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WEDNESDAY | 2.13.2013 | MaceandCROWN.COM | Vol. 55, Issue 16

The Huskies Cool the Upstart Monarchs in Overtime, 79-74

The energized Monarchs brought the intensity but fell just short of the win. By: Eric Guy Contributing Writer Mace & Crown The blizzard that is the Colonial Athletic Association leading Northeastern Huskies (16-8,11-1) proved to be too much to handle for Old Dominion (3-21,1-11), defeating the Monarchs 79-74 in overtime Saturday afternoon at the Ted Constant Center. In their second game under interim head coach Jim Corrigan, the Monarchs displayed heart and valiancy, led by redshirt sophomore Dimitri Batten’s career high 25 points, followed by senior DeShawn Painter with 15 points and a career high 16 rebounds.

However, their effort was thwarted by the half-court assault of Joel Smith, who lead the Huskies with an impressive 27 points. The Monarchs sent the game into overtime by way of crafty and patient penetration by freshman Aaron Bacote in the final seconds, setting up an easy finish for Painter with 0.3 seconds left in regulation at 66-66. Throughout the game, intensity on the boards created an astonishing 24 second chance points for the monarchs. Although outrebounded 21-7 on the offensive glass, the Huskies crashed the boards when it mattered most, notably a second possession leading to a daggering three-pointer by Jonathan Lee in what was a haymaker the Mon-

archs could not recover from. While the monarchs shot an abysmal 1 for 26 from three-point territory, the Monarchs’ gritty effort on the boards shined radiantly Saturday afternoon, leaving Corrigan with much to be pleased about. “We made a lot of big plays on the offensive glass,” Corrigan said. “I kept telling my team during halftime that ‘we’re going to make a three in the second half,’ which we did not, but for us to make it into overtime against the best time in the league while shooting like that speaks to the effort and heart that our team played with.” Although a loss is no doubt a tough pill to swallow, Jim Corrigan praised his team’s

performance immensely. “I was more proud of them today than I was Thursday night [against Drexel],” Corrigan said. “Tonight we were constantly down, having to fight back… and we gave ourselves a chance to win the game.” While the performances of Batten and Painter should not be overlooked, the unsung hero for the Monarchs has emerged in the form of redshirt sophomore Richard Ross, averaging 11.8 points over the last five contests and providing the spark for the Monarchs on both ends of the court. Ross’ stellar play was definitely appreciated late in the fourth, delivering a huge chase-down block in transition, creating a much needed

possession for the Monarchs which resulted in a hoop plus the foul for Painter. Following their 12-point thrashing of the Drexel Dragons in Philadelphia Thursday evening and a more-than-impressive outing against the Huskies, the Monarchs record clearly does not define the team. If one thing is for certain, this band of brothers is intent on restoring the roar that all are accustomed to. “We just kept fighting,” Batten said. “Our slogan is ‘together,’ and we keep reminding ourselves of that. I would not trade these guys and coach Corrigan for nothing in the world.”

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Boosted Books

Library theft increases at Old Dominion University By: Marta Quero Contributing Writer Mace & Crown

The number of missing books at Perry Library continues to increase dramatically. According to the list of missing books provided by Stuart Frazer, head of access services, the number has gone up from 444 missing books to 489 in just two months. “In general, it’s my understanding that library theft, especially for rare and valuable items, has increased over the last few years primarily because of the Internet book trade,” said Acquisitions & Preservation Services Librarian Robert Tench. “For example, people that know books well are willing to pay a set replacement cost like ours [$80.00] so that they can sell the book on the Internet for a lot more money [upwards of $500.00 to $1000.00 per item].” Tench also added, “When the learning commons construction was going on in 2010/2011, it was very difficult for our staff to monitor the library’s security systems. The consensus among staff is that more things were stolen during that time just because security was not what it should have been because of the construction.”

According to the list of missing books provided by Frazer,159 of the 489 lost books belonged to the third floor of the library and the 330 remaining belonged to the fourth. “On the fourth floor there are nursing books, engineering books, mathematics books and medical books,” said Sharon Kidd, scheduling and patron services assistant. “I think that’s why more books disappear on the fourth floor. Most of them are textbooks that people can easily sell on eBay or Amazon.” The circulation desk, now located on the second floor of the library, used to be at the entrance to the library. “We used to be downstairs right by the entrance,” said Kidd, “one time the alarm went off and we stopped the guy to ask him to check the books out he had. He dropped them and ran away. When we picked them up, all the books had the barcodes ripped off or scratched.” Recounting her experiences with the disappearance of books over her 12 years as a librarian, Kidd said, “One time, a couple books were sent to us from the West Coast three years after their disappearance. The person who sent the books had found them in a yard sale and they all had an ODU tag on them so he or she decided to turn them back. I still wonder how they got there.” On a different occasion, a woman’s library account showed that she still had not returned 10 books she bor-

rowed from the library. “When I talked to her she repeatedly denied it, saying that she had brought them back to the library. Six months later she showed up with them,” said Kidd. “Sometimes that happens. People think they have actually returned them but they haven’t. Sometimes we never see those books again.” “The problem is that people think they can get away with it. But the biggest problem is that sometimes they actually do,” said Kidd. The disappearance of books is a problem that concerns both librarians and ODU students. “Hearing the sound of the alarm going off has become something normal. It happens almost everyday I’m here,” said freshman Isabel de Rojas. “It honestly seems to me like there is no point in spending money in library detectors when there is no checking system for once the alarm goes off. Those detectors, and the stolen books for the matter, are paid with my tuition and every ODU student’s.” Freshman Gabby Salomon suggested the staff be more vigilant. “Maybe they should have some type of training to look out for thieves. Also, make it clear that if you steal, there are serious consequences. Something has got to be done to stop this from happening.” “With an increase of student awareness, the problem could be addressed more easily,” added Ms. De Rojas. “The library should encourage the reports of people sneaking in books into their backpacks.” Kidd believes that with the improvement of technologies might come the end to the problem of book theft. She said, “The use of e-books instead of hard copies would make it impossible for people to steal books. This might be the solution we’ve been looking for.”

Black History Month Keynote Speaker: Anthony Van Jones By: Brian Jerry Senior Writer Mace & Crown

Anthony Van Jones, a CNN contributor and former special advisor for Green Jobs, will visit Old Dominion University as the Black History Month Keynote Speaker on Feb. 19th from 6:30-9 p.m. at North Cafe in Webb Center. Jones is president and co-founder of Rebuild the Dream, a platform for bottom-up, people-powered innovations to help fix the U.S. economy. Jones is currently a CNN Contributor. In 2009, he worked as the green jobs advisor to the White House where he helped run the inter-agency process that oversaw $80 billion in green energy recovery spending. He is currently a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and a senior policy advisor at Green for All. Jones also holds a joint appointment at Princeton University, as a distinguished visiting fellow in both the Center for African American Studies and in the Program in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. “America’s middle class is too big to fail. The aspirations of our working families and low-income communities are

too big to fail. The hopes of our children are too big to fail. The American Dream itself is too big to fail. And we are not going to let it fail,” Jones stated on his website vanjonescom. In his New York Times Best Selling novel, “Rebuild a Dream,” he “reflects on his journey from grassroots outsider to White House insider. For the first time, he shares intimate details of his time in government and reveals why he chose to resign his post as a special advisor to the Obama White House.” The book’s description also adds, “Jones puts his hard-won lessons to good use, proposing a powerful game plan to restore hope, fix our democracy and renew the American Dream. Jones is making this game plan a reality through the organization Rebuild the Dream—a platform for bottom-up, people-powered innovations to get the U.S. economy working for 100 percent of Americans, and not just the top 1 percent. “ Jones received his B.S. in communication and political science from the University of Tennessee at Martin (UT Martin). He also worked as an intern at the Jackson Sun (Tennessee), the Shreveport Times (Louisiana) and the Associated Press (Nashville bureau).

Jones is the former Special Advisor for Green Jobs under the Obama administration, a New York Times bestselling author, and on Time’s 2009 “100 Most Influential People.”

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The Word Is... By: Derek Page News Editor Mace & Crown

Asteroid to Pass Earth An asteroid will pass between Earth and its satellites on Feb. 15, coming as close as 17,000 miles from the planet’s surface. Scientists are calling the asteroid, or near-earth object, 2012 DA14. It is roughly 45 meters long and will pass Earth at 7.8 kilometers per second, nearly eight times faster than a bullet from a highspeed rifle, according to Don Yeomans, manager of the Near-Earth Object Program Office at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It will not be visible to the naked eye. Star gazers in Eastern Europe, Asia and Australia will have the best chances of catching a glimpse of the asteroid, appearing in a telescope as a small point of light moving across the sky. They say a collision with Earth is impossible. Hypothetically, if it were to hit Earth, it would be like detonating 2.4 megatons of TNT. The nearest comparable example of an asteroid’s destructive potential occurred in Siberia in 1908 when an asteroid entered the atmosphere and exploded. It had an impact one thousand times more powerful than an atomic bomb and leveled trees over an area of 820 square miles. Students Protest “Racist Rager” at Duke University About 250 to 300 students gathered Wednesday, Feb. 6, on Duke’s campus to protest a party thrown by the Kappa Sigma fraternity called “Asia Prime.” The party featured racist stereotypes of Asians and was promoted on social media sites such a Facebook and Twitter, as well as fliers with Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s marionette version of Kim Jong-il from “Team America: World Police” and stereotype Asian spellings like “herro” and “peopre.” The chapter has since been suspended by the national fraternity. “The actions taken in association with the event in question are inconsistent with our values. I personally condemn that type of behavior,” said Christian Nascimento, the

fraternity’s “worthy grand master,” in a message sent to Kappa Sigma members nationwide. According to Duke University’s The Chronicle, the protest was organized by the Asian American Alliance at Duke and lasted 20 minutes. The rally concluded with TingTing Zhou, president of the Asian Students Association, and Jacob Tobia, president of Blue Devils United, reading aloud a letter addressed to Vice President for Student Affairs Larry Moneta. It demands the establishment of a Group Bias Incident Task Force comprised of leaders of organizations representing historically marginalized groups to “adjudicate punitive measures” for future incidents of the same nature. The letter also demands the fraternity participate in 10 volunteer hours of a community social justice project for a cause approved by the Center of Multicultural Affairs or else face immediate de-chartering. “We believe that the administration must hold Kappa Sigma fraternity accountable for their actions,” the letter reads. “Through requiring Kappa Sigma to apologize through reparative action, Duke will set an important precedent that this behavior is unacceptable in the Duke community.” French Ransom Payments Funded alQaida Vicki Huddleston, the former U.S. ambassador to Mali, alleged France paid a $17 million ransom to free hostages taken from a French uranium mining site in Niger by Islamist militants. French officials deny paying any ransom but Huddleston claims the ransom is what funded the terror groups’ current activity in Mali and has allowed them to expand their network. Three of the hostages were freed in February 2011 but four remain captive by the terror group. Huddleston said the payment was intended to free hostages kidnapped from the Niger town of Arlit, where they were working with Areva, a French nuclear company, in September 2010 “Although governments deny that they’re paying ransoms, everyone is pretty much aware that money has passed hands indirectly through different accounts and it ends

up in the treasury, let us say, of al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb and allows them to buy weapons and recruit,” she told France’s iTele network. House Approved Budget Fails to Meet Essential Needs of the Commonwealth The Virginia House of Delegates voted 74-22 to pass a budget that fails to expand Medicaid and takes money from the General Fund to pave roads, on Thursday, Feb. 7. House Democratic Leader David Toscano said this included a diversion of money from education, public safety, and health to transportation. “We should not be paving our roads with textbooks,” said Toscano. Delegate Mark Sickles, chair of the house democratic caucus, said the proposal is “short sighted” and is “the equivalent of using a teaspoon to empty the ocean.” Delegate Patrick Hope added, “The House approved budget sets up roadblocks that cause a minimum 18 month delay to Medicaid expansion. The longer we delay the more it costs hospitals and clinics to treat the uninsured. It’s fiscally irresponsible to leave $3 billion on the table and my hope is we can improve on this language to expand Medicaid in a more expedited fashion.” Fired LAPD Officer Target of California Man-hunt Fired police officer Christopher Jordan Dorner is on the run and possibly in hiding following the alleged murder of three people, one of which was a police officer. The other two victims are Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence. Quan was the daughter of a former L.A. police captain who represented Dorner in disciplinary hearings that lead to his being fired. Dorner released a manifesto on Facebook that include plans to kill the families of those he felt wrong him, according to the Associated Press. In the manifesto, Dorner promised to bring “unconventional and asymmetrical warfare” to police officers and their families. He called it a “last resort” to clear his name and seek revenge on a department he claims mistreated him.

Earth, Moon and Sun

A Sight To Beyond By: Rae Parker Staff Writer Mace & Crown

The Pretlow Planetarium adjacent to the Mills Godwin Building will be running a new show, titled “Earth, Moon, and Sun.” Starting on Jan. 22, it will run through April 18, 2013. All ages are welcome to view this half hour show every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 5p.m. Displayed on a forty-foot dome, you will learn a handful of basic topics including how and why the sun rises, moon phases,

the importance of space exploration, and Native American folklore. Dr. Declan De Paor, research professor of Geo-Physics and the director of the Pretlow Planetarium, runs the show bi-weekly. Professor Depaor spoke about the importance of our society having knowledge of science by saying, “Americans are scientifically literate in general sciences in part to museums and aquariums that they attend in great numbers. In fact, the general population is quite literate and has some basic knowledge as to what is going on.” Not only is the planetarium used for

extracurricular activities, it is home to over 300 students who take undergraduate classes pertaining to the sciences. Professors Depaor said, “We use this planetarium mainly for undergraduate education. We have ten to 12 lab sections every week, where they come in and learn more about their fields.” Professor Depaor and his colleague encourage all students and faculty who have never experienced a planetarium show to come and view Earth, Moon and Sun for free. Posters will be plastered around campus, but for more information visit their website at

CRIMELOG 2/1 12:51 a.m.

– 4900 Hampton Blvd. – Student Arrested for Underage Possession of Alcohol, Drunk in Public, Use of ID not his own

12:13 a.m.

– Webb Center – Vandalism – Graffiti

12:41 p.m.

– 1200 Block 41 St. – Arrest of Subject Stealing from Motor Vehicle

11:30 p.m.

– Scotland House – Theft from Unlocked Room

2/2 12:39 a.m. – 1000 Block 49 St. – Subject Arrested on Outstanding Warrant 1:32 a.m. – Rogers Main – Student Arrested for Underage Possession of Alcohol 6:06 p.m.

– Rogers Main – Odor of Marijuana

2/3 10:07 a.m. – 1400 Block 41 St. – Student Assaulted 3:34 a.m.

– Scotland House – Suspicious Situation

2/4 2:15 a.m.

– Miller Mart – Shoplifting

3:18 p.m.

– Powhatan Laundry – Theft of Laundry

5:36 p.m.

– Whitehurst – Student Assault

2/5 12:12 a.m.

– Gresham Main – Odor of Marijuana

11:59 p.m.

– Village POD Market – Shoplifting

12:30 p.m. – Student Recreation Center – Theft of Wallet from Backpack 3:25 p.m.

– Old Dominion Inn – Odor of Marijuana

8:15 p.m.

– 4600 Block Powhatan Ave. – Suspicious Situation

4:30 p.m.

– Garage C – Hit and Run

5:00 p.m.

– Student Recreation Center – Theft of iPhone from Unattended Backpack

2/6 12:02 a.m. – Health Science – Theft of Bench, Damage to Building 8:45 a.m.

– 4400 Block Elkhorn Ave. – Theft from Motor Vehicle

10:45 a.m. – Village Lot 3 – Damage to Vehicle 1:53 p.m.

– 800 Block 43 St. – Arrest of Subject for Violation of Probation

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A4 | Wednesday 2.13.2013 | MACE & CROWN

Virginia Education Reform Passes Senate By: Josh Bray Staff Writer Mace & Crown Gov. Bob McDonnel is hoping successful education reforms implemented by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal in his state will produce similar results in Virginia. Gov. Bobby Jindal implemented the system in 2005 in his home state of Louisiana after the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina and has been met with great support by his constituents. At a fundraiser in Richmond held by U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Jandal spoke about his plan that allows the state to take over “grade-F” schools. The reforms are an essential component to Gov. McDonnell’s education agenda now in the General Assembly after a tie-breaking vote by Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling in the Senate. The bills aim to hold schools and school districts accountable for their performance using the same A-to-F scale that is implemented on its students. The new system would be a change from the current system that lists schools as accredited, accredited with warning, or not accredited which has been highly criticized by Gov. McDonnell and the Virginia Department of Education. Gov. McDonnell’s proposal would create an Opportunity Education Institution which would take over the management of

schools that receive an ‘F’ in performance for two consecutive school years. Once implemented, the Opportunity Education Institution would consist of an 11-member board and assume control of six Virginia schools that already meet the failing requirement. “As someone who is entering the education field in Virginia, I hope his agenda will begin to improve the quality of the schools in Virginia for both the teachers and the students, but there still needs to be more done to help than just changing a grading scale to match the students’,” said Victoria Davis, a graduate student. Though McDonnell’s agenda has passed successfully through both chambers of the General Assembly, the future for this hopeful change to Virginia’s education system is unclear.

Gov. Bob McDonnell (above) is adopting new education reform policies influenced by a plan used by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (left) that have proven successful in his state.

Curre You are nt Off-Campus Stu no Housin t eligible for dents: mid-Ma g process, ch the Return eck ba y to de ck te open fo rmine if spac in e will r a wai tlist.

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ARTS & entertainment

A Mile In Her Shoes The Vagina Monologues Returns to Old Dominion

Actresses portrayed the stories of different women with the purpose to raise awareness of and stop violence against women at the Chandler Recital Hall. series of skits by the “Vagina Warriors” that are currently experiencing violence in their sponse Sexual Assault Support Services of By: Alexis Carlisle act out the positive and negative aspects of communities. This year’s V-Day spotlights the YWCA, which offers free services to surContributing Writer womanhood. The performance is a combi- on campaign “One Billion Rising,” which is vivors of sexual violence. Mace & Crown All monologue actresses were ODU stunation of interviews and stories from wom- a global strike against women who are beatA woman once confessed in an interview en ranging from fear of uttering the word en and raped and to “call men and women dents who channeled the women whose stothat she was embarrassed by the “flood” in “vagina,” to first intimate encounters with to refuse to participate in the status quo until ries they were telling. ODU student Katrina rape and rape culture ends,” according to the Tripp, from the “A-Six-Year-Old-Girl Was her vagina, while another yelled her excite- another woman. There were stories of sexual oppression, group’s website. Ten percent of the proceeds Asked...” skit, said “the most exciting part ment about a certain “c-word” that most people refuse to say over a whisper. A six- self-hatred and of women who loved to be from this year’s V-Day will be directed to [of participating] was getting to know the women.” When asked what she found was year-old girl opened up about what her vagi- dominated and some who have never ex- “One Billion Rising.” “One in three women will be raped, beat- the most inspiring thing about this cause na would wear or what it would say, whereas plored their own bodies. The purpose of another woman expressed her grief over a these skits is to exhibit the culture of the va- en or mutilated in her lifetime,” according to and the show, she said the “more intense” gina and get rid of the fear of sexual expres- a statistic handed out on a flier to audience stories were inspiring and actually “having brutal sexual assault. members. On this day, men and women the confidence to talk about the topics.” These were just a few of the skits dis- sion, curiosity and womanhood. For Tripp, the Vagina Monologues would Feb. 14 is the fifteenth anniversary of are asked to stand together to fight violence played at the Vagina Monologues presented be explained as the everyday lives of women. by ODU’s Women’s Center Feb. 8 through the annual “V-Day,” which increases aware- against women. All of the proceeds raised at the Vagina She said the lives of women everywhere are ness and raises money for groups of women Feb. 10. The Vagina Monologues is an annual around the globe that have experienced and Monologues will be donated to the Re- “up and down, just like the monologues”

Belles and Beaus of the Ball ODU Out Celebrates Gender Diversity with the Gender Bender Ball By: Dominique Bailey Staff Writer Mace & Crown ODU Out hosted Old Dominion’s first Gender Bender Ball on Feb. 9. Held within the Student Recreation Center from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m., students were encouraged to dress in drag, gender-bending attire or other clothing that expressed who they are. The Gender Bender Ball was an event meant to encourage, embrace and inspire diversity of all kinds while also challenging students’ perception of gender.

Gender Bender Ball event coordinator Shannon Sauerwald was extremely excited about the event. As she explained the events leading up to Saturday, Sauerwald shared why the ball seemed like the perfect event to host. “I was first trying to find something that had never been done on this campus that would not only be fun, but inspire awareness about diversity. What better way to do just that but encourage others to experience the other side–or at least to think about it,” she said. Sauerwald also had hopes that this event would show the ODU students that diver-

sity is within all sectors of life, including ones that are often overlooked, like gender. She said, “The hope is for students to step outside of their comfort zone and try to bend their gender while creating a safe space for people to be comfortable with who they are. I hope students come away with a sense that we should embrace diversity not run from it–after all it is what makes us all unique.” Although multiple campus events were scheduled for Saturday evening, many students attended the ball, each dressed in clothing that was unique to each individual.

ODU Out managed to transform the indoor soccer field into a decorated banquet hall complete with a make-up booth, food, music, live performances and contests. ODU junior Lauren Sharpe enjoyed the event, expressing hope for more events similar to the ball. “I think it’s just important to be able to express yourself, whether you’re female or male, express yourself however you want. I’m supporting that,” she said. ODU Out is a student alliance founded in 1989 that offers a variety of programs in hopes that they can encourage cultural awareness and diversity on campus. Since then, ODU Out has been working to establish a community of individuals concerned with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues. ODU Out strives to educate the

and the skits are about “rising above traumatizing memories.” Other actress, Elizabeth Warren, preformed “Vagina Happy Fact” where she talked about tips, tricks and facts about the vagina. “Who needs a hand gun when you have a semi automatic?” she said after stating the vagina had twice as many nerves as a penis. Warren used words such as “powerful” and “touching” to describe the cause the Vagina Monologues supports and explains the skits are a way to “raise awareness about things we don’t talk about.” She said it’s “not feeling bad for women” but it is a way to change “victims to survivors.”

university community of those issues while also protecting and advancing gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights on campus. ODU Out also offers a variety of programs in hopes of encouraging cultural awareness and diversity within ODU’s campus life. The Gender Bender Ball was an event that celebrated all ODU students. The ball’s purpose was to present gender in a different light thus providing awareness of gender issues, and for Sauerwald, this is what was most important. “Students need [to know] that it is ok to embrace who they are and should never feel ashamed about it, but rather celebrate it,” she said. For more upcoming events sponsored by ODU Out, visit


B2 | Wednesday 2.13.2013 | MACE & CROWN

By: Allison Terres Web Master Mace & Crown The Higher Education Center in Virginia Beach is generating a lot of buzz around the local educational and artistic communities by providing a space for young art students in the area to present their talents. Senior art students from the Visual and Performing Arts Academy at Salem High School are currently showcasing their latest accomplishments at the Higher Education Center. This is the first time that the academy has worked in partnership with Old Dominion, and as Erin Richburg said, it is a success for everyone involved. The Senior Showcase opened on Jan.18 and will be on view through Feb. 23. There are 14 Salem High School students that earned the opportunity

to exhibit their work, which has collectively been titled “Evolution.” There are a variety of themes and materials used, from paper to traditional drawings. “[The students] have watched their artwork and themselves evolve together through these four intense years of study,” explained Richburg as the meaning behind the title of the exhibition. Richburg is the students’ teacher and co-coordinator if the showcase. She collaborated with Patti Edward from the ODU Visual Arts Department. “This is my first event at the Higher Education Center,” said Richburg. The reception was the same night that the showcase opened. A large crowd was present, and consisted of coordinators and directors from both ODU and Virginia Beach City Public Schools. Most of the audience stayed for the entire opening reception, which ended when

student Caroline Simpson’s work was chosen as “Best in Show.” The group of students has worked for three months to put together the display. It all started as each student’s thesis project. “It began as a research paper about a topic of personal interest and morphed into their artwork as a response and informed conversation about the information unearthed,” said Richburg. As their first professional showing, this is a great opportunity for the visual arts students. Their collaboration with ODU has given them in-depth practice into the real-world aspect of art. “The experience of making this thesis work and then exhibiting in a space like the ODU Higher Ed Center really showed them all what is involved in putting up a group show,” Richburg said.

Visual art students of Salem High School had the opportunity to display their artwork at the Higher Education Center.

Calling All Gamers Dr. Kevin Moberly on a Possible New Program for Old Dominion

Dr. Kevin Moberly received the Teaching with Technology award on May 3, 2012 which gave a one-time award of $1,500 to the English department in honor of him to support technology in teaching.

By: Sean Burke Assistant Web Master Mace & Crown Think about the different disciplines that go into making a video game. Sound technicians need to create musical scores and sound effects, graphic designers to create box art and menu design as well as character and asset design, 3-D modelers to create ingame assets, programmers to give the game life, movement, physics and controls, writers to give the game a story, and a business team to manage a budget and also decide a market area. This can make a video game a great venue for an interdisciplinary degree track. Dr. Kevin Moberly hopes Old Dominion University will soon have a degree track, or set of tracks, that reflect professions in the video game industry. He has already started teaching game related courses, such as ENGL 395, which is a topics class that examines games for their narrative and mechanics. This isn’t your average class and it doesn’t come with an average syllabus. Tests are “Boss Fights,” extra credit becomes “Achievements,” and assignments are “Quests.” The class is designed to emulate games and stimulate that type of thinking. Dr. Moberly feels that changing the name of class structures can get gamers into a “hacker mentality, where they will try to use, bend or circumvent the rules to get the best possible score that they can.” He also feels that this class “can help gamers not just play games but [help them] think critically about them.” Before every ENGL 395 class, the students are required to play a game that will be part of class discussion that day with certain chapters of the course texts. Some examples are “Asteroids,” “Legos,” “Loondon,” “Scary Girl,” “YouOnlyLiveOnce” and others. Each game serves to exemplify a certain element of game design or game narrative. In class, the discussion of the game “Loondon,” and whether or not it fit the minimal criteria for being a game, led to

diverging views among gamers about what games really are and what makes a game. For example, some said that a story or dialogue was required for a game to be fun, but “Tetris,” “Pong,” “Minecraft,” and “Flower” all say otherwise. In times like these, Dr. Moberly would point to course texts for an answer or a better understanding of the problem. At the end of the course students are to present a game they made themselves for their final exam. Dr. Moberly doesn’t expect students to make the next “Journey” or the next “Halo” but instead will grade the game on the reflective essay of the student that will accompany it. The course is meant to expose students to elements of game design and classical applications of examining narrative on this new-ish media. Regarding the curriculum, student and gamer Larry Chapman said, “I think it’s awesome. Right now, video games are to us what books were before the industrial revolution. I think the professor wants to emphasize the importance of gaming as a medium and how it’s progressing our idea of communication.” When asked about the possibility of a game centric degree path, Chapman said, “Oh yeah, a game development program would be amazing for my desired field. As an English major, I see a lot of potential in video games being used as a vessel for storytelling, and I also think other majors such as computer science and art majors would see potential in such a program as well.” Both Chapman and Dr. Moberly feel that a degree program would be helpful to not only students but to the game industry. As a student, Chapman realizes that getting work in the game industry is largely based on having work to show to your employer, however without a specific degree program, it can be difficult to make a game and carry a full course load simultaneously. Dr. Moberly said “the gaming industry is stuck in a rut” with constant rereleases of games and feels that an academic focus on gaming might be able to save the gaming industry from itself in this regard.


Blue List

Wednesday 2.13.2013 | MACE & CROWN | B3

Hip-Hop is Here to Stay SAC Concert Series Shines its Spotlight on Old Dominion Rapper By: Dominique Bailey Staff Writer Mace & Crown

Old Dominion is overflowing with talent. In many ways, undiscovered talent, but SAC is hoping to brighten the spotlight for these artists. On Feb. 12, Feb. 21, Feb. 28 and March 7 at 12:30 p.m. in North Cafe, SAC will be hosting a concert series featuring artists from ODU’s community. One of the concert series featured artists is rapper and music engineer, Era Hardaway. Hailing from Fredericksburg, 19 year old Era Hardaway is creating a path all his own. With a DJ as a father, it is no surprise that the young

rapper took to music. Era Hardaway began making beats in the seventh grade. He carried his love into his high school years and began rapping his eleventh grade year. He hasn’t looked back since. Era released his first mix tape, “Yeah, I Rap,” in April of 2010. Luckily, the project was well received by his hometown. Fondly, the rapper smiles as he remembers how he promoted and distributed the CD. “I saved up money, made hard copies and passed them out around my school. I even performed at the school. They were huge supporters,” said Hardaway. Shortly after, he released a collaborative mix tape, “The Undiscovered (L.O.O.K)” in August 2010 with fellow Lost Artistry member, Ja-P. He then released “Yeah, I Rap 2” in June 2011.

With his hometown fully supporting him, it was time Hardaway thought it was time to branch out. Using social media as a platform to promote his music, Hardaway has been able to connect with not only other Virginia artists, but also artists from surrounding states. He makes no secret of the major role social media and social networking has played in his career thus far. “Social media has played a big part in my career. If it wasn’t for social media I don’t think I would have met the people I’ve met so far,” he said. Although Hardaway had already generated buzz surrounding his music before attending ODU, he did not allow that buzz to stifle him. Now, he continues to push and challenge himself creatively. Hardaway released numerous singles and videos while working with Lost Artistry. Lost Artistry is a group of individuals hoping to unite and work toward a common goal within the music industry. Together, group members Wesley Rose, Shane Cory, Kevin Sinatra, Quinelle Holder, Amore Jones, Era Hardaway, Curtis

Constant Conversations and Cavorts

Passion Pit Performs at The NorVa By: Alyssa Narvell Arts & Entertainment Editor Mace & Crown

Electro popper fans had not one, but two nights in a row to dance and get down. Passion Pit, accompanied with duos Matt and Kim and Icona Pop, performed at the NorVa back to back on Feb. 4 and 5. Drummer Nate Donmoyer fell sick right before the set. A status on Facebook hours before the show and a sign posted on The NorVa’s box office read: “Due to un-

foreseen illness Passion Pit will be performing a shortened intimate acoustic set tonight.” Many of the band’s fans on Facebook seemed peeved and disappointed when they saw this message, especially since the band previously canceled a show at the NorVa back in July due to ‘mental health issues’ of lead singer Michael Angelakos. But, the band found a replacement drummer, Donmoyer’s best friend, at the last minute and they were able to deliver a short but energetic set, getting rid of the originally planned acoustic sound. Passion Pit is an indie-rock band that formed in 2007 in Cambridge, Mass. Band members Michael Angela-

kos, who is the lead singer, Ian Hultquist on keyboards and guitar, Xander Singh on the synthesizers, bassist Jeff Apruzzese, and drummer Nate Donmoyer played the band’s popular songs such as “Sleepyhead.” They surprised fans by beginning with their hit song “Take A Walk,” rather than finishing with it, which is typically what bands do. Matt and Kim performed songs from their two most recent albums “Sidewalks,” which came out in 2010 and “Grand,” from 2009. Hit songs from these albums such as “Daylight” and “Lessons Learned” were performed at the end of their set.

Tull and Ja-P make up Lost Artistry, working together to make their individual talents cohesive. In February of 2012, Hardaway returned to the spotlight and released his fourth solo project, “Slightly Hyped.” Although a new artist to ODU listeners, the project was well received overall. Expressing hope for more support and new listeners from within the ODU community, the rapper said, “I’ve got some support from ODU. IMA and WODU have been huge supporters. I’m still trying to get the people’s support though.” Since the release of “Slightly Hyped,” Hardaway released another collaborative project with Ja-P and he has released two batches of beats. Fans, new and old, should also be on the lookout for his upcoming mix tape “Classic.” Hardaway can be seen live on Feb. 21 in North Café at 12:30 p.m. and found on Twitter and Soundcload as well as at

“I liked Matt and Kim because they were a lot of fun to dance to. The throwback pre-recorded rap jams they played in between their songs was the best,” said concert attendee, Megan Stamper. Despite being constrained with a plastic boot supporting a sprained ankle, drummer Kim Schifino showed the fans in the packed venue some love by using the crowd as a dance floor, standing on the hands of fans and dancing for them. Swedish girl duo, also known as Icona Pop, opened the show. The band was formed in 2010 and are made up of Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt. They are most known for their debut single “I Love It,” which was released in the summer of 2012. Passion Pit will be on tour with Matt and Kim and Icona Pop throughout the country until March 12.

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New Season. New Start.

A Preview of the Old Dominion University Baseball 2013 Season An ODU team infused with young talent will look to get off to a fast start this season. By: Brian Bowden Staff Writer Mace & Crown Spring is almost upon us and that can only mean one thing to a sports fan, baseball is back. All the things we love about the game from the ballpark food to stolen bases to double plays to the seventh inning stretch to shutout games to walk-off homeruns have returned to Bud Metheny Baseball Complex this season. The Monarchs are ready to erase the woes of a disappointing season last year and start fresh. “This year we expect to be much more competitive. We’ve got better athletes and more of them, as well as better balance on our pitching staff,” said head coach Chris Finwood. The team was a meager 19-34 overall and 9-21 in the conference last year, but none of that matters anymore because it’s a new season and coach Finwood and his staff have been hard at work, adding a total of 21 new players to the roster this season. “They are all kids that fit how I want to play,” said coach Finwood. The team acquired seven junior college transfers as well as 14 new freshmen during the offseason. “The fans will notice a lot of new faces, but they’ll be surprised by their play,” said CAA-all rookie sophomore outfielder Josh Eldridge. Eldridge himself had a standout season last year hitting .299 with 26 RBI’s despite his team’s troubled play. Of the 21 newcomers, the biggest acquisition came in junior third baseman Jordan Negrini from Kihei, Hawaii. “He’s a big kid and a power hitter. He’s probably our top

professional prospect,” said coach Finwood. Negrini had a .375 batting average, 46 RBI’s and was All-League while playing at Yavapai Junior College in Arizona. The fans should also keep an eye on junior shortstop Tyler Urps, Negrini’s teammate in Arizona, who was also a transfer from Yavapai Junior College. “He’s just kind of a sparkplug type of player, plays real hard and has great energy. He’s a guy that the fans are going to like because of how he approaches the game every day. He’ll be the dirtiest guy on the field,” said coach Finwood. Urps was All-League as well in junior college and had a .283 batting average with 23 RBI’s and 10 stolen bases. “He has a lot of energy and he is fun to watch play,” said senior reliever Brandon Smith. The team lost five of the eight starting position players from last season, as well as three starting pitchers, but that might be a blessing in disguise considering their losses greatly outweighed their wins last year. “I think we’re better talent-wise with guys we replaced them with. Experience can be overrated. The honest fact is I think we’ve got better players now,” said coach Finwood. The team also has two of their top pitchers from last year returning to the mound that will help them solidify their rotation, junior Dean Ali and Smith. Ali had a 2.32 ERA with 60 strikeouts. Smith will be their go-to reliever this season. He was 8-1 last year with 47 strikeouts. “Numbers-wise he had a phenomenal year. He’s a strong kid and he throws hard. He’s got a really good, solid consistent demeanor about him,” said

coach Finwood. Although the team is ineligible for the Colonial Athletic Association tournament this season, due to the fact that they are moving to the Conference USA next year, they are still competing for an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament. “All of our games are big for us. We’ve got to probably win 38 or more games to get that bid coming out of the CAA, which isn’t rated as a real high baseball conference like C-USA is,” said coach Finwood. On top of the Monarchs 28 home games at Bud Metheny Baseball Complex, they will also play two home games at War Memorial Stadium in Hampton. “It’s a great old ballpark. It’s got great history and it’s a great venue,” said coach Finwood. They will host Virginia Commonwealth University on April 23 and College of William & Mary on May 14 there. “When I got the job here I thought what a neat place for college baseball to play. We’ll play a couple of games there every year,” said coach Finwood. The team opens their season at home in a three game series against Marshall University on Friday and from there it only gets tougher. They play North Carolina State away, who’s ranked in the top 10 of the country preseason, as well as University of Virginia and East Carolina University twice. The Monarchs will also play Virginia Military Institute, coach Finwood’s Alma Mater, twice this season. “That’s always a fun game for me. I root like heck for them except for those two games,” said coach Finwood laughing.


Wednesday 2.13.2013 | MACE & CROWN | C2

Hard Work Always Prevails Sophomore sensation Shae Kelley has not disappointed By: Jasmine Blackwell Contributing Writer Mace & Crown Many student athletes would struggle after transferring to three schools in just a few years, finding themselves not playing to their full potential. One player has proven that with a positive mindset, hard work and a good support system that it is not so difficult to defy the odds. She has thrived as the Lady Monarchs best player and arguably one of the best in the Colonial Athletic Association. Sophomore forward Shae Kelley has come up big for the Lady Monarchs numerous times this season. With a game-high 19 points and a career-high 17 rebounds to complement three steals, three blocks and two assists, Kelley led the Lady Monarchs comeback against UNC Wilmington. This marked her sixth double-double this season. Kelley gives all praise to her teammates and coaches when speaking about her transition between schools. “Just coming from my junior college it hasn’t been hard, it was a smooth transition coming from junior college here just because my teammates and my coaches most of all have made it easy to make that transition.” She has quickly adjusted and made herself well known in the CAA. Despite transferring three times in high school, Kelley was able to lead Denver East

to win the state championship her senior year, earning the title of Ms. Colorado Player of the Year. Kelley then committed to the University of Colorado, due to coaching changes; she made the risky decision of transferring to the junior college, Northwest Florida State. Now, at Old Dominion University, Kelley has found a place that she can call home away from home. After leaving two other basketball pro-

We beat them already so we can definitely do it again, but we’re going to their place so of course they’re going to be ready for us. grams, there had to be something that set Old Dominion University’s apart from the others. “I’d have to say a family. I can talk to coaches about different things, not just basketball, off the court stuff too; that’s kind of key for a player, especially for a player that’s transferred that many times, moving around it’s kind of hard but when you find somewhere that they’re welcoming and you can really relate to them, it’s key.” Kelley received junior college All-American honors last season, while averaging 13.7 points and 7.6 rebounds per game. She was ranked number nine for overall junior col-

lege player and number three at the forward position. Not only is Kelley a role model on the court, she is also one in the community. When speaking about her future, Kelley remains optimistic about the WNBA or playing overseas, but she also plans on giving back to her community. “I do want to work with kids. Back home we have a rec center and it’s really hard for kids to find somewhere to play, so I want to open a 24-hour fitness and have a lot of different gyms in there and a pool, so that kids can come late night because there’s nothing to do. I want to open a rec center for kids and teenagers. “It has definitely been a process, but it’s been a good learning process and you know I really enjoyed my time at my JUCO. Going from a D1 to a JUCO actually helped me in the long run because if I would have went straight to a D1 I would have lost a year and not been able to get my fifth senior year back. So the journey has been long but it’s been really good.” Kelley will be a key factor for the Lady Monarchs in the tough match up against Drexel this Sunday. “A team effort just like last time, we beat them already so we can definitely do it again, but we’re going to their place so of course they’re going to be ready for us. I think it’s going to take an all-around team effort and we have to get out there on defense. We can’t come out lackadaisical on the first half like we have.”

Shae Kelly has provided much needed toughness and tenacity for the Lady Monarchs.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Monarchs Receive 34 Letters of Intent on National Signing Day By: Mitchell Brown Senior Writer Mace & Crown

Wednesday was a monumental day for head coach Bobby Wilder and the Old Dominion University football program. On National Signing Day, the Monarch football team received 23 National Letters of Intent. This is in addition to the 11 student athletes that had previously signed and enrolled for the spring semester for a total of 34. The transition to FBS has given the Monarchs the ability to aggressively offer scholarships at a higher rate. “We’re moving right now from having 63 scholarships at the FCS level to 85 at the FBS level and that’s part of the reason that this class is so large,” Wilder said. Acquiring talent within your state is one of the most crucial aspects of recruiting. If a team is unable to get the local talent, it may find itself playing against them sooner or later. Old Dominion was able to sign eight players inside Virginia, five of them hailing from the Hampton Roads area. Wilder had “mixed emotions” about the instate job they did with this class. “The most players from this class are from Virginia, we have eight, but I felt like there could have been more.

Some of the student athletes we were recruiting went elsewhere…” Wilder said. “I’m disappointed that some went out of Virginia, so it could’ve been better but I like the local players we signed.” Out of Hampton, the Monarchs were able to sign three standout defensive players: Linebacker Richie Staton, Safety Daquin Moore, and Linebacker Atavius Matthews. When looking for talent, Phoebus, Hampton, and Oscar Smith High Schools have a plethora of Division-1 ready players. “Arguably anywhere in the country over the last 10 years those are three of the winning-est programs in the country,” Wilder said. The Monarchs success over the years has been watched by many, including prospective college football players. With their highpowered offense, Old Dominion grabbed the attention of college football fans across the nation. Taylor Heinicke’s record setting 730-yard passing game became a topic on ESPN’s Sportscenter throughout the following week. Wilder bluntly told how much the playoff push helped with recruiting. “A lot,” Wilder said. “I think the fact that we were 11-2 this year, the fact that we were on national television three times, and we were on regional television a couple of other

times, the fact that the Georgia Southern game was the game of the week,” Wilder said. With the televised games garnering recognition for the Monarchs, people began to realize just what this Old Dominion football team is about. “That day after we lost to Georgia Southern I was in California, people watched that game. We walked in to schools and they knew about us and that game. We went to Florida for the first time this year and people knew our name…so our names getting out there.” Wilder said. The Monarchs reached further outside of Virginia this year, signing five players from Texas (Linebacker DJ Simon, Quarterback Shane McCarley, Cornerback Jevon Neal, tight end Gerard Shillow, offensive lineman Kyle Bottoms). The only consistency in life is change and for the lives of Monarch coaches, players and fans, this is a positive change. The Monarchs had a positive signing day that will hopefully continue as they travel to Greenville, North Carolina on Aug. 31. For complete details on National Signing Day, go to http://www. html

Coach Wilder’s staff continues to build a dominant program with a strong recruiting class.


C3 | Wednesday 2.13.2013 | MACE & CROWN

Brumley Determined to Leave in Good Standing Redshirt senior Brennan Brumley won the Colonial Athletic Association’s wrestler of the week last week, adding to a very successful career here on the mat. Brumley has a 20-8 record this season, and has really made his last season a memorable one. On Feb. 3, he defeated Central Michigan’s Luke Smith who was previously the number 29 ranked wrestler at the time. What is even more impressive is the victory came in his secondary weight class at 157 pounds. “It’s a cool recognition for sure but the seasons not over yet there are still a lot I want to accomplish this season,” Brumley said. Brumley remains determined to finish his wrestling career here at Old Dominion as strong as he can. “Being that it’s my last year there is a little bit more hunger, a little bit more of a drive to leave here and the sport in good standings,” he said. He has been dependable for the monarchs in two different weight classes this season, something that is not typically seen in college wrestling. Brumley has posted a 16-6 record in 149 and a 4-2 record in the 157 class. “The preparation is the same against all guys, in 149 I have to watch my weight and

cut down a little more but in 157 I don’t have to worry much which is really nice,” Brumley said. Brumley has been able to help his team in many ways. His big win against Smith last week was not his first high profile victory. In the last four years he has picked up multiple victories against nationally ranked wrestlers and NCAA qualifiers. With that his mindset remains the same no matter who the opponent. “I’ve never really prepared any different. They’re just another wrestler, no different than the guys we have in our room; it’s really just going out there and wrestling your match like any other.” Brennan’s father put him in wrestling in the fourth grade in the hopes it would keep him out of trouble. He kept getting in fights at school, so many in fact, that the principal was threatening to expel him. “It seemed like I was in detention every other day,” he said. “With the self-control and discipline that came with the sport I was able to stay out of trouble after that.” Brennan grew up in the town of Center Line in Michigan and has made a name for himself far from home. He was recruited by the Monarchs his senior year of high school. “I remember thinking ODU who? But after a visit they really won me over.” Almost five years later he reflects on

his time here at ODU. “It’s been a roller coaster that’s for sure, trying to find a balance between wrestling, academics and my personal life,” he said. He also gives credit to his coaches here who have helped along the way. “We have butted heads a few times, but they really stand by their guys and always push you to succeed.” Unfortunately not every outing on the mat can end in victory. “Every time you lose a match you’re going to have some regret, think about what you could’ve or should’ve done,” Brumley said. Brumley praises his teammates in helping to forget some of that regret. “Every one of these guys fights hard is hungry to win,” he said. “When you see that you really want to go out and leave it all on the mat for them.” This team has provided Brumley with many great memories. “Traveling with this team is always a good time, every trip there are always some great stories.” With 55 career victories, he has had a lot of success on the mat. But it’s not limited to just the mat. Brumley is a political science major who really enjoys the outdoors. Things like snowboarding, hunting and fishing keep him busy when he’s not wrestling. Brumley’s wrestling career as a monarch is almost at a close, but he’s not done quite yet.

“I’m not comfortable losing, it’s important to have the will to succeed and I wres-

tled to win every time I stepped on the mat in the last four years.”


By: Matt O’Brien Staff Writer Mace & Crown





1543 Webb Center Monday-Thursday Friday

9am-7pm 9am-5pm


(757) 683-5611






Students First: A majority of Techstore proceeds goes to the ODU Scholarship Fund


Wednesday 2.13.2013 | MACE & CROWN | C4





Old Dominion Lady Monarch’s forward Jackie Cook leads the team in scoring average (13.7ppg), and three point field goals made and has been a major contributor to the Lady Monarch’s solid season so far.

The Old Dominion Lady Monarchs team has now forced 20 or more turnovers in 16 of 22 games this season, which ranks among the league leaders. The ODU Monarchs men’s golf team finished eighth among 15 teams in the Seabest Invitational after shooting 300-304-310 for a three round total of 920.

Men’s Basketball Old Dominion Georgia St.

54 69

Old Dominion James Madison

46 56

Old Dominon Towson

66 68

Old Dominion Georgia St.

63 83

Old Dominion George Mason

74 85

Old Dominion Drexel

78 66

Old Dominion Northeastern

74 79

Women’s Basketball LAST SEVEN Old Dominion UNC Wilmington

75 50

Old Dominion Hofstra

72 83

Old Dominion Georgia St.

68 45

Old Dominion William & Mary

69 73

Old Dominion Drexel

69 73

Old Dominion UNC Wilmington

62 55

Old Dominion George Mason

53 39

NCAA Basketball


Men’s Thu, Feb 07 Sat, Feb 09 Sat, Feb 09 Sat, Feb 09 Sat, Feb 09

Drexel UNC Wilmington Georgia State George Mason Old Dominion

66 56 82 72 74

Old Dominion Hofstra Towson Delaware Northeastern

78 Philadelphia, Pa. 65 Wilmington, N.C. 90 Atlanta, Ga. 79 Fairfax, Va. 79 Norfolk, Va.

7:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m.

57 William & Mary 52 Atlanta, Ga. 57 Northeastern 59 Hempstead, N.Y. 55 Delaware 77 Towson, Md. 74 UNC Wilmington 43 Harrisonburg, Va. Hofstra Atlanta, Ga. William & Mary Fairfax, Va. Delaware Harrisonburg, Va. Old Dominion Philadelphia, Pa.

7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. 4:30 p.m.

Women’s Thu, Feb 07 Thu, Feb 07 Thu, Feb 07 Thu, Feb 07 Sun, Feb 10 Sun, Feb 10 Sun, Feb 10 Sun, Feb 10

Georgia State Hofstra Towson James Madison Georgia State George Mason James Madison Drexel

Wednesday 2.13.2013 | MACE & CROWN | D1



Will you be my player 2?

A Nerd’s Best Valentine’s Day By: Sean Burke Assistant Web Master Mace & Crown

It’s obvious now, isn’t it? That nerds rule the world and everything involving entertainment? It seems we have reached a perfect storm of different activities this Valentine’s Day for nerdy couples. Follow this day plan, and you’ll either get her gamer tag, or get to the next level in no time. Take your dungeon partner to the movies this holiday to see “Warm Bodies.” Now, I know what you’re thinking, “isn’t that the corny zombie love movie?” Well yeah, it is. But I think the director pulls it off in a really interesting way. If your own Princess Peach or Superman loves “The Walking Dead” and the movie “Hitch,” then this is perfect for them. The movie is a silly romantic comedy that is highly self-referential and has a great sense of humor. And it actually does things with the zombie formula that nobody has. Even if it is a far-fetched premise, it’s good to see something new in the genre. Speaking of the overdone topic of zombies, your significant other will feel like they

have been infected with the love virus after watching “The Walking Dead,” and if they already have been previously, then you can both make fun of Andrea’s relational mishaps in nearly every episode. Consider doing a marathon of the seasons together, not only does it create or reinforce a common interest, but “The Walking Dead” is a great show and something you should both be able to enjoy. And your encyclopedic knowledge of zombie culture is sure to wow them off their feet and into your Xbox-Live party chat. But you are a choosy Dungeon Master; you can’t do just anything with your Player 2. They deserve the best, a wholly unique experience that touches their heart and soul and “Dead Space 3” should do that just fine. The science fiction thriller will be sure to have them jumping into your arms and saying “KILL IT, KILL IT WITH FIRE!” So when you do, you will be the top of their leader board and they will be incredibly grateful for your heroism. So, have a happy Valentine’s Day and make sure that if you use a sword on your quest, bring the sheath.

Valentine’s Day: Sweet or Sour? By: Eric Smith Staff Writer Mace & Crown Feb. 14 is a day we all love, or it can be a day we love to hate. I personally despise Valentine’s Day to the fullest. As a teen, I used to hand out candy and cards to girls in my classes or in hallways, but right now, I just hate it because I have never dated and am still single. This day is a smack in the face for singles. Origins of the holiday have been mixed. Scholars believe the modern version of Valentine’s Day came from ancient Christian and Roman tradition. One legend says that the day originated from the ancient Roman

festival of Lupercalis/Lupercalia, an annual fertility celebration that was observed on Feb.15. In 496 A.D., Pope Gelasius turned the festival into a Christian one, honoring St. Valentine, a martyr of the Christian faith. He lived in the third century. The day was set to the current date of our now commercialized Valentine’s Day. But, most people forget about the historical origins and focus on only the commercialized aspects. To celebrate this “holiday,” couples tend to do the cliché things. Everyone knows what I am talking about: men wasting $75 or more on flowers that will die in a week, buying a woman’s guilty treat in a box and others. This accelerated commercialism leaves an unpleasant taste in my

mouth. Emerging trends in this commercialism involve phones. When I watch a program on TV, a wireless commercial for the Samsung Galaxy III plays. It will say something like: “surprise your significant other with the new Galaxy III, for only $99.99” (with a two year contract, of course). The truth is love cannot be bought with a phone, teddy bear, balloon, Hallmark card or box of chocolates. When did love have a price tag? The National Retail Federation reported that Valentine’s Day spending will reach $18.6 billion dollars this year. Average spending per person will rise to $130.97, up from last year’s $126.03. These figures prove that retailers and restaurants use all means to

give couples a sweet deal. In the end, corporations bankroll off the backs of couples and souring singles. This day of “love” not only isolates singles, it can also put more pressure on couples. For men, it is a sour reminder of making a trip to the florist shop or Hallmark. Shopping for your woman takes a hit on your wallet. Does it do any good? After all, it’s your love life, not mine. Personally, I could care less about Valentine’s Day shopping. On the other hand, women look forward to the gifts. Anything from a diamond, watch, and, of course, the typical pseudolove gifts. A red flag for both genders is the expectation of things to define love. A common quote from some women who only love men for material items is, “if you love me, then you will buy me this ring [or whatever else I want]!” My plea to men

is to never let a women take advantage of you like that. Likewise, women who have this mindset should never force men to buy them things to define happiness. How does commercialization of Valentine’s Day stack up to Christmas? USA Today reported that Valentine’s Day spending is second to Christmas. Will the two ever be even? Well, only time will tell. I just know that I do not believe in the commercialization of holidays because it only covers up the true meaning of them. What is the point of dedicating one day to go above and beyond for your boyfriend or girlfriend? This should be an act that occurs every single day. One day out of the other 364 (365 in leap years) is not enough. Take love for what it is, not as a product.

Monarch Words of Wisdom Ways to Have a Cheap but Memorable Valentine’s Day By: Eryn Tolley Staff Writer Mace & Crown

You’re a college student, and more than likely, you and your significant other do not have the cash lying around to go big on Valentine’s Day. So, this list will help you have a romantic Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank. 1. Create an indoor picnic. Grab a tablecloth, your favorite finger foods and a bottle of wine. Enjoy your picnic on the living room floor and play card games and board games. End the night with a romantic movie. 2. Decorate a jar with craft items of your choice. and write love notes on small pieces of paper and fill the jar with them then present the jar to your sweetheart! A

handmade gift is always more thoughtful than a box of chocolates purchased at the store. 3. Make the entire day full of their favorite things. Cook their favorite breakfast and dinner and let them watch whatever they want on TV, without any complaints, and keep surprising them all day long. 4. Take your sweetheart out to experience something beautiful in nature. You two can watch the sun set or rise, take a walk on the beach or do some stargazing. 5. Create a photo album that puts your relationship in chronological order of events. Fill it with photos of concerts or sports events that you have attended together and leave some room at the end to continue adding to it as your relationship continues. 6. Make a CD of songs that make you think of your loved one and give it to him/her.

7. Grab some specialty wines, cheeses, breads or desserts from your favorite bakery and enjoy them together in front of a toasty fireplace. 8. Create a favorite mixed drink together. Try unique ingredients and enjoy taste-testing until you’ve created the perfect concoction then record the ingredients so you can make the “special drink” every year on Valentine’s Day. 9. Turn your living room into a movie theater by watching an old movie at home together with popcorn, soft drinks and candy. 10. Share a delicious dessert and cappuccino at a local bakery. 11. Write a “Top 10 Reasons Why I Love You” list and hide it in his pocket or her purse. 12. Guys, cook dinner for your special lady, and

remember that she doesn’t care what you make. Pick an easy recipe from a website that looks like you spent hours in the kitchen then set the table with candles and play romantic music softly in the background while you both enjoy dinner. 13. Grab a small radio and take your partner dancing at a romantic hideaway on the oceanfront. 14. Plan a scavenger hunt and write clues and place them in envelopes. Hide the envelopes around campus or even around the city then make the final clue the best one, such as a picnic beside a fire on the beach. 15. If you don’t have a special someone on Valentine’s Day, focus on bringing a smile to everyone’s face. There might be someone who really needs it.


Wednesday 2.13.2013 | MACE & CROWN | D2

Who Has it Worse on Valentine’s: Single Guys or Single Gals? By. Brian Jerry Senior Writer Mace & Crown

On one hand, we’ve got Jason DeRulo’s boys “Ridin’ Solo’” and in the other, Beyonce leading all her “Single Ladies” in a posse of male-free pride. But it begs the question, who truly has it tougher on Feb. 14: single guys or single gals? Chances are if you’re taking the time to read this, you’re either all set to delve into a romantic evening with your significant other on Valentine’s Day or planning to reach for the comfort food and the comfy couch Thursday evening and take solace in the fact that you don’t

have to shell out the big bucks for anyone other than yourself. And that’s fine, both are in fact. But as much as some people are nonchalant about their plans, yours truly just begs to cry foul. While it hasn’t been my favorite holiday by a long stretch, I don’t necessarily blame the day itself but rather choose to take solace in the fact that I’ve been a mere victim of annual, seasonal circumstance. In other words, I don’t have a necessarily defined reason as to why I seem to be on this side of the non-partnered spectrum. I just try to take everything and reason behind it in stride. It’s sort of like baseball: I’m waiting for the right pitch across the plate but yet keep reminding myself I only have four balls and three strikes before taking a free pass.

On one hand, the male argument could be made for the tougher side of the stick for the mere reason that we don’t want to be in desperation mode as the day approaches. And more often than not we usually have to make the first move. And if the fear of cold feet takes over, nothing materializes into boundaries of communication either due to lack of confidence or adequate and/ or prompt execution. In other words: be quick and swift or she won’t budge. For the ladies, their argument could be made that they just have it tougher. Everything from picking the right dress for the occasion to waiting for the guy to come around, or even just not feeling up to par can deter even the most Colbie Callait-esque “Bubbly” girl to slip

Epicurious Eats Sweets for your Sweet By: Emma Needham Staff Writer Mace & Crown

Why go out to a crowded restaurant when you could make dinner for the one you love right in the convenience of your own kitchen? Valentine’s Day is approaching and nothing says romantic more than a home cooked meal. If you forgot to make reservations at that fancy restaurant, not to worry, because here is convenient dinner menu for two. Appetizer- Bruschetta Hearts To start off with some class, try tomato, basil and goat cheese on heart-shaped bruschetta. Not only is it fancy, but it is simple too. Ingredients: Four slices of whole wheat bread One ounces goat cheese, softened

One medium ripe tomatoes, finely chopped 1/2 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil 1/4 teaspoon balsamic vinegar 1/8 cup fresh basil leaves, chopped Salt and pepper Directions: Cut the slices of bread using a heartshaped cookie cutter (or by freehand with a knife). Then arrange the bread hearts and toast them in a preheated 375 degree oven for 15 minutes, or until light brown and crispy then spread each toast heart with a thin layer of goat cheese. Next, in a small mixing bowl, combine the tomatoes, olive oil, vinegar, basil leaves and salt and pepper. Distribute tomato mixture evenly over each toast heart, spreading it to emphasize the heart shape. Serve immediately. Main Course- Mushroom Garlic Angel Hair Pasta

Continuing with an Italian theme, the main dish is one full of flavor and richness. On top of that, it only takes 30 minutes to make, leaving you more time to spend with your date. Maybe use one plate to have a possible Lady and the Tramp moment? Ingredients: Eight ounce package angel hair pasta One tablespoon and 1 teaspoon butter One tablespoon all-purpose flour 1/4 cup milk 1/2 clove garlic, minced Two teaspoons grated parmesan cheese Two teaspoons grated asiago cheese One teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil One tablespoon and 1 teaspoon mushrooms, halved and sliced Two teaspoons finely chopped red bell pepper One tablespoon and 1 teaspoon chopped green onion

even “The Ultimate High Wattage Performance.” Knowles expectantly took some of the coincidental blame and was the butt (no pun intended) of many intended knee slappers. It was all in fun and was overshadowed by a great game. The fierce performance by the 31-year old pop star received tweets from her husband, Jay-Z, poking a bit of fun saying: “Lights out!!! Any questions??” She even admitted that the event didn’t occur during her performance, stating: “It’s a live television show, it’s the biggest show in America, and there’s so many things that could happen and God was on my side, so I’m very, very happy that it went well and the power went out after,” Knowles said. “It feels good to know the hard work paid off.” Well, regardless if she had anything to do with the technical difficulties surrounding the New Orleans Superdome during the game, Queen B definitely knows how to take the sack like a true professional. And besides, maybe a little Beyontroversy is healthy for all of us sometimes. Please accept these

“glow in the dark” jewels, Mrs. Knowles, as a token of my appreciation; you’re quite the sensation. I hope they come in handy next time you shut the lights off in a stadium. Additional jewels will be given to ODU’s own Blaine Taylor. So long to the mustache, we hardly knew ye: 239 wins and 12 seasons later, goodbye alligator. Longtime ODU men’s basketball coach Blaine Taylor was shown the door last week after the team’s dreadful 2-20 run. The former 2006 CAA Coach of the Year was replaced by associate coach Jim Corrigan on an interim basis. That doesn’t mean we won’t recognize the contributions the ‘stache has given us over the last decade prancing back and forth on the sidelines. Need they forget that Taylor led the school that’s best known for its civil engineering and oceanography programs to three NCAA Tournaments, once in consecutive seasons. It’s only fitting that the 55-year old, now former, head coach gets canned right after he grows the mustache back. Well, I for one haven’t been stricken

on the sweat pants, dig in the freezer for the Breyers and make it a Netflix night. Verdict: It’s really hard to choose but I’d say the line is about even or darn near. I think people underestimate the timeliness it takes to open up the boundaries of communication for two people to even begin the process of a connection. And even then, it has to take place well before February, when the day fast approaches, it’s not like you can ask the night before and hit a homerun. No, now you’re caught stealing. While it’s difficult to pinpoint which gender has it tougher, I would venture to say that both sides are better off coupled together than being singled out. Give me liberty or give me a nursing major named Beth, whichever comes first.

Two teaspoons grated parmesan cheese Directions: Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil then cook angel hair in the boiling water, stirring occasionally until cooked through but firm to the bite for four to five minutes then drain. Heat butter in a small saucepan over medium heat then stir flour into the melted butter until well mixed and cook for about three minutes. Slowly pour milk into flour mixture, stirring constantly until well incorporated. Then add garlic and cook and stir the mixture until sauce is thickened for about two minutes. Add two tablespoons Parmesan cheese and Asiago cheese; stir until cheese is melted, two to four minutes. Next, reduce heat to low and simmer garlic sauce while preparing remaining ingredients. Heat olive oil in a skillet over mediumhigh heat and add mushrooms and red bell pepper. Cover and cook, stirring occasionally until vegetables are tender for about five minutes then remove from it from the heat. Lastly, place angel hair pasta in a serving bowl and toss and coat with garlic sauce. Add mushroom mixture and green onion then toss again gently and top with two tablespoons of parmesan cheese. Dessert-Chocolate Covered Strawberries This recipe may be simple, but there is no

denying that nothing is sexier than feeding each other chocolate covered strawberries. Getting a good picture now? Try it out. Ingredients: Four ounces semisweet chopped chocolate or chocolate chips One pound washed strawberries (about 20) One cup white chocolate (optional) Directions: First, line a baking sheet with wax paper then in a microwave-safe glass bowl, microwave the chocolate, stopping and stirring every 30 seconds until melted and smooth. Then, holding a strawberry by the stem end, dip it in the melted chocolate, letting the excess drip off and transfer to the prepared baking sheet. As you set the strawberry down, slide it 1/2 inch to the side to prevent the formation of a chocolate “foot.” Repeat with the remaining berries. Next, refrigerate the strawberries on the baking sheet until the chocolate is firm, which should take about 30 minutes. Then if you desire, melt the white chocolate in the microwave and drizzle over strawberries and place strawberries back in refrigerator until cooled and hardened. Make this Valentine’s Day a special one by preparing food from your own kitchen. Not only does it help you beat the reservation crowd, but it personalizes the night as well.

with a small case of athletic director Wood Selig’s situational amnesia. ODU has not forgotten what Taylor accomplished, that is why he deserves these jewels. There’s room

for more than one set of Crown Jewels this week and there’s no shame in Taylor’s game. You get a pair yourself, coach. We will miss the ‘stache.

Crown Jewels By: Brian Jerry Senior Writer Mace & Crown

This week’s specially designed “glow in the dark” jewels go to none other than Beyonce Giselle Knowles. The recently dubbed “Mrs. Carter” made waves in the headlines weeks back for “singing” over a pre-recorded version of the national anthem. And last week she once again found herself in the limelight after her Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show performance. Ironically, after the 16-time Grammy award winner wrapped up a set that included a mini reunion of the group Destiny’s Child, the lights during the Baltimore Ravens/San Francisco 49ers contest went out in route to a 34-minute delay. You don’t even have to look further than a simple Google search of her name to see some fun being poked at her. Critics dubbed the performance “Beyonce lights stage on fire” or “Beyonce’s booty didn’t kill the lights,” an ode to her “Electrifying” set or


Brought to you by the Mace & Crown and SGA

If you stay an extra semester for those 2-3 classes you need to graduate, you aren’t just paying for tuition and student activity fee but you’re also paying for:

Block 225/Block 160 Meal Plan Room (Quad Average Cost) General Service Fee Student Health Fee Transportation Fee Total *Many students can graduate a semester early or on time if they properly plan their schedules accordingly with their advisors.

1,928 2,892 9 71 50 4950

Cost of staying an extra year 4,950 x 2 = 9,900

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CREATIVE ENCLAVE Bad Doldrums on Coconut Grove: Huffing Illicit Fumes from a 458 Roadster By: Ryan Miller Enough conjugating lunacy already, such a flurry of stories of perceived suffering makes the vile news world seem like the most lucrative business model for selling papers is more stories featuring faces being gorged, chewed and spit out on to headlines like a new billboard for the second coming of a demented Disney World in South Florida. William Randolph Hearst couldn’t have dreamt of such publicity. Though, a homeless man undergoing facial reconstruction surgery to a respected daily source of news may be a filler before it is a back page story. Imagine the disappointment that it wasn’t a group of tourists who missed their exit for Daytona Beach and went some 200 miles down I-95 to meet their fate face on in Miami, or a Palm Beach playboy who just needed one more excuse to revisit his orthopedic plastic surgeon. Any one of those maddening affairs would easily lead to Universal Studios picking up the rights to make the horror picture and then the patient finally gathering up the confidence to waiver some of the movie’s earnings, pick up a pen and scribble a New York Times bestseller. But a homeless man thought already dead by his family for over 30 years may be less marketable to a wider audience, however serves as the fundamental concept behind reality television. We pulled into Dr. Bob’s semi-oval driveway, his address lit up in cursive little boy blue on a neighboring sign. An abandoned white van sits perched on the other half of the driveway, waiting for Dr. Bob’s crazed Saturday mornings to hop around the Gables finding random assortments of collectables being tossed out in yard sales. The designated vehicle is a sort of hoarder’s mobile home, the paddy wagon for the most eclectic items that would keep an attention deficit hyperactive disorderly person fixated on toys for hours. Anyone driving this thing down these posh streets immediately takes on the appearance of a mad joker sprung from a Jack-in-the-box, swerving around sharp corners, high on the speed from two entire pots of coffee roast. It’s a kind of important weekly ritual for Dr. Bob. “Never undermine bargaining for anything less than base value.” His happened car of choice for getting around Miami on a regular basis is a black Lincoln town car, which taken at the right speed and careful hand placement over divots could sink through the first barrier of a police blockade. But since there will be none of that it’s more of a road obstruction itself, turning mistreated old roads, parking garages and yard sale hunting into a sanctum of hell and an instigator for mild road rage when trying to follow the doctor’s directions. A tented mezzanine overhangs the steps to the house; for some strange reason I walked to the front door expecting an orderly to emerge out of a breath of thinly veiled air and unroll a red carpet for the occasion of our arrival on the premises. It seemed not so far out of the realm of uncanny prospects that could be done, but something that

would be characteristic of the imminent dementia I’ll be rottenly plagued with in the later days of our time spent in Miami. One step inside with Dr. Bob and it’s quick to notice the other house guest propped up at the kitchen counter top on a wooden stool, set on whatever it is that he is doing at the time being. “This is Larry Katz, a big time friend of mine from Miami who just moved back from LA working on movies and is staying here until he finds his new apartment.” Dr. Bob introduced Diego and me, though I previously had a glimpse at the man’s work when Dr. Bob had shown me his current entrepreneur status weeks before in an advertisement. He’s involved in the distribution on Jetlev R200, a water-powered jetpack with 200 horsepower connected to a hose that sends you into liftoff over water like a new kind of NASA designed Apollo shuttle series made as a publicity stunt for the Miami board of tourism. “I got a speeding ticket on it,” Larry told us, which I figure being chased down by the Coast Guard on one of those things is essentially the equivalent of being flagged down by a bicycle cop. They’re fairly new and rare, though we were told some celebrities had been lined up by Larry and others promoting the water pack, most recently with Justin Timberlake. It was quite the introduction for Diego and me with Larry Katz, who had far more laboring experience in movie producing and assistant directing in his years, and quite a bit to show for it. In his earlier days he’d come over to Dr. Bob’s after a day of school and go boating out on Coconut Grove, which we were haphazardly headed for on the vicious docks during a squalling rain. It didn’t help that current conditions of Tropical Storm Debby changed complete directions from heading West over the gulf to back over the Florida peninsula, seemingly because the storm felt like it. Northern Florida was belted with flooding rainfall, trailer-overturning tornados and power shortages that gave more Floridians ideas to jump in their canoes and paddle down their street for a guest spot on local news. There is a consistency in weather reporting that causes viewers to judge the seriousness of a brewing storm at sea when it decides to make landfall. First, a body count, and then the secondary damage report. But with the sight of some idiot rowing down his cul-desac it becomes a quick preliminary indicator of some relatively minor statewide damage, but also the overlooked indication that Governor Rick Scott is wiping off a brutal sweat that’s been sitting on his forehead since the state department won’t be spending billions of tax payers’ dollars in the midst of panic during a statewide emergency. The damage is an issue of its own, but minor in the grand scheme of government and economic interests. Blown over homes and flooded streets in a political eye takes the appearance of a few torn off shingles, but when a storm disrupts the flow of millions of dollars in tourism the entire roof comes off.

Serendipity By: Dominique’ Washington a privilege to have Met you, sweetheart. thank you for All that you do. and yes, the littlest things do mean the most. why, time, itself, seems to pass bysuch great ease with you. Respect, kindness, love: unfaltering in the gifts that you bring. baby, i am the queen to your king! cherishing, protecting my heart with punctilious Care. never a dull moment is one that we share. Understand me that this here is something real; something akin to Serendipity. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr. Parker

Look at Her By: Will Wilson “Look at her, look at her, Lord have mercy.” —Tim Seibles from “Looking”, Body Moves Biology class. Eighth grade. Seven feet away from me, the air framed an angel. I’d heard of sexy things before, but until then, I didn’t know what sexy meant. It was everything about her— a black-haired, caramel-colored Mona Lisa,

Sleepy Valentine

not even da Vinci could reproduce her smile, whose skin sent the sweetest scent my way.

By: Rowland Cowles

(I thought it was perfume; my textbook called it pheromones.)

I tuck her in flowers – sheets patterned with roses red. On pillows of pale yellow she lays down her head. In a matter of minutes she sleeps as if dead. I feel I am lucky to share the same bed. She sleeps like a log sprouting wavy brown moss. She will not wake up no matter how much I toss. I wrestle with comfort. I am restless with thoughts. She makes a quarter turn and my covers are lost. When her mouth is open she lets out a loud snore. Most nights she wakens as I snore like lions roar. Once, she couldn’t wake me. I was out like a crack whore. So, she decided to push me off the bed onto the floor. It’s the worst time of day when her bright eyes shut close. In the dark, I lay wishing to kiss her rosy nose. She turns on her back and strikes a silly pose. I whisper, “I love you,” unanswered, though she knows.

She had these hills on her chest that I barely noticed before, but now, I craved to see more. I saw her down to the finest detail— the skinny hairlets resting on her arms. I was jealous of their closeness. The year before, her arms were only there. This year, they were necessary— as necessary as a down coat during the winter— I wanted them to cover my body. I captured every unknown position I longed to know inside my head. The rest of the room faded; all I could hear was her body calling me. I answered unexpectedly, stood straight up and said, “Hello!”

F1 | Wednesday 2.13.2013 | MACE & CROWN



The Naro Theater on Colley Avenue in Norfolk.

DeShawn Painter, senior center, pushes toward the hoop against Northeastern.

Children at Big Blue’s birthday game doing the Ice Cream and Cake.

At the intersquad game, Ben Verlander rounds the base.

Joey Burney and Austin McGowan at the ODU intersquad baseball game.


Wednesday 2.13.2013 | MACE & CROWN | F2

Perry Library is a quiet place for students to study during the semester.

Men’s Basketball lost in overtime against Northeastern.

After a short falling out, the Big Blue Brew Crew is back, applying for a budget with SAC, and brewing more beer than ever.

Passion Pit’s lead singer, Michael Angelakos, sings “Sleepyhead” for the set’s finale.

Wednesday 2.13.2013 | MACE & CROWN | G1



ACROSS 1. Displays 6. Does something 10. Animal companions 14. Ritual 15. Midday 16. Out of control 17. Convex molding 18. Countertenor 19. Rational 20. Herbicide 22. Prong 23. Border 24. Shoelace hole 26. Anagram of “Salt” 30. Downwind 31. Apply gently 32. Masterstroke 33. Feudal worker 35. Cut of beef 39. A former Turkish term of respect

41. Voluntary self-punishment 43. Not fresh 44. Dry 46. A soft sheepskin leather 47. Many millennia 49. Euro forerunner 50. Blowgun missile 51. Seat of power 54. Very 56. Genuine 57. Mental representation 63. Cocoyam 64. Ripped 65. Faint 66. All excited 67. Magma 68. Exhausted 69. Declare untrue 70. Biblical garden 71. Originates in

DOWN 1. An entertainment program 2. Possess 3. Double-reed woodwind 4. Not tame 5. Feed a fire 6. Absence of the sense of pain 7. An Irish girl 8. Carry 9. Made noises while sleeping 10. Composition board 11. Electronic letters 12. 1000 kilograms 13. Shooting sport 21. Stagnated 25. Tale 26. Air force heroes 27. Garret 28. A soft porous rock

29. The scientific study of caves 34. Gastronomist 36. Dwarf buffalo 37. Stigma 38. Canvas dwelling 40. A noble gas 42. Draw forth 45. Set aside 48. Get cozy 51. Step 52. Row of shrubs 53. A radioactive gaseous element 55. Legions 58. Tailless amphibian 59. Blockhead 60. Bygone era 61. Verse 62. Terminates

VALENTINEMessages 1. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Alpha Xi Delta is sweet, And so are you! We would love to see you come you out for Spring Recruitment! Check out Alpha Xi Delta Old Dominion University on Facebook or AXiD_ODU for details.

5. To: The Hampton Roads Campus Ministry “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this: to lay down ones life for one’s friends” (John 15:12) I love you all very much! From: Theresa 6. Dear Kalie Chan,

2. Happy Valentine’s Day to the Mace & Crown Staff! As your Editor-inChief, I really appreciate your hard work and dedication you give the Mace. I hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.

We have known each other for almost 6 months now and I think you are an amazing girl. I’m sure you know who I am, but please meet me near the couches in the WEBB at 7pm on Valentines Day. I’ll be wearing a pink shirt.

3. Happy Valentine’s Day Mace & Crown Editorial Board! Thank you for being awesome and dedicated to this paper. I appreciate your hard work and love you all! Love, Megan Jefferson, your Editor-in-Chief.

7. Happy Valentine’s Day Princess Jasmine! Thanks for being a spectacular roomie, friend, and person. Love you girl! Love, Tatiana

4. Happy Valentine’s Day Kona. Your the best puppy ever and I love you so much!

8. Dear Morgan Smorgan i love youuu!! Happy Valentines day! Love Johnny Boy

9. Dear Johnny boy Happy Valentines Day!!!! I love you!! From Morgan Smorgan ;) 10. Happy Valentine’s Day to OSAL! You all are the best! 11. Happy Valentine’s Day to Joyce Hoffman! You Rock! 12. Happy Valentine’s Day Nicole Kiger you’re the best! 13. Dear Ra Bear, I love you, and because I love you I will give you all the best salmon I catch, tell you about all the best trees for scratching your back, and share half my stolen picnic baskets with you. GRRRARAARARAAR. That is bear for Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you. - James Bear


Wednesday 2.13.2013 | MACE & CROWN | G2


classifiedads Office of Intercultural Relations ODU presents: Black History Month 2013 Keynote featuring Van Jones; 2009 White House Green Jobs Adviser | CNN Contributor | President of Rebuild the Dream | Tuesday, February 19, 2013 Key note address: 6:30 pm Book Sale & Signing: 8:00 pm (Author of two New York Times Best Sellers: The Green Collar Economy and Rebuild the Dream.) North Cafe, Webb University Center Free and open to the public For more information: Office of Intercultural Relations (757) 683-4406 or visit The Office of Intercultural Relations invites you to a Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Social! Come play board games and sign our Global Valentine’s Day Board! Food, Folks, and Fun! Thursday, February 14, 2013 Intercultural Center, 2114 Webb University Center 12 pm - 2 pm For more information, contact the Office of Intercultural Relations (757) 683-4406

Bimini Rd. CD release Bimini Rd. CD release with Co-headliner Spiritual Rez from Boston also featuring Major & the Monbacks. Free giveaways by Lynx Shreds clothing and dance party to follow. Location is Peabody’s in Virginia Beach, doors open at 7pm, 3.1.13. Tickets can be purchased at $7 advance $10 day of show.

Mace & Crown



The Mace & Crown meets every Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. in the U-Center, located across from the Card Center in Webb. We welcome anyone who has a passion for reading, writing, editing and photography. Join our Orgsync page for updates and meeting reminders. If you wish to advertise with the Mace & Crown please contact James Porter at advertising@ He can supply information on advertising costs and the classified section.

How well do you know your boo? It’s the Newlywed Game! Bring your significant other and you may be selected to compete in the game show. Come to the North Cafe at 7 p.m. on Valentine’s Day to participate. The winning couple will get an all expense-paid Valentine’s Day dinner.




How Well Do You Know Your Boo?

Decorate Valentine’s Day Baskets

MGB 102

James River Room,



8:00 PM

Webb Center

North Cafe, Webb Center

North Mall, Webb Center


7:00 PM

7:00 PM

11:00 AM-3:00 PM

A sexy, entertaining game in-



spiring straight talk about sex,



2/13, 2/15, 2/16

intimacy, and relationships. Women’s Center

Author Signing

GSO Comedy Night

Faculty Book Signing




University Village Bookstore

Isle of Wight/Cape Charles

University Village Bookstore

12:00 PM

Room, Webb Center

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Book signing by local

7:00 PM-9:00 PM

Celebrate the release of a new

Chesapeake author Al Parker for


book of poetry by Faculty author

his novel, “Adrift “ set

Remica Bingham-Risher,

during the Korean War.

“What We Ask of Flesh.”

University Village Bookstore

University Village Bookstore



Price of Beauty

Go Natural Day


Black History Month Keynote Address: Van Jones

Hampton/Newport News


North Mall, Webb Center

Room, Webb Center

North Café, Webb University Center

11:00 AM-2:00 PM

5:30 PM-6:30 PM

6:30 PM

Come to our photo shoot wear-

Discussion of how the “price”

Celebrate Black History Month w/

ing no makeup or hair products

of beauty is different

keynote speaker Van Jones;

and tell the beauty industry

around the world.

White House Green Jobs Adviser,

that we are beautiful the way

Women’s Center

President of Rebuild the Dream

we are naturally.

& CNN Contributor

Women’s Center

Office of Intercultural Relations

2/19/13 or 757-683-4406.

Ad sponsored by the Office of Student Activities & Leadership Want to see your event on this page? E-mail Elyse Gambardella at for details.

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he Feburary 13th Mace and Crown Newspaper

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