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WEDNESDAY | 6.26.2013 | MaceandCROWN.COM | Vol. 56, Issue 1

Matthew Sullivan

Faculty, Staff Invest in Old Dominion By: Jessica Scheck Staff Writer Mace & Crown Old Dominion University not only enriches its students, faculty and staff, but the university has also found ways to financially support its various departments. It was 897 faculty and staff members that contributed more than $300,000 during the Campus Community Campaign’s annual funding for 2013, a project that gave back to the campus. “It’s amazing how the volunteers get so excited each week to see how many [staff members] within their departments had given. They were such a great group of people. They all care so much about the university they work for and the students they serve,” said Elli Goyette, the assistant director of Direct Marketing for the Dominion Fund. The campaign was held from March 20 through May 10 and 39 percent of employees on the ODU campus contributed. The campaign allowed donators to choose which ODU department, college, scholarship fund or athletic team would receive their gifts. The College of Arts and Letters, the Darden College of Education and the Office of Facilities Management were the top participators for this year.

This year’s total surpassed the CCC’s goal by nearly $60,000 and succeeded last year’s total contributions by more than $80,000. “It doesn’t surprise me that the faculty and staff at ODU would raise more money this year than last,” Goyette said. Various incentives were offered to faculty and staff members who participated, including a chance to win a reserved parking space for one year for those that gave $100 or more, and an ice cream social for the department(s) that had the highest participation. The CCC is a program within the Dominion Fund, which strives to create more financial support aside from tuition payments and state allocations to the university. According to Goyette, tuition each year only makes up about 25 percent of the total cost of an ODU education. “The CCC is a piece of the puzzle that makes up that gap. Private donations are essential to maintain the high levels of quality and excellence that Old Dominion University provides,” she said. For the campaign, 23 different faculty and staff members represented different departments on the ODU campus. Leading this year’s drive was CCC co-chairs Charles Sukenik, a professor and chair of the department of Physics and Linda Baker, a program advisor for ODU’s U.S. Army



Cadet Command with the Department of Military Science & Leadership. Although faculty and staff members could choose to give to multiple departments within ODU, gifts were most popularly given to ODU athletics and the Educational Foundation, which support

What’s to do around ODU? pg.B1

academic programs. “By supporting the area of the University that mean the most to them, faculty and staff make a significant impact on many of the projects, programs, research and scholarships that make Old Dominion so successful. It also sends a message to the

Five Good T’s for Fresh Meat pg.B3

Hampton Roads community that ODU is a great place to work because its own employees care enough to give back,” Goyette said. For more information on the Dominion Fund and its various campaigns, be sure to visit


NBA Finals Recap pg.C1

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NEWS Mace & Crown Staff :

Robotics Lab Hosts Autistic Teens in Social Experiment

Derek Page Editor-in-Chief

ODU/EVMS study finds students using math and science methods to their advantage

Jessica Scheck News Editor Dominique Bailey Arts & Entertainment Editor Jordan Jones Sports Editor Aaron Roland Copy Editor Ellison Gregg Photography Editor Jonathan Kwok Senior Graphic Designer James Porter II Advertising Director Sean Burke Webmaster DeAngelo Thorpe Distribution Manager Mitchell Brown Assistant Sports Editor Senior Writer: Brian Jerry Staff Writers: Eryn Tolley Kadeem Porter Emma Needham Eric Smith Meghan Larson Staff Photographers: Rachel Chasin AJ McCafferty Taylor Roy Claud Dargan Marlie De Clerk Chris Ndiritu Ari Gould Mace & Crown is a newspaper published by and written for the students of Old Dominion once a week throughout each semester and once in the summer. Originally founded in 1930 as the The High Hat, the paper became the Mace & Crown in 1961. The Mace & Crown is a primarily self-supporting newspaper,maintaining journalistic independance from the university. All views expressed in this collegiate paper are those of the author, not of the University, Mace & Crown, or the editors. Contact Information: Phone: 757-683-3452 Fax: 757-683-3459 Advertising: 757-683-4773

By. Brian Jerry Senior Writer Mace & Crown Assistant professor of engineering at Old Dominion Chung-Hao Chen was asked by a tech company whether he knew any engineering graduates who were on the high-functioning end of autism, a disorder characterized by difficulties communicating and making relationships. Chen thought the question was a bit odd, but research showed companies recruiting people with autism as computer programmers and product testers because of their attention to detail. “Because autistic people are very focused on particular things, they can keep looking and looking for a problem without getting tired,” Chen said. “When we design programs, it’s tedious work. They seek the detail to fix the problem. They are very focused.” Chen searched for a way to get kids to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math, so this seemed like a perfect match. He met with Dr. Maria Urbano, director of the Autism Spectrum Disorders Program for Older Adolescents & Young Adults at Eastern Virginia Medical School, to devise a 12-week program. Studies showed that high school students with and without the disorder would work with college engineering students to build small robots powered by computers. What these students lacked in picking up social cues like sarcasm and facial

expressions, they sometimes made up for and excelled in understanding predictable systems. Additional studies and observational anecdotes showed that people with autistic traits have a higher aptitude for math and technology. They are more likely to understand machines, computer programs and technological systems because of logistics. So using their interests to get them to form relationships could make sense.The experiment could help them transition into real-world work settings. In April six students with autism, ages 14 to 17, sat at three lab tables in Kaufman Hall. Three high school and engineering students without autism served as a control group for the experiment. The experiment found the students opening up their experiences of being teased about being autistic. The study also found one student using the experiment to better channel her anger into a more positive response. Catherine Semmler, a 15-year-old from Virginia Beach sat at the middle table. She is on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum. “Just the fact that I get to do hands-on stuff is great,” she said of her ability to use her attentive detail to solve the project. She seems like the typical freshman girl, but according to her mother, Natalie Semmler, her overly enthusiastic nature while pursuing a narrow band of interests, her conviction that she’s always right and her reluctance to yield to others can make teamwork difficult. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 88 chil-

Alumnae soar in Prestigious Teach for America Ranks ODU education grads excel in program, give back in different states By. Brian Jerry Senior Writer Mace & Crown A pair of Old Dominion University alumnae are currently teaching in the highly competitive Teach for America program, which places select college graduates in classrooms largely populated by children from low-income families. English major and December 2011 graduate Erin Ford and May 2012 human services graduate Briana Foster joined Teach for America last year with twoyear commitments. The federally funded program is administered by the national service organization AmeriCorps. After attending five weeks of training, Ford and Foster began teaching classrooms in Nevada and South Carolina, respectively, in August. Ford currently teaches preschool in Las Vegas at Renaldo Martinez Head Start. Foster, who is a Newport

News native and graduate of Denbigh High School, is a fourth-grade teacher at North Charleston Elementary School. The Teach for America program was founded in 1990 by Princeton graduate and reigning CEO Wendy Kopp. She said in a 2012 interview with Bloomberg BusinessWeek that program applications jumped from nearly 25,000 in 2008 to almost 48,500 at the time of the interview. Of those applicants, the nation’s most elite higher education institutions were heavily represented, including 17 percent of Harvard’s graduating class and 13 percent of Brown University’s. In choosing applicants, the organization looks for “a set of personal characteristics that predict success, such as perseverance, the ability to influence and motivate others, strong problem-solving skills and leadership,” Kopp told BusinessWeek. “We are working essentially to build a leadership force of folks who will, during


dren in the U.S. has an autism spectrum disorder, a figure that’s grown rapidly in the past decade partly because of better diagnosis. They range from children who can’t talk to others and will always need supervision to those who make straight A’s in school but can’t navigate relationships well enough to fit into the workplace. A 2012 study in the journal Pediatrics showed that only 35 percent of young adults with autism attended college and only 55 percent had a job during the first six years after high school. Urbano said she has heard of companies interested in high-functioning autistic employees. German software company SAP, for instance, announced this year that it’s recruiting people with autism as programmers and product testers because of their close attention to detail and ability to solve complex problems. Like Catherine, a study published last

year in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders found that students with autism were more likely than the general population to choose science and math based fields. This summer, Urbano will review tapes taken in the classroom throughout the 12 weeks to gauge differences in interaction over time, and will score them on a standardized scale. She and Chen hope to publish the results, with an eye toward improving social skills of high school students with autism as well as giving them insight into a field where they could thrive after high school. Catherine says she loved learning about robots, but she wasn’t ready to decide on a career just yet. “Science and math are my forte,” she said, “but I have a whole bunch of things I like to do. I like animals, I want to write, I want to draw. So many things. I’m everywhere!”

their first two years of teaching, actually put their kids on a different trajectory not just survive as a new teacher, but actually help close the achievement gap for their kids,” Kopp said. “So we are not being selective to be selective. We are looking for people who have demonstrated leadership ability to do that, and it’s just so hard to have that when you are 22 years old. It is a rare person who is ready for this right out of college, but it is so critical.” TFA participants are paid for their work by the individual school systems where they are employed. However, they are also eligible for an AmeriCorps education award of up to $11,100 and other benefits. Ford uses the education award money she received to work toward a teaching license and a master’s from the University of Las Vegas. She said she sees herself continuing a career in education, but probably not as a preschool teacher. Instead, Ford hopes one day to work either with special education students or in a leadership position, such as that of a school director if she were to decide to pursue a Ph.D. in administration, or that of a school board member. A former ODU peer educator, Ford said she had never worked with children prior to joining Teach for America, but

she said organization representatives provided significant support to help transition to her new role. “Teach for America sets the bar higher than normal standards,” Ford said of the program. “I feel like this is where I want to be.” Foster worked at the Child Study Center for three years while attending ODU and said she “absolutely loved it and wasn’t ready to leave” when she graduated. She said she found out about Teach for America through a roommate who applied to the program but wasn’t accepted. Foster said she has learned a lot about herself since starting with Teach for America, noting that the organization’s administrators have made her feel that her opinions and feelings are respected. “They push you to think. It has made me a better person,” she said. Like Ford, Foster said she doesn’t anticipate a career in the classroom, and instead aspires to be a school counselor. “My students have taught me so much about what I want for their future and mine,” Foster said. “It’s been very motivational for me in developing as an adult. It really prepares you for the real world. You dive right in, learning to work with people - children and adults. It has taught me a lot about communication.”

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ARTS & entertainment

What’s to do around ODU? By: Derek Page Editor-in-Cief Mace & Crown


Daily Press Media Group

Norfolk, Virginia’s second largest city behind it’s neighboring city Virginia Beach, is the commonwealth’s commercial capital and center for many things in the realm of entertainment. With rich history and a firm grip on the future, Norfolk is a city for those of nostalgia and new comings. There are many hotspots in Norfolk for satisfying one’s forte. Downtown Norfolk and Ghent are attractive locations for cuisine, libations and entertainment. MacArthur Center is smack dab in the middle of the bustling called Norfolk. Anchored by two major department stores, Dillard’s and Nordstrom, the shopping center has more than 140 stores with 400,000 square feet of mall tenant shops and 100,000 square feet of food and entertainment offerings, including the Regal MacArthur 18 movie theatre. Student’s can enjoy a discount on tickets when visiting. The center also operates a 7,2000 square foot ice skating rink on the property during the winter. The NorVa, located directly across the street from MacArthur Center, is Norfolk’s go-to music venue. Many know it for it’s rustic charm and intimate setting, with a capacity of only 1500. The stage area features extensive utilities and lighting for special effects Named on of the top five rock venues by Rolling Stone Magazine in 2008, the NorVa hosts some of entertainments biggest attractions. In 2001, Prince sold out in five minutes. Upcoming acts include Marilyn Manson, Mastodon, Less Than Jake, We The Kings and Matisyahu. Nauticus is the place for history buffs. Just down the street from MacArthur Center, this maritime-themed science center and museum features the retired USS Wisconsin, one of the largest battleships ever built. It was built from 1941 until 1943 at the Philadelphia Navy Yard and commissioned in 1944. She served in World War II, the Korean War and during the Persian Gulf War in 1991. Visitors can board and tour the ship for a fee. The Naro is one of Norfolk’s oldest and most cherished theaters. Opened by William S. Wilder in 1936 as The Colley theater, it sat 500 guests and featured the latest, most modern amenities. In 1946 Wilder died of a heart attack, but the theater continued operations by the hands of his wife Myde Wilder. The theater changed owners in the sixties and was renamed The Naro. Following some financial foibles, the theater spent some time as a playhouse in the mid seventies. In 1977, Tench Phillips and Thom Vourlas took over the lease and decided The Naro would showcase only independent films, taking on the formidable competition with big chain theaters. The Naro continues to bring independent films and good times to the people of Ghent, Norfolk. Where to grab a bite? Ghent has the goods.

MACEANDCROWN.COM Wednesday 6.26.2013 | MACE & CROWN | B2

david Sullivan

david Sullivan

Doumar’s Cones and Barbeque is Norfolk’s historic drive-in dinner. You may recognize it from the Food Network as the place that invented the infamous wafflecone. They still have the original cone-making machine! You can find this hotspot at 1919 Monticello Ave. Tortilla West is Tex-Mex at it’s best. It features an extensive food menu as well as beverage menu, offering patrons near 40 different selections of tequila. Its busiest nights are Monday’s and Tuesday’s when the restaurant offers 75-cent tacos. This should be any college student’s destination for cheap food and good times. You can find this hotspot at 508 Orapax St. Orapax is the stuff of legends. Or, at least, the cuisine is of a country that makes legends. Ghent’s greatest Greek restaurant is tucked off the beaten path, just like it’s neighbor, Tortilla West. Offering authentic Greek dishes like moussaka, dolmades, pastitsio, spanakopita and kebabs, Orapax has Greek cuisine on lock. You can find this hotspot at 1300 Redgate Ave. Cogan’s Pizza is one of Ghent’s most favorite places to grab a slice since the 1970’s. With 30 different types of beer on draft, there should be no problem finding something to wash down your pie. You can find this hotspot at 1901 Colonial Ave. The Ten Top is everyone’s favorite café in Ghent. It’s small, but the portions aren’t. The owners and operators strive to have the freshest ingredients in their dishes, and the food never speaks to the contrary. Offering numerous wraps, sandwiches, flatbread pizzas and other excellent specialty dishes, the Ten Top is the hotspot for great food and friendly service. You can find this hotspot at 748 Shirley Ave.

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Crown Jewels: The Summer edition By. Brian Jerry Senior Writer Mace & Crown I hope you’re all having a terrific summer filled with beach sand between your toes, dog caught Frisbee throws and Snookilight tanning sessions. Yours truly has been swimming in the lap of TV luxury to kill time. In between sleeping and enjoying America’s Got Talent magicians, I’ve been thoroughly entertained. Luckily for you, tricks don’t kill my vibe. So let’s jump right into it, shall we? Listen up ladies, it’s Girl Code. Yes, after MTV gave an outlet to express bromance and the unwritten rules of male secrecy, the network has intelligently managed to create a witty, insightful and all around fun spinoff for the gals. Everything from crushes to getting waxed, sexting, menstruation, ex-boyfriends, jealousy, contraception, pregnancy scares and sleepovers have all been topics of discussion on the show. You can find two new episodes of Girl Code every Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. on the “Music” Television Network. My favorite ones vary sporadically on different episodes and I can definitely relate to an assortment of topics, including bad boys (which I am clearly not), the friend zone (which I seem to have a lifetime parking pass), guy friends (I usually am), getting dumped (anyone?) and compliments (which I seem to toss around, but are apparently non-reciprocal).

See, this show hits pretty close to home. The regular cast includes a few knee slappers who can tickle more than one funny bone. Jessimae Peluso is a tough Italian stallion who tells it like it is and makes no apologies for it. Another Italian, Carly Aquilino is a charming redhead and standup comedian. She uses sarcasm and hilarious puns to humor the audience at home. She’s quite charming and I love her. Alice Wetterlund reminds me of Zooey DeChanel minus the glasses, in that she channels her inner quirkiness to endear the viewers. Esther Ku, a former contestant on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, is a laugh and a half. This girl is not afraid to make fun of herself, deflect Asian female stereotypes and use them as an icebreaker to bust your gut. She’s a true pro. Finally there’s Nicole Byer, a plus-size everyday girl who keeps it real and I love her for it. She’s definitely comfortable in her own skin and quite humorous to boot. All of the gals on this show never take themselves too seriously. They hook you in for the full 30 minutes and make you wish for next week to get here ASAP. Thank you Viacom and MTV for bringing this show to us. It’s definitely a jewel snatcher. Keep it up. Mace Spray: Personal feelings for this girl aside, I say girl because you have to EARN the title of woman), I just want to make myself abundantly clear. Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty shows up late for work, her manager laughs it off and the singer goes about business as usual. Now, take her out and put Jennifer Smith in her spot. If Jen shows up late for

work, she gets a talk, possibly reprimanded, or even fired. This double standard cannot be overlooked. Last week, Rihanna showed up for an 8 p.m. Birmingham, England concert at 10:30 p.m. If anyone’s math reads correctly, that’s a two and a half hour time gap between her opening number and when she actually showed up. This is definitely not the first time it’s happened, nor as always does she ever have a valid excuse for her tardiness. It’s completely unacceptable for any “professional” to never be punctual and it’s a downright mockery of any business to keep that individual employed on the payroll. This is not a matter of celebrity and being “fashionably late” as it is about principle. What this woman doesn’t seem to understand is not only does a ticket to her show cost a hefty penny, contrary to a certain belief, concert tickets aren’t cheap, but moreover, public transportation has a specific time frame of service before it shuts down for the evening. Meaning, when the selfish headliner finally arrives, they must choose between getting a semi-lick of their hard earned money’s worth by staying or catching the final bus or train to get them back home. Usually, they have no other choice but to forego the former and choose the latter. What’s worse is that Rihanna doesn’t seem to care in the slightest. She shows up late and leaves early. Arenas only give the artist a certain building rent period for a night and when they go over, it comes directly out of the entertainer’s pocket. Needless to say, the ill-effects of her senseless decision were not felt after the

show, as she spent the night partying with her friend Cara Delevingne until 3am. What she doesn’t quite seem to understand is that having fans is a luxury and privilege. As soon as they leave, you (the entertainer) are no longer viewed as relevant in the public eye. I can only imagine someone like Taylor Swift showing up habitually late to her shows, which would never happen because she’s actually, professional. All the soccer moms in the world would protest her concerts on top of leaving many young girls profusely crying themselves to sleep because they had to get back home and go to bed. To make a long story short, it just wouldn’t be a good look.

Honestly, I think Rihanna’s way too incompetent to realize the damage she’s causing to herself in the process. I think that as long as she has dollars floating around in her pocket, this girl will never change. Don’t take the fans for granted, you’ll certainly regret it down the road. A repeat mace spray offender, take it in the eyes again and get out of here. Get a watch, alarm clock, something. Just don’t read this in route to your next show. You might be late. Take care summertime folk and enjoy the rest of this here vacation you have left.

Five Good T’s for Fresh Meat: Tips for Incoming Freshmen Matthew Sullivan hair for a night of party hopping. You know you’re going to forget and you’ll regret it. Now, no one likes the obsessive control freak, so try to take the advice from the first tip. Yes, it’s good to keep track of your reCongratulations high school grad, you’ve sponsibilities to ensure your follow through literally just put the cap on the last of your on them, but it’s also important you find four-year grade school tenure. Now wel- some time to unwind. Finally, getting to know your professors come to the big show. Here’s five healthy tips to help accommodate your stay at the lion’s is key to obtaining good organization skills. Keep tabs on assignments by asking quesden. Welcome. tions about what you didn’t understand. 1. Relax Let loose a bit. Freshman year only hap- Also, sit in the front of those classes. Not only pens once, so live it up, but be smart about it. to pay attention, but to make sure you’re not Chances are this’ll probably be your easiest bum rushed by other students seeking to do year of your undergraduate studies, so take the same. Professor Klump will make you advantage of this free feeling. Not to say that one the first students he speaks to after his you should breeze right past everything – lecture if you do this, guaranteed. 3. Get Involved, Stay Involved studying should always come first - but be College is all about networking. When conscious of seizing the moment when you can afford to. Just remember, it’s very easy you enter the “real world” you’ll find a lot of to ruin your grade point average but much your opportunities will come from whom you know, not what you know. The more harder to bring it up once it’s tarnished. social and academic events you attend, the 2. Organization This is something that should be getting more connections you build. Let’s be honeasier to do with this world’s booming tech- est, everyone feel’s awkward about attending nological advancement, but, somehow, us these events. However, seeing a familiar face young folks can’t seem to get it down. Nev- put’s both parties at ease and opens the door ertheless, I beseech you. Write stuff down! to more candid conversation and thus more Don’t convince yourself you’ll remember significant relationships you can develop in the five assignments you were given at five a suitable manner. There are many organizadifferent times during the day, all the while tions seeking new members to carry on their trying to decide how you should do your hard work, so don’t be shy. By. Brian Jerry Senior Writer Mace & Crown

Organizations such as the Student Government Association (SGA), Office of Student Activities Leadership (OSAL) and the Student Activities Council (SAC) run a multitude of events a year around campus, lots of which include free food, games and films. So, check them out. Also, leadership positions are always open and accessible to students who are interested in taking an active role in their campus community. Keep an eye out for those opportunities and never be afraid to ask around for them. If you’re an innovator, start your own organization! 4. Food We’ve all heard, and likely seen, the infamous “Freshman 15.” It’s no myth. People gain wait when they realize they’re away from home and are the king of their domain (a.k.a. their stomach). Now, it’s probably futile to say this, but if you’re looking to stay slim, stay away from the booze. Alcohol lowers testosterone and raises estrogen in men, making your metabolism and ability to burn fat decrease. It also makes everything you eat seem like manna from heaven, so pigging out is inevitable. There is a veritable cornucopia of place to indulge your carnal pleasures at Old Dominion, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t fulfill your desires, but eating Panda Express everyday is never a good idea. Find a healthy balance. If you’re drinking all night, that’s an incredible amount of

carbohydrates you’re body isn’t going to do anything with. A protein-heavy diet during the day will keep you full and keep you conscious during your alcoholic crusades. 5. Budgeting Now, we get to the meat and potatoes of all things college. No matter what you do between reading this now and when you accidentally step on the seal and fall just short of graduation (kidding), you will be faced with the ultimate decision to budget. Sure, you’d like to go out with your friends to the cinemas to catch that great new Adam Sandler or Drew Barrymore flick (cheap plug, I know) but remember you may need that money for groceries if you ever grow tired of the food on campus. Also, you might be faced with the decision to buy new clothes but you spent all your money on party beverages. Whoops! In short, a small budget log would be nice to keep track of your expenses every once in a while. This also goes back to organization. You can use the log to remember what you’ve spent and put forth a certain budget towards certain luxuries per month. For example, you can set aside a certain number of dollars solely for clothes and accessories. Then, you can set aside a certain amount for food, grocery shopping, and school supplies. It’s just all about portioning out your expenses. If you do that, life in the wallet will be so much easier.

Side notes: - Doomed for stepping on the seal is a myth. Please, don’t get yourself in trouble by riding the lion afterwards. It erases nothing but your overall reputation as a behavioral college student. - Try to attend and support your fellow ODU Sports Monarchs at their games whenever you can. These student athletes work very hard to perfect their craft in the field of play, just like you in the classroom. So feel free to check out sometime and come on out to the game. Plus, all of them are free of charge to students. How cool is that? Freezing, I know. - Don’t let one bad professor ruin your experience. Just like freshly ripe bananas, you’re bound to run into some pretty rotten ones along the way. Just channel that energy into something positive, like acing his or her exam and feeling like a boss. - Check out facilities you’d never think of entering, such as other buildings unrelated to your major. Whenever you have free time, just take a second to appreciate the campus around you and enjoy the moment. Listen to music on your way to the gym to get you pumped. Live a little and love a lot about college. Enjoy the first year of what will undoubtedly be one of the best times of your life. Have a great one, folks.

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Thrilling 2013 NBA Finals Comes To a Conclusion, Heat Win in 7 SPORTS BLOG UNITED By: Mitchell Brown Senior Writer Whether you’re the casual basketball fan or the type of person who cant wait until the basketball season is over so its “closer” to football season, everyone can agree that this season in the NBA was unforgettable. The 2013 playoffs saw the likes of perennial powerhouses like the Los Angeles Lakers get swept out of the first round and the birth of new life into the playoffs scene. Before the season commenced there were some hefty expectations for a number of teams, and we saw early that if you’re not getting the job done, you will be extinguished from the top spot in no time. The NBA Finals started up on June 6th shortly after the intense Heat-Pacers series ended. The Spurs had 10 days of rest and were eager to step on the court. The defending champion Miami Heat were tested all season, including a stretch where they reeled off an unheard of 27-game win streak, only to fall short of the 1971-72 Lakers 33-game win streak. The offseason addition of Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis made it a lock that the Heat would repeat, but the addition of Chris “Birdman” Andersen was the real game-changer for the Heat. The NBA Finals would be a type of roller coaster, the type that has that first huge drop and has those small filler drops in the middle and then you go through one final drop, and then its over. The series would be on that was a back-andforth, something you could compare to a heavyweight championship bout, devastat-

ing blow after blow. The first game of the Finals set the tone for the next six. The Heat were outsmarted in the first game but had a chance late in the game to steal a win, but the MVP candidate Tony Parker, who had been stellar all game with 21 points, scored the most important two with a circus bank shot with 5.2 seconds left in the contest. The Heat then found out the hard way that it was going to take more than Mario Chalmers to defend Parker. Duncan added 20 points and 14 rebounds in Game 1, joining Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the only other player to have 20 points and 14 rebounds in a Finals game at 35 or older. After Game 1 we would see a string of blowouts, alternating game by game. The Heat were the first to send a message, clobbering the Spurs by 19 points and sending the series to San Antonio tied at a game apiece. If you thought the Heat sent a message in Game 2, the Spurs sent a reply in Game 3, setting an NBA Finals record for the most three pointers by a team and defeating the Heat convincingly, 113-77. The seesaw battle would continue with the Heat evening up the series behind an energy filled game from the Heat, in a 109-93 win. In a 2-2 series, the team that wins Game 5 is statistically usually the winner of the Finals. In their last game at home for the season, the Spurs would hold on to a 114-104 victory over the Spurs to grab command and a chance at winning the title on Miami’s court in Game 6. Fast forward to 30 seconds on the clock, the Heat with their backs completely against the wall, fans are pouring out of the arena

NFL Preview By: Jordan Jones Sports Editor Mace & Crown

This is the time football fans everywhere have been anticipating for months. Football talk is back and each fan is looking forward to watching their respective teams hopefully make a super bowl run. Last year’s champions, the Baltimore Ravens have completely overhauled their roster as they look to repeat as champions of the football world. As the draft approaches, teams that did not fair well last season will try to improve their stock. In the NFC east, there will most likely be a dog fight until the bitter end. The Redskins, coming off of a 10 win season and playoff berth, are dealing with a few question marks. Star quarterback Robert Griffin III is recovering from a serious knee injury and his status for the upcoming season is uncertain at this time. The defense has also been decimated by injuries and will need to rebuild. The Dallas Cowboys are coming off of a disappointing year in which they did not make the playoffs. However, they rewarded quarterback Tony Romo with a lucrative six year contract and will be looking for a quick return on their investment. The Philadelphia Eagles endured a mediocre season last year and will be looking to improve under new head coach Chip Kelly. The New York Football Giants are coming off of a year in

which they didn’t make the playoffs and are looking to improve behind the play of star quarterback Eli Manning. The losers of last year’s super bowl, the San Francisco 49ers, are looking to get back to the top of the mountain but they will have some competition within the division, the Seattle Seahawks. In 2012, both teams ranked in the top five in rushing offense (Seattle was third, San Francisco fourth) and total defense (the 49ers were third, the Seahawks fourth) while relying heavily on young, talented quarterbacks (the 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick and the Seahawks’ Wilson). “I like their style,” Carroll said. “They’re coached well and they play like it. They run the ball well. They play good defense. They have a strong kicking game. We have a similar approach to doing things and I think it’s a great way to play football. People have changed around the league because a lot of people like throw it, but [being physical] still works for us.” This will most definitely be an interesting matchup to watch. Another team to watch will be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Their offseason has been highlighted by the acquisition of elite corner back Derrelle Revis. The Bucs are looking to catapult themselves to the top of the NFC behind the play of Revis and blossoming quarterback Joshua Freemen. Fasten your seatbelts football fans, your time is almost here and the season is sure to be a good one.

and losing all hope simultaneously. Not until a little help by Manu Ginobili and Kawhi Leonard is it that the Heat rallied down 5 and tied the game with a desperation side three from none other than Ray Allen that tied the game and would send it to overtime. Fans were trying to get back in to the arena and weren’t let back in. Chris Bosh had few words to say to the fans that left but “Don’t come back for Game 7”. The Heat would find it within themselves to win in overtime 103-100 behind 18 fourth quarter/ overtime points from Lebron James. Game

7 from start to finish was a defensive battle that would see the game come down to the last two minutes. This is what the NBA is all about, this is where amazing happens, and that is what we got. All game, Spurs head coach Greg Poppovich told Kawhi Leonard to lay off of Lebron and let him keep shooting, and he would eventually put the Spurs to rest with his jump shot. James had 37 points and 12 rebounds to lead the Heat to their second straight title. Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra was confident in Lebron no matter what the circumstances were. “It be-

came time. [James] always rises to the occasion when it matters the most, when the competition is fiercest. It was odd, all year he had been best perimeter jump shooter in the league though he’s an attacker and got to the rim, to the free-throw line.” Spoelstra also praised Dwyane Wade who added 23 points and 10 rebounds. As all Miami Heat fans saw the clock hit 0.0 and the buzzer finally blared throughout the arena, I can assure that every one of them in American Airlines Arena agreed with Lebron James “I Ain’t Got No Worries”.

Wednesday 6.26.2013 | MACE & CROWN | D1



CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Among 5. Decorative case 9. Sleep in a convenient place 13. Spanish lady 14. Ringworm cassia 16. Dogfish 17. A pioneer in electrochemistry 18. Applied to a wall or canvas 19. Jazz phrase 20. Condition 22. Figurine 24. Former Italian currency 26. Mixes 27. Ex-spousal support 30. Cream-filled pastry 33. Plinth 35. Church council 37. Ocean 38. Steal 41. Nigerian tribesman

42. Toward the outside 45. Tyrant 48. Opiate 51. What holds us down 52. Basic belief 54. Murres 55. Convents 59. Area of South Africa 62. Embraces 63. Ancient Roman magistrate 65. An indefinite period 66. District 67. Refute 68. Baking appliance 69. Adolescent 70. A territorial unit of Greece 71. Lease

DOWN 1. Contributes 2. Protective ditch 3. Annul 4. Not nighttime 5. Clairvoyant’s gift 6. Orange pekoe 7. Pieces 8. Not learned 9. Venture to say 10. Leave out 11. Sieve 12. Not in danger 15. Loft 21. God of love 23. Website addresses 25. Picnic insects 27. Church alcove 28. Bloodsucker 29. Swerve 31. “Get up and go”

32. Android 34. Cover 36. Small boat 39. Hog 40. Beige 43. Craftsperson 44. Accomplishes 46. Mountain pool 47. Flyer 49. ___ alia 50. Required 53. Clan 55. Gossip 56. Attraction 57. Curved molding 58. Skid row 60. Ends a prayer 61. Gave temporarily 64. French for “Summer”


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