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VOL. 52, ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2, 2011

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Manifest Destiny Eminent Domain to allow ODU to acquire more property by

David Bakhshaee Staff Writer

Old Dominion University will be developing and building more businesses and student housing facilities. The city’s housing authority can proceed forward with taking five properties around the Old Dominion University area to make way for the subsequent developments of the University Village project, but those property owners are not willing to give up just yet. Norfolk Circuit Court Judge Louis A. Sherman ruled on Feb. 18 that the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority is legally able to take properties under Virginia’s eminent domain grandfather law. The ruling, which allows the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority’s’ lawful capability to seize properties under the eminent domain law, had by that time already been determined in preceding series of contentious confrontations focused on the University Village. “The facts are substantially the same”, said Sherman. The University’s redevelopment area is located east of Hampton Boulevard. This current case regarding the legal means of seizing properties for the University’s benefit

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown The housing authority, founded in 1940, is a national leader in community revitalization and the largest redevelopment and housing authority in Virginia.

and to sustain its current colossal growth explosion is the third time in the last 12 years eminent domain has been challenged. In regards to each of the three cases challenging eminent domain, redevelopment has been allowed to proceed. In the past, because redevelopment was given the green light, the area

encompassing Old Dominion University is now home to the Ted Constant Convocation Center, student housing facilities and commercial and business offices and space. The housing authority, founded in 1940, is a national leader in community revitalization and the largest redevelopment and housing authority in Virginia. The housing authority has been amassing land and turning it over to the Old Dominion University Real Estate Foundation, which is seeking to expand shops and housing south of the University. All of the properties within the development area have been acquired, with the exception of those held up in court. The judge’s decision will grant permission allowing the housing authority to progress with a court hearing to resolve and settle the sales prices for those properties. The five properties include Central Radio, a communications repair company entangled in the lawsuit. Central Radio is now situated next to a 1,000 student apartment complex. The other properties include a apartment building on 41st Street, whose owners are also challenging the housing authority, a duplex on 40th Street, an empty lot nearby and Norva Plastics Inc., which is located at 3911 Killam Ave. The owner of Norva Plastics is determined to put up a contentious fight due to what they believe is a low-ball offer of $2.08 million for their property.

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown The University’s redevelopment area is located east of Hampton Boulevard.

The legal counsel for the businesses whose properties are being seized said the property owners planned to appeal their cases to the state

Supreme Court. Their argument is that the housing authority had to have acquired the properties by July 1, 2010, when the state law’s eminent domain grandfather clause expired. “We’re not deterred in the least bit,” attorney Joe Waldo said. “We believe very strongly that we will prevail before the Supreme Court.” Uproar has been caused by institutions seeking to conquer land that will benefit their cause. All of the commotion is in regards to the damages and losses that are sustained during the process of taking properties under the eminent domain law. On Feb. 22, the Virginia Senate took the first step in redefining “damages” under the eminent domain law. Under the old standard, the affected party, whether it is the business, homeowner or landowner, had to prove damages to receive compensation. Under the new proposed standard, the damage experienced by a business owner or homeowner would be measured as a loss of profits or a loss of access. “This constitutional amendment will put the General Assembly in a position to move adequately to compensate some of those losses,” said Sen. John Watkins of Chesterfield, Virginia. Sen. Watkins has been a leader spearheading the effort to amend Virginia’s constitution. Another figure who is interested in reforming property rights in Virginia is State Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli., Cuccinelli said that the steps made by the Virginia Senate to include permanent property rights protections in the Virginia Constitution were steps in the right direction. The changes include efforts to correct past wrongs that were included in the old law. The first guarantees that private property only be taken for pure public use such as schools and utilities; not for increased tax revenues, economic development or private gain. The second component makes sure that the hindrance of proving the taking of land is for true public use is solely left on the entity taking the property. The third measure cited that no more property be taken than is essential in completing the project at hand. Lastly, the amendment ensures that the public bears the cost of taking private property, not the individual property owner. This is due to the notion that the public at large benefits from the property so therefore the public should bear the total cost, which includes compensating landowners for loss of profits when businesses are forced to move. “For too long, government and certain business interests colluded to make it possible to take the land of one landowner and give it to another, merely for the purpose of increasing tax revenue, or employment, or private gains,” said Cuccinelli.


A2 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 3/2/2011

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Antarctic ice sheet raises sea levels Old Dominion Professor receives grant for research by Eric Smith Contributing Writer

Rising sea levels and carbon emissions are the first thoughts that come to mind when people think global warming. Not just human activities such as driving a car or burning the fireplace are the culprits of Earth’s rising temperature. The Earth naturally changes its temperature due to the orbit of the sun and Earth. Antarctica’s ice sheet is receding in shape due to these phenomena, similar to glaciers. John Klinck, director of Old Dominion’s Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography and professor of ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences decided to study Antarctica’s ice sheet and its melting trend. He teamed up with Mike Dinniman, who is a research scientist of the CCPO. “Global sea levels are going up by two to three millimeters per year,” said Klinck. He mentioned that the ice sheet in Greenland is also undergoing melting, but at a faster rate. Klinck, Dinniman, and Eilien Hoffman, another CCPO researcher, received two grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to pursue trends Antarctica’s ice sheet. One was in the summer of 2009, totaling $450,000. The latest grant totals $150,000, and is intended for three years studying reasons behind the melting. Satellites in space measure the ice sheets from the satellite point to the surface of the ice. They calculate measurements every 90 minutes. Klinick said that the satellites are government property by NASA, and two years is the maximum deadline for measuring. The strength of local gravity (measured among two satellites in kilograms) is another way NASA measures the depth of ice

Got GD?

COLLEGE OF ARTS STUDENTS DISPLEASED WITH FACULTY There is a movement of unrest rippling through the student campus and its origins are centered in the Visual Arts Building. The cause is advisors instructing students to take specific Graphic Design classes over the summer, and the same advisors and department chairs refusing to offer those classes. This has resulted in students who should have graduated with a bachelors degree in five years are now forced to stay extra semesters. The problems, however, do not end with just a mandatory sixth year. Many students are unable to secure financial aid as their last semesters spent taking one or two courses will not qualify them for financial aid. To those that inquire, certain faculty members have replied that there is not enough staff available to teach the courses over the summer. Students have retaliated by directly

credit Mace & Crown John Klinck and Mike Dinniman have been studying ice sheets and have recently received a grant for further research.

sheets. Klinck believes that ice accumulated on the Earth 50 to 100 million years ago. “Ice ages happen every 1,000 years,” he said. An ice age occurs when the Earth cools down overtime. Klinck and his fellow researchers have put together a model of Antarctica’s ice sheet. The model is based off of computer simulations that scientists use to study past trends and project future ones, as well as points out the causes of melting. Klinck said that on average, sea levels rise 100 feet. He gave an historical reference in regards to Jamestown, Virginia. “Since 1607, sea levels rose five feet,” he said. Klinck went on explaining about the changes in sea levels, causing a change in geography. He gave one example using the Chesapeake Bay. Klinck said that the Chesapeake Bay 400 years ago is not the same Chesapeake Bay of today due to these changes.

Human activity such as outputting carbon dioxide gas causes Earth to adjust to these higher concentrations. Klinck gave another historical example using the Industrial Revolution. He mentions that the Earth takes 50 to100 years to adjust to gas levels in the atmosphere. Sea creatures such as oysters and clams also had to adjust to these gases because oceans are more acidic. Klinck, Dinniman and Hoffman are taking steps to solve Antarctica’s melting ice sheet. Understanding the causes is the first step.. As the second step, he believes that government action is required to preserve the ice sheet. He also said that people making simple changes in how they live, such as using less fossil fuels, will help solve the problem of the melting ice sheet.

approaching professors and asking if they were available to teach the course. The response has further confused students, when nearly all those they spoke to replied that they were able and willing to teach those exact courses this summer. Students struggle to stay focused for the recommended four years of university schooling, yet graphic designers willingly press on to finish the five-year program. As such, many of the college’s students express extreme disappointment and frustration at being required to stay and pay for even longer. Dr. Ken Fitzgerald, head of the graphi design department, was not available for comment, yet fourth year student Kailtyn Paulsen said, “It is not fair for them to advise us to take these summer courses, and then revoke them in the middle of a graduating class’s time here. If they want to change the program, they need to wait for incoming freshmen that they can be advised from the beginning that it will be that way.” Paulsen is part of and leading a campaign entitled “Missing: Summer Graphic Design” and uses both students of the college and the University to

back their struggle. The demonstrations have provided opportunities for the Old Dominion’s talented designers to combine all forms of art in order to attract the attention of the school. Walking through the art department, there are numerous milk cartons bearing the faces of students who are suffering because of the missed courses. The cartons litter the floors, ceilings and directly in front of the head of the department’s office. As of yet, the only contact or support they have received is from fellow students. The students continue to show their persistence to the cause and the idea of finishing a five year degree in no less than five years. On Feb. 22, Paulsen and others hosted a petition signing in the Webb Student Center and amassed multiple signatures. While the students seem to be receiving no official recognition from the school, they are pressing forward to inspire other students facing the same dilemmas in other colleges. Their message is clear: they will not be ignored and will not stop until they have made their point.


wednesday 3/2/2011 | MACE & CROWN | A3

The OmniGlobe ODU spends $150,000 on a new piece of technology by

Justin Brown Staff writer

“I can honestly say it’s the most impressive piece of technology we have on this campus,” said marine biology major Colton Martin of Old Dominion University’s newest student tool, the OmniGlobe. The OmniGlobe, which is set to be unveiled on March 22, is a giant in comparison to other globes. At around six feet tall, it can teach students a multitude of different things through its demonstrations. Using the touch screen control center, students can choose from eight different options on its main menu, from the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans to the other planets in the solar system. Through the use of two projectors and a hemispheric mirror, the globe can project the 2004 tsunami or show a student the storms on Jupiter. While many of these options can be viewed or demonstrated using Google Sky or Google Earth, Dr. Declan De Paor, the head of the ODU physics department and the man who led the charge to get the OmniGlobe, believes it has an important impact on students. “We’ve all got normal screens that are flat, but it’s not a flat Earth. We live on a sphere and the human brain reacts differently to the spherical presentation than it does to a flat screen,” said De Paor. For one of his labs, De Paor wanted to demonstrate how big the sun is compared to other planets. He set the OmniGlobe to the sun setting and told his students that the sun was actually one billion times bigger than what they were seeing. Now, that won’t exactly help students to understand, so he had one of his students

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown The Omni-Globe is one of the newest editions Oceanography and Physics building.

stand at the doorway about 60 feet away and hold a pea. That pea represented the size of Mercury in comparison to the size of the OmniGlobe’s sun setting. He then told them that if they wanted to represent Jupiter, they would have to take a CD downtown. The CD would represent Jupiter’s size and downtown would represent

how far it actually is from the sun. It is this kind of hands-on education that De Paor believes students will enjoy and will get them excited to learn. “I can see it in the faces of the students. I show them the same stuff on Google Earth on a flat screen and I do a lot of research with Google Earth, but the curved surface makes a difference on how you experience it,” said De Poar The OmniGlobe ran Old Dominion University $150,000. To some that seems like a lot of money that could have been used elsewhere, rather than on a giant globe that the majority of students didn’t even know existed. ODU student Nicole Martin said that, “It could have gone toward remodeling the chemistry building or the Mills Godwin building. Some of those labs aren’t in the greatest condition and they could be remodeled.” For the school to get two graduate students to work on the computers in the physics lab it can cost upwards of $450,000. Also, the $150,000 came mostly from President Broderick’s budget, meaning that it did not take away a lot from the budgets of the physics or oceanography departments. Other students like the idea of the OmniGlobe, but feel it isn’t being used enough. The Omni Globe can be found in the Physical Sciences building on the first floor and is sectioned off in a corner at the end of a hallway. “I think they should move it somewhere where people could actually see it. It’s a little closed off,” said Alex Dorney, an art major. The OmniGlobe was only assembled three months ago during winter break and the physics staff is still in the process of getting comfortable with it. “Eventually I want a lot more people to know it existed, but right now we’re still learning to use the machine,” said De Paor. President Broderick will be in attendance at the official unveiling March 22, when the public will be introduced to all the tools the OmniGlobe offers

ODU student successful online gambler New bill could allow gambling sites to host in U.S. by Amanda David Assistant News Editor

Congress is considering passing a bill that would make online gambling legal. Democratic Sen. Barney Frank of Massachusetts wants to remove the ban of online gambling from the Safe Port Act. Frank said it is not the role of the government to prevent adults from gambling online. The Safe Port Act, signed into law in 2006, includes port security provisions and restrictions on making online wagers. Specifically, the provision is known as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. According to an article on, “It banned ‘unlawful internet gambling’ and made it illegal for banks and credit-card firms to transfer funds to online-gambling companies.” ODU senior Craig Blankenship, an online poker player, said, “The law is very broad was never addressed if poker is legally considered a game of skill with money.” “No online poker player has been convicted of playing poker illegally,” he said, “but hosting illegal games can bring you the attention of the U.S. government.” Online gambling can include casino games and sports betting, but poker is a gray area.“The main difference between poker and other gambling games is that you are not playing against the house, like in blackjack for example,” he said. “You are playing against other players and the house takes a small percentage of winnings or fee for their time. So the house doesn’t really care if you’re a big winner or big loser.” The World Series of Poker is an annual series of poker tournaments held in Las Vegas. In 2002, it gained popularity and poker peaked Blankenship’s interests. He started playing poker for money in 2006. Blankenship calls it a hobby and plays anywhere from five to 20 hours a week. Occasionally, he plays at large multi-table tournaments which last six to eight hours and have 1,000 to 3,000 people participating in the game. If the bill is passed, web-based gambling companies could move to U.S. soil. Blankenship likes to play poker on the websites he calls the “Big Two,”, hosted from the Isle of Man, and Full Tilt Poker, hosted in the United Kingdom. “PokerStars averages more than 100,000 online players and Full Tilt Poker has almost as much consistently as well,” he said. “I personally like PokerStars better because their tournaments are bigger with larger pools of money and better organized.” Overall Blankenship estimates that he has won $15,000 to $16,000 with a loss of about $6,000. He says that he takes hiatuses from time to time when he is on a particularly bad losing streak or is busy with work or school. “I counter these unlucky downswings by exercising diligent bankroll management,” Saud Blackenship. “Which means if I have 100 dollars I will not risk any more then about five percent or five

dollars in play at any given time.” Last October, he bought his girlfriend, ODU senior Kelsey Edgemon, a $3,500 diamond engagement ring, paid for entirely with profits from his hobby. “I am very cautious about his online gambling because I know how quickly online gambling can turn into a dangerous obsession.” Edgemon said. “I encourage him to pursue poker because it’s important for everyone to have hobbies, but I maintain an active interest in his results to ensure it stays a harmless hobby.” Edgemon has never played poker online by herself, but she sometimes sits with her fiancée as he gambles. “I will ask questions and propose the next move,” she said, “Sometimes I get it right but I will leave the gambling to him.”

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B1 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 3/2/2011

arts enter tainment

Rushura Jones Mace & Crown ACA Culural Presentation to kick-off Caribbean Day.

A Caribbean Carnival at ODU The ACA Cultural Presentation was a Hit by

Jonathan Moran Staff Writer

“Every art form in every crevice, corner, and curve of the Earth is a masterpiece. Our master pieced it, and as the puzzle we are the pieces.” These words are part of the poem freshman Rachael Payton recited to begin the ACA Cultural Presentation on Caribbean Day. It was a poem about uplifting culture and set up what the evening would be about. The presentation was in the North Café after the event “A Taste of the Caribbean.” It was the final event of Caribbean Day, a day dedicated to Caribbean culture. There were colorful dance presentations, the thrill of the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival and music that made people jump out of their seats, dancing, cheering and reveling in their Caribbean pride. DJ Rek One blasted Caribbean music as the room filled up. People were moving in their chairs, talking and finishing up their meal from

the buffet of Caribbean food, there was a presentation from ODU student Otis Johnson Jr. on Haiti, its history and how the earthquake had affected it. He informed the crowd that ODU student Kester McColough is holding a benefit concert in March to raise money for missionary work in Haiti. With the money earned he will travel to Haiti conducting rural development projects for the people, like building wells and other services they are in need of. He is looking for engineering majors to come with him and help out. If students are interested, his email is Then the festivities began. The girls from the ACA put on a dance presentation for the audience. They walked onstage dressed in green shirts, black shorts and red suspenders that were hanging down to accent the outfit. The girls lined up and began dancing. As they one girl came to the front of the stage and did her solo routine. The crowd cheered and she walked off-stage. Every girl that followed walked up and did her solo routine. The crowd was getting pumped up and each girl tried to top the other’s moves. The last two girls started dancing then began battling onstage. People got out of their seats hyping it

up and both girls jumped up and landed in the splits. The place erupted. People left their tables and started dancing. Some got onstage others began forming a dance circle and everyone was moving. The next dance presentation was with couples. The men were in dress shirts and the girls wore black shirts with khaki pants. The dance presentation was great and the crowd was energetic. Jordan Lusane said he fed off their energy. He was asked to dance with the group a few minutes before the presentation. Lusane got a quick run through backstage of the dance and then it was show time. The crowd loved the performance and after it was done they had another spontaneous dance party. The main event was the Carnival Costume Show. Carnival is a holiday celebrated before Ash Wednesday. It is celebrated all over the world and the Trinidad and Tobago carnival lasts for two days. There are parades, steel drum bands, stick fighting competitions and other events for everyone’s enjoyment. The costumes people wear are vibrant with color. They are adorned with feathers and jewelry; the more extravagant the better.

The girls came onstage in their costumes. Some had been sent from Trinidad and Tobago, others were designed by Wendy Corridon. The men partnered with them dressed in red pants, shirtless and holding a spear. The couple danced and when they walked off stage another couple took their place. The showcase of the dresses was spectacular and when the final couple was done all the dancers got back onstage. The mini parade walked offstage into the crowd. Some pulled their friends onstage, others stayed in the crowd partying and dancing. Caribbean Day went out with a boom. Students were dancing and laughing. Tyson Sesay, one of the members of the ACA, said, “That’s our Caribbean culture. The biggest part of our culture is dancing. It’s how we relieve stress and it brings us together.” It was as if the streets of Trinidad and Tobago were in the North Café at the Webb Center. Caribbean Day was a break from the ordinary and brought culture, music and a lot of fun to ODU.


wednesday 3/2/2011 | MACE & CROWN | A2

Food, music, and pride Caribbean Day at ODU by

Jonathan Moran Staff Writer

Caribbean Day was a celebration that brought the spirit and energy of the Caribbean to ODU. It was held on Feb. 24 and organized by the African Caribbean Association (ACA). The events lasted all day and brought a tropical festivity to the Webb. The events began during Activity Hour with the Caribbean Knowledge Fair, held near the Starbucks in the Webb. Posters were set up about each Caribbean island with facts about the islands’ government, economics, history and people. The point of the posters, said ACA member Fatima Bangura, was to “let people know about the different cultures of the Caribbean.” She said people see it as one big culture but there are many different islands with their own unique traditions and histories. The posters were a way to inform curious students about each country. There were also posters on music from the Caribbean. These posters told the origins of reggae, soca, calypso, steelpan, salsa and meringue. Music is a huge part of the culture and while students were going from poster to poster, DJ Rek One played a mix of reggae, dance hall and other types of upbeat music. Students studying were swaying in their chairs and tapping their feet to the beat. The others that were looking at the posters were bouncing

Rushura Jones Mace & Crown

Students enjoyed the Island their shoulders and learning bobbing about their heads to the cultures rhythm in the backthroughout the different events. ground.

In the evening, students were treated to a night of food and music with the event “A Taste of the Caribbean.” A buffet was set up with Caribbean food and a steelpan band performed while everyone ate. There was Jamaican jerk chicken, coconut shrimp, fried plantains, curry sauce, rice with peas and other delicious entrées that were quickly devoured by everyone attending. Joe Vivirito of Aramark helped set up the buffet and said the most popular dish

Pollution in a stormwater system

Dips ‘n’ Salsa by Paul Minto Contributing Writer

The Webb Center played host to a wonderful event. This was a night of culture, style and most importantly appreciation. Feb. 22, The F.O.R.E.I.G.N.E.R.S in collaboration with the Swing Dance Club held what was their first annual salsa night at Old Dominion. The event, though relatively fair in attendance, possessed a great diversity only rivaled by the provided entrees of sweets that were on tap for the night. Upon arriving at the event, students were not only immediately drawn into the vibe of the atmosphere but were also into the rhythmic, exotic waltz known as Salsa. Luckily for us, we were able to talk to the Vice President of The F.O.R.E.I.G.N.E.R.S, Kathrin Suarez, the DJ of the night Shawn Simmons, aka Dj Mambo Soul and a dance instructor, Richie Coon. Upon entering the gathering we were able to immediately talk to Kathrin Suarez for a quick interview. When asked what was the motivation behind the event Kathrin Suarez, vice president of the F.O.R.E.I.G.N.E.R.S., said “The members had asked for it, it was decided last fall semester. It was done in order to bring more Latin American members into the fold!”. She said the most rewarding experience gained from the teaching of salsa dancing or from experiencing new culture is learning about a new culture. Richie Coon, a regular of the Mambo room located in downtown Norfolk, said “You get to see someone grow! You get to see someone become a dancer; the results. When I see my students reach the level of high-level dancing, I get happy!”. Coon said that salsa had been an escape from a long, hard relationship that had taken its emotional and mental tolls. DJ Mambo Soul, the emcee for the night, said that the key thing that brought him to dance was the art and the music, “together, these form a relationship”. That sentiment is as interesting and appropriate as salsa is a dance of the lovers; a dance rooted in motion, rhythm and romance. As the night carried ended, the young and old were able to engage in the art of dance. After all, the theme of the night seemingly was one of exploration and having fun. DJ Mambo Soul said, “Dancing is about having a good time and having fun. If you’re not having fun, take a step back. Never give up. It’s a challenge. But, one thing to always remember is it all about the music!”

had to be the Jamaican jerk chicken. Other favorite dishes included the coconut shrimp and the fried plantains. It seemed that the least favorite was the boiled cabbage. Sophomore Kara Kimble was enjoying herself at the event. “The food is good and the steel drums are awesome.” This was her first time trying jerk chicken and she said, “It was delicious.” Senior Nikki Mathews came to the event to do a paper and was also enjoying herself. “It’s interesting. I really don’t know much about the culture and it’s nice to sit back and watch.” Her favorite part of the night was the music. The steelpan band performing was the Mosaic Steel Orchestra led by Dr. Anthony Hailey. They are from Multi-Cultural Performing Arts Consulting of Virginia or MPAC, a non-profit organization in Hampton Roads dedicated to teaching world music and performing arts to the youth of Hampton Roads. They played a range of songs, from traditional calypso to Eric Clapton’s “Change the World” and Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” These classic tunes were fun to hear with the Caribbean sound of the steel drum and made everyone smile. The events on Caribbean Day were a great way to teach people about Caribbean culture. There was information, but also a chance to eat traditional food and listen to music unique to that region. Food and music are parts of a culture that most people can take part in. It provide a way for ODU students to enjoy the vibrant, festive culture of the Caribbean.

A Major Problem for Everyone Mark Callazzo Contributing Writer


Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown Dancing the Salsa was a new experience for lots of students.

Recently, a wave of environmental stewardship, the ‘Green Movement’, has spread throughout the country. People from all walks of life have become interested in topics such as alternative energy sources, water quality and resource management, just to name a few. Here at Old Dominion University, student organizations such as EcoReps, the Environmental Engineering Students’ Association (EESA) and the Recreation and Outdoor Conservation Club (ROCC) focus most of their efforts in identifying and addressing environmental issues or educating the public on these issues. Although these groups are quite different, they all have similar goals and work together on environmental projects on campus and throughout the community. One such project that ODU is working on involves the university, the City of Norfolk and the local community. There is a storm water system on campus that starts at the two large retention ponds on 47th Street behind Dominion Bookstore. These ponds, designed to capture storm water runoff and discharge it to the stream in manageable quantities, are full of trash and debris. Once storm water has gone through these ponds, they go into a storm water canal starting between the two ponds and leading down to the Lafayette River behind Roger’s Hall on 49th Street. A spur along 48th Street also drains directly into the canal. Both the canal and the 48th Street spur are full of trash and debris that will eventually end up in our waterways. Students and local residents are disturbed with all the garbage, citing environmental, social and health concerns. They complained about a foul odor and flooding from the canal during storm events, while others have expressed that the garbage takes away from the beauty of the area and the local sense of pride in their home. People are well aware of the environmental problems associated with the garbage. Some student organizations have started to tackle small portions of this problem, with EESA cleaning the retention ponds along 47th Street and ROCC cleaning the Lafayette River along 49th Street on a monthly basis. However, a permanent solution to this problem Would start a preliminary cleanup of the area between 47th and 49th Streets, a community education and outreach program and involvement from environmental groups on campus and in the community, members of the local community and hopefully the support of the city of Norfolk. Through Keep America Beautiful’s “Great American Cleanup”, campus environmental groups hope to draw attention to this issue and begin the process of turning this trash infested, flood prone canal into a functional and attractive looking storm water system.


B3 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 3/2/2011

Help a friend, help yourself

WRV:Made in VA

do something to change that statistics for women with eating disorders by

Derek Page Staff Writers


Nour Kheireddine Staff Writer

Eating disorders are a serious matter, and many women and men suffer with different eating disorders. Bulimia, anorexia, binge eating, compulsive eating and even too much exercise are all categorized under eating disorders. Bulimia is when an individual will eat and throw up everything because they feel bad about what he or she ate. Anorexia is when the individual will starve him or herself because of the way he or she feels about their body. They will feel overweight when in fact they have become underweight. They will trick their bodies into thinking that they ate by eating something as small as a sugarcube. Binge eating and compulsive eating are similar. They are when an individual will feel stressed and empty and will use food to fill the empty space. The individuals will feel like they have no control over they eat or how much they eat, they literally will not stop until all the food in front of them is gone. But the difference between binge eating disorder and compulsive eating disorder is that binge eaters will have patterns to they over eat. They over eat in episodes as opposed to compulsive eaters who will eat all the time. Both are usually overweight or obese due to their abnormal eating patterns. Excessive exercising is when the individual is missing important moments in life because they feel the need to exercise. People with this disorder will work out five or six hours a day, run during a thunderstorm and have a strong urge to always be moving. In the end, all these disorders come down to a psychological problem with the individual. Problems with their body image, stress from society or the pressure to be accepted into the “wanted” body look of the are often causes. Models on TV and in magazines, the “I want to look like that girl” mentality, because “that girl” is perfect; the one who all the guys want and the other girls envy are all triggers of these diseases. In truth, 95 percent of women do not fall into the broad shouldered, long legs and slim body category genetically. Genetically, 5 percent of women are born with that certain body type. Then why do so many women want to look like that and alter their body type by hurting their health? These psychological thoughts begin when a girl is around 10 years old. Statistics show that 80 percent of fourth graders are on a diet. These elementary school kids are still growing

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown The Student Health Services organized a very helpful and informative presentation.

and need every bit of nutrition to properly grow and develop. Middle school and high school girls’ number one wish is to lose weight and keep it off. Watch out for signs like if the excuse “I forgot to eat” is being used too much or “I had a slim fast today” when their body is perfectly fine. Watch out for your friends and roommates. Old Dominion University offers ten free counseling sessions to all its students. So if you need help you can find it. This is not only for people suffering from an eating disorder, but also for people who know someone with an unhealthy situation and need help. Not every image in magazines is real. Computer alterations result in a touched up, slimmed down model with a lot of make-up. Sometimes these alterations result in a computer-generated image of different parts of different women to create one image.

Wave Riding Vehicles, (WRV) is a nationally recognized surf, skate and snowboard company that offers top of the line products for all board sport lovers. It grew its roots in the heart of Virginia Beach in 1968 by the hands of Harry Snyder and brothers, Andrew and Morris Fine. Virginia Beach native Bob White opened a small store called Bob White Surfboards in 1967, in efforts to provide quality hand shaped surf boards to local surfers. Snyder and the Fine brothers later hired White to build boards for their new company. A driving factor in the companies success was the distinctive logo of five dolphins carving around on top of each other to form the shape of a wave. This emblem of the company became a local icon and symbol for the lifestyle of Virginia Beach surfers and has been revered as one of the sports best logos. The logo has put an indefinite tag on the Hampton Roads area. It’s on street lights, car bumpers, shirts, and restroom stalls. With the temporary collapse of the surfing industry in the 70’s, WRV was sold to Les Shaw and Bill Frierson. The two shaped the company into what it is today with stores in North Carolina, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. The company also produces in Florida and California and ships their products to dealers all along the East coast and beyond. WRV has become a staple in the board sports industry and is an internationally recognized company. A significant amount of advertisement comes from the professional and amateur athletes they sponsor. The company hosts numerous events a year such as autograph signings, product demos and give-aways. The company even does it’s part for the community by organizing beach clean ups. They are known for their friendly atmosphere and are always available to lend a helping hand when it comes to educating their consumers about their product and the sport. WRV hosts summer camps and lessons to teach the techniques, skills and joys of surfing to all ages. The store also has a half pipe in the parking lot for those to use at their own risk. You can even get the surf report by calling the store and dialing a quick extension (#151). The store provides top of the line products for customers of all ages whether you want to purchase a board or rent one. You can even order your own customized board to your exact specifications. There are numerous factors in building the perfect board: weight, age, skill level and quality of surf. “Big people need big boards, right?” says local surfer Preston Kerrick. At WRV, the possibilities are only limited by the extent of your imagination. Whether you’re a surf, skate, or snow junkie, WRV has everything you need from boards and tools, to safety gear and apparel. Even if you’re an out of state student, products are available to order online without the limitations of store hours. Be on the lookout for upcoming events and sales. WRV is located on 19th St. and Cypress Avenue right off I 64. Store and contact information can be found on their website.

The Campus Special online food court DEBUTS AT ODU Derek Page Staff Writer


The doorbell rang, and I was greeted by a large tomato, spinach and feta pizza with a friendly smile from the Del Vecchios delivery guy, compliments of The Campus Special. Brand Ambassador to the company, Chris Jenkins, and I gorged ourselves on our tasty treat from revered local pizza joint. Five feet to my left stood approximately 200 one hundred dollar bill faced booklets students may have seen on campus tables, in people’s glove box or in the hands of hungry students craving their favorite campus eats. The Campus Special is a company that provides students of 100 college campuses across the country with an online food court featuring all the favorite local restaurants and all the exclusive deals that they offer, bringing them right

to the door or for pick up. The site gives students everything they need to make the ordering process quick and easy. Every semester, Jenkins and associates pass out the handy booklets of coupons from over 50 of these local businesses every semester. The company prints enough of these booklets for each student, so keep your eyes peeled for the Benjamin printed treasures. When visiting the website, click a link called Food Court where the 21 participating restaurant’s display their menu, store hours and specials. It also designates whether or not they are available for delivery. If students are in the middle of a boring lecture browsing mindlessly through Facebook and feel that sudden rumble in their belly, they can specify a time for pick up and the meal will be waiting as soon as they’re out of class, but make sure to add the Campus Special application. This is convenience at its finest. If students are not sure where to go or what they want, they can search by cuisine. To make it easy, the application allows students to set up an account so that they don’t have to keep try-

ing in credit or debit card information. Some businesses even accept Monarch Plus. Just like the free coupon books, the company will never charge students a service fee. The Campus Special doesn’t only cater to the hungry and thirsty. The site has printable coupons for twelve different categories of services such as automotive, beautification, computers and even exotic glass and hookah. As Brand Ambassador, Jenkins’ job is to promote the participating businesses and Campus Special by spreading awareness to students. His latest endeavor has been to win the attention of the Fraternity and Sorority Life community. Organizations like fraternities and sororities are prime customers for the local businesses. People eat, but groups eat more. “This is exactly what our students want – good food that saves them time and money. I worked all summer to help make this happen and am proud to be a part of it – Food Court really is made by students for students. One of the really cool features for all my classmates is the Facebook app that lets students order food even as they update their status”, said Jenkins.

Showing up to events with pizza is a sure way to win the hearts and stomachs of a group and that’s what Jenkins does. He doesn’t just cater the food, but also, he caters awareness of the opportunity for good and accessible grub perfect for events, meetings and parties. With many of the students on campus involved in university organizations, Campus Special offers a special bonus to those groups. By registering with Campus Special under the name of the organization, the company will send a check at the end of the semester for two percent of what the organization spent using the site for whatever reason, whether it be for dues or philanthropy events Students are not going to find a better deal anywhere else on campus. This service is easily accessible, reliable and provides students with a swath of options for everyday necessities. With a few clicks of a button, students can make whatever their stomachs desire appear at their doorsteps. Specials and discounts are available at the tips of students’ fingers. The best part is, the service is free! Just make sure to tip the delivery guy.


wednesday 3/2/2011 | MACE & CROWN | B4

Ebony Impact Gospel Choir Come and Sing! by

Nour Kheireddine Staff Writer

“No winners, no losers, all here to praise God,” said the vice president of the Ebony Impact Gospel Choir, Shelah Bassfield. Friday night’s “FunNite,” sponsored by the gospel choir had a feel-good mood to it. “I feel very excited and am always excited whenever we do any program,” Bassfield said. She has been in the choir for four years now and her job is to make sure everything flows smoothly. Every year they hold a gospel festival at ODU and invite gospel groups from other universities to join the festivities. The group had a DJ, a keyboard player, drum players, a sax player, a guitar player and bass player. They even invited an independent group with their own recording company by the name of J-Swag. All the

members are ODU students. Their general meetings are on Tuesdays 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Kaufman 100. The band meetings are on Wednesday and the executive board meets every Sunday. All are welcome to join and there is no need for previous singing experience. There is a small and affordable membership fee that will pay for trips to other campuses, churches and food. All the members also do a lot of community service. They donate to the food bank, participate in Relay for Life and March of Dimes. They budget their expenses and make donations to these organizations with the budget money they have left over. This year gospel choirs from Elizabeth City, Longwood, James Madison, Tidewater and William and Mary are participating in the workshops and concert. Darius Mines is the keyboard player and musical director in the band. This is his second year at ODU and his second year in the choir as well. He is a vocal music education major and obtained his skills in keyboard through high school and church. He said,

“Whatever I hear every day, whatever happens throughout the day comes out as music”. Darius keeps the band in line. The members all learn to play by ear. They take prerecorded songs and learn to perform them. They alter the music and make a couple of changes so the song becomes a remix and one of a kind. Darius recruited some band members, including the drum player Tyler Hughes. Tyler has played drums since he was four years old and continued playing through his church. He describes the gospel experience and the coming together to praise so beautifully. He said “There is never a dull moment, it’s always fun”. This year’s theme is authenticating worship. They had speakers from different churches come Saturday morning and give speeches on the importance of religion and the importance of faith. They spoke words of wisdom and faith, exciting the students and the crowd.

Fairy god mothers make Battle: Los Angeles Conference with Singer/Actor Ne-Yo dreams come true May all high school girls get their Cinderella Moment for the year by

Nour Kheireddine Staff Writer

This years’ Sixth Annual Fairy Godmothers of Virginia Prom Fair finally came to an end Saturday, Feb. 26. It has been a very busy week for the volunteers and founder and Director Kelly Fortmann. They have over 3000, dresses in their inventory, most of them donations. Fortmann started this from her own closet. She had five unused dresses in her closet and thought there must be someone who can use them. By contacting the Fairy Godmothers, she learned to create her own organization. In Aug. 2005, she finally collected enough dresses to start the first annual Prom Fair. This event is for high school credit Mace & Crown junior and senior girls with financial problems. It is aimed to help This event is for high school junior and those girls who cannot afford to go senior girls with financial problems. to prom to go and have fun. The volunteers act as the girls’ personal shopper and help them to pick out the perfect dress and matching accessories and make up. The Prom Fair is sponsored by different organizations every year, and it receives a lot of support for the mission that it is set out to do: make dreams come true. Never does the Prom Fair take place in the same place or the same time of year. The Godmothers open when they have enough donations and a space to set up the dresses, shoes and accessories. A shopper who is a senior in high school said that she loves this idea of buying second hand clothes. She said, “Prom dresses are typically worn just once, for the couple of hours that the prom lasts and then that’s it.” She had her friend with her and her friend said“It’s nice to have this as an opportunity, dresses are getting ridiculously expensive and they are not even what you like,” The next shopper had an interesting sense of style and was alone waiting in line. She said she would rather shop here, when there is a wider selection of designs and prints, than at a department store. Closing Paragraph: The Fairy Godmothers continue making dreams come true every year. For more information about volunteering or donating old dresses, please go to

credit Mace & Crown Singer/songwriter Ne-Yo has a breakout role in Battle: Los Angeles. by Alexander

Rose Staff Writer

“Battle: Los Angeles”, on the surface, might look like another run-of-the-mill movie about aliens invading Earth and forcing everything into destruction and turmoil. However, Ne-Yo’s take on his role and the film itself would make you think there is more to expect. Ne-Yo is recognized first and foremost as an influential R&B singer. Recently, he has become interested in acting, making his debut in 2007’s “Walk The Yard”. With the completion of “Battle: Los Angeles”, Ne-Yo is already involved in two more movies slated to release later this year. In “Battle: Los Angeles” Ne-Yo plays a Marine, Cpl. Kevin Harris, who is part of a group that is trying to defend others against an alien attack. To prepare for this role, Ne-Yo and the other actors trained alongside actual Marines for a few weeks prior to filming. This included boot camp, the same sleeping and eating conditions and even those early morning runs we all have heard about. As this is Ne-Yo’s second major film, he how much of a pleasure it was to work with the rest of the cast. He said the production team was very calculated as to how they wanted him to act in certain scenes. He said he was very happy about how the director and team made the movie. It’s hard to imagine an R&B singer turned actor to sign onto a movie that seems so far away from any norms society has placed on his profession. Ne-Yo said he wanted to step outside of his comfort zone. He wanted to do something fun that he had never done before. He said that this movie has more than his other films, that this movie has more than the other movies, which might fall into the same category. He liked how this movie aimed to draw the watchers into the characters themselves. You become involved in the characters life. You care for them. You don’t want to see them perish. This movie has the explosions and the visuals that fans of this genre love, but takes it to deeper level. Ne-Yo named Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis and Denzel Washington as influences for his acting. He said that he did not want to be typecast into a specific type of role. He wanted to be versatile. As a movie he would want to be recasted into, especially as the character Lee-Roy Green. he chose “The Last Dragon” and he would have loved to be the character Lee-Roy Green. He was not sure why he chose this, or even what he could bring to it. He just loved the movie and thought it would be cool if he could somehow put a little bit of a modern twist on it. All in all, “Battle: Los Angeles” is backed by an all-star cast, who in addition to Ne-Yo include, Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, and Bridget Moynahan. This alien invasion movie is sure to be enjoyable.


B5 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 3/2/2011

Drive Angry! 3D!! Starring Nic Cage, Amanda Heard, and Nic Cage’s Hair by

R Jay Molina Staff Writer

What can be said about Nicolas Cage’s new film, “Drive Angry?” For one thing it certainly delivers on cars, women and mayhem. But on the other hand, Cage’s face said “Save me, please!” Both aspects of the film have to be considered when watching “Drive Angry.” If the audience considers the cars, women and mayhem, “Drive Angry” will be a fun time at the movies. If they consider Cage’s apparent discomfort, then sympathy or perhaps

even anger will be felt. It is a tough movie to take in for a film buff. “Drive Angry” is a revenge tale with demons. Picture Cage’s previous effort, “Ghost Rider,” mixed with the fun of “Grindhouse” and a little bit of “Shoot ‘Em Up.” If that makes sense, then “Drive Angry” should obviously be a blast, and it is. However, there are things that are so blatantly ripped off from films like “Shoot ‘Em Up” that it just ends up being silly to watch. For example, there is a scene with Cage, a woman, guns and a bed. A similar scene was featured in “Shoot ‘Em Up,” and that scene was much cooler than what “Drive Angry” tried to do. All in expect a movie with ridiculous physics and Cage’s creepy smirk. The film also stars Amber Heard from “Pineapple Express,” William Fichtner from “Prison Break” and Billy Burke from “Twilight.” Praise has to be given to Fichtner for playing the accountant. He upped the “cool factor” of the movie, which is weird

Pass on Hall Pass The Farrelly Brothers Should Take a Week Off by

Martin Tucker Staff Writer

“Hall Pass” has a great premise; two barely faithful husbands earn a week off from marriage through their wives’ frustration with their sex addiction. The possibilities alone could make every middle aged screenwriter a bit too excited. This film had potential, juggling the values of holy matrimony with the vibrant sexuality of a young single life and all the conflict in between. This movie was supposed to be every happily married man’s fantasy, yet it pulls punches and trades in rich, clever comedic situations for cheap slapstick. The Farrelly Brothers have made a name for themselves with films like “Dumb and Dumber,” “Stuck on You,” and the film that made Ben Stiller a legend, “There’s Something About Mary.” Recently they have started falling off with “The Heartbreak Kid” and “Hall Pass,” These films were supposed to redeem them to the level that Todd Phillips reached with “Old School” and “The Hangover” and Judd Apatow with “40 Year Old Virgin” and “Superbad,” but they failed first and foremost with the characters. Owen Wilson stars as Rick, the lesser of two evils in the husband department who simply wants to have a relationship with his wife, but in his 30 plus years, hasn’t learned to look at women without being caught. Wilson basically plays the same role he always plays, the flawed kind-hearted hero with awkward tendencies and

vain attempts at humor. “Hall Pass” makes you wonder if Owen Wilson has ever really been funny. Even in films such as “Zoolander” and “Wedding Crashers,” he’s had either great writing or a funnier companion in Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller. Wilson’s companion in this film is Jason Sudeikis, “Saturday Night Lives’ ” next inevitable graduate who only needs an “Anchorman” or “30 Rock” to make a bigger name for himself. Sudeikis’ character is Fred, a sex-crazed husband who sees his hall pass as a way to live out his single fantasies. Sudeikis was a good choice on paper and he has most of the character-based laughs of the film, but he seems to try to substitute smiles for actual acting. Christina Applegate and Jenna Fischer play the respective wives of Wilson and Sudeikis as several familiar faces peek in and out of the screen including Alyssa Milano, J. B. Smoove, Larry Joe Campbell and Richard Jenkins. Overall the film’s structure is too predictable to not be noticed. There’s the pickup line scene, the club scene, the reconciliation scene, as well as many other clichés. The setups and payoffs are easily detectable. Though the plot tries to be original, it seems to borrow from other films and has gaping holes and a forced story. It’s sad to say, but most of the funniest jokes are in the trailers. That isn’t to say there aren’t any redeemable parts in the film. There are true themes such as carpe diem and love versus lust. It isn’t completely horrible, and is a decent film to watch if you have nothing to do, but “Hall Pass” shows just how dated the Farrelly Brothers are. It’s time for comedy to evolve not regress.

considering that this movie’s main star is Nicolas Cage. Honestly, the only thing significant about Nic Cage was that he sported blonde hair. He still acts with the same tired look and voice that has become a trademark for comedians who love to impersonate him. As far as the 3D is concerned, it is just there to make audiences pay the extra money. Another complaint has to be the runtime. “Drive Angry” runs for almost two hours. This movie should not be taken seriously; it is directed by the man who brought audiences “Dracula 2000,” the remake of “My Bloody Valentine,” and it stars Nicolas Cage. Is it worth the full price of a movie ticket? No. Apologies to Nicolas Cage, but the 3D and your new blonde hair cannot save “Drive Angry” from being anything more than a simple Red Box rental.

Well Known in Unknown Liam Neeson: Silver Fox to Crazy Coot by

Steven Knauer Staff Writer

“Unknown”, starring Liam Neeson, from “Star Wars Episode I”, “Schindler’s List” and “Taken”, was released in theaters on Feb. 18. Martin Harris, Neeson, is a professor from America, invited to a biotech conference in Berlin, Germany. It opens with him and his wife getting off an airplane and getting their passports cleared by customs. They take a taxi to the hotel they are reserved at, but Martin realizes he has forgotten a briefcase at the airport. He leaves his wife, January Jones, at the hotel but is soon caught in a tragic car accident, leaving him unable to recall many events and details of his life. Attempting to reconnect with what he does remember, nobody seems to know who he is. Liam Neeson’s role in the movie is essentially a confused, yet dignified man, which he pulls off flawlessly. Throughout the movie, he realizes in mid conversation just which facts he remembers and which he doesn’t, showing Neeson’s great acting skills come to life. Liam Neeson’s voice

itself is arguably on par with actors such as Morgan Freeman. Neeson’s co-star Diane Kruger, playing the role of a young woman named Gina, is also mentionable for her acting. She does a good job of seeming to be very unimportant in the beginning, so much so that you may not recognize her until later on in the film. The cinematography of this film is well suited, but not overly creative. Many movies released during the early spring are more or less filler for the late spring or early summer releases. But for a movie with not much hype coming out during this time slot, it actually was very enjoyable. “Unknown” was not without its errors however. While they incorporated German in regular speech, there seemed to be far too many people who knew English. For instance, Gina, an illegal immigrant in Germany, would seem unlikely to know German, English and her native tongue. This does not interfere with the story too badly, as there are plenty of times where German is used for background characters and extras’; painting the illusion that Harris is indeed in a foreign land. “Unknown” can be the movie for you this spring, especially if you are passing the time anticipating other movies slated for this year. Or, if you think Liam Neeson is just a great actor, this movie surely won’t disappoint.



What’s inside CAA WRESTLING PREVIEW see C4

wednesday 3/2/2011 | MACE & CROWN | C1


Out with a bang

All smiles

spor ts

Ari Gould Mace & Crown With the victory over Delaware the Lady Monarchs now have 20 wins for the 20th time under coach Larry.

Lady Monarchs rally in the second half to win on Senior Day Stuart Miller Editor in Chief


Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown Hassell as well as the other seniors combined for 54 points in the victory on senior day.

A Storybook Ending for the Monarch’s Seniors by

Brielle Boucher Staff Writer

A great game was played by the Monarch’s seniors against the Tribe on Feb. 26 to say the least. One could tell that the Monarchs were ready to put great effort and confidence on the court so they would dominate the scoreboard the entire game. The crowd could even feel the bittersweet minds of the seniors when walking onto their home court for the last time as an Old Dominion Monarch. They came out huge in the first half, especially Frank Hassell with a high percentage in scoring under the hoop. Rebounding offensively and defensively was the Monarchs specialty in the half to give them great opportunities to score. While the tribe was still giving the Monarchs a run for their money, answering with 3-pointers left and right, it still wasn’t enough for them to take the lead in the first half. ODU was up by 10 at the half, and would keep that momentum going throughout. Yes, it was “senior night,” but they all deserved titles of players of the game that night. William and Mary’s Julian Boatner played his heart out when it came to making three pointers. He made six and helped his team stay in the game. Senior Keyon Carter went four for four in the three-point range and 6 for 7 field goals, and had 16 points he contributed to the Monarch’s final score of 77. Junior Kent Bazemore had a very great game defensively. Bazemore had a block that NBA players on ESPN make look easy. That would lead to an assist to Keyon Carter to give the Monarchs a solid 72-55 lead to seal the deal with under four minutes to go. The Monarchs continue to fight until the end, something that successful teams need in order to be on top in the standings. William and Mary Head Coach Tony Shaver praised the Monarchs for being such a great basketball team. When asked he said he could not choose who would win in an ODU vs. GMU matchup. He did, however give the Monarchs a little advice, and said how they need to score more in order to beat GMU, which was definitely not the case in the game they played against his Tribe. Monarchs Head Coach Blaine Taylor was very proud of his team that day, but walked into the conference room knowing he would be asked as to why he did not have his team go for the extra three points to give his ODU fans a free pass for some chicken. He said. “My team was not playing for chicken tonight, we came out to play and defeat our rivals, and that is all what matters.” He said that his team came out with a bang and would miss seeing his seniors play their rear ends off for the past four years. It was a great sight to see the Monarchs get a win for their seniors, and was definitively a great ending to their successful collegiate basketball careers.

Whatever conversation the seniors had with the rest of the team during halftime of the Old Dominion University womens basketball game against the University of Delaware obviously had some effect. The result was a 23-8 run to start the second half as the Lady Monarchs solidified their 20th win of the season by defeating Delaware 70-61. “When we came out of the locker room that explosion really put us in quite a great place,” said ODU Head Coach Wendy Larry. “We went through a lull in the second half, but really, truly I felt like the game was always in our hands.” The victory not only further secured the Lady Monarchs’ place in the elite of the Colonial Athletic Association, but it gave the four graduating seniors even more of a reason to smile as they walked out of the Ted Constant Convocation Center for the last time in a Lady Monarch uniform. Coming in at 9-7 in the CAA, Delaware came into the game with the intentions of spoiling the Lady Monarchs’ final home game and behind sophomore forward Elena Delle Donne’s 22 points, the Blue Hens almost made it a reality. For seniors Shadasia Green, Jasmine Parker, Kquanise Byrd and Alena Voronina the atmosphere was “just like any other game.” said Voronina. However, when three of the four seniors scored the first six points, it was clear that they wanted to win convincingly. The hot start by the Lady Monarchs would quickly fizzle however as the Blue Hens put together a 13-2 run to give them their largest lead of the game at seven points. One of the largest problems that the Blue Hens ran into was the Lady Monarchs’ inside presence. Behind Voronina’s game high 15 points, the Lady Monarchs went on a tear after Green started a well orchestrated fast break ending in one opportunity for Voronina after a string of crisp passes from Green and junior forward Tia Lewis. The three- point play sent the Ted into a frenzy as it exploded with applause and cheers fueling the Lady Monarchs’ 12-4 run to end the first half.

“I thought people were a little bit timid with the way that they were handling the ball and we just needed to turn up the heat a little bit,” said Larry. “We talked about boxing out, reading the box out, reading the rebound and finding out where the ball was coming off so we could transition because we are pretty good when we can get out and run.” Run is exactly what the Lady Monarchs did with the large lead they got out to in the second half fueled by two consecutive layups by Green and a three pointer by Byrd. By the time the Blue Hens were able to control the rate of scoring by the Lady Monarchs, the game turned into an uphill battle as ODU continued to score consistently. The Lady Monarchs were also deadly from the foul line going 15-16 thwarting any effort put forth by Delaware “It’s more about what we didn’t do,” said Delaware Head Coach Tina Martin. “Our defense had too many lapses, [ODU’s] guards could get to wherever they wanted.” Emotions ran high as the game went on with both teams making run after run. With just under six minute remaining in the game Delaware was down 17 points and looking to make a run. Having already put in 13 of her 16 points, Delaware guard Lauren Carra was quite the pest to the Lady Monarchs’ defense. While being guarded by ODU’s Green, Carra pushed her and was called for the foul. However, in Green’s excitement, her words shared with Carra landed her a technical foul with 5:29 to play. The technical foul would fuel one last push by the Blue Hens, who closed out the game with a 14-5, but still fell short and dropped to 16-12 on the season. As for the Lady Monarchs, the victory put them at 20-6 on the season and 14-3 in the CAA. “For Byrd, Parker, Green, and Voronina it was the last time they were going to be in this building playing,” said coach Martin. “So they played like seniors who were playing their last game, we didn’t play well today.” The Lady Monarchs will close out the regular season on the road against Drexel on March 2. They currently sit tied for second place in the CAA with UNC-Wilmington and are only one game back in conference victories behind league leading James Madison University, who was upended on the road by Hofstra 75-73 on Feb 27.

WEEKLY RECYCLING SITE WHEN: Every Wednesday from 10 am until 2 pm January 26th through April 27th WHERE: In front of Webb Center next to the Lion Come bring all of your acceptable recyclables to our table in front of Webb every Wednesday. Help get Recycle Mania off to a great start. Grab a new copy of the Mace while you are at it, and bring it back next week with your other recyclables listed below.


-Flattened cardboard (must be sized to fit in cart with lid closed) -Newspaper and inserts -Magazines and catalogs -Phone books -Paperback books -Mail -Office paper and scrap paper -Paper bags and food boxes (no liners) -Frozen food boxes -Juice boxes -Clean milk jugs and cartons (rinsed) -Clean plastic containers #1-#5 (food, detergent, shampoo, etc. Labels are ok, discard lids and caps) -Aluminum cans -Steel or tin cans -Glass bottles and jars (labels are ok, discard lids and caps)

DON’T BRING THESE -Food residue or garbage -Plastic bags -Styrofoam containers or peanuts -Paper towels, plates or napkins -Diaper or rags -Plastic take-out containers -Plastic trays -Food wrap -Toxic containers (oil, antifreeze, pesticides) -Aluminum foil, foil trays -Aerosol cans -Needles or syringes -Scrap metal, knives or scissors -Ceramics or dishes -Light bulbs -Mirrors or window glass -Yard waste or leaves


CELL: 703-727-0034




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Pride vs. Purpose by

Matthew McCracken Asst. Sports Editor

Pride gets a team through a grudge match, but purpose gets them over the hump and one up in the win column. Proof of this statement was apparent Feb. 24 70-65 win for the Old Dominion Lady Monarchs against the William and Mary Tribe. With the Tribe winning only three out of 26 games played this season, they are playing for pride in their reputations and love for the game. On the other hand, the Lady Monarchs are tied for second place in the CAA with UNC-Wilmington with an overall record of 19-8, 13-3 in the CAA conference alone. These ladies play for a purpose, bringing a CAA title back to the Ted Constant Convocation Center and a NCAA tournament berth. Purpose is what got the Lady Monarchs to pick it up halfway through the first half with a 10-2 run with five different players scoring. Pride is what brought the Tribe, who hadn’t led once the whole game, come back against the Lady Monarchs with a little of 13 minutes left in the game. Coming out the second half with 12-5 run within the first four minutes, the Tribe was no longer playing for their fourth win, but their entire season. Going back and forth in the second half with six lead changes and three ties, the Lady Monarchs pulled off the win due to two aspects of the game. With a legendary coach and an experienced squad, the Lady Monarchs know winning only comes by playing with a level head, executing their personal roles, and playing together. In simpler words, tall girls play down-low and bang the boards. Short girls use their quickness to get to the cup and the built ladies use their dynamic structure to do what they have to do to get the ball in the hole. Lady Monarch’s junior for-

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown

ward Tia Lewis, standing at 6-foot-three-inches, center Kaitlyn Mathieu combined for 27 of the grabbed boards answered and 17 points. Withruns whatwith Tribe’s 65ofpoints. Onlyendifference for victory. these laThe Ladynine Monarchs the Tribe two runs their own route to the seemed like half of her buckets scored after condies, whose average height is about 6-foot-onetact, Lewis is the epitome of a forward. inches was how these points were scored. All Joining Lewis down low, Lady Monarch’s their buckets came off long jumpers or 15-foot 6-foot-two-inch senior forward Alena Voronina, pull-ups. aka “Russia,” scored 10 points herself down Although their buckets look pretty, they are low in the paint. The William and Mary Tribe’s worth just as much as Lady Monarchs’ Lewis three “bigs” including sophomore forwards and Voroninas’s lay-ups. Long shots equal long Emily Correal and Taylor Hilton and freshman rebounds, which subtracts the chance of offen-

sive rebounds and second chance points. Guard play by the Lady Monarchs equaled 43 of their 70 points and 14 of their 16 team assists. Senior guard Jasmine Parker accredited for 16 of those points and six assists. The Tribe’s guard play only equaled 29 of their 65 total points and nine of their 14 assists. Not the worst numbers a stat sheet has ever seen, but not enough to beat the chemistry the Lady Monarchs have developed with one another. Only having one player come off the bench for the Tribe, the Lady Monarchs two contributors off the bench combined for 19 points. Redshirt sophomore guard JoNiquia scored 11 points, six of them coming within a two minute time span late in the second half. Redshirt freshman guard Rebecca Allison scored eight points, with six of them coming in the first half during the Lady Monarch’s long run. Bench play provides a spark for the scoreboard, and rest for the starters. Even with all of these comparisons between positions and bench play, the difference between a team that plays for pride and a team that plays for purpose is how they react after suffering from an opponent’s run. The Lady Monarchs answered the Tribe’s 12-5 run in the second half with and-1 buckets, steals, forced turnovers, and trading baskets with William and Mary. When the Lady Monarchs made their 10-2 run in the first half, the Tribe answered with a couple of free shots from the charity line. The Tribe were outmatched as soon as their name was printed next to Old Dominion’s during the off-season. Losing 52 straight games to Old Dominion, pride may have kept the Tribe in the ring of this fight, but not from being put on the ropes. The Lady Monarchs have more to play for than personal pride. They play for a school, a city and a title.

s ’ n o s i r r a G




Coach Erik Spoelstra, I have an issue with you. In two recent close games when trailing late, you have decided to give the ball to one LeBron James. Why? It beats me. You have Dwayne Wade, who has proven throughout his career that he is far more reliable in the clutch than James. Outside of a couple of playoffs games, James fades away when the lights get the brightest. So why not give the ball to Wade? Especially when you need a three to tie, knowing that Wade can shoot better than James every day of the week. You are to blame for the losses against both the Knicks and Bulls. Give the ball to D-Wade, in every situation, when the game is on the line. If not you’ll find yourself on my scrub-o-meter again.


wednesday 3/2/2011 | MACE & CROWN | C3

Lady Monarchs Clip Tribe Late In Game To Pull Away, 70-65 Brian Jerry Contributing Writer by

The Lady Monarchs, going into their second to last game of the season displayed their will to win, holding off the Lady Tribe of William & Mary, 70-65 on Feb. 24, at The Ted Constant Convocation Center. Junior center/forward Tia Lewis led all scorers and rebounders, pulling in 17 and 9, respectively. Senior Jasmine Parker added to her team’s totals by scoring 16 points herself while dishing out a game-high six assists. Four Lady Monarchs scored in double figures to help Old Dominion win their 13th conference and 19th game overall. In the first half, ODU jumped to a 12- point lead behind freshman guard Rebecca Allison’s stellar first half. The team jumped out to an early 15-7 lead after going on a 10-2 run with just under nine minutes remaining in the first half. Allison made back-to-back buckets. Senior forward Alena Voronina chipped in two of her 10 points off a bucket with a little over two minutes remaining in the half. Parker then hit a critical three with about 47 seconds left before Lady Tribe sophomore forward Emily Correal hit a buzzer-beater 3-point basket to bring William & Mary within seven by the end of the half. The home team would respond at the beginning of the second half, when Lewis opened up the remaining 20 minutes of action with a mid range jumper to give her team a 36-28 lead. The Tribe would respond, when sophomore guard/forward Taylor Hilton knocked down a corner 3-pointer , cutting the lead to two. W&M would go on to tie the game and took their first lead of the game with freshman center Kaitlyn Mathieu’s back-to-back buckets with a little over 13 minutes left. Senior Shadasia Green hit a shot that gave ODU the lead back, while Voronina led a fast break bucket and additional momentum.

The lead would be traded back and forth with a little of six and a half to play in the contest before Parker recorded one of her six assists off a full-court pass to redshirt sophomore JoNiquia Guilford, extending the team’s lead to five. The Tribe answered ODU’s run with a shot attempt by Mathieu that sent her to the line. She would sink both free throws to bring the Lady Monarch’s lead to within one, before Guilford scored consecutive shots with just under three minutes of action left. A key steal and two free throws would all but seal it as they would go on to get the victory. “I just think the way we played at times, gave William & Mary a great deal of confidence,” said Larry. “You give them a lot of confidence, there’s some great shooters on that team. They’re great free throw shooters and we cut a break in that they didn’t shoot the ball from the foul line nearly as they’re typically averaging.” She also credited her senior starting point guard and team for her efforts in the contest. “I thought down the stretch, Jasmine Parker did some really nice things with the ball and delivered the ball in certain situations and that Rebecca Allison and Jo Guilford really just played out of their minds for us and did a great job both on the offensive and defensive end.” The Lady Monarchs will try their hand at Delaware on Senior Day. Parker, Voronina and Green, as well as guard Kquanise Byrd, will all make their final appearance on the hardwood in their collegiate careers on in front of the home crowd at Ted Constant Convocation Center. “I think you always on the last day of the regular season, you always try to work as hard as you can to send your seniors off in the right way,” said Larry. “I’m hopeful that this team isn’t going to do anything different than just go out and play this game with the idea that it’s not only our last regular season game, but it’s also preparation for what’s to fall down the following week. We’re kind of taking it one game at a time, just trying to get prepared for every game, give it our best shot, and we’d certainly like to send our seniors off with a win at home.”

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown The Lady Monarchs had four players score in double-figures in the victory over the Tribe.

Lady Monarchs peaking at right time

Ari Gould Mace & Crown The Lady Monarchs now have fun three in a row, and five out of their last six.

Another 20 win season by

Garrison Cole Sports Editor

As the Lady Monarchs close the book on another regular season, coach Wendy Larry recorded another 20win season as the Lady Monarchs defeated the Delaware Blue Hens on Feb. 27. With the victory that gave Larry her 20th 20+ win season. The Lady Monarchs performed well on senior day, as seniors Alena Voronina, Jasmine Parker, Kquanise Byrd and Shadasia Green were all sent out on a winning note. More importantly for Larry and the Lady Monarchs, this win gave them the momentum that is all too important as the calendar flips to March. With this momentum, the Lady Monarchs are playing their best basketball of the season. On a day where the Lady Monarchs took on reigning Player of the Year sensational sophomore Elena Delle Donne, the Lady Monarchs thoroughly dominated the Blue Hens. The final score 70-61, was not indicative of how well the Lady Monarchs played throughout the game. The Lady Monarchs led by four at halftime. At the beginning of the second half, the Lady Monarchs went on a 21-8 run to bust the game wide open. The four seniors combined for 39 of the 70 points scored by the Lady Monarchs, as only Green was held out of double figures. She scored nine points. Aside from the seniors, the Lady Monarchs offense in the second half was poetry in motion. “There were

moments of brilliance,” said coach Wendy Larry. The Lady Monarchs execution was about as flawless as it has been this season. They were able to move the ball well, as it seemed that each player that stepped on the floor was as unselfish as the one they were coming in for. The Lady Monarchs had 16 assists, and had three players each who finished with four dimes. This helped the Lady Monarchs to a lead as big as 19 in the second half. Just as impressive as the Lady Monarchs offense, the defense was just as sound. They held the Blue Hens to 10-25 shooting in the second half. Although Delle Donne, who came into the game averaging 24.8 points per game, finished with 22 points, most of them came late as the game was getting out of hand. She finished 7-19 from the floor in large part to Voronina, who had the primary task of guarding Delle Donne. “I was trying to stay low, and not let her blow by me,” said Voronina. The team, who is trying to win CAA title No. 18, now will go into the CAA tournament with great momentum. Although the Lady Monarchs might not be the No. 1 seed entering the tournament, there is no doubt they will be one of the teams that fellow CAA teams don’t want to face. “We’re always trying to make a statement to the rest of conference,” said senior leader Jasmine Parker. “We’re not going anywhere.” March is the time when champions rise to the occasion. With a coach who has won 17 CAA titles, the blue and white and the supporters have to feel pretty confident at this time of the season.


C4 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 3/2/2011

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown After five straight second place finishes at the CAA tourney, the Monarchs will look to get over the hump this weekend.

ODU heading to the CAA Championship Hutter ready to win big this year by

Greg Arnold Staff Writer

The Old Dominion wrestling team is heading to Rider University in Lawrenceville, N.J. to take place in the Colonial Athletic Association’s Championship Tournament. The tournament will take place Friday at 1:00 p.m. and Saturday at 10:00 a.m. and will be pitting the toughest wrestlers in the CAA against each other. This will be the biggest test for many of the members of the Monarch team this season, head coach Steve Martin has been getting his team ready for this the entire season. He has purposely made the schedule for his team harder than need be so his wrestlers will be ready for the challenges they will face in the tournament. Senior Kyle Hutter said, “Coach has always done a great job in that. We train to peak here at the end. We do short intense workouts so we’re not too sore through the tournament, but we’re ready to go at our highest level.” The last five seasons ODU has placed second in the overall team competition, and is hoping to go home with the honors this season. Leading the team will be senior James Nicholson, who will be defending his title at the 125-pound weight class. Nicholson has won in his weight class all three years he has participated, and is far and away the favorite to win again this season. He has a 29-0 record

this season and ranked fourth in the nation at his weight class. Hutter has also made a name for himself in his college career. He is ranked 12th in the nation at his 133-pound weight class, with a 29-7 record. Modestly Hutter said of his season, “Not the season I really hoped to happen. A lot of ups and downs in the season. It will end up helping me (in the tournament), in dealing with a lot of adversity in the season.” Hutter has been runner-up in his weight the three times he has participated in the tournament and is looking to break through in his senior year. Last season, however, he was redshirted to ready himself for his senior year. For him it was, “another year of training. I was able to focus on myself a little bit more. I could come in on my own a little bit more.” Late this season Hutter had to deal with adversity in his wrestling in ODU’s match against in-state rivals The University of Virginia. In his match against freshman Joe Spisak he found himself in trouble, “I was controlling right away and I got caught up in a move. I shouldn’t have been there, but I knew I could come back from it. It’s good going into conference tournaments, dealing through adversity, I know if I get down again, when it counts, I could come back.” He did come back in that match to win 10-8. The next step for Hutter and others in the ODU wrestling team, after the CAA Tournament, will be the NCAA Championship held in Philadelphia, Pa. This tournament will be held between the 17th and the 19th and will include the best of the best of the entire nation. Hutter said when asked if he was excited for the upcoming challenge, “Absolutely, I’m all about it. It’s what I’ve been working for.”



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opinions That’s G

Head Injuries a big problem for the NFL


Garrison Cole Sports Editor

Last week former Chicago Bear safety Dave Duerson, before committing suicide, made one final decision: Duerson wanted his brain to be donated for research. The reason behind his donation was so that doctors and scientists of the Boston University Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy could study the effects

head- on collisions have on the brain. Duerson suffered from depression and we will know soon enough if one of the reasons for this was playing professional football. This comes at a time when, just this season, the NFL made a conscious effort to try to eliminate helmet- tohelmet contact. The timing of the Duerson situation could not have come at a worse time for the league. Duerson and former players alike highlight the biggest factor facing the NFL heading into the coming years: safety. This issue isn’t going away, and like the current collective bargaining issue, there doesn’t seem to be a conclusion anytime soon. With the athletes becoming seemingly bigger and stronger every day, the NFL has to do something to protect its labor force, or there just might not be a labor force to protect. As fans of the NFL, we love to see the biggest hits, the ones which make SportsCenter and leave fans speechless. It is partly ourfault for the way that the game is played today.

We embrace big hits and violence on the football field and we sometimes forget that the 53 guys on each roster risk their lives every Sunday when they step out on the field. Players are going to have adjust to the new rules that Commissioner Roger Goodell has implemented and stop leading with the crown of their helmets. That’s why the case of Duerson is so important to the future of the NFL. If it is found that Duerson acquired brain tissue damage from playing football, then what is next for the NFL? This is not something they can brush aside. Because of the violent natures of the NFL, parents now are hesitant to put their young children into youth football. Because of the number of post retirement developments that more and more players have to deal with, I have decided that none of my children will ever play organized football either. It’s just too dangerous. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but it is the realization of today’s NFL. The most popular sport today in America could

Here’s Your Tip: The Diary of a Waitress

be regulated to a glorified 7-on- 7 passing drill in 20 years. That is the reality of what is facing the league today. Nobody wants to talk about it, but the issue is just too great. If the NFL is already cracking down on head injuries now, what’s to say this won’t be more of the same in the future? The commissioner has already outlawed helmet- to- helmet collisions, which tips the balance of play to the offensive side of the ball. And it’s not like the offense needed the balance to tip any further. Defensive players can barely breathe on the offense now, without drawing some sort of flag. If the run on head injuries continues, then yes, there is a possibility that any form of hitting will be outlawed. Even the unthinkable could happen, there could be no football or at least not the football fans are accustomed to in 20 years. Before fans clamor for the NFLPA and the owners to agree on a new collective bargaining agreement, fans need to clamor for better safety for head injuries. If not, then the league known as Not For Longcould be in for major changes.


The hilarious trio returns in The Hangover 2, but this time with a monkey by Danielle Buxton Photography Director

by Diane Dougherty Arts & Entertainment Editor

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from my experience waiting tables is how to act and how not to act when dining out. I learned how to tip accordingly, treat my servers with respect, how to avoid waiting for long and most importantly, I learned how to tell when my server is lying to me or not. Right off the bat, I always try to make some comment about how I’m a waiter also. They automatically form a newfound respect for me, either because I know what they’re going through or because they know if things go smoothly I’ll over tip. Either way, things tend to work out for the better after the hint is dropped. Learning the proper way to tip is essential. Tip the amount you think the server earned (what you would give yourself). Teach others around you the right way to tip. For instance my mother always ask me how much tip we should leave if I’m dining out with her. She begins to see the tipping pattern and now knows how to tip well even when I’m not with her. All a server wants is respect. If you treat them kindly they will be a lot more willing to give you outstanding service and even go a little above and beyond what they normally would. A personal favorite of mine is when a table introduces themselves to me by name after I’ve done my introduction. This shows they were listening and that they care. Another sign of respect is when my guests call me by my first name or ma’am. Snapping and shouting “Hey you!” isn’t going to get you anywhere, so learn to address me like a human and not a dog if you want refills every five minutes. Something really handy that I’ve learned since waiting tables at the age of 15 is when to go in to eat. Avoid eating during peak times if you can, go a little earlier than most people do so you don’t have to be on a waiting list or be in a crowded restaurant with no elbowroom and the chance of having a shouting contest to hear the person across the table from you. It really helps the restaurant as well as your stomach and ears! Last but definitely not least, if you’re in the business you’re more than likely going to be able to tell the difference between a made up excuse and the truth. This is crucial when things aren’t going right for your evening. If your issues involved the food taking awhile or something else that comes up that shouldn’t be an issue, throw some “sever jargon” in the mix. “Hey ma’am, can you check our ticket time? We’ve been waiting awhile and I just want to make sure we’re not a pocket ticket.” This is not only show the server that you know what you’re talking about, but also that you’re not a table to mess with and if they messed up along the road, don’t blame it on anyone else, just do their job right this time. So here’s your tip: if you follow these simple tasks, you and your server should avoid all unnecessary dining-out complications and you’ll have a splendid evening out.

The first movie was great, hands down. Based on this picture, I can tell that the second movie will be great as well. If you can’t tell from my picture, I’m talking about the instant movie classic, “The Hangover” more specifically in this picture, “The Hangover 2.” In the picture, you can see the faithful three that made the first movie hilarious and had people talking about it for weeks. Going from left to right, first we have Alan. In the first movie, Alan had a head full of hair and a beard and was as awkward as anyone could be. As you can see, Alan still has his beard but his head is shaved into a buzz cut. You also look scared, Alan. I hope the monkey in the picture doesn’t scare you, but if it does then I’m sure that will have everyone remembering the tiger in the first movie, which had you scared as well. Next to Alan is Phil. Phil looks like he is the voice of reason in this trio. He has his hands out probably positioning the other two men to hold back and give them advice as to what to do next. Although Phil, along with the other guys, has his mouth wide open at this monkey, Phil looks like person that’s going to take charge and get everyone out of the situation. Finally, we have Stu, who is stand-

ing next to Phil. Stu seriously looks like he is about to run away and abort any plan that is heading his way. I’m also quite curious to know why Stu has a tribal tattoo on his face. Stu, you also look shocked to see a monkey in your bathroom. Quite frankly, out of everyone’s facial expressions, I would share yours because I’m not going to say, “Oh, there’s a monkey in my bathroom.” I’m going to scream, “WOW, THERE’S A MONKEY IN HERE!” Stu, I have to say that we are similar in a lot of ways, except for the tattoo on the face. I’m not doing that. The final part in this picture is the monkey. I find it funny that there is a monkey in this picture. It could be that I just like monkeys, but I don’t know. I am, however, starting to question why the monkey has on a Rolling Stones jean vest. That to me means that the monkey could beat the mess out of anyone in an instant. It also looks like the monkey has on camouflage shorts. This is just too funny. We have the rocker monkey vs. Alan, Phil and Stu. Who wins? I think the monkey. I can’t help but talk about the environment that they are in. They are in what looks like a run-down, dirty hotel. Everything is dusty and there is wallpaper coming off the wall. These are just unacceptable living conditions. Alan, Phil, Stu and monkey, you have been Caught! You were caught staring at one another with the men looking scared and the monkey intimidating you. Either way, based on this photo, it looks like “The Hangover 2” will be just as funny, if not funnier than the first one. Seeing this photo, I can’t wait to see it.

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wednesday 3/2/2011 | MACE & CROWN | D2

Pull up J Welcome to the Big Apple, Melo by

Jake Ullrich Staff Writer

The NBA trade deadline is rarely top of everybody’s list of must-see TV. Sure we as fans are interested in the moves that are made, but rarely do championship contending teams make serious moves to their roster. This year it was different. Following the most exciting offseason of all time, we were granted with the most exciting deadline of all time. We had finally moved on from “The Decision”, but were quickly shot into the Melo drama. Seemingly out of nowhere, Deron Williams was shipped out to the New Jersey Nets. If it had ended right it would have still been remembered as a crazy deadline, but it wasn’t even close. The Celtics sent Nate Robinson and Kendrick Perkins to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Baron Davis left a bad team, the Clippers and went to a worse team, the Cavaliers, and Kirk Hinrich found himself in Atlanta. However, one trade dominated the headlines more than any other. It was a trade talked about all season, with most fans and players simply getting sick of hearing of it. Finally, Carmelo Anthony was traded to the Knicks and sports writers, fans and players could sleep easy at night. The trade dragged on and on and on and on and many times it seemed it wouldn’t happen it all. Then it seemed Melo would be going to the Nets, then the Knicks, then the Nets again, then the Lakers and then back to the Knicks. When the deal was finally done, the Nuggets sent Melo, Chauncey Billups, Anthony Carter, Renaldo Balkman and Sheldon Williams to the Knicks. Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Timofey Mozgov and Raymond Felton, as well as Knicks first-round pick (2014 or later), Warriors’ second-round picks in 2012 and 2013 and $3 million all ended up with Denver. The Knicks gave up a lot of potential. Yes, they gave up a couple draft picks and yes, they even gave up a lot of money. In the end, they landed the player they needed to make them on their way to being a great team, but also appease a New York crowd who is not easily pleased. New Yorkers still had a bad taste in their mouth with their failure to land Cliff Lee in the MLB offseason. If they failed again in their pursuit of a star player, who knows what they would have done. I understand when people complain about how much they gave up, but in the end, all they gave up was potential. And they got a superstar. Too many times potential doesn’t

pan out. Not very often a Top 10 player in the league is available for a trade and any team that passes that up is wrong. The trade has already been labeled as a savior for the Knicks. It makes New York relevant again and to every basketball fan, that is important to the NBA. The Garden use to be one of the most exciting arena in the league and as every viewer of Melo’s debut could see, it seemed to be back to that. There was a pulse in the building that arose when Melo first came out of the locker room and continued throughout his 27 point, 10 rebound performance. Melo is one of the few players in the NBA who can do that to not only a stadium, but a city. Suddenly the Knicks were important again. They were the lead story on SportsCenter, the cover of all sports pages and the main topic of sports radio. That’s what they needed and that’s what Melo brings. Suddenly, New York is quite an attractive free agent attraction. And with a couple half-decent players finishing up their contracts this year like Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, the Knicks might get that much better next year. It seems the Nuggets learned a bit this season from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Melo wanted to go. They knew that, he knew that and everyone knew that. He knew there was a 3-year, $65 million contract extension with the Nuggets and if he had wanted to stay he would have signed it immediately. So, the Nuggets knew they had to deal him or risk getting nothing back from him in free agency. They may have milked the whole ordeal a bit too long, keeping everyone on the edge of their seat for most of the season, but they made sure they got at least something in return. Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari are both young, athletic players. Both have tremendous upsides and could very well turn out to be stars in the league. Raymond Felton was having quite a coming-out year this season before being traded. Felton is an above average defender and also praised for his leadership in the locker room. The graduate from North Carolina is an always positive player who can make a great impact on and off the court. The most important part of the deal for the Nuggets was that they got something. The Cavaliers and Raptors were robbed of any future when their stars left in the offseason. They received no young talent, no draft picks and no money and because of that, they have a long rebuilding process in front of them. While the Nuggets should be upset they lost their superstar, they should remind themselves the feeling Dan Gilbert has had all season and be happy with the future they could have.

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Weekly Whims: Living life in the fast lane How to go About Creating an Exciting Life for Yourself by Alyssa Narvell Asst. Arts & Entertainment Editor

Day after day, I unintentionally follow the “lather, rinse and repeat” method. Wake up, get ready, class, study, class, if i’m lucky I participate in something entertaining for 30 minutes, then do homework, watch TV, go to sleep, then wake up the next day and do it all over again. It seems so dull and so routine- and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way about their day-to-day lives. We all need some excitement. Something that we can look forward to and something that brings sincere joy to our deep limbic system. If we go through life with the same old boring routine, when we gaze back at our lives at the age of 80 years old, we’re not going to like what we see. As college students, it’s extremely tough, and to some slightly nerve-wracking, to stray away from the norm and to try something new. It’s so easy for us to transform into robots that do the same thing day after day. But, switching it up can be extremely beneficial. By sticking to the same stress-filled routine from day to day, it can wear you down in more ways than one. It can alter your mood, your productivity level, your social life, your health and your overall outlook on life. Sounds pretty serious, right? Well, it is. Everyone needs and deserves a change of pace. Experiencing something new and exciting will exponentially increase your serotonin level. If you’re happier, you’re healthier. You want to live your life, not merely exist. So, what are some good ways to go about spicing up your life? Well, the main task is to make a list, mental or on a piece of paper, with all the things you are interested in and would like to experience. For example: learning a new language, making new friends, taking an art class or finishing that 6,000 page book that you’ve been using as a decoration for the past five years. You must find your passion and use your imagination! Think of something you truly enjoy and never thought you would or could be able to do and try to incorporate that into your everyday life. It could alter your outlook and boost your confidence if you do something that you’ve wanted to do for a while, but were too stuck in your robot phase to complete. Once you have your list, go out and turn them into a reality! Trying something new that intrigues you will let you have something to look forward to and something to add in between your boring daily schedule. Also, take chances! Instead of just sitting back and thinking to yourself, “What if?” or “Np, I could never do that...” just go out and try it! There is nothing wrong with experiencing something new and out of the norm. You don’t want to be a Boring Bob or a Scared Sally your entire life, you have to live a little. Experience all that life has to offer. It’s not worth sitting around being stuck in your lame routine day after day. Everyone needs excitement in their lives in order to fully love their lives. You want to enjoy all you can while you are still able. So what are you waiting for? Go out and experience something new! Live your life in the fast lane.


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sundr y

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Mace & Crown




Where are you going for Spring Break?

How much are you spending on Spring Break?

Will you be listening to WODU’s coverage of the CAA tournament?

Have you ever played online poker?

What’s your Oscar pick for Best Picture?

Chances both ODU Men’s and Women’s hoops make the NCAA tournament?

Home and CAA Tournament

$40 bucks- gas only

Probably not



100% men, 75% women

Panama City Beach!

To be determined, probably 500



I don’t know whose been chosen.

They both have a fair shot





No clue

Hell if I know


Around $1,000

Probably not, it’s bad luck when I pay attention

Oh, yeah

True Grit or Inception

Men definitely, I have no idea about women, sadly

Outer Banks

Between $200-$300

Most likely going to keep up with it on my phone

No sir

Don’t care

100% chance


SARAH BASS Sophomore


BOB FRANKLIN Senior - Puzzle #4 for February 26, 2011 Across 1- Inter ___; 5- Monetary unit of Oman; 10- De-intensify; 14- Rounded protuberance; 15- Travels on; 16- Employs; 17- Empiricism; 20- Errands; 21- Wrinkled; 22- Common article; 23- Cosecant’s reciprocal; 24- Deft; 28- Football kick; 29- Writer Hentoff; 32Cool!; 33- Vocalize melodically; 34- Starch used in puddings; 35- Trivial; 38- Open ___ night; 39- Half-mask; 40- Causing goose bumps; 41- Early hrs.; 42- Libertine; 43Founder of the Red Cross; 44- Hood worn by monks; 45- Riled (up); 46- Subordinate ruler; 49- Monotony; 54- Arterial plaque deposit; 56- Fibbed; 57- Australian marsupial; 58- Cure, in a way; 59- ___ extra cost; 60- Singer John; 61- Strikes;


Down 1- Excuse me; 2- Elegance; 3- Little devils; 4- Gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans; 5- Brainy; 6- Actress Anouk; 7- Mid-month times; 8- Mahayana movement of Buddhism; 9- Constrain; 10- Protuberance; 11- Bhutan’s continent; 12- Dry run; 13- Salinger girl; 18- Allotted amount; 19- Em, e.g.; 23- Dawn; 24- Inner self (Jung); 25- Fabric of jeans; 26- Prepares for billiards; 27- Plains native; 28- Provoke; 29- Currency unit in Nigeria; 30- Anew; 31- Apartment sign; 33- Capital of South Korea; 34- Type of gun; 36Dawdler; 37- Asexual; 42- Crowd sound; 43- Put down; 44- Formula of belief; 45- Shout of exultation; 46- Room in a casa; 47- Arguing; 48- At that time; 49- Beat it!; 50- Snack; 51- Morales of “NYPD Blue”; 52- Bank deposit?; 53- Grounded fleet; 55- Impresario Hurok;


wednesday 3/2/2011 | MACE & CROWN | S2


Sudoku-Puzzles .net Sudoku, Kakuro & Futoshiki Puzzles Sudoku 9x9 - Hard (138248779)

4 2



3 9





2 2





4 5

2 8





8 6





Sudoku-Puzzles .net Sudoku, Kakuro & Futoshiki Puzzles Sudoku 9x9 - Easy (134856201)







1 6


2 6


5 5






8 3

3 1















This week’s

Have a rant about someone monarch roars! or something in the To the girl next to me in line at Chick-fil-A, Monarch Nation? Maybe your friend cares what you did last night, however, I do not. I don’t care that you had”Sooo much to drink that you literally passed Let the MACE & CROWN know! out, STANDING UP!”. I also do not need a detailed list of every alcoholic beverage you ingested last night, even if you had ”a vodka and sprite, a beer, a sex on the beach shot...” and everything else I Please submit your MONARCH ROAR can’t even remember. Just a little advice, talk quieter and maybe you won’t be alone next Valentine’s Day and feel the need to numb the to the new website pain with liquor. Sincerely, It’s too early on a Monday morning for this.

To the beautiful soul that put up the sign on Hampton to ”stand in silence and look at the sky,”...can I marry you;

MACEANDCROWN.COM It will remain anonymous!!

To the genius whose idea it was to sell girlscout cookies at Grays...I.Love.You. Warning: Samoas will be out of stock as of today when I get over there.

MONARCH ROARS are screened during their Elevator Etiquette 101: Let people get off the elevator before you get on. selection process and Some students at ODU need to get over themselves and learn some must meet certain basic manners. THREE times this week someone right in front of me has gone through a doorway and not held it open--so it slammed requirements in order to be right in my face. Holding the door isn’t a chivalry thing, it’s a don’t-break-other-people’s-noses thing. considered for publishing. A friendly reminder to all dudes: if your roommate brings home a lady friend, you should automatically leave the room they’re in unless They must not: they ask you to stay. Pouting, storming out, and slamming your bedroom door because your roommate wants some privacy is a • contain illegal or violation of the Bro Code. defamtory statements I’m a chick. I wore my Army PT pants to the gym and some meathead told me that I shouldn’t wear parts of ”my boyfriend’s” uniform! • threaten a certain person DUDE! This is 2011! Women have been in the regular military for more than THIRTY years! Good gawd, get with the program. or organization to the old creepy guys at the bars around campus, you’re married, stop hitting on me and my friends. • be sent in by any Student Media To the girl outside the bar waiting in line, stop yelling for them to professional or student staff let you in because you’re cold.. You should have worn more clothes! Dear last night, if you remember what you did, you should feel ashamed. how dare you leave people oblivious to their actions?


March 2nd, 2011  

March 2nd, 2011

March 2nd, 2011  

March 2nd, 2011