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ODU parent weekend

A Festive Weekend Leading Up to the Big Game

Inside Congressional races A1 news

by RJay Molina Staff Writer

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza President Barack Obama participates in a conference call with college and university student-journalists in the Oval Office, Sept. 27, 2010.

President speaks on economy, schools, and Dream Act White House hosts conference call with college journalists about current issues Christian Ernst News Editor On Sept. 27, President Barack Obama held a conference call with college and university student journalists. He spent much of the call talking about the importance of secondary education and getting our youth into colleges and universities. “Our classrooms, our professors, our administrators, our students -- you guys are going to drive future success of the United States,” Obama said. “We have fallen behind. In a single generation we’ve fallen from first to 12th in college graduation rates for young adults. And if we’re serious about building a stronger economy and making sure we succeed in the 21st century, then the single most important step we can take is to make sure that every young person gets the best education possible -- because countries that out-educate us today are going to out-compete us tomorrow.” Furthermore, President Obama spoke about how he wanted to return the U.S. to the top of college graduation rates and how he planned to do so. “So what I’ve done, starting with this past year’s State of the Union address, is proposed that by 2020, we once again are number one and have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world,” President Obama said. “And we’re trying to put in place some policies to help us meet this goal.” President Obama laid out three ways he plans to meet the goals in front of him. “The key here is, is that we want to open the doors of our colleges and universities to more people so they can learn, they can graduate, and they can succeed in life,” said the president. Between an easier federal student loan process, more

college tax credit investment, and allowing students to remain on their parents’ health plans through age 26, making college more affordable is on the top of the president’s list in reestablishing the U.S. in education. The president is also pushing a new initiative to make college more affordable. “So obviously it’s up to students to finish, but we can help remove some barriers, especially for those who are earning degrees while working or raising families,” Obama said. “So that’s why I’ve long proposed what I call a college access and completion fund, which would develop, implement and evaluate new approaches to improving college success and completion, especially for kids from disadvantaged backgrounds.” The president also talked about Pell Grants, and how the economy affects the cost of college. “There’s another part of the equation and that is just the cost of college generally, both at the public and private institutions,” said the president. “If I keep on increasing Pell Grants and increasing student loan programs and making it more affordable, but health care -- or higher education inflation keeps on going up at the pace that it’s going up right now, then we’re going to be right back where we started, putting more money in, but it’s all being absorbed by these higher costs.” “We also, though, need to work with the states and public universities and colleges to try to figure out what is driving all this huge inflation in the cost of higher education, because this is actually the only place where inflation is higher than health care inflation,” Obama said. “And some of it are things that are out of the control of the administrators at universities -- health care costs being an example. Obviously personnel costs are a big chunk of university expenses, and if their health care costs are going up 6, 8 percent a year, then they’re going to have to absorb those costs some way.” Another focus for maintaining the ability for students, specifically those veterans trying to return to the classroom, is the new post 9/11 G.I. bill. Community colleges play an important part in increas see PRESIDENT A3


Monarch Family Weekend is a time for students to reconnect with their families. Underneath the surface of the students who exclaim “I’M FREE!” at the beginning of the year, there is that one string of feeling homesick. Parents finally get to see their kids but try to hold back the tears and act like everything is casual. But of course they feel nothing but joy and pride to see their kids at a great place. The football game also stirred excitement and the final score made everything feel just right. So the festivities began on Friday with registration. Students and parents picked up their weekend packages, which included lanyards and an itinerary for the whole weekend. The Orchid Conservatory was opened for anyone to observe and “The Karate Kid” starring the young Jaden Smith was shown on the Quad. One parent said that “everything feels organized. Tomorrow’s game should be exciting.” Towards the evening the “Sweet Starry Night” was held at the Student Recreation Center. On Saturday the campus started to fill up, with families bringing trucks and RV’s in for the tail-gate party. The smell of barbeque and grilled steaks filled the air and spirits were high for the Old Dominion game against Gardner-Webb. Families ran out to the Student Recreation Center to take advantage of the free canoeing rides, which came with the task of having to haul the canoes out to the water near Whitehurst. One parent said that it “was a lot of work but ultimately the canoeing made up for it.” The water was slightly choppy but not enough to throw anyone off. Families were also taking advantage of the ping pong tables and rock climbing wall offered at the recreation center. Students seemed to be having a good time.

The Pushers B1 Open Mic Night in Dominion House B1 a&e

Monarchs get first home victory C1 Field hockey on a tear C1 sports

Twitter leads to Rutgers student’s suicide D1 opinions


Rachel Chasin Mace & Crown Parent’s Weekend provides many students an opportunity to show off their university to their family and friends.


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Rahm Emanuel Moves on from White House by

Jillian Baylor Staff Writer

On Friday, October 1, Rahm Emanuel resigned from his position as the White House Chief of Staff to enter the Chicago mayoral campaign. President Obama appointed his Senior Advisor, Pete Rouse, as the new temporary Interim Chief of Staff, to start immediately. The president held a press conference to make this announcement to the other staffers and the nation. Rouse has been with President Obama since his senatorial days when he served as his Chief of Staff and received the reputation of being the resident problem solver. “The good news for Pete is we have a lot of problems to solve,” said President Obama.

Although, Emanuel has decided to pursue this mayoral position, it won’t come easy. Since current mayor Richard M. Daley announced he was not running for re-election next year, many candidates have joined the race. Emanuel will likely face competition from Emil Jones Jr., former Illinois Senate President; Congressman Luis Gutierrez; and Cook County Sherriff Tom Dart. One considerable advantage Emanuel does have is the $1.2 million left over from his campaign fund from when he was a member of Congress. Another is that Emanuel has also worked on other Chicago campaigns, including his own, so he is familiar with the community. Elections will be held on Feb. 22, 2011.

“He’s a very viable candidate and he’s a smart politician, but he’s got as many challenges as everybody else,” said Representative Bobby Rush, a Democrat from the south side of Chicago. Other factors shaping his campaign are his close relationship with the president, which could help or hinder his race, and the love/hate relationship the city of Chicago has with him. “I give you my word that even as I leave the White House I will never leave that spirit behind,” said Emanuel, who said he is more than ready for this position. Last spring, he was interviewed by Charlie Rose and said this was his dream job. With a tough campaign ahead of him, Emanuel has plenty of experience to help along the way. Prior to joining the Obama

administration he served in the House of Representatives, representing the fifth district of Chicago. He was also Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, and Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign in 2006, where he secured 30 democratic seats in the House, according to the White House website. Over the past two years Obama and Emanuel have worked hard together and have also built a friendship, even though it was evident emotions were running high in Friday’s press conference when Obama sent him off with well wishes, “…a challenge for which he is extraordinarily well qualified,” said Obama.

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President from A1 ing graduation rates, Obama said. “Our second priority is making sure that higher education creates a workforce that’s ready for the new jobs of the future,” said Obama. “Community colleges are going to play a critical role in getting there, and I’ve asked Dr. Jill Biden to hold the first-ever White House summit on community colleges. That way, stakeholders are going to be able to discuss how community colleges can make sure we’ve got the most educated workforce in the world in relevant subjects that help people get jobs.” Graduation rates play a crucial part of Obama’s plan, citing too many students don’t graduate with a degree, even after six years. “A third part of our higher education strategy is where all of you have an important role, and that’s making sure that more students complete college,” said Obama. “We’ve done okay in terms of college enrollment rates, but more than a third of America’s college students and more than half of our minority students don’t earn a degree, even after six years. And that’s a waste of potential, particularly if folks are racking up big debt and

then they don’t even get the degree at the end -- they still have to pay back that debt, but they’re not in a stronger position to be able to service it.” After speaking about education, Obama also talked about current legislation, the economy, and midterm elections. As elections approach, the president stressed the importance of young voters, and how they will be the ones who truly make decisions. “And I just want to remind young people, they’ve got to get reengaged in this process,” the President said. “And they’re going to have to vote in these midterms elections. You’ve got to take the time to find out where [does] your congressional candidate stand on various issues, where does your Senate candidate stand on various issues, and make an educated decision and participate in this process -- because democracy is never a oneand-done proposition. It’s something that requires sustained engagement and sustained involvement. And I just want to remind everybody of that.” The economy was also a focus of Obama’s call. “The key is for us to keep on improving the economy, and that’s going to be my num-

ber one priority over the next several years,” Obama said. “If the economy is growing, if we’re investing in small businesses so they can open their doors and hire more workers, if we’re helping large businesses in terms of plants and equipment -- a lot of the initiatives that I’ve put in place already -- if we’re building infrastructure -- not just roads and bridges but also broadband lines -- if we’re investing in clean energy -- all those things are going to open up new opportunities for young people with skills and talent for the future.” The president also addressed the Dream Act, and why he believes it needs to be passed. “While we had a setback last week, one last element that I want to mention is the need to get the DREAM Act passed,” the president said. “Some of you are probably aware this is important legislation that will stop punishing young people who -- their parents brought them here; they may not have been documented, but they’ve for all intents and purposes grown up as American young people. This gives them the chance to obtain legal status either by pursuing a higher education or by serving in the U.S. armed forces for the country they’ve grown up in and love as their own, the same way that all of us do.”

The Ipad’s new rival Can the new blackberry compete against the Apples’ iPad by

William Channel Staff Writer

In early 2011, Blackberry is intending to release its new creation, the Playbook. According to, the Playbook, which is a tablet computer, is Blackberry’s answer to Apple’s iPad. Blackberry hopes that the Playbook will help to replace the typical laptop in terms of convenience when it ships out. Mike Lazaridis, co-chief executive of Research In Motion, at the BlackBerry Developer conference in San Francisco said, “Every successful professional has a great PlayBook.” And, for the most part, the Playbook does appeal on the professional level. The Playbook will have a feature that will allow you to sync your Blackberry with it,

thus, allowing you to have complete access to everything that your Blackberry has access. Furthermore, the Playbook is smaller than the iPad, with only a seven inch screen, 2.9 inch smaller than the iPad’s screen; it fits easily into a purse or handbag. But one of the biggest issues that the Playbook is facing is in the app department. The iPad has 200,000 apps. These are important to people because the apps allow the owner to take his/hers device and expand its functionality further. It’s not just an iPad; it is also a tip calculator, a flashlight, etc. According to, Lazaridis said that the Playbook will feature apps that will “generate revenue immediately,” but nothing more was said on the subject. Another area that has a few people feeling edgy is that the Playbook will not be coming out with 3G, third generation. 3G is the standard for mobile phones and mobile telecommunications. Instead, Blackberry intends to release later versions of the Playbook with the 3G and 4G technology. However, the Playbook will feature 1 GHz dual-core processer and 1GB of RAM. When it releases it will be compatible with HDMI video output, Bluetooth, microHDMI, and


microUSB. It will have a flash-capable front and rear camera and will weigh less than a pound, approximately 0.9 pounds. These are some improvements over the iPad, which only feathers in HD resolution, but are not a big difference in a selling point of view. Blackberry also stated that with the Playbook there was going to be no compromise. It will have beautifully rendered text, video, and graphics (something that most products these days can say). Taking all these features and applying them would make an interesting new device, but the Playbook doesn’t seem to implement anything that hasn’t been done before. All of the things that are implemented are great ideas for the most part, but without the feature of something new it comes across as almost a different iPad, and that is it. The iPad is a very decent machine and the Playbook will certainly be one too when it comes out. But as to whether the two will become rivals in the tablet computer department; it is hard to say. There is still some time before the Playbook is released, and until it is, there is always the chance that the Playbook will show off something new and useful.


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Rep. Robert Wittman (R) - incumbent:

Rep Glenn Nye

(D) - incumbent Taxes: supports extending middle class tax cuts and supports new tax cuts for small business to hire workers. Health care: voted against President Obama’s healthcare reform package care bill, saying it was too expensive. Education: wants to increase funding for K-12 and reform No Child Left Behind. Economy: voted against Wall Street bailout and supports new rules to hold Wall St. accountable. Source:

Taxes: wants to spur job growth and help alleviate economic downturn; cut taxes for families and small businesses and pursue growth-oriented incentives that encourage economic activity and job creation. Health Care: does not agree with the federal mandate on health care; wants to grow physician work force; tax deduction for medical expenses; medical malpractice reform; access to pharmacies and pharmacists; use of electronic medical records and tele-medicine; uses innovation to cut cost and promote medical research, education and awareness; reform Medicare with a focus on curbing waste, fraud and abuse; change the way physicians are reimbursed to focus on coordination of care and patient outcomes; safeguards women’s health; expands coverage for young workers and college students; promotes prevention, wellness and nutrition. Education: wants to promote the importance of career and technical education; give tax break to teachers to cover out of pocket class room expense; reauthorize No Child Left Behind. Economy: wants to place a 2-year moratorium on capital gains and dividends taxes, cut the payroll tax rate & the self-employed tax rate in half for 2 yrs, and reduce the lowest income brackets by 5% each. Source:

Scott Rigell (R)

Taxes: wants to eliminate the 35% corporate tax rate and replace it with a consumption tax; eliminate taxes on capital gains, interest, and dividends; simplify the tax code; eliminate the death tax and the alternative minimum tax, and working to repeal the high tax healthcare bill; end loopholes, special interest incentives, write-offs, and eliminate the IRS and transferring tax collection to the states. Health care: supports repeal of President Obama’s healthcare reform package; wants to create a uniform tax credit that individuals can use to select their own personal health insurance plan that matches their lifestyle and gives them the most value; make it easier for Americans to buy high deductible plans or Health Savings Accounts; repeal the ban on physician-owned hospitals and allow health insurance companies to compete across state lines; enact tort and medical malpractice reform. Education: wants to allow block grants to flow more freely back into local school systems by easing overwhelming burdens and regulations that often accompany federal mandates; supports charter schools. Economy: wants to reduce corporate taxes; cut government spending; commit to domestic energy production; implement mutually beneficial free trade agreements; create a hiring freeze at the federal level and let natural attrition begin to shrink the size of government. Source: Scott Rigell for Congress campaign

Krystal Ball (D)

Taxes: wants to cut taxes for middle class families. Health Care: supports President Obama’s health care reform package, which requires all Americans to have health care. Education: wants to reform failing schools, promote excellence among teachers, utilize technology to improve the public school system; supports charter schools. Economy: wants to provide a 50% cut in pay roll taxes for the first two years a small business starts up to encourages investment in the local economy and expand small business access to credit.


J. Randy Forbes (R)- incumbent

Taxes: More effective government through lower taxes. permanent tax reform will put more money in the pockets of hardworking Americans and will restore needed predictability in our economy. Congressman Forbes supports an optional flat tax, a simpler, fairer plan for Americans that would eliminate taxes on savings, capital gains, and dividends, and allow individuals to accomplish their taxes on a one page form in 30 minutes. Healthcare: Congressman Forbes voted against the health care bill. While health care reform is needed in America to increase access to care and address out of control costs, Congressman Forbes believes there is a better way to address health care than with a one trillion dollar bill that will result in higher taxes, bigger deficits, and greater debt. Education: Expanding Access and Affordability of College Education, Supports State Flexibility In No Child Left Behind, Supports Parental Choice in Education Economy: Congressman Forbes has worked aggressively with localities to secure funding for workforce development and technology infrastructure which bolster local economies and expand job opportunities. source:

DISTRICT 3 Bobby Scott (D)- incumbent Taxes: against bush era tax cuts Education: Sponsors youth promise act, keeping students out of jail through mentoring and support systems and increasing graduation rates in urban schools Healthcare: seek to provide universal health care and must seek to reduce the cost of health care insurance, especially for children and pregnant women. strengthen the Medicaid and Medicare systems and give patients the tools needed to challenge the decisions of all health insurers Economy: rein in Big Banks and their Big Bonuses, put an end to bailouts and the idea of “too big to fail,” and create a consumer financial protection agency to protect and empower consumers to make the best decisions on homes, credit cards, and their own financial future.

Wynne LeGrow (D)

Chuck Smith (R) Taxes: In January, taxes on all Americans will be raised; not just income taxes; and not just on the wealthy, says Smith. He will work to keep taxes low for all Americans – because he trust the American people to do a better job with their money than the federal government can. Healthcare: “Back to the basics” health care, private industry competition without “one size fits all” healthcare for all Americans. Allow free market to drive down prices Education: opposes “No Child Left Behind” and the “Race to the Top” programs because the effect of federal oversight only burdens the individual States with costly requirements, paperwork, and regulations. Economy: supports small business providing jobs. Fight government red tape around small business jobs. Cut government spending, eliminate redundant and unnecessary programs, cute deficit. source:


Taxes: Wynne LeGrow supports allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire for individuals earning upwards of $250,000 In a forum with The Chesterfield Observer, LeGrow expressed his support for a congressional pay-cut Healthcare: support measures that would encourage competition. Include initiation of a public option, introduction of a plan to buy in to Medicare, and modification of the antitrust exemptions enjoyed by some insurance companies. Education: The unrealistic methods for evaluating teachers and schools that were handed down from No Child Left Behind must be repealed. Too much emphasis is being placed on standardized tests that are too broad in their scope and encourage teachers to build their curricula around the tests rather than creating well-rounded lesson plans. Economy: The bank bailouts and stimulus package were needed to prevent this Great Recession from turning into the second Great Depression. Once the economy has stabilized, it will be necessary to make long-term plans to eliminate the deficit and start paying off the national debt.



B1 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 10/06/10

arts enter tainment The Pushers Raunchy and Ridiculous by

Dominion House’s “Speak” Showcases Talent of Students, RA’s by

Erika Schaubach Staff Writer

The scene is gruesome as rain hurled from the sky. In the local eatery, Tortilla West, fellow customers sported nearly see through soaking apparel. Like a steaming cup of coffee on a snowy day, local comedy legends the Pushers instantly fill any dreary atmosphere with warmth and laughter. Bartenders and waiters are thrilled to see the talented group and others seem to unknowingly orbit around them. It instantly becomes apparent that the Pushers are not just comedians, but people that truly enjoy making others laugh. Inspired by SNL and additional famous comedy groups, the Pushers were created when others convinced ODU theatre students Ed Carden and Brad McMurran that they should pursue stand-up. Armed with a collection of close friends and immature material, they began their comedic journey. True to their improvisational roots it wasn’t until the day of their first show that the group named themselves the Pushers. This name fits perfectly with their over the top, controversial scenes. Unbelievably, the Pushers assure that their material was once more immature, but many acts continue to shock. Scenes are often speckled with discrimination and ignorance but are always coated liberally in humor.

Open mic on campus

Erika Schaubach credit Mace & Crown Always hilarious and often poignant, the Pushers often comment on society.

Sean Devereux exclaimed that he personally loves, “seeing the audience fighting themselves to keep from laughing and then, eventually, losing and just conk out laughing.” This describes the Pushers humor perfectly. Any audience member can affirm that shows often consist of a battle between laughter and political correctness; thankfully, it is impossible to sit through acts and not burst into giggles. So who are the Pushers? The Pushers consist of eight well-trained actors. Sean Devereux and Brad McMurran were in the Upright Citizens Brigade. Lauren Rodgers spent two years at the renowned Second City Conservatory. Six of the Pushers studied theatre at Old Dominion University. Their improv skills are often used when including audience members in their acts. Robert Wilson describes the rush of improvisation, saying,

Erika Schaubach Mace & Crown The improv group often portrays raunchy, politically incorrect scenes.

“I feel like I am on a tightrope. It’s scary but you never feel more alive.” The Pushers dabble in improv but most of their comedy uses original written scenes. However, they admit that their acts often involve a lot of quick thinking, as many go out of their way to keep their cast-mates on their toes. When questioned as to their favorite piece, the group almost instantly agreed on “Tiggers.” Written by Ed Carden, the piece is set in the famous Hundred Acre Wood. “It’s Winnie the Pooh and friends sitting around this redneck bar discussing the fact that there are Tiggers moving into the neighborhood,” said Lauren Rodgers. “It was pretty cleverly written and in the end Tigger has the upper hand.” The group often favors the underdog and scenes frequently end with good conquering evil. They tackle themes that are surrounded with stigma and make it unique. The beauty of the Pushers is that they will go on stage and bravely do almost anything for a laugh, while still managing to say something meaningful. Not so sure if you want to experience all that the Pushers have to offer? Many come to shows unsure if they will find the material amusing, but almost instantly audience members are converted. The Pushers may dabble in potty humor, which if we are all honest, is hilarious, but they often reveal the reality of humanity. “If we don’t get one (audience member) to walk out we’re not doing well,” said Brad McMurran. These scenes can be uncomfortable because they are often rooted in truth. Racism and homophobia is everywhere. The Pushers bring these and many other issues to light and make others face those issues using humor. If the Pushers sound like something you’d enjoy, or even if you are still a little hesitant, go see their brand new show Friday, October 23, at 37th and Zen in Norfolk. You’re guaranteed a laugh.


Ka’Lyn Banks Staff Writer

First year resident assistants Marquise McChristian and Ashley Burns were not expecting the first floor community room in Dominion House to be flooded with students from all over on campus. With a whopping 50 students in attendance, the program entitled “Speak” had one of the largest turn-outs for a dormitory program thus far this semester. Both RAs explained how this was their first event of the semester. Kathryne Mason Mace & Crown When the concept of the event – an open mic featur- Jazzmin Crawley read poetry at the Open Mic ing poetry, singing, dancing night. and music open to their residents - was released, it spread like wildfire throughout the campus. Burns was all smiles as the students began to pour in fifteen minutes early to the event from her building, the other upperclassmen buildings, some freshman dorms and the Webb center. A great number of members from the organization Floetic Movement came to show their support and to perform several poems and songs. Many students were standing during the entire event because of the number of people there. Burns said that they “ had to do an intellect program that focused on education outside the class room.” She and McChristian chose to do an open mic because it would be a “stress reliever for those students who enjoyed expressing themselves through different mediums of art”. Every year all of the RAs on campus put on different programs for their residents to make the experience of living in the dormitory one to remember. According to RHD Amber Poulsen, “they put a lot of work into their programs, to raise awareness on many things that are going on in campus-life and even outside of the campus.” Many of these programs do go overlooked by the residents but nevertheless, the R.A.’s still work hard at putting together co-programs every month in Powhatan, Dominion House, France House, The ODU Inn, Virginia House and Ireland house which are all upperclassmen dorms. They spend countless hours during the summer preparing for the arrival of the students, planning events and going through many programs themselves so that they can service each student properly throughout the year. The “Speak” program was one of the many programs that are put on annually by all of the RAs throughout the ODU campus. All of these events are open to the students and are specifically designed for the students. Residence life is often overlooked by outsiders, but if we all take a walk in our R.A.’s shoes for a day we will see that all of their hard work is truly a gift to us all. With that being said, make sure if you are a resident in one of the ODU dorms you show come appreciation to your R.A. and go out to their events so that they can be just as successful. When asked about how he felt being a first year RA, McChristian just grinned. “I absolutely love it. Being able to assist my residents and other residents and put on events that have great turnouts like this one makes the job worthwhile.”

Let Me In review

Favorite things about Fall

The Kid’s Aren’t Alright



wednesday 10/06/10 | MACE & CROWN | B2

Lori Nix exhibit

Parents from A1

Dioramas and Photography Combine for a Creative Result by

Erika Schaubach Staff Writer

Death, misfortune, and the apocalypse have arrived at the Baron and Ellin Gardon Art Gallery. Do not panic and open your zombie survival kit just yet, for the photos are only warnings of what may come. In conjunction of the 33rd Annual Literary Festival, and just in time for Halloween, ODU has the honor of displaying Lori Nix, world-renowned artist, in its changing exhibit. Nix’s pieces have been displayed worldwide and her growing list of accomplishments includes many grants and appearances in numerous publications. She began exploring photography in college while working on her school’s newspaper and eventually became LORINIX.NET the photo editor. This position World-reknowned photographer Lori helped her discover her talents lay Nix combines dioramas and photograelsewhere. Nix explained, “As the phy for a creative effect. editor, it became quickly obvious that I was not much of a photojournalist. I didn’t have the gift of being at the right place to capture breaking news... My strength lies in my ability to build and construct my world rather than seek out an existing world.” Her realization caused her to start exploring other methods of photography. Nix’s unique style revolves around the creation and photographing of miniature scenes. Pieces often deal with horrific concepts, such as natural disaster, accidents, or eerie apocalyptic events. Nix states, “I am interested in depicting danger and disaster, but I temper this with a touch of humor. “ Humor can often be found in the complex details of the photographs, whether it is the ironic material used to create the miniature or the objects distributed around the piece. For example, “Birdhouses” may look like a still from a horror movie. Upon closer inspection, the hidden humpty-dumpty, smashed on the ground, seems to transform the picture into a more amusing piece. While many of Nix’s pieces need careful consideration to fully understand their message, “Tent Revival’s” ironic humor is more obvious. The picture depicts a religious gathering being electrocuted by a single line of lighting. Signs outside the tent declaring god as a savior seem to hint that the lighting is an act of some kind of omnipotent force. The powerful force behind nature is a common theme in Nix’s work. She finds such ideas entrancing as a result of growing up in Kansas, where natural disasters were common. Nix says, “whereas most adults viewed these seasonal disruptions with angst, for a child it was considered euphoric. Downed trees, mud, and even grass fires brought excitement to daily, mundane life.” Lori Nix is an interesting artist that focuses of powerful, and sometimes, disturbing images. “Lori Nix: The City and Other Stories” will be on display until November 7th, 2010. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Near the dormitories parents were dropping of supplies for their kids to get them through the next couple of weeks. At the Ted Center some families attended the President’s Brunch and participated in Residence Hall Workshops. At the Webb students and parents were taking advantage of the pool tables in the Lion’s Den. Students were also seen taking their families around the campus for a personal tour; most of them ended the tour at the dock near Whitehurst to

show them the golf course. The pregame party on the Kaufman Mall was held in the afternoon with food and games. An hour before the game started, all the families started making their way to Foreman Field. Excitement filled the air and almost all of the seats were packed for the game. Big Blue, ODU’s mascot, roamed around and greeted little kids and stirred the crowds when the Monarchs made their way out onto the field. The Gardner-Webb team was greeted with constant booing from

the high-spirited Monarch fans. Just about every student and their parents were decked out with the latest ODU apparel. The weather was perfect for the past two days, despite the torrential rain just days before the weekend started. The night ended with ODU winning the game, 14-7, a perfect way to conclude Parents Weekend. On Sunday parents were seen saying their goodbyes to their kids, followed by waves of cars and the return of the rain. Reality kicked back in.

Fall is in the air 5 Things We Love About Autumn Latifah Al-Hazza Staff Writer “Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting, and autumn a mosaic of them all.” Stanley Horowitz The fall season brings wonderful things to look forward to besides the changing color of leaves. The fall season is one of the few seasons that pleases all of our five senses; hear, see, feel, taste, and smell. As we transition into this beautiful and fulfilling season, take a look at this list to get you excited about these next few months. Being pushed and shoved in a crowded arena with the sound of screams, claps, and horns flooding your ear… who doesn’t love football? It doesn’t matter if you know anything about the sport; fall football brings everyone together as a family to support our ODU Monarchs. Don’t miss the highlighting game of the season, Homecoming on October 23rr. ‘Tis the season to begin to cozy up in those chunky sweaters and soft fuzzy socks. Fall clothing not only appeals to your sense of “sight”, it’s also pleasing to the touch. For women, this season’s trends include, but are not limited to, leather clothing, buttoned up collars, lace clothing, knee high socks, white tights, capes, thigh by

high boots, fur boots, and cross body bags. As for the gentlemen, men’s suits for the everyday wear are starting to become more and more of a trend this season. Along with men’s suits, men’s velvet is a soft touch that will definitely be seen more this fall. Autumn weather is unpredictable and beautiful. Fall marks the transition from warm to cooler weather. It’s rarely a calm transition. Autumn weather can be inconsistent with alternating warm and cool days. But the fact that it’s a change from the long hot days of summer is what excites us most about fall. Along with the change of seasons, entertainment, and clothing, comes the change of taste buds. Indicative of the fall season, pumpkin pie is a must to devour during this time of the year. Follow this recipe from the Food Network that will sure be pleasurable to the taste.

Whipped cream (for topping)

Ingredients: (8-ounce) package cream cheese, softened 2 cups canned pumpkin, mashed 1 cup sugar 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 egg plus 2 egg yolks, slightly beaten 1 cup half-and-half 1/2 stick melted butter 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger (optional) 1 piece pre-made pie dough

No one can think of fall without reminiscing about the smell of wood and fire. Bonfires are the best way to start the season off right. What makes them so exciting is that they bring about that feeling of togetherness and warmth. The entire atmosphere that surrounds a bonfire is very cheerful and contagious; it instantly gets people into a joyous party mood. Even though the sweet summer season has come to an end, there are plenty of things to look forward to for the upcoming season. Stay positive and follow this list!

Directions: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Place 1 piece of pre-made pie dough down into a (9-inch) pie pan. Put the pie shell back into the freezer for 1 hour to firm up. Bake for 20 minutes For the filling, in a large mixing bowl, beat the cream cheese with a hand mixer. Add the pumpkin and beat until combined. Add the sugar and salt, and beat until combined. Add the eggs mixed with the yolks, half-and-half, and melted butter, and beat until combined. Finally, add the vanilla, cinnamon, and ginger, and beat until incorporated. Pour the filling into the warm prepared pie crust and bake for 50 minutes. Top with a generous amount of whipped cream.

Where are all the jobs? A brief guide to finding jobs on and off campus by

Ka’Lyn Banks Staff Writer

Tamika Clark, a sophomore, wakes up bright and early every morning to begin her daily routine at the Career Management Center. She is one of the many students on campus who have been provided a work-study job thanks to the Federal Government and the CMC (Career Management Center) on campus. Clark works specifically with Pamela Cornell whom is in charge of providing jobs for those students who have accepted the Work Study program through their Financial Aid. Some of Clark’s daily duties consist of placing students depending on their workstudy program with certain jobs, the list of the programs goes as follows: STAT (Student Temporary Assist Team), America Reads and CSI (Community Service Internship) STAT gives federal work-study students a variety of short-term assignments in various ODU departments on campus. The program mirrors a temporary agency on campus allowing for variety in work experiences and flexibility to meet the needs of diverse

student schedules. America Reads, federal work-study students are assigned to work with early childhood, and elementary school aged children in reading and math in a variety of settings. CSI program helps federal work-study students earn their WorkStudy award while they work in a variety of qualifying non-profit or governmental agencies in the local area. Some participants in CSI also register for academic credit. All of these programs listed above are the programs that are provided for selection through the Federal Work Study Program. For those students who did not receive work study there is also something for you too at the CMC, according to Clark, “The Career Management Center has a website and from there you can go to CareerLinks. With CareerLinks you can see all the jobs that are on campus, off campus, part time, full time and student hourly. They let you know all the requirements that are needed and for most of the jobs you can apply right then and there on line. “ It is a great way for every-student to be able to find a job on campus or off campus to help them earn extra money throughout their time here. The Careerlinks website has a resume up loader, where you can upload your resume for prospective employers of your choice to view once you have applied for the job. Most of the jobs offered on the site require a resume. Thankfully, for those of us who have trouble putting our resume’s together there are links on the website that show you mock-resume’s that could


be of some assistance in working on your own. Also, if a student wants to just learn how to make a great resume and cover letter the CMC also puts together Resume Workshops throughout the year to help students learn how to make their resume’s better. The CMC not only offers work-study jobs and the Careerlinks website for non-work-study jobs, they also facilitate Career Fairs on campus that are open to all students. They bring in many companies who are looking for hard-working students and many of the employers set up interviews with the students on a first come first serve basis. These Career Fairs are usually held in the Webb Center or the Ted Constant Center. If you go onto the Careerlinks site you can find a list of the employers that will be present at the next career fair. The next career fair will be on October 21st, 2010 10am-2pm in the Ted Constant Center. The attire for all of the career fairs is business attire. They stress “dressing for success” so that the student has a better chance at landing a great job! The Career Management Center has provided jobs for plenty of students throughout its time being here at ODU and they are always there awaiting students to take full advantage of the things they have to offer. Do not let the opportunities slip through your fingers when it comes to job hunting because the CMC will help you with the process. The Career Management center is located in the Webb Center above the Starbucks in North Mall, their hours are 8am-5pm M-F but the CareerLinks website is always up and running for those looking for jobs.


B3 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 10/06/10

The Kids Aren’t Alright


Society’s worst ‘frenemy

Local photographer is more than alright by


DJ Williams Staff Writer

Many people say the kids aren’t alright. If they were using that to describe the new art show by local photographer Richard Perkins, they are wrong very wrong. His first solo exhibit titled The Kids Aren’t Alright at Alatte Cafe in the heart of Granby Street. captured the young people of today acting like regular adults. He is a self taught photographer who learned to hone his craft by viewing other people’s works. Unlike most modern photographers he uses any medium of film he can get his hands on. His use of lighting and angles makes it hard to distinguish whether the photo was shot in digital, 35mm, or disposable camera. The event opening happened on October 1st and is expected to run until October 31st. The beginning of the show started off a little slow, due to the start time of 6 p.m., a time in which many people were just getting off work. The music at the beginning reflected the relaxing vibe of the coffee shop. By 7:30 p.m., there was a sense that things were changing - and indeed they did. The DJ of the evening, ODU’s own MR. E, began to play and this dramatically changed the atmosphere of the premiere. When he played the Vampire Weekend song the “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance,” a beacon was seemingly lit in Norfolk, and the place soon became packed. The sweet aroma of the coffee and music gave the show a relaxed vibe that everybody enjoyed. All walks of life showed up from families to people who just happened to stumble upon the event. They enjoyed Richards unique photographs. His photographs had a feel that is hard to describe. A mixture between the aesthetic feel of the 1990s and models from a genre of American society that is often frowned upon. All the details were not skipped from how each photographed that matched the frame, to their placement in the cafe. The crowd appreciated his attention to detail. ODU student Kristen said “It’s pretty sweet, the atmosphere and artwork are good” and Ross said “Its really cool.” Their views were the general consensus of comments about the show. People were coming to look at the works up until the lights were turned off. Right before the madness began I was able to get in a few question with the man of the night Richard Perkins. Mace and Crown: What was your inspiration behind the event? Richard Perkins: I want to document my life, and

Donell “DJ” Williams Mace & Crown Photographer Richard Perkins showcases his first solo exhibit at Alatte Cafe on Granby St.

the true aspect of my generation. I want to show the real younger generation, not the stuff that people assume. M&C: Are you excited that this is your first solo art show? RP: Yes I hope this opens a lot of doors for me to show more of my photos. I want to tell stories with my photos and I have a lot more to show M&C: So what influences you? RP: I use old magazines and the grunge movement from the 1990s. The look and feel of VHS. Also random bits of 80s culture. This show will go on until October 31st. Atlatte Cafe is located on 321 Granby Street, Norfolk Virginia.

Timothy Fulghum Staff Writer

In this hustle-and-bustle society of today, it’s becoming rare not to encounter stress. Stress corners and affects anyone and everyone. However, just because of its blind affectation, it doesn’t mean there aren’t avenues of attack to negate it. Stress can take the form of anything: an important exam, an upcoming date, the big game, fears, family turmoil, homework, and even a zit. Despite this, there are many ways to go about handling it: listening to music, finding something preoccupying to do, ignoring it entirely, or even talking to a friend, family member, or stranger. One of the most common ways of dealing with stress is plugging in the handy-dandy iPod, zune, or CD player. Music is one of the greatest inventions known to man; it also doubles as a personal form of expression. And the best part? There’s a song for everyting. Trying to get that boy or girl to go on a date? Taylor Swift can save the day with “You Belong With Me”. Interested in telling someone to buzz off? P!nk’s “So What” is the perfect fix. Other good listens, for peppylisteners: anything Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Avril Lavigne, Hey Monday, and Rihanna; good listens for ‘harder’-listeners: Flyleaf, Evanescence, VersaEmerge, AFI, Linkin Park, The Pretty Reckless, Skillet, Eminem, and New Years Day. Another great way of coping with stress is finding something else to do altogether, or even ignoring it. Old Dominion University student Cynthia Nunez deals with stress by not dealing with it. “I just ignore it ‘til it goes away. Then, I won’t have to

worry about it.” Whereas, Marie Yeatts’ technique is not to ignore it, but to constantly bring it up: “I like to complain about it. Like, I’ll keep doing it until it doesn’t bother me anymore. Then, I’ll complain about how much it bothered me then.” Stress, however, affects everyone differently. Therefore, ways of dealing with it differ. There is no singular right way to handle this frenemy, but there are several wrong ways: punching the ground, or anything that isn’t a punching bag, for example. Other high ‘donts’ include, but are not limited to: sharp objects, tic-tac-shapedgoods that aren’t tic-tacs, violence, paraphernalia not found on the legal side of life, and breaking televisions, walls, doors, and piggy banks (because they cost money). If all else fails, talk it out. If that test, date, game, zit, or all of the above are so troublesome, a friend is perfect to help. Not only can they offer advice that might not have been entirely evident before, but they can easily take your mind off of the bothersome matter for a period of time. Still not satisfied? Talk to a family member. Moms, dads, brothers, sisters, etc. are not entirely fond of their son, daughter, or sibling experiencing bad ordeals, so they’ll try whatever they can to alleviate the matter. And, if that doesn’t work, talk to a stranger. Not only do people seem to an inherit urge to help others in need, but for some it’s easier to share problems to those not directly related to one’s everyday life. There are many ways to deal with stress, and these are just a few suggestions, but the key is to find the best way that eliminates life’s blackhead quickly. Stress is something everyone deals with at one point or another, but certainly not something that has to be put up with.


Shred and Transcend No Age return with their 3rd LP Everything in Between by

Clay Blondin Staff Writer

Last year at ODU’s Campus Chaos Fest, Randy Randall and Dean Spunt, better known as No Age to many, walked on the small stage with an air of swagger. Spunt sat at his kit, yelled obscenities at his audience, and declared “Let the party begin!” with a crash of cymbals and distortion. No Age’s noise pop antics have lent them much praise as one of the leaders of the Los Angeles punk scene. 2008’s Nouns somehow ended up on many year-end best of lists. So how does a band that plays noise rock create a record that the indie kids can dig too? Well, by keeping some pop sensibility in tact. And through these melodies, No Age created some incredibly memorable work that is danceable, but still unruly. No Age is faced with a common problem

for innovators on their third LP, “Everything In Between.” How do you keep innovating? The most obvious route would be to get louder, more rambunctious, and more experimental. Always being one to throw audience members for a loop, the band goes the complete opposite direction: they write songs that are more pop oriented than ever. The noise is trimmed down tremendously, and the vocals are much higher in the mix than “Nouns.” Hell, I can actually understand the words- talk about breaking noise rock conventions. “Glitter,” the band’s first single, could be a college radio hit. But not all is different. No Age retains their “positive punk” sound, writing songs like “Life Prowler” that boast the lyrics “I love my life” over and over, and “Fever Dreaming” having the rhythmic chant of “Keep on dreaming!”. These moments are predictable, but oh so satisfying. Like their most recent EP, “Losing Feeling,” suggested, the sampler that Spunt attaches to his kit plays a much more prominent role than previous works. It is utilized more fully as an instrument than just a “box that makes things fuzzy”. Ambience is more fully realized on “Everything,” and this allows the band to add a new dynamic to their sound- quiet. And these

RECORDSTORE.CO.UK Campus Chaos stars No Age will surely be on many best-of lists for 2010.

moments make “Everything” memorable in its own right, because it provides the prefect juxtaposition to the unbearably loud moments that No Age is known for. The most memorable moments of “Everything” are the more guitar driven songs because, like being quiet is something totally new, so is


bringing out the guitar. Songs like “Depletion” and “Shred and Transcend” show a new side of No Age that was missing from past works that really flesh out not only their sound, but their roles within the band. Randall now sings more, and his voice has a bittersweet quality as opposed to Spunt’s howl. His guitar playing is also brought up in the mix, showing just how powerful a few chords can be. If Nouns showed off the people, places, and things of No Age, then “Everything” shows off everything else in their universe. While not as powerful as “Nouns,” “Everything” certainly has its place in No Age’s Discography. It shows a softer, more emotionally charged center to their personalities, which makes the music personable, as well as enjoyable. “Everything In Between” deserves a place on a roster of 2010’s best albums, despite leaning more on the pop side. But all of this is part of the journey of being a musician- to find what everything is. When Spunt was asked in a 2008 interview “What are important personal politics to you?” he responded “Just being honest. Working towards being straight about your feelings…”. Well, mission accomplished gentlemen.


wednesday 10/06/10 | MACE & CROWN | B4

When Social Networking Backfires Facebook causes problems in personal and professional lives Elizabeth Bowry Contributing Writer


Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites out there right now. It can connect people to long lost friends, their families and even some celebrities. Pictures can be posted in seconds, words posted for the world to see in milliseconds and lives can be effected dramatically just as fast as the news of a couple’s break up. Back when Facebook was on its way to becoming big, people did not realize the repercussions of their postings. Pictures of the party last weekend were available for everyone to see along with the slightly offensive or sketchy situation taking place in the photograph and everyone was literally everyone from potential employers to colleges to your great grandmother. Facebook soon became a place for hackers to get whole friends lists at a time and even change a user’s personal information. “One night, I logged onto Facebook and suddenly my name was changed to Harriet Tubman,” said Kelly Griffin, “I don’t even know how that happened and it didn’t change back for days.” Though problems like viruses and hacking can happen Facebook has also increased privacy settings for users to be able to hide whatever they want to hide from people who are not their friends. Employers have now started to go check their potential

employee’s Facebooks before hiring them. They look to see if the person has done anything that could be incriminating to the company that they are trying to join and can even effect if you get hired or not. Facebook has also become a way for investigators, lawyers, and police to get proof of certain crimes if it was posted about on Facebook. It is so easy for something to be written on the social networking site then later come back and haunts someone, but Facebook can also affect personal lives from school work to relationships. Relationships are easier to have long distance now with the help of the site, but if one half of the couple deletes it then it could change the whole feel of the relationship. “My boyfriend deleted his Facebook without telling anyone including me,” Ka’lyn Banks said, “We’re long distance and its one of the ways we communicate with each other so by deleting it, there was a strain on our relationship.” School work and grades is something that Facebook has also managed to mess with. Since the site is strangely addicting, students find themselves on it instead of the paper they are supposed to be writing or notes that they are supposed to be studying which could cause grades to slip. Facebook has managed to make people connect with old friends, stay informed with their current friends, be able to be with someone who lives miles away more easily, and stalk people one usually would not talk to. Everything good has its bad points and Facebook has the ability to virtually ruin chances of getting a job, could break up a relationship, get a person thrown in jail, or make grades drop. “Facebook is the best and the worst thing that you could have.”

The Niceguys “The Show”review Indie Rap Group Makes Classic Debut by Martin Tucker Contributing Writer

Rising out of the city of Houston come four young hip hop artists who hope to accomplish the impossible for most southern artists make a classic debut. Easy Yves Saint, Christolph, Free, and DJ Candlestick make up The Niceguys, an indie rap group where ironically 75 percent of the members don’t touch a microphone. Easy Yves Saint is a Queens native who attended the University of Houston along with his three bandmates. Yves is burdened with the daunting task of being the sole rapper of the group at least in the studio. To say “Christolph makes jazz beats” would be an understatement. If Christolph took a beat CD to Guru’s grave, angels would rise out of the dirt and record J”azzmatazz Vol. 5: When I Find Solar.” I’d be doing a great disservice if I didn’t recognize Free whose rock-influenced beats shifts moods in the album perfectly. Last but not least (because he’s the tallest) is DJ Candlestick the orchestrator of The Niceguys’ shows. “The Show,” which came out September 28th, is merely a facet of the Niceguys’ movement of energetic live shows, hilarious vimeo shorts done by the young Danny Ocean of Evesborough Films, and seemingly “Lupin the 3rd” inspired artwork. “The Show” is a concept album whose content exemplifies its title. No song deviates from the idea that this album or life in general is a “show” to be performed to the best of our ability. But before you go tattooing the album cover on your loved one’s lower back as a manifesto, one must realize that a show itself is artificial, catered to its audience, and designed to bring out certain emotional responses while neglecting others. In short, don’t listen to this album expecting to hear a “Poet Laureate II,” “Uncommon Valor,” or “Dance with the Devil” for all you purists out there. Not to say that the album isn’t lyrically sufficient. It has yet to be seen where Easy Yves Saint will be placed with southern lyricists such as Andre 3000, Ludacris, Phonte Coleman, Jay Electronica, and Deacon the Villain; but he does admit that “lyrics shouldn’t be too complex for heads” on “Victory Lap”. He does also recognize the underground he resides in and gives the purists little crumbs to nibble on such as, “ I don’t wear red and blue uh-huh/ I’m the super, man not Superman/ go in the booth as Yves/ come out the booth Leron/ not the son of Jor-EL, y’all used to Clark…” on

‘The Social Network’ review friend requests confirmed and denied Elizabeth Bowry Contributing Writer


The story of Facebook’s creation is just as complicated as the site’s new format updates. “The Social Network” tells the story of how the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and his friends created the popular social and the ups and downs of how making the website tore apart friendships but gained him the popularity that Mark had always secretly wanted. The movie is basically told through two different law suits that Facebook is involved in and through the testimonies the story of how it all happened. It starts off fast with quick banter in a Harvard bar to voiceovers of his blog in his college dorm to San Francisco to end in a lawyer’s office showing that even Mark Zuckerberg has to wait by the computer screen for friend requests to be accepted, too. It is able to bring out the irony of Facebook and how the goal of the website is to bring people together while the creation of it just tore best friends apart. The writing is good but some of the jokes lacked luster with few to only some laughs filling the semi-filled theater. Though the jokes did not always cause as many laughs at the writers may have intended, the rest of the movie was extremely well

written and kept you on the edge of your seat to in order to see what happened next. It was a rare occasion inside of the movie theater where I was did not see any blue screens of cell phones and texting throughout the whole movie showing that the director and the producers of the film were able to capture the audiences’ attention as any well written movie should. Jesse Eisenberg’s performance of the socially awkward genius Mark Zukerberg was extremely convincing. He hardly missed a beat and always had a monotone voice when he said something sarcastically that made the line even better. Justin Timberlake graced the screen with his portrayal of the bad guy of the movie, Napster founder Sean Parker, and he was able to once again show that he was not just a boy bander anymore, but an actor that can play someone with a bad past and be able to weasel his way into one of the best business deals that anyone could have been a part of. Newcomer Andrew Garfield, who plays the only non-fictional classmate of Zukerberg’s and his best friend Eduardo Saverin who becomes Facebook’s CFO, is able to play the part of the best friend betrayed in a performance that memorized my friends and I even after the movie was finished and we were halfway back to campus. “The Social Network” tells the mostly true story of how one of the world’s most popular sites came to be. It was by far one of the best movies of 2010 to come out yet this year and is definitely good enough to see twice.

WESTOLETHESHOW.COM Indie rap stars from Houston shine on new album “The Show.”

“Cave” which shows he has some great influences. It’s slightly disappointing that Yves felt the need to include so many of his influences both knowingly and unknowingly. At least he cites them without namedropping - yes I’m looking at you, Game. One superb aspect of “The Show” is the hooks. You haven’t heard hooks this good on a rap album since The Roots’ “How I Got Over.” Steven Bigham, Lee Lonn Walker, and Nick Greer do tremendous jobs on their features that give the album great pacing and breathe life into already amazing production and solid rhymes. The three singles are: “Mr. Perfect”, a rock influenced hard hitting inspiration, “it’s Like That” which sounds like the love child of Jurassic 5’s “The Influence” and a Young Jeezy club song (just pick one), and “The Good Shepherd”, the most succinct concept song on the album and Yves best display of lyricism. Since hip hop is essentially “beats and rhymes” or “rhythm and poetry” this album receives an 8.5/10 from me, 9 for production and 8 for emceeing. This album blends genres within hip hop. It’s not hipster or club music, boom bap or tunnel banger, it’s simply great music, the type that when you remember everything wonderful that happened to you in fall semester 2010 your memories will be scored by Christolph, Free, and DJ Candlestick while being narrated inevitable malt liquor spokesman, Easy Saint Yves.


SHOPPINGBLOG.COM Jesse Eisenberg stars as Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, a socially awkward programming genius.


B5 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 10/06/10

‘I Am Not a Human Being’ review Lil Wayne is the ET of Emcees September 27th marked the birthday of hip hop phenom Lil’ Wayne, and even though he couldn’t celebrate the right way with an extravagant party laced with celebs, liquor and even more celebs; Weezy blessed his following of adoring fans with an eleven track EP called “I am not a human being”. Which is the most anticipated album from Lil’ Wayne since his incarceration. Wayne leaked a couple of tracks to masses prior the release date to give them an idea of the EP; Right Above It and Gonorrhea. Right Above It is the anthem of the whole CD; a champion themed beat (like something out of a Rocky movie) Wayne and his protégé Drake slaughtered the track with the everyday life of Young Money. Gonorrhea (suggestive as it sounds) is dirty and raunchy; but the flow and delivery pounds as the track progresses. The thing about, I’m not a Human Being, is that Wayne does spare anyone that comes across his mind. He drops the names of anyone that he can fit into his rhyme scheme, such as running back Chris Johnson, shooting guard Paul Pierce, director Martin Scorsese and even billionaire Bill Gates. Also, Wayne is so blunt

ADDICTED-2-RETAIL.COM Lil’ Wayne’s latest EP “I Am Not A Human” name drops everyone from Bill Gates to Martin Scorsese.

it’s disgusting (in a good sense); mothers and children be warned and if you’re a uptight conservative this album is not for you. Let’s just say that censorship is an unknown word to Wayne. The tracks to keep an ear out for are Bill Gates, Gonorrhea, I’m Single, Hold up and What’s Wrong with Them. I’m Single, is definitely going to be the slow jam of the winter season. It basically sums up what goes at every party on an intimate level. And my personal favorite is Bill Gates; the flow goes hard, the beat goes harder, enough said. I can’t wait for Wayne to get out of jail and release more music this EP is just the start.

Let Me In

Move Over Edward Cullen, This Vampire Has Bite By Timothy Fulghum Staff Writer Unlike film history’s hundreds of remakes before it, “Let Me In” actually remains incredibly true to its Swedish predecessor, “Let the Right One In”. The film, written and directed by Matt Reeves, is rated R and delivers blood and gore that isn’t exactly “Saw”-like, but is sufficient enough to compel audiences to remember that vampires don’t mess around. “Let Me In” leaves out the angst-ridden teens, the sparkling vampires, and terrible romantic clichés, instead opting for an eerily, seemingly innocent friendship between 12 year-old Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee) and 12 year-old “more or less” Abby (Chloë Grace Moretz). Tormented constantly by bullies and burdened with his parent’s divorce, Owen finds peace only in solitude. However, this quickly changes when a mysterious young girl named Abby moves in. Soon, the two become fast friends, but they meet only at night. And, to the dismay of the citizens of Los Alamos, a murderer, Abby’s ‘father’, also walks the night streets. Owen begins to realize Abby’s differences, such as her lack of appetite for food, indifference to the cold temperatures, and her unusual behavior, and he starts to realize that something isn’t right. These suspicions prove to be correct as it is revealed that Abby is none other than a vampire. Unfortunately for Owen’s enemies, Abby is willing to do anything to keep her friend safe. Matt Reeves’ vision of “Let Me In” is terrific both visually and story-wise. His focus on the two main characters gives the remake an extra ounce of eerie, and his almost scene-by-scene recreation allows English-speaking audiences to experience the story fully, without cutting anything out, but gaining more by its more developed characters. This adaptation also clears certain ambiguities, such as the Father’s role, as well establishes plot points that add to the story’s understanding. The time period is established in the 1980s which account for the lack of technology. Another addition is the blur of certain characters which add to the focus of Owen and Abby. Although blood and gore are factors, they’re not pivotal pieces. This remake is more character-driven than anything; plot follows in as a close second. The young-love relationship shared between Owen and Abby borderlines on adorable and disturbing as the movie progresses and they’re encounters destroy the innocence of youth.

TWITCHFILM.NET Adapted from the Swedish art film “Let The Right One In,” this remake outshines it’s predecessor.

The film is also a fresh installment into the ever-growing “Vampire Craze” that continues to reign over media. Abby epitomizes what vampires once were: fiendish creatures that thirst for blood, not eternal love that transpires over four badly penned books and five equally terribly acted film installments. The one downfall of the film is the special effects which almost take away from the story. Despite how advanced filmmaking has become, for some reason the supernatural aspect of vampires and bloody body parts are accentuated so much that they becomes cheesy and almost B-movieesque. Despite this, McPhee and Moretz are perfect choices for their respective parts. McPhee conveys an archetypalchildlike innocence, and Moretz poses as the evil waiting to disrupt it. All in all, the film is a must-see if not at the theater than on DVD within the next few months.

Restrepo Ever Heard A Grown Man Cry? You Will After Seeing Restrepo by Martin Tucker Contributing Writer

I have never heard a man justifiably cry before this film was released. Not a “my girlfriend broke up with me” cry or a “my skin is sensitive and I’m getting a meaningless tattoo” cry, but a genuine lamentation that echoes nights after this film is experienced and resurfaces every time a man in uniform walks past. “Restrepo” is a war documentary on Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley and the soldiers who fought to occupy it. It follows a group of soldiers who have set up camp in the newly named base, Restrepo, which was named after a Latino medic who was killed in combat. The film uses postwar interviews, actual battle footage, and town footage to cover the general feeling of dread in Korengal. First of all this film is absolutely apolitical, minus a little jab at the Obama or Bush Administration, depending on how it’s perceived. Cer-


tainly all political ideologies within the audience seem to vanish after the first firefight. The film becomes an exercise in War Cinema Catharsis. We learn to care for soldiers as we do in every war film from “Platoon” to “Inglorious Bastards” through both war footage and testimonials. About halfway through the film you start to realize that some of the soldiers you may have developed a liking for haven’t appeared in post-war testimonials which start a countdown of terror, angst, and hope till the finale as you search for signs of their mortality. The most horrifying element of this film is simply the harsh reality the surrounds these soldiers for 15 months. It’s what separates “Restrepo” from films like “The Hurt Locker” or “Jarhead.” The film transforms you from being a naïve moviegoer to a petrified civilian. It’s the moment when you realize everything is real and rebuke yourself in disgust for asking questions like “Why isn’t there more violence?” or “Why aren’t these characters more interesting?” The deepest question the film proposes is as a civilian what would you do in this situation where the enemy

is rarely seen, the locals hold deadly grudges, and friends you believe to be immortal are killed before your eyes. With all the desensitization to violence my generation was gifted with I personally would snap. This documentary isn’t a tribute or an exposure of some random corruption that we’ll talk about for days and forget. It’s a raw serving of humanity in all its shades.

TRAILERSHUT.COM This dramatic war documentary honors the soldiers currently fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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METHOD MAN AND REDMAN the Norva, 8 pm. FIELD HOCKEY - VCU 5:00 PM Norfolk, Va. WOMEN’S SOCCER - VCU 7:00 PM Norfolk, Va. FOOTBALL - THE ODU FOOTBALL SHOW 10:45 PM Norfolk, Va. WOMEN’S TENNIS - ITA REGIONAL All Day Norfolk, Va.



VIRGINIA BEACH HARVEST FAIR AT THE VA BEACH FARMER’S MARKET. SWIMMING & DIVING - UNC-WILMINGTON MEN 10:00 AM Scrap Chandler Pool - Norfolk, Va. FOOTBALL - CAL POLY 6:00 PM Norfolk, Va. - Foreman Field SWIMMING & DIVING - UNC-WILMINGTON WOMEN 10:00 PM Scrap Chandler Pool - Norfolk, Va. SWIMMING & DIVING - RICHMOND WOMEN 10:00 PM Scrap Chandler Pool - Norfolk, Va

1:00 PM Norfolk, Va. WOMEN’S SOCCER - HOFSTRA 1:00 PM Norfolk, Va.


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wednesday 10/06/10 | MACE & CROWN | C1

Lady Monarchs storm past Towson Tigers in Sunday showdown by

Kathryne Mason Staff Writer

Nationally ranked Old Dominion University’s Field Hockey Team played against the Towson Tigers on Oct. 3. Six different Lady Monarchs scored against the Towson Tigers as ODU went on to win their fifth game in a row, still being one of the only teams undefeated in the Colonial Athletic Association play at 3-0. Nine minutes into the start of the first half defensive player sophomore Christy Longacre provided an opportunity for the Lady Monarchs with a corner. Senior Page Clutter (who would end up having a game career high of 3 goals) started the corner off and 11 seconds later Senior Forward Anna Kern would score the first tally of the game. Less than two minutes later a mistake from Towson led to another corner. The Lady Monarchs took advantage of the corner and senior midfielder Alyschia Conn scored to put the Lady Monarchs up two. Within the 17-minute mark Towson got their first corner of the game, but Sami Richardson made an impressive save that diminished the Tigers hopes cutting the lead in half. The few problems that the Lady Monarchs did have didn’t seem to put a damper on the mood. When asked about the Lady Monarchs first half performance and fouls that were called Coach Beth Anders made it clear what was slowing them down,”That was probably the biggest thing that was really annoying me in the first half,” said Coach Anders. “The girls weren’t moving their feet enough and they were standing behind Towson instead of in front. From a field hockey perspective, you get so many more chances and opportunities if you’re in front of the opponent. It’s just a bigger advantage.” Freshmen Kati Nearhouse made a great interception that broke up a Towson five on two play. Nearhouse’s interception would eventually lead to a corner for the lady monarchs, which led to another goal from Senior Loran Hatch in the 14-minute mark. With the Lady Monarchs putting the offensive pressure on the Tigers, junior goalkeeper Devon Seifert had little to worry about. The stellar performance of the Lady Monarch defense held the Tigers to only two shots on goal the whole game. The few times Towson actually did manage to get past the 25-yard line the Lady Monarchs defense took it back and gained control. This would be the fourth consecutive shutout the lady monarchs have had. More mistakes looming over Towson led to another corner for ODU. The lady monarchs didn’t converge on this corner, but with 10 minutes to go in the first half there was expected pressure added on from the lady monarchs. A long hit started off by forward junior Kathryn Kirk led to a beautiful deflection goal by Paige Clutter. The

Lady Monarchs had another chance to capitalize off of a misread pass by the Towson Tigers when Senior Loran Hatch made an impressive pass straight across the Towson goal with no one to knock it in. Over the next 7 minutes of the first half, fatigue and more mistakes from Towson would lead to 3 more corners for the lady monarchs. Sophomore Maarje Van Rijswijk made a wicked hit into goal to put the lady Monarchs up 5-0 in the second half. That must have been the last straw for Towson because with 18 minutes and 16 seconds left in the game they switched goalies; not that it helped much. Soon afterwards, yet another corner was handed to the lady monarchs in the 15-minute mark. Clutter got her second goal for ODU by making a diving hit. About seven minutes later ODU was given another corner, which led to another goal by Clutter. Too little to late, with less than 5 minutes to play, Towson switched goalies yet again. Nearhouse had the last laugh though as she dribbled down the field, making a soft touch pass to herself through the legs of a Towson defender and then a textbook-play fake past the Towson goalie to give the Lady Monarchs their final goal of the game. The Lady Monarchs ended the game with 23 shots on goal while the stellar performance of the ODU defense held the Towson Tigers to just 2 shots the whole game. ODU was given 13 corners; 7 of which led to goals and Towson just 3. The Lady Monarchs now look ahead to October 8th as they prepare to take on No. 18 Drexel at 7pm.

Monarchs ride special teams to first home win The Monarchs defense was outstanding in the victory only giving up 203 total yards.

Big Return by Smalley sets up game winner by

Ben Decowski Staff Writer

A year ago the Monarchs went 6-1 at home and relished the opportunity of playing in front of the packed crowd at Foreman Field. This season in the first two home games the Monarchs had struggled, and had gone 0-2 in games they felt like they should win. This week the Monarchs made sure they would have not have that awful taste in their mouths. “The theme for this week was we need to take back our house,” said Old Dominion University’s head football coach Bobby Wilder. That is exactly what ODU (3-2) did Saturday night at Foreman Field defeating the GardnerWebb Runnin’ Bulldogs (2-3) 14-7. The game marked ODU’s first home victory of the year and the team’s first back to back wins this season. What made this game interesting though was the fact that it was neither the offense nor the defense that really won the game for the Monarchs. It was redshirted sophomore Punter Jonathan Plisco and the Special teams, along with great second half defense that lifted ODU to a victory. “Plisco was definitely a weapon tonight,” said Coach Wilder, “He gave Gardner-Webb long fields to work with.” Plisco had a stunning five punts land inside the 20 yard line, two of which pinned the Runnin’ Bulldogs down at their own eight yard line and one that put them on their own one yard line. Only one of his eight punts landed in the endzone for a touchback. “I actually tell him ‘Hey that one could’ve been a little further, you might have been able to kick that a little higher,’ I’m very critical of Plisco because I’m the second string punter so I let him know I’m right behind him,” joked ODU’s redshirted junior quarterback Thomas DeMarco. Coach Wilder said “Our average drive start was our 35 and Gardner-Webb’s average drive start was their 25 so there’s a huge stat right there,” and even went as far as to say it “was the difference in tonight’s game.” But Plisco was not the only special teams’ hero in the game. Sophomore punt returner Monty Smalley had a huge 32-yard return in the fourth quarter that put ODU at the 20 yard line and set the team up for their gamewinning touchdown. “It felt great, I plan on doing that every punt return,” said Smalley. Coach Wilder added that “Our punt return unit going into this game was the eighth ranked punt return unit in the country,” and continued to say, “last year we were ranked 110th and a big part of that is Monty Smalley.” It only took the Monarchs three plays and 49 seconds to score after Smalley’s big return and it was quarterback


Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown

Thomas DeMarco who ran it five yards for the game-winning touchdown. “The hole was there and I just got in,” said DeMarco. DeMarco had a tough night completing only 45% of his passes for a season low of 141 yards and one interception. DeMarco was also sacked twice by GWU, a team that averages three sacks a game. DeMarco defended his offensive line though saying, “I have tremendous faith in my o-line, I always have. All of those guys do a great job.” Old Dominion’s defense really stepped it up in the second half recording four sacks on GWU’s true freshmen quarterback Chandler Browning. “That second half I thought we were dominant,” said Coach wilder, “I thought our defense just absolutely dominated. I think that’s the best half of football we played as a defense at Old Dominion.” ODU’s defense totaled five sacks during the game coming from redshirted sophomores Chris Burnette, Craig Wilkins, Michael Williams, Donald Smith, redshirted junior Ronnie Cameron and redshirted senior Deron Mayo. Deron Mayo also made a big play in the first quarter. After ODU attempted an onside kick that they recovered, DeMarco threw an interception to GWU’s redshirted senior cornerback Cedric McGowan. The Runnin’ Bulldogs moved the ball all the way down the field and attempted a 27-yard field goal. That is when Deron Mayo stepped up to make another huge play for the special teams as he got in the backfield to block the kick and erased three GWU points off of the board. “He’s been outstanding,” said Coach Wilder, “He’s doing everything.” Gardner-Webb scored their only touchdown on their next drive on a nine yard run by freshmen wide receiver Richard Jules with 1:36 remaining in the first quarter. After that, the game was all defense until DeMarco’s gamewinner. “We just kind of took pride in the defense and said ‘hey the game’s on our shoulders’,” said Mayo. “I think their [Defensive] coordinator did a great job at calling the certain coverage’s at the perfect times,” said ODU’s junior wide receiver Prentice Gill about the offensive troubles, “They were just on point.” Gill led the Monarch receiving core with six catches for 76 yards and was a key part in the team’s final touchdown selling a great fake handoff. Some other notable events include ODU’s sophomore running back Mario Crawford’s first touchdown of the season which came with 10:56 remaining in the first quarter, and redshirted sophomore cornerback T.J. Cowart’s three pass break-ups which gave him ten in his career. Cowart’s ten break-ups are, the most by any Monarch in a career. So with Cal Poly coming to Foreman Field next week ODU will be riding a two-game winning streak thanks to their big win. “This one is definitely huge, probably our biggest one of the season,” said Mayo, “People came in and kind of took our home away from us but we got it back.”


C2 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 10/06/10

A history of success Coach Anders takes it ‘One day at a time’ by

Ben Decowski Staff Writer

Experience: Winningest coach in Division I, Olympic Bronze medalist, nine national collegiate titles, Hall of Fame. Sound like a good resume? Well it belongs to Old Dominion University’s very own Field Hockey Coach, Beth Anders. Coach Anders has the winningest record in Division I field hockey in the country with a record of 511-1167 through 27 seasons. “Numbers are insignificant to me,” said Coach Anders who was the first Division I coach to reach 500 wins. “I have been fortunate to coach great people and that’s what I’m most grateful for.” Coach Anders is in her 28th season with the Monarchs and her career has been incredible. Besides bringing nine national titles to ODU, she has led the team to 13 CAA titles since the team joined it in 1991. “It’s been great,” said Coach Anders. Throughout all of her achievements as a coach and player, Coach Anders says her best memories come from practices. Considering the fact that she has a playing history that includes an Olympic record (scored 8 of 9 goals through five games of the 1984 Olympics) and a coaching history that includes a second placement in the 2003 Pan American games, that is saying a lot. “To see players develop and overachieve and reach their dream is just great and a thrill,” said Coach Anders. 1984 was an extremely successful year for Coach Anders. She won a Bronze medal in the Olympics which took place in Los Angeles, was named Olympic Athlete of the Year and Virginia Coach of the year. She was also inducted into the U.S. Field Hockey Coaches Association Hall of Fame. Ask Coach Anders what her most meaningful achievement has been and her answer won’t include any past credentials. Instead Coach Anders simply says “The win on Friday. I live day to day, I don’t think about the past.” She continues saying “Don’t get me wrong I am proud of my past,” and added that an important memory to her was “1984 standing on the podium with all of my teammates, hearing the crowd chant USA, USA.” 15 of Coach Anders’ former ODU players have gone on to play in the last four Olympics for their countries. “To be able to represent their country, whichever country, is an honor,” said Coach Anders. She refused to take credit for their success saying, “it is contributed to them not me.” Coach Anders instills her own unselfish mentality into her team. “Everybody is critical,” she said, “Everyone has a role and has to perform

JOHNFICARA.COM Coach Anders and the Field Hockey are surging as they are winners of six straight

their role.” This is a clear reflection on what team work means to Coach Anders, whose team is currently ranked 20th nationally. The Monarchs opened the season with a very tough schedule. The first eight games were against ranked opponents ranging from No. 1 North Carolina to No. 18 Penn State. On top of that eight of the first ten games were away games. The team came out of those first 10 games with a record of 4-6 with their wins coming against No. 9 Duke, No. 11 Boston University, No. 15 American and Northeastern. “We stayed consistent. We did some great things, we hung in there with top seeds,” Coach Anders said of her teams start. The Monarchs were on a five game losing streak but persevered having now won four in a row. “That’s what we’re doing, persevering. It’s not always good times,” said Coach Anders, “We have to keep things in perspective.” As for now, Coach Anders says her goal is “trying to grow through the season,” and with the recent turnaround, it seems that the team is doing just that. “This team can do it. They are working hard at achieving, they are taking on a challenge and they are not backing down,” said Coach Anders, “They want it.” There have been a few players that stand out on the stat sheet, one of whom is redshirted junior goalkeeper Devon Seifert. Seifert has saved 26 of 30 shots and has a record of 3-1 this season with victories coming against Duke, Northeastern and Boston University. Seifert had back-toback shut outs against Northeastern and Boston University. “She is performing her role, she is part of a defense,” says Coach Anders. The team’s next 3 games are against CAA opponents Towson, No. 18 Drexel and Hofstra. Some other big games on the remaining schedule include home games against No. 1 Maryland, no. 2 North Carolina and no. 13 Duke. Coach Anders and her players will stay focused on the present, saying her team is taking it “one day at a time.”

Offense sells tickets; defense wins games Monarchs defense comes up big by

Garrison Cole Sports Editor

The game was not a masterpiece. It wasn’t even a 3-year-olds piece of work. It was far from perfect, but the Old Dominion University Monarchs got their first home victory over Gardner-Webb, 14-7. Not the score anyone thought, but it was what the team needed; to finally get a win at Foreman Field. The Monarchs can thank their defense and their special teams for pulling out a victory. The Monarchs offense well, was, just offensive all night. 14 points, 252 yards, 2-12, and less than 50% completion percentage from junior quarterback Thomas DeMarco are just few of the abysmal numbers the Monarchs offense put up. However, football is a team game, and the other two phases of the game came to play, mainly the defense. The defense struggled mightily in the first two home games. 35 points were given up to Jacksonville in the opener, in which in the second half

the Monarch defense couldn’t get off the field. In the second home game of the season, the Tribe of William & Mary, the Monarchs defense was better in the points category, only giving up 21 points. But the Monarchs still gave up 424 yards to the Tribe. In fact, coming into the game against the Bulldogs, the Monarchs defense had given up a whopping 917 yards. So in a game where the Monarch offense couldn’t run, move or keep the ball, the Monarch defense led the way. The Monarchs defense was relentless all night long. The Monarchs defense was stellar only yielding 202 yards and picking up five sacks. Gardner-Webb tried the run the ball. They showed they were committed to the run game, with 45 rushing attempts. The only problem was that they only gained 73 yards on those 45 attempts. That translates to a scary 1.6 yards a carry, which made the Bulldogs one dimensional. That other dimension, the passing game the Monarchs defense handled just as well. True freshman quarterback Chandler Browning who was thrusted into starting duty completed 50 percent of his passes, 15-30 for 150 yards. The Monarchs defense was espe-

The Monarchs’ last line of defense Field hockey goalie Devon Seifert earns CAA honors for her solid play by

Kevin Hollister Staff Writer

Without her pads and helmet, Devon Seifert doesn’t look like the girl who solidifies the last line of defense for the Old Dominion University field hockey team. With a baby-face that would get her carded going into a R-rated movie, it’s hard to believe that Seifert is even in college, let alone the redshirted junior playing goalkeeper for the Division I field hockey squad that ranks 20th in the nation. “When I’m in goal, people don’t really know it’s me, but then when I take off my helmet they’re like, ‘Oh, that’s what she looks like.’ People are always like, ‘You’re so big’ and then when I take all my stuff off they realize I’m not that big at all,” Seifert said. The 5-foot-5-inch, 20-year-old Seifert came to ODU in 2008 from Ocean City, NJ where she starred as goalie for Ocean City High School—ending her illustrious high school career with a record of 72-6-6. After waiting two seasons, Seifert was anxious to continue her winning ways here as a Monarch. “I came from a great school in high school with a winning tradition and strong program,” Seifert said. “When I was looking at schools, I wanted another strong program.” Seifert and ODU seemed to be the perfect fit. “Coming here I knew I was going to wait a while to play, but I feel like I am ready to be in that type of situation and deal with the pressures. I know what it’s like to be on a team that expects to win. It’s a lot of work and a lot of pressure sometimes, but it’s worth it,” Seifert said. The first six games of the 2010 season the Monarchs were against Top 20 opponents, and the team struggled, beginning the season 1-5. Seifert was called upon to start the first game of her career (the team’s 7th game of the season) on Sept. 17 against perennial powerhouse, and nationally number oneranked University of North Carolina. “Well, before the game went on—the day before—I was kind of nervous. I was trying to get my confidence up, but I was nervous,” said Seifert. “But the second I stepped on the field I calmed down. That’s how I usually am for most


cially stellar in the second half. Head Coach Bobby Wilder said afterward of his defense’s performance “that second half I thought we were dominant, I thought our defense just absolutely dominated, I think that’s the best half of football we played as a defense at Old Dominion.” In the second half the Monarchs defense yielded nothing. The Monarchs only gave up 24 yards. And the word to describe the Monarchs defense in the second half was relentless. Every drop back by Browning seemed to end with the QB running for his life. The two Hofstra transfers, senior Deron Mayo and Junior Ronnie Cameron played “meet- me- at the quarterback” in the second half, as they each had one sack, and multiple quarterback hurries. In a game that featured zero offense in the second half, the Monarch defense remained tough. And, thanks to the unit, the Monarchs celebrated the victory. The Monarchs offense is not going to score 14 points many more times this season, and the defense isn’t going to give seven points out every time. But it’s refreshing to know that the Monarch defense can hold up their end of the deal and stop teams when need be.

games—the nerves come out beforehand, but the second you step out on the field it was just another game.” Although the Monarchs lost 3-1, Seifert made nine saves and earned the starting goalkeeper role. Two days after the loss to UNC, Seifert got back to doing something she was accustomed to throughout high school: winning. On Sept. 19, she recorded a 2-1 win against ninth-ranked Duke University—her first collegiate victory. “I was really excited. Right after the game, my defense came up and hugged me and I was smiling because I was so excited,” Seifert said. “All I kept thinking was, ‘It finally paid off, the past two years.’ I finally got to be in games like this. I was more excited than anything else.” As of Sept. 30, Seifert has a record of 3-1 as the starting goalkeeper for the Monarchs, and posted consecutive shutouts against Northeastern University and Boston University. Despite being named Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) “Player of the Week,” Seifert remains humble and credits her defense for much of her success. “For me, it’s our whole defense in general that matters. I did have the saves, but my defense also made it so that it was easier shots,” Seifert said. “I give a lot of credit to my defense for helping me out that much because it was weird being back there and not being used to it.” Being a good teammate and winning are far more important to Seifert than personal accolades. If it weren’t for a friend telling her, Seifert may have still been in the dark about her recent CAA honor. “I was surprised when I got [CAA Player of the Week]. Actually, one of my friends texted me and was like, ‘Hey, congrats!’ and I was like, ‘Congrats on what?’ I didn’t know what she was taking about until I went onto the ODU website,” Seifert said. Seifert also stays grounded through some harmless razzing from her teammates. Surprisingly, the teasing isn’t just about her obvious South Jersey accent. “It’s not my accent, as much as just certain words,” Seifert said. “I don’t say water (wooder). They make fun of how I say pillow (pel-loow), and I say bag (baaaag). I don’t really get made fun of for that. They tease me about how I walk. I walk with my feet out, so I get made fun about that more,” Seifert laughed. Devon Seifert is enjoying every minute of being the goalkeeper for the Monarchs’ field hockey team.


wednesday 10/06/10 | MACE & CROWN | C3









3rd down efficiency



4th down efficiency



Total Yards









Yards per pass






Rushing Attempts



Yards per rush









Fumbles lost



Interceptions thrown








First victory at home for the Monarchs after struggling in their first two home games






T. DeMarco Team

15/33 15/33

4.3 4.3

0 0

1 1

141 141







M. Crawford T. DeMarco D. Williams P. Gill J. Edwards Team

14 13 1 2 1 32

47 43 24 10 -6 111

3.4 3.3 24.0 5.0 -6.0 3.5

1 1 0 0 0 2

12 9 24 13 0 24







P. Gill R. Evans D. Williams N. Mayers M. Crawford Team

6 4 3 1 1 15

76 39 17 12 -3 141

12.7 9.8 5.7 12.0 -3.0 9.4

0 0 0 0 0 0

22 11 12 12 0 22


By Garrison Cole Sports Editor


Average yards per carry that GardnerWebb had on the evening. They ran the ball 50 times but weren’t successful doing it.


Number of third downs converted by the Monarchs as they continued to struggle on third down going 2-12


Number of sacks the Monarchs defense had in the second half as they pressured true freshmen Chandler Browning relentlessly in the second half


Number of punts by All-American punter Jonathan Plisco booted inside the 20 yard line, flipping field position in favor of the Monarchs.


Number of catches that wide receiver Prentice Gil had on the evening. Gil has become DeMarco’s go to target this season.


: Number of yards that GardnerWebb managed to muster against the aggressive Monarch defense.


C4 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 10/06/10

Lady Monarchs drop fourth straight conference game to Georgia State

Lady Monarchs lose 4-2 Garry J. Sharpe Jr. Contributing Writer


The Lady Monarchs (2-7-1, 0-4) entered Sunday afternoon’s matchup on the heels of a grueling four game road trip. The next three contests were against conference opponents, including Towson, George Mason, and UNC Wilmington, each ending in 2-1 defeats. If that wasn’t enough to put the pressure on the Lady Monarchs, then arrival of one the top teams in CAA women’s soccer surely would. Georgia State (9-3-1, 3-1) came into the game with confidence sitting near the top of the CAA after wins versus Drexel and William and Mary and were looking to build on their overall strong play. Sunday afternoon’s game was played under a cold gray sky with a swirling wind and steady rain to match. Earlier in the week the Hampton Roads area was hit with the remnants of a tropical depression, which brought with it extended periods of torrential rain. Fortunately, the Old Dominion campus got a brief reprieve on a beautifully sunny Saturday. This allowed the field to properly drain and left it in good condition for the Lady Monarch’s conference home opener. The first half opened positively for the Lady Monarchs. In the second minute, sophomore Taylor Mertz played a cross from the right flank that was deflected out of bounds by a Georgia State defender. On the ensuing corner kick, junior Rachael Carroll connected with freshman

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown

Cook for a headed effort on goal, which was saved by keeper Kellieanne Collins. Moments later in the fifth minute, junior midfielder Jocelyn Weidner fired a shot from just outside the 18 yard box that went just a yard or two over the cross bar. Despite the soggy conditions, the Lady Monarchs seemed comfortable on the ball and displayed confident possession and combination down the middle of the pitch. Defensively, the Lady Monarchs showed their back four defenders’ susceptibility to balls played in behind early on. In the 11th minute, a

through ball was played from the Georgia State midfield down the right past ODU junior defender Rachael Carroll to forward Jewel Evans. Evans took the ball down inside Old Dominion territory and played a rolling ball across the 6 yard box to forward Sarah Bennett, who slotted it past keeper sophomore Brianna Alvarado to give the Lady Panthers an early 1-0 lead. The goal seemed to stun the Lady Monarchs, who couldn’t get anything going in the attacking third thereafter. Georgia State was able to play a few more balls down the right and get Jewel Evans in behind the Old Dominion fullbacks, but couldn’t capitalize on these chances. The game went to half time 1-0 in favor of Georgia State. The Lady Monarch’s needed this break to regroup and figure out how to get back in the game. The Lady Monarchs came out of the intermission revitalized and started the half with a spirited effort. In the 50th minute, junior Victoria Johnson played a nicely positioned through ball to Mertz down the middle twenty yards from the Georgia State goal, but she was just a step offside. In the 53rd minute, Weidner received a Carroll corner kick and delivered a well-struck ball on target, but it was blocked out of bounds. Midfielders Mertz and sophomore Ashley Coutu were also able to get off shots in the 55th and 61st minutes that were also blocked by a stingy Georgia State defense. After this flurry of offense, the Lady Monarchs committed a critical error in the 69th minute when Jewel Evans was taken down in the box after she was once again able to slip past ODU defenders on a clear breakaway chance. Referee Scott Johnson immediately awarded Georgia State a penalty kick.

Sarah Bennett converted the penalty for her second goal of the game, giving the Lady Panthers a 2-0 lead early into the second half. This goal seemed to put to bed any hopes of a Lady Monarch comeback. The ladies were given new life in the 74th minute, however, when forward sophomore Meghan Cozens capitalized on a failed Georgia State clear out attempt by converting a quick shot from thirteen yards out to lower the deficit to a single goal. Chances of a comeback were short lived due to the continued exploitation of the ODU backfield. Jewel Evans converted another long ball played behind the defense in the 78th minute and added another goal in the 85th minute to give the Lady Panthers a commanding 4-1 lead. Johnson’s impressive header in 90th minute closed the game and made the box score appear a little closer than the game actually was. Head Coach Joe Pereira understands the urgency of the situation after watching his team drop to 0-4 in conference play. “We were hoping that coming back home would make a huge difference for us. We’re just not working together and doing quality things for 90 minutes,” says Coach Pereira. “It’s huge how we bounce back, how we go forward, how we recover from here because right now we’re struggling.” The struggles of the Lady Monarchs, in no uncertain terms, have been a direct result of their inability to finish scoring chances. “We got shots and still didn’t score. You can’t win if you don’t score,” said Weidner. When asked what the focus was moving forward into conference play, she responded “Finishing our shots, believing in ourselves, and keep believing. Being the better team isn’t good enough. We just have to score.”

Giant Killers Old Dominion Monarchs Shock Number 2 Ranked Tar Heels in Heated Match by Jake Ullrich Contributing Writer

There was something special in the air Sep. 28 at the ODU Soccer Complex. The rain, which had been coming down steadily for 36 hours let up, giving two hours of perfect sunlight. The pitch, which should have been drenched from the rain, drained exceptionally to give the perfect playing conditions for a soccer match. And the Old Dominion University Men’s Soccer team, who should have been the second best team on the field, walked off the best, defeating the No. 2 ranked North Carolina Tar Heels 2-1. The Monarchs (4-2-1) were coming into the game as a clear underdog. With disappointing losses to Elon and West Virginia, followed by a stalemate tie with George Mason, the Monarch players and coaches felt like they were in some ways underperforming. “We know we’re a good team,” said junior midfielder Nick Fogelsong. “We know we can beat anybody on our field. No. 2 in the nation, No. 1 in the nation, when they come into our stadium we know we can beat them.” The match started out slow, both teams feeling

the other out and looking for a perfect pass to cut the defense. In the 15th minute, freshmen striker Gideon Asante exchanged brilliantly with sophomore Chris Harmon and shot just wide of UNC goalkeeper Scott Goodwin’s near post. The breakthrough play came in the 25th minute for North Carolina. A long ball was played into the Monarch box and headed out. It fell to the feet of redshirt freshman striker Josh Rice whose firm volley could only be parried by senior goalkeeper Evan Newton; the rebound fell directly to sophomore Enzo Martinez and converted for a 1-0 lead for the Tar Heels. The Tar Heels dominated possession for the next spell of the game, forcing Newton into more good saves. In the 41st minute of the match Asante finally forced the Monarch’s first corner kick of the game. It was a sign of things to come. The Monarchs were able to level the match up only four minutes later, seconds before the halftime whistle through Asante’s goal right before the half. “Our coach has been telling us all the time you need to follow up shots,” Asante said. “So when Yannick [Smith] got the ball, he shot it, and you know, I just followed up. I was lucky to be there.” The goal gave new hope to the Monarchs. Coach Alan Dawson knows it will go down as the turning point of the match. “The goal before the half that tied the game up was huge,” Dawson said. ”We go 1-nil down, that’s a bit of a different attitude, then we have to chase the game. One each and we can come out the second half and do our thing, hang around and wait for a chance.” For a while it seemed that chance was never going to come. Halfhearted attacks by both teams continued the trend of a defensive match. Then in the 80th minute, ODU rewarded the dedication of the 1100 strong in attendance.

With his two goals Asante now has tied team high with three goals

Sophomore midfielder Shane Howard picked up the ball in the midfield and ran at the defense. Asante, seemingly out of nowhere, came streaking through the lines calling for the ball. Howard delivered a perfectly timed chip to Asante, who beat Goodwin to the ball, giving the Monarchs a well deserved 2-1 lead. “I saw Shane with the ball,” Asante said, “he played me through and I just got lucky.”


Kathryne Mason Mace & Crown

For Monarch fans and players alike, the final 10 minutes seemed to go on for ages. When the clock finally hit triple zeroes, the Monarchs walked off the pitch with a 2-1 score line and a win for the ages. “Before we walked out our coach said ‘Not on this field. They’re not getting any points,’” Asante said after the biggest game of his young Monarch’s career. “That’s exactly what we did. “


wednesday 10/06/10 | MACE & CROWN | D1


For crying out loud Twitter leads to Rutgers student’s Suicide


Christian Ernst News Editor

Twitter, Skype, Facebook, and Myspace are all a part of the ever growing social media. But what if they became part of a growing depression? This became reality for Tyler Clementi, a freshman at Rutgers University, who committed suicide on September 22 after a webcam feed through iChat, posted on Twitter, allegedly caught him engaged in sexual activities with another man. Sure, social media has made it easier connect with old friends and classmates from across the country, but cases like this show the negative side of it. Every new idea, technology, and invention has a negative side, here being the lack of control. Dhuran Ravi and Molly Wei, who allegedly spread the feed, show the negative side. “Roommate asked for the room till midnight. I went into molly’s room and turned on my webcam. I saw him making out with a dude. Yay,” read Ravi’s Twitter feed on the night of the incident. What drives someone to do is something I will never understand. It doesn’t make sense that someone would derive some sort of pleasure in exposing someone as close as a roommate. “The initial focus of this investigation has been to determine who was responsible for remotely activating the camera in the dormitory room of the student and then

transmitting the encounter on the internet,” Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce J. Kaplan said. “Now that two individuals have been charged with invasion of privacy, we will be making every effort to assess whether bias played a role in the incident, and, if so, we will bring appropriate charges.’’ Honestly, I don’t believe “appropriate charges” will fit this crime, as it is both uncommon and hard to prove. As easy as it is to say that this snapping point caused Clementi to kill himself, it isn’t something that can hold up in court. Any good defense attorney would whop the argument out of court because of both the lack of strong evidence and a push towards ruling in favor of the defendants. Only charges of invasion of privacy will stand up in court, and that still needs to be proven. According to, President Richard McCormick, in a letter to the university, commended what he called the school’s “strong history of social activism on behalf of diversity.” He said, however, the university “is an imperfect institution in an imperfect society.” I feel McCormick shed an interesting light on this situation. Society, based in its general fear of something different than the norm, has struggled to cope with the GLBT community. Although many steps have been made, it is still a work in process. This horrific incident shows that people still show intolerance. Intolerance for a classmate, a roommate, someone who was just the same person except for his sexuality. Rutgers lost a gifted student because of intolerance. Clementi was a freshman, with potential for many things in the future. He was an already accomplished violinist at only 18 years old. His future still had much potential, but because of basic intolerance, no one will ever know.

That’s G

A Sports Fan’s Utopia


Garrison Cole Sports Editor

I love this time of the year. For a sports fan like me only few times during a year is the sports scene better. It is now October which means fall is fast approaching. But for a sports addict the season isn’t the only reason for excitement. October means that football is now in full swing. No more preseason, no more wondering about teams. From now until I’d say the Thanksgiving holiday we will now find out which team really has a chance to say “hey why not us?” The month doesn’t give fans a clear indication of who that team really is, but it does make for good football. Although, the NFL

Dear Diane

Safety and Stress are on ODU’s Students Minds

Dear Diane, I’m constantly feeling like there are weeks at a time where I’m doing nothing but homework or studying for tests. I feel overwhelmed and I need some tips on how to better manage me work load. - Stressed Out


Diane Dougherty Staff Writer

Dear Diane, With all of the crime happening on campus, I’m becoming really nervous about being in the area. I feel like things are progressively getting worse. What are some precautions I can take in order to ensure I’m safer? -Nervous Dear Nervous, I think everyone, including me, is a little shaken up about the crime activity that has been going on recently around campus. Lately I’ve been asking myself the same question you’re asking me; how do I make this area safer for myself? First we can start off by never walking alone after dark. Ladies and gentleman, it is the simplest way to help decrease incidences such as robberies or muggings. ODU also offers a free student taxi service called SAFE RIDE and escort service around campus. All you need to do is dial the escort service phone number, (757) 683-3477, let them know your location and where you’d like to head to and a vehicle will come pick you up at that location but you must have an ODU student ID in order to receive a ride. Their hours of operation are 5:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. daily. Please take advantage of this service if you’re feeling uneasy about walking anywhere. Also, limit the amount of money or expensive things you’re carrying on you. If something was to occur you could lessen the amount of your losses. Thankfully, ODU seems to be stepping up their game and putting more police on patrol of the campus at all times, especially at night. Just remember to be aware of your surroundings and act smart. Don’t get too careless with your safety you never know what could happen.

season isn’t the marathon long season as basketball and baseball are, the next six or seven weeks we’ll start to see the contenders from the pretenders. The college football season is also in full swing and this time of year means there is so much at stake. The supposed big boys of college football are now playing conference games. Thankfully this means no more game against the likes of Youngstown State, Miami of Ohio, and the football power that is Akron University. No now we’ll see how good Alabama really is as now they play the likes of South Carolina, and Florida. Fans get to see if presumed number one pick Andrew Luck is really that good. In addition, from here on out the college football questions start to get answered. We’ll find out if Denard Robinson can run away from the teams in the Big Ten, or if Oregon can put up 70 points on a Pac-10 conference opponent. The Heisman race also will become clearer, as the top guys on everyone’s big board will have more opportunities in Heisman defining moments. Perhaps the biggest thing that happens in October has been six months in the making. Finally, after 162 games (seriously baseball shorten your season somehow) the Major League Baseball Playoffs will finally begin. No more regular season thankfully as now eight teams will fight it out and see who gets to be crowned


Dear Stressed Out, Management and organizational skills are extremely important when you want to do well in school and anywhere for that matter. Ways that I have found to better organize my time and work is to not procrastinate. I used to be the queen of procrastination, so I can definitely tell you that these little tricks can help in a major way. If you don’t have a planner, get one. It is the key element in my life; I always have it with me in order to write down homework assignments, exam dates, meetings, doctor’s appointments, etc. It is a life saver and a great way to get on track. Spread out your time in between assignments. There is nothing more stressful than realizing you have a paper and an exam due on the same day and you haven’t started writing or studying for either. Take a couple hours each day of that week to work on both of these assignments so when the night before the due date comes you’ve already bitten into a large piece of both tasks. Flashcards equal a student’s best friend. I make flashcards for everything; tests, quizzes chapter outlines, even my menu tests when I was training to become a server. A travel drive is also another great item that can help keep your computer organized. Keep it in your backpack, upload your assignments you’ve written and instead of having to email yourself all of these assignments in order to print them off, you can just stick your travel drive into the computers at the library or webb and automatically your desktop and assignments come up right before your eyes as if you were sitting at home. Lastly, another great study aid that is useful is study groups. Yes, they really do help because if you’re confused, students in your very same class might know the correct answer and can help you, or you have two or more minds that you can put together to figure it out. Different student input is extremely nice to have, not to mention upon graduation you’re going to need to have skill sets in group work when you’re applying for jobs. Just grab a couple numbers or email addresses from students who sit around you in class, this could also be very helpful if you were to ever miss a lecture and needed notes.

World Series Champions. The dog days of summer are over and now that the playoffs are starting, like college football questions will finally be answered. The Philadelphia Phillies are going for an unprecedented third straight national league pennant, and no doubt have to be the favorites to do so. With Halladay, Oswalt, and Hamels headlining your rotation, odds are they represent the NL in the fall classic. In the American League my hope as a sport addict is that the pennant comes down to the Tampa Bay Rays and the New York Yankees. The Yankees represent the big bully in the neighborhood, and the Rays represent the one kid tough enough to look the bully dead in his eye. Something has to give. But, as the old saying goes you can’t script October, and that’s what makes October so special for baseball. Guys like Josh Beckett are introduced to the world, and forever etched in our memories. This postseason someone new will make a splash and introduce themselves to the nation in a big way. So sports fans during the month of October it is okay for all of us to be glued to the couch, remote in hand because things are going to be crazy. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.


D2 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 10/06/10

Pelon’s Baja Grill California style Mexican restaurant delivers the goods

by Alyssa

Odango Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor I crave Mexican food. Well, I usually crave any kind of food, but more often than not I’ll be craving burritos and the crunch of tortilla chips. Last week my cravings led me to try out a Mexican restaurant I had heard of called Pelon’s Baja Grill. Pelon’s is conveniently close to campus, nestled in a small nook of a chain of shops and restaurants on 22 st. I had a bit of trouble locating it because 22 st. leads to a dead end and is hidden behind the glamour of 21 st. I’m glad I found it, because this restaurant is a culinary gem, and the multiple flags of awards adorning the shopfront showcase the consecutive years of winning “Best Of Hampton Roads” (Pelon’s won this year for best fish tacos). There’s also a sign that says “Free Brownie Tuesdays,” so I was pretty much sold. Once you walk in you’re transported to a Californian seaside tiki restaurant. A large mural of a beach scene complete with blue rolling waves and palm trees span across one entire wall. Opposite of that

wall are framed photographs of surfing, beach and summertime snapshots. What caught my immediate attention was the tiki style island in the middle of the restaurant. I heard the meats sizzling through the kitchen opening and the chill summer-themed music, and knew this was going to be a nice, relaxing lunch. The atmosphere of this quaint restaurant makes you wish you were eating on a beach. It actually is possible, given that Pelon’s Baja Grill has another location in the Oceanfront which has been open for six years. This coming November will be the Ghent location’s second year open. Pelon’s Baja Grill is a family owned restaurant; the Muscara family came all the way from California bringing amazing fresh, authentic, and flavorful Mexican food to the Hampton Roads community. I was very impressed with the quality of the food. We started lunch with salsa and chips and right away I knew that the salsa was made fresh. It was colorful, and I liked that I could easily see the vegetables. Moreover, the salsa tasted as fresh as it looked. I had ordered two tacos; the Carne Asada and the award-winning Fish Taco. This was my first time eating a fish taco (I had reservations about fish in tacos before), but I trusted Pelon’s to win me over. Was I won over? I’d like to say that from now on I’ll only be eating fish tacos from Pelon’s Baja Grill until I’m blown away by a contender. The fish was fried with the perfect texture of crispiness, and though the Baja cream sauce was runny, it was worth getting my hands a bit dirty. My friend ordered the Fish Taco along with the Chicken Taco. Though I was satisfied with the two tacos I ordered, I think I’ll take up the 3 for $7.50 deal and try a different taco next time. The menu of Pelon’s offers a variety of meal options with interesting names for their burritos, such

More than skin deep Can you covet her sweats?

Alyssa Odango Mace & Crown Pelon’s in Ghent serves up delicious Carne Asada and fish tacos known throughout the 757.

as The Dude, Unemployed Surfer, and the Big Kahuna, which lives up to its name as a burrito with over a half a pound of meat. What actually interested me in coming to Pelon’s Baja Grill was their vegan option. For many of the menu items, by adding 20 percent to the price you can opt to choose vegan options for your meals. When asked about the inclusion of vegan choices to their menu, restaurant owner Robin Muscara said, “A lot of people eat vegan.” She also mentioned that around 30 percent of Pelon’s customers choose vegan options for their meals. Pelon’s also offers vegan brownies, a dessert I’ll be sure to try the next time I eat there. “Most Mexican foods aren’t vegan,” Muscara added, and that’s what makes Pelon’s such a fresh place to eat healthy Mexican food. The tacos I ate left me full but without the heavy feeling that I get from many Mexican restaurants. I felt good about my meal, because I knew that it was freshly made. Pelon’s takes care to ensure that their food is made with quality

ingredients. I asked Muscara why students should choose Pelon’s Baja Grill over mainstream Mexican restaurants, and she said, “It’s a better service. The food is made fresh onsite everyday, and it’s better quality.” I wholeheartedly agree with her. ODU students are encouraged to eat at Pelon’s; with their ID card they get a discount of 15 percent and there are plenty of weekly deals to take advantage of. It’s the perfect setting for a relaxing lunch with friends, and the takeout option is convenient for the student-on-thego. It’s very close to ODU, and if students are able to navigate their way down 21st St., they can walk a street over to try this restaurant out. It’s located in the small strip of shops behind Gamestop and Farm Fresh Supermarket. Overall, I’m glad I sought out Pelon’s. I love the freshness of the food and the beachy vibe of the restaurant. You’ll surely warm up in there during the upcoming winter season.

My Way or the Highway Travel Tips for Students

by Chelsea DeAngio Arts & Entertainment Editor

Traveling isn’t always easy, especially for students. Limited budgets, age limitations, and lack of experience often defer students from traveling. I have several friends who only vacation as long as their family is going – it’s cheaper, certainly, and they don’t have to worry about all the little details. Or, if students do chose to travel, they select prefabricated tours good on value but light on adventure. In high school, I took a 10-day long bus trip through the major cities of Italy. I had a great time, but definitely wished I’d had more independence – our tour guide constantly screamed “Andiamo!” at

us the entire trip. But fall break is upon us – finally. Little did we notice, amidst exams, papers, and meetings, leaves have begun turning colors and the weather is actually cooling off. Fall break, spring break’s shorter, cooler little brother gives students a chance to catch their breath after what feels like a marathon of academia since school resumed in August. Yes, you could use the four day weekend to catch up on work, marathon Glee episodes you’ve missed, and sleep in. Or you could follow a few helpful tips and plan a great getaway that’s just what the doctor ordered. Doing your research is probably the most important part of traveling on a dime. My favorite place to start?, a user-driven review site that directs you to the best restaurants, hotspots, and sightseeing locations. The reviews aren’t always reliable, and of course, they can be incredibly biased. But it’s a good jumping off point if you’re clueless about where you’re traveling. If you’re like me, your car probably isn’t up to any awesome road trips. My 1998 Grand Am starts to smoke if I drive further than Newport News, so a Thelma and Louise-esque trip with my girlfriends isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Luckily, Norfolk is home to the China Bus, which picks up near

a Chinese restaurant downtown and drops off in Chinatown, NYC. For just $60 round trip, you can afford to splurge on expensive Broadway tickets and fancy restaurants. Check out for cheap deals on vacation homes. October is the off season for many vacation spots, and in this economy, home owners can’t afford to let their fancy rental properties sit empty. Grab a group of friends and take advantage of the great deals out there. Head to Nags Head for beach bonfires, starry night skies and a private jacuzzi – just $475 will get you three nights in a beach house that sleeps up to 12 people. Split that among a few friends, and you’ve got the cheapest beach party around. Want to travel a bit further from home? Try student specific websites like Student City, STA Travel, and for cheap deals on flights. I spotted several plane tickets for just $275 to places like Orlando and Miami. Even sites like and Travelocity have last minute deals you can always take advantage of, student or not. Whether you decide to grab a bus, plane, or simply your pillow, the important thing is to remember that fall break will come and go quicker than you realize – so what are you waiting for? Get started planning now and make the most out of your break.



Leslea Kuhrt Staff Writer

I was scrolling through the Urban Outfitter’s website this morning (sorry Dr. Pagano) when I came across the best idea ever: sweat pants for daytime (as in, outside of the gym.) This girl had these pants on, and it was like a giant ray of light broke through the dense layer of clouds and formed a halo over my phone. Genius. I couldn’t handle it. I just HAD to broadcast this idea to the masses. This wasn’t the first time I had seen this grandiose concept. On Sunday, a co-worker and I ventured into forever21 in search of some non-cotton leggings only to discover some high waisted, tapered leg sweat pants. Completely appropriate for the work place! This trend, however, is tricky. If you take it too far, you run the risk of looking like you are wearing pajamas with a blazer (i.e. disastarous). The idea is to watch your color choice, proportions, and accessories. Stick with basic colors: navy, black, or heather grey (charcoal is acceptable also…any lighter equals gym wear). The fit could be any number of ways: the high waisted, tapered leg; the harem, or hammer, pant; or the skinny. Any of these would look great paired with a boyfriend blazer and booties for work, or keep it casual with a thin, long sleeved t-shirt and fancy sneakers. Stay away from clownish colors - these are so 2007. As far as your jewelry is concerned, try a pendant necklace for more a glamorous look (think simple earrings, maybe an armful of bangles) and for a more relaxed look, hoop earrings and a sporty watch will complement you look just fine. As long as you stay away from rhinestones, bright colored pants, and velour, you’ll have a perfect look that you can even wear to work. Just think ladies, now we can wear our sweats and not look like we should be sweating on the treadmill. Guys, save your sweats for taking out the trash or going to the gym, at least till I can find a way to dress them up for you too. Styles to try: Sparkle and Fade Lightening Pant ($38.00; Tapered knit pants (13.80; Jackpot Loungers ($78.00 from


wednesday 10/06/10 | MACE & CROWN |D3


Norfolk under water Danielle Buxton Photography Editor


Water water everywhere. That is one thing for sure that I can say to describe this picture. Since I live in Norfolk, a picture like this should be nothing new to me. Cars drive in water like this all the time. People in the north normally drive to snow and ice, people in the seven cities normally drive to rain and flooding . There is however something about this picture that bothers me. It is troubling to have a school bus driving in such weather conditions as this. Keep in mind that I did say that weather like this is nothing new to the area but get serious, you should not jeopardize the lives of children driving though this mess. It looks like the bus is stranded in the middle of the street. This picture is a bad image for the City of Norfolk Public Schools. Everyone knows that it is not safe to drive in floods but for you to put a school bus in the mix and have it go through a foot of water is ridiculous. This bus looks like it is fighting for life to get through the treacherous waters that came from the past week’s three day rain storm. The water looks deep enough for someone to go swimming and

have a good time in it. Now that is something that I would not condone doing but looking at this picture, I would say that it is possible. If a friend of mine was present at this intersection then, he would have taken a canoe boat and rowed down Monticello Avenue. That sounds like fun but once again that is not something that I would condone doing but if you do, please do it at your own risk. It looks like someone on the school bus could get off and swim down to Rally’s and get lunch, swim back and keep it moving. I would hate to have been walking that day. I say this because even if I was walking in my rain boots, I would still be soaked from all the water. It’s unnerving to see the amount of water generated by the school bus driving. I would have to be in a full body rainsuit in order to make it through as dry as possible. I find it ironic that the bus is located next to the HRT headquarters office. I find it ironic because I wonder if the bus looked at and see if the HRT lot was empty or full. I’m curious to see if HRT was running buses that day. Either way if they did or not, they did not get caught driving through the water the City of Norfolk school bus did. City of Norfolk school bus, you have just been Caught! You were caught driving through the City of Norfolk through the treacherous flooding that made everyone want to stay home that day.


NORFOLK.WTKR.COM City of Norfolk school bus tries to make it through the treacherous floods.


THE SCOOP! Music News and Reviews New October Music Videos bring Tears and Laughter

By Robbie Ciara Staff Writer Here’s The Scoop! – A little known fact about Eminem is that he was often bullied and tormented as a child. One beating had Eminem in a coma so it’s no surprise that the Detroit rapper

would use another experience to make a political statement. The Scoop! was surprised to learn that rival hip-hop artist Little Wayne would be teaming up with Eminem on his latest single “No Love” which video premiered on September 30. The rumors of these two artists having issues ended when they showed their mutual problem with bullies in this latest release from Eminem’s “Recover” album. The video is over five minutes long and follows a grade school boy as he is tortured in school. The graphic offering shows the boy being bullied in gym and battered throughout the school day. His mother is unmoved and his father is frustrated with his defeats at school. By the video’s climax, the victim listens to the words of the song and defends himself after he finds himself cornered outside. In the end he’s victorious and walks away with his pride intact. This will be the third time the duo have appeared in a single and video together. The Scoop! on the rumors of former heavyweight Mike Tyson’s career being over are obviously exaggerated because Mike


Tyson is knocking his fans out with laughter. Comic fans were just now starting to stop talking about the champ’s appearance in the 2009 blockbuster movie “The Hangover” and now they have a new offering. Wayne Brady recently produced a remake of Bobby Brown’s hit “Every Little Step” with the help of the people at Funny or Die. The video also features a cameo by Bobby Brown but neither one of these guys stole the show. It was the two-left feet of Mike Tyson which steals every shot of the video. Mike does several dances from the nineties including a running man which looks more like the slow-running man with a champion smile on his face. Wayne Brady as the lead man is spot on but you can’t help but keep looking for the champ to come in with the full-length black suit on and get the front stage. The video is close to generating almost two million hits on Funny or Die alone. The champ may have scared people inside of the ring but if he keeps knocking out the laughs outside the ring we will see many more cameos from Iron Mike. You can find the video at


sundr y

S1 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 10/06/10

FRIDAY 8: 70°


SUNDAY 10: 71°

[SUHN-DREE] (look it up)

Mace & Crown


ROGER STARR Mace & Crown Alum 1978-79

BRITTANY JONES Senior, CIC employee


JON LUZAMA Pledge for Theta Chi


How did you survive the flood?

What’s your idea of a fun fall break?

What was the best part of your parents visiting?

Who are you rooting for on DWTS

Most exciting exciting story in the NFL this season?

Starbucks or Borjo’s?

By not getting killed on 64

Going to Maryland

Walking around campus seeing the new additions

Jennifer Gray

Waiting for hockey season


I stayed in the CIC all day

Going somewhere you haven’t been before

It’s cool/fun

I haven’t been paying attention

Vick starting for the Eagles


Drove around in my SUV and splashed people

Going home and spending time with the family


Don’t Follow

The amount of trash talking the Jets do and Mike Vick


Stayed in my room and cuddled with my suitemates

Going to Vtech and hanging out with high school friends

Random drop by’s for dinners

Situation all day

Dez Bryant’s 55,000 dollar dinner tab


Rain jacket, bike, rainboots, and a lot of socks

Not having two-day practices and relax


The Situation


Starbucks - Puzzle #5 for October 2, 2010 Across 1- Covers; 5- Doughnut-shaped surface; 10- Verdi opera; 14- Cross inscription; 15- Give it ___!; 16- Ladies of Sp.; 17- Counterfeit; 18Woody vine; 19- Franklin D.’s mother; 20- Tangor; 23- Baseball stat; 24- Hostelries; 25- Lipton competitor; 29- Take as an affront; 31- Slender metal fastener; 32- Metro area; 33- Breakable; 37- Sewing case; 40- “Losing My Religion” band; 41- Call for; 42- Gestured vigorously; 47- Anger; 48- Fannie ___; 49- Idolizes; 53- Alarms; 55- French clergyman; 57- 100 square meters; 58- After a meal; 61- Lhasa ___; 64- At full speed; 65- “___ quam videri” (North Carolina’s motto); 66- Exploit; 67- Italian composer; 68- Appearance; 69- Barbarous person; 70Chipped in; 71- Memo heading; Down 1- Assessor; 2- Be innate; 3- Stage plays; 4- Fool; 5- Abilities; 6- Betelgeuse’s constellation; 7- Brings up; 8- Annapolis sch.; 9- Containing tin; 10- Donkeys; 11- 401(k) alternative; 12- ___ es Salaam; 13- Botanist Gray; 21- Queue; 22- Fellow; 26- Pipe; 27- Della’s creator; 28Asleep; 30- Prepare a book or film for release; 31- Cougar; 34- Authentic; 35- Fam. reunion attendee; 36- ___-European; 37- Sponsorship; 38- Actress Hatcher; 39- Consumer; 43- ___ expert, but...; 44- Mandioca; 45- Bloodsucking fly; 46- Biblical garden; 50- Dried grape; 51Rubber; 52- Greek goddess of the moon; 54- Form of lyrical poem; 55- “The covers of this book are too far ____” — Bierce; 56- Newly married woman; 59- Revenuers, for short; 60- Actress Moore; 61- “Much ___ About Nothing”, play by Shakespeare; 62- Fastener; 63- Sun. talk;



wednesday 10/06/10 | MACE & CROWN | S2



Big Blue and the Geico Gecko discuss what it means to be on top.

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown



Vol. 52, Issue 6 - October 6th, 2010  

Vol. 52, Issue 6 - October 6th, 2010

Vol. 52, Issue 6 - October 6th, 2010  

Vol. 52, Issue 6 - October 6th, 2010