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VOL. 51, ISSUE 13 | JANUARY 26, 2011

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A1 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 01/26/11


Text Messaging and alert system interview with Jennifer Mullen Collins Krista L. Harrell-Blair: What is your role with the Alert system? Jennifer Mullen Collins: The ODU Office of Marketing and Communications is responsible for issuing Emergency Alerts and Timely Warnings. If there is an emergency or a weather delay, it is the office’s role to communicate to the campus whatever information is needed. Additionally, the University Police have the capability to send out alerts.

with the best standards under the Act. Currently, we would launch an alert when there is a major emergency on campus – such as an active shooter, major fire, or hazardous spill. Most frequently, we launch alerts when there are weather delays and closings. Lastly, we use alerts to notify the campus when a crime incident poses an immediate threat to the campus. The alerts help the community make better choices in regards to their safety.

KLHB: What is the intention of the Alert process? JMC: The Alert process is part of the Clery Act, a federal law that requires colleges and universities to communicate crime statistics and alert students in emergency situations. There are two types of communications under the Clery Act, emergency notification and timely warnings.

KLHB: What is the protocol when an alert needs to be sent? JMC: If an emergency alert is needed, University Police contact me or my office and we issue a message. If I am unavailable or away from the office/out of town, we have an identified list of back-up communicators. One of us is always on call. In situations where police deem it necessary for the immediate safety of the campus, my office is bypassed and police launch an alert themselves.

KLHB: Who is eligible to receive the alerts? JMC: Any ODU student, faculty member or staff member with a valid UIN is eligible. KLHB: How do those interested enroll or find out more information? JMC: Go to and log in using your MIDAS ID and password. There are FAQs posted on the site and also the form to register your contact information. KLHB: Are students reminded of the importance of enrolling in the system throughout the year? JMC: Yes, at every Preview orientation session, students and parents are given information on the purpose and importance of the ODU Alerts system. Additionally, an e-mail announcement is sent and Resident Assistants discuss it in the halls at the start of fall semester. Lastly, every time there is a forecast for inclement weather – such as Nor’easters or snow – a note is sent to the campus advising them of the potential for bad weather and providing details on registering for ODU Alerts. KLHB: What are the various methods to receive an alert? JMC: Alerts are always sent in a campus email through ODU’s internal email system – everyone gets it whether they signed up in the ODU Alerts system or not. For those that are registered in the ODU Alerts system, communication pathways include voice messages to a land line or cell line, text messages, instant messages, and options to add an additional phone number and email address. Some students use the alternate option to include their parents’ phone number. The system rolls through each users’contact pathways successively and rather quickly. If, however, you confirm receipt of the message on one of your contact paths, the system will not continue trying to reach you on your other contact paths. KLHB: What are the benefits of the alert system? JMC: It’s the fastest way to receive information about a campus emergency or significant event impacting the university. KLHB: How are the decisions made to determine what necessitates an alert? JMC: The Clery Act sets the guidelines for emergency alerts and timely notifications. We are currently working with a national security consultant to look at all areas of campus security and emergency communications in an effort to ensure our practices are in line

KLHB: What is the time frame in which an alert is sent out after an incident? JMC: The time frame can vary for a number of reasons: the Clery Act sets guidelines for dissemination of information depending on the type of incident; incidents are not always reported at the time they happen; or first-responders are still trying to determine the details of a situation. KLHB: What are some improvements to the system that are planned or have already been implemented? JMC: We are currently investigating a system that would scroll an active alert on all networked computer screens and a system that uses digital display messages in classrooms. KLHB: How might using the system for other events that are not safety or weather incidents dilute the urgency of the messages? JMC: These days, it seems students use text messaging as their primary form of communication. However, using the text messaging capability of the alert system for things other than emergency communications too often could result in decreasing the effectiveness of the system. System users pay attention when a message is received because they know it is something that is important. Too many other messages might result in less attention. KLHB: What kind of feedback has been received from students, faculty and staff regarding the alert system? JMC: The feedback that I have received about the system has always been positive. I think the campus community recognizes its value. KLHB: How are concerns about the alert system addressed? JMC: Concerns come in to all different places – to the President’s office, to me directly, to the University Police. Depending on the type of concern or issue involved, it is sent to the appropriate administrator for resolution. General issues with registration, contact information, technology difficulties, etc. are normally handled by my office or OCCS. KLHB: How can students be involved in addressing any concerns or limitations of the system to continue to improve it? JMC: Send feedback to me and I will make sure it gets to the right place.

ODU teams up with Five Points Market farm market brings fresh produce to campus By Siaga Johnson Staff Writer Old Dominion University’s Center for Service and Civic Engagement and Norfolk’s Five Points Community Farm Market have recently entered an agreement to make fresh produce available to the Old Dominion Community. These products will be available for purchase through the Center for Service and Civic Engagement by offering subscriptions to ODU affiliates. Under this agreement, farmers will be paid to grow these products and make them available for distribution. This agreement is based on Community Supported Agriculture, an economic incentive to grow and distribute fresh produce to members of any given community who pledge to support a farming company by subscribing to weekly deliveries or sales of such goods. Under CSA, farmers will have enough resources to market their products during off-season and cultivate new products during season. This ensures that enough produce is available to consumers and also allows farmers to profit appropriately for their work. This is also part of a community incentive to better distribute fresh produce among the community to ultimately lead to the consumption of more healthy food. Instead of having fresh produce only available at supermarkets, students and other ODU affiliates will now be able to access

more healthy food options for less money right on campus. This will especially serve students who live in on-campus apartments that allow for students to cook. ODU subscribers will be able to attend a social event every Friday at the Webb center where beverages, refreshments, networking opportunities and the fresh produce will be. The fresh produce offered will be a variety of goods grown from all over the state. The fact that this food is grown by a variety of farmers in a multitude of places throughout the state makes it less likely that consumers will not have any fresh produce options should drought, plant disease and other environmental factors take effect. A potential challenge is that the produce selection made available each week will be pre selected, which means that subscribers will not be able to pick what they may want, nor trade their goods with other subscribers. This is to get people into the habit of picking produce according to season, and to eat what is local. Subscriptions cost $190 and subscribers will receive a selected amount of seasonal produce worth approximately $20 each week. However, there is also an early bird special which offers subscriptions for $180 instead. The goods will be delivered to the Webb Center every Friday between 4 and 6pm, when the food will be received and prepared by Aramark. The first delivery is scheduled for late this month. For more information about subscribing, prices, the early bird special, the dates of the social events and the produce being offered this season please contact the Center for Service and Civic Engagement 683-6948 or via email at

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Student pleased with ODU’s disability services by Amanda

David Staff Writer

Lauren Holzer, 22, is one of the 550 disabled students attending Old Dominion University. With 24,466 students currently enrolled at the school, Holzer is among the few who utilize the disability services offered by the ODU. Holzer has cerebral palsy which prevents her from walking effectively without the aid of a forearm crutch. “Overall, I am pleased with ODU’s disability services,” Holzer said. She has attended ODU for one year and moved to housing on campus at the beginning of this semester. “I love living on campus so far,” Holzer said. “I am finally out from under my parent’s roof and able to have some independence of my own.” ODU offers accessible housing to disabled students. Holzer said, “My apartment, for instance, is on the first floor and it is wide enough, if need be, to have a wheelchair move around freely.” While she was living at her parent’s house in Virginia Beach she had to depend on her parents or her fiancée to drive her to and from school and work. “It is nice living here at ODU because I do not have to worry about getting a ride to class. It provides me with a new level of independence.” Holzer decided to move because her school schedule was becoming increasingly demanding, requiring her to be on campus five days a week. “I changed my major from sociology to speech pathology because I thought that as a handicapped person it would be a rewarding experience to help and enrich the lives of other who are also disabled.” ODU’s student affairs website emphasizes that disabled students are not discriminated against at the university. Old Dominion does not ask students to disclose their disabilities during the admissions process and the website claims that “neither the nature nor the severity of an individual’s disability is used as criterion for admission.” The website also states that ODU strives to offer services “that will enable students with disabilities to act as independently as possible in a supportive atmosphere that promotes self-reliance.” “One of the disabilities services that ODU offers is having a

golf cart come and take you to class as well as take you back to your residence hall so you do not have to walk,” Holzer said. During the first week of classes she was late to all of her classes due to the the untimeliness of the service. Since then she has scheduled an earlier pick up time to ensure that she arrives on time for her classes. “My only complaint would be that they should have more than one golf cart that transports disabled students to class...if the golf cart breaks down I have to walk to class because they do not have a backup.” Other disability services that ODU offers include interpreters for the deaf and testing centers for students with learning disabilities. When comparing Old Dominion University to Tidewater Community College, her previous school, Holzer said that the services are about the same but the faculty and staff really make a difference. “At ODU the people seem more friendly and willing to go out of there way to help, especially the staff in the cafeteria!” Cara Vincente, friend of Holzer for 15 years, admires her friend’s spirit and said that Holzer has been a personal inspiration for her throughout her life. Vincente said, “She has integrity and pride and wants to live her life in a way that she can help other disabled individuals the way people have always gone out of their way to help her.” “Where other people might crumble Lauren rises,” Vincente said. “I tell people all the time that Lauren is the strongest person I have ever met.” Holzer plans to attend ODU for two more years to obtain her bachelor’s degree and then she wants to get married and go to graduate school. Holzer said, “In five to ten years I hope to be a successful speech pathologist. I would also like to get married and do a lot of traveling.” “The most challenging part about being disabled is getting to be noticed for who I am and not for my handicap,” Holzer said. “Often times the only way people remember who I am is because I walk with a fuchsia crutch, which isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it would be nice to be known for the person that I am and not what I walk with.”

Auxiliary Services helps students on the go with new Monarch Line by

Christian Ernst News Editor

Transportation is something that many students struggle with, be it finding ways to get around campus or around town. Auxiliary Services is in charge of these matters on campus, and have recently made changes to the bus lines that cater to students on and off campus. Auxiliary Services provides bus services to students through Carey Bbus Servicecompany, and had previously offered several bus line options. The lines varied from the Blue Line, covering on campus locations between 49 thStreet and 43 rdStreet, the Kroger and Walmart lines, which took students from campus locations to the respective stores, and two apartment lines, the Lambert’s Point line and the Highland Park line, that brought students to and from nearby apartment complexes to cut back on car traffic. Auxiliary Services has redeveloped these transportation services for the upcoming semester. The new service line, the Monarch Lline, provides a singular loop around campus. Instead of weaving in and out of campus spots, it is a circular line that reaches many important spots on campus. One major change between the Blue Lline and the Monarch Lline is the deletion of the library stop. Although it was a popular stop, it caused hold ups in the parking lot as well as a delay in the line. Now , the 43rd Street parking lot behind the lLibrary will host a bus stop, which students can use instead of the old library stop. The frequency of buses is also an improvement in the new line, according to Auxiliary Services. The new line frequents each stop every five to seven minutes, insteadthe 15 minutes it took on the old line. Sophomore Alexa Brodanax said she had waited many times for buses while she lived in Gresham Hall last year. “The line stopped by my dorm which was nice, but it was too long and many times I would wait for 20 minutes for a bus,” said Broadnax. “Although the wait isn’t pleasant, it is a nice service to use when possible.” Freshman A.J. Aminrazavi said he uses the bus, and hopes to see improvement between the semesters. “The buses are good, but it takes so long waiting for them some-

times. They stop for long periods of time at certain stops, and it makes me late for class sometimes,” Aminrazavi said. Freshman Hayden Wilkinson said he rarely uses the service, but had heard about the line changes and hopes it will help people out. “It’s nice to be able to get on a bus at night or when its cold outside, instead of having to walk everywhere,” said Wilkinson. Two brand new stops have been added as well. First, there is a new stop next to the brand new Raising Cane’s restaurant in the Village. It will service both the new restaurant and the new P.O.D. Village location, which may be a popular stop. The older P.O.D. location, located in the Quad, also now has a spot on the Monarch loop, and it will service the P.O.D., all Quad buildings and the Student Recreation Center. The bus will no longer run into Lot 20 or along Elkhorn avenue, but instead run on the outside of campus only. The apartment lines have been discontinued completely, but will now be serviced by Safe Ride, the system used by many student on campus to get to and from places off of the bus routes. Many students have complained of long waits on the Safe Ride already, but those students are being told to use the new bus line when possible. Some students are concerned about the waits increasing for Safe Ride Service. “I’ve already had to wait 45 minutes for Safe Ride, so the fact that the vans are running more people off campus will just increase the waits,” said Aminrazavi. “It may make more people try to walk home, which could cause safety issues.” Students going off campus are also being instructed to use Hampton Roads Transit when possible. Auxiliary Services provides HRT passes to 500 students every semester, which provides busing around Norfolk and the Hampton Roads area. Safe Ride services may be increasing in the future though, as Student Government Association has been passing resolutions recently asking for more vans to be implemented into the services. It is unclear the impact these resolutions will have on wait times and usage, but it could provide increased service in conjunction with the new bus lines.


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arts enter tainment

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Speak Up The dark side of relationships Derek Page Staff Writer


Janine Latus, the author of The New York Times best-seller “If I Am Missing or Dead”, visited ODU the night of Jan. 18 and shared her story with the small crowd of undiscerning students. Latus poured her life on the stage of Room 102 in MGB without hesitation, a bold and intrepid act. The audience was quiet, and not because of the humble convergence of the students that littered the room, but because the life Janine Latus once knew rendered us captives, wide eyed and alive. Her words were preceded by the hauntingly suggestive lyrics of The Police’s “Every Breath You Take”, a remarkably able candidate for the imagined anthem of stalkers. Latus wasn’t the victim of just stalking in its popular connotation, but victim to sexual assault and multiple levels of relationship abuse. It was the last of the aforementioned she drew the emphasis of her discussion. Most people are ignorant to the components of a healthy and stable relationship and, most importantly, those of an abusive relationship. Relationship abuse comes in such forms as emotional, verbal, physical, sexual and even financial. Certainly we all can recognize when we are being treated unfairly, but do we fully understand that treatment when it comes from someone we care about, or even love? Relationships can be very difficult work. I’ll take this moment to put more emphasis on work. Our modern day society has grown entranced by the fabrications of romantic love and the implicit expectations that accompany these illusions. Until relatively recently, the prospect of marriage was that of a symbiotic relationship. The man provides and the woman nurtures. Marriage was looked at as almost a sort of means of survival centered on societal expectations and procreation. Thus is the basis of predominant relationships among much of the world. However, the interest of Western cultures in the development of romanticism plays a significant role in the development of the society we live in today and the particularly intimate relationships we form. . Latus asked the audience, “Why are young people most vulnerable to abusive relationships?” There is no definite answer, but Latus answered it as their undeveloped sense of boundaries. Young people grow up watching Disney movies where either sex is charmed by the insatiable princess or the chivalrous prince. As children, they take these personas, developed as fantasies and expect every guy or girl they meet

Jasmyn Hargraves Mace & Crown Latus admits that the manic-depressive character of an abusive relationship is exhilarating. However, the fact of the matter is, those relationships aren’t healthy.

to adhere to this standard. The problem is that these standards don’t exist. It is the plight of the modern generation that romantic love is the only love, and every relationship should mimic to that of next great Disney couple. It is the plight of the naive and impressionable that those who find abusive partners that embody these qualities cannot differentiate abuse from normal relationship behavior. Latus’ ex husband was this chivalrous prince revered by the insatiable princess. He loved her. This man vowed allegiance, but expected more than he put in. Love turned to obsession. Latus’ home became a prison. Her house was decked with cameras in her husband’s attempt to control her every move. He made sure he knew everyone she came in contact with. Janine recalled a time her husband left for work, pulled out of the drive way, put the car in drive and floored it back up the drive way. “Who sent them?” he said. There were flowers on the door step. He never hit her. The emotional abuse was enough. He told her “No one will ever love you like I do.”

Latus admits that the manic-depressive character of an abusive relationship is exhilarating. However, the fact of the matter is, those relationships aren’t healthy. She shared with us the story of her sister Amy, who also was the victim of such a relationship. This story is the inspiration of her book and the motivation for her new life’s work. Amy was obese. Those who battle with the insecurities of obesity may feel like no one could ever love them. In an effort to change this, Amy hit the gym with a feverous determination. She lost over 80 pounds. The hard work paid off, or so she thought. Amy found a man who treasured and adorned her. He took her out, cooked for her and treated her like the princess she had always wished she was. The intensity of Amy’s partner’s love masked the obsessive and controlling behaviors he bared on her. Before she could get help, she was face down in a ditch on the side of a road. It is the focus of Janine Latus’ work to reach out to those who find themselves blinded by these relationships. She said “If I can reach any-

body and help her or him avoid living the life I lived, then it’s worth every minute I spend doing this.” If you feel like you might be in an abusive relationship, speak up. Latus said to “call them on it, tell everyone around to you watch for it,” and if need be, to “call the police.” There is help out there. The Women’s Center at Old Dominion University has an outreach program called SAFE (Sexual Assault Free Environment) with peer educators and staff that provide presentations and training for the ODU community in sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, and other issues that students might be facing. If you don’t feel comfortable reaching out in the college community, don’t ignore the problem. Off campus services are everywhere such as the YWCA, which offers a 24-hour crisis hotline (622-4300). If you find yourself in an abusive and controlling relationship, please seek help. Do not hesitate to call. You may not believe it, but you are worth it and there are others that think so too.


wednesday 01/26/11 | MACE & CROWN | B2

Jersey Shore meets Eastern Shore Sammi Sweetheart comes to ODU by

Brian Foster Staff Writer

Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola from MTV’s hit show Jersey Shore came to the Webb center Thursday to answer questions and take pictures with students. The crowd cheered as the bronze-skinned guidette entered the north cafeteria in high-heeled boots. She sat on stage with Fred Tugas, who moderated the event adding a fun atmosphere to the question and answer part. Many people idolize the characters on the most watched show in the network’s 30-year history and wanted to know what it was like being a cast member. “It’s such a cool experience to like see yourself every week and go through issues, problems, positive moments, negative moments,” Sammi said. “I’ve experienced college life and now I’m at the shore living with eight different people in this house with no real communication to the outside world. It’s difficult. I learned a lot about my feelings, my emotions.” The second season of the show was in Miami, which had students wondering if the cast would be G-T-L-ing on the boardwalk of Virginia Beach. “I don’t know if they’ll be able to handle a Jersey Shore Virginia Beach shore. Are there guidos in Virginia Beach?” Said Sammi.

Rahcel Chasin Mace & Crown Students Fist Pumping with Sammi Sweetheart.

Only 3 episodes have aired this season so she didn’t want to give anything away but Sammi shocked the room when she stated that Deena is her best friend from the show other than Ronnie. Some students waited in line for over an hour to grab a good seat and not all were her biggest fans. “I think she’s a great example of what women should not do. I’m a fraternity guy and we always get a bad rep about how we treat women and all these other things and now you see how it is

Back To School at Time Lounge Thursday nights with the F.O.R.E.I.G.N.E.R.S. by Lauren Grant Contributing Writer

Has being back at school already gotten you exhausted? Tired of homework, notebooks, classrooms, lectures halls, trudging to class in the rain, and waiting in those ridiculously long lines to get ridiculously expensive textbooks? Who isn’t? The F.O.R.E.I.G.N.E.R.S. club gathered at the Time Lounge this past Thursday night to alleviate some of the stress of going back to school. Admissions is free for ODU students 18 and over with an ODU ID and reciting of the F.O.R.E.I.G.N.E.R.S. catch phrase, which is “I am a sexy F.O.R.I.G.N.E.R (although I feel that I should probably mention that when I said this to the guy standing at the door, he laughed and looked at me like I was crazy). Thursday night at the Time Lounge was definitely a great stress reliever. Located on the not creepy, sketchy, side of Granby Street, (right across from McArthur Mall) The Time Lounge is a relatively small establishment. It had a cute bar (which, sadly, I was not able to indulge in due to the big, shameful, black X marks that I had on my hands) with these overhead fans that looked like huge pieces of dried banana (you know, the ones that come in the bag). There were black-lights, flat screen TV’s lining the walls, and a really cool vintage-y

decorative feng-shui. The dance floor was small, but it had all of the basic qualities of a dance floor: strobe lights, and really loud rave-sounding music that was pumping out of these huge speakers that hung on the ceiling right above it. They had a D.J. and a guy playing an electric guitar, which was new to me. They played a lot of techno remixes to popular songs, making it easy to get out of your seat and bang your head around on the dance floor. The waitresses were an interesting sight indeed. They were wearing black shirts with red, lace underwear, and furry leg warmers. There weren’t many of them, but they walked around serving Jello-shots on red tray. If nothing else in this article convinces more guys to go check it out, this should definitely do the trick. The best part of this lounge was the fact that it was just that; a lounge. The music was loud and pumping, but everyone was chill and just hanging out for the most part. There was no one falling all over you, or suffocating you or anything of that sort. You could come with your friends and just hang out. It’s a great place to let loose and drink (that is if you are sans shameful X marks), and have a good time. With or without the F.O.R.I.G.N.E.R.S. club, the Time Lounge is a great place to go on a Thursday night. If you’re looking for a lot of dancing, club/party like atmosphere this may not be the place for you, but if you’re just into hanging out, the Time Lounge is definitely a cool place to be.

on the opposite end of things where a woman who is being treated badly and her friends are telling her to get out the situation, and she stays with it.” Said student C.J. Jackson. “Come on, wake up.” With a lot of drama surrounding Sammi this season on the show, her popularity has declined. Many students said the event reminded them of the first season and that she truly is a sweetheart. Before Sammi got on the show she was your average confused student attending William Patterson University and said she still feels like a normal person. “I was an artist, I played soccer, I was going to school, I went to college, played soccer in college, I was trying to major in business but that wasn’t working so I was majoring in sociology. I was working at an eye doctor office so I was living the everyday life.” Mike Plagianakos, a graduate assistant for Greek life at ODU grew up with Sammi in Hazlet, New Jersey. Though he had nothing to do with booking her to come, she revealed that he always had the best video games growing up. Ms. Sweetheart was excited about her new perfume called Dangerous. “You can get it at my website www.sammi-sweetheart. com and it’s dangerously sweet just like me. It’s 21 dollars so it’s at a great price too.” Sammi took pictures with all students that wanted one. She had the same concern as the fans she met; making it home in time to watch Jersey Shore.

ODU’s Belly Dancing Organization Learning Exotic Dances of the MiddleEast at the Webb by

Jonathan Moran Staff Writer

Ty Jordan, a sophomore at ODU has been belly dancing since she was little. Being part-Egyptian, she taught herself how to belly dance and found that it was a great way to connect to her heritage and feel immersed in her culture. Her good friend Karen Lee, also a sophomore, would see her dancing when they were young and eventually, the two began dancing together. After seeing that there was no club for belly dancing at ODU the two decided to start the “Ya Gamila!” Belly Dancing Organization last semester so that students who are curious about this mystic dance can see what it’s all about. “Ya Gamila!” means, “You’re beautiful” in Arabic and that positive, confident attitude resonate in the meeting. Classes are held on Tuesdays from 6-10:00pm in the Virginia Beach or Chesapeake room in the Webb Center. There are two classes held in that time frame so that people can choose

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown ODU Students Learning to Belly Dance.

to go to a time that is convenient it helps to keep the room from getting too full. You will need space to move. The class is relaxed and fun since dancing is about enjoying yourself. Students shuffle in, ready to take a break from their workload and enjoy themselves. As people talk Arabic music plays in the background. Sitting there, the music begins to move you. The drums and exotic instruments in the songs can make everyone bob and sway so that you need very little convincing to get up and join in. Drums and coin belts are in the corner for anyone to grab and help you get in the mood to shake your hips.

If you are unsure that you can move like the belly dancers in the movies, don’t worry. Your instructors Jordan and Lee will break those moves down step by step; you may even surprise yourself and be amazed at what your body can do. Everyone is welcome to join. Katie Mills, their secretary recalled that, “We’ve had a couple of guys show up and it’s always fun, they never thought they could move like that. “ They are open to all types of belly dancing styles and music. Mills said people have brought techno and rap to the meeting and everyone belly danced to that. Styles they teach are the classic styles like Egyptian and tribal as well as con-

temporary styles like gothic and tribal fusion. They also go on Monday nights to a drum circle at Mystic Moon, a shop in Norfolk that hosts the event. Drummers get in a circle and people dance festively to the thunderous beats. If you’re curious to try belly dancing and see what your body can do check out a meeting or their website, Jordan says, “Its great exercise that doesn’t feel like working out. We have fun, we dance together.” Bedelia Burris-McGrath, a sophomore and regular at the meetings said, “I think it’s a great organization and I’m glad we have it. Everybody should join; it’s a lot of fun.”

B3 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 01/26/11


The Golden Globes wear controversy in 2011 by

Elizabeth Bowry Staff Writer

Usually the most important part of the Golden Globes, like any award show, is who is wearing what, what movie is going to win the award for Best Movie and which actor is going to win Best Actor. This year however, the Golden Globes involved a little more than Versace and Natalie Portman. The 2011 Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais had his second run as the host of the notable award show, but he will not be asked again due to the controversy that some of his jokes sparked. In his opening monologue, Gervais said, “Let’s see how far I can go this time,” giving the audience a warning that his jokes may strike a chord. His jokes, though, received more groans than laughs at the award show. Gervais began a slew of jokes against the Association by other winners of the award including Christian Bale joke against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) saying that they only nominated ‘The Tourist’ so that the members could hang out with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. But Gervais’s joke crossed a line when he said that the HFPA also took bribes during the interviews of the nominees. The HFPA was not the only victim of the host’s lack luster jokes. Many A-list celebrities were under attack including Angelina Jolie, Tim Allen, the cast of Sex and the City and Robert Downey Jr as well as third-world adoptions, and cosmetic surgery. “But it must be good because it’s nominated, so shut up, OK? And I’d like to crush this ridiculous rumor that the only reason The Tourist was nominated was so that the foreign press of could hang out with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. That was not the only reason; they

also accepted bribes,” was one of the jokes that Gervais told about Depp and Jolie’s movie ‘The Tourist’ which was the butt of many jokes. However, the joke was not just centered on Johnny Depp and Angelina Joile. It also brought up the lawsuit that is being placed against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for taking bribes for member’s votes for certain movies and actors. A former publicist sued the Golden Globe Hollywood Foreign Press Association for accepting bribes from studio executives for exchange for support of a certain film with nominations and wins. ‘The Tourist’ was included in the list of movies that bribes were given for. The association though claims that this publicist is “completely without merit.” Though the critics and celebrities were insulted and a supposed rift was created, Gervais claims that some of the claims were speculated which he wrote about in his blog, “Why do people have to embellish? They’re allowed to say they hated it. They’re allowed to say they didn’t find it funny, that it was tasteless, over the top, or whatever. But why do they speculate and make stuff up?” Ricky Gervais has also said that he is not concerned about being asked back or not and that he does not care if he is or not so all of his criticism is virtually just white noise to the actor. Not all celebrities were insulted by Gervais’s jokes though. ‘The Social Network’ – which won four awards at the award show- star Andrew Garfield said, “He’s been terribly nasty and horribly rude and I think he’s genius.” ‘The Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart was offended in a completely different way: “[I’m] offended that a comedian could be that funny at an awards show.”

The Green Hornet stings more than entertains Ethan Shaw Staff Writer


With winter slowly leaving us behind, the beginning of summer action flicks is in full swing starting with Michel Gondry’s The Green Hornet. Opening last week on January 14, 2011 the film stars Seth Rogen as playboy Britt Reid a.k.a the Green Hornet and Jay Chou as his faithful partner Kato. Viewers will be surprised to see a powerhouse roster of supporting actors from Cameron Diaz, Tom Wilkinson, Edward James Olmos, and academy award winner Christoph Waltz playing the primary antagonist “Chudnofsky”. Despite the impressive cast and advanced special effects, the films drops in the most important aspect plot. Based off the 1930’s serial radio program, subsequent comics, and television series The Green Hornet is about millionaire playboy Britt Reid, who decides to face off against the underbelly of Los Angeles criminal element after the death of his father. Does this sound familiar? But unlike a certain caped crusader, Reid’s father James (Wilkinson) isn’t killed by some random thug, but by an allergic reaction to a bee sting. Yes that’s right, a bee sting. The real kicker of the tale is that most. if not everyone who was close to the famous newspaper publisher despised him, most notably his own son! After his father’s death, Reid is immediately put in charge of his father’s fictional newspaper The Daily Sentinel as well as all employees involved with his family. One such employee is martial arts expert, genius mechanic, and exceptional coffee maker Kato. The film gives little to no explanation in Kato’s back story or how he came about his talents opting in fact for the

audience to just go with it. Upon their first meeting, the two decide to go on a drunken adventure that involves vandalism, saving a couple from a gang, and destroying a police car. The duo, upon a whim, decide to become superheroes. From here the story goes from ridiculous to really bad. Fans of the 1966-1967 television series starring Van Williams as the Green Hornet and Bruce Lee as Kato will be sorely disappointed when it comes to the fight scenes. With his American debut, Lee as Kato opened American audiences to real martial arts, and created an entire genre of entertainment with his amazing feats of athleticism. This Kato however, somehow has the ability to slow down time and can perform impossible superhuman feats that leave die hard Hornet fans feeling nothing else but cheated. It’s almost astounding that Seth Rogen helped co-write this project seeing how his past films have kept up with modern mind-sets and humor. Christoph Waltz who if you remember, played four language speaking Colonel Hans Landa aka the “Jew Hunter,” in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds was obviously only involved for the paycheck. That being said, his performance was still the most entertaining because his character at least had motivation for what he was doing, where as everyone else in the film clearly did not. If you like flashy special effects and senseless mass mayhem, than I advise that you rent this film when released in stores. However, if you enjoy a good story with at least some form of reasoning for the characters, than I recommend save your money and wait for when it’s televised.

‘No Strings Attached’ has more strings than not by

Elizabeth Bowry Staff Writer

The fourth line of the new Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman movie ‘No Strings Attached’ gave the audience the message that this movie was about sex with the two main characters, though the young Adam played by Ashton Kutcher was shot down by the also young Emma, Natalie Portman’s character. The story began by telling how the two main characters met: at camp. Adam is a television producer for a show that seems to mix “Glee” with “High School Musical” and people become star struck when they learn that his father was in a popular television show. Emma is an unfeeling doctor who is better at being alone and working than she is with relationships. Adam was dealing with a parent’s divorce while Emma was there to support him while he cried Ten years later, we were taken to a fraternity party where they run into each other for the first time since camp. The initial attachment is formed when Adam tells Emma that he was glad to see her again and Emma responds with,

“If you’re lucky enough, you’ll never see me again.” Fast forward five years, numbers get exchanged, and the actual story begins. After going to visit his father and learning that his ex girlfriend is now his dad’s girlfriend, Adam immediately goes to his friend’s bar (the friend is played by Ludacris) and gets drunk then declares that he is going to call every single girl on his phone until someone agrees to sleep with him. With a five minute montage of him calling all of these girls, it ends with him falling down drunk on the sidewalk. The next shot? He wakes up on a girl’s couch completely naked being watched by a girl who offers him coffee, but claims they didn’t have sex. Next, a boy walks in saying that Adam left his sock in his room, but they didn’t have sex after making Adam sweat for a minute. Third, another girl walks in who he knew from college, Patrice. Kutcher asks if they had sex and becomes embarrassed when Patrice confirms they did. The fun was ended though a few minutes later when Emma walks in and tells Adam that he had sex with no one in the apartment and that his pants were in her room. After a twenty foot Ashton Kutcher butt shot on the screen, Adam follows Emma into her

room and learns why he was naked, that he did a naked dance, and that he cried the night before. He thanks Emma for being there and a kiss is shared. The kiss, however, quickly turns into sex and that was only twenty minutes into the movie. For a movie that is titled ‘No Strings Attached,’ they forgot an important part: having the characters not attached to each other. It is clear throughout the whole movie that Ashton’s character is far more attached and likes Natalie’s character more than she does, which is strange, because you’d think that the girl would be more attached at first. Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman’s characters go through a relationship that starts out as just sex, but turns into a romance quicker than it normally would. The characters get together, fall apart and try to figure things out about themselves like many relationships do so it was relatable to the audience and even gave a word of advice;“ You never fall in love the way you expect yourself to.” It just reminds you that you can never just be sex friends because someone will always become attached.


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The History of the Virginia Dismal Swamp Behind the scenes of Virginia Nature by Alexander

Rose Staff Writer

Last Thursday, ODU was treated to a screening of a documentary titled, ‘Dismal History’. The purpose of this film and screening was the shed light upon an area of Virginia that seemed to have been overlooked by many, even our historians. From the ODU website, “The film centers on the untold stories of runaway white and black servants, slaves and other members of “maroon communities” who inhabited the Swamp from a few decades after the Jamestown Settlement until the beginning of the 20th century. During research for the project, [Imtiaz] Habib and [Richard] Green discovered that as many as several hundred people of American Indian, African and European backgrounds took refuge there. Descendants of some of these populations settled in, and still live in, areas immediately adjoining the Great Dismal Swamp in Virginia and North Carolina, including Deep Creek, Suffolk and Chesapeake. “ Coming into the movie, I was unaware of the fact that the Dis-

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown Imtiaz Habib producer of the Dismal Swamp Film.

mal Swamp of Virginia, despite its seemingly unlivable conditions, was home to countless runaways and immigrants during the slave times. It has just recently been recognized as an official ‘stop’ on the Underground Railroad. The problem with document-

ing the history of the Dismal Swamp is that, ‘it swallows everything that comes into it.’ This statement caught me off guard, as the accepted method of documenting the history of a time or place, is the ability to be able to touch recorded documents or pictures. Unfortunately, those who ran to the Dismal Swamp to seek refuge did NOT document their times there, for they aimed to remain ‘under the radar’ as long as possible. The only surviving history from this time and place are accounts from travelers who heard stories of those living deep inside the swamp and later wrote down their accounts. In recent times, there have been excavations that have revealed some minimal discoveries such as pieces of foundation and even pottery. It’s exciting to see such a calculated documentary about a subject that hits so close to home. We learned that even today there are relatives of those who lived deep inside the swamp that have not traveled far from the outskirts. The relatively short documentary was quick and to the point, including dialogue from several experts at various universities, archeologists, and the narratives from the few recorded transcripts of travelers. It’s quite a wakeup call to have revealed such a rich piece of history right in our backyard. I’m unsure if there will be other screenings of this movie around campus, but if you have the time, I would recommend this insightful documentary to those who enjoy learning about the area and its history.

Graphic novel The Nightly News puts the media in crosshairs I’m Mad as Hell, and I’m Not Going to Take This Anymore by

Martin Tucker Staff Writer

What happens when you take the politically charged frustration of Sidney Lumet’s Network and actually do something about it? The Nightly News happens. The classic, “Lie Told in Six Parts”, by Jonathan Hickman is a landmark graphic novel that pessimistically examines a much-hated institution, the media. The Nightly News ran from 2006-2007 culminating in a final compilation edition. From the start it’s clear that Hickman has done his research as his source page boasts 21 sources including Hard News by Seth Mnookin, Necessary Illusions by Noam Chomsky, and Psychiatric Drugging of Children for Behavioral Control by Peter Breggin, M.D. The six issue miniseries is at its heart, a story about vengeance. John Guyton, the protagonist, is a man caught up in the endless character assassination that many media outlets rack their ratings upon. He is recruited by a cult of equally destroyed people and sent on a crusade to end the media through brutal mass murdering, guerilla warfare, and acts of terrorism. To say this Eisner Award Winning comic is violent would be a vast understatement. The only reason it is digestible to most nonconspiracy theorists, is the gorgeous union of graphic design and comic art. The gritty, unpolished, line art style seems to warn the reader that this comic isn’t for the faint of heart. One of the more interesting parts of the series are informational diagrams inserted into

every chapter that touches on real life statistics such as globalization, New York Times Editor’s excerpts, to a survey of the “hottest news babes.” Hickman even includes an equation to determine if your education was “worth it” by adding four times 12 minus your number of years in higher education to your necessary diploma, your number of lifetime relationships, your environmental maturity, and dividing all of them by your school debt added to your job unhappiness to the second power. Needless to say his satirical dark sense of humor has something for everyone, as the “nightly news” should. It is unclear exactly what Jonathan Hickman believes and what he is addling to the story, but by the end of the graphic novel you will be drenched in the book’s propaganda. The collected edition includes one of the most rewarding things a comic writer can do, notes. Hickman goes into detail on almost every page in the graphic novel about his decisions, his beliefs, his obscure references, and even his faults in creating The Nightly News. Page numbers that connect to the page numbers in the book precedes the small notes. The interesting part is that the page numbers are almost impossible to find in the book because Hickman places them in small fonts and moves them around each page so it’s almost a treasure hunt. The Nightly News is the classic achievement for Jonathan Hickman who has come to be respected as one of the most unique comic writers in the comic book industry. The Losers writer, Andy Diggle called it,” Network meets Fight Club” as Hickman pitched it as,” Network meets Reservoir Dogs.” Either way it’s immensely entertaining and a must-have for any journalism major or conspiracy theorist who becomes angry at an article grade and wants to explore the darker side of the media.



B5 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 01/26/11

Stalking just got Second-hand fashion options harder by

Joann Bautti-Roche Educates Students on National Stalking Awareness Month by

Martin Tucker Staff Writer

By 12:30 every comfortable black chair in the Cape Charles was overflowing with Old Dominion students eager to hear Assistant Director of the Women’s Center, Joann Bautti-Roche. Bautti-Roche greeted all the students with a welcome smile and a small survey. “Are You Being Stalked” was the second part of a campaign that also included a January 18th reading by author, Janine Latus. Sororities made up the majority of the attendants as the aisle was split with Delta Zeta occupying the left and Sigma Gamma Rho holding down the right. Pretty soon the blue divider had latecomers and more sorority girls clinging for dear life divided by a single propped up longboard. Bautti Roche introduced a 20-minute documentary by Security on Campus Inc. called The Culture of Silence. The film started by humorously examining what the average Rowan University thought was a stalker, which often included some variation of “creepy.” Culture of Silence continued by telling the stories of Alexandria and Caitlin, two victims of stalking with eyeopening accounts of stalking in the college environment. Alexandria’s relationship ended after six months of infidelity on the part of an ex-boyfriend who clocked her incessantly and whose repeated attempts to climb up her windows and beating down her doors, sounded more like Jill Valentine recounting a Nemesis than a rational college boyfriend. Caitlin remembered her ex-boyfriend spreading childish rumors about her eating habits and eventually beating on her door so hard that 19 people in her apartment complex called the police. Both women depicted the unspoken, ambiguousness that often comes with stalking. Alexandria related to her audience’s reluctance to take action by noting,” It takes a lot to walk away from someone you really care about” and “ I didn’t realize phone calls and texting was stalking.” Caitlin brought her problems to the student council and the administration but no one did anything until the Student Council Member who said,” Caitlin pick up the phone, I know you’re fucking awake, you fucking

bitch,” became violent and physical. Bautti-Roche later appealed to the 70 plus group of students by saying,” As women we are raised to doubt ourselves,” but that it shouldn’t deter women from contacting police, telling friends, co-workers, and roommates, and getting a court order. As the video ended Bautti-Roche started a Q&A with the students by giving staggering statistics on stalking such as the fact that all 50 states have stalking laws and ODU has its own stalking policy. Bautti-Roche described stalking as “a series of actions that make you afraid or feel danger.” 60-75% of victims know their stalkers, only 41% of women victims report to the police, and women are three times more likely to be stalked. Bautti-Roche also noted that confrontation with a stalker isn’t always an easy solution, because it can be dangerous and give the stalker exactly what he or she wants, attention. The most surprising aspect of Bautti-Roche’s presentation was a website called that analyzes random twitter accounts and smart phones similar to pleaserobme. com. The site uses geotagging in smart phones to track certain owners of twitter accounts down to their exact location. Bautti-Roche ended her presentation by educating the women on how to help a friend who is in a stalking situation, and giving resources such as Security on Campus and the Stalking Resource Center. Moved by the seminar, several students decided to give accounts of their experiences with stalking. Chantel, an ODU student, told an amusing but sincere story about how her “neighbor would hide behind bushes,” as his obsession with her grew. Crystal, an award-winning ODU photographer, gave a devastating account of how her “psychotic” ex-boyfriend followed her” halfway across the world.” He would “throw her around” and even “got physical with her pugs.” Crystal cautioned the audience that “cops don’t always work” as she has taken him to court “9 times.” As “Are You Being Stalked” came to an end and the white survey sheets were weighed down by the angst, relief, and hope of students improved by the event. Students can visit the Women’s Center, Room 1001 in Webb for more information on National Stalking Awareness Month and the steps that can be taken to end stalking. In a country where 3.4 million people are stalked every year and in a place that is the “perfect environment” for stalking, it’s good to know students and administrators are working together to talk about such a taboo subject in a male dominated society.

Heather Habermehl Contributing Writer

There are many options for the fashion-seeking student willing to take a different route than straight to the mall. For students that do not mind wearing gently-used apparel, buying second-hand is not only a bargain, but an opportunity. This is an opportunity to get creative, to own something unique, to reach out of your comfort zone and to wear clothing with a story. Thrift stores, consignment shops and yard sales are great ways to save money and still buy clothes you like. Thrift stores are a great option because the items are donated and some part of the revenue is usually given to a charity. Although making environmental choices should always be considered, most of the thrift stores within Norfolk city are not prime areas for apparel, but rather furniture and other home wares. If you’re looking for a sweater for an “ugly holiday sweater” party, this is the right place to go; however, you may end up disappointed if you are hoping for clothes to wear day-to-day. Finding great items takes time and effort in thrift stores. Thrifting with a group of friends is fun and creates interesting stories. Make it a point to visit a few occasionally, just in case you find that special piece for your wardrobe, but consignment shops offer much more selection. Like thrift stores, consignment shops take time and effort to make the most of, so visit these stores when you have hours of free time. Most consignment shops, especially in the Ghent and downtown areas, cater to women’s apparel, but some have a juniors’ section. Outside of Norfolk, the options are greater, most notably in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. Also, many consignment shops tend to resell high-end clothing, but some resell brands you see at the mall. A great example of this is Plato’s Closet in Virginia Beach; you can even come with your own gently-used clothing to exchange for items there. Lastly, yard sales are a surprisingly great place to find

Heather Habermehl Mace & Crown Freshman Brianna Jones.

cute clothes for literally a fraction of the original cost. Another perk to yard sale shopping is that they aren’t a time waster; there is usually not much to look through so in just a few minutes you know whether to love it or leave it. Saturday and Sunday mornings are the traditional yard sale times Keep an eye out for yard sales happening in the Larchmont, Colonial Place and Ghent residential areas near campus.



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Lady Monarchs rout Tigers in milestone victory Stuart Miller Editor in Chief


As the Old Dominion University cheerleaders began to hand out the “600” signs with two minutes left in the Lady Monarchs’ rout of the Towson Tigers 71-43, Head Coach Wendy Larry was still coaching with the same fire she had when her team was down two points in the first few minutes of the contest. “I’m honored to be on the team that helped her achieve it because Coach Larry has created so much success here at ODU,” said senior guard Jasmine Parker. “We really didn’t focus on it, we focused on the win and trying to get better and do some of the things we didn’t do against Towson the last time we played them so we really didn’t think about it until the coaches were putting the shirts on and they were holding up the 600 signs in the stands.” The 28-point win the Lady Monarchs had managed to build throughout the course of the Colonial Athletic Association matchup Jan. 23 at the Ted Constant Convocation center was the perfect way to celebrate coach Larry’s 600th win in her collegiate coaching career joining the likes of Pat Summitt, Geno Auriemma and only 18 other coaches in women’s college basketball history. “What she’s done for women’s basketball and the CAA is monumental, I mean it’s a hall of famer and her involvement with U.S.A. basketball and involvement with women’s basketball in general, the way she’s carried herself, conducted herself and the way she’s been it for the good of the women’s game,” said Towson Head Coach Pat Kennedy. “Not only myself, but there’s a lot of players and coaches that should be indebted to her and people like her who have been in this game. I just told her I was very appreciative, I told her that I thanked her, my family thanked her for allowing me the opportunity to be involved in such a wonderful sport and that without people like her I wouldn’t have a chance to follow my dreams.” However, as confetti and streamers fell from the rafters at the Ted, Coach Larry wiped her tears of appreciation away she held true to her legendary demeanor and expressed her excitement for beating another CAA opponent. The victim this time? Towson as they gave the Lady Monarchs their sixth win in the last seven games. “It’s like an obituary, you have a starting date and an ending date, it’s not too funny. It is

Rachel Chasin Mace & Crown “I’m honored to be on the team that helped her achieve it because Coach Larry has created so much success here at ODU,” said senior guard Jasmine Parker.

much appreciated and there was an awful lot of people that are a part of this thing. I mean, it’s significant certainly, but there are so many that are significant. Now what I think about most is that now our focus is on chasing a championship that’s what I think about,” said Larry. “This is done we don’t have to talk about it anymore and now we can move forward and try to get better every day and chase number 18 and you know, why not Old Dominion?” After the performance put on by the Lady Monarchs, Larry’s words do not come unwarranted as she had her team firing on all cylinders, offensively and defensively. “Defensively, I thought there were times that we created our own breaks really, really well. I thought that we were able to rebound and run and get out in transition,” said Larry. “There was some really, really fine looks today and some great finishes and then there was some really fine looks where we didn’t finish at the rim through the contact, but some really, really good stuff today.” While the Lady Monarchs were no match for the Tigers, both halves had a similar feel to

them. Both halves started with both teams trading baskets and ended with ODU dominating every aspect of the home court victory which helped ease the pain of a tough three-point loss to rival Virginia Commonwealth University earlier in the week. Although a 28-point victory fluttered with attractive statistics is something to celebrate, Coach Larry and her players weren’t sidetracked by the ultimate goal at hand; “focus on the next”, a phrase coined by Larry and instill in her players. “I’m really happy that we won this game, it was important for us to get back on the horse after VCU because we didn’t do things so well,” said Larry. “We didn’t box out very well against VCU, there were times that we were kind of in a lull and I thought for the most part that we had energy throughout most of the evening, coming out of the locker room first two minutes not too much, but we got it back and we’re fun, we’re fun when we can defend and run. I’d buy a ticket to watch us.” Running and defending is exactly what the Lady Monarchs did as they dominated the Ti-

gers out of the gate and went into the half, leading 35-18. While Wendy Larry’s milestone was the storyline in this game, her girls certainly decorated the stat sheet as if it were a celebratory cake for their legendary head coach. Both Kquanise Byrd and Jasmine Parker scored in double figures, with 11 and 12 points on the night, which included a series of back-to-back three pointers midway through the second half. “We’re pretty good when we get out and get organized and run some lanes and get the ball in the middle of the floor and then catch the ball and finish and I think it’s hard for teams to play with us defensively because we can go inside or we can go outside,” said Larry. “So again, running the floor and sharing, finding that open person and putting them in position to be successful, like find what they do well and giving them the ball somewhere where they can do that well.” With Coach Larry getting her 600th win and her team getting back on track at home, the Lady Monarchs will travel to William & Mary to take on the Tribe on Thursday, Jan. 17, with hopes of remaining in the top three of the CAA standings.


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Timeliness vs. inconsistency Stat sheets don’t show everything Matthew McCracken Assistant Sports Editor


Consistency may look good on paper, but big plays are what change the course of a game. Does it matter if this big play happens in the first minute or the ending of the second half? You bet it does. Old Dominion University Monarchs hosted the Virginia Commonwealth University Rams Saturday at the Ted Constant Convocation Center. A rivalry filled with hatred became a game of physicality and big plays that ended in the favor of the antagonists. The Rams beat the Monarchs 5950 in their own house. It wasn’t their sub-par field goal percentage, average three-pointers, or full-court press that won the game for the Rams. It was the timeliness of their big time plays and the inconsistency of Monarch play. The Rams started off the game on a 9-2 run accredited to their pressure and hustle, and the panicking of the Monarchs. Turning over the ball early three times and a total of 14 times in the game, the Rams were able to score off these Monarch mishaps totaling in 15 points. Aside from turnovers, the inconsistent transition of play from the first to second half was the Achilles heel of the Monarchs. Shooting five of 10 from beyond the arc in the first half kept them in the game while shooting one for nine in the second

half shot them in the foot. Shooting 45.8% from the field in the first half didn’t keep them far from the Rams, but shooting 33.3% in the second half gave the Rams breathing room. Not giving up an offensive rebound in the second half was expected from the Monarchs, but giving up 10 in the first half was too much of a deficit to fix. The Rams weren’t at their best, but their big plays were picture-perfect. The Monarchs made their runs off alley-oops to junior forward Chris Cooper or numerous three-point shots by junior guard Trian Iliadis, but the timing wasn’t right. The Rams made their runs at the beginning of the game, and the end of the second half. Stat sheets may be accurate, but they do not account for the effect of a particular shot. A stat sheet doesn’t show how Rams senior guard Joey Rodriguez’s only three of the game took the breath out of every Monarch fan. How about how freshman forward Juvonte Reddic’s only two buckets were late in the second half with the shot-clock winding down. Talk about a dagger into the back of Monarch players. Good defense isn’t rewarded when up against a better shot. ODU inconsistency was the cold of the Monarchs. Even when one player gets over the sickness, the virus spreads to another. Just ask Trian Iliadis and Chris Cooper. With Cooper not scoring a basket in the first half, Iliadis scored eight with six being from three-point shots. Iliadis was not to be found in the second half having a big goose egg in the scoring column. Cooper, on

Milestone win for Hall of Fame coach the other hand, scored eight. Don’t believe in the virus yet? Look at Monarch’s senior guard Darius James. Scoring only two points in the first half, James scored seven in the second half including a big time three that gave the Monarchs their first lead since the beginning of the game. Sometimes, it isn’t how you score but when you score. The Rams and Monarchs are almost identical in field goal percentage, but the Rams scored in bunches late in the game, and held onto the ball. “Big time players make big time plays,” VCU head coach Shaka Smart says. Big time plays change the course of a game. In the case of the Monarchs, their big time plays may have came just a little too early while the Rams held their composure to make big time plays in the later part of the second half. Yes, consistency does bring success, but timeliness brings a “W” in the game column. The Rams simply hit shots when they needed to be hit while the Monarchs made shots to keep up with VCU. They weren’t outplayed at all times during the game. There were points in the game where the Monarchs were unstoppable. The beginning of the second half started as a 9-3 run in ODU’s favor. Their inconsistency to keep attacking, rebounding, and stay aggressive hurt them while VCU’s timeliness for big shots won the game. The timeliness of the Rams brought out the inconsistency of the Monarchs, delivering them their third loss in the CAA this year.

Christian Ernst Mace & Crown Aside from turnovers, the inconsistent transition of play from the first to second half was the Achilles heel of the Monarchs.

Rachel Chasin Mace & Crown Larry added this to her many accomplishments Jan. 23 as the Lady Monarchs toppled the Lady Tigers of Towson University, 71-43.

Wendy Larry reaches 600 by

Christian Ernst News Editor

Pat Summitt. C. Vivian Stringer. Geno Auriemma. Kay Yow. Now you can add Wendy Larry to this famous list of coaches with 600 wins as a head basketball coach of a women’s NCAA basketball team. But she played it off like nothing much had happened. She opened her postgame press conference not with a comment about 600 wins, but that her team’s defense had created breaks and made baskets off of them, a crucial part of the win. Larry added this to her many accomplishments Jan. 23 as the Lady Monarchs toppled the Lady Tigers of Towson University, 71-43. Larry capitalized on the opportunity to get her 600th win on the second chance, after the Lady Monarchs lost to VCU Jan. 20. 600 wins isn’t an everyday accomplishment in the NCAA, either. Only 20 coaches, 12 active, have made it to that point. But Larry said it felt like an obituary, turning around at the end of the game to see her assistant coaches wearing t-shirts with the years 1978-2010 on it, as well as a picture of herself on it, the years she has been coaching. Larry has been with ODU since 1987. “It’s got a starting date and an ending date on it,” said Larry. “It’s hard to reflect right now, because I’m just happy we won this game.” Larry was excited about how well the girls played as well. They dominated the inside of the court and shot well from three point range. “We’re fun,” said Larry. “I’d buy a ticket to see us.” She kept looking forward though, as Larry just saw it as an obstacle more than a milestone. “Now what I think about is chasing a championship. Now we can move forward and try to get better every day,” Larry said. And no one could be surprised by this sentiment. Larry is a no joke coach with a no joke personality, always looking towards the future of the team. Sure, Larry isn’t afraid to tell a joke every once in a while, and is a fan favorite among the student section, butshe always has her eye on the championship, like every good coach should. And coaches respect her. Even Towson’s coach, Joe Matthews, had something to say about Larry. “What she’s done for women’s basketball, not only the CAA, is monumental,” Mathews said. “(She’s) a Hall of Famer. There’s a lot of coaches and players who should be indebted to her. Without people like her, I couldn’t have a chance to follow my dreams.” And Larry has not gone unnoticed. She has 17 CAA championships, eight CAA Coach of the Year awards, as well as WBCA District III, RCA, Sporting News, and United States Women’s Basketball Writers Association (USBWA) Coach of the Year awards. She has been part of two National Championships. She is still looking for her national title as a head coach, reaching the game once in 1997.


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Part of the Surge

Darius James:

Tia Lewis and Lady Monarchs Rolling Through CAA

All about winning


Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown “He’s a real sneaky kind of cat, Coach Taylor said. “He may not make the basket; he may not get the assist. But he may make the call that leads to a basket.

Senior point guard serves as ‘Floor General’ by

Jake Ullrich Staff Writer

When it comes down to it, Darius James just isn’t too worried about the stats. He’s sixth on the team in points per game, seventh in rebounding, third in assists and fifth in minutes played. However whenever James is on the floor, the Monarchs run like a welloiled machine. “[Darius] has got a lot of really good qualities,” Coach Blaine Taylor said. “Very, very competitive. Talented. But the bottom line is he’s a winner.” And that’s all he seems to do. James took over the starting point guard role in the 2008-09 season and has since led the Monarchs to two consecutive 25 or more wins seasons and a postseason birth in back to back years. It’s a quality he says he picked up playing in the neighborhood. “I remember playing in my neighborhood, in College Park,” James said. “Playing with older kids all the time. I started playing rec with the 8-yearolds when I was 6.” While he may not be the biggest or strongest player on the court, James plays with a drive that shows his commitment to winning. He’s constantly throwing himself on the floor for loose balls or attempting to shut down the opponent’s primary scorer. James grew up in Virginia Beach

and led the Tallwood Lions to the Eastern Region Finals his senior year. He was named first-team All-Tidewater and second team All-State. Even with the impressive resume, James was too heavily recruited. “It was either here or Appalachian State,” James said of the recruitment process. “One of my brothers went to Old Dominion so I was familiar with the school. I knew Ben [Finney] and Frank [Hassell] already. Plus it was close to home so it was a no-brainer.” It wasn’t just an easy decision for James. Coming off his senior year, Coach Taylor knew he wanted James as his future point guard. “I felt like Darius would be part of a winning program and contribute in the right ways,” Coach Taylor said. “He’s had a really nice career to this point. One of the things I really like about him is his bottom line is the scoreboard at the end of the night.” Luckily for the Monarchs, that scoreboard usually ends with a victory. However as a senior, James knows how important it is to keep his team motivated even if they end with a loss. “It starts with us, all the older guys cause we know [the freshman] are gonna look at us first,” James said. “[The freshman] gonna take the character of how we’re dealing with it. They’re gonna respond like we do so just keep your head.” James epitomizes the “pass-first” mentality many point guards can’t understand. He is always looking for the open man to lead to an easier basket. It’s a quality forward Keyon Carter is appreciative of.

“We look to Darius to keep us in flow offensively,” Carter said. “He keeps us organized and really enters us into the offense. “Being as unselfish as he is is another attribute that adds to our team. We know he can score and make open threes but he’s assist conscious and that makes us all better.” It’s a quality that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Coach Taylor. “He’s a real sneaky kind of cat, Coach Taylor said. “He may not make the basket; he may not get the assist. But he may make the call that leads to a basket. Or the pass that leads to the pass that leads to the basket. “There’s not really a stat for being savvy and he’s very, very savvy.” Coming to Old Dominion, James knew he had to make a change on how he played. While at Tallwood, he was the team’s main scorer and was able to get a shot whenever he wanted. Now, he’s surrounded by talented players and needs to get them all involved. “When I was in high school I use to score a lot,” James said. “But now I got people like Kent Bazemore on my wing, Frank Hassell down low and Ben Finney on my other wing. With me being able to get them involved it makes the team better.” When it comes down to it, James is just interested in the win. And with three and a half seasons under his belt, James has just one wish to finish his career. “Just take care of business, just win another CAA Championship.”

Greg Arnold Staff Writer

When ODU junior Tia Lewis takes the court, at 6 feet 3 inches, she is one of the most intimidating people out there for either team. But when she is sitting behind a desk talking about the game she has fallen in love with, her smile would disarm even the most standoffish. Unfortunately for the other team, when she puts on her headphones for pregame warm ups, the smile goes away. It wasn’t till sixth grade that Lewis would actually start playing basketball. Before this she was floating about, not interested in much at all. She would not go out and play with other children after school, perhaps just come home and read a book by herself. Then she was pushed into playing basketball. “In sixth grade I was forced to play basketball, because there was nothing I liked to do. Then I became good at it and it was my way to get an education, and get my parents out of Georgia. I started with it and fell in love with the game,” Lewis said eagerly displaying her smile. With basketball would come some of the best relationships of her young life. One of these relationships, some would say friendships, is with Old Dominion Coach Wendy Larry. Of this Lewis said, “It’s great, I love playing for Coach Larry. We have a relationship on and off the court.” Lewis did not feel she had this same type of relationship with her coach at the University of Central Florida, where she spent her freshmen year of college. “Things weren’t going well at UCF,” Lewis said, “I wasn’t satisfied as far as coaching and style of play.” She also was not happy with how the game was played either, “I wasn’t satisfied as far as coaching Rachel Chasin Mace & Crown

and style of play. I wanted to be a leader on the team, but not as much as when we lose, I was the cause of it. Being that I had a double-double I didn’t do enough.” With the help of her fellow Lady Monarchs Lewis does not have the pressure of being the one who has to carry the team anymore. Helping with some of the duties is senior guard Jasmine Parker. Parker is scoring a team leading 13.6 points per game. She is also averaging 3.8 assists and 3.3 steals per game. Another player coming to the aid of Lewis is senior forward Alena Voronina from Brisbane, Australia. Voronina is scoring 12.3 points per game and is shooting tremendously accurately, shooting 61 percent from the floor. Lewis is having a great season as well. She is averaging 12.1 points a game. She is leading the team with 7.5 rebounds a game and 16 blocks throughout the season. In the CAA Lewis is in the top 13 in scoring, scoring pct., rebounding both offensive and defensive, and blocks. Lewis likes to be a contributor to the team’s success, “it’s something that I focus on, I put it on my goal sheet. My field goal percentage, rebound, scoring… all of that it important to be.” Lewis also enjoys watching her fellow teammates get into a hot streak as senior guard Kquanise Byrd is currently doing. Byrd scored 16 points against JMU and a career high 22 in the win over Delaware. Lewis said of sharing the ball with the hot hand, “I love it. It’s a momentum change for us. We feed off each other’s energies.” ODU will try to continue in their winning ways as they go against Georgia State Sunday at the Ted. Lewis said of keeping their momentum, “it feels good, but we know we have a little target on our backs. It feels good, we got to keep going, everybody is going to be able to play us, it’s not going to be easy.” When asked if she will be doing any special preparation for yet another CAA rival the same smile came out, “We play everybody the same they can all take an L!”




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Monarchs down Dukes

ODU Snaps JMU’s 9 Game Win Streak in Pivotal CAA Win by


Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown The Monarchs shared the ball well totaling 11 assists on their 19 made field goals

Ben Decowski Staff Writer

Redshirted senior Forward Frank Hassell slammed the ball through the rim in a dominant fashion Wednesday night to put an exclamation mark on ODU’s 64-58 victory over the Dukes of James Madison at the Ted Constant Convocation Center. The game was critical for both teams as they try to stay relevant in the race for the Colonial Athletic Association regular season title. While the game was close, Old Dominion kept firm control. The Monarchs fell behind 5-2 just three minutes into the game but a layup from Hassell and a 3-pointer from redshirted junior Guard Kent Bazemore put the Monarchs back on top. The Monarchs never lost the lead from then on. ODU was hot in the first half establishing a 14-7 lead five minutes into the game. Hassell had 6 points and 3 rebounds in that stretch and junior Forward Chris Cooper helped out with 3 rebounds, a blocked shot and an electrifying dunk. Cooper and Hassell finished the half with 7 rebounds each and a total of 4 blocked shots. “I think these guys did a nice job of battling them,” said Head Coach Blaine Taylor of his two forwards. JMU’s star junior Forward Denzel Bowles who averages an impressive 16.9 points per game was held to only 6 points in the first half. “It was real physical down there, we were scrapping down there and unlike him I got Coop by my side to help me so I kind of had a foot up on him,” said Hassell who had the duty of guarding Bowles. Junior Guard Humpty Hitchens tried to pick up the slack for his team in the first half hitting 3 of 5 3-point shots to give him a total of 9 first half points. The closest that the Dukes came to ODU’s first half lead was within 2 points with 8:57 remaining. ODU quickly reestablished a comfortable lead with layups from Hassell and junior Guard Marquel De Lancey and a 3-pointer from senior Forward Ben Finney. The Monarchs took a 30-25 lead into the half. ODU shot 44 percent from the field while JMU shot only 37 percent. The Monarchs also out-rebounded the Dukes 20-15. ODU capitalized on their free throw chances making 71.4 percent while the Dukes only made 1 of their 3 free throws. ODU came out strong again in the second half and extended their lead to 10 points with 15:51 left in the game. That’s when Bowles came alive, hitting two quick shots followed by a layup from teammate junior Forward Rayshawn Goins. ODU’s redshirted sophomore Forward Nick Wright then fouled Bowles and sent him to the line for two more points and cut the Monarchs lead to 39-37. Junior Guard Trian Illiadis hit a jump shot to stop the bleeding and end the Dukes 8-0 run. Hassell followed up with two free

throws and Finney added a layup to bring ODU’s lead to 45-37 with 10:38 to go. Both teams exchanged shots for the next 8 minutes. With 2:38 to go JMU had finally whittled ODU’s lead back down to 4 off of a layup from redshirted sophomore Guard Devon Moore. The Monarchs got the ball back but Bazemore turned it over and Bowles took advantage by putting in another layup to cut the lead to 56-54. Bazemore responded with a pair of free throws to bring the score to 58-54. JMU Guard Hitchens tried to come back with a 3 pointer but missed and ODU’s Forward Hassell got the rebound and was fouled with 39 seconds to go. Hassell made one free throw to bring the score to 59-54. ODU had a 5 point lead and it seemed that the game had been put away but Hassell fouled Bowles with 10 seconds remaining and sent him to the line for two. Bowles made both free throws and cut the lead to 3 points, a manageable deficit for a team who is second in the CAA in 3-point percentage at .399. Moore fouled Hassell after Bowles free throws and sent him to the line. Hassell made one of two and gave the Monarchs a 4 point lead still with 10 seconds to go. The Dukes got the ball back and had to do something quick if they wanted to win the game but Goins turned the ball over and Bazemore was fouled. Bazemore made two more free throws and brought the lead to 62-56 with 6 seconds left. Bowles drove to the basket one more time and dunked the ball with 5 seconds remaining to make the score 62-56. Hassell responded with his own dunk to finish out the close game and the crowd erupted at the Ted Constant Convocation Center. Hassell ended the game with 15 points, 11 rebounds and 3 blocks. Cooper also had a big game with 5 points, 13 rebounds and 3 blocks of his own. “I think Coop’s 13 rebounds was kind of a difference maker,” said Coach Taylor. JMU’s star player Bowles ended up having a big night thanks to his second half. Bowles ended the game with 20 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists. “He’s a really good player, really good player, really good one on one player, really good post player,” said ODU’s Hassell. Goins and Hitchens also had solid games for the Dukes with Goins picking up 10 points and Hitchens contributing 12 of his own. ODU out-rebounded the Dukes 39-31 and had a total of 8 blocked shots and 7 steals. “It’s a great defense. I think everybody struggles against it,” said JMU Head Coach Matt Brady. JMU’s lose snaps a 9 game winning streak and brings their record to 5-2 in the CAA and 15-4 overall. The win gives ODU a 5-2 CAA record and a 14-4 record overall. It also moves the Monarchs to within one game of the divisional leading Virginia Commonwealth Rams and Hofstra Pride who are 6-1 in the CAA. Coach Taylor called the game a, “Very good win under the circumstances, I think we’ve got a lot of good teams in this leagues and that’s one of them.” The win puts the Monarchs in a good position as the team heads into a streak of divisional games which include two games against VCU.

The Monarchs flexed their muscle out-rebounding the Dukes 39-31.

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown


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Opportunity lost Old Dominion Falls Short in First Match Up of the Year Against VCU by

Jake Ullrich Staff Writer

There’s always a strong hype for a rivalry game like this. Two good, competitive teams both wanting to win. Usually games are decided late by a few important shots. This game was no different. The Monarchs came up just short to the Rams of VCU Saturday night when they loss 59-50, a loss that sent the Monarchs to 5-3 in the conference play and VCU to a conference best 7-1. The student section came ready for the game, many lining up an hour and a half before tip to ensure a great seat. However the team didn’t come out as excited as the fans and the Rams started the game out with a 9-2 run. After every made basket the Rams set up a full court press that seemed to really confuse the Monarchs. It led to 3 early turnovers and easy baskets for the Rams. “We just rushed you know,” junior Kent Bazemore said. “We weren’t at our pace, we was just going too fast. We scored out of it, but we could have taken more advantage of it.” The teams continued to trade baskets until sharpshooter Trian Iliadis came in to wake up the somber Monarch crowd. Iliadis had been struggling from three-point range before the game but came out and made two big shots in the first half. “I just wanted to be more aggressive,” Iliadis said after the game. “I was open, I wanted to shoot it. It wasn’t just my shots. I wanted to push the ball pass the press.” Even with the Monarchs big shots, they just couldn’t seem to stop VCU on the offensive side. VCU guard Ed Nixon answered with a three of his own right after Iliadis hit his. It would be a trend all night: VCU making big shots. “As we came down the stretch of the game it was pret-

ty much a knuckle-biter,” Coach Blaine Taylor said. “We rattled one out and they rolled one in and all of the sudden there’s a bit of a margin and the clocks ticking away.” It seemed the Monarchs might be getting a couple more lucky bounces when senior Ben Finney’s three point rattled in, then out, and then back in to tie the game. The crowd erupted and it seemed the Monarchs were poised to take a lead into halftime. Instead, the Rams got out on a quick 5-0 run and went into halftime with a 31-27 lead. The most surprising statistic at halftime was the rebounding numbers. A stat the Monarchs usually dominate in, they were instead down 19-16. The Rams ended the first half with more offensive rebounds, 10, than defensive, 9. “They were boxing out, hitting us before we hit them,” senior Frank Hassell said. “They weren’t surprised with our strength. They were ready.” The Monarchs needed to start the second half off with a solid run, and that’s exactly what they did. Chris Cooper capitalized on a 15-7 run with a monster slam from a pass from Finney. What should have been a spark for the Monarchs, instead turned into a run by VCU. The Rams turned around from that dunk and went on a 17-8. “We got in the front court with opportunities and didn’t capitalize,” Coach Taylor said. “That’s where we made all our mistakes.” While the Monarchs ended up outrebounding the Rams 35-31, the story of the game came down to turnovers. The Rams finished with exactly half of the Monarch’s total, 147. “They only had seven turnovers. Which is rare to be single digits,” Coach Taylor said. The Rams went on a 7-0 run in the final 3 ½ minutes to put an exclamation point on a solid win. “Old Dominion is a terrific team, they’re extremely tough to deal with,” VCU Coach Shaka Smart said after the game. The Monarchs go to Richmond February 2nd. It was Hassell’s ninth meeting with the Rams and according to him; he’s looking forward to the next. “Every year they’re a top 4 team, we’re a top 4 team,” Hassell said. “But I’ve played them nine times and I can’t wait for the tenth.”

Christian Ernst Mace & Crown The Monarchs came up just short to the Rams of VCU Saturday night when they loss 59-50, a loss that sent the Monarchs to 5-3 in the conference play and VCU to a conference best 7-1.

Defense really wins championships?

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown One fact is clear when it comes to college basketball; you have to outscore your opponent to win the game.


Donnell Coley Staff Writer

It was yet another brilliant defensive game won by the Monarchs on Jan. 19th against the James Madison University Dukes. Guards were flying around the ball. Forwards were using their length to defend jump shots and close out possessions with athletic rebounds. It’s the kind of defense and rebounding that Monarch fans have been accustomed to seeing over the past few seasons. And it is this style of play that helped them win the Colonial Athletic Association regular season and tournament championships a season ago. But does defense really win championships? Or is that just another entry in the book of overly used clichés? One fact is clear when it comes to college basketball; you have to outscore your opponent to win the game. That seems to be the Monarchs’ ‘kryptonite’ in the few losses that they have had over the past few years. In recent seasons, ODU could go to All-CAA forward Gerald Lee to wet their offensive dry spells. This year, they have struggled to find consistent options to fill this huge role left in the center of their offense. In losses on the road at Missouri and Drexel this season, the Monarchs were subject to patches of cold shooting resulting in big runs by the opponent. Jan. 19th was emblematic of this when JMU made a couple of crucial runs in the second half (the highest being 8-0) to close the gap. When the game was close, a variety of Monarchs came up with key answers. Senior forward Ben Finney hit a couple of crucial three’s to mute runs, and finished the game with 12 points. Junior guard Kent Bazemore calmly hit 8-9 free throws in clutch moments and ended

the game with 15 points. These plays were crucial components in the win. Not to mention the colossal effort of senior forward, Frank Hassell, as he racked up his fifth double-double of the season scoring 15 points and grabbing 11 rebounds. Hassell also scored his 1000th point during the game. But maybe the most important contribution to the game and best sign for future games for ODU was the emergence of junior forward Chris Cooper. He took over above the rim at one stretch in the game and finished with a game-high 13 rebounds. As JMU Head Coach Matt Brady said, “We lack the straight away speed, physicality and the ability to get above the rim like these guys.” It is this reason Brady and others in the media pick ODU to represent the CAA once again this year. However, major questions need to be answered between now and March for the Monarchs. Ball security is one of the nagging problems that they suffer in critical moments of the game. Both Bazemore and senior guard Darius James will have to take turns eliminating this problem. Another question is bench production. Coach Blaine Taylor is known for using a deep bench and consistent production from junior guards Trian Illiads and Marquel Delancy will be vital in helping James and Bazemore stay fresh for the clutch moments in the second half. Senior forward Keyon Carter will be the most important factor off the bench as his outside touch could be the answer for Monarch mishaps throughout the course of the game. These questions are all something Coach Taylor is well aware of and has heard about his teams in the past. But as ODU’s all-time winningeset coach, I think he knows a thing a two about winning meaningful games.


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A rivalry loss Lady Monarchs fall short to rival Lady Rams by

Lose balls and 19 turnovers did the Lady Monarchs in.

Lewis held her own inside against the Lady Rams putting up 11 points and grabbing five rebounds.

Brielle Boucher Staff Wrtier

The Lady Monarchs never seem to have a dull moment when they play a game. One of the biggest games was played Thursday night against long time rivals, the VCU Lady Rams. To say the least, this game had the crowd cheering the entire time from beginning to end from all the excitement. While the lady monarchs were 5-0 in the CAA conference standings, this game had to be a crucial one to be played in order to receive a victory. While Tia Lewis led her Monarchs with 11points, and teammate Kquanise Bird following with 11 points, these two players were still not enough for the Lady Monarchs to defeat their rivals and stay on top of the CAA conference standings. The Lady Monarchs fell 63-60. The VCU Rams had a very dominant player, one of the best guards in the CAA conference, that being Sonia Johnson. She led her rams with a high of 19 points and her fellow teammate Courtney Hurt scoring 19 points and leading the game with 16 rebounds. The Lady Monarchs now fall third on the standings with VCU right under them in fourth. The Lady Monarchs had a solid lead for a majority of the first half; however, it slowly went downward from then on. The Lady Monarchs trailed the Lady Rams for majority of the second by a double figure deficit until seven minutes left in the game. Luckily, the monarchs had opportunities to take full advantage of. They

were 20 for 26 of their free throws the first half, and then followed up with a strong second half going 14 for 17. This by far, helped the Lady Monarchs stay in the game. The game had a few turning points in favor of the Lady Monarchs. Cook hit a three pointer to put the Monarchs 5 points behind the Rams with under 5 minutes to go. Then senior Alena Voronina got fouled with 54 seconds left in the game and made both free throws gave the Monarchs a score of 58, and behind only three. The Lady Monarchs had possession with a chance to score and tie the Rams with 11.4 seconds left. Jasmine Parker was the Lady Monarchs go to girl to shoot thegame tying three pointer, but the shot was missed, leaving the score at 63-60 and a Lady Rams victory. Not only is this game important CAA standings wise, or rivalry wise, but Lady Monarchs Coach Wendy Larry is one game shy from her 600th career win. Lady Monarch Shadasia Green was particularly upset she did not get the win for her coach stating: “I am disappointed in myself, especially because myself and coach Wendy are emotionally in touch with each other. Coach gave me this opportunity to attend school and play, so I want to give her that 600th win.” When Coach Wendy Larry walked in the room, all eyes were on her as she sat down looked disappointed. When asked why they lost this game, she replied “We were not as prepared as we should have been. We weren’t executing hard enough throughout the game.” Coach Larry also added “I wish there weren’t numbers so players could go out and just play.” This will be the quote the Lady Monarchs will need to go by in order to get a win over Towson this Sunday and stay in the top three of their standings and get the chance to get that number one spot back.

Jasmine Parker shot well, 2-3 from behind the arc for the Lady Monarchs.

Photos:Christian Ernst Mace & Crown


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Big Blue is the King of the Court

ODU Easily wins in first home match of the season ODU Out Wrestled GMU, 32-10 by

Christian Ernst Mace & Crown Big Blue defeated Big Red from WKU, The Duck from Oregon, and Paydirt Pete from UTEP in the playoffs to capture the crown.

Big Blue Shares Honor with ODU students by

Garrison Cole Sports Editor

Mascots usually don’t get national recognition for what they do as a mascot. This year however, Old Dominion University’s own Big Blue was picked to compete in the ninth annual Capital One Bowl Mascot Challenge. Thanks to over seven million online and text votes, Big Blue was crowned Capital One Mascot of the Year, defeating University of Texas El Paso mascot “Paydirt Pete” in the final and capping his triumph over 15 other mascots. Big Blue completed his own version of a perfect season after going 12-0 in the regular season. Big Blue then went 3-0 in the postseason to claim the crown. “We are immensely proud of ‘Big Blue’ being named the Capital One Mascot of the Year,” said President Broderick after learning of Big Blue’s victory. “His victory not only demonstrates his hard work, but the passion of students, alumni, and supporters of our university. This is a wonderful honor and we are thrilled.” Although this is an individual award, Big Blue wanted none of the credit when describing his victory. “This was not a personal award. I didn’t vote over 2 million times,” said Big Blue. “This award goes out to Old Dominion faithful and the Hampton Roads community that rallied behind the school and Big Blue.” Thanks to the ODU students and faithful Big Blue was able to be champion of a field that included Testudo from the University of Maryland, Bearcat from the University of Cincinnati, Brutus Buckeye of the

Ohio State University, and Duck of the University of Oregon. Going up against mascots with larger fan bases, it is even more of a testament to the support that Big Blue was able to receive from the ODU community. “Once again this is not about me. This is about getting national exposure for Old Dominion University,” said Big Blue. “Part of being Blue is being a representative for ODU and I was a vehicle to achieve exposure in the national spotlight thanks to the dedication of all my fans.” Part of the fun for Big Blue being in the Capital One Bowl Mascot challenge was the commercials that Blue and the other mascots shot in promotion for the challenge. In all the commercials shown, the mascots were all acting out and having fun, an aspect of the challenge that Big Blue thoroughly enjoyed, saying the best part about the commercial experience , “Bonding with my mascot crew. We crewed up hard in L.A. And lifelong friendships were formed.” Because Big Blue was on the national stage there was bound to be a mascot that even the great Big Blue was excited to meet. “I wanted to meet Monte from Montana,” Big Blue said. “At the end of the day he was the only other 1-AA mascot out there. I had a lot of questions about wilderness survival and making fires.” With the Monarchs biggest rival the Virginia Commonwealth Rams in town this week for the pivotal matchup, Big Blue was asked about the aspect of VCU he hated the most. Big Blue answered in a style only he could. “Every time I text Rodney the Ram he has one of those annoying signatures at the bottom of his message... Not chill.”

Greg Arnold Staff Writer

Sunday night the welcomed sight of the Old Dominion wrestling mat, rolled out across the floor of the Ted Constant Convocation Center was seen by those who witness Old Dominion University demolish the George Mason University wrestling team. The final score would be 32-10, with ODU winning eight of the ten matches in a row. Despite the fact that two of the best from either team would not be wrestling, the fans of ODU loudly showed their support for their team who was making their 20102011 home debut. Senior James Nicholson of ODU, who is ranked four nationally, was given a forfeited victory as GMU did not have an available wrestler at his weight class of 125 pounds. Nicholson was still seen warming up before he went to center mat to get his hand raised, taking his skills seriously as a true champion should do. Also not wrestling was GMU junior, and Chugiak, Alaska native, Cayle Byers. Byers is currently ranked four in the nation at the 197 pound weight class. Byers missed all of last season with an injury. The first match was for the 157 pound weight class, with GMU sophomore Jaaziah Bethea getting a major victory against ODU freshman Micah Blair. Blair did his best but was not able to overpower Bethea to get a takedown as he lost his match 12-3. This allowed GMU to jump to an early lead of 4-0. The redshirt senior for ODU Dan Rivera did his part to help the Monarchs come back. Rivera made an amazing

move to sweep the legs out from under GMU senior Aaron Keeton and get two points for a takedown. Rivera, visibly tired by the end, received one point for riding time to win his match with a final score of 4-3. This made the team score 4-3 with GMU still in the lead. Tristan Warner, freshman for ODU, would be able to get the lead from GMU as he scored a major decision against GMU senior Greg Scott. Warner would score five takedowns as he easily handled Scott and scored big for ODU. He would win the match 11-2. With this win ODU would take over lead 7-4 in team points, and they would not look back. In other matches Sunday night ODU junior Joe Budi and senior Kyle Hutter both did what they have been doing much of this season in dominating their opponents. They won their matches 16-0 and 17-2 respectively. Both battled their hardest to get the pin but came up just shy as they both won with technical falls, each adding five points to ODU’s total. ODU redshirt sophomore Brennan Brumley had an incredibly tight match against GMU redshirt junior Denny Herndon. The match would stay even going into the first overtime 1-1. Each wrestler earned an escape in overtime, and the match went into its seventh period. Brumley pulled an amazing takedown to end the match, 4-2, as both wrestlers looked exhausted. Old Dominion will go on the road for two matches, one against Central Michigan and the other against North Carolina State. Feburary 10 ODU will be returning home for a huge rivalry match against Virginia Tech at the Ted at 8:30 p.m. ODU asks the support of their fans to help cheer them on as they go for a huge victory.

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown The final score would be 32-10, with ODU winning eight of the ten matches in a row.


C8 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 01/26/11

First Look at Super Bowl XL Packers vs. Steelers has Makings of Classic by

The Blake Griffin Show

Garrison Cole Sports Editor

After all the hard work in the off-season, the mini camps and seemingly pointless organized team activities, the NFL is down to two teams vying for the honor of being called Super Bowl Champions. The Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers, two of the league’s most storied franchises, will be in Arlington, Texas on Feb. 6 each hoping to add a new chapter to that storied history. The matchup features two of the best defenses in the NFLand two of the best quarterbacks in the league as well. The Green Bay Packers were one of the teams from the NFC on the short list to make it to Super Bowl XLV according to experts across the country. After fighting to get in the playoffs in the last few weeks of the regular season, the Packers have become the NFL’s hottest team as they head to the biggest game of their season. The Packers are led offensively by quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers, who before this postseason was not yet mentioned with the likes of Brady, Manning, and Roethlisberger because of lack of playoff success, is now out of the window. Rogers was brilliant against the Eagles, and followed that up going 31-36 against NFC No. 1 seed, Atlanta Falcons and totaling four touchdowns and leading an offense that didn’t punt once. Then in the NFC Championship game against fellow NFC North rival Chicago Bears, Rogers was good enough, and made a touchdown saving tackle on an interception made by Brian Urlacher. Rogers then relied on his defense to carry the Packers to the finish line and their first Super Bowl appearance since a guy named Brett Favre took them in 1998. Although Rogers is the topic that most comes up when discussing the Packers, the defense of the Packers has been just as big this entire season. Led by a ferocious defensive line anchored by Cullen Jenkins and B.J. Raji, the Packers have made it difficult for teams to score this season, finishing No. 5 in total defense. The Steelers hang their hat on their defense and once again, it has helped lead them to their third Super Bowl appearance in the last six years. The Steelers defense, coached by defensive guru and Hall of Famer Dick LeBeau, once again finished first in the league in points allowed and second in

The most exciting player in the NBA? by


the league in yards allowed. Troy Polamalu is the anchor of the Steelers defense and makes them tough to beat. He is such a game changer on the defensive side of the ball and gives confidence to everybody on that side of the ball. The Steelers tough defense now has the task of cooling off the hottest quarterback in the NFL, and getting pressure on Rogers will be paramount for the Steelers vaunted defense. But the Steelers are playing for a chance to capture a seventh Lombardi trophy, thanks to the play of Roethlisberger. His ability to make plays when all seems hopeless is something that opposing defenses aren’t able to plan for. Heading into this game against the Packers, the ability of Big Ben to escape the likes of Raji, Jenkins and beast linebacker Clay Matthews will go a long way in deciding this game. This game has all that any football fan could want. With great quarterbacks, two top notch defenses and immense popularity across America, the Packers and Steelers are sure to put on a great Super Bowl. Now the hardest part for both teams and fans is waiting another 11 days for the game to commence.

Jake Ullrich Staff Writer

When asked whom my favorite basketball team is I’ll usually respond: Carmelo Anthony. Now while that might be a strange answer, I’ll defend it because NBA teams are overrated. Rarely do players stay with team their entire career and even more rarely do they “bleed their team’s colors” like in the NFL. The NBA is a superstar league. I’d love to watch the Lakers play. Not because of their dominant triangle offense or great post players, but instead because I want to watch Kobe Bryant play. Hornets versus Thunder tonight? Great! Chris Paul versus Russell Westbrook. Sign me up. We saw this summer how easy it is for players and fans to leave a team. When LeBron’s now infamous “decision” was made, thousands flocked to the Miami Heat’s team website to purchase a new number 6 James jersey. But that’s ok. Barring Boston and LA, nobody really LOVES their NBA team. Sure some may have one, but rarely do they live and breath with the success of their NBA team. Which gets me to my point: the NBA is a player league. Not team, player. I’ll watch games for individual stars and this year my goodness is there a blossoming star. Never before have the LA Clippers been so relevant, but right now they are the team you simply CAN’T miss watching. The number one pick of two years ago unfortunately had to miss his first season due to knee surgery, but lets just say he’s making up for it the second time around. In his rookie season, Blake Griffin is averaging 22.6 points per game and 12.8 rebounds per game. Now pause and read that again. 22.6 and 12.8. As a rookie! For the Clippers! Who ever cares about the Clippers!? Well now everybody does. Griffin

is headlining the new, exciting crop of talent coming in through the NBA. He does a little bit of everything: passing, quality post moves, decent defense and great rebounding. Oh and he can dunk. Like really dunk. Like really, really well. Think about the last time you played the classic NBA Jam. Remember the flips and spins you could pull off in the video game? Griffin is doing that on a nightly basis. Just check out the preseason game against the Hornets on October 23, or the cream of the crop three separate dunks in New York on November 20, or how about his constant alley-oops with Baron Davis? This man is the definition of excitement. Lucky for all NBA fans, Griffin has agreed to do the Slam Dunk contest come All-Star Weekend. I know who I’m picking. Even without the dunks, Griffin is showing he is a legitimate low-post scorer. Just ask the Pacers on Martin Luther King Day when he dropped an NBA season high 47 points! A variety of up-and-unders, hook shots and drop steps are only a taste of what Griffin is fully capable of. Right now Blake Griffin is singlehandedly making the Clippers relevant in LA again. While they have always been known as the Laker’s little brother, suddenly they’re thinking about a playoff spot and hanging with the big boys of the West. And that all because of Blake. Don’t get me wrong; the Clippers have a decent supporting cast. Eric Gordon is having a career year, DeAndre Jordan is an underrated defender and shotblocker and Baron Davis is looking like he might actually care about playing again. But it’s the excitement and flair of Griffin that sparked all of this. Because of him and his skills, they are all playing like stars. It is an exciting time for the NBA and the Clippers. They possess the league’s most exciting player and according to their GM Neil Olshey Griffin “will only ever be a Clipper.” I think the majority of Clipper’s fans would be all right with that.


That’s G

League’s Futures In Serious Doubts


Garrison Cole Sports Editor

The NFL and the NBA are both enjoying immense popularity across America right now. Both leagues feature bright and young stars that are headlining the league. Guys like Kevin Durant, Aaron Rogers, Blake Griffin, Derek Rose, and Clay Matthews are blossoming right in front our very eyes. Even during economic troubles for most of Americans, attendance is still high at most games and television ratings are through the roof. However, with all the attention that these young stars and these leagues are getting, the happenings off the field are the things getting all the attention. The NFL is in the midst of on-going labor agreement, and the likelihood of agreeing on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement with NFLPA (National Football League Players Association) before the March deadline is slim at the moment. The biggest obstacle facing the two sides is the 18 game regular season schedule that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL owners are proposing to the players. This seems like a logical proposal since the NFL popularity is at all time high. But the problem facing the players is getting equally compensated for an 18 game schedule. The truth of the matter is, injuries specifically head injuries have been at an all time high this season in the NFL.

With the NFL moving to an 18 game schedule players unanimously feel will lead to shorter careers. I for one have been opposed to the 18 game schedule from the start, because I side with players. Week after week they risk their lives, and there seems to be two or three bone jarring hits that leave a player motionless. Although, not as widely publicized as the NFL and its labor troubles, the NBA is going through the same problems as the NFL. Their Collective Bargaining Agreement expires at the end of this season, and the impending lockout is having a different affect on the big names involved. Carmelo Anthony is trying to negotiate his way out of Denver, in order to get a long term contract. Anthony has taken some flack because of the way that he has publically expressed his desire to leave Denver. However, because of the new proposed CBA, the new long term deals will be shorter which means, less money for the max contracts. One of the more likely scenarios for the NBA next season is that the NBA will only have lockout for the first half of the season, reminiscent of what happened in the 1998-99 season when the first half of the season was locked out and the regular season shortened. The effect that could have is a serious one if you’re a Los Angeles Lakers fan. Coach Phil Jackson has said that this season would be his last. But if the Lakers were somehow able to win another NBA Championship this season, his third three peat, then the prospect of having to coach for half a season, could be one to tempt the “Zen Master” to come back and go for an unprecedented fourth championship in a row. These situations are things that fans are not really thinking about. Yes, the Super Bowl XLV will be in 11 days, and the NBA has great star power and a great villain in the Miami Heat. But the near future of these two super leagues is one that deserves more attention from fans then it is receiving.

Spectrum of voices, one decision by

Mischalette Cutler Contributing Writer

Whether you follow politics closely or hardly pick up a paper, I am positive every Monarch is somewhat aware of society’s issue with free health care. From congressmen to everyday citizens to students, there are a billion different and opposing perspectives when it comes to health care. With this in mind, take into consideration Republican Walter Jones’ stand on health care reform, which is that it isn’t wise for legislation and the United Sates as a whole financially. In fact, you can visit to learn more about his approach when it comes to health reform. Newspapers such as “USA Today” are swamped with similar opinions; Joe Ppitts’ is among them. Pitts strongly feels as though it isn’t so much the fact that Rrepublicans are against improving health care, but that Obamacare isn’t addressing the real issues at hand. Basically, that Obama is displaying good but ineffective sportsmanship, being that he disregards possible economical risks when it comes to Obamacare. So is Obamacare in actuality a bases for a “good gesture” or a good plan gone wrong? While Democrats as well as those that are in favor of them are for free health care, the Republicans seem to not budge; ,holding firm to their ideas of the health care reform being repealed. Now, whether Obama will sign and allow this repeal is the question of importance. It is unlikely for the Senate to vote on the repeal. educates us to the Tea Party activists

Michelle Bachmann urges those individuals for healthcare repeal, whether in politics or not, to keep pushing until a president that agrees to repeal the healthcare reform Bill 101 stands in office. Wow. Indeed, there are several impatient and severe oppositions in society that completely disagree with Obama’s actions in promoting appropriate healthcare to citizens. Taking into consideration health care and how big and relevant the issue, does it really call for literally waiting on the next president? Doesn’t that totally disregard all the extremities Obama has gone to in reference to his other good and successful efforts? Naturally, when you stand for something, you definitely want those same feelings to accumulate among everyone else. However, sometimes reality is to accept the fact that it is unlikely to agree 100 percent with the thoughts and course of action of one president. Also take into consideration the feelings of the democrats that are for free health care. Yes, our president, Barrack Obama, is striving in terms of providing proper health care, but in the same light isn’t in the position to assign free health care to everyone. So although I, myself as well as others, are for Obama in his plans towards healthcare, we are still suffering in this matter due to the fact that free healthcare has not been a “go” as of yet. Still, we are not benefiting at the moment because I personally do not have free healthcare. I absolutely understand ones feelings on the need to repeal healthcare, but at the same time know that it isn’t in effect 100 percent even now.

opinions wednesday 01/26/11 | MACE & CROWN | D1

MILLER TIME! Can’t we all just get along?

Stuart Miller Editor in Chief


There are a lot of things in today’s society that prove we still have a long way to go to developing the idea of class. Because frankly, some people’s behavior mirrors that of our evolutionary relatives, i.e., the “Jersey Shore” Cast, Brett Favre and Kanye West and all his crazy antics. But that’s beside the point and completely off topic, except for the common quality stemming from the words crude, shameful and ignorant. That was the only way I could describe when I looked over page after page of filth about students on this campus. God forbid college students across the country stray away from their Facebook screensaver that aimlessly stays open for hours on end, but this website I’m guessing comes with good reason. The best part? It’s completely anonymous and you can say whatever you want about whoever you want without those pesky filters so you can really portray your moronic ignorance in the most cowardly way possible. Of course, there’s going to be someone coming at me because The Mace & Crown recently started the anonymous submission system, Monarch Roars, but to you I say this: we filter out the ignorance and we don’t condone the belittlement of a specific target. To compare our system to’s would be an outrage, to say the least, as the content on that website is so vile and profoundly inappropriate that I am embarrassed to see Old Dominion’s name associated with it. While the idea of the website could actually be fun, students have instead chosen to turn its concept into

a racist, slanderous and ignorant way to truly verbally abuse someone. I’m all for making jokes and making fun of the things people do, but I’m not going to drop the N-bomb or spread a rumor about how many guys a certain girl may have slept with. For those of you who remember the issues with a few years ago, this epidemic of immaturity is familiar. It got to the point where students were becoming so infuriated with its content that ODU was removed from the list of schools. As this vicious circle continues to make its current lap, the content seems even cruder then before. So when is this going to end? Or the better question may be, will it ever end? I’m definitely not naïve enough to believe that racism and ignorance are null and void in this country, but something’s got to give. It’s unfortunate enough to know that this slanderous content is coming from college students, but when I see some of my friends embracing the content as funny, it just makes me think “Does our society simply live for the ‘Wow factor’?”, because this website clearly brings new meaning to the words shock and awe. While it had may have had nothing to do with the content on the website, an ODU student committed suicide over Winter Break. It is tragedies like this that make me sit back and look at a website like and wonder how far people will go to hurt another person or how drastic of a step someone will take to ease the pain in their life. While it may be fun and games to some immature people who couldn’t talk smack on Facebook with their name attached to it, those few ignorant people are doing a lot more damage than they will ever know. Especially the damage they could be doing to the family of the student who committed suicide if they saw the horrible comments made about their son on the website. So Monarch Nation, I challenge you to stop being ignorant and start acting like you belong on a college campus.


D2 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 01/26/11


by Danielle Buxton Photography Director

It took me a while to find a picture to write about this week. I was searching the Internet and was about to write about Justin Bieber’s $750 haircut, but then I remembered a website that I visited in the past and I knew that I could find a photo from this site to write about. Ladies and gentlemen I’m going to dive into a photo from This website is meant to show the weird, awkward things that people wear and do at your local Walmart. I was looking through the photos and I found a few that stood out. For example, there is a picture of a woman, who appears to be in her early 60s, wearing some “booty shorts.” I know some of you are wondering why she would leave the house like that. Quite frankly, I am too. Who told this person that it would be alright to go out in public looking what we call today a hot mess. Another photo that I came across is one of a man standing at the customer service desk with diarrhea stained underwear. That was just disgusting to look at. Come on, you cannot tell me that you did not know that your underwear looked like that. I believe that an employee from the store should have politely asked you to leave because that is very unsanitary. There is a third photo that seemed to almost take my breath away. I do not agree with the fact that you have so much stuff in your cart that you have to bury your sleeping baby in it. That is

PEOPLEATWALMART.COM People go to great lengths to make everything fit in their carts.

just wrong. You couldn’t sort the stuff out in your cart a little better? Or how about you bring someone else with you so that you can have two carts to complete your shopping? The next picture I came across was a guy in a mini-skirt with no underwear. Seriously, what made you want to leave your place of residence dressed like some 4-year old playing dress up? All grown adults who dress up in revealing clothing to go to your local Walmart need a serious reality check.

Here’s Your Tip The Diary of a Waitress

by Diane Dougherty Art & Entertainment Editor

There are a few simple rules you should follow when going out to eat, but one of the most important of those rules is if you’re going out with a party of more than eight people, be aware there is more than likely going to be a gratuity and it would be inconsiderate if you decided not to tip accordingly. One story in particular really makes me cringe and I hope to never experience something like it ever again. It was a Sunday night and I was scheduled to close the restaurant with another server. On Sundays, we close at 9 p.m., which is a bit earlier than the usual weekday. A member of a women’s basketball team had called in that afternoon to let us know a party of 18 would more than likely be coming in to eat at 8 p.m.. When 8 p.m. came around our restaurant was practically empty due to it being a slow night. We had already set up our three party tables to accommodate the guests. The rest of our section had been cleaned so when we closed we wouldn’t be there too late cleaning up. 8:30 p.m. rolled around and the party finally showed up. Unknown to us servers, they had a conversation with the hostess at the door that they didn’t want to pay gratuity so they were going to split up into several smaller parties so they wouldn’t have to tip as much. Not only did they say they didn’t want to pay a gratuity, but they blatantly said it was because they had already figured out that they weren’t going to tip well no matter how good the service was. This blew my mind. I was being seated a party of 18 about 30 minutes before we closed, wasn’t receiving a gratuity tip and they were going to take up several more tables in my

section that I had already cleaned. This was about to be one of the worst serving experiences of my life and it hadn’t even begun. The other server and I decided to split the party. He would take three tables and I would take the other three. We began by taking drink orders followed by food orders. Of course, they ordered the drinks that were most time consuming to make and difficult to refill without frustration. Once the orders went into the kitchen it looked like a bomb went off. Sheer madness came over the cooks, food was taking forever to go out to the quests, not to mention our manager was completely overwhelmed with trying to tray everything to the correct tables. Guests began complaining that some tables were eating and others hadn’t gotten their food yet, which us servers have no control over, but take all the backlash for. This night was starting to feel like an out of body experience and I was seriously having trouble keeping my cool. Once the hundreds of refills and millions of take home boxes were given out it became time to give out the checks. Surprise! Everyone wanted separate checks. Thankfully I still had everyone’s order written down in my book so I knew what every individual had eaten and drank. Surprise again! 90 percent of the guests paid with cash and appropriately all needed change. We maxed out the bar drawer’s cash exchange and maxed out the office drawer as well. Finally, everyone was clearing out of the restaurant and I was one step closer to going home. As I counted out my tips and compared it to my sales, I realized this extravaganza ended up exactly how I thought it would, a lot more frustrated and a lot less rich. There were no lavish tips to be seen anywhere. The only thing I could see was a very dirty section and a very dirty kitchen. I have reason to believe this experience was caused by the upset our ODU women’s basketball team gave them earlier that day; if this is the case, I might be able to say it was worth it. Maybe. So here’s your tip: Don’t go out to eat right before a restaurant is about to close, and don’t go out to eat in a party if you don’t plan on paying a gratuity. It’s just not nice.

To the people who think that they can rock every haircut known to man you can’t. Why would you paint your hair in five different colors, then say to yourself “I should go to Wal-Mart and show everyone my hair. They will be jealous.” We all know one person who is like this, and the next time that you see them we should all just say, “You look ridiculous. I would be embarrassed to go out with you right now.” It’s sad that there is a website dedicated to exposing what people wear and do at their local Walmart. Now I will admit, I will go to Walmart in my pajamas if I need to run there late at night, but there is no way in the world that I would go dressed in osome of the outfits that people have worn in the past. My mother would kill me if she ever caught me doing that. I would like to say, you have been Caught! You were caught exposing the worst of people as they do their daily shopping. This websiteexposes people who come to Walmart fresh from a night of clubbing, a costume party or just your normal people who think that the clothes that they used to wear 20 years ago still fit. I have been able to laugh a little at what this site shows because it’s funny; sad but funny. Hopefully people will look at this website and think twice about what they are wearing before they go to another Walmart.

THE SCOOP! Music News and Reviews T.I. returns with No Mercy


Robbie Ciara Staff Writer

Here’s The Scoop! – A new year finds that not much has changed since 2010. T.I. is back in jail and producing new music. T.I. was on a serious hot streak in the past decade but recent legal problems have been providing setbacks for the self-proclaimed king of the south. In fact, the No Mercy album was previously titled King Uncaged for obvious reasons. The album was set up to prove to skeptics and doubters that T.I. can still bring it, with or without, legal issue. No Mercy goes unapologetic with its first single Welcome to my world, which features Kanye West and Kid Cudi. This typical T.I. single is signature and well produced. T.I. addresses his life behind bars with an oldschool flavored single How life has changed (featuring Scarface) and Castle Walls (featuring Christina Aguilera). Both singles are reflective and lyrically sound. No Mercy begins to stall with filler singles including the title track No Mercy and Amazing (featuring Pharell). T.I. tries a little too hard to be original and falls just short and this is where the time in jail begins to affect the album. Albums need time to be produced, re-mastered, and remixed. This is

most evident with the Eminem collaboration That’s all she wrote; Lyrically professional and polished but there is nothing exciting about the production of the song. Eminem offers his talents and the song shines but its rushed production leaves the music on the track uneventful and basement quality. The Scoop! can tell you that tracks Big Picture and Strip (featuring Trey Songz) are also quite average for the King of the South and are mild disappointments as well. No Mercy goes from a two-scoop album to a three-scoop album thanks to what will sure to be two of the hottest singles in 2011. Although you may tire of all the collaborations on the album, when T.I. pairs with Drake on Poppin Bottles things start to explode. Fans of Wiz Khalif may be upset because the beat is straight from the Kalif single Real Estate (with a little extra spice) but this is nothing unheard of in hip-hop so let the debate begin. Two is better than one on Bottles; fans will nod their head to Drake and T.I. and download this single for their Friday night ringtone. Get Back Up features another artist hot on the comeback trail, Chris Brown, and the two blend their gifts perfectly, and the song offers a retort to all the haters who may have wanted to see the last of T.I. after disappointing them with a probation a violation. This well produced half-apology and half K.M.A. is a smooth well-written track that will be heavy in MTV rotation; the accompanying video is solid as well. The Scoop! knows we truly will not hear T.I. truly un-caged until his release from prison but this latest offering is a great appetizer until the real meal begins. No Mercy leaves us a little too hungry to be satisfied.


Five ways to Who needs insurance? avoid being You do. mugged by Melissa Flippo Assistant News Editor

by Melissa Flippo Assistant News Editor

It was Spring Break 2006 and my friend and I were headed to the Perry library. It was closed for the break, so we quickly headed back to the house, which was only roughly a block off of campus. It was a little after 5 p.m. I saw two young men, one on either side of the road. The one to my left sat on the curb and tried to talk to us, while the other had an intense cell phone conversation as he paced. I knew something wasn’t right, and should have listened to my instincts. One minute later everything I had on me was stolen and a bruise replaced the spot where the barrel of the gun was shoved into my stomach. To this day I still get nervous being near the university. Five years later and events like mine are still happening on or near campus. Thankfully actions are being taken, but it sometimes feels like it’s getting worse. As college students, we are prime targets. Maybe these criminals don’t realize that the majority of students are broke, living off Ramen noodles and are more in debt than anything else. Instead, they imagine us to be without a care in the world and perfect prey in the predator’s eyes. Here are the top five ways to not have target on our backs: Pay attention to your surroundings and walk with a purpose. If they feel you can recognize them in a line up, they will be less likely to offend. Do not stare at the ground while you listen to music or talk on the phone oblivious to the world around. Just because you are on the phone doesn’t mean you are protected. Do not walk alone. I recommend three or more. The more of you there, are the bigger of a deterrence it is. Walk in well-lit areas and public walkways. Stay with the flow of pedestrian traffic and don’t take that short cut down that empty road. Don’t dress too flashy. Although we can all appreciate fashionable tastes and designer labels, the more expensive you look, the more money they think they can get from robbing you. Carry only what you need. If you are just attending class, bring a form of identification, cell phone and maybe a couple dollars in cash for food. Do not carry a load of money, your entire wallet or purse. Don’t assume that this could not happen to you. If by chance you do get mugged, do not panic, obey their demands, do not resist and pay attention to every detail you can about the robbers. Remember that your life is more important than any material object you are carrying; don’t try to be a super hero. One day the people on campus will not have to worry about their safety and can focus solely on their education. Until then, I hope these tips will keep you well.

Why should young Americans care about the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? The greatest percentage of the uninsured of any age group belongs to young adults, at around 30 percent being uninsured. This act makes insurance more accessible and affordable for all Americans. During a conference call Jan. 18 with Robert Gibbs, White House Press Secretary, he stressed the importance of the act for young adults. Previously young adults were kicked off of their parents insurance once they reached a certain age, married or graduated college. That’s no problem, because you will all graduate and obtain steady jobs with benefits. Wrong. With the economy today, college graduates may struggle on different levels to get good jobs and most, if they are hired, start off at a part-time or at an entry-level position. This means that insurance would not be offered. However, With the Affordable Care Act, young adults can stay on their parents insurance until the age of 26, which means they have more time to stable themselves before worrying about insurance on their own. There are still improvements that need to be made to the ACA and the goal is to implement them in 2014. One situation it faces is with insurance not being offered to those with preexisting conditions. In 2014 ,discriminating against preexisting conditions will be illegal and insurance would be available to the 129 million Americans with current health conditions and the 15 to 30 percent of those who are in good health now, but will have a condition within five years. Don’t worry that the coverage provided will not be adequate. Insurance companies have a standard that they have to abide for those plans to even be offered. “We want people to have health insurance,” Gibbs said.

Weekly Whims Apartment Courtesy 101 by Alyssa Narvell Asst. Arts & Entertainment Editor

When I was a freshman, all I wanted was to move out of my dorm. It was too cramped, too hot, too noisy and was lacking privacy. I also hated having to whip out my student ID card to prove my identity to the night guard whenever I came back to my dorm building past 10 p.m.. I felt like a child; fettered and frustrated. I didn’t want to have to answer to anyone or abide by any silly rules, I just wanted to come and go as I pleased. I absolutely despised dorm life, to say the least. So, as my freshman year came to an end, I immediately decided that I was not going to be trapped in a dorm room again for my sophomore year, and started scavenging for an apartment. An apartment seemed more practical than a house since it had less floor space to clean. Sometime in May, I stumbled upon the perfect apartment complex. It was new, tastefully decorated, close to campus and had no animal or insect infestations (which is always a plus). I was in love. So, I signed my year lease and moved in at the beginning of the fall 2010 semester. I was so excited to be living in an apartment. I was officially leaving the dorm life and never turning back. The apartment life was going to be grand. Sounds perfect, right? Well, that quickly changed. My personal paradise quickly turned into the apartment from hell. What altered, you ask? Two words: upstairs neighbors. Let’s just say I was assured that these four boys above us were hoard-

ing a herd of elephants in their apartment. It was absurd. They would be blasting bass-filled music such as Lil Wayne and Eminem at 2 a.m., whether it was a weekday or not. They would also constantly be stomping around like they weighed 4,000,000 pounds. My roommates and I were convinced that in addition to their hoarding of elephant herds, they were also having brick juggling contests. My walls and ceiling would be vibrating, and I was becoming sleep deprived. After nicely asking them at least twice to quiet down a bit, they refused to work with us. I was not a happy camper. So, after 14 noise complaints to the front office and three calls to the courtesy police, our upstairs neighbors finally decided to make amends with is. They asked us to text them whenever they were disturbing us. I was annoyed that they now decided they wanted to work with us, (after the 14 noise complaints), but none the less, at least it was a start for me being able to get some rest before my 9 a.m. Spanish class. I’m not trying to persuade you into thinking that apartment life is horrible. The point I’m trying to get across is that if you do live in an apartment, respect is crucial. Living in an apartment usually means you’re surrounded by people. You need to be considerate of your neighbors. They like to relax and have quiet time just as much a you do. And guess what? If you are respectful to your neighbors, you will receive respect in return! Knocking loudly on the floor just to tick off your downstairs apartment mates is not the way to go about the whole respect thing. It actually makes them even more upset (who would have thought that). So, please be respectful and kind, people. Then everyone will be content, instead of cranky, sleep deprived zombies.

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Gibbs later followed with that he didn’t understand why Republicans were trying to repeal the ACA, especially if this is obviously not what the majority of Americans are asking for. The fact is however, that the Republicans tried to repeal the ACA Jan 19. 242 Republicans and three Democrats voted to repeal the act, while only 189 Democrats and no Republicans voted to keep it. The idea the Republicans have is to get rid of the current ACA and replace it with something better. What about those who just received coverage? If the plan is repealed, they will have to look for new insurance and young adults will continue to be the highest numbers of uninsured. The Affordable Care Act has brought roughly one million jobs to the struggling economy since getting its start. If the repeal is successful, Gibbs said based on an estimate from economist, America would lose 250,000 to 400,000 jobs a year. This would put even more people out of jobs than there already are. Neither party wants to lose this argument. The Republicans want to demolish the ACA and bring their own idea to the table. The Democrats believe that there is some tweaking that could be done to fix the act, but with a little polishing it would work fine. No one knows who will win this debate just yet, but just as long as those who need health insurance are taken care o,f it really doesn’t matter who comes out on top. “So I’m willing and eager to work with both Democrats and Republicans to improve the Affordable Care Act. But we can’t go backward. Americans deserve the freedom and security of knowing that insurance companies can’t deny, cap, or drop their coverage when they need it the most, while taking meaningful steps to curb runaway health care costs, said President Barack Obama.

Informed about religion? Think again! by

Siaga Johnson Staff Writer

Studies have shown that a majority of the U.S. population is affiliated with a religion. The majority is represented by Christians of various denominations as well as Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and other religious affiliations. However, studies have also shown that while a great number of the population identifies with some religion, peoples’ general knowledge of the histories of various religions is low. Could a lack of correct information about religions insinuate a misinterpretation of the principles of various religions, as well as the purpose religion is supposed to serve in society? CNN indicated a discovery in a survey given nationwide that showed that a majority of the population scored below 50 percent on a religion quiz. One of the major factors that this quiz measured was knowledge of the Bible. Another factor measured was knowledge of religions besides Christianity, as well as religious references in the Constitution. A surprising finding showed that the group, that scored the highest on this quiz were atheists and agnostics. Could this imply that a large number of people have simply been indoctrinated to believe in an institution without being given any substantial knowledge about what they believe? Moreover, could this also imply that people become agnostic and atheist as a result of studying various religions and becoming familiarized with what they stand for? Greg Smith, a snior Researcher at the Think Tank shares his theory that people become atheists and agnostics precisely because they have extensively studied and thought about religion. He said, “They were raised in a faith and have made a decision to identify themselves with groups that tend to be fairly unpopular. That decision presupposes having given some thought to these things.” As a University community, this information is vital to our worldview due in part to the fact that many institutions in daily life are heavily influenced by religious faith. It is therefore important to ask the question, “If most people know relatively little about religion, and are enforcing certain institutions in the name of God, what does this say about the way our society operates?” It is important that emphasis is placed on informative courses centered on World Religions and other courses embracing diversity. One of the findings that the CNN study indicated was that there was a strong correlation between knowledge of world religions and general knowledge. What this therefore says is that an increased level of knowledge of world religions not only enables people to identify the role religion should play in society, it enables people to critically think about the society in which they live. This allows people to identify inconsistencies, and perhaps even injustice. The knowledge gained from embracing opportunities such as world religions classes and the opportunity to learn, gives people the power to decipher the truth and to enact change in society. Therefore, when asked how much you know about religion, take a moment to think about the implications that not knowing about religion has on society.


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sundr y

FRIDAY 28: 41°

SATURDAY 29: 45° SUNDAY 30: 44°

[SUHN-DREE] (look it up)

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Who’s winning the Super Bowl?

How many ODU/ VCU games have you been to?

Do you use the ODU Bus Service?

Did you go see Sammi Sweetheart?

Did you know that Recycle Mania started this week?

Are you going to get the Verizon iPhone?

I pick the Packers

This year will be my first

I do

I did not

I did know about Recycle Mania



Sadly zero

Freshman year when I didn’t feel like walking

Is that a serious question?

No but I recycle daily

No, not a big touch screen fan


All including two in Richmond

I’ve used it a couple of times

I had no idea she was coming to our school

No idea

No, I love my Droid 2


I don’t know, I haven’t counted

I’ve used it one time

Hell no.

No I did not. What can I do to help? I recycle all the time.





No, I’m an Alumni

No but I do recycle

I don’t know yet. Probably not

Sigma Nu Brother SGA senator

NICK LEE Intramural and Sport Club Advisor




C R O W O R DS S Solution for last week’s puzzle - Puzzle #6 for January 22, 2011 Across 1- With the bow, in music; 5- Autocratic Russian rulers; 10- In this way; 14- Not e’en once; 15- Recording of acoustic signals; 16- British nobleman; 17- Division of a school year; 18- Destitute; 19- Verdi heroine; 20- In progress; 22- Monetary unit of Bhutan; 24Rich soil; 27- Pinza of “South Pacific”; 28- Discoverer of America; 32- Graceful birds; 36- Candle count; 37- Acclaim; 39- Belief; 40- Overgrown with ivy; 42- Rocky debris; 44- Place; 45- Perrier rival; 47- Latin-American dance; 49- Eccentric; 50- Oscar de la ___; 51- New Year’s Eve; 53- Gillette brand; 56- Highway; 57- Departure; 61- Parachute material; 65- ___ browns; 66- More urgent; 69- Bull; 70- Calculus calculation; 71- Stare angrily; 72- Caspian Sea feeder; 73- Sea swallow; 74- Approvals; 75- Actor O’Shea;

Down 1- Organization to promote theater; 2- Ridge of rock; 3- Atlantic mackerel; 4- Alloy of copper and zinc; 5- Convert into leather; 6- Bring civil action against; 7- Mideast gulf; 8- Crest; 9- Soviet spacecraft; 10- Dishtowel; 11- Bristles; 12- Language of Pakistan; 13- Close with force; 21- Heavy book; 23- Catalog; 25- Basics; 26- Swindle; 28- One giving in; 29- Pointed arch; 30- Russian revolutionary leader; 31- Mother of Isaac; 33- Negatively charged particle; 34- ___ lift?; 35- Investigate closely; 38- Domingo, for one; 41- Turkish saber; 43- Breakfast brand; 46- Defense grp. since 1949; 48- Arabian sultanate; 52- Inner shrine; 54- Crinkly; 55- Old-womanish; 57- Come again?; 58- River in central Switzerland; 59- Belgian river; 60- Mardi ___; 62- Actress Petty; 63- Like some history; 64- ___ contendere; 67- Afore; 68- Hi-___ monitor;


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monarch roars! “You’re 40, not witty, and you comment on everything. Hey guy in my night class. SHUT UP.” “It’s nice to know that our rival fans have class.. Don’t try to fight our mascot, you’d lose.” “Can the university do something with our police or aka rent a cops? What are they doing everyday, just eating donuts because obviously they aren’t solving any crimes.” “Why is campus so boring Now? Through getting a football and three of the largest Freshman classes in history for ODU, the campus seems to have less activity. Smaller crowds during activity hour and as far as parties, there are almost none, besides a few weak Web Jams. Before i was a student at ODU all i heard about was how fun ODU was, now all the things ive heard that used to be fun, has slowly disappeared.Did you know that ODU had a little club in The Web Center, called the House of Blues? I didn’t think so. With the increase in students and money why can’t ODU reopen something like that. I know College is not for partying, but all work and no play is never good.” “To the guy who yelled “I’m going to sleep with your gf” as i left the party last night, she texted me later saying “thanks for getting that creeper away from me” “Leggings are not pants. Please look in a mirror before you decide to walk around campus, because nobody wants to see that.” “Lion > Ram” “I’m ready to do the Baze all game long!!” “To all you college girls who love Justin Bieber... He’s too young for you to date and he’s a person, not a puppy so calling him “cute” doesn’t make your obsession any better.” “Dear bookstore, please hire more people so there are more than 3 registers going at a time. I don’t find it amusing to have to sit in line for 20 minutes with a pile of heavy books in my hands.” “To the people at the gym who think its social hour, people are there to work out. Be considerate and stay home, you’re just crowding up the area!”

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