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THAI Internship Programme 7th March - 2nd May 2010





Section 1 - Course Content English for Hospitality


Role Play


Workshops & Hotel Visits




Section 2 - Institute


Section 3 - Host Family Your Room


In the Home


The Telephone & Internet Access




The Bathroom & Laundry


Meals & Self-Catering




Health / Insurance / Safety


General Rules


Section 4 - Work Placement

15, 16

Section 5 - Excursions


London & Portsmouth


Oxford & London


INTRODUCTION This guide is designed to give you information about your course, your accommodation with your host families and about your work placement.

On the following pages you will find •

a list of what you can expect

important information

the General Rules we expect all students to follow


Suzie Mackie: given on arrival Alex Mackie: given on arrival Guildford Institute: 01483 562142 Emergency services: 999 or 112 Local Police: 0845 125 2222


SECTION 1 - COURSE CONTENT COURSE CONTENT For the first 3 weeks you will attend classes and workshops at Guildford Institute arranged by Suzie Mackie. You will then spend 4 weeks in various work placements where you will undertake 160 hours of un-paid work experience. You will then return to the Institute for your final week when you will be assessed on what you have learnt over the full 8 weeks. You will be provided with a detailed timetable which will be given to you during your induction to the course at Bangkok University prior to your travel to the UK.

CLASSES AT GUILDFORD INSTITUTE English for Hospitality Classes - 45 hours (3 hours per day) OUP course books are used as the basis for the lessons. You will be supplied with a student book and workbook. You will be given daily homework which you may be required to show to your host family. During lessons you will only be allowed to speak English and regular assessment tests will be carried out over the first 3 weeks. Attendance and punctuality will also count towards your final mark. Role Play Classes - 12 hours (2 hours per day) You will act out various role play scenarios relating to the hospitality workplace which will be conducted by a professional drama and performance specialist. This will greatly improve your language skills as you will only be able to use English in a very realistic situation. Workshops - (6 two hour sessions) You will attend a number of workshops that will help improve your knowledge of how the hospitality industry works and also your level of English. The following workshops have been attended by students in previous years; Wine tasting, Chocolate workshop, Airline training, Sugar craft work. Hotel Visits You will visit a local hotel where you will be given a tour and talk by the hotel manager. At the end of the visit, you will be provided with a traditional cream tea.


COURSE CONTENT Assessments When you return from your work placement for your final week at the institute the following elements will be assessed; •

Speaking and Listening Test

Written Test

Your journal which will be marked by your tutor

A presentation to classmates about your work placement

You will then be asked to evaluate the course before taking part in the final certificate ceremony. If you have completed the course to the required standard you will be presented with a certificate and 9 credits will be added towards your university degree. The credits are made up as follows;


3 points - English Hospitality

3 points - Work Placement

3 points - Cross Cultural Studies

SECTION 2 - INSTITUTE THE GUILDFORD INSTITUTE Guildford is a historic and vibrant town in the county of Surrey. It offers first class entertainment and shopping, surrounded by a wealth of gardens and historic buildings. Guildford is the gateway to some of the most stunning scenery in the South East of England. The Guildford Institute is situated just off North Street, which is one of two main roads in the town centre, the other being the High Street. The Institute is also very close to the main shopping area, bus station and train station. London is only 40 minutes away by train arriving at Waterloo.


SECTION 3 - HOST FAMILY YOUR ROOM Successful relationships between students and hosts provide a fascinating insight into another culture and may lead to lasting friendships. We hope that you will enjoy the experience.

What can you expect •

your own bedroom

table/desk & chair for studying either in the bedroom or you will be given a quiet room/area for studying

bedside table

good room light and study light

adequate drawer and hanging space in your room. If the room is small or there is limited space, your host will provide additional storage for big items e.g. suitcases

effective heating and extra heating/blankets if the room gets cold

clean furnishings and decorations

Points to remember


you must make your own bed and keep your room tidy

you will need to provide your host with access to your room on a regular basis for cleaning.

please note most bedrooms in UK homes do not have locks on the door

IN THE HOME What can you expect You will be provided with •

a front door key

access to a communal area or a comfortable seating area

Points to remember


you should assist with small domestic tasks such as keeping communal areas tidy and you must always wash up your dishes after use and leave the kitchen as you find it (all surfaces must be clean)

certain areas of your home will be off limits, your host will inform you as to which rooms these are

you must remove outside shoes and wear slippers/socks in your home

you must confirm with your host a time in the evening which is unacceptable for you to come in, receive telephone calls or make a noise

you must confirm with your host if you are allowed to bring friends home and at what time they will be required to leave

you must not smoke in the house at all



you must not use the host family’s telephone without permission

you may make and receive incoming telephone calls on your mobile only at reasonable times of the day, agreed with you and your host, so that you can routinely communicate with your family

Points to remember


you will be given emergency numbers and your host family’s numbers during your orientation in Bangkok. It is a good idea to contact the family, introduce yourself and tell them about your and your family

you must not use your host’s computer at anytime unless they give you permission

most host families will have wireless internet access so you will be able to use a laptop with permission

if you do not have a laptop you may use the internet at the institute but you must receive permission first

TRAVEL Travel •

you will be provided with information upon arrival about suitable public transport to the institute

you will be responsible for covering the cost of your transport to and from your host family to the Institute

You will be provided with a map of the area where you will be living along with either bus or train timetables

Points to remember


UK2learn explains the Highway Code to students during induction

UK2learn and your host family will explain how to get from your host family’s house to the Institute during your induction

at the start and end of your work placement you will be transported to your work placement/host family by UK2Learn

you will be responsible for any transport costs to and from your work placement if you live with a host family for the duration of your work placement


regular and reasonable access to the bathroom. You will be advised of all the times at which it will be convenient to use the shower on a daily basis.

female students will be given guidance on the disposal of sanitary towels and tampons. They must not be discarded down the toilet but wrapped in toilet paper and put in the rubbish bin.

you must flush toilet paper down the toilet and not place it in any bins. You must flush the toilet after every use.

LAUNDRY What can you expect •

you will be provided with access to an iron and ironing board.

you will be provided with access to a washing machine and a drier or drying area. However, some host families may prefer to include any washing you may have when they do their own. This is something you must discuss with your host family.

Points to remember


you should only use the washing machine once or twice a week. Please confirm with your host family suitable times and get them to show you how to operate it.

if you require any clothes dry cleaned your host family will give you details of where you can take your clothes but you must cover the costs.

MEALS & SELF-CATERING MEALS What can you expect •

a meal on the day you arrive

breakfast and evening meal with your host family (Monday to Friday)

it is important that you eat with your host family as this is an excellent opportunity to get to know them whilst improving your English

if your host family is unable to eat with you due to prior engagements they will still provide you with a meal

SELF - CATERING What can you expect •

over the weekend you will be responsible for your own cooking

access at agreed times to an oven, hob, kettle and microwave

access to a compartment in a deep freeze

storage space for all your food and beverages

facilities for washing up and rubbish disposal

crockery, cutlery, kitchen tools, glasses, cooking pans including a frying pan

Points to consider It would be a nice gesture to offer to cook your host family a Thai meal during your stay. This will help to build a good relationship between you and your host family.


LUNCH What can you expect •

you will need to buy your own lunch during the day.

the Institute is located in the centre of Guildford town so there are plenty of places to eat or buy food.

you will be shown around Guildford town centre as part of your induction to the course.

there are 3 Thai restaurants, 2 Chinese restaurants as well as many other international restaurants in Guildford.

the Guildford institute has a very popular restaurant where you can get delicious vegetarian lunches served from 12-2pm. You can also get tea/ coffee and cakes during your various breaks throughout the day.



Thai Terrace

HEALTH / INSURANCE / SAFETY HEALTH CARE During your stay in the UK if you are feeling unwell contact your Thai teacher or Suzie Mackie. Important telephone numbers will be given to you upon arrival in the UK.


It is our understanding that insurance terms have been agreed with Bangkok University and Vision UK. However, we always encourage students to insure their personal property. This will have been discussed and organised by Bangkok University as part of your orientation programme.

UK2Learn has indemnity insurance which will cover you for any accidents that may occur during the programme.

HEALTH AND SAFETY What can you expect •

all electrical, gas and water installations in your host families are registered with the appropriate authorities.

overall safety of your accommodation.

All students must remember that they may have appliances, which are operated under different voltages in the UK and they need to bring a suitable adaptor.


GENERAL RULES Here are some general rules to help ensure your stay with your host family is a successful experience. •

speak to your family, don't be afraid.

please remember to keep your time in the bathroom as short as possible.

if you break anything, let your host family know as soon as possible, they will not be angry if you tell them. You will then have to pay for the damage.

you must notify your host immediately if keys are lost and then you will have to pay for a set of replacement keys and locks.

you should be economical with water, heat and light in your host accommodation.

you should treat your host family's home with respect.

you must not smoke in the house under any circumstance.

as a matter of courtesy, you must give the host family adequate notice when you are going to be late or eating out.

you may only use the host family’s home phone for emergencies.

you must leave the kitchen clean and tidy after use.

you should provide the host family with your mobile telephone number.

on the last day don't forget to return any keys you have been given.

it would be very courteous to write a letter thanking your host family for your stay.

Finally, don't forget we are here to help you and if your are not happy about anything please speak to us as soon as possible.


SECTION 3 - WORK PLACEMENTS WORK PLACEMENTS You will attend a four week placement in the hospitality and/or leisure industry where you will undertake 160 hours of unpaid work experience. You will be placed according to your level of English and any relevant skills will be taken into account. During your 4 weeks you will work in one of the following areas; kitchen, house keeping, front of house or in the restaurant. Previous students have studied at the following work placements;

Champneys, Forest Mere and Henlow Grange - Spa Resort and Hotel •

Foxhills, Chertsey - Resort Hotel •

Burhill Golf Club, Walton-on-Thames - Golf Resort •

Oatlands Park Hotel, Weybridge - Traditional Country Hotel •

Holiday Inn Hotel, Guildford - A Chain Hotel •

Inn on the Lake, Godalming - Traditional Country Pub/Inn •

The Hilton, Cobham - An Exclusive Chain Hotel •

Savill Court, Windsor - Exclusive Hotel and Spa •

Georgian House, Haslemere - Traditional Town Hotel •

The Mandolay Hotel, Guildford - Traditional Town Hotel •

The Angel Hotel, Market Harborough - Old Coach House Hotel


WORK PLACEMENTS When you arrive at your work placement you will be shown around and given a full induction that will include a Health and Safety talk. You will be required to complete a daily/weekly log which is looked at by your supervisor at the end of each week. During the four week period Suzie Mackie and your university lecturer will visit (at least once) to assess you in your work place. Times and dates for these visits will be arranged when you start your placement. You must complete all 160 hours and any tasks assigned to you during your work experience in order to gain the 3credits for your university degree. During your 4 week work placement you will be accommodated either by your work placement or with a host family. If you are accommodated by your work placement you will be provided with meals when on duty and will be self-catering when you are not on duty. If you are accommodated with a host family you will be self-catering for all meals. You will be given more information about your accommodation when you have been assigned your work placement.


SECTION 4 - EXCURSIONS EXCURSIONS During your stay in England you will take part in a number of excursions that will show you a few of the major attractions in the south of England and also give you some free time to do some shopping. You will be asked to write about your cultural experiences in England by your university lecturer.

London - 13/03/09 You will travel by train to London from Guildford station. Your University will organise your days activities so please check with your group leader for details. It is likely you will visit some of the many tourist attractions that London has to offer which may include a trip on the London eye and an opportunity to take pictures of the Houses of Parliament and 10 Downing street.

London Eye

Houses of Parliament

Portsmouth - 20/03/09 You will travel by train to Portsmouth from Guildford station. Your University will organise your days activities so please check with your group leader for details. You may visit Gun Wharf Quays which has over 95 designer shopping outlets, there is also a chance to visit the Mary Rose and there are plenty of museums and tours to keep you busy.

Battle Ship in Harbour


Spinnaker Tower

EXCURSIONS Oxford - 28/04/09 You will travel by coach from the Guildford Institute to Oxford. Your University will organise your days activities so please check with your group leader for details. You will also visit Bicester Village in the afternoon which houses a huge selection of discounted labels from the leading fashion and lifestyle brands normally only found in the world’s most exclusive shopping streets.

Christ Church

Radcliffe camera

London - 29/04/09 You will travel by train to London from Guildford Station. You will visit the Le Cordon Bleu education institution in London. It is the world's largest hospitality education institution, with 29 schools in five continents serving 20,000 students annually. Its primary education focus is on hospitality management and the culinary arts.


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