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Mace & Crown VOL. 52, ISSUE 17 | FEBURARY 25, 2011


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Kathryne Mason Mace & Crown Bazemore led the Monarchs with 18 points.

Bench catapults Monarchs to victory Bench scoring a key for a Monarchs’ win by

Jake Ullrich Staff Writer

It was Kent Bazemore’s second collegiate technical foul. He had stolen the ball and was free for an easy dunk. Bazemore did his now trademark two-handed slam and held on the rim for a second too long. The ref had no hesitation with throwing up a ‘T” and awarded the Vikings two free throw shots, shots that Norris Cole made to cut the Monarchs’ lead to one point. It should have hurt the Monarchs, it should have allowed the Vikings a chance to get back in the game, it should have silenced the crowd, but it didn’t. Instead it led to an 18-5 Old Dominion run that ultimately sealed a 74-63 victory for the Monarchs. The Vikings were led by senior Norris Cole who set a record for most points scored by an opponent in the Ted Constant Convocation center as well as most points ever in a Bracketbuster game when he finished with 35. Cole fouled out of the game with 49 seconds left with the Monarchs leading 72-63.

Unfortunately for Cole he didn’t have the supporting cast the Monarchs possess. Old Dominion outscored the Vikings 24-2 on the bench, mostly due to Keyon Carter’s 14 points and Trian Iliadis’ 8. “It’s very important [for the bench to play well],” Carter said. “Their starters did a good job matching up, especially down in the post so me and also Trian [Iliadis] it was important for us to come in and provide a spark and turn this thing around.” The Monarchs found themselves down early when Cole simply couldn’t miss. Shooting 6-9 from beyond the arc in the first half, Cole finished with 24 of the Viking’s 28 points. The Vikings biggest lead was 7, capitalized when Cole’s three-pointer rattled in, back out and then back in. “It hit the rim like three times, then hit the backboard and then went in” Kent Bazemore said after the game. “I was just like ‘Alright I guess’. He’s a heck of a player.” Coach Taylor made a few changes in the media timeout after that shot, bringing in Chris Cooper, Darius James, Trian Iliadis and Nick Wright in a hope to energize the team and crowd. The next play, Wright moved over just in time to force Viking’s guard Jeremy Montgomery into a charge, a play that awoke the 8328 fans in the

Ted and sparked the Monarchs to a 16-6 run to finish out the half. The Monarchs knew they needed to change something to slow Cole down and a switch to zone defense seemed to confuse the Vikings. “I thought our defense, as we figured out a little more about him and them, I thought we did a better job as the game wore on playing defense,” head coach Blaine Taylor said. “You can give [Cole] all the attention you want but you gotta be careful of the other four and I think we did a wonderful job on the other four. “It sounds trite but, you know, we shut him right down to 11 points in the second half.” As it with most Monarchs’ wins, the team dominated on the glass, outrebounding the Vikings 53 to 24. The Monarchs finished the game with 23 offensive rebounds, one less than the Viking’s total rebounds. The consistent second opportunities for the Monarchs led to easy baskets, as well as demoralizing the Vikings. Ben Finney finished with 13 total rebounds, eight offensive, and Frank Hassell finished with 15, seven offensive. Keyon Carter added five more to the Monarchs’ total. Starter and perhaps the Monarchs’ best post defender Chris Cooper found himself in early foul trouble and was limited to only 11 minutes. The lack of time for Cooper opened to door for

Carter, who had his best game of the season, finishing with 14 points. He was also the beneficiary of a perfect pass from Darius James to allow a monstrous dunk that sent the Ted into hysteria. Carter started the run with the dunk and finished it with a three-point shot that guaranteed the win for the Monarchs. “It’s extremely satisfying, I couldn’t think of a better game to come out and play well for not only myself but my team,” Carter said. “I wouldn’t have had a very good day if we would have let this one slip, especially to a non-conference opponent. “It’s just a sense of pride. Being in the CAA, I feel like, you know, all the quote-unquote midmajors, we’re the elite of that class.” The win boosts the Monarchs’ already impressive non-conference schedule and helps their serious contention for an at-large birth to the NCAA tournament. It was a win appreciated by the players, coaches and fans alike. The Monarchs won’t always score 74 points and many times won’t win a game when they allow a player to score 35. But today they did and, according to Bazemore, there is only one thing that matters. “Got the win, it’s all about results.”



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Religious organization on campus Melissa Flippo News Assistant


ODU offers a variety of organizations for every individual to get involved in. Within these groups of organization is one sect that may go unseen sometimes, the religious organizations. “I do believe [religious organizations] are beneficial to a great number of students both living on campus and off; each religion acts as a center for understanding and support for everyone.” Amber Preminger, a senior at ODU, said. There are 23 different organizations on campus that cover ODU’s diverse population. All of the organizations can be found on ODU’s website under the Student Organization Directory. The Baptist Collegiate Ministry tries to help emulate what a full relationship with God includes and try to connect students to God through Jesus Christ. The Ministry encourages helping those in need as well as growth and maturity. The office is located at 1410 West 49th St. The Baptist Collegiate Ministry provides opportunities for service projects on Mondays and a guys Bible study on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. On Thursdays, a free lunch is offered at 12:15 P.M. followed by a Bible study on Thursday nights at 6:00 and then a House Church event Sundays at 3 P.M. The building is not only a place to learn, but a place to relax and have fun in a safe environment. The Ministry offers a variety of activities for students to engage in and keeps its doors open 7 A.M. till 5 P.M. and some nights later. “The main thing a student needs to know about our organization is simple but to some may sound strange based on misapplied reputation,” Brett Lewis Baddorf, Interim BCM Campus Minister at ODU, said. “The name Baptist should be synonymous with freedom and when students here that word they should think of a place where they can go and be safe from those who would force their views upon them.” The best way to find out more about the organization is by speaking with them, or going to “Our inter-denominational organization exists to establish spiritual movements all over campus so that every student knows someone who truly follows Jesus,” Brian Barnett said, the chaplain. The Campus Crusade for Christ holds Bible studies, weekly worship meetings, service projects, retreats and conferences with students involved at other colleges in the Hampton Roads area. “Our inter-denominational organization exists to establish spiritual movements all over campus so that every student knows someone who truly follows Jesus,” Brian Barnett, the chaplain, said. They have weekly meetings Tuesdays in the Smithfield Room of the Webb between 12:30 P.M. and 1:30 P.M. and Wednesday nights in the Diehn Performing Arts Building in room 107. Wednesdays include games, worship, Biblical discussion and time to relax and eat with friends. Although the Campus Crusade for Christ just began last year at ODU, it is represented in more than 200 countries and exists in more than 1,000 colleges in the United States. Theywill continue to “help students grow in the faith and learn how they can love & serve their family, friends and classmates.” For more information, students can attend the meetings or email inquiries to Global Student Friendship’s mission is “Reaching the world, one student at a time. The Global Friendship House will be a caring, home away from home: a place to foster new relationships and to help with practical, personal and spiritual needs.” “We are serving more than 1000 Int’ls in Hampton Roads area including ODU campus,” Kurnia Foe, President of Global Student Friendship, said. They offer weekly activities like providing free furniture, home appliances, mattressess as well as others home goods for international students. During the week there is a Bible study, “Sunday School meeting” and an international wives social meeting. On March 26, there is a 5K Race for The Globe, which will run the perimeter of the ODU campus. To register for the race, visit http:// Hillel is the International Foundation for Jewish Campus Life. This is a worldwide organization to enrich the Jewish community by encouraging intellectual, cultural, social and spiritual growth. They offer a variety of meetings, which can be obtained by visiting their Facebook page, php?gid=24552232051&ref=ts. “Lunch and Learn” meetings are held every other week, during which guest speakers come to talk about issues that matter to college students in a Jewish context. “Topics include Jewish campus life, community service, spirituality, Israel, and religious holidays, all discussed in a pluralistic, welcoming and inclusive environment,” Rachel Liebman, president of ODU Hillel, said. “Anyone is welcome to come to our events, in fact, we love seeing new faces!”


Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown The Wesley House is one of the many buildings that line campus supporting religion on campus. Many of the student organizations are linked with these buildings.

“InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA is a national collegiate ministry, and our ODU chapter has been around for over 40 years,” Kristen Wilkinson said. They host weekly large group meetings called Crash, as well as small group Bible studies, prayer time, service opportunities, alternative Spring Break trips and social events. Crash is held every Monday at 8 p.m. in BAL 1012. Crash is an opportunity to explore and discuss Jesus at a comfortable distance. “This semester, the topics are in a series we’re calling “The Ten Great Freedoms” based on the Ten Commandments of the Bible.” Kristen Wilkinson said. There are small meetings held throughout the week at different locations and times. For more information, please Founded May 1, 2002 at Old Dominion University in Powhatan Apartments, Lambda Omicron Christian Sorority, Inc. teaches women the principles of the Word of God. They focus on developing women spiritually, socially, physically, mentallyand financially by the strong support system of women. “Our 3 fold process for membership is intense yet beneficial for any interested persons including an interest meeting where we first teach on a biblical topic and then discuss organizational information,” said Quiana Johnson, founding president. “An individual interview before a Board of members where we engage in getting to know that prospect better, and the intake process which consists of intense training in the Word of God, fellowship activities, community service, retreats, and more.” They offer a variety of activities that can all be found on their website Please visit the site or email at admin@ The Tidewater Wesley Foundation is the United Methodist Church’s outreach to Old Dominion University and has been on campus since the 1960s. Its doors are open to any level of commitment in faith and an individual does not have to be of United Methodist faith to be involved in the group. “We seek to provide opportunities for faith and life to meet,” Rev. John Haynes, Jr. , an ordained minister, said. Tidewater Wesley Foundation office is located at 1338 West 49th St. which offers space for the student organization to meet, as well as space for students to have a “home away from home.” On Tuesdays at 12:15 p.m., churches in the area bring lunch, and they offer a free lunch to faculty, staff and students as well as some “table talk” about religion. “We do a lot of fun things like meals, game nights and a fall retreat,” Rev. Haynes said. “Students will find a friendly and non-judgmental place where people will know your name and you will find support as you survive the ODU experience.” They offer opportunities for service through work with the Park Place UMC soup kitchen on Thursday nights and an alternative Spring Break trip. This year, the church is heading to Florida to work with an organization called the Society of Saint Andrew. “Students will be picking citrus and packing boxes that will be sent to food banks across the southeast,” Rev. Haynes said. For more information, students can speak with them directly or visit the website at No matter what faith a person follows, almost all is covered with the 23 organizations on campus. Many students promote the religious organizations and believe that having them on campus is beneficial. “I think religion is important for every aspect of a person’s life,” Cherie Baisey, a graduate of ODU who is currently working towards a second Bachelors, said. “Your faith, what or who you believe in, is one of the few things that can’t be taken from you. In this country we pride ourselves on being a melting pot of different cultures and your religion or lack thereof is an important part of your culture. The freedom of religion is especially important in a place as transient as Norfolk and a university as diverse as ODU.”

David Bakhshaee Staff Writer

Old Dominion University offers over 200 student organizations, boasts 163 different nationalities on campus and presents the opportunity to study any of 68 bachelor’s degree programs. For those on campus with a desire to get involved politically, there is the option of joining the ODU College Republicans and the ODU Young Democrats. Both organizations are actively involved on campus and provide different outlets to voice and express individual ideas and ideals. The president of the ODU College Republicans Chris D’Ambra said, “The main goal of the ODU College Republicans is to create a conservative atmosphere on campus where we promote conservative ideals.” “We want to bring in individuals who are already conservative on top of promoting to sway individuals, also to bring in conservatives who don’t have an outlet to express themselves,” said D’Ambra. The ODU College Republicans have been active in the past as well. They have participated in tailgates at Monarch football games with U.S. Representative Scott Rigell. The College Republicans also went door-to-door for candidates during the midterm elections to spark voters’ interest and voters to the polls. More recently, on Feb. 10-12, the ODU College Republicans sent a group of 15 students to the Conservative Political Action Conference in D.C. Members of the organization got to witness firsthand the most wellknown conservatives in the political arena. Guest speakers, along with meet and greet sessions, included The College Republicans, left, and the Young Democrats, right, are both major political organizations on campus. They both work toward a strong political understanding among students, as well as promoting the ideals of their parties.

famous politicians such as former Massachusetts governor, 2012 presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and real estate pioneer, popular television host and possible 2012 contender Donald Trump. “The students learned about potential candidates for the 2012 primaries. They also got to see where the Republican Party was trying to go agenda wise,” said D’Ambra. If you find yourself to be on the other side of the political spectrum, have no fear, the ODU Young Democrats are here. The ODU Young Democrats are students who are supportive of the Democratic Party and their ideals. , Amanda Armstrong, the president of the ODU Young Democrats, said “The mission of our group is to provide a forum for young people to learn and grow in Democratic politics, support and elect Democratic candidates in local, state, and federal elections, to widen and increase the interest and knowledge of young people in Government and politics, and help develop young leaders within the ODU community and Democratic Party as a whole.”

Armstrong said, “We create events, plan trips, educate and promote the Democratic Party on ODU’s campus, advocate on behalf of Democratic issues to elected officials, represent concerns and make suggestions to ODU and its Student Government, and assist ODU with nonpartisan lobbying efforts.” In the past, the ODU Young Democrats have been quite active as well. “We have co-hosted a Congressional forum, a forum on student debt with local legislators, as well as other informational guest speaker events.” said Armstrong. “We also participated heavily in the 2009 Democratic Coordinated Campaign for Governor and local races and worked extremely hard on the 2010 Congressional election for Glenn Nye, canvassing, phone banking, and several campus visits.” Although Glenn Nye lost in the November elections last year to Republican Scott Rigell, the extreme dedication and hard work the Young Democrats here on campus put forward definitely paid off. Due to their hard work and effort, the chapter of

Young Democrats here on ODU’s campus won the Young Democrats Fall 2010 Campaign Competition, which is allowing the members of the organization to attend the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Jefferson Jackson Weekend in Richmond. As a student here at Old Dominion University, there are several opportunities coming up to get involved in either organization. The ODU College Republicans have two guest speaker events coming up. The first is on Feb. 24, in BAL 1012, and features Joseph C. Phillips will be in attendance. Phillips is an accomplished author and speaker covering a broad range of topics from American idealism, family values and character and cultural issues. The ODU College Republicans have another event coming up in March.. More information about that event will be released at a later date. The Young Democrats also have several opportunities coming up to get involved. There are monthly meetings this semester Wednesdays from 2-3p.m., , March 23,from 2-3p.m. and

April 20from 2-3p.m. All of these meetings will be held in the VA Rice Room in Webb Center. Additionally, the Young Democrats will be hosting an event on Wednesday from 2-3p.m. in the VA Rice Room in Webb Center, titled “What is ObamaCare?” to inform ODU students of what is really in the new health care law and how it will affect them. The Young Democrats are also planning to co-sponsor events with ODU EcoReps for Sustainability Week. Arrangements for a prominent Virginia Democrat to speak at ODU later this spring is also in the works. If a fellow Monarch is interested in learning more information about these two impressive organizations here on campus, the College Republicans can be found on Facebook at “ODU College Republicans” or they can email the president of the College Republicans at The Young Democrats can be found on Facebook as “ODU Young Democrats” and Twitter as @ODUDEMS.

ODU Bookstore celebrates Cat in the Hat Day by Amanda David Assistant News Editor

The Cat in the Hat Day celebrates the birthday of the famous rhyming children’s author Theodore Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss. The University Village Bookstore will be hosting their annual celebration on Saturday, Feb. 26 at 10 a.m. The event is free and open to the public. The bookstore will be giving away the iconic red and white stove top hats along with free balloons, face paintings and book readings. The event features book readings by guest speakers including Norfolk Mayor Paul D. Fraim, Old Dominion University President John R. Broderick, woman’s basketball Head Coach Wendy Larryand football Head Coach Bobby Wilder. Mayor Fraim has chosen to read “Horton Hears a Who.” Burna Ellis, secretary for the mayor said, “If you read this book I believe you will see why the mayor selected it. It is about an elephant with really big ears and a mayor asking for help for his city.”

The mayor said that he has read many Dr. Seuss books to his four children. “It is a great opportunity,” he said, “to honor one of our country’s most beloved children’s authors and experience the joy his books bring to others.” Wendy Larry, Lady Monarchs basketball Head Coach, said that she was “thrilled to be a guest reader.” It reminds her how lucky she is to have an education and the ability to read. Marc Katz, trade book manager at the University Bookstore, said that in addition to the six to eight Dr. Seuss books that will be read, the event will also feature readings from general juvenile books. Cat in the Hat Day is a celebration of Dr. Seuss’ 107th birthday and coincides with “Read Across America,” a national program that encourages reading in children. The program has adopted Seuss’ Cat in the Hat as their mascot to promote the program. “Its a natural fit for a bookstore,” Katz said, “It seems to work well here.” This will be the bookstore’s fourth year celebrating Cat in the Hat Day, and Katz expects a large turn-out. “This year a student

group from the Child Study center has volunteered to help us,” Katz said. “Its not easy to organize 185 to200 little kids during this two hour program and their assistance is great.” “The program basically runs about two hours.” Katz said. “As it nears the end, the Cat in the Hat will take the crowd of kids and parents across the street to the Baron & Ellin Gordon Art Gallery for Cat in the Hat birthday cake celebration.” Haley Brock, a bookstore employee and ODU graduate, will be dressed up as the Cat in the Hat at this year’s event. “My favorite thing about this event is letting the community know that this is more than just a building where students can buy their textbooks and ODU gear,” she said. “This is a place where families can come and have fun on any given day.” This is Brock’s second year participating in the celebration, but her first year dressed as the Cat in the Hat. “The ODU community and family is what makes this school so special to many people in the Hampton Roads area.” CAPPEDOFF.BLOGSPOT.COM


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It’s always important to be resourceful An In-Depth Look at the Legal Resource Center by

Justin Brown Staff Writer

The Legal Resource Center here at ODU is a great tool that has been undervalued. Being that it is on the second floor in Webb Center, in room 2118, many students do not realize it exists. The LRC is a place on campus where students who are looking to go to law school get study materials and assistance, but also a place where students can receive free legal advice from a practicing attorney and get help with legal questions. One of the main uses for the LRC is to help students to understand laws. “Our role is, as students, to help other students with legal research. Since we’re not attorneys we can’t give legal advice,” said Student Director Alexandra Gabriel about the student employees’ roles at the LRC. “If a student comes in and let’s say they have a ticket and they’re being summoned to court and there’s a code on there and they don’t know what the code means we can go to our code. Well 19.2-7 means this is a regular speeding ticket.” There are matters that can be more serious. If a student is simply reading a law, they may not understand fully what it is they should do from that point forward. Rachel E.

wednesday 2/23/2011 | MACE & CROWN | A4

Did somebody say McWedding?

VanHorn, an attorney from the Stackhouse, Nexsen, & Turrietta law firm on Colley Avenue, is present every other Tuesday to meet with students. Gabriel said,.“Some of the students have more complicated issues such as issues with their landlord. That’s a lot of what we see is landlord-tenant disputes and we have an attorney who comes in every other week to give free consultations because she can give legal advice.” One of the main other reasons for the LRC is to help students to get in to law school. Being that there is no official pre-law program at ODU, it is a great way for students to get advice and study for their entry exams. “We have a lot of LSAT prep materials for students that are looking at law school that can be used in here. Pre-Law Association members can check them out and take them out. We have practice prep books and guides on going to law school and the kind of information you would need,” said Gabriel. The LRC is a great place for students who need legal advice, help understanding laws or are working their way to getting into the fields of pre-law or law school. What they do is a huge benefit to students on campus and should be used as much as possible. Gabriel said, “I’m always looking for volunteers for people that need volunteer hours or community service.” Not only is the LRC a place to enhance one’s knowledge of laws, but it can also be a place to get involved on campus to help other students or further a resume with on-campus volunteer hours.

Some McDonalds in Hong Kong now offer McWeddings on the menu Melissa Flippo News Assistant


This piece is completely a single source regurgitation. There is no student tie or anything. Cut? No, it is not a joke or a gimmick. People are tying the knot in a place most special to them, McDonald’s. In Hong Kong, a couple of branches of McDonald’s are offering McWeddings as a menu option. Fast food fanatics in the area want to get hitched under the golden arches. Two weddings have already been booked this year and 70 couples are talking about it. “They date here, they grew their love here, so when they have this important day they want to come over here,” said Shirley Chang, the managing director of Hong Kong’s McDonald’s outlets. There are McNuptial options to cater to everyone. One option that has been featured on the menu is the “Warm and Sweet Wedding Package,” which starts at $1,282. The package includesinvitations with golden arches, wedding gifts and decorations featuring Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar. Don’t worry about the reception. This package comes with up to $385 worth of McDonald’s food. Additional options are also available for extra. A “white balloon” gown can be rented for $165, a balloon corsage for $11, a wedding cake of balloons for only $88 and a large pink McDonald’s backdrop for $321. With the global economy and Hong Kong’s

ODU faculty edits book on “Mad Men” by Amanda David Assistant News Editor

“Mad Men” has been one of the most talked about series on TV over the past four years. Winner of 13 Emmys, including three awards for “Best Television Drama,” this AMC series follows Don and Betty Draper living out the “American Dream” in their seemingly picture perfect world of the early 1960s. He is an advertising executive on the fast track. She is a former fashion model and mother of three. Yet why are they so unhappy? Why is their dream come true not enough? These questions are answered in “Mad Men: Dream Come True TV,” edited by Dr. Gary Edgerton, professor and chair of the Department of Communication and Theatre Arts at Old Dominion University. The book is a collection of essays that address the aesthetics, the narrative genealogy, the sexual politics and cultural impact of “Mad Men.” “TV is changing more than ever before,” Edgerton said. “People who watch TV don’t fit the usual stereotype of being couch potatoes... they watch something and then get online to voice their opinions and interact with other viewers. We’re talking about proactive and engaged fans now.” “Mad Men: Dream Come True TV” is divided into five sections with 15 critical essays exploring the concepts behind “Mad Men.” It includes a critique of the show, production history, an interview with Scott Hornbacher, executive producer of the television series, and an episode guide.

DORAL360.COM Mad Men has quickly become one of the more popular television shows currently being produced. Dr. Gary Edgerton, professor and chair of the Department of Communication and Theatre Arts, has used this to his advantage, editing a book featuring essays about the series.

Dr. Tim Anderson, ODU professor of Communications and Theatre Arts, contributed an essay to the book regarding the music used throughout the show. “I wrote about the way that ‘Mad Men’ incorporates recorded music from the 1960s into the show’s narrative,” Anderson said. “I was especially interested in the way it uses music that many consider to be light music/easy listening such as, Percy Faith’s ‘Theme from a Summer Place’ and Jack Jones’s ‘Lolli-

pops and Roses’, as a means to raise criticisms and questions about how many of us envision this period of American history.” “For me,the book] is a solid collection of top-notch media scholars who are engaging one of the best shows on American television,” Anderson said. Anderson credits Edgerton to the book’s success. “He did all the heavy lifting of getting people to write for this volume.” The book is part of a 12-book collection

typical weddings being on the expensive side, McDonald’s believes that this is just what is needed is to make weddings available for less. “I think it’s the best value for money,” Chang said. “Definitely.” “The social mobility and incomes of young Hong Kongers have fallen,” Chua Hoi-wai, poverty researcher of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, said “They have saved money for years and can’t buy flats when they get married.” Though the McWedding might be affordable to some in Hong Kong, it won’t be solely your special day. Since McDonald’s is a family place, no champagne toast is allowed and the reception has to be alcohol free. The restaurant will not close its doors to regular customers. Instead, they will stay open for business. Don’t count on the McWedding of your dreams anytime soon in the U.S. The manager on duty at the Tidewater McDonald’s in Norfolk said she doesn’t think they will ever get that and if they did, it would be a bad idea. Prior to mentioning McWeddings, she had never heard of the option before and the McDonald’s website doesn’t mention it as a possibility in America. A poll offered on shows that people wouldn’t be that interested in McWeddings. Only 27 percent said they would get married in McDonald’s, 8 percent is unsure and 65 percent of people who voted said they would not have their weddings in the fast food joint. With all the options offered on a fast food menu, who would have ever known that someday a wedding would be offered as well? Besides, with all the quirky proposals and weddings that are seen today, a McWedding is not that unusual. Las Vegas isn’t the only area that offers “pick and go” weddings anymore.

titled “Reading Contemporary Television,” by I. B. Tauris publishing company. Other books in this collection analyze popular TV shows such as “CSI,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Lost,” “Sex and the City” and “24.” “Mad Men: Dream Come True TV” is Edgerton’s ninth book. He plans to use this book in his classes and said that two professors are already using it at London University and Northern Illinois University. Edgerton has been a professor at ODU for 17 years and is the co-editor of the “Journal of Popular Film and Television.” He teaches classes such as “TV & Society,” “Understanding Movies,” “Television and Film History,” and “TV and Film as Cultural Memory.” In the fall he plans to teach a course on the American gangster, a seminar which includes analyzing classics like “Public Enemy,” films directed by Martin Scorsese and various episodes of “The Sopranos.” “This book appeals to students and other scholars,” Edgerton said, “but it will also be available at Barnes and Noble for avid fans; those members of the audience who want to take their interest in the series beyond the screen.” The book will also be available in a Kindle edition. “Mad Men” is slated to begin its fifth season this year. Edgerton said that he hopes that the television series will run for several more seasons and the publishing company will consider releasing a second edition of the book covering new plot developments. The book was released in the U.K. on Dec. 18, 2010 and is slated to be released in America by Palgrave Macmillan on April 26.

President Obama’s FY2012 budget proposal OBAMA AIMS AT BUDGET DEFICIT by

David Bakhshaee Staff Writer

President Barack Obama sent his budget proposal for the fiscal year 2012 to the 112th United States Congress. According to Ben Feller of the Huffington Post, “The President pitched his $3.73 trillion budget as a balance of spending on needed programs and significant reductions that would cut the deficit by $1.1 trillion over 10 years.” President Obama held a press conference on Tuesday, Feb. 15 in a move to defend his proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year of 2012. During the press conference, Obama said, “I think it is important to make sure we don’t try to make a series of symbolic cuts this year that could endanger the recovery.” The president went on to say, “Cutting too deeply in Washington could prompt thousands of layoffs in state and local government, which would hurt the economy.” During a phone conference with White House Domestic Policy Council Director Melody Barnes and White House Office of Public Engagement Associate Director Kal Penn, there was much to discuss. “The president has placed special emphasis on responsibility to invest on the areas where we think we can create growth and win the future,” said Barnes. She went on to say that there will be a “Fiveyear domestic spending freeze on non-security discretionary spending to make sure there is $400 billion worth of savings. That will bring it down to the lowest level since former President Eisenhower.” The main focus that has been on the minds of students here at Old Dominion University and students seeking higher education throughout the country is the effect the budget will have on education. Specifically, they want to know what is going on with all the talk about the federally funded Pell grants that many of them depend on and how they will be affected by the president’s proposed budget. “Education is an area where the president feels is critical,” said Barnes. “Since 2008, our administration has increased the maximum Pell Grant by $819 to ensure millions have access to the Pell Grant and that they get an award more aligned with the costs of attending a university these days.” As reassuring as the past positive efforts regarding the federal Pell Grant sounds, students want to know for sure what the Obama administration has planned for the future. In other words, with all the talk about monumental and historic cuts that are inevitable, what is going to happen with Pell grants? Barnes said that “the budget maintains and sustains the commitment

of the $5,550 maximum award. In order to pay for that, the budget proposes the Pell Grant Protection Act and urges it be enacted immediately.” That Act, Barnes said, “includes tough choices so we could keep the award up. The steps necessary to do that include eliminating the in school inter-subsidy loan on student loans to graduate, medical, and professional students and also ending what turned out to be a very costly new year-round Pell Grant. The yearround Pell Grant offers a second Pell Grant in one year to a student, but it costs about 10 times more than originally anticipated.” While this seems like a harsh reality that is dawning on the neediest of college students whether they are entering college in the future or are already there, Barnes said that “The approach we have taken ensures that we fully funded the growth in the federal Pell Grant program over the next decade and at the same time made some necessary cuts to the program.” While education is indeed a college student’s priority, when it comes to what is going to be cut in the upcoming budget, Kal Penn outlined specific steps that he says keeps the president’s prior commitment to change the way Washington works. According to Penn, “Federal resources are quite scarce, so in order to win the future, more federal funds are being put up for competition. This structure is designed to get rid of wasteful spending. Penn went on to talk about the global race to develop and manufacture clean energy technologies. He also spoke of the countries that the U.S. is competing against are not in it just to do the environmentally responsible thing; they are also in it to win economically like the U.S. “President Obama’s commitment to building a clean energy economy here at home is rooted in that reality, that the nation that harnesses clean renewable energy will be the nation that leads the 21st century.” Penn went on to discuss three components to this that the budget addresses. “First off, clean energy economies support job growth which we know is of primary importance to young people, particularly those graduating in the next few months. Secondly, the obvious, the current mechanism of dirty energy production can be harmful so environmental protection is key and thirdly, our overall fiscal health conditions improve and we have renewable energy supplies which brings costs down and increases our fiscal strength.” As many already suspect, there are programs that are funded by the federal government that do not achieve their intended goals or they fully imitate another program initiative. These are clearly money pits and need to be addressed. Penn said “Programs that do not accomplish their intended objectives are not efficient, or that replicate efforts

that are being completed by another initiative were either terminated or reduced in the proposed budget.” Penn said that “there has been over 120 terminations, reductions and other areas of savings that will save approximately $20 billion.” An example of a program proposed to be eliminated in the budget is the Mobile Enforcement Team of the Department of Justice, where the Job Corps is said to be reduced in the Department of Labor. While it is unmistakable that President Obama’s proposed budget is quite complex and a backbreaker to understand, it is quite evident that there are painful cuts that Americans and students have to endure. It is also clear that in the days to come, as Congress picks apart the proposed budget, it is certain that there will be amendments and numerous modifications made to the budget. The president took note on the comfortless and unpleasant burden that cuts can have on individual Americans. However, Obama made clear that the most paramount thing he can do as president is target the long-term stability of the economy to help the greatest number of people. “I definitely feel folks’ pain,” Obama said.

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Martin Tucker Staff Writer

President John R. Broderick hustled down the first row of reserved seats at about 6:50 p.m. in the North Café giving every privileged attendant firm handshakes, brief eye contact and gracious greetings before joining colleagues by the dividers. Associate Director of Intercultural Initiatives of the Office of Intercultural Relations, Alicia Phillips-Dunlap, was among many others exchanging smiles and catching up before Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry, associate professor of politics and African American studies at Princeton University, stepped into the circle. Marc and Carrie, University Bookstore representatives, drank Gatorade and talked behind a table full of Harris-Perry’s book, “Barbershops, Bibles, and BET: Everyday Talk and Black Political Thought.” The audience started to slowly pour in as there were tensions of the turnout in the air. Phillips-Dunlap started the keynote presentation with an opening for President Broderick who walked up to the two microphoned podium, smoothly put on his glasses and gave a small speech on “the history of black history.” Dr. Carter G. Woodson who contributed greatly to what we know as black history month and Old Dominion’s own adoption of Black History Month starting in the late 70s. ReNee Dunman, assistant vice president of the

Courtesy of Rachawan Wongtrirat Office of Intercultural Relations Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry, ODU’s keynote speaker for Black History Month.

Courtesy of Rachawan Wongtrirat Office of Intercultural Relations Harris-Perry autographed her book at the end of her presentation.

Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity, gave an impressive introduction going down a tall list of Harris-Perry’s accomplishments as a “visible and positive presence in media.” Harris-Perry politely approached and said, “So I feel so short coming up here,” referring to her height in comparison to Dunman’s. She promptly goes into her background as a Virginian whose “father taught for 250 years” at the University of Virginia. Immediately Harris-Perry counters the misconception that she receives from many of her black students that “Professor, nothing has changed, this is just like slavery” receiving laughs from a crowd that has heard that argument many times in one-way or another. The title of her presentation was “Race, Democracy, and American Politics in the Age of Obama” which focused on the many struggles of African Americans to achieve racial equality and analyzed six moments in the Obama presidency. It is only fitting that Harris-Perry who won the 2005 W.E.B. Dubois Book Award would start off using a 1903 question from him, “How does it feel to be a problem?” She analyzed a list of struggles including economic empowerment, cultural autonomy, secondary marginalization and critiquing an embattled black president.

Harris-Perry weaved in jokes, common sense and political science to appeal to a predominately black crowd. One of her more interesting assertions was her “apple” segment where she compared our “schema” of presidents to apples by stating only recently have we been able to image presidents or apples as anything other than older Caucasian men or red. Harris-Perry’s opinionated statements were only complimented by her choice of images including everything from “The Scourged Back” to a preschool African American boy who reaches up to touch the head of a bowing Obama because he wanted to feel if his president had hair like himself. She was not alone in addressing her intellectual peers, as the third moment she mentioned was the Henry Louis Gates arrest and relating it to the failure of Bill Cosby’s Politics of Respectability. She cleverly joked about hearing the news and saying, “You must mean Michael Eric Dyson,” who was originally supposed to be speaking in her place, but due to Harris-Perry’s charisma and openness five minutes into the presentation everyone had forgot who Dyson was. She showed no love lost on the subject of Tavis Smiley when she said, “I would vote Tavis Smiley off the is-

ODU now has better facilities and service for the students by

Nour Kheireddine Staff Writer

Want to know what the most popular thing is around Old Dominion Campus? Well it isn’t the Webb Center, activity hour, food or events sponsored by different student organizations. Give up on guessing? Sex is the most popular buzz between the students on campus, but unfortunately with sex comes a lot of problems. Chlamydia is the most widespread sexually transmitted disease on campus. The Student Health Center at ODU encourages and welcomes all students to come get checked. The test is only $13 and the treatment is being offered for free. It is highly suggested to go get an exam for it and students should not

“This is just like slavery” Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry Delivers Black History Keynote Presentation

Thumbs up for sexual health

land,” referring to how easy it is to get rid of elected officials but how impossible it is to vote out media personalities. Harris-Perry went on to talk about Sonia Sotomayor’s “Elizabeth Eckford moment” where “she too is forced to walk a sort of public gauntlet of humiliation” like Elizabeth who was separated from the others in the Little Rock Nine. She contrasted Sotomayor to Shirley Sherrod, who, instead of allowing others to shame her including the NAACP, fought back through every media outlet she could until her name was cleared. At the end Harris-Perry took questions from students and citizens alike giving insights like, “Women’s uteruses become really interesting to the government when the economic downturn hits”, “I really just think we should just let Texas go, good luck with that”, and “apparently anything can be labeled communism now.” HarrisPerry retired to her bookstand, as it seemed like the entire crowd gathered around to soak up her greatness over handshakes and book signings. Doris Pridgen who had just moved here said that she “enjoyed it tremendously and was inspired by the rapid intelligence.” Krystal Andrews, of OIR’s Intercultural Initiatives, called the event, “Awesome, awesome, awesome.” Michael Hucles, professor of African American History, called Harris-Perry “absolutely wonderful, and a great replacement for the original speaker.” Marc and Carrie noted that HarrisPerry was “one of the best ones” and that it was “really good to hear such a strong speaker.” The Wake Forest alum had done well for herself, winning over a crowd through having been bedridden with fever of 103 two days prior to the event and still harboring a cough. She notes some of her biggest inspirations as Maya Angelou, who she interned for during one undergrad summer after pledging Delta, Kimberle W. Crenshaw, a UCLA law professor and Cathy J. Cohen, the David and Mary Winton Green Professor of Political Science. When Melissa Harris-Perry isn’t dismantling Tavis Smiley’s anti-Obama rhetoric, she’s working on her new book, “Sister Citizen: A Text for Colored Girls Who’ve Considered Politics When Being Strong Wasn’t Enough.” Like another famous African American doctor, Harris-Perry’s ideas came to her in her dreams. Harris-Perry’s insight has taken her many places from MSNBC to “Real Time With Bill Maher,” but she admits she’d rather be at home in New Orleans with her husband James Perry and her daughter, Parker.

be embarrassed or shy because they are not the only one. The examination only requires a urine sample and the treatment is nothing more than an antibiotic pill. The most important part in this circumstance is communication. If a student tests positive for chlamydia, they should be sure to talk to your partner and have him or her get checked and treated as well. For both women and men, symptoms for chlamydia are not likely to show. For women, the long-term effect of chlamydia is infertility. For men, there is only a short-term effect of redness and swelling in the beginning stages. Kim Cholewinski, Health Education Coordinator, gave an information-packed presentation in Webb Center on Wednesday about the different types of STI’s. A couple of students participated and played the Jeopardy game. She made up categories like “Dirty Down Under”, “Birthday sex” and ”Kiss me through the phone”. Each category had a tricky question. Whoever got the question right won a prize. She is available to all students for advising and information through email or office hours. Feel free to email her at or call her at 757-683-3132 ex 3.

Senior Class Challenge 2011

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown

Kim Cholewinski, Health Education Coordinator had fun with her presentation

Fashion Profile of the Week by

Heather Habermehl Staff Writer

Building a Culture of Giving at ODU by

Jonathan Moran Staff Writer

This is the second year for the Senior Class Challenge, a program started for graduating students to give back to Old Dominion University. Last year, the 2010 senior class raised about $1,600. This year the goal is to raise $2,000, showing them what the 2011 class is all about. The campaign started 100 days before graduation, marked with many fun events so students can enjoy their final semester. Participating seniors get a chance to raise money and give back to an institution that has done so much for them. It is becoming a tradition and is a great way to show pride and school spirit for ODU. Feb. 17-24 is Service Challenge Week. Seniors are asked to serve two hours of community service between those dates. Some suggestions are tabling during Activity Hour and volunteering at Homework Helpers, a program to help Norfolk students with their homework. Other ideas are volunteering at Larchmont Elementary School or the Norfolk SPCA. Once hours are completed, they can be registered at to be entered into a drawing to win a diploma frame. Giving back to the community lets the senior class do some good for the area. The second part of the challenge is for seniors to donate $20.11 to ODU. Donations can be made on the previously mentioned website or through a link on the Facebook page. Donations are important because they go towards more computers, scholarships, resources and whatever else is needed to help fund the university. More money makes the college recognized and competitive, which will make the value of your diploma increase. When the student donates, they can choose where they want their money to go. They can select “ODU’s greatest need” or donate to a particular college, group or organization that was important to them during their time at ODU. This way they can help other students in the same college or organization have just as good of an experience as they did. Once the donation is made, the senior can take a picture with Big Blue in April, something graduating senior Wendy Belgrave is looking forward to. Belgrave will be the first person in her family to graduate from college. Her excitement couldn’t be contained as she donated and smiled, then proudly said, “I’m finally graduating!” Her reason was that she just wanted to leave something and participate. She’s also excited for the picture with Big Blue. “I’ve tried to catch Big Blue at football games and I will finally get that picture.” An upcoming event for seniors will be the March 17 Wine Tasting on St. Patrick’s Day. Come out, enjoy and reminisce on your time at ODU. So that is the challenge. Seniors, are you up for it? It’s a simple challenge that will make a difference. Visit for more details and see what the 2011 graduating class can do to make a lasting impression at ODU.

ries and makeup really complete the look. College-friendly Copy: “We are broke college students so we go to affordable but fashionable stores,” said Hatchett. The friends took turns talking about their favorite reasonably priced stores. They all agreed that Forever21, H&M and Charlotte Russe at the MacArthur Center were great places to go. These stores have set out their spring wear now, since the season is right around the corner. ODU students have been so excited about the recent bout of warm weather, and these women were no different. “I can’t wait to start wearing khaki shorts again,” said Daniels. Hatchett said, “I’m excited for skirts and sandals. Definitely sandals!”

Time to Consider the Spring Break Wardrobe

Heather Habermehl Mace & Crown (Left to right) Dionna Daniels, Freshman, Biology major. Diamond Hatchett, Freshman, Communications major. Courtney Martin, Freshman, Biology major.

Outfit Description: Daniels is wearing full-length leggings, tucked into boots, with a long sleeve tee and floral scarf. Hatchett has on a black and white outfit with a high-waisted skirt, gladiator style flats and a long strand of pearls. Martin is pairing a sleeveless romper with a cardigan. Fashion Tastes and Preferences: These students explained how they share many fashion similarities, as many friends do. “I like to be colorful and still classy,” said Hatchett. “My style is spontaneous and sophisticated,” said Daniels, to which all the women agreed with as a great definition of their fashion tastes. “It’s all about how I’m feeling for the day,” said Martin. Daniels also said that hair really makes the outfit, whereas Hatchett and Martin said that accesso-

With the increasing number of sunny days comes the excitement of spring break approaching. Some college students leave the state and go south in search of warmer weather or exciting locations, while some use the week as a time to return to their hometowns and reunite with old friends. But, no matter the destination, spring breakers will need to prepare their wardrobe for whatever the break has in store. The big event is merely weeks away and it comes right when clothing stores are putting out their new spring selections. A well thought-out checklist will be necessary to ensure that spring breakers are ready and set to go. Preparation for a trip out of state is the hardest. The weather could be hard to plan for, so make sure the packed apparel is a versatile selection. If a southern beach is on the menu, bathing suits will be the main course. For women, Target is the perfect location for affordable and adorable bathing suits, especially two pieces. Most of their collections can be easily mixed-and-matched; buying two suits easily becomes four. When considering suits to interchange, keep in mind that the suits’ patterns, styles and colors do not need to match. Tops and bottoms are far enough apart from each other to still look great as a complete suit as long as just a few elements are similar. For those who are water-bound, but to lakes or rivers rather than oceans, the weather may still be too chilly for the 24-hour bathing suit uniform. In this environment, pullovers, hoodies and sweatshirts are essential. Pull them over a bathing suit to stay comfortable, no matter the elements. As a final note, clothing and bathing suit stores are going to be full of college students preparing for spring break, so move fast!



What’s inside

B3 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 2/23/2011

Sharing ideas with Marvel vs. Capcom 3 review Street fighters, Superheroes Proverbial at and Icons-OH MY! 37th & Zen



Paul Minto Contributing Writer by

By Siaga Johnson Staff Writer 37th & Zen, an up and coming recreation lounge, hosts “Battle of the Bands” weekly, where bands of various types perform their songs and compete for the judges’ favor. On Tuesday, Feb. 15 the Richmond-based band, Proverbial, was welcomed to the stage adorned with green and blue lights, drums and amplifiers. The effects created produced an exciting environment, and was professionally set up. Before the show, I was granted an opportunity to interview one of Proverbial’s band mates, Stephen Holicky.. A major point that Holicky emphasized was that Proverbial prefers not to pigeonhole themselves into a single genre. Their music involves a wide variety of genres such as reggae, rock, rap, r&b and punk. Holicky said that this is not only a reflection of their versatility as individuals within the group, but also in response to peoples’ changing tastes in music. This is how they keep the group evolving both internally and externally. A lot of the themes incorporated in their songs are positive and serve to send a progressive message to listeners. Holicky said that their aim as a group is to “always put a smile on peoples’ faces.” Referring to the group as an “engine,” Holicky said that their inspiration comes from what inspires them each. Their tastes are

then molded to create a single product that works. Holicky reiterated that change is key, no matter what form it comes in. He said that, “change is a major proponent of life.” This is something that the group keeps aware of. Performing at 37th & Zen definitely requires that band members are sensitive to the diverse crowd that frequently attends these events. Changing entertainment market requires that diversity be incorporated. Not only is diversity shown through Proverbial’s varied genres, but also through the band mates’ varying interests and contributions to the band. This is how Proverbial has reacted to the market’s changing trends. Holicky said that they have won one previous “Battle of the Bands” event, and as a reward were able to open a show for artists such as Kartel, Papa Roach and Crash King. Holicky had also said that Proverbial is not new to touring universities, as they have visited Drexel and establishments in New York. Proverbial’s music can be accessed on Not only can their music be accessed, but visitors to the website will have access to free downloads. They can also be followed on Facebook. 37th & Zen hosts “Battle of the Bands” every week, and bands such as Proverbial frequently visit and are also willing to speak to students who want to know more about the music they perform.

FACEBOOK.COM Proverbal, a native Richmond band frequently makes trips to Norfolk’s 37th and Zen Venue.

It has been roughly a decade since the last time these two legendary entertainment powerhouses did battle. A lot has changed since the franchises last installment. Capcom is larger than ever and Marvel now has a few more movies under its belt and is now a Disney property. But now, Marvel and Capcom return to the arena of button mashing and fireballs to once again prove who possesses the superior roster of larger then life characters and icons. In the ultimate showdown that is “Marvel vs. Capcom 3: The Fate of the two worlds”, instead of hosting a roster of a whooping 52 playable characters like its predecessor, It has been streamlined to only 36 characters with expected downloadable content in order to give the fighter a “more balanced” feel. Such fan favorite icons like; Ryu, Iron Man and Spider-Man make triumphant returns the series sporting new moves and tweaks that make for a brand new playing experience. Newcomers such as Chris Redfield and Albert Wesker of “Resident Evil”, Dante from “The Devil May Cry”, and obscure but nonetheless cool characters such as Dormammu of “Dr.Strange” fame, make for unique, entertaining and remarkable entrances into the series. Despite the lack of number of characters this time around, game play is still at its peak. With all of the 36 characters possessing unique advantages and disadvantages in game play and sometimes hilarious dialogue amongst them, this time around battles are made to feel much more fun and equal as well. Another interesting addition to the series is the X-factor. This kicks in when ever a player’s on the ropes and times get rough. It increases the characters strength and other attributes, according to the current state of his or hers party. It allows the player to still be able to pull off victories even by the narrowest of margins.

Monarchs rally to win season opener

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is a hit for gamers everywhere.

Another drastic change in game play this time round is the option simplifying of controls or playing in a normal setting. It allows the user to either easily execute special moves at almost the tap of a button or forces the user to actually know how to play. This allows for newcomers to the series to make an easy transition into this flashy but deep game. Ascetically, the game play is high quality, fast paced and seamless. This allows for fast pace battles that possess panache and loud booming colors to go along with fast paced frantic action that never seems to quit. With that being said, the only glaring negative to this game is the franticness of the battles. Often time, players can be confused as to which character is theirs or even where their character is due to constant flashing of bold comic book-like fonts and colors, thus sometimes leading to sloppy, fast paced and confusing game play. Despite this, “Marvel vs. Capcom 3: The Fate of the Two Worlds” is a wonderful romp back into the world of nostalgia as it marks the long requested and awaited return of the smash hit “Marvel vs. Capcom” series in a big way. It is done in an almost effortless fashion, with style and comic book grace. And for that reason I give “Marvel vs. Capcom 3: The Fate of the two worlds” a solid 9 out of 10.

Baker’s 3-run homer lifts ODU to 7-5 victory by

The Monarchs were able to overcome a 5-2 deficit late to pull out the victory.

new University organization program is rapidly growing Nour Kheireddine Staff Writer

Ya Gamila! is a belly dancing organization started here at Old Dominion University. It is the first belly dancing organization and its growing speed is remarkable. The purpose of this group is to connect cultures together through dance and music. Who else is better to start this mission other than Ty Jordan and Karen Lee? Ty comes from a very culture oriented family with Egyptian roots. Egypt, to all Egyptians, is known as “the mother of the world.” In the Middle East almost everything started in Eygpt and then spread to the other countries. Things like the cinema and the arts all started in Egypt and were quickly stretched throughout the Middle East. With that being said, the two ladies with Egyptian background were the perfect two to start a cultural group like this and spread knowledge all around campus. Saturday nights’ drum circle was magical. Around 20 people attended and six official members of the group were there, including the president, Ty Jordan, and the vice president, Karen Lee. They were all dressed in ethnic clothing like the layered skirts, interesting sequined shirts, the coin belts and anklets, almost looking like gypsies. They played some traditional belly dancing music and danced for three hours straight, inviting the audience to join in and teaching them some moves. They had three African hand drums going around called Djembe and the members and audience members got to beat on the drums to the rhythm of the music. Karen and Ty taught themselves to dance and how to play the drums and use websites like Youtube as a

spor ts


Wonderful ladies of Ya Gamila! by

wednesday 2/23/2011 | MACE & CROWN | C1

Rushura Jones Mace & Crown

Students had fun while watching Ya Gamila! members dance.

reference for the members to watch and practice their belly dancing skills. They hold meetings every Tuesday in the Webb Center from 6:00 p.m. to 10 p.m.,in the Virginia Beach Room above the Student Health Services Center. Anyone is welcome to join the group and show up to the meetings. At each meeting they go over the basics of dancing and start choreographing a song. This group is not limited to just Arabic music and belly dance. They welcome all cultural groups, music and dances and will certainly incorporate different aspects into their meetings. They do not dress in traditional gear for their meetings. Instead they wear tights, a tank top or t-shirt and a coin belt. If a student doesn’t own a coin belt, they will order it for them off E-Bay after they pay for it. E-bay is much cheaper than going out and buying them from stores around the city. Ya Gamila! is a wonderful way to learn and share things about different cultures. Ya Gamila is Arabic for beautiful, and indeed this group with their dance moves bring out a beautiful new aspect to your personality.

Hald was able to battle his way to a no decision fanning eight in the game.

The Monarch offense was able to compile 10 hits off of St. Joseph’s pitching.

Donnell Coley Staff Writer

Old Dominion All-CAA first baseman, Chris Baker, laced a three-run shot over the right field wall in the bottom of the seventh inning to pull even with Saint Joseph’s University. The Monarchs scored two more runs in the eighth to inch past the Redhawks 7-5 in their season opener at The Bud Metheny Complex. Monarch outfielder Kenny Stoneback, who finished with two hits and three RBI’s, singled in the bottom of the eighth which brought home outfielder Nathan Hartman to break a 5-5 tie. The next ODU batter, shortstop Josh Wright, smacked his only hit of the game into the gap between left and center and rounded the bases for an RBI triple. This proved to be all the Monarchs needed as pitcher Adam Wisniewski recorded three strikeouts in the ninth inning to secure the win. All-CAA pitcher Kyle Hald, had a solid outing for the Monarchs as he struck out eight and kept the Redhawks off the board until the fifth inning. “Kyle did pretty good today, and showed good poise through some of the mishaps we had today,” said ODU Head Coach Nate Goulet. The mishaps Goulet reffered to were the four untimely errors that the Monarchs’ infield made that led to the five unearned runs that Hald gave up. Whenever the Monarchs committed these errors, the Redhawks capitalized. In that fifth inning Hald had a chance to put out Redhawks’ left fielder, Mike Coleman, but dropped the ball as he was trying to cover first base. Two batters later, Coleman would score because of another ODU error. This time third baseman Brent Fraiser was the culprit as he let the ball pass right through his glove and into left field as Coleman rounded around third and

slid home. First baseman Kevin Taylor had his only hit of the game in the next at-bat and brought in the second run of the inning for Saint Joseph’s. The next time the Redhawks put up multiple runs on the scoreboard was in the seventh inning. After center fielder Kevin Kratochwill singled and stole second, Monarchs’ shortstop Josh Wright mishandled a ground ball and Kratochwill advanced to third base. Then Taylor picked up his second RBI of the game through use of a sacrifice fly to right field. Two more runs would eventually come across the plate in the inning for the Redhawks putting them up 5-2. The Monarchs had only put up two runs through six innings and now faced a three-run hole with only three more innings to go. “I knew we had been a little sluggish on offense and I was glad I got a good pitch that I could do something with,” said Baker. After left fielder Donnie Corsner hit a ground-rule double that put runners on, Baker cleared the bases, and brought hope back to the Monarchs’ dugout, as he lifted one out of the stadium. Winning pitcher junior Mike Ney came into the game in the top of the eighth. He did not aesthetically get the job done walking three batters in the inning but he did have a key strikeout with the bases loaded that led to an eventual end to the inning on a fly-out. Experience played a crucial role for ODU in coming out with the victory as the upperclassmen proved to be a steadying force for the team. Coach Goulet spoke about the importance of his upperclassmen when he said, “The guys had to come out here and not hang their heads because they made mistakes. We have some experience on this team and that is what’s going to make us better in situations like this throughout year.” The Monarchs hope that the 1-0 start will set the pace for their 80th season. They look to improve on their record from last year and make some noise in the CAA where they were picked to finished seventh in preseason polls.

photographs courtesy of Lauren Makely Mace & Crown


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C2 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 2/23/2011

wednesday 2/23/2011 | MACE & CROWN | C3

Extra Ordinary

Shadasia Green: A proven leader by

Ariella Gould Mace & Crown Averaging 9.4 ppg and 6.3 rpg, Finney is third on the team in scoring and second in rebounding.

A profile of Ben Finney: the Heart of Old Dominion’s Basketball Team Matthew McCracken Assistant Sports Editor


A coach can look at film to see if a kid can play some basketball. They can see if they hustle, shoot well, pass efficiently and play defense. They can read stat sheets to see how well they played compared to other players on the court. But heart is something that goes beyond the hardwood, beyond film and stat sheets, beyond the ability of a coach. Heart is something we all have, many depend on, but few take advantage of. The Monarchs’ senior guard/ forward Ben Finney fuels off of his. Finney is average in physical size, but rare in his approach towards basketball. “I’m the type of guy to do whatever to help my team,” Finney said. “Assist the ball, I can do that. Rebound the ball more, I can do that. Anything they need me to do.” Personal goals went out the door when Finney first started playing college ball. Having to go through the loss of his brother Ra-Shawn from a shooting, Finney was forced to mature quicker than most as an individual. With basketball being the only thing he could lean onto other than family, Finney admitted that “preparing mentally for the games” was the hardest feat he had to overcome in his early Monarch years. By playing for so many more people than himself, Finney has been successful in his years in an Old Dominion jersey. Winning the CAA championship and making it to the second round of the NCAA tournament are just a few of the awards Finney has been a part of. He’s been a starter, CAA player of the week and team co-captain. What else is there for him to do? Finney said, “Sweet 16. If not better.” Averaging 9.4 ppg and 6.3 rpg, Finney is third on the team in scoring and second in rebounding. Though this is his second best year in terms of scoring and his best year in rebounding, Finney could care less about his numbers “As far as us winning, I feel like personal goals will come along with it,” Finney said. ODU might as well put “Monarchs” on the back of his jersey instead of “Finney” with an attitude like that.

Finney is all about the team before himself. He acknowledges the type of talent he is surrounded by, and is the rumble behind the Monarchs’ engine. In bad times and premature play, Finney is the one who gets his teammates into the right mind-set during a timeout. “I just say come on. You all know we are supposed to be playing better than that,” Finney said. This is a simple message that has been proven by Finney time and time again by his play. Finney practices what he preaches. Stat sheets may show his actual numbers, but not how hard he works for his team. Though he grabs an average of 6.3 rebounds per game, some of these may be falling back or jumping over taller players. Though he scores a shade over nine points per game, these buckets may come in the closing seconds of a half or to shut down an opponent’s long run. Finney is as gifted as one can be. Many athletes stick to one sport when it comes to the collegiate level. Although Finney chose basketball over football, he ensures people that he’s still got it on the grid-iron. Even when asked about his future after college, Finney admitted football was an option among other things, including finishing school or going overseas. Not bothered by the pressures of the real life approaching him, Finney simply said, “I’m keeping my options open.” Though Finney is turning 23 years old this year, he still has the athletic ability of an 18 year-old. Finney has proven his doubters wrong time and time again when it comes to his ability to “bounce.” At the game against VCU at Richmond, Finney had a slam dunk only believable by the people there. “I thought I’m just gonna take off and show them a lil’ something,” Finney said about the dunk. Some things, like Finney’s athletic ability, don’t change overtime, but maturity is inevitable. Being thrown down illegally by a Georgia State player, Finney caught himself in a dilemma in front of his home crowd. “The old Ben would have fought him,” Finney said and laughed. “I just realized I’m worth much more to my team than that.” Being a grown man, Finney knows what to expect down the road. Though he knows the road towards his goals are going to be steep, bumpy, misguided, he keeps going. When asked about his prediction for the rest of the season, Finney said with a bold face, “Sweet 16.” His goal equals his prediction. Better believe it. Finney is a smart man, a good player, a great teammate and an extra-ordinary individual.

Kathryne Mason Staff Writer

There is no doubt that Shadasia Green is an athlete. You can tell by the way she walks and you can tell by the way she talks. The 5-foot-9-inch guard has the height of a basketball player, the physicality of a boxer and the mindset of a proven leader. The senior from Paterson, New Jersey ranks second on the team with 92 defensive rebounds and third on the team with 645 minutes. “I don’t have any special secrets. I just go in there and play. I know what my coach wants from me and I know what she is looking for; I just go in and play. No secrets,” said Green , who also has three brothers and one sister, gives some of the credit to her mom. “Since I was a kid I always had a ball in my hand, and since my mom saw it was something I liked and something I was good at, she made sure I kept practicing and worked hard at it.” In her fourth and final season wearing a Lady Monarch uniform, Green is the type of leader who makes people listen when she speaks. She would give the freshman version of herself some advice that every college student should heed. “Getting in shape,” Green said. “When you’re in shape your willingness to work hard just comes naturally. And prepare. Preparation is the key to everything when it comes to college.” Green recently had a season-high game against UNC Wilmington with 19 points, but to her she said that’s nothing, but a “regular thing”. Green said that although she felt that it was needed, it wasn’t a career high for her and right now she’s more focused on ending the regular season on a good note until CAA action begins in mid-March. On Feb. 17, the Lady Monarchs fell to the VCU Rams in Richmond with a final score of 53-74. The Lady Monarchs will have to bounce back and look ahead at their next opponent, which is what Green said it’s all about when losing. “You have to look ahead, you can’t carry it on,” said Green. “If you carry the loss with you into the next game, you’ll get the same ending result as the last one. You can’t hold onto it, you just gotta look ahead and focus for the next game.” With only four games left in the regular season, the Lady Monarchs will have a short break before they pick it up again in hopes of bringing home Old Dominion’s 18th CAA Title. To get another title, Green said they’re going to have to put in a lot of hard work and fight, put everything together and play together. “We basically are just looking to get better with every practice,” Green said. The upcoming short break is much needed, I think. It’ll give us time to re-focus and mentally we need to become stronger.” Green is born leader. She carries herself a certain way and has the type of voice that makes people listen when she speaks. She speaks as an experienced veteran and is not afraid to tell the truth when needed. “Not to discredit any other team, but I really believe that our biggest opponent in the upcoming tournament will be us,” Green said. “We’ve played and defeated some really good teams, so if we want to bring home another title we’re really gonna have to pull together. Mentally and physically, - we got to be ready.”

AL MLB Preview The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by

Jake Ullrich Staff Writer

An 89-73 record, the second most runs in the MLB (818) and an above .500 record at home and on the road would be a season most teams would kill for. They would go into the offseason knowing they had the right pieces in the team and be ready to make a run at the World Series the next season. The Red Sox aren’t most teams. In two of the three biggest moves this offseason, the Boston Red Sox brought in speedy outfielder Carl Crawford and power-hitting first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. Cliff Lee to the Phillies is the third. Suddenly the power of the AL shifted from the young, exciting Tampa Rays back to a certain sports-crazed town in Massachusetts. The Red Sox were barred with injuries last season. Kevin Youkilis, Mike Lowell, Adrian Beltre, Jacoby Ellsbury, Victor Martinez, Clay Buchholtz and J.D. Drew all spent time on the DL while high paid pitchers Jonathon Papelbon, John Lackey and Josh Beckett played well below their average. If they can keep their stars healthy and performing well, they are clearly the favorite to win the AL East and the pennant. The Yankees are usually the team who spend and spend and spend in the offseason. For the first time however, the Yankees failed to land their main target. When Cliff Lee chose to take his talents to Philadelphia, the Yankees suddenly looked like a par team with a subpar rotation. Their biggest signing was relief pitcher Rafael Soriano, who many feel was far overpaid. Soriano signed a three-year, $35 million contract, a lot of money for a set-up man. Controversy came out of the Yankees’ camp shortly after the signing when it was made public GM Brian Cashman wasn’t fully supportive of the signing. The surprise team of the offseason was the Baltimore Orioles. The O’s made well-publicized moves with the trades for third baseman Mark Reynolds and shortstop JJ Hardy and the signings of Vladimir Guerrero, Derek Lee and Kevin Gregg. The team showed serious promise at the tail end of the season last year when Buck Showalter took over the managing job. Showalter seemed to shake up the Orioles clubhouse and drove the team to a 17-13 record in September. Although the O’s may still be a few years away from serious contention, expect the O’s to be near a .500 record and shake things up some in the AL East.

While the AL East may have stolen the headlines of the major free agent signings, many other teams made solid pickups through free agents or trading. In the AL Central, the Detroit Tigers made an excellent signing when they got catcher Victor Martinez for four years and $50 million. Martinez may not be the best defensive catcher but has always been a force at the plate. Martinez hit 20 home runs and had 79 RBI’s in an injury ravaged season last year for the Boston Red Sox. Martinez will also be a help to the Tigers by giving superstar Miguel Cabrera a day off here and there. Martinez is capable of playing first base and would allow Cabrera to move to DH to give him a rest. The White Sox added serious power to their lineup when they signed proven hitter Adam Dunn to a four-year, $56 million contract. Dunn has hit 38 or more home runs in his last seven seasons and shows no sign of slowing up. His defense has never been spectacular, but his move to the American League will allow Dunn to move to the designated hitter spot. A player with Dunn’s kind of power will be a welcome addition to any lineup. In the less publicized AL West, the stories were more about whom the teams didn’t sign than whom they did. The AL Champion’s Texas Rangers missed out on pitcher Cliff Lee, the Anaheim Angels thought they had Carl Crawford before the Red Sox swooped in for him and the Oakland Athletics couldn’t give their money away, Adrian Beltre refused to sign a healthy contract. The Rangers did make an impressive signing when they picked up Beltre off free agency. Beltre had a career year last year, hitting 28 home runs and finishing with 102 RBI’s with the Red Sox. The signing, however, did come with a bit of controversy. Beltre will take over third base for the Rangers, moving Michael Young to the designated hitter spot. Young at first seemed okay with the move, but recently publicly announced his desire to be traded to a team where he could continue playing on the field. The offseason is a time for blockbuster trades and signings when teams can dream about a World Series title. All teams are even right now and all fans believe “this is our year.” With the offseason as exciting as it was this year, there is no reason to believe the season will be any less spectacular. My division and wildcard picks in the American League are the Boston Red Sox for the AL East, the Detroit Tigers for the AL Central, the Texas Rangers for the Al West and the New York Yankees for the wildcard.

Pitching Reigns in the National League With teams focusing on pitching who will win the NL? by

Greg Arnold Staff Writer

What are five things you need to win the World Series? Pitching, pitching, pitching, pitching and pitching. This saying took a back seat as steroids and homeruns took over baseball, but in the last few years pitching has become the top priority in off season moves. The San Francisco Giants, winners of the National League and eventually the 2010 World Series, ended last season ninth in runs scored of the 16 National League teams. They were, however, first in ERA and first in strikeouts. Other teams in the National League are trying the same strategy to pull ahead of the pack and win the pennant. The Philadelphia Phillies are considered by most to be the favorite to win the NL, at least on paper. Their new starting pitching staff rivals that of the Braves in the early 90’s which is arguably considered to have been the best all-time. Even one of the stars of the Braves, John Smoltz, said the new Phillies rotation blows the rotation he was a part of out of the water. The questions going into the offseason for the Phillies were their bullpen and finding a right- handed bat to replace free agent Jayson Werth. Not only did they not answer those questions, they released Chad Durbin, who led the Phillies bullpen in innings last season. The Giants went with the “if ain’t broke don’t fix it” approach to their season. Beside the switch of veteran shortstops Juan Uribe and Edgar Renteria for the also veteran shortstop Miguel Tejeda, the team will be a mirror image of itself from last season’s championship run. The Giants are looking to a full season with last year’s NL Rookie of the Year, Buster Posey. They also have a top prospect in Brandon Belt, looking to make a run at the same award in the upcoming season The National League Central Division looks to be a bit of a toss-up, as it has been for years now. The Cincinnati Reds won the division last year by five games and have huge bats like reigning NL Most Valuable Player Joey Votto to power them through the season. They will also test the arm of Cuban native Aroldis Chapman, nicknamed the Cuban Missile because his pitches are often above 100 mph and have hit 105. With the contract extension of Albert Pujols looming over the St. Louis Cardinals, one has to wonder if they will consider this a last chance to win another championship with him. Their starting rotation is stacked and with the resigning of Jake Westbrook does not appear to be slowing down any time soon. Another team hoping to take the division will be the Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers have been known for their big bats with Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun, but this year they have added 2009 AL Cy Young Award winner Zack Greinke to their rotation. They also added Shaun Marcum to help fill in the rest of the rotation. With Fielder’s contract coming to an end this year, they also will have a sense of urgency when entering this season. Of course nothing is certain in the 162 game season of baseball. With teams like the Atlanta Braves and Colorado Rockies, who seem to make a push for the playoffs no matter who is on their team, sitting in the shadows this season could come down to the wire as everyone waits to see who will represent them in the World Series. All the fans of baseball can do is sit and wait and enjoy.


Christian Ernst Mace & Crown The 5-foot-9-inch guard has the height of a basketball player, the physicality of a boxer and the mindset of a proven leader.




C4 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 2/23/2011

wednesday 2/23/2011 | MACE & CROWN | C5

ODU loses in regular season finale

ODU beats Georgia State in a blue-collar affair Monarchs Continue Their Surge Down the Stretch by

Justin Brown Staff Writer

The Monarchs beat the Georgia State Panthers 60-43 Feb. 15, but the score was much closer for the majority of the game. The win brought the Monarchs to 12-4 in the CAA and ties them with the VCU Rams for second place, as VCU got slammed by George Mason the same night. The game was much closer than 17 points for the majority of the matchup. It started slow and the Monarchs could never seem to pull away. Thirteen minutes into the game it was 9-6, just what the Panthers were looking to do. Georgia State Head Coach Rod Barnes came in with the mentality of slowing the game and disrupting the Monarchs’ flow. “ The strategy for Barnes worked for the first half as the Monarchs went into halftime with only a 25-20 lead and were out-rebounded 20-16, a feat that not many teams can claim. Senior Frank Hassell came out hot in the second half and helped to solidify some offense and a win for the Monarchs. Frank put up 12 points in the second and finished with 17 and 10 rebounds. Hassell had the first six points for the Monarchs out of the intermission and gave the Monarchs a sense of physicality and offense to start the second. Junior Kent Bazemore had nothing but good things to say about Hassell’s performance after the game. “I’m always going to be Frank’s biggest carrier,” said Bazemore. “I know how good he’s been and how far here’s came. He’s come a long way and I think he can even get better.” The defense played by the Panthers was tough, but the Monarchs put on their hard hats and played even tougher. With a couple of 6-foot- 10 inch

forwards, the Panthers were ready to bang defensively, but the Monarchs team, would not let the that deter their chance to claim second place in the conference. “Tonight was a workmenlike performance. We really had to do quite a number of things right. Some teams might’ve not gotten the job done tonight, but we found a way,” said Head Coach Blaine Taylor after the game. That’s exactly how the game went and it was the Monarchs’ “workmenlike performance” that was the deciding factor in the game. Without being able to sustain a comfortable lead throughout the game, the Monarchs still played tough defense and won the game with the intangibles. The Panthers were outrebounded 22-17 in the second half and for a team that isn’t always great from the free-throw line, the Monarchs went 11-12 down the stretch and shot 75 percent for the game. Ben Finney, a senior leader on this Monarchs basketball team, was a huge factor throughout the second half. He grabbed four offensive rebounds in the period and seven for the game. This Monarchs basketball team came to play with their hard hats on and didn’t stop playing until the final whistle. The same can’t be said about the Panthers. At the three minute mark the Monarchs went on a 12-0 run and all but stopped the Panthers’ chances of getting back into the game. It was 47-42 at that point of the game and the Panthers were only able to score one more point for the rest of the game. The Monarchs, however, scored 13. Another conference win for the Monarchs puts them in great position for the CAA tournament. Being in second place would put the Monarchs on the opposite side of the bracket from George Mason and those two power-houses in the CAA would only meet in the finals. The season is winding down, but the story is not finished on the hard-hatted Monarchs .

UVA beats ODU 25-11 by

Maralee Pepper Mace & Crown The Monarchs broke up five point lead open with a 13-1 run the final 3:58 of the contest.

Breaking through the bracket

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown The next step for the ODU wrestling team will be the CAA Championship Tournament at Rider University starting March 4.

record for most career wins in ODU history. Next came the match at 133 pounds with Hutter going against UVA freshman Joe Spisak. Hutter started off very fast also with a takedown in :13. But he would get a bit ahead of himself and get trapped by Spisak nearly scoring a quick pin and having Hutter’s leg inside the neck hold he had around Hutter. Hutter managed to work his way out of the hold and would eventually

escape, but he would go into the second period down 6-3. Hutter got back into his game in the second and would quickly escape, and with only :20 left in the second he would score a takedown evening the match up 6-6 going into the third and final period. The two would go back and forth in the third and with less than a minute left in regulation time the score would be 8-8. Hutter, not ready to let the match go to overtime, shot in

Split Series Opener

Donnell Coley Staff Writer

Cleveland State University head basketball coach Gary Waters, praised ODU after losing to them in Sunday’s ESPN Bracketbuster game. “They’re good enough to be in the NCAA [tournament]. They should feel good going into the tournament,” said Waters. Waters brings up a great topic, especially as we approach the most important month in college basketball. With an impressive 74-63 victory, ODU looks to have expanded on a resume that is fit to make the field of the NCAA tournament. But more importantly is the message that the Monarchs sent. The Monarchs went up against one of the most prolific scorers in the nation in Cleveland State’s Norris Cole. Cole came out the locker room scorching scoring, 24 of his game-high 35 points in the first half. Most coaches would find that to be the time to panic defensively. But ODU head coach, Blaine Taylor, lives for coaching defense. So much so that he joked about holding Cole to 11 points in the second half. But seriously, looking at the second half you could tell the team had been instructed at halftime. They started off the game in man-to-man defense. But as coach Waters put it, “they knew that they couldn’t stay in man”. The Monarchs steadily changed zone defenses during the second half and forced tough looks and deflections. Cole admitted that the zones gave them a tough time and it became harder to get open looks. It was more impressive that the Monarch defense was able to focus on limiting contributions other than Cole. Coach Taylor said that during halftime he made an emphasis to stop the supporting cast. The team responded by holding the other Vikings to less than 32 percent in the game. The story—and theme for the Monarchs season—in the game was rebounding. They had a plus 19 rebound margin. Senior forward Frank Has sell led the team with 15, followed by senior guard Ben Finney who grabbed 13, 12 of which in the first half. “These guys get rebounds. It’s not just the big men, but there guards get in there too,” said Waters. That seems to be a common expression from coaches

Sunday night Old Dominion University (7-121) lost a tough match against state rivals University of Virginia (19-7) 25-11 at the Ted Constant Convocation Center. ODU won three out of the first four matches, but lost the last six to give up the lead and take the lose. Before the game ODU took a moment to honor the seniors that have worked so hard to make ODU a team known across the wrestling communities of America. Seniors Jayk Cobbs, Joey Metzler, Dan Rivera, Kyle Hutter, and James Nicholson were escorted to center mat by family and friends for pictures and a wave to the fans. The match began as many matches this season have begun, with a win from CAA Wrestler of the Week, for the last two weeks, Nicholson. It took him only :35 to get his first takedown on UVA redshirt sophomore Matt Snyder. Snyder did manage a couple of good shoots at Nicholson trying to take him down, but Nicholson always managed to grab Snyder’s ankle before he went down keeping Snyder from getting points for takedowns. Nicholson would win the match 12-3 and would increase his record to 29-0 this season. He needs seven more wins to earn the

Baseball Monarchs fall short in finale vs. St. Joseph’s

ODU hopes win over solidifies NCAA tournament birth by

Greg Arnold Staff Writer

and managed a last second takedown that won him the match 10-8. The only other Monarch to walk away with a win Sunday night would be freshman Scott Festejo. Festejo would score a major decision over redshirt junior Dave Ebbott of UVA. Festejo almost managed a pin early but Ebbott rolled out of it just before the referee slapped his hand to the mat. By the end of the match Festejo looked exhausted but held on for a 15-6 win, putting ODU up 11-3 after four matches. Unfortunately UVA would take over the matches from there. UVA’s two ranked wrestlers, senior Chris Henrich, ranked fourth at 174 pounds, and redshirt freshman Jon Fausey, ranked 20th at 184 pounds, both earned wins against ODU. Fausey scored a major decision against ODU junior Joe Budi. UVA sophomore Stephen Doty, current ACC Wrestler of the Week, locked up the match with an 8-3 win against ODU freshman Jacob Henderson. This match ended the regular season for the Monarchs, they finished the season 2-3 at home. The next step for the ODU wrestling team will be the CAA Championship Tournament at Rider University starting March 4. ODU has been the runner-up in the team competition the last five years, and James Nicholson was won at 125 pounds the last three years, and is an almost certain favorite to win again this year.

By Brian Staff Writer

Kathryne Mason Mace & Crown With an impressive 74-63 victory, ODU looks to have expanded on a resume that is fit to make the field of the NCAA tournament.

that have had to face the athletic bigs of ODU this season. This will prove to be a useful tool if they are to make a tournament run. Bench production will also be a deciding factor. Senior forward Keyon Carter scored 14 points and sophomore Trian Illiadis added eight on Sunday. When there were droughts throughout the game, Carter and Illiadis helped with timely baskets. “I know that me and Trian have to come in and provide a spark off the bench,” said Carter. Junior guard Kent Bazemore might be the most crucial ingredient to the success of the Monarchs. His defensive prowess will be important and he will have to come close to the 18 points he put up against Cleveland State. When teams collapse on Hassell in the low post, Bazemore will have to use his athleticism to create plays. ODU looks to finish out the remainder of their CAA regular season before heading into the conference tournament in Richmond on March 11.

The Old Dominion University Baseball Monarchs, opening their 80th season this weekend, ended their 4-game weekend series, falling to the Atlantic 10’s St. Joseph’s Hawks in the finale by a final score of 11-7 on Sunday afternoon at Bud Metheny Baseball Complex. Dean Ali took the mound for the non-conference contest, with a chance for ODU to start their series off with series victory. Unfortunately, St. Joe’s right fielder Kevin Kratchowill, first basemen Kevin Taylor, designated hitter Mike Plakis, third basemen Joe Cook, and shortstop Anthony Cirillo didn’t get that memo, as they all drove in at least 2 runs each (Cook, 3) to split the weekend series with the Monarchs. ODU started off strong, taking a 3-0 lead in the top half of the 1st inning, when redshirt sophmore designated hitter Shawn Sizemore gave ODU the lead when he doubled to left field, driving in Preseason All-CAA Honorable Mention first basemen Christopher Baker, who extended his hitting streak to an unprecedented 32 consecutive games, a mark that already exceeds the previous ODU record, set by himself less than a year ago, after breaking Jared Musolf’s single-season record of 24 back in 2000 and the overall mark set by Anthony Forelli in ’97 and ’98. After senior rightfielder Nathan Hartman knocked in 2 more runs, the Monarchs took the lead into the early top half of the 4th before it slipped away. The Hawks would go on to score 6 unanswered runs, before adding 4 more in the 6th to dig ODU into an even deeper whole. The Silver and Blue would respond in the bottom of the 7th when Hartman knocked in another 2 runs and Baker drove in one more, but that would be as close as they’d come. St. Joe’s would knock in one more insurance run in the 9th before Hawks right-handed freshmen Brett Koliani closed the game out to split the series. In the game, ODU freshman RHP Dean Ali took the mound on Sunday afternoon, giving up 3 earned runs (6 total), off 7 hits, while fanning 2 batters and walking 4, before being pulled in the 4th. The win went to sophomore RHP Kyle Mullen, giving Ali the defeat in a closely contested matchup. The loss ends a series that gave us some interesting pitching performances from the Monarchs in the previous 3 games. Some bright spots on the mound this weekend were the performances of ace left-hander and Preseason All-CAA Team starting pitcher Kyle Hald, who began the weekend with a strong outing, giving up only 5 unearned runs off 8 hits, striking out 8 Hawks and walking 3 batters in 7 innings of action. RHP Mike Ney took the mound in the top half of the 8th, retiring the side before Norfolk Native Adam Wesniewski closed the game out, giving the Monarchs an opening day victory. Righty Ben Tomchick continued ODU’s success the following day by going 7 innings strong himself, giving up his lone earned run in the top half of the 5th off 8 hits and walking 2 batters. Senior righty Joe Haumaucher struggled a bit in the 9th inning, giving up 3 runs before stranding 2 Hawks runners on base to end the game and give the Monarchs a 2-0 record to start the season, in what was seemingly a one-sided ODU performance in game 1 of a scheduled double-header. In game 2, the ball was given to righty Phil McAurthur, who started off strong. He allowed only 1 earned run (4 total), while striking out 4 batters and walking 5 batters in 5 innings of action. In the game, freshmen right handers Ben Verlander and Luois Singleton, as well as junior righty Mike Ney all saw action on the mound. They will try their arms once more, when the Monarchs (2-2) travel to Richmond on Tuesday, February 22 to take on the Spiders at 2:30pm in their first conference matchup of the season, followed by a trip to Charleston, South Carolina to participate in The Citadel Challenge. In the tournament, ODU will take on The Raiders of Wright State University, as well as hosts The Citadel Bulldogs on February 25-27 starting at 12:00pm. The Monarchs’ next home series will take place on March 4th for a 3:00pm first pitch in the opener of a 3-game series against the Fairfield Stags.

Ari Gould Mace & Crown ‘Some bright spots on the mound this weekend were the performances of ace left-hander and Preseason All-CAA Team starting pitcher Kyle Hald.



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Pull Up J

D1 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 2/23/2011

opinions Weekly Whims Manage Your TimeDon’t Let it Manage You by Alyssa Narvell Asst. Arts & Entertainment Editor

Let’s face it, we’re all busy. I mean, we’re college students; having a hectic schedule is the story of our lives. We all have a million things to do in a short period of time. We’ll have two papers to write, a study guide to do, laundry and rooms to clean, meetings to attend, meals to make and eat- and this is all before noon. There’s almost no time to breathe. Then, on top of all of this strenuous to-do list, most of us like to participate in that horrible “P-word”.... yep, you guessed it, procrastination. It’s a sneaky little annoyance that likes to ambush us on the regularly. We need to nip procrastination in the bud and utilize our valuable time wisely, because once it’s lost, we cannot replenish it. So the question is, how can we, as college students, be productive, time-managing pros? Well, as a fellow procrastinator who is involved in Fraternity and Sorority Life and other organizations on campus, I can personally say that I am a victim of these procrastination and time management malfunctions. I have a jam-packed schedule day after day, and after being in college for almost two years now, I still seem to not be a time management master. Time management seems like a simple concept to grasp, yet is a laborious enigma. But, I think to myself how less

strenuous my life could be if I just prioritized my 120,038 daily tasks. I might actually have time to read a book for enjoyment or sit and watch “Pawn Stars”. So, I am going to give you readers some awesome tips on creating more free time for yourselves as well as to make your life a little less hectic than it already is. So first, create short-term goals for each day, and be reasonable about your goals. Goals consisting of writing three term papers as well as cleaning your entire apartment most likely will not happen within 24 hours. But if you break your to-do list into small increments day by day, you are less likely to stress yourself out to the max, it will give yourself some down time to let you and your brain chill out. Also, you must say no to nonessential tasks. If your friend approaches you and says, “Oh hey, let’s go have a water balloon fight, then go whale watching and then go laser tagging”, but you know that you have a test the next day that you really need to review for, just say no. It will make your life easier. That long list of fun activities can be saved for another day where you have more free time to waste. Make sure to prioritize all of your tasks. This will force you to do the more important stuff on your to do list first, and the other not-so important things whenever you can get to them. These few tips on time management will increase your free time and productivity. So, I wish you all luck with this common struggle with Father Time and productivity. Make every minute count.

Along the Copper Belt By Siaga Johnson Staff Writer

As 8 p.m. approached on that warm Wednesday evening in June, our Ethiopian Airlines flight was ready to depart Washington Dulles for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I was enroute to Lusaka, Zambia located in Southern Africa. My itinerary included a one-night transit stop in Addis Ababa, with a next-day connecting flight to Lusaka. Since this was my first time traveling to Zambia, I didn’t know what to expect. Although this was not my first time traveling to an African country, I was still apprehensive about how to assimilate different cultural experiences I have had with the Zambian culture. I was also concerned with what sort of opportunities for entertainment and learning were available. At 3 p.m., my connection touched down at Lusaka International airport where my mom was waiting eagerly. On our way to our new home, she showed me the scenic roads and I was immediately struck by the abundance of fertility that was there. There were trees everywhere and plush green land. It didn’t seem like a vast difference from other African countries I have visited, but I was still eager to discover new things. On my Zambian adventure, one of the first novelties I was introduced to was a delicacy called Nshima. This is a maize meal that is eaten in a wide variety of African and Caribbean countries. However, Zambia is the only nation that calls this staple food Nshima. Since it is a maize meal, it can be eaten with various types of stews and vegetables during any time of the day.

Bulls: Best in the East? by


by Danielle Buxton Photography Director

Now if you read my column last week I talked about a photo from “The Maury Show.” I enjoyed writing that one and thought I would follow it up with another show this week. This show has been around for years. That show is the ever-so-famous, “Jerry Springer,” show. This show normally preceeds “The Maury Show” and has just as much worthless content as Maury as well. The one thing that people do on Jerry’s show as opposed to Maury’s is physical fighting. This week I found a picture of people fighting on “Jerry Springer” and thought it was interesting enough to talk about it. This photo comes from last year’s “Halloween 2010: Trick or Cheaters” episode. I’m going to have fun with this photo I can already tell. Already anyone can see that there are two women fighting in this picture with a security guard attempting to break it up and a man in the background just standing there looking useless. Let’s dive in shall we, ladies first. First of all why are you fighting? I hope it’s not over the man in the background because seriously, he is not worth fighting for. I’m not trying to insult much but I’ve seen more attractive men in my 20 years of existence. I’m also not a fan of the woman on the left hand side’s choice of a tank top. Leopard print hasn’t always been my preference but if you are going on a show such as “Jerry Springer” at least dress somewhat dignifyed if you plan on acting a fool on national television. I have to ask, are you attempting to grab her hair? If so, I will just say before you do that pulling hair hurts, especially if it’s real. But if her hair is fake and you pull it off, that’s just funny. Now for the lady on right there is nothing much to say about you other than it looks lik e the woman on the left is about to lay a good hand on you. One of your own arms is being intercepted by security and the

Another feature of the food that was included was “braai” or barbecue. This consists of barbecued sausages on an open flame along with chicken, steak and ribs. Capenta, a small dried fish, is also a component of the meal and is also snacked on throughout the day. Besides the food, another novelty that I was introduced to was a weekly Sunday market at the main mall where arts and crafts were sold, along with food for hungry shoppers. A lot of the art sold was made of copper. This is how I came to learn that copper is a major export good for Zambia and in fact determines a large part of the Zambian economy. A region in Zambia called the Copper Belt is a large area where copper is mined and exported to other nations in Africa as well as nations abroad. A Zambian native said “Copper is the driving force of our economy. Without it, we would have nothing.” I was able to learn how the culture also ties in with the economic trends that were present in Zambia. Another cultural component that I was introduced to was the appreciation of art in Zambia. I was always able to find plays, concerts and art exhibitions within the city for a reasonable price. In my artistic endeavors I had been introduced to a TV journalist and writer named Tsungai Garite, who had recently moved to Zambia to shoot a documentary detailing the journey of Somalian refugees from Darfur to Harare, Zimbabwe. He said that the Millenial generation in Zambia was deeply rooted in art appreciation, however the current state of the job market made it impossible for them to capitalize greatly from venturing into any form of art. This could be seen from those who would attend the Alliance Francaise

JERRYSPRINGERTV.COM These two women are fighting over a man on the Jerry Springer show.

other is being held by your opponent. In my opinion, it looks like you’re going to lose this fight. Let’s move on to the useless man in the back left hand corner. I can guess you are thinking, “man are they fighting over me? I’m the man; I’ve got two women fighting over me.” Get over yourself you useless bum. You’re appearance is not worth fighting over and I hope your personaility is a winner but if you’re on the “Jerry Springer” show, your personality is just down the gutters. All in all, I feel for the security guard. Not only do you have to break up this fight, you have deal with the possibility of getting scratched by the nails of females as well as getting slapped in the face in order to break up with these two. I commend you for this for it is something I would never volunteer myself for. I hope they pay you well. To the females fighting and the useless man in the background, you have been Caught! You have been caught fighting over a man on the “Jerry Springer” show and the man watch you do it. I hope all of you gain some sense to realize that it is not worth it.

to perform in concerts, to those who performed in screenplays for the city, to those who painted and made a living by selling their artwork at the weekly market. He gave me a good indication of the economic state of affairs in Zambia as well as what the younger generation in Zambia valued. Another noteworthy experience was the nightlife in Zambia. Every Friday, pubs, clubs and lounges would be open to anybody over the age of 18. Something that struck me about this was the fact that establishments existed to cater to every type of pocket in town, whether it was an upscale lounge in the metropolitan area to a small bar on the corner of a dirt road. The main message being sent out was that people were expected to have fun during the weekend, with a few drinks, great company and amazing food. Another thing that I noticed while experiencing the nightlife was that clubs were open until the last person was ready to leave. There was no closing time like 2 a.m. or 3 a.m.. Parties ran from 5 p.m. to whenever. This made for a wholesome experience balanced with education as well as old-fashioned fun. Zambia is a great experience. All visitors will be greeted with warm smiles and hospitable concern. Tickets to Zambia from the United States range from $1,800-$2,000 roundtrip, with stopovers in London, Addis Ababa or Johannesburg. Zambia is also a malaria zone, so those considering this as a possible trip should take precautions such as anti-malarial drugs, mosquito repellant and mosquito nets. Vaccines required include yellow Fever, cholera, and meningitis. With all these precautions taken, you have a wonderful experience ahead of you.

Jake Ullrich Staff Writer

When the Chicago Bulls took Memphis freshman Derrick Rose with the first pick in the 2008 draft, everyone knew he would be good. He had the body, the skills and the potential to develop into one of the better players in the NBA. Certainly this would take four to five years of practice and experience though. No way Rose will be leading a team to the fifth best record in the league and a serious title contention in only his third season. Right? Wrong. Rose has developed into perhaps the most dominant point guard in the league as well as the leader of a title-contending team. At the All-Star break, Rose is making a lot of people talk about a possible MVP, but more importantly for the Bulls, a possible NBA Championship. The Bulls were involved in the best NBA playoff series of all time two years ago when they lost to the Boston Celtics in seven games. There were two overtime games, one double overtime game and one triple overtime game. The Bulls, led by then rookie Rose, showed they were planning on being a serious contender in the years to come. After last season’s loss to the Cavaliers in the first round, the Bulls knew they needed to make serious offseason moves if they wanted to compete with the best teams from the East. So they did. The Bulls signed one of the best power forwards in the NBA in Carlos Boozer, as well as adding a proven three-point shooter in Kyle Korver. Suddenly the starting five of the Chicago Bulls had perhaps the best point guard in the league, top five power forward in the league and the best defensive center in the league Joakim Noah.

So far this season, the Bulls have defeated the Celtics, Spurs, Lakers, Heat and Magic, five title contenders in this top heavy NBA season. The Bulls have done the majority of this without their star defender Noah, who has missed nearly two months after having surgery on his thumb. Most of the workload has fallen squarely on the young shoulders of Derrick Rose who, entering the AllStar break, is averaging 24.5 points per game, 8.2 assists per game and 4.4 rebounds per game. The Bulls have continued to show they aren’t only a team for the future, but a team for the now. The Bulls brought in first year Head Coach Tom Thibodeau, a former Celtics assistant, who has is known for his impressive defensive knowledge. The Bulls certainly don’t need any help putting the ball in the basket, but having a coach who stresses defense as tough as Thibodeau does is a key to winning a championship. We’ve seen with the Celtics and Lakers, the last two championship winning teams, that you need to stress team, halfcourt defense if you want to win in the playoffs. Thibodeau gives that skill to the Bulls. It’s important to remember that the Bulls will only get better on defense when Noah returns from his injury. The Bulls have proven they are the second best team in the East, but are looking like they’re ready to become the first. The Celtics are the reigning Eastern Conference Champions and look like they could repeat that. But when the Bulls return fully healthy then they could quickly become an interesting pick for not only the East, but for the league. The Bulls possess a young, energetic, exciting team that just seems like it loves to play. In every game I’ve watched, the bench is excited for a big play and the players on the court are ready for every possession. It’s an excitement that far too many teams don’t have anymore. It’s an excitement that could lead the Bulls to a NBA Championship.

THE SCOOP! Music News and Reviews


By Robbie Ciara Staff Writer Here’s The Scoop! – How many of you heard the sound of remotes dropping everywhere when every hipster’s dream and pop chart-topper’s nightmare happened at the Grammys? The show was enjoyable most of the time, boring when it was time for a welltimed yawn and funny when it had to be as well. However, it had its share of disturbing moments and unprecedented upset victories. We could start with the most uplifting moment of the night came in the beginning when Jennifer Hudson, Florence Welch, Christina Aguilera, Yolanda Adams and Martina McBride belted out an Aretha Franklin medley. The Queen of Soul apologized for not being able to attend and with a wink and a smile promised her fans via big screen that she would be there next year. She showed obvious signs of battling cancer but responded with her usual spirit. The Scoop! says much “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”. Lady Gaga made a big debut with her now No. 1 single “Born This Way” with her usual flair for the dramatic. You can’t help but notice the Madonna similarities, but you will be frozen by the Lady Gaga costumes. Gaga and her alien clad crew donned flesh colored horns and shoulder horns. The detail was so precise you had to do a double take. Personally, mostly every Twitter we read during this

performance said,“I’m freaked out” Lady Gaga was Lady Gaga, enough said. Cee-Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow performed the popular “F*K You” with a band of Muppets and many Old Dominion students checked in with The Scoop! to ask if we thought that Cee-Lo had now become our generation’s George Clinton. Cee-Lo is George Clinton and The Dungeon Family is the new Parliament. All of it is Grammy show funk. Cee-Lo didn’t win Record of the Year. The moment we waited for would never happen as predicted, but that was the only thing predictable. The Best New Artist shocker was Esperanza Spalding knocking Drake off his hot streak pedestal. We thought Drake would have an easy win and Florence would be a nice hip surprise, but who knew Esperanza would shock everyone and at the same time increase her downloads overnight? The Scoop! was dead on with its prediction that Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” would lock down Song of the Year, but even we were shocked when the song also netted the Record of the Year as well, knocking out all the chart-topper favorites like Rihanna, Eminem, Bruno Mars and Alicia Keys. Finally, the world was shocked when Arcade Fire took home the Album of the Year with “The Suburbs” but if you looked in the Mace and Crown we said: “… [Arcade Fire] produced one of the richest albums of the year, a true album with no letdowns but it’s the long shot we’d like to see get some real love”. At the risk of shameless self-promoting, we at The Scoop! would like to think we could get the big pick right! Thanks for the love, Grammys!

Here’s Your Tip The Diary of a Waitress

by Diane Dougherty Arts & Entertainment Editor

One of the most shocking things happened to a coworker of mine the other night. Now, I usually prepare myself for every shift by saying “Nothing that happens today will come as a surprise”. Needless to say this never works, people will never cease to amaze me while I continue to work in the food industry. It was fairly busier than usual and we were getting slammed with party after party. My shift began and my section already had one party of 17 seated and another party of 15 patiently waiting to be seated behind them. I automatically knew this shift was going to be challenging. I was extremely weeded (overwhelmed and busy) within the first ten minutes of me walking in the door. Let the games begin. Things were going smoothly until a six top sat down at a secluded party table near the front of the restaurant. They were nice at first; polite, respectful and quiet. They ordered their drinks and food and conversed with each other for a large portion of the night. They also however, failed to pay attention to one of the babies at the table who was in fact, turning blue. One of the workers at the restau-

rant noticed the baby looked a different shade of color and pointed it out to the mother. The mother then proceeded to pat her child’s back to get whatever was in its throat out. Now this part is what blew my mind. The baby then vomits all over the table and floor while spitting up what whatever was causing it to stop breathing. As my co-worker passes by the table to check on how they’re enjoying their food, the mother says, “My baby just threw up everywhere, can you get someone to clean this up?” Apparently ladies and gentlemen, it is now in the server’s handbook you receive when hired that you must clean up the puke of guest’s children. I wasn’t aware of this but clearly this woman heard differently. My co-worker gave her a mortified look and was at a loss for words. She returns to the table with a rag and hands it to the mother who looks at her as if she’s just slapped her baby across the face. She continues to insist that someone clean up the mess which eventually someone does. This table leaves my co-worker a note that read, “Tip for you: Get a job you good @ cause this waitress shxt aint for you- be bless.” Naturally, this baffled all of us working that night. I don’t know where grown people have learned to not clean up after themselves or their children, but it’s appalling. I sincerely hope that there aren’t many people out there that treat servers that way and I really hope that that woman doesn’t actually speak like that. Learn to write properly before you insult someone. So here’s your tip: Don’t insult a server for not doing something that isn’t even required of them. Be considerate of the people serving you. Even though you are a guest it doesn’t hurt to be kind to the people who are working. If you offend the person who has power over your overall experience the outcome will probably be bad.

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wednesday 2/23/2011 | MACE & CROWN | S2

S1 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 2/23/2011

sundr y

FRIDAY 25: 67°

SATURDAY 26: 48°

SUNDAY 27: 60°

[SUHN-DREE] (look it up)

Mace & Crown




What’s your favorite parking lot on campus?

Has the nice weather forced you to skip class yet?

Daytona 500 or NBA All-Star game?

Have you given blood this semester?

Favorite outdoor activity?

Do you plan on seeing a show at the Norva this semester?

I only park in the MGB parking garage

No actually. I only skip when its cold

Hahah definitely NBA

No I haven’t



Lot 27


NBA All-Star

No but wanted to

Playing tag or walking


The one by the art building. It’s the cleanest and closest

No, only for bad weather

Duh, NBA All-Star game.

No, I have tattoos

Biking on campus and dancing in public

Fantastic Planet, Lauryn Hill, Wu-Tang

49th Street garage

No, unfortunately

All-Star game



Powhatan lot 1 because its the closest to where i live

Yes, my 8 am because there was a large amount of rain

I slept instead

No, im kinda afraid too me and needles dont mix

VP Floetic Movement



JES SMITH Sophomore - Puzzle #5 for February 21, 2011 Across 1- Archer of myth; 5- Clasp for a door; 9- Skin; 13- Jollity; 15- Brain wave; 16- Et ___; 17- Point in question; 18- Feathers; 19- Counterfeiter catcher; 20- Ref’s decision; 21- Former Fords; 23- Floating; 25- Hook’s helper; 26- Ascending; 27- Many; 30- Approves; 31- 200 milligrams; 32- Fib; 37- Falsehoods; 38- Extra-terrestrial being; 40Actress Ward; 41- Language letters; 43- Flight of steps; 44- This ___ stickup!; 45- Not limited to one class; 47- Married woman; 50- Plains native; 51- Musical instrument; 52- Blueprint detail; 53- Sitcom planet; 56- Other, in Oaxaca; 57- Boring, so to speak; 59- Brother of Moses; 61- Bridle strap; 62- Bronte heroine; 63- Commerce; 64- Dies ___; 65- Expensive; 66- Skein of thread;

Playing football with friends

Maybe if they have some good ones Perhaps 1 or two to see what its got to offer


Down 1- Expel gas or odor; 2- Hazard; 3- Estimator’s phrase; 4- Actor Erwin; 5- Concealed; 6- Bustles; 7- Attach by stitches; 8- Small pan; 9- Page of music; 10- Violinist Mischa; 11- Either of two Chinese dynasties; 12- Hue; 14- Head armor; 22- Driver’s aid; 24Kind of prof.; 25- Hiding place; 26- Architect Mies van der ___; 27- Arthur Ashe’s alma mater; 28- Letters, e.g.; 29- Get ready; 32- Intelligence; 33- First name in cosmetics; 34- Goneril’s father; 35- Bones found in the hip; 36- British nobleman; 38- Engrossed; 39- Incline; 42- Yorkshire river; 43- Winter vehicle; 45- Ground squirrel; 46- Hot time in Paris; 47- Bishop’s headdress; 48- Heart chambers; 49- Baron; 51- Japanese sandal; 52- Franklin D.’s mother; 53- Like some history; 54- Got on; 55- Understood; 58- Caustic stuff; 60- Circle segment;

Have a rant about someone or something in the Monarch Nation? Let the MACE & CROWN know! Please submit your MONARCH ROAR to the new website

MACEANDCROWN.COM It will remain anonymous!!

MONARCH ROARS are screened during their selection process and must meet certain requirements in order to be considered for publishing. They must not: • contain illegal or defamtory statements • threaten a certain person or organization • be sent in by any Student Media professional or student staff TELL ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!! HELP MAKE THIS A STAPLE AT ODU!!!

Feb. 22, 2011  

Feb. 22, 2011

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