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Diane Dougherty Mace & Crown The solar decathlon houses will be judged Sept.23 through Oct.2 at the National Mall’s West Potomac Park in Washington D.C.


ODU AND HAMPTON UNIVERSITY TEAM UP IN SOLAR DECATHLON BY: DAVID BAKHSHAEE News Editor Students of Old Dominion University and Hampton University are currently competing in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon. The Solar Decathlon is a top-notch event that stimulates and challenges 20 teams on the collegiate level to design, build, and operate a solar-powered house that is energy-efficient, cost-effective, and appealing. The first Solar Decathlon took place in 2002 and has occurred biennially in 2005, 2007, and 2009. This year’s Solar Decathlon will take place Sept. 23 through Oct. 2 at the National Mall’s West Potomac Park in Washington D.C. Team Tidewater Virginia, comprised of engineering students and architecture students from Old Dominion University and Hampton University will be going up against other cutting edge designs from universities all over the country and globe. The stiff competition that Team Tidewater is facing includes universities from the likes of China, Belgium, Canada, and U.S. schools such as UMASS and Rutgers. “Competing with universities from this country and around the globe such as Purdue, Cal Tech, China, New Zealand, Canada, Belgium, UMASS, Rutgers, Maryland, and Florida is very exciting and an honor,” said Mujde Erten-Unal, an environmental engineering professor at Old Dominion University. Team Tidewater Virginia submitted their proposal back in 2009 and has since endured the long process of building a model of the design and submitting it to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. In April 2010, the team was informed that they were awarded the project. This was obviously met with much excitement. “To see it come together like this is a dream come true,” said Lewis Fisher, a civil engineering major at ODU. “This is the day we couldn’t believe would actually get here,” said Erten-Unal.

The solar home that Team Tidewater is building is named Unit 6 unplugged. The idea behind Unit 6 is to integrate solar technologies into an architecture that responds to its urban context and upholds the neighborhood appearance while dramatically reducing its ecological footprint. Unit 6 gathers its influence from passive environmental examples found in a variety of domiciles in the Tidewater region of Southeastern Virginia. The key features that Unit 6 consists of are separate mechanical core’s that concentrate the house systems in one place, keeping waste heat and noise outside, and a profound shaded balcony equipped for three-season comfort. Unit 6 also features photovoltaic systems and thermal collectors assimilated in the sloped roof that generates electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity using semiconductors. This is the first time either Old Dominion University or Hampton University has been invited to battle in the Solar Decathlon. The proposal to model and erect Unit 6 beat out proposals from some of the nation’s most commanding and influential universities. Carrying on with the mission and objectives of marketable, affordable and sustainable design, Team Tidewater has its sights on bringing home the trophy and being recognized as number one. The construction of Unit 6 is located at the corner of 48th Street and Powhatan Avenue on the Old Dominion University campus. It is estimated that the home will cost around $250,000 mostly because affordability is one of the linchpins of the project. “The biggest expense was the construction of the prefabricated shell that was pieced together in three sections and the slanted roof,” said John Whitelaw, an ODU graduate student and project manager. Haven Custom Homes, located in Pennsylvania, built the shells of the home and drove them down to the project site here in Norfolk on three flatbed trucks. The home will consist of one bedroom and one bathroom with the entirety of the house being 1,000 square feet. If any student wishes to volunteer and participate in the construction of Unit 6 and the Solar Decathlon, please contact Mujde Erten-Unal at (757)-683-4412.


OLD DOMINION ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE PROPOSES $6 BILLION COAL PLANT BY: ISABEL AGOSTO Contributing Writer Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC) has recently announced that they will be delaying the construction of a $6 billion, 1,500-megawatt coal plant in Surry County, within the rural town of Dendron. ODEC originally estimated the coal plant to be operational in 2016, but on May 18, 2011 they announced that the plant is expected to start producing electricity in 2020. ODEC is an electric generation and transmission cooperative that serves 54,000 retail electric consumers. The cooperative supplies power for large portions of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C, and North Carolina. Due to the current economic state and uncertain federal regulations, ODEC has pushed back the start date of the coal plant according to an article released by the Associated Press. The Sierra Club, an environmentalist organization, has begun a campaign to prevent the construction of the coal plant. They claim that the coal plant will “further burden nearby areas already in nonattainment.” Dendron is located 18 miles from Williamsburg, and the airflow from the town goes towards the direction of Hampton Roads. The plant is estimated to spill hundreds of tons of CO2, and other greenhouse gases, into the atmosphere that will directly affect the quality of air in Hampton Roads and surrounding areas. The Sierra Club explains that the coal plant will add additional acid deposition, increase mercury levels in the already struggling streams and rivers, and contribute to the practice of mountain top removal mining. Environmental concerns have begun to cause local governents Continued to PLANT A2


A2 | MACE & CROWN | Wednesday 6/1/2011

Mace & Crown staff Diane Dougherty Editor in Chief


Jessica Starr Copy Editor

BY: CHELSEA JACKSON Contributing Writer

David Bakhshaee News Editor

On May 23, our country was hit with the seventh billion-dollar weather related disaster this year. A tornado raged through Joplin, Missouri and Reading, Kansas destroying everything, from lives to infrastructures, in its path. There have been 139 reported deaths as of May 28 and 900 injuries. Despite the tragic news of the death count rising, officials in Missouri are now saying that the number of unaccounted people is down to 105. The tornado ripped a six mile long scar through Joplin leaving people caught in the chaos unable to tell the police their location. The complete decimation of any identifying street markers slowed down the police departments efforts to find trapped victims. “75 percent of the city has been lost,” said a spokesperson for the American Red Cross. Families and communities in Joplin have banned together to help rebuild each other’s lives. Neighbors who had never before met or spoken searched through the wreckage together in an attempt to recover lost photos and sentimental items that held memories for the families who lost virtually everything. Good Samaritans have turned lightly damaged buildings into shelters for now homeless pets that were separated from their families by the storm. 250 pets have been turned into shelters and the SPCA believes the number will top 500.

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Plant from A1 to take action. In January 2011, the Virginia Beach Council denounced the construction of the coal plant due to the harm it will cause to the air quality of Virginia Beach and water quality of the Chesapeake Bay. The Isle of Wight Citizen’s Association and Carrolton Civic League have officially announced their opposition to the construction of the coal plant by publically denouncing it at the last Isle of Wight meeting. The groups have asked the Isle of Wight Board to pass a resolution against the plant. Environmentalist concerns are further supported by the medical communities’ stance on the coal plant. According to a report released on May 23, 2011 by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF), pollution from the coal-fired plant is estimated to generate over $200 million in annual health-related costs. The report states that the plant will be permitted to release 44 pounds of mercury and 921 pounds of lead annually. These heavy metals can trigger severe brain damage in children and other serious health problems. The health officials from the American Lung Association in Virginia, the Virginia Asthma Coalition, and doctors in Hampton Roads and Williamsburg have joined environmentalists by publically denouncing the construction of ODEC’s coal plant. In response to the CBF report, David Hudgins, director of member and external relations for ODEC, expressed that the report “grossly misrepresents” the potential environmental and public health impact. “Simply put, if the impacts of Cypress Creek are as severe as the CBF report concludes, the Department of Environmental Quality and EPA would not issue an air permit for the facility. This simple fact demonstrates how unreliable and unrealistic the CBF report is,” said Hudgins. According to CBF officials, the foundation developed its report using data supplied by ODEC to the Environmental Protection Agency In the press release, Hudgins also explainedthat there is a demand for energy in the area. According to an article released by Wise Energy for Virginia, “Virginia has enough unexploited energy efficiency to virtually eliminate the need for new generation in the next 15 years.” Surry County is directly being impacted by the controversy surrounding the coal plant. The board members of Surry County and the town of Dendron have approved the production of the coal plant, but many citizens are not in agreement with their decision. Four citizens of Surry County have filed a lawsuit against ODEC accusing them for not following legal procedures correctly. The plaintiffs are concerned with the lack of detailed information provided by ODEC and the secretive manner in which the electric cooperative is operating. The lawsuit has received a lot of negative feedback from other citizens causing a division within the community. In an interview with Surry native Michael Drewry, the conflict within the community is evident. Michael Drewry is “first and foremost a farmer, and then an attorney.” He is one of the four plaintiffs suing ODEC. The groups intentions with the lawsuit is simple, they want ODEC to “stop cutting corners.” Drewry explains that ODEC did not follow the legal procedures in the preliminary stages. He explains that ODEC and the town of Den-

“We’re going to be in a search and rescue mode until we remove the last piece of debris,” city manager Mark Rohr said. The tornado is the deadliest isolated twister in the United States since 1947. Authorities have stated that so far 31 of the dead have been positively identified, however some of the bodies are in such gruesome shape that DNA testing is being employed to identify the bodies. The wicked and catastrophic tornado had wind speeds topping 200 mph. President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit the distressed city of over 50,000 people on Sunday once he gets back from his European trip. President Obama will speak at a Joplin Community Memorial Service on the campus of Missouri Southern State University along with Missouri Governor Jay Nixon. “On Sunday, all Missourians will pause to mourn for those killed by this devastating storm, and to stand together as we begin the process of rebuilding and recovery,” Governor Nixon said. The American Red Cross responded to the disaster almost immediately and has created shelters throughout Missouri and Minnesota for those in need. Food is being distributed as well as water and basic toiletries. Even the NFL is contributing to the relief efforts. The Kansas City Chiefs are donating $35,000and water bottles to assist families in need because of the storm. The St. Luis Rams plan to get involved as well. Home Depot is one of several companies who has pledged $1 million to the cities hit by this devastating tragedy. If you would like to contribute to the rebuilding of areas affected by the tornado please visit or If you would like to donate $10 to the cause please text REDCROSS to 90999. dron failed to publish meeting advertisements for voting sessions and released ads that lacked detailed information for the general public. “If they can not follow notice regulations then what other corners are they cutting?” said Drewry. ODEC has attempted to dismiss the lawsuit claiming that the plaintiffs represent a minority group of radicals. Propaganda released by the cooperative have caused the plaintiffs to experience a lot of negative attention from members of their community. When asked how the coal plant has affected the community, Drewry explains it has caused a divide among the citizens of Surry. ODEC propaganda has promoted the amount of money Surry County will receive and the availability of new jobs. In the current economic state of the country, money and jobs make for a powerful argument in a rural area.

GCVCONSERVATION.WORDPRESS.COM Artist’s rendering of the ODEC coal-fired power plant 1/4 mile behind the town of Dendron (2009).

Drewry states he is aware that the limited jobs available will be given to people with a high level of education. He also finds it suspicious that ODEC has not released any detailed accounts of what jobs will be offered. When asked what his biggest concern was about the proposed coal plant, he expressed the health effects to himself and his plants. The Drewry Blueberry Farm has a berry picking operation that could be threatened by the construction of a massive coal plant located a couple miles away. It is evident that Old Dominion Electric Cooperative will have to overcome many barriers in order to build the coal plant. Environmentalist groups, medical groups, and the citizens of Surry need public support. These small organizations are up against a massive propaganda machine. Citizens need to force ODEC to release detailed accounts of the operation in order to make an educated decision. Drewry and other plaintiffs are preparing to appear in court in late August. ODEC and the town of Dendron have filed for another motion to dismiss the case which will be heard on Wednesday August 31, 2011 at the Surry Court House.


What’s inside L A D Y G A G A’ S “ B O R N T H I S W AY ”


B1 | MACE & CROWN | Wednesday 6/1/2011


arts enter tainment





Fave Five: Summer Vacation on Less Than a Tank of Gas buy an admission ticket right now, you can get a season pass for free!

BY: AMY DELAURA Contributing Writer Richmond- Normally when one thinks of such a place it is, “Ahh, Richmond. What a waste of a city.” In actuality, there is a lot to do in our capital city. The first weekend of every month offers the ideal artist’s “get away” with “First Friday Art Walk.” The towns and shops open up and display local painters, musicians, and other artists artwork for people to buy and listen.Some places even give you a chance to create your own masterpiece. With wine tastings downtown and clubbing at “534,” the night life is alive in Richmond.

Williamsburg- There is so much to do just a little over 40 miles away! We have the historical triangle of Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg. This is no longer only for your elementary school field trip. With interactive haunted tours and the best fudge around, Williamsburg hits number four on this fave five. Also, don’t forget Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. If you

Chincoteague Island- Every year on the last Thursday in July, wild ponies will run from Assateague island to Chincoteague island. 150 of these wild ponies are caught and then auctioned off to support the fireman of Chincoteague. Tens of thousands of people come every year to buy, spectate, and even try and capture one of these beautifully untamed creatures. There is a carnival and lots of other events that go on during the weekend. Need some late July plans? Mark your calendars to see the salt water cowboys and the running of the Chincoteague ponies.

Washington D.C.- Not many people can say they live so close to our nation’s capital. Washington D.C. is an active city seven days a week. Go to the Food Network’s favorite “Georgetown Cupcakes,” or see a concert at the 9:30 Club. During the day,

there are over 100 free places to visit, such as the National mall and all of the fascinating museums, including the opening of the Newseum on Pennsylvania Ave. The Newseum is not the “boring hands in your pocket” place that you are used to. This new museum is completely hands on. At night, get your dance on at the three story Ultra-bar, or see a celeb at Fur night club. Don’t worry about driving once you get there, the metro will take you where ever you need to go! For the shopping diva, make sure to check out Union station and the underground mall, Crystal City. Hungry? Cheap, delicious, authentic, Asian food can be found in Chinatown. No matter who you are, there is always something to do in D.C. Outer Banks- These beaches stretch over 200 mile and is a fantastic way to break the summer school routine. Take a ride in your jeep across driving permitted beaches, and park your tailgate at the water’s edge. See the tallest light house in the country, Cape Hattereas, or get a dolphin’s view and take one of the ferries for free! Don’t get a hotel, go camping in Nags Head. There is so much to do without the traffic of Virginia Beach, making Outer Banks number one in this Fave Five.

New Harry Potter Movie creates much Anticipation THE END OF A LEGACY BY: LAUREN GRANT Staff Writer Come on, we have all read them. We have all grabbed them off the shelves of our libraries, or bought the paperbacks at an elementary school book fair. We waited in line at midnight in front of a Barnes and Noble to get the newest installments. We dressed up as Ron Weasley or Hermionie Granger and sat wide eyed in a movie theater for two and a half hours as the stories came to life onscreen. Harry Potter has become an integral facet of our childhoods. We grew up watching him grow up. Now, with the final movie installment coming out next month, we can no longer avoid the overwhelming sense of nostalgia that we’ve been feeling since last year when the first part of The Deathly Hallows came to theaters. Harry Potter is all grown up, and so are we. Crystopher Gonzalez, a former ODU student and avid Harry Potter fan, comments on the end of the movie installments. “I try not to think about it. I’m excited for the last film, but it’s just like, what now?” The Deathly Hallows, set to come out on July 15, is casting a shadow on the other movies due to be released into theaters this summer. With the number of Harry Potter fanatics and growing anticipation for the final movie, it is definitely a dominant contender in the box office sales for this movie season. “The last Harry Potter movie was great,” says Shaunna Grant, a fellow Harry Potter fanatic, “but this last movie

is going to be even better. I expect it to surpass my expectations.” The first part of the Deathly Hallows leaves the audience in what is probably the biggest cliffhanger in the entire series; for the non-readers anyways. Mariah Baril, a sophomore at ODU, was not too surprised at the end of the last movie. “Of course, it wasn’t that much of a cliffhanger for me, but I’m really excited about the last movie. The only thing I know is that I’m going to cry the entire time I’m watching the next one.” For those of you who aren’t part of the Harry Potter follwers, the last movie ended with Voldemort, Harry’s well known nemesis, gaining a significant lead in the battle for the wizard world by procuring a vital weapon, or wand to be more specific. Ater the death of Dobby the House Elf and the excruciating torture of Hermionie Granger at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange. Team Potter is low on morale. The future looks bleak and hopeless, which provides perfect groundwork for the final movie. “The Deathly Hallows” was far too long of a book to pack into one movie without cutting significant chunks of information, and Potter fans are thanking their lucky stars that the production was cut into two parts. As the second installment draws closer and closer, the excitement and anticipation is more tangible. It will be a bittersweet moment when the credits roll and the curtains close on the Harry Potter story. The question is, will you be able to stand the wait?



Wednesday 6/1/2011 | MACE & CROWN | B2

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides BY: GIANINA THOMPSON Staff Writer “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” gets a maximum of four claps out of 10. This is not to emphasize the fact that this is the fourth movie of the series, but to bring attention to the fact that only four characters of the original cast were brought back—obviously the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp, Gibbs played by Kevin McNally, Captain Barbossa played by Geoffrey Rush, and the infamous spider monkey who can’t die. Where’s Elizabeth Swann who was crowned Pirate Lord and Captain of the late Captain Sao Feng’s ship? What’s life like for Will Turner who can only set foot on land every ten years to see his beloved Elizabeth because of his new responsibility as captain of the Dutchman? And who can forget the crew of the Black Pearl— the guy with the parrot, the skinny man who had a wooden eyeball, and his buddy with the bald head? There were so many avenues that this movie could have taken that the audience was already familiar with. Instead, the movie creates

a whole new situation that is explored from Captain Jack Sparrow’s unexpected encounter with an old girlfriend. However, the movie’s main plot is based on the quest for the fountain of youth, which was foretold in “Pirates 3.” Jack Sparrow encounters his ex-girlfriend, Angelica (Penelope Cruz), who is imitating his appearance and passing as him. She does this to trick a crew into becoming enslaved to the ship that is feared by all pirates, The Queen Anne’s Revenge, captained by Blackbeard, played by Ian McNally, who has evil powers of the sea through the workings of his sword. It seems everyone is in search for the fountain of youth, but all for different reasons. Blackbeard is in search of it because his faith lies in the death of a one-legged man. The Spanish want to destroy the fountain because they believe that God, not man, should hold the power of one’s faith. And lastly, Captain Barbossa, who is ironically captain of the British ship. His motive, however, is not in allegiance to the British’s motive, but to his nature GOOGLE.COM of revenge on Captain Blackbeard who stole his ship. Many similar trends within today’s reality present itself in the life of a pirate as well. From Pirates 1, 2 and 3, Sparrow’s intentions can usually be seen as selfish. This becomes apparent when

he continues this trend, even in the wake of love. He left Angelica because he realized he had feelings for her. It seems pirate men are no exception to the idea that feelings equate to complications. This brings light on another trend in modernized society that “Pirates 4” incorporates—the selfishness of a deranged father. Captain Blackbeard’s relationship with his daughter Angelica can be seen as the sad reality of fathers walking out on their family and cutting communication with their kid. This is also very familiar with the relationship between Will Turner and his father Bootstrap Bill, who is played by Stellan Skarsgard. However, the difference is that Bootstrap Bill did it out of love, while Captain Blackbeard did it out of a selfish heart. In the scene where Captain Blackbeard and his daughter Angelica were dying, he still chose to attempt to save himself and not his daughter. “Pirates 4” made $34 million on its opening day. However, this does not speak of its critic reviews. Audiences paid expecting one thing, but left with a completely different mindset. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder,and one’s interpretation of the movie may be another’s devil advocate interpretation. It is best that you make your own interpretation and judge “Pirates 4” based on your expectations and not the critics on TV, magazines, or even the one and only “Mace and Crown.” As the movie entitles, create your own faith and not let the fountain of others determine your faith whether to see the movie or not.

ODU’s Red “Born This Way” Hits Stands Bull Tum Tum LADY GAGA’S NEW ALBUM HITS STORES Pa Team Gets Their Wings BY: GIANINA THOMPSON Staff Writer

PHI BOOTA ROOTA SOARS TO THE FINALS IN BRAZIL BY: ALEXANDER ROSE Staff Writer Slated for the final few weeks of the Spring semester, Red Bull launched a nationwide initiative targeting musically-inclined university students to compete against themselves, fighting for the chance to be one of five teams to represent the US in an international competition later this year. Tum Tum Pa, a music competition that originated in Brazil, consists of teams of up to four people, using nothing but “instruments” found in the classroom. This means, pencils, pens, staplers, Red Bull cans, books, etc. You won’t see any drums or bongos in this competition. The aim is to use the unique sounds of slamming a book on your desk, or tapping on an ice cold Red Bull can, to create a musical landscape unlike any other. The ODU preliminary contest was held at 37th & Zen in the final few weeks of the Spring Semester, with Phi Boota Roota, an ODU percussive ‘fraternity’, reigning supreme. Phi Boota Roota consists of Scott Price, Chris Knight and Igor Kuzmin. The initial competition consisted of two rounds; a ‘cover’ round and an ‘original composition’ round.

The Phi Boota Roota guys were judged by a group of ODU opinion leaders and ultimately scored the highest of the three teams competing. From there, WODU Videographer, Jason Anderson helped direct and choreograph a video that would be uploaded online for viewers to vote on the nationwide scale. After a week or so of voting, Phi Boota Roota, once again, reigned supreme. Competing with teams from all over the Eastern Conference, we placed first with a grand total of 4,625 votes. Throughout the voting time frame, the Phi Boota Roota team was supported by a 10,000 person-strong page on Facebook; even enlisting the help of Big Blue, who happened to win the Capital One Mascot of the Year award earlier this year. The result of all of this hard work and dedication? Scott, Chris and Igor are receiving an all-expenses-paid trip to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, to compete in the Red Bull Tum Tum Pa finals taking place in mid-June. Everyone be sure to cross your fingers as Phi Boota Roota gear up to compete against the top percussive teams from all over the world and be sure to keep your eyes peeled in the Fall for more unique Red Bull opportunities.

$90 million in earnings, 32 million Facebook fans, 10 million Twitter followers— it is no wonder Lady Gaga is crowned by “Forbes Magazine” as the world’s most powerful celebrity. She even toppled over Oprah, who is at number two in Forbes

sheep doesn’t get teased; instead, she stands out making her the center of attention with applause and not boos. This album can be summed up in one simple phrase—truth or dare. Her lyrics are full of truth from her own outrageous and dicey experiences and of dare quality. She fears nothing as she walks to the beat of her own drum. She sings about delicate

GOOGLE.COM Cover of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” Album

Magazine’s Celebrity 100 Power List. Her latest album “Born This Way” speaks of her true star power with her album’s deluxe version ranked as itunes number one album. She is the super hero against clichés. She does not follow the trends of playing it safe or sticking to sex appeal to upgrade her “star power.” Instead, she sticks to the ABC’s of being the black sheep of the bunch. But, in this fairy tale, the black

social topics like homosexuality and religion, while incorporating a mix of contemporary pop, heavy metal, opera, and jazz. Although her album is selling millions, the word play seems ironic in the lyrics of “Born This Way.” “I’m beautiful in my way/’Cause God makes no mistakes/I’m on the right track, baby/I was born this way/Don’t hide yourself in regret/Just love yourself and you’re set/I’m on the right track, baby/I was born this way.” Yes, the

message is uplifting and is a beautiful anthem for those who do not see beauty in the mirror or are victims of society making them feel ugly. However, in a recent interview, Lady Gaga speaks on how she was turned down again and again for a record deal when she was a natural brunette. But once she became a blonde, she was noticed more and ultimately landed her record deal. This seems like an extreme contradiction to the line, “Don’t hide yourself in regret.” She is essentially hiding her brunette nature and accepting the look that music labels chose to love and not the brunette-self that she was born to love. But, he song still sings as an anthem no matter what Lady Gaga’s motives behind the blonde look was and is now. “Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)” is a song with the perfect upbeat to help just about anyone realize that just because they are alone now, doesn’t mean that their road to love is dead. “We can be strong, we can be strong/Out on this lonely road, on the road to love.” “Fashion of His Love,” which is available on the deluxe version, sings of a love at first sight that sparks the idea of a great future for the two. It’s similar to when a girl finds the perfect dress and can foresee her night being perfect when she wears it. Lady Gaga interprets this moment as the “fashion of love”—something both guys and girls are true victims of doing during the early stages of love. “I’ve seen all the signs from above/I’m gonna be the one that he loves/I was made for loving him./The fashion of his love.” “Judas,” “Heavy Metal Lover,” and “Scheiße” can be described as risky, daring, blunt, and even controversial. But one thing is for sure, she has created a die-hard audience that sees her words as golden, even in the circus she has made within her music, videos, and interviews. The hyperventilating music in “Born This Way” hit stores Monday, May 23.


B3 | MACE & CROWN | Wednesday 6/1/2011

: Summer Movies!


BY R JAY MOLINA Staff Writer Summer is finally here, which means a seemingly never-ending supply of summer films to quench your thirst. It can be daunting to narrow a list down to the top five films that must be seen this season, from superhero flicks to potential sleeper-hits, but that is part of the fun for movie-goers. So will you see the following?

Starting off at the number five spot is “The Hangover Part II,” which sees the return of Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper, and Zach Galifianakis as they suffer from another heavy hangover in Thailand. When “The Hangover” was released in 2009, it quickly became the sleeper-hit, or surprise, of the summer. No one expected the first “Hangover” to be successful, both financially and critically. Who would have thought that three grown men suffering from a severe headache would start a new craze, or that it would quickly green-light a sequel with the exact same premise but a new location? No one knew. That was the point. So now director Todd Phillips has released the most anticipated comedy sequel of the summer. The film has already received a modest amount of money with its midnight release. So it is safe to say that “The Hangover Part II” will be a financial success. It is still early to determine just how well the film sits with movie critics. However, fan reviews have been nothing short of positive.

At number four is the secretive “Super 8,” directed by J.J. Abrams, who reignited the Star Trek franchise and made it fun and remarkable for all movie-goers in 2009. For television viewers, Abrams is known for creating the ever-popular “Lost” series. So what can be said for “Super 8?” Not much, actually. But this is a common feeling for anyone familiar with Abrams’ work. His movie trailers show epic images without giving anything away. It is an appreciated skill of his and should fuel audiences to want to see just what his latest film is all about. “Super 8” could be the biggest movie, not based on a franchise, to hit this summer.

In the number three spot is Michael Bay’s “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” which is the third, and apparently final, installment to the Transformers franchise. Shia LeBeouf returns as Sam Witwicky and joining him in Megan Fox’s place is newcomer Rosie Huntington-Whitely, a Victoria’s Secret model. Fans of the first two films cried out in outrage when Fox “left” the franchise to pursue other work. So, it will be interesting to see if HuntingtonWhitely can replace her. It will also be interesting to see if Michael Bay will actually deliver a worthy film. The second Transformers left a bad taste in most movie-goers, from convoluted plots to racist jokes, and of course mind-numbing action. Bay’s promise that this latest installment will be darker obviously remains to be seen. But, it does make one curious.

At the number two spot is the comic book adaptation, “Green Lantern,” starring Ryan Reynolds. When the first trailer was released, most fans of the comic were deeply concerned with the tone of the movie. The trailer made it out to be a light-hearted comedy/action movie, and the first appearance of Reynolds as the Green Lantern further fueled the fans anger with the director’s choice to have Reynolds in a computer generated costume. So, the studio backing the film invested more money into it, millions more to be exact, to fix the CGI. After that, an extended trailer was released at conventions which slowly started to turn things around with the fans. They got to see the tone that was severely lacking in the first trailer, and the enhanced special effects calmed most fans down. However, there was still something missing: the wider movie-going audience. Most people are accustomed to seeing Superman or Batman on the big screen, but not the Green Lantern. So, a third trailer was released that explained the mythology of the character and it is currently starting to bring in new eager fans. If the filmmakers can manage to get everything in order, then “Green Lantern” could very well be the next “Avatar.” The scope of the film introduces new worlds, colorful characters, and the potential for not just a good superhero movie, but an adventure series of epic proportions.

Of course this list would not be anything if Harry Potter was not mentioned. At number one is the very last chapter of the film series that defined a generation. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II” brings the epic tale of adolescence to a close after ten long years. As children fans were amazed by the “wizarding world” created so effortlessly by J.K. Rowling and director Chris Columbus. Now with director David Yates at the helm, fans will have to say goodbye to that world, the boy who lived, and their childhood. The end will be bittersweet for nearly all the fans that have grown up with the series. But it should be noted that this is not the end, just a new beginning.

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What’s inside O D U & M L B B A S E B A L L U P D AT E

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The Time Has Come

Credit Mace & Crown Old Dominion University fans await their Monarchs at Foreman Field.



It is time. It’s time for the Old Dominion University football program to officially join the CAA Conference this upcoming season. They have heard never-ending talk about how their success so far will be brought to a halt when they enter CAA competition. Monarchs’ head coach Bobby Wilder has one prediction for the 2011 season. “This football team will compete for 11 weeks. We built this program to compete for championships.” With spring ball over and summer classes underway, all Monarch football players are preparing for camp August 7. Some players stayed at Old Dominion while others have gone home for summer. Either way, there is no such thing as a summer vacation for an ODU football player. “They’re all training, working hard, and highly motivated at the fact we are joining the CAA,” Wilder said. Despite entering CAA play this season, training for Monarchs will not change drastically. Entering the fourth summer of training, Coach Wilder preaches that training changes won’t be needed. “The key is to stay consistent with the workout program. You don’t want to change drastically from one year to the next because your players get confused.” While coaches are finishing up their recruiting trips, incoming freshman get an advantage previous Monarchs didn’t; time to develop. Being a new program, many freshman three years ago were forced to mature fast, physically and mentally. Team captains such as Craig Wilkins were pronounced starters before their first camp went underway. Coach Wilder says that

isn’t the way Old Dominion plans to do things now. When asked about what new recruits will contribute on the field next season, Wilder said, “hopefully none of them.” Wilder went on to explain, “when you’ve developed a good program, your best players should be your seniors, then your juniors and sophomores, and then your redshirt freshman that are currently in your program.” Not foreign of contributions from young players, Wilder admitted “the farther away from the ball you get, the better opportunity you have to play as a true freshman.” Linemen on both sides of the ball usually need time to develop their bodies, therefore, giving incoming skill players a better shot of seeing the playing field first. Out of all recruits, Wilder said Rick Lovato, a long snapper recruited out of Middleton, New Jersey, will have the best chance to play due to the graduation of Monarch All-American long snapper Dustin Phillips. Recruits are key to bringing in more talent, but redshirt freshman and veterans are the key to success. Old Dominion will enter camp in August with only one key injury. Andrew Turner, starting defensive end, is out for the season with an Achilles injury. “You don’t replace Andrew Turner. You try to make some moves positionally to cover up as best you can for that loss,” Wilder said. Coming to the rescue will be redshirt junior Eddie McClam. Being a veteran, McClam will fill Turner’s position well. Redshirt freshman Preston Smith will see a lot more of the

grid-iron backing up McClam. Other key contributors to look for in the fall include offensive linemen Jack Lowny and David Born, defensive end Preston Smith, quarterback Nate Ong, and wide receiver Antonio Vaughan. For eight straight weeks, the Monarchs will be facing CAA opponents. “This is without a doubt the greatest challenge I’ve faced in my 23 years of coaching,” Wilder said. Having three years to develop a program to join one of the most competitive conferences in Division-1AA football, the Monarchs aren’t scared. Knowing their identity, Wilder and his team are not worried about the competition, but instead, will use their special skill against conference opponents. “Our philosophy on special teams. We’re an attack unit. We’re gonna do onside kicks, we’re gonna come after you on PAT attempts and punts,” Wilder said of Monarch’s special weapon. From the players to the coaching staff, every Monarch member of ODU’s football program is training for the fall. With camp starting August 7 and the season on September 3 against Campbell, Wilder knows best that this upcoming year will define Old Dominion’s development as a program. Joining CAA competition, “how we will withstand that competition will define our success,” Wilder said.

How we will withstand that competition will define our success.


Wednesday 6/1/2011 | MACE & CROWN | C2

Inside the Diamond Major League Baseball Season Update BY


hitting isn’t fantastic, it seems to always score the runs when needed. The Rockies need their 3-4 combination of Troy ‘Tulo’ Tulowitski and Carlos ‘CarGo’ Gonzalez to start hitting the ball better if they want to compete. The Dodgers have much more important off the field predicaments to deal with. The NL Central has the favorite St. Louis Cardinals leading, but not far behind is the Brewers, a sleeper pick for many people to make a solid run in the postseason. The Brewers possess one of the toughest combinations of hitters in baseball with Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun. The Brewers pitching staff has an ace in Shaun Marcum and will expect Zack Greinke to only improve their rotation. If Albert Pujols continues to struggle, expect the Cardinals to slip up and the Brewers to make their move. Not much has been decided so far in the MLB season. It’s still a month before the All-Star break and there is a lot of baseball left to be played. Stay tuned for the twists and turns still to come. Duke all year and if freshman guard Kyrie Irving can get healthy, the Blue Devils can become serious contenders again. Then you have Kansas, who is ranked second in the country behind Ohio State. Kansas is led by junior brothers Marcus and Markieff Morris. They also only lost two regular season games like the Buckeyes and are sure to make a deep run. Don’t forget about Pittsburgh and Notre Dame either, who both come out of the Big East, arguably the nation’s toughest conference this year. These two teams could be huge threats in the tournaments purely because of the competition that they have had to face during the regular season like UConn, No. 14 Louisville, No. 11 Syracuse, No. 18 St. John’s, No. 22 Georgetown and West Virginia. There are plenty of other great teams that will be competing for the national title and all of them deserve the respect that they have earned throughout the season. There are also plenty of other superstars that will be competing, like Brigham Young’s senior guard Jimmer Fredette, who is averaging 28.5 points per game and put up 52 points against New Mexico. The fact is though, none of the stats or records matter now that the regular season is over. It is time to put up or shut up.

It’s not easy being a Cleveland fan. The Browns are terrible, LeBron James left the Cavaliers and the Indians are usually the laughing stock of the American League (AL) Central division. The key word in that sentence was “usually.” Fast forward a year and the Indians are a major league best 30-17 and leading the Central Division by 5.5 games. Now, take your time and read those last two sentences again. The Indians are the best team in Major League Baseball. While the (AL) Central has been frighteningly disappointing, the Tigers have been bad and the Twins have been horrendous, the Indians continue to win. Led by shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera, who is leading the team in batting average, home runs, RBIs and runs, has been a force for opposing pitchers. Alongside is young catcher Carlos Santana, who is waiting to find his groove, the Indians will only improve. The story of the beginning of the season was coming from the AL East. Everybody’s favorite pick to win the World Series started out 0-6 and the people in Boston were ready to riot. The team couldn’t hit nor pitch and suddenly the money spent on Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez seemed like a waste. Not so fast. The Sox are on a tear winning 10 of their last 12 and are only a 0.5 game behind the Yankees at the top of the East. The team is finally getting on base and allowing their big bats to bring them home. Gonzalez leads the league in RBIs and Crawford seems like he’s starting to settle down and play his game with the demands of Boston fans. If this team starts to play like everybody thought they would, Boston will be playing deep in October. The AL West has been much more interesting than many thought. It is right up there with the AL East as the most competitive division as the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics are playing much better than years before. The Rangers are looking forward to bring back their star Josh Hamilton. The Oakland Athletics continue to have a dominant pitching staff, and will look to get a little more run support so they are able to start reeling off some wins. The A’s lead the league in quality starts and ERA. The Angels have looked poor and will need Torii Hunter’s bat to wake up if they try and make a move into the lead of the division. There are currently four teams within two games of the division lead. Coming into the season, the story of the National League (NL) was the Phillies pitching staff. They had four legitimate aces and they have not let anyone down. They are ranked in the top-10 of the crucial pitching stats and have Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels all GOOGLE.COM clicking. Unfortunately, they can’t Indian’s Centerfielder Grady Sizemore dives for a fly ball. buy a run. Plagued with injuries, the Phillies have little offense other than Ryan Howard. Until they find somebody good to hit People all across the country will spend the week grievbehind Howard, teams will continue to walk him and find ing over their busted brackets because the truth of the mattheir outs against other players. The Marlins and Braves ter is that it is impossible to tell who will come out victoriwill both look to try and steal this division while the Mets ous in these games. There are always plenty of upsets, no and Nationals continue to struggle. matter what the seeding difference between the two teams In the NL West, the Giants are looking like they won’t is. The only way to tell who the real heroes are is to sit back mind repeating as World Series champions. The Giants and watch it all unfold. continue to have a dominant pitching staff, and while their

Pre-Season Rankings are nothing but a number

Mace & Crown Old Dominion Monarchs celebrate another run scored.

ODU Baseball CAA Preview BY


The Monarchs are going into the CAA Tournament on the back of some exciting news. Starting pitcher and the ace of the Monarchs’ staff Kyle Hald was named CAA Co-Pitcher of the Year and head coach Nate Goulet was voted CAA Coach of the Year. Going into the tournament with a 28-24 record, including a 19-11 conference record, the Monarchs know they have had a solid season, but are only looking to continue the strong play into the postseason. The Monarchs lost three of their last five, including losing a series to Hofstra University coming into the tournament. But, Coach Goulet isn’t worried about the recent play. “Our guys have been playing great all year,” Coach Goulet said. “We’re getting good starting pitching on the weekend and we’re just getting clutch hits, a lot of two-out RBI’s.” The clutch-ness of a player is hard to record. Many players possess a type of sixth sense that allows them to be able to handle pressured situations better and deliver the goods when needed. Players like Chris Baker and Josh Wright have that trait. The two players lead the team in RBI’s with 58 and 44 respectively. With leaders like this, Goulet knows much of his job of motivation is left to the players. “It’s their time. I always stress: practice is for the coaches, game time its on them,” Coach Goulet said. “We’re playing to get to a regional berth this coming week. Our number one goal from the time we stepped on campus in August was to win the tournament. We put ourselves in a pretty good position to do that.”

Much of the reason the team is in that position is the aggressive style they have adopted this year, the first year with Goulet in charge. Goulet stresses small ball, having no problem bunting players over to try and manufacture runs. He insists this approach will not change in the more important tournament games. “We’re gonna play our game,” Goulet said. “We’re gonna play that small-ball, if we get a leadoff guy on we’ll try to sac [sacrifice] him over and hopefully we get a clutch hit here or there.” The tournament is double-elimination and Goulet stresses the importance of winning the first game and avoiding the loser’s bracket. Luckily for him, he’ll be giving the ball to Hald the first night. It’s not only the stars like Hald and Wright that can carry this team to a title. The bench is lined with players that Goulet has no problem bringing into late game situations and asking them to make a play. “We’ve been [using bench players] all year so they’re used to it,” Goulet said. “So when they get called in that situation of tournament time, I don’t expect them to feel added pressure.” Old Dominion was picked to finish seventh in the preseason poll of the CAA. They were hardly given a shot to make the tournament, let alone win it. This did nothing but inspire the Monarchs, who are dedicated to complete their goal of making the Regional tournament. The team will continue their relaxed attitude and hope to make a run deep in the tournament. When many teams are already home, Goulet remembers one thing: “It’s a lot of fun to be playing at this time of the year.”

ODU Women’s Sailing placed 6th place at the Sperry TopSider/ICSA Women’s National Championship. ODU Punter Jonathan Plisco was named by the Sports Network as one of the top FCS special teamers in the nation. ODU senior skipper Stephanie Roble was named an Intercollegiate Sailing Association (ICSA) All-American for the second straight year.


C3 | MACE & CROWN | Wednesday 6/1/2011

Wanted in Boston and Vancouver: Lord Stanley

NHL Stanley Cup Finals Preview

HTTP://WWW.WBUR.ORG/ Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins face off for the 2011 NHL Stanley Cup Finals.

BY KATHRYN MASON Staff Writer The Boston Bruins won the Eastern Conference finals, and the Vancouver Canucks took the West. This is the NHL playoffs, and if everything

happened the way the numbers led you to believe, the Washington Capitals should have been in the Eastern Conference finals. The Stanley Cup Finals predictions are all over Texas. All a fan can do is sit back and watch the madness. The Canucks respectively won their previous

series against the Predators and last year’s NHL Stanley Cup Champions the Chicago Blackhawks. Henrik Sedin leads the board with 19 points and 17 assists, but he ties twin brother Daniel and injured defensemen Christian Ehrhoof with a -6 rating. If Henrik and Daniel want to bring Lord Stanley back home to Vancouver, Robert Luongo will have to play a perfect game against the Boston Bruins. Vancouver is making their first appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals since 1994. On the other side of the spectrum, we have the third-seeded Bruins who beat the fifthseeded Lightning in seven games. With the series tied at three a piece, the Bruins headed back home to Boston for Game 7 defeating the Lightning [1-0]. Although Boston had the lower seed, Tampa Bay proved that they were a force to be reckoned with. Under the leadership of head coach Guy Boucher, Tampa Bay came in second place in the regular season and defeated top-seeded division rival Washington Capitals to move on to the conference final. Considering the Bolts didn’t even qualify for the postseason for the past three seasons, they have exceeded everyone’s expectations. Bruins goalie Tim Thomas kept an eye on young gun Steven Stamkos. This was only Stamkos’ second year in the NHL, but already proved to be a great asset to the Lightning roster. The Bruins, on the other hand have been doing well respectively, considering the loss of

fan favorite Marc Savard and Steve Kampfer. Savard, who is currently on the injured reserve list, received his second concussion in less than a year and has been sidelined ever since. Unlike Tampa Bay, Boston has qualified for the postseason for the past three seasons, and is not stranger to having Lord Stanley in TD Garden. Boston has the second highest total of Stanley Cup championships won by an American Team with five, with the Detroit Red Wings at 11. With the team lead of 41 shots, 14 points, 10 assists, and a plus 8 rating, Patrice Bergeron will surely be the go to guy. Bergeron and Nathan Horton will need to take advantage of any power play opportunities. The Stanley Cup Playoffs is hockey at its best. It’s the rough, hard-hitting, defensive style of play that brings it back to its most pure and original form. In the end, only one team will go back to the locker room and pop champagne while the other team will be asking their “what ifs.” Some fans will be hugging complete strangers out of pure happiness, and others will question their emotional investment in a team that can’t meet their expectations. The 2011 Stanley Cup Playoff finals are right around the corner and before we know it, a team will be named champion. There are two teams left: Boston and Vancouver. No matter what the experts say, the journalists write, the numbers show, no one for sure knows who the champion will be. The only thing that is certain is that there can only be one winner.


Wednesday 6/1/2011 | MACE & CROWN | C4

The Rematch

HTTP://WWW.BASKETWALLPAPERS.COM/ Lebron James and Dirk Nowitski face off in the 2011 NBA Finals both looking for their first championship.

Mavericks get a second shot against the Heat for NBA title BY


Mavericks’ superstar Dirk Nowitski wishes for nothing more than another shot at the NBA championship. Losing to the Miami Heat in six games in 2006, Nowitski is one of four players, active or retired, who average 23 ppg and do not have a ring to show for it. The 2006 Mavericks led against the Heat in the finals series 2-0, and gave up four straight to lose it all. Well, Dirk, careful what you wish for. The Mavericks and Heat will meet for the 2011 NBA Finals starting Tuesday, May 31, on ABC. Granted, both teams are made up of entirely different personnel except for four players; Dirk Nowitski and Jason Terry for the Mavericks, Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem for the Heat. Both teams have taken down powerhouse teams in their prospective conferences to get to the Finals. The Heat beat the 76ers, Celtics, and Bulls while the Mavericks beat the Trail Blazers, Lakers, and the Thunder. Since the 2006 Finals, the Mavericks are undefeated against the Miami Heat. Even though they have faced “The Big Three” this year, Dallas has a lot on their plate defensively. “The Big Three” has become the “Unstoppable Three” as Lebron James can finally

hit clutch shots, Wade isn’t sidelined with injuries, and Bosh has accepted his role as a pick n’ pop type of player. When playing to their utmost ability, the Heat seemed to have scared every team in the league except one, the Dallas Mavericks. Earlier in the regular season, the Miami Heat went on a 22-2 with both losses coming from whom? The Dallas Mavericks. With Nowitski being the only deep shooter in the league standing at a solid 7 feet tall, he makes it very difficult for opponents to guard him. Taking that into account, who could possibly guard a shooter with center height and Ray Allen type free throw percentage? The answer is the same one from 2006, Udonis Haslem. Coming back from his long-lasting foot injury, Haslem may have the opportunity to strap up Dirk Nowitski again. Then again, five years is a long time. Dirk Nowitski has learned how to escape a double team, not force shots, and to pick his spots. He has also learned that with his ability to sink free throws, getting fouled is to his advantage. 2011 is a completely different year and Dirk Nowitski is a completely different player. With all this being said, it comes down to the simple matchup of athleticism versus wisdom. With Miami being the younger run n’ gun type of team, they’ll look to get out on fast breaks. Besides, an alley-oop from Wade to James or vice versa is the Heat’s best

Locked Down For Long Haul BY


It has been about two and a half months since the National Football League imposed a lockout due to its inability to get a new collective bargaining agreement in place with the Players Association. What’s worse is that there hasn’t been nearly enough progress in that time for anyone to be optimistic about getting a deal done anytime soon. The NFL and the NFL Players Associations have been preoccupied with court battles that have severely altered communication between the two sides and those court battles also seem to have no end in sight. It is up to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFLPA’s Executive Director DeMaurice Smith to settle this lockout before things get out of hand. There are another set of court mandated mediation sessions on June 7 and 8, but little is expected to be done during that time since both sides are still focused on a court case to lift the lockout. The ruling for that lockout-lifting case will continue for at least a few more weeks. If the court decides to leave the lockout as stands the work stoppage will linger on for much longer.

The abundance of legal battles and the lack of progress have greatly frustrated the fans and are beginning to severely damage the league’s popularity. Goodell has acknowledged the fans’ frustration saying, “We see that in our various metrics that we have, whether they’re [TV] ratings or traffic on We see that. And that is a reflection of the uncertainty and the frustration of our fans, and we all understand that, and that’s why we think it needs to get resolved.” Unfortunately it is hard to tell how much these factors will speed the pace up, especially since these decreased ratings come during the offseason when fans seem less interested. The players are also feeling the effects of the lockout after the league announced the lockout’s first cancellation last week, the Rookie Symposium. The Rookie Symposium teaches incoming rookies how to deal with their new financial situation, how to be a professional football player, and most importantly how to transition into their new life style. However, this cancellation may be good news for fans and players because the lockout seems more real than ever now that it has claimed its first victim. This may entice the two sides to get a deal done. Another way the lockout has impacted the fans and players is through free agency. While there is a lockout in place, there can be

offensive play. The Mavericks, on the other hand, will look to facilitate the ball inside-out to get their veteran perimeter players involved. With Jason Terry and Shawn Marion both looking for their first ring, look for them to hit huge shots when Nowitski gets a double team. Led by 17 year veteran point guard Jason Kidd, Dallas will look to slow the pace down and run their half court offense. To simplify strategies, the Heat wants Nowitski to try to take over. Although it’ll look good on Sports Center dropping 40 points, it’ll look bad in the record books with a loss. Nowitski cannot win this ring alone by being a scoring superstar. But Lebron James and Dwyane Wade can. Both are capable of taking over not only a game, but a series. The Mavericks are realists, and know that it is impossible to stop both of them. So, Dallas will attempt to let one of them get happy and ball hog, hoping that will mess up their chemistry they’ve developed. This series will be filled with alley-oops, buzzer beaters, and questionable calls. Tune into ABC for full coverage of the series. Grab a drink, put your feet up, and witness history as only one team will end up with the Larry O’Brien trophy in their hands.

no free agency. This means an uncertain future for players such as wide receiver Randy Moss, cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha and running back DeAngelo Williams. This is difficult for these free agents because during this time players are starting to organize their own team practices and these free agents don’t have a team to practice with. The lack of practice time for these players can largely impact their season, because they haven’t had the proper amount of time to learn their new playbook or form camaraderie with their new teammates. The lack of free agency impacts the fans because it is one of the main events of the offseason that the fans look forward to other than the draft. During this time of uncertainty the NFL and the NFLPA have a lot on their plates. With every passing day, the lockout is threatening the league’s future. Fans are being forced to find other sports to feed their addiction while players are doing all they can to find ways to stay in shape and out of trouble. There is still time for the two sides to make things right, but Goodell and Smith will have to hurry as the preseason rapidly approaches.


D1 | MACE & CROWN | Wednesday 6/1/2011



Countless hours of my youth were spent working minimum wage jobs. Whether it was folding shirts in the dark crevasses of Hollister, listening to really loud whiney music and inhaling massive amounts of perfume or serving hamburgers and milkshakes to obnoxious customers while doing choreographed dances to “Saturday Night Fever” at Johnny Rockets, I always had a job. Sometimes I even had two jobs, especially during the summer time. Naturally, growing up I always resented the kids that didn’t need a job. Somewhere in my mind, these kids were having the time of their lives; going on exciting adventures and not having a care in the world. When spring semester was coming to an end I thought, this is your moment Diane, quit your job and live out your “funemployed” dreams; so I did. Unfortunately, my dreams aren’t my reality. I’m broke, bored and have resulted to talking to my cat and rearranging my bedroom furniture, weekly. My daily routine consists of the following: waking up at noon, feeding my cat, zoning out for a couple hours watching mindless television shows, eating lunch, going to the gym (the only productive part of my day and it doesn’t always happen) watching more T.V. and sometimes, if I’m lucky I go out with friends. I envisioned my summer being full of road trips, exotic vacations, stuffing my face with delicious food, laughter, smiles, hugs and tears of joy. I didn’t take into account that all of my friends still had their jobs to go to therefore taking away all of those summer hopes because there is literally no one to hang out with. Just because I quit mine doesn’t mean everyone else’s responsibilities went down the drain also. So now, I’m a poor, unemployed 21-year-old with way too much free time and no one to spend it with. I’ve been contemplating what I will do with my free time this summer and I just can’t decide. Should I become a collector, make an intense scrapbook, become a crazy fitness fanatic or learn an instrument? So many decisions and knowing how unproductive I’ve already been these first few weeks, I think its foreshadowing a very bleak summer. The worst part of it all is not having any funds. When I was working all the time I didn’t really concern myself with the price of things. I had the money to essentially do whatever I wanted; whether it was going out to eat or shopping I didn’t really pay attention to the dollar signs. Now that I have to hoard what’s left in my bank account, I find myself restricted from splurging at the grocery store or not being able to go on my monthly “pick-me-up” shopping trips to the mall when I’m feeling down and mama needs a new pair of shoes. Overall, I think I’ve realized that it might have been cool to be unemployed when I was younger, but nowadays that isn’t the case. Having seen what’s on the other side of the fence, I’d take being employed over unemployment any day.

INK IT UP BY KYLE WHITE Senior Design & Web Director

Growing up with a heavily tattooed grandfather, I never saw anything wrong with turning one’s body into a canvas of ink and skin. He had a great life with amazing stories, each stemming from a drop underneath his epidermis. He also had a career anyone would be proud of. As I venture out into the professional world, is a little bit of ink going to hold me back from my dreams? June 15 is approaching, and it will be the day I get my second tattoo. This one, like the last, is coverable by a basic t-shirt. But as more ideas flow through my head, I’m beginning to think about getting a sleeve, which is a full

arm tattoo. In a professional world a part of myself thinks it is a very unwise choice, until my career is established. The other part of myself is thinking you only live once. Standing next to the average Joe, I feel anything can make an impact on why one is, or is not chosen for a job. Appearance obviously is a big part of that. Nice fitted suit, good posture, and a firm handshake can help. When I go for that shake and my shirt’s sleeve slides up a little and a blast of design and color shows, I would hope it wouldn’t hurt my chances. These chances are also very different from job to job, so while one might not care, another could. This is when waiting until I have an outstand-

Release the Cracken

Pippen, What you been Sippin’?



Don’t get me wrong, I am known to be a Lebron James hater. I’ve been a witness to him fail to win a ring in his eight years in the league. But, I’m an intelligent hater. I know the guy has talent. Granted, he does look down at the rim when he dunks the ball even though he takes five steps to take off. James may be the most athletic ball player to ever enter a gym, but how dare Scottie Pippen say he could be better than Michael Jeffrey Jordan. ing portfolio and resume could be the smarter choice. In the past years however, I feel as though tattoos are common and can be acceptable in the working world. I see plenty of students making a name for themselves after college, but most of them without ink all over their skin. I know I won’t be the first student to

Scottie Pippen, a retired NBA player who won six rings, all with Jordan himself. What’s next Pippen? Are you going to tell us all that Phil Jackson had nothing to do with your progress in the league? Or that Dennis Rodman couldn’t grab a rebound to save his life? Now Scottie, I grew up watching you and Michael’s Bulls. I was a fan of how you had superstar talent, but played your position to better the team. But now, I have lost almost all respect for you. I heard word-for-word you say Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan on the Mike-and-Mike show last week. And how do you go about apologizing for this asinine statement? Through twitter! “Don’t get me wrong, MJ was and is the greatest. But Lebron could by all means get to his level someday.” Not so fast, Scottie. Michael Jordan earned six rings while Lebron James has zero in eight years of professional play. Michael Jordan already had two rings when he was at Lebron James’ point of his career. Michael Jordan made his team better around him by creating lanes, opening up spots to shoot, and playing superb perimeter defense. James had to leave his hometown to join two other superstar talents in Miami, flip a coin on whether he’s going to hit a game-winner or not, and play defense when he feels like making Sports Center top-10 plays. It’s not so much that Scottie Pippen is trying to find someone to replace Michael Jordan atop the NBA greatest, but instead, undermining a player who’s been compared to Jordan his whole career in Kobe Bryant. Sure, Bryant and his Lakers were swept by the Mavericks in the playoffs and Phil Jackson has retired as their coach. But fans, let’s not forget, this is Kobe Bryant. He’s the man who scored 81 points in a game a couple years back, the man who actually has rings to back up his skill, the man who has dominated the league for the past decade. So Scottie, how about you look past this year’s playoffs and remember who the true comparison to Michael Jordan is. I know you’re intelligent enough to do it. Hell, you learned the ins and outs of one of the most complex offenses in the Triangle Offense. Now, at this moment, we are not clicking. I will tape a blank sheet of paper over your face on my Bull’s 1996 poster in my room. You need to get your act together. Stop hinting at making a comeback to the league. Stop rewording your statement to get more air time on ESPN. All I want you to do is pull out some old game film of yours, watch the entire game, and re-witness Michael Jordan’s dominance of the game. You might as well get comfortable and wear a Hanes comfort-fit T-shirt and Jordan flip-flops. I’m sure Michael Jordan sends you them for free. And Scottie, after you’ve done all this, go back to the Mike-and-Mike show. Do not say another outlandish statement acting like you know everything there is to know about basketball. Instead, just say two words. Two simple words that are the hardest for a grown man to say: I’m sorry.

establish a great career with tattoos everywhere, but it still makes me think it’ll be more of a challenge to overcome in this impossibly stubborn world. These thoughts of more tattoos in visible areas will become a crossroad in the near future, where I am completely stuck in the middle of the di-

viding fork. If I choose the road without ink, I could easily have no worries on how it will impact my life and career in the later years. However, the road more likely to be traveled is that of more and more ink, where I hopefully, will look back like my grandfather with stories ready to be told, and a line of business to be pleased with.




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sundr y [SUHN-DREE] (look it up)

Mace & Crown







Have you been inside the new Dragas building?

Most played song on your ipod this summer?

Most anticipated summer concert?

Are you awaiting the new iPhone?

Where are you going this summer?

No ma’am

“Comin’ In Hot” by Hollywood Undead

Hollywood Undead! July 29th at the norva


Washington D.C. to see “Next to Normal” and WV to see a friend

No, not yet

N’Sync “Bye Bye Bye”

Hannah Montana

No, I got sprint

Nowhere, stuck in Summer School


I suppose “No sleep” Wiz Khalifa

If SOJA were to be comin through I’d be there in a heartbeat

Not actively but I do want one eventually

Kings Dominion and Atlantic City, NJ

Just one in July

At 3am with a lady friend

“The Sadness Will Never End” - Bring Me the Horizon

Warped Tour!

I’ve had every iPhone so far, so YES



“Friday” - Rebecca Black

Ke$ha’s Get Sleezy Tour


The beach



How many summer classes are you taking? Zero Four, two this session, and two the next session



Wednesday 6/1/2011 | MACE & CROWN | S2


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June 1, 2011  

June 1, 2011