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Mace & Crown VOL. 52, ISSUE 8 | OCTOBER 27, 2010

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A3 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 10/27/10

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ODU hosts panel discussion on media literacy NYU professor, Pew director among speakers by

Christian Ernst News Editor

Twitter,, and various blogs have become commonplace sources of news. David Dent, New York University journalism professor, and Mark Jurkowitz, associate director of Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, were among the panel member to discuss how these advancements in news availability affect how media works on Wednesday, October 20. Media literacy, or how readers choose, decipher and process the news they take in, was the main topic of discussion for the panel. Along with Dent and Jurkowitz, the panel had 4 other members. Donald Luzzatto is the editorial page editor for the Virginian Pilot. Brenda Andrews is the publisher of the New Journal and Guide. Jeff Jones is an associate professor of communications at Old Dominion University. Margaret Mulholland is an associate professor of oceanography at ODU. Upon reviewing the panel, an oceanography professor seems an interesting addition to a panel about journalism. But an interesting decision was made. A concentration of the discussion was based in climate change, where Mulholland has done extensive research. The panelists discussed how the idea of “equal coverage” or “seeing both sides” has influenced what people see as the truth. People don’t seem to understand what a theory is, said Mulholland. She continued by saying that gravity is still a theory, but it is generally accepted. She added that most scientist that are published in peer reviewed

Rachel Gaus Mace & Crown The panel, featuring David Dent (center) and Mark Jurkowitz (not pictured), discussed media literacy.

journals have significant evidence supporting climate change. The problem, as the panelists contended, was that many in the media felt the need to show a balancing side to the argument, as some scientists still contend the theory. Dent commented, saying that because people see this alternative in the news, they believe it as an arguable side. Media outlets have been pushed toward equal opportunities instead of objectivity, the panel agreed. The panel further discussed how citizens have a responsibility to be informed, and how the ever growing media market affects how news is perceived. This included discussion of blogs, social media, and the increasing satirical news market. Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are a main source of news for young people, said

Luzzatto, but they need to be supplemental sources. Another talking point of the discussion was how to reach the younger generation with social media. One audience member talked about how sites like student news and Twitter make it easier for him to understand news. Panelists discussed how these are good ways to break into the news, but that supplemental sources were still needed. The consistent theme of the talk was evaluating the source from which news is received. Blogs tend to be unedited. Satire analyzes news, and is not a strong principle source of news. Every news source, even the most prevalent ones, has its role in news and media. Analysts, like Sean Hannity and Chris Matthews, present facts from their perspectives to support their points.

From PhD to patron saint of ODU Pride English head takes on GLBT culture studies By Yvonne de los Santos Contributing Writer An army is advancing in the name of gay culture studies and like a calvary without a leader, Dr. Dana Heller ran in front shouting, “Follow me.” Heller is the Old Dominion University English department chair by day. She is also moonlighting to head a post doctoral position in Gay Cultural Studies. It takes about $25,000 to begin the foundation and she is almost there. “We are close to $24,600,” said Heller. Heller, 51, is a lighthearted woman who prances like a tiny gazelle and suits up like the modern version of a crisply dressed Joan of Arc. She did studies in media and pop-culture for years. Then she branched out in gender studies like women and GLBT studies using her humor and love of vox-pop to drive her points home. “I’ve become the defacto defender of all things in bad taste,” said Heller.


Heller studies everything from reality TV to what she calls trashy movies, giving it “an air of dignity.” She was raised in Long Island, N.Y. by a father who worked on Wall Street and a doting mother. Family dinners were mouthfuls of conversations about the latest TV series like Mary Tyler Moore, a breakthrough sitcom about the first nevermarried independent career woman. Her opponents low-brow her work. Heller bravely announced at a college convention that her latest book will be an analysis on the musical Hairspray, to which a colleague said,”What of any importance might there be to say about that,” She made it the title of the book. It has been 20 years since Heller first set foot on ODU’s lawns. Open about being a lesbian, Heller suggested a gay and lesbian course to ODU before. Back then she was told it would be a course that she would be supporting on her own. “Why, because I am gay,” said Heller questioning the sign of the times. Today, the campus has the support of the Hampton Roads LGBT community and other scholars interested in the development of human sexuality. Heller is optimistic about the progress of her new project. When asked about her future, she borrowed from the hit musical show Glee. “Don’t stop believin’.”


wednesday 10/27/10 | MACE & CROWN | A3

Blow out the candles ODU’s Upward Bound is 24 by

Yvonne de los Santos Contributing Writer

Marie Rodwell was just a twinkle in her mother’s eye when Old Dominion University added Upward Bound to its list of programs 24 years ago. Marie,18, and Upward Bound crossed paths two years ago when she found herself on the verge of repeating her sophomore year at Norview High School. Today she is hoping to attend Johnson and Wales University to become a chef and is enrolled in ROTC. Marie is among 69 high school students partici-

pating in the federally funded program that targets low-income students to prepare for college entrance. Students from Norfolk and Portsmouth who have parents that have not attended college qualify for the ODU program. Marie falls in both categories. When Marie’s grades in math and English started to drop her guidance counselor called the only shepherd in her family: her older sister. “My guidance counselor told my sister about my grades and my sister signed me up,” said Marie. Marie spents her weekdays as a senior at Norview High and every other Saturday and her summers at ODU taking college prep courses. Marie gets help by certified teachers. The program begins in the fall and meets every other Saturday from 8:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. During the summer Marie lives on-campus at ODU for six weeks and earns a stipend. More than that, the program teaches

Marie life skills that she quickly practiced her first summer on-campus. Every morning a fresh stack of newspapers were delivered at the Webb where Marie ate breakfast. That is when she took solace in reading The Virginian-Pilot. “I did not want to just sit at breakfast and look like a loner so I pretended that I had something to do and sat with the paper. Eventually I started to read the paper and found interesting stuff that I like to read,” said Marie. Upward Bound is “$336,500 of seriousness,” said Ollie Tolliver the director of the ODU program. “The program started at ODU in 1986 and is a proven success,” said Tolliver. The funds pay for Tolliver’s salary and two teachers. Three mentors are also paid to assist in preparing students for the ACT and SAT. Carleen

Spirit day brings color to campus Elizabeth Mazzora Contributing Writer


A bouquet of colorful flowers lined up in the order of a rainbow; purple ribbons lay simply on the table; a giant white board where students could write whatever anti-hate messages they saw fit. October 20, 2010 was Spirit Day at ODU, as well as across the country, in memory of the six LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) students—Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh, Raymond Chase, Justin Aarberg, Billy Lucas, and Asher Brown— who committed suicide after being subjected to bullying at their schools. Many students across campus wore purple—the color purple in the LGBTQ flag stands for spirit—and the information table at the “Speak Out—No Hate” program in the Webb Center gave out purple ribbons and information pamphlets. Manned by Counseling services and several LGBTQ students, “Speak Out—No Hate” sought to encourage students to write their anti-hate and anti-bullying messages. Some of the messages on the board included, “GOD IS LOVE” and “F*CK HATE.” One student drew a rainbow on the board. Tahj Mitchell, who helped man the table and Vice-President of ODU Out, was at there from the start of the program at 12 pm to the end, at 5 pm. I met with him in the ODU Out office, which is in the U-Center and is easily distinguishable by the large rainbow flag and the safe space logo, and interviewed him. Q: So, what was “Speak Out—No Hate” about? A: It was for Spirit Day due to the recent suicides of those teens this past month and summer. We wanted to encourage students to wear purple, and we gave out purple ribbons. By the end of the program, all the ribbons were gone. Q: What was your role as part of SPNH? A: I am the student representative for the gay community and ODU Out [the LGBT club on campus]. I gave out information about Safe Space. Q: Do you think the program was successful? A: Yes. A lot of people who went to the table were already wearing purple and still came up to the table. I think the Rainbow flowers were beautiful. Q: What do you believe is the biggest problem with LGBTQ life on campus? A: Not everyone is educated about the GLBTQIA(Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersexual, Asexual) community or Safe Space. For example, when we did Trans-talk last year, the majority of the students just came for extra credit. They didn’t actually know about the Trans community.

Q: What do you think we can do to prevent bullying and to ensure that LGBTQ students know they are safe here on campus? A: More people need to be educated. I think ODU Out and Safe Space should make more programs to educate students. And if they do educate them, students in the closet and incoming LGBTQ freshman can feel they are safe and part of the community and are loved for who they are. The recent, unfortunate suicides do indeed teach us that there is not being enough done to help LGBTQ students feel safe. Though Spirit Day is over, that does not mean that the lesson ends there too. We, as a community, must come together to prevent cyber-bullying, bullying, and hate. The “It Gets Better” campaign has tried to convey this message with people like Ke$ha and Barack Obama making videos encouraging LGBTQ youth that life does get better. Organizations like “FCKH8” have posted video mirrors on youtube beckoning for gay rights and acceptance of gay love. As for what Mitchell says, it’s true that not many students are educated about LGBTQ support on campus; and lack of support, studies show, is the main reason why LGBTQ youth turn to suicide. The Trevor Project, an organization made to help troubled LGBTQ youth, says that LGBTQ teens are four times more likely to commit suicide than their heterosexual counterparts. For LGBTQ students on campus, we’d like you to know that ODU is more than willing to support you. In the beginning of the year, when the Attorney General of Virginia sent a letter wrote to revoke all LGBTQ students and teachers their protection in colleges, ODU (as well as many other colleges in Virginia) refused to do so, and President Broderick sent a personal email to all students stating that, “It is important to note that Old Dominion University does not and will not discriminate, nor do we tolerate discrimination against anyone on our campus.” Along with the President’s support, ODU Out is also here. ODU Out is an LGBTQ organization for LGBTQ students and their allies. ODU Out welcomes all students, teaches about LGBTQ life and tries to make LGBTQ student life better. They meet Tuesdays during activity hour, usually have a “Gaymes Night” on Tuesday nights at 7 pm in the James River Room, and their office can be found in the U-Center. Finally, Safe Space is a program “created through the Division of Student Affairs to reduce homophobia/transphobia and heterosexism on the Old Dominion University campus,” according to the ODU website. Should an LGBTQ student feel threatened, they can go to a “Safe Space” which is usually denoted by an upside-down rainbow triangle. There is more information on the ODU website, including Safe Space allies, some of which include some Hall Directors, Ms. Geneva Walker-Johnson, and the ODU Out office.


Robinson is one of them. She is in her junior year at ODU working towards a bachelor of science degree in psychology. Carleen is a graduate of Upward Bound’s Howard University program in Washington, D.C. where she is from. Like Marie, Carleen did not have her parents help her towards her future. Instead, it was her grandmother who signed her up to the program. “My mom had four other girls and my dad three, it was my grandmother who is in her 70’s that taught me old school values,” said Carleen. Carleen finished Paul Laurence High School in Washington, D.C. with a 3.7 GPA, the fifth in her class. “If it wasn’t for Upward Bound; the drills, the Saturday morning classes, being ahead in classes like calculus--I don’t know if I would have stuck it out in college,” said Carleen.

Campus by the Numbers: Interesting Facts about ODU By Siaga Johnson Staff Writer As members of the ODU community we often wonder about certain numbers like how many degree programs are offered, how many faculty members we have, how well represented international students are, as well as other questions of the sort. Although this information is available to us in many different forms, accessing some of it would require that we take the time to add statistics, and we certainly have no time for that! Another important question that is often raised is how much money ODU spends on certain things. Whatever the question may be, awareness is always important. The fact that this campus has over recent years become heavily populated is no secret, however statistics have shown that the student to faculty ratio is 17 to 1. That’s a lot of students! This can also be seen in the fact that seats for classes often fill up very quickly, and classes often have no empty seats. The large number of students is also shown in the fact that ODU offers 69 Bachelor’s Degrees, 55 Master’s Degrees, 41 Doctoral Degrees, and 2 Educational Specialist degrees. Distance Learning programs are also very extensive, offering 50 different degree programs online, via satellite or CDROM. The Undergraduate population rests at 18,253 students, with 5,760 Graduate students, and 1,408 International Students from 130 different countries. The number of Alumni exceeds 100,000 countrywide, and also in 73 different countries. In terms of

faculty members, the population is represented by 730 full time and 650 part time faculty members. This information therefore puts into perspective just how largely populated our campus is. One may also wonder about minute details such as how many items are in the library, for example. As random as that may seem, the answer is 3.3 Million. One may also ask how much Old Dominion spends for research and other studies to obtain data, including development of the campus in terms of infrastructure. Over the years, the bill for these studies and development has come up to 96.2 Million Dollars. A major economic fact about ODU is that 1 Billion Dollars is contributed to the economy yearly. That is the price of five large Boeing passenger jets. Moreover, this makes ODU the leading factor in job creation in the region. Athletic statistics show that there are 16 intercollegiate sports teams, and that there are 28 different national championships that the 16 teams have participated in. With the addition of a football team, ODU continues to grow its athletic variety rapidly. Apart from athletics, extracurricular activities are represented by 200 student organizations, with new ones being established each year. This therefore shows a great deal of student involvement on campus as well as within the Hampton Roads Community. Learning facts about what numbers represent our campus not only gives us numerical information to remember, we are also given insight into how the economy is affected by our research initiatives, our contributions to the government, as well as what sort of job markets are opened up just by contributing Billions of dollars to the economy yearly. Through understanding what numbers represent our community, we are able to measure the impact that each and every one of us has.


A3 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 10/27/10

Domestic Abuse in the United Arab Emirates

ODU hosts pre-election forum for 2nd district Nye, Golden speak, Rigell not in attendance Jillian Baylor Contributing Writer by

Last Thursday, ODU hosted its 2nd Congressional Forum with local candidates Rep. Glenn Nye (D) and Independent candidate Kenny Golden who are running for the Virginia seat in Congress. Republican candidate Scott Rigell was also supposed to participate in the forum but was unable to attend. The student organizations who sponsored this forum; the SGA Legislative Affairs Committee, Young Democrats, Virginia21, the Model UN Society, the Pre-Law Association, Omicron Delta Kappa, Delta Sigma Theta Inc., prepared questions for the candidates in order for students to become more familiar with their positions before the Nov. 2 elections. The main issue addressed was how the candidate’s positions best represented and incorporated student’s needs with the poor economy, specifically adequate education funding and job security. Although, these two candidates are years apart they have similar backgrounds and a true understanding of the Hampton Roads community. Rep. Glenn Nye grew up in Norfolk, graduated from Georgetown University, has spent many years in the Middle East working for the U.S. State Department and was elected to the House of Representatives in 2008.

Independent candidate Kenny Golden is a native of Virginia, served 31 years in the U.S. Navy and has degrees from University of Virginia, Pepperdine University and the Naval War College. The first topic addressed was how would they support students in their quest for a college education. Nye ensured he would make education a possibility for anyone who wanted to attend college as well as any post 9/11 war veterans receiving their G.I. Bill. He believes it’s important that the financial aid loan process needs to be more efficient after personally experiencing the difficulty many students face this summer when he worked with some students who were war veterans to ensure they received their loans. Golden said he would make sure loans were available to students at low interest rates like when he attended college. New legislation has been passed over the last few years that has taken money available on a state level away and placed it on the federal level, which makes less money available for students. “The conservatives want to kill the Department of Education…I would use that money for loans,” said Golden. The next topic addressed the candidates stance on the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that requires military members to be discharged if they are found to be gay. Nye, who spent time in the military field as a civilian has great respect for our soldiers and the sacrifice they make for our country. “Putting your life on the line is a great sacrifice, any American who make that sacrifice should be able to regardless of their sexual orientation,” said Nye. He recently voted for the signing

of a bill that agreed “don’t ask, don’t tell,” should be repealed but not until a military review took place that due to be completed in December because he felt that was the practical approach to changing the policy. Golden, who has plenty of military experience, said “We don’t need to introduce sex into the workforce…’don’t ask, don’t tell,’ worked because it allowed gay people to stay in the service.” He believes that it should be left alone. The next question posed was about how they would help local businesses to provide jobs for recent college graduates. Nye, who is a member of the National Federation of Independent Businesses, insists that we need to encourage small business to take a rest and invest money. If elected, he would pursue targeting tax cuts and extending them to small businesses. Also, he would ensure that money from the government would go to more local banks as apposed to bigger banks in other states so it was more readily available for small business owners. Golden believes a key factor in saving small businesses throughout Hampton Roads is keeping the military in place and expanding on it. He wants to make sure the air craft carriers that are currently docked here stay here because with their presence they inject $1.6 million a day into our economy. In closing remarks, Nye encourages students to not loose hope because as Americans we’re competitive and our strength is in the young people. Golden believes Hampton Roads has the ability to be the Tokyo of the east coast we just need someone to understand how to do it and he’s our man with the experience.

Permissible by Law or Morally Forbidden? by Siaga Johnson Contributing Writer

A recent case in a United Arab Emirates court revealed a domestic abuse incident where a man physically assaulted his wife and 23-year old daughter. The ruling concluded that although it is religiously permissible to beat a wife and children the man exceeded his authority, as domestic punishment is not allowed to leave any marks. However, several religious experts have maintained that domestic abuse is not permissible under Islamic Law, and that the court’s ruling was based purely on an arbitrary legal system inconsistent with true Islamic Law. The man involved in the case had reportedly beaten his wife in the face and kicked his daughter. An observation of the court showed that the man also abused his authority by kicking his daughter. According to the laws of the court, the daughter is too old to be punished in any way by her father. However, if this law were true an inconsistency can be seen in the fact that the law says that it is permissible for a husband to hit his wife and children, as long as there are not any marks left. However, it at the same time said the man was wrong for hitting his daughter as she was too old. One then questions, where the difference lies when it comes to being able to hit a wife and being able to hit a daughter. Inconsistencies of this nature have aroused

suspicions that the law enforced by the court was a mere attempt to uphold a patriarchic system. Jihad Hashim Brown, a specialist of Islamic Law interpretation at the Tabah Foundation argued that “It is absolutely unlawful” for a man to abuse a wife physically or emotionally. He continues to state that when a marriage is going wrong, then it is time for a divorce. Dr. Jamal Badawi reinforces this point by arguing that domestic abuse in the household is forbidden in Islam. A direct inconsistency is therefore noticed. What does the UAE court these laws on then? Being predominantly operated by Islamic teachings, the law should be consistent with those principles. What’s more is that the UAE court did not specify what the consequences would be if a man abused his authority and left marks on those that he hit. An essence of ambiguity is therefore the case. Translating this story to an American context would mean that the principles by which this story can be analyzed change. In American legal systems, laws regarding domestic abuse directly indicate that domestic abuse is illegal and can be severely punished. A primary difference that can be seen is that the law is based more on the likely effects that would take place if assault were to take place, rather than religious teachings. Although, domestic abuse does happen nationwide, greater attention is paid to it. Perhaps a shift in family values can be noticed in the sense that patriarchal values seem to dominate many of the court laws indicated by this story, where as family values in general are more valued here.

ODU gets its own popcorn by

Yvonne de los Santos Contributing writer

Move over nachos, there is a new snack in town. Soon fans will be munching on blue and white Monarch Corn. The idea came to Jody Wagner, 55, owner of Jody’s Popcorn, a gourmet popcorn company in Virginia Beach. She put the idea on the back burner three years ago in fear of a conflict of interest between selling popcorn to a state university and being a state secretary of finance to former Governor Tim Kaine. Wagner concentrated on her business this year, drumming-up business with ODU after she lost last year’s run for lieutenant governor. Monarch Corn will sell for $3.95 a bag and comes in two flavors; kettle and candy corn. The business is literally popping. “The initial plan was to have one retail store and it just sort of grew,” said Wagner. With two retail stores, an online business, and selected venues selling her popcorn; Farm Fresh, Virginia-Tech, William & Mary, and ODU, Wagner’s business continues to grow since its opening in 2005. Jody’s Popcorn started with a revenue of about $50,000 and six employees. Wagner hired 40 workers over the summer to keep up with her

orders. She smiled when asked if revenue has tripled. “Let’s just say it is a significant amount,” said Wagner. Wagner thought about starting a caramel popcorn business after returning from a visit to see her son Jason, 25, then at Northwestern University. It is where she met her college sweetheart, Dr. Alan, 54, an ophthalmologist. He later propose to her by inserting the engagement ring in a Cracker-Jack box. After eating another bag of caramel popcorn enroute to Midway Airport, Wagner told her husband that she wanted to see a similar business in Virginia Beach. “He told me, ‘Why don’t you do something about it, and I did,” said Wagner. The first three months was a disaster. Wagner was forced to hold off sales that summer--the most lucrative months--due to construction issues with her first store on Laskin Road. Then she put her business online, got picked up by Farm Fresh, and the rest is history. Dr. Wagner worked on batches of popcorn recipes in the family garage on weeknights and weekends before opening the 8000 square foot headquarters and production facility on Laskin Road. The 53rd batch was a hit and called it “Secret Recipe 53 Caramel Corn” a crunchy concoc-

tion of chewy goodness. Wagner’s children including Rachel 28, Lizzie, 21, and Max, 18, came up with “Cheesy Chili,” a comfort food popcorn packed with cheese and smokey flavors. Wagner opens up ideas for new recipes to her employees. Sarah Boos, 24, is an expert confectioner and a graduate student of Johnson and Wales. “I got to help with our new creation, ‘The Nutty Zebra.’ It’s drizzled in black and white chocolate with cashews, pecans, and almonds,” said Boos. Wagner hires mostly college students. Popcorn making is between 7 am. to 3 p.m. which is convenient for students like Sharon Bell, 25. “I’ve been working for Ms. Jody for two and half years. I’m studying to be an RN at TCC,” said Bell. Wagner hopes to sell personalized popcorn like Monarch Corn to other universities. Jody’s Popcorn has been licensed to sell 12 university logos including Norfolk State and Virginia Commonwealth using school pride to pitch for new business. “It’s a way to enhance school spirit,” said Wagner.


Yvonne de los Santos Mace & Crown Monarch Corn will be a new snack available at football games soon.


wednesday 10/27/10 | MACE & CROWN | B1

arts enter tainment Homecoming concert review

NORFOLK SURVIVED THE APOCALYPSE “Survive Norfolk” Was a Big Hit By RJay Molina Staff Writer


his year saw the rise of the zombie apocalypse as over a thousand patrons joined Whitney Metzger and the Urban Playground to survive Norfolk on October 22nd, in an amped up game of “zombie tag.” The game was not supposed to be as huge as it turned out to be, but through word of mouth and the creation of a Facebook page for the event, everything just seemed to explode into a wild game that no one could have anticipated. The game, “Survive Norfolk,” had to go through many hurdles for it to legally happen and participants had to really get involved to ensure that it did. The Facebook page started showing various addresses for participants to donate to the cause of raising money to pay for a permit, insurance, and off duty police officers to supervise the game. Events leading up to the big game were also started to raise money. On the Facebook page, Metzger explained herself to excited fans that were probably hesitant to donate; “this is now a “special event” because more than 100 people want to use public space for an evening. In order for the game to happen, it’s going to cost around $2700-$3000. I cannot pay for this myself, so I’m asking for donations (and anything over I will donate to the charities). I never thought this word would get beyond just my friends; much less something the City of Norfolk would become involved in.” With the donations came pre-registration, this guaranteed a spot for someone to play. The amount of people allowed to participate had to be set to a “reasonable” number despite the 7,000 people who expressed their interest in the game on Facebook. But within weeks the money was raised and the game was set. The apocalypse was imminent… The rules were simple and explained for everyone on the event’s Facebook page; “You have 2.5 hours to make it from the Starting Point to the End Point. There are four checkpoints you MUST stop at on your journey. The entire time a horde of Zombies will be chasing you down. If you get caught, you become one of them. If you get to each checkpoint and make it to the End Point without being eaten alive, then you have survived the game. Glory shall be yours.” Colored wristbands were used to distinguish a human from a zombie. Green wristbands meant that a player was a human, and yellow wristbands indicated that the player was a zombie. If a human player was tagged with two hands, he or she would have to give up their wristband to the

zombie and become one of them. Spirits were high as Friday, October 22nd, finally came. Over a thousand people picked up colored wrist bands to play and neighbors who supported the event stood out on their porches to take pictures of the growing crowd. There were dozens of people who dressed up as zombies. Blood dripped down their faces, special makeup to imply ripped skin was used, and the small number of dressed up zombies gathered around to chant a threatening message to the human players. Finally, at 8:30pm, every player was gathered at the starting point. The rules of the game were stated for reinforcement, and at 9:00pm an alarm sounded off to start the game. The human players were given a five minute head start before the zombie players were unleashed, and the human players were already running for their lives shouting “The zombies are coming!” Once the zombie players were unleashed, it simply became a matter of minutes before almost every human player was turned. The new zombie players starting “camping” around various checkpoints to surround the human players and within an hour, only a handful of human players were left. Overall the game was a success. Players seemed satisfied to have been able to play and spirits were still high at the end. Hopefully this year’s turnout and overall success will allow for another game next year and many more to come.

Loni Earley Mace & Crown

3!Oh3 out glitters Ke$ha at Homecoming by

Elizabeth Bowry Staff Writer


ndian headdress, glittery make up, and a sign that said ‘Ke$ha, will you buy me a shot of whiskey?’ was the outfit of one of the many attendees to the Homecoming concert on Thursday night. “She looks likes Ke$ha,” said sophomore Courtney Heflin. This Ke$ha lookalike was just one of the many outfits that could be found outside of the Ted Constant Center on Thursday. Concert goers were covered with glitter, face paint, dollar signs, and glittery homecoming dance-esque dresses so it was almost obvious who they were here to see. From 5 o’clock until the doors opened at 7:30 PM, the lines continued to grow and the chatter around the front doors grew until the doors did open and they all rushed the front door. Tickets were scanned and the auditorium floor became more crowded, the seats became filled and the anticipated wait for the show to start began. People were told to sit completely on the floor, not on their knees, not on their ankles and if they didn’t sit correctly the nice security guards flashed a blinding light at the person until the rule was followed and this game was what entertained the people on the floor before the show started. Finally right before eight, the floor could stand up and suddenly the sense of space was completely gone. Elbows were in sides, the shorter people around you tried to push in front of you and profanities started to be exchanged up until Hellogoodbye came on stage and people were distracted. Hellogoodbye, the California based power pop band, started their set out with one of their best known songs ‘Here in Your Arms’ and that was probably the only song that more than a handful of people knew the words to. Though they were not the most popular band on the lineup, they were able to warm up the crowd for the next band to take the stage. The next band being 3Oh!3. For a band that is rumored to have started out as a joke between two best friends from Colorado, the duo knows how to put on a show. The minute they came out on stage, the crowd was into it. Starting out with one of their songs from their new album Streets of Gold, the crowd was moving along, hands in the air, jumping along


with the words and that attitude continued throughout all of 3Oh!3’s set. This attitude wasn’t lost on the band either. Having played at Ohio State University and many other college shows, 3Oh!3 dubbed Old Dominion the best college show that they had played. “Don’t be weirded out when I say, I love you,” Sean Foreman, one of the singers of 3Oh!3, told the audience last night. “They were good as always. All they seem to care about is how good of a time the audience is having and I love that,” said freshman Tres Dean. The day after the concert, Nate Motte – the second singer of 3Oh!3 – even mentioned Old Dominion on his Twitter saying, “Old Dominion comes CORRECT!!!!” This just shows that we left as good of impression on the band as they left on us. After 3Oh!3 played the longest of the three sets of the concert last night, the crowd was rowdy and ready for the main act of the night: Ke$ha. The backdrop turned from a flag repeating 3Oh!3 on it to a bunch of gold and gray fabric, walls of lights with worn American flags and different colored light bulbs draped over them, mannequin heads sat on speakers and a microphone stand with a hand holding the microphone Ke$ha was less than glittery in her performance even though there was a lot of glitter on the stage and the audience. She didn’t sing half of her songs and had her backup singers sing for her while she pranced around on stage with her seemingly drunk dancers. It wasn’t a very good After 3Oh!3’s performance where everyone was moving along with the songs, there were parts during Ke$ha’s performance where no one moved all but just stood there and watched while the singer practically had sex on stage. By the way, it’s frightening to see eleven year olds sing to Take It Off and grind with each other. If Ke$ha is making little girls do that, I’ll be scared for the world. Don’t get me wrong, there were people who enjoyed the Ke$ha concert, “Ke$ha made my heart beat like an 808 drum,” said Dean. But the show also swayed some people from not wanting to go see her in concert again like Laura Kuthy, “I’m still going to listen to her because her songs are catchy, but I wouldn’t go see her in concert again.” Overall, the concert was a success. 3Oh!3 stole the show with their energy filled set and danceable songs. Ke$ha fell short of expectations and Hellogoodbye needed more love. Glitter plus santa plus wolves with lasers plus thousands of screaming teenagers equals success,” said sophomore Steven McKie.


B2 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 10/27/10

Godfrey comedy show A Godfrey Amongst Men by

Martin Tucker Staff Writer

When Student Activities Council Organizer, Symone Mercado, was bedridden scorching July afternoon, she didn’t expect to find God, Godfrey C. Danchimah Jr. to be exact. Mercado started her internet pilgrimage searching for someone “young, hilarious, and compatible with the student body. “1 The 41 year old veteran comedian fulfilled her prophecy of who would perform at the annual Homecoming Comedy Show. This gathering of Danchimah’s disciples happened October 20th, 2010 in the North Café brimming with students and faculty. Mercado stated that this was her first big event as an organizer and while the process was long and nerve racking, the outcome was well worth the trouble. The time was 8:05 and the event was running a little late. The DJ played trap music to a restless crowd. Some students were dancing, some twisting their heads around like owls searching for fallen stars, but no one saw the talented, Ashley Ladyman, in the corner squeezing a plastic water bottle into her throat, staring into the calm floor. Five minutes beforehand she was dancing to Nicki Minaj in front of her friends and father, trying to relax before her second time opening for a hardened comedian before the Homecoming Comedy Show. Ladyman is a graduate school student working for a degree in Higher Education with a Focus in Student Affairs. She has been doing comedy for 3 years and has performed at local shows in the area. Ladyman stepped onto the small stage that included a barstool, a microphone stand, and an Aquafina. She started off slow and a little nervous but when she used a Trillville “Get on my Level” reference the crowd was immediately won over. She found the pulse of the crowd and rode it till the end of her set by using jokes about transvestites, Wii Fit, The Student Recreation Center, the Designated Ugly Fat Friend, Miami, and her struggling love life which included a perceptive joke about Facebook relationships, a genius move on her part with The Social Network just coming out. After her performance she recalled that although beforehand she was “sweating balls” in anticipation, “it was really fun” when

she planted her feet on stage.2 No one really knew what to expect when Godfrey entered the stage in a Black Moon-esque type of way. Some expected “that 7-Up guy”, “that African Soul Plane dude”, “that VH1 funny guy”, and some even expected Iago from Aladdin or Mr. Peabody from Problem Child. His topics of jokes focused on University Life, growing up Nigerian in Chicago, being relocated to New York, abandoning political correctness, and improvisation. Avid fans of Godfrey probably recognized his Nigerian jokes, “old people” jokes, Obama impersonations, and homeless New Yorker jokes. He talked about hip hop music using impersonations of Waka Flocka, Swizz Beatz, and Rick Ross which seemed to be screaming for a cipher involving Aries Spears, and Jay Pharaoh, the new SNL cast member. He had raunchy jokes but toned down some of the extremely offensive ones while trying to get the audience to widen their idea of what was acceptable to laugh at. Some of his funniest jokes were improvised including comparing the Homecoming artwork in North Café to feces, encouraging a female student to be a prostitute on more days than just Halloween, and outing those who left his performance. Godfrey ended on a joke about having sex without a dinosaur at four in the morning. Through all his jokes, impersonations, and social commentary the underlying message that Godfrey wanted to leave the crowd with is for people to loosen up, do away with political correctness, and to never bend down in a New York Winter or prepare to be sexually assaulted but a gust of wind. After the performance Godfrey slipped into the adjacent Hampton/Newport News room to take pictures with members of the Student Activities Council who put together the event. He kept the show going by entertaining the students while taking pictures with those who had cameras. Symone Mercado and Godfrey, being the amazing people that they are, allowed me to get a small interview with the University of Illinois Alumni. When asked about the influence Chicago had on his performing style Godfrey replied that he “started in Chicago, under Bernie Mac” but New York influenced him much more which he describes as “Chicago on steroids.” 3New York’s diverse crowds and seasoned audience demand that a comedian bring his or her best to the stage.3 Godfrey’s favorite comedy club is the Comedy Cellar in the Village.3 He ended with

Courtesy of SAC Popular on shows like VH1’s Best Week Ever, Godfrey performed ODU’s annual Homecoming comedy show.

a great anecdote about one of his first performances,” As a rookie playing football, the seniors would shave our heads and make us perform in a talent show. Coach always said,” You’ll be a good comedian yea you’ll be a good comedian, but boy stay on that bench.”

Paranormal Activity 2 entertains yet again The sequel to the original sleeper hit is here by

ONLINEMOVIESHUT.COM Katie and Micah are back, as is the demon, in this sequel about a haunting.

RJay Molina Staff Writer

In 2007, audiences at various film festivals got to experience a film that was quickly being hailed as one of the scariest movies of all time. Finally in 2009 that low-budget film, “Paranormal Activity,” was given wide release through word of mouth, despite a small band of film critics who disregarded the film as being full of cheap scares. Now, just a year later, the highly anticipated sequel “Paranormal Activity” finally hits theaters, with a new director and cast. So how does the new director take on a cult hit like “Paranormal Activity?” He gives audiences more of the same, which may or may not be a good thing depending on how one viewed the first movie. Fans of the original will undoubtedly sleep in fear while skeptics will simply see the


movie to get a good laugh from the audience, who still shake and scream from their seats as the plot of the film unfolds. The only real difference between “Paranormal Activity 2” and the original is the intensity. Every scare from the original film was slow, subtle, and creepy right up until the end when things ended too abruptly. The same can be said of the sequel, at least for the first half hour. Once the movie gives audiences subtle scares, it goes for twice the intensity by not holding anything back and going for extreme psychological horror. The plot this time around is more coherent and easy to pick up on. When a family’s home is supposedly broken into, the father chooses to install security cameras around the house in case of future break ins. Little does the family know, there is something more sinister at work. To add even more to the story, the characters of the first film turn out to be related to the family of this film and the audience learns that “Paranormal Activity 2” is, for the most part, a prequel. The events of the first film are explained in perfect detail in the sequel, which makes it even more interesting to

watch. The characters are very likeable and believable, so much so that it invests the viewer and makes the film a rollercoaster ride, toying with every emotion in one’s body. As mentioned earlier, the scares this time around are twice as intense. One particular scare that took place in a kitchen made everyone in the audience, even the skeptics, jump in their seats. The effects used to pull off the scares continue to amaze and become more elaborate. It was hard to tell if everything was done practically or digitally, seeing as the budget this time around could allow for more digital effects. The ending was beyond satisfying and completely unconventional. It left the audience asking, “Did that really just happen? That was crazy!” Could a third film be in the works? Money will tell. All in all “Paranormal Activity 2” delivers twice the thrills in the same format as the original film. Enthusiasts will find something that terrifies them and leave them with wanting more, and skeptics will think that it is a slight improvement from the first film.


wednesday 10/27/10 | MACE & CROWN | B3

Canning Hunger Homecoming Can Sculpture Competition brings awareness on hunger by Alyssa Odango Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

One fear of grocers is the knocking over of carefully stacked displays of canned goods. Though, there is little point in stacking cans in a grocery store when the point is to advertise the product; they’ll all be taken down by shoppers sooner or later. However, homecoming week at ODU hosts the best opportunity for can sculpting that grocers can envy. Different organizations were able to make sculptures using various canned goods as part of a competition. Out in the court in front of the fountain was an array of cans stacked in various shapes. There were visual representations of ODU and homecoming 2010’s “Blast Up the Blue.” Karen Schomaker of the Center for Service and Civic Engagement/OSAL, said the competition, “was a competition to encourage student organizations to collect can goods for the community and to get creative with their sculptures.” The competition was not only a creative outlet for ODU members, but also as a way of encouraging students to think about hunger in the community. “Our goal with the competition was to not only to collect cans, but to encour-

age students to think about the impact of hunger in our community,” Schomaker said. The cans were not used just as tools for the sculptures; once the competition finished the cans were donated to the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia. This event hopefully raised awareness of the impact of hunger in the surrounding areas of Old Dominion. so that students will take more action in trying to combat hunger. Schomaker said, “Ideally, students make the connection between the need and the activity and find creative ways to meet the need by collecting as many cans as possible.” A totaling amount of approximately 3,200 cans had been donated from the event. Cans are also accepted all year round in the center, and there was a simulation soup kitchen held as part of this year’s events. This was the second year of the can sculpture competition. Any ODU member or organization is able to participate in the competition, and this year’s competition brought members from Greek and Engineering organizations, as well as groups from the OSAL office. Carissa Manson, ‘14, of SWE Society sat next to the sculpture of “ODU” early Thursday morning and said, “I took us 30-45 minutes.” Various groups had arrived as early as 7:00 a.m. on Thursday to start stacking and sculpting cans into the shapes they became. Depending on the creativity of the sculptures, there were some architectural challenges and some cans fell over due to the wind. The sculptures were judged based off of the creativity and stability of the sculptures. “Creativity included the use of labels, a color scheme, and overall design. Stability included the structures

Sublime with Rome Starts Their Fall Tour at The Norva

Fans embrace Rome Ramirez as the New Lead Singer by

Jonathan Moran staff writer

After the announcement that the original Sublime band members had signed Rome Ramirez as their new lead singer, fans have wondered if Sublime would ever be the same. For those of you who don’t know, Bradley Nowell, Sublime’s lead singer and guitar player died from a heroin overdose in 1996. This happened right before the band’s fame really took off. Even so, Sublime’s fan base has grown and remains strong. The fans’ loyalty has made them wonder if Sublime can pull off having a new lead singer since much of the energy of the band came from Nowell. After Ramirez’s performance at The Norva last Wednesday, fans can rest easy. The group delivers and the crowd loved them. New fans and those who have been with Sublime from the beginning said they did a great job. Fans in the area were glad that Sublime, featuring Ramirez’s performance last Wednesday is the first show of their fall tour. The concert began with the opening act The Dirty Heads who’s blend of reggae and rap set the mood for the night. The beat makes you sway while the guitar riffs deliver the intensity that only a rock concert can bring. For an opening act they are well known. ODU graduate Sandy Sumerlin said she heard about

The Dirty Head, she said “My roommate plays them constantly.” With an enthusiastic smile she said they did great. During the intermission the crowd waited in anticipation for Sublime. Brandon Bolt, a fan who has followed the band from the beginning, anxiously said, “I hope they play their old songs.” When the band stepped out and played their first song the crowd went wild and you could instantly see that Ramirez is the perfect fit for the band. He sings with a huge smile on his face and his relaxed yet goofy demeanor is something the crowd responds to. Not only that, he can play. The riffs he jammed out when they were improvising hyped up the crowd and every song a Sublime fan would want to hear was performed. Fans sang along to the classics and when Ramirez shouted out, “Let’s give it up for Bradley Nowell” the crowds’ cheers were deafening. Despite the fantastic performance the nagging aspect during the evening was that Nowell was not there. In regards to Ramirez, Brittany Brennan said, “I think he does a great job. I respect what he does; I just can’t look at him.” As for the performance she said, “I closed my eyes to watch.” What is great is that Ramirez sounds exactly like Nowell and keeps the Sublime vibe alive without trying to act like him. Fans appreciated this since it shows that the band didn’t try to replace Nowell, because, as every fan said, “You can’t replace Brad.” No one knows this better than Ramirez, who first got into music by playing Sublime songs at 11 years old. As the crowd cheered he spoke into the microphone and said, “I’m just a fan like you guys.”

Crystal Spick Mace & Crown Corn, green beans and chicken noodle soup never looked so good together. All the cans used in the contest were donated to charity.

ability to be self supporting and that there was an attempt to give the structure height,” Schomaker said. The winning team gets their name on a trophy that will be displayed during next homecoming’s competition. This year’s win went to the team comprised of Alpha Xi Delta, Sigma Nu, and the Fashion Club. Not only did they Blast up the Blue with their rocket, but they helped launch the important mission for fighting hunger.

Alumni artists spotlight Howard Tarpey by

DJ Williams Staff Writer

Say cheese! Those are the words you hear right before your about to take a photo. Well with former ODU Alumni from the class of 2005 Howard Tarpey its, “Are you ready, or Hey look up” His adventures with his camera have taken him all around the east coast. His photos have ended up in such prestigious publications like Focus magazine, Transworld Skateboarding, Thrasher magazine, and Orchid Footwear. His photographs have also been in exhibited in galleries across Hampton Roads with famous artists such as Kris Markovich. Many people consider Howard to be part one of the marquee artists in the emerging local art scene that is beginning to gain national attention. The Mace and Crown recently was able to sit down with Howard and follow up on an alumni that ODU is proud to have.

Courtesy of Howard Tarpey ODU student Shawn Owens showcases his skateboarding skills for Tarpey.

Mace and Crown: Why did you start taking photos and when? Howard Tarpey: I started in 19971998 I got hurt skateboarding. I wanted to do something when hanging out with my friends while they skated. I decided to take my dads camera and begin taking photos MC: You did not graduate with an Arts degree what was it? HT: I graduated with a Major in IT and a minor in Marketing

Courtesy of Howard Tarpey Howard Tarpey’s self-portrait gives insight to his creative style.


MC: You are know for a diverse subject matter, what is your favorite subject to shoot? HT: Skateboarding because they are so many variables you can not control, such as you do not know how many tries it will take for the trick to be landed or if you will get kicked out of the spot or not. I also

like to take photos of the surrounding of the environments I encounter. MC: Who are your influences? HT: Any early skateboarding photos. People such as Atiba Jefferson, Grant Brittain, and Patrick O’dell. MC: What is your favorite photo that you ever took? HT: It would be a film photo from New York City. I took it when I was younger on one of my first trips there, its a bunch of shoes hanging off of a telephone wire. Howard will be part of the showcase Hell Knows Part Deux on October 28th at 37th and Zen. If you would like to see more of his photos his new website is


B4 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 10/27/10

The most ghoulish time of the year A Guide to Halloween in Hampton Roads by

DJ Williams Staff Writer


he three best words for me off all time other than “Hey, its Free” is “Trick or Treat”. I have been a fan for Halloween since I was a little kid and am excited because this year there are plenty of events going on this year. With the massive amounts of Facebook request you probably receive everyday about Halloween, there are a few that you need to be concerned about. I am going to highlight what I feel are the best and most important ones that you would hear about this year. If you go to any of these event you will have a good time. Plus we all need to blow some steam off once we are done with midterms.


On 10.29.10 is the first event to what will be a weekend of things to do. Whats the best way to start off Halloween than looking at art and listening to some great live music. Many of the top local artists will be there including ODU alumni Howard Tarpey, and YATESY headlining the show. Unfortunately this party is 21 and up.

Loose Lips Halloween at Hanger 9:

On 10.29.10 the Loose Lips crew will be at it again. After last year’s event everybody is excited about this highly anticipated party. The Dj’s for this event include LRDMRCY, OH!BOY, AETGY, and ODU’s own MR.E. The light show will be amazing and are being provided by lighting geniuses LEDMX. There will be a costume contest in which prizes include free bar tabs, tattoos, and many more. The costumes will be insane, many people going to this party are keeping their costume ideas under wraps for fear of sabotage. If you have never been to a Loose Lips than go because the venue is massive and this is one of the very few parties that is 18+ for all ages.

Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Naro:

On the 29, 30, and 31st The Naro will be showing the iconic movie Rocky Horror Picture Show. If partying is not your thing and you want something to do, then this is your best bet. This movie is a timeless classic and I have a feeling that people will do the Time Warp Again. If you have not made a decision on what to do this Halloween weekend you may definitely want to check out any of these event.

Fan Plan Halloween at Jewish Mother:

On 10.30.10 the Fantastic Planet crew is at it again. They are promising to give you another fantastic time. This party will be the first major party at the new Jewish Mother location in the heart of Granby Street. There will be surprises galore and of course there will be a costume contest. The prize this year is 300 bucks cash, rumors that the group who won this year have an ace up there sleeve. Could they two-peat or will there be a new champion. The only way to find out is if you go, 21+ for men and 18+ for the ladies.

Hunt Club Farm:

Now through October 31st, Virginia Beach’s oldest haunted corn maze is open for business. Dress is costume and prepare for the nightly fall festival, featuring haunted hay rides, mazes and guided ghost tours. Though the farm serves as an actual agricultural source 11 months out of the year, you’ll have a hard time believing it’s home to anything but “the village of the damned.”

Crystal Spick Mace & Crown


Hunt Club Farm offers many spooky attractions, including a haunted corn maze and hay ride.


wednesday 10/27/10 | MACE & CROWN | B5

A purple Wednesday Remembrance Day Showcases Campus-Wide Support by

Erika Schaubach Staff Writer

Wednesday, October 20th there was a sea of purple in hallways and classrooms at ODU. Students adorned their bodies in Lavender and Magenta to remember the teens that had taken their lives after being bullied for their homosexuality. In Webb, wreaths were displayed with notecards revealing statistics on bullying and hate-crimes. A large board slowly filled with words of encouragement for gay peers and statements against hate. It was breath-taking to see so many students standing up to support their peers. While it is heart-breaking that it took so many suicides before schools and universities noticed the horrible affect bullying can cause, it is wonderful that this subject is finally starting to receive the attention it needs. Every student regardless of race, sexuality, gender, etc. has a story of at least one moment where he or she has experienced the ostracizing effects bullying can have. Vice president of ODU OUT, Tahj Mitchell said, “ It is important to stop bullying because it can affect a person’s psyche. It can result in the individual developing low self-esteem and cause the person to hurt themselves and possibly kill themselves.” It is because of these shared experiences students can not only relate to their late peers, but have decided that this horrible right of passage must end. Old Dominion University began a movement against bullying with the remembrance last Wednesday. Professor Vaughan Frederick said, “This awesome event was co-hosted by the Women’s Center, Safe Space and ODU Out along with our assistance from the WMST department.” The event was organized amazingly quickly and used tools such as Facebook and word of mouth to advertise. SAFE coordinator for the Women’s Center, Joann Bautti-Roche said, “Although this was a rushed program and we had to adjust due to the weather, it turned out beautiful.” The event was amazing, not only for the work that so many organizations put into it, but for the support it received. Student Tahj Mitchell said, “I believe the event was a major success. I saw a lot of people in Webb Center dressed in purple and even if they

Behind the metal

didn’t have purple clothing they had something purple with them for Spirit Day.” Students made a wonderful statement with their purple clothes and ribbons and hopefully this attitude will continue long after this event. Although only a minority of students will “come out of the closet” and face the often hostile homophobia and heterosexism in today’s society, almost everyone can relate on some basic level. Everyone has some characteristic or moment that causes them to be the minority in a situation. Everyone has experienced being the outsider and everyone has felt unwelcomed at least once in their life. However, only some will face a lifetime of hatred and resentment. Imagine for a second, that you are homosexual. You have just come to grips with this and have decided to confide in a close family member or friend. Blood pounds in your ears and your breathing is unsteady and shallow. The lights become too bright and you fight to steady yourself as your knees wobble. Your loved one waits anxiously as he or she realizes you are trying to tell them something important. With a large breath you just blurt out, “I’m gay.” The words hang in the air as your loved one suddenly seems to put on a marble mask. He or she does not reflect any emotion but you are sure you caught a second of resentment in their eyes. You back up as he or she questions you on your certainty and tries to convince you that you have not had enough experience with the opposite sex. Your world seems to crumble and suddenly your throat feels like its closing. Your stomach is twisting in pain and you would give anything just to disappear. Unfortunately many LGTBQs (lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, queer/questioning) have and/or will experience this moment at least once in their lifetime. Sometimes they lose friends or will be disowned by their families. Although it is horrible that so many teens have been tormented to the point of suicide, it has to be realized that without the support of a friend or family member, being gay can be a terribly lonely life. Put direct hatred or bullying ontop of this loneliness and can almost be understood the grief these teens went through. Mitchell said, “To stop bullying I believe the whole student body should stand up for one another when they see someone being bullied.” Stand up and fight for someone if they are being tormented; you never know, your intervention could save their life.

Joann Bautti-Roche Mace & Crown ODU Out sponsored a wall of remembrance in light of the recent suicides of gay teens. Memorial wreaths in colors of the rainbow were placed in Webb center to show support for the LGBT community.

Advice From Local Piercers by

Erika Schaubach Staff Writer

It is almost impossible to walk down Old Dominion’s halls without seeing the glint of metal sparkling from someone’s eyebrow, nose or lip. While many would argue that colleges and universities have always been a place of free expression this does not account for the steady rise of kids getting pierced in high schools. Piercings are just becoming more main stream and acceptable. As almost everyone has once sported a barbell or hoop somewhere on their body, a nagging thought is just who gets in the piercing business? Joshua Becraft has been sticking needles in clients for over 13 years. He currently works at Blue Horseshoe Tattoo in Virginia Beach. Becraft’s MYSPACE.COM/ALLEYBANGARANG credits the sudden rise and acceptability of piercings to micro-dermals. He Piercer Ally Bangarang is passionate about her work, said, “Micro-dermals have opened the and remembers wanting piercings as a child. doors for body piercings. It used to be anything you can pinch, you can pierce; now its literally anywhere you can point to on the body” Becraft also particularly enjoys seeing nose rings since the rise in popularity has caused companies to start allowing their employees to wear this piercing. However he does warn against improper care of piercings, as he said, “Piercings are definitely a lifestyle change and if you’re not responsible enough to deal with that you shouldn’t have them.” Becraft is a pretty relaxed person, and addresses his clients frankly. While he doesn’t sport as much metal as what is stereotypically expected of piercers, he argues that he has them, they’re just not visible. Ryan Provido has been working at Ocean Mystique two years of his eight year piercing career. What started out as a job become a passion as he fell in love with the art form. Provido personally loves intricate ear work and surface piercings that allow him extra creative freedom. When questioned as to his favorite customers he said, “My favorite customers are the ones that have done research on what they want to get, know what its called and know how to take care of it.” Although he doesn’t expect his customers to know everything about their desired piercing he believes that a little research goes a long way. The number one ignorance that surround piercings is the permanence of micro-dermals; Provido said, “A lot of people want to get them done but don’t realize its a semi-permanent piercing where the only way to get those out later in life is to get them cut out of your skin.” He explains that one of his clients was charged an extra thousand dollars by her surgeon to get her mirco-dermal cut out before her heart surgery. Although he loves informed customers, Provido warns against cockiness, his least favorite trait in a client. He said that it is unwise to be rude to your piercer; he said, “Don’t piss off your piercer; it will just end up hurting more.” Provido loves joking with his customers and has fifteen piercings himself. He is happy to be able to say that he loves his job. Alley Bangarang has been obsessed with piercings since she was 7 years old. She said, “Piercing was something I literarily had an interest in my entire life. I remember when I was seven I got my ears pierced and saw a guy in the mall with PVC pipes in his ears. I was like, ‘Mom I want to do that.” Bangarang works at Trinity Tattoo Company and has been professionally piercing for over three years. She does admit that she used to pierce herself in high school but is quick to say it was a dumb thing to do. Bangarang is a perfectionist and she spends a lot of time making sure her piercings will be straight before actually putting the needle thru skin. Her portfolio is often proudly captioned: symmetrical piercing, not symmetrical [body part]. Although she only has a few piercings herself, it is easy to see that she loves tattoos and piercings. Her leg is a mural of wonderful zombified Hollywood actors and she considers herself a walking billboard for tattoo artists. Bangarang’s advice when considering a piercer is to talk to them. She said, “Make sure when dealing with a piercer that they love talking about what they do.” She continues that if they do not like to talk about piercing they are not as passionate as they should be. Pu Nastee also found his passion for piercings at an early age. He recounts memories of watching “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” and reading National Geographic. Nastee explained, “I was fascinated by what other cultures considered beautiful and what they would do to their body.” Piercings were a way to claim his body and present himself how he wanted to be seen. He said, “I never felt comfortable in my own skin until I started piercing myself and getting tattoos. This is how I feel comfortable.” This idea of being out of place in one’s skin is the reason why many people choose to get pierced or tattooed. Nastee sees himself as someone who empowers others. If the body is a temple then piercings or tattoos would be like the stained glass, an artful design that echoes the temple’s histories and ideals. Nastee isn’t entirely serious, however, and his peers often describe him as the funny guy. His words of advice when considering a new piercing? “Wash your ass,” Nastee said. No one enjoys poor hygiene when working on another’s body so be respectful. These amazing piercers wish to give some basic guidelines to getting pierced. Feel free to ask questions and make sure you get a good vibe off your piercer. Consider where you’re getting pierced and if any piercings could hinder your future plans. Know that micro-dermals, while amazing for hidden piercings are more permanent than usually thought. Lastly, be respectful of your piercer and take a shower. If you show your piercer respect they will be kind when shoving that needle into your flesh.



B6 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 10/27/10

Kings of Leon Review: Come Around by

Thomas Kargbo Staff Writer

Nuke the fridge. Jump the shark. Hurdle the monkey. Whatever. There inevitably comes a moment in a huge band’s career where they lose their common touch and become slightly ridiculous. With Oasis it was Noel Gallagher visiting 10 Downing Street – then releasing ‘Be Here Now’ a few weeks later. With U2 it was splurging millions on an overblown feature-film, Rattle And Hum. And Kings Of Leon? They lost their cool the instant they unleashed the ‘Radioactive’ video. A monumentally misguided affair, it was shot in the style of a Center Parcs ad, and found the Followills frolicking with a phalanx of beaming black children. It felt enormously phony, and made many of us wonder if the band had genuinely gone a bit nuts. Then again: was it such a disaster? In a weird way, ‘Radioactive’ boded well for their fifth album, the follow-up to the eight-million-selling ‘Only By The Night’ – a record so successful it achieved the ultimate accolade: one of its songs was covered by Pixie Lott. After all, music is lacking in cartoonish personalities right now: we could do with a few space-cadet rock stars who’ve utterly blasted off from reality. After all, if KOL were capable of a flight of fancy like the ‘Radioactive’ video, perhaps their next album would be a grand, maximalist folly, laden with gongs, harps and male voice choirs. What price an avant-garde odyssey that consisted entirely of Caleb Followill whacking a slab of meat and barking into a flugelhorn? It’d be a talking point. But no. ‘Come Around Sundown’ is none of those things. It’s not a leftfield swerve. It’s a stately modern rock album

that’s so desperate to prove its own authenticity it forgets to be remotely moving. This is music designed to be blasted from drive-time FM radios, and to waft around arenas big enough to have pigeons nesting (and shitting) in the echoing rafters. Sonically, it consolidates the band’s gradual shift from ramshackle charm to clean-lined grandeur. Guitars twinkle and shimmer, rather than scratch or chug. The album contains one indisputably great song: ‘Back Down South’, a beautifully subtle country-rock stomp that showcases Kings Of Leon’s knack for conjuring sonic drama from the simplest of ingredients: for the first two and a half minutes it’s just one bass note and one chord. Caleb Followill has admitted he ad-libbed the lyrics (“I free-floated everything”). In other words: he was on auto-pilot. The frontman always had a conflicted relationship with his own voice. On early albums he deliberately sang indistinctly to obscure the fact his lyrics didn’t mean anything. The point is: he overcame that on ‘Only By The Night’. Say what you like about ‘Sex On Fire’, it is at least about something: a transcendent one-night stand. ‘Come Around Sundown’, though, represents a return to opacity. Witness a song like ‘The Immortals’, which finds Caleb stretching out those trademark grizzled vowel sounds. “Ride away?” “Right away”?. Something about a rooster? Who knows – he could be singing about Subbuteo in Elvish and we’d be none the wiser. Ultimately, too many of these tunes are rehearsal room grooves in search of a hook. They’re clearly meant to convey a sense of wide-open highway: the feeling of a band cruising in effortless fourth gear. Actually, it just sounds like they’re spinning their wheels.

“I’m crazy, but you like It” Shakira’s New Album Is A Definite Hit! By Timothy Fulghum Staff Writer Shakira’s done it again! Her latest album, Sale el Sol (translated in English as ‘The Sun Comes Out), proves that her hips don’t need to lie in order to churn out success. After many successful hits, including “Hips Don’t Lie”, “She Wolf”, and “Don’t Bother”, and six studio albums, three bilingual and three Spanish, Shakira has proven that she is an act here to stay. Released on October 15, Sale el Sol features 15 songs, including the official song for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)”, all of which are written or co-written by Shakira, excluding “Islands”. The album itself is primarily in Spanish with some English; however, this does not isolate English-speaking-listeners. And for those that prefer her ‘club-music’, never fear: the album is laced with Latin influence and provides great “booty shakin’” music. As a whole, the album is optimistic, bright, and hopeful; each song dares its listener to wear a frown while being serenaded by the goddess that is

MUUMUSE.COM Sale el Sol is Shakira’s latest bilingual offering for fans.

Shakira. She is an extremely talented artist, and if this, her third, bilingual album does not reflect her sheer talent, then the music industry is certainly failing because this woman is amazing! Her infectious beats and unique voice make the album all the more worthwhile. Notable songs include: “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)”, originally written for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, this song is a wonderful African anthem, but it literally commands its audience to immediately get up and dance. “Loca”, as the lead single off of the album, it shows Shakira hasn’t completely lost her crazy, but still leaves the She Wolf in the closet. Her sharp lyrics, tongue rolling, and instrumentals provide extra ounces of awesome.

And if that’s not enough, check out the music video: her hips are-a-shakin’ and the audience is-a-swayin’. Shakira is crazy, but it’s damn near illegal not to like it. “Rabiosa”, the English version of this song finds Shakira accompanied by none other than Pitbull. “Rabiosa” is further proof that both artists should collaborate more often; the chemistry shared between the two is instantly heard, and between their flirtatious back-and-forth chorus it’d be a shame for them NOT to work together again. “Addicted to You” leaves the listener addicted to IT. From the first “Oh, Oh, Ah, Ah, Ahh” to the last, one cannot help but to shake what their mama gave them. And for those unfamiliar with the lyrics because of their own inability to speak Spanish, the song is catchy enough to ignore its foreign lyrics. “Sale el Sol”, the titular track edges on the rock side of life as opposed to the pop and Latin influenced songs. “Sale el Sol” further illustrates Shakira’s versatility as her vocal range compels one to appreciate her inherent talents. Sale el Sol is a definite hit! Shakira is one of the best Pop acts in the last ten years, and her latest effort solidifies this claim. This album is one that should definitely be listened to, if not purchased. Tell a friend, give the album a listen, and remember: The Sun Comes Out.


MUSIC REVIEWS Kno’s Death Is Silent

The Caucasian Cunninlynguist Constructs a Close Classic by

Martin Tucker Staff Writer

It’s been a long time coming for legendary underground rap producer , Kno. The man who started out with critically acclaimed rap group, Cunninlynguists is finally releasing his debut album, Death is Silent. He’s evolved substantially since the comedy and emo rap of Will Rap for Food and Southernunderground . He isn’t the same jokester who once rapped about pleasuring himself to “naked pictures of Janet Reno.” This Kno has reached a level of maturity that allows him to MIXTAPEWALL.COM tackle the topic of mortality. Death is Silent is a continuous Kno’s first solo album proves his worth journey through the experiences, amongst his fellow Cunninlynguists. feelings, and preconceptions associated with the “deepest sleep.” The album artwork is created by Argentinean artist, Diego Fernandez which shows a pale woman with jet black hair crying. This seems to be a nod to The Sandman character, Death. It is without a doubt the best album artwork to come out this year. This album is also an anchor for pretty much the entire QN5 family to display their talents before their albums drop. Because of this, the album is drowning in guest appearances from the QN5 fam. While this “The Roots Rising Down-esque” approach may have the effect of tarnishing the uniform theme or style, Kno’s guests seem to understand that this isn’t the average run of the mill feature. It’s literally a once in a lifetime chance because solo careers like lives can be dead in the blink of an eye. This album is dark which you might have already guessed by the title. There are only about one or two songs that can even be considered remotely cheerful. When dealing with the subject of death, Kno seems to accomplish something beyond those who have tried before him like The Geto Boys, Ras Kass, Gravediggaz, and Necro. Kno documents the human experience of death retrospectively. The album starts with an impressive display of metaphors, rhyme, and wordplay as Kno describes death in Death is Silent. Here Kno immediately answers any questions about the preconceived notion that he might be a weaker lyricist than Deacon the Villain and Natti, his co-members in the Cunninlynguists. “La Petite Mort (Come Die With Me)” is the album’s track for lovers where Kno beautifully uses sex as a metaphor for death weaving in references to everything from Antigone to Persephone. The production is breathtaking and the moaning sample is a great contrast to the shrieking samples in the first track. “Rhythm of the Rain” features Thee Tom Hardy, a promising newcomer, and Tunji of Inverse. Thee Tom Hardy steals the show although Kno and Tunji both drop great verses. For Cunninlynguists fans, no need to worry this track is nothing like Kno’s “Rain” from the Cunninlynguists’ sophomore album Southernunderground. “Graveyard” shows Kno going back to his battling roots as he uses punchline after punchline to again prove his lyrical prowess. Shiesty Khrist’s feature on the song is a let down as he tends to rhyme slightly offbeat with cringe worthy vocals. “I Wish I Was Dead” has a verse from feature extraordinaire, Tonedeff. Instead of completely embarrassing rappers like he does on most guest verses, Tonedeff tailors his to compliment Kno as Kno raps about finding himself in a terrible situation. “When I Was Young” has Natti, Kno, and Substantial reflect back on their lives as children when times were dark yet happiness flourished. “Not at the End” again features Tunji who probably should’ve been left out due to his inexperience in crafting verses. The album ends asking us all to seize the day while contradicting the statements made in the album’s introduction. Kno has created a solid release in Death is Silent. It will probably be an underground sleeper but QN5 stans will support long enough for a decent buzz to grow. So when you are trying to decide between purchasing Flockaveli or Death is Silent this October, just remember to pick the one that doesn’t ruthlessly desecrate the legacies of Tupac Shakur and the author of The Prince. The digital release came out October 12th and the physical drops October 26th.


wednesday 10/27/10 | MACE & CROWN | C1

spor ts

Well on their way Monarchs Annual Blue White Scrimmage Showcases talent for upcoming season by

Monarchs Dominate GSU in Homecoming Game by

Matthew McCracken Staff Writer


ith the summer gone, fall is present, and winter approaching, weather change is the last thing on the mind of Old Dominion students. Its basketball season again. With the men’s basketball team reassuring their dominance as a Division 1 program last year making it to the second round of the NCAA tournament last year, expectations are higher than ever. The loss of All-CAA Center Gerald Lee to graduation was a tough subtraction, but the show must go on. The Monarchs have new members to the team, and familiar faces who will see the court more due to the lineup changes made during the off-season. Keeping their moves under wraps, the annual Blue and White scrimmage was the first time ODU fans get to see their Monarch men in action since losing to Baylor in the NCAA tournament last spring. Fans didn’t come to the TED Constant Center Saturday October 23, 2010 at noon to watch the Monarchs mistakes, but to see their men’s athletic ability and drive for perfection this year. “I expected to see good execution on offense, and as far as defense, make it difficult for the offense to execute,” ODU junior Travis Peyton says. Expectations were reached. Redshirt Junior Kent Bazemore stroked a three within the first minute of play, followed by a deep two-point field goal by Redshirt Senior Keyon Carter. Known for having one of the purest shooting strokes in the CAA, Carter finished with 14 points and 11 rebounds. Not surprising to fans who expect the most from returning starters or role players from last year’s team. Redshirt junior Frank Hassell, who is known as the finisher around the basket, has now taken another role as the team’s first choice as an offensive threat. Scoring 21 points and grabbing 10 rebounds during the scrimmage, Hassell showed everything from post-up moves to allusiveness around the basket. Senior Ben Finney had players jumping out of their shoes from his pump fakes. Not out of the ordinary considering the big shots Finney has made for Old Dominion throughout his years as a starter. Finishing the game with 14 points and four rebounds, the Monarchs big four showed fans they aren’t taking a back seat this season. Knowing they were successful last season, the Monarchs refuse to just be content with making it to the tournament; they want to win it all. Realizing any successful championship team needs a strong bench to win, the Monarchs have a couple players under the radar. They may not have their own introduction in the starting 5, but when they are on the court, their presence is felt. Redshirt sophomore Nick Wright finished the game with 6 points, but it wasn’t his scoring ability that kept him on the court. Wright has length like no other being able to reach further than any other player on the court. His determination to win battles for loose balls, take charges, and throw pretty passes into the post is his game. With the Monarchs having plenty of scoring options, Wright’s unselfishness and hustle will be a deciding factor in games to come this season. Deep threats aren’t the most exciting players to watch, but when it comes to a shootout type game, they are vital to success. Junior Trian Iliadis isn’t always on point with his shots, but has a gun-slinger mentality. When he’s on, he’s

Happy Homecoming

Crystal Spick Mace & Crown Both Bazemore and James are going to be counted on for the Monarchs this season.

on, and when he’s off, he’s off. Every shooter is different except for the fact that in the end, they want to take the last shot. Iliadis finished the scrimmage with 8 points, two of his field goals coming from three-point territory. Starting off slow, but finishing strong, fans should keep an eye on Iliadis from beyond the arc this season with his graceful shooting form and confidence in his shot. Jumping is a part of the game, but flying is almost unbelievable. Already known for his jumping ability, Bazemore showed a little bit of it off in the scrimmage by throwing down a windmill dunk on a fast break, smiling while he did it. New Monarch member, Freshman Richard Ross, can jump out the gym on one leg. Seeming to get his head above the rim, Ross wasn’t the best scorer or rebounder, but look out for his put-back attempts this season as he flies through the paint. Keeping your big men out of trouble is another key to success, and one way of doing this is having good defensive guards. Senior point guard Darius James can’t do it all by himself as a starter. With guards like Junior Marquel De Lancey and Redshirt freshman Josh Hicks getting playing time, the Monarchs seem to be in good shape. De Lancey’s quick dribbles and Hicks quick hands are just what the Monarchs have been looking for. Hicks was even able to pick-pocket steal CAA superstar Kent Bazemore as he tried to drive past him. Although the light blue beat the dark blue team by 2 points, 53-51, fans weren’t worried about the score. What was expected, doubted, or worried about the Monarch’s men basketball team was answered during this Blue and White scrimmage. Finney, Bazemore, Hassell, and Carter still can score from any part of the hardwood court. Lee might be gone, but Wright’s hustle and determination with Ross’s jumping ability make up for the lossed presence around the rim. James has back-up at the guard position with De Lancey and Hicks while Carter isn’t the only deep threat from three point land with Iliadis on the court. The Monarchs haven’t reached perfection, but they are well on their way with the weapons they possess.


Ben Decowski Staff Writer

Excitement filled S.B. Ballard Stadium as students and alumni poured into Foreman Field for the Old Dominion University Monarchs homecoming game against the Georgia State Panthers. The student section proudly waved their “Roaring Rags,” which were distributed for the first time by the Mace and Crown, in anticipation for the big game. Even Alumni ESPN anchor Jay Harris was in attendance, tweeting “Love this Stadium. Homecoming game vs. Georgia State.” The Monarchs were able to prevail 34-20 over the Georgia State Panthers. The Monarchs (4-3) came out of the gates slow and seemed sluggish on offense with only 41 total yards in the first quarter compared to Georgia State (5-3) who had 126 yards. “That’s just how football goes sometimes, you’re not going to score every play,” said redshirted junior Quarterback Thomas DeMarco. The Panthers struck first on a 21 yard field goal by redshirted senior Iian Vance with 9:28 to go in the first quarter. The Monarchs were lucky that the Panthers only came away with three points after redshirted junior Defensive Tackle Ronnie Cameron made a big third down stop on the goal line. On the Panthers next possession, redshirted freshmen Quarterback Drew Little hit redshirted sophomore Tight End Emmanuel Ogbuehi for a 36 yard strike. After letting up a fourth down conversion, the Monarch defense tightened and forced another

Panther field goal bringing the score to 6-0. As soon as the second quarter arrived the Monarch offense woke up. Head Coach Bobby Wilder decided to establish his run game as sophomore Running Back Mario Crawford ran in for a 6-yard touchdown to regain the lead at 7-6. The drive was largely attributed to both freshmen running back Colby Goodwyn, who had a 20yard run, and Mario Crawford. “We got it clicking, found out what we needed to do and started moving the ball,” said DeMarco. After a GSU three and out, the Monarchs found themselves with the ball and driving down the field again. The Monarchs converted on two fourth downs in order to keep the drive going and it was capped off by an 18yard touchdown pass from DeMarco to redshirted freshmen Wide Receiver Marquel Thomas. The touchdown put the Monarchs up 14-6 and the student section could be seen wildly waving their new “Roaring Rags” in excitement. The Monarchs kicked the ball off and gave possession back to the Panthers but not for long. After only four plays redshirted sophomore Safety Fred Credle forced a fumble that was picked up by ODU’s redshirted sophomore cornerback Donald Smith. The turnover led to a career long 44-yard field goal by sophomore Jarod Brown to make the score 17-6 going into the half. The momentum was clearly with the Monarchs at halftime and the Stadium was going wild, waving their “Roaring Rags” and cheering in excitement as the marching band took the field to perform for the half time entertainment. Since the Panthers won the toss at the beginning of the game and de see HOMECOMING C2


Homecoming game: Box Score & By the Numbers c2 Bringing The Noise: WODU’S Sports Radio Show c3 Lady Monarchs: Field Hockey & Soccer c4

2010 Blast U Contest

Homecoming R

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Blue!” Window Painting hi Omega Photos by Rachel Chasin Mace & Crown

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HE BLUE 2010 Photos by Rachel Chasin Mace & Crown



C2 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 10/27/10








T. DeMarco













1st Downs



3rd down efficiency



4th down efficiency



Total Yards















Yards per pass






M. Crawford C. Goodwyn D. Williams T. DeMarco Team

18 10 8 7 43

91 72 35 31 229

5.1 7.2 4.4 4.4 5.3

1 1 0 1 3

15 23 13 11 23

Rushing Attempts



Yards per rush









Fumbles lost



Interceptions thrown






Homecoming from C1 ferred the ball to the Monarchs, they got the ball for the start of the second half. The Panthers drove down the field and got to ODU’s 42-yard line and seemed to have gotten their offense back on track. Then disaster struck again for the Panthers as ODU’s redshirted junior Linebacker J.J. Williams forced the second fumble of the game which was picked up by redshirted sophomore Linebacker Craig Wilkins. “We emphasize scooping and scoring and stripping the ball out,” said Williams. “We just really went after the ball this time.” ODU capitalized on the turnover for the second time and drove all the way down the field. Then from 23-yards out, Goodwyn ripped off a monster run in which he seemed at first to have been swallowed up by the defense but somehow got away and dove over the pylon in the end zone for the touchdown. The score put ODU up 24-6 with 7:57 remaining in the third quarter. “The offensive line and our ability to run the ball was outstanding,” said Head Coach Bobby Wilder. The Monarchs special teams also decided to contribute to the sudden thrashing of GSU as redshirted sophomore Punter Jonathan Plisco punted the ball away to the Panther’s freshmen Albert Wilson who fumbled the ball and ODU’s redshirted sophomore Alex Arian recovered it at the 9-yard line. The offense stalled but Brown made a 29-yard field goal to put the Monarchs up 27-6. The Monarch scored one more time in the third quarter on a 1-yard run by Thomas DeMarco to cap off a 34 point scoring streak that left the

By Garrison Cole Sports Editor











M. Smalley M. Thomas R. Evans D. Williams P. Gill Team

9 5 5 2 1 22

61 48 33 11 -1 152

6.8 9.6 6.6 5.5 -1.0 6.9

0 1 0 0 0 1

20 18 8 6 0 20




Christian Ernst Mace & Crown Craig Wilkins was a ballhawk forcing two of the Monarchs four fumbles.

Panthers in a 34-6 hole. The Panthers made an attempt at a comeback scoring on a 32-yard pass from Little to redshirted freshmen Travis Evans and a 3-yard run by Little to bring the score to 34-20 but it was just too little too late. The Monarchs took their second home win on the season. “This was very important for this football program to win this football game today coming off that loss two weeks ago with it being such a special day, homecoming,” said Wilder. “I thought

our fans were outstanding today, the 12th Monarchs were excited for the game, our kids were excited to get the win against what I consider to be a pretty good football team in Georgia State.” Sophomore Wide Receiver Monty Smalley had a school record 9 catches in the game that went for 61 yards. “We wanted to get him involved in the offense more, he showed that he’s a good player on special teams,” said DeMarco. “Coverage was deep, they were running with


our receivers pretty well, leaving the underneath stuff open,” he explained. Smalley commented on his big night saying “I feel great and I try to make the most of my opportunities and do what I can to help out the team.” Two players, T.J. Cowart and Thomas DeMarco, drew praise from Coach Wilder. “T.J. was outstanding I mean he had two near misses on interceptions that would have been unbelievable catches,” said Wilder and continued to say, “He was very active today and had some very key pass break-ups.” He then raved that DeMarco “…best football game at Old Dominion in terms of his decision making process.” This is saying a lot considering that DeMarco only threw for 152 yards and one touchdown. Wilder also commented on the passing game saying, “They were playing coverage and they were basically saying to us run the ball and that’s what we did,” basically saying that DeMarco didn’t have a lot to work with and when he did, he hit his targets. Running Backs Crawford and Goodwyn both had big games as Crawford ran for 91 yards and a touchdown and Goodwyn ran for 72 yards and a touchdown. So with homecoming weekend coming to an end, the Football Monarchs pulled out a huge win to send the school into the year on a good feeling. “Everybody in our program had a very clear understanding of the importance of this football game today and the importance of getting a win,” said Wilder. So with the Football team getting back to a winning record at 4-3, the team wishes everyone a happy homecoming.


wednesday 10/27/10 | MACE & CROWN | C3

DeMarco would rather throw than kick Once a D-I punter, ODU quarterback Thomas DeMarco shows he is only getting better by

Kevin Hollister Staff Writer

Playing quarterback for Old Dominion University—nearly 3,000 miles away from his home town of Palm Desert, Calif.—wasn’t exactly where junior quarterback Thomas DeMarco thought his football career would lead him. After excelling at both quarterback and punter at Palm Desert High, DeMarco went to San Diego State as a walk-on, redshirtfreshman punter. When he didn’t win the starting job, DeMarco transferred to College of the Desert where he returned to playing quarterback; throwing for 1,792 yards and 14 touchdowns. “I wasn’t ready to stop throwing the ball. When ODU said that they wanted me as a punter, to be honest, if that’s all they wanted me as, I probably wouldn’t have come, because I really wanted to play quarterback” DeMarco said. Mid-way through his second season at ODU, DeMarco has shown why he’s more of a weapon as a quarterback than he’d ever be as a punter. As of Oct. 21, just 17 games into his ODU career, DeMarco amassed 56 total touchdowns (36 passing; 20 rushing). “I’m just fortunate Coach [Brian] Scott knocked on my door. I’m a 5-9 player—not the typical size. I got the chance to play, the chance to go to school on scholarship, and I’m just very excited that I had the opportunity. I couldn’t imagine it being any better than it is right now,” DeMarco said. And neither can the ODU fans. Through six games, DeMarco, is on the “watch list” for the Walter Payton Award—an annual award given to the most outstanding player in Division I Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) of college football. Although DeMarco showcased his passing and rushing abilities

last season, it’s his passing that’s been the focal point of the Monarch’s offense this year. He surpassed last year’s season-high in passing yards in a game (245) four times—including throwing for over 300 yards twice, and over 400 yards once. “I think it’s just the fact that offensively we’re growing in the passing game. Our receivers and I have had a year under our belt; so we know each other more, the timing’s a lot better, and we’ve had a lot more opportunities to pass the ball this year. It just shows the work we had in the off-season paid off,” DeMarco said. His gaudy pass numbers (1668 yards, 15 TD) can also be attributed to the fact that DeMarco’s been asked to pass an average of 41 times per game. In just six games, his 250 pass attempts are five shy of his total all of last season. “We’re going with what’s working right now. Everybody wants to be able to run the ball and throw the ball as well, and just through the first six games, throwing the ball is where we’ve had success. We have a balanced team, and are able to do both. It’s just that right now, we’re able to pass the ball better,” DeMarco said. Despite personal success, DeMarco is the first to point out that he needs to improve on his decision-making (nine interceptions to last season’s four) in order to help the team have success against this season’s tough schedule. “I’m a little disappointed in some of my mistakes this year. Sometimes I try to force the ball or try to make the big play, but if my coaches are depending on me to use my arm, well, that’s why I’m here. I’m a quarterback, and that’s what I’m supposed to do,” DeMarco said. To many fans, ODU’s 3-3 record this season against strong opponents is promising for the outlook of the future of Monarch football. Although DeMarco and the rest of the Monarch’s hate losing, he feels that the team’s three losses against perennially solid FCS programs (Jacksonville, William & Mary, Cal Poly) help prepare them for next year in the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA). “We feel like there are things we could have changed to win those three games, but it’s just keeping us hungry entering the CAA. At the same time, we’re trying to get better ever week, and [in the future] we want to get better at finishing those games.”

Bringing The Noise Behind the Scenes of WODU’s Sports Radio Show by

Matthew McCracken Staff Writer

The Noise: two simple words. The range of meanings these words could be about is endless. Ask Stuart Miller what these words mean, and he’ll give you the whole background story. “We got the name from a scene in Wedding Crashers where they are playing football in the front lawn. One guy kept saying it to Vince Vaughn. That was always one of our favorite scenes so we felt like it fit our type of banter we produce on the show.” Two years ago, WODU radio show gave three guys a chance to produce a sports show on air about not only local ODU sports, but professional ones as well. Although it may not be the same three sitting in the booth today, it is the right three. Their obsession about sports is common at their age, yet, their high level of knowledge, passion, and expertise to sports broadcasting is what puts them second to none. With the work load that comes from running a show three times a week about up-to-date sports, one would think these kids were professional. Airing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12 pm on WODU radio or Channel 51 on campus; Stuart Miller, Garrison Cole, and Justin Brown meet up to bring the noise to listeners at home. Teamwork is teachable, talent is natural. For these three, they do not have the luxury of meeting up hours before a show to talk about what key points to hit, and what not to hit. They don’t have the time after to review what they need to do better for next show. With Stuart and Justin having class not but 10 minutes after the show is over and Garrison showing up right at 12 from class for the show, these gentlemen have barely anytime to prepare. Instead, these men must rely on their friendship and natural ability to produce greatness through the sounds of their voice, and

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown Last year “The Noise” won the award for Most Improved Radio Show.

the meaning behind their words. “Fiery debate, contrasting points, and the sexiest voice at ODU,” Miller says when asked about what he brings to the show. Cole follows up with, “The mere fact that I am on the show.” Brown finishes with flaunting the fact that his


Christian Ernst Mace & Crown As of Oct. 21, just 17 games into his ODU career, DeMarco amassed 56 total touchdowns (36 passing; 20 rushing).

skill set is in radio working for local 96X. Ask one of them who is the best on the show, and you’ll get three different answers. Their competitive spirit, relationship with one another, and love for sports is what makes the Noise successful. “We rarely ever agree on anything,” Cole admits. Co-workers who argue usually make up for a dysfunctional group, but not in sports talk. The atmosphere of differing opinions and the passion behind their thoughts makes for a great listen. Although they are not getting paid for this, The Noise is about as professional as it gets. This isn’t about three ODU students talking through paper cups with strings attached to it acting like their professional broadcasters. As Brown explains, “We have a fully functional board, a computer screen to run the internet through the board and onto air, and two professional microphones. It is a very professional studio and has all the tools a radio show needs.” Three sports wiz’s, and a professional studio, all The Noise needs now is fan support. Miller acknowledges the fact that “we are in our third year, and improve every year. Compared to our first year, we are miles from where we started.” This could be from experience on air, or the way the show is run. With big names such as Old Dominion Lady Monarch’s head coach Wendy Larry and Old Dominion’s star quarterback Thomas DeMarco on air, The Noise demands respect, and earns fans. Something that started from wanting to talk about sports turned into a school-wide success. If an individual can’t make it to a football game, they listen to The Noise. When people want to hear contradicting opinions on local and professional sports, the Noise is their calling. Ran by students, sounds like professionals. Editor in Chief, Sports Editor, and 96X employee may be their jobs, but The Noise brings out their passion, sports talk. Miller, Cole, and Brown admit The Noise is a stepping stone for their perspective careers. The Noise is just practice for what these men want to do later in their career. These guys might leave the Noise when they graduate, but The Noise will never leave ODU. Established based off passion, there will always be more students with the same kind of passion these men possess. The noise isn’t a whisper, but a never-ending shout.


C4 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 10/27/10

Lady Monarchs come up just short ODU Women’s Soccer Loses a Heartbreaker to VCU 2-1 by

Greg Arnold Staff Writer

Once again the Old Dominion University Lady Monarchs gave everything they could but still could not get the win. ODU lost to the VCU Rams Oct. 22nd with a final score of 2-1 at the ODU soccer stadium. The Rams got a quick lead, scoring two goals in the first 20 minutes, and ODU was never able to catch up. The rivalry between ODU (4-10-1 overall and 2-7 in the CAA) and VCU (6-7-4 overall and 2-5-2 in the CAA) has been kept tight over the last few years. Since 2003 the teams have an equal record against each other 4-4. The match against the Rams was one that left little to be desired. Everyone watching the match had to catch their breath as the final horn blew. VCU’s first goal came in the 12th minute of the match. The goal was made by freshman Taryn Cressy. Her teammate sophomore Edgcomb Carly managed an excellent cross from freshman Jordyn Rolling’s throw in. Cressy’s shot passed just by the outstretched fingers of ODU’s sophomore goalie Laura Bush. VCU’s second goal was made possible by another cross by Carly. This time the pass went to Azania, VCU’s junior from Brazil.

Rachel Chasin Mace & Crown Craig Wilkins was a ballhawk forcing two of the Monarchs four fumbles.

The cross was made from far across the goal and Bush was not able to get back in time to stop the shot. This match was Bush’s first start of the season at goal. Before this she has played less than 40 minutes at goal this season. She did allow two goals in the first half but neither seemed to be stoppable as Coach Joe Pereira would confirm after the game. He said, “We’re trying to get her some experience. The goals were not her fault, so we’re not disappointed at all with her first start.” Sopho-

Twice as nice

ODU defeats VCU 4-2

Lady Monarchs Wins over VCU & JMU clinch second-place spot in CAA Conference play by

Lady Monarchs clinch second place spot in CAA conference play by

Kathryne Mason Staff Writer

Coming off a convincing 4-2 win over the VCU Rams on Friday, the Lady Monarchs defeated their second test as they took on the James Madison University Dukes Sunday afternoon at the Powhatan Sports Complex. Three minutes into the game, sophomore Christy Longacre broke up a pass that would have led to a oneon-one play between JMU forward Dolores de Rooij and ODU keeper Devon Seifert. In the fifth minute of play the Dukes were given a corner. The Lady Monarch defense stepped up to the challenge though, and left the Dukes with nothing to celebrate for. A beautiful pass from senior Paige Clutter to forward Kathryn Kirk was all the Lady Monarchs needed to produce some offense. Kirk dribbled the ball into the circle, intending to shoot when the Lady Dukes made a penalty they would soon regret. A corner was rewarded to the Lady Monarchs after the foul was committed and that was where #25 Loran Hatch would notch her first goal of the game to give the Lady Monarchs a 1-0 lead. Less than five minutes later, sophomore Maartje va Rijswijk would take

more Brianna Alvarado would come in the second half at goal. ODU was able to get a goal before the first half ended. At the 33rd minute Sophomore Kelly Evans was able to shoot a pass by VCU’s defense. Sophomore Ashlee Coutu’s hustle paid off as she got the pass with only the goalie to beat. Coutu beat VCU’s freshman goalie Megan Lynch to the left as she just pushed the ball into the net. This assist for Evans caught her up to team leader junior Rachael Carroll with five assists each. ODU was all about offense in the second half even though they were not able to find the back of the net. In the 68th minute ODU junior Jocelyn Weidner had a shot at goal, but her kick went just high. Also junior Victoria Johnson had a header that went high late in the game. Coach Pereira said this loss was like many others of the season so far. “We dug ourselves in the whole early, didn’t have a great start, and then trying to generate a goal keeping the poise. We press, we keep a lot forward. We do a lot of things trying to get people active. But not to be.” In the 80th minute ODU’s junior Lisa Bernardini left the game with a hurt ankle. Bernardini has been a defensive leader on the team and all went quiet as she was carried off the field. When asked about his player Coach Pereira said, “We look at ankles as a good thing as long as it’s not a knee. (Against JMU) we will have to evaluate to see where she’s at with it.” ODU will be finishing off the season against William & Mary in Williamsburg on Saturday October 30 at 7 pm.

Christian Ernst Mace & Crown Van Rijswijk scored a goal for the fourth consecutive game

advantage of a Duke turnover in the circle and would score to put the Lady Monarchs lead up by two. Rijswijk now has 12 goals for the entire season and is tied for fourth in the league in goals scored. JMU was given another corner with just under 12 minutes to go in the first half, but nothing came of it. Soon afterwards, with about five minutes left in the first half, the Lady Monarchs were also given a corner, but did not produce. The ODU Pep Band serenaded the Lady Monarchs with a cheer as they went into the locker room for halftime. With a little over three minutes expired on the clock, JMU’s Lise van Dam deflected a shot from fellow teammate Amy Daniel to cut the Lady Monarch lead to one. It took less than a minute for the Lady Monarchs to come back and respond as Kirk dribbled her way through a pair of Duke defenders and scored from the right end line of the circle. About 10 minutes later, ODU was given another corner as a reward for

a Duke penalty in the circle. Hatch took the initial hit, but missed the goal as the ball hit the left side post. One minute and 42 seconds later, though, the Lady Monarchs were given another corner. This time, Hatch made sure she didn’t miss. This would be Hatch’s second goal of the game and the final goal for the Lady Monarchs to clinch the 4-1 victory. Old Dominion ended the game with 15 shots on goal while the Dukes were held to seven. Seifert only had to make one save as she picked up her eighth win on the season. Seniors Alyschia Conn and Paige Clutter each picked up two assists in the win; Clutter’s 17 assists and Conn’s 13 are first and second in the CAA conference play. The Lady Monarchs will be playing a non-conference game on Saturday, Oct. 30, at 1 p.m. against No. 1 North Carolina Tar Heels. Saturday’s game will be the final home game of the 2010 season for the Lady Monarchs.


Kathryne Mason Staff Writer

Coming off of a pair of losses against Top 20 teams in non-conference games, the Lady Monarchs were looking for a win and got one on Oct. 22 against the VCU Rams. Rising superstar sophomore Maartje van Rijswijk continued her stellar play, scoring two goals and helping No. 20 Old Dominion to a 4-2 Colonial Athletic Association win over the VCU Rams at the Powhatan sports complex. The win made the Lady Monarchs 8-9 on the season and 5-1 in CAA play. Coming off the bench, Rijswijk now has recorded six goals in the last three games. Old Dominion also got goals from senior Paige Clutter and sophomore Danielle Clutter. Seniors Loran Hatch and Anna Kern dished out assists in the win. VCU, whose two goals came from Kelsey Scherrer and Marle van Dessel, fell to 4-2 in the Colonial Athletic Association league play. Old Dominion saced out to an early jump-start on the offense when Paige Clutter scored off of a penalty corner rebound from Hatch. This goal would be Clutter’s fourth of the season. Rijswijk got her first of two goals at the 23:43 minute mark of the first half, as she dribbled into the circle and blasted a high shot that ricocheted off the post and into the goal to put ODU in the lead by two. The VCU Rams would come back and respond, though, before halftime to tie the game back up. The first VCU goal was scored off of a penalty corner and the second goal came just two minutes after halftime from pure will and determination. Scherrer chased down what was thought to be a loose ball and knocked it in goal to beat ODU keeper junior Devon Seifert. As Scherrer scored the last goal of the game, there was a hushed silence over the stadium. Fans were stunned as the Lady Monarchs went into halftime tied with the Rams at two a piece. You could sense the urgency to win from both teams at the start of the second half. ODU began to put more offensive pressure on the Rams, and it finally paid off when Rijswijk tapped in a shot from Senior Anna Kern to give the lead back to the Lady Monarchs in the 51st minute. The Lady Monarchs would add another goal for insurance with seven minutes to play in the game. Sophomore Danielle Clutter took a nice pass from senior Loran Hatch and score on the right side of the goal. Old Dominion outshot the Rams 16-7 and forced eight penalty corners while the Rams only got three.



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The Homecoming Hangover

Blood, Sweat, Tears, and Cheers

Stuart Miller Editor in Chief When you think homecoming you think of floats, football, and fun. When I think of homecoming I think sleepless nights, paint covered clothes, and a lack of a daily routine. All these factors contributed to my two week hiatus from my column so for that I apologize. Seeing that it is my last year at ODU I wanted to make this homecoming special and since the team I was a part of won most spirited organization I felt like the countless hours paid off. It all started two Thursdays ago when our group realized that the Spirit Banner and Video were both due by 5pm that next day. That night would prove to encompass exactly how the rest

of Homecoming week would go. After the majority of the TKE brothers and Alpha Phi sisters left the central homecoming hub at about midnight, only four of us remained awake and working. Seven hours later the sun was rising and the four of us were just finishing filming our rendition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” which we cleverly titled “Blue-Hemian Rhapsody”. So now it was Friday and the beginning of the weekend and my schedule was not getting any less hectic. That Friday was a complete blur to me as I literally felt I was hallucinating in my English class due to my lack of sleep and overdependence on energy drinks. Nevertheless, I couldn’t find the time to get some legitimate sleep as Saturday came quickly. Now a normal Saturday and Sunday for me consist of sitting in the Mace office editing stories, but this weekend began and ended with window painting and powder-puff football. My dreams of grabbing some shut-eye after these two days were shattered as Monday started the official Homecoming week. After weeks of planning it was finally time to construct our float for the parade. Our ideas looked easy and painless on paper, but proved a little more difficult in reality. Never have I real-

For crying out loud With elections approaching, will young people vote?


Christian Ernst News Editor

Social media has been a crucial aspect of many of the campaign for the upcoming elections. This is decidedly aimed at young people, anywhere from 18 to 30. But will they vote? There are many aspect of the process that leans towards no. Only 58.5 percent of citizens between 18 and 24 years old were registered to vote in 2008, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Only 48.5 of citizens in the same age range actually voted. In comparison, 71 percent of the total population of American citizens was registered at the same time, and 61 percent voted. Further, 75 percent of American citizens age 45 to 64 were register, and 69 percent voted. I know you’ve heard similar stats before, especially when these stats were first released after the 2008 election. But what do they really mean? What does this show? Do most people in the age range just not care? First off, much of the population really

ized my undying hate for chicken wire and paper maché until I noticed that my hands looked like they had been playing tug of war with barbed wire. On the bright side, our paper maché version of Big Blue was exactly what our group was looking for. The rest of the week was filled with separate projects that would help to complete the float. Every day we were closer to finishing our masterpiece, but every day everyone was growing more and more impatient with one another. At 11p.m. on Friday night we turned on the song “Right above it” by Drake and began to dance on and around our float to celebrate its completion. Some went home to rest before the parade in the morning and some (such as myself) stayed up to watch the sunrise just to say “We made it”. As the brothers of TKE and sisters of Alpha Phi began to congregate around the float on 49th street the morning of the parade you could feel the excitement. All of the hours put into the past two weeks were about to pay off; or so we thought. That same feeling of excitement was sucked out of both organizations as our name went uncalled when the winning floats were announced. “I can’t believe it, we’re done, we can’t win,” said one of my brothers. After he said this,

Dear Diane

doesn’t care. But that’s at any age. To expect anything more than 75 percent voting is ridiculous. But what makes young adults the least voting group of them all? First, college students encompass a large portion of this group. Many students live far enough away that they would either have to make the journey home or fill out the absentee ballot form. That’s why I won’t be voting this year. The absentee ballot system is confusing, time consuming, and easily lost. Second, military members overseas encompass a portion of this population, probably more than any other. They too have to use an absentee voting system, and many have been removed from a true information source about local and state politics. Most military members most likely aren’t inclined enough to do extensive research on candidates that will be already in affect when they return home. Finally, most people aren’t concerned enough to research politics. Generally, young people are afraid their vote doesn’t matter. This is a commonplace feeling, because most counties, even states, have a predetermined outcome. Sure, ever now and then a blue city turns red, or a red county turns blue, but I know my blue home county is almost always blue. But these people still play a crucial role. They are the independents. They are the easily swayed. They are the ones that help decide races. They are the ones a facebook ad may actually affect. The ones a tweet could swing a vote. And that’s why social media is such an increasingly large part of elections. Scott Rigell, Republican candidate in the Virginia’s second district, said social media is an important part of his campaign.


Diane Dougherty Staff Writer

Dear Diane, I’ve been really bored with my appearance lately and I can’t seem to think of anything to do that’s not too drastic but still noticeable to myself and others. Do you have any style tips for me? Out of Season Dear Out of Season, Well I’ve always noticed when people change their hair or get new clothes. Dying your hair is an easy way to change how you look that’s not permanent. It’s cheaper if you get a box set from a Walgreens or CVS and have a friend dye it or do it yourself but you can always pay the money to get it professionally done at your salon if you’ve got the cash too. Shopping is a huge way to hurt your wallet but if you shop smart like trying thrifting if you’ve never done that before, a new wardrobe can really help your confidence or just boredom in your case; it always helps me! Norfolk has some really great thrift stores in the area that have some really awesome vintage clothing and accessories if you look hard enough. Another thing you could do is maybe get a piercing! Get a second hole in your ear’s or try something else if you’re feeling daring. Piercing’s can always be taken out and they are on the relatively cheap side as well. If you do something fairly drastic though make sure


the reality began to set in. My last homecoming at ODU was going to end up a bust. While the pain from not placing in the float competition still stung we needed to enjoy the rest of the homecoming experience because, well, we earned it. The next few hours took our mind off of failures of homecoming until we came to the football game against Georgia State. They were to announce the winners at homecoming and we had to have representatives on the field because we finished in the top four. Every minute that went by in the second quarter seemed to take an hour as every student organization was waiting eagerly to find out who had won homecoming. Finally it was time. The student section was buzzing as they waited for their names to be called over the P.A. at S.B. Ballard stadium and then it happened. “This year’s most spirited organization award goes to… TKE and Alpha Phi.” I couldn’t hear. Not only because the brothers and sisters around me were screaming in my ear, but because I complete phased out all noise to truly take it all in. Who would have thought in my senior year after all the hours, cuts, bruises, cigarette butts, sawdust, and paint we won. We did it.

you plan everything out before you go and maybe even talk to your parents beforehand. Dear Diane, My roommate smokes cigarettes and I’ve started to notice that my clothes, my hair, and my house are starting to smell like smoke as well. I didn’t notice it at first but friends have been pointing it out to me and ever since its started to catch my attention and drive me a little crazy. How do I reduce the amount of smoke smell indoors? Stinky Roommate Dear Stinky Roommate, Maybe start off by cluing your roommate into what’s going on and how you feel. It is more than likely that she will understand and change her smoking habits a little to reduce the stench. If she is adamant about changing her routine ask her to smoke outside for starters and maybe smoke a little ways from the front door so it doesn’t seek inside. Purchase some air fresheners in outlets around your room and her room, maybe the kind that goes off when you walk by and position it by the front door also. You can always put dryer sheets in your drawers to make your clothes smell fresh and clean. Smoke is definitely a smell no one wants to deal with on a day-to-day basis but If you don’t have a roommate that is willing to cooperate it might be time to get your other roommates involved. If its just you two, I would look into the building codes and property management rules and regulations and point out to your roommate that if the situation doesn’t get resolved at least a tiny bit then other things might have to happen.


That’s G

Big Stars make the NBA season worth watching all year long


Garrison Cole Sports Editor

“I’m taking my talents to South Beach,” that statement by one Lebron James started his downfall from one of the most beloved to the most hated man in sports. As the NBA regular season gets underway, the biggest story in the game today is whether the Miami Heat and super friends James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh can win an NBA title in their first season together. Most of the sports world has already penciled in the Heat in the finals in June, setting up a probable matchup to end all matchups with the two time defending champs Los Angeles Lakers and the best closer in the game Kobe Bryant. For some reason unknown to this sports writer Bryant, and James have been compared throughout their careers a comparison as fair as comparing Rory Sabbatini to Tiger Woods. There is no comparison. First their games are nowhere near similar. James as good as he is, is more of a facilitator with the ball on his hands. His biggest attribute on the offensive end is his vision. There has never been any basketball player ever as big, as strong, and as fast, as James who is such adept at passing the basketball. He resembles Magic Johnson than he does Bryant. The other thing that separates the two ball players is that Bryant has proven over his 12,000 plus games that Bryant can consistently make a jump shot. James as great as he is in

wednesday 10/27/10 | MACE & CROWN | D2

his eighth season still can’t be trusted to make a jump shot. James could be the best player in the game today, if he worked either on his jump shot or his post game. There is no player in the league who could match up with James in the post. How he has not developed this in his eighth season is beyond me. Like it or not Bryant is the closest thing that we will ever see to one Michael Jordan. His game most resembles what we saw in Jordan who is in my mind the greatest basketball player ever to play the game, and untouchable no matter what Bryant does. However, Bryant is continuing to make his case after winning his fifth championship last June, and his second straight NBA finals most valuable player award. Bryant is still entering his 15th season playing at an elite level. Even after all the mileage on his legs Bryant was able to change his game, in a way that to compensate his decreasing athletic ability. Bryant is the best at making tough shots, and what separates him from James is his ability to making tough shots. Bryant also wants it more than any basketball player playing. He hates to lose, and that fact above anything else is why Brant is respected so much in the NBA. This off-season Bryant went from one of the most hated athletes in the world to one of the of most loved athletes in the world thanks to the plummeting that James took this off-season in popularity. The two athletes Bryant and James are considered to be the two top in the game today. James, thanks to his move to South Beach has now put more pressure on himself than ever before. It’s funny what has transpired the past four months in the NBA. James who was the most beloved athlete in the game heading into the summer is now behind Bryant, and Kevin Durant who also signed a contract this off-season but did it without the attention that James did it with. This NBA season is going to be one of the most entertaining in recent memory thanks to the storylines of both James and Bryant.

My Way or the Highway Ghost Tours Offer History, Scares

by Chelsea DeAngio Arts & Entertainment Editor

Travel is expensive. Time-consuming. Frustrating, at times. For college students, travel is often limited to breaks, weekends, and family vacations. But the concept of travel doesn’t have to equate to weeklong journey to a far off destination. In this economy, the definition of travel has been re-written. In Hampton Roads, we’re incredibly lucky to have a host of attractions that draw thousands of tourists each year. From Busch Gardens to the Virginia Beach boardwalk, we have a ton of great places to visit just minutes from campus. But even those classic destinations can grow tiresome after a few visits. That’s why Halloween is my favorite time in Hampton Roads. I’m no history buff, but the rich cultural past of each of the 7 cities grows even more fascinating during this time of year. Whether you’re an Old Dominion Ghost Hunter or you simply love horror movies, you can appreciate Halloween in Hampton Roads. Consider how many ghosts must be haunting our area, because everyone knows: history equals ghosts. There’s the Yorktown battlefield, where Civil War ghosts must roam. Or Colonial Williamsburg, where Revolutionary War patriots probably still haunt. And how many ghost stories have you heard about Native American burial grounds? We’ve got to have a few of those scattered through the 757.

Embrace this spooky history by taking a ghost tour. Sure, it’s no cruise to the Bahamas, but it’s a quick, interesting way to learn more about Hampton Roads. And with creepy histories in virtually every city, you can take your pick of a mini-road trip to Williamsburg or just grabbing a bus to downtown Norfolk. Here are a few of my favorite ghost tours: The 30 year old Olde Towne Ghostwalk Portsmouth is based on the Jack the Ripper tours in London. Featuring 20 square blocks of the National Historic Register, the tour is led by costumed reenactors. Drink hot apple cider and learn about the eerie past of Olde Town. Tickets are on sale for just $10, but get them soon – the tour only occurs one night a year. We’ve probably all seen colonial Williamsburg by daylight, but what could be creepier than a historical town by candlelight? A costumed tour guide will take you through the moonlit streets where you’ll learn about the legend of Blackbeard. Who knew pirates played such a big role in colonial Williamsburg? Get tickets at Tired of walking? Take a ride on Chesapeake’s ghost train for this year’s theme “Ghost Stories of Hampton Roads.” Learn about the area’s creepy past and help benefit the Northwest River park. This popular event is always good for a scare. If you don’t have your own transportation, hop on the HRT for a quick bus ride to downtown Norfolk. Nauticus hosts its annual downtown ghost tour, which leads visitors through some of the most haunted places in Virginia. Spots on the tour include the Well’s theater and Freemason Abbey. Who knew Norfolk could be so scary? Whatever you choose to do for Halloween, there are events near and far for you to choose from. And who knows? You might just learn something, too.

We all Float on Okay Reflections on the “Glee Panty Scandal”


Leslea Kurht Staff Writer

They aren’t kids; they aren’t even teenagers. Lea Michele and Dianna Argon are both twenty-four years old, so why all the outcry over their “steamy” photoshoot? Because on TV, they play teenagers on the hit Fox program, Glee. “Glee” is not a show for children, yet parents all over the United States sit their kids in front of the TV every Wednsday night to

watch the escapades of misfit teens in a Midwestern high school. The issues brought forth in each episode aren’t appropriate for kids under 12 years old, and I can see where it may be uncomfortable for parents that watch with their kids to have to explain some things that happen in the show. Just this week, Santana and Brittany, two of the cheerleaders in the group, are shown making out in Brittany’s bedroom. It’s the same bedroom where Artie, the kid in the wheelchair loses his virginity maybe a day after. How can parents be upset over some racy photos in a men’s lifestyle magazine? It is easy to explain to children that these are actors. They play a part on TV and in real life, they are people with careers that move beyond “Glee.” The issue here isn’t racy pictures; it is that parents can control what comes in to their house on many levels. With parental controls on remotes, firewalls that can be built up for younger children and magazine and candy-free aisles in the grocery stores, parents have a lot of say in what their kids see and hear. So what is your child doing with a GQ magazine? Ok…off my soap box and moving on to the fashion. Cory Monteith does a great job modeling some pretty great styles with a “High School Musical” type look. I definitely re-


member Zac Efron in that letterman jacket. What’s nice, but a little weird about Cory, is that he is totally believable as a high school kid, but he’s 28! In the spread, he is wearing a fabulous camel Gucci coat…MEN: BUY A CAMEL COAT. It makes you look ten times better than anyone else that is applying for the job that you want. Just don’t pair it with Cory’s jeans and rugby shirt for that interview. Try dark slacks, crisp white button up, sports jacket, and tie. His apple green pullover sweater in one of the last shots is to die for. Lads, when picking colors go for brights! Deep purples, grey and black are so 2009! Look for vibrant shades to totally dress up your winter look. As far as the ladies go…I belive that Dianna wears the same skirt in every shot. Not a good look when it looks like it’s being held together by safety pins and luck. And Lea. Lea, Lea, Lea (picture me shaking my head) panties in every shot? Really? Come on girl. That trend is only for Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Please ladies, leave the “pants-less” look to Honeybee and Gaga. So to GQ I say, job well done. A good raunchy photoshoot is just what the show needed to up its dwindling ratings and get it’s fans back in the game. I am sure Fox will thank you in the long run.


D3 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 10/27/10

sundr y

FRIDAY 29: 64° SATURDAY 30: 64° SUNDAY 31: 65°

[SUHN-DREE] (look it up)

Mace & Crown



How many hours of sleep did you get during Homecoming?

How will the Monarchs finish this season?

What will you be for Halloween?

Did you survive Norfolk?

Favorite Halloween Candy?

More anticipation for Rocky Horror: Glee or at the Naro?

Not enough

They’ll finish 6-4

Edward Cullen from Twilight

I survive Norfolk every weekend

Reeses Pieces

I don’t know or care

Not enough

Win out season

Little Red Riding Hood

Didn’t go


Haven’t seen it

Normal sleep

Hell if I know

I’m a Quidditch player. That’s enough

I didn’t go.

3 Muskateers

Glee is doing Rocky Horror? That’s terrible. The Naro.

4 hours

Don’t know. I don’t understand American football. Too much padding.

Steve Irwin

Yes, because I don’t carve brains, but I could use a hamburger.

Something without peanut butter, if you Americans can do that.

Have no idea what Glee or the Naro is.

Rain jacket, bike, rainboots, and a lot of socks

Not having two-day practices and relax


The Situation



Brother; Tau Kappa Epsilon

ALISSA SLATER Junior Monarch Maniac Captain

JORDON TATE Quidditch player

JASON NADER Pledge for Theta Chi


C R O W O R DS S Solution for last week’s puzzle - Puzzle #6 for October 24, 2010 Across 1- Ornamental fabric; 5- Anaconda; 8- Confront boldly; 14- Dry and waterless; 15- Balderdash; 16- Latin American dance; 17- Grating; 19- Plaid; 20- Substitute; 22- Capp and Capone; 23- Declaim; 24- Quickly; 26- Synthetic fiber; 29- Class; 32- Neighborhoods; 33- Actress Scacchi; 37- At the same time; 40- Aspirations; 41- Subway turner; 42- Biblical verb ending; 43- Cassava preparation; 45- Official sitting; 48- Foam; 53- HBO alternative; 54Nimble; 58- Iranian city; 60- Collecting; 61- Give in; 62- Hi-___ monitor; 63- Additional; 64Agreement; 65- Big bang cause; 66- Mariners can sail on seven of these;

Down 1- Cow catcher; 2- Pianist Rubinstein; 3- About; 4- Decree; 5- Brought up; 6- Mrs. Chaplin; 7- Env. notation; 8- Real; 9- Sparkling dry white wine; 10- Automobile; 11- Group of eight; 12- Will, old-style; 13- Aromatic herb; 18- Actress Ruby; 21- Controversial; 25- Memo heading; 26- Illustrative craft; 27- Stopping; 28- Totaled; 29- ___ bin ein Berliner; 30- John in England; 31- Hide of a small beast; 32- Person who attacks; 34- Fair-hiring abbr.; 35- Boy king; 36- Baseball bat wood; 38- Devices for fishing; 39- According to; 44- Having a sharp tip; 45- Begin; 46- Cinder; 47- Climb; 48- Brillo rival; 49- Assumed attitudes; 50- Functional; 51Brainy bunch; 52- Borders; 55- Mature male European red deer; 56- Revenuers, for short; 57- Swift; 59- Narc’s org.;


wednesday 10/27/10 | MACE & CROWN | S1

by Thoughts, Sean Churchman, and Marshall Ray


Vol. 52, Issue 9 - October 27th, 2010  

Vol. 52, Issue 9 - October 27th, 2010

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