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Winter 2018

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A Letter from the Head of School

Board of Trustees 2017-18 Karen Unger, Chair Sarah Bascom Monesia Brown Chris Diamantis Chris Dudley Kiki Dunton Meredith Hunter Hank Hutchinson

Greetings Maclay Family,

Where else in Tallahassee can you find a pathway to college as robust, a college

team who is experienced and refined enough to help each student find their perfect fit school? Where else in Tallahassee can you find a Pk-12 school where you become a part of an alumni family with a global network of supportive connections for every transition in your life? Where else in Tallahassee can you find a tailored curriculum where each student can find, explore, and refine their passions, talents, and inherent abilities with invested faculty and staff? Where else in Tallahassee can students be surrounded by others with the highest aspirations in the region? Surrounded by those who, without fail, are shooting for a higher target. This school, our school, is the place where families have found and continue to find all of these important parts of a child’s educational and developmental journey. All of us want our students to have an edge, to enhance their vision to see opportunities and responsibilities that others do not see. We take that charge very seriously and work hard to engineer the individual evolutions our students make. We study and are purposeful about building confidence, building comfort with collaboration and confrontation. These and many other skills are well developed in our graduate’s tool belts. We are a school on the move and we promise to keep providing the best college preparatory educational experience in Tallahassee. To our alumni, we hope to see you back on campus soon. To our families, we thank you for your confidence and trust. To our students, keep on pushing. To those not yet with us, we welcome you to take a look at the Maclay Experience.

See you all soon, Go Marauders! James

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Fall/Winter 2017-2018 | Volume 7 | Issue 11

Table of Contents

2 Celebrating 50 Years . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Rowdy ‘Rauder . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Polo Under The Oaks . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 From The Classroom . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Day of Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Guidance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Dining Hall and Performance Center . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Grandparents Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Lower School News . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Nat. High Magnetic Field Lab . . . 18 Middle School News . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Upper School News . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 College Counseling . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Fall Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Homecoming . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Hall of Fame . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Super Students . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 The Arts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Alumni Affairs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Annual Giving Report . . . . . . . . . . 51 #1School#1Community . . . . . . . . .



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Cover Photo: Kaitlyn Dressel Contributors: Kim McWilliams, Jewel Strawberry, Lauryn Parker, Matt Cave, Rachel Hayes, Cameron Barton Photos: Kim McWilliams, Garrett Robinson, Kaitlyn Dressel, Deborah Mayer, The Maclay Yearbook Staff, Cameron Barton, Matt Cave, Carri Smith, Peter Stejskal Design and Layout: Mamatey Graphic Design We make every effort to provide accurate information about the Maclay Community and apologize for any omissions in this issue. If you have ideas for the next Virtu, please email 1

#1School#1Community First Day of School

Excited about the first day of school.

August 15, 2017 marked the 50th year of the opening of Maclay School. The first day was welcomed by the smiling faces of teachers, students, and parents. Early morning senior breakfast and welcome back coffee for parents started the day off for the Maclay community. To end the 50th first day, students, alumni, parents, and faculty gathered for the Opening Day Convocation in the Webster Center.


Opening Day Convocation

Mr. Milford addresses the school at the Opening Day Convocation.

Grades 1st through 12th, along with faculty, and alumni gathered together in the Webster Center to commence the 2017-2018 school year. The senior class walked down the red carpet escorting 1st and 2nd graders. Student Council President Daniel Sweeney, Middle School Student Council President Hunter Woodruff, and Senior Class President Jared Pichard each spoke. Mr. Milford welcomed many guests who were in attendance including six former board chairs, numerous past board members, and retired faculty who attended a Chairman’s Reception in the library before the Convocation. It was the first time many of them had been back to campus in a very long time including Mrs. Vena Roberts, Maclay’s first Kindergarten teacher who came to take part in this special day. The official start of school was represented by the ringing of the bell which was done by the longest tenured employee at Maclay, Mrs. Jennifer Corzine. To kick-off the school spirit for the year, MPO hosted its community event, the Fall Fling, on August 26 before the first home football game. The cheerleaders performed, games were played, and food from food trucks was served. It was a fun time for all involved. Thanks MPO for hosting!

Senior Class President Jared Pichard delivered a welcome address.

One of the most enjoyed traditions at Maclay - our Seniors esorting the youngest Marauders.

The Maclay Band performed for the processional.

Vena Roberts not only created the Kindergarten program at Maclay but also taught for many years.



Nancy Crane and Anne Lee Heaton



Maclay School celebrated Founders Day on Thursday, November 9th under “The Oak Tree” on campus. The program officially kicked off the 50th Anniversary of Maclay School which opened on September 8, 1968. Nancy Crane, a member of the first Board of Trustees, and Anne Lee Heaton, wife of the first Board Chairman Ryals Lee were in attendance along with retired long-time headmaster Bill Jablon and Vena Roberts who started the Kindergarten program. The event started with the Lower School Student Council bringing in the flags and 8th grader Julian White playing the National Anthem on the trumpet. Head of School, James Milford welcomed the many retired faculty, former and current board members, and alumni. The Maclay Living History was presented by students from each division. Each of the Living History events talked

about its origin and its importance to the history of the school. After the Maclay Band performed, Mrs. Alyssa Matthews and her 3rd grade student Drew Lamendola, presented the time capsule that the class dug up. They shared the new items that will be buried later this year. The highlight of the program was 1991 alum and Leon County Commissioner John Dailey, escorted by his mom and former 1st grade teacher Sarah Ann Dailey, shared his memories as a student and read the Proclamation from the County marking the 50th Anniversary. To conclude the program, Whitney Snow, current drama teacher and alum (’04) led the 1000 plus guests in the alma mater.

50th Anniversary Events August 14: Chairman’s Reception and Convocation October 13-14: Homecoming and Reunion Weekend and the Distinguished Alumnus and Hall of Fame Induction November 9: Founders Day and Alumni Receptions March 24: Golden Jubilee: Maclay Auction 2018 April 6: Celebration of the Arts

Visit to see the videos and hear the stories.


Celebrating Ted Frazee, Wallie Beall, Adaliade Suber, and Cassie Frazee

THE CHAIRMAN’S RECEPTION The Chairman’s Reception was in the Library before the Convocation on the first day of school. Maclay welcomed back many retired teachers and past board members along with six former Chairmen of the Board. The guests then attended the Convocation officially opening the 2017-18 school year.

Carol Henderson and Cheri Apthorpe

Founders Day Alumni Receptions This year on the evening of Founders Day, Alumni gathered in Tallahassee, New York, Charlotte, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Birmingham, and Atlanta to raise a glass to our “Dear ‘ole Maclay.” It was a great time for alumni, faculty both retired and current, and members of the Maclay community to share stories and visit.





On Saturday, October 14, Maclay hosted its 5th Rowdy ‘Rauder Adventure Challenge. Over 40 teams of students, parents, teachers, alumni, businesses, and community parents participated in the action-packed race tackling 20 obstacles ranging in difficulty from a bone-chilling swim through an ice bath, to a dirty crawl through the mud pit, and a tractor tire roll. This year, the Challenge was designed by our Race Director, Brandi Campbell, along with tri-athlete, Angie Milford. After the race, there was an award presentation for winners in many different categories such as best name, best dressed, top middle school team, top female student team, top female adult team, top co-ed adult team, and top overall.

Polo Under the Oaks is one of the newest traditions at Maclay. The event was once again held at Ten Oaks Farm and featured two teams of international and regional polo players. Tailgaters and VIP’s alike soaked up the sun and cheered on the players. 7

From the Classroom ECLIPSE MANIA Monday, August 21st was a remarkable day in history as a total solar eclipse passed through the United States. The last time a total solar eclipse stretched across the whole United States was in 1979. Tallahassee witnessed 87% coverage of the sun, and the Maclay Science department put extra work into making sure our students were educated about the importance of science’s role during the eclipse. A pair of eclipse viewing glasses were provided by the Science department for all Maclay students and faculty to be able to properly view the eclipse. Students laid on the field to watch the eclipse at its fullest moment, “It was definitely a cool experience because it only happens every 38 years. I was glad our school put an emphasis on us attending,” said McKenley Minacci.

Longleaf Pines Living Laboratory Mrs. Matthews had lots of helpers planting pines.


Last spring, Pre-K and Lower School Science Lab teacher, Stephanie Cornais, applied for the Maclay School Faculty Excellence Grant to bring another outdoor classroom to campus. The year prior, she built a butterfly habitat and raised vegetable garden outdoor classroom for her Pre-K to 5th grade students. This year’s grant proposal included partnering with Tall Timbers Research Station to create an amazing Longleaf Pine Forest outdoor classroom. Longleaf pines once covered 90 million acres of the Southeast, but now only 3 million acres of this unique and highly diverse habitat type remain. On Saturday, December 2nd, Brian Wiebler from Tall Timbers, Mrs. Cornais, and nearly 50 students, parents, and faculty members of the Maclay community came out to plant 1100 pines, native wiregrass, and wildflowers to establish the quarter acre living laboratory. Maclay’s new longleaf pine outdoor classroom will provide students an opportunity to learn about history, land management, local wildlife, and theories of scientific inquiry. It will also provide project-based learning opportunities for Middle and Upper School Science students studying earth and environmental sciences. The site, which is located adjacent to the football field, will eventually have 1500 longleaf pines planted.

and Beyond TEACHERS

7th grade Language Arts teacher Janine Couch attended the National Council for Teachers of English Annual Convention in St. Louis, MO. Some of the highlights were meeting award-winning young adult author Laurie Halse Andersen, learning from teacher and author Nancie Atwell, and listening to poet Jacqueline Woodson. Upper School Math teachers Katy Gimbel, Lucinda Thomas, and Julie Obrecht attended the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics last semester.

Econ Class Adds Urban Planning Maclay’s Econ Class ventured into a new curricular program this year by partnering with the Urban Land Institute. The ULI is a three-week hands-on simulation project that involves students being placed in groups of five and each taking on a roll in the areas of finance, marketing, community liaison, neighborhood liaison, and site planner. Using economic concepts such as supply and demand, allocation of resources, taxes and subsidiaries, and business structures, the groups simulate the redevelopment and revitalization of the city of Elmwood. Based on certain goals, both social and economic, students competed to redesign Elmwood. They had to decide how much office and retail space to build and how many and what type of residential areas

to include. Each week, the groups were visited by community volunteers from the ULI who quizzed them on their decisions and progress and helped them develop their concepts. In December, each of the groups presented their “Elmwood” to the Tallahassee City Council including Nick Maddox chair of Leon County Board of County Commissioners. The project engaged the students in a multitude of ways including the application of economic principles, group dynamics, problem-solving, and collaboration.

John Sniffen presents in front of the commission.

“If I lectured the whole semester the students may or may not retain the principles of economics,” said teacher Stephanie McCann. “This way they are applying all of the concepts and incorporating the ideas. The ULI has been a great addition. It provided us laptops and software with the curriculum. I think the students got a lot out of it.”

UPI Volunteer Francis Rentz gives students feedback on their project.


Day of Service Over 100 Maclay School students, faculty, and parents visited nine locations across Tallahassee on Saturday, September 23rd to perform community service for various agencies and parks.

Chelsea House Members of the Red Cross helped install smoke detectors.

Our football met for a clean-up at Maclay Gardens

The Maclay Key Club was the primary sponsor for Boys Town, which provides five homes for at-risk youth in our area. The 30-plus Key Club members and several other Lower School families cleaned up the landscape, painted bedrooms, and decorated for fall. Anchor Club visited the Big Bend Homeless Coalition where they organized donations and cleaned-up campus. The Maclay Service Learning Club stained a deck at Ronald McDonald House, while others cleaned-up at Goodwood Museum and the football team tackled invasive plants at Maclay Gardens. Other groups of volunteers cooked a meal and cleaned the yard at Chelsea House, and cleaned the interior and exterior of Lee’s Place. Lower School and Upper School student volunteers visited the Early Learning Coalition and created more than 30 motivational signs for their upcoming race. Members of the Maclay Red Cross club joined other volunteers and canvassed homes offering to put in free smoke detectors.

Key Club volunteered at Boys Town


Guatemala Trip Seven Maclay students spent Thanksgiving week in Guatemala helping communities and delivering donations that were collected through the Multicultural Awareness Club which is under the direction of Mrs. Sloderbeck. The team was able to deliver water filters to 36 families with the funds they raised.

Red Cross Hurricane Relief In early September during Hurricane Harvey and Irma, Maclay Red Cross Club along with MCSC and Anchor, collected donations for hurricane relief. Students brought in toiletries, food, and clothing which filled up the whole back corner of Ms. Labatt’s classroom. The Red Cross Club raised $150 from their bake sale for Hurricane Harvey. Because Hurricane Irma approached locally, all the goods went to the local Red Cross Shelter here in Tallahassee.

GUARDIAN AD LITEM Service Clubs including Jr. Beta Club and Maclay Community Service Club collected and purchased holiday gifts for children in the Guardian Ad Litem program. This has been a long tradition at Maclay and our students look forward to helping every year.


Guidance Parent Education Series

The Guidance Office had a very busy semester focusing on bringing resources to parents on campus through the Parent Education Series. Partnering with MPO, Guidance hosted Mykee Fowlin in September. Mr. Fowlin gave a powerful presentation to the Upper School and Middle School on appreciating our differences and loving yourself for who you are. He also had an evening presentation for parents. Student response was that Mr. Fowlin was one of the best speakers we have brought to campus. At the end of September, clinical psychologist Amber Farrington spoke to parents about childhood depression, and then in December, Taylor Novak of the Refuge House addressed parents about powerbased violence against children.

Getting the

Message Across

In December, as part of the county-wide Week of Awareness, the Guidance Office hosted Demetrius Branca from the Anthony Phoenix Branca Foundation to talk with the Upper School students about Distracted Driving. 12

Guidance Podcast

In support of the mont hly Marauder Moments, the Guidance team has ad ded podcasts to their webp age. The podcast includes interviews with students about va lues like honesty and what it me ans. Be sure to visit their pa ge for past podcast and othe r links to valuable resources.

Life Management The Guidance Office partnered with FDLE and TPD to bring law enforcement representatives into the Life Management classes this semester. Tonya Bryant, FDLE, and TPD officer Major Rod Young talked with the students about drugs, alcohol, relationships, and other issues that teenagers face today.

Bike Helmet Safety The TMH Pathways to Prevention team came out and talked with our Lower School students about bike helmet safety.

Welcome Mr. Van Jeff Van Syckle has joined the Guidance team as the Lower School counselor. Mr. “Van� visits the classrooms and holds discussions on our Honor Code values Honor, Respect, Accountability and has been a great addition to our faculty. Go to for contact information.


Dining Hall and Performance Center Last May, Maclay began a capital project to renovate the Dining Hall which was built in the 1980’s when Maclay had just over 700 students. With the current enrollment at 1000, it was a much-needed project to renovate the space that is used by every single student on campus. In addition to re-utilizing the space, the renovation added magnetic locking doors to secure campus access, upgraded fire and sprinkler system, added a new innovative cafe space for dining, classes, study halls, and team meetings, expanded the Dining Area with comfortable seating arrangements, upgraded the kitchen and eating area, and added a new serving lines. In addition, much-needed locker rooms for the boys and girls swim teams were built. The new $1.3 million improvements were made possible by the many generous donors including parents, grandparents, and friends of the Maclay Community and will provide our students with functional space for many events on campus. The official ribbon cutting took place on November 9th. Please visit page 58 in the Virtu to see the list of generous donors who made this capital project possible.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


Grandparents Day Grandparents Day is one of the most long-standing and beloved traditions at Maclay School. Hosted by MPO and chaired this year by Taylor Thomsen and Dena Sokolow, Peace, Love, and Grands brought hundreds of grandparents to campus. The program in the Cartee Gym for the Lower School was a hit as the students sang their favorite tunes from 1968. After the program, the students escorted grandparents back to their classrooms and to a eception in the Library Courtyard. A special thank you to these Grandparents who have made a gift to the 2017-2018 Maclay Fund.* Mr. and Mrs. George Allen Pierce R. Johnson Thomas H. Johnson Molly D. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bodiford Elizabeth G. Bodiford Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Boland Finley L. Boland William B. Boland Mr. and Mrs. John Burns Jacqueline Burns Mr. and Mrs. L. Thomas Cox, Jr. Robert L. Mick Hallie R. Mick Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Croley Meghan E. Lawler Claire M. Lawler

Mr. and Mrs. John Aaron Holt Olivia D. Holt

Mr. and Mrs. Talmadge Rushing Ella J. Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Knox Smith Merrill Harrison Merrill

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Smith, Jr. William G. Smith

Mrs. Beatrice Kole Haley D. Kole Jackson A. Kole Siena M. Kole Mrs. Trilly Lester Thomas B. Gregory Helen B. Gregory

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Love David M. Cureton

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Van Asten Sophia Van Asten Lauren Van Aster

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Foltz Henry J. Marcinowski

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Matthews Emerson D. Matthews

Rear Admiral and Mrs. Rick Grant Ashley E. Grant William H. Grant Anna K. Grant

Mr. and Mrs. Richard McFarlain Ann B. McFarlain

Mr. E. Cantey Higdon, Sr. Taylor Whiddon Logan V. Whiddon Elizabeth C. Higdon Mr. Stewart Hinson Elizabeth M. VanLandingham Hal B. VanLandingham

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Stephens Sophia G. Van Asten Mr. and Mrs. John B. Thomas III Susan G. Koeppel Lillian E. Koeppel

Ms. Debra Marshall Veronica G. Marshall-Kirk

Mrs. Hazel Greenberg Olivia S. Greenberg Benjamin E. Greenberg Gabriel N. Greenberg

Ms. Judy Smith Cade Smith

Ms. Norma Libert Mateo Y. Silberman Maya G. Silberman

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Daniels Logan A. Hayes

Ms. Dot J. Green Colin M. Roopnarine

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Smith Taylor C. Smith Jackson M. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Middlebrooks Emma B. Kutter Paul B. Kutter Dr. and Mrs. Howard M. Moody William A. Tate Luke M. Tate Mr. and Mrs. John O’Rourke Michelena N. O’Rourke

Ms. Barbara Walden Hanson H. Higdon Nathan L. Higdon Stuart W. Higdon Chapman B. Higdon Mr. and Mrs. Russell Warren Brock W. Flury Drew H. Flury Grant R. Flury Kendall N. Flury Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Weidner Brecht W. Heuchan Juliana H. Heuchan Mr. Chester Wilkerson Madeline W. Sewell

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Prum Dillon B. Prum

Mrs. Katherine J. Willisv Katharine P. Escobar Grady W. Escobar

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Roberts Hayes M. Harrell

Mrs. Claire V. Wolkind Delaney Dickson

Ms. Eleanore Rosenberg Marshall Rosenberg Efram Rosenberg

* Gifts received as of December 15, 2017.


LOWER SCHOOL NEWS Donuts for Dads A popular event sponsored by the Maclay Parents Organization, the annual Donuts for Dads was held for Lower School and Pre-K on September 15. Students arrived early to share donuts and coffee with their dads. Thank you to MPO Chair Nina Davis and committee chair Susan Lichtstein for putting a wonderful event together for our dads.

Bee Keeping Lower School Science teacher, Mrs. Cornais brought in guest speaker Leah Steele from Apalachee Beekeepers Association. Steele spoke to Pre-K 3, 2nd and 4th grade classes and did a demonstration with a live bee hive while in bee keeper gear. The students even got honey to taste.


Etiquette Luncheon The 3rd grade had a special segment on etiquette during the fall. After learning manners, proper table settings, and other skills, the students had an opportunity to dress up and practice at the Etiquette Lunch. The luncheon was catered by Mr. Jim and the surprise Maître d’ was Mr. G.

Lower School Pep Rallies To pump up our Lower School spirit, 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Melissa Minacci, started putting on special pep rallies just for K-5th graders. At the Fall Pep Rally, varsity athletes attended to participate in the fun. Athletes instructed and helped with games like bumping a volleyball into a basket and racing in football pads and helmets. At the recent Holiday Pep Rally, students used giant candy canes and ornaments in relay races. We love to see our one school TrueBlue spirit.

Men in Blue The Kindergarten class paid special tribute to our “Men in Blue” – our Maintenance Staff - who work very hard to keep the school running properly. Mr. Frank, Pops, Jessie, Ken, and Jarret joined the students for a lunch and conversation. 17

The National High Magnetic Field Lab

This fall, Maclay Middle School students Nirmay Bhanderi, Paloma Rambana, and James David Milford were selected to participate in the National High Magnetic Field Lab Middle School Mentorship Program. Over 70 students from the surrounding area applied for a few highly coveted spots. The application process requires teacher recommendations and a lengthy writing component and is very competitive attracting top Middle School science and engineering minds in the County. The semester-long Mentorship program shows students how real-world science is conducted and exposes students to types of careers available to them in the field of science. The program begins with an orientation at the lab where 18

students met the Magnet Lab research mentors and paired with another student. Every Friday morning, the students visited the Mag Lab to work in a laboratory setting on a science project. The 10-week experience culminated in a public presentation of their research attended by lab scientists and researchers, teachers, parents and the general public. “This mentorship program pairs students with renowned scientists to tackle real-world situations,” said Middle School Science teacher Rachel Hayes. “The Maclay School Science Department is thrilled that three of our middle school students were able to experience such an incredible opportunity.”

Middle School Mentorship Program

About Paloma’s Research

About James David’s Research

About Nirmay’s Research

From Paloma: The first task was that of learning how to build DC (direct current) circuits and understanding the flow of electricity. We included a voltmeter and ammeter in the circuit so that Ohm’s Law, which equates voltage to the product of current and resistance, could be better understood with measurements. Then we studied and built electromagnets and incorporated one into our circuit to explore the relationship between magnetic fields and current in wires. Finally, we began exploring how to use our circuit as an identification tool.

From James David: We are working on a project involving three different types of materials. We had to put them through many tests, and then try to determine what type of materials they are. The kind of tests that were used to determine the type of metal included finding out the volume, density, thickness, thermal expansion, stress, and strain.

From Nirmay: Our Mag Lab Mentorship Project was to create a dust sensor that could be used to detect very small particles in the lab that could interfere with lab activities and contaminate experiments. We were introduced to our project during the first week and started to learn some background information that was vital to our project. Since we were working with a circuit and an Arduino board, we needed to understand AC and DC energy as well as Ohm’s Law. We then started learning about circuits and how to work with the Arduino which would be controlling our dust sensor. This carried onto the next week when we started working with the actual Arduino. We then had to learn how to program the Arduino to have the dust sensor work together with it. Next, we connected the dust sensor to the Arduino and began testing it. We put it together and programmed it over the next two weeks and then went on to measure the dust readings throughout the Geochemistry Lab. After all this, we had a chart that thoroughly explained how many particles, and what sizes they were, which helped tell the Geochemistry personnel which rooms needed cleaning. We came into this project expecting to create a homemade, cheap version of a dust sensor that could work in a lab setting, but we found that it was limited to detecting particles with sizes larger than 1 micron. This dust sensor is limited in the labs it can be deployed, but can still be utilized in most areas of the Geochemistry Lab.

We discovered that our voltage and current measurements reacted by inserting magnetizable objects into the bore of our electromagnet. Therefore different materials could be used as IDs. However, the reactions were very fast and difficult to quantify. We then began to study about AC (alternating current) and the difference between circuit resistance vs. circuit impedance. By switching to AC power, we could then much more easily identify our IDs. In so doing, we also learned a bit measurement precision and error. In summary, we successfully made a device that could be used to uniquely identify a number of different IDs, and we learned a great deal about circuits, magnets, and applied science.

The hardness tests helped us try to find the average hardness of the materials. We also put them through thermal expansion tests which helped us narrow down our search for the name of the metal. Also, a compression test allowed us to see how much it compressed and how much pressure was pushing on it. The string gauge is connected to a different device that allows us to measure and determine various aspects of the data. We used our data to determine that Material A is Nitronic 50, material B is 6061 Al, and material C is BeCu C175.


MIDDLE SCHOOL NEWS The Polar Academy by Cameron Barton, Middle School Science

Maclay continues to honor our 2017 Distinguished Alumna, BK Grant, for her Antarctic endeavors and her inspiring career. The 6th grade science classes took BK’s inspiration and became Polar Ambassadors as part of the National Science Foundation workshop at Florida State University Coastal and Marine Lab in November. The workshop focused on “Antarctic Influences of Climate Change on Ecosystems.” Over 30 internationally renowned Antarctic scientists gathered at the Gulf Coast, bringing expertise in Antarctic biological, ecological, and ecosystem sciences. They shared knowledge, identified important research priorities, and outlined strategic plans for future research. In preparation for this workshop, Polar Academy Team scientists visited Ms. Barton’s science classes, sharing presentations and case studies, interactive discussions, Q&A sessions, hands-on labs, and simulations. The students were guided through the various issues the continent is facing using scientific methodology.


Following the outreach sessions, students performed research. They were given the opportunity to be creative and present their views and interpretations in creations and models. These were later presented during the Scientific Workshop on November 18, 2017. Polar Ambassadors Gordon Lichtstein and Zoe Roopnarine represented Maclay at the workshop, along with teacher Cameron Barton and her daughter, Collins. The students interacted with the scientists, sharing their research and presenting their projects. Scientists provided invaluable feedback for future project ideas. Students were treated to a boat excursion and tours of the marine lab. Maclay students are helping to advance scientific and public understanding of the continent-wide changes that Antarctic ice shelves and surrounding ecosystems will experience in response to warming. Our young Polar Ambassador Marauders are actively involved in Antarctic research, education, and outreach.

Antarctic Ecosystem Workshop and Polar Academy (AntICE) The calving of A68, a 5,800 km2, 1 trillion-ton iceberg, from the Larsen C ice shelf at the Antarctic Peninsula last July presented a unique and timely opportunity for research and education on Polar ecosystems in a changing climate. Funded through NSF, the FSUCML hosted an NSF-funded, 2-day Workshop on Antarctic Ecosystem Research Following Ice Shelf Collapse and Iceberg Calving Events (NSF-OPP 1750903), organized by Dr. Jeroen Ingels (FSUCML) and Prof. Craig Smith (University of Hawaii at Manoa) and Prof. Rich Aronson (Florida Institute of Technology). The scientific workshop brought together nearly 40 researchers with expertise in Antarctic biological, ecological, and ecosystem sciences to share knowledge, identify important research priorities and knowledge gaps, and outline strategic plans for Antarctic research.

Spelling Bee Champs This semester 8th grader Nirmay Bhanderi won the Maclay Spelling Bee and advanced to the Leon County Competition. Seventh grader Lauren Price was the runner-up and first alternate. Congratulations Nirmay and Lauren!

Jr. Beta Drive

Vietnam veteran, Gene Sherron of the 101st Airborne along with his wife, joined forces with the Tallahassee Rotary Club and began making care packages to send to troops. Mrs. Maggie Masferrer, a 7th grade Spanish teacher and members of the Jr. Beta club worked alongside Mr. Sherron to collect goods to make care packages for troops filling 32 boxes with snacks, toiletries, stationary, and personal written notes by the Jr. Beta Club members. In return for their gracious act, troops sent back signed flags dedicated to Maclay and two plaques with medals from their posts in Afghanistan and Cameroon.

Stonehenge Project To wrap up the ending of the Solar Eclipses and Cultures unit, the 6th grade World Geography and science classes studied ancient cultures all over the world to further understand the eclipses within their belief systems and story-telling traditions. The students learned about Stonehenge and how new archaeological research has uncovered a village that is 4,600 years old. “We went out to the Archaeology Dig site at Maclay with maps to view the triolith placements and we a string to connect Triolith 12 to the Heal Stone to see the line of the sun during the solstices. We then built accurate models of Stonehenge using clay and accurate to scale archaeological maps “said World Geography teacher, Martha Kutter. The students then had to present their models, along with their group’s theory as to why Stonehenge was built.

Model UN Every Tuesday, the Middle School Model UN met at lunch in Mrs. Kutter’s room. Interested students packed the classroom to represent countries and join in the discussion on an international article. There were no seats left each week and students shared very articulate opinions about international affairs.

Caroling Through the Lower School Mrs. Coburn took students around to spread holiday cheer in December. Middle School students made their way through the Lower School and Art classes singing carols which were enjoyed by all. 21

UPPER SCHOOL NEWS Jr. Interview Series The year, the Gabor Junior Interview Series introduced a new workshop segment at the FSU Career Center. Students were bussed to FSU for a workshop on resume writing, choosing a career, and tips for a successful interview. Next semester, the juniors will do actual “mock” interviews with professional volunteers from the community to help prepare them for future job and scholarship interviews.

Junior Classical League Maclay is well represented at the state’s Latin’s Florida Junior Classical League meetings. John Menton, FJLC President, Mercy Bickell, Corresponding Secretary, and Latin teacher Kristen Youngblood serves on the state committee. The student board met this fall and laid out plans for the Spring State Forum and other events hosted by the FJCL.

Science National Honor Society The Science National Honor Society hosted Dr. C. Alex Young. Dr. Young, a Tallahassee native, and FSU alumnus is a heliophysicist from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. He recently appeared on NBC’s Today Show to discuss his division’s research during last month’s solar eclipse.

Andalusian Returns After a 17 year hiatus, the Andalusian school paper returned to campus. The editors Ellie Casteel, Will Daughton, Emily Dudley, Simon Corpuz, Lilly Simons and Rachael Stockel lead a team of student managers and writers to produce the paper that comes out once a month. 22

Notes From the Underground The Maclay School Writing Club released a 200+ bound publication filled with fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and visual art from 49 of our Upper School students. The student-led editorial staff of Chandler Downie, Daniel Sweeney, Emma Bell, Khadeja Ahmed, Lee Alisha Williams, and Mercy Bickell under the direction of Dr. Jamir enjoyed the learning process of collection, editing, publishing the book which is called “Notes From the Underground”. The unveiling party was held in December to showcase the book and the writing and artistic talents of our students.

APES Trip The AP Environmental class took an Experiential Field Trip to Orchard Pond and Phipps Farm for real hands-on farming practice. The class got to see the work with bees and honey production and cattle raising as well.

Poetry Out Loud Maclay School’s annual Poetry Out Loud is a true showcase of talent! The students are selected to recite a poem and then a winner is chosen by a panel to move on to the state level competition. For the first time, three students, Abbey Stejskal, Michelena O’Rourke, and Emily Roden received perfect scores and there had to be a second round where eventually Abbey Stejskal was named the champion. 23

COUNSELING College Counseling Team at Maclay

Chad McClellan Director

Matt Cave Assistant Director

Campus Visits

Kristen Haller College Counselor for Freshman and Sophomores

One avenue of access that many college representatives use to connect to prospective students is a campus visit. This is an excellent opportunity to get individual attention to gain information from their respective institutions and to be able to ask questions one-onone that you may not have this kind of an opportunity anywhere else. It also may look favorable to the admission committees at certain institutions if you took the time out of your day to meet with their representative who traveled to us. This semester alone, we have had over 40 representatives from institutions such as Florida State University, University of Florida, Vanderbilt University, Wake Forest University, Duke University, University of Chicago, and College of William & Mary plus many more. This has been the highest number we have had in the fall semester and many first time visitors to our campus like the University of Chicago.

College Exposure Trips This year, we launched the first ever college exposure trip. This program is designed to get Maclay students on college campuses for tours and information about their respective institutions. The first trip was to the University of Florida. The 36 students who went received an in-depth tour of the campus facilities, insight from their student programming director on the student life offerings, and an inside look at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, football hall of fame, and the O’Connell Center. 24

Summer College Visits This past summer, Director of College Counseling, Chad McClellan, and our new Assistant Director of College Counseling, Matt Cave, attended the Southern Association for College Admission Counseling’s (SACAC) Summer Seminar. This seminar, hosted by Furman University, included campus tours of the University of South Carolina, Presbyterian College, University of North Carolina-Asheville, and Warren Wilson College. During their journey, Mr. McClellan and Mr. Cave toured Anderson University and Clemson University.

Naviance Family Connection Maclay is pleased to provide Naviance Family Connection as a support to our college counseling program. Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness solution for high schools that helps align student strengths and interests to post-secondary goals, and improve student outcomes. Each Maclay Upper School and Middle School family is provided login access to the resources available through Naviance. Naviance Family Connection is a powerful software platform designed to: • Help students determine and manage a personal plan and attainable goals related to college and career aspirations. • Help students become more self-aware of their strengths and interests so as to inform decisions related to career discovery. • Naviance will be used in both the group college counseling sessions as well as individual meetings. Students and parents are encouraged to use the software at home too. Naviance Family Connection allows the student to: • Get involved in the planning and advising process - Build a resume, online surveys, and manage timelines and deadlines for making decisions about colleges and careers. • Research colleges - Compare GPA, standardized test scores, and other statistics to actual historical data from our school for student who have applied and been admitted in the past. • Research careers - Research hundreds of careers and career clusters, and take career assessments. • Create plans for the future - Create goals and to-dos, and complete tasks assigned by the school to better prepare your student for future college and career goals. Naviance Family Connection also lets us share information with each student about upcoming college visits, meetings and events, local scholarship opportunities, and other resources for college and career information. We hope you will find this resource helpful. If you have any questions about Naviance Family Connection, please contact the college counseling office.


FALL SPORTS Volleyball: The Marauder Volleyball team ended their season in a heartbreaking loss in the Webster Center against Providence Christian. The team fell short of the Regional finals in a five set battle against the Stallions. The Lady Marauders finished with a record of 19-9. Coach Erica Bunch along with Jewel Strawberry was selected from the region to coach and compete in the FACA All-Star game.

Boys and Girls Cross Country: The Boys and Girls Cross Country finished strong once again this season. The girls were Regional Champions and finished 5th at the state race. The boys finished second in the region with a 16th place finish at state. The teams were led by Jay Brown, Hannah Hosay, and Ella Porcher.

Boys and Girls Golf: The Girls Golf team was able to top their last year performance of 5th place at Regionals by finished Regional runner-up this year behind the leadership of lone senior Mary Catherine Waddell. Their strong finished qualified them for the State tournament where they competed against strong competition. The Boys golf team led by seniors Spencer Fairfield, Bryson Bianco, John Menton, and freshman Patrick McCann took the team to a Regional Championship and a 12th place finish in the State Tournament in Howey in the Hills, FL. Head Coach Stephanie McCann was named Coach of the Year by the All-Big Bend. 26

Boys and Girls Swimming: With hopes of senior leadership leading to victory, the boys and girls swimming teams had one of their strongest seasons in years. Diver Kendall Minter, won a Regional championship, finished 5th at state and was named Co-Diver of the Year for the Big Bend. The boys’ team had a 3rd place finish at Regionals to take them to State. At state, the 200 relay with, Rafi Chambasian, Martin Jilek, Ryan Rumana, and Wade Eastman broke the school record which was 1:40.28 and swam it in 1:39. Second year coach, Kaitlyn Dressel was named Coach of the Year in the Big Bend.

Football: The Marauder football team had a strong season finishing 6-5. The team picked up wins against Bishop Snyder, Aucilla Christian, Georgia Christian, St. Johns Country Day, and Lighthouse PCA. They also finished out their season with a 24-23 win on their home field against Carrollwood Day School.


HOMECOMING The Force was with the Marauders for Homecoming 2017 as we celebrated a “Star Wars� themed week filled with dress-up days, class competitions, the annual parade and pep rally, powderpuff competitions, and the Friday night football game and Homecoming Dance. We welcomed back our alumni with several alumni floats in the parade, festivities at the football game, and the Hall of Fame and Distinguished Alumni luncheon. Peter Yang and Anna Lewis were crowned Homecoming King and Queen at halftime of the football game against Snook Christian.



ATHLETICS HALL OF FAME Maclay School hosted the 4th Annual Maclay Athletic Hall of Fame Induction and Distinguished Alumnus Award Ceremony at a luncheon on Saturday, Octobers 7 in the newly renovated Dining Hall and Performance Center. This year’s inductees include Lori Bowen Seaman (’05, Track and Field), Brian Cashin (’97, Boys Basketball), Jason Goltz (’96, Swimming), Coach Mark Gargiulo (Swimming), and the 1986 Boys and Girls Swim team. Bettie Kathryn (B.K.) Grant, Class of 1976 will be honored as the Distinguished Alumnus for 2017.

Lori Bowen

Jason Goltz

Brian Cashin

Mark Gargiulo

Lori Bowen was an amazing multi-sport athlete for Maclay School before graduating in 2005.. Over her career, she claimed 25 individual track and field championships and 15 runner-up titles. Her events included the triple jump, 200 meter, 4x400 meter relay and the pole vault. Lori’s accolades include being a three-time state pole vault champion and breaking the county and city pole vault records which earned her All-American honors her last two seasons at Maclay. Brian Cashin had a stand out high school career for the Marauder basketball team where he was a five-year varsity letter-winner. He held the record for the most consecutive games started, was an all-time leading scorer, and led Tallahassee all-time scorers with over 2,200 career points. A three-time All-Big Bend selection, Brian led his 1997 squad to the Final Four, Maclay’s first trip back to the state championship since 1978. A three-time MVP, Brian was also named All-State, selected to Team Florida, and represented the state at the Adidas All-American game. Swimmer, Jason Goltz was the first 7th grade district champion at Maclay after winning the 200 individual medley in 1990. He went on to repeat the title for the next five years in a row. A six-time All-Big Bend selection and three-time Swimmer of the Year for the Marauders, Jason’s presence in the pool helped strengthen the successful reputation of the Maclay swim program. His records in the 200 IM, 100 butterfly, 100 backstroke as well as his team records in both the 200 medley and 200 freestyle relay all still stand today.

1986 Swim Team

Mark Gargiulo was selected as the Hall of Fame coach for 2017 for his remarkable career at the helm of the Maclay swim program. Mark joined Maclay in 1980 as a history teacher and swim coach. For the next 16 years, he led Maclay to 12 city championships, 17 district titles, and 14 top 10 finishes at the state championship. Overall, Mark coached 21 All-Americans and 10 All-American relay teams during his tenure. He was also named the area’s Coach of the Year an impressive 15 times. The 1986 Boys and Girls Swim Team dominated the area pools defeating Leon, Lincoln, Rickards, and Godby, to win the city and district championships. The boys’ team finished the season 6-1 losing only to the national runner-up and swim powerhouse Bolles. The team finished third at state and broke a 10-year-old record in the 400 free relay. The girls’ team finished the season 7-0 and 3rd in the state championship. The 1986 squad had 12 members who were named All-American and one swimmer named honorable mention All-American placing Maclay on the map as an elite program in the of Florida and one of the most decorated Maclay athletic teams in history.



B. K. Grant Honored The 2017 Distinguished Alumnus honoree is 1976 Maclay graduate Bettie Kathryn (B.K.) Grant. B.K. was a member of Maclay’s state championship basketball team as well as a member of the softball team, Anchor Club, and was selected a Key Club Sweetheart. After graduating Maclay, she attended Clemson University where she earned her degree in Forest Management.

About B. K. Grant B.K.’s career has encompassed more than 25 years of science and technical operations support in Alaska, South Central and South America, and the South Pole. In 1991, B.K. took a position overseeing the satellite communications and operations at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole station, operated by the National Science Foundation (NSF) where she supervised a staff of ten. In 2002, she became the Area Director of the South Pole Station overseeing the operations, management, and coordination of over 250 personnel. In 2008, B.K. took a position with Lockheed Martin as a business analyst involved in creating proposals for support programs for the Antarctic. She is currently a Deputy Project Director for Leidos, a spin-off of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) which merged with Lockheed Martin in 2016. The company provides scientific, engineering, systems integration, and technical services for the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, NSA and other civil agencies. B.K. has received many NSF Outstanding Service and Dedication Awards, Employee Morale Support awards, and has received several Lockheed Martin Best of the Best awards, including the NOVA award. Located in the valley between the Communication Heights and Mount Ash in the Darwin Mountains of Antarctica, is the “Grant Valley” in honor of B.K.’s many years of work and dedication. 31

SUPER STUDENTS National Merits Maclay once again had students named National Merit Scholar Semifinalists. John Menton, Mercy Bickell, and Daniel Sweeney placed among the top 1% of graduating seniors who took the PSAT. Also, Connor Rash was named a Commended Scholar.

Published John Menton was recently published in the James Madison Institute Policy Journal. His article called Ridding Congress for Riders: The Case for a Single Subject Amendment was originally written for Mr. Norment’s AP Lang class as part of a final paper.

Ryan Rumana Fantle Presents at FCIS Upper School teacher Lauren Fantle presented at the Florida Council of Independent Schools convention last semester. Mrs. Fantle talked to members about her recent trip to Poland and the Holocaust Education in the classroom.


Ryan Rumana was named Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy during National Philanthropy Day hosted by the Big Bend Chapter of Fundraising Professionals. Ryan started the Strokes for Strokes campaign which works with area swimmers to raise money for the TMH Stroke Center.

Paloma Rambana, a local lobbyist for blind services for kids, was featured as an Oprah Health Hero in O Magazine’s January 2017 issue.

The ARTS Winterfest Maclay Middle School had two students place in the Winterfest Youth Art Festival. Brinkley Snow won 2nd place and Anya Mazerac took an honorable mention. The art was displayed at the City Hall Art Gallery and a reception was held on December 1st where they announced the winners.

Fine Arts Showcase The Blackbox Theatre lit up with talent on November 30 as members of Company and Jr. Company performed individual acts duets, ensemble scenes, group musical numbers, and solos. Artwork from the North Florida Fair finalists from K-12 were also on display. The following week, the Orchestra and Strings club performed a concert on the Cartee Stage and the Maclay Band held their annual winter concert in the newly renovated Dining Hall and Performance Center.

Save the Date: Jr. Company and Company present the family-friendly The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon -

February 21-22 Celebration of the Arts -

April 6

eM Bracelets Last spring, the Maclay Visual Art teachers won a Faculty Excellence Grant to create a new program to raise awareness of empathy on our campus by using the unspoken and universal language of art. The project, “Maclay eM Bracelets” included kits to make eM charms. Students and teachers followed the directions to sculpt beads and small plaques out of clay, finish them with a variety of glazes, and string the bracelets which could be given as gifts. The eM Bracelets are a ninnovative hand-crafted project that unites our school directly with the community. “We will be creating beads and bracelets to connect our school with the community by offering a way to thank someone that has had a positive influence on your life,” said Ms. Maurey. “By creating hand-made bracelets we can open up the conversation about empathy and what it means to care for someone.” The eM bracelets were featured in a story in the Tallahassee Democrat this fall.


Alumni Association Board of Directors | 2017-2018

Officers: Blake Dowling ‘92 President Nat Higdon ‘92 Vice President Michel Lester Gregory ‘97 Secretary Richard Cassedy ‘04 Treasurer 34

Members: Patrick Hurley ‘99 Dan Koeppel ‘94 Mike Lea ‘74 Cassie Mitchell Mills ‘04 Jenny Moore ‘07 Liz Morales ‘08 Becca Edwards Pustejovsky ‘98 Michael T. Ruff ‘93

William Smith ‘02 Dena Sokolow ‘86 Melissa Moody Tate ‘97 Andrea Tunnicliff ‘96 Halley Stephens Van Asten ‘90 Collins Webb ‘96 Mayo Woodward ‘88 Ginny Boggs Yearty ‘92

Alumni Affairs Let’s Stay In Touch If you haven’t heard from your Class Agent, let them hear from you – they are your liaison with the school and each other!! We want to stay in touch with you! Keep us updated with address changes, and, as always, we love to hear your news – where you are, what you are doing, special milestones, births, weddings, etc.

CLASS AGENTS Year Class Agent email 1972-74 *Needed 1975 Mary Ann McClure Robinson 1976 Mark Harrison 1977 *Needed 1978 Cindy Phipps 1979 Michelle Haskell Eubanks 1980 Sam McMillan 1981 Jennifer Parker LaVia 1982 Rick Parker 1983 Murray Moore 1984 Kelly Boyd Kirby 1985 Fran Moore Shaw 1986 Dena Sokolow 1987 Barbara Cairns 1988 Katherine Moore Reed Eileen Jablon Fennelly 1989 Jeannette Tunnicliff Goldsmith 1990 Halley Stephens Van 1991 Tyler VanLeuven 1992 Blake Dowling John Roland Ginny Boggs Yearty 1993 Leah McIver Atkin Beth Rowe Lewis 1994 Sarah Kathleen Huey Wiley 1995 Courtney Baldock Jordan 1996 Dylan Rivers


1997 Michel Lester Gregory Fran Williams 1998 Mary Katharine Croley Lawler 1999 Sara Britton Kuersteiner Jacobs 2000 Anne Arrington Rosemary Farrell 2001 Lindsey Jackson Page 2002 Casey Cook 2003 Todd Hunter 2004 Cassie Mitchell Mills 2005 Chad Lancaster 2006 Whitney Smith Ellis 2007 Emily Allman Elizabeth Beasley Smith 2008 Liz Morales 2009 James Thompson 2010 Katrina Bastos 2011 Rainey Lancaster 2012 *Needed 2013 *Needed 2014 Carly Craig Kolby McWilliams 2015 Maya King 2016 Aneesh Rahangdale Bliss Wilson 2017 Meagan Wilkins Joseph McCann

HOMECOMING 2018 & REUNION WEEKEND October 12-13, 2018


Alumni Affairs Robert C. Webster Friends of Maclay Golf Tournament October 9, 2017 | Capital City Country Club A Special Thank You to Our Sponsors Your Support Made This Year’s Tournament the BEST EVER!

Grand Slam Tournament Sponsor Food Sponsors

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Advanced Business Systems VALIC Jersey Mike’s Kim Austin Crowell, Class of 1999 Kendall Crowell, Class of 2030 NAI Talcor Smith Thompson Shaw Minacci Colon & Power, PA

Flag Sponsors G-pop’s Crew Rebecca, Amelia, Reid, Hannah & Justin Benson’s Heating & Air Conditioning Sundberg PA Bob and Marcia Thornberry LaFace Family Prime Meridian Bank Dudley Family Moore Bass Consulting Smith Merrill, Class of 2022 Harrison Merrill, Class of 2024 Henry Buchanan Hudson Suber & Carter, P.A. Fixel & Willis Law Firm Will Fixel ‘98 Redwire YellowHammer, LLC

Doug Croley Insurance Services Sorenson VanLeuven, PLLC Ruff Family Roberts and Roberts, Inc. Stephens Law Firm The Yearty Family Social Catering Mike and Marlo Moody Barrett, Fasig & Brooks Structure Electronet Ronald McDonald House Charities

Food, Prize and In-Kind Donors Aegis Gem Collection Capital City Country Club Nic’s Toggery Jenny Moore Design Peterbrooke Chocolatier Erik Tate Mimi’s of Thomasville Tony Ivory Art Chick-fil-A Moore Bass Consulting Hancock Bank Super Lube Fuel Salon Edwin Watts Melissa Moody Tate, Class of ‘97 Florida Cancer Specialists Cassedy and Company Buffalo Wild Wings Jersey Mike’s Black Fig Red Elephant Social Catering

Special Thank You Durra Print Jenny Moore Designs Special Friendship Donor

Alumni Affairs CLASS NEWS Class of 1972

Class of 1985

Dr. Bill Black was a keynote speaker for the American Accounting Association this past September at a conference at their World Headquarters in Lakewood Ranch, FL. Bill is an educator at the University of North Georgia’s Mike Cottrell College of Business in the Accounting & Law Department where he brings more than 20 years of financial and business valuation experience to UNG students.

Sabra Albert Nickas and her husband Bill met at Johnson and Wales culinary school in Charleston, SC. In 1999, they moved to Anderson, SC and opened Sullivans Metropolitan Grill which today is a thriving restaurant and catering business. Though she went to school for culinary she has found her passion to be making desserts which she does for both the restaurant and the catering business. Sabra says “We are very thankful for our business, but when you throw 3 kiddos in this as well, it is wild around our house!!!”

Class of 1979 Perry Mustian lives in Thomasville GA where he serves as President/CEO of Archbold Medical Center. From Perry: “I’ve been with this hospital system for 18 years and followed in my dad’s footsteps to become a hospital administrator. My wife Mary and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary last month and my daughter is a first grade teacher in Tallahassee.” Kraig (Armantrout) Conn was appointed General Counsel of the Florida League of Cities, Inc. on October 1, 2017. Kraig has worked for the League since 1989, most recently serving as Legislative Counsel. The League is a statewide organization serving the many and diverse needs of Florida’s 412 municipalities (cities, towns and villages). Everett Williams works for the Florida Lottery and has been with them for 23 years. He is currently the Advertising and Brand Manager for the Lottery in Tallahassee. From Jay Walker: “Everything is good. Happily married and live in Havana, FL. Running a small business (and being married LOL), and active in my church keeps me busy. Hope to be able to catch up soon with the 1979 class.”

Scott Smith, his wife Patrice, and their three kids, Charlie (13), Jayson (11), and Cecilia (9) live in Miami Shores, Florida. Scott serves as Vice President for Student Affairs at Barry University and Patrice is the Senior Manager of Transportation and Planning for the Miami Downtown Development Authority.

Class of 1986 Congratulations to Alumni Association Board member Dena Sokolow! Dena is a shareholder of the law firm Baker Donelson and was named to the 2017 edition of Florida Super Lawyers on the publication’s list of “Rising Stars.” Dena’s area of expertise is employment and labor.

Class of 1987 Big news from Wyman Duggan: “I am running for State House District 15. The election is in November, 2018.” Wyman is an attorney and shareholder with Rogers Towers, P.A. in Jacksonville, Florida. Good Luck, Wyman!!

Class of 1988 Cameron Lewis Barton paddled the entire length of the Apalachicola River in October 2017 as member of the RiverTrek 2017 team. She kayaked and camped for 4 nights/5 days. The purpose of the trip was to advocate for the protection and restoration of the Apalachicola River and Bay, which is home

to one of the most diverse, productive and economically important natural systems in North America. Any time you are back visiting Maclay/Tallahassee, catch up with Cameron and paddle some of the beautiful rivers in North Florida! From Daniel Wingate: WINGATE is my statement. After years of experience designing in the US and Europe for many distinguished brands, I felt the need to create my own collection for all women looking for confident, bold, and beautifully made clothes. A collection of wit and wonder, that is inclusive in its audience, and exclusive in its design aesthetic, WINGATE collection creates a new dialogue with women looking to build a lifestyle wardrobe that resonates from year to year. And with that my collection statement every season is: AGELESS SIZELESS FEARLESS Visit his website www.wingate-collection. com A shared update from JJ Koelemij: “Been a busy year for the Koelemij’s! Got a granddaughter from my oldest son and a new chocolate lab puppy this month along with my oldest daughter turning 25! Oh my gosh I feel old!”

Class of 1992 Hadi Boulos has joined First Capital & Trust as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. He brought with him years of progressive responsibilities in the banking sector and extensive experience in client relationship management, global investment and wealth management spanning the United States,


Alumni Affairs CLASS NEWS Canada, Europe and the Middle East. Hadi spent his earlier 8 years with Merrill Lynch in New York and London as Vice President, then moved to Barclays for a consecutive 8 years in London and Geneva as Director of the Private and Institutional Bank before joining Citibank as Managing Director for the Middle East. He has a successful track record in attracting and maintaining solid business banking relationships and credit portfolios with high profitability. Entrepreneur John Vezina, along with Jason Burns, is a co-founder of Stone Cliff Technology LLC in Austin. Their company introduced Kortivity software to recruiting firms as an alternative to CRM software that is intended for a broader set of users. Their Kortivity software is designed to combine various streams of communication such as phone, texting and email into one source of information. They note that existing CRM software technology is typically outdated, lacking the usability of the latest software tools. The goal is to create what they call a “seamless” experience for users, much like what Apple Inc. attempts with its products.” Blake Dowling has been named to the cast of “Cleopatra” joining an all-star cast of Tallahassee community leaders in a hilarious theatrical performance with all proceeds benefiting Literacy Volunteers of Leon County. The date of the show is Feb 9th 2018.

Class of 1993

Jay Smith has been named to the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce and Chairs the Business Advocacy Committee. Jay is Vice President of Ajax Building Corporation

Class of 1996


current medical positions among which are Assistant Cardiology Fellowship Program Director, Quality and Research; Co-Director, Advanced Fellowship for Cardiovascular Imaging; and Co-Director, UF Health Cardiac Imaging Group. Congratulations, David, and we wish you well with your research work!

Class of 1997 Michelle Cline Toale, husband Brian, son Ridley, and daughter Maelyn

While working for the Department of Defense Education Activity, the Toale family (Michelle Cline Toale) lived in Tokyo, Japan, for 5 years and have recently moved to Vicenza, which is in northern Italy about 45 minutes west of Venice. They are enjoying the beautiful scenery, delicious food and amazing wine; and while we miss them in the states, we are thrilled for their family adventure!!

Class of 1995 Tune in to see Danya Wilson, Broker/Owner of Superior Realty Group, featured on WE Network’s second season of the reality show Hustle & Soul in early 2018. Danya is featured as the Real Estate Broker assisting the stars of the show, Chef Lawrence and his girlfriend Ana, searching for the perfect home as they are in the process of opening another location for their restaurant The Pink Tea Cup in Miami’s South Beach. Dr. David Winchester continues to build on his medical career. During the summer of 2017 he was promoted at UF to Associate Professor of Medicine, with tenure. Also, he recently received a $1.4 million grant from the VA to study overuse of medical imaging. This ties in with some of David’s

Jeff Barranco was appointed by the Anderson Community School (ACS) Board to fill a previously vacated seat. His term will continue through December 31, 2018. He competed with eight other candidates before being selected at the July 24th Board meeting. His interests include school safety; non-academic career programs, especially in the area of computers; and finding ways to fund the academic needs of children on free and reduced-fee lunch, which typically is used as a measurement of poverty. ACS represents over seven thousand children who reside within Anderson, Indiana. In January 2018, Ban (‘97) & Allison (Blanton ’99) Stewart are moving from Lake Martin, Alabama to Bluffton, Georgia where they have both accepted positions with the Harris Family at White Oak Pastures, a farm that has come full circle returning to Sustainable Land Stewardship & Humane Animal Stockmanship.

Class of 2000 From Morgan Johansen: “Anna and I live in Pasadena, California. We are expecting our third child in June 2018 to join our other son Jack (7) and daughter Jane (6). After 8 years at SpaceX, I am returning to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in January.”

Class of 2001 Dacre Knight, M.D. has been deployed to Bagram AB, Afghanistan; covering the ICU and inpatient wards as an

Alumni Affairs CLASS NEWS internist at the U.S. Air Force combat trauma hospital here.

Class of 2002 Christy Klein Fulater has been voted the vice president of the Florida Council for Exceptional Children. The Council for Exceptional Children is an international community of professionals who are the voice and vision of special and gifted education. CEC’s mission is to improve, through excellence and advocacy, the education and quality of life for children and youth with exceptionalities and to enhance engagement of their families. This will be a four year commitment progressing through the offices of vice president, president elect, president, and then past president. Christy was also voted the 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year at Gretchen Everhart School. Alexis Antonacci is a 2005 Communications graduate of Mercer University. She has worked in State government since 2006 in the communications area serving as Press Secretary to the Department of Children and Families and Press Secretary to former Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater. In 2015, Alexis was named Chief of Staff to Florida’s Surgeon General who is responsible for the operations of the Department of Health as well as the county Health Departments. Alexis continues in that role serving Surgeon General Dr. Celeste Phillip. Alexis is married to her college sweetheart Matt Lambert and they live in Tallahassee with their two children Georgia 4 and Evelyn 2. Capital City Bank announced William Smith as Director of Business & Private Banking. William has managed the Private Banking area since its inception in 2015, serving the financial needs of high net worth individuals and families across the Capital City Bank footprint.

Class of 2006 Congratulations to Carlyn Harris! Carlyn was accepted for a residency in Pediatric Physical Therapy at Boston Children’s Hospital that began in July 2017. It is a yearlong program following which she will sit for a board examination to become certified. Marc Jebara opened his own independent sales/consulting agency JEBARA & CO. It is inspired by all the creative talent in luxury decor in New York. He assists interior designers to source stellar products for their projects. Kristen Shippy Ward recently changed careers and completed a degree from Flagler College in Elementary/Exceptional Education. She was elated to complete her internship at Maclay teaching second grade. Zak Rosenkoetter recently moved to Los Angeles. He serves as the Regional Manager for Matrix Store Division at L’Oreal. After completing her Internal MedicinePediatrics residency program in June, Katie McQueen Amaker will be doing a combined adult and pediatric hematology/oncology fellowship at LSU - New Orleans starting in July 2018. This combined fellowship will allow her to treat patients of all ages who have cancer and blood disorders.

Class of 2007 Julia Peters graduated from FSU, then continued at the University of Georgia to earn a MBA, graduating in May 2017. She has been working for EY in Atlanta. EY is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. The insights and quality services the company delivers helps build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies the world over.

Environment and Natural Resources Section. She is married to Boston native Peter Hadjigeorgiou and they live in Arlington, VA. Sarah Brooks Fiedler currently lives in Chicago, IL with her husband Teegan Fiedler. They both finished their final studies as Naturopathic Physicians (ND) in August 2017, graduating from the National University of Health Sciences. Sarah shares background information: “NDs go to 4 year medical school like MDs, studying the full basic sciences of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry etc. We differ in that our clinical training comprises mainly botanical medicine, individualized diets, hydrotherapy (use of hot & cold water for therapeutic effect) & homeopathy! We also receive training in pharmacology because in some states NDs are licensed as full primary care practitioners.” Sarah and Teegan will take their final board examinations in spring 2018. The class of 2007 boasts that two of its members are in graduate programs in Boston as of fall 2017. Chase Jordan began Harvard’s Masters Program in Architecture and Alex Power-Hayes started a pediatric residency at Boston Childrens Hospital.

Claudia Antonacci is a 2011 graduate of the University of Virginia where she was a Jefferson Scholar. In 2017, Claudia graduated from Stanford University School of Law and was accepted into the US Department of Justice Honors Program. After taking the Florida Bar this past summer, she began working in Washington, DC for DOJ’s


Alumni Affairs CLASS NEWS Having earned a BA in Business from Hollins University, Anne Barron decided to change her career path. She graduated on December 15th from FSU’s Accelerated Bachelor of Nursing Program and after sitting for the NCLEX exam, will be a RN. Way to go, Anne!

With a degree from the University of Florida under her belt, Mary Kathryn King embarked on her next venture in September – Law School at Florida State! She claims to still be true to her Gator roots, but is excited to be back in Tallahassee.

Brian David “BD” Jogerst graduated from FSU and is joining Florida Representative Jim Boyd’s team as a Legislative Aid.

Class of 2011

Will Baldock celebrated good news with a post on Facebook: “I am so excited to announce that I matched for periodontal residency at Augusta University in Georgia!!! I am going to be a Periodontist!!!”

Class of 2012 Slade Downs graduated from the University of Central Florida and has landed a big job in New York City. He is working on the renovations at LaGuardia Airport which will include upgrades to the current facilities (new jetways, pedestrian bridges, lounge space), as well as two entirely new C and D terminals. The $8 billion makeover project is projected to be completed by 2021.

Seven of America’s top design schools entered one finalist from among their graduating seniors to compete in the Supima Design Competition at NYFW. Each finalist was asked to create a capsule collection of women’s eveningwear gowns from premium Supima denims, knits, corduroys, twills, and shirting. Alexandra Pijut of SCAD - The University for Creative Careers - was a finalist and entered her collection “Conscious vs. Subconscious.” Li Massie graduated from UF with a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and a minor in Chinese language. She then received a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Chinese Studies from the University of Nottingham in Ningbo, China. She has returned to Tallahassee and is currently a second year law student at FSU College of Law. Our Marauders are making a difference in our state and national government with thanks to their history teachers and coaches for their support. Lance Watson graduated from FSU and went on to earn his Masters in Public Policy and Political Science. He works for Senator Marco Rubio. Classmate Megan McKinley also works for Senator Rubio. She did her internship from UGA with Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.


A study abroad program took Clay Meenan to India over the summer of 2017 where he did research on human trafficking. He is continuing his studies at Texas Christian University. Wendy Feng has graduated from the University of Washington and has a job with Google as a Mobile Apps Technical Specialist.

Rebecca Sullivan Cassel, her husband Tristan, and their daughter Clara Jean have followed her family and now live in Portland, Oregon. With a BA in Elementary Education, Rebecca taught second grade for four years in Pensacola and now is an educational sales rep for Pearson Education at higher education institutions across the state of Oregon. Frank Shaw continues to serve our country and is currently a 1stLt in the 20th Special Forces Group. He deployed in early July 2017 as a part of Operation Saber Guardian, flying in a C-17. He started out in Oska Hungary and managed the 20th SFG(A) airborne operations from there. He returned toward the end of July and entered his second year of law school at Cumberland Law School.

Class of 2013

Making the President’s List (a perfect 4.0), Caroline Parrish graduated from Thomas University in spring 2017. She has accepted a position with the Mizuno Corporation in their golf division in Atlanta, GA. As of Fall 2017, two members of the Class of 2013 “Dream Team” have begun their studies as future dentists. Trey Angerer began his Dental Degree program at Boston University and classmate Kristin Sweeney began her studies at Harvard Dental. Congratulations and Good Luck to both!! Congratulations to Jessica Coates!! On December 18, 2017, at FSU College of Business’s hooding ceremony, she received her Masters of Accountancy degree.

Class of 2014 Congratulations to another Marauder – Jonathan Blasko who made the President’s List at Thomas University! Will Courrèges-Clercq is studying Business Administration at the Scheller College of Business, Georgia Tech. From Will: “I just finished a team project at my internship at SunTrust where we participated in and won Georgia Tech’s Carbon Reduction Challenge. We made recommendations to the C-Suite to reduce CO2 emissions by 1.85 million pounds and save a total of $2.1 million over the next 5 years. I also wrote a blog post about my sustainability experience doing the Challenge.

Alumni Affairs CLASS NEWS Thanks to the entire English department (especially Dr. Kathy Scott and Mr. Norment) for teaching me to write effectively.” Will talking with Dr. Garcia, Director of Climate Policies and Renewables at the Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Sustainability

Katie Whitworth got her auction license and real estate license. She opened Whitworth and Whitworth real estate brokerage. Katie will also be headlining an investment conference in Las Vegas in February.

Class of 2016

George Escobar is running track at the University of North Florida. He had many accomplishments during his freshman season, including his team placing 2nd in the conference for 4x400 indoor. His indoor door season starts in January, and his outdoor season starts in March.

Phillip Billings was elected into Gold Key Society at FSU, which includes the top 15% of the class. It is the world’s largest collegiate honor society. Congratulations, Phillip!

Katie Miller made the most of her time after fall semester. She went to Cusco, Peru, for a medical mission trip with FSU’s MedLife over winter break.

In addition to his studies as a pre-med student at FSU, Dylan Leoni completed his medical responder certification and is working as a first responder at FSU. He will be EMT certified in July. This past October, he got his commercial pilot’s license. As part of Operation Airdrop, Dylan flew his family’s Cirrus SR-22 down from Tallahassee to LaBelle, FL, just inland of Fort Myers, to deliver donated supplies to the rural city that was still reeling from the devastation of Hurricane Irma. Operation Airdrop is a program where pilots from around the country volunteer their airplanes and time to help get supplies to communities in need. Well done, Dylan!!!

Emma Sanz helped start Dance Marathon at Hofstra University. Her role was internal director, and the marathon in November raised $17,519 for Cohens Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network.

Andrew Peipers, along with one of his friends, has been exploring his passion of soccer, primarily European, with a podcast called A and J Soccer Show. It is available on YouTube and iTunes, and they have pages on Facebook and Twitter. Episodes began in the fall and will be recorded again January 16. From Andrew on Facebook: “If interested, I would love some feedback to make the show better. This is an awesome, relaxing hobby that balances out the tough work that we face day in and day out at college.”

With much hard work and determination, Kagan Culliton was able to participate in an overseas study program in Thailand the second half of her senior year along with other students from around the United States and the world. Her “experience of a lifetime” had many facets that included traveling, volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park in Chang Mai, helping in a housing project in Cambodia, hiking in Laos, and speaking to upper level students in a school that teaches English. The program

Class of 2017

concluded in time for Kagan to return home and walk with her class on graduation night to receive their well-earned and treasured Maclay diplomas! Representing Rhodes College as a Southern Athletic Association’s Player of the Week pick and winning accolades was the Lynx volleyball libero Mary Frances Daniel. Way to go, Mary Frances! Anna Kaji shares with us: “I joined my school’s (George Washington University) dance team and will be performing at Saturday’s nationally televised game! I tried out in the fall and was one of 3 to join, there are 17 members of the team, we perform at all home basketball games and try to encourage school spirit at a school that doesn’t have a traditional campus” “I also did service learning with an organization called Martha’s Table that is trying to solve food injustice. With Martha’s Table, I did 20+ hours for my sociology class called “poverty, place, and race” where we learn about social issues in America. I got to cook food and feed it to the homeless, work in a thrift shop program for families, and give fresh produce to underprivileged elementary schoolers and their parents” From Molly McCann attending the University of North Carolina Pembroke and running Cross Country: “l placed 17th at conference. I’ve been coming in 1st on my team at a couple meets. I’m also on the Student Athlete Advisory Council and got voted to go to the leadership conference for the PBC.”


Alumni Affairs CLASS NEWS Angeline Tritschler: “Since my time at West Point, I’ve met the Prince of Monaco, saw President George W. Bush, and my company won Best Company for Beast (basic training). Additionally, I became a certified scuba diver. On a lighter note, Army beat Navy in football this year, earning us the Commander-in-Chiefs Trophy.”

Elspeth Suber, a freshman studying at Washington and Lee University, continues to have a great flair for fashion and shares her creativity in a fashion blog she calls THE ELSPETH INFLUENCE - The latest in Creative Thrifted Fashion and Far Out Travel. Check it out!

Logan Rivers began his studies at Harvard last summer and joins 5 other Maclay alumni currently in various Harvard programs. Some have already been mentioned in other class news in this section. Here is the collective list: Alex Power-Hays ’07, medical school; Chase Jordan ’07-Grad School of Design; Bradford Sherman ’11-Law School; Kristin Sweeney ’13 Dental School; Sadhana Ponnaluri ’16- Harvard.

Nominations are Now Open for 2018 Awards Distinguished Alumnus and

Athletics Hall of Fame Established in 2014, the Distinguished Alumnus Award and the Athletics Hall of Fame recognize outstanding achievements of Maclay alumni. More information about these awards is available on the Maclay web site under the Alumni tab. Your help is needed - please consider making a nomination. To nominate for the Distinguished Alumnus Award, go to: To nominate for the Athletics Hall of Fame, go to: NOMINATION DEADLINE: MARCH 15, 2018 The awards will be presented during Homecoming & Reunion Weekend 2018. 42

Alumni Affairs CLASS REUNIONS Class of 1977



Class of 1982

A Wonderful Reunion for the ‘82ers!

In God’s good grace about half of Maclay ’82 gathered for our 35th anniversary in Tallahassee. After missing previous ones for various reasons – 1997, a faulty email address; 2002, impending birth of twins; 2012, I can’t quite remember – I decided to participate in this reunion. Life is short. My nervousness about seeing old friends compounded my anxiety of late when returning to Tallahassee and getting lost amid the new road configurations. I’m still attempting to solve getting to the post office on Centerville Road. And, oh my, when did this battery of student apartments south of Doak Campbell Stadium arise? Yet after my mom and I toured the delightfully eclectic Railroad Square Art Park on the morning of the FSU-Miami football game (the same weekend as the reunion), I was glad to see a hopeful sign at the old train station welcoming Amtrak’s return to Florida’s capital city. Some traditions should be maintained, or revived. My first reunion stop was the alumni parade on Friday around Maclay’s sprawling campus. Wow. The main entrance to the school, now the Jablon Lower School, is impressive, though it still looks familiar. Elementary school students were having class in the grassy area off the entrance, where we used to have recess in Barbara Brown’s sixth grade. There was a school bus in the parking lot, evoking my memory of late night returns from Marauder basketball and soccer games. For some reason Maclay’s sports teams’ bus driver, Earline Screws, never would allow enough bathroom breaks, and when we would hit the school’s speed bumps, everyone in the back of the bus would just about pop. The homecoming parade ended at the new (as in, completed in 2004) Webster Athletics and Convocation Center. I had to skip the Marauders’ raucous pep rally to attend to my mom in our pick-up truck. I hoped she could see the parade where I had parked. Sitting and waving anonymously in the parade on the alumni float, surrounded by younger dads with their children, I had felt a tad old. But pleasantly so. The Maclay campus still has an abundance of glorious oak and pine trees. Headmaster James Milford’s roaming the parking lot in a blue-and-white


checkerboard costume for homecoming was a hoot. Is it his signature oddity? Our class all knew Bill Jablon’s calling card: his loud singing in the hallways, particularly during classes. Good headmasters (and teachers too – recall Doug Haydel’s ties, or Dorothy Wagner’s candy), those whom you remember fondly, decades later, are all a little eccentric. I nearly attended Maclay’s Friday evening football game, but without confirmation of others in our class showing up, I prevaricated, and waited for the postgame Island Wing Company gathering. Again, this seems to me a brand new restaurant poked in back somewhere behind the McDonalds on Thomasville Road. And just when did Thomasville Road get four lanes? Chris Bivins, in town with his wife Jennifer, mentioned to me that he used to bicycle to Maclay on Thomasville, then only two lanes, from his home near Waverly Pond. At Island Wing’s I finally met a few others in our class, and their spouses (who, like our class president now, Rick Parker, esq., are honorary alumni – hey, we were a small class): John and Kim Vinson, Jane Aurell Menton and husband Steve, Keith Gwaltney and wife Lisa (Deryk Jones, Holt Harrison, and John Mims – Keith, Fred Woodward, and I swapped a few unsavory stories about you all). Most of us are a little gray now, or bald, but it’s interesting to me that high school friends’ voices and laughter still sound the same. Saturday of homecoming weekend the North Florida football scene descended into gloom – Miami eked out a win over FSU, and Florida likewise lost a close one to LSU. But there was revelry at the class reception that Jane and Steve hosted, catered by Mark Suber, Maclay ’77. Again, I was uncertain what to expect, walking down the Mentons’ manicured brick sidewalk. But they organized a casual, splendid time. Reminiscence with old friends who can remind you of things you once did or said is humbling, but great fun. Fred is now much taller than me – how did that happen? Sally Shaw Hyde and Lea Bryant Lane are

still Best Friends Forever. Jay Fahs has just finished a career captaining a U.S. nuclear submarine, and Joe Sechler is a medical doctor and professor – wow, wow, but doesn’t that fit what they seemed headed for? Yet it’s a small world too – Keith explained that he was also in the Navy, and had once served under Jay’s command. Likewise, I think I overheard Kara Albert Davis and Tracy Proctor Williamson, both attorneys, mentioning they had possibly worked on the same legal case (I’m not sure if they were co-counsels or adversaries). Wallace Beall and Jeff Teal arrived later at the reception than I, and I could catch up with them only briefly. Wallace shared that his dad, in his eighties, still drives a sports car much too fast. We all should have that aspiration. John invited those of us interested to have a nightcap at something called “Ology,” a bar in town on Sixth Street. I got lost trying to find it, but finally arrived remembering that he said it was where Lucy Ho’s original Chinese restaurant was. I was in time to catch up a little more with Sally, Lea, Tracy, Kara, John, Wallace, and Keith. The night ended later than I had expected. The great Gainesville musician Tom Petty, who launched his band the Heartbreakers in our youth, died the week before the reunion. Part of the Heartbreakers’ song “American Girl” (a hit in 1977, when we were in seventh grade) goes, “Well, she was an American girl/Raised on promises/She couldn’t help thinkin’/That there was a little more to life somewhere else/ After all it was a great big world/.” The world is big, and there is more to life than Tallahassee. But that is just me. And my memories of my foundational experiences at Maclay, obviously, remain warm. Thanks ‘82ers. We missed everyone who couldn’t make it. Looking forward to 40. Cheers, Tim Roberts

Alumni Affairs CLASS REUNIONS Class of 1987

It’s Been 30 Years and Yet It was Yesterday! Thirty years is a long time. As far as the Class of 87 is concerned, it feels like yesterday. Our hairstyles and fashions are a little less 80s (and in some cases, a lack of hair is more the order of the day). Our conversations tend towards our families nowadays and now many of us have high school seniors. But when we get together, we are always able to pick up where we left off. It was great to see everybody, and the weekend was made more special by two special events. First was the induction of the 1986-87 swim team into the Sports Hall of Fame. Second was the presentation of a flag from our classmate, BG Johnny Richardson. The flag was flown over Mosul during the liberation of the city and later carried on an Apache helicopter during a mission. It was a special reminder of the selfless service that Johnny has given to our country and how proud we are of him. It was a great weekend full of stories and laughter. We hope those of you who didn’t make it will be here the next time. Written by David Williamson.


Alumni Affairs CLASS REUNIONS Class of 1997

Always Great to See Friends: Class of ‘97 Gathers for Its 10 Year Reunion Hurricanes can’t keep us down! The Class of 1997 had a fantastic Reunion Weekend catching up with one another both on campus and around town. Classmates made plans to see one another at the Homecoming pep rally, football game, and school tour. We also enjoyed celebrating Brian Cashin’s accomplishments as he was inducted into the School’s Athletics Hall of Fame. Saturday evening brought us all together at Table 23 where we closed down the venue, and continued the party across the street! We enjoyed visiting with classmates and their guests from in town and across the country. Friends flew in from all over to celebrate our 20th Reunion Weekend...and are very much looking forward to our next one!

Class of 2007

Class of 2007 Celebrates and Remembers “The class of 2007 had their 10 year reunion this fall at Table 23. Although the class has dispersed as far north as Boston and as far west as Oregon, many traveled back to Florida to catch up with former teachers and classmates. The class now boasts a variety of occupations including teachers, doctors, lawyers, artists, consultants, architects, and parents. In a moment of true solidarity, the class held a fundraiser for two of their classmates, Tyler Rowland and Christopher Smith, who passed away since high school. The money raised was used to buy alumni bricks on Maclay’s Legacy Walkway, and the surplus was donated to the Maclay Financial Aid Fund.” By Chase Jordan

46 46

Alumni Affairs WEDDINGS Anisha Tandon (’06) and Ryan Sredzinski September 30, 2017 Detroit, Michigan

Cory Guzzo (’05) and Libby Whitley December 9, 2017 Regency Hyatt | Orlando, Florida

Elizabeth Barron (’00) and Myles C. Bradley October 7, 2017 El Destino Monticello, Florida

Drew Heffley (’12) and Brooke Rick (’13) December 9, 2017 Pebble Hill Plantation Thomasville, Georgia

Drew Teaf (’06) and Kelsey Bryant October 21, 2017 Lousiville, Kentucky Maclay Groomsmen: Andrew Prescott and Kyle Jones

Shannon Mathews (’06) and Jason Weiler October 14, 2017 Wakulla Springs State Park Wakulla Springs, Florida


Alumni Affairs Birth Announcements Jeffrey Knox Matthew January 13, 2017 Geoff and Kim Tabah (’00) Matthew Winter Garden, Florida

Joshua Clayton March 15, 2017 Brennon (’05) and Hannah Clayton Tallahassee, Florida

Blythe Frances Simmons June 13, 2017 Matt and Jessica Lang (’00) Simmons Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Declan Day McGrotha August 10, 2017 Billy (’00) and Alisha McGrotha Madison, Mississippi Joins big brother Nolan and big sister Marley

Edwin Manning Slocum August 14, 2017 Joshua and Kelli Johnson (’01) Slocum Mountain Brook, Alabama Joins big sister Alden

Alyvia Elle Cashin August 15, 2017 Brian (’97) and Stephanie Cashin New York, New York Joins big sister Avery Skye Cashin

Michael “Amos” Sloderbeck October 18, 2017 Paul (’05) and Sarah Sloderbeck Napa, California


Henry Clifton Sheehan October 27, 2017 Patrick and Jamie Harper (’95) Sheehan Tallahassee, Florida Joins big brother Thomas (6)

Leslie Barrett Cobbe November 9, 2017 Andrew (’95) and Monica McWilliams Cobbe Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Aila “Sloane” Wilborn November 13, 2017 Alex Whiddon (“95) and husband Bradford Scott Wilborn Atlanta, Georgia

Everett Wiley Borer September 21, 2017 Grant and Rebecca Baggett (’00) Borer Denver, Colorado Joins big brother Winston

Lucy Joleen Post December 6, 2017. Kevan (’06) and Ashley Post Simpsonville, South Carolina

Raylan Rihanna Combs December 15, 2017 David (’05) and Lauren DiMartino (’05) Combs Gainesville, Florida

Maclay Alumni Courtyard with the

Distinguished Alumni Wall and Legacy Walkway

It’s beautiful – come see! Situated around the Maclay Oak Tree, this new addition to the Maclay campus is a place that alumni, students, and all other members of the Maclay community can enjoy. Included in the courtyard is the Distinguished Alumni Wall with plaques honoring those alums who have received the Distinguished Alumnus Award. There is also the Legacy Walkway composed of brick pavers that connect the courtyard to the Upper School. This walkway is where all alumni can be a part of Maclay’s history and legacy.

The pavers are available only to Maclay alumni and each paver is engraved with an alum’s name and graduation year. The funds raised from the sale of these brick pavers go primarily towards a scholarship and/or financial assistance for Maclay students. It would be great to add your name to the walkway!! To Order Online, go to: alumnicourtyard.html

Or use this QR Code:

In Memoriam Robert “Rob” J. Angerer, Jr. Class of 1986 August 7, 2017 | Tallahassee, FL

Linda Stakenas Busta Class of 1986 August 12, 2017 | Olympia, WA

Stephanie Lunder Tanenbaum Warren Class of 1986 August 7, 2017 | Tallahassee, FL

Cynthia Firman Webster Widow of Maclay’s Rob Webster September 9, 2017 | Thomasville, GA

Andrew McKenzie Class of 1999 October 1, 2017 | Tallahassee, FL


Alumni Affairs



Maclay School’s Alumni Association Wants to get Involved with You and Wants You to Connect with Us!

H o w? Would you like to be a Class Agent, mentor young Maclay alumni, help with an alumni or school event, serve on the Alumni Board? There are so many ways, so come on!!

I t's Ea s y ! Go to There is a form to fill out and submit and we’ll be in touch with you! Get Involved!!

Institutions that find sustained greatness through generations are those that place value in the connections they make and then transfer that value on to their graduates. All our families can benefit from the connection via the alumni office where they can receive the access and knowledge from anyone in the extended Maclay network. Maclay School continues to strive to build a network students and alumni who can connect by mentoring and sharing experiences about colleges, careers and more. Please update your contact information on our website so we can connect with you!

Share your photos with us! 50

Have you met up with former classmates or faculty members? We’d love to share your photos in print or online. E-mail your high-resolution photos, along with a detailed description and the names of people in the picture, to

Maclay School

Annual Giving Report 2016-2017

Board of Trustees 2016 - 2017

Mrs. Karen Unger Chairman MEMBERS: Mr. Tom Barron Mrs. Sarah Bascom Mrs. Monesia Brown Mr. Chris Diamantis Mr. Chris Dudley Mrs. Kiki Dunton Mrs. Meredith Hunter Dr. Hank Hutchinson Mrs. Beth Langford Mr. Emory Mayfield, Jr Dr. Bob McClure ‘83 Mr. Murray Moore ‘83 Dr. Alfredo Paredes Mrs. Katrina Rolle Dr. Hugh VanLandingham

Alumni Association Board of Directors 2016 - 2017

Dan Koeppel ‘94 President Blake Dowling ‘92 Vice President Michel Lester Gregory ‘98 Secretary Cassie Mitchell Mills ‘04 Treasurer MEMBERS: Emily Allman ‘07 Barbara Cairns ‘87 Richard Cassedy ‘04 Kim Austin Crowell ‘99 Will Fixel ‘98 Nat Higdon ‘92 Greg Lamendola ‘91 Mike Lea ‘74 Mike Moody ‘00 Liz Morales ‘08 Michael T. Ruff ‘93 William Smith ‘02 Dena Sokolow ‘86 Halley Stephens Van Asten ‘90 Collins Webb ‘96

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The Maclay Fund 2016-2017 The Maclay Fund is truly the “backbone” of fundraising efforts at Maclay School. Many of the enhancements we have come to expect and enjoy are made possible through this yearly campaign. Educational programs are strengthened, faculty professional development is supported, and campus improvements are possible. We humbly thank the following supporters of the 2016-2017 Maclay Fund.

Century Club $25,000 and above

Anonymous (2) Colin S. Phipps and Family Tripp and Susie Transou Bessemer Trust

Grand Benefactor Club $10,000 - $24,999

Firman Fund Mr. and Mrs. Rogelio J. Fontela

Cornerstone Club $5,000 - $9,999

Cooper’s Heating & Air Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bascom Kelly Kuersteiner Beck Chris and Andrea Diamantis Mr. and Mrs. Christopher F. Dudley Bettie Jane Grant Mr. and Mrs. William G. Smith, Jr.

1986 Club

$2500 - $4,999 Bascom Communications & Consulting, LLC The Benevity Community Impact Fund Mr. and Mrs. David Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Curry Mr. and Mrs. James R. Daughton, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. George J. Haedicke Robert and Laura Hosay Mr. John R. Hugill and Mrs. Kiki Dunton Dr. and Mrs. Hank L. Hutchinson Dr. and Mrs. Farhat Khairallah Mr. and Mrs. John Matthews

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Price Dr. and Mrs. Philip V. Sharp Jason and Karen Unger Shirley J. Whitsitt Mr. Daniel Woodring and Ms. Jean Hartman

Andalusion Club $1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous Advanced Business Systems Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic Wells Fargo Educational Gift Program Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Ashcroft Tom and Jane Barron Mrs. Demory S. Boeneke Jeffery and Connie Boland Mr. and Mrs. David Brickler Mr. and Mrs. Junious D. Brown Dr. and Mrs. Viet Bui Mr. and Mrs. Rob Cathcart Lamont and Johnnie Cook Dr. Frederick Corpuz and Dr. Joanna Yao Russell and Tammy Cotton Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Couch Mr. and Mrs. John Dowdy III Charles and Alison Dudley Dr. and Mrs. David Durden Whitney and David Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Evert Mr. and Mrs. William A. Fixel Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Gluesenkamp Brian and Michel Gregory Scott and Mary Hilton Alex and Jane Hinson 52

John Ho Mr. and Mrs. Gary K. Hunter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon Israel Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Johnson Bill and Susan Jordan Drs. David and Krista Kahn Ms. Charlotte Keaton Mr. Robert H. Kirby and Mrs. Kelly Boyd Kirby Chip and Marty Kiser Jennings and Cynthia Knox Dean and Lina Knox Mr. Dan Koeppel and Dr. Anna Koeppel Mr. and Mrs. A. Lawton Langford Dr. Peter E. Loeb and Mrs. Cecilia Drew Loeb Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Lombard Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Lynch Mrs. Francis P. Malone Mr. and Mrs. Emory Mayfield, Jr. Dr. Daniel P. Mears and Dr. Emily A. Leventhal Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Meenan, Jr. Jeffrey and Sara Knox Merrill Mr. and Mrs. Blake K. Miles Mr. and Mrs. James Milford

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Padgett Dr. and Mrs. Alfredo Paredes Mrs. Joyce Phipps Mr. and Mrs. Jay Pichard Dr. Krista Rankin Mr. and Mrs. Francis Rentz Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ribich Gary and Katrina Rolle Drs. Laurence and Lori Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Scheer Ms. Clarice M. Secreast William and Meredith Snowden Ms. Dena Sokolow Dr. and Mrs. James A. Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Suber Adelaide Suber Mr. Kevin R. Swartz and Mrs. Suzanne Stiles Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Tunnicliff Dr. and Mrs. Hugh VanLandingham Ms. Mary Visconti Dr. and Mrs. Dean Watson Mr. and Mrs. Byron Wells Katherine J. Willis Drs. Leslie and Vicari Wilson Dr. and Mrs. Pat M. Woodward

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Mr. John Evers and Dr. Tanya Evers Tim and Rosemary Farrell Evans Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Fleischer Mr. and Mrs. Juan Flores Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Folsom Ms. Michelle Fountain Mr. Kevin Wall and Ms. Lisa Freeze Bill and Debbie Giudice Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Gonzalez Loumiet Mr. and Mrs. Mike Grant Ms. Susan Gray Drs. Alex and Mya Greenberg Dr. and Mrs. Scott Hampton Mr. and Mrs. Saxon A. Hannon Dr. Laurel Harbin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Heinz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Howell Winston and Yvonne Howell Rhoda and Joe Icerman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kerr Mr. and Mrs. Stanley D. Kupiszewski Trilly Lester Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Travis Lloyd Mr. and Mrs. Ryan E. Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Mayer Mr. John McConnell Mr. and Mrs. Charles McDuffie Shannon and Kim McWilliams Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mitchell Howard and Kathy Moody Mr. and Mrs. Brent Moore Mr. and Mrs. Danny E. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Reed Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Robinson Mark and Sally Rosser Mr. and Mrs. P. Michael Ruff Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Shapley Mr. and Mrs. Brian Snow Mr. and Mrs. Ken Stager Peter and Crystal Stejskal Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tritschler Mr. and Mrs. Jeff VanSyckle Mr. and Mrs. Kane Whitehurst Mr. and Mrs. James L. Yearty Mr. Song Zhou and Mrs. Xia Huang

Marauder Club | $250 - $499 Anonymous (2) Bank of America Matching Gift Program GFA Realty Services, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Farrukh S. Alvi Mr. and Mrs. Ely Banks Mr. Douglas S. Bell and Mrs. Luana K. Leialoha-Bell Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Bensley Mr. and Mrs. Ben Betts III Mr. and Mrs. John D. Boland Mr. and Mrs. Tony Boulos Mr. Daniel P. Bowen Mr. Butch Bundy and Dr. Vikki McKinnie Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Campbell Ms. Kathryn Karrh Cashin, Ph.D. Gregory and Dianne Clayton Mr. and Mrs. Seth Coffin Douglas and Dianne Croley Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Culliton Mr. and Mrs. Wilburn T. Davis III Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Deison Mr. and Mrs. R Chase Dickson Dr. and Mrs. William Dobak Mr. and Mrs. Blake H. Dowling Dr. Carey C. Dozier Mr. Keith Finlayson and Dr. Susan Lumpp Dr. Robert R. Fisher and Dr. Ann K. Joslyn Dr. and Dr. Timothy Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Robert Flowers Mr. and Mrs. Todd Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Chad Gainey

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Dr. Vamsi Ponnaganti and Dr. Neelima Ravi Mr. Randall Porcher and Ms. Corinne Porcher Mr. and Mrs. William Powell Ms. Maureen C. Proctor Mr. and Mrs. Darren Prum Roger and Carolyn Raepple Mr. and Mrs. Brian Reeder Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Richardson Mrs. Jean Rivers Mr. and Mrs. David W. Ross Mrs. Nancy Ross Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Rubenstein John and Lisa Rutledge Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Colt Shiver Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay H. Sims Ms. Carri C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Sokolow Ms. Eldonna Steffen The Mark M. Suber Family Mr. and Mrs. William G. Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Jake von Scherrer Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Webster III Rick and Julie Weidner Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Wetherell Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Whitfield Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Williams John and Tricia Wurst Dr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Yang Mr. and Mrs. Gary Zins 53

The Maclay Fund 2016-2017 Blue & White Club

Anonymous (7) Greenscapes Design & Company Jim Smith Insurance Agency, LLC The Kula Foundation Precision Recruiting Services, Inc. University Physical Medicine Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Adams Mr. and Mrs. Toyin B. Adeshina Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Agramonte Mrs. Amy Lynne Aldredge Bud and Sherrie Alford Mr. and Mrs. George Allen Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Angerer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Andrei Antohi Ms. Teresa S. Armstrong Ms. Laura D. Armstrong Ms. Anne E. Arrington Chris and Leah McIver Atkin Mr. and Mrs. David A. Avant III Mr. Brandon M. Bachtel Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Bailey III Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bailey Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bakas Mr. K. Bryan Baker and Ms. Denise Miller Mr. and Mrs. Mark Barber Mrs. Cameron L. Barton Mr. and Mrs. Manny Bas Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beamer Dr. and Mrs. Craig Beaven Mr. and Mrs. Terrell L. Bebout Ms. Catherine Elizabeth Bell Ms. Anna M. Bell Jann and Ray Bellamy Mr. Nick Belletto Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bergstrom Dr. Paul Berk and Mrs. Stephanie Funderburke Mr. Scott Bickell and Dr. Jennifer Bickell Mrs. Lillian Keller Bingham Mr. and Mrs. Robert Birken Niki Cotton Bishop William H. Black Mrs. Melanie Black Ann and Ian Blake Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boynton Mr. and Mrs. David J. Brennan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Brown Mrs. Rosemary S. Bunn Mr. and Mrs. Glenn T. Burhans, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Byron Burroughs Mr. Brandon Burrows


$1 - $249 Mr. and Mrs. Tim Butler Mr. and Mrs. Christian Caballero Mr. and Mrs. Kent A. Cain Ms. Barbara J. Cairns Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Carr Ms. Kathryn E. Cashin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chaney Mr. and Mrs. M. Paul Chavis Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clary Andrew Cobbe Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Coburn Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cocotos Tom and Terese Combs Mr. David L. Combs and Dr. Lauren DiMartino-Combs Mr. and Mrs. Kraig A. Conn Jeanne A. Corbett Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cornais Jennifer Corzine Mr. and Mrs. L.Thomas Cox, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Croston Ms. Jennifer Crusoe Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Daniel Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Duane Daunt Mr. and Mrs. Rami C. Deeb Mr. and Mrs. Leo DeRosier Lisa and Gary Donaldson Robert C. Downie II Dr. and Mrs. Jamil Drake Mr. and Mrs. Gary Droze Mr. and Mrs. Ted Duncan Pamela Duys, CPA, MT Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Eagen Kim Loebel Ellison Capt. Jon R. Fahs and Ms. Danielle Y. Miercort Brad and Lauren Fantle Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Ferraro Mr. and Mrs. James F. Foos John and Debbie Schwartz Foote Mr. and Mrs. Ian Ford Ted and Haley Frazee Mr. and Mrs. Tor Friedman Samantha R. Fulton Dr. Tameka Funny and Mr. Stephen Funny Ms. Traterica Gainer Mr. Dean O. Gargiulo and Ms. Cindy B. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Jake B. Garner Dr. Akash Ghai and Dr. Ritu Ghai

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Gibbs Ms. Kathryn W. Gimbel and Mr. Aaron Gallaher Ms. Annie Giraldo Ms. Brecken Gomer Dr. Carlos Gomez and Mrs. Barbara Rubio-Gomez Mr. Sean Gorman Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Granger Mr. and Mrs. William Grant Ms. Christi Gray Ms. Dot J. Green Mr. and Mrs. James N. Guy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Guzman Bentley and Tyler Harris Bob and Libba Harris Mr. and Mrs. Rapheal Harris Dr. Muhanad Hasan and Mrs. Nina Jaber Mr. and Mrs. J. David Haworth Mr. and Ms. Bryan Hayes Mrs. Anne Lee Heaton Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Helms Mr. and Mrs. Carson D. Hicks Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hicks John C. Hinson II Bishop and Carolyn Holifield Mr. and Mrs. Scott Houston Mrs. Kristen Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hunkapiller Ms. Gannon Hunt Ms. Ellen C. Hunter Ms. Caroline C. Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Hurley Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Hyde Bill and Ellen Jablon Mr. and Mrs. William James IV Ms. Suzanne Jamir Mr. and Mrs. Petr Jilek Mr. and Mrs. Rick Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Jones Mr. and Mrs. Chad S. Jordan Ms. Jessica Kerner Ms. Katherine S. Kirby Mr. and Mrs. John Kirk Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Kline Mr. and Mrs. James A. Kole Dr. Kary Kublin and Ms. Sally Barrios Joe and Amy Kupiszewski Dr. and Mrs. Paul E. Kutter Ms. Christine N. LaBatt Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lancaster

The Maclay Fund 2016-2017 Blue & White Club (cont’d.) Ms. Amelia L. Lanier Ms. Johanna M. LaVia Catherine Benton Lerner Ms. Norma Libert Jason and Susan Lichtstein Mr. and Mrs. Walter Liebrich David M. Lindsey Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Luce Leslie Grant Lundberg Dr. and Mrs. Nicodemo Macri Charles Marschall and Elizabeth Hinson Marschall Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Martell Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mathias Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Matthew Ms. Kyle N. Maurey Mr. Keith Mayo The Mazziotta Family Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. McCall, Jr. Ms. Stephanie A. McCann Mr. and Mrs. Chad McClellan Dr. Margaret McColley Bob McClure and Julie Meisburg McClure Mr. and Mrs. Richard McFarlain Mr. Frank McKeown Dr. and Mrs. Meredith McKinney Ms. Robyn E. McQuire-Downie Mr. and Mrs. John McTyeire Mr. Kyle P. McWilliams Ms. Kolby Ann McWilliams Mr. Rick H. Meeker and Mrs. Nhu Meeker The Steve Menton Family Mr. and Mrs. Peter Metarko Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Metarko Bobby and Robin Miles Ms. Darlene Miller Dr. Alix P. Miller and Mr. James M. Durant, Jr. Rollins and Sarah Ball Miller Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Mills David and Melissa Minacci Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Minter, Jr. Mrs. Yunji Moon Corbin and Murray Moore Ms. Elizabeth L. Morales Matthew Morales Carol and Chip Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mullinax Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Nalls Ms. Katie N. Nation Mr. and Mrs. Stanley T. Nation, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John Nettles Mr. Lee Norment Mr. and Mrs. Jim Norris Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy Nwokeji Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Obrecht Ms. Carrie O’Rourke Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Osiecki Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Pargman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Parrish Dr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Perkins Al Perruzzi Dr. Will Perry and Mrs. Emma Perry Mr. Raj Ponnaluri and Mrs. Hemamalini Gattupalli Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Prum Rebecca Edwards Pustejovsky Ms. Robyn Rachin Mr. Aneesh Rahangdale Dr. Subramanian Ramakrishnan and Dr. Subashini Iyer Mr. Lance Ramer and Ms. Kristin Herman Ms. Dwan Riggins Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Rillstone Mrs. Vena Roberts David Robinson and Mary Ann McClure Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Colin M. Roopnarine Ms. Eleanore P. Rosenberg Mr. Zachary T. Rosenkoetter Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Ruff Dr. Jeeheon Ryu and Dr. Minjeong Kim Philip and Fran Visconti Sandon Ms. Yvonne Sankey Ms. Elizabeth K. Santoro Mr. and Mrs. Gar H. Schafer Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Schnippert Mr. and Mrs. Eric Sharkey Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Shelfer, Jr. Mr. Andrew Sherrod Ms. Ariel Simonton Mr. and Mrs. Darin Singleton Ms. Jacqueline K. Slack Michael and Prudence Sloderbeck Mr. and Mrs. James H. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Malone D. Smith Mr. and Mrs. William G. Smith, III Mr. and Mrs. Chesterfield H. Smith, III Ms. Whitney S. Snow Ms. Danielle S. Sparkman

Gwen Spivey Mr. and Mrs. Desmond Stewart Eric and Cindy Stockstill Mr. Samuel R. Stockstill Mr. and Mrs. Jon Stout Mr. and Mrs. Nate W. Strickland Mr. Andrew B. Surratt and Ms. Theresa M. Bender Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Sweinhart Debra Tackett Ms. Michelle Tanenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Steven Tardi Rex and Sandra Taylor Mr. and Mrs. William G. Thames Mr. and Mrs. John B. Thomas III Lucinda F. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Thomsen Mr. Benjamin T. Thon Ms. Katherine Baggett Thornburgh Ms. Donna Tischler Dr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Van Asten Mr. and Mrs. Chad Van Iddekinge Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Vickers Jim and Lisa Waddell Mr. Nicholas J. Waddell Mr. and Mrs. Murray M. Wadsworth, Jr. Ms. Barbara Walden Mr. and Mrs. David Walker Mr. and Mrs. William Welge David and Nancy Wesley Mr. and Mrs. Jason White Mr. Kevin and Dr. Alicia Whittington Ms. Amy Willett Mr. James C. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Thad E. Williams Bob and Bertha Williams Leslie Williamson Ms. Claudia Willis Dr. and Mrs. Brian Wilson Dr. Elizabeth Winslow Mrs. Claire V. Wolkind Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wright Ms. Ping Wu Mr. Tom Yi and Mrs. Hyunsung Kang Ms. Kristen K. Youngblood Phil and Loraine Zaidan


The Maclay Fund 2016-2017 Alumni Giving 1972 Bill Black 1975 Lawton Langford David Robinson Mary Ann McClure Robinson 1976 Kelly Kuersteiner Beck Pam Duys Jesse Suber 1977 Randy Fisher John Ho Mark Suber 1978 Tim Phipps 1979 Kraig Conn Cecilia Drew Loeb Charlie Lee Les Grant Lundberg Bob Miles 1980 Russell Cotton David Lindsey Julie Bradley Obrecht 1981 David Avant Nell Cherry Stager 1982 Jon Fahs Jane Aurell Menton Sally Shaw Hyde 1983 Bobby Downie Michelle Fountain Bob McClure Murray Moore Jimmy Smith

1984 Teresa Armstrong Kelly Boyd Kirby Niki Cotton Bishop Sean Culliton Saxon Hannon Karin Pingree Sweinhart Phillip Sandon Leslie Williamson

1991 Drew Corbett Tom Deison

1985 Elizabeth Hinson Marschall Fran Visconti Sandon Julie Meisburg McClure Ellen Camp McFarlain Debbie Schwartz Foote Michelle Tanenbaum Lisa Dart Waddell

1993 John Hinson Beth Rowe Lewis Michael Ruff Leah McIver Atkin Britt Whitson Wadsworth

1986 Rob Angerer Cindy Boyd Thomas David Haworth Mary Byrd Lewis Sims Dena Sokolow 1987 Dean Gargiulo Barbara Cairns Joe Kupiszewski Blake Miles Murray Wadsworth 1988 Cameron Lewis Barton Loraine McDaniel Zaiden Katherine Moore Reed Gavin Phipps Kevin Sokolow 1989 Edith Baltazar 1990 Tom Lewis Sara Knox Merrill Halley Stephens Van Asten Bo Webster

1992 Nat Higdon Blake Dowling Brian Pargman Ginny Boggs Yearty

1994 Tia Hunter Smith Melissa Sparkman Bakas Brecken Gomer Dan Koeppel Pammy Webster Murphy 1995 Jordan Fonvielle Antohi Catherine Benton Lerner Andrew Cobbe Sarah Ball Proctor Miller Garrett K. Robinson Andrea Letchman Williams Courtney Baldock Jordan 1996 Rami Deeb Paul Kutter Anna Koeppel 1997 Heather Clarke Duncan Jake Garner Martha Middlebrooks Kutter Michel Lester Gregory Katherine Baggett Thornburgh

1998 John Boland Carey Dozier Will Fixel Kelley Cox Garner Mary Katherine Croley Lawler Ted Frazee Becca E. Pustejovsky 1999 Lily K. Bingham Caleb Connor Kim Austin Crowell Sarah Barnett Deeb Frank Walker 2000 Anne Arrington Rosemary Farrell Bentley Frazee Harris Ellen Hunter Kimberly Matthew Ryan Matthews 2001 Katy Gimbel Sara Burgess McTyeire Caroline Hood Scheer Ben Thon

2005 Stephen Carr David Combs Lauren DiMartino-Combs Kristin Kline 2006 Katy Cashin Whitney Smith Ellis Amelia Lanier Zachary Rosenkoetter Chet Smith 2007 Laura Armstrong Kyle Maurey Elizabeth Beasley Smith 2008 Liz Morales 2010 Christine LaBatt Hanna LaVia Sam Stockstill 2012 Matthew Morales Brandon Bachtel

2002 Andrea Lindsey Barber Annie McMillian Bell Daniel Bowen Christina Criser Kara Newell Mathias William Smith

2013 Katherine Kirby Elizabeth Santoro Nicholas Waddell

2003 David Wesley

2016 Kyle McWilliams Aneesh Rahangdale

2004 Cassie Mitchell Mills Whitney Snow

2014 Kolby McWilliams

This Annual Report is a publication of the Maclay School Advancement Office for gifts received August 1, 2016 – July 31, 2017. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this report. If we have inadvertently left your name off of a listing or listed it incorrectly, please accept our sincere apology and advise us of the correction so we may update our records. 56

The Maclay Fund 2016-2017 Live Oak Society 2016-2017 (GIFTS OF $1000 AND ABOVE)

Advanced Business Systems Chick-Fil-A Cooper’s Heating & Air The Benevity Community Impact Fund Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic Bessemer Trust Wells Fargo Educational Gift Program Bascom Communications & Consulting, LLC Firman Fund Anonymous (2) Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bascom Mrs. Kari K. Beck Mrs. Demory S. Boeneke Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery J. Boland Mr. and Mrs. David Brennan Mr. and Mrs. David J. Brennan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Junious D. Brown Dr. and Mrs. Viet Bui Mr. and Mrs. Rob Cathcart Mr. and Mrs. S. Lamont Cook Dr. Frederick Corpuz and Dr. Joanna Yao Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Cotton Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Couch Mr. and Mrs. James R. Daughton, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Chris E. Diamantis Mr. and Mrs. John Dowdy III Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Dudley Mr. and Mrs. Christopher F. Dudley Mr. John Hugill and Mrs. Kirsten Dunton Dr. and Mrs. David Durden Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Evert Mr. and Mrs. William A. Fixel Mr. and Mrs. Rogelio J. Fontela Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Gluesenkamp Mrs. Bettie Jane Grant Dr. and Mrs. George J. Haedicke Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hilton Mr. and Mrs. Alexander L. Hinson

Mr. John L. Ho Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hosay Mr. John R. Hugill and Mrs. Kiki Dunton Mr. and Mrs. Gary K. Hunter, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Hank L. Hutchinson Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon Israel Drs. David and Krista Kahn Ms. Charlotte Keaton Dr. and Mrs. Farhat Khairallah Mr. and Mrs. Rip Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Jennings Knox III Mr. and Mrs. Dean E. Knox Mr. Daniel Koeppel and Dr. Anna Koeppel Mr. and Mrs. A. Lawton Langford Dr. and Mrs. Peter E. Loeb Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Lombard Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Lynch Mrs. William H. Malone Mr. and Mrs. John Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Emory Mayfield, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. J. Robert McClure III Dr. Daniel P. Mears and Dr. Emily A. Leventhal Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Meenan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Blake K. Miles Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Padgett Dr. and Mrs. Alfredo Paredes Mr. and Mrs. Gavin B. Phipps Mrs. Joyce Phipps

Mr. and Mrs. Colin S. Phipps Mr. and Mrs. Jay Pichard Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Price Dr. Krista Rankin Mr. and Mrs. Francis Rentz Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ribich Dr. and Mrs. Garrison A. Rolle Drs. Laurence and Lori Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Scheer Ms. Clarice M. Secreast Dr. and Mrs. Philip V. Sharp Mr. and Mrs. William G. Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William A. Snowden, IV Dr. and Mrs. James A. Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Jesse F. Suber Mrs. Pat Suber Mr. Kevin R. Swartz and Mrs. Suzanne Stiles Mr. and Mrs. Hal G. Transou, III Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Tunnicliff Mr. and Mrs. Jason L. Unger Dr. and Mrs. Hugh VanLandingham Dr. and Mrs. Dean Watson Ms. Shirley J. Whitsitt Mrs. Katherine J. Willis Drs. Leslie and Vicari Wilson Mr. Daniel Woodring and Ms. Jean Hartman Dr. and Mrs. Pat M. Woodward


Special Gifts DINING HALL & PERFORMANCE CENTER Mr. & Mrs. Todd Adkins Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Agramonte Mr. Sebastian Ahmed Ms. Cameron Barton Mr. & Mrs. Mike Bascom Mr. Michael L. T. Belitzky Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Bensley Mr. & Mrs. Thad Beshears Mr. & Mrs. Talmadge Blackmon Mr. & Mrs. John Boland Mr. & Mrs. Tony Boulos Mr. & Mrs. Daron Bridges Mr. & Mrs. Ed Canup Mr. & Mrs. Rob Chaney Dr. & Mrs. Walter Colon Mr. Drew Corbett and Ms. Melissa Kiniyalocts Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Couch Mr. & Mrs. Sean Culliton Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Davenport Mr. & Mrs. Turner Davis Mr. & Mrs. Carlton Dean Mrs. Gloria H. Deison Mr. & Mrs. Tom Deison Mr. & Mrs. Chase Dickson Mr. & Mrs. Paul Dickson Mr. & Mrs. Dale Elrod Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Evert Ms. Rosemary J. Farrell Mr. Keith Finlayson and Dr. Susan Lumpp Firman Fund Mr. & Mrs. Will Fixel Mr. & Mrs. Theodore E. Frazee II Ms. Ann Gabor & Mr. Jay Payne Mr. & Mrs. Eric Grant Mr. & Mrs. Mike Grant Mr. & Mrs. Brian Gregory Ms. Courtney Cahill & Ms. Germaine Gurr Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Gustafson Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Guzman Mr. & Mrs. Robert Howell Mr. & Mrs. Dewey Hudson Mr. John Hugill & Mrs. Kirsten Dunton Mr. & Mrs. Gary K. Hunter, Jr. Sally Shaw Hyde Dr. & Mrs. Austin Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Wes James Mr. & Mrs. Wayne R. Johnson


Mr.& Mrs. Chad Jordan Mr. & Mrs. Scott J. Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Rob Kerr Dr. & Mrs. Farhat Khairallah Mr. & Mrs. Kimberly King Mr. & Mrs. Dean Knox Mr. Dan Koeppel & Dr. Anna Koeppel Mr. & Mrs. Stanley D. Kupiszewski Dr. Shiva Lakshmin & Dr. Heemanshi Shah-Lakshmin Mr. & Mrs. A. Lawton Langford Mr. & Mrs. Will Lawler Dr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Leach Drs. Matt & Stephanie Lee Mr. & Mrs. Jan Letchman Mr. & Mrs. Bradford Lewis Mr. & Mrs. John R. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Lombard Mr. & Mrs. Scott Mainwaring Mr. & Mrs. Jordan W. Matheson Mr. & Mrs. John Matthews Mr. & Mrs. Emory Mayfield Dr. & Mrs. J. Robert McClure III Mrs. Margaret McCrary Mr. & Mrs. Richard McFarlain Mr & Mrs. Jeff Merrill Mr. & Mrs. Peter Metarko Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Miles Mr. & Mrs. Rhett A. Miller III Mr. & Mrs. Joe Mitchell Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Mnookin Mr. & Mrs. E. Murray Moore, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ted Nation Mr. & Mrs. Jim Norris Mr. & Mrs. Jerry O’Rourke Dr. & Mrs. Alfredo Paredes Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo Pavon Mr. & Mrs. Doug Perdue Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Brett Perkins Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Price Mr. Lance Ramer and Mrs. Kristin Herman-Ramer Mr. & Mrs. Francis Rentz Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Roberts Dr. & Mrs. Gary Rolle Ms. Eleanore Rosenberg Drs. Laurence & Lori Rosenberg

Mrs. Nancy Ross Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ruff Mr. & Mrs. P. Michael Ruff Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Rumana Dr. & Mrs. John M. Rutledge Mr. Joe Sasson and Ms. Marcia Catherine Mason Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Scheer Ms. Clarice Secreast Mr. & Mrs. Eric Sharkey Mr. & Mrs. Frank S. Shaw III Mr. & Mrs. Rodney F. Shelton Ms. Susie Shoemaker Mr. & Mrs. Ramsay Sims Mr. & Mrs. Darin Singleton Ms. Abbygail Sly Mr. & Mrs. Williams G. Smith, Jr Mr. & Mrs. William T. Smith, III Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sniffen Mr. & Mrs. Brian Snow Ms. Dena Sokolow Mr. & Mrs. Larry Sokolow Mr. & Mrs. Ken Stager Mrs. Rosemary Stenmark Dr. & Mrs. James A. Stephens Mrs. Pat Suber Mr. & Mrs. Erik Tate Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Thames Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Thomsen Dr. & Mrs. Bob Thornberry Mr. & Mrs. Hal G. Transou, III Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Tunnicliff Mr. & Mrs. C.B. Upton Mr. & Mrs. Chris Van Asten Dr. & Mrs. Hugh Vanlandingham Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Von Sherrer Mr. & Mrs. David Walker Mr. & Mrs. John Webster Mr. & Mrs. William Welge Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Wetherell Mr. & Mrs. Kane Whitehurst Mr. & Mrs. Thad Williams Mrs. Danya Wilson Mr. & Mrs. James L. Yearty Mr. & Mrs. Roy York Mr. Song Zhou & Mrs. Xia Huang

Special Gifts AQUATIC CENTER Appreciation of Earth & Animal Foundation Mr. Steven Becker and Dr. Marie Becker Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig LLP Mr. and Mrs. Glenn T. Burhans, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Tom C. Chambasian

Mrs. Nancy L. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Dudley Mr. and Mrs. Nathan L. Higdon Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hughes Mr. John D. Lines

Mr. Blucher Lines Mr. and Mrs. Rick Parker Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ribich Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Rumana Mr. and Mrs. Jason L. Unger



Colin S. Phipps and Family

Ms Gannon Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Phipps Ms. Eleanore P. Rosenberg



Maclay School Alumni Association

Foundation Tripp and Susie Transou Luke & Lewis Langford Athletic Fund Mr. and Mrs. G. Robertson Langford, Jr. Mayo Malone Woodward Scholarship Fund Eleanor Woodward Fleming Mayo M. Woodward Robert C. Webster, Jr. Memorial Fund Firman Fund



Larry Allen William H. Black

Tim Ashcroft Mr. And Mrs. Saxon Hannon

Jean Ada Clark Lorna and Mac Cairns

Lana Sweeney Mr. John R. Hugill and Mrs. Kiki Dunton

Theodore “Teddy” Radey Mr. and Mrs. John Sullivan Christopher Smith Moritz and Penny Dehler Robert C. Webster, Jr. Firman Fund

IN KIND GIFTS Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Ereckson Holly Hughes Moffett Debra Tackett

Keith Whitsitt Shirley J. Whitsitt


Auction 2017 Table Underwriters

Una Nocha Cubana Patrocinador Principal Hancock Bank Patrocinador Del Lagar Unger, Deison, Brown, & Matthews families Patrocinador De Technologia Walter E. Colรณn, DMD, MS and Marybeth Colรณn Patrocinador De Voluntarios Drs. Alex and Mya Greenberg Patrocinador De Flores Highland Gardner Patrocinador De Programa Seven Hills Rehab Patrocinador De Arte North Florida Pediatrics Patrocinador De Musica Red Hills Broadcasting Patrocinador Del Cigarro Ajax Construction Amigos de Maclay PODS


Cubana Table Sponsors El Presidente Bascom Communications La Habana Hettie Spooner & Ryan Collins Austin & Lisa Jackson EXP/Finlayson-Lumpp family Capital City Bank La Mariposa Vanlandingham/Bridges/Norris/Sharkey/Paredes/Caballero Hugill/Davis/Culliton/Secreast/Burroughs Gregory/Kerr/Curry/Israel/Cornais David & Brooke Browning Prime Meridian Bank C.B. & Anna Upton John & Ellen McFarlain Bob & Marcia Thornberry Lawton & Beth Langford Charles & Cynthis Tunnicliff Angela & Kimberly Crowell Pustejovsky/Tate/Roberts/Kutter/Billingsly Scheer/Wetherell/Ruff/Mnookin/Howell Morales/Willett/Black/Cox/Cahill-Gurr Grant/Perkins/Yearty/McConnell/Phipps Robinson/Doback/Williams/Jordan/Webb Agramonte/Bastien/Boulos/Dessi/Lee Robinton/Ross/Smith/Gomez/Brannen

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PRESENTING OUR SCHOOL’S FIRST 50 YEARS 50TH ANNIVERSARY HISTORY BOOK MACLAY SCHOOL OF TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Published by Balfour Publishing Company, the Maclay 50th Anniversary Book is a 10”x10” hard cover keepsake that presents the history of Maclay School.


From one building in 1968 as Alfred B. Maclay Day School, to the sprawling beautiful 100-acre campus, the book will feature, through photographs and written word, five decades of growth that the founding families envisioned 50 years ago. Contributing writers include Bill Jablon, Deborah Mayer, Tenley Toole Barnes (’77), Kelly Boyd Kirby (’84), Garrett Kursteiner Robinson (’95), and Laura Armstrong (’07).


The book release is scheduled for September 2018. The 148 page book can be purchased at a pre-order price of $40 by going to

Virtu Fall/Winter 2018  
Virtu Fall/Winter 2018