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iPhone 4 comes Best of 2010 in to Verizonsee A2 music and film ODU/VCU see B1, B5 rivalry

TRANSITION TROUBLES SGA works through another challenging year in the 80th session by

Christian Ernst & Stuart Miller News Editor & Editor in Chief

The Student Government Association has had a difficult time transitioning over the last several semesters. This now being the 80th session, the administration has been working to stabilize themselves as the voice of Old Dominion University students. “I think we are doing very well considering the bylaw and constitution changes. That was a lot to adjust to; I’m glad we were able to take care of a lot of that over the summer,” said Speaker of the Senate Colin Rodino. “It took us a little while to get on our feet, because of officer transition, then there is the whole finding the direction of this session trying to make it as congruent as possible to the last session so we can keep consistencies.” Justin True, SGA president, concurred this message saying the transition period has definitely been a trying process in comparison to his time spent as the president of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. True discussed the difficulties between running a fraternity, where the majority of the members are retained for the entirety of their collegiate career, whereas most SGA senators have only remained in seat for one session. “Because of all the work we did over the summer, we expected to hit the year a lot harder. We took a lot longer than we expected to get this thing rolling,” Rodino said. “We are really trying to get to operating capacity because it will make everything work more efficiently, but we have had trouble with recruitment and retention.” A few of the biggest changes to the organization include a new constitution and finance bylaws. Even SGA has struggled to adapt to these new bylaws as their budget has increased every year over the past four years. With the increase of the budget every year, each session has looked to enhance the resources for students on campus. True expressed that the organization has acquired many resources and the next step is publicizing these services to the student body. Some of these resources include the clicker system, used for voting within organizations, as well as a new tech rental system. “I think that we are providing more opportunity, but I feel like we need to publicize what we are actually doing more. I feel like we have had all these resources, but it’s really all about pushing those out to students,” said SGA Vice President Frankie Krimowski. “So a lot of this money and especially this increase in money has gone to those things and now it’s just sort of publicizing them and getting them ready and that’s where our big projects are. We have posters and all that stuff, all those have been made and ready to go and that’s probably where that money went.” One of the largest expenditures within the new budget is the rebranding efforts put forth by the newest session. The focus of this effort was a new website purchased from The Ivory Group LLC. True said that after originally getting a quote from California based firm that the organization was able to find a Small, Women, and Minority vendor which matched the quote. No other quote was re-

see C1, C2

ceived from other website firms. Although costing $10,000, the website provides many features to help ease the maintenance for the organizations while providing a way to reach out to students in a way that hasn’t been seen in several previous sessions. “I think that the website has potential, I think what we are doing now is fine tuning what we want the website to do,” Krimowski said. “I think initially we had great ideas and then when you finally get the website and get the product it transitions to designing the product to fit the students and I think what we are struggling with is ‘how do we get all our information into one complete website that isn’t overdone with just information and tech-rental and dvd rental, etc.?’ we need to find a way so the students aren’t bombarded with information.” Part of the new financial bylaws that came into effect last year state that any product or service that can be received for free from the school will not be funded by SGA, according to section II, B, 4 of the SGA financial bylaws, which can be found on the Office of Student Activities and Leadership website. One former SGA financial chair explained that this includes websites because the university provides website services for student organizations. “SGA, to the best of my knowledge, is not excused from bylaws, as they too are a student organization,” said one former SGA financial chair. “If [Justin True] read and understood the bylaws, he would have read where we do not pay for anything the school pays for. I am not sure if he was granted an exception by ODU though.” True explained that the website is back-loaded in a way where he described it as easy as “submitting an e-mail”. Instead of one webmaster maintaining the website, it allows the entire organization to easily manipulate the content on the website. The design makes it more likely for the website to operate for years to come according to True. True explained that although students had previously run their website development he felt that very few students could adequately create such a back-loaded website. Since there is no webmaster on the SGA payroll, the duties for several officers have increased, specifically the Chief of Staff. With this increase in duties comes an increase in the stipends of all of the SGA officers. The stipends total $32,000 out of a total of $82,000 for all organization’s stipends. The top three positions in SGA have all gotten an increase of $2,000, while the treasurer has gone from an unpaid to a paid position which now receives a stipend of $2,000. While the webmaster position was removed, the Chief of Staff now receives $3,000. “I believe that the increase is a good thing, not to say that SGA is the most important student organization because it’s not, it is however, in charge of all of the other budgets and I feel that because we have so much responsibility to the students and organizations that it’s better for us to have more wiggle room with the budgets because most likely it’s going to be spent on [student organizations] anyways,” said Rodino. “We do still do programming with other organizations and we do our own programming for other organizations. Those are the kinds of things we plan on doing; helping out other organizations with programming.” Despite the increases in their budget and the hassle of the rebranding process, SGA has been working rigorously to reestablish the organization as a credible entity on campus. The amount of work that has come from this session has shaped the landscape for the organization for years to come. As the session now heads into the spring semester, the administration will look now to increase the overall publicity of the organization as a whole.

WikiLeaks breaks into the news by Devon Mizelle Contributing Writer

Driving the growing movement for the desire to have transparency in government and companies worldwide is the ever elusive WikiLeaks. The organization strives to make confidential documents that possibly violate human rights or ethics available to the public. Over the past few months, WikiLeaks has been making diplomatic cables, or documents that ambassadors and other government officials create reporting back to their home country, available to the public that were once kept secret by the United States. Some of these cables show the country in what many believe to be a less than favorable, almost embarrassing, light as they criticize decisions made by other countries and their diplomats. Recently, founder Julian Assange has been in the cross-hairs of an international extradition campaign, a process in which an accused or convicted individual is deported to the accusing nation, in response to his organization’s ongoing divulgence of classified United States diplomatic cables. Assange is facing charges in Sweden on allegations of raping two women. BBC’s London branch reported on Tuesday that Assange “appeared … at Belmarsh Magistrates’ Court … and spoke only to confirm his name, age, and address, and his case was adjourned until 7 and 8 February.” In recent interviews, Assange has declined to comment on any details of the charges, even going so far as to terminate interviews prematurely and depart. The accusations are presented by two Swedish women, one of whom alleges that Assange had intercourse on her while she was asleep, which is considered rape under Swedish law. Assange’s defense group released a skeleton argument, a brief document that shows the points one will argue in acourt of law, recently showing what Assange will attempt to defend himself with. A British newspaper, The Guardian, released information from the argument. Assange’s defense team believes that there has been an “abuse of process” due to the fact that Julian Assange has not had access to all of the


A2 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 1/19/2011

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Tragedy in Tuscon Jeffery Musselman Contributing Writer


Jan. 13, 2011 marked the beginning of a series of six funerals to come in the aftermath of a shooting in Arizona that wounded fourteen others. Christina Taylor, a nine-years-old girl, was the youngest victim allegedly killed by Jared Lee Loughner, who was arrested in connection with the attacks. Authorities believe that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was the target of the attacks, which were carried out on Jan. 8 in a supermarket parking lot in Pima County, Ariz. The Democratic congresswoman remains in critical condition after having been shot in the head at point blank range, though medical staff seem pleased with the progress of her recovery. Little is known about the motives of Loughner, a 22-year-old college dropout, other than a small list of his interests in literature and a seeming distaste for the government of the United States. His former classmates lumped him in with the conspiracy fringe, as he believed that the American government was responsible for 9/11, that space flights were fake and that the government had a hand in mind control. His writings seem slightly incoherent at times, and show a lot of hostility towards what he sees as the inadequacy within our government and culture. On the morning of the attacks he posted the following message on his MySpace page, which shows something of his troubled mindset: “Goodbye friends. Please don’t be mad at me. The literacy rate is below 5%. I haven’t talked to one person who is literate. I want to make it out alive. The longest war in the history of the United States. Goodbye. I’m saddened with the current currency and job employment. I had a bully at school. Thank you. P.S. --plead the fifth!” Political leaders from around the country have spoken out in regards to the tragedy. The president flew to Tuscon to attend a memorial for the victims on Thursday and was present at Giffords’ bedside as she opened her eyes for the first time after having been shot. The event speaks to a tumultuous political climate, both locally and nationally. Citizens are clearly frustrated with leadership in Washington.

TNTMAGAZINE.COM Christina Taylor, a nine-years-old girl, was the youngest victim allegedly killed by Jared Lee Loughner

Certain pundits point to violent rhetoric coming from various news outlets as a source of agitation. Giffords herself, on the night before the attack, wrote to a friend in Kentucky stressing the need to tone down partisanship and find new ways for the two major political parties to work together. Loughner is being held without bail in the Federal Correctional Institute at Phoenix. He is facing a slew of charges, including attempted assassination of a member of Congress, several counts of killing or attempting to kill federal employees and will undoubtedly be charged in connection with those killed who were not government officials. There is potential that he will be given the death penalty for his transgressions, and his case is set to be heard by California Judge Larry Burns. Other victims of the attack included a secretary, Dot Morris, U.S. District Court Judge John Roll, Phyllis Schneck, Dorwin Stoddard and Gabe Zimmerman.

iPhone 4 lands on Verizon A new partnership between Verizon and Apple William Channel Contributing Writer After much wishing and many letters, Verizon finally got the iPhone 4 which is sched-

General Information: The Mace & Crown is a newspaper published by and written for the students of Old Dominion once a week throughout each semester and once in the summer. Originally founded in 1930 as the The High Hat, the paper became the Mace & Crown in 1961. The Mace & Crown is a primarily selfsupporting newspaper,maintaining journalistic independance from the university. All views expressed in this collegiate paper are those of the author, not of the University, Mace & Crown, or the editors. Contact Information: Phone: 757-683-3452 Fax: 757-683-3459 Advertising: 757-683-4773


uled to be released February 10, 2011. When it is released it will be the same price as its AT&T counterpart; $199.99 for the 16GB version and $299.99 for the 32GB version. There aren’t any differences between the AT&T iPhone 4 and Verizon’s iPhone 4. Everything that exist in the A&T one will be included in the Verizon’s, including things like retina display, Face Time (video to video calling) and apps. The only real differences will be in the network companies. Alison Kosik a CNN journalist said “Verizon charges about $30 a month for unlimited data, but AT&T charges about $15-$20 a month, but what AT&T does is limit the amount of data you can use.” The question if Verizon is going to be able to handle the data stream amounts comes up. Not having any experience so far with the phone creates speculation on the subject. However this was not the biggest question that was asked of Verizon. The most popular question was if it would run on Verizon’s new 4G network or remain on its CDMA 3G network. The answer to this question is that the iPhone 4 will remain on the CDMA 3G network. Setting up the 4G network for the iPhone 4 would require Apple to rewrite almost all the software for the iPhone 4. This of course means that there will be no chance of future upgrades

to the 4G network as well. “ Ve r i z o n has a very PYCOMALL.COM large, very deep CDMA network, whereas their 4G LTE network is still relatively new, not completely pervasive and somewhat unproven,” said Dan Hays, a consultant for PRTM. Without the 4G network the iPhone will not be able to access the internet while a person talks on the phone as well as a few other things, but for those who already like the iPhone the way it is they will note that all the bells and whistles that made them fall in love with it remains intact. This partnership between Apple and Verizon opens the door to a few new areas of thought. Hays continues on saying “I think that this opens the door for Apple to have the iPhone 5 be a 4G device.” But as of yet this is just speculation and whether or not the iPhone 5 will have this feature or even be release soon is unconfirmed. So in the end all this really does is gives people an option of networks instead of being stuck with one and only one for the iPhone they want. However, before people change networks from AT&T to Verizon they should note that AT&T early termination penalty is $325, so those that do make the jump should expect to pay half a grand to just change.


wednesday 1/19/2011 | MACE & CROWN | A3

A new beginning for WODU

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown The television shows play on channel 51 in the campus dorms between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, or can be caught online via their website

William Channel Contributing Writer


WODU is taking new steps this year in the hopes that they will be able to integrate with other campus clubs together. They intend to do this by the use of one of their newer features their television program. Along with a combination of the radio program that they have, it gives them a much broader area to explore. Some of the shows they are trying out right now include a sports show, campus interviews, a live radio DJ show and Mace & Crown articles. The people who are at the forefront of these changes to the WODU include general manager Robbie Ciara, television director Jason Anderson, operation manager Melisa Coto, load rock director Alex Sykes and urban music director Chanel Danette. “We are hoping to create a hybrid with all the campus programs,” Robbie Ciara said. That being said, they are more than willing to find other things to schedule with their television program. The television shows play on channel 51 in the campus dorms between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, or can be caught online via their website As of yet, there isn’t a set schedule of show listings, but that will not be the case for very long. Their radio can be accessed the same way via channel 51 or else online. These radio programs range from rap to hip-hop, pop to rock and everything in-between. The idea is to create a diverse atmosphere

for the listener, but unlike most radio stations, this one tends to focus more on underground musicians and local bands. The idea is so that the listener will not be stuck listening to the same songs over and over again that they hear everywhere else. However, television and radio shows are not the only thing that WODU does. They also host school events like the Homecoming parade and the Mr. GQ Blue pageant. “Basically, anyone can come up to use and ask us to host their event,” say Chanel. They mostly provide DJs to these events, but they are not limited to just that. Alex hinted at a few upcoming events taking place this semester, which include DVD screenings of live rock band shows, Guitar Hero tournament and they really hope to be able to put on a battle of the bands with some of the local bands and students around the area. However, one that is coming soon is a hip hop artist named Cuttuh from Charlottesville, Va. This is just the beginning to what they have in store for this year, and through all this they maintain their three purposes. These purposes are to provide training and exercise in the area of radio broadcasting, to provide quality on-air programming for ODU and to serve the ODU campus through events and activities. For those who wish to learn more about these events coming up or more about WODU in general, the best thing to do is to go their office located in the Webb near South Mall.

Flip the script by Melissa Flippo Contributing Writer

The First Amendment is a privilege most coveted. It can often be a slippery slope if the government ever tries to put limits on our First Amendment rights. Legislators in Arizona have put a small ban on that very amendment, stating that protesting on or near funeral sites is prohibited. This is a much needed move in my opinion and all states should implement it. I was appalled to read in The Virginian-Pilot on Jan. 12 that a church was one of the alleged offenders in Arizona. How does Westboro Baptist Church feel about the recent shootings in Arizona? “God sent the shooter to deal with idolatrous America,” the church said in The Virginian-Pilot. How dare they assume that

evidence against him. Specifically, this refers to text messages sent between the plaintiffs explaining wanting “revenge” against Assange and that the victim was only “half asleep.” Additionally, the prosecution has refused to speak to Assange or release documents to him in English which they believe to be “a breach of Mr. Assange’s fair trial and privacy rights.” The final point on the skeleton argument is that the charges being brought against the defendant are politically motivated, and that “his trial would be prejudiced because of his political opinions.” A point is made showing that Assange may be facing the same conditions as Private First Class Bradley Manning if found guilty. Manning is currently charged with leaking classified information to Assange’s team at WikiLeaks. Since July 11, 2010, Pfc. Manning has been detained in solitary confinement at the Marine Corps Brig in Quantico, Va. Salon’s Glenn Greenwald recently reported on the conditions that Pfc. Manning has been held under since his arrest. According to Greenwald, the suspected whistle-blower is being subjected to solitary confinement 23 hours a day, with a one hour release each day with access to television and the outdoors. A 2006 report from a National Committee on America’s Prison’s showed that those undergoing such treatment often experience “a constellation of symptoms that includes NYDAILYNEWS.COM overwhelming anxiety, confusion and hallucination, and sudden violent and Recently, founder Julian Assange has self-destructive outbursts.” Based on the aforementioned conditions that Pfc. Manning is held under, been in the cross-hairs of an internaAssange’s defense will attempt to convince the court that his life will be in tional extradition campaign. serious unwarranted danger if convicted and that his subsequent treatment will violate numerous human rights regulations. Aside from being the designated founder and public spokesperson, Julian Assange serves to be the scapegoat for the organization’s actions. If Assange is removed from the public sphere, organizations burned by WikiLeaks may set their targets to those on the group’s “board of directors” who are currently kept safe by Assange’s recent publicity. Opinions on campus tend to lean sympathetically towards Assange and Pfc. Manning. When asked, Chris Catalano, a junior English literature major, explained that he “would think it ludicrous for [Julian Assange] to be found guilty of espionage, because his intentions were not to advance the intelligence of rival nations, but to allow the public a chance to see what happens behind closed doors. … A citizen of any nation should be allowed the knowledge of what his/her nation does behind [these] closed doors.” On the topic of the danger posed to Assange’s life because of the allegations, Catalano said “I don’t think that Assange’s life would necessarily be in danger were he extradited [back to the United States], … [if] you mean if he is convicted, in which case, I would fear for his life.” Only time will tell what will come to happen to Assange and WikiLeaks. Supporters wish to see the release of Pfc. Manning and for the charges against Julian Assange to be dropped. Those that view WikiLeaks as corrosive to the innerworkings of government and business wish for the organization and those associated with it to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of international law. The outcome of the events over the next year will change the way governments and large companies operate forever.

NEWS.COM.AU Assange may be facing the same conditions as Private First Class Bradley Manning if found guilty.

they know what is good for America. I am all for the public showing their feelings, but there is a standard that all protestors should follow. That standard is just common courtesy. We should all be proud of and use the First Amendment, but don’t abuse it. The government should not have to put a ban on that amendment because some people don’t know when to show respect. There are many places where people can fully support the First Amendment, but protesting at funerals should not be one. I wonder if those people ever think about the families of the deceased. How would they feel if people were protesting at a funeral of one of their loved ones? All I ask is that they respect those who are mourning. This church and their protestors believe they are completely right in all ways and couldn’t possibly be wrong

for judging people and persecuting their families for lifestyles and beliefs that go against their own. So in closing: Dear Westboro Baptist Church (and the like-minded), You protest at funerals of those who you feel have offended you or your God. If they are deceased, because it is their funeral, then why are you punishing their families and friends? Why make the mourning process any harder than it already is? Think about it like this, let’s say you have a child and you have raised that child to the best of your abilities. That child then grows up to be the next Norman Bates. Should you be given the death sentence? Sincerely, Flip


What’s inside THE TOP 10 ALBUMS WE LOVE OF 2010

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B1 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 1/19/2011

arts enter tainment

TopMovies 10 of 2010! Have You Seen Any of the Following? By R Jay Molina Staff Writer 2010 was an interesting year for movies, and with it behind us it is safe to say that it has been another quiet year, with a few surprises that kept me interested. At No. 10 there’s “How to Train Your Dragon.” This animated film from Dreamworks was a fantastic surprise. I went in expecting something mediocre at best and came out of the theater with a sore gut from laughing so hard. The story was not anything new; an outcast sets out to prove himself to his a village and get the girl. But the writing and animation flowed perfectly and it was hilarious to listen to Gerard Butler as a Viking. “Dragon” was one of the few early films of the year that really stuck out. My No. 9 film would have to be “Kick-Ass.” The buzz around actress Chloe Moretz and her portrayal of Hit-Girl is what really sparked my interest. So I thought “Are the critics just saying she’s crazy in this film or is it really true?” I saw something really fresh with the superhero movie genre. The action was insane, the writing was smart and McLovin- I mean Christopher Mintz-Plasse – really broke out of his shell. My fingers are crossed for a sequel. Next there’s “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” at No. 8. Michael Cera is that softspoken, quirky hipster that manages to weasel his way into films that continue to annoy me. Having said that, “Scott Pilgrim” is his best film to date. Michael Cera’s quirkiness is given a slight edge as he plays a confused jerk set in a world of video games and 8-bit music. Now for my No. 7 pick I had to include “Restrepo” on my list. This documentary deserves all the recognition it can get. It’s journalist Sebastian Junger’s account of a battalion of soldiers as they defend themselves from the Taliban in one of the most dangerous valleys of Afghanistan. It’s one of those documentaries that stick with you after it’s over.

For my No. 6, I pick the demon of “Paranormal Activity 2.” What made this film better than “Paranormal Activity” was that it had interesting characters and it served as a really powerful prequel for the original film. The events of the first film no longer feel random and, in fact, are given more depth because of “Paranormal Activity 2.” The ending was one of the biggest “WHOA!” moments I have ever had at the movies. At No. 5 is “Black Swan,” director Darren Aronofsky’s first film since helping reignite Mickey Rourke’s career with “The Wrestler.” With “Black Swan,” Aronofsky and actress Natalie Portman presented a dark twist to the world of ballet that gave me my other “WHOA!” moment of the year. It was Portman’s best acting role since “V for Vendetta.” At No. 4 is Danny Boyle’s “127 Hours,” which featured the best performance I’ve seen from an actor this whole year from James Franco. If you didn’t believe in him before, you will you now. “Toy Story 3” is at my No. 3 spot because it successfully closed a chapter of my childhood, as I’m sure it did for many. Buzz Lightyear and Woody will always have a place in my memory. Now my final two films can go either way. But for the purposes of making a list, one of them had to be No. 2, and that’s “Inception.” It’s one of the best summer blockbusters since “The Dark Knight” and it works for people wanting something challenging to think about. Did the top keep spinning? Finally, at No. 1, I have “The Social Network.” This film is one of the best courtroom dramas that took place outside of a courtroom, and it’s about Facebook for crying out loud! Just don’t take the entire movie as pure fact. Try to catch any of these films on DVD!


wednesday 1/19/2011 | MACE & CROWN | B2

Pan Galactic Straw Boss by Derek Page Contributing Writer

I picked up my earphones and placed them back in my ears, closing my eyes and drifting back into a story without words. I fell under spell of “Reverberator,” the recently released album by local music group Pan Galactic Straw Boss. It was released in December 2010 by the Norfolk-based noise artists. Those who fame Kurt Vonnegut, author of “Slaughter House Five” and “Breakfast of Champions” will recognize the name as the science fiction novel written by the character Kilgore Trout in “Breakfast of Champions.” The band came together in late spring of 2008 through guitarist, Steve Jordan, and recent alumni and drummer, Mike Twark, in what they regarded as a “free noise project.” Jordan describes the genre as “ambient doom/post metal/shoegaze,” drawing inspiration from bands like Sonic Youth, Boris, The Velvet Underground FACEBOOK.COM and Earth. Senior Andrew Joseph, joined In May 2010 the group released an EP titled “Mouth Crazy.” the group on bass later in October.

Their first demo, “Whirlwind, Flash, and Heat,” was released at their first show in April of 2009 at Borjo in the University Village. Jordan used some unusual and considerably avant garde techniques in the performance, even going as far as to kick or beat his instrument to achieve the desired tones as Twark and Joseph keep the catalyzing and driving pulse. “I feel like the listener can gain so much more from a song with no vocals. There is no one telling you what a song has to be about. It can be a more personal experience for the listener since the listener can take a song however they want,” Jordan said. The groups various textures, fluid transitions and layers of melody create chapters of musical prose. In May 2010 the group released an EP titled “Mouth Crazy.” This band is not afraid to push boundaries and experimenting with a variety of rhythms and tones. The songs seem to mesh and mold themselves into expanding themes and shifting moods. Junior Devon Mizelle said, “Honestly, I believe that they fill a very niche spot in the musical ecosystem of this area. In a genera-

tion where most individuals listen to cookie cutter brocore bands, PGSB takes the idea of music and shows that we don’t need a poppy hook, a beefy breakdown or a monotonous bass line in order to make great music. Even though some might get turned off by the noisy factor of it, or the fact that there is an absence of vocals (suits the band well in my opinion), their music is organized chaos that only gets better with time.” With song titles such as “Jane Toppan’s Lust Murders” and “Dialogue Between a Priest and a Dying Man” the possibilities of what one can mold in their minds from their melodies are endless. The group doesn’t have any scheduled upcoming shows, but often plays at Bar None in Virginia Beach and 37th& Zen off of Hampton Boulevard. They hope start branching out to other areas outside of Hampton Roads to gain exposure and will be releasing their titles on iTunes this week. Take a moment to mingle in the midst of ascending harmonies of pensive chords of Pan Galactic Straw Boss.


B3 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 1/19/2011

MOVIE REVIEWS He’s got the Grit, She’s got the Wit The Coen brothers’ first endeavor at filming a western produces interesting results. The two critically acclaimed filmmakers have proven time and time again that “two heads are better than one.” Their batting average is about as great as you can get for any current Hollywood director. Their resurrection of the classic 1968 Charles Portis novel involves no spells or incantations, no cursed amulets or Indian burial grounds; just a book and a camera, as it should be done. Instead of branding the Coen style into the western genre and sending it into the meadow with all the other cows, the Coen brothers shoot the film as a beautiful straightforward western. There are no bizarre deviations from the equation. They aren’t trying to redefine the hallowed genre. “True Grit” is merely a good western; nothing more, nothing less. So for those who are expecting Steve Bucemi to be grinded into a wood chipper, or Javier Bardem to start shooting people like cattle, this isn’t the film

CREDIT Jeff Bridges and Hailee Steinfeld star in True Grit.

for you. Jeff Bridges plays Rooster Cogburn, a repulsive U.S. Marshall who shoots first, takes a sip of whiskey, sleeps it off and asks questions later. He is the man who is said to have “true grit” and is on a quest to track down Tom Cheney, a western outlaw whose villainous ways seem to blossom the farther away he is from civilization. Bridges performance isn’t an imitation of John Wayne. Instead, it is a more realistic picture of what Rooster Cogburn would have actually been like as an alcoholic lawman who kills more people than he saves. His constant humor compliments the main character’s amazing wit. Hailee Steinfeld plays Mattie Ross, a preteen who would pay an arm and a leg to avenge her father. She was perfectly cast, as she often plays the genius in a room of idiots routine. Her persuasive skills as Mattie Ross are dazzling and will frequently have you thinking of your younger sister and wishing she was as smart and resourceful. Matt Damon plays an intelligent but helpless Texas Ranger who is berated by Cogburn and outsmarted by Ross. He is a tag-a-long whose sense of honor and duty often puts him at odds with the other members of his posse and brings him misfortune. Josh Brolin seems to be racking up roles between “Jonah Hex” and “Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps.” “True Grit” is no different. His performance as Tom Cheney isn’t at all over the top. The ending leaves something to be desired, but as a whole the film is just beautiful enough to want to watch twice, then never see again. The distinct casting, beautiful cinematography and brilliant acting helped make this movie something nobody believed a Coen brothers film could be; a straightforward genre film. It’s faithful to both the book and the genre.

Wahlberg’s fight to the top pays off by

Ethan Shaw

Since its limited release, director David O. Russel’s sports drama “The Fighter” has become a critic’s favorite and a must see for all avid film goers. “The Fighter” chronicles the true story of Lowell, Massachusetts own “Irish” Micky Ward, portrayed by Mark Wahlberg, and his struggle to support his family in the dog-eat-dog world of professional boxing. Being a Massachusetts native and huge fan of Ward, Wahlberg has been physically and mentally preparing for the role for the last four years. His efforts don’t go to waste, giving a convincing performance as the proverbial hero of the tale, opting to not use a stunt double during the fight scenes to help add to the films authenticity. The real treat in the film however, are the performances from the supporting cast including Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Melissa Leo. Bale plays the role of Dicky Elklund, the older half-brother and trainer to Wahlberg’s character. Known for his devotion to ex-

treme physically demanding roles, Bale didn’t disappoint, maintaining the wiry balding frame of a boxerturned-drug addict. As the legend of Lowell’s exploits in the ring, Dicky Elklund is a hero in everyone’s eyes. However, his descent into the world of drugs and crime quickly reaches a dramatic climax that leaves the fate of the family in Mickey’s hands. Assisting Mickey with his struggles is his tough and sultry girlfriend Charlene Fleming portrayed by Amy Adams. Known for her bubbly and upbeat characters, Adams shows us a new side of her that takes no lip, breaks noses and a sensuality that she has never shown before. Just as Mickey must face opponents in the ring, Charlene squares off against every girl’s greatest obstacle, his mother. Played by Melissa Leo, Alice Elklund is the commanding matriarch of her family and has always been Dicky and Mickey’s manager. When circumstances change, Alice takes offense from the “MTV girl,” in Mickey’s life and their conflict provides as much entertainment as the

bone-breaking bouts. Known mainly as a television actress in such shows as “Homicide Life on the Street,” Leo gives a stunning performance as a mother struggling to maintain her family in their darkest days and has been applauded by critics around the world. “The Fighter” has been widely admired by critics and audiences alike, garnering six Golden Globe nominations, six Critics Choice Award nominations and four Screen Actors Guild Award nominations. Too numerous to name, “The Fighter” has been additionally honored with awards and nominations from some of the world’s most prestigious film institutions. With the exceptional technical crew, ensemble cas, and direction it’s not hard to see why so many people are in love with this movie. The beauty of this film is that you don’t have to be a boxing fan to understand what is going on, and the real life drama these actors display is amazing to watch. I highly recommend this film to all audiences.

Black Swan by

Lauren Grant

“Black Swan” was a riveting, intoxicating movie that grabbed the viewer by the collar and didn’t let go until the credits rolled. Director Darren Aronofsky’s unorthodox creation kept the viewer spinning and reeling, unable to decide between what is real and what is not. Natalie Portman pulls out an award-winning performance and plays the ever-recognizable troubled soul remarkably. Nominated for four Golden Globes, and featuring a dark rendition of the classic fairytale “Swan Lake,” “Black Swan” tells the story of Nina Sayers, played by Natalie Portman, a ballerina whose quest for perfection ultimately results in her demise. She struggles with a mental sickness, battles with her sexual orientation and tries to cope with her overbearing, has-been mother. She manages to land the part of both the Black Swan and the White Swan in her dance company’s production of “Swan Lake,” but struggles to find herself within the malevolent Black Swan, making her precise movements seem too soulless and void for the part. In a desperate attempt to connect with her bad girl side, Nina unwillingly seeks the help of her carefree counterpart, Lily. Nina’s mental sickness and insecurities about her sexual orientation resulted in a less than conservative and wildly intense lesbian sex scene, which left each and every audience member on edge. At this point, it becomes more and more difficult, as a viewer, to differentiate between what is actually happening and what is not. Is Lily lying to her about being at her house last night? Or did she imagine the entire thing? The climactic conclusion of the movie could not have been more nail-biting if it wanted to be. Nina’s transformation into the Black Swan put a flourishing touch on what we, as the audience, all knew to be inevitable; the Black Swan had consumed Nina entirely. Nina’s final performance was a work of art; effortless and breathtaking, even to the untrained eye. Her death was a key element to this picturesque ending, tying all of the loose ends that strung together her dismal existence. It was fascinating, horrifying and exquisite all at the same time. “Black Swan” was a bewitching fairy-tale, captivating and alluring. It was a box office hit, one that will have you waiting in line at midnight for your copy of the DVD.



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Tron: Legacy’s Soundtrack Review Daft Punk’s Orchestral Masterpiece in Digital Sound By Jonathan Moran Staff Writer

How to keep motivated on your New Year’s resolutions By Angel Eason Resolutions have been made for the New Year pertaining to happiness, wealth, and personal health. You have come up with numerous resolutions for the year that you wish to keep. Many people start out at the beginning of the year going hard at trying to maintain their resolution, but by the middle of the year they have stopped working hard and are upset with themselves. So, here’s a few methods for sticking to your New Year Resolutions. First, prepare yourself psychologically. Think about why you really want to lose weight, stop smoking or quit a habit. Make sure that this is something you really want to do for yourself. Set short-term goals. Want to lose 50 pounds? Eat healthier? Be happier? Start off by committing yourself to maintaining these resolutions day by day. For instance, you should set a goal to lose one pound every week in order to stick to your long-term goal. It is okay if you make a mistake by indulging on that candy bar. You can always start back and try again. Nobody is perfect, so don’t think about your resolutions as something that is mandatory for you to fulfill. Write in a journal about your progress daily. This motivates you to keep going and you will feel really good about yourself. Do not keep your resolutions a secret. Tell the closest people around you about your goals, so that they can make sure you are sticking to them and motivating you to keep going. Get rid of the people who doubt you and say you cannot do it. They will only discourage you from keeping your resolutions. Everyday think about how important it is for you to maintain the resolutions for 2011. Think about your progression and your feelings. Make sure you are doing it for yourself and not others. Only you can bring true happiness to yourself.

Disney’s “Tron: Legacy” is a movie made to dazzle the senses. Its sharp, state-of-the-art graphics paired with the powerful soundtrack make this movie an astounding experience in visuals and sound. The film score was written by the French Grammy-winning electronica duo Daft Punk. Known for their techno-funk style of music, the group surprised the movie industry by writing a film score that could rival those of John Williams (who is known for his work on the “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” franchises) and Hans Zimmer (who orchestrated the soundtracks for”The Dark Knight” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”). Daft Punk sought to write music that would capture the essence of

classic Hollywood and at the same time fit in the futuristic underworld of Tron. The result was a score of classical music done with an 85 piece symphony orchestra, filled with violins, cellos and timpani drums. With the underlying pulse of a synthesizer and other digital instruments, the music is an orchestral majesty with a fast-paced, futuristic feel. It makes the emotions powerful, the action fun and the graphics even more amazing. It took Daft Punk a year after they were approached by director Joseph Kosinski to agree to the project. After putting their tour on hold, the two began work on the film in 2008. Usually filming of a movie is completed before it is given to the music composers. They then write the music based on the movie; however, this case was different. Daft Punk wrote the music before the film was shot. Given sketches and brief explanations of the scene, they were still able to capture every emotion needed, from the Light Races in the arena to the action scenes. The music crescendos with the action on film in perfect sync and the graphics make for a futuristic lightshow that proves to excite the viewer. The soundtrack has had positive reviews. It landed at No. 10 on the na-

ENTERTHESHELL.COM Daft Punk has created a musical masterpiece.

tional album chart its first week of release and is Daft Punk’s highest charting album to date. It is also the highest charting film score in half a decade. For fans of Daft Punk, the two make a cameo in “Tron: Legacy” as DJs in a futuristic bar. The song they play in the movie is their released single “Derezzed,” the only song from the movie that is their original sound. The robot helmets they are known for make them a perfect fit in the world of Tron. The story is a good way to tie everything together. Some of the one-

liners are a bit cheesy and Disney, but the action makes up for it. The battles in the gladiator-style arena and the races deliver what fans from the original movie will look forward to, as well as any movie goers looking for good action. This movie is a great to see the talented duo Daft Punk challenge themselves and work with music in a way that is unfamiliar to them. Scoring a movie is demanding and they have successfully proved that they have what it takes. It shows their mastery and knowledge of music.

Movie Review: The Dilemma There’s No Debate Here. Skip “The Dilemma” by

Chelsea DeAngio Staff Writer

Imagine you discover your best friend’s spouse is cheating. Do you tell your friend out of loyalty, risking alienation, or do you keep the secret until they find out for them self? This is “The Dilemma” that Vince Vaughn’s character Ronny must face in Ron Howard’s latest comedy. Ronny and his best friend Nick (Kevin James) run a company designing engines for cars, and are about land a big contract with Dodge. Nick is married to his college sweetheart, Geneva, played by Winona Ryder. All is well, until Ronny witnesses her kissing a younger man. Hilarity and heartbreak ensue. The movie’s trailer caused much debate this fall when Vaughn’s character spewed the line “Electric cars are gay.” That controversy created much hype for the film, with gay rights activists arguing for the removal of the line. The contentious line stayed in, and is probably the most interesting fact about “The Dilemma”. Winona Ryder and Jennifer Connelly are the bright points of the movie, playing the wives of the two leading men. Less impressive is Channing Tatum, Ryder’s tattooed boy toy. The hunky actor seems to have had quite the year, starring in the tear-

jerker “Dear John” and the action film “Clash of the Titans.” His presence onscreen has become so bewilderingly ubiquitous that he’s become a running joke on network television. Personally, I agree with Mike Chang’s comment from “Glee”; “I want Channing Tatum to stop being in stuff.” Tatum isn’t talented, and certainly isn’t the heartthrob Hollywood is pushing him to be. The premise of “The Dilemma” is certainly not the side-splitting plotline you’d come to expect from the buddy comedy the film is being marketed as. And that’s part of the problem. The movie is part goofball humor reminiscent of “Old School” and part drama, and never truly comes together cohesively. Howard seems to have cut and pasted two different genres together, ultimately creating a clunky film that satisfies neither aspect of the story. If you’re a fan of Kevin James (playing, again, the loveable schmuck so reminiscent of his character on “King of Queens”) or Vince Vaughn, you’ll enjoy this film. But Ron Howard fans will be disappointed . “The Dilemma” marks the director’s first foray into comedy in over a decade. But this is no “Splash”. It’s difficult to understand what attracted Howard to the script, but even his talents can’t save the movie. Movie critics often refer to January as a dumping ground for mediocre movies, and “The Dilemma” certainly lives up to the theory. In a world where movie tickets are upwards of $10 a person, save your cash. Rent “The Dilemma” in a few months on DVD.

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best ALBUMS OF 2010 by Alexander

Rose Contributing Writer

Every year it seems was a “great year for music” as stated by countless publications worldwide. This past year however, was lower on the spectrum as some might have anticipated coming into 2010. While there were several noteworthy releases, the majority of releases seemed to pale in comparison to years past. We saw the good (Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs”), the bad (Christina Aguilera’s “Bionic”) and even the ugly (M.I.A.’s /\/\ /\Y/\ cover). Here are some of the top albums of 2010. LCD Soundsystem’s “This Is Happening.” proves that they consistently put out the best albums you will ever hear. Their style is hard to define, yet listeners from any background seem to enjoy their work. Having been coined one of the greatest live bands today, I would like to add “one of the most enjoyable bands you can ever listen to” to that list. Their catalogue is flawless and this release contributed to it tenfold. If you live to party, this album is for you. At the beginning of this year I remember having a conversation with someone about naming bands I had not seen, but had to before I died. The Chemical Brothers was one of the first ones I could think of. “Further” was an album that seemed to be running full speed through the rumor-mill; its release, combined with my ability to see them perform live at the Electric Zoo festival in New York earlier this year, reassured my belief that these electronic veterans are on top of their game. With one of the absolute craziest live shows I have ever seen, their knowledge and experience in the genre allows them to create cat-

alogue favorites such as this and a must have for any electronic fan. “Have One On Me” seems to be in everyone’s year-end roundup. There seems to be a special place in my heart for Joanna Newsom. I was first introduced to her with her 2006 album, “Ys.” I saw someone writing about it and found it interesting as to how an album with only five songs could make such an impact on someone. After listening, Joanna’s rare harp playing and unusual vocal tone made me a follower. After recently watching her perform in Richmond, Va., it cemented my belief that her latest triple-disc effort was one for my list. The album, “I’m New Here” came out of nowhere for me. It was suggested to me from a friend because they said this man’s voice would stick with me a while after I heard it. I did not understand the history behind Gil Scott-Heron until after I heard this album and had decided to drive deeper into his catalogue. With a voice that could be from an anti-smoking campaign, the roughness combined with electronic minimalistic beats seemed right up my alley. This soul/R&B/ electronic/whatever-you-want-to-callit album with support from Damon Albarn (of Gorillaz fame) will stick with you months after you listen. Arcade Fire had quite the year considering their rather “low-key” lifestyle. Their song, “Wake Up,” was used to catapult the Spike Jonze movie, “Where The Wild Things Are,” into an indie cult-classic. They released a video for the song, “We Used To Wait,” in connection with Google to help promote Google Chrome and HTML5. They seemed to be frontrunners for the feel good record of the year. “The Suburbs” keeps the success from their 2007 album, “Neon Bible,” running and is sure to be a

great addition for any Arcade Fire fan. I can’t help but listen to any effort from either Big Bio or Andre3000 and pray for the next Outkast release. These guys are untouchable when it comes to the game they’re in and Big Bio’s solo effort, “Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Song of Chico Dusty,” from this past year helps me reinforce that belief. With singles we have all heard, including “Shutterbug” and “Daddy Fat Sax,” this musical genius is able to keep you listening, which is hard for me, not being the biggest fan of newer hip-hop/rap releases. Love him or hate him, Kanye West consistently is pushing the boundaries for the music he releases. What stood out for me in particular with the release of “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” was Kanye’s usage of notso-common samples, including work from King Crimson, Bon Iver and Gil Scott-Heron. This album topped an unusual amount of lists as the album of the year and seemed unanimous support from even the harshest of critics. I consider this the pinnacle of West’s career and look forward to a supporting tour. At the beginning of the year, Swedish pop-star Robyn revealed to her fans that she had the intentions of releasing three albums throughout 2010. That’s quite a feat; not just for Robyn, but for any musician. Where others have tried in the past, the quality of the work seems to have diminished in an effort to up their release number. However, Robyn was able to pull it off and “Body Talk” is a cumulative release which seems to feature the best cuts from the “Body Talk” minialbums released throughout the year. I first heard of Beach House in 2006 with the release of their self-titled album and instantly became a fan. “Teen Dream” is their second album since 2006 and they are showing no signs of stopping. This dream-pop duo is sure to cheer you up from any mood you might be in. If you haven’t heard of these guys yet, add them to your musical radar. Sleigh Bells exploded on the scene. I have a tendency to see bands like these coming but it seemed like they worked in se-

cret, perfecting their sound, before releasing their debut album to much acclaim. I had the privilege of seeing this act in New York earlier this year and was blown away by not only their huge sound, but their ability to keep the crowd going 100%. I once heard a friend state they sounded like a more rhythmic, dance-friendly Crystal Castles. The album, “Treats” is one for that huge party you plan on throwing in your parents basement. Make sure you check out some of these great albums from 2010 and keep an eye out for some of 2011’s upcoming albums!



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Like many skate sessions in the past, the first spot of the Nova Slopestyle Nontest on Saturday, Jan. 15 was a no-go. Before many of the participants even got out of their cars, the park ranger told would-be contestants to turn their boards around. This situation is the ever occurring event that most skaters face when trying to find a spot to ride. After a short pow-wow, a new location was decided upon. The train of over 10 cars exited from Fountain Head Regional Park in Fairfax Station, VA. The skate spot they were looking for was not a loading dock behind a school or some public benches to grind on. Longboarders search for scary, steep and especially long hills to reach break-neck speeds on. “I was trying to go 50[mph] this weekend,” said Lee Gable, officer of the Old Dominion Longboard Club. Top speeds are only one side of the longboard scene. A separate, but equally important part to longboarding is the downhill sliding. The next location for the Nova Nontest was only a few miles down Route 123. Occoquan Regional Park in Lorton, VA was the second spot on the list. This Nontest was a friendly gettogether of nearly 40 longboarders, male and female. “It was a good turnout,” Gable said. The skaters ranged from ages 10 to older adults.

FACEBOOK.COM/XVDLONGBOARDS Gabel and Lopez coleman slide downhill in Stafford, VA.

Other attendees included the parents of some contestants and other spectators. Perhaps they were accidental spectators, because passing motorists could not miss the 40-board-strong group cruising past. The title of “nontest” was chosen because the event was meant not be a full on contest. The Nontest could be compared to a friendly or exhibition soccer match. The afternoon was intended to be one of high speeds and super slides. The Nontest was a “jam format” meaning that at the end of the day, everyone would decide who was shredding the hardest and who would win prizes given away by sponsors of the event.

Several boards and sets of wheels were prizes that were up for grabs. Sponsors included Comet and Earthwing skateboards, both from New York, and local skate shop, XVD Longboards from Norfolk, Va. The contestants of the Nontest came from all over the East Coast. Riders from New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia were all representing their boards and showing off their skills. Two of the skaters present are members of Old Dominion’s own Longboard Club. Vice President Jarrid Lopez and officer Lee Gable both shredded at the Nontest. Lopez and Gable were representing ODU and Norfolk in more

than one way. They were both showing off XVD apparel and longboards build by XVD. “We traveled up to spread the word about our skateboards and skate with other teams,” said Lee. After the Nontest had concluded, skaters went their separate ways. Some went back home and other changed locations yet again to keep shredding. Both Lopez and Gable were still up for more skating. They joined fellow XVD employees Ryan Robinson and myself at a neighborhood in Stafford, Va., to keep the wheels rolling. The skating did not end until late Saturday night and then the XVD team called it a night. On Sunday afternoon, Lopez and Gable returned to Stafford to skate new hills and try new slides. With a lot of videos and tons of pictures, team XVD packed up and headed back to Norfolk. The footage and pictures can be seen at www. Also on the website is more information about XVD and the skateboards that are made not even one block off of ODU campus. XVD uses high quality materials to make unique and one of a kind products. The boards at XVD are made and shaped by hand from bamboo or birch woods. Each board is 100% customizable from the type of wood to the hardware of your choice. Also 100% customizable is the graphic choice. Customers can choose from predesigned graphics or they can create their own design to be used on the top and bottom of the board. XVD likes to keep it local by using sand from Virginia Beach as the grip for each board. To view these graphics and to see other boards check out or stop by the shop at 852 West 44th St, right behind the ODU Village. For any questions call 757-504-0006.

FACEBOOK.COM/XVDLONGBOARDS Robinson manuals at Fountainhead National Park in Farifax Station, VA.


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37th and Zen Re-grand Opening Launch Party Far From A Disappointment by Diane Dougherty Arts & Entertainment Editor

Zen would not be the word I would use to describe the re-grand opening of 37th and Zen. Energetic, amped or out of control would be better words to describe this launch party. There was a huge turnout, big enough to where the building reached capacity and they had to turn people away at the door. From the large dance floor to the deck with an ice liquor luge, this party was extreme. The staff was super friendly and definitely made you feel welcome as soon as you entered the door. There was a DJ and a drummer, which became a really cool element for this party. The music choice was a big crowd pleaser and as busy as it was there was room on the dance floor and people even made room on the stage. 37th and Zen is a great place to mingle with friends and

strangers. The ambience made it feel more like ODU’s first local night club and not just a college bar. I’m not really sure what I was expecting when I first walked in, but the venue had a completely different feel than the local dive bars. The bartenders were really busy but they made time to get to each person and there wasn’t much of a wait on drinks. The drink prices were a little higher than I anticipated, but I think the establishment is trying to go for a more upscale appearance than what us college kids are used to. I was under the impression that the deck outside was supposed to be heated and maybe it was, but it wasn’t comfortable enough to stand out there for long periods at a time. Other than that, I think the launch party was overall a great success. They couldn’t have beat the crowd turnout and whatever changes they made within management really paid off. I think Norfolk has and will continue to accept 37th and Zen with open arms as a competitor amongst the night clubs and bars in the area and will surely become one of the local favorites.

Photos taken by Danielle Buxton



What’s inside



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spor ts

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Monarchs look to Ram VCU The Biggest Rivalry in the CAA meets for the first time this season by

Matthew McCracken Staff Writer

Rivalries thrive off of competition. Competition is what fans feed off of in search of thrill. In the instance of Old Dominion University and Virginia Commonwealth University, ear drums can be damaged due to the frequency of fans screaming profanity at the opposition. This Saturday, Jan. 22nd the Monarchs host the Rams at the Ted Constant Convocation Center in Norfolk, Va. The Monarchs are having a successful 12-4 season thus far. The Rams aren’t far behind at 12-5. Being the first meeting between the two this season, individuals fall back on statistics to predict the unknown. ODU has the slight favor due to the fact of their length and athletic intensity, but people can’t put aside VCU’s speed and agility. Due to senior point guard Joey Rodriguez’s speed, junior Bradford Burgess’ scoring ability, and the supporting cast’s effort, the Rams have averaged 73 points per game as a team. This is an exceedingly high average that will be tested by the Monarch’s defensive length and agility, which has held their opponents to a mere 59.5 points per game. With the Monarchs’ redshirt seniors Frank Hassell and Keyon Carter standing at 6’9” and 6’8”, the Monarchs are able to perform more offensive sets due to their dominance on the boards. Grabbing 40.7 rebounds per game will be an advantage over the Ram’s 32.9. Getting these rebounds will be the key to slowing down a run-and-gun offense like VCU’s. With the post game of Hassell and versatility of redshirt junior Kent Bazemore, the Monarch’s senior point guard Darius James is ODU’s backbone to success. With so many weapons on the offensive side of the ball, the spreading of the ball is a must. The Monarchs average 13.9 assists per game. On the other bench, Ram’s point guard Rodriguez plays the same role for his squad. Being surrounded by athleticism, Rodriguez and the Rams have done a good job distributing the ball this season, averaging 15.1 assists per game. The secret weapon for both of these teams is shooting from beyond the three-point arc. With the Rams possessing senior forward James Skeen, who has done well inside averaging 14.3 points per game and 7.9 rebounds per game. Old Dominion will look to push the ball out towards the arc, daring the Rams to beat

them through long-distance shooting. On the other side of the court, the Rams will be using the same tactic against the Monarch’s leading scorer in Hassell. Averaging 13.1 points per game and 9.3 rebounds per game, the Rams will shrink their defensive spread to prevent the Monarchs from getting the ball into the enormous hands of Hassell. Looking at the averages of both teams’ three point percentages, the Rams have the slight advantage averaging 36.7 percent from beyond the arc while the Monarchs aren’t far behind at 34.7 percent. The team who turns over the ball the least usually comes out with the victory. In this matchup, there is not anything more important. With the vibe of the crowd and the importance of the matchup in the CAA, both teams will resort to full-court defense in the latter part of the game. Despite the ball handling skills in the Monarch’s James and Ram’s Rodriguez, the rest of the players will be tested with their ball control and court vision. Defying exhaustion, this matchup’s intensity will increase throughout the game. Speed and agility will increase as the game goes on. Coming into the game, the Rams will have the slight advantage in the turnover game, averaging 12.3 when compared to the Monarch’s 13.4 season average. In comparison of these

two teams, some statistics are overlooked. The biggest advantage of the night is the home court advantage for the Monarchs. Going 7-1 at home this season, the Rams have struggled on the road with a record of 2-4. Although these slight advantages for either team seem useless due to the closeness of numbers, they will make the biggest difference come Saturday. Two teams that thrive off of their athleticism and intensity meet to see who truly is the beast of the CAA. Tune into Comcast Sports Net (CSN) at 4 p.m. to see which team comes out with the biggest advantage of this match-up, a “W” in the record books. Note: All stats are through Jan. 14


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CAA’s biggest rivalry ODU Students Put Rivalry In Perspective by

Justin Brown Staff Writer

How rivalries start isn’t always as important as why they continue. Sometimes teams just flat out don’t like each other. Take a look at the Jets and the Patriots, the Yankees and the Red Sox or the Capitals and the Penguins. Whether it is being in the same conference or division, or the fact that the two teams have been battling since what seems like the beginning of time, rivalries are what set the stage for greatness. Here at Old Dominion University, the Monarchs have one full-blown rival: the Virginia Commonwealth University Rams. The Rams are just another team in the Colonial Athletic Association, but the game is not just another conference matchup; it’s far more than that. It is the game that ODU students mark on their calendars as soon as the schedule comes out, it’s the game that if all else fails this season, the Monarchs must win, it’s the game where there won’t be one empty seat. “This game is going to be bigger than Georgetown and Richmond. Yes, we played a nationally ranked team and yes, we played against a team we compete hard against every year, but no game is like VCU. No game is taken to the intensity of the VCU game,” said Danielle Buxton, the president of the Monarch Maniacs. Justin Brunelle, a Ph.D. student that has been attending ODU since 2004 had a similar view and said, “The big games are big games, but nothing beats the entire 9,000 person stadium cheering against an old, long time, bitter, bitter rival.” Brunelle grew up in Virginia Beach and both of his parents are ODU graduates. He has seen his fair share of ODU sports and events, but nothing compares to what has become the CAA’s version of Duke-UNC. “You know, I’ve been going here a long time and even when my parents were going here they were talking about ODU getting football,” he said, “Even with all the hype of us getting football, VCU-ODU games were still the priority and probably the thing that I look forward to the most out of the year.” In any big rivalry, the game has to be equally important to both teams. Kyle Pierce is a senior at ODU, but came here from Richmond, “Growing up I knew about the rivalry. I saw T-shirts and saw it all over the news.” The rivalry that spans down Interstate 64 is just as important to the Monarchs as it is to the Rams, and it is going to be a scrappy battle all the way through. The game itself is going to be hard fought, as it usually is, but there is a difference this year than there has been in past years; neither team has a surefire, go-to guy. Last year, the Monarchs had all-conference forward Gerald Lee and the Rams had Larry Sanders. The years preceding, the Rams featured Eric Maynor, who is now playing the NBA. This game is going to highlight hardnosed defense, hustle, and pride. There is not going to be anything flashy, just tough basketball.

The series began in 1968 and heated up in the ‘70s, when both were members of the ECAC South, and the ‘80s, when both moved to the Sun Belt Conference. VCU has a 42-41 edge, but the series has been one-sided of late. The Rams have gone 14-6 vs. ODU since the 2001-02 season, at one point winning nine in a row.

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College Basketball hits the midway point Seminoles laid a blueprint on how to beat Duke: eliminate their jump shots by playing them tight and not allowing second chance points. The loss of freshman Kyrie Irving is really starting to hurt When Cam Newton’s Auburn Tigers beat the Oregon Ducks Jan. the Blue Devils. His ability to create off the dribble and get in the 10, I was ecstatic. Not because I was rooting for the Tigers, but inpaint has been greatly missed. Even with this loss, Duke looks like stead because it meant the end of college football. Now don’t get the best team in the nation. They’re now 15-1 overall and look me wrong, I love college football. But with bowl season now over, certain for the Final Four. it means we get college basketball almost every night of the week. With the Blue Devils’ loss, Ohio State looks to make a jump Now with preseason tournaments and most major non-conference to first in the polls. Lead by super freshman Jared Sullinger, the games over, we can focus on the nitty-gritty of conference play. Buckeyes are looking dominant at 18-0. They survived a late scare Earlier in the year I posted my preview for the upcoming season at the hands of the Michigan Wolverines Jan. 10, but continue to and listed my Final Four picks. So far? Not so hot. Both Duke and plow through opponents. The problem for the Buckeyes is their Syracuse look primed to make runs late into March, but Michigan upcoming schedule. They have only faced two ranked opponents State and Baylor have both looked quite subpar. With the season (Florida and Minnesota) and still have to travel to Illinois, Minneat its halfway mark, I’ll give my revised Final Four and teams and sota and Purdue, all very tough places to play. While the Buckeyes players you need to watch out for. remain in my Final Four, don’t expect an undefeated season. Jan. 12 title favorites Duke were handed their first loss of the Led by twin juniors, Marcus and Markieff Morris, the Kansas season to the Seminoles of Florida State. The Blue Devils came Jayhawks are now joined by star freshman Josh Selby. After missinto a hostile environment, faced a team that played excellent deing the first nine games through suspension, Selby now provides fensively (Blue Devils shot 31.4 percent from three point range the Jayhawks with a true ball handler who scores in bunches. The and finished 19-61 from the field) and didn’t get dominated on freshman is second on the team in points, averaging 13.4 points the boards (Duke barely won the rebounding battle 34-33). The per game and giving the Jayhawks a huge boost. With Coach Self motivating the team to avenge a tough loss last year to Northern Iowa in the NCAA tournament, look for the Jayhawks to continue winning well into conference season. The Big 12 looks much easier than preseason rankings (Kansas State and Baylor are both playing well under expectations), so the Jayhawks most likely have the best chance to remain undefeated. A pick for the Final Four that actually may pan out is the Syracuse Orange. Jim Boeheim continues to stress the 2-3 zone to his team and his team continues to win. While freshman Fab Melo hasn’t played to his potential, a foursome of excellent scorers leads the Orange. Juniors Kris Joseph and Scoop Jardine, senior Rick Jackson and sophomore Brandon Tiche all average doubledigit scoring, with Jackson averaging a double-double with 11.8 rebounds a game. The biggest problem facing the Orange is the conference they’re in. They have road games against three of the top ten teams as well as going to Georgetown and Louisville. The Big East remains the best conference in the NCAA and because of that it will be very difficult for the Orange to remain unbeaten. Two more Big East teams have been dominating headlines this season with both playing excellent basketball. The Connecticut Huskies, led by player of the year candidate junior Kemba Walker, have looked far better than expected. Starting off the season unranked, the Huskies rolled through top ten teams Michigan State and Kentucky en route to winning the Maui Invitational and also have a great win on the road at Texas. Walker has simply looked unstoppable all season, averaging 25.3 points per game. The Huskies have a favorable end of season schedule, avoiding games at Syracuse and at Georgetown but still must travel to Louisville and to Marquette. One of the Huskies bigger losses this season was to the Panthers of Pittsburgh, who have looked like a definite title contender. SPORTSTALK4US.BLOGSPOT.COM The Panthers rank first in the nation at 20.1 assists per game and Sullinger is another impact freshman for Ohio State averaging sixth in rebounding at 42.2 per game. The Panthers destroyed the 17.6 points per game. Huskies by 15 at home before going on the road to Georgetown

Four Unbeatens remain

HOOPDREAMZ.WORDPRESS.COM The injury to Irving is the biggest factor why Duke may not repeat as national champs.

and also winning by 15. The Panthers are led by a balanced attack headlined by junior Ashton Gibbs and senior Brad Wanamaker. Add in the post play of Gary McGhee and the Panthers could very well see themselves in Houston come March. The biggest disappointment of the season comes to Michigan State. While the Spartans possess one of the toughest non-conference schedules in the NCAA, their performance in big games has been disappointing. Losses at Duke as well as home losses to Syracuse and Texas have left the Spartans asking what’s wrong. Unfortunately, the Spartans don’t have much time to think about it. They travel to Illinois, Wisconsin, Purdue and Ohio State within the next month. Lucky for Michigan State fans, the team possesses one of the best coaches in the NCAA and will certainly improve his squad throughout the season. While the Spartans may no longer be a Final Four favorite, don’t rule them out completely. Conference play is the most exciting time of the year for college basketball fans. Rivalries are renewed and heroes are made. Expect nothing less than the best from this year’s conference games. Updated Final Four: Duke Blue Devils Syracuse Orange Kansas Jayhawks Pittsburgh Panthers

ODU Wrestling is coming home ODU Wrestling will take on George Mason Sunday by

Greg Arnold Staff Writer

Halfway through their wrestling season, the Old Dominion University wrestling team will be coming home for their first match at the Ted Constant Convocation Center. George Mason University will be their opponent for the match starting at 5:30 p.m. Although ODU is heading into the CAA Duals in Fairfax, Va. with a 2 – 6 record, their stars have shined through the entire season. The Monarchs are currently ranked 32 in the nation by The biggest and brightest of ODU’s stars is

considered by many to be redshirt senior James Nicholson. So far this season he has gone 17 – 0 in his matches. He is ranked fourth overall in the nation in his weight class of 125 pounds. At the VA Duals, Nicholson won all three of his matches. One of those matches was against Wyoming’s redshirt freshman Tyler Cox, who was ranked 19 at the time. Nicholson scored a major decision in the match as he dominated Cox 16 – 8. ODU’s head coach Steve Martin feels Nicholson has a great chance of being a major contender at the National Championships. Another weapon in ODU’s arsenal is senior Kyle Hutter. He is currently ranked 13 in his 133 weight class. Hutter finished second at the Hokie Open at the beginning of the season. At the Southern Scuffle in Greensboro, N.C. Hutter

lost a close match with Penn senior Rollie Peterkin, who is ranked fourth in their weight class. The match ended with a final score of only 6 – 4. Finishing off the three lowest weight classes for ODU is sophomore Brennan Brumley at 141 pounds. He is a 15 – 8 record so far this season. Brumley has scored a team leading three falls this season. He and others, such as redshirt freshman Eric Dunnet, will be looking to be a major part of the team as ODU moves forward after seniors Nicholson and Hutter leave the team. An obstacle that ODU and Coach Martin will have to find an answer for is George Mason’s redshirt junior Cayle Byers. Byers wrestles in the 197 pound weight class in which he is ranked fourth overall in the nation. He has an outstanding record of 16 – 1, with his only loss coming in

a tight match against Cornell’s Cam Simaz, who is ranked first nationally. This will prove to be quite a test for ODU freshman Jacob Henderson who has wrestled the 197 pound weight class for ODU. His record so far this year is 5 – 11. After a short trip away, ODU’s wrestling team will have four matches at home in ten days, beginning on Feb. 10. Two of those teams will be two of ODU’s biggest rivalries in Virginia Tech on Feb. 10 and University of Virginia on Feb. 20. At the beginning of the year ODU’s team made a few goals for the year, one of those, to beat Virginia Tech. Another goal was to beat Virginia. They will have their chance to do both of these, and the students have a chance to help cheer them on as they go against some of their fiercest competitors.


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Getting Defensive AFC Championship Game Features Two Great Defenses by

Ben Decowski Staff Writer

After an intense weekend of rivalry games in the AFC, it is the New York Jets that will travel to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers in the American Football Conference Championship game on Sunday, Jan. 23. The Steelers (13-4) defeated the rival Baltimore Ravens (13-5) to advance and the Jets (13-5) defeated the rival Patriots (14-3) to move on. Both the Steelers and the Jets showed a lot of heart in the victories that launched them into the AFC title game. These are two teams that have defensive identities and are known for being hard-nosed teams. The Steelers had the second ranked defense behind the San Diego Chargers during the regular season and the Jets were behind them with the third ranked defense. This game will most likely be a defensive struggle without many flashy plays. The Jets head coach Rex Ryan has one of the biggest personalities in the NFL and his team resembles that. Ryan has publicly announced that his team’s playoff games against the Patriots and Indianapolis Colts were “personal,” but this week the shoe may be on the other foot. The Jets faced the Steelers in week 15 of the regular season and won 22-17 in Pittsburgh and the Steelers will surely be looking for revenge. The Jets best player is obviously Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis, who is one of the best shutdown corners in league history. On the other side of Revis is cornerback Antonio Cromartie who is not as fundamentally sound but an athletic freak. Linebacker Bart Scott is also a star player on the Jets defense and has followed Ryan from Baltimore to New York after Ryan left the Ravens to become the head coach of the Jets two years ago. On the offensive side of the ball the Jets are a run heavy team. With future Hall of Fame running back LaDainian Tomlinson lead-

ing the way, the Jets finished the regular season fourth in run offense. Tomlinson has a great backup in Shonn Greene with whom he splits time with. Green rushed for 76 yards and a touchdown against the Patriots that helped seal the victory. The Jets also have a great offensive line that finished ninth overall in the regular season that surely helped out the run game. At quarterback is Mark Sanchez, who has looked brilliant at times and awful at others. Sanchez is in his second season in the NFL and threw for 3,291 yards, 17 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Sanchez is no Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but he is a good young quarterback. Sanchez has a plethora of weapons to use with a wide receiver core that includes a former Super Bowl MVP in Santonio Holmes and a former first round pick in Braylon Edwards. Jerricho Cotchery is a good No. 3 receiver to have catching 41 passes for 433 yards and two touchdowns. Tight end Dustin Keller is also a good target for Sanchez after pulling in 55 catches for 687 yards and five touchdowns this season. Sanchez will have to get the ball to these players if the Jets want to have a real shot at beating the Steelers. The Steelers have a number of great players, but their greatest player is Pro Bowl safety Troy Polamalu. Polamalu had seven interceptions this season and returned one of them for a touchdown. He is the leader of the defense and what every young safety strives to be. Also on the Pittsburgh defense is Pro Bowl outside linebacker James Harrison. Harrison is two years removed from being the defensive MVP and recorded 10.5 sacks and two interceptions along with 100 tackles during this season. Harrison is a feared linebacker across the league and he is known for delivering vicious hits to opposing players. It is Harrison and Polamalu that set the tone for the Pittsburgh defense and they will both need to turn in big performances against the Jets. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is the star of the offense. After serving a four game suspension for violating the league’s personal conduct policy to start the season, Roethlisberger has played like the two time Super Bowl champion that he is. He threw for 3,200 yards, 17 touchdowns and five interceptions in the 12 games that he was active during the regular season. Those are pretty much

For all the cheese Packers face the Bears in Rivalry Matchup for NFC Title by

Ben Decowski Staff Writer

It all started on Sunday, Jan. 2 when the Green Bay Packers welcomed the Chicago Bears to Lambeau Field for the final game of the regular season. The game seemingly meant nothing to the Bears, who were 11-4 at the time and had locked up the number two seed in the playoffs. For the 9-6 Packers, it was win or go home. Their determination pulled them through to a 10-3 victory over Chicago to grant them admission into the playoffs. Three weeks removed from that pivotal game the Bears (12-5) will take on the Packers (12-6) at Soldier Field on Sunday, Jan. 23, in the National Football Conference Championship game. The two teams share one of the league’s oldest rivalries, dating back to 1919 when both teams were established. Amazingly, it is only the second time that the two teams will have met in the playoffs, the only other postseason meeting being a 1941 game in which the Bears won 33-14. The matchup, which will be the third of the season after splitting two regular season games, is sure to be a good one. Both of the teams feature great defenses that have given headaches to offensive coordinators around the league. These defenses find ways to be effective in two very different ways, with Green Bay running 3-4 defensive scheme and Chicago running a 4-3 scheme.

The Packers 3-4 scheme, which means having three down linemen and four linebackers, is fueled by Pro Bowl outside linebacker Clay Matthews. Matthews has compiled 13.5 sacks throughout the regular season and three so far in the playoffs. Matthews will surely be crowding the line and bringing the pressure on Sunday to try to force Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler into making a bad throw. The Packers defense is also driven by Pro Bowl defensive backs Charles Woodson and Nick Collins. Woodson, last year’s defensive MVP, has five forced fumbles and two interceptions this season. Collins has four interceptions on the year, but also makes his mark as a great tackler with 70 on the year. Cornerback Tramon Williams has also come up big so far during this postseason recording three interceptions in two games, the most of any player in the postseason thus far. The Bears 4-3 scheme, meaning that there are four down linemen and three linebackers, relies heavily on Pro Bowlers Brian Urlacher at middle linebacker and Julius Peppers at defensive end. Urlacher has been a tackling machine recording 125 in his 11th season in the NFL. Urlacher has been the long time leader of the Chicago defense and has been one of the all time greats. Peppers has recorded eight sacks, three forced fumbles and two interceptions in his first season with the bears after leaving the Carolina Panthers as a free agent last offseason. For both offenses, the success lies in the hands of the quarterbacks. Both teams feature young stars in Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers

the same numbers that Sanchez had throughout and entire 16 game season. Roethlisberger also has his fair share of weapons to use. Wide receiver Hines Ward is a former Super Bowl MVP and has been a reliable Steeler since 1998. Ward caught 59 passes for 755 yards and five touchdowns in his 12th NFL season and has been a sure handed target for Roethlisberger. Second year wide receiver Mike Wallace had a breakout season this year, catching 60 passes for 1,257 yards and 10 touchdowns. Tight end Heath Miller is also a solid option after catching 42 catches for 512 yards and two touchdowns this season. The Steelers also run the ball their fair share. Third year running back Rashard Mendenhall, who rushed for 1,273 yards and 13 touchdowns, was another breakout player for the Steelers. Mendenhall has big play ability and his size, 5 foot 10 inches, makes it easy for defenses to lose him on the field. The Steelers’ offensive line has been a weak spot on the team, ranking 25th overall and allowing 43 sacks. Fortunately for them, Roethlisberger is good at evading defensive players and is hard to bring down. Look for the Jets to bring the pressure on this offensive line. Both of these teams are very good teams. They are extremely similar and play with a lot of attitude. The only big difference between the two teams is the play of the offensive line and the quarterback. The Jets offensive line is miles ahead of the Steelers and Roethlisberger is clearly the better quarterback than Sanchez. This game will be a tough matchup and in no way should there be a blowout. My pick for this game is that the Steelers defeat the Jets 24-17 and head to Dallas to get a chance at a seventh Super Bowl title. The Steelers simply have too much more playoff experience of the Jets and in a big game like this experience goes a long way. Roethlisberger is a great playoff quarterback and Sanchez struggles with consistency. This game can easily go to the Jets though as the game is too closely matched to confidently predict. This game is going to be a dog fight and the meanest dog will come out on top.

and Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler. This game will most likely come down to which quarterback can have a better performance. Aaron Rodgers has been playing out of his mind through the playoffs, throwing three touchdowns and no interceptions in both games that the Packers have played. Rodgers dismantled the No. 1 seeded Atlanta Falcons, completing 31 of 36 passes for 366 yards in a 48-21 victory. Rodgers also rushed for 356 yards and four touchdowns during the regular season which is the most rushing yards of any quarterback, behind the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, who rushed for 676 yards. Rodgers’ versatility is what makes him such a special player, and it will be up to the Bears defense to contain him. Jay Cutler has been somewhat of a mystery in the NFL the past couple of years after leaving the Denver Broncos after the 2008 season for the Bears and then throwing 26 interceptions in the 2009 season. It seems that Cutler has gotten it together this year though, throwing 23 touchdown passes and only 16 interceptions in an offense that has largely relied on the pass. Cutler also put these numbers up with little help. Wide receiver Johnny Knox was tied with running back Matt Forte for the most receptions on the team at 51. Knox led the team in receiving yards with 960. Wide receiver Earl Bennett had the second most with 561 yards, so the fact that Cutler could finish with 3,274 yards and 23 touchdowns without a 1,000 yard receiver says a lot about his play. Cutler also accounted for four touchdowns in the Bears playoff game against the Seattle Se-

ahawks, which the Bears won 35-24. Both teams’ weaknesses rest within the offensive line. The Bears let up a league worst 56 sacks during the regular season, while the Packers were tied with four other teams that let up 38 sacks. The defenses will be sure to exploit this glaring problem and it will surely affect both teams’ offensive game plans. This game has the added value of a being a rivalry game, so no doubt it will be a hard fought game. It also features two teams that sport great defenses that will go up against shaky offensive lines. Even though both of these teams have good young quarterbacks, this matchup will most likely be fairly low scoring due to the makeup of the teams. There will be a lot of pressure on Rodgers and Cutler, and it will limit what they do with the ball as far as the vertical passing game goes. Look for a lot of underneath passes to tight ends and running backs. There is a small chance of a blowout in this game and it can go either way. Looking at the lineup of both teams, an educated guess would be that the Packers make the Bears pay for letting them in the playoffs and pull a win out to head to Super Bowl XLV. The Packers just seem to have a more complete team. They have much better wide receivers in Pro Bowler Greg Jennings and Donald Driver. Their offensive line is also better than the Bears’, even though that’s not saying much. My final score prediction is 20-14 Green Bay. Either way, this game looks to be an interesting one.


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s ’ n o s Garri




Just when you thought that the life of LeBron James could not be filled with any more controversy, James once again put his foot in his mouth. During a Cleveland Cavaliers

what seemed like 100 point loss the L.A. Lakers James decided to tweet. “Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!” Well, James found how crazy karma his very next game, when James playing against the Clippers sprained his ankle. The worst part about this situation is James decided to attempt to back out of the tweet. James tried to say that it was someone else who sent him that tweet, and he was tweeting it for him. Please. So, LeBron I don’t feel sorry that you’re hurt. And because of last weeks terrible display LeBron you are on this weeks Scrub-o-meter.







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opinions For Crying out Loud Honors’ video crosses the line


Christian Ernst News Editor

The Navy prides itself on its highest ranking officers, but one of them, Capt. Owen Honors, was recently removed from his command of the USS Enterprise for his poor conduct as executive officer of the ship just three years ago.

Capt. Honors made several videos with ranging content during 2006 and 2007, while he was the ship’s executive officer, or the commanding officer’s deputy. The videos had several scenes considered to be offensive by many. Although the material is offensive, the bigger problem is that the equipment, personnel and technology used was professional equipment paid for by the Navy. This was not a one-time bad judgment call. The videos were a series, and what seems to be a time consuming one. Many people were involved, and these were people that were paid to be on a ship protecting our country. A leader of a crew of 6,000 people, paid for with tax dollars, abused his powers and he deserved to lose his position as a captain. Many people considered Honors to be a good leader who didn’t deserve to lose his job. Although some leadership skills may have been present, ones that can’t be seen from the outside, his communication and decision-making skills seem flawed. Often people say videos like these happen often while on deployment, but that doesn’t make them right. Sure, people have free time and do things to take that up and get their mind off of deploy-


By Stuart Miller Editor in Chief The first week of spring semester comes with a lot of things, getting used to the weekly grind, standing in line for books and trying not to break every New Years resolution you’ve made. I have one thing to say about it: Deal with it. Every start to the semester is a little rocky unless you’re one of the few college students who spend the weekend leading up to classes actually thinking about them. But a new semester brings new hope. Hope of making the dean’s list, hope of maintaining an actual schedule and hope of heading into finals fully prepared (for once). I found that all of this is possible if you can stay organized. One of the biggest problems I feel that college students run into is the ability to stay organized. Some people use paper and pencil to map out their coveted “to-do” lists, others take a more technological route, using whatever device keeps them from actual human contact the most. But I have found it best to use an everyday planner. The physical action of opening to a specific date and writing (remember that?) things down I feel almost burns a hole in your brain to remember what you recorded. While organization is key to a successful semester, the motivation behind that is even more of an important factor. The biggest problem I had last semester was staying motivated. Yes, class work can be a huge pain in the ass and a constant influx of papers and tests can be overwhelming, but it can all be handled with ease. After the semester I had last semester I figured out what my problem with staying motivated was. I wasn’t doing enough. Not to say I wasn’t doing enough work, but more in terms of a schedule. While I had my extracurriculars with the newspaper and radio, I still found myself with countless hours at my disposal with nothing to do. That was the problem; too many hours sitting around hating my boredom and looking for something to do and when I finally thought of something to do, I’d be unmotivated to do it because I had already settled my lazy self in whatever chair was most comfortable. I vowed to make a change. The hours of sitting around

were counterproductive to the point they were starting to affect the hours I spent on the things that I loved. I chose to attack this semester in a different way. My mentality was to flood my schedule with so much to do that I wouldn’t have the option of “down time” until it was absolutely time for it. With hopes of accomplishing this new lifestyle, I knew that sacrifices had to be made, but would you rather sacrifice your social life or your chance at a quality college education? And if you had to think about the answer to that last question, you probably shouldn’t be attending college in the first place. The first thing I evaluated was my sleep schedule, which I realized was basically non-existent. Obviously, a constant sleep schedule of seven hours a night is hard to come by, but it’s definitely possible. I started forcing myself to go to bed at a reasonable hour (11 p.m. instead of 2 a.m.) in order to wake up early for the gym, which was another thing I added to my daily routine. I found that there is nothing that gets you focused and ready for the day more than a good night’s sleep and a gym regimen, and when you add a balanced diet to that you’re unstoppable. Maybe the doctor actually has been right all these years? After figuring out the hours I should be sleeping, I filled the rest of the day with things to do. Keep in mind not every part of the day is going to be exciting, but the buildup of possible mundane tasks will make the day fly by which, in turn, will make you excited when you reach the end of the day feeling accomplished while still somewhat rested. Some of these tasks may be as basic as catching up with a sibling or relative for 10 minutes or hours depending on which relative you choose to call that day. However, some of the tasks may be as complex (at least to some students) as actually reading before class instead of realizing what the teacher is talking about halfway through your 50 minute class. The overall point I’m trying to get across is that preparation helps no matter how painful it may be to actually grow up and actually start acting like the adult that you are or supposed to be. It takes a few simple steps to get into a killer routine, but these steps are the size of the Grand Canyon for some. But, fear not my devout practitioners of the art of procrastination. You’ll have your wake-up call one day, whether you realize it yourself, your parents help you by cutting off paying your tuition or the university helps you in the form of an academic suspension. It is inevitable to happen one way or another. When it does come, don’t cower in terror and flee for Canada. Simply take a step back and think about what is important in life and what you love to do; the rest will fall into place.

ment. It is understandable, but in the same light, Capt. Honors was a captain. He was a high ranking official on a major nuclear vessel. He was about to deploy when these videos surfaced in the Virginian-Pilot. This raises the stakes in what he did. Leaders are held to a different accountability for a reason. They have responsibilities that can make or break situations for an entire country. They can make decisions that risk the lives of thousands of people, in this case 6,000 people. While many question the Navy’s decision to relieve Capt. Honors of his duties, it is reasonable. Sure, this may cost Honors many opportunities, and his career may be ruined, but he brought this upon himself. He had poor decision-making skills, and the Navy has no reason to trust such an officer. If a high-ranking business officer in any business used the company’s materials and employees to create a similar video, he or she would likely be fired or relieved of duty. What makes the Navy any different? Their business is of even greater importance, and they need to be sure that the people in charge are responsible and honorable, traits Capt. Honors seems to lack.

That’s G

In Case You Missed It


Garrison Cole Sports Editor

Since this is my first column of the New Year, I want to make a point of talking about a couple of topics that I was unable to touch on over the last three weeks. First, the past two weekends are all the evidence needed to show why the NFL, not Major League Baseball, is the pastime of this great nation. Nothing is greater than the NFL and the playoffs just emphasize that point. Second, and as much as it pains me to type this, the Miami Heat are very good. I knew that they would be good, but I had no idea they could be this good. Before LeBron James sprained his ankle, the Heat won a ridiculous 21 of 22 games. Dwayne Wade has been the Heat’s best player, and been playing at an MVP level all season long. The Heat win on the road and the Big 3’s length on the defensive end make it difficult for teams on the offensive end. However, at this point I still don’t think the Heat are better than a healthy Boston Celtics. Kevin Love and Blake Griffin deserve to be on the All-Star team for the Western Conference. Period. I know fans vote and it is a popularity contest, but if these two guys are not on the team, it would be a shame. Most people don’t get to see Kevin Love since he plays in basketball exile in Minnesota. However, Love has had a great season thus far, compiling 36 doubledoubles and six 20-20 efforts. Griffin on the other hand has been better than

advertised. After missing all of what would have been his rookie campaign a year ago, Griffin has returned this year as a man child. He is averaging 22 points and almost 13 rebounds a game. And he is guaranteed to produce one highlight reel play every single night he steps out on the floor. In a year where most thought John Wall would run away with the rookie of the year crown, it’s Griffin who is virtual lock to take that crown. I applaud Andrew Luck’s decision to return for his junior year on the basis of wanting to graduate with his teammates and his class. I am also completely in favor with anybody who wants to get their education. However, I still think that, in terms of making the best decision for business, Luck made the incorrect choice. He would have been the No. 1, pick no questions asked, as the Carolina Panthers had already made it clear that they would have selected him. Luck now has to play out next season in hopes of not injuring himself and losing millions of dollars. The beauty of the whole thing for Luck is whenever he decides to come out he should be the No. 1 pick. Because of the impending labor negotiations, his decision to stay is one that shouldn’t be scrutinized too much. The college football season ended and restarted with the bowl season. The national championship game was great theater. It was everything that fans could have asked for in a championship game, albeit artificially. The 37-day layoff could have been used to have a playoff, like the FCS’s way of deciding a champion on the field. Now as the NFL winds down, and the NBA season starts to heat up and college basketball now is into the heart of conference season, this is one of the best times of the year to be a sports fan. Now that we are all caught up we can get back to being lazy and in front of a television.


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Weekly Whims


by Alyssa Narvell Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

By Danielle Buxton Photography Director Oh John Harbough, that facial expression is one that I have seen before. In fact, I’ve seen this very look every year since you have been the coach of the Baltimore Ravens. This is the look of disappointment that comes after every playoff loss that you have endured since you became the coach of my beloved Ravens. By looking at this picture, I feel for you because I can probably guess what you are thinking. The look on your face translates to, “Really! Not again.” That look could also say, “We had this game. What happened?” This is the look of defeat. Out of your three seasons of being the Baltimore Ravens coach, your rival opponent, the Pittsburgh Steelers have ended your season twice. Not to mention that both of the losses came in the postseason. Your facial expression looks like you were embarrassed in all extremities. This is a look of embarrassment that comes from your team winning at halftime 21-7 and losing the overall game 31-24. This is a look that I am tired of seeing. This is the look of I know my weaknesses yet I still can’t overcome them. We do share something in common. The thing that we share is that simple look on your face. I saw this because when this game went final, I just stared. And that’s exactly what I think you are doing. Staring. Staring at Heinz Field after losing a game that you should have won. The expression of being confused as to asking ourselves, what just happened? How did it happen? You look like you are confused as to why did I dominate so much in the first half yet I was demolished in the second? You look like you’re a little cold. You’re face is red but then again that could also mean embarrassment. Either or, I think the cold air really brings out this look on you

OURPOLITICSBLOG.COM John Harbough after the loss to Pittsburgh in the AFC Divisional Playoff Game.

John Harbough. I hope you’re feeling some type of anger in this look. I hope you’re frustrated because I’m getting a little angry looking at this photo. I’m angry because you clearly out-coached Mike Tomlin in the first half but he outcoached you when the game was at its crucial points. Although I have bashed you in this entire article, I will commend you on one thing. Even though, you have this expression on your face that I could describe forever, your head is held high. You are not looking at the ground in this look of despair. You are taking this loss like a true champion just by having your head up. John Harbough, you have been Caught! You were caught having the same expression year after year when you lose in the playoffs. Hopefully you take this look into perspective and say, I despise looking this way. This look doesn’t look good on you John! I hope this look means that next season we will stay consistent the entire game. I hope that I never have to see this look on you again

School is back in session, Monarchs. It’s time to say “ciao” to Winter Break and welcome to the spring semester. A new semester means new classes, new teachers, new school supplies, new resolutions, and new acquaintances. But, this also means new first day jitters. You know what i’m talking about- as soon as the morning before your first class rolls around, anxiety sets in. Thoughts of what you should wear, if your teacher will be a cantankerous troll or if they will be slack, if there will be any smokin’ hot girls or boys in your class, or if you will be able to stay awake in class throughout the semester clutters your mind. Also, what if you can’t find your classroom? Or, even worse, what if you walk into the wrong classroom? Talk about embarrassing. There is a lot of pressure on the first day of school. You want and need to make a good first impression, right? Then, there’s also that awkward first step into the classroom, where you walk in and everyone’s eyes seem to be set on you. While everyone is glaring, your eyes are aimlessly looking around for a place to sit. Should you sit in front of the class? Or in the back so if you doze off the teacher won’t notice as much? Then, as soon as you sit down in your carefully selected seat that you claim as your comfort spot for the rest of the semester, you start to look around at the scene of your classroom. You check out the

people in front of you, and then pretend you are scanning the room’s decor, but in actuality, you are deciphering who is in your class. I mean, you need to start thinking about who your potential new friends or study buddies might be, right? So many decisions, and so little time. Oh, and then comes the ever-loving, notorious ice breakers. Teachers force you to inform the entire class of a short biography of yourself. Usually, you will need to state your name, major, class standing, and a “fun fact” about yourself. One of these days, just want to take advantage of that “fun fact” and make it exceptionally fun. Maybe even embellish it a bit... like say I was a princess of Andorra who is also an undercover spy and received the silver medal from the 2008 Olympic Handball competitions. I think that sounds pretty fun. Or I could just be like the guy in my history class and make my fun fact about the sweater i’m wearing and how I got it for Christmas. (Yeah, he sounds like a really exciting guy to me.) The good news is, there is a lot of pre-first day things that you can do which will help put those butterflies in your stomach to rest. Keep these helpful hints in mind for next semester: map out where your classes are a head of time, put your confidence on, get to class 10 minutes early to get first dibs on your ideal seat, and put your thinking cap on. All of these tactics will decrease awkwardness and help you have a phenomenal first day of class.

Here’s Your Tip

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The Diary of Waitress

by Diane Dougherty Arts & Entertainment Editor

I have come to find that there is no worse business to be in during your college years than in the business of waiting tables. In high school, waiting tables wasn’t a chore for me; I had a constant extra cash flow that allotted me my weekly shopping binge, guilt free. Now, waiting tables is agonizing. I haven’t decided if the reasoning behind my agony is because I’m currently working towards a degree and feel that waiting tables is “so high school” or just because I’ve finally realized that I don’t understand why in the world I say thank you to my tables when I drop the check off like I’ve enjoyed serving them hand and foot for the past hour or so. Either way, I’ve decided that I’m going to share my serving saga with all of you; through the trials and tribu-

lations of the experiences I’ve had and are currently having while being a waitress. I believe everyone needs a tutorial on how to tip well because apparently no one got the memo. It’s unfortunate how many families don’t teach their children to tip and it’s even more unfortunate if they teach them how to tip poorly. You would not believe the conversations I’ve heard in passing while at work when people are sitting at their tables discussing how much of a tip they’re going to leave; “This food took too long to come out, I’m not giving her a good tip,” or “Three dollars on 40, that’s a good tip, right?” If you weren’t aware, people who don’t know how to tip, the servers don’t control how long it takes to make the food; that’s not their job. The correct way to tip is 15 percent or higher. Use your tip calculator on your phone if you’re confused. Now I might sound like I’m complaining; that’s because I am. Servers only way of paying their bills is through their tips. We get paid $2.15 an hour and I assure you that isn’t enough to feed a small mouse every week, let alone a person. So here’s your tip: Tip well, unless you had really crappy service; then you might want to leave a life tip inste



CELL: 703-727-0034




WEEKLY RECYCLING SITE WHEN: Every Wednesday from 10 am until 2 pm January 26th through April 27th WHERE: In front of Webb Center next to the Lion Come bring all of your acceptable recyclables to our table in front of Webb every Wednesday. Help get Recycle Mania off to a great start. Grab a new copy of the Mace while you are at it, and bring it back next week with your other recyclables listed below.


-Flattened cardboard (must be sized to fit in cart with lid closed) -Newspaper and inserts -Magazines and catalogs -Phone books -Paperback books -Mail -Office paper and scrap paper -Paper bags and food boxes (no liners) -Frozen food boxes -Juice boxes -Clean milk jugs and cartons (rinsed) -Clean plastic containers #1-#5 (food, detergent, shampoo, etc. Labels are ok, discard lids and caps) -Aluminum cans -Steel or tin cans -Glass bottles and jars (labels are ok, discard lids and caps)

DON’T BRING THESE -Food residue or garbage -Plastic bags -Styrofoam containers or peanuts -Paper towels, plates or napkins -Diaper or rags -Plastic take-out containers -Plastic trays -Food wrap -Toxic containers (oil, antifreeze, pesticides) -Aluminum foil, foil trays -Aerosol cans -Needles or syringes -Scrap metal, knives or scissors -Ceramics or dishes -Light bulbs -Mirrors or window glass -Yard waste or leaves


S1 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 12/08/10

sundr y

FRIDAY 21: 42°

SATURDAY 22: 35°

SUNDAY 23: 39°

[SUHN-DREE] (look it up)

Mace & Crown


CORINNE FISHER Freshman Sister of Alpha Phi


SIMONE ALSTON Junior Psychology Major


Planning on buying books this semester?

How many New Years Resolutions have you broken?

Skipped a class yet?

How long did you wait for your ODU vs VCU ticket?

Who’s going to win the Superbowl?

Did you watch Big Blue win the Mascot Challenge?

No they are too expensive

Just about all the ones involving being a good girl this semester

Nope.. Wait Yes.. Well sort of.. I had to get my VCU ticket!

from 9:20 until 11:30; the girl handing out tickets was slow

I was hoping for the Eagles, but now i’m pulling for the Patriots

Yes!!! i was waiting for that day to come all break


Four of them


Ten minutes and I left

Green Bay all the way


Yes and no, rented and bought 2

Didn’t make any


Hour and a half




None, because I didn’t make any. I’m antiresolution making

Not yet, but I plan on it.

I didn’t.

What sport is that again?

No I didn’t. And I didn’t know our mascot’s name was Big Blue either.

I already bought them

I didn’t make any because i would probably just break them

No way. I go to all my classes.

I get my tickets from my no time at all

The Bears

Yes I did I know the mascot personally


BRETT CASTELLAT Freshman - Puzzle #5 for January 15, 2011 Across 1- Nonsense; 5- Gave a hoot; 10- Face concealment; 14- Burn soother; 15- Declaim; 16- It’s blown among the reeds; 17- Scorch; 18- Drops; 19- Actress Anderson; 20- Goose flesh; 23- Call on; 24Hosp. workers; 25- Foundation; 33- Battery terminal; 34- “That smarts!”; 35- Monetary unit of Afghanistan; 36- Baseball glove; 37- Everglades bird; 39- Grounded fleet; 40- Suffix with Capri; 41California’s ___ Valley; 42- Minotaur’s home; 43- Obligation; 47- Apr. addressee; 48- Single unit; 49- Headache and pain reliever; 56- Assignment; 58- ___ Gay; 59- Alley; 60- Eye sore; 61- Atlas feature; 62- Sea eagles; 63- Ovid, e.g.; 64- ___ Dame; 65- Gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans; Down 1- Beat up; 2- Bread spread; 3- Fly; 4- German Mister; 5- Person who makes casks; 6- Military organizations; 7- Complain; 8- Bluesy James; 9- Self-_____: always disabled with 00:01 left; 10- A rural soviet; 11- Black, in poetry; 12- Charged particle; 13- Wreath of flowers; 21- Aha!; 22- Foot part; 25- Bring together; 26- Short letters; 27- Banned insecticide; 28- Japanese gateway; 29- Feel bad about; 30- Overturn; 31- Like lousy roads; 32- Additional; 33- Cupid; 37- German physicist; 38- Baseball execs; 39- Hindu title; 41- Achy; 42- 1963 role for Liz; 44- Paling; 45- Hot water tank; 46- From birth; 49- ___ sow, so shall...; 50- ___ Domini; 51- Lion’s share; 52- Entreaty; 53- Heavenly strings; 54- Feminizing suffix; 55- Capone’s nemesis; 56- Recipe abbr.; 57- From ___ Z;




wednesday 12/08/10 | MACE & CROWN | S2

RECYCLE ME pick up a copy every wednesday

Have a rant about someone or something in the Monarch Nation? Let the MACE & CROWN know! Please submit your MONARCH ROAR to the new website

MACEANDCROWN.COM It will remain anonymous!!

MONARCH ROARS are screened during their selection process and must meet certain requirements in order to be considered for publishing. They must not: • contain illegal or defamtory statements • threaten a certain person or organization • be sent in by any Student Media professional or student staff TELL ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!! HELP MAKE THIS A STAPLE AT ODU!!!

Vol. 52 Issue 12 - Jan. 19  

Vol. 52 Issue 12 - Jan. 19

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