-quality features, tasteful décor and superior amenities to ensure your ultimate comfort, and all of the rooms offer impressive views.

THE PANORAMIC VIEW | Enjoy the stunning panoramic view over the verdant gardens and azure sea from our spacious and stylish rooms, accented with minimalist design, light tones and soothing hints of warming earthy colours.

Hotel Awards

WEDDINGS Cyprus – the birthplace of Aphrodite, the island of love, the ideal place to say ‘I do’. For an event as unique as your wedding day, nothing must be left to chance – so let us arrange the planning, setting, catering and entertainment for you and your guests. Our dedicated wedding planners and the entire Alion team will ensure that everything is perfect, leaving you to focus on enjoying your special day. THE SPA & WELLNESS EXPERIENCE | For relaxation, renewal or working out, the Alion Beach Hotel offers you all the options. Let our attentive staff members guide you through our range of refreshing treatments and exercise facilities. With our one-of-akind wellness package, you can heal and revitalize your body, mind and soul.

We thank you for your ongoing support and for choosing us as one of your favorite hotels worldwide. Year after year, the Alion Beach Hotel has been awarded with an extensive variety of awards from prestigious organizations including: • HolidayCheck Award • Travelers’ Choice Award • Travelife Gold Award • Certificate of Excellence • Tui Holly Award • Tui Environmental Champion

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An unforgettable holiday starts off with the choice of a dream destination and the finest resort

Nissi Beach Resort Situated on a bay with one of the island’s finest white-sand beaches and turquoise blue, clear waters, the resort takes its name from the bay’s small island (‘nissi’ in Greek). The resort is nestled among extensive, lusciously beautiful gardens, featuring colourful Mediterranean plants and scented flowers. OFFICIAL CLASSIFICATION 5 Star Superior LOCATION Located in Ayia Napa, in the district of Famagusta, Cyprus, the Nissi Beach Resort has garnered a reputation as a true paradise destination that can be enjoyed year-round. Nissi Beach is one of the island’s finest beaches, famous for soft white sands and clear waters. Overlooking this landmark, the Nissi Beach Resort embraces the unique bay and is set within its own lush, tropical gardens. FACTS & FACILITIES Rooms and Suites: 270 Outdoor / Indoor Swimming Pool



HE NISSI BEACH RESORT team looks forward to welcoming you for a magical and memorable visit. We are at your service to help you derive the utmost pleasure from this oasis of leisure and relaxation. The Nissi Beach Resort offers extensive services to enhance your relaxation and recreation, and to help you unwind and enjoy your stay – let us take care of your every wish! We provide a host of opportunities for pampering, leisure, activity and fun for all ages. POOL, BEACH & GARDENS The flawless white Nissi Beach of 500 metres is a glorious sight to behold. A small island safely shelters its lagoon bay, and its waters are crystal clear. Swim, snorkel, scuba dive or simply relax in the sun in an area of this stunning beach set aside exclusively for hotel guests and is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas. Bright bougainvillea and other colourful plants make up the resort’s 100.000 square metre gardens, which extend right

down to the sandy beach. Share this fragrant natural haven with joyful birds. RECREATION & ACTIVITIES Recreation and activities are key at the Nissi Beach Resort! There is something for everyone, from pool and beach, to individual activities, to group events, not to mention the outdoor water sports. TENNIS The four floodlit tennis courts at Nissi Beach are classified as CATEGORY 5 – FAST by ITF and are of highest quality surface. CONTACT Address: P.O. Box 30010 5340 Ayia Napa, Cyprus Tel: + 357 23721021 | Fax: + 357 23721623 E-mail: Web:

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NISSI TAVERNA | Nestled alongside the beautiful sandy bay of Nissi is our Nissi Taverna. Here you can enjoy fresh Mediterranean fish dishes as well as local and international specialities from our extensive à la carte menu in a casual al fresco seaside setting.

ACCOMMODATION Housed across the main building, the bungalows and the two-storey Garden Wing, the Nissi Beach Resort’s 270 contemporary rooms are attentively complemented by high quality features, discerning décor and superior services to ensure your every need.

BEACH BUNGALOWS | Spacious and relaxing, the Beach Bungalows have a Mediterranean colour scheme of sandy tones and bursts of sea blue that synchronize with the natural views. Located on both the ground floor and first floor, the rooms on the lower level access the gardens.

WEDDINGS Known from ancient times as the Island of Love, Cyprus is the idyllic place for your dream wedding – and the Nissi Beach Resort, with one of the most magnificent beaches on the island, offers a perfect setting for your wedding celebrations. Just imagine it – palm trees, the sea breeze, the gentle sound of the waves and your loved ones gathered to share your joy. Your wedding ceremony – be it a civil or Anglican service or a renewal of vows – can be held right in this splendid setting at the Nissi Beach Resort. WELLNESS & BEAUTY | For indulging and renewing yourself, or for activities and treatments that invigorate and revitalise, the Nissi Beach Resort’s wellness and beauty facilities are yours to enjoy. To look and feel your best, visit the Nissi Spa.

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Atlantica Aeneas Resort and Spa At the Atlantica Aeneas Resort and Spa, you can experience one of the largest swimming pools on the island that comes complete with fountains and whirlpool baths; what's more is the white sands and crystal clear waters of Nissi Beach that are just a 90 meter walk away. Overall, this recently renovated resort has an impressive range of facilities in exclusive surroundings. OFFICIAL CLASSIFICATION 5 Star Superior LOCATION Atlantica Aeneas Resort & Spa is perfectly located close to the popular resort of Ayia Napa. Larnaca International Airport: 45 km – It takes around 50 minutes to get to the hotel and you can expect to pay around €50 each way in a taxi. If you’re thinking about taking a taxi, there’s a taxi station straight outside the arrivals lounge. FACTS & FACILITIES • Nissi Beach: 150 meters across the Hotel • Offering a wide selection of rooms providing excellent standards of accommodation.



TLANTICA AENEAS RESORT & SPA is perfectly located close to the popular resort of Ayia Napa which lies on the south east corner of Cyprus. Ayia Napa boasts 14 blue flag beaches across its 8 kilometre coastline and with sandy beaches it makes it the perfect resort to want to visit. Come day or night the resort centre of Ayia Napa is 2.5km away from the hotel and has enough variety to keep everyone entertained whether you want coffee shops during the day or nightlife in the evening. OUTDOOR POOL At the Atlantica Aeneas Resort & Spa, you can experience one of the largest swimming pools on the island that comes complete with fountains and whirlpool baths; what's more is the white sands and crystal clear waters of Nissi Beach that are just a 90 meter walk away. Overall, this recently renovated resort has an impressive range of facilities in exclusive surroundings.

INDOOR POOL The indoor swimming pool at Atlantica Aeneas Resort & Spa is the perfect sanctuary for guests seeking relaxation and calmness. Swimming is a fantastic exercise to strengthen and tone muscles as well as increase fitness without putting pressure on your joints. For guests who simply want to relax, step up in the Jacuzzi where you can sit back and unwind while relieving your muscles. TENNIS COURTS Featuring Tennis Courts with floodlights, for guests who wish to practise their tennis backhand while on holiday. CONTACT Address: P.O. Box 30 476, 5344 Ayia Napa, Cyprus Tel: +357 23724000 E-mail: Web:

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«LAVINIA» RESTAURANT | Every day there's a delicious and varied buffet to be discovered with clear sections making it easy to choose. Live cooking stations are always a popular choice and the odd theme night adds some international flavours. You'll find a section for babies and a kids buffet that the little ones can help themselves to.

FAMILY 4 PREMIUM SWIM-UP ROOM WITH PARTITION | King size bed, extra sofa beds, bath or shower, private direct dial telephone, fully stocked mini-bar (upon request), electronic safe box, Colour TV (local & satellite reception), Free Wi-Fi Connection, welcome amenities.

AENEAS SPA Set in the grounds of the Five Star Atlantica Aeneas Resort & Spa, the Aeneas Spa has been designed to give guests a true feeling of Cyprus, allowing the opportunity to indulge in the delight of high quality treatments at this famous resort. The Spa is exclusively using the world famed Phytomer & Guinot product ranges for facial and body treatments and high quality products are used for nails. With seven treatment rooms and the signature treatment, Sea of Tranquillity (involving steam room, sauna and flotation pool), there is a delightful mix of pampering and also treatments directly aimed to benefit the health. The dedicated team of professionals is there to assist clients, providing treatments which eradicate the stresses of everyday life, whilst also providing aftercare to carry on the regimen once the therapy is completed. • 2017/2018 EDITION

WEDDINGS When you’re jetting off in search of sunshine it’s fair to say you’ll want to spend a good deal of time lounging in it before tying the knot. At the Atlantica Aeneas Resort & Spa, you can enjoy one of the largest pools in Cyprus that comes complete with whirlpool baths, bridges and fountains. Our personalised service will ensure your day is treated with care from the minute you make your first contact with us right through until you're celebrating the moment you tied the knot. If you are not sure what to expect from your wedding day or have everything sorted in your diary, your dedicated wedding planner can offer recommendations or simply put all of your plans in to practice. We pride ourselves in a dedicated and professional expert service, leaving you relaxed to enjoy your special moment. The Spa is available to hotel guests wishing to book Spa Treatments. Special Packages are available for one and two days, also for gifts and weddings.


Atlantica So White Club Resort Designed by one of the world's top 50 designers, the resort features exquisite, unparalleled design dominated by a fresh white island style concept. Atlantica So White Club Resort offers a choice of exclusive bungalow suites with VIP amenities ranging from private swimming pools, jacuzzis and spa shower cabins, to LED controls in all suites and much more. OFFICIAL CLASSIFICATION 5 Star Superior LOCATION Atlantica So White Club Resort is located directly on the sugary sands of Golden Beach and the private bay of Blue Lagoon, in the Makronissos area just outside the bustling tourist centre of Ayia Napa. Lush, mature Mediterranean gardens surrounded the resort which is adjacent to the protected Ayia Napa nature reserve. Ayia Napa boasts 14 blue flag beaches across its 8 kilometre coastline and with sandy beaches it makes it the perfect resort to want to visit. Come day or night the resort centre of Ayia Napa is 4km away from the resort.



ESTLING in the stunning tropical gardens with its tall palm trees is the extraordinary all-white swimming pool that will tempt you with its floating sun beds, mood-enhancing colour changes and a unique sky effect as a backdrop. Golden Beach is the main beach of the resort. With its sugary white sand and crystal clear water in varying shades of turquoise, blue, and cyan it complements your perfect Mediterranean beach holiday, coupled beautifully with the luxury boutique suites of Atlantica So White Club Resort. Soak up the sun on the clean and pristine beach or cool down in water. Ayia Napa, once a mere fishing village within the Famagusta region, has grown into one of the most popular tourist resorts in Europe, appealing to families with or without chidren, singles, and couples. Historically, there are several churches and museums to visit, particularly the Thalassa Museum with its lifesize replica of the “Kyrenia II” from 400 BC. Nearby is the harbour area of Ayia Napa, a quaint

port no longer used for commercial trade, from where a number of pleasure cruises leave for between a few hours and all day, as well as fishing boat trips for those interested in deep sea fishing. Home to several of the 14 beaches of the area that have been awarded the European Union Blue Flag for cleanliness, Ayia Napa’s reputation of its eclectic nightlife has spread worldwide! With a multitude of nightclubs, all within a 1 kilometre radius of the town centre, whatever type of music you like, you are sure to find it there. Not for the faint-hearted, music starts blaring from bars and nightclubs around 10–11pm and finishes considerably later in the night. CONTACT Address: Nissi Ave 103, Ayia Napa 5343 Cyprus Tel: + +357 23 723010 E-mail: Web:

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BLU RESTAURANT | BLU is our main restaurant of the hotel and open all day. It serves a sumptuous buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and is located next to the lagoon-style pool, where the white theme is briefly interrupted by the shimmering blue of the pool. Predominantly a themed restaurant with live entertainment during the evenings in high season, BLU Restaurant serves as a central hub for the hotel at mealtimes.

ACCOMMODATION DELUXE ONE BEDROOM SUITE JACUZZI POOL VIEW. Decorated with designer furniture, these specious rooms come with a hot tub/Jacuzzi either in the room or on the expansive outdoor terrace. They have one bedroom and separate living room which can accommodate up to four people. DELUXE TWO BEDROOM SUITES. These stylish suites are great for families that enjoy some privacy. They sleep up to 5 people with 2 bedrooms and a separate living room. With views from the pool side, these rooms come with either French doors or terrace.

DELUXE ONE BEDROOM POOL VIEW | Space is key here and there’s definitely a superior feel when it comes to the décor. This room comes with one bedroom and separate living room which can sleep up to four people. With views from the pool side, these rooms come with either French doors or balcony.

GRAND SUITE PRIVATE POOL. Decorated with designer furniture, these specious rooms come with their own private swimming pool. They have two bedrooms and separate living room which can sleep up to a maximum of four people. DELUXE ONE BEDROOM SUITE PRIVATE POOL | Located in the pool level these spacious suites come with their own private pool and garden. Space is key here and there’s definitely a superior feel when it comes to the décor. They have one bedroom and separate living room which can sleep up to four people.

• 2017/2018 EDITION


The freshly rebuilt Napa Mermaid Hotel & Suites with its stylish, contemporary and chic design is an idyllic wedding choice that will ensure you romantic memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Napa Mermaid Hotel & Suites The Napa Mermaid Hotel and Suites is ideal for Weddings, Holidays, Honeymoons or just a perfect rest in Ayia Napa, Cyprus. Close to all major facilities, Napa Mermaid Hotel and Suites is ideally located with breath taking views of the Mediterranean Sea. OFFICIAL CLASSIFICATION 4 Star Superior LOCATION The Napa Mermaid Hotel & Suites is located in the quiet end of Ayia Napa, 100 meters from the Grecian Beach, and 800 meters from the town center where you may find a variety of supermarkets, souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and cafe's. Various attractions nearby are: the Thalassa Museum, Ayia Napa harbour, Ayia Napa Monastery and Waterworld Waterpark. Bus stops for buses which run to Ayia Napa, Paralimni, Protaras, Larnaca and Nicosia, are situated just outside to the hotel. FACTS Rooms and Suites: 150



NE OF THE MOST beautiful hotels in Ayia Napa, the multi awarded Napa Mermaid Hotel & Suites with deluxe services and facilities lies on the most privileged location of the cosmopolitan resort of Ayia Napa. The Napa Mermaid Hotel & Suites is freshly renovated in a cool contemporary style, combining an airy Mediterranean flair with selected natural elements. The hotel is superbly situated only a few minutes away from the resort centre and overlooking the spectacular Grecian Bay with its golden sands and crystal clear waters. This chic and elegant hotel combines comfortable and relaxed facilities with impeccable discreet and friendly service. Guest room facilities include Đ°ir condition, heating, balcony, terrace or balcony, bathroom with bath and shower or shower cubicle, international direct telephone line, wireless internet connection, mini bar, full length mirror, dressing table, hairdryer, color

Satelite TV, safe deposit box, tea and coffee making facilities, smoke detector. For up to 100 delegates, the Napa Mermaid Hotel & Suites Conference room is available for different types of functions such as small conferences, meetings, wedding ceremonies/receptions and private parties. Sports and Leisure facilities include outdoor fresh water pool, indoor heated pool, extensive water sports on the beach, PADI approved diving school, floodlit tennis court, pool table, cards area, fully equipped gym, whirlpool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath, professional massage treatments. CONTACT Address: Kryou Nerou 45, P.O. Box 30505 5344 Ayia Napa, Cyprus Tel: + 357 23721606 E-mail: Web:

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ANDAMA BAR | Overlooking the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean sea, the bar is offering A la Carte menu and a great variety of drinks including coffees, fresh juices, refreshing smoothies and exotic cocktails. Enjoy live music and shows every night during the summer season.

ACCOMMODATION Facilities in all executive bungalows include a double-sized bed or two twin beds, design bathroom with a bathtub and a shower, individually controlled air-conditioning/heating, free wireless internet connection, LCD television set, tea and coffee making facilities, free safe deposit box, haidryer, mini bar, two side tables, a coffee table and an armchair. Complimentary treatment for guests booking these rooms includes: fruit and wine on arrival, bottle of water, flower in the bathroom, bathrobes & slippers and turn down service every evening.

EXECUTIVE BUNGALOW | These elegant contemporary rooms located around the pool have a keen sense for style and uniqueness. They discretely combine luxury and simplicity and are larger in size than the standard rooms.

WEDDINGS Let us take care of all the details for you. Our wedding coordinator will be delighted to meet with you upon arrival to our hotel in order to plan every detail of your wedding, whether religious or civil. We take pleasure in conjuring up special touches to make your wedding day unforgettable and truly magical. NAPA MERMAID SPA • Outdoor Swimming Pool • Indoor Pool heated during the winter period • Sauna and Jacuzzi • Steam Bath • Fully equipped fitness room • Professional Massage treatments • Unisex Hairdresser / Beauty treatments with appointment • Courtesy Rooms • Elemis Facial and Body Treatments

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The five star Grecian Park Hotel is situated at Cape Greco with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and adjacent to the national park.

Grecian Park Hotel The Grecian Park is a luxury complex with many things to do complete with a fitness area, spa & wellness centre, 4 bars, 4 restaurants, tennis courts, a children's playground and a mini-club for children aged 4–12, during July and August. You will never have to venture outside of the complex. OFFICIAL CLASSIFICATION 5 Star Superior LOCATION The five star Grecian Park Hotel is situated adjacent to the National Park of Cape Greco with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Ayia Napa is a 5 minute drive away and Larnaca Airport a 45 minute drive. FACTS & FACILITIES Rooms and Suites: 238 • Outdoor lagoon type and childrens' swimming pools • Spa • Health & Beauty Centre • Watersports at the beach • Gym • indoor swimming pool • Two floodlit tennis courts



LL ROOMS AND SUITES are furnished for today’s traveler. The hotel boasts 3 restaurants, a coffee shop and 3 bars including our UMI Japanese & Sushi Bar restaurant, our Ravioli's Italian Restaurant and our exotic cliff bar. Boasting one of the best spa hotels in Cyprus the Spa & Wellness Centre including a fitness gym will leave you revamped and rejuvenated. Water sports are available at the beach along with a beach kiosk which is open daily, offering refreshments and snacks. Grecian Park Hotel is a luxury complex which offers a wealth of amenities and services. Whether you are booking in advance or last minute holidays, Grecian Park is surely the place to be. BEACH Konnos Bay is the beach located below the hotel. Voted as one of the top beaches on the island, it is a sure delight for beach goers and the best place to spend your beach holidays. Sunbeds and umbrellas

are available at Konnos Bay along with our hotel's kiosk which serves snacks and refreshments. OUTDOOR POOL Our lagoon style outdoor pool is a splash of coolness whilst enjoying the summer heat! Our pool attendants will ensure that your sunbeds and umbrellas are ready for you and of course, our pool bar will be able to compliment your day with refreshments and snacks. Pool towels can be collected by the Olympus Health Club reception. Our pool/beach towels and our sunbeds and umbrellas are offered free of charge to our hotel guests. CONTACT Address: 81, Konnos Street, Protaras P.O. Box 33498 5314 Paralimni, Cyprus Tel: + 357 23844000 E-mail: Web:

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CLIFF BAR | Our exotic outdoor chill-out bar open daily until the late evening hours. Specialty cocktails and breathtaking views. Live DJ during the summer months playing chill out beats. You will feel as if you are in another world!

ACCOMMODATION All rooms and suites are furnished to meet the expectations of today's demanding traveler. Air-conditioning, private WC, private balcony, bath/shower, satellite flat screen TV, hairdryer, mini-bar, direct dial telephone, free wi-fi, private safe and coffee & tea making facilities are some of the features which distinguish the Grecian Park Hotel as one of the best Hotels in Cyprus.

PRESIDENTIAL SUITE SEA VIEW | 42 square metres • King size bed • Built in Jacuzzi in bath • Separate sitting area • Air Conditioning / Central Heating • Private balcony • Wi-Fi Free of charge • Satellite Plasma TV • Mini bar

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WEDDINGS With breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and with one of the island's most privileged settings, the Grecian Park Hotel, will ensure that your special day will be full of romantic and beautiful memories, wedding wishes and dreams to last a lifetime. The Grecian Park Hotel offers the experience and dedication you deserve to make your wedding in paradise come true. The island of Cyprus otherwise known as Aphrodite's island, boasts one of the most romantic settings. SPA & WELLNESS CENTRE | Our mission is to make you feel more beautiful and more relaxed. At our Hotel Spa, we provide only the best in professional treatments and products, all of which are individually prescribed to suit your specific needs. Try one of our holistic experiences that will make a real difference to your life.

We thank you for your ongoing support and for choosing us as one of your favorite hotels worldwide. • Certificate of Excellence 2016 • TripAdvisor Choice 2016 • Certificate of Excellence 2015 • Proven Quality 2015 • HolidayCheck 2015 • TripAdvisor Choice 2015 • HolidayCheck 2014 • Certificate of Excellence 2014 • TripAdvisor Choice 2014 • Award • TuV Nord Award

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/ место / На самом краю острова Кипр с юго-востока расположился регион, который с каждым годом становится более известным среди туристов. Речь идeт о связке поселений Айя-Напа, Протарас и Паралимни.



Тaкже предметом гордости Айя-Напы является монастырь XVI века с мраморным фонтаном и часовней Латинов. Монастырь эпохи Венецианского правления, который был воздвигнут в честь Девы Марии примерно в 1500 году, с 1978 года функционирует как Конференц-центр, обслуживающий церкви Кипра и Среднего Востока.


АЙЯ-НАПА — ​КИПРСКАЯ ИБИЦА В недалeком прошлом Айя-Напа — ​небольшая рыбацкая деревушка, затерянная средь холмов близ мыса Капо Греко. Еe жители бережно хранили свои традиции и достопримечательности, пребывая в тени одного из самых популярных курортов Средиземноморья Фамагусты. Всe изменили события 1974 года, когда красивый и оживлeнный город на востоке страны в одно мгновение превратился в город-призрак — ​Фамагуста попала в зону турецкой оккупации. Чуть позже, когда жизнь на острове стала налаживаться, воротилы туристического бизнеса обратили внимание на маленькую Айя-Напу, вокруг которой раскинулись нетронутые белоснежные пляжи, а сама деревушка вдруг открыла взору свои сокровища, бережно хранимые веками. Айя-Напа в разгар лета превращается в крупнейшую диско-тусовку Восточного Средиземноморья, привлекающую, главным образом,

молодeжь. Сравниться с ней может разве что испанская Ибица. ПРОТАРАС — ​СЕМЕЙНЫЙ КУРОРТ НА КИПРЕ Буквально в 5–10 км от шумной Айя-Напы вы найдeте небольшой кипрский семейный Эдем. Тихий и спокойный Протарас вот уже несколько лет считается одним из лучших направлений для семейного отдыха с маленькими детьми. Здесь Вы найдeте протяжeнные песчаные пляжи на берегу закрытых от ветров и течений заливов, множество отелей и апарт-отелей, рестораны и огромное количество семейных развлечений (катание на катамаранах, бананах, водных лыжах и т. д.). Наши соотечественники стали обращать внимание на Протарас не так давно, однако стоит заметить, что он полюбился им практически с первого взгляда. Да и Айя-Напа с еe ночной жизнью рядом… • 2017/2018 EDITION

/ место / ПАРАЛИМНИ — ​ЦЕНТР ВОСТОЧНОГО КИПРА В отличие от ближайших соседей — ​Айя-Напы и Протараса — ​жизнь в Паралимни не замирает на зиму, а бурлит круглый год. Именно здесь расположены основные торговые центры, фешенебельные рестораны и многочисленные лавки и магазинчики. Если вы приехали отдыхать в Айя-Напу или Протарас и планируете заняться шопингом, то ваш путь лежит именно в Паралимни. Совсем рядом с Паралимни находится деревня Деринья, которая славится своим клубничным фестивалем. Несмотря на свои небольшие размеры, в Деринье есть сразу несколько исторических и церковных достопримечательностей: Церковь Святого Георгия, построенная в XVII веке, церковь Святой Марины XV века и церковь Пресвятой Девы Марии XVII века. Также интерес представляет музей народного фольклора. Он находится в старинном доме и наглядно представляет хозяйство и быт киприотов. Тем, кому интересна современная история и политическая жизнь острова, будет любопытно заглянуть в культурный центр оккупированной территории Аммохостоса (Фамагусты). Наверху на смотровой площадке можно в бинокль рассмотреть всю оккупированную территорию и заброшенный район Вароша. В наше время одним из самых лучших курортов на острове является юго-восточный округ. Достопримечательности здесь настолько интересны и красивы, что район до сих пор не теряет своей красоты и величия.

Айя-Напа открыла единственный в своeм роде музей Таласса (Museum Thalassa). Главной приманкой этого музея служит выполненная в натуральную величину точная копия торгового парусника, который затонул 2300 лет тому назад возле северного побережья. Обломки настоящего корабля можно увидеть в Кирении в музее кораблей.

ТРИ СЕСТРЫ В настоящее время центром Паралимни является так называемая церковная площадь «Три сестры». Она считается самой большой площадью на Кипре, на которой расположены сразу 3 церкви. Две из них посвящены Святому Георгию. Одна построена в XV веке, а вторая — ​ современная, 1965 года постройки. Чуть дальше расположен древний византийский храм Пресвятой Девы Марии. Стены храма выложены из местного камня и датируются XIII веком. Изначально на этом месте была небольшая церковь, которую впоследствии надстроили и расширили. С размерами изменилось и название церкви. Многие местные жители называют этот храм ещe именем Святой Анны. Когда- то все его стены были украшены фресками, но, к сожалению, до наших дней сохранились лишь небольшие фрагменты. Храм является памятником архитектуры и привлекает большое внимание туристов.

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ESPERIA Harbour view restaurant Живые лобстеры Ċвежая рыба Живые устрицы Çвежие морепродукты Đетское меню Стейки Домашняя кухня Блюда, приготовленные на гриле Паста Курица Пицца

Esperia Restaurant Agia Napa Тел. +357 23721635 | Моб. +357 99634891 Ayia Napa Harbour, Cyprus |

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АФРОДИТА? Остров Кипр с древних времeн называют прибежищем греческой богини любви и красоты Афродиты. О ее появлении на свет повествует несколько легенд. По одной из них, более ранней, записанной Платоном, богиня родилась из крови оскопленного Урана, которая, попав в море, образовала пену («афрос»), откуда и пошло как имя самой Афродиты («пенорожденная»), так и одно из ее прозвищ — ​Анадиомена («появляющаяся на поверхности моря»). Более поздние легенды называют Афродиту дочерью Зевса и океаниды Дионы. ↳

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ФРОДИТА УРАНИЯ, или «небесная», была богиней чистой и целомудренной любви в отличие от Афродиты Пандемос — ​пошлой и доступной покровительницы блудниц. По своему малоазийскому происхождению Афродита Урания близка и даже отождествляется с восточными богинями плодородия: финикийской Астартой, вавилоно-ассирийской Иштар и египетской Исидой. Со временем малоазийские черты Афродиты, сближавшие ее также с богиней-матерью Кибелой, становятся мягче, и архаическая богиня с присущей ей сексуальностью и плодовитостью превращается в кокетливую и нежную Афродиту, занявшую достойное место среди бессмертных богов Олимпа. У Гомера Афродита появляется у берегов Кипра из воздушной морской пены. Вот почему богиню часто называют Киприда, «кипророжденная». По преданию, ее супругом был Гефест — ​искуснейший мастер и самый некрасивый из всех богов. Любви прекрасной богини добивались многие, в том числе бог морей Посейдон и жестокий и беспощадный бог войны Арес, который романтически влюбился в самую красивую богиню. О любви Ареса и Афродиты, нарушевшей супружескую верность, и их детях — ​Эроте и Антероте, Деймосе («ужас»), Фобосе («страх») и Гармонии — ​часто упоминается в античной литературе. В «Одиссее» описывается, как во время свидания супруг Афродиты Гефест приковал любовников невидимыми сетями к ложу. Освобожденные по просьбе Посейдона, под смех богов, завидовавших счастью Ареса, они немедленно расстались. Арес перенесся во Фракию, а Афродита — ​ на Кипр, в Пафос. Как и другие олимпийские боги, Афродита покровительствовала героям Троянской войны, но ее чары распространялись лишь на сферу любви. Как известно, поводом к войне послужило похищение Елены Прекрасной троянским царевичем Парисом, выступившим в роли судьи в споре, причиной которого стало «яблоко раздора». Во время свадьбы морской богини Фетиды и царя Пелея богиня раздора Эрида бросила на пиршественный стол яблоко с надписью: «Прекраснейшей!». Право обладать яблоком оспаривали три богини: Гера, Афина и Афродита. Зевс, которого они просили завершить спор, повелел отвести богинь к Парису. Каждая из них стремилась склонить юношу на свою сторону: Гера сулила власть и богатство, Афина — ​славу храбрейшего воина, а Афродита — ​самую красивую женщину в жены. Парис отдал яблоко Афродите. И с этого момента богиня становится его ревностной покровительницей. Позже с ее помощью он похищает Елену Прекрасную, жену спартанского царя Ми-


нелая. Греки восприняли этот дерзкий поступок как оскорбление, нанесенное всему народу, и начали поход против Трои. Будучи яростной защитницей троянцев, Афродита постоянно вмешивается в военные события под Троей: она спасает Париса, участвует в сражении и пытается вынести из битвы троянского героя Энея — ​своего сына от возлюбленного Анхиса. Но богиню преследует Диомед. Энея спасает Аполлон, который также был на стороне троянцев, а раненую Афродиту Арес доставил на Олимп в своей золотой колеснице. Гера и Афина — ​постоянные соперницы Афродиты — ​поднимают ее на смех, а Зевс советует ей не заниматься больше военными действиями, а устраивать счастливые браки. Гомер именует богиню «золотая, прекрасновенчанная, сладкоумильная, многозлатая и прекрасноокая». Афродите принадлежит пояс, в котором заключены любовь, желания, слава обольщения. Этот древний талисман, наделенный магической силой, покорял даже великих богов. Афродита постоянно приходила на помощь всем влюбленным. В одном из городов Кипра жил царь Пигмалион. Женщины этого города не чтили богиню Афродиту, и она покарала их, превратив в блудниц. Пигмалион не смог найти себе избранницу, отвечавшую его идеалу. Свою мечту он воплотил в статуе, изображавшей прекрасную женщину, которую царь назвал Галатея. Слава о ней прошла по всему Кипру. Скульптор влюбился в свое творение и однажды в храме Афродиты попросил богиню послать ему возлюбленную столь же прекрасную, как и Галатея. Афродита вняла мольбам Пигмалиона и велела Эроту оживить статую. В одном из вариантов этого мифа говорится о том, что богиня, не равнодушная к мужественной красоте Пигмалиона, сама на какое-то время воплотилась в ожившую статую. Но помогая любящим, богиня жестоко преследует тех, кто отвергает любовь: она покарала смертью Ипполита и Нарцисса, Пасифае и Мирре внушила противоестественную любовь, а Гипсипиллу и лемносских женщин наделила отвратительным запахом. Отец истории Геродот сообщает о почитании Афродиты Урании в Сирии, в Персии и даже у скифов. Храм Афродиты Урании

существовал в Афинах, а одним из самых древних и священных считался ее храм на острове Кифера. Правда, в афинском Акрополе был и храм в честь Афродиты Пандемос. Многочисленные святилища Афродиты разбросаны в различных частях Греции и на островах. Под именем Венеры ей поклонялись в Древнем Риме, где она считалась прародительницей римлян через своего сына — ​троянского героя Энея. На Кипре признание Афродиты пришло на смену богине плодородия, которая в период поздней бронзы была богиней Бронзы. Доказательством служит маленькая статуэтка богини Плодородия, которая наступает ногой на бронзовый талант. И Бронза, и Афродита отождествлялись в древности с Кипром. У богини было много имен, но самое популярное — ​Киприс, а затем Урания, Голгия, Пафия, Морфо, Акрэа, Анаса и др. Спутником богини был прекрасный Адонис — ​сын кипрского царя Кинира, а также его дочери Мирры. Разгневавшись на непочтительное отношение царской дочери, Афродита внушает ей страсть к отцу, который, ничего не подозревая, вступает с ней в связь, а затем проклинает ее. Боги превращают несчастную девушку в миртовое дерево, из треснувшего ствола которого рождается ребенок изумительной красоты — ​Адонис. Позднее юноша становится спутником и возлюбленным Афродиты. Культ Адониса существовал на Кипре и Лесбосе, Финикии, Сирии и Египте. В сирийском городе Библе находилось святилище Адониса, где в его честь проходили оргии. В эпоху эллинизма особой популярностью пользовались Адонии — ​праздники в его честь, связанные с распространением греко-восточного культа Осириса. По преданию, храм Афродиты в Пафосе построил спасшийся во время троянского пожара царь аркадийцев Агапинор. Основателем Палепафоса и храма Афродиты древнейшая история считает царя Кинира, выполнявшего функции верховного жреца и прорицателя в храме богини. Палепафос был главным центром поклонения Афродите на Кипре. Храм-оракул Афродиты принес Палепафосу сказочные сокровища. На Кипр поклонение богине пришло из Финикии и, возможно, уже отсюда микенцы перенесли его в свой мир.

Во времена Птолемеев множество паломников из Греции, Ассирии и Египта каждую весну приезжали в Пафос для участия в жертвоприношениях Афродите. Они посвящались в ее таинства и участвовали в праздничных шествиях. • 2017/2018 EDITION

/ мифология / В финикийском Библе найдена надпись, где указано, что Кинир был основателем храма Афродиты на Кипре. На протяжении веков на Кипре богине Афродите поклонялись все слои общества. В Марионе ее чтили как Арсиною (жена Птолемея II Филадельфа отождествлялась с Афродитой). В Китионе почитали Афродиту-Астарту — ​покровительницу мореплавателей. В Айя-Напе и Карпасие в честь Афродиты-Акреас («крайней») также были сооружены прекрасные храмы. Гимны Гомера называют богиню покровительницей города Саламина. Во времена Птолемеев множество паломников из Греции, Ассирии и Египта каждую весну приезжали в Пафос для участия в жертвоприношениях Афродите. Они посвящались в ее таинства и участвовали в праздничных шествиях. Все императоры Римской империи проявляли большой интерес к святилищу богини. Император Август восстановил заново храм Афродиты в Пафосе, пострадавший во время землетрясения в 15 году до н. э. Посередине храма Афродиты в Пафосе находился предмет конической формы, который изображен на монетах римских императоров. Этот предмет отождествляли с черным коническим камнем, найденным вблизи храма богини. Ученые считают, что он заменял статую Афродиты. Сейчас этот камень находится в музее в Кукля. С появлением на острове христианства Богородицу стали называть именами, имеющими прямое отношение к Афродите — ​ Богородица Афродитисса. Богине любви и красоты посвящено множество произведений искусства, особенно многочисленны скульптурные изображения. До наших дней дошли несколько подлинных статуй работ греческих скульпторов эллинистической эпохи. Самая знаменитая из них — ​скульптура Праксителя (IV в. до н. э.) Афродита Книдская, послужившая прототипом для многих известных мастеров последующего периода. В живописи XV–XVIII веков особой популярностью пользовались сюжеты, связанные с Адонисом, Аресом, Гефестом, Парисом, а также сцены «Рождение Венеры», «Спящая Венера», «Туалет Венеры». Великолепные картины на эти темы принадлежат Ботичелли, Тициану, Рубенсу, Тинторетто, Веласкесу, Веронезе, Пуссену и др.

Богине любви и красоты посвящено множество произведений искусства, особенно многочисленны скульптурные изображения.


/ экскурс в историю /


и перерождение Айя-Напы

В истории почти любого древнего города случаются периоды расцвета и упадка. Они могут сменять друг друга до бесконечности. Обычно мы можем увидеть свидетельства этих перипетий в музеях или по немногим сохранившимся руинам прошлого. Значительно реже доводится запечатлеть переход от богатства и признания к запустению и, наоборот, прямо в настоящий момент.

О Айя-Напа до 1974 была крохотной рыболовецкой деревушкой с парой домов и монастырем.


ДНИМ из самых известных туристических мест на острове является город Айя-Напа. В недалeком прошлом АйяНапа — ​небольшая рыбацкая деревушка, затерянная средь холмов близ мыса Капо Греко. Еe жители бережно хранили свои традиции и достопримечательности. Городок берет свое начало с возведения греками монастыря, посвященного Богородице. По легенде, первого жителя города звали Николаос Кемитцис и прибыл он в 1790 году. Эту дату можно считать датой основания деревни. Сейчас это один из самых популярных курортов Кипра с очень активной ночной жизнью. Айя-Напа — ​молодежный курорт: десятки баров, клубов и дискотек города открывают свои двери всем, кто любит веселую ночную жизнь. Здесь каждый может найти себе развлечение по душе — ​к луб с самой современной музыкой или тихий ресторанчик на берегу моря, лаунж бар с кальяном или детское кафе с мороженым. Но стоит представить себе, что каких-то 40–50 лет назад всего этого не было. Про АйяНапу никто не знал и даже не задумывался о ее существовании. Туристическим центром 70-х годов был один из самых больших городов Кипра — ​Фамагуста. Район Фамагусты Вароша был самым роскошным и престижным центром развлечения того времени — ​с новыми отелями, клубами

и ресторанами, самой современной инфраструктурой и божественным пляжем с лазурной водой и белоснежным песком. В Вароше отдыхали звезды и самые богатые люди того времени: Бриджит Бордо, Элизабет Тейлор и многие другие. Летом в курортный центр Вароши люди стекались со всей Европы. В отелях города номера были настолько популярны, что предусмотрительные англичане и немцы бронировали места на годы вперед. Но обстоятельства не позволили городу развиваться дальше. Огромный курорт того времени постигла печальная участь. 14–16 августа 1974 года турецкая армия оккупировала 37% острова, включая Фамагусту и один из ее пригородов Варошу. Жители фешенебельного пригорода Фамагусты, а большую их часть составляли греко-киприоты, вынуждены были в одночасье оставить свои дома. 16 тысяч человек уходили в полной уверенности, что вернутся через неделю, максимум две. На сегодняшний день город оккупирован турецкими военными, и в народе его называют город-призрак. До сих пор среди местных жителей ходят легенды о том, что этот район попрежнему находится в том же состоянии, в каком его оставили бегущие от обстрела жители. О том, что в оккупированном городе огромное количество магазинов с самой модной одеждой того времени, машины 70-х годов, оборудованные отели. Конечно, это не так. Большая часть • 2017/2018 EDITION

/ украшения /

Со времен турецкого вторжения прошло 43 года, а возможность вернуться в свои дома жителям Фамагусты так и не представилась. была разграблена турецкими войсками сразу же после вторжения на территорию района. Печальная история постигла крупнейший курорт 70-х годов. Нам остается лишь надеяться на разрешения конфликта с турецкой стороной, смотреть на пустующий город с большого расстояния на смотровых площадках Кипра и представлять ту роскошь, которой Фамагуста радовала отдыхающих со всей Европы в 70-х годах. Малоизвестная деревушка Айя-Напа до 1974 года не привлекала внимание туристов, но после турецкого вторжения, когда Фамагуста с ее роскошными пляжами осталась за колючей проволокой на оккупированной турками территории, Айя-Напа получила свой шанс. Чуть позже, когда жизнь на острове стала налаживаться, воротилы туристического бизнеса обратили внимание на маленькую Айя-Напу, вокруг которой раскинулись нетронутые белоснежные пляжи, а сама деревушка вдруг открыла взору свои сокровища, бережно хранимые веками.

6 Kriou Nerou, Ayia Napa, Cyprus +357 23 724565 | +357 99 477099

• 2017/2018 EDITION


/ место / Туристы любят это место за теплое море, чистый белый песок и огромное количество развлечений на любой вкус.

ПРОТАРАС Протарас — ​молодой курорт, который был построен специально для туристов и находится в юго-восточной части острова Кипр, в часе езды от международного аэропорта Ларнака. Красивая береговая линия, золотистые песчаные пляжи и чистое море создают великолепную атмосферу для отдыхающих.


ревних памятников истории и архитектуры в городе нет. Но совсем без местных достопримечательностей не обошлось. Самое необычное место, которое не оставит равнодушным никого из посетивших Протарас, это, без сомнений, Океанический аквариум! Он разделeн на секции, каждая из которых посвящена определeнным видам животных. Здесь и красные мальки, всевозможные блестящие и разноцветные рыбки, мурены, крокодилы, скаты. Среди обитателей покрупнее — ​черепахи, попугаи, лемуры… Всего в Океаническом аквариуме проживает около 1000 различных видов морских животных, рыб и птиц. Океанариум заслуживает вашего внимания и самого тщательного осмотра. Работает он ежедневно круглый год.


Есть среди обитателей и ​забавные пингвины Гумбольдта, облюбовавшие небольшой домик с бассейном. Здесь можно наблюдать за жизнью пингвинов на суше и даже под водой!

/ стоит попробовать /

БУХТА ФИГОВОГО ДЕРЕВА Этот пляж считается одним из самых лучших в Протарасе. Своe название он получил из-за огромного фигового дерева — ​ смоковницы, которой уже около 300 лет, но по сей день она стоит посреди пляжа. Прямо в центре залива есть небольшой остров, благодаря которому в бухте не бывает больших волн. На пляже есть лежаки и зонтики, а любители активного отдыха смогут заняться одним из многочисленных видов водного и пляжного спорта. Проголодавшись, вы сможете перекусить в одном из баров и ресторанчиков, которых здесь немало!


ДОЛИНА ВЕТРЯНЫХ МЕЛЬНИЦ Это место вы найдете неподалеку от песчаного пляжа, если будете идти вглубь острова. Эта территория ещe называется «красными землями», здесь местные жители выращивают фрукты и овощи. Несколько сотен монументальных ветряных генераторов производят впечатление! Несмотря на своe довольно прозаичное предназначение (производство электроэнергии), «ветряки» стали настоящей приманкой для туристов, а сама долина ветряных мельниц снискала славу романтического места, популярное среди отдыхающих.

Tequila Garden

The chefs at treat you with delicious flavours of authentic Mexican dishes prepared fresh with the finest ingredients.

Parking space, playground, outdoors garden and a fully air-conditioning sitting area (suitable for parties) composed with the lively atmosphere, the friendly staff, the exotic cocktails and margaritas and our wonderful Mexican cuisine provide the perfect setting for lunch or dine. Протарас — ​курорт для любителей спокойного и размеренного отдыха. Тихая и уютная атмосфера города и его достопримечательности запомнятся вам надолго и, возможно, вы вернeтесь сюда ещe раз! • 2017/2018 EDITION

46, Nissi Avenue, 5330, Ayia Napa +357 23723620 63

/ сказания /Т Р И


Поверить на слово... Богатая история маленького Средиземноморского острова, переплетение культур, религий, языков, родили множество легенд и сказаний. Глубоко уважающие свои корни и традиции жители острова, трепетно передают их из уст в уста, из поколения в поколение. По мотивам кипрских легенд поэты сочиняют стихи, историки пишут статьи, а экскурсоводы, каждый на свой лад, рассказывают любознательным туристам через призму кипрских притчей историю любимого края.

КРАСОТА И ВЕЛИЧИЕ. ЛЕГЕНДА ОБ АФРОДИТЕ Как рассказывает Геосиод в «Теогонии», Крон разрубил тело своего отца Урана на куски и бросил их в море. Тогда вспенилось синее море, а из пены его вышла прекрасная златокудрая дива. Земфир нежным своим дыханием на морской волне и пене вынес Афродиту на Кипр в Пафос — ​так была описана история Гомером. Когда Афродита ступила на землю, на ней распустились прекрасные цветы анемоны и капори, которые и по сей день цветут на камнях в Пафосе. Встретить Афродиту вышел сам Зевс-громовержец и его дочери. С тех пор Кипр стал любимым островом богини любви, на котором она и предпочитала проводить все время. Как-то раз красавица Афродита игралась с малышом Эросом, богом любви, который пускает стрелы свои в каждого кто ему приглянулся, и нечаянно укололась Афродита о его стрелу. Тут из зарослей смоковницы вышел юный прекрасный Адонис, сын Царя Кинира. Влюбилась Афродита в красавца без памяти. Да и он не смог быть равнодушным к неземной красоте Богини. Но прознал о случайной страсти супруг Афродиты, воинственный Бог Арис. В гневе, превратился он в дикого вепря, и когда Адонис охотился в лесах Акамаса, подло напал на него и запорол острыми клыками. Из ран Адониса брызнула кровь, упала на землю Кипра. Бедная Афродита, почуяв беду, побежала в лес, но нашла своего возлюбленного бездыханным. Долго горевала прекрасная Богиня, слезы ее лились ручьем. Из капель крови Адониса взошли на Кипре маки алые, а из хрустальных слез Афродиты — ​белые анемоны. Образ Афродиты — ее красота, нежность и величие, передается в мифах и легендах сквозь призму прошлого так хорошо, что будто ты с ней знаком. По мимо своей красоты богиня имела доброе сердце. В этом легко убедиться окунувшись в еще один миф о Пигмалионе.


• 2017/2018 EDITION

В ПОИСКАХ ИДЕАЛА. ЛЕГЕНДА О ПИГМАЛИОНЕ И ГАЛАТЕИ На Кипре жил царь. Звали его Пигмалион. Был он человеком творческим и, в свободное от царских хлопот время, ваял из камня скульптуры. Однажды скульптура прекрасной девушки так удалась ему, что как живая смотрела на него белоснежная холодная дева. И влюбился Пигмалион в творение рук своих. Нарек он статую Галатея, что переводится, как молочная богиня, так как высечена она была из белого мрамора. Не мог встретить в реальной жизни бедный царь девушки похожей на свою мраморную возлюбленную. И взмолился он богам, просил оживить бесчувственный мрамор. Но боги лишь посмеялись над глупым царем. Только Афродита, покровительница острова сжалилась над бедолагой Пигмалионом. Однажды, вернувшись в царские покои, вместо мраморного изваяния увидел он молодую прекрасную девушку. — Кто ты? — ​удивился царь — Я — ​твоя Галатея! Ни ужели не признал ты меня, любимый мой! Пал на колени царь. Не мог он поверить своему счастью. Стал целовать он теплые ладони прекрасной Галатеи и конечно, сразу же сделал ей предложение. Прекрасная дева родила царю двух дочек. Старшую из них они назвали величественным именем Пафос, которое в те далекие времена давали только девочкам царского рода. Когда она выросла, превратилась в красавицу и умницу. И женился на ней герой Троянской войны Кинир. И построил он в честь своей обожаемой супруги прекрасный город Пафос. А в нем, 100-зальное святилище, посвященное Афродите, благодаря которой стал возможен союз Пигмалиона и Галатеи и рождение их дочерей.

СВЯТИЛИЩЕ АФРОДИТЫ было впервые раскопано в 1887 году специалистами исследовательского фонда Кипра. Часть из найденных артефактов была переправлена в Британский музей.

Большое количество кипрских легенд и мифов обращено к богам горы Олимп. И каждый знает о главном и великом среди остальных богов, покорители грома и молнии — Зевсе. О нем по устам бродит много рассказов, но одна легенда показывает нам как важно быть открытым и добрым человеком. ГОСТЕПРИИМСТВА ЩЕДРАЯ ДУША. ЛЕГЕНДА О ЗЕВСЕ В стародавние времена, когда Боги жили рядом с людьми, на вершине горы Олимп была резиденция Зевса-громовержца. Любил Зевс обратиться в добро-молодца и гулять по острову. Все были рады молодому красавцу, не догадываясь, что перед ними сам Зевс, наперебой киприоты зазывали в свои дома желанного гостя. Кормили, поили, на ночлег мягкие перины стелили.

Хвастался Зевс среди богов-олимпийцев, какие гостеприимные люди на Кипре живут, как встречают его радушно. Тогда мудрая Гера посмеялась над своим мужем-простаком. — Конечно, молодому, богатому мужчине каждый рад будет, обратись в старца нищего, посмотришь, нужен ли ты людям — ​сказала Гера. Призадумался Зевс. Обратился он в старца, больного, нищего и спустился с Олимпа к людям. Злыми оказались те, кто еще вчера был к нему так добр. Кто просто захлопывал дверь, видя убогого старика, а кто и камнем кидал вослед. Разозлился Зевс не на шутку. «Ах, вот какие двуличные вы, островитяне!» — ​подумал всемогущий Зевс. Вернусь на Олимп, спалю остров молниями, нашлю на них громы страшные. Но тут в конце дороги заметил он лачугу. На пороге сидели два старичка, муж и жена. С улыбкой приветствовали они путника, позвали в дом. Угостили не хитрым угощением, водицей родниковой, да краюхой хлеба. Предложили свою постель путнику, отдохнуть, ибо только одна скромная лежанка была в бедной лачуге. Отлегло с души у Зевса. Не такие уж плохие киприоты! Обратился он в свое божественное обличие. — За доброту вашу, старики, помилую я киприотов. И любое ваше желание исполню! — Одного только мы желали бы. Не расставаться никогда, даже после смерти. Исполнил Зевс свое обещание. Когда пришло время старикам умирать, заснули они в объятиях друг друга и превратил их Зевс в оливковое дерево. Переплетен узлами ствол векового исполина. Как будто в объятиях друг друга стоят два человека. Еще много легенд хранит маленький остров. Каждая из них — ​драгоценный самоцвет в короне истории Кипра и ключ, для понимания характеров островитян. Каждое сказание несет в себе поучающий урок, характер тех времен, а также четкое осознание того, что киприоты уважают и ценят историю своего родного края.

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/ святые места /

Где Дух Господень, там свобода…

В современной жизни, находясь в вечной суете шумного города и своих собственных забот, у каждого из нас замылился глаз, и нас трудно удивить или впечатлить. Мы живем и верим в лучшие времена. Мы просто забыли, как быть счастливыми, но в мире есть такие места, стоит только увидеть которые, человек начинает задумываться об истинных целях своей жизни. ПЕЩЕРНАЯ ЧАСОВНЯ AGIOI SARANTA Одно из святых мест — ​часовня Agioi Saranta, находящаяся на окраине города Протарас на Кипре. Это зрелище, которое поразит каждого: часовня замаскирована в пещерном гроте и как будто не хочет, чтобы ее случайно заметил прохожий. С дороги вы ее не увидите, поэтому, чтобы найти пещеру, туристу придется обратиться за помощью к карте или местным жителям. Часовня Agioi Saranta была построена в честь Сорока Сева-

стийских мучеников, принявших ужасную смерть за веру в Христа в 320-м году от рук императора Лицилиа. Божья обитель, закованная в каменный грот, выглядит скромно, но в то же время завораживающе. Скала как будто нежно обнимает часовню. Внутри убранство выглядит сдержанно и аккуратно. Иконы стоят на выбитых в скале каменных полочках, а свет попадает внутрь лишь через небольшое отверстие. Очутившись в полутемном зале с ликами святых, человек начинает размышлять о своем бытие, обретая умиротворенность и спокойствие, происходит эмоциональная перезарядка, открывается второе дыхание для жизни. ЧАСОВНЯ AGIOI SARANTA действующая, именно тут ежегодно 9 марта проходит торжественное богослужение в память о великомучениках.


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/ святые места / Раньше на месте этого храма стояла деревянная церковь, но после разрушительного пожара здание было отстроено из камня

ЦЕРКОВЬ ПРОРОКА ИЛЬИ Церковь пророка Ильи в Протарасе издалека привлекает взгляды туристов благодаря своему расположению — ​на холме высотой 115 м над уровнем моря. Добраться до храма, на первый взгляд, не так-то просто, но путь вверх проходит незаметно, до церкви легко доходят даже туристы с маленькими детьми. Бесценным вознаграждением для поднявшихся энтузиастов станет роскошная панорама Протараса и его окрестностей, особенно эффектная в вечернее время. А в солнечную погоду со смотровой площадки можно увидеть далеко выдающийся в море юго-восточный Кипр. Прийти в церковь можно в любое время, она открыта постоянно. Однако лучше не откладывать экскурсию на послеобеденное время, подъeм на внушительную высоту по полуденной жаре — ​испытание не из лeгких. Самый оптимальный вариант для прогулки — ​раннее утро

или вечер. На закате церковь смотрится особенно очаровательно, а с наступлением темноты она ещe и выигрышно подсвечивается. Архитектурно это совсем не большая церквушка, построенная из песчаного камня в средневековом соборном стиле. Еe выделяют красивая колокольня и увенчанный пиком купол. Все окна и главный вход по форме напоминают арку. Внутри находится деревянный алтарь, а настенные росписи, выполненные в традиционном византийском стиле, посвящены библейским сюжетам. Считается, что, поднимаясь по ведущим к храму ступеням, нужно их пересчитывать, причем второй раз обязательно сделать это при спуске. Первое число практически у всех одинаково, а вот при спуске количество ступеней загадочным образом уменьшается, причeм у каждого по-разному. Считается, что разница между этими цифрами обозначит количество ваших грехов.

«Вера же есть осуществление ожидаемого и уверенность в невидимом. А без веры угодить Богу невозможно; ибо надобно, чтобы приходящий к Богу веровал, что Он есть, ПОСЛАНИЕ К ЕВРЕЯМ СВЯТОГО АПОСТОЛА ПАВЛА и ищущим Его воздаeт».

Сейчас монастырь действует только как музей. Ежедневные службы Кипрской православной церкви проводятся в новом храме, построенном в 50 метрах от монастыря.

МОНАСТЫРЬ АЙЯ-НАПА Старинный монастырь Айя-Напа расположен в самом центре города. Монастырь и местность получили такое название благодаря найденной в лесу иконе «Панагия Напа» (можно перевести как «Пресвятая Богородица из леса»). Согласно одной из версий, в пещере, где теперь располагается монастырь, охотник нашел чудотворную икону Пресвятой Богородицы. Собака охотника первой заметила икону и, остановившись перед ней, начала настойчиво лаять, привлекая внимание хозяина. Узнав об обнаружении ико-

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ны, многочисленные верующие начали посещать это место в пещере. По всей вероятности, икона была помещена в пещеру в период иконоборчества (7–8 век н. э.) и благодаря этому была спасена. В XIV веке пещера была надстроена и таким образом был основан монастырский храм. Имя Айя-Напа упоминается впервые в 1366 году, но, по имеющимся данным, применялось к данной местности и ранее. Монастырь в его сегодняшнем виде был основан в 15 веке во времена венецианского правления на Кипре.


/ история /В И Н О Д Е Л И Е


Почтовая марка на которой изображена королева Великобритании Елизавета II и гроздь винограда. Примерно 1955 г.

ВИНО Виноделие на Кипре существует уже около пяти тысяч лет. Тому свидетельствуют археологические раскопки в одной из деревушек близ Лимассола, где были найдены кувшины для хранения вина. После радиоуглеродного анализа удалось установить, что их возраст составляет около трeх тысяч лет до нашей эры. Опыт и традиции у кипрского вина колоссальны. Давайте вспомним несколько ключевых вех в истории Кипра, непосредственно отразившихся на виноделии. 68

в веках • 2017/2018 EDITION



ИПР всегда был важным аванпостом в средиземном море и на своей земле повидал огромное количество цивилизаций и народностей. Скорее всего, первыми виноград на Кипр привезли Финикийцы, так же как на Крит и греческие острова, а затем его стали выращивать на самой материковой части Греции. Греческие или, точнее, античные традиции виноделия, крепко укоренились и дают о себе знать по сей день. Может быть, из тех времeн или всe-таки из пережитков средневековья осталась эта традиция любить и делать хорошее молодое вино!? Дело в том, что на Кипре многие виноделы высокого уровня действительно очень ценят и гордятся своим молодым вином, так как именно в нeм раскрывается вся полнота вкуса, аромата и особенности определeнного субрегиона или терруара, то есть совокупности почвы, климата и местности. Безусловно, вина выдержанные всегда были и будут цениться во все времена, как продукт элитарного, коллекционного, эксклюзивного и утончeнного характера. Но во многом это стало доступно благодаря технологиям и развитию винной отросли, как таковой. В давние времена для того, чтобы сохранить вино, в него добавляли различные натуральные консерванты: гипс, золу, соль, размельченную в порошок белую глину (сейчас этот материал так же используют, но под более научным названием — ​бентонит), оливковое масло, молотый миндаль, кедровые орехи, семена укропа, тимьян, корицу, мeд, смолу акации и не только это… Безусловно, вино выдерживалось и сохранялось многие года, но можно легко представить, как эти ингредиенты влияли на вкус и аромат напитка. А в средние века и тем хуже: повсюду отсутствовала гигиена, а самым лучшим консервантом было слово божье, и поэтому если у торговца или производителя оставалось вино прошлого, или на крайний случай позапрошлого урожая, то его продавали по самым бросовым ценам, так как оно уже скисало, портилось и превращалось в уксус. Следуя вышесказанному, становится понятно, что в древние времена молодое вино само собой ценилось больше из практических интересов, а сейчас это в некотором смысле визитная карточка свежести и особенного вкуса винодела. После прекрасных античных времeн, рождения Афродиты и расцвета эллинистических государств на Кипре наступает продолжительная борьба с арабским влиянием. В 1191 году Кипр захватывает Ричард Львиное Сердце, наступает приход франков и западноевропейской цивилизации. Остались поразительные источники, рассказывающие нам о, наверное, первой дегустации

/ история /

вина. В 1213 году в Шампани прошeл невиданный доселе пир. Король Франции Филипп II Август собрал вина со всех своих и дружественных владений, чтобы узнать какое же из них лучшее. Победило именно великое кипрское вино Коммандария! Сахар в те времена был крайне ценным продуктом, а Коммандария напиток с удивительным натуральным сладким вкусом, да ещe и способный пережить многие года хранения и выдержки. Конечно, такое вино было живым золотом. Своe современное название Коммандария получила благодаря рыцарям-тамплиерам. Производилось вино не так далеко от штаб-квартиры ордена, называющейся La Grande Commanderie. Эти же «воины бога» первыми завезли его во Францию. Под властью Османской империи вино на Кипре было практически под запретом, разрешалось производить только небольшое количество монастырям для ритуальных нужд, и производили всю ту же Коммандарию, то есть продолжались традиции создания лишь сладких креплeных вин. На протяжении XIX и большей части XX вв. виноделие на Кипре в отличие от всего мира развивалось своей спокойной, размеренной жизнью. Но вот в это время и произошла очередная винная победа Кипра.

Суждение вынес государь о винах, И каждому свой титул он присвоил; Так, кипрское вино он сделал Папой, Оно сияло ярче звeзд небесных.

Важно отметить, что в отличие от крупных заводов, которые находятся в нескольких десятках километров от виноградников, небольшие винодельни располагаются там же, где и произрастает виноград, это позволяет постоянно следить за качеством винограда и доводить его до процесса винификации в наилучшем качестве.

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— ИЗ ПОЭМЫ «БИТВА ВИН» В середине XIX века из Прованса на юге Франции начинает распространяться беспощадная для виноградной лозы Viteus vitifolii, она же — ​паразитирующая на корнях растения филлоксера, которая погубила около трети всех европейских виноградников, а некоторые регионы, особенно во Франции, обделила и вовсе. Спасение от неe нашли лишь перед самым началом XX века. Лозы винограда стали прививать саженцами от американских клонов, которые имеют иммунитет к этой пакости. Во времена этих ужасных событий, когда американская тля поедала великие виноградники Бургундии и Роны, на Кипре даже не слышали о такой напасти. На Кипр филлоксера так и не добралась! И вина, производимые на виноградниках этого прекрасного острова, дают ягоды с лоз, произрастающих с корневищ, которым около 100 или 150 лет! И даже ту самую великую Коммандарию до сих пор могут производить с тех же лоз, что давали ягоды на создание вина, покорившего монархов Европы в XIII веке. Коммандарию производят из двух автохтонных, растущих только на Кипре, сортов винограда: красный сорт Мавро, придающий вину структуру, плотность, пряный и терпкий вкус,


/ история /В И Н О Д Е Л И Е сопряжeнный со слегка дымным ароматом, и белый сорт Ксинистери, поразительно лeгкий, фруктовый во вкусе и свежий, мягкий, цветочный в аромате. Из Ксинистери делают прекрасное молодое вино и некоторые виноделы производят Коммандарию из практически стопроцентного Ксинистери, добавляя лишь немного Мавро для структуры. Эта невиданная для многих популярных на сегодня винных регионов преемственность позволяет создавать вина с действительно культовой историей. С 80-х годов XX века на Кипре происходит невероятный скачок в развитии виноделия. Кроме оригинальных сортов Мавро, Ксинистери, Маратефтико, Офталмо, стали активно высаживаться международные сорта винограда Каберне Совиньон, Гренаш, Шираз, Мерло, Кариньян, Матаро, Совиньон Блан, Шардоне, Рислинг и многие др.


Условия, при которых растeт виноград на Кипре, более чем захватывающие. В основном наилучшие виноградники находятся на высоте от 800 до 1400 м над уровнем моря на известняковых и меловых почвах. Располагаются террасами на склонах холмов и долинах пересохших горных речушек. Виноград с таких склонов, конечно же, собирается вручную.

Стали активно появляться небольшие винодельни, производящие достойное сухое, десертное и креплeное вино. Да и сама по себе мобильность, свежий и новаторский взгляд на создание вина, живая, здоровая конкуренция среди молодых производителей очень сильно двигают вперeд кипрское виноделие. Связь с Европейским Союзом ещe больше приоткрывает двери для сотрудничества в среде виноделов. Постоянное сотрудничество со своими коллегами из Франции, Италии и Испании позволяет делиться совместным опытом и знаниями, а в виноделии это очень важный аспект. Стоит отметить, что большинство классических сортов неплохо приживаются на Кипре и при должном подходе дают достойные результаты. Но и из международных сортов уже появились явные фавориты, дающие особенно хорошие и выдающиеся результаты. Например, из Шираза, он же Сира, выходят великолепные насыщенные, плотные, но всe же по-европейски деликатные сухие вина, а некоторые винодельни производят даже десертные варианты. Каберне Совиньон при хорошей выдержке в дубе отлично раскрывает себя, оставляя свои классические характеристики и приобретая особенности кипрского терруара. Но, конечно, каждая винодельня пытается найти свой фирменный вкус, экспериментируя с купажами из местных и международных сортов. Так, например, очень занятным выглядит ассамбляж из Каберне Совиньон, Матаро (Мурведр) и Гренаш. Сухой климат, жаркое солнце, редкие дожди кажутся не самыми лучшими критериями для жизни, но для винограда это наиблагоприятнейшие условия для существования, ведь культовое понятие, что «лоза должна страдать», ещe не кем не опровергнуто. При тяжeлых условиях роста лоза углубляется в землю, откуда берeт самые ценные минеральные вещества и отдаeт их в виноград. Можно наверняка сказать, что при соединении всех условий, сложившихся на Кипре на сегодняшний день (многовековые традиции и опыт, необыкновенный климат и окружающая среда, старания и современный подход виноделов), кипрское вино ещe сможет получить приз лучшего из лучших и радовать нас своей солнечной насыщенностью и морской свежестью.


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/ достопримечательности /


там, где небо сливается с синевой моря... Мыс Греко — ​это место, где можно забыть обо всем на свете, где нет никаких проблем, никаких забот, только бескрайнее море и ощущение полной свободы и счастья. Здесь нет шумных дискотек, много свободных мест на пляже, а на улицах редко встречаются толпы прохожих. ↳

• 2017/2018 EDITION


/ достопримечательности / ЦИФРЫ И ФАКТЫ • Парк занимает площадь 384,9 га. • Из 36 разновидностей орхидей, растущих на острове, большинство встречаются именно в парке Капо Греко. • Национальный парк включен в природоохранную программу «Natura 2000» Европейского союза. • Береговая линия залива Коннос Бэй протяженностью 200 метров и шириной 35 метров покрыта золотистым мелким песком.


различной литературе мыс Греко на Кипре называют поразному. Чаще всего на греческий манер его величают Каво Греко или Капо Греко. Мыс удачно расположен между двумя курортными городами, Айя-Напа и Протарас. Однако подчиняется он муниципальному ведомству Айя-Напы. Мыс находится на расстоянии всего 7 км от города. Многие путешественники берут напрокат горные велосипеды или квадроциклы и отправляются по извилистой, едва различимой тропинке вверх на мыс, любуясь местными ландшафтными красотами и встречающимися на пути растениями. Живописная природа мыса богата разнообразием флоры и фауны. Тонкий аромат цветов и чудесная красота будут преследовать туристов


на протяжении всего путешествия. Скалистый обрыв завораживает видом и привлекает своим пейзажем, поэтому этот мыс очень любят романтики, и многие гости Кипра выбирают это место для своей свадьбы. Церковь Agioi Anargyroi, находящаяся на мысе, является одним из популярнейших мест Кипра. Но далеко не всех туристов привлекают свадьбы на мысе Греко. Кипр — ​это рай для любителей экстремального отдыха. С целью получения небывалого экстрима у отчаянных туристов очень популярны прыжки в воду с обрыва высотой 20 метров. Морские пещеры, расположенные на мысе Греко, удивляют своим видом. Одна из береговых пещер напоминает раскрытую пасть акулы, за что ее по праву и назвали «Акульей». Она устрашающе раскрывает пасть, полную острых каменных зубов, и встречает подплывающие корабли, как бы показывая, что не даст эти места в обиду. В других пещерах, по преданию, пираты прятали свои награбленные богатства. А судя по количеству дайверов у берегов мыса Греко, можно сделать вывод, что многие в эту легенду верят и до сих пор пытаются разыскать припрятанное золотишко в подводных каменных замках. • 2017/2018 EDITION

/ место / МОСТ ГРЕШНИКОВ Еще одна уникальная достопримечательность острова — ​«мост грешников», официальное же название — ​Kamara tou Koraka (в дословном переводе с греческого «воронья арка»). Эта арка — ​висящая над водой скала, которая выглядит как настоящий мост, в центре которого хорошо видна трещина, созданная природой. Из-за высокой опасности разрушения территория вокруг природной достопримечательности огорожена, и проход закрыт, что, впрочем, не останавливает любителей ярких фотографий. По местной легенде, мост разрушится в тот момент, когда на него ступит нога самого большого грешника на земле. НАЦИОНАЛЬНЫЙ ПАРК КАПО ГРЕКО На территории мыса Греко расположен Национальный лесной парк «Капо Греко», где все желающие могут самостоятельно исследовать окрестные пешеходные маршруты и достопримечательности. Парк занимает огромную территорию и может предложить туристам различные виды развлечений и времяпрепровождения начиная от прогулки по живописным местам и заканчивая дайвингом. В парке есть туристические тропинки, можно прокатиться на лошадях или велосипедах, наслаждаясь потрясающей окружающей природой. Имеется в парке и смотровая площадка, и зона для пикника, что делает отдых в парке приятным, комфортным и незабываемым. С северной стороны мыса Греко расположен один их самых знаменитых пляжей Кипра — ​ Коннос Бэй и Голубая Лагуна, получившая свое название благодаря ярчайшему голубому цвету прибрежных вод. Гуляя по парку можно выйти к храму Афродиты, а стоит подняться на самый верх, перед вами развернется великолепная панорама Средиземного моря, а вдали можно увидеть город-призрак — ​Фамагусту.

ЛЕГЕНДА ОБ АЙЯ-НАПСКОМ ЧУДОВИЩЕ Существует поверье, что в пещерах мыса Греко живeт морское айя-напское чудовище, с которым связано несколько легенд. Первая гласит, что оно представляет собой смесь морской свиньи с драконом. Согласно второй легенде, чудище описывают в образе полуженщины-полусобаки, которая нападала на корабли и убивала моряков. Сейчас местные люди называют чудище «филико терас», что означает дружественный мирный монстр, или обитатель, который не приносит вреда. Никто не знает, действительно ли существует чудище, но некоторые местные жители иногда показывают фотоснимки, на которых, как они утверждают, запечатлено кипрское чудовище по кличке Сцилла.

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