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WEDNESDAY | 10.31.2012 MaceandCROWN.COM | Vol. 55, Issue 9



Got Ghosts? By: Alyssa Narvell Arts & Entertainment Editor Mace & Crown

Fall is the time of year for apple cider, football and eerie ghost stories while walking through a haunted Williamsburg. The original ghost tour in the historic district of colonial Williamsburg has been spooking spectators for 23 years and holds tours in July, August and October with Halloween being the busiest time of year. Tour guides lead groups through the haunted streets by candlelight while sharing folklore of the old colonial city for an hour and a half. All stories told are from “The Ghosts of Williamsburg,” a book by L.B. Taylor written in 1983 which includes a compilation of ghost stories from people that claim to have had first-hand experiences with apparitions.

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A Gritty Victory By: Jordan Jones Assistant Sports Editor Mace & Crown

Conditions were not ideal at S.B. Ballard Stadium on Saturday, Oct. 27 but there was still football to be played as the Old Dominion University Monarchs (7-1, 4-1) welcomed the visiting University of Delaware Blue Hens (5-3, 2-3). Those that dared to brave the rain saw a great ball game that was well contested by both clubs from the opening kickoff. This backand-forth affair was full of hard hits, big plays, and eventually resulted in a 31-26 Monarch victory. continued on C1

The Five Most Haunted Places in Virginia

Get Spooked

By: Emma Needham Staff Writer Mace & Crown Virginia doesn’t have any insane asylums or famous prisons, but that doesn’t mean it has no tales of horror. Sites where ghosts have reportedly been spotted, noises have been heard and goose bumps arise are right around the corner. 1. Peyton Randolph House Williamsburg Williamsburg has many ghost tales and haunted tours because of its historic battlefields from past wars. Having been built in 1715, the Peyton Randolph House is one of the oldest structures in Williamsburg and the most haunted with a reported 23 ghosts said to haunt the house. A young soldier who fell ill and died of tuberculosis while staying in the house and a thin, old lady wearing a white gown and laced nightcap have been seen by the house’s past residents. The woman has been sighted by many people and is said to wake visitors up by calling their name, then crying. A young girl was also killed after being pushed down the stairs by her ghostly friend, Elizabeth. The doctors said that a superhuman force would have had to be the cause of her death, since she only fell from the second story. 2. Aquia Church - Stafford The earliest records of the church date back to Feb. 17, 1754. The church caught fire three years before construction was complete in 1757. The first story that arose from the church was about a young woman who was murdered there during the revolution. Her body was hidden in the belfry and was not found for some time because the church was not in use at the time of her death. Years later, her skeleton and golden hair was discovered with her bloodstains that remained on the floor for 100 years until the floors were replaced. People have described loud noises, the sounds of running up and down the stairs and the image of a horrified woman standing at the window. 3. Major Graham’s Mansion Grahams Forge Owned by Major Graham, the mansion was once a home to slaves who were kept chained in the basement. Slave owner Joseph Baker was murdered by two of his slaves in 1786. The house is said to have pain and anger and common occurrences of electric pulsing, moving

curtains and spirits walking up and down the stairs. EVPS, also known as electronic voice phenomena, captured sounds and images that were produced by Virginia Tech and gave some concrete evidence that the mansion is haunted. 4. Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park - Fredericksburg This park commemorates four battles including the Battle of the Wilderness, Battle of Chancellorville, Battle of Spotsylvania court house and the Battle of Fredericksburg. Ghostly images dressed in civil war attire have been caught on camera and cries have been heard here often. Because of the amount of evidence captured and reported sightings, Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military

Park has been included in many of the top five most haunted battlefields of America. 5. Cavalier Hotel - Virginia Beach Having opened in 1927, the hotel had many famous guests including Frank Sinatra, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Judy Garland and seven U.S. presidents. The Cavalier has been compared to the “Overlook Hotel” from “The Shining.” Adolph Coors of Coors Beer Brewery committed suicide by jumping out of the sixth floor window. Many people who stay on the sixth floor report sounds of flesh hitting the pavement. Guests have reported hearing cats scratching at their doors, which is said to be the pet of a girl who drowned in the hotel’s pool. Towels changing colors, toilets

flushing by themselves and elevators running on their own have also been reported. Some guests claimed to have encountered an African American bellhop at the staircase of the sixth floor, warning people to stay away. When mentioned to the workers at the hotel, no bellhop as the one described works there. Bonus: Gresham Dorms - Norfolk In 2003, a woman and her husband were shot in front of this ODU dorm and the killers were never found. The woman is said to roam around the dorm looking for help for her husband. Sightings of the woman are reported to be most numerous at the ends of the months, but particularly the month of November, when they were killed.

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Letter From the Editor

To those fearless enough to wander through these haunted pages,

The Mace & Crown has crossed to the dark side of campus where the sun rarely shines and the creatures lurk under the monorail. The writers of the Mace have ventured into the night armed with a pencil and paper to cover events of horror and fright. A fog rolled across campus. Many students hid in their rooms. The campus crawled with creatures from the deep. Witches, Zombies, and Snookies hobbled throughout campus. With skill and bravery on their sides, they attended the scariest locations in Virginia.

The paper dawned a look so haunted that only the brave venture into these pages. The blues and grays have run and hid behind their parents as orange and black lurch onto the pages. Halloween fonts have taken over headlines, which provided a look only the grim reaper could approve. During this week, the staff will attend the College Media Convention in Chicago. They will spook fellow attendees with this Halloween paper. It will proudly stand amongst the timid papers of our fellow institutions. The convention proves to be a warehouse of vast information that will craft the minds of an eager staff. A Frankenstein

like experiment if you will, mwahahaha! Ghosts and Ghouls are welcome to join the twisted staff of the Mace & Crown. Our laboratory is located with in the Webb Center. We meet at the haunted hour of 12:30 p.m. every Tuesday. If you wish to advertise with this eerie publication, call the scariest of them all, James Porter. He can be summoned through the world-wide-spider-web at Beware, I warn you beware. It has been a pleasure being your humble host through this haunted herald. Megan Jefferson Editor in Chief

NCAA Focusing on Education By: Ben Decowski Sports Editor Mace & Crown National Collegiate Athletic Association President Mark Emmert visited Old Dominion University on Tuesday, Oct. 23 to discuss the heavy emphasis the association places on the education of student athletes. Emmert was the fourth member to speak in ODU’s President’s Lecture Series that has included sportscaster Greg Gumble, screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and sociobiologist Rebecca Costa to date. Emmert opened by describing the NCAA as a “uniquely American tradition,” explaining how beneficial intercollegiate sports have been to the educational system. He said many other countries around the world believe that the NCAA is helping to turn out students who are great leaders, know how to work in groups and are entrepreneurs. These benefits have created a lot of interest in other countries, specifically in Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East, to start their own intercollegiate athletic program that emulates the NCAA. “They think part of the secret sauce of the American society and the American education is competitive sport,” Emmert said. Emmert continued to stress the NCAA’s focus on education and discussed a meeting held one year ago in August in which he called together about 50 university presidents, including President Broderick. During the meeting, Emmert and the presidents discussed intercollegiate sports for two days and came to the conclusion that, “Student athletes

have to be real students.” “Every basketball player knows that you’ve got to have a jump shot and a left hand. Well, you’ve also got to have English and math,” Emmert said, “And you’ve got to show up with those skills in sufficient abundance that you can be successful in the classroom as well as on the court or in the field.” In order to enforce the NCAA’s focus on academics, the association has put a rule into place that requires every team that operates under the NCAA to have 50 percent of their team on track to graduate. If any team fails to comply with this rule, it will be held out of postseason play

until the 50 percent requirement is met. This rule went into effect for the first time this year. If the rule went into effect in time for last year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship (March Madness), Emmert said that seven of the participating teams would not have gone. “Well, our goal is never to put the best basketball players on the court, our goal is to put the best college students on the court, who happen to be basketball players,” Emmert said. According to Emmert, the NCAA is also, “…in the middle right now of a major rewrite of our rule book.” The rewrite is being done in order

to reinforce the NCAA’s focus on academics as well as protect the association’s integrity. The rewrite will take most of the current school year to complete but Emmert hopes to have it finished by the end of the year. On Tuesday, Oct. 30 the Division I board will also vote on a change in a way that they do their enforcement process. Emmert said that the NCAA is, “Completely changing our penalty structure, completely changing the way we categorize penalties and completely changing the speed and the process by which we process cases.” The reasoning behind this change is the fact that the NCAA has noticed a frustration in the athletes, coaches and fans because the current process takes too long to review a case in which an individual or university may receive punishment. All of these changes are being made because the NCAA wants to, “Make sure this is about college students playing sports at their university.” Emmert stressed the fact that 99 percent of the NCAA’s 450 thousand student athletes will not play sports at the professional level. “We owe it to them to make sure that they have a chance to play in a fair playing field with rules that everybody follows,” Emmert said. Emmert’s message to the audience was that the NCAA wants to focus more on academics than ever before while also providing a safe and fair athletic experience. There have been many changes this year to reiterate that message and with a refined rule book on the way, there will be many more changes in the future.


SGA Address Monarchs,

Hopefully everyone has had a productive week and is nearly done with midterm exams. I wanted to update you all on two initiatives that the SGA will be pushing this coming academic year. One is a statewide VA21 survey and the other is the next step for our “Finish in Four” campaign which correlates with VA21. For more info on VA21 visit The VA21 statewide student survey is a survey published to engage Virginia University students on issues that pertain to them. Football rivalries aside, Old Dominion faces similar issues as many of our neighboring institutions. It is imperative that we stand as a unified force to the state government to ensure our issues are being addressed. As a whole, higher education will not strive if each school takes its own approach. This survey will pose questions on the quality of your education and student-life at your respective institution, as well

as questions pertaining to financial aid and tuition, faculty to student interaction and so forth. We hope you voice your opinion just as you will be doing in two weeks for the congressional and presidential election. It is your opportunity to enact progressive change. The “Finish in Four” campaign will correlate to the VA21 effort to ensure higher education grows to its truest potential. Our student to faculty ratio is 21-1 while the average in Virginia is 17-1, meaning we don’t have the adequate funds to support additional faculty members. With a lack of faculty members, we subsequently have fewer classes offered per semester – thus leading to a number of students prolonging their graduation date. The “Finish in Four” campaign will involve both the financial aspect and the student aspect. We will advocate for additional funding through a letter writing campaign in November and our general assembly lobbying day in Rich-

Wednesday 10.31.2012 | MACE & CROWN | A3

mond in January. The students will promote facts about finishing in four years. They will advertise negative factors that arise due to extended graduation rates which include tuition increases, an additional semester or year of housing, and fees. The students will also promote the necessary steps in order to graduate in four years, which include taking appropriate amounts of classes per semester and analysis of limited class offerings. To conclude, I urge you to take our reading day survey. It ensures that students are not only voicing their opinion on a state wide level but on a campus level. This is a matter that the eighty-second session of the Student Government Association feels very strongly about. The link for the survey is https:// b1oUTzBxDN2oMQJ. Happy exams and feel free to stop by the SGA office with any questions or concerns you may have on any of the above issues or other matters! Mariam Abdelhamid Student Body President 12’ - 13’

Mother’s Network Interest Group By: Pamula Floyd Staff Writer Mace & Crown

Student mothers wanting an opportunity to network with other student mothers and explore the university’s available resources now have the chance with the Mother’s Network Interest Group. The first meeting was held on Oct. 22. Several mothers attended and shared their thoughts on what the group should be like. The need for a lactation room that abides by the state regulations was of utmost importance. ODU has a lactation room but it is not up to state standards. These mothers hope that with the help of the women’s caucus, something will be done to make the lactation room up to state standards. Childcare was also a huge concern. It was mentioned that ODU does have the childcare research center but it has a long waiting list and is expensive. Gretchen Edwards-Bodner, public relations and marketing coordinator with the Women’s Center, said they work with the Planning Council of Norfolk to help mother’s find good childcare providers. The group would like the Student Success Center to

come up with some parent friendly study habits and organization tips. The group would like to start study sessions, possibly weekly, where they can bring their kids and have them hang out, while the mothers brainstorm. This idea is still in the beginning phase. Even though most mothers have more important things to think about than sororities, the group discovered, “Delta Sigma Lambda” a sorority for returning women 25 and older continuing their education. Not all of the Delta Sigma Lambda’s are mothers, so the group decided to look at the advantages of joining. Besides being mothers and full-time college students, this group also helps fundraise for other organizations. They wanted ideas on how to do so at ODU. They were referred to the Center for Service and Civic Engagement. This group hopes to build its network of mothers that just happen to be students. Interested student mothers are encouraged to share their thoughts during the next brainstorm meeting on Nov. 6, 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Place to be announced. If interested please contact Gretchen at the Women’s Center at

Oceans 12 H a r n e s s i n g t h e P ow e r o f t h e O c e a n By: Patrick Reilly Contributing Writer Mace & Crown

The Marine Technology Society and the Oceanic Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers sponsored a conference emphasizing marine technology and related fields. Over 1,700 people from 35 countries attended and contributed to the conference at the

Virginia Beach Convention Center from Oct. 15 to Oct. 19. “Harnessing the Power of the Ocean” was the theme for the conference and delivered on the theme with the selection of workshops, technical sessions, and exhibitors. Major topics ranged from ocean observing, to marine vehicles, to sea level rise among others. The multidisciplinary scope showed that concerns for the

worlds’ oceans were being addressed. Many of the technical sessions were exhibiting the newest research and innovation in the field of oceanography. Old Dominion University was the host university during the conference. ODU represented its ocean interests on the exhibit floor and President John Broderick held an honorary chair. “The time is ripe for a ‘think continued on A4

WEEKLYCRIMELOG 10/19 12:44 a.m. – 4800 Block Hampton Blvd. – Student Arrested for Assaulting Police Officer 12:52 a.m. – Lion Fountain – Students Observed on the Lion 12:10 p.m. – Café 1201 - Theft of Unattended Property 9:00 p.m. – 4800 Block Hampton Blvd. – Fraud – Use of Bank Cards

10/20 – Rogers Hall – Arrest Underage Possession of Alcohol 6:39 p.m. – 4000 Block Killam Ave. – Drug Possession Arrest 11:08 p.m. – Rogers East – Arrest for Underage Possession of Alcohol 11:28 p.m. – Rogers Main – Odor of Marijuana 3:00 a.m.

10/21 – Health Science – Vandalism Broken Windows 10:44 p.m. – 4600 Block Elkorn Ave. – Simple Assault Arrest of Non-student 4:05 a.m.

10/22 12:30 a.m. – Rogers Annex – Arrest for Underage Possession of Alcohol 8:57 p.m. – 1000 Block 49 St. – Student Received Intimidating Text Messages 9:30 p.m. – England House – Drugs and Paraphernalia Seized 10:00 p.m. – Scotland House – Arrest for False Identification to Police 10:00 p.m. – Scotland House – Argument between Roommates

10/23 – Ted Constant Center – Theft of Laptop – Webb Center – Theft of Laptop – Ted Constant Center – Theft of Backpack – 4300 Block Monarch Way – Theft from Motor Vehicle 11:00 a.m. – Lot 43 – Theft from Motor Vehicle 1:00 p.m. – 1100 Block 46 St. – Vandalism to Vehicle 1:15 p.m. – 4600 Block Hampton Blvd. – Theft of iPhone 4:20 p.m. – Scotland House – Theft of Laptop 7:46 p.m. – 1400 Block 49 St. – Theft from Motor Vehicle 10:30 p.m. – District – Theft from Motor Vehicle 12:17 p.m. 11:30 a.m. 12:40 p.m. 1:33 p.m.

10/24 1:30 a.m. – Rogers Hall – Arrest for Trespassing 10:57 p.m. – 4500 Block Killiam Ave. – Aggravated Assault Student Shot by Air Gun 11:00 p.m. – Powhatan Sports Complex – Theft of Property

10/25 12:40 p.m. – Perry Library – Theft of Book Bag 2:05 p.m. – Kaufman Mall – Disorderly Conduct


A4 | MACE & CROWN | Wednesday 10.31.2012

ODU Hosts Panel of Professors to Analyze Upcoming Election By: Andrew Tompkins Staff Writer Mace & Crown

discussing the broad implications of the U.S. presidential race. His talk covered both strategic political moves as well as updates on poll ODU held an election forum results amongst the U.S. populace. “One of the things that helped “Election and Consequence: Decision 2012” Thursday to discuss the Barack Obama win in 2008, was upcoming November Presidential that he broke into the Republican and Congressional elections. Pan- stronghold of southern states. He elists for the forum included Glen took Virginia, Florida and North Sussman, professor; Kathleen Win- Carolina and if he is unable to do ters, assistant professor of political it again it could become problemscience; Steve Yetiv, professor; and atic for his campaign,” Sussman Jesse Richman associate professor. explained. Sussman went on to clarify that Former 2nd Congressional District Representative G. William White- this election in particular has been hurst served as the panel moderator polarizing in terms of campaigning and voter bases. For the most part and host. The forum covered four topics the electorate has been charged and concerning the presidential and outspoken for both sides. Gallup congressional races. Each panelist polls have shown the margin betook time to discuss their insights tween likely voters and registered on the issues and the repercussions voters indicates two different outof the election results. Discussions comes. With Romney leading by included the presidential contest, a thin margin of likely voters, but impact on the Supreme Court, con- incumbent President Barack Obama gressional elections, and U.S. for- leads in registered voters. The panel then shifted gears and eign policy. Taking and maintaining a non-partisan stance, each of the Richman spoke on the congrespanelists offered opinions and cited sional races currently happening facts on what each candidate will around the nation as well as in Hampton Roads. most likely do if elected. Old Dominion Student Newspaper Ad_Layout 1 10/23/2012 3:29 PM Page 1 “Congress in the last two years Sussman kicked off the panel by

earned all-time lows with approval rates of 10 to 12 percent. This is remarkably unpopular, but it looks like we’re turning to the same cast of characters all over again. There’s a very high likelihood that Republicans will continue to control the House, and the Senate looks to stay Democratic,” Richman said. Richman referenced findings by the SSRC, which conducted several election polls that showed if the same proportion of young and minority voters turned out and voted in this election as in the 2008 election, Obama would have a sizeable lead in Virginia. If the same proportion does not show up and vote the same way, Romney will likely have the edge, so the outcome of this election will depend a great amount by who shows up to the voting booths. Professor Kathleen Winters then spoke about election ramifications on the Supreme Court. She noted that the next four years could potentially lead to the retiring of at least three justices, though Winters herself did not believe that would occur. There are currently four justices over the age of 70, with the oldest being Ruth Bader Ginsburg at age 79. She pointed out that Su-

preme Court justices try to “conveniently” retire. “Supreme court justices are strategic in their retirements. Their main consideration is who the current President is. Justice Ginsburg has been criticized by some for not retiring a few years before this election, and will likely be retiring in the next four years,” Winters said. Winters pointed out that the future could hold a much more important presidency as far as the Supreme Court is concerned. Four current Justices are in their 70’s so the next two elections will most likely see all four of them retiring in the next eight years. Professor Yetiv addressed the subject of foreign policy and the candidate’s seemingly similar yet vastly different stances on certain facets. Yetiv explained that Romney has said that he will take a more interventionist approach to foreign policy. The issue of labeling China as a currency manipulator is a prime example of marginal, but crucial differences in approach between the two candidates. Both agree that China is a currency manipulator, but only Romney has been outspoken against labeling China as one to the worldwide audience. Yetiv summarized, “Small differences in stances have large implications in foreign policy.”

continued from “Oceans 12” (A1) tank’ assembly whose aim is to explore challenges and opportunities that our oceans present. ODU was eager to support this Oceans 12 meeting because we are a metropolitan research university in a coastal setting, and we have a deep and growing interest in those research areas suggested by the conference agenda,” said Broderick. The enthusiasm for the conference did not end with the president. The volunteers for the event, many of them Monarchs, took advantage of all the conference had to offer. ODU grad student Jim Haluska said, “The opportunity to see the wide range of manufacturers and scientists trying to solve problems and collect ocean related data in what is a basically hostile environment was great.” Student volunteers had the opportunity to explore the conference and even co-chair technical sessions with leading scientists. The experience was great for students that took an interest in the conference. When asked if he would do it again, Haluska said, “I would definitely do it again, given the chance.”

BIG BLUES! VotE oN NoVEmBEr 6!  Virginia students have a chance to make decisions on important issues facing the country. Here is what you need to know to vote this year: Check Your Voter Registration: Make sure you know if you are registered at your school address or your parents’ house. Check your voter registration status at Make a plan: If you registered to vote at your school address, make sure you know where your polling place is located by going to Bring your friends to vote with you! If you registered back home in the Virginia community you grew up in, make sure you can return to vote in person or that you apply for an absentee ballot. You can request an absentee ballot by mail until 5pm on October 30th or in person at the local registrar’s office until November 3rd. What ID is needed to vote: Bring your student ID to the polls! Virginia allows student IDs from any Virginia institute of higher learning to serve as voter ID as long as it has your picture or your name and address. Voters without an ID must vote a provisional ballot which will not be counted unless the voter provides proof of ID to the county electoral board by noon on Friday, November 9th. A list of acceptable IDs can be found at VOTE! POLLS ARE OPEN FROM 6:00 A.M. TO 7:00 P.M. ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6. Find your polling location at

For questions or more information, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE or visit


Wednesday 10.31.2012 | MACE & CROWN | B1

arts entertainment

Got Ghosts?

The Original Ghosts of Williamsburg Tour By: Alyssa Narvell Arts & Entertainment Editor Mace & Crown

Fall is the time of year for apple cider, football and eerie ghost stories while walking through a haunted Williamsburg. The original ghost tour in the historic district of colonial Williamsburg has been spooking spectators for 23 years and holds tours in July, August and October with Halloween being the busiest time of year. Tour guides lead groups through the haunted streets by candlelight while sharing folklore of the old colonial city for an hour and a half. All stories told are from “The Ghosts of Williamsburg,” a book by L.B. Taylor written in 1983 which includes a compilation of ghost stories from people that claim to have had first-hand experiences with apparitions. “I’ve made a contention that Virginia may well be the most haunted state in the union. It has more years of history than any other area–over 400 years now. And there’s probably been more tragedy and trauma in Virginia than any other single state. You had the early Indian fights, you had the Revolutionary War, a lot of that was fought here,”

Taylor said. The Peyton Randolph house is one of the featured haunted historic houses on the tour. The house is said to be full with sadness as it has had suicides, murders, illnesses and evil. According to the Ghost

Tour’s website, the house has been investigated on Unsolved Mysteries and is said to have 23 spirits which remain in the house today. This is said to be the most haunted house in Williamsburg. The Ludwell Paradise house,

which is also included on the tour, was inhabited by one of the most mentally ill women of the 18th century, “Loony” Lucy Ludwell. Recent residents claimed to have seen her ghost wondering around the house. She is said to have had a

bath fetish and residents can often hear water running and splashing in the upstairs bathroom when no one is there. “I really enjoyed the tour. I was disappointed that we couldn’t actually go in the houses to explore, but it was still really cool,” said tour participant Derek Page. There are 88 original buildings in historic Williamsburg that have undergone minor reconstruction. But many of the houses showed during the tour, with the Peyton Randolph house being the most problematic, undergo daily maintenance due to strange forces inside that bust windows and create leaky pipes when the house is vacant. The Ghost Tour’s official website features photos of ghosts and orbs captured from tour participants. Orbs are spherical light objects that are said to be the soul of a departed person. To see more photos, visit Tickets are $15 and small children are not recommended to attend the extreme ghost tour due to the subject matter and darkness, but there is a standard ghost tour that is suitable for children. Group tours are also available. Groups of 20 or more will have a $1 discount per person with an exclusive time.

Gary Simmons Presents Afternoon Lecture New-York Artist responds to “30 Americans” exhibition By: Eric Smith Staff Writer Mace & Crown

New York native artist Gary Simmons delivered a lecture responding to the “30 Americans” exhibit. He also displayed his artwork. The Chrysler Museum of Art held the exhibit from March 16 through July 15. ODU’s Art Department, College of Arts and Letters and the Chrysler Museum of Art sponsored Simmons’ lecture. Simmons uses his “erasure” drawings and paintings to address the stereotypes of African-Americans regarding race, identity and culture. The exhibit “30 Americans” addresses the same issues. The only difference is the style. Simmons is known for his erasure technique when creating pieces. He performs this technique by drawing iconic figures with chalk, and smearing images with his fingers, creating a ghostly appearance. Simmons often relates his work to film, personal stories, pop culture and architecture. Erasure painting and drawing communi-

cates the repetitive preconceived notions of African-Americans. Simmons partially removes layers of his images to show viewers why some stereotypes are not fully removed from society. When he uses this technique, Simmons illustrates the impossible mission

of ridding stereotypes in society. According to a video Simmons played during the lecture, he calls erasure, “evidence that the viewer almost never sees.”

Simmons began exploring the erasure technique when he was trying to create an educational movie. Erasure came from viewing cinematic images. While he was viewing them, he came across “race car tunes.” This came from viewing early cartoon versions of Disney, Looney Tunes and Tex Avery. Simmons cites his influences in the art world. David Hammons is one of the many examples he looks up to. Others include Jackie Winsor, Adrian Piper, Jack Whitten and Gerhard Richter. “30 Americans” illustrates pieces from African-American artists of the last 30 years. It focuses on racial, sexual and historical identity in past and present day culture. Prominent artists include Jean-Michel Basquiat, David Hammons, Shinique Smith and Kehinde Wiley, all who base their work in New York. The exhibit has 76 paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings and videos. In an interview right before the event, Simmons shared his thoughts on “30 Americans.” “I thought it was very powerful,” said Sim-

mons, “It was very ambitious and shows depth of interest.” Simmons concentrates on reader observation in his pieces. He first looked at Dumbo breaking down lines of race. He began to draw Dumbo and then erased it showing underlined stereotypes. He based his early erasures on early twentieth century cartoons. Simmons addressed the issue of race in his 1993 work “Line Up.” It showed a line of gold sneakers, a fashion trend of the 1980s by African-American men. The shoes were problematic because they were fought over. When he completed “Here’s Honey,” Simmons got involved in making his own visual language. Simmons said that this piece was similar to a DJ remixing a country song with a rap song. He calls himself a “visual DJ” and does this in most of his art. His most recent erasure drawing is from 2008 showing a ghostly “Hollywood” sign. Simmons recently released a book called “Paradise” available now on Amazon.


B2 | MACE & CROWN | Wednesday 10.31.2012

Food Trucks on the Move in Norfolk By: Megan Stamper Web Designer Mace & Crown

Food trucks are rolling around Norfolk’s streets providing hungry citizens with diverse food options. Evan Harrell, head order taker at Hubcap Grill, was interested in the street food trend after noticing the role food trucks played in bigger cities. Harrell started Hubcap Grill with his mother Catherine Dodge, and stepfather Toby Dodge, in January. According to Harrell, he wanted to help his mother open a restaurant. “We thought that a food truck might be a better idea. We realized that there were not any food trucks in Norfolk and we wanted to be the first.” Hubcap Grill opened its window for the first time at a parking lot on Orapax Street, in the West Ghent neighborhood of Norfolk. The menu is a diverse and always changing collaboration between the owners, according to Harrell. The menu theme is street food and the culinary influences come from different cultures where street food is more prevalent, such as South America and Asia. “There is no real structure. We do things that make us feel good

and we hope that everyone else enjoys it,” said Harrell. Another local food truck, Wrap N Roll, puts a healthy twist on traditional street dining. Amy Oliver and Jerri Hartz opened Wrap N Roll in June. Oliver bought a beat up truck on Craigslist in March, fixed it up, and started her business. Wrap N Roll’s debut event was the Tall Ships at Cape Charles Festival on the Eastern Shore. Oliver and Hartz are determined to give good connotations to the term “quick food.” By using fresh, local grown produce and lean, grilled meats, they are able to produce a menu that is low fat, low calorie and quick. Zoning issues have caused a problem with food trucks in the downtown, residential and historic areas of Norfolk. “They are not allowing us to park anywhere that makes sense, but I think that will change soon,” said Harrell. According to Frank Duke, director of the Department of Planning, zoning ordinances prohibit food vendors in the downtown district. An application for a text amendment to the zoning ordinance allowing food vendors in the downtown district has been filed. There

will be a public hearing of the planning committee in November and the ordinance would face city council in January or February. “They clearly are a hot commodity right now. I used to own a restaurant and the food service industry can be very fickle. Things

that were hot 20 years ago are not now,” Duke said. “Food trucks are a litmus test for a community that is progressive and creative,” said Harrell. He believes food trucks in Norfolk will enhance the city and said because they are able to take risks and offer

varieties that a restaurant is unable or unwilling to do. For more information about food truck meet-ups, visit For more information about supporting food trucks in Norfolk visit www.

Bluegrass and Coffee Beans

Conor Mulroy Delights Borjo Customers

By: Dominique Bailey Contributing Writer Mace & Crown Coffee lovers were treated to a free show last Wednesday night at Borjo Coffeehouse as Conor Mulroy soothed listeners for over an

hour with classically influenced bluegrass music. This stop in Norfolk is one of many in Mulroy’s nationwide tour. This tour is allowing Mulroy to further promote his June 5 release “Foxfire.” Mixing bluegrass, classical and jazz, Mulroy’s set blended perfect-

ly with the soothing atmosphere of the local coffeehouse. Playing both the guitar and the banjo, listeners were able to witness Mulroy’s talent firsthand. Immediately, it became clear that Mulroy was an excellent musician, so much that his voice became an afterthought.

As he got lost in complex rhythms and intricate chords, Mulroy’s passion for music shined. Although Mulroy did speak and even shared some laughs with the crowd during song changes, it was clear that his comedic wit was not the star, his music was. Conor Mulroy is a Maine native and classically trained guitarist. He also plays the mandolin, banjo, piano and bass–making him somewhat of a one-man band. Oddly enough Mulroy is unable to sight read music. “I can read notes, but I can’t read rhythms,” said Mulroy. “What may take someone 15 minutes to sight read and play, may take me an hour.” Despite all his training, recording and performing he has relied mainly on his memory to help him learn or write compositions. However, those familiar with Mulroy’s music can say with confidence that this has not held him back. As a college graduate, Mulroy also shared the sentiments of college students nationwide. He laughed as he recalled his college experience. “It’s funny, when I was at school I wanted to be away from school, but when I was away from school

I wanted to be at school,” he said. Mulroy has traveled nationwide and worldwide, taking breaks in-between his travels to pursue higher education. Mulroy attended Northeastern University and the University of Southern Maine. He currently holds a master’s degree in music composition. Although Mulroy admits to occasionally getting burnt out from all the performing and traveling, he enjoys it. “I was exposed to a lot of music that I wouldn’t have heard otherwise,” he said. From New Zealand to Wyoming, Mulroy is a seasoned traveling man. He named the music he heard in Europe as one of his biggest musical influences. Mulroy is also inspired by film composers. He has arranged some orchestral pieces himself, but he is currently not pursuing that path. Instead he is focusing on his current tour. Early next year he hopes to begin recording composed banjo music with up to seven other players. Mulroy’s solo projects can be heard and purchased at There is information about other bands Mulroy is involved in and his contact information.


Wednesday 10.31.2012 | MACE & CROWN | C1


A Gritty Victory By: Jordan Jones Assistant Sports Editor Mace & Crown

Conditions were not ideal at S.B. Ballard Stadium on Saturday, Oct. 27 but there was still football to be played as the Old Dominion University Monarchs (7-1, 4-1) welcomed the visiting University of Delaware Blue Hens (5-3, 2-3). Those that dared to brave the rain

saw a great ball game that was well contested by both clubs from the opening kickoff. This back-andforth affair was full of hard hits, big plays, and eventually resulted in a 31-26 Monarch victory. It was clear that the Blue Hens came ready for a war. After forcing a Monarch punt and fumble on subsequent drives, Delaware drove down the field and capped their drive with a touchdown catch by

wide receiver Michael Johnson. However, ODU did not give in. They responded with a long drive of their own culminated by a 22yard run by sophomore sensation quarterback Taylor Heinicke. The run game would become a theme of the day for a remarkably patient ODU offensive unit. Because of the rainy conditions, both offenses were basically forced to abandon long passes and go to a

concerted rushing attack. Heinicke ended the day with three rushing touchdowns, a career best. “One of them was just a scramble, everybody was matched up so I just took off. The other two were just running plays, they were running a type of blitz and I felt they were gonna tackle Tyree so I just pulled it and tried to make something happen.” “That’s the last time that’s probably ever going to happen,” Heinicke jokingly said. Sophomore running back Tyree Lee got the start and took full advantage, rushing for a career high, 132 yards on 21 carries, and did a solid job in pass protection. He said that he prepares the same for every game, despite how many carries he may or may not get. “I didn’t know I was going to get this many carries, but I’m happy I did,” Lee said. Wide receiver Nick Mayers also had a strong game, rebounding from a fumble early in the game to catch 11 passes for 131 yards. As was stated before, Delaware did not go away easily and was up for the challenge despite the weather and key injuries to their starting quarterback and best linebacker. “We’ve had two lightning delays so far this year, “ Delaware

Old Dominion University’s field hockey team defeated William & Mary 2-1 in overtime on Saturday Oct. 27. The game was the last of the Lady Monarch’s regular season and came after a heartbreaking 3-1 loss to No. 1 North Carolina. The Lady Monarchs won on a goal from sophomore forward Rosario Villagra to give ODU their second overtime win on the season. The Lady Monarachs

head coach K. C. Keeler said, “and then a windy day against Maine so we have not had great weather all season.” Despite these factors, the Blue Hens utilized a methodical attack on offense and a tough defensive scheme to stay with ODU throughout the ball game. But today was just the Monarchs day. The defense was able to come up with key stops during the fourth quarter including a game clinching interception on the Blue Hen’s final drive by linebacker Craig Wilkins. “Very, very excited with this win,” ODU coach Bobby Wilder said after the game, “This is as big a win as we’ve had this year. This was our fifth straight team that we were playing that was a potential playoff team, this has been an absolute gauntlet of teams these past five weeks. “I feel like our freshman [on defense] are getting better. We’re playing with them, we’re sticking with them.” Despite some missed tackles, drops by wide receivers, and faults in protection resulting in sacks on Heinicke, ODU was able to overcome and get a tough win. They will look to build on this win next weekend when they face Georgia State in Atlanta.

also went undefeated in the Colonial Athletic Association this year. Seventy-two percent of ODU student athletes who came to the university in 2005 have graduated according to Men’s and women’s swimming, tennis, field hockey, women’s sailing, women’s golf, women’s soccer and women’s lacrosse had 80 percent of athletes graduate during that time.

Sophomore Quarterback Taylor Heinicke completed 36 of his 45 pass attempts for 375 yards on Saturday, Oct. 27 as he lead the Monarchs in a 31-26 home victory over Delaware. He completed passes to seven different players, including 11 to Nick Mayers for 131 yards. Heinicke also picked up three rushing touchdowns on 11 carries in the game. Heinicke now has an incredible 3,490 total yards on the season with three more games remaining in the regular season. The Monarchs improve to 7-1 on the season and have one more home game versus William & Mary on Nov. 10.


C2 | MACE & CROWN | Wednesday 10.31.2012

No. 1 UNC Tarnish Emotional Night for No. 9 ODU Lady Monarchs Lose Heartbreaker on Senior Night By: Ben Decowski Sports Editor Mace & Crown The Old Dominion University Lady Monarch’s field hockey team lost 3-1 to the University of North Carolina at the L.R. Hill Sports Complex on Oct. 26. The loss came on a tough night as the Lady Monarchs celebrated Senior Night as well as head coach Beth Anders’ last home game of her career. “It’s a really emotional night. It’s hard to come out and realize, you know, it’s going to be your last home game,” redshirt senior goalkeeper Maria Petriello said. The No. 9 Lady Monarchs (135) came out energized in the first half and battled back and forth with the No. 1 Tar Heels (17-1) for much of the first half. “Any time two good teams play against each other, you’re [going to] have ups and downs and one team’s going to play well and then you’re going to have to take it and then you have to attack the same way,” Petriello

said. UNC managed to break the tie in the thirty-first minute on a penalty corner when sophomore forward Charlotte Craddock put the ball in the net. Corners were a particularly strong point for UNC and they had five in the first half. It is unusual for the Lady Monarchs to allow a goal on a corner and the team usually defends them well. “We have a lot of confidence in our corner team. We believe that they’re going to clear the ball out every time,” junior midfielder and team co-captain Kati Nearhouse said. The Tar Heels took their onepoint lead into the half and outshot the Lady Monarchs eight to two. ODU also had two penalty corners in the half but failed to capitalize on either of them as the UNC defense played well in the circle. “It was an evenly matched game, I mean sometimes the stats don’t show it because, you know you get the ball in the circle and you just can’t get a shot off,” Petriello said. The Lady Monarchs came out

energized in the second half. A penalty corner was called in the forty-second minute and freshman forward Sarah Breen launched a shot at the goalie, sophomore Sassi Ammer, who deflected it. ODU sophomore forward Rosario Villagra grabbed the rebound and put the ball over top of Ammer’s prone body for the equalizer. “Sarah had a good shot and it deflected off the goalie and then [Rosario Villagra] just tipped it in,” Nearhouse said. That goal served as a wake-up call for UNC who exploded on the offensive side of the ball shortly after. In the forty-seventh minute, Craddock took the ball up the side of the field on a break-away and found sophomore forward Loren Shealy in the middle of the field. Shealy fired the ball between the legs of ODU’s Petriella to go up 2-1. “They started to work together and get better,” Nearhouse said. The Tar Heels scored one more time in the fifty-third minute on a shot from senior back Caitlin Van Sickle to go up 3-1. “Well UNC al-

ways attacks, they always go hard and so it’s hard to defend but we were doing our best to defend it,” Nearhouse said. The Lady Monarchs fought hard all the way through the game on an emotional night but came up short. UNC outshot ODU 16 to seven and accumulated eight corners to ODU’s five. Petriello had a strong night despite the three goals she let up as she recorded eight saves against the top ranked team in the nation. The Lady Monarchs had four seniors participate in Senior Night in Petriello, forward Kimberly Oakes, forward Maartje van Rijswijk and back Julie Hodge. “We have a lot of pride in our program and it’s a big honor to get to play on this field,” Petriello said. The game also marked coach Anders’ last home game of her spectacular 30-year career. Coach Anders has amassed a career record of 559-134-7, which gives her the most wins in Division I history. Coach Anders also took the

Lady Monarchs to 17 championship round appearances which is an NCAA record. “It’s like life changing because you learn so much more and not just field hockey or how to play a position. You learn life situations and how to handle everything that comes to you in your life and how to compete and everything,” Nearhouse said. “People say a team reflects their coach and Beth is a fighter and we want to reflect her fight when we play. She’s just an amazing person,” Petriello added. The Lady Monarchs are not eligible to participate in the Colonial Athletic Association tournament due to the university’s move to the Conference USA. However, the team is eligible to compete in the NCAA field hockey championship tournament. “Every game is important from here out,” Petriello said.


Department of Urban Studies & Public Administration Academic Programs:  Undergraduate Minor in Public Service  Master of Public Administration

 ONLINE Graduate Certificate in Public Procurement & Contract Management

 Ph.D. in Public Administration & Urban Policy Questions? Contact: Megan Jones, Program Manager  757-683-3961  Constant Hall Room 2084

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Game, Set, Match By: Mitchell Brown Staff Writer Mace & Crown A leader is someone who is not afraid to be in the limelight and can be an example of excellence. Every once in a while, a young player takes everyone by surprise and fills that leadership role. Carlos Lopez Villa, the 6-foot 2-inch sophomore from Madrid, Spain, is leading Old Dominion’s men’s tennis team. In just a season and a half, Villa has put together an impressive 13-8 singles record and a 20-4 doubles record. Villa played tennis at Ortega y Gasset for secondary school as well as his club team, Tejar de Somantes. Aside from pure talent, Villa credits his success to, “practicing hard every day, trying to do things in practice that I can accomplish in the matches against my opponents.” The tennis program has never been a fan of complacency so the team feels like there is always something to be accomplished. “Last year was a pretty good season individually, but this year I’d like to get ranked and get better as a team and beat some of the top

teams in the nation,” Villa said. So far, the Monarchs have faced an array of top-caliber teams and in the second half of the season will face the likes of Harvard, Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech. The team has seen significant improvement from last year. “I think the team is getting better, definitely better than last year. One through six will be stronger and I definitely expect to beat the best teams in the country. I think we can do it and I’m ready for it,” Villa said. Getting adapted to Old Dominion wasn’t hard for Villa because his team mate and close friend, senior Albert Ochagavia, was already a sophomore on the team. “He told me how the school was. [I] checked it out, and liked the characteristics of school and team, so that’s why I chose ODU,” Villa said. Head coach Aljosa Piric of course used his charm and knowledge of the game to bring Villa to Old Dominion as well. Villa started playing tennis early in his childhood at the age of nine. “I started playing in a club, then I got more in to it. I kept playing and then I came here,” Villa said. Villa’s role model is his country’s superstar

Serving it Up with Nika Khmolovska By: Ben Decowski Sports Editor Mace & Crown

Junior Nika Khmolovska has been a force on the tennis court this year. She has accumulated a 5-2 record in singles and a 2-2 record in doubles with sophomore Faith Atiso and freshman Ivana Vukovic. Khmolovska also won the Margie Waters Singles Flight at the Tribe Invitational this year. Khmolovska traveled all the way from Odessa in the Ukraine in order to play tennis for Old Dominion University. “Location was like a serious thing for me and I talked to the coaches, I really liked them,” Khmolovska said, “My city is pretty similar to Norfolk, it’s on the sea. It’s really warm there so it’s also like traditions history and I thought Virginia would be a pretty nice state for me to go because of all the historical landmarks.” Khmolovska also credited former ODU men’s tennis player Fahoum Fahoum with helping her choose the Lady Monarchs. “He brought so much spirit [to] me, he showed me what the school was about and I just fell in love with it.” The University of Florida and El Paso in Texas also offered Khmolovska a spot on their teams but she turned them down. She joked that it was because of the, “Climate and everything, I was afraid of tornados. “Plus my sign is Scorpio so I’m such a water person. I can’t imagine living somewhere in the mountains or far away from the sea,” Khmolovska said. Tennis has been a big part of Khmolovska’s life since she was four and said that her mother actually coaches the sport back in the Ukraine. “Well, my mom is a coach so it was pretty much my first toy, tennis racquet and a ball,” Khmolovska said. Khmolovska was active as a kid

and said that she also swam, played chess, did aerobics and danced a lot growing up. She said that her parents never forced her to play tennis but the sport ended up being her favorite along with dancing. “I think it’s an amazing sport,” Khmolovska said. Khmolovska is one of seven international students on the women’s tennis team. In fact Faith Atiso is the only American on the team, coming from Virginia Beach. “We’re all international. We’re trying to bring in traditions cultures. We cook like different foods and stuff so it’s pretty much awesome,” Khmolovska said. The women’s team also gets along well with the men’s tennis team and they have created a family-like atmosphere. “My first year I would say we were a little bit separated. There were like small groups of people, now we’re like all together. We’re trying to do a lot of different stuff together. Actually I just came from the zumba class [and] all of the girls were there. “We’re all really nice friends, we all go to the beach together, party together,” Khmolovska said. She also said that the fact that so many of them are international helps her deal with homesickness. “You know who to go to to complain, share all the pain.” Khmolovska said that she will always continue to play tennis, but not necessarily professionally. “To tell the truth, for me, studying is really important and I’m an international studies major so I’m really looking forward to getting into some governmental, non-governmental organization, something like United Nations would be perfect.” Khmolovska has had a great career so far at ODU. Even though she doesn’t plan on playing professionally, she doesn’t take her experiences from tennis for granted. “I can’t imagine my life without the sport,” Khmolovska said.

Wednesday 10.31.2012 | MACE & CROWN | C3

Rafael Nadal. Many of today’s top tennis players come from Spain like David Ferrer, Juan Carlos Ferrero and Fernando Verdasco. Villa reminisced and said his most memorable moment came when he was 13-years-old and he won the Spanish national championship against the best players in the country. After his career at Old Dominion, Villa

says he’ll, “probably go back to Spain.” A team made up of many different cultures has meshed together to make one dominant unit consisting of a great head coach, great players, and great leaders. Carlos Lopez Villa’s dominance in the college tennis world has only begun and is sure to create more buzz in the future.


C4 | MACE & CROWN | Wednesday 10.31.2012

Kings of the West Beasts of the East By: Mitchell Brown Staff Writer Mace & Crown Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for; facial dunks and buzzer beaters are back. It seems like the NBA season just concluded with Lebron James and company hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy, but once again we’re looking at the start of what is going to be another epic NBA season. Many things stuck out from last year’s season. Could the Eastern Conference finally have dominance over the West? The 2012 Miami Heat faced adversity all last season, from injuries to being on the brink of elimination twice. One thing is for sure, the Eastern Conference is no longer just individual talents. NBA fanatics saw the likes of the Indianapolis Pacers and the Philadelphia 76ers become tough tests for annual powerhouses like the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat. This year won’t be any different, except for the fact that it will be much tougher to claim the label of “Kings of the East.” The 76ers lost a stud in wingman Andre Iguodala, but countered that loss with the addition of All-Star center Andrew Bynum. Bynum isn’t the only familiar face in a new place. The Miami Heat made sure to heighten their chances of a repeat with the additions of Rashard Lewis and all-time

By: Jordan Jones Assistant Sports Editor Mace & Crown The NBA is back ladies and gentlemen. Basketball fans everywhere are anxiously awaiting what many are saying could be one of the best seasons in recent memory. The Western Conference in particular is stacked. Last year, the Oklahoma City Thunder were champions of the West, utilizing a terrific young nucleus made up of All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook, reigning league scoring champ Kevin Durant, and sixth man of the year James Harden. After losing to the Miami Heat in the Finals, the Thunder were able to add rookie sensation Perry Jones III via the draft and look to be at full strength to defend their Western Conference crown. Perhaps the story of the offseason was the acquisition of arguably the best center in basketball, Dwight Howard, by the Los Angeles Lakers. Howard ended his monthslong saga with Orlando Magic management and was traded to the Lakers, taking his enormous talents to Hollywood. The Lakers, who fell in the second round of the playoffs last year, also added perennial All-Star point guard Steve Nash in a blockbuster deal over

the summer. Don’t forget about Kobe Bryant either. Entering his seventeenth season, the future hall-of-famer is looking to win his sixth title and cement his legacy among the all-time greats. The “other” team in L.A., the Clippers, are looking to bounce back from a disappointing finish during last year’s playoffs. After adding several key acquisitions, including guard Jamal Crawford, they will be looking to step into the limelight and show who is the best team in Los Angeles. There are also a few other teams on the rise in the West. The Golden State Warriors, under the leadership of second year head coach Marc Jackson and third year guard Stephen Curry, have a strong and young team and are poised to end years of futility and make a playoff run. Other teams such as the Minnesota Timberwolves, led by star power forward Kevin Love, are looking forward to staking a claim as a premier team in the West. Will this year’s champion team be a team from the Western Conference? Buckle up for the ride folks, this season promises to be action packed and exciting. Your beloved sport is back.

three-point leader Ray Allen. The Brooklyn Nets have moved to a new arena and have added some fresh faces to go along with the new jet black uniforms that are being worn this season. The Nets not only retained the improving Kris Humphries and Brook Lopez, but also added the proven All-Stars Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace. The Boston Celtics bolstered their squad by resigning Brandon Bass and Kevin Garnett. The additions of Courtney Lee, Jeff Green, Jason Terry and Leandro Barbosa make the Beantown gang a contender coming out of the East. The East sadly lost some top-tier players, saying goodbye to Jeremy Lin (Rockets) and the headline grabber Dwight Howard (Lakers). The New York Knicks and Orlando Magic have a tough road ahead. Both teams had frequent negative offseason distractions. Lots of players suffered injuries between last season and the offseason that have teams worried about whether their players will be ready for the opener. Some of those players include Andrew Bynum, Tyson Chandler and Amare Stoudemire. Folks, grab your popcorn and your faded Michael Jordan jersey because if you’re going to be watching Eastern Conference basketball, and every night will be a great night.


Wednesday 10.31.2012 | MACE & CROWN | C5


S core C orner Football Villanova 35 Towson 49 William & Mary 10 Maine 24 James Madison 28 Georgia State 21

Rhode Island New Hampshire Old Dominion Delaware

20 40 31 26

Men’s Soccer Hofstra Old Dominion

1 0

Northeastern 0 George Mason 0

William & Mary 3 Delaware 2

ODU 31 vs. Delaware 26 ODU (7-1) Rushing








21 4 11 2 38

132 16 36 0 184

4 0 45 11 60

128 16 -9 -11 124

1 0 3 0 4

50 5 22 0 50

6.1 4.0 -0.8 -5.5 3.3








12 10 13 1 2 38

75 70 65 0 0 210

3 6 18 8 15 50

72 64 47 -8 -15 160

0 0 0 0 0 0

37 42 18 0 0 42

6.0 6.4 3.6 -8.0 -7.5 4.2






















Hurley, Trent Donnelly, Tim Totals

12 3 15

20 6 26

1 0 1

134 76 210

2 1 3

25 50 50

2 1 3

ODU (7-1) Receiving





Mayers, Nick Roberts, Blair Pinkard, Larry Vaughan, Antonio Bailey, Jakwail Harper, Angus Lee, Tyree Totals

11 6 5 5 4 4 1 36

131 52 75 42 48 24 3 375

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

22 16 38 21 24 8 3 38

UD (5-3) Receiving





Johnson, Michael White, Nihja Clark, Stephen Milburn, Mike Cobb, Ryan Pierce, Andrew Totals

5 3 3 2 1 1 15

36 80 43 38 7 6 210

1 1 0 1 0 0 3

10 50 25 22 7 6 50

Lee, Tyree Harper, Angus Heinicke, Taylor Team Totals

UD (5-3) Rushing Pierce, Andrew Laing, Julian Hurley, Trent Donnelly, Tim Team Totals

ODU (7-1) Passing

Women’s Soccer George Mason 4 Towson 3 William & Mary 3 Old Dominion 0 Drexel 1 Delaware 0

Georgia State 0 UNC Wilmington 3 Hofstra 2 Northeastern 3

Field Hockey William & Mary 1 Old Dominion 2 Drexel Northeastern

1 0

Delaware 2 James Madison 3 Hofstra 2 Towson 1

Heinicke Watch

Sophomore quarterback Taylor Heinicke gained 366 more yards this week in the team’s 31-26 victory over Delaware. That brings Heinicke’s total on the season to 3,490 yards. Heinicke has a chance to catch up to former Texas Tech quarterback B.J. Symons single season record of 5,976 total yards. The Monarchs only have three regular season games remaining but they will also likely have playoffs. It is a tall order for Heinicke but with such a potent offense anything is possible.

Heinicke, Taylor

UD (5-3) Passing


Wednesday 10.31.2012 | MACE & CROWN | D1





Top Five Scariest Video Games From Class to Cocktails

No Sunshine and Princesses Here By: Steven Knauer Distribution Manager Mace & Crown

Video games hold many forms of entertainment like adventures, comedy and mind exercises like puzzles. With the unique interaction video games offer, the pleasure had from them is an active one as opposed to a passive participation of a movie. The decisions made feel heavier, the hurdles overcome feel more triumphant and of course, the terror felt in a horror game is more real when the player has to see what is around the corner. In keeping with this week’s theme, a list of the scariest video games seems to be in order. “Condemned: Criminal Origins,” a game from 2005, did not have much going for it in terms of a story or voice acting. However, it caught the essence of feeling in danger. Run-of-the-mill horror games tend to give the player creepy enemies and dark rooms but offer them enough weapons and ammunition to fund a small army. “Condemned” gives just enough equipment to make it through the current situation. In fact, a cool feature of the game was the absence of an ammo count. Instead, if the player held the reload button, the character would pull his clip out and look at it, letting the player count the amount of bullets left in the clip. That’s right, one clip. That’s what the game offered. Once defensive measures are taken away, a game reaches a whole new level of scary. “Amnesia: The Dark Descent,” a game many people know of thanks to “Humble Indie Bundle 5,” focuses on fear of the unknown. It isn’t until a good hour into the game that the enemy of the game is even present on-screen. But sounds made by the enemy, accompanied by the character’s panic, are enough to shake even a veteran to

the game. The player character of the game is supposed to be frail and terrified and the game uses visual effects to allude to his sanity. At one point the player walks down a long, narrow hallway, hearing a creaking noise coming from around the corner at the end. As the game set the pace already, players are expected to creep slowly during this point. The player’s vision blurs and pulses, making the walls look like they are closing in on the character, simulating claustrophobia. Another game in a similar vein is “Slender,” a free horror game online. The interesting thing about this game is the origin of the antagonist, the Slender Man. He is actually the creation of a “Something Awful” forum post for a photo-editing contest in 2009. A user added a tall, pale figure in the background of the pictures, having no explanation of who or what it was and it eventually expanded to forums all over the Internet. Fast-forward to 2012, an indie developer took the creative common enemy of the Internet and put him in a game. Following his origins, the game offers no background as to why the player is doing what they do or why the Slender Man is after them. Speaking of unexplained terror, “Eternal Darkness” for the Nintendo GameCube holds the title for the most surreal kind of scariness. Most games scare the player within the confines of the game itself, but “Eternal Darkness” was apparently not satisfied with that alone. The player would play the game just like any other, except strange things would happen. For example a volume bar turning all the way down, as if somebody sat on the remote, or saved files pretending to be corrupt upon resuming a game. In another instance the character’s head falls off for no reason, yet he doesn’t die and keeps walking where the player tells him. Suffice it to say, this game scares in a very

By: Emma Hering Staff Writer Mace & Crown Multi-tasking is among the most important lessons learned in college. Between work, class, homework and everything else in between, everyone deserves a break every now and then. “We’re going out tonight” just might be the words you need to hear after a long day of classes. It’s all a little too familiar, that moment in class when your phone starts lighting up with text invites and there’s no sign of your professor’s lecture ending anytime soon. You’re probably already fidgeting to leave and sprint off to turn your closet into a destruction zone. In just a couple easy steps you can turn your outfit from humble to happy hour without adding any more stress to your day. Despite your plans for afterwards, if you’re going to class, you should try to look as presentable as possible, and need to find a happy medium between pajamas and party clothes. Luckily, with the change in weather, you can easily layer your outfit to allow for more options to effortlessly transition from class to unique way and is personally one of my most feared games ever. None of these games, however, would be the same if it weren’t for “Resident Evil” in 1996. While it wasn’t the first horror game published, it is thought of as the granddaddy of them all. The series has taken a joyride away from its roots,

cocktails. Skip the sweatpants, leggings and yoga pants and slip into dark washed skinny jeans and start building from there. Wear a camisole or bandeau underneath your top if it’s a little too revealing or plunging for note taking. If the top is sleeveless, strapless or a one shoulder, layer a blazer or cardigan over top for coverage and sensibility as this outer layer will distract others from the detail of the top. You can also pair a coordinating scarf or other accessories to disguise the ensemble. Since it’s a weeknight, no one is expecting a high heel, so keep it flat. If you’re in need of an extra boost, keep an spare pair of flats in your bag to switch into in case of tired feet. It’s also smart to keep a clutch in your purse or bag with extra mascara and perfume to freshen up and have those late night necessities. Once you’re done with class, you can dump the cosmetics into your larger bag and fill the clutch with your evening essentials. Toss your larger bag and daytime clothes into your car, apartment or dorm and head on your way. With these simple tips, happy hour will be a little bit happier.

but the original is still shocking to this day. With limited equipment, jump-out moments and a creepy atmosphere, this game brought the genre to what it is today. “Resident Evil” was definitely the game that brought people to the horror genre, making it more popular than ever and if anything, the game should be

praised for that. For a horrifying experience, these games are definitely on the “must play” list. None of them are recommended for the faint of heart, but for thrill seekers they are guaranteed to give the scary gameplay that is expected… Or not expected.


Wednesday 10.31.2012 | MACE & CROWN | D2

Top Five Halloween Horrors Advice By: Sean Burke Staff Writer Mace & Crown

Horror movies are an important part of American culture. They play to our primal fears of being stalked, chased, tortured and killed. They provide a rush that we don’t normally experience. So, in honor of Halloween, it seems only appropriate to provide a list of “drop dead” scary movies to watch.

this day. 4. Fourth is “Psycho,” directed by Alfred Hitchcock. He shocked the nation with this movie where people claimed they saw red, though it was filmed in black and white. Special effects and computer generated imaging can never recreate the simple effects like Hershey Syrup blood used in Psycho, in my opinion. 3. “The Ring” comes in at number three because of how it revital-

movie spectacularly visualizes the novel. A family heads to a hotel for the winter, where an evil and spiritual presence influences the father, Jack Torrance, into violence, while his psychic son sees horrific forebodings from the past and of the future. 1. Finally, there’s “The Exorcist.” This bloodcurdling tale is based on a true story and depicts the lives of two priests as they try to save a 12-year-old girl from pos-

5. Sigourney Weaver stars in the first of five horrific films. Ridley Scott’s “Alien” got my skin crawling when I was seven and still makes me cringe to this day. Some people don’t think Sci-Fi movies are scary because they are disjointed from reality, but Scott makes you part of the crew in “Alien” and skillfully creates situations in small spaces with high tension. Plus, the chest-bursting scene makes me question every chest pain I have to

ized American horror. A combination of a disturbing videotape, a girl that crawls out of TVs and a great soundtrack might not sound scary, but the result was a delightfully thrilling movie that makes you second-guess every VHS you own. 2. Steven King and Stanley Kubrick join forces in our penultimate choice. The Shining is a novel by Steven King that will send shivers down anyone’s spine, and the

session by the devil. Most movies have one or two especially scary scenes where you need a night light, but “The Exorcist” never stops as it is relentless in its ability to make you soil your pants constantly. The voice acting, special effects, character portrayal and use of a child as a tool for the devil propel this movie to the top of our list and into our nightmares.

Makeup Tips: The Perfect Zombie By: Sean Burke Contributing Writer Mace & Crown

As you can tell by other articles in this paper, it’s Halloween. You will need an awesome last minute costume to get the maximum amount of candy in your pillowcase. If you’re like me then you forgot to buy a common but horrific costume like a werewolf, Frankenstein or Dracula, but fear not! With only a few supplies and some costume makeup you can be one of the mindless flesh-eaters we

all know and love. It is important to note that makeup can give you an allergic reaction, so to be safe test it in an inconspicuous area first. Also, wash your face before applying anything for best results. The tools you will need for this method of zombification are: liquid Latex which is available at most costume shops, cornstarch and food coloring, sponges and brushes for application, toilet paper, all the colors you want for your zombie face and baby powder. To give your subject a dead skin

effect there is an easy trick with liquid latex. Stretch the skin in the area that you want to be dead looking and apply liquid latex to it in one or two coats with a sponge. Then apply some baby powder, just enough to dust on the top. Release the skin and gaze at the beautiful wrinkles you’ve created. Do that same process on the forehead, neck and cheeks. But how did your zombie come to his ultimate demise? He or she was bitten, so your zombie needs wounds. On a clean piece of skin apply a medium sized torn up piece


Reducing Registration Worries By: Eryn Tolley Staff Writer Mace & Crown

One of the most hectic times of the year at any college is registration time. Advisors’ schedules are packed, and students plan out their classes only to have to change them when the classes they want are filled. The only fun part about registration is that students are getting closer to graduation each time. How can students really be prepared for such an unpredictable process? Here is a list of strategies that I would suggest to students who feel lost during registration time. • Know where you stand in DegreeWorks. Even professors admit that DegreeWorks is not always right, but it is a great guideline to go by. Before the class schedules are available, it is important to know what classes you need. The planner tool in DegreeWorks is helpful in determining when you should take certain classes in order to graduate on time. Even if you choose not to use the planner, DegreeWorks can guide you in the right direction when searching for your classes. • Check the class schedules as soon as they are available. There is no specific date that the following semester’s schedule comes out. However, an email is usually sent out notifying students when it is available. The best thing to do is look at it as soon as you can once it is available. If you have been following DegreeWorks, you will have an idea of what classes to search for. Write down the classes you need that are available with their corresponding times. If you have a list, you will save time by not having to search for classes individually again when it’s time to register. • Create a class plan, a backup plan and a back-up plan for the back-up. of toilet paper and cover it with liquid latex. Repeat this two or three times in the same spot and let it dry at each application. Soon you will have a bumpy, lumpy, rubbery piece of flesh. You can carefully tear this “second skin” and make it look as if a chunk of flesh was bitten or torn and then infected. It might not look good now, but paint will save it. After this, cover everything in a very thin layer of liquid latex, and coat with baby powder to tie the entire face together. Now the fun begins. Painting! Some good tips for painting include: follow the bone structures of the face, make hallow parts darker and don’t touch raised parts as much (a picture of a skull might help), choose a pale base to start with and work from lighter colors to darker colors. Your

Class schedules are unpredictable. When you decide which classes you are going to take, you may find that some of the classes are filled by the time you are allowed to register. This can cause panic, but if you have a back-up plan, there is no need for panic. A second back-up plan is useful also because the more prepared you are, the smoother the process will be! • Meet with your advisor BEFORE advising time. In order to stay ahead of the game, meet with your advisor before the craziness of advising time hits. By doing this, you are guaranteed to be ready to register when your time ticket allows. This also grants you more time with your advisor if you have a lot of questions. Typically, advising time only lasts about 30 minutes per student. When you meet your advisor, bring your class plan with you for approval. Not only will it save time for you, but it will also save time for your advisor. • When your registration time arrives, have your plans in front of you. When it is time for you to register, you will want to be at your computer prepared to lock in your schedule. Have your class plan and back-up plans sitting in front of you. If a class you need has filled up, you can simply look at your back-up and choose something else. • Pat yourself on the back for successfully surviving the registration process. These guidelines are a simple way to ensure the registration process goes smoothly. It is a stressful time for everyone with projects and papers adding up and finals to worry about. The last thing you should have to worry about is getting registered for the next semester. So relax and use the time saved to enjoy a nap.

subject is dead, so it is either pale from being dead, or green from being rotted. The dark rings around the eyes are an iconic zombie trait, and should be used. Finally, the very fun part, blood. You can buy blood, but if you plan to use a lot then your budget might run out quickly. Homemade blood is easy to make. Combine corn starch and red food coloring (add green too for darker blood) in a cup and apply with a Popsicle stick or paintbrush to the areas where you made wounds, the mouth or splatter it on the face wherever it feels right. You can almost never have too much blood in a zombie costume, so have fun with it! Have fun in your new costume! And use these tips with your friends to make your own zombie horde!


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Eden Rising: Chapter 1: Lilith By: Sean Burke

I try not to grimace in pain as the razor sharp tightrope cuts into my heels, warm scarlet blood spilling onto the floor thirty feet below and into the mouths of ravenous beasts. The crowd roars and cheers in delight as I inch closer to the center of the wire. Their bloodlust is apparently insatiable; this is the only entertainment available throughout the entire world, the main event. Three shows a day of constant abuse is the only way to placate the masses and their deep seeded cynicism. Finally I reach the waypoint, the very center of the wire. The metal is horrifically stained a permanent ruby red from constant performances. I expertly and gracefully transfer from foot to hands, precariously perched with one mere slip able to bequeath my demise. Slowly, I move one hand outstretched to my side, being careful to keep my tenuous balance. Blood now pours profusely out of my hand on the wire, and the crowd has gone silent in awe of the stunt. Crookshaw, the ring leader plays up the ante, “What is she doing?” he sneers in fake aghast through his megaphone, “This wasn’t the original stunt! Can anyone save her?!” At my cue I pretend to lose balance and roll upside down hanging desperately by four fingers. “Having second thoughts, Lilith?” Shouts the ringleader as the crowd gasps in horror. I fulfill my thespian role by losing grip dramatically and plummeting to the floor in ragdoll fashion. Making sure to land in the trapdoor invisible from anywhere but the middle of the high wire. I hear the crowd shout in terror as I fall and then cheer in delight as my demise is

simulated by a sacrificial slave being fed to the beasts of the circus. 25 years of this… 25 years. Surely this isn’t my life, I can get out; I have to get out. Crookshaw entered the room so quietly I nearly didn’t hear, “Great show tonight. I’ve never seen so many eyes locked on one place in a single moment.” “Thank you. You didn’t do too bad yourself.” Crookshaw could always play the crowd, that’s for sure. “I’m sure you’ll be perfect to take over when I’m gone” He replies out of a prolonged but not unusual silence. “That is a long way off and you know it Crookshaw.” I reply lightheartedly. Suddenly the world is all black and stars as Crookshaw whips his hand across the back of my skull. I instantly regret my mistake. “Don’t forget how this works,” He says with poison dripping from his lips, “I am your master. And you are my servant. You will address me as such.” “Understood,” I manage to squeak out. He grabs my hair voraciously, but his speech is smooth. “Understood what?” “Understood, master” I utter through the sobs that are already coming. I have to get out. Have to. Yet no matter how much I deeply despise Crookshaw, I am indebted to him. He took me in as an infant left to die. And I have to recognize this most basic human compassion even if the time since has not been completely ideal. If it weren’t for Crookshaw I’d be dead or worse by now. I wipe the tears away unaware of how long I’ve been sitting in my compartment. I need a drink I think as I rub my temples as if to massage the day away. So I grab my leather coat and head down the hall to the bar re-

stricted to performers. The entire place was quiet now that shows had ended for the day. Jeremiah, the bartender, can see the tiredness in my eyes immediately and cheerfully greets me, “Lilith, How are you this fine evening?” “No evening is fine here and you know it Jeremiah. But I just need some liquid happiness. I want two shots of the usual please.” “One the rocks?” he asks. “No. Not tonight. I want to feel the burn.” I reply gloomily. “What’s your trouble?” he asked as he begins quickly fixing my purple drinks. “Just this place I guess. Jeremiah?” “Yes Lil’?” he replies as he sets two glasses on the metal bar. “What’s it like outside of here?” “The bar? Just as depressing I guess.” He laughs. “You know what I mean,” I scold him softly, “what is it like outside of the circus? You used to live on the outside. What is it like?” I press. He sighs and then leans against the bar with his hands. “Honestly, not much better than here. There is a city a few miles from here called Eden. Well, New Eden I guess after the scorching. “I wasn’t alive during the scorching but I’ve heard stories from grizzled old men in-between shows. The world was baked in radioactive solar flares. But humanity survived in bunkers apparently. The people who emerged met with hostile world full of strange mutations of formerly beautiful creatures. “When I used to live in New Eden, I was a bartender. Shocking I know.” He jokes soberly. “But times are definitely hard, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they still were. My apartment got broken into more than a few

Don’t Screw with the Quiet Ones

The Great Divide

Sir, can you see that my pen is mightier than your sword? I am the modern Geoffrey Chaucer, wielding my imaginary quill, Putting me on the offensive;

There’s a barrier between us And I don’t know how I Can get to the other side, Its distinction so great That it cannot be grasped And it’s causing our worlds to divide. How can I get through this? How can I reach you? Opposite of you I stand alone, I long to embrace the side Foreign to me, And this longing, I cannot condone.

By: Ashley Platt

Every time you break me down, I position my pointed weapon To paper, branding you for all of eternity. In this reality, you may be beautiful, capable, the epitome of perfection; but in my resplendent constructed literary universe, you, my friend, you mirror your soul. Mutliated, non-existent, Ugly. My word has the power to destroy Or rebuild, and in your case, the former holds true. Try to escape and I’ll just construct another wall, A hole to fall into, a vast ocean that even you, with your swimmer’s legs can’t swim across. So while you may think That your antics are cute and harmless, Just know that you are hated by many And if I do ever become famous, The world will finally see you through my eyes.

times, I got cornered in a back alley a more times than I care to remember, I even killed one or two of the guys who did the cornering.” His gaze goes dark as he looks at the ground, I can only imagine what it must be like to kill outside the circus. “The people stink, food is scarce, and alcohol is expensive. But I might trade it for this place still.” “Have you ever thought of getting out of here? Ya know, retiring I guess. I mean you used to be a fencer, but you stayed even after you were too old…”I stop myself from my impending rudeness. “What? Too old to be useful? Eh,” he laughs “maybe you’re right. But I enjoy providing some kind of relief here, if even so brief. And even then, it isn’t that bad. You have food, clean water, a bed, and good company. What more could you ask?” Even though he says this I can see the circus has taken its toll on Jeremiah. “To be tortured day in and day out, how did you deal with it?” “I just tried to place myself somewhere else. After a while the torture became daily therapy. My body was scared, but my mind was stronger each time. And now I’m out, I can walk away anytime.” “So why don’t you?” I sneer. “Take your drink Lilith, it’ll raise your spirits.” The drink helps with its warm magic but I am still at the mercy of the circus, expendable. And even if I could survive until my golden years my best bet is to still be here. As a bartender, or a whore. Sure the immediate threat of death is gone but I’m no less a slave, no more free. I have to get out.

By: Christina Correa

Can you see me from there? With outstretched arms, Attempting to reach you from here? How I wish I was part of This world that is yours More despairing than I might appear. Will the time ever come Where this barrier will fall? Will our connection break through this divide? Can this foreign land be A part of you, well as me? Or forever apart we subside?


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Ode to the Sky By: Kadeem Porter

Whenever I’m feeling down, I look up. Her puffy clouds, whether white or grey seem to stretch forever and protect me in a way. I used to watch as they changed form from the most frivolous things. A giant bunny or a hand with a ring And even when she cries, there’s beauty in it cause rain just breeds more life But some people just won’t get it. They could never understand what I see in her. I look up, and see the sun setting in its place. A simple accustomation that pieces back peace at its pace. And it has no sound, but you can hear the birds discussing it. “She’s beautiful, let’s fly as close as we can without touching it”

“O Coffee”

The Caterpillar’s Haiku

By: Amber Johnson Black abyss in my cup. Bringer of excitement. Producer of arousal. Increaser of alertness. Sleep apnea. Blocker of adenosine. Freer of acetylcholine. Dopamine. Love. Withdrawal symptoms. Fatigue. Headache. Anxiety. Craving. A dose a day keeps the doctor away. Stimulate my Heart. Dress it up. Creamer. Sugar. Alcohol. Anything. Please. Morning. Afternoon. Night. A snack for your Soul. Mascot for a sleepless city. A warm delight. Pair with bread. Pears. Books. A poem. Always near. Never far. I, caffinaholic.

Balanced on the bough— the caterpillar inches forward towards change. Bound by duty—you come to life ready to be reborn, a new form. Breaking free—taking the wayward butterfly to new heights. Pure freedom.


By: Taylor Joyner So cold that ground has given up Its ability to attend to the grass. My hands, cracked and stacked beneath an old cowhide leather weathered mitt. My legs in pinstripe pneumonic pants Grass stands, mud cakes and all. My hair shoved in and shielded out Of a rustic red fitted cap. Happiness, standing one hundred feet From a tethered pearl of a prize. The winter diamond displayed In a dirt filled jewelry case. It’s three Carats magnified to a thousand. Chain linked caged around metal Frozen benches dug out of clay.

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Food truck in Norfolk

Support poster for food trucks in Norfolk

Project Purple tables in Webb Center during Activity Hour.

Red Bull surf event at the oceanfront in Virginia Beach.

The inside of a haunted house in Virgina.

Borjo turns into Conor Mulroy’s concert venue.


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Red Bull surf event at the oceanfront in Virginia Beach.

Project Purple tables in Webb Center during Activity Hour.

Students studying for upcoming exams.


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ACROSS 1. Originates in 6. Dirty air 10. Adult male sheep 14. Pontifical 15. Gangly 16. Send forth 17. Girlfriend (Spanish) 18. Region 19. The month after May 20. A verbatim performance 22. End ___ 23. Biblical garden 24. A large cave 26. Jar tops 30. Metric unit of area 31. Before, poetically 32. Assist in crime 33. Minute opening 35. A loud sleeping sound 39. Pulsating vocal tone

41. Paddle-wheeler 43. Daisylike bloom 44. Flexible mineral 46. Rip 47. Pen part 49. Blemish 50. Terminates 51. An airplane “garage” 54. Gambit 56. Modify 57. Illogical 63. Strip of wood 64. Weight loss plan 65. African virus 66. Curved molding 67. Church alcove 68. Water lily 69. Small slender gull 70. Not more 71. Considers

DOWN 1. Box 2. Docile 3. Sweeping story 4. Wise men 5. Tablet 6. A guest cabin 7. Sailor 8. Margarine 9. Peek 10. Make younger 11. Entertain 12. He “harvests” ores 13. Strict 21. Adjust 25. Backside 26. Magma 27. Nile bird 28. Money owed

29. Fortify 34. Intensifies 36. Portent 37. Absorb written material 38. Makes a mistake 40. Diva’s solo 42. Fortuneteller’s card 45. Anagram of “Simpers” 48. Pertaining to a bride 51. Serf 52. Maxim 53. Fertilizer ingredient 55. Submit 58. Fully developed 59. Double-reed woodwind 60. Memo 61. Astringent 62. Young girl



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WordSearch Halloween



classifiedads ODU Art History Association Come support the newly formed ODU Art History Association at Ruby Tuesday’s on November 2nd or 3rd. 20% of whatever you spend will be donated back to our organization to help fund further activities. So all you have to do is bring a flyer and eat!! Flyers can be found in the Deihn building at the art library, or by emailing

ODU OUT Join ODU Out at their general member meetings and learn when and where to volunteer for the LGBTQ community in Hampton Roads and On-Campus! Where: Suffolk Room, ODU Webb Center When: 12:30 p.m What day?: Every first and Third Tuesday’s of the Month

ODU Virginia Beach Higher Education Center

Solutions Vol. 55, Issue 8

Dr. Rod Evans Reading Tyrannosaurus Lex: The Marvelous Book of Palindromes, Anagrams, & Other Delightful & Outrageous Wordplay Wednesday, November 14, 2012 12:30 - 1:30 pm Lecture Hall, Room 244 at ODU Virginia Beach Books sales and reception at this location only ODU VB, 1881 University Drive, VB, 23453, in the Lecture Hall, 244 757-368-4108 Televised Live-Videostream to: ODU Tri-Cities Center, room 2201, 1070 University Drive, Portsmouth, 23703, 757-686-6220 ODU Peninsula Center, room 2241, 600 Butler Farm Road, Suite 2200, Hampton, 23666, 757-766-5200

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Mace and Crown newspaper halloween issue.

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