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VOL. 52, ISSUE 9 | NOVEMBER 3 , 2010

Mace Crown Student newspaper of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, since 1930

Election wrap up

REPUBLICANS Before/After Senate 41/47 House 179/239

Republicans take control of House; Democrats cling to 6 seat lead in Senate by

Christian Ernst News Editor

60 total House of Representative seats changed hands during the election on November 2, giving the Republicans a majority. Republicans also fought back in the senate, but Democrats hold a 53 to 47 seat margin still. In gubernatorial elections, 23 states went red, with only 10 going blue and 1 snatched up by an independent. This wasn’t a surprise to many, as Republicans

were projected to retake the House. Many believed they would also reclaim the Senate, but Democrats kept a slim but sturdy lead. Virginia was a hot spot of Republican pickups, as only three of Virginia’s 11 House seats were Democratic wins. Bobby Scott, the Democratic representative in the third district of Virginia, and Jim Moran, the Democratic representative in the eighth district, both had strong wins for the party, and Gerry Connolly won a tight race in the eleventh. Connolly has not officially won, as the district will recount, but he currently holds a 1000 vote lead over republican Keith Fimian. “Virginia Democrats didn’t have much to celebrate, but they can take some heart from the survival of Gerry Connolly in the 11th Congressional District. Connolly was the only vulnerable Democrat in the VA House delegation who survived,” said Dr. Jesse Richman, professor of political science at Old Dominion. Republicans won many highly contested seats in

DEMOCRATS Before/After Senate 59/53 House 256/188 Virginia, including one close to the university. Scott Rigell, Republican nominee in the third district, defeated incumbent Glenn Nye. The race had been tight throughout the campaigning period, but Rigell won decisively by nearly 18 thousand votes. Another big win was in the fifth district, where republican Robert Hurt edged out Tom Perrillio by less than 9000 votes, in a district with a democratic history. “In Virginia, the biggest win for the Republican Party came in the 5th Congressional District – Hurt’s defeat of Perriello. Had Perriello managed to prevail, it would have hardened Democratic opposition to Republican efforts to repeal or undermine the Democratic agenda. It would have also given Obama a boost,” said Richman. Overall, both parties came out with major national wins for their cause. “Nationally, critical wins for the Democratic Party came in the West Virginia, Colorado, Ne-

vada, California, and Delaware Senate races,” Richman said. “At one point all of these races seemed like potential Republican pick-up opportunities. But each race went against Republicans in the end (or earlier in the case of Delaware) and this allowed the Democrats to retain a surprisingly firm grip on the Senate.” Republican came away with important wins throughout the country. According to Richman, Midwest states like Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois were strong wins for the Republican Party. These states had previously gone blue, but are important states to have red with presidential elections approaching in two years. “Big Republican wins included the recapture of both New Hampshire House of Representatives seats. This is notable because the party had no House seats from New England after 2008. These seats give the party a foothold in this region once again,” Richman said.


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Alumni returns to speak about public service by

Janah Stokes Staff Writer

Students and faculty members congregated in Constant Hall to hear Markus H. Meier’s speech on Thursday, November 4, 2010. Markus H. Meier isn’t an ordinary or motivational speaker; he’s Assistant Director of Health Care Division for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Markus H. Meier is an Old Dominion alumnus from 1987 with a masters in Public Administration. After attending ODU, he later received his bachelor of arts from the University of Virginia. From UVA, he joined the U.S. Army as an officer and worked during the Cold War. After his officer position, Meier accepted a government position that he lectured about during his speech. His lecture discussed his career with the Bureau of Competition and the importance of public service. Before he accepted his government position, he was a former Special Assistant United States Attorney and a resident advisor to the Indonesian Competition Commission in Jakarta. “For any one that doesn’t know what the acronym FTC stands for, it’s the Federal

Trade Commissions,” said Meier. In his particular branch, the Bureau of Competition, Meier manages thirty employees. Most importantly, the Bureau protects against antitrust laws that make sure businesses compete fairly. As he went in-depth with businesses competing fairly, he used an example of two companies agreeing with each other to fix their prices to be the same or vice versa. Meier’s responsibilities chime in with the health care field involving hospitals, doctors, prescription medicines, etc. He assists with high drug prices and he occasionally goes to court against offenders. The Assistant of Health Care had an encounter with a court case in Philadelphia for a drug named Provojoe. The drug is in popular use with students and truck drivers who want help to stay awake. He contributes in shaping the health care reform policy and is involved in weekly meetings at the white house with top policy makers of Obama’s administration. Meier stressed that the responsibilities dealing with public services are not taken as lightly as citizens think. Public services range from all types of services made to benefit citizens in positive ways. Working

in public services, he revealed how he challenges red tape bureaucracy, which are the bad reputations of government officials not working hard enough. He began discussing technology and how we can access information anywhere, “The Blackberry works perfectly fine in the forrest,” he said, then the audience shared laughter. He said, “The question is, what information do I really need to pay attention to? Public service can take you in any direction with correct information,” Meier said. Before he ended his lecture, Meier enlightened the audience with career advice, starting with becoming an expert of senses bigger than oneself. He encouraged students to continue education after receiving degrees. He said something interesting, “Don’t let schooling be the end of your education.” Meaning, just because a person isn’t in school they can still take advantage of the many opportunities of information that the world offers. He also said, “Don’t ever do anything to sacrifice self credibility, once it’s gone, it’s hard to get back.”

New Toro product helps increase ODU sustainability Irrigation system controlled by satellite by Jillian Baylor Assistant News Editor

With the rapid expansion of our growing campus, ODU is very conscious of its global footprint and maintaining a sustainable green environment. A l o t

of effort has been put forth in keeping campus as green as possible and the new IntelliSense irrigation system is one component. ODU is currently looking for funding to install the new system at the Quad. It is controlled by satellites and will save a great deal of water and money. According to the last U.S. Geological Survey that was conducted in 2005, the United States uses 410 billion gallons of water a day, down 5 percent since 1980. Virginia’s irrigation water withdrawal was approximately 200 million gallons a day in the year 2000. The Intelli-Sense system is created by Toro, a global company specializing in turf maintenance and irrigation systems. It is designed to determine water requirements by z o n e and adjust schedules on a daily basis based on the weather. The end result is an intelligent irrigation system based on science, not guesswork. The system controllers use the WeatherTRAK software that calculates a zone specific irrigation schedule that is updated daily based on the weather conditions. WeatherTRAK calculates the schedule by asking itself questions based on the variables and the data received from ET Everywhere weather data service. The variables it considers include the soil type, solar exposure, slope degree, sprinkler type, precipitation rate and the plant variety. ET Every-


where uses data from 8,000 weather stations and transmits this information from satellites to the Intelli-Sense system controller. Then the data is condensed into a rough ET value that is adjusted based on local temperature and wind, which allows the irrigation schedules to be precise and automatic. It is believed that the Intelli-Sense system will reduce water usage on campus by 30 percent and is expected to cost about $9,000, said ODU Landscape Architect Patricia M. King. Case studies conducted by Toro shows the average water use savings for homeowners was 26 percent and customers saved $1,258.27 over five months. This system would not only save substantial amounts of water, but also money essentially paying for itself over time. According to the Toro website, it also reduces urban runoff of pesticides and fertilizers for a healthier environment. “The system seems worth it since it’s so affordable,” said senior Cassandra Rothrauff. Although this addition to campus would make a noticeable difference in reducing our water usage, it is important to remember that this is a small step in keeping campus green. “They need something like this. The lights in Webb and the gym never go off, it’s a good start though,” said senior Chad Harris. ODU and the Hampton Roads area have been taking the initiative for a greener community over the last few years. “The Commonwealth is determined to remain among our nation’s top sustainable energy states and home to legions of forward-thinking individuals and enterprises that believe in the power of going green,” said Stephen Walz, Director of the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy. Even though this is a small step in the right direction, it advances our sustainable environment on campus.


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arts enter tainment Green Style: Sustainable Fashion for Students by

Latifah Al-Hazza Staff Writer

Want to go green without giving up great style? In this day and age green is considered to be the new black, so why not go green, save the environment, and conserve? Sometimes it’s hard to go shopping for the perfect outfit while thinking about the best ways to shop green. Here are a few tips to get you on the right track to lowering your carbon footprint. First off, you must disregard any and all myths about green fashions, such as they are uncomfortable, itchy, and more expensive. Though some greener fashion pieces do have a higher price range, it’s guaranteed that as more and more people switch over to greener fashions it will become the norm and prices will drop. So, to educate you on the facts, eco-friendly pieces are actually more wearable, comfortable, and durable. Now that that’s clear, let’s move on to ways in which one can have a greener wardrobe. Read the label! Yes, everyone looks at the label to find their size, but have you ever noticed that there is actually more writing on that little label? Learn the materials used in the making of the item. Look for organic and naturally dyed pieces. Common materials include cotton, linen, and bamboo. If you want to be an even greener citizen, purchase clothes made from recycled fibers and materials. Some sustainable brands such as Faded Glory, Nursease, and Green Apple can be found at local chain stores like Walmart and TJ Maxx. Even some of Levi’s garments are now eco-friendly! While you are at it, look at the label to see if the piece requires any type of intensive care such as dry cleaning. If it does, avoid it as much as possible. Many dry cleaning companies use chemicals and harsh methods of washing that are detrimental to the environment. If it’s one of those “necessary” pieces (aka too cute to pass up), then try to seek out a sustainable dry cleaning company such as Zoots. Go out of your store comfort zone. Instead of

going to the same chain stores, try vintage stores, second-hand stores, and boutiques that carry a line of recycled styles. The longer the life of a garment, the less time it dwells in a landfill. Even purchasing from local designers is eco-friendly. You are not only supporting them and their business, you are also saving energy that would have been used to transport that item. The more locally it is made, the smaller the carbon footprint! Finding and abiding by the rules of eco-friendly and sustainable clothing should not be a chore; it should be a choice that we all love to make. At

first it might seem difficult to follow each and every decree, but after awhile it will come naturally. These tips are to help you get started with the right mindset, if you have passed this stage and want to become a hardcore green fashionista then check out for more green wardrobe tips. Still not motivated? As stated in a Chinese proverb “If you want 1 year of prosperity, plant corn. If you want 10 years of prosperity, plant trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, educate people.”



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Celebrating a beautiful culture An Overview of the Native (First) American Mini Festival by Alyssa Odango Assistant A&E Editor

November is Native American History month, and often to celebrate this month there will be learning activities and movies that aim to give proper recognition to this particular group. “Pocahontas” does not depict history of Native Americans correctly. Most kid-age movies romanticize history to create happy endings and skim through the violence. As college students history has graduated from elementary text books, but the best way to learn history at any age is through first-hand accounts. On November 1, ODU hosted the Native (First) American Mini Festival that allowed for all university members to learn about the various Native American tribes around the region. The mini festival offered exhibitions of artwork, jewelry, clothing in the vendor area, as well as a panel featuring chiefs from different tribes, and drum and dance performances during the event. This was the first year ODU and the Office of Relations hosted the Native (First) American festival. Stephanie F. Riggs, a Graduate Assistant for OIR said the event “was to expose the ODU community to the importance of celebrating and obtaining knowledge about Native American heritage and history.” There isn’t a large Native American recognition in the area, and by bringing the tribes here to ODU the community was able to get proper exposure to this very cultural ethnic group. “It is an ethnic group that is often over looked and or misrepresented,” Riggs said. Weldon Vanderberry, ‘12, said, “Unfortunately most history doesn’t teach the whole Native American aspect.”

Never underestimate the power of a woman

The Mini Festival offered many ways for people to learn about the Native American culture. There were native dancing and drumming by Aztec dancers in full costume. Vendors filled the North Mall selling arts and crafts including artwork, blankets, jewelry, dreamcatchers, and other Native American cultural artifacts. Angel Lonewolf of the Appalachian Nation Cherokee, sold jewelry and other artifacts at her vendor. “Everything we have we own,” she said, gesturing to her jewelry. She explained some cultural background about some earrings and talked about refusing to compromise the cultural background of her jewelry for money. “It’s a great opportunity. We’re grateful to be able to tell our story,” Lonewolf said about exhibiting the craft of her tribe. Along with Angel Lonewolf was Chief Ray Lonewolf, who banged on his drum and beckoned the children over for story-telling. Later on that evening there was a forum panel that featured four Chiefs from the tribes of the Onondaga, the N.C. Algonquian, the Siouan, and the Iroquoian, who shared histories of their lives. This event was designed to bring greater awareness to not only Old Dominion’s community, but the surrounding areas as well. There are various tribes in Virginia, and it is important to understand their culture even if they are not often featured. OIR has a collaborative relationship with tribes around Virginia. “Our office hopes that the ODU community gains an expanded cultural understanding of Native American culture and learns the importance of valuing and respecting the world cultures. This initiative is essential to continue to embrace and promote diversity on the campus,” Riggs stated. “Our culture, no matter what tribe, is a beautiful culture,” Lonewolf enthused about Native Americans. Hopefully the Native American culture will not be overlooked with the promotion of its tribes and people here on campus. It is a beautiful culture and community and should be celebrated every day.

“Pushing Boundaries” Speaker Advocates for Women’s Rights by Alyssa

Narvell Staff Writer

Women have been pushing for equal rights for decades. Even though that issue has gotten better, it’s still not completely solved. On the evening of Tuesday, November 2, 2010 in BAL, Old Dominion had the honor of having storyteller Ellouise Schoettler to come and speak with students and faculty. The program was sponsored by the Women’s center, and co-sponsored by Delta Zeta. In addition to being a storyteller, Schoettler is also a visual artist and an educator. Schoettler was an involved lobbyist for women’s rights in the 1970’s. Schoettler started off her life’s story with talking about how she had met her husband of many decades on a blind date, and had 3 children of her own with him. She was trying to get an education and decided to go back to school to earn a degree. Sounds like a typical life, right? Wrong. Once Schoettler got to the small, catholic school that would be the landmark where her legend all began, her life quickly changed. The importance of women’s rights was put into perspective. The first word out of her Women’s Studies’ teacher’s mouth was ‘I was raped.’ Schoettler and her fellow students were astonished. She soon found out that her teacher was the founder of the first Rape Crisis

center in Washington, D.C. Her former art history professor at the same college also was involved in women’s rights. Her professor invited her to the Corcoran Conference of Women Artists, which was the first national congregation of women artists. Both of these teachers were important aspects of Schoettler’s career. They are two of the main subjects that fueled her passion and concern of women’s rights. Not long after the Washington Women’s Art Center was founded, Schoettler had joined it. In the mid 1970’s, she founded the Coalition of Women’s Arts Organizations and became the lobbyist for her cluster. Her job was to testify before Congressional Committees and advocate for equal rights for women artists to federal agencies. “[I] think the lobbying was the true start of my career as a storyteller,” writes Schoettler in her online biography. As time when on, Schoettler’s experience as a lobbyist with her coalition of women’s rights led to her job with the National League of Women Voters as a campaign director. Her main goal within this company was to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Schoettler was able to meet with and convince a once very famous actor, singer and entrepreneur, Polly Bergen, to also hop onto the women’s rights bandwagon and help make a difference. Schoettler was able to help raise money from hundreds of CEOs in which helped support the organized National Business Council for ERA campaign. She was a great asset to the women community. “What did I learn about most from my entire experience?” Schoettler rhetorically asked the audience, “sisterhood.” She ended her story with the final note that, “we [women] have planted seeds, and they are going to continue to grow.”

“Are you mad as hell?” The Rally to Restore Sanity Invades D.C. by

Timothy Fulghum Staff Writer

What happens when Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert create a Facebook page asking Americans to rally if they’re ‘mad as hell’? The Rally to Restore Sanity. On October 30th, over 200,000 people congregated at Washington D.C. to share their anger or disappointment with today’s government. What started as a Facebook page created by The Daily Show quickly turned into mass event. The Rally showcased several musicians such as Ozzy Osbourne, John Legend, Sheryl Crow,

and Kid Rock; however, these were not the only guests present. Among the musicians were other enthusiasts dressed up as Jesus (who reportedly climbed up a stoplight), Rafiki from “The Lion King”, and Optimus Prime from “Transformers”. The event itself mocks the stereotyped ‘uneducated’ populace of America by inviting those dissatisfied by government to voice their concerns, all the while contradicting itself by stating that ‘shouting is counterproductive’. In addition to the ‘silent-rally’, signs ranging from hamsters adorning Hitler moustaches to “Save America From Americans” to “Pro Sanity” were freckled through the masses. When asked why she attended, Melissa St John, a Freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University, stated that she liked satire, and further elaborated by saying, “I don’t like stupid people…the rally was probably one of my few

opportunities to make fun of stupid people by acting like them, that is.” On the surface, the protest promoted silliness, but held, at its core, a deeper purpose: to educate the populace the importance of not losing their marbles when trying to express their political beliefs. The main men of the event, Stewart and Colbert, debated on the aspects of sanity and fear respectively. Their satire and comedy wowed the crowds. However, despite their magnification on the jumbotrons, they were still difficult to be seen. This didn’t stop participants from enjoying the rally; according to Melissa, “They’re pretty loud…Stephen Colbert wasn’t as serious about all of it…like usual…but I did hear [them] a lot.” Although the higher purpose was advertised on a serious note, the rally could be easily dubbed “Make-Fun-of-Stupidity-Carnival!” Melissa states, “A lot of the time, I was just


stuck between thousands of people and couldn’t see what the hell was going on…yes, it was definitely a carnival…I saw a guy in a Jesus costume climbing up a stoplight!” So, despite its higher, educational purpose, it was an event to be enjoyed by all, whether or not the opinions shared were agreed upon. When asked if she would attend once more, should the rally circulate again, Melissa replied, “I would definitely go again, and I would definitely get up much earlier to get there. I got there at noon, and it was packed.” The Rally to Restore Sanity has proven to be quite the success, and hopefully their message to restore sanity will be heard. Although we live in hard times, it doesn’t mean that we should hate or fear those alien, or different, from us. We should unify as one rather than disconnect ourselves from our fellow Americans.


B3 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 11/10/10

College Dropout to 808’s & Heartbreak

“It’s A New Day, People Don’t Wanna Think… They Wanna Let Go” N.E.R.D. Barely Satisfies with Nothing By Timothy Fulghum Staff Writer

NOTQUITEMILLIONAIRES.COM The Virginia Beach natives are back with their latest album.

N.E.R.D. returns with their fourth studio album entitled, Nothing. The band, comprised of Virginia Beach natives Pharell Williams, Chad Hugo, and Shay Haley, offers ten songs that will either dare the listener NOT to get up and move, or entice the listener to just walk away all together. Like many musical acts these days, N.E.R.D. tries to remain mainstream and sports songs that serve as a club hits

while still remaining to their own alternative, funk style. However, the album itself is far from cohesive. “Party People” opens the album on a high note, while “Hot N Fun” closes it on the same level. The in-between songs, on the hand, vary from fast-paced R&B to slow ballads. This album strays from the previous style of their first three albums and also adds a fourth member to the mix for select songs. However, many fans will agree that despite the mediocrity of this release, it’s not a complete waste. One particularly lacking feature lies in the lyrics themselves. Much like their fellow mainstream acts, their lyrics are repetitive. However, N.E.R.D., particularly, doesn’t seem to spend too much time crafting their lyrics as they should. Some of their lyrics are incessant, questionable, and just downright silly. Despite this, the album is a great listen to lift rainy-day-spirits. Two tracks that stick out are “Party People” and “Hot N Fun”. Each track, in their own right, invites the audience to get up and dance, all the while erasing any cares, fears, worries, etc away. These songs are all about listening to the music, as well as feeling it. Out of the entire album, “Hot N Fun” probably holds the deepest meaning; however it takes some extensive searching to find it. In this crazy world of war, fear, and hate, people need to just let go. As far as their more ‘ballady’ songs go, they’ll only be appreciated by those who take interest in slow-tempo music. For those accustomed to the hip-hop vibe from their original songs, these slower paced additions to their discography might not be too well-received. Although N.E.R.D. doesn’t exactly impress or wow the masses with their latest release, the opening and ending tracks are definitely worth listening too. Nothing hit stores October 29th and is available everywhere from Wal*Mart to iTunes. This album is definitely something to purchase because that is the legal and morally correct thing to do, however, should one stumble across it from a friend, or a file transfer via Skype, it probably wouldn’t stand as that big of a deal.

The anticipation for “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” by

Releasing his first album “College Dropout” in 2004, Kanye West, drew in thousands of fans with his blunt lyrics and soulful hooks. The anticipation for West’s albums have always been a big thing in the music world and now that West will be releasing his latest project “ My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” in the later part of November, his fans are excited to see what Kanye will bring to their headphones. Many of his songs have been released so far on his website for G.O.O.D. Fridays, which consist of G.O.O.D. artist and many other artist put together to make wonderful tracks such as Devil In a New Dress, Don’t Stop and many more. Cory Jones, a sophomore, feels like West has “changed completely from who he was when he first came out” but Tyler Wright believes that the “change he is making is just progress to make better music.” Many of West’s fan’s are torn when it comes to his new music but they are all anticipating the album still. With all the controversy that comes along with Kanye West’s music career and even personal life he never seems to mind the judgment that is constantly directed at him. His album cover for the album was banned in the United States because it was seen as

Sister Wives face police investigation TROUBLE FOR NEW REALITY STARS by

Jessica Piland Staff Writer

TLC is no stranger to controversial families. The network that introduced the world to “Jon and Kate Plus 8” and “19 Kids and Counting” recently aired a season of a new show called “Sister Wives.” The show followed Kody Brown and his wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine. Kody also started seeing a new woman, Robyn, in hopes that she may soon become his new wife. By the end of the season, they were married and moved into the family’s packed house. Every day, the wives try to deal with jealousy and raising what seems like a countless amount of children at once. They are close on the show, despite jealousies that come up now and then. The first and legal wife, Meri, says “When he’s off with somebody else, I just don’t think about that part of it. Why would I want to do that to myself?” She’s expressed several times on the show the jealousy that comes with being a “sister wife.”The kids attend a private school where most of the other students come from polygamist families and are allowed to make their own deci-

NYDAILYNEWS.COM The TLC stars face potential legal trouble as a result of their newfound fame.

sions regarding whether a polygamist life is the right life for them. However, things aren’t going exactly the way the family intend-


KaLyn Banks Staff Writer

grotesque and unacceptable. “ I don’t see what the big deal is, Nirvana had an album cover of a naked baby chasing a dollar bill and no one seemed to get upset. I personally was not offended one bit by Kanye’s album cover”, stated by, Tyler Wright. Besides the album cover causing an uproar among those who are not fan’s of Kanye, he also released a short film entitled “Runaway” which also brought on a lot of controversy as far as what it was talking about. Cory Jones said that “the film, from what I was told by friends, was actually about Kanye himself. The human phoenix was to represent him and show how he was never socially accepted by society. Also, to show through the phoenix how people criticized everything he did and chastised him for being different.” Others such as Tyler Wright said that they were “completely confused about the video and could not find the deeper meaning.” Several others on twitter said it gave ties to the Illuminati of some sort or believed that West was just putting on a show to confuse people. Overall, West has no problem expressing himself whether it seems to bother those who do not understand him. Regardless of the comments that seem to look down on the anticipated album , West’s true fan’s are behind him 100% awaiting the release of this album on November 22nd. West has always been a pin point in the media’s eye and probably will continue to be until he retires. “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’s” anticipation is taking over social networks, blogs and school newspapers, Mr. West, has done it again. “I did it for the glory.” –Kanye West

ed. While they were searching for acceptance in a world where many see polygamy as morally wrong, instead they got a police investigation. Although Brown claims that only one of his marriages—his first—is legal, police are still looking into the family. He is being charged by Utah police with felony bigamy. No one in Utah has been charged with polygamy in nine years, but police may feel that having a show broadcasting the lifestyle will end up doing more harm than good. Is it unfair for them to turn a blind eye to the thousands of other polygamists in the state and instead attract all of their attention to this one family just because they have a television show? However, despite the investigation, TLC has already ordered a second season of the show. It’s impossible not to notice the buzz, positive and negative, that it is generating. The second season will not air until March, but viewer can see the Browns again in a “Sister Wives Honeymoon Special” airing November 28 on TLC. It will show Kody and newest wife Robyn as they enjoy their new, busy lives as husband and wife #4. In a People magazine article about the investigation, Kody Brown says “I just hope they don’t put me in jail for loving four women.” Viewers will have to decide for themselves if they are in agreement with this sentiment.


wednesday 10/10/10 | MACE & CROWN | B4

Due Date Works “The Hangover” Director Tries Something New by

RJay Molina Staff Writer

Todd Phillips, director of “Old School”, surprised audiences with his critically and commercially acclaimed film, “The Hangover.” Now he returns with Robert Downey Jr. and Hangover star, Zach Galifianakis, in “Due Date.” “Due Date” tells the story of Robert Downey Jr., as Peter, who must fly back home from a business trip in Georgia to see the birth of his first child back in California. Enter Galifianakis, as Ethan, who becomes an aspiring actor after his father’s death. When a misunderstanding caused by Ethan gets Peter’s on the no-fly list, he offers Peter a ride to California and from there chaos ensues… once and a while. This is a very different film for Todd Phillips.

After the success of “The Hangover,” it felt as though Phillips wanted to try something a little more dramatic while still keeping the humor that made “The Hangover” so much fun. Judd Apatow, director of “Knocked Up,” tried the same thing with “Funny People.” The problem that most people had with that film was that it overstayed its welcome with a runtime of nearly three hours. There are moments throughout this film that start out at as funny but quickly grow into something dark. Moments like this will be something new for fans of “The Hangover.” The chemistry between Downey Jr. and Galifianakis is flawless but their comedy only appears now and then throughout the film. Cameos by the RZA, Danny McBride, and Jamie Foxx are brilliant with the latter offering an interesting thought throughout the second half of the film. McBride is so sure to make Mike Tyson’s cameo in “The Hangover” look like nothing. As for the movie in its entirety, there seem to be inconsistencies between the humor and drama that could make someone question whether it is okay to laugh or just take in the scene. Phillips is bold for trying to add something new to this movie, but he risks losing his “Hangover” fan-base who just want to

watch this film for goofy humor. Sure there are good moments of his goofy humor, but anything else might either be turned down by his audience or accepted. What saves “Due Date” from being a dud is the chemistry between Downey Jr. and Galifianakis. You believe everything about their relationship, even through all the wackiness that pops up now and again. Hopefully Phillips will continue to experiment with his future movies. After all, the worst thing for a director, or an actor, is to be typecast. It is always good to have a close group of fans. But when they are led on to believe that every film that is released is exactly like the previous one, the room for creativity will get smaller. It happened to Judd Apatow, and it might happen to Phillips if fans go into “Due Date” expecting “The Hangover.” All in all “Due Date” is a solid comedy/drama, with excellent performances from its leading actors. It works on its own but not as a follow up to “The Hangover.” Catch a matinee.


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Tyler Perry Strikes Again For Colored Girls Movie Review by Angel

Eason Staff Writer

“For Colored Girls” produced and written by Tyler Perry, is based off of the play by Ntozake Shange’s legendary play, “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf.” “For Colored Girls” is nothing like Tyler Perry’s usual films. Perry has made something that is not only for laughs, but to encourage and help Women of any color. The women in the film are African American, however every woman can relate. The film interlinks the stories of women young and old, rich and poor, in difficult romantic partnerships or alone, and finding their way in complicated relationships with siblings and mothers, and employees. The women main characters in the movie are Phylicia Rashad (Gilda), Thandie Newton (Tangie), Kimberly Elise (Crystal), Janet Jackson (Jo), Kerry Washington (Kelly), Whoopie Goldberg (Alice), Loretta Divine (Juanita), and Anika Noni Rose (Yasmine). Matters from rape to domestic abuse are shown in graphic detail in this movie. It is a hard movie to watch. It’s not a joyful movie; however it shows women overcoming their struggles in life. It discusses a lot of issues prominent in the African American community, and one must be strong to take it all in. The movie is not perfect, but the actors’ performances overlook any flaws. All of the characters really put their heart in this movie. Poetry is recited by all of the main characters during their individual intense moments. The male characters other than Hill Harper’s police detective are all sick individuals, existing only to add to the horrors on the women. The women are exploited by the men and the women must grow from all their pain and hurt. This is a play, written nearly 40 years ago, that many thought would never be made into a film. During the rape scene, the play is shown throughout the pain of the rape victim. The audience can see the pain and hurt throughout the movie from the view of the women. It only gets darker and darker. Throughout the movie, movie goers will be on the edge of their seats, hoping that their expectations of what is about to happen next, will not happen. It is a very graphic movie and is not recommended for children. Women with open scars may not want to see this movie, since it’s so deep and thorough. Tyler Perry has outdone himself with this movie and it is nothing like his previous films. As people left the theater, a lot of them were in tears and in a moment of daze. It’s definitely a movie for the ladies, and men are advised to see it too. It shows men the struggles women of color have to deal with everyday of their life. “For Colored Girls” is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian). The film contains scenes of child murder, rape, domestic abuse and an illegal abortion.” WOOOHA.COM


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The 3D Effect Are 3D Movies Worth the Price? by

RJay Molina Staff Writer

Are 3D movies really worth the extra few dollars? Well it depends. Ever since James Cameron’s “Avatar,” there has been a huge increase in 3D movies in the last 11 months. Studios are eager to make a quick buck in hopes of matching “Avatar’s” commercial success. Most 3D movies that have been released this year have been wastes of time however, as filmmakers are forced to convert their regularly formatted movie into 3D. 3D, short for 3-Dimensional, offers movie-goers the chance to experience a new and open world inside of a movie theater for a somewhat reasonable price. The ability to make 3D movies has been around since the 1950’s but they were very expensive to make. In the late 80’s, and early 90’s, 3D movies were making a comeback due to the advancement of technology. The movies were shown with standard red and blue filters that made the viewing kind of awkward. I remember getting constant headaches whenever I saw 3D movies. But in the end it always felt like the experience was worth the cool effect of having someone’s hand pop out at your face. However the last 3D movie I saw, before “Avatar” was released, was “Spy Kids 3D.” I came dangerously close to losing my lunch when I saw it. The vibrant colors, mixed with the

3D effects, and the annoying red and blue shaded glasses did not help at all. It used to be that 3D movies had to be converted into that format after the movie was filmed. Now while this method was good for its time, filmmakers have tried to find innovative ways of delivering the right 3D experience for movie-goers, and in 2009 James Cameron achieved just that. With “Avatar” James Cameron invented a new way for 3D movies to be shot, that brought the viewer even closer to the movie than ever before and made it less nauseating for people like me. Having said that; this year has seen a lot of movies with 3D slapped in at the last minute for the studios to make a quick dollar. At this point it is becoming tedious and more apparent that 3D movies are not what they used to be. Movies like “Clash of the Titans” or “The Last Airbender” prove that the film industry is becoming just a business and nothing more. There are some ways to avoid wasting your money though. Animated films are still the best to watch in 3D, especially if it was originally intended to be in that format. Anyone remember “How to Train Your Dragon”? Yeah. That

movie was perfect for 3D. Movies that do not seem like they were intended to be in 3D, movies that you could look at say “Why is that going to be made in 3D?” are the ones to see on regular screens. “The Green Hornet,” coming out next year, is a perfect example. Lastly if you see in the trailer for the movie: “Made with James Cameron’s Fusion Camera System,” that definitely means that the movie will be worth your money. Even if it’s not a great movie, you’re at least guaranteed to see good 3D effects. So again, if you’re trying to decide on whether or not to spend that extra dollar for 3D, refer to my guidelines above. It isn’t a perfect system, but it is something that might save you some money.



That’s How I Roll come with a lot of pieces that will be sure to fill you up, and the rolls taste amazing, so it’s worth every penny. Sakura’s also has a regular entrée menu full of chicken and steak dishes, just in case you aren’t in the mood for sushi. The Chicken Katsu is one of my favorite dishes on this menu, which consists of chicken pieces smeared in a sweet sauce with a side of white rice. Are you hungry yet? Well, Sakura’s also has fried ice cream for dessert, which sounds extremely bizarre, but is absolutely amazing. So, head on over to Sakura’s as soon as possible and experience the heavenly-ness of their menu. Overall, I give Sakura’s sushi bar 5 out of 5 stars.

Sakura Sushi Bar Gets a 5 Star Rating by Alyssa

Narvell Staff Writer

It has delicate, colorful appearance, is stuffed with delectable seafood and other tasty sauces, and bursts with flavor as soon as you set it on to your taste buds. What is this amazing, edible creation? The answer is short and simple, sushi. Sushi, in my opinion, is one of the greatest foods to have found its way over to America. If I had it my way, I would eat my body weight in sushi every day. It can be found in just about any city or university now days, as it is becoming one of American’s favorite foreign treats. The contents of sushi can withhold anything from avocado to sweet potatoes. Sushi has become such a versatile food, as you can add almost anything to it, and with the right sauces, the taste will blow your mind. So, where can you get some of this fresh, unique, flavor-bursting sushi in good ol’ Norfolk? Well, at Sakura’s Sushi Bar. Sakura’s sushi bar is located off of Monarch Way in the Village at the corner right across the street from the Ted Constant Center. They open for the day at 11am, and close for the evening at 10pm. Sakura’s is conveniently located only about 2 minutes off of campus. Sakura’s, in all honesty, is the best sushi bar I have ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot of sushi bars. I am from Maryland, and go to the sushi bars around there for a quick sushi fix, but it never compares to the sushi experience I have at Sakura’s. Sakura’s has speedy, friendly servers, an array of delicious and unique sushi rolls, easy on the pocket prices, as well as a tranquil atmosphere. My friends and I will go to Sakura’s at least once a week, and we have never had a negative experience there. We love it. My favorite roll to recommend to people who have never been there before

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Crystal Spick Mace & Crown Sushi experts at Sakura hand make each piece of delicious sushi.

is a roll called the ‘Chef’s Special.’ This roll is deep fried, with avocado, crab, cream cheese, and a delicious sweet mayonnaise sauce drizzled on top of it. It doesn’t have that ‘fishy’ taste at all, and is to die for. But, if you are completely new to sushi and that roll sounds a bit too crazy for you, there are plenty of other options to choose from. There are more simple rolls, such as the avocado cucumber roll, California roll, spicy salmon roll, and many more. Every sushi roll there, including the special rolls, (such as the Chef’s Special,) never exceeds the amount of $14. You might think that’s a bit expensive, but the rolls


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Geewilikers Hannah! Rhetoric Professor Teams up with Comics Mastermind to Save the Day by

Martin Tucker Staff Writer

In these difficult times it seems that society is always looking for the next superhero whether it be Geoffrey Canada, social activist, educator and “Morgan Freeman” of Davis Guggenheim’s Waiting for Superman, or illustrated versions of Barack Obama in the wave of comics after his 2008 election. Well the Mace and Crown has found two modern day defenders of justice in the literary world, Greg Thompson, owner of the Ghent comic book heaven, Local Heroes, and Hannah Scialdone-Kimberley, graduate student and professor of ENG 395: Rhetoric of the Graphic Novel. This story reaches back to a time where our heroine, Hannah Shazamma was just an ordinary citizen, lost in the world without a comics home to call her own. Her husband, a local filmmaker, shot a video about the store which piqued his interest in his wife’s passion, comics. Greg Thomson offered him a cursed treasure of sorts,

which has led grown men to a reclusive life in their Mother’s basement and others, blockbuster summer films. Y: The Last Man, was the proverbial “cow kicking over the lantern in the O’Leary barn” which set ablaze a chain of events leading to the November 2, 2010 ENG 395 class being relocated from the third floor of Batten Arts and Letters to the only floor of Local Heroes at 1905 Colonial Ave. The store itself was more reminiscent of art museum than the stereotypical dirty, dusty, smelly, dark comics ship. The single room seemed to stretch on for miles as every single work of art was a mandatory pit stop. The store bolstered a long metal stand with three shelves containing single issue comics ranging from Dark Horse to Image and of course Marvel and DC. Standing in the nosebleed section were an amazing collection of graphic novels ranging from Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie’s Lost Girls to John Layman and Rob Guillory’s Eisner Award winning, Chew. The students marched in one by one to feast their eyes upon Thompson’s collection. As the class finally settled down and gathered around Hannah Shazamma as if to read campfire horror stories, Hannah began by handing the floor to aspiring artist, Jasmine Pinales, and “de-throned queen”, Amy Blondell to give their rhetorical presentations on Give Me Liberty, a subversive feminist comic done by Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons. Halfway through the class Hannah Shazamma

took time to acknowledge Greg Thompson who kept the class laughing with such charismatic with that seemed almost superhuman. Much like Wesley Gibson in Wanted, Thompson started his path by being fed up with his former job. The Chesapeake-bred curator decided to save pennies, and borrow money to make his dream come true. Now he acts as a sort of “bartender” who listens to his patrons’ problems and prescribes them something to satisfy their current need or interests. Now he is living the dream, surrounded by some of his favorites including Queen and Country, Ex Machina, and Preacher. Greg also keeps a figurine of Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons on his desk to remind him of what not to be. After the class was over the students left fulfilled and disappointed that such an event would probably not happen again as Hannah plans to teach another passion of hers next year, the rhetoric of hip hop. One student perfectly summed up the entire experience in five words,” This place is like wow.” Hannah Shazamma decided to take a break from her crime fighting escapades to answer a few questions for all her fans throughout the universe: What are some of your favorite graphic novels outside of the ones we have read in class? I really like all of the books that we chose to read for our class. I am also a fan of the Y: The

Last Man series and 100 Bullets. Why did you decide to teach a course on comic books? . . . what constitutes literature? For a lot of people, it’s Shakespeare and Hemingway. But besides these traditional works, for many of us, it’s also comics. Today we see this everywhere – the mixing of image and text. I recently saw Fredric Jameson talking about this on Youtube – the idea that images have become predominant in language arts. And so the idea of what literature is has changed to incorporate what is also labeled as popular culture. From this discussion, my students asked if I would develop a course on the rhetoric of the graphic novel. So I did, and here we are. What is your field of expertise in rhetoric? I am writing my dissertation on the autobiographical rhetoric and public identity of Annie Smith Peck, a scholar and mountain climber from the turn of the century. Besides the dissertation, much of my work is in women’s rhetoric, ecorhetoric, and visual rhetoric. What is a graphic novel you would suggest for undergraduate English majors? I would say anything that interests them. Persepolis is one that I have used with my Intro to Rhetoric class for the last two semesters, since it is an easy bridge into comics.





What’s inside


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Bring On Georgetown! by

Greg Arnold Staff Writer

ODU Men’s Basketball Ready for another Season The Old Dominion Monarchs Men’s Basketball team played their last exhibition game before the start of the new season Nov. 6 at the Ted. ODU easily handled the Elizabeth City State Vikings with a final score 74-41. This was their last tune up before their huge opener against the Georgetown Hoyas Friday night at the Ted. The Monarchs looked incredibly focused during the game, no matter how far the score got out of hand. The team and coaches were laughing and joking on the sideline, but when their feet hit the court every Monarch playing was wearing their game face. For the Monarch fans, however, that was a different story. They were given plenty to cheer for as ODU played a spectacular game. Only 2:33 into the game ODU’s senior forward Ben Finney connected on a monster alley-oop with a pass from junior guard Kent Bazemore that shook the entire building. Before the crowd even got a chance to sit down Bazemore managed to steal the ball back and made an amazing dunk that sent the crowd into hysteria. ODU quickly got the ball back again and fed it inside to senior forward Frank Hassell who shot a turnaround jumper. Before the ball even hit the rim Hassell was moving in for the rebound. He grabbed the board with little trouble and was fouled on his way back up for the shot. The whole time not a single ODU player let the

slightest of emotion show. Finney scored 16 points against Elizabeth City State, and Bazemore was also able to break double digits with 10 points. Hassell managed nine rebounds in only 19 minutes of playing. “I’ll take that night after night,” Coach Taylor said of Hassell’s performance. The Monarchs also got a lot of help off their bench, a total of 29 points, compared to Elizabeth City State getting only 10 points from their bench. Leading players off ODU’s bench were junior guard Trian Iliadis and junior forward Chris Cooper who each had eight points. ODU should also be proud of the smart basketball they played. They recorded 20 assists and only nine turnovers. The Vikings had just five assists and 15 turnovers. The Monarchs are locked in and ready for competition. And competition is what they are going to get when they face Georgetown Friday night. The Hoyas were picked to finish fourth in the Big East this year behind teams like Pittsburgh, Villanova and Syracuse. Georgetown’s senior guard Austin Freeman was picked as the Big East Preseason Player of the Year this season. ODU’s coach Blaine Taylor said of the upcoming matchup, “I’m not sure if you looked around the country you would find very many opening games better than Georgetown ODU…With the success of the two programs over the last half a dozen years, it’s quite a matchup. It’ll be such a thrilling opener for our fans.” Everyone is holding their breath, waiting for this battle as ODU takes on Georgetown. “I’m sure that they’ll be quite ready on Friday, and I’m sure our guys are looking forward to it too,” Coach Taylor said. He smiled and said of his chair in the already sold out stadium, “You know I don’t ever sit in mine much, I think that somebody might try to call me on that one.”


see c4

Tia Lewis leads Monarchs to a win by

Greg Arnold Staff Writer

Lady Monarchs Out Size Davis and Elkins The Lady Monarchs easily handled the Davis and Elkins Senators with a final score of 82-56 Nov. 5. This game was the first of two exhibition games the Lady Monarchs has scheduled for the season. The Senators, out of Elkin, West Virginia, tried their best to keep up with the Lady Monarchs but were outsized and overmatched. The Lady Monarchs were easily able to out rebound the Senators 67 to 29. Leading the way for the Lady Monarchs was junior forward Tia Lewis. She ended the game the game with 20 points and 23 rebounds, with three steals to cap it off. Lewis was a part of almost every play in the 32 minutes of the game she played in. Her hustle and sheer desire to get the ball in the hoop made it a relatively easy win for ODU. “Tia was able to kind of have her way,” ODU’s veteran head coach Wendy Larry said of her star player’s performance. Lewis scored the game’s first six points as ODU started off incredibly strong building their lead to 20 – 7 with 10:27 left in the first half. As the Lady Monarchs started to feel confident in their position with the lead, the Senators had other ideas. By the end of the half the Senators made a dramatic comeback with the help of ODU’s nine first half turnovers and ODU’s horrible shooting, making 25 percent of its shots.

The score at the end of the first half was ODU up 33-29. Coach Larry found the right words to tell the team at halftime, however, as ODU started the second half with new life. They started the half with a 19 – 2 run, and the Lady Monarchs never looked back. They were able to build the lead up to 30 points at one point during the game. Senior guard Jasmine Parker and sophomore guard Jackie Cook were other bright spots for the Lady Monarchs. Parker ended the game with 16 points while Cook scored 13. These two will be important members of the team this year. “Jackie and Jasmine Parker are two of our best three point shooters, they shoot them pretty regularly,” Coach Larry said after the game. “We’re going to need to find them on a regular basis.” Sophomore guard Page Turner for the Senators had an excellent game as well. She was able to get 22 points and four steals against the Lady Monarchs. Shalisa Hill, the sophomore guard for Davis and Elkins, was the only other Senator to get double digit points, she finished with 12 points. Although Coach Larry was happy with her teams 67 rebounds, 36 of which were offensive, she felt more should have been done with them. “We didn’t get a whole lot from them. I don’t remember many going back in the hole.” This will be a problem that the Lady Monarchs can hopefully improve before the start of their regular season. Their first game will be against Georgia Tech at home. The Yellow Jackets were picked to finish fifth in the ACC, and should be a good test for ODU.


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Old Dominion Monarchs turn the Tigers into Cubs Monarchs score 50 points in the first half to ensure their 3rd straight win by

Matthew McCracken Staff Writer

19,782 fans lined up to be witnesses of a Monarch win that guaranteed a second winning season for the first two years as a program. After the first half came to conclusion, more than half of these fans packed it up, and headed home to beat tunnel traffic. The Old Dominion Monarchs (6-3) hosted the Savannah State Tigers (0-9) Saturday, November 6th at S.B. Ballard Stadium in Norfolk, Va. The Tigers came into the game hoping to dismantle a 10 game losing streak that dates as far back as October of 2009. Not possessing one redshirted athlete, the Tigers took the stage as the young team while the two-year old Monarchs were viewed as the developed program. “For us to score 50 points in the first half, and be able to play backup players the entire second half speaks very well as our development as a program,” Monarchs Head Coach Bobby Wilder says. The Monarchs beat the Tigers 57-9, scoring 50 of their points in the first half. From the get-go, Monarch fans could see the uneasiness from the Tigers’ sideline. With two of their four captains in street clothes, both seniors, the Tigers only advantage seemed to be receiving the ball first. That is, until the Monarchs pooch-kicked it into the hands of one of their own, sophomore cornerback Lee Daniel, to obtain the pigskin first. “I never know when it’s happening, I just hear the crowd’s reaction, and I know we recovered it,” Monarch’s redshirt junior quarterback Thomas Demarco admitted. Starting the drive from the Tigers’ 39-yard line with an offense as explosive as the Monarchs, a touchdown was guaranteed. After a 26-yard pass to freshman Monty Smalley and a couple of runs by sophomore Mario Crawford, Demarco ran it eight yards into the endzone. This four play, 39-yard drive that only consumed one minute and seven seconds of the game was one of many to come for the Monarchs. After a couple of drives between each team consisting of a punt by Monarchs’ quarterback Demarco, three false start penalties for the Tigers, the Monarchs stopped treating the Tigers as cubs. “The best way to make your team better is to be aggressive in play calling as a coaching staff,” Wilder says. Thanks to a partially blocked punt of 22 yards by the Tigers, a 27-yard pass to the corner of the endzone to redshirt sophomore Reid Evans capped off the Monarchs’ four plays, 40-yard drive. With still 3:58 left in the first quarter, the Monarchs were leading the Tigers 14-0. Looking for an answer to the Monarchs’ explosive offense, the Tigers came out angry, for all of three plays. After three plays consisting of incomplete passes and short gains in rushing, the Tigers gave it back to the Monarchs at the worst possible time, the end of a quarter. After a snap went over Demarco’s head, it looked like the Monarchs were going to have to be content with a 14-0 lead going into the second quarter. On 3rd and 26 from the Tigers’ 32-yard line, the Monarchs handed the ball off to redshirt sophomore Desmond Williams. With all goose eggs lighting up as the time expired in the first quarter, Williams ran through a maze of Tiger defenders into the endzone for the Monarchs’ third score of the quarter. “What would’ve been a field goal attempt earlier in the year turned into a big run that we scored on,” Demarco said. Demarco went on to admit big plays like Williams 32-yard sprint to the endzone would have been “nonexistent earlier in the year.” Savannah State was losing in every category a spread sheet could provide except one: time of possession. Having the ball for a minute longer than the Monarchs, the Tigers’ were still down 21 at a stadium where comebacks are more mythical than realistic. Starting off with the ball, the Tigers’ went three and out after a sack by Monarchs’ junior defense end Edmon McClam. Already tying Savannah State’s year high in total points in a single game, the Monarchs came onto the field once more to put on a tutorial for the Tigers on how an offense

is run. With back-to-back catches of 20 and 50 yards by Monarchs’ redshirt sophomore receiver Chris Lovitt, Old Dominion was now leading the Tigers 28-0 with 12:01 left in the first half. Lovitt, who usually takes a backseat statistically compared to other Monarch receivers such as Reid Evans and Prentice Gill, seems to show his talent as a playmaker against Savannah State yearly. Catching his first career touchdown against the Tigers a season ago; Lovitt finished with three catches for 91 yards Saturday. “I always try to contribute whenever I can. Just so happens, whenever Savannah State comes around, I have my good games,” Lovitt admitted. Down 28-0 with the first half still ticking away, the Tigers offense was nothing less than disappointing. It was as if an all-state high school varsity team was scrimmaging against their junior varsity squad. The Tigers’ first play after Lovitt’s 50-yard TD catch was a fumble, forced by Monarchs’ redshirt sophomore linebacker Michael Colbert, and recovered by redshirt sophomore cornerback T.J. Cowart. Going away from their passing game for a little while, Demarco showed he still has dancer feet when it comes to running the ball. Rushing the ball for four of the six plays on their scoring drive, Demarco ran five yards for the Monarchs fifth touchdown of the first half. What seemed to be an offensive type of play-call by going and converting a two-point conversion was summed up best by Demarco. “We want to take our aggression out of the mishaps we had earlier in the season.” Seeming to be forming into more of slaughter, the Monarchs seemed to forget they were playing a regular season game, not a scrimmage. The Tigers’ freshman wide receiver Simon Heyward haled in a 27-yard pass from freshman quarterback Antonio Bostick. Identified as #8 and #13 respectively, Heyward and Bostick seemed to be the only sign of life from the Tigers’ side of the field. With Bostick rushing 12 times for 47 yards and throwing 17 passes for 127 yards while Heyward caught six passes for 55 yards, they accounted for about half of the Tigers’ total offensive statistics. With 6:33 remaining in the half and the Tigers on the move in Monarch territory, ODU’s co-captain, redshirt sophomore Craig Wilkins, man-handled Tigers’ quarterback Bostick with a forceful, 11-yard sack. After a delay of game on Savannah State and another sack of by Senior Mateus Porter and redshirt sophomore Michael Williams, the Tigers were forced to settle for a 44-yard field goal by Junior Derek Williams. The Tigers’ side of the scoreboard was finally turned on as “3” lit up next to the Monarchs 36 point total. Showing time of possession was nothing more than an over-appreciated statistic, the Monarch offense scored yet again in less than two minutes. After a 55-yard pass play to Monarchs’ redshirt sophomore receiver Marquel Thomas, sophomore Mario Crawford ran it in off a 1-yard run to put the Monarchs up 43-3. Only needing 29 yards in the game to become the second Monarch with a 1,000 yards rushing in his career, Crawford came up short, only rushing seven times for 20 yards and one touchdown. “We were just rotating them through. There was no specific reason, it’s just the way our offense is set up,” Wilder commented about Crawford. “I’m very confident he’ll get it next game,” Wilder said. With 3:04 remaining in the first half, the Tigers’ had their only productive drive of the entire game. Going five plays for 48 yards for all of two minutes and 39 seconds, the Tigers scored off a one yard rush by Bostick. Just when their luck seemed to be turning around, Monarchs’ McClam blocked their extra point attempt keeping the Tigers in single digits at 9. Not a surprise to anyone considering the fact McClam holds the NCAA record for most blocked PAT’s in a game with three against Chowan in 2009. With 39 seconds remaining in the half, any other team would’ve knelt the ball, taking their 34 point lead into the locker room. “Think back to offense. Remember what I used to do in high school,” Monarchs’ freshman returner Aaron Evans says about his 92-yard kick return for a touchdown. Being the first Monarch to score off a kick-return, Evans stole the shine from the usual star-returner, freshman Colby Goodwyn. Being roommates, Evans said he’ll “absolutely” rub it in to Goodwyn for holding the record as the first Monarch to return a kick for a touchdown.




3rd down efficiency



4th down efficiency



Total Yards









Yards per pass






Rushing Attempts



Yards per rush


ODU 4.9








Fumbles lost



Interceptions thrown






PASSING T. DeMarco R. Manley Team

8/13 8/13 16/26









D. Williams T. DeMarco J. Parham A. McLaughlin M. Crawford R. Manley N. Mayers -. Team Team

C. Lovitt M. Thomas R. Evans T. Reamon M. Smalley J. Parham K. Blanco N. Mayers D. Jackson A. McLaughlin Team

7 10 7 5 7 3 1 1 41

3 1 3 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 16

198 89 287

72 65 22 21 20 13 6 -17 202

91 55 52 31 26 9 9 8 5 1 287

The ending to the first half defined this massacre of a game as Monarchs’ redshirt senior Deron Mayo threw Tigers’ quarterback to the ground in the middle of Foreman field. The second half of the game was played at a whole different pace, with a smaller fan base, and entirely new Monarch squad. Bringing in their second and third strings on both sides of the ball, the Monarchs ended up playing 25 players on offense, and 26 players on defense. Wilder said, “That was as important as the win today.” Newly-crowned second string quarterback after sophomore Dominique Blackmon was redshirted, freshman Rashad Manley played the entire second half of the game. Finishing the game with 89 yards on 8 of 13 passing and rushing three times for 13 yards, Manley only had one freshman-like play throwing an interception on his first pass attempt. “That first interception was on us as a coaching staff. We put him in a bad situation on that play,” Wilder admitted. Demarco says “you wouldn’t know he was a freshman the way he played in the last half.” Although Man-

15.2 6.8 11.0

10.3 6.5 3.1 4.2 2.9 4.3 6.0 -17.0 4.9

30.3 55.0 17.3 15.5 26.0 4.5 9.0 8.0 5.0 1.0 17.9

2 0 2

1 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 4

1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2

0 1 1

33 12 5 8 10 6 6 0 33

50 55 27 23 26 6 9 8 5 1 55

ley showed poise in the pocket and college-like intelligence on the field, there wasn’t one offensive touchdown in the second half. The only score came off a third quarter interception return by Craig Wilkins, the first career one for the Monarchs. When asked about the interception, Wilkins said “I just knew I had to catch it first. Don’t want to think about touchdown before I catch it.” The game ended with the ball in the possession of the Monarchs’ offense in Tiger territory, a familiar placement for Old Dominion. Four straight wins, first kick return for a touchdown, first interception for a touchdown, and most points scored in a game were some of the landmarks the Monarchs’ conquered Saturday at Foreman Field. With only two games left, the Monarchs host VMI Saturday, November 13th at 3:30 p.m. ET looking for their fifth straight win in their last year of non-conference play.


Administration Climate Change & energy

Food Green Building & Recycling

Student Transportation Endowment Involvement Transparency

Investment Priorities

Shareholder Engagement

C+ 2011 B C B C C A D A F C 2010 C D C C D B C A F Old Dominion receives Sustainability Report Card 2011 by

Christian Ernst News Editor

In the most recent release by the Sustainable Endowments Institute, Old Dominion University progressed from an overall C to a C+ on the 2011 Sustainability Report Card. The report card is released annually, and shows how universities all over the country compare in several aspects of sustainability and environmental awareness. One of the most important grades in the latest report card was the student involvement grade, which increased from a D to a C. Some of the cited reasons for the increase included two paid student interns working on sustainability related projects and participation in RecycleMania, a semesterlong project to increase recycling on campus. A telling sign of student involvement was last semester’s “Go Green Student Survey,” released in March. It compiled statistics to address student involvement in recycling and sustainability. A low grade in student involvement may be linked to one of the poll questions. Students were asked what initiatives they know about on campus; 29 percent of the 136 students answered that they knew none of the listed initiatives, including Energy Star Pepsi machines, storm water management, energy efficient showers and toilets in residence halls and energy efficient lighting. ODU did score high in several categories of the report card. An A in transportation reflected several aspects of the university’s attempt to decrease students’ use of cars and other forms of gas consuming personal transportation. Alternative fuel vehicles are a major part of the university’s motor poll, making up more than one third of it, according to the report card. Investment priority was the only other category ODU scored an A on, due to its investment in renewable energy funds and similar investment vehicles. ODU scored poorly in two categories, endowment transparency and share-

holder engagements. The report card had little to say about what ODU’s shareholders do involving green movements. ODU received an F in this category. Another poor grade was ODU’s D in endowment transparency. Shareholder voting is not made public record; The university’s holdings are only available upon request and only to select members of the community. Green building is an interesting topic at ODU, in which it received a C. ODU was the first institution in Virginia to have a LEED certified building, a certification that comes to buildings that meet green standards. All new buildings and renovations will be built to LEED silver standards, in accordance with an executive order from former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine in 2008. Students pointed out many ways they felt the university could go more green in the comment section of the aforementioned survey. “If possible put solar panels on some of the larger buildings,” one student said. Another student said recycling drives and green living and working workshops would be beneficial on campus. One student said that water usage may be a problem on campus. “Fix the faucets in Webb Center so that they are easier to shut off. Many times I have entered restrooms where the water is constantly running, and I’ve heard others talk about how troublesome it is to shut off the faucets,” said the student. “The cans and bottle recepticals are great and are convenient, but I would like to see more paper bins for newspapers and other papers (near va pilot stands maybe) and more recepticals in the parking garages (drinking a soda on the way to the car gets usually thrown away),” said another student. Other Virginia schools also received report cards, with schools scoring better and worse than ODU overall. Virginia Military Institute received just a D+ overall, while Virginia Commonwealth received an overall A-, with no score lower than a B. VCU was also named one of the Overall College Sustainability Leaders. Other schools who received report cards include University of Virginia (B overall), Virginia Tech (B+ overall) and George Mason (B- overall).

To what extent do you believe that recycling on campus is convenient? 20

Very convenient

20.83 % 51

Somewhat convenient

53.13% 14

Somewhat inconvenient

14.58% 11

Not convenient at all

11.46% 0






The following are some of ODU's initiatives to increase sustainability on campus. Please check any that you are aware of: 136



54.4 40

33 27.2





Enery efficient lighting in Storm water management I'm not aware of any of these residence halls Energy efficient showers and Energy Star rated Pepsi toilets in residence halls machines

The following are some ways to conserve energy. Please check any that you currently do: 55 90



turn off lights unplug cell phone charger


turn off/hibernate computer


turn off unused power strips


turning off water while brushing teeth




41 83

limit the amount of time spent showering


Recycle for Relief NOVEMBER 15TH For more information check student announcements PROCEEDS TO PAKISTAN RELIEF

Asian Seasons Week November 8th-14th


-Flattened cardboard (must be sized to fit in cart with lid closed) -Newspaper and inserts -Magazines and catalogs -Phone books -Paperback books -Mail -Office paper and scrap paper -Paper bags and food boxes (no liners) -Frozen food boxes -Juice boxes -Clean milk jugs and cartons (rinsed) -Clean plastic containers #1-#5 (food, detergent, shampoo, etc. Labels are ok, discard lids and caps) -Aluminum cans -Steel or tin cans -Glass bottles and jars (labels are ok, discard lids and caps)

DON’T BRING THESE -Food residue or garbage -Plastic bags -Styrofoam containers or peanuts -Paper towels, plates or napkins -Diaper or rags -Plastic take-out containers -Plastic trays -Food wrap -Toxic containers (oil, antifreeze, pesticides) -Aluminum foil, foil trays -Aerosol cans -Needles or syringes -Scrap metal, knives or scissors -Ceramics or dishes -Light bulbs -Mirrors or window glass -Yard waste or leaves


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Monarchs once again are making noise


Win ensures second straight winning season



By Garrison Cole Sports Editor

2: Number of winning seasons that the Monarchs have now in their brief career as the victory clinched winning season number two.

7: Number of third down conversions the Monarchs were able to convert as they went 7-12 in the game.

10: Number

of different receivers that the Monarch quarterbacks connected with on the day

21: Number of points that Monarchs scored in the first quarter half en route to the victory

50: Number of points that the Monarchs scored in the first half as this game was over early on.

489: Number of yards that the Monarchs offense piled up against the Tigers. The Monarchs outgained the Tigers 489-240.

Garrison Cole Sports Editor

The Monarchs were able to win their third consecutive game blasting Savannah State 57-9 in front of 19,000 plus at Foreman Field. The thrashing of the Tigers for the Monarchs included an interception return for a touchdown, a kickoff return for a touchdown, and fans and students packing up after a 50 point first half. The victory gave the Monarchs their sixth one on the year and guaranteed its second consecutive winning season. For all the so called struggles that the Monarchs have had and the tougher schedule against better opponents the Monarchs are still winning football games. It is no small feat what the Monarchs have done this season. A year ago the Monarchs were the unknown, and achieved things that they themselves probably didn’t think they would. A 9-2 record, the best record ever for a startup program, as well as only losing one game at home. With that impressive season a year ago, fans expectations rise although prematurely, and that pressure can mount on a football team. So when the Monarchs started this season 1-2 with both losses coming in front of the home faithful, everyone was shocked


Crystal Spick Mace & Crown Evans finished with three catches for 52 yards and a touchdown in the rout of the Tigers.

and wondered if last season was just a fluke. However, it turns out that the Monarchs start to the season was the real aberration, as the Monarchs have hit their stride. It’s more of an impressive season thus far than the last for a couple of reasons. Because the Monarchs went 9-2 a year ago they were no longer the hunter. That transition for teams is not always as seamless as people think, but as junior quarterback Thomas DeMarco said earlier this season “any competitor wants that target on their back.” The Monarchs schedule includes six teams that they played a year ago, five teams that the Monarchs defeated. So far through those four rematches this season the Monarchs are 3-1, which again is not easy to do. The other reason this season is more impressive is because the Monarchs schedule is tougher. The

Monarchs have played both Cal Poly and William & Mary this season and although the team lost both of the games, they were competitive against Cal Poly and had a shot to beat William and Mary late. The Monarchs have proven more to themselves than any one outside of the football complex that they can hang with the big boys, and that is a huge thing heading into next year. Next season the Monarchs will be entering conference play, and facing teams like William & Mary, Richmond, Delaware, Massachusetts, and Villanova. The Monarchs have made fans all forget about the slow start to the season and have everyone excited for the future, which might even include a playoff appearance at the end of this season. A year after the program turned heads with their season, the Monarchs are once again making head with their strong play.


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A very happy ending Transfer from Duke a huge part of Lady Monarchs success by

Jake Ullrich Staff Writer

When most people first saw the Old Dominion Field Hockey team’s schedule, they were shocked at the difficulty. Hosting a plethora of ranked teams, including seven games against top 10 teams, the Monarchs certainly had a tough road ahead of them. A road sophomore Maartje Van Rijswijk knew the importance of. “Those teams were there to prepare us for our conference,” Van Rijswijk says. “We want to win our conference and by having those hard teams and tough games we learn to compete at that level.” Even with losses against some of the teams, Van Rijswijk says it’s easy to still find positives from the games, knowing they learned from all of them. “We learned we can definitely keep up with them and we can beat them. Last weekend we had them tied going into overtime and it was a good game. We can definitely compete for a National Championship.” Being born in Holland, Van Rijswijk started playing field hockey for her local club at only seven years old. She moved to the US when she was eight, and then back and forth a few times before settling in Virginia Beach. Van Rijswijk played field hockey for Princess Anne High School before committing her first year to Duke University. Van Rijswijk says things didn’t work out at Duke and was looking to transfer after his first year. With ODU being so close to home, Van Rijswijk was interested in the program. “I contacted ODU after I was released and they wanted

me to join the team,” Van Rijswijk says. The Monarchs squad improved greatly this season when Van Rijswijk first arrived to Norfolk. Scoring 14 goals through the season, Van Rijswijk was named to first team all CAA and has been a positive impact on the team. Scoring 3 three goals in a pair of conference wins, Van Rijswijk was named CAA Co-Player of the Week on October 27. “I went into the season levelheaded,” Van Rijswijk says. “It’s important to help out the team anyway I can. Everybody has their job.” The Monarchs came into this season with clear goals: win the CAA and compete for a National Championship. Van Rijswijk believes they are well on their way for both. The Monarchs start their quest for conference glory this Saturday when they take on Northeastern. “Northeastern is our focus,” Van Rijswijk says of the game. “After them we go onto Drexel or VCU and completely go for it. “We’ll start with the CAA, if we don’t win the CAA we don’t go to the NCAA tournament.” The NCAA tournament, being held the weekend after the CAA tournament, is in College Park, MD this year and an important date on all the player’s calendars. Even with the pressure of winning the CAA tournament, Van Rijswijk stresses they won’t be changing anything too much. “We’re going back to the basics,” Van Rijswijk says. “We’re doing our game, not going to change anything, just follow our game plan. A game plan that has seen the Monarchs to a respectable 10-10 overall record, but going 7-1 in conference play as they head into the conference tournament. After leaving Duke, Van Rijswijk knows she is at the right place, happy to be a Monarch. “It’s a great school and a great program.” The Monarchs came into this week ranked No. 10 in RPI and No. 16 in the coaches’ poll. With the confidence of the rankings, Van Rijswijk is say she’s ready for both tournaments.


Crystal Spick Mace & Crown Van Rijswijk and her 14 goals were a major cog in the Lady Monarchs making a return trip to the NCAA tournament.

By The Numbers 16 the number of times Old Dominion Field Hockey has



92 the number of minutes it took for Old Dominion to score the only point of the CAA championship game against Drexel University.


Final: 3-2 Drexel Wins in Overtime


19 the number of goals Senior Loran

#4 VCU

Final 2OT 1-0


Hatch has scored this season, leading the CAA.

2 the number of overtimes between ODU and Drexel for the CAA Championship.


Final: 4-0

16 The rank of ODU’s Field Hockey team going into the NCAA Division 1 Tournament.

#2 ODU

#2 ODU



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College basketball fast approaching Duke Early Favorites to Repeat as Champs by

Jake Ullrich Staff Writer

There are few things in life that can compare with college basketball. The passion, dedication and emotion are miles above any other sport, collegiate or professional. The thought of the opening game, buzzer beaters and upsets allow me to brave through the terrible two-week break in between the end of baseball and the beginning of college basketball. Last year delivered one of the most exciting basketball seasons to date. With a tournament possessing more upsets than ever, there is no reason to expect anything less than the same this season. Preseason rankings were unveiled a week ago and there was no surprise at the top spot: the Duke Blue Devils. Following them was: Michigan State, Kansas State, Ohio State and Pittsburgh rounding out the top five. A team that is usually at the top, the North Carolina Tar Heels finished a rough 20-17, including going 5-11 in ACC conference play. This was the first time in Coach Roy Williams’ tenure at Carolina that the Heels did not make the tournament, instead settling for a second place finish in the NIT. The Tar Heels are coming into this year with a strong returning cast, as well as impact freshmen that can come in and immediately make a difference. Sophomore John Henson began to show some of the serious potential he has late last season. As a lengthy forward, Henson measures 6”10 and possesses a 7”4 wingspan. This allows Henson a huge advantage on the offensive side of the ball, as well as rebounding and blocking shots. Adding some bulk in the off-season will do Henson a load of good and should be a force in the coming season. Even with the strong returners, Carolina’s seasons rests mainly on the shoulders of a player who has never played a collegiate basketball game. Freshman Harrison Barnes comes into this year with the title as the nation’s number one recruit. Barnes already dominates the floor in Carolina’s preseason games (averaging 22.0 points) and should be a huge boost to a UNC offense that struggled most of last year. The defending national champions the Duke Blue Devils went 35-5 last year, including 13-3 in conference play.. The Blue Devils return 3/5 starters and one of the best freshman guards in Kyle Irving. With the Plumlee twins returning with another year of experience under their belts, the

Blue Devils are clearly a front-runner to repeat as ACC and NCAA champions. The Spartans of Michigan State had another heartbreaking season last year, losing to the Butler Bulldogs in the Final Four. However, this season shows nothing but promise for a very good Spartan team. Many times a school does its best to persuade their best player to stay for another year, encouraging them to put off the NBA. This offseason the Spartans were doing the same thing, for their coach Tom Izzo. Izzo was strongly linked to the Cleveland Cavaliers job and in choosing to remain with Michigan State gives the Spartans a huge boost. Returning senior Kalin Lucas as well as Raymar Morgan and big man Draymond Green give the Spartans an excellent chance to erase the ghosts of 2008 and 2010 to win the title. Kansas State comes in as preseason number three, a ranking which I feel is very generous. The Wildcats are losing their primary ball handler and inspirational leader in Denis Clemente, but kept leading scorer Jacob Pullen. The problem for Wildcat fans is that now Pullen will have to have much more responsibility as a point guard and no longer just a spot up shooter. For the Wildcats to reach great success, they will need either returner Martavious Irving or transfer Juevol Myles to handle the ball, allowing Pullen the freedom to run off screens and make jump shots. Ohio State lost their best player last year, second overall draft pick, Evan Turner. Losing such a crucial piece of a team would usually result in a strong drop in rankings (see Kentucky losing John Wall), but the Buckeyes countered with bringing in one of the best freshman classes in the nation. Jared Sullinger is well known as one of the best freshman in the nation and should have no problem immediately sliding into a starting role for the Buckeyes. The team could live and die with their jump shooting and will rely on William Buford, Jon Diebler and freshman Jordan Sibert to be able to knock down shots. The Buckeyes may not have the experience to win a title but should be a very fun team to watch. The Panthers of Pittsburgh come in at fifth in the preseason rankings and for the first time are attracting national spotlight. The Panthers are returning 4/5 starters and are clear favorites in the Big East. Point guard Ashton Gibbs is primed for a big season and is expected to carry a heavy load of the Panthers’ scoring. Shooting guard Brad Wanamaker is one of the elite combo players in the nation and is able to easily shift between positions. He constantly fills out stat sheets and would be a welcome addition to any squad. Keep an eye on Syracuse as well. Losing Andy Rautins and Wesley Johnson will certainly hurt the Or-

ange, but they are bringing in one of the most exciting

freshman in the nation with 7 foot 265 pound Fabricio de Melo. The enormous center will constantly draw double teams and should be able to dominate the boards and provide constant blocks for the Orange. Syracuse never seems to falter under Coach Jim Boeheim and do not be surprised to see them compete with Pittsburgh for the Big East title. A team that isn’t getting nearly enough coverage it deserves is the Baylor Bears. Returning their best player in LaceDarius Dunn, the Bears are also welcoming the highest ranked prospect their school has ever seen in Perry Jones. Dunn is a big-time scorer and has no fear of pulling the trigger. Dunn has attempted a 736 threes in three seasons and made 299 of them. Having such a dominant scorer will be massively important if the Bears look to repeat with victories in the NCAA tournament. The Final Four will be held Houston, Texas this year and will most likely contain a few of the teams we saw last year. Don’t put it past Butler to make another run, but I can’t see them making it to the last four. My picks for the Final Four in 2011 are: Duke Blue Devils Michigan State Spartans Syracuse Orange Baylor Bears


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Halfway through the NFL season, expect the unexpected NFL Midseason Report by

Garrison Cole Sports Editor

Halfway through the NFL season fans know little more than they did when the season began. Teams who are expected to win don’t and teams that aren’t supposed to win do. With all of this going on, the second half of the season should provide as much excitement as the first half of the season. In a year where they were supposed to be reloading instead of contending, the New England Patriots, once again have the best record in the league. Led by the constant combination of the first half MVP Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck the Patriots have surprised many by their start. The defense is young, but improving every week, and offensively as long as number 12 is in the huddle, the Patriots have a shot. The Patriots offensively have gone back to the days where they won Super Bowls. Trading away talented, but troublesome wide receiver Randy Moss to the Vikings, the Patriots are throwing it to guys like Ben Tate, and Deion Branch (again). The Patriots Achilles heel though will be their running game. If they can run the ball effectively then they are a Super Bowl contender, if not they fall short of the other top teams in the AFC. In the Patriots division another team with dreams of playing in the Super Bowl is the New York Jets. The Jets were the talk of the off-season albeit, if most of it was done by them. They were yapping all off-season about how great their team is and thus far this season, they have been pretty good. Injury to all world cornerback Darrelle Revis has slowed the vaunted Jets defense, but it is still really good. Offensively they have been able to run the ball well, with free agent pickup LaDanian Tomlinson; however their question mark is still Mark Sanchez. Sanchez has been good at times and he has been mediocre at times, and that is expected of a young quarterback. But, with a team that has called themselves the team to beat in the NFL Sanchez must elevate his game for the Jets to get there. The Pittsburgh Steelers are also playing at a Super Bowl caliber level. They have gotten quarterback Ben Roethlisberger back after a four game suspension, and although he has been a little rusty, Roethlisberger still is an elite quarterback in this league and it won’t be long until he regains that form. The Steelers defense is one again at the top of their game as well. The Steelers might be the most complete team in the NFL, and certainly are going to be there in the end when it is all said and done. If the Steelers are able to win their division they are going to win it over a pretty game Baltimore Ravens team. The Ravens now have an offense that is on par if not better than their defense. Joe Flacco now has Anquan Boldin to throw to, to go along with Ray Rice in the backfield. Oddly enough it will be the Ravens defense that determines how far they go this season. It is not as dominant as it has been in the past, especially the secondary. The return of safety Ed Reed

will help, but he can’t erase all the holes in the secondary. The defending AFC champion Indianapolis Colts are once again right there in the AFC. It doesn’t matter who Peyton Manning seems to be throwing to, he makes it work. Man-

ning continues to pick teams apart, and having him every year makes the Colts a contender. The AFC is full of surprises as well. The Kansas City Chiefs are on top of the AFC West, and are playing really good football. They are running the ball well, and Matt Cassel is making enough plays to keep opposing defenses guessing. Defensively the Chiefs have drafted well of late, and have a nice core of young players that are improving. The NFC unlike the AFC is a mess. The conference as a whole has been consistently inconsistent. One team however, is separating themselves from the rest of the average pack. The New York Giants who struggled early on in the season have hit their stride as the season crosses the halfway point. Eli Manning has weapons on the outside with Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith. In addition, the Giants have Ahmad Bradshaw in the backfield who is running hard. The Giants are once again defensively getting after the quarterback. The defensive line may not be as dominant as it was when they won the Super Bowl, but they are a force. The rest of the conference has question marks everywhere. The Falcons and Bucs both have started out fast, but not many people are sure they both will be along for the long haul. The New Orleans Saints, the defending champs also struggled out of the gate, but after a huge victory over the Steelers are at 5-3 and right in the thick of the things in the conference. The beauty of the NFC is that no team is truly out of it. Even the lowly 2-6 San Francisco 49ers still have a shot at making the playoffs, which points to how below average the NFC has been thus far this season. The second half of the season will be no short on storylines. The aforementioned Moss is now on his third team of the season and finds himself smack dab in the middle of a division race. In Dallas, the countdown has commenced on when Head Coach Wade Phillips is fired, and in D.C. fitness is the biggest issue not the economy. One thing is certain about the second half of the season; it will certainly have the nation watching.


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opinions For crying out loud The two party system is here to stay


Christian Ernst News Editor

Do you know Lincoln Chaffee? He is the only independent to win a major race in 2010’s midterm elections. He beat out John Robitaille and Frank Caprio for the Rhode Island governor’s seat. Independents may see this as a huge win,

but it more reflects the strength of the two party system. Chaffee is average independent. He is not independent so much by choice as by convenience. Chaffee is a former republican senator who lost re-election in 2006. In 2007, he promptly went independent, and then supported Barrack Obama in the 2008 presidential election. His “independence” has allowed him to go with the flow, supporting popular views as he seeks to regain power, not to say he doesn’t fall politically in the center of many issues. Chaffee follows in the footsteps of fellow New Englander Joe Lieberman. Lieberman, a senator from Connecticut, has been an independent member of the Democratic Party for several years. He then endorsed John McCain in 2008. Let’s face it. Independents tend to be middle of the road politicians who find it easier than

THE SCOOP! Music News and Reviews


Robbie Ciara Staff Writer

Chart toppers Little Wayne and Mario are released And Taylor Swift breaks ALL the rules! Here’s The Scoop! – It was a little more than a few weeks ago when the WEBB Center was buzzing about the latest celebrity gossip. Many students were confused and outraged when they heard on the internet as well as local radio stations that a well respected star had actually assaulted his own mother! The platinum R&B star in question was none other than Mario. On October 1, Mario was taken into custody and charged with second degree assault. It’s no mystery that Mario’s mother has had a long ongoing battle with heroin addiction. According to reports, Shawntia Hardaway had told police that her son had been throwing and damaging property. She also included that he had pushed her. Cops had said they found several broken items inside the apartment -- including a broken mirror and a hole in the closet door. Mario was released on $50,000 bail, saying, “I love my mother very much. I will continue to support her any way that I can.” However, as of last Wednesday, after his mother’s appeal to the court, all charges against the smooth singer have been dropped. Barrett’s attorney, William Murphy III, told the Baltimore Sun, “It was clear from the beginning that Mario never touched or struck his mother,” he said. “She was under the influence of drugs when she gave her statement to police. To her credit, she corrected her statement in court today.” The Scoop! will continue to monitor the situation. You can find more information about Mario and his mom on the MTV special “I Love You to Death: The Story

of Mario and his Mom” In other Scoop! The campus was buzzing with a text alert atmosphere when news came in about Lil Wayne’s release from Rikers. “504 ya boy will b there in 3hrs!!! Luv,” Young Money President Mack Main tweeted shortly after 1 p.m. on November 3rd, suggesting that members of Wayne’s camp were heading to his hometown of New Orleans. We suggest that you follow the Young Money front man on twitter as reports have been buzzing about where Wayne could be. Could he join Drake on tour in Vegas? Could he be heading to Miami? What about the music? Alex Sykes, WODU Studio Engineer said, “ I’m still unsure how jail affected him” He added, “Is he going to come out of jail and release a classic like Tupac did with All Eyez on Me? Or is he going to be the same Little Wayne?” Either way, it is quite clear that Weezy will not be anxious to see New York in the recent future. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift is now breaking all the rules….or should we say records? At 20 years old Swift continues to mystify the charts. Last Wednesday her third album, Speak Now, became the first release by a female artist to sell more than 1 million copies in its first week in six years. The new plateau fell just short of the all-time record for the best first week by a female artist, set by Britney Spears’ 2000 album Oops ... I Did It Again, which sold 1.31 million during its first week. According to Billboard magazine, Swift’s 1,047,000 million in sales also gave the country pop star the distinction of being one of only four women to ever reach the million mark in a single week, joining Britney, Whitney Houston’s “Bodyguard” soundtrack (1,061,000) and Norah Jones’ Feels Like Home (1,022,000). Swift even has broken some records of the recently released Little Wayne. According to Billboard She’s also the first artist to reach that rare figure in her first week since Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III sold 1,006,000 million copies in 2008. Swift’s last album, Fearless, debuted at #1 in November 2008 with sales of 582,000, going on to sell 6 million copies and taking the crown for the top seller of 2009. Hopefully this will mean continued success for Swift. Is there a Taylor Swift and Lil Wayne duet in our future? The Scoop! thinks if 2010 is any indicator, anything in music is possible.

switching parties as views change. That’s fine. But the two party system will always be dominant. And for argument’s sake, it may be known that I identify as a libertarian, an independent party. It is the only way to have a consistent vote. Votes only go yes or no when it comes down to bills. There’s no third option. Sure, bills can be redrawn, compromised, or come to some other end, but in the end, it’s yes or no. Even when more than two parties have existed, they tend to be grouped into two larger factions. Independents can even be classified now among a smaller portion of the major parties. Libertarians lean right many times. Green party leans left. It happens. And there are many others that can be similarly divided. The tea party is the biggest example of this. Many look at the tea party as a portion of republicans,

and they do tend to run as republicans as seen in this past elections. But many could see them as a far right independent party of their own. They have just been born of the Republican Party. There is a simple reason for this. If every politician didn’t sacrifice some votes for the good of their party, legislation they put forth won’t be supported by their party. The party they once voted for may not accept them, as they cannot be trusted to stay loyal. This leaves that politician and that legislation out in the cold. For the better of the average politician, two parties is the most effective. It benefits voters, districts, and politics as a whole. Sure, sometimes politicians may sway across party lines, but its important that some sort of system remains in play.

Miller Time!

College Basketball; Let it cleanse your sports soul.

By Stuart Miller Editor in Chief Are you tired of faulty computer ranking technologies, steroid scandals, or fear of season long lock-outs? Have no fear my sports cronies. College basketball has returned to take center stage once again so let its greatness free your soul from the tyrannies of the sports world. No longer do we have to focus all our attention on the lack of the “what if” factor in college football or the next “big three” to come together in attempt to create a super team. These kids take the hardwood to boost the reputation of the name on the front of their jerseys, not the back. Yes, I know that March is a long ways away and the madness of college hoops is in its premature stages as we patiently wait for the dawning of this 2010-2011 season. However, I’d rather hear about the highly anticipated field of 25 teams in the national rankings instead of Brett Favre’s most recent “sext” (I don’t know if Webster’s dictionary has made it an official word yet or not). The thing I love about college basketball is the passion. There is no 12 game season where the big boys of the sport can sit atop the rankings laughing as the little guys continues to win and gets no recognition for it. I feel like the NCAA tournament last year served as a valuable lesson for the number crunching drones that are the BCS computers. Not only am I convinced that they are equip with a deposit slot for Saban, Meyer, and other top BCS schools to “encourage” the weekly rankings, but in the case of the Butler Bulldogs Men’s basketball team I salute you for showing that anyone can hang with the big boys. Even some blue turf college football team from Boise. Butler’s run had such an effect on the sports landscape and showed how another mid-major could liven up the age old “Cinderella story” prophecy. Ambiguity is the word I love to use when it comes to college basketball. The only thing that is concrete about the sport is the parking structures outside of the arena. Even here on our soil at ODU the excitement of our college basketball teams, both men’s and women’s, gives this campus a feeling of “what if”. It was the “what if” that got us the number one seed in the Colonial Athletic Conference and then went on to win that tournament. It was that “what if” that got us a bid as an 11th seed in the NCAA tournament and the opportunity to upset Notre Dame in the first round. The excitement of college basketball reaches me because of my affiliation to ODU. The fact that our school is considered a mid-major and has competed for years in one of the toughest conferences in the country proves that we have the capability year in and year out to steal the national spotlight. Whether you are on the team or not we all have that feeling of “what if”. College basketball does that to people. It is one of the only sports where passion can overtake reputation and where boys can grow into men over the span of one season. These modern day David’s have the chance to prove it any given night on the hardwood without fear of “technical difficulties”. That being said, it’s that time of year for upsets and excitement and the hype will not wear off for me until March is over.


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Dear Diane

Moving In and Moving Out, It’s All About Moving On


Diane Dougherty Staff Writer

Dear Diane, My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over two years now. We’re considering moving in together but I want to make sure I’m making the right decision. When is the right time to move in together? -Hesitant Dear Hesitant, These kinds of important life decisions are very daunting and are different for everyone. Every relationship moves at different paces. If you’re both committed one hundred percent to the relationship and want to live with each other, go for it. People move in together in less time than the amount you’ve been dating. Two years is a sufficient amount of time to be dating someone, not to mention if you already hang out together a majority of the time anyways, you’ve had a little practice living with each other. Every relationship and every household has and needs boundaries. There are going to be a lot of disagreements on the decorating of the house and other things of that nature so make sure to talk about these things in excessive detail before you sign that contract. If your guy wants a “man cave” let him have one. If you want a bathroom oasis, give yourself one. These small details aren’t permanent and definitely aren’t worth the arguments. Do NOT buy the house or apartment. Rent the property first, because if it doesn’t work

out, you don’t want to be stuck with a mortgage and a person that you don’t want. Don’t stress too much, this is supposed to be a fun and exciting change in your life, look forward to planning this life together; that person just might be the perfect roommate. Dear Diane, I commute to school everyday. My parents don’t think I’m emotionally ready to leave the house, so I’m currently still living under their roof and unfortunately their rules. I think I’m ready to be on my own but how do I approach them about wanting to move out? -Parent Trapped Dear Parent Trapped, Moving out is a big step but I very thrilling one! Everyone at some point needs to experience life on their own when they’re young. You’re at least the age of 18 if you’re attending college and legally you’re classified as an adult so make your parents believe you are one. Living on your own comes with huge responsibilities. If you think you’re ready to take on those responsibilities then you definitely need to have a chat with the parental units. Make sure you have found a place that you can move into before this conversation happens. Being prepared for this talk will make or break their decision. It will show that you’ve taken initiative and that you’re willing to work for something you want. This will help to show your parents that you’re thinking like an adult when making this change in your life. If you’ve never had this talk with your parents they might not be aware of the fact that you even want to move out; they could be completely cool with the idea. Talk to your friends, find out what kind of responsibilities come with living on your own and ask them how they deal with them. This could give you some great insight into what you’d be getting yourself into. If after talking to them you still feel like you’re ready, then you should do it. After all, you know your parents best. Make a deal with them, if at any point your grades start slipping or if you get into any trouble, you have to move back in. It’s worth a shot.

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A Point of Emphasis: Young Guards Taking Over NBA


Garrison Cole Sports Editor

For years the NBA has been run by big men. Names like Russell, Chamberlin, Abdul-Jabar, to present names such as O’Neal and Duncan, big men have always ruled the NBA. Except all that has changed. Now more than ever the NBA is a guard heavy league, point guards specifically who now do so much to help their teams win. It used to be that if a team had an above average center especially, a seven footer, they could contend for NBA superiority year after year. Now the NBA has changed into a league where in order to be successful the most prominent position to have, would be the one who handles the ball the most. The best part of this changing of the guard is that most of these point guards are in fact young. For years to come fans all across the league will have the pleasure of witnessing these maestros who conduct their teams to victory. The best at orchestrating his teams attack right now is Rajon

Caught! by Danielle Buxton Photography Director

Autumn photographed at it’s best. The characteristic of sentimental isn’t something that comes normal to me; however, I have the feeling to step out of my comfort zone with this picture. It’s something about the autumn leaves that always catches my attention. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that the leaves changes colors or the simple knowing that I will be stepping on them for the next few months. This picture has my mind going in all sorts of directions. You may think that I’m crazy since it’s a simple picture, but my mind is going wild. I will start with the colors of the leaves. I don’t know why they fascinate me so much but they do. Normally leaves are a darkish brown color. In this photo, the leaves display the colors of both light brown and green. In the slight fact that the leaves are of a brighter color, it, in someway I cannot explain, makes me happier as a person. If I had the opportunity to leave somewhere and look at some scenery like the one in this picture, there is no doubt in my mind that there will be a smile on my face. The impression that I get from the autumn season is that it’s like spring but colder and better. This picture is explains that thought clearly, in my opinion. As mentioned earlier, I am aware that due to this pleasant scenery, I will be stepping on the leaves for the next few months. Now I’m not saying that stepping on leaves is a bad thing, but in a way makes the autumn season that much better. I wish that I could step through this picture and just sway through the leaves. There is just so many of them. The amount of leaves on this picture makes me want to walk through them and treat it as a, “leaf day”. (What I’m talking is about a snow day or in

Rondo. 9, 15, 17, 17, and 24 are Rondo’s assists numbers from the Boston Celtics first five games. Rondo for my money is the best pure point guard in the game. H gets all of his teammates involved and puts constant pressure on the opposing defense with his blinding speed. Rondo is just one of the many talented young point guards that are taking the league by storm. Out west there are a terrific crop of young guards that are quickly becoming household names. New Orleans Hornet point guard, Chris Paul is reminding people once again of how special a player he is. After missing the majority of the season a year ago, Paul is once again dazzling everybody with his ability to get in the lane, and finish among the trees. Paul has also showed since he entered the league an improved jump shot making him much more difficult to depend. The biggest storyline surrounding Paul will be where he finishes the season. Ever since expressing disappointment with the direction of the franchise in the off-season, Paul’s future has been in doubt. If he is moved this season wherever he goes will add a dynamic force. While Paul gets it done with his quickness, his draft class mate Deron Williams gets it done with his strength. Williams who is 6 ft 4 in, but weights about 220 pounds is able to get to where he wants to on the floor. Williams is also a consistent shooter, and has exceptional vision. He also already in his young career has a reputation for making clutch shots when his team needs them most. If it wasn’t for his teammate Kevin Durant, then Russell Westbrook would be the one getting all the attention for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Westbrook is a rare breed as he has both the quickness and power which enable him to coast to coast and finish in transition. Like his teammate, Westbrook has benefited from a summer playing with Team USA, where he shined at the FIBA World Championships. He has the Thunder believing they can be the best team in the west.


Hampton Roads’s case a rain day just with leaves and not the actual precipitation.) I do get the sense that it may have just rained in this picture. It also looks like it’s about to rain again. If it were to rain before this picture was taken, then it not only made the picture better because the leaves are staying to the ground but it makes the picture look even more like autumn. This picture does nothing but make me feel good inside. I may be biased because autumn is one of my favorite seasons; but if there was a day like this in the near future, I might just want to stay inside all day and read a book and watch some movies. I would only go outside to take pictures, like the awesome one you are looking at. This picture makes me appreciate nature that much more. It’s not everyday that I get to enjoy looking at something this wonderful. I would like to say that this nice autumn day picture has been Caught! You have been caught making me feel warm and fuzzy inside, which isn’t an easy thing to accomplish. I think that I have released all my sentimental characteristics for the remainder of the year now.

In Chicago the Bulls have a talented man running the show as well. Derrick Rose is part of the new breed of point guards that are both strong and quick. Rose is also fast which doesn’t hurt when he is going end to end. Rose is trying to take that next leap, and if he is going to do that, his jump shot must improve. However, if it does Rose will be indefensible, and playing on a talented Bulls team will be a threat for years to come. A team trying to challenge right now, the Milwaukee Bucks have a lefty floor general who already boasts a 50 point game and a triple double in his young career. Brandon Jennings was one of the reasons the Bucks made the playoffs a season ago and almost advanced to the second round. Jennings is very dangerous in the open floor, especially if he gets to his left hand. Teams were able to slow Jennings down in the second half of the season as they forced Jennings to go right and kept him out of the lane. Jennings will benefit from having center Andrew Bogut back and should not be focused on as much this season. In our nation’s capital the city is buzzing around rookie point guard John Wall. Wall already is setting records as rookie. He became just the second person ever to have at least 70 points and 30 assists in his first three games. The other guy to do was Oscar Robertson. Wall is a blur simply put. It is nearly impossible to beat him to a spot when the ball is in his hands. What also makes him special is that Wall is pass first point guard like Rondo. He scores out of necessity not out of want. Like the other young guards, Wall needs to work on his outside shot. What a luxury for Wizards fans it will be to watch the growth and maturation of Wall. With these young crop of point guards, who compliment the older point guards like Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, and Tony Parker, the league is chalked full of lead guards who take the lead when it comes to running the show.


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Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake A review on a local Cupcakery

by Alyssa Odango Assistant Arts and Entertainment Editor

There are bakeries. There are pastry shops. And, there are cupcakeries. What is a cupcakery? Exactly what it sounds like. A pastry shop specializing in the art of cupcake baking. They’re not common to find, but fortunately for us Old Dominion students, Carolina Cupcakery on Colley Ave. is right around the corner! I’ve always believed that cupcakes were one of the most convenient cake desserts one could eat. They’re relatively non-messy, mini versions of that three layer cake you can now enjoy in one bite. What I also love about cupcakes is that they’re so versatile. Eat them at home, or at a wedding, you can find cupcakes virtually anywhere, in any flavor. I visited Carolina Cupcakery earlier this week after weeks of swearing I would. The new Ghent location of Carolina Cupcakery, the original shop based in Chesapeake, opened just a few weeks ago, but looks to have a promising fixture on the corner of 21st and Colley. The cupcakery is a tiny shop with a large kitchen, but it’s a good size for those who go in, choose their cupcake, and leave while taking the first bite. Though Carolina Cupcakery’s sign is still just a banner, the bright colors from inside are bright enough to beckon any passersby in (in fact, just as I was leaving a man came in because he said he saw the sign “Cupcakes” and wanted to

Alyssa Odango Mace & Crown

check it out). The colorful design of the interior matches the mood one should have when eating a cupcake, and the large photographs on the walls all feature cupcakes being held, either by a grouping of hands, or by girls in prom dresses smashing the cupcakes in each other’s faces. On the counters are sprinkle shakers, and if the height of the frosting isn’t enough, the colorful, edible decorations are enough to appease the kid in all of us. The cupcakes on display are huge. There are three different sizes (Jumbo, Regular, Mini) that you can choose from, but the cupcakes in store are big. You can always call in advance and order any size and flavor you want. I saw a sign advertising a half dozen cupcakes for less than $4, and you really can’t get any better than that. An individual, jumbo sized cupcake sold for $3.79, which is a great price for the quality and size. It’s always good to go with other people, that way you all can

More Than Skin Deep To Keep or Not to Keep


Leslea Kuhrt Staff Writer

I’m struggling to clean out my closet. There. I admitted it. I am not following any of the prescribed “clean your closet” rules. But, starting tomorrow, I will follow my OWN set of rules. That’s what I said last week. Today, my closet is still overflowing with stuff I haven’t worn since 2007 that I just know will go with something. The problem is, I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!!! So I figured I would brainstorm some ideas on how to get rid of the stuff I don’t wear, need, or want and share them with you (in case anyone else is as indecisive as I am…) So. The key to a clean closet is clean clothes. Do ALL of your laundry the day before you are slated to begin your closet. That way you have a clear picture of everything you have in your wardrobe. Also, make sure that your room is clean. Whether you are doing this in your bedroom, the living room or the dining room, a clean room is

key to ensuring that nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Now that you are exhausted from doing all of your laundry and cleaning your house (because I WILL get carried away and end up cleaning everything…) call a friend to come help you. This is a crucial step. Whomever you call needs to be able to be brutally honest with you. He or she needs to be able to put their foot down and say “No. You DO NOT need to keep that. I have never seen you wear those,” without hurting your feelings or making you angry. Ok, you’re all set to get started: let the weeding commence. The key to this is to remember that you have to get rid of a few things. Anything unsalvagably stained, holey, or malodorus should immediately go into the trash. Minor holes or rips that can easily be fixed should go into a giveaway pile. Anything that you haven’t worn in the last year has to go. Period. If you haven’t worn it in 365 days you won’t wear it again. If you’ve only worn it once, get rid of it. Again, unless it’s brand new, you won’t wear it again. Trust me on this. Anything older than two weeks with tags still attached needs to go back. Fourteen days is enough time to decide whether or not you will wear something. Any formal wear that hasn’t been worn in two years must go. Chances are they are outdated anyway. Anything that is too small or too big must go.

Organize your discarded clothes into two piles: the “give away pile,” and the “sell” pile. The donation pile should consisit of any items that you purchased prior to 2007. These are still fairly stylish, but most shops that will buy your clothes only want items that are less than two years old (or you could just give your stuff to your friends…). However, any designer pieces should ALWAYS go in the “sell” pile. If an actual store doesn’t want it, sell it on ebay and get some money for it!!! The “sell” pile should consist of items that are less than two years old, in good condition, and fairly on-trend. Plato’s Closet is definitely not my favorite place to take clothes (especially expensive ones) but if you are in need of fast cash, it is a good place to go. You can also consider a consignment shop. Consignment shops will price your items and you get paid when someone buys your stuff; the only downside is that the store will take a small percentage in commision for selling your items. And finally there is the internet. Ebay is a great place to sell things, and you can actually make a lot of money from putting your stuff on the site. So after all of that, I am sufficiently motivated to clean out my closet and make room for some new winter pieces and make a little money on the side! What will you keep, give away, and sell?


choose different flavors—that is, if your friends are willing to try. My cousins and I are generous sharers, so we each choose three flavors: Salted Caramel Chocolate, Cookie Dough, and Java (FYI, there are currently 170 flavors and counting—200 is the goal!). There is an impressive amount of frosting on each cupcake, so I warn you now to not have any other sweets before visiting Carolina Cupcakery. With each of our cupcakes there was something that made the cupcakes extraordinary. The Salted Caramel Chocolate had caramel inside the cupcake; the Java had specks of coffee granules dotting the cupcake and frosting, and Cookie Dough had a dollop of cookie dough nestled inside the frosting. The cupcakes are all made fresh daily. I was able to talk to Kyndall Eskins, Events Coordinator of Carolina Cupcakery and the daughter of Dawn Eskins, the owner of the cupcakery. She graciously took the time to talk to me about their store. Caroling Cupcakery caters to many types of eaters. There are gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, and dairy-free options for the cupcakes, and the kitchen is Kosher certified. The store really cares for its customers, and offers many people the chance of enjoying a fun, sweet dessert that they may not have been able to before. Cupcakes have been gaining popularity in the past year, but these treats have always been around. “I wouldn’t call it a trend,” Eskins said, “It won’t die out.” It really won’t. Everyone loves cupcakes, as evidenced by the t-shirts for sale inside the shop that read: “Real Men Eat Cupcakes.” Darn right! Guys, don’t be afraid to share your love for cupcakes. You’ll be respected for your appreciation. Carolina Cupcakery is a sweet cupcake shop, in appearance and flavor. For students who are unable to venture out to the shop, fear not, for the store offers free delivery within a two mile radius. Just make sure you do some activity to work off all that frosting. There is also a cupcake made specifically for ODU which interestingly features Hypnotiq in the frosting and is colored in blue and white.




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How many hours of sleep did you get during Homecoming?

Meetings every What willTuesday you be for How will the Halloween? Monarchs finish this the U-Center season?

Not enough

Littlenews, Red Riding Hood Win out season Write for sports,

LAX/W. Rowing

I’m a Quidditch player. pick up a copy I didn’t go. That’s enough every wednesday

Normal sleep

Hell if I know

4 hours

Don’t know. I don’t understand American football. Too much padding.

Steve Irwin

Yes, because I don’t carve brains, but I could use a hamburger.

Rain jacket, bike, rainboots, and a lot of socks

Not having two-day practices and relax


The Situation

Pledge for Theta Chi



artsDidn’t & go entertainment or take photos!

Quidditch player


Edward Cullen from I survive Norfolk every No experience Twilight weekend

They’ll finish 6-4

Junior Monarch Maniac Captain


survive Norfolk?

Not enough

Brother; Tau Kappa Epsilon


at 12:30 in Did you

Favorite Halloween Candy?

More anticipation for Rocky Horror: Glee or at the Naro?

Reeses Pieces

I don’t know or care


Haven’t seen it

3 Muskateers

Glee is doing Rocky Horror? That’s terrible. The Naro.

Something without peanut butter, if you Americans can do that.

Have no idea what Glee or the Naro is.



C R O W O R DS S Solution for last week’s puzzle - Puzzle #6 for November 7, 2010 Across 1- Petty quarrel; 5- Reddish-brown gem; 9- Exhausted; 14- Heap; 15- It’s blown among the reeds; 16- Playing marble; 17- Nights before; 18- Makes lace; 19- Navajo dwelling; 20- Dispute; 22- Pisa place; 23- Water vapor; 24- Consumed; 28- Improve superficially; 34- Sty; 38- From ___ Z; 39- Copied; 40- Beaten egg dish; 41- Refrain from noticing; 43___ account (never); 44- Chair part; 47- Something to be learned; 48- Audio system; 51- Fluff, as bangs; 52- Donnybrook; 57- Toil; 61- Unlit; 63- Muscat native; 64- Thin change; 66- Dramatic troupe; 67- Like a rock; 68- Baltic feeder; 69- Aha!; 70- Triple; 71- Cheerful; 72- Sand hill by the sea;

Down 1- Glasses, briefly; 2- Hinge; 3- Coeur d’___; 4- Outer coat of a seed; 5- Drunkards; 6- Lets up; 7- Balderdash; 8- ___ Moines; 9- Falafel sauce; 10- ___ Rhythm; 11- Hindu music; 12- Bibliography abbr.; 13- Contradict; 21- Host; 25- Doc bloc; 26- Hanoi holiday; 27- Prima ballerina; 29- Recorded; 30- Metal containers; 31- Wall St. debuts; 32- Nothing; 33- Biblical garden; 34- Wading place; 35- ___ expert, but...; 36- Knee; 37- Trudge; 42- Infected; 45- Actor Stephen; 46- Barker and Bell; 49- Big step; 50- Red dye; 53- 1961 Heston role; 54- Buy alternative; 55- Ruhr city; 56- Lauder of cosmetics; 57- Couldn’t find; 58- Latin love; 59- Indonesian holiday resort; 60- Getting ___ years; 62- Ethereal; 64- Golden, in France; 65- Altar words;


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Vol. 52, Issue 11 - November 10th, 2010