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Banned Book Week By: William Channel Staff Writer

In early August this year, the Albemarle County School Board, in northern Virginia, decided to ban the Sherlock Holmes book “A Study in Scarlet” from the sixth grade reading list. The reason for this banning is that some of the parents complained at the way it portrayed Mormons in the 1800’s. This is one of the latest in a long line of books that have been banned across the nation over the past decades. Every year, books are challenged or banned from public schools or public libraries. This situation has caused libraries to create Banned Book Week. Banned Book Week started in 1982 and takes place annually during the last week of September. This year, it took place between Sept. 24 and Oct. 1. It was formed due to the sudden rise in the banning of books across the country and since that time over 11,000 books have been challenged.

According to the American Library Association (ALA), the difference between a book that has been challenged and one that has been banned is that challenging a book is attempting to remove the material in question, so others cannot have access to it, and a book that has been banned has been removed from access. It is important to note that not all books that are challenged are banned. Books are often challenged “with the best of intentions” usually to protect children from difficult concepts or ideas. The normal reasons that a book would be challenged would be if it discusses drugs, illicit sex, nudity, obscenity, sex education, or corruption of youth. Even in 1988, Virginia Beach challenged “The Actor’s Book of Contemporary Stage Monologues” at Salem Junior High School because it contained racial slurs, profanity, and lewd descriptions. Classics like “Huckleberry Finn” have also been targeted for the same reasons. For a full listing continued on A3

Norfolk By: Derek Page Staff Writer

In a recent response to the “Occupy Wall Street” protests in New York City’s Liberty Square, a swath of cities have joined in on the cause setting up movements all over the country. Even a number of international occupations have risen in countries such as Germany, Canada, Finland, and Australia. The “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations have inspired a concerted effort around the nation to speak out against the financial and political system and to bring a stop to the role corporations and their money play in our nation’s political system and the injustices they impose. This movement in

whole seeks to bring a voice to the people in which the corrupt of this country have tried to silence. Recently, a small number of people in Norfolk decided they have had enough as well, and have joined in with the movement. “Occupy Norfolk” began with James McPherson, a 24-year-old Chesapeake resident and Old Dominion graduate. “It started the other night as I was watching the protests in NYC and wishing that I could go. Instead, I decided we should bring it here.” McPherson says he wishes to avoid candidates, ideologies, and political parties in order to send a message that everyone can get behind. He states his key components of the change are democracy, transparency, oversight, and consensus. What you see continued on A3

Washington Monument Remains Closed By: Morgan Malone Staff Writer On Aug. 23rd, the east coast felt a tremor that most residents aren’t used to. On that day, the east coast experienced a 5.8 magnitude earthquake. While many people were shaken, so was local infrastructure, including the world’s tallest stone structure, the Washington Monument. The National Park Service proclaimed the monu-

ment, built in 1884 in recognition of George Washington, closed indefinitely to tourists. Officials who reviewed the monument said there was a debris field at the base of the monument and stones had come loose inside the monument. There are visible cracks on the outside of the monument of about four feet and some cracks can be looked through when looking out from the inside. Some stones are dislodged

and there is debris all throughout the inside of the building. The elevator can no longer go even half way up the monument reaching up to 250 feet of the 555 foot tall monument. The main concern is to fill the cracks, the longest and widest cracks being in the pyramidium, the point at the top of the monument. Some cracks are almost three inches wide. With cracks so significant, the main worry is water continued on A3


A2 | MAcE & cROWN | Wednesday 10.05.2011

Mace & Crown staff Diane Dougherty Editor in Chief Jessica Starr Copy Editor David Bakhshaee News Editor Alyssa Narvell Arts & Entertainment Editor Matthew McCracken Sports Editor Drew Marmo Advertising Director Rachel Chasin Photography Editor Kyle White Senior Design & Web Director Megan Jefferson Design & Web Assistant Kathryn Mason Distribution Manager Jake Ullrich Sports Assistant Ari Gould Photography Assistant Staff Writers: Alexander Rose Paul Minto Martin Tucker Nour Kheireddine RJay Molina Shawn Minor Robbie Ciara Angel Dodson Derek Page Daniel Felarca Justin Brown Brian Jerry Steve Knauer Brielle Boucher Ethan Shaw William Channel Lauren Grant Timothy Fulghum Elizabeth Bowry Ben Decowski Heather Habermehl Janah Stokes Amanda David Morgan Malone Jessica Piland Staff Photographers: Andrew Matkins Bruce Foote Chris Sampson Claude Dargan Crystal Spick Jake Zimmerman Lauren Makely Marlie De Clerck General Information: The Mace & Crown is a newspaper published by and written for the students of Old Dominion once a week throughout each semester and once in the summer. Originally founded in 1930 as the The High Hat, the paper became the Mace & Crown in 1961. The Mace & Crown is a primarily selfsupporting newspaper,maintaining journalistic independance from the university. All views expressed in this collegiate paper are those of the author, not of the University, Mace & Crown, or the editors. Contact Information: Phone: 757-683-3452 Fax: 757-683-3459 Advertising: 757-683-4773

SGA Address Monarchs, As we prepare for fall break, I would like to update all students on the progress of the Student Government Association. We are doing our very best to continue to provide support for the over 250 student organizations. This past week, we passed over $4,000 in contingency funds for homecoming activities. In addition, we have also partnered with WODU to provide them with better equipment to film and broadcast. In legislative news, SGA, in partnership with SWL, coordinated a letter writing campaign to Governor McDonnell and we were able to get over 200 students to write to the governor pushing for increased state funds for ODU. I would like to recognize Mariam Abdelhamid, Director of Finance, and Luke Watson, Senator, as the Director and Senator of the Month for SGA for the month of September. Have a great break and remember to contact me with any questions, concerns or ideas at All the best, Luis Ferreira Student Body President

Local Residents are Lovin’ Life, but not Hampton Roads By: morgan malone Staff Writer How do you feel about your life in the Hampton Roads area? This was the question that was asked of 730 people in the local area by Old Dominion University’s Social Science and Research Center (SSRC). The SSRC asked residents a range of questions from their satisfaction with life in the area to their views on gay rights in Virginia. While the rate in residents whose level of contentment with the quality of life in the area dropped dramatically, the rate of residents who were content with their own individual life increased eight percent from last year to 92.8 percent. While the survey concludes the results of Hampton Roads area residents, I spent some time asking ODU students the same questions conducted in the regional survey. I expected a broad range of responses from ODU students on issues of gay rights, public transportation, overall satisfaction, and global warming but found a lot of the responses were similar. When asked whether or not ODU students were satisfied with the quality of life here in the area, most students said yes. Public transportation was a different story with mixed responses. From complaints of wait and travel times to praises about convenience and ease of use, many Monarchs had different opinions. Depending on where you’re going and the system you use, Hampton Roads Transportation (HRT), Tide, or the Monarch Loop, many have different experiences. Most everyone complained about the lack of a bus to MacArthur Mall which was recently removed from ODU. When the topic of gay rights was brought up, everyone interviewed was supportive. All expressed views of acceptance and a wanting to legalize gay rights in Virginia. And finally, when asked about global warming, most claimed it to be a serious issue that more people in the area should pay attention to and try to prevent. Overall, satisfaction and morale in the Hampton Roads area seem to be up and rising. Outside of local government issues, most are knowledgeable and informed of the current issues and are all supportive of bettering the community as a whole. While in the past year, ODU has had some negative press, most are comfortable with the current state of affairs in the area and at the university, and didn’t really have much of anything negative to stay. With that being said, the outside media would be wise to take a closer look at satisfaction at ODU and in the Hampton Roads area before writing stories or speaking publicly on the news. So the question now is, how do we keep up morale, satisfaction and keep residents and students passionate about the issues they care about? We can start by voicing our opinions and rallying behind issues like gay rights to get your point across. We can also work on a more eco-friendly community and campus so that we can have a greater impact on the fight against global warming. Finally, we must educate one another on the facts and issues so that we can all be knowledgeable and informed citizens ready to make an impact.

Another Government Shutdown Avoided By: reBeCCa oSBorne Contributing Writer

Every week it seems as though the government threatens to shut down again. Various outlets of news are constantly blasting fearful headlines that Washington cannot come to agreement on spending; therefore no money will be spent. If the government were to indeed “shutdown” the entire nation would be affected. The most recent threat of a government shutdown was once again avoided as the Sept. 30 deadline was met. Fortunately, a negotiation was successful, and the government will continue to function as planned. A short-term agreement was signed to prevent a government freeze of funding. Republican representatives, who currently lead the House, are preparing a revised bill to keep spending at a minimum and ensure the debt does not climb as drastically as it has over the past few years. One major area of disagreement between Republicans and Democrats in this particular battle was money for emergency relief that is still needed for victims of natural disasters including Hurricane Irene. Democratic Senators have claimed that the portion of funds in question, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), do not require any further funding for the rest of the fiscal year. If the government can continue to agree on small arrangements such as the above mentioned, the House and Senate can continue to function and the threat of government shutdown will cease. The problem causing budgeting disagreements is planning for upcoming predicted expenditures. With the new fiscal year quickly approaching, the federal government is responsible for deciding how much money it will spend on federally funded disbursements. Programs range from “abandoned infants” and “Homeland Security” to “literacy programs for prisoners” and “Partners for Fish and Wildlife.” At one point, each and every publically funded program was enlisted to assist one or many interests in need. Whether monetary contributions were funding agriculture, sustainability research, or assisting children whose families could not afford medical insurance, the majority of legislative leaders felt each program deserved individual attention. Since our recent economy has been on shaky ground, Congress has been juggling government-funded services. Trying to decide where funding should continue, and which programs could be cut is a heavy burden. Democratic and Republican leaders have struggled for years over government spending. Congress is constantly brainstorming various ways to cut back and utilize funds appropriately. One party may justify that Welfare and Medicaid should be better regulated while the opposing party might argue that these programs are already adjusted as needed. Unfortunately, party divisions disrupt progress. Since the 1980’s there have been five previous events where an agreement could not be reached regarding the budget and therefore the government did indeed shut their doors. America can only hope that both Republicans and Democrats can put petty ideological differences aside and proactively work towards rectifying the countries monetary woes. For more information on federally funded programs, please visit


Wednesday 10.05.2011 | MAcE & cROWN | A3 continued from “Occupy” (A1)

continued from “Banned” (A1)

in these movements all across the nation and here in Norfolk is that people are scared, anxious and frustrated. People are also beginning to realize that a handful of the American population, or the entire world for that matter, are benefitting from the current system of affairs. “We are fighting to remove their influence from politics, curb their power in the financial sector, and restore democracy and transparency to America,” says McPherson. The Norfolk based occupation began in haste, but is quickly building up speed. The group is still working out the logistics (shelter, food, location, and itineraries) for their occupation set to begin on Thursday, Oct. 6 at 9a.m. The organization is working on things such as how the group will make decisions, what principles, demands, and grievances will be at the forefront of the protest, how to delegate tasks, and how to manage meeting sites. The group is adamant in their views and goals and wants feverously for their message to be heard. The event will feature live music and artistic demonstrations, testimonies, marches, and presentations of data and relevant information. “We will participate in distributing voter registration material and attempt to make people aware of how they can begin to enact change,” said McPherson.

of all the books that have been banned or challenged in the United States, there is a book at most libraries during Banned Book Week that lists them and the reason why they were banned. While done so with good intentions, many parents or groups do try to get certain material off the shelves. Jalisa Chambliss, a psychology major at ODU said that “it should be up to the parents.” They are the ones that have to raise the children and if “parents are uncomfortable with it” then they should have the right to restrict the information. The school board and the parents need to work together, so that the information they are trying to teach and what the parents are ok with go hand in hand. However, she did mention that if it is just a few people who are having issues with the subject then it should not become an issue for everyone. “You can’t make everyone happy,” said Chambliss. Naturally, many people see this as a form of censorship. “That’s bologna!” Anthony Lopez, a Biology Major at ODU, said when heard about this. “It’s because too many people are afraid of it.” This is what Banned Book Week seeks to make people aware of. The three main goals of Banned Book Week are to educate people about the first amendment of the Constitution, get people to speak out and to read these banned books. There are many ways that the ALA tries to accomplish these goals. The most common method used is creating a display and putting the banned books in libraries across the country. This is easy and almost every library participates. Other ways to accomplish these goals is by holding seminars or workshops on book banning. Unfortunately, this is much harder to do in most places, however, they still encourage people to go online and upload videos of themselves reading their favorite banned or challenged book. Many librarians do have problems with banning books. Lennis Sullivan, a reference librarian at the Virginia Beach Central Library, summed up the general viewpoint when she said “censorship in any form should be avoided if possible. Rather than banning books they should just decide what to read for themselves.” As such, most libraries do avoid banning books if it is possible. According to Karen Vaughn, a librar-

Most importantly, the group asserts that this movement attempts to bring change through peaceful protest and through the exercising of their first amendment rights, being freedom of speech and the right to general assembly. “Occupy Norfolk” is a peaceful and non-violent movement that seeks to link itself to protesters on Wall Street and other major cities. 99 percent of America, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, ability, or any qualifier could benefit from a better deal,” says McPherson. This deal includes reform of the fi-

nancial sector, ending foreign occupations and American imperialism and putting jobs in the hands of everyday people and securing their homes, and ensuring the American people can elect their own representatives without their politicians being purchased by corporations. The group can be found on Facebook and Twitter under Occupy Norfolk and is currently in the process of constructing their own website (www. If you express an interest in the cause it is very much encouraged to participate. Every single person can make a difference.

continued from “Washington” (A1) damage. Should it rain or precipitate in any way, the monument is risking damage to the interior by way of water. Specialized engineers have recently stepped in to rappel up and down the sides of the building to inspect each stone individually and give accurate reports of the current condition as compared to the 1999 condition. The stones are also being checked to see if they should be replaced altogether. Almost $200,000 has been spent on the review of the monument and it has been reported as structurally sound with the exception of the cracks. Tourists come from all over the world to see the monument affectionately known as, “The Pencil”. As a main staple in our nation’s capital and a highlighted tourist attraction, the monument cannot be inactive for long. Offi-

cials say that they hope the monument will be fixed as soon as possible but they will not know until mid-October when repairs can be made and the monument reopened. While tourists may not come to the monument to check out the inside, they will have no problem observing the outside, while many have watched in awe as four rappelers scaled all four walls. At a height of 555 feet, people came from all over the local area to watch for hours as the men worked tirelessly to preserve one of our nation’s most prized possessions. Due to recent water damage from Tropical Storm Lee, there is a lot of standing water in the building and memorial plaques have rusted and left stains on the walls.

Science in the News:

Biomedical testing at ODU provides insight into chest wall deformities

By: ChelSea hoeneS Staff Writer Pectus excavatum is a congenital deformity characterized by a cavedin or sunken-appearing chest cavity. Pubescent boys seem to manifest this abnormality most often, but it can also be present at birth. Alternately, Pectus carinatum or “pigeon chest” is classified by the opposite effect; a raised anterior chest projection of the ribs and sternum. Both deformities, which are present in about every one in 300 births, can prevent the heart and lungs from achieving optimum performance, and both have been associated with genetic disorders such as Marfan syndrome, Scoliosis, and Noonan syndrome. Additionally, poorly controlled asthma, decreased endurance, and an in-

creased frequency in respiratory tract infections may correspondingly result from the conditions. The psychological effects of the disorder can also be damaging. However, there are methods by which to correct the irregularity such as surgery or a brace, but both disorders have ambiguous causative factors which may be linked closely with abnormal cartilage of the chest wall. Old Dominion University graduate student, Anthony Asmar, is taking a close look at the differences between cartilage from patients with the condition and healthy patients in order to learn more. “We’re looking at the structural components of the cartilage to better understand both congenital deformities,” he explains. More specifically, he is observing the differences in the distribution and

arrangement of aggrecan, a fundamental unit of cartilage which may differ between patients with and without the disorder. “If we can understand the contributory factors involved with the deformities, we can then better assess medical treatment,” says Asmar. “It’s actually quite common.” Using innovative medical technology and biochemical testing at Old Dominion University’s Frank Reidy Research Center for Bioelectrics, Anthony Asmar is unlocking the secrets which cause the deformities that have affected the lives of so many. The project, led by Dr. Michael Stacey, will provide incredibly valuable research into such a common disorder, and highlights the significance of Old Dominion University’s biological and medical research.

ian specialist at ODU who often works on the Banned Book Week display, ODU does not ban any books from the public. They are having some problems due to the creation of the new learning commons on the first floor of the library. This set them back a ways and because of it they will not be able to have the Banned Book Week display up in time for this year’s event. “We usually do it every year,” said Karen Vaughn. When they do it, they usually announce it through the University announcements and on their website. The best places to go to learn more about the history of this would be to any local library. The librarians are more than happy to direct people to information concerning this. The big issue is the concept of censorship in these situations, and whether or not public libraries or schools have the right to restrict such things. The ALA has a policy concerning such things called “Free Access to Libraries for Minors” which is an interpretation of the “Library Bill of Rights”. It states that, “Librarians and governing bodies should maintain that parents— and only parents—have the right and the responsibility to restrict the access of their children—and only their children—to library resources.” According to this, the idea that libraries could ban books from people would violate the first amendment. This policy goes back to Jalisa Chambliss’ statement earlier. However, this is where the question becomes an issue. If the parents do not want their child reading a book and the schools are utilizing that book, then what is to be done? Sean MCCaskey, an exercise science major, said that “you shouldn’t ban a book because one person doesn’t find the content acceptable.” This concept is similar to what John Stuart Mill, a British philosopher in the 1800’s believed. “The peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is, that it is robbing the human race; posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from the opinion, still more than those who hold it,” said Mill. “If the opinion is right, they are deprived of the opportunity of exchanging error for truth: if wrong, they lose, what is almost as great a benefit, the clearer perception and livelier impression of truth, produced by its collision with error.”


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BLINK-182 RETURNS WITH A DUD BY r Jay molina Staff Writer

Blink-182 returns with their first new album since 2003 and after a four year long hiatus as the darkened version of Angels & Airwaves, featuring Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker. Gone are the days of all the small things, first dates, or wasting time that young minds loved about the band all those years ago. Now fans are treated to songs that awkwardly show a band that is still trying to find its footing after being back together for two years, a band that left the music industry on a bad note between the members of the group. People say that change is a good thing, and while that is true for most things in the world, it cannot be true for this band because of one simple fact; they are Blink-182. This is a band that spent over 10 years establishing themselves as sort of the goofs of the punk rock industry. The closest the band has ever come to being serious was with their last selftitled album with hits like “I Miss You.” Now, things just feel awkward and disappointing. According to the 2008 documentary, “Start the Machine,” the band split in 2005 due to vocalist and guitarist Tom DeLonge wanting to spend more time with his family and taking a short break to experiment with his writing. Barker and Hoppus took that as a sign of hostility and tensions ensued. So, DeLonge left and formed a rock “supergroup” known as Angels & Airwaves. With Angels & Airwaves, more commonly known as AvA, DeLonge was able to find himself and make peace with the things that had emerged in his life. Hardcore fans to this day still reject AvA. Hoppus and Barker continued on as an alternative rock band known as +44 until their indefinite hiatus, which started in 2009. In that year, the trio that was Blink-182 reformed and

started performing on tours again. The band mates were quick to shrug off any doubt that their return would not last for long by joking around and being themselves again. Now Blink-182 has released their much anticipated sixth studio album titled “Neighborhoods.” After ten consecutive listens and trying so hard to like it, the album still lacks the fun that has been missing from the band. DeLonge seems like a walking contradiction now. In AvA, he sings of finally finding solace in his life through self-reflection and seemingly endless discoveries. But in “Neighborhoods,” DeLonge sings of his worries and conflicts with inner demons at night, while Hoppus and Barker just seem grateful to be making music that is “relevant” again. There are no real songs that stand out as a true Blink song, either lyrically or musically. The band seems to be exploring the genre that DeLonge ventures into with AvA by using synthesizers and other tools. If this album was the plan all along before Blink split up, then that would have caused an even bigger stir than the one that is being caused right now. The younger fans, especially fans of AvA, seem to enjoy the music as the next stage for the band, while the hardcore fans cannot come to terms with it. Understandably so as the album truly does feel like AvA featuring Hoppus and Barker. What Blink-182 should have done was create an album that addressed the issues which made them split in the first place, but spin it in their own goofy way, basically a transition to help lead the hardcore fans into “Neighborhoods.” The album should not be viewed as a complete waste, though. It helped bring the band back together, for good it seems, and they are making new music. But skip “Neighborhoods” and blast “Enema of the State” instead.

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A Play of Moments TRESVIDAS PERFORMED BY THE RENOWNED CORE ENSEMBLE IN THE DIEHN BY eThan ShaW Assistant Arts and Entertainment Editor

There is nothing better from a critic’s perspective than being surprised. During the performance of “Tres Vidas” by the world renowned Core Ensemble on Thursday at 6 p.m. in the Diehn Fine and Performing Arts Center, that is exactly what happened. Co-sponsored by the Assistant Dean of Intercultural Relations Lisa Clark and Director of the Women’s Center Julie Dodd, “Tres Vidas” is a beautiful retelling of the lives of three inspirational women in Latin America history. Directed by the esteemed Matthew Wright who has acted, written, and directed in plays from all over the country, “Tres Vidas,” was written by Professor Marjorie Agosin, one of the leading voices in Latin American Feminism since the mid-1980’s. The play is a mixture of orchestra and method acting working as a single entity with one actress playing all three roles and three musicians playing consistently in the background. The characters of the play are from all over South America, starting off with Frida Kahlo, who is a famous Mexican painter with an insatiable love for life and beauty, as well as a darkened past filled pain, racial discrimination, and a love sickness for her lover Diego that borders on obsession. Frida dealt with many personal tragedies, including a horrific traffic accident, which left her hospitalized for two years, only fueled her creativity and works of art. The stage is bordered by two of her paintings, which are self portraits of herself with their hearts joined at the middle by one artery. This device is used to show the two sides of her character, one is the beautifully vibrant colored Frida with life pumping into her constantly, while the other is the dying withered form of herself ordained in dark and dreary complexions as her life force is slowly being drained away. This dichotomy of Frida is consistent during her entire performance, but it’s through these sides that the audience can see how such a person could be so admired and loved during her time. After a 10 minute intermission, the play is then thrust into a dark and horrifying world of massacre and sorrow as the second women appears (played by the same actress) in a tattered dress and a look of confusion as she starts screaming and wondering who she is. Through her initial ramblings, the audience discovers she is a Salvadoran peasant by the name of Rufina Amaya. We quickly learn that Rufina’s whole village was slaughtered for selling food to guerilla soldiers with her being the sole survivor. This part of the play is the most engaging as we watch this woman describe her family with tears in her eyes and how everyone including newborn children was annihilated. It is through her retellings that Rufina Amaya became an anti-war activist, and her story has astounded people for years. As if by magic, after the second act we are quickly introduced to the third titular character dressed in an elegant blue dress with a book of poems in her hand. We find out that this is the famous Argentinean poet Alfonsina Storni. Storni’s tale is just as impressive as her predecessors; being a single mother who worked several jobs, finding her passion in writing, and entertaining thousands with her books, journals, and most of all poems. By the end of the play, Alfonsina recites some of her poetry that not only can be reflected by her own life experiences, but by everyone in the audience who has ever experienced love, and the love for life. Equally impressive as the acting was the band’s performance, which ranges from popular folk songs in the Mexican, Salvadoran and Argentinean cultures, to transcriptions of works by Astor Piazzolla, to new music written especially for the Core Ensemble by composers Osvaldo Golijov, Orlando Garcia, Pablo Ortiz and Michael DeMurga. In addition to the melodies of the musician, every song was sung in the native tongue of each character, providing an exquisite cultural experience for the audience. Within each performance there is a moment where the band and actress reach a crescendo of emotion that makes you forget where you are and enthralls you literally into their world. Such moments, include Frida’s last binge drink and admittance for her desire for Diego, Rufina’s anguished cry for her loved ones and homeland which she declares the city of dead, and Alfonsina’s last poem of love and the ocean as she seemingly floats off stage. For every great play there is usually one instance where the audience truly falls in love with the production, for “Tres Vidas,” there are many.


Wednesday 10.05.2011 | MAcE & cROWN | B2

Lady Gaga Meets Obama BY gianina ThomPSon Staff Writer

Lady Gaga is truly a character of many faces. She continues to have the crowd dropping their jaws from her greeting with the Queen of England, wearing a raw meat outfit, her whiskydrinking male alter ego, and now her appearance at a fundraiser where she strikes a need for action to President Obama. Lady Gaga makes it a mission to be the black sheep and be the odd man standing at any event—or at least that’s what we can infer from her over-the-top outfits. Gaga wore a lace black dress, but of course it was no regular lace black dress. It’s Lady Gaga we’re talking about! The dress kissed not only the ground, but her frame

as well, coupled with extremely high heels that made her seem nearly two feet taller than the President. During this $35,800 per couple fundraiser, Lady Gaga again made it her mission to stand out during the Q&A session. With her blonde hair put in an up style with black flowers and a black veil decorating her head, she first thanked the President and his wife for hosting his antibullying campaign. She followed with reading a letter of the 14-year old fan Jamey Rodemeyer who committed suicide because of bullying. She made a plea not only to the president, but to all of his attended guests, with the question of what will be done to prevent bullying. The president responded with talk of his administration’s antibullying campaign. He went a step further and

spoke about the importance of morals and values within the American people. The world seemed to have known that Lady Gaga was going to confront the president about this issue. Before the event, she had tweeted, “I am meeting with our President. I will not stop fighting. This must end. Our generation has the power to end it. Trend it #MakeALawForJamey.” Lady Gaga’s appearance at the event was not a fashion statement, but a statement for the president to do more than campaign for an anti-bullying America, to make it illegal. Lady Gaga suggested this thought provoking solution based on it being a hate crime. Again, she posted her thoughts via Twitter, which read, “The past days I’ve spent reflecting, crying, and yelling. I have so much anger. It is hard to feel love when

cruelty takes someone’s life.” During a performance in Las Vegas, she dedicated the song “You and I” to Jamey, who was a die-hard fan of hers. When singing the verse, “It’s been two years since I let you go. I couldn’t listen to a joke or rock ‘n’ roll. Muscle cars drove a truck right through my heart,” it seemed as though she re-developed the song’s theme in reference to her connection with Jamey. It can be angled toward her feelings of thinking that she let Jamey down. As she said in her tweets, it’s up to this generation to make a trend; and therefore, she feels she has to work hard to fight for any other “Jameys” out there in the world, or she too may lose the personality that makes her the Lady Gaga that the world loves and adores.

cool Maybe, chilly, Not Quite cole World

COLE WORLD: THE SIDELINE STORY REVIEW BY marTin TUCker Staff Writer J. Cole’s long awaited debut, “Cole World: The Sideline Story,” is the definition of a solid album. Good beats, good rhymes and a cohesive theme make “Cole World” one of the better mainstream hip hop albums of the year so far. The New Yorker by way of Fayetteville, North Carolina has come a long way since having his beat CD rejected by Jay-Z in 2007 and later being signed in Feb. 4, 2009. While blogs, music critics, and some hip-hop fans scrutinized him for being lapped by Drake, Big Sean, and Kendrick Lamar, Jermaine stuck with his game plan of dropping exceptional mix-tapes, staying off Twitter, and touring at home and overseas. Skipping the intro, J. Cole continues his “Dollar and a Dream” series for a third installment with an interesting “Kingdom Hearts II” sample. It’s one of his more introspective tracks on the album and a suitable opening, but in comparison to the first two, it doesn’t quite capture his struggle, or at least a struggle I’d like to hear. “Can’t Get Enough” featuring Trey Songz is the first single on the album that actually stuck. It features a very catchy hook by Trey Songz and a well used Balla et ses Balladins as well as being produced by Brian Kidd. What Cole does well here, unlike Drake, is make a hit single aimed toward female audiences that male fans can listen to without feeling like their masculinity has been eroded. Every J. Cole fan should recognize “Lights Please,” a simply produced profound exploration of how sex can impede a dialogue, a conversation, an exchange of ideas that can better both parties. Regretfully, there are no comedy skits on this album. “Sideline Story” has an okay beat with a lackluster hook. It tries to express the album’s main theme of the angst of being benched as only J. Cole could tell. It feels almost like J. Cole didn’t have a title for the songs he collected and when he did come up with one last minute, he felt he needed to have a song to compliment it. “Mr. Nice Watch” featuring Jay-Z shows J. Cole experimenting with production and admirable results. It’s a good song overall and it doesn’t hurt that Jay-Z spits a verse that could easily rival anything on “Watch the Throne.” It’s ironic that Jay-Z “renegaded” J. Cole, considering the pre-“Work Out” or maybe even pre-“ Who Dat” which J. Cole was known for destroying guest appearances, leaving artists like Wale embarrassed. “Cole World” like “The Sideline Story” is one of those tracks you put on when you really don’t want to listen to anything, but you can’t stand silence. It tries to make its audience hype and give his hardcore male fans something to chew on so they don’t feel alienated by the majority of tracks aimed towards female fans. “In the Morning” featuring Drake was controversial before even

being on the album because hip-hop fans, bloggers, journalists, and listeners alike all anticipated some type of battle royal between Drake and J. Cole to see who was better at rapping. Instead, they gave us a smooth R&B single about the urge to have sex in the morning. Surprisingly, Drake actually wins by staying a few bars more on topic and the memory of gaining sexual gratification while riding his aunt’s stallions is disturbing, yet pretty creative. While fans look forward to their next collaboration it’s safe to say that many were angry about it being on “Cole World” considering it appeared on “Friday Night Lights” 10 months ago. Nobody like paying for a song they already have. “Lost Ones” was also a song that leaked early, although I chose not to listen to it until the album came out. “Lost Ones” is J. Cole in his zone not talking about his dreams of being signed, his battalion of Internet haters, or bars about college and college women. “Lost Ones” is a classic approach to the ambiguity, mixed feelings, and inability to resolve that comes with abortion. The haunting refrain makes the song extra emotional not to mention that Cole raps from both the position of the male and the female. It’s truly one of the album’s greatest achievements. “Nobody’s Perfect” shows that Cole is truly a student of the great hip-hop producers and artists of the 90’s, including Timbaland, Aaliyah, and the featured Missy Elliot, who sings a hook that is perfect for the track. It’s one of the top songs in the album and gives any Missy or Aaliyah fan chills. “Never Told” reminds me a lot of Little Brother’s “All For You” off of “The Minstrel Show.” It documents J. Cole’s revelations about a father’s cheating and how his son, while aware of the consequences, grows up to follow in his footsteps. It’s a solid “No I.D.” produced song that hints at a certain level of growth and enlightenment J. Cole has achieved since working on this album. “Rise and Shine” contains an almost prophesied Jay-Z sample as J. Cole tries his best to rip the beat to shreds, and he does it containing several bars you’ll put on repeat. To “Friday Night Lights” fans: it sounds very similar to “Before I’m Gone.” “God’s Gift” is the song J. Cole originally wanted Jay-Z on, but it’s clear why Jay refused. I applaud the Kno of Cunninlynguists influenced production. It contains a Bone Thugs-n-Harmony “1st of tha Month” sample layered into the chorus. “Breakdown” finishes off the album (yes, I’m going to act like Work Out doesn’t exist) with the usual J. Cole vent about the problems in his life and the lives of those around him. After Big K.R.I.T.’s “The Vent” and Kendrick Lamar’s many hook-less attempts at understanding his own chaos, I’m desensitized to songs like “Breakdown.”. A notable bonus track is “Daddy’s Little Girl” which plays almost like a “Lights Please” 2.0 that is eerie, lustful,

and chilling. This album has a few small problems overall. J. Cole, while no doubt talented, shouldn’t have pulled a Kanye and tried to produce most of his album. There’s an old samurai proverb that says something to the effect of it’s better to be great at a few things than good at many things. J. Cole tries his best to copy, imitate, and give a homage to producers in hip-hop through his own production, but it tends to sacrifice his sound that so many fell in love with on “The Warm Up.” To me, J. Cole seems to have lost some of his hunger. You can only talk about college, struggling, and getting signed for so long, and we’ve heard that on two projects prior. The project also chose to keep dated songs like “In the Morning,” “Lights Please,” and “Lost Ones” which hinders it a bit. This album does excel at giving Cole fans college references, superb storytelling, introspective tracks, emceeing, and for the most, part decent production. For all those expecting this to be his “Blueprint” or him to be the second coming of Pac or Nas, I apologize in advance. All things considered, it’s a solid release about an 8 out of 10 on the average hip- hop album scale. For what I expected and hoped, J. Cole would accomplish I’d say about a 7 out 10.


B3 | MAcE & cROWN | Wednesday 10.05.2011

A Moment with Mike Federali

BY William Channel Staff Writer

Upon seeing Mike Federali for the first time, one might think that he just an average comic book seller. His short brown hair and a little bit of scruff for a beard, doesn’t necessarily stand out in a crowd of people. But when you get to know the guy, you discover that there is a whole world to him. Mike Federali by day may work at a comic book store, but by night he is an amazing musician and artist. His free time is spent in not the normal view for a comic book store worker. He loves to spend his time on stage playing his music for crowds. The bigger the crowd, the better to him. He also helps sponsor charity organizations for music for kids. On the flip side, he also spends a great deal of time writing his own comic books, a more recent hobby, but one that he takes seriously. Mike was born in 1977 and grew up in Virginia Beach. He started reading comic books when he was nine, creating a natural love for them. It was not until he was 16 that he first started playing the guitar. Before then he had very little interest in learning how to play an instrument. He

started out playing with a few friends in garages, but nothing more than that. “I couldn’t stand it,” he said when asked about why he wasn’t in any bands now. On stage, Mike is a completely different person from his casual self. “He’s quite skilled at getting people involved and motivating others,” Mark Jones, member of the Mike Federali fan club, said. “The level of charisma he exudes can really bring life to a room.” Mark first met Mike at Cabo Café with a friend. “He takes care of people,” Mark said. Mike is willing to take an active role with his fans and he treats them just like his friends. Since that time, Mike has been out and about doing his thing. He appeared on the “Mike and Bob show” a few years ago, and he played at a number of bars around Hampton Roads. But the greatest moment he had with his music was when he got to open for Violents Femmes and Polyphonics Spree. According to him, the reason this was so great for him was because there were “huge crowds, very big crowds.” Since then Mike has learned how to play many different instruments. “I’m an auto-didact” he said. “I taught myself how to play instruments. I

can play guitar, bass, drums, piano, and sing.” He can usually be seen singing and playing his guitar in many different bars like Chichos, the Blue Turtle, Top House, Scotty Quixx, Abbey Road, and the Norva. “The summer time is the best time to play,” he said. “There are a lot more people out during the summer. Helps to get the word out.” Mike likes to use the winter time to focus on making his songs and finishing his works. However, now that the summer is coming to an end, he is taking a break to work on other projects. Unfortunately, this means that you might have to wait a while until you can see him play again. But thanks to the high demand, Mike is trying to get his second music album out this winter. He came out with his first album “The Great American Novel” in 2008 and has made an EP, which stands for extended play, of his song “Never be Lonely.” However, this is not all he is hoping to do. For the last two years Mike has also been writing comic books and has published his first ongoing comic “The Skyrocket,” about a science base superhero in 2010. His next comic, called “The Baku,” about Chinese dream eating monster, will hopefully be coming out this winter, ideally sometime in October. “The Baku” is a

Moneyball Hits a Home Run BY megan STamPer Contributing Writer

On the surface, “Moneyball” seems like a typical sports movie. Based on the book with the same title tells the true story of Billy Beane played by Brad Pitt, a former baseball star who became the general manager of the 2001-2002 Oakland A’s, a subpar team who recently lost their three biggest players. The team cannot win a championship, compete financially, and is losing momentum until Beane stumbles upon young Yale graduate, Peter Brand played by Jonah Hill. Brand, a composite character based on Bean’s actual consultants, uses a system called saber-metrics to turn recruiting baseball players into an equation, replacing intuition with statistics and numbers. Beane and Brand calculate a seemingly laughable team, with no support from the other scouts, who are set in their old-fashioned ways and are wary of new trends. Despite disagreements with the team manager Art Howe, played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who doesn’t realize the genius of Brand’s math, Beane and Brand’s method establishes a legacy. Pitt, Hoffman, and Hill, masters in their craft, work well together on screen. Jonah Hill especially stands out. He is widely known from comedies like “Superbad,” “Get Him to the Greek,” and “Megamind,” but as Peter

Brand, the brainy math wiz, he proves his versatility as a dramatic actor. Directed by Bennett Miller and co-written by Aaron Sorkin and Steven Zaillian, the cinematography was beautiful and the dialogue was fast paced, which is typical of Oscar winner Aaron Sorkan. To add an extra level of realism, they worked in actual video footage, pictures, and sound bites from coverage of the 2002 baseball season. The story, however, was an ordinary underdog sports movie, not unlike other recent films “Remember the Titans,” “Friday Night Lights,” and “The Blind Side,” based on another book by Michael Lewis. All these movies have a similar story line and give the same good feelings. It looked great on the big screen, but I would not see this movie more than once. Also, keep in mind the length of the movie, at 133 minutes it is pretty long, make sure you have enough time to invest. “MoneyBall” is not only a movie for sports nuts. This influential, inspiring story can be applicable and enjoyable to all ages and people with all interests. The dynamic performances, bold writing, and touching story gives “Moneyball” plenty of reasons to check it out.

stand-alone comic. After “The Baku” comes out, he plans on making “The Skyrocket” volumes two through four to come out in rapid successions. Federali likes to use the winter to focus on making his songs and finishing his works. Now that summer has ended , he is putting most of his efforts into his various projects, his comic books being chief among them. He hopes to produce another album and as many more of his comic books as possible before the winter ends. Mike is also a part of an organization called the New Music Foundation. The New Music Foundation is a charity that promotes music classes and bands in schools. Mike works in this organization with John Burkhard and Meghan See. He helps in the organization by doing shows for schools and donating instruments to the organization. Most recently, he did a show for Pungo Elementary last Christmas. Mike has a strong belief in music education saying “If you want to do it, you should be able to.” However, he mentioned that while he was in school, he was not interested in school bands at all. He always hoped to be able to do some more for this organization, but as it is now there isn’t anything planned for the rest of this year. Mike Federali is an interesting character, especially underneath the surface. But even with all the publicity he had have over the many years and all the events that he has been at, he still remains fairly unknown to most people, even the local ones. But none of this perturbs him in the slightest. When asked about his goals in life he said that if he had to pick a goal “it would be to continue to be able to do what I’m doing now.” His appearance may not pick him out of a crowd, but his personality makes him easy to spot.


Have you noticed Hard Core Norfolk? BY DaWn anDerSon Contributing Writer

Noticing a gap of 10 years for the creation of my family, there was a wide learning curve which needed to be completed. Having spent the summer at my beach house, my only access to the modern world of Norfolk music was Facebook. I then started monitoring the group Hard Core Norfolk. Some faces and names I was familiar with, but the heart of the group I was not. I went to Old Dominion with a husband who was rekindling this music scene, which gave me credence to try and friend some of the people in the group. They gave me such a wonderful acceptance at such an exciting time, for they were involved in creating a documentary of our life blood when we were youths needing entertainment. This

Wednesday 10.05.2011 | MAcE & cROWN | B4


new group of people with the pulse of the scene had much more focus, direction and pure fun. Seven hours away from all their hard work, I felt excited being part of the online Hard Core Norfolk group on Facebook. It started with a blurb with what they were doing and a group photo that I was drawn to in a secure way. They were the real thing; they were my old age rebirth of something artistic. A documentary was being researched and written. Gladly, I was perched so far away I had to take a back seat as they “generated steam heat,” as a “punk” might say. They interviewed so many people from 50 years ago to the present about the music generated in Norfolk. We love bands coming to town, but this was the Norfolk sound. Milwaukee, Chicago and Los Angeles had their sounds, and so did we. Capitulating this in a two hour reel made the hype so exciting. I monitored their

moves and distanced myself when they were too busy finishing and preparing for the Sundance Festival and bringing back the entire old crowd scattered throughout the globe. The premiere of the movie was Aug. 20 and a large group gathered. Gary US Bonds, known for the early Norfolk sound from Frankie’s “Got it” gold record collections, was even there. He sung a few songs with the band “Ant man bee.” I was proud to finally be part of the Norfolk scene. Full circle saying good bye to Milwaukee and shaking Gary’s hand at a club called the Palms to seeing him via YouTube playing here with these Hard Core Norfolk rejuvenators of great college stress free venues. I have been “jump started” now for the NHC crew to rest up a bit and the welcomed new crowds to join us in light talk and great music Norfolk can be put back on the map as a music oasis.

What’s Your Number? Resident Evil BY gianina ThomPSon Staff Writer What’s your favorite color? What’s your favorite sport? What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekends? What’s your zodiac sign? These seem like the typical questions to find out if you’re compatible with someone, right? “What’s Your Number?” is full of raw laughs that can’t help the laugh-out-loud experience to exceed the gentle chuckle in the theater. Ally Darling, played by Anna Faris from the movie “The House Bunny,” is reading the fashion magazine “Marie Claire.” “Marie Claire,” along with many other fashion magazines, always presents the articles that interest us the most—How to Flirt Right, How to Find Mr. Prince Charming, How to Make Your Ex Jealous, and the list continues longer than any Christmas list would. Ally reads that the typical number of sexual partners that American women have is 10.5. Don’t ask me what the “.5” means. I guess we can use our imagination on that. The article continues to say that once a woman hits 20 sexual partners, she is deemed as unlikely to be “marriage material”. This article comes at the worst time for Ally since her younger sister is preparing her wedding and she is at 19. Ally becomes hysterical and decides that she is not having sex with another guy, which would make him number 20, until she knows that he is the marriage type. That self-pact lasts for less than 24 hours as Ally gets drunk and ultimately wakes up to not only being naked, but the butt of the boss that fired her from her marketing job. I guess Jamie Foxx is right in singing, “Blame it on the alcohol.” But whether we blame it on the alcohol or poor judgment, we all have to live up to the consequential realities, and Ally’s was that she was on the unforgivable number of 20. She decided that she is going to revisit all of her ex boyfriends hoping that one of them has changed into Mr. Right. She gets the help of her have

sex-with-you-one-night-and-nevertalk-to-you-again neighbor Colin, who is played byChris Evans from “Captain America.” Ally’s adventure becomes funnier and funnier with each ex that she finds. One has a fiancée, another is doing big things at the White House but is gay, another is still working at the bar doing magic tricks after nine years, and another only recognized her from her peak-a-boo area. It seems to get worse and worse for her, as it gets more hilarious and entertaining for us. The typical cliché of romantic mov-

ies is followed in this one as well. She falls into self-discovery where she realizes that she was always pretending to be someone she wasn’t in these failed relationships. And of course, she falls in love with Colin as she ultimately changes his playboy ways. This movie is full of laughs that cannot be contained. Its rawness is risqué, but not unworthy of a good time. However, I wouldn’t suggest going to the movies with someone you’re dating because they just might ask the question, “What’s Your Number?”

4 HD Review

A ROMP IN THE WORLD OF NOSTALGIA FOR SOME; A POTENTIALLY NEW EXPERIENCE FOR MANY By: PaUl minTo Staff Writer On July 23 of this year’s Comic-Con, Japanese gaming giant Capcom announced plans to re-release a high-definition downloadable visual update to their smash 2005 hit “Resident Evil 4.” This news came to many fans of the franchise who had been asking for its availability on XBLA and the PSN for quite some time. This was done to serve as part of a “celebration,” officially dubbed by the developer as “the Resident Evil Revival Selection.” It serves as a rather nice show of support to one of the developers more successful franchises, which has spawned a whooping 20 games, two novels, eight movies and two soundtracks. I will start by being as blunt as possible by saying this about the game, if you played “Resident Evil 4” back when it was originally released for the Nintendo Wii in 2005, you should not head into this experience expecting brand new content, simply because there is none. But, if you head into this experience expecting a trip through the world of nostalgia or a new experience or if you are unfamiliar with this entry in the series, then this is the game for you. The player assumes the role of Leon S. Kennedy, who after surviving the events of the prior installments of the series is contracted by the secret service to save the president’s daughter, Ashley Graham from an odd and old Spanish cult known as the “Illuminados” that hides a dark and dangerous secret, las plagas (the plague). The game starts very quickly and then ramps up into overdrive as Leon is quickly attacked by a group of violent villagers, cultsmen, experiments gone wrong, and unknowns carrying torches, pitchforks, knives, blades, claws, and chainsaws. The action is intense and fun, often requiring the user to quickly tap buttons and stay aware in order to ensure survival. This feeling of intensity is fed even more fuel by now the action is supported by crisp, cleaner visuals and while the visuals may not be up to par to a newly released game of this current generation, it does its job with “Resident Evil 4” serving to only enrich the action and direct an already solid narrative. One mechanic that can potentially annoy any player of this game is what at times can seem like a babysitting job from hell, Ashley (the president’s daughter) at times can become a liability, causing the player to be placed in awkward positions to ensure her protection as in if Ashley dies, the game is over. Certain portions of the game can present rather difficult and unforgiving challenges, most of which Ashley’s character is in some way responsible. All in all, “Resident Evil 4 HD” is a nice return to the world of nostalgia. While the $20 price tag and lack of any new viable content may cause many to back away from purchasing this game for download, it is a wonderful experience for those looking to play something they missed, or to just simply relive a great gaming experience from days long gone. This game serves as a nice fan service and a celebration of an interesting series, which has had many ups and downs. For that, I give “Resident Evil 4 HD” a rock solid 8 out of 10.

The Mariners’ Museum Lecture Series Fall 2011 Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011 | 7:00 p.m.

Carl Gottlieb Screenwriter for the iconic movie Jaws The Shark Had No Dialogue: Notes on Hollywood and the Filming of Jaws Tickets required | $5 for Members $ 8 for non-Members. Call (757) 591-7792 for tickets.

Special ODU student pricing, with valid ID:



ALSO UPCOMING: Oct. 27 Bruce Parker The Power of the Sea

Nov. 7 U.S. Rep. Rob Wittman Chesapeake Bay Environmental Restoration

100 Museum Drive, Newport News, VA 23606

Lecture Series

Nov. 27 Laurence Bergreen Columbus: The Four Voyages

Sept. 23: Last Blast Crabfest! Visit for info.



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What’s Inside


Wednesday 10.05.2011 | MAcE & cROWN | C1


see C2 & C3


see C4 see C3

Minutemen Explode too Early, Monarchs Prove Endurance Matters OLD DOMINION MONARCHS GET THEIR FIRST CONFERENCE WIN BY JUSTin BroWn Staff Writer The effort came from all over the field. It was a wild one at Foreman Field Saturday night where the Old Dominion Monarchs (4-1,1-1) beat the Massachusetts Minutemen (2-2). In a high scoring affair, the Monarchs put up 48 points to the Minutemen’s 33, but the storylines were aplenty in this CAA battle. Special teams were the headlining act. On the opening drive, the Monarchs received the ball, drove down the field and stalled. They settled for a field goal and took a 3-0 lead. Rather than kicking the ball off and seeing what UMass was going to do with it, coach Wilder put the game into the hands of his kicking team. Less than four minutes into the game, the Monarchs pulled out an onside kick. The Monarchs recovered the kick and weren’t surprised in doing so. “We came into this game very aggressive with a mindset that if we saw something, we were going to take it,” said Wilder. “We call our special teams our all-star team.” They were an all-star team on Saturday night. After scoring the touchdown to make it 9-0, the Monarchs pulled out some more special team trickery on the extra point attempt. Rather than kick the extra point, they ran a pitch option while lined up in field goal formation. Kicker Jarod Brown took the ball and jogged into the corner of

an empty end zone. With an 11-0 lead, the Monarchs continued to explode. The Minutemen couldn’t get anything going and ODU built up a 25-0 lead. It wasn’t until the first half was coming to a close that UMass actually showed some life. With the Monarchs up 25-0, Thomas DeMarco heaved the ball into the end zone looking for wide receiver Dorian Jackson. Jackson went up for the ball, bobbled it, and it was picked off by Mike Lee of UMass. This marked the first turning point of the game. The Minutemen scored a touchdown with 2:30 left in the half, but weren’t done. On the Monarchs’ next possession, DeMarco made another huge mistake. Rather than just take a sack, he decided he was going to try to dump the ball off to his running back. As DeMarco was being pulled to the ground, he let the ball fly and threw his second pick of the game. Subsequently, the Minutemen capitalized again and scored another touchdown. Although they missed both extra points, UMass took a 25-12 deficit into the locker room at halftime, but even more importantly, had the momentum. The Minutemen came roaring out of the locker room and into the end zone after halftime, cutting the lead even more. With the score 25-19, the Monarchs seemed confused and lost. And things only got worse. Both of the Monarchs’ running backs were injured, and as the offense trotted onto the field, there was no No. 17 in the game.

DeMarco has been the starting quarterback for the Monarchs since this program began, but it was true freshman Taylor Heinicke that was out there to lead the offense as DeMarco had suffered an ankle injury that would hold him out of the rest of the game. “You know, I started getting nervous, my stomach started quenching, I thought I was going to throw up,” said Heinicke about entering the game as a true freshman. “Only thing that was going through my mind was I need to get that first throw and that first completion and I’ll be fine.” The Monarchs’ coaching staff ensured that he got that first completion, because he threw the ball the first five downs he played. Unfortunately for Heinicke and the Monarchs, the drive stalled. After seeing his kicker bang through a couple of 55 yard field goals in a row in practice after halftime, coach Wilder decided to attempt a 51 yard field goal. It came off wrong and the Minutemen took back over. Sure enough, with all the momentum on their side, UMass put the ball in the end zone once again. After ODU rallied off 25 points to start the game, UMass put up 26 in a row. After a Monarch three and out, the Minutemen got the ball back. This was when the game took its final swing. UMass went three and out as well and had to punt out of their own end zone. The Monarchs took full advantage of a punter that surely knew the Monarchs had blocked a punt in each of their last three games. They made sure

not to disappoint. Wide receiver Jakwail Bailey came free on the punt, put his hands up and sent the ball flying back through the end zone. Safety. The Monarchs retook the lead 27-26, the fans were back into it, and the momentum swing came roaring back in the Monarchs’ direction. “All week in practice, we actually practiced all this stuff. We practiced special teams so we were ready,” said Bailey. From there on out Heinicke settled down. He finished the game eight of 11 for 119 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. That punt block helped the Monarchs to trounce the Minutemen throughout the fourth quarter. “I’ve never been so excited to watch special teams in my life,” said Heinicke. The Monarchs rallied off 16 straight points to put them up 41-25. Both teams scored one more touchdown each, but the victory ended up being very one sided. The Monarchs had the second burst and the Minutemen couldn’t keep up. “This was the biggest game in the team’s history, this was that game,” said Wilder. It’s true. This was the Monarchs’ first win in the CAA and first win against a ranked opponent. After losing to Delaware last week in a tough loss, this was a great rebound game for a team that was looking for a first signature win. Not only did the Monarchs get the win, but they did it with special teams, a true freshman quarterback, a third string running back, and gritty defense. They earned this one.


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Good Things Come in Threes LADY MONARCHS DEFEAT UNC-W SEAHAWKS 3-2 BY Ben DeCoWSki Senior Writer

The Lady Monarchs soccer team (5-4-2, 2-0-1) pulled out an exciting 3-2 victory over the UNC-Wilmington Seahawks (2-8, 0-2) on Thursday, Sept. 29 at the ODU Soccer Stadium. The win was huge for the Lady Monarchs, who now move ahead of Drexel (45-2, 2-1), James Madison University (5-4-2, 2-1), Northeastern (65, 2-1) and Hofstra (6-3,2-1) in the Colonial Athletic Association standings at 2-0-1. William & Mary (8-1-2, 3-0) is now the only team to top Old Dominion. The Lady Monarchs were plagued with missed opportunities in the first half. Almost as soon as the whistle blew to start the game, junior defender Taylor Mertz lobbed the ball beautifully to

sophomore forward Kate Kelly, who shot and just missed wide left. Kelly got another chance later in the first half, but missed wide again. Junior forward Kelly Evans also had two shots in the first half, both barely missing the net. “I think we also need to work on finishing chances. We had early group quality chances in the first half, we left them hanging. We’ve been in the habit of doing that,” said ODU head coach Joe Pereira. The game went to the half scoreless, but the Lady Monarchs outshot the UNC-W Seahawks eight to three.

We need to be peaking now, it’s conference Things heated up quite a bit in the second half. In the 49 minute, senior forward Kelly Dodd put in a cross from junior midfielder Amanda Holmes to take the 1-0 lead. The goal seemed to be a huge blow to the Lady Monarchs, for all of about 36 seconds. ODU quickly took the ball down the field and in the 50 minute, senior forward Lisa Bernardini headed in a cross from Kate Kelly to even the score at 1-1. “I was just hoping that Kate would find me and she did,” said Bernardini. Disaster struck the Lady Monarchs again in the 65 minute as UNC-W junior midfielder Kim

A Lady Monarch Who Hasn’t Missed a Minute


Rachael Carroll is a senior soccer player on the Women’s soccer team here at Old Dominion University. So far this season, she has started for all 11 games and had three assists on goal, impressive for a defensive player. “I’ve been playing since I was five, so forever,” Carroll said. Carroll also played basketball growing up and ran track in high school. She attended Thomas Worthington in Ohio and played club soccer for The Blast FC. Naturally, her favorite sport is soccer. Carroll plays in the right back position, yet still manages to make it up field for assists on goal. She even scored her first career goal in the season finale against William and Mary in 2010. Also in 2010, she led the Lady Monarchs in minutes played with 1,527 minutes on the field and started in all 17 games. But that’s not all, Carroll had five assists last season to top it all off. All five of her assists came from set pieces. When asked about her transition from offense to defense in 2009 Carroll stated, “I’ve always been a player to send balls in and I can still go forward as a right back. So not a tough transition for me.” Carroll is a strong defensive player and is not afraid to attack. “I think my strengths are taking set pieces,” she said. Carroll said she needs to work on, “tracking with the

defender. I need to keep making sure my hips are open to see the positioning on the field.” Carroll said she “likes to go with the flow” and has a good attitude about everything. She is a great team player and believes her biggest accomplishment at ODU so far has been “staying healthy and being able to play, while contributing to the team.” When speaking about the team Carroll said, “we just need to stay confident and keeping moving forward into conference play.” ODU has not won a CAA championship since Carroll has been here, and that is her goal. “I’ve never won a CAA [championship], so that would be awesome. Personally, for my last year I want to finish strong.” Carroll is looking forward to senior night. Senior night will be held against William and Mary on Oct. 28 in Norfolk at 7p.m. “William and Mary is always a huge game,” Carroll said. Not only will it be a huge game in itself, but it will be Carroll’s last game of her college career. Carroll is also looking forward to graduation and her goals thereafter. “I don’t want to stay in this area, I want to travel and see new things,” she said. Carroll will most likely pursue her dreams someday, seeing that she has a history of success. She has made a spectacular impact on the ODU Women’s soccer team from day one, and her hard work and determination will push her to finish strong.

Currie shot a ball into the top right corner of the net to put the Seahawks back on top at 2-1. Again it seemed like ODU had let the game slip away, but this time it lasted for three minutes and five seconds. In the 68 minute, the Lady Monarchs responded as senior forward Victoria Johnson found Bernardini open in the middle, who then put the ball in the right side of the net for her second goal of the day. “The second one was huge ‘cause I was obviously nervous that we were going to have a tough time coming back, but I think our energy was up the whole game and I was really trying to pump myself up and pump the team up,” said Bernardini. “Lisa’s definitely an asset. She’s quick that’s the big thing, can’t really run with her for very long, she’ll out run you,” explained Johnson. With the game tied at 2-2 and momentum shifting to their side, the Lady Monarchs needed to find a way to capitalize and take the lead. They did so in the 71 minute. Mertz got possession and passed the ball from way down the field to Bernardini who redirected the ball to Johnson. Johnson raced past the defender and ripped an off-balance shot to the left of the goal keeper for the game winning goal. Johnson said that she was “…so excited because I came from the back and I had my little shot up top for a couple of minutes and I did my job up there.” “She comes in in the clutch, definitely,” said Bernardini. It was an exciting game for the Lady Monarchs and it is one that they can use to build momentum going into the rest of the season. “For us to show that mentality and the character to keep coming back was huge,” said coach Pereira, “So I think from that perspective we can draw so much from this, this is such a positive experience for us to go down and quickly respond and quickly react.” As ODU heads into their final stretch of the season they seem to be getting hot. The Lady Monarchs have now won three of their last four games, with the only exception being a 4-4 tie with George Mason. “We need to be peaking now, it’s conference,” said coach Pereira.


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Men’s Soccer Gave Delaware ‘The Blues’ In a 2-0 Victory

Victor Francoz:

Here to win THE TRANSFER KEEPER READY TO MAKE AN IMPACT AT ODU BY Jake UllriCh Assistant Sports Editor

BY Tyler mCCarThy Contributing Writer After two big losses to unranked CAA opponent George Mason and No. 4 North Carolina, the Monarchs needed to pick up a much needed win against the unbeaten Blue Hens of Delaware. Coach Alan Dawson knew how important this game meant to gain back the team’s confidence they had earlier in the season. “The game was huge especially coming off the two losses to two good opponents. It was a big win over a well-coached and balanced Delaware team to gain our first three points in the CAA,” Dawson said. “It could very well be the cross-roads of our season to put the team back in the right direction as opposed to the wrong direction.” In their CAA home debut, the Monarchs needed to prove to the conference and the fans that they were ready to get back on the road to success. After the game was postponed Friday night due to lightning, both teams rejuvenated themselves to play on Saturday. The game started out very aggressive and at a fast pace. Both teams had early chances that were stopped by great goalkeeping on both sides of the pitch. The turning point of the game was in the 33 minute. Delaware forward Ben Raymond received a pass on the left side of the penalty box and shot a low “screaming” shot to the far-post of the goal. Transfer keeper Victor Francoz made a remarkable finger tip save to maintain the score level at 0-0. Nearly a minute later, sophomore forward Tim Hopkinson floated a shot over the out positioned Blue Hens goalkeeper, feathering it in the back of the net. This gave the Monarchs momentum going into the second half with a 1-0 lead. The save was one of six saves Francoz made throughout the game. He and his back-line of defense experience a total of 19 shots, six on goal. The pressure from the Hens did not affect the outstanding performance of Francoz and his defenders. In the second half, Delaware came out with fire testing Francoz and his defensive line early. In the 58 minute, Delaware forward Evans Frimpong came streaking down the left side of the field. As he received a thru-pass from his midfielder, the defense of Old Dominion slowed Frimpong’s attack, which led to a great near-post save by Francoz. “My back line played a huge role in my success, everybody worked hard and well together.” Francoz said. “It makes my job as a goalkeeper easier when we all play together as a team.” Later on in the second half, freshman forward Ivan Militar placed a pass through the defense to fellow teammate Gideon Asante, who sped past the defensive line of Delaware. Asante received the pass on the right side of the field and slipped it right under the outstretched body of Delaware’s goalkeeper, Kris Devaux. Asante’s goal crushed the Hens’ spirits and gave the ODU men’s soccer team a 2-0 lead assuring the victory for the Monarchs. This victory over unbeaten Delaware gave the Monarchs much needed confidence for the rest of their tough conference schedule. Next on the list to check off will be rival and CAA opponent Virginia Commonwealth Rams. The game will be on Wednesday Oct. 5 at 7 p.m. The first 250 fans receive a surprise giveaway at the gate. Come support your men’s soccer team against the Rams.

Victor Francoz is going to shoot fifth. Fifth in the penalty kick shoot out ODU is going to be in in the NCAA Championship later this year. See he’s already got it all planned out and he wants the pressure to win the game for his team. That’d be normal if he was a center forward, but he’s not. He’s Old Dominon’s starting goalkeeper. Francoz is in his first year here at Old Dominion. He’s a transfer junior who has already cemented his spot as the teams starting goalkeeper. He has also been described by head coach Alan Dawson as the “one of the best goalkeepers we’ve ever had in this program.” Born in Fleurie Sur Saone France, Francoz grew up with soccer. “I’m pretty much from Lyon, that’s the biggest city around,” Francoz said. “For my last year there I was only playing soccer. I was trying to become a professional, didn’t work out, so I was playing soccer and studying all the time.” Francoz didn’t come straight to Old Dominion, he first started his career at Lindenwood University. Lindenwood, an National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics school, was making the jump to NCAA this season. Because of the move, they would be unable to play postseason soccer, something that Francoz truly wanted to experience. “I really liked it, I had some great teammates and I had a great coach,” Francoz said. “But because of the transition there wasn’t going to be any postseason, so I decided to try my chances in the NCAA D-1.” After sending out some videos to schools in hope to find somewhere to transfer, Francoz was contacted by Trevor Adair, ODU’s assistant coach, who expressed serious interest immediately. “He seemed very interested,” Francoz said. “So we talked for a while and I felt like this school really wanted me and I felt like I really wanted to go there. I talked to some other schools, but I really thought ODU was the place for me.” Francoz admits he felt some nerves coming to ODU. He was leaving a strong group of friends at Lindenwood and that was not easy, but he felt he was making the right decision. Coming in at 5-10”, Francoz isn’t necessarily the most physically dominating goalkeeper the world has ever seen, but he feels he makes up for it in different areas. “I’m obviously short, so sometimes it’s pretty hard for me,” Francoz said. “I have to have other skills. My feet are my biggest skill. And I’m quick.” Quick may be the understatement of the year. Francoz dominates off his life, pouncing on strikers before they even have an opportunity to get a shot off. He has already made crucial saves this season to keep the Monarchs in games. Francoz has already been involved in some of the Monarchs’ attack. Goalkeepers in today’s game have to be able to distribute well, especially so with the Monarchs’ style of play. They need to be on the ball and Francoz can help that by not just punting the ball down the field every time.

Francoz already has four shutouts this season, showing he has earned his starting goalkeeper role. Much of his success he knows has come from help from his defense. “We’re all good friends so it’s easier for me to communicate with them,” Francoz said. “When I came here first it was sometimes hard, but now it’s getting better every game. I know it will keep getting better and better.” While the relationship may be good, that doesn’t mean he still can’t get some stick from his defenders, mainly Jason Gaylord. “Jason always makes fun of me ‘cause I never shave two days before a game,” Francoz said. “I never shave before.”

I never shave two days before a game The shaving is one of a couple pregame rituals Francoz insists on doing, the other being touching his crossbar and having a water bottle inside his goal. I’m sure if he keeps putting zeros on the scoreboard, Gaylord won’t mind. Francoz has bigger aspirations than just this year at Old Dominion, ultimately hoping to play professionally in the MLS. Although he hasn’t completely ruled out playing for his hometown and favorite team Olympique Lyon. “Yeah that would be great. It’d be tough, but it’d be great.”


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Unstoppable Force CHAD KING DEFINES VERSATILITY AT ITS FINEST BY JorDan JoneS Contributing Writer Versatility at its best. Chad King, defensive end, is originally from Springfield, VA and spent one year at Ohio Dominican University before arriving on the scene at Old Dominion. He has been with the Old Dominion football program since 2009, having appeared in 21 career games and totaling 58 total tackles including 11.5 tackles for loss and five pass breakups. He is also a member of ODU’s Army ROTC program and will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army upon graduation. King was able to elaborate on exactly how his being in the ROTC program has impacted him as both a football player and a student. King said, “Being in ROTC helps from a leadership standpoint, in that, it instills discipline and emphasizes having the correct mindset mentally, and also the consequences of not having the correct mental makeup.” Football is a team sport that requires endurance, strength, and a certain level of physical and mental toughness. Due to this, it seems that the military and football work hand-in-hand. King is an interesting person off of the gridiron as well. He enjoys dancing in his free time, hip-hop dances in particular, such as the dougie. King has an interesting take about being a part of the first football team at Old Dominion in over 70 years as well. “It’s a crazy feeling, a lot of Division-1 athletes go to big schools to try to live up to legacies already in place. Here at ODU however, we have the opportunity to start our own legacy which many people don’t have the opportunity to do,” King said. The powerhouse defensive end has always been a team-first type of player. This is further evidenced

Ice, Ice, Baby BY Brian Jerry Staff Wrier

For the first time in 39 years, the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup. NBC’s Mike “Doc” Emrick with the play-byplay call saw the Bruins capture their first cup in almost four decades, defeating the Vancouver Canucks in six games 4-2, in a best-of-seven series. Tim Thomas, 37, was awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy for recognition as the Most Valuable Player in the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs, becoming the oldest player and second American born player after Brian Leech to do so. Thomas led the league with a 1.98 goals against average (GAA) in the postseason. Fast forward some four months later and the Bruins are looking forward to defending their crown as champs. Center David Krejci, who led the team in postseason points and goals with 23 and 12, returns. Joining Krejci is fellow center Patrice Bergeron and wingers Milan Lucic and Nathan Horton. Coming up just short of their quest for the cup, the Canucks are hoping to finish the job this time around behind the brothers of center Hendrik Se-

din and left-winger and reigning Art Ross Trophy winner Daniel Sedin. Hendrik led the Canucks to the Stanley Cup Finals with a team best 22 points, while Daniel added nine-goals. Along with captain Ryan Kesler, the trio combined for over 60 points to compliment goaltender Roberto Luongo, who sported a 2.56 GAA. Before their defeat to the Bruins at the conclusion of the playoffs, the Canucks dethroned the San Jose Sharks. They return points leaders leftwing Patrick Marlo (73), centers Joe Thornton (70) and Joe Pavelski (66), as well as rightwing Danny Heatley. The Sharks have begun making roster cuts and are determined to return to the conference finals once more. In their way on skates will be fellow Western Conference foes Detroit Red Wings and captain Pavel Datsyuk. The Sverdolvsk, USSR native led the team in points, goals and assists during the postseason (15-4-11). Their success will be measured by the help of center Hendrik Zetteberg and 20-year NHL veteran leftwing Nicolas Lidstrom. Lidstrom announced during the offseason that he will retire after the 2011 campaign. The Red Wings’ last unsuccessful trip to the Stanley Cup Finals came at the hands of the

by the fact that his motivation to be the best comes mostly from his teammates. “I do everything for my teammates. You never want to be the guy that falls short and disappoints everyone else,” King said. Being a student of the game, King admits that the coaching staff at Old Dominion has taught him a lot and has really enhanced his growth as a person as well as a football player. “Our defensive coach, Andy Rondeau, brings a lot to the table, he’s the type of person that if something isn’t done right, he will jump on you. Defensive line coach Cotton does a great job of being there for us as well and making the team feel like a big family,” King said. Old Dominion football is in its first year of competition in the Colonial Athletic Association conference. King believes the higher level of competition has taken his game to new levels. “As a team, we’ve all had to take our preparation level up a few notches. I’ve probably watched more film this year already than I ever have. In these first few weeks, I’ve faced some of the best tight ends of my career.” King doesn’t have set plans for graduation at this point, but was recently granted active duty in the United States Army. He is also receiving feedback from a few NFL scouts, so a few options are available. King points to one quote in particular that he lives by which is “only God can judge me.” He went on further to say, “During college, I’ve learned that people will always have something to say regardless of what you do, but you have to live your own life. If not then you are just living your life for other people. I refuse to let anyone tell me what I can or can’t do”. Whatever path King chooses to take, the prospects are bright.


Pittsburgh Penguins, who have a few issues of their own this offseason. Mentioned problems above include the stagnant health of their team captain center Sidney Crosby, who is now taking part in team practices following a concussion suffered back in January. After taking part in team preseason drills, it seems as if the Penguins captain will soon be cleared for full contact practices in preparation for the start of the year. Receiving no dinner party invitations from the Penguins any time soon, the Capitals are looking toward raising the bar past the month of April. Despite finishing no lower than the third in point standings during the last five seasons, the Caps have yet to reach the Eastern Conference Finals since 1998. Considered to be on the hot seat this year, head coach Bruce Boudreau returns his points, goals and assists leader leftwing Alexander Ovechkin. The captain will once again be paired with center Nicolas Backstrom and leftwing Alexander Semin, in addition to center Brooks Laich. The foursome combined for 252 points last season

and look for help on defense and behind the ice to take the team further. After parting ways with goalie Semyon Varlamov, now with the Colorado Avalanche,, Washington is relying on goal keepers Michael Neuvirth and Tomas Vokoun to protect the net. Twenty three other teams are prepping for the upcoming season. With the preseason currently underway, the NHL is once again ready to head towards another exciting year following a memorable postseason. One of those teams includes the Winnipeg Jets, who return to the league after a 15-year hiatus of hockey in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The Jets relocated this offseason after True North Sports and Entertainment company purchased the former Atlanta Thrashers. So much anticipation and only two eyes to watch it all unfold. The puck drops for the 201112 NHL Regular Season on Thursday, Oct. 6.


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Nom Noms in Norfolk

Eat Like a Greek Once a Week!

By: Derek Page Staff Wrtier Everyone has that memory from childhood of sitting down at grandma’s table to a big home-cooked meal where after eating it, movement was a figment of your imagination. I’m willing to guess those are some of the best meals you’ve ever had, and being a college student, those meals are hard to come by but just once or twice out of the year. At Orapax, located at 1300 Redgate Ave. in West Ghent, you don’t have to wait for that special time of year. The restaurant serves traditional Greek dishes in their humble and relaxing dining room that makes you feel right at home.

My favorite thing about eating at family owned restaurants is the amount of food you receive and the quality of it. You can tell this family takes a lot of pride in what they prepare and serve to their customers. My guest and I started the meal with the classic Roasted Red Pepper Hummus and Pita. For $7.99, you get a serving of hummus that is comparable to the size of an infant’s head surrounded by fluffy

Pul l Up J By: Jake UllriCh Sports Assistant

A few of the many words that went through my mind Wednesday night when the Boston Red Sox finished their historical September collapse, headlined by a 3-2 loss by the hands of Robert Andino that guided them home early, much much earlier than what was expected six months ago. See, six months ago, the Red Sox were on cloud nine. They had just signed the best position free agent in Carl Crawford and landed superstar first baseman Adrian Gonzalez from the San Diego Padres. They were destined for greatness, so much so that 33 of the 45 ESPN baseball “experts” picked them to win the Fall Classic. It was a done deal. Fast-forward to the current September and the Sox went 7-20. At one

pita cut into triangles. It is by far some of the best hummus I have ever had and it nearly didn’t allow me room for the rest of my meal. My guest settled on the vegetable pita sandwich with a side of seasoned fries. A large pita was stuffed with feta cheese, black olives, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and Yiathtzki (cucumber) sauce. The sandwich alone was enough to fill one up and was packed full of flavor. Also, the fries can make anyone an instant addict. After helping myself to a more than generous portion of my guest’s sandwich, I dug into my own dish, which thankfully I wasn’t obliged to share considering her diet. Our more than helpful waiter suggested for me the Mousaka, which is an eggplant casserole with layers of seasoned ground beef with a layer of creamy cheese sauce and baked in their very own bassemel sauce. His recommendation came with high praise because this dish was out-of-this-world delicious. The beef was full of flavor, and combined with the eggplant made for an irrefutable combination. The cheese sauce on top gave a creamy essence to the dish, with a consistency of bread pudding that illuminated the dish and tied it all together. This dish, for $8.49, comes with a side house salad which can be upgraded to a small deluxe Greek salad for $2.50, as well as Greek bread and butter. I myself opted for the Greek salad which was loaded with feta cheese, tomato, peppers, onions, and an olive oil based dressing. Orapax offers many other classic Greek dishes such as the traditional lamb and beef gyro (my favorite), 24 inch Souvlaki (two, 12 inch kabob skewers, loaded with pieces of marinated chicken, lamb, or beef, whole mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, onion, and green peppers), Spanakopita (spinach pie wrapped in Fillo dough), and Pastitsio (baked macaroni with seasoned, lean ground beef and baked in the bassemel sauce. Orapax proudly stands behind their food, and their prices truly do make it possible to “eat like a Greek once a week.” If you’re looking to try something off the beaten path or just want a downright damn good meal, then Orapax is well worth checking out.

Shock. Disbelief. Devastation. Outrage. Disappointment. Disgust. point they were 82-51, they finished 90-72. Their team ERA for the month was 5.90. The starters went 4-13. They squandered a 9.5 game lead to the Tampa Bay Rays. They collapsed. It’s hard to find a single villain for the Red Sox horror tale. Closer Jonathon Papelbon had a fantastic season, only to blow to saves in the final weeks. Starting pitcher Jon Lester was pegged to win the AL Cy Young this year, he went 1-3 in September. But key players who were disappointing all season will haunt the Sox more than anything. Crawford, getting paid $142 million over seven years, finished with 11 home runs and 56 RBI’s, let alone his miserable .255 average and 18 steals. But Crawford disappointed in the

biggest play of the season when he seemed to have a very makeable catch to force the game into extra innings only to drop Andino’s blooper. It was the epitome of his season, the perfect ending to a horrible performance. Crawford never wanted to be in Boston, he came for the money and now maybe the Baseball gods are punishing him. Or us. Maybe it was John Lackey’s season that killed the Sox. The man who left Los Angeles with a 3.83 ERA and 1.27 WHIP finished this season with a 6.41 ERA and a 1.62 WHIP, breaking all kinds of records for highest ERA. He looked as lost on the mound as Crawford did in the batting box. So what do they do now? Francona’s

Release the Cracken

I am saying he’s a Gold Digger, But I respect that

maTTheW mCCraCken Sports Editor I don’t feel like getting into details about the logistics of the NBA Lockout, nor do I care about them. I couldn’t tell you the issues between the players and the owners. I couldn’t tell you how close or far away they are to making an agreement. This isn’t the NFL where, without it, I’m stuck without football after the bowl games. I still have college basketball all the way until the end of March, which I’m guessing is plenty of time for the players to sign a deal with the owners thinking they’ve made a difference. When realistically, they are probably going to have the bad end of the deal as usual. Anyways, to the point before I go too far into my obsession with March Madness. Kobe Bryant is considering going over to Italy to play basketball for 40 days. Here’s the twist though. He is being offered over three million dollars for it. Tax free. I’m not a mathematician, but I will bet my right hand that Kobe Bryant doesn’t make that much in 40 days in the NBA. He may be offered that much, but state taxes will take that away in a heartbeat. So I hang out with a lot of sports fanatics, and 75 percent of them are saying he is a sell-out for playing overseas for the money. My response to that: So what? Kobe Bryant is the best in the NBA despite what Lebron James and Kevin Durant fans say. He has more rings, therefore, he is a better player. He might not beat these guys one-on-one on the streets of Harlem, but in the bright lights, Kobe is the one. He can do what he wants. There is a lockout on the sport he was born to play. The sport he loves with such passion, and wakes up every morning thinking about. Why can’t he go play overseas? gone, and maybe that isn’t a bad thing. Recently, reports have been coming out that the chemistry on the team was terrible. Nobody wanted to go out and eat together, even that some pitchers were drinking during games of their off days. If Tito lost control of the team, he needs to go. And maybe that isn’t a bad thing. Ultimately, he will be remembered for two things, 2004 and 2007. He brought glory to a team that had been drenched with failure. He’s been in Boston for seven long years, let him go with the glory instead of staying and only tarnishing his reputation. But please don’t let Epstein go. The man who engineered this team, a pioneer in modern day baseball, Epstein has created this team for the past seven

Just think of it as a nice vacation. 40 days and 40 nights of basketball in a country he grew up in. His father played there, and Kobe speaks fluent Italian. How is he a sell-out if he still playing basketball. People called Michael Jordan a sell-out when he went over to Minor League baseball, I’m sure of it. But, he came back, and is still considered one of the best alltime, if not the best. So you “haters” are going to sit here and tell me you won’t be back on the Kobe band-wagon as soon as he steps off that plane. What if he donates a bunch of the money earned overseas to charities? Now Kobe is the man. What if he puts the money in a trust fund for his daughters? Now he is a loving father. So it’s not the fact that people think he is a sell-out for going overseas. If they were intelligent, they would see he would still be allowed to play for his beloved Lakers after the 40 days. The fact of the matter is they are jealous that his game is up to the caliber of earning three million for a little over a month. I hate to quote it, but Urban Dictionary, where I learn all my slang terms, defines a sell-out as a “one who betrays a cause for personal advancement.” Kobe isn’t moving overseas, and putting his five championships behind him as if they never existed. Derek Fisher, his teammate and close friend, is the leader of the NBA Players Association. If anything, Kobe is a genius for going overseas. Proven from Olympic play of years past, overseas ball is just as competitive as the NBA. Kobe is going so he doesn’t get rusty while the rest of the NBA stars play outside in different cities just for camera time. Kobe is a mastermind of the game, and double-guessing his decisions will just leave you in a confused state of mind. years. For too long I heard from old men who told me I don’t know what its like to be a Sox fan, I never felt the heartbreak they felt so very often. Well now that’s changed. Now I know what it was like to watch the 1974 season, the 1978 season and maybe even the 1986 World Series. Maybe this was the test I needed to pass to verify my love for the loveable losers. Maybe we’ll enjoy another two championships in three years. Maybe this was a kick in the rear and they’ll be back raring to go next year. Maybe Tito will stay and Crawford will hit and Lackey will pitch and everything will work out. Yeah, maybe.



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