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WEDNESDAY | 9.4.2013 | MaceandCROWN.COM | Vol. 56, Issue 2

THE FUTURE OF FOREMAN FIELD Old Dominion University proposes new football stadium By: Brian Jerry & Derek Page Senior Writer & Editor-in-Chief Mace & Crown A proposal for a new 30,000-seat oncampus football stadium was presented to the Old Dominion University executive committee of the Board of Visitors on Aug. 19. The proposal is part of the university’s latest campus master plan that has addressed university academics and research, student life and housing, and athletic goals. “The resulting master plan will examine our existing campus and how we use it, and provide options for enhancement that will help achieve the university’s vision over the next 20 years. In the process, we examined academic spaces, research facilities, housing, recreation, student services, pedestrian circulation, signage, traffic and transportation, among other topics,” Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications Jennifer Mullen Collins said. The new stadium would support the university’s rapidly expanding football program and fane base. Last year, ODU moved to the Football Bowl Subdivision, the highest level of college football and officials have since determined the current facility is too outdated for an FBS program. Though nothing is set in stone, anonymous sources told the Virginian-Pilot in August that the new stadium would be built on the site of the 30-year-old Powhatan Apartments dormitory complex at 48th Street and Powhatan Avenue. Those sources also said the stadium would be designed to expand to 45,000 seats or more and hope to have it open by 2017, just in time to host Virginia Tech in 2018.

ODU would also become one of few colleges to have a stadium with a view of the water, though it would only be visible in some sections. S.B. Ballard Stadium, which opened in 1936 and seats just over 19,000 fans, cost $300,000 to build at the time, with $4.96 million spent on 2013 renovations and $29,521,218 in total upgrades. Athletic Director Dr. Wood Selig said because of the location of Foreman Field is confined by Hampton Blvd, Bluestone and the many residential buildings of the Larchmont neighborhood that engineering an additional expansion of the stadium would not

be feasible. Collins echoed Selig in that Foreman Field cannot support the growth of the program and that, “any expansion would be a patchwork of additions at best and would be cost prohibitive.” Much of the old stadium would be demolished for student housing. According to the Virginian-Pilot, engineers determined renovating the stadium and adding more seats would cost more than building a new stadium. The insufficient foundation of the 77-year-old stadium means expanding atop the east and west sides of the stadium is unlikely and expanding into the north end


The Circumstances FOR CRIME ALERTS CAUSES CONCERN By: Mark Fulton Contributing Writer Mace & Crown In the early hours of August 24, an aggravated assault took place on the 800 block of West 41 Street and Killam Avenue. A man was reportedly shot by an unidentified suspect and taken to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in stable condition. The incident left many of the nearby student residents feeling shaken, especially those who live on that side of the block. Some students questioned why there wasn’t a University Alert sent about the shooting informing students of what happened. “The lack of notification from the University is appalling. They’ll send out an alert for a fallen branch, but not for someone being

shot in the head less than fifty yards off campus?” student and resident Moneeb Ahmed said. The University Alert System sends out emails to students called “ODU Safety Timely Warning” when the University needs to send out important information crucial to student safety. An ODU Safety Timely Warning was not issued in this case. Jennifer Mullen Collins, assistant vice president for marketing and communications wrote, “The Police Chief decides when an incident meets the criteria for an alert under the Federal Clery Act. So, it’s not a matter of ‘worthiness.’ I don’t think most students understand that there is an actual federal law that we follow and that dictates the circumstances under which alerts are sent.”

The Federal Clery Act is a Federal law that requires schools that receive federal funding to disclose information about crime statistics. The act requires that universities notify students when events happen on campus that may threaten the students’ safety. The situation that happened on 41st Street, just days before fall semester classes began, was not on campus and, by the Clery Act, is not applicable as an ODU Safety Timely Warning. Another student and resident on 41st, Moneeb Ahmed said, “The lack of notification from the University is appalling. They’ll send out an alert for a fallen branch, but not for someone being shot in the head less than fifty yards off campus?”

zone would require demolishing a historic building. The AstroTurf field and Ainslie Football Complex would remain and be used for other purposes such as recreational space or perhaps a conference center. No details regarding the projects cost have been release and no finalizations to the master plan will be made until after the university receives feedback from students, faculty, staff, neighborhood leaders and city officials. Collins suggested that the university’s goals in considering a new football stadium are to support the ODU athletic programs

and provide a high quality experience expected by the fans. This plan may also help launch a similar project in the future for the basketball program’s Ted Constant Convocation Center. “We remain committed to running a professional and positive game day experience for everyone – athletes, fans, our neighbors – and our continued master pan process will help us achieve that goal,” Collins said. She expects the university to begin public presentations in a couple of weeks to address details of the specifics of the master plan.

Wednesday 9.4.2013 | MACE & CROWN | A1


NEWS Mace & Crown Staff : Derek Page Editor in Chief Jessica Scheck News Editor Dominique Bailey Arts & Entertainment Editor Jordan Jones Sports Editor Aaron Roland Copy Editor Ellison Gregg Photography Editor Jonathan Kwok Senior Graphic Designer James Porter II Advertising Director Sean Burke Web Designer DeAngelo Thorpe Distribution Manager Senior Writers: Brian Jerry RJay Molina Mitchell Brown Staff Writers: Eryn Tolley Kadeem Porter Emma Needham Eric Smith Brian Bowden Josh Bray Staff Photographers: Rachel Chasin AJ McCafferty Taylor Roy Claud Dargan Marlie De Clerk Chris Ndiritu Ari Gould Mace & Crown is a newspaper published by and written for the students of Old Dominion once a week throughout each semester and once in the summer. Originally founded in 1930 as the The High Hat, the paper became the Mace & Crown in 1961. The Mace & Crown is a primarily self-supporting newspaper,maintaining journalistic independance from the university. All views expressed in this collegiate paper are those of the author, not of the University, Mace & Crown, or the editors. Contact Information: Phone: 757-683-3452 Fax: 757-683-3459 Advertising: 757-683-4773

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR By: Derek Page Editor-in-Chief Mace & Crown

Welcome to another semester at Old Dominion University and another issue of the Mace & Crown. I hope your summers were satiating and that you are now refreshed and ready to get back on the grind. The Mace staff and I are thrilled to be back in the swing of things bringing you the campus know-what’s each week. I hope you enjoy this first issue. Inside you may find some entertaining, exciting

or perhaps even concerning stories. We’re still in the process of collecting content for our Creative Enclave, which features the short stories and poems of student creative writers and we are always accept submissions. Be sure to check out our webpage where you can listen to our podcasts and take polls to see how your fellow classmates feel about the latest topics. Unfortunately, we’re rather short staffed at the Mace & Crown. It’s impossible to be everywhere at once when there is just a handful of us. With that

said, I would like to welcome any and all students of any and all majors to write for the paper. Or, to put it handsomely, to document the history of our university as it happens. Be our eyes and ears! Who are we to tell the student body what is interesting? Luckily, I have a fantastic staff that has proven themselves credible, honest writers that strive to maintain the integrity of journalistic excellence and thusly find stories that are erudite, candid and competent. However, we need more! The Mace & Crown needs individu-

als with a love for language, a cunning for candor, and a taste for conveying forthright information. If you’re someone who is driven to meet new people, see new places and establish your name in our community, come to a meeting on Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. in our office in the U-Center, 1051 Webb Center. We are willing to work with you in any way possible to ensure you a successful transition into writing professionally and developing your professional network.

WATERSIDE BECOMES WATERSIDE LIVE By: Pamula Floyd Contributing Writer Mace & Crown Following unanimous approval by the Norfolk City Council on Tuesday, Aug. 27, Waterside is set to receive a new look, new name and return to its original vision from when it was built in 1983. The Cordish Companies’ $40 million investment will transform the waterfront marketplace into “Waterside Live”, an entertainment center with a concert venue, new restaurants, a marketplace and other features. Norfolk City Councilman Tommy Smigiel announced that Cordish will have six months to finish designing the project and 18 months to build it. “It’s what citizens said they would like to see,” Smigiel said. Though not all are convinced that the Waterside Live deal is as sweet as it sounds. Norfolk City Councilman Andy Protogyrou is concerned that the contract allows Cordish to sell the lease to another company after investing at least $5 million into the property. Norfolk City Manager Marcus Jones said that it would make no sense for Cordish to invest in Waterside Live then hand it off. Cordish stands to gain much from food and beverage sales. The city expects to receive $91.4 million in new revenue over the next 30 years, as well as an additional $850,000 annually in parking revenue from an increased demand. The city will also share tax revenue with Cordish until the company receives $32 million or 80 percent of its investment. The city will continue

to own Waterside but Cordish will run it. The company will inherit the leases of the three restaurants; Outback Steakhouse, Joe’s Crab Shack and Hooters, but will have discretion over what it does with them, Jones told the council. Protogyrou said he has seen some beautiful pictures, but nothing is guaranteed. Despite this, Mayor Paul Fraim is happy that Waterside escaped demolition and will return to its original version. Cordish projects that Waterside Live will create about 1,000 jobs. Reed Cordish, vice president of the Baltimore-based development company, projects that 1,000 is a conservative number. It is also exactly what the company has pulled

off in other cities. Cordish will hire performers and various acts to provide free entertainment. Therefore on any given afternoon or night, a guest may come and see a regional band giving a free concert. But not everyone is sold on the potential for 1,000 new jobs. James V. Koch, an economics professor at Old Dominion University, feels that this will be at the expense of places like Ghent, Granby Street and Military Circle. “Only if Waterside attracts expenditures from other cities in the region, or it acts as a magnet to keep expenditures here that otherwise would have left, will it actually produce any new jobs for the city,” Koch said.

Likewise, ODU economist Vinod Agarwal ODU said the project’s job promises depend on how different Waterside Live will be from the Waterside that has had ups and downs over the past three decades. Vice Mayor, Anthony L. Burfoot said that Waterside Live is nothing that we have ever see in Hampton Roads. He says there will be long lines of people trying to get in. The last part of the deal calls for a $1 million investment in the Waterside Marina, which the city has been planning for three years.


By: Mark Fulton Contributing Writer Mace & Crown Old Dominion University is located in an epicenter of a large military community. Norfolk Naval base, Little Creek, Camp Allen, Fort Eustis and Langley Air Force base are all located within driving distance of the University. ODU was recently ranked as the fifth top University in Virginia for service members by College Database. College Database is a nonprofit website dedicated to giving future students information for picking prospective universities and programs.

Some of the criteria the website used to determine top schools for future service members included price of tuition and number of available reserve officer training programs. Brett Madrigal, a recent graduate and Second Lieutenant in the United States Army stated that ODU helped lead him to success once reaching active duty. “As a senior at ODU you plan, resource, and execute for freshman, sophomores, and juniors. That was a very rewarding process and as an active duty officer I will be responsible for that same process,” Madrigal said.

Madrigal felt that the ROTC program at ODU helped him to balance work and home life and not be overwhelmed by either. Madrigal said, “Going to ROTC at ODU rather than a military academy such as VMI was more beneficial in my opinion for active duty. As a cadet at ODU, the cadre stressed having a life outside of ROTC and class.” Another recent graduate and Second Lieutenant in the United States Army Ben Wenner also felt that the ranking as one of the top schools in Virginia for future service members was accurate. “The Battalion has experienced and

diverse leadership within the cadre who mentor, guide, instruct, and produce exceptional cadets because of the Battalion. The Battalion has experienced and diverse leadership within the cadre who mentor, guide, instruct, and produce exceptional cadets,” Lieutenant Wenner said. The variety of degree programs at ODU coupled with the dedicated faculty and staff makes it a good choice for future service members. The military influence in the area offers unique experiences for students that may be hard to find around other college campuses in Virginia.


Wednesday 9.4.2013 | MACE & CROWN | B1

ARTS & entertainment LOCAL GEM RETURNS By: Dri Mayfield Staff Writer Mace & Crown The Do-Nut Dinette is back and baking! The local gem located on Colley Avenue in historic Ghent was closed in December 2012 due to a reoccurring health condition suffered by current owner Greg Pastore. Almost eight months after surgery, Pastore has reopened the Dinettes doors and is serving a full menu. The delicious doughnuts, which are the diner’s namesake, will be making their grand debut as of Sunday, Sept 1. A staple in the Ghent community, the Do-Nut Dinette has been in business for over 50 years. Pastore has successfully run the dinette for the past eight years until 2012 when he began to suffer periods of passing out. These periods were originally misdiagnosed as vertigo. However, Pastore’s true health problem lied in complications within the discs of his neck that had to be dealt with by corrective surgery. Intending to keep the Do-Nut Dinette up and running through his healing, Pastore chose to abruptly close the doors on the Dinette in December of 2012 to better preserve his health and his business. Pastore says that now, nine months after his surgery and a month into his reopening, he is feeling well, business is good, and the community has gladly received him and the Do-Nut Dinette back into the community. The Do-Nut Dinette has a classic diner look and atmosphere. There are both inside and outside seating options, including a counter where customers can watch the food being cooked. The restaurant has a new staff that provides friendly and fast service. There is a large menu full of classic choices

and all reasonably priced. If you can tear yourself from the bed between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. you can catch the Do-Nut Dinette’s early bird special, two eggs, your choice of breakfast meat, hashbrowns or grits, and toast for only $4.99. For those of us who aren’t early birds, but still want a good deal, there are the pancakes. For $2.99, diners can enjoy a pancake that is estimated to be about 14 inches in diameter, Credit for DoNut Dinette’s famous “hubcap pancakes” actually belongs to former Old Dominion University baseball player, Mike Zom. Years ago, Zom frequented the Do-Nut Dinette with other members of the baseball team. He eventually got hired there as a part-time cook. When he would cook the pancakes he made them the way he and his friends liked them- huge! Although Pastore wasn’t originally thrilled with the pancake portions, the flap jacks gained national attention when Southern Living Magazine did a feature on the Do-Nut Dinette and their pancakes. Thus what Pastore refers to as the “pancake era” was born. Then there are, of course, the in house made doughnuts. According to Pastore, the Dinettes doughnuts haven’t changed a bit in years. “It’s the same recipe since 1949,” he says. Although there have been rumors that Pastore sold the Do-Nut Dinettes recipe to other companies, he wants to lay the rumors to bed. The Do-Nut Dinette is the exclusive owner and user of their special doughnut recipe and it is not for sale! The Do-Nut Dinette will begin to sell their homemade, crushable treats again as of Sunday, September 1st. Although the Do-Nut Dinette is enjoying a brand new staff for its reopening, one veteran worker remains, Ken Cook. Cook has

worked for Pastore at the Dinette two years ago as a seasonal chief. He is back again this summer to lend a helping hand with the reopening and work his magic in the kitchen. Cook says that he “absolutely loves” working at the Do-Nut Dinette because of the unique combination of “the atmosphere, the people that come in, and the area of Ghent.” He enjoys watching families bring their children in to have an old fashioned blast, forming relationships with “lifelong Ghenters,” and meeting people who are from out of state, especially Old Dominion and Norfolk State students. Cook also says that he enjoys working for Greg Pastore and not just for the awesome food. Cook describes Pastore as a very generous man with “a heart of gold”. He says that he has seen Pastore help those in need

many times, from giving out a simple meal to working with charities. Pastore was raised in a household that taught him to share. As a child, he and his siblings would have to choose one of their Christmas gifts every year to give to a child less fortunate than them. He has carried the “sharing is caring” lesson with him all his life. Even more so, being involved in many charitable organizations already and looking to do more especially during the holiday times, with organizations that focus on helping those who suffer cancer. While great food and leadership certainly come into play, both Pastore and Cook agree that what truly makes the Do-Nut Dinette a special place is the Ghent community has supported it for many years. Pastore believes that without a doubt it is the people that

make Ghent such a special place. Pastore says, “Our customer base is very friendly. Everyone supports the local owned businesses.” Cook agrees with this sentiment adding that Ghent is an area that is very accepting of diversity, something that is becoming more of a rarity as hate crimes are popping up with more frequency in the media creating, deeper divides that go far past being strictly prejudice. Greg Pastore would like to give a special thanks to his family and friends Richie, Kathy, and Steven Charles of the Red Dog for their support and help during this time. With his health restored and business booming, Pastore is looking forward to staying involved in the Ghent community and serving all who stop by a delicious breakfast that will leave them full but wanting more.

Young Money Yawn has this message for anyone who is never heard of him, “I ain’t going nowhere,” says Young Money Yawn. “Expect more money from me in the future. Let me be me and I will give ya’ll all I have.” For more information on Young Money

wYawn visit his www.youngmoneyyawn. com. “Street Gospel” can be downloaded at or follow him on Twitter @youngmoney_yawn.

YOUNG MONEY YAWN By: Zekeya Murphy Contributing Writer Mace & Crown Local artist, Young Money Yawn is new to the rap scene, but has already proved that he is going to be a hard act to follow. With its infectiously catchy hook, “I’m from the Gutta Gutta/ bread and peanut butter/ ooddle noodles for dinner/word to my motha’,” and raw lyrical content, “Gutta Gutta,” the breakout single from his highly anticipated mixtape “Street Gospel,” landed Young Money Yawn a feature in XXL Magazine, before the mix-tape was even released. Having already reached major pinnacles in his career, Young Money Yawn is definitely on the fast track to superstardom. “I’m an idealist, fighting for opportunity, fighting for loyalty, fighting for commitment and most of all, fighting for hustle,” Young Money Yawns says. “Actually, I’m not a rapper and I don’t want to be a rapper,” “I’m a motivational speaker who just wants to tell my life story,” he added. A native of Berkley, one of the most violent and poverty stricken neighborhoods in Norfolk, Virginia. Young Money Yawn; bet-

ter known as Lil’ Terrion, admits that he was raised in a single mother household while his dad, a self made millionaire lived in the same area; but allowed his family to struggle. His story appears to be the same story that many artists and professional athletes tell, but Young Money Yawn has long recognized the difference between them and himself. “They said they from poverty and they still in poverty, but I overcame mine. That is the difference,” he says while comparing himself to hip-hop counterparts. Another difference between Lil’ Terrion and “rappers” is that Young Money Yawn is educated. Having received a bachelor of science degree in education from Norfolk State University, he sees his accomplishment as a model for how to overcome a troubled upbringing. “I knew that I was going to be a self made person. I went to school for networking purposes and to shown my hood that I could do something different,” he says. In true form of an educator and motivational speaker, Young Money Yawn considered writing a book, but says “It took too long.” Instead, he completed a video blog series titled “Pills and Water,” in which he speaks on prominent life issues. In the blog,

Young Money Yawn can be seen giving a lecture to a class that is empty, but the emotion and delivery of the message certainly causes the viewer to forget about that. “My words and experiences are like pain relievers. It’s for healing,” he explains after being asked to elaborate on the title of his blog. In releasing “Street Gospel”, Young Money Yawn’s hopes for this mixtape are similar to the hopes he had for “Pills and Water.” “I want to give lessons to people, and hopefully they take heed to it. What I put out is rules to the street that people need to know,” said Young Money Yawn. Tracks that paint raw, uncut picture of real life, armed with memorizing beats and production is what you can expect to receive from “Street Gospel”. “It’s like a bible for the streets,” says Young Money Yawn. Only two days after its release on Aug. 28, 2013, “Street Gospel” was critically acclaimed by hip-hop heavy hitters like Pusha T and DJ Khaled. His single, “Gutta Gutta.” is in heavy rotation on the radio and Young Money Yawn is demanding the attention of people all over the world. ZWith his sophomore project already under production,


THE NORVA September 2013 SCHEDULE Friday, Sept. 6: Shane Dollar & Friends DOORS: 6:30 p.m. SHOW: 7:00 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 7: X Ambassadors with Logan Vath and The Vacant, DOORS: 7:00 p.m. SHOW: 8:00 p.m. Monday, Sept. 9: The Gaslight Anthem with The Sidekicks and Gates DOORS: 7:00 p.m. SHOW: 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 10: The Airborne Toxic Event with American Authors DOORS: 6:30 p.m. SHOW: 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 14: Yo Gotti with Ca$h Out, Ced Zilla and Young Money Yawn DOORS: 8:00 p.m. SHOW: 9:00 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 15: Matisyahu with Magic DOORS: 7:00 p.m. SHOW: 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 17: Pepper with Grieves ad RDGLDGRN DOORS: 7:00 p.m. SHOW: 8:00 p.m. Friday, Sept. 20: Sea of Souls with Revery and Nemesis DOORS: 7:00 p.m. SHOW: 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 24: Sigur Ros (This event will be hosted at the ODU Ted Constant Ceter) DOORS: 7:00 p.m. SHOW: 8:00 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 28: The Legwarmers: The Ultimate ‘80s Experience DOORS: 7:00 p.m. SHOW: 8:00 p.m.


SEPTEMBER FESTEVENTS AT&T Bubbles & Bluejeans When: Friday, Sept. 6 (5 p.m. – 9 p.m.) Where: Townebank Fountain Park – Downtown Norfolk Waterfront What: Celebrate the ladies by sampling sparkling wines and escaping in the sounds of live acoustic music by Brandon Bower. The event is free and open to the public. Observe the latest styles at the fashion show hosted by Ariane Aramburo, co-host of WAVY-TV10’s The Hampton Roads Show, browse unique jewelry by Stella & Dot in the marketplace and try the tasty treats from Omar’s Fountain Café. A portion of the beverage sales will benefit the Women of AT&T for their participation in the American Heart Associations Heart Walk. 5th Annual Opera in the Park Concert When: Saturday, Sept. 7 (7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.) Where: Town Point Park - Downtown Norfolk What: Enjoy a beautiful sunset along the Elizabeth River accompanied by the serenading sounds of the Virginia Opera, featuring the Virginia Symphony Orchestra. Virginia Opera’s Community Musical Outreach Director Dr. Glenn Winters, best known by his audiences as Dr. Opera, will serve as emcee. This season’s opening production of Giuseppe Verdi’s Falstaff is lead by the Virginia Opera’s Resident Conductor Adam Turner and features many of opera’s most cherished classics, such as “The Ride of the Valkyries” from Die Walküre and “Summertime” from The Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess. 8th Annual Mid Autumn Moon Festival When: Sunday, Sept. 8 (Noon – 4 p.m.) Where: Town Point Park - Downtown Norfolk Waterfront What: Produced in partnership with Friends of Pagoda, Oriental Garden Foundation and Local Chinese Organizations, this festival celebrates an ancient tradition of honoring a good harvest, youth, families and community that marks the end of the summer harvest. Entertainment and programs include storytelling, authentic Asian Ceremonial fashion shows, ribbon and dragon dancing, martial arts demonstrations, children’s activities, music dance performances, children’s lantern parade and special appearances by the Moon Goddess. 2nd Annual Embrace The Culture: Norfolk’s Second Annual Indie Music & Arts Festival When: Saturday, Sept. 14 (Noon – 10 p.m.) Where: Town Point Park – Downtown Norfolk Waterfront What: Embrace The Culture is a celebration of all things art and culture. Town Point Park will host a variety of artists, comedians, filmmakers, musicians, culinary experts and many others. The festival is free and open to the public and will feature local, regional and national artists on multiple stages throughout the day. Stop by the marketplace featuring local artisans displaying handmade jewelry, soaps, painting and salvage art. This year’s ETC festival is preluded by introducing the first VEER Magazine Fringe Festival, starting Friday, Sept. 13 throughout Downtown Norfolk and Ghent, giving festival goers the opportunity to explore the city and local businesses, connecting citizens with minutiae of the Norfolk independent art scene. A portion of alcoholic beverage sales will benefit the Down Syndrome Association of Hampton Roads and Virginia Stage Associates. Ribtoberfest When: Saturday, Sept. 21 (Noon – 8 p.m.) Where: Town Point Park – Downtown Norfolk Waterfront What: Enjoy beer, barbeque, live music and restaurant competitions along the Elizabeth River at the inaugural Ribtoberfest.

ETC Stage Schedules: E Stage
 2:45-3:15 p.m. - Logan Vath & the Vacant
 4:15-5:15 p.m. - Civil Twilight
 6:15-7:30 p.m. - Electric Guest
 8:30-10:00 p.m. - Delta Spirit T Stage
 12:15-1:15 p.m. - DJP and MrT
 1:45-2:45 p.m. - The Great Victory & Jake Hull
 3:15-4:15 p.m. - TBA
 5:15-6:15 p.m. - Larkin Poe
 7:30-8:30n p.m. - Good Old War C Stage
 Emerging artists presented by Tidewater Arts Outreach
 Noon Zach Chernitzer
 12:30 p.m. Alice Conner
 1:00 p.m. Roy Moats
 1:30 p.m. James Arellano
 2:00 p.m. Nicole Belanus
 2:30 p.m. Jon Kovacevich
 3:00 p.m. Justin Clements
 3:30 p.m. Dustin Furlow
 4:00 p.m. Dan Pellegrino - Like the Water
 4:30 p.m. Sophie Harton
 5:00 p.m. Will Overman
 5:30 p.m. Luke Hartman Schedule of Events: Friday, September 13
 • d’Art Center/Selden Arcade: Photography Exhibition Contest/Music by Dharma Initiative (6-8pm)
 • Taphouse Ghent: High Street Lowlifes Rockabilly Rebel Revue
• Hell’s Kitchen: Last Saloon Band
 • Mo & O’Malley’s: Martin Marron
Saturday, September 14
 • Prince Books: Poetry Reading & Discussion w/ Tim Seibles & Tom Robotham (1:00 PM)
 • Naro Expanded Cinema: Late Show “Hardcore Norfolk, The Movie” (11:30 PM)
 • Mo & O’Malley’s: Birds & Arrows (from Raleigh, NC)
 • Trilogy: Logan Vath
 • Hell’s Kitchen: Red Stapler
 • Jewish Mother Back stage: Seth Stainback & Roosterfoot
 • Cure Coffee Shop: JoAnna Lynn (9-11 PM)
 • Belmont House of Smoke: Action Habit w/guest
 • Stella Café: Karl Werne & Eddie Williams
 • Taphouse Ghent: 11 Ton
 • 80/20 Burger Bar: Big Virginia Sky
 • Colley Cantina: Rodeo Clown

Wednesday 9.4.2013 | MACE & CROWN | C1



AFFLECK AS BATMAN: SAY IT ISN’T SO! By: R Jay Molina Contributing Writer Mace & Crown

To quote an internet meme, “did you hear about the new Batman actor? Christian Bale fans have really Ben Affleckted by it.” The movie and internet world cracked around Aug. 22, when Academy Award winner, Ben Affleck was cast as the Dark Knight in the upcoming “Man of Steel” sequel. Lines were drawn. Supporters and backlashers raised their weapons or fingers against each other. Typed and probably screamed away on IMDb ;Internet Movie Database forums, Facebook statuses, Twitter feeds and Tumblr posts. Some even unassuming cashiers at the local supermarket, about this casting decision made by Warner Brothers. But in the end, does it matter? The potential for increased conflict looms over Syria, Detroit’s financially unstable, there are still starving children in Africa, and Miley Cyrus “twerked” all over Beetlejuice, yet here we are arguing about Ben Affleck as Batman. However, I’ll play along. Why? I love Batman. I love Batman so much that as a kid I dressed up as him and accidentally shot my father in the eye with a NERF Batman gadget; which he took away at the time and gave it back to me when I turned 21. I guess there was supposed to be some-

thing symbolic about that. Nevertheless, it brought back fun memories, but I digress! After eight years of watching Academy Award winner, Christian Bale slide through the fictitious Gotham City with his throat cancer voice. It came as a shock when I heard about Affleck. But it was expected that Bale wouldn’t be back to don the Bat cloak after “The Dark Knight Rises” film bookended director Christopher Nolan’s take on the character. So I welcome Affleck into the fold, because he obviously cares about what others think. It’s not a bad choice. It’s certainly not my first, but I had to endure George Clooney as Batman at one point. Anyone remember the outrage when comedian Michael Keaton was cast as Batman? Remember how wrong people were when Keaton turned in a great performance? Affleck’s surely proved himself as a powerful writer and director with films like, “Good Will Hunting,” “Gone Baby Gone,” “The Town” and most recently, “Argo.” But fans don’t care about those credentials. They revert back to his earlier acting roles in “Gigli,” “Pearl Harbor,” “Jersey Girl” or “Daredevil;” the latter of which I view as his audition tape for Batman. Fans are afraid of change. Most of them also think that someone cannot learn from their mistakes. Is it fair to judge this Superman and Batman crossover two years before it’s re-

leased? No. In fact, fans should be celebrating. We’re getting the comic book movie we have always wanted. Batman and Superman together on the silver screen? Move over, Avengers. These two don’t need a Hulk. I could be wrong, but I see this casting deci-

sion as a bold and exciting idea, one that could very well work out in the filmmakers’ favor. Ben Affleck brings that reputation that Batman needs to be introduced into the world director, Zack Synder created for Superman. After all, this Batman isn’t the one

Nolan and Bale created. I’m not anticipating his origin, nor do we need one for this Superman film.

WHAT IS NINTENDO THINKING? By: Sean Burke Webmaster Mace & Crown

The 3DS is one of the bestselling consoles of this generation, selling 1.4 million system units and 11.4 million games in the last quarter of the year according to Nintendo’s own financial reports. The 3DS has outsold every one of Nintendo’s other consoles, including the recently released Wii U. Nintendo made a shocking announcement last week that caught the internet and the video game playing world by surprise. A new handheld will be hitting stores later this fall, and not much later at all, the Nintendo 2DS launches on October 12th as the company’s newest handheld. It will come at a price point of $129.99, the same as Nintendo’s current handheld powerhouse, the 3DS. While the launch of this hardware revision is exciting, it is unclear who this handheld system might be designed for exactly or even why it exists at all. So one might ask, with the 3DS still doing exceedingly well in stores, and the Wii U not doing so hot, why release a new handheld rather than push for more home console sales? It is a baffling thing and in some ways leads me to think that Nintendo is abandoning the Wii U. The console has had little to no third party support and limited first party support in the way of software. Sales for the Wii U have been noted as “dire” by IGN and other major gaming news sites. The console sold only 160,000 units in the same quarter as the 3DS and on 390,000 games. Nintendo, I believe, is letting the Wii

U die slowly. I think that they are dropping the home console market in favor of competing in the handheld space where they fare much better, and that they are focusing more on their Japanese market, which has always supported them and uses handhelds more often than on American audience due to the higher availability of public transportation. Is this the right decision? Possibly. By focusing on a handheld segment of consoles in the range of $100-$200 Nintendo opens themselves to a larger market than the typical home console market of $300-$500. The lower price point will give them better reach because all people can afford it, not just adults. The lower price allows younger kids the chance to save their allowance and purchase the device on their own.. Is the 2DS a good decision though? I think not. The console is a 3DS without the 3D capability of its predecessor. It is also far bigger and blockier than any other handhelds of the day. A 3DS, an iPhone, a Droid all fit into a person’s pocket and can be with them on the go. The 2DS will have to go inside a purse or a backpack for easy carrying. I believe gamers and parents would have been much happier to see a 3DS price drop to something like $100 or $115 rather than see a new console release. Nintendo is still in good shape for the time being, but if the 2DS doesn’t do well, then that’ll be two consoles in a row that have flopped for the company. They’re on thin ice and I don’t think they know it quite yet.






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CROWN JEWELS By: Brian Jerry Senior Writer Mace & Crown

In the great words of Matthews from the ‘90s hit series Boy Meets World,,“salutations my didactic friends and welcome to a brand spanking new semester, year, and everything else over here.” I hope you all had a terrific summer, but there’s a reason I haven’t been to Williamsburg in years, and that’s because I don’t beat around the Busch Gardens. So let’s jump right into it, shall we? Looks like we have a junior Fergie-licious on our hands. And all I have to say is, finally we have another singer/entertainer not named Beyonce who’s perfectly fit to be a mother. Sorry Kimye, Snooki, and every Kardashian/Jenner sibling known to man and woman-kind, you’re never going to fill any parent of the year trophy cases in this lifetime. The 38-year old Fergie; former Stacy Ferguson, Black Eyed Peas front woman and “Safe Haven,” along with husband Josh Duhamel are now parents to Axl Jack Duhamel. The healthy infant weighed in at 7 pounds, 10 ounces a perfect fit for the baby-weight division. In case the kid wants to be a minifighter one day, just saying. The singer gave birth at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles via a pre-scheduled C-section. She even tweeted, “Josh & Me & BABY makes three!!! #mylovelybabybump.” Check it out. Great news for the couple who’s been married since 2009. Even greater considering today’s mother seemingly averages about 1.5 DUI’s a month and zero rebounds. Fergie’s a great role model and will be an even greater mother. Congrats to them both, the parental jewels are probably the proudest you can receive in all walks of life.

Mace Spray: Her song begins with “and we can’t stop” but collectively we’re asking her to please. Stop. Look, I get it. Miley Ray Cyrus wants to distance herself as far away from her Hannah Montana, Disney goody twoshoes personas as humanly possible. That is understandable and tiresome for plenty a childhood TV stars. What I have a problem with is the way the she is going about this transformation. Colored streaked and sticked-out tongue aside, the black stripped Mohawk just brings douchy-ness to another level. When you are an MTV Video Music Awards co-performer is embarrassed for you, that’s when you know you are out of whack. Sorry Robin Thicke, I wish you can have every bit of those 10 or so minutes of your life back. His wife, actress Paula Patton was perfectly okay with the former “Hannah Montana” star grinding and “twerking” on her husband of eight years. I have to say, she is probably the nicest woman in America right now. I guess some daughters will go to the “full moon” and back to prove they no longer need daddy’s credit card to support themselves, but trust and believe people. This is NOT Billy Ray’s kid. This is a completely different, ratchet blonde version of a girl you may very well spot on the corner of the street tonight. Who just happens to share the country superstar’s DNA. I wish there was some way I could take her new hit single “We Can’t Stop” and insert a video of someone with dare I say, a bit of class and respect for herself. Until then, that girl can use a stingy eye spray, a pair of pants, a much needed hug from dad and a clue.

ASK MEGHAN By: Meghan Larson Staff Writer Mace & Crown

College is stressful and your friends are too fake to give you the real answer, so why not post an anonymous question and get the answer you’ve been waiting for? Ask Meghan! Is an advice columnist who is ready to listen and help you with all of your dilemmas, whatever they may be. All posts are made anonymous. If you wish to write in and you have a Facebook account, please search for “ODU Advice” and like the page. There is a link you can click on the page to submit your anonymous questions. Question: I’ve always loved to dance, but I’ve never done it professionally on a team. I feel like college is my chance to come out of my shell, but I’m really nervous to try out for the ODU dance team. I really need help about overcoming this fear. I know it will be good for me, but I am just too shy. To learn more about Army Reserve opportunities, visit us at

Answer: Okay, I can definitely understand why this may be difficult for you. Many people struggle with being shy, as well

as stage fright. If you love to dance, then that should be your answer right there. You do not want to spend the rest of your time in college wondering what it would be like to not be on the sideline of the football games anymore. You have the talent, now do it! Easier said than done right? Part of making a team is showing that you are willing to work for it. Go to tryouts and find a buddy. Pair up with him or her and critique each other. Also, practicing in front of your friends would be a good way to prepare for how tryouts will be. Best of luck! Question: I need help. There is a really cute guy who sits in front of me in my philosophy class. He has electric blue eyes that are to die for. Only bummer is that I think he has a girlfriend. Should I still go for it? Answer: Wow, blue eyes can be tough to avoid, but you have to respect that he is currently involved with someone now. No one likes a home-wrecker. You never know, things could end and he might need a shoulder to lean on. . Stay close, but not too close! Good Luck!

Wednesday 9.4.2013 | MACE & CROWN | D1


SPORTS NCAA’S HANDLING OF FORMER MONARCH DONTE HILL POINTS TO A FLAWED SYSTEM By: Eric Guy Contributing Writer Mace & Crown Life as a student-athlete is not always fair. Such is the case of now-former Old Dominion Monarch Donte Hill, who recently was denied his final appeal for an additional season of competition. As a result of denial, Hill’s days in a Monarch uniform are over. The situation stems from Hill having played eight minutes in a closed scrimmage at the University of Clemson two years ago; days before he would announce his decision to transfer to ODU. In reference to, Ed Miller and Harry Minium of The Virginian Pilot who initially outlined this reality. Although the final decision is still angering Monarchs fans, Hill’s actions did indeed fall under bylaw 14.2 of the NCAA’s Constitution and Bylaws Manual, which states that “any amount of time played in a competition—joint practice sessions, scrimmages, exhibitions, etc.—utilizes costs a season of eligibility.” While the letter of the law was followed in regards to Hill, his situation and others signify that there are flaws in the decision making of the NCAA. This year alone, NCAA officials have allegedly handled numerous other matters in ways that did not always flow in accordance with the bylaws. Rutgers shooting guard, Kerwin Okoro recently had his hardship waiver request;

usually granted on the basis of an extenuating circumstance, denied. Having transferred from Iowa State to Rutgers, the waiver would have allowed him to play immediately without having to sit out the coming season. So, why did he transfer in the first place? He transferred because he wanted to be closer to his mother following the deaths of his father and brother. In the eyes of many, this seems as an extenuating circumstance. According to Fox Sports’ Nick Creegan, the hardship waiver applies to tending to a sick family member and the death of an immediate family member does not count. What is rather peculiar about the denials is, although the rulebook is there for a reference when making decisions. The committee has absolute power to grant a waiver if they so choose, following a thorough review In the cases of Hill and Okoro they have done just that. However, is it fair? Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Eisenberg noted, the NCAA denying Okoro’s request is surprising because “the most common complain… is that the organization hands out waiver requests like candy.” No truer words have been spoken, seeing as the committee granted Texas Christian shooting guard, Trey Zeigler. Who played for Central Michigan and Pittsburgh a waiver to play immediately last year after having transferred from CMU to Pitt. Why? In accordance to Eisenberg, his request was accepted because his father, Ernie

Zeigler. Who eventually would come to lose his job as the head coach of Central Michigan’s basketball program. When taken at face value, Zeigler’s “extenuating circumstance” does not level up to that of Okoro’s.However, if the committee was willing to allow Zeigler the right to play immediately, why were they unwilling to give Hill a pass? Such decision-making is bewildering in the least, and it did not take long for college basketball’s analysts to speak out against NCAA president, Mark Emmert and the committee. Longtime ESPN college basketball analyst, Dick Vitale took to Twitter recently. Vitale expresses although he firmly believes Emmert is a sensible man, the NCAA has “to do what is right” and rule Hill and Okoro eligible. ESPN insider, Jeff Goodman also used Twitter as his platform for denunciation. Sarcastically stating Emmert and Co must “sit around and play rock-paper-scissors” as a means to making decisions. After a cataclysmic season, where fans watched the Monarchs go from being a formidable force in the Colonial Athletic Association to one of the bottom feeders in the conference. Seeing Hill leave in this fashion is the ultimate stab to the heart of Monarch’s nation. Through the good times and the bad, Hill was a testament to hard work leading to success as evident by the CAA, in correlation

to all the academic honors he received last season. Heading into their first season in the Conference USA, the Monarchs will have to tough it out without the veteran leadership of Hill. The Monarchs will now have to turn to upperclassmen, Richard Ross and Dimitri Batten for leadership. As the team embarks on a new journey under the direction of new head coach Jeff Jones. In addition with Hill

out of the fold, the bulk of the scoring load will now be thrown upon the shoulders of Batten and second-year players, Aaron Bacote and Keenan Palmore. Seeing Hill leave in such a mournful fashion is a tough pill to swallow. And although the way his situation and Okoro’s ordeal, were handled are sickening the rules were followed.


MONARCHS MAKE FBS DEBUT By: Brian Saunders Staff Writer Mace & Crown

When the Old Dominion Monarchs take the field Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013 vs. East Carolina University. It will be 265 days since their 49-35 home playoff loss to Georgia Southern. A lot has changed since then. ODU left the Colonial Athletic Conference;CAA joining the Football Bowl Subdivision; FBS becoming the newest member of Conference USA. The team has also shaken things up on defense, hiring Rich Nagy away from Western Michigan. Eventually appointing him defensive coordinator and also terminating assistant head coach and defensive line coach Dealton Cotton. Nagy will be replacing Bill Dee, who willl work with defense. ODU also was able to bring in Jeff Commissiong; who comes to the Monarchs from Boston College. Who is noted as one of the best defensive line coaches in the game. “What you’ve got is a couple of veteran guys with a lot of FBS experience,” Wilder said. “Where I really feel like we will see that experience is on game day, when it comes

to game day adjustments; when it comes to certain match-ups; when it comes to players that are in the game and certain calls to make in situations. I feel very confident that their experience is going to allow our team to grow and improve” The Monarchs face a huge jump in the level of competition this season, after playing an inaugural 4 seasons in the Football Sub Division; FCS. Never playing a single FBS team, it has five FBS teams on its schedule, with games against East Carolina, Maryland, Pittsburg, Idaho and North Carolina. Although this will be ODU’s first year in C-USA and FBS, they will still technically be a FCS independent this season. In accordance to ODU football columnist of the Virginian Pilot, Harry Minium. “Although ODU is governed by FBS rules, technically, it will be playing as an FCS independent.” Due to this the Monarchs will still face 7 FCS schools, including a cross town rematch with 2011 playoff opponent Norfolk State. Although the Monarchs are playing tougher competition this season, the team posts its best roster yet. When asked how the team has prepared for tougher opponents, Wilder said, “We’ve been able to

create more competition by team, this is by far the most talent we’ve had as a football program, transitioning from 63 scholarships to 85 scholarships, we naturally have more talented players, 79 full scholarship players, the level of competition in practice, I feel like we’re a better football team right now than we were when we played Georgia Southern December 8.”. The Monarchs are 38-10 in four seasons however it’s FBS opponents will be superior athletes, than most of the guys they have ever played against in FCS. Wilder talked about overcoming adversity, “We talk a lot about handling adversity I show them different adverse situations whether it’s in sports or in life, we talk about all the time what people do when they have a setbacks -they turn it into a comeback. We’re going to have setbacks throughout the season, collectively we have to make all those setbacks comebacks and attack everything with a positive mental attitude that’s the focus of our program.” ODU will not be eligible for any type of postseason this year, however the team is looking at this year in an alternative way. Wilder offered this, “We’re the only team in the country with 5 bowl games, we’ve never played 1 FBS team, this year we play 5, we’re

treating all 5 of these games like bowl games, so the goal for the season with the level of competition is to make a statement, that we’ve arrived at FBS and we’re going to be a good FBS program and my goal for this team is from the first play of East Carolina to the last play of North Carolina we’ll be an improved football team.” Taylor Heinicke led his high powered offense to 45 points per game last year, setting the FCS record as the first 5,000 passing yard quarterback and wining the Walter Payton Award; the Heisman of the FCS.. Many think Heinicke will need to match his video game stats from last year,. However Wilder sees it differently, wanting nothing more from Heinicke than the ability to “move the chains, find a way to get a 1 first down each possession, generally what happens in our offense with the pace we go how fast we go 1 first down, leads to 2, leads to 3, find a way to move the chains, protect the football, if he continues to do that we’ll continue to improve as a team.” Earlier this summer Heinicke was featured on the nationally syndicated Scott Van Pelt radio show and offered this about his team’s expectations, “we’re trying to make a statement; we are trying to prove to D1 FBS

we belong. We want to go to ECU make a statement, keep it close, maybe even win it. We have no other goals other than to win, we believe that’s the only goal we need to have.” Wilder says he and his entire team are “very excited, everyone’s had a tremendous offseason… everybody is excited to get back on the field and get this first game started.” Kickoff Saturday is at 7:00 p.m. in Greenville, North Carolina. The first of the Monarch’s five “bowl games.” According to ODU’s official Facebook page, “ODU students who reside in University housing will be able to watch the ODU vs. East Carolina football game on Saturday night, thanks to a partnership with Cox Communications and ODU. The game airs at 7:00 p.m. on analog channel 58 and digital channel 91-8 on campus on August 31. All other Cox Digital Essential customers will be able to view the game on channel 114. You may need to set up your TV by re-scanning the cable TV channels in order to view the new channels. If you need assistance please contact the ITS Help Desk.”


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ACROSS 1. A cook might wear one 6. Black, in poetry 10. Unrestrained revelry 14. Wavelike design 15. Soft drink 16. Part in a play 17. Sea eagles 18. Den 19. Bright thought 20. Mediator 22. Equipment 23. A parcel of land 24. Negatively charged particle 26. Flower part 30. Frequently 32. Sensational 33. A permissible difference 37. Ear-related 38. Not over 39. Tailless stout-bodied amphibian

40. Warranty 42. Antlered animal 43. Law and _____ 44. Not brighten 45. Adhesive 47. Mayday 48. After-bath powder 49. A payment of money 56. Savvy about 57. Trudge 58. A part of the small intestine 59. Break 60. Small island 61. The language of Persia 62. Arid 63. Require 64. Hoar

DOWN 1. Ends a prayer 2. Minute opening 3. Jewelry 4. Chocolate cookie 5. Snuggled 6. Panache 7. Ship 8. Hodgepodge 9. Storyteller 10. Creator 11. Cowboy sport 12. Gather 13. 365 days 21. Charged particle 25. Not used 26. Plod along 27. Ballet attire 28. Diva’s solo 29. Used to see small things

30. Not younger 31. Run away 33. Initial wager 34. Cozy corner 35. Carryall 36. Biblical garden 38. Support from beneath 41. Paintings 42. A breed dog 44. Point 45. A fabric resembling velvet 46. Communion table 47. Aligned 48. Throw 50. If not 51. Infiltrator 52. Winglike 53. Roman emperor 54. Swear 55. Send forth




Wednesday 9.4.2013 | MACE & CROWN | E2

classifiedads ODU RECYCLEMANIA ODU’s RecycleMania is inviting all students, staff and administration to come and take part in ODU’s recycle-ympics! Come out for the opportunity to learn more about how you can help the university and win wonderful prizes! RecycleMania is a friendly competition and benchmarking tool for college and university recycling programs to promote waste reduction activities to their campus communities. With each week’s updated ranking, participating schools follow their performance against other colleges and use the results to rally their campus to reduce and recycle more.

Mace & Crown The Mace & Crown meets every Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. in the U-Center, located across from the Card Center in Webb. We welcome anyone who has a passion for reading, writing, editing and photography. Join our Orgsync page for updates and meeting reminders. If you wish to advertise with the Mace & Crown please contact James Porter at advertising@ He can supply information on advertising costs and the classified section.








As a transfer student I really struggled with figuring out where I fit in on a large campus. My Involvement Counselor, Cory Garner, really took the time to get to know me as an individual and was able to direct me to various organizations that fit with my personality and interests. WHAT STUDENT ORGANIZATION IS CHARLES THE MONARCH INVOLVED WITH? First five to e-mail the correct response to wins a free Big Blue themed t-shirt!