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Things to do near campus The MacArthur Memorial The MacArthur Memorial is located in the MacArthur Square at 198 Bank St. Norfolk, VA 23508 (across the street from the MacArthur Center Mall.) A six minute drive from campus.

Photo Essay written by Amanda David Assistant News Editor

The MacArthur Memorial is one of the hidden treasures in downtown Norfolk. General of the Army Douglas MacArthur gained fame through his military actions in the Pacific during World War II and the Korean War. These actions were both praised and criticized making him one of the most controversial figures in American history.

The MacArthur Memorial is located in the MacArthur Square across the street from the MacArthur Center Mall. It is open Tuesday thru Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 5p.m. Admission is free. Also, if you park in the mall parking garages don't forget to bring your ticket stub. The museum will validate visitor parking for up to three hours. For more information call (757) 441-2965.

In 1962 Douglas MacArthur agreed to give all of his papers, uniforms, medals, art collection and other possession to the City of Norfolk with the purpose of creating a museum. Four buildings comprise the MacArthur memorial: a museum, a theatre, Jean MacArthur Research Center, and a gift shop.

The theatre displays a 24 minute orientation film, so the memorial staff suggests that visitors start their tour in the theatre building. A short walk over to the two-story main museum building visitors will find a statue of General MacArthur outside and nine galleries documenting his life inside.

General and Mrs. MacArthur are laid to rest on the ground floor of the museum.

The gift shop, a separate building, not only has souvenirs but also features MacArthur's 1950 Chrysler Imperial limousine which he used from 1950 to the end of his life.

Some of the most interesting exhibits at the memorial include the Colt pistol that Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo attempted suicide with at the end of WWII as well as the bullet recovered, Gen. MacArthur's medals, including his Medal of Honor and Purple Heart, which is the first Purple Heart ever issued (Serial No. 1), and one of the pens used to sign the surrender document ending WWII. The museum curator recommends at least 90 minutes for a visit.

The main museum building is the former City Hall and Courthouse building of the City of Norfolk. It was built in 1850 and designed by William Singleton and Thomas Walter, who also designed the dome on the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

MacArthur Memorial