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VOL. 52, ISSUE 14 | FEBURARY 2, 2011

Mace & Crown Student newspaper of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, since 1930

ODU student finds body at MacArthur Center Mall Police Rule Fall Suicide by Diane Dougherty Arts & Entertainment Editor

Sunday, Jan. 23, 2011 became one of the most bizarre and intense days of Brian Whitney’s life. Whitney, a senior at ODU, works a part-time job at the Apple store in Norfolk’s MacArthur Center Mall. When arriving to work early that Sunday morning, around 9:30, Whitney ran into a co-worker while walking down the stairs from the third floor towards the mall entrance on the second level. His co-worker mentioned he saw something or someone farther down the parking garage and wanted Whitney to go take a look with him. As they proceeded farther into the garage, they began to realize that it was in fact a body lying there and they began to run towards it. Once they arrived, standing over the body, the first thing they noticed was the pilepool of blood the body was laying in. There was a pool of blood around his head and they could tell it was starting to seep towards the rest of the body. “It took us a while to register our thoughts, our hands were shaking; it was such an intense moment,””, said Whitney. Whitney immediately called the police to report their findings. The first thing the dispatcher asked them to do was to identify the person’s gender and race. They could identify the body as male but there was so much blood covering the body’s hands, and the male’s hood was covering his head, sothat they couldn’t


tell the race right away. Whitney had to circle around the body so he could see his face; finally he was able to identify the body as a young looking white male. The body was lying face down and its arms were positioned above its head. “The position of the body looked odd, I didn’t really know what to make of it,” said Whitney. ”, Tthey also couldn’t tell what part of the body the blood was coming from. Mall security was the first to arrive. “I think what bothered me most was when mall security told us they had made their rounds on this level just 15 minutes ago and hadn’t seen anything. All I kept thinking was whether this had happened right when I was parking my car,.” said Whitney. When Norfolk Ppolice arrived on the scene they took both Whitney and his co-workers information like their name, telephone numbers, and where in the mall they worked. The police told them they could go to work and they’d contact them if they needed anything else. Shortly after they returned to work, the cops came into the Apple store and pulled the boys back out into the parking garage. They asked them for a statement and were then approached by detectives who wanted to hear their stories as well. Apple decided it would be best to send them home for the rest of the day, seeing how what they had just been through had really shaken them. Although Whitney believed foul play could have been the result to this individual’s death, police have classified it as a suicide after the medical examiner was able to study the body. The male’s name and information has not yet been released.



A1 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 02/02/11

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wednesday 02/02/11 | MACE & CROWN | A2

Trouble in Tunisia by Devon Mizelle Contributing Writer

Tunisia, the northernmost country in Africa, has recently created political waves in the mostly autocratic collection of Arabic countries in the area with the overthrow of their totalitarian ex-president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. The uprising, also known as the Jasmine Revolution, began in December 2010 and is in retaliation to rising unemployment, internal corruption, restriction of freedom of speech rights and unfit living conditions. The revolt was sparked due to the actions of a Tunisian street vendor, Mohammed Bouazzi, who, in response to having his business assets seized by police when he failed to bribe them, attempted suicide by igniting himself with gasoline in front of the municipal building. His actions, in combination with unrest among the citizens of the norNEWS.AOL.CO.UK mally suppressed nation, allowed the revolution to gain momentum. Once Bouazzi was hospitalized and de- Protests heated after Mohammed Bouzzai ignited himself infront of a municipal building. tained for his actions by the government, numerous groups of protesters began to are not afraid, we are afraid only of God.” By to be a staunch U.S. ally actively involved surface. Many participants martyred themselves in similar ways as Bouazzi. Al-Jazeera the end of the day, military personnel were in the controversial rendition programme.” President Obama expressed respect for those reported that Lahseen Naji, a young Tunisian dispatched throughout the country. Hizb ut-Tahrir, an international Islamic protesting in Tunisia and pleaded for the govman, “climbed up an electricity pylon and political organization, staged protests calling ernment to respect human rights during the electrocuted himself on the cables, [because] for the reinstatement of an Islamic caliphate protests. The president went on to explain in he was fed up with being unemployed.” Another individual, Ramzi Al-Abboudi, in the country. A caliphate is the modern-day the recent State of the Union address that he took his own life after undergoing financial continuation of the first political hierarchy “certainly expect[s] that we’ll be using the stress as a product of the nations micro-credit established by Muhammad, the last prophet Tunisian example [in talks with other Arab program. Micro-credit programs are best de- of Islam. The philosophy of this type of gov- governments]. The challenges being faced in fined as loans that are given to individuals ernment ensures that a country or area will many parts of the world, particularly in the who are under poverty and are ineligible to be dictated by Islamic law, which would in Arab world, are the same and we hope people receive normal traditional loans in order to turn place limitations on how much the gov- will be addressing legitimate political, social, start new businesses. However, some of these ernment can interfere with the lives of its [and] economic grievances.” Human rights activists hope that the programs prove to be impossible to pay back citizens. The organization believes that the implementation of the caliphate system in the changes currently in motion in Tunisia will due to high interest rates. The high interest Muslim world would promote non-violence spark similar movements in other countries rates played a very large role in the actions of and coherence between countries. that are being oppressed by autocrats. In an Al-Abboudi. Retaliation by police began to turn toward environment that has such suppression on After other protesters were killed or injournalists reporting on the Jasmine Revo- free speech and human rights, if the change jured during demonstrations, the country of lution in the country. On Jan. 12, a reporter to the political landscape of Tunisia reaches Tunisia enacted a curfew to curb unrest and ease the stress on the police caused by night from the Italian-owned television station RAI to neighboring countries, the lives lost in the rioting. The curfews only caused further pro- stated that he and his camera crew were re- struggle will not be in vain. Some ODU students seem skeptical of the tests, however, and by Dec. 27th, a protest of peatedly beaten with police batons. The conflict resulted in having their equipment coneffectiveness of the spread of stable human over a thousand citizens reached the capital of the country, Tunis. Joining the new pro- fiscated. A photographer with the European rights friendly governments in the region. tests included lawyers in the country, who Photopress Agency, Lucas Dolega, was killed When asked bout the potential of the spread were handled the same way as other protest- when a tear gas canister was fired and hit him of such governments, Erik Sjögren, a Junior Sociology and Criminal Justice double major, ers were, with severe beatings. Until now, in the forehead. By Jan. 14, the protests forced the Presi- said that “while it is a great leap for the rethe protesters were dominantly comprised of dent at the time, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, to gion to put such initiative into reform, it may lower-class citizens. On Jan. 6, in response to the violent re- decree that his administration would be dis- be overly idealistic to expect such changes to sponses to the lawyers’ otherwise peaceful solved and that elections would occur in six take a strong hold in neighboring regions [so demonstrations, 95 percent of the 8,000 law- months in an attempt to quell protesters who soon].” When asked about any possible reason yers registered in Tunisia went on strike. In were calling for his exile from the country. The next day, Ben Ali did take exile to the why news of human rights violations in Tunian interview with Al-Jazeera, the chairman country of Malta. Violence still continues to sia were not publicized by the current adminof the Bar Association in the country, Abderrazek Kilani, explained that “the strike carries this day, even after his departure. Military istration until now, he said “the United States a clear message that we do not accept unjusti- forces, and those loyal to the former president did not intentionally mask the oppressive techniques [or anything like that], however fied attacks on lawyers. We want to strongly still clash with protesters and looters. Violence and rioting in the country of Tudue to [our country’s] own frequency of unprotest against the beating of lawyers in the nisia comes to a surprise to most of the world, employment, and recent scarring from torture past few days.” Protesters began to grow unruly in the since the country is rather wealthy and con- allegations under the past administration, that face of police violence and were forced to tains stability that is rare to its neighboring such information might have been swept unresort to less peaceful means of expressing countries. Ben Ali had been president of the der the rug accidentally.” Regardless of the effectiveness of the their dissent. On Jan. 11, police responded country since 1987, but his administration had been criticized by numerous international spread of reformed government in the region, to protesters who were burning tires, looting media outlets. The United States and France or whether or not the changes will cement buildings and burning vehicles. Police retaliwere in support of his administration because themselves inside of Tunisia, those that have ated by utilizing riot gear and firing tear gas canisters, one of which landed in a nearby of his, as Al-Jazeera explains, “persecutions given their lives in the name of reform should mosque. As the situation escalated, protesters of the Islamists [and] his economic agenda not be forgotten. chanted in response: “We are not afraid, we was touted as a brilliant model that could be replicated in North Africa and he proved

ODU helps ‘Move that bus!’ ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ comes to hampton roads by Melissa Flippo Assistant News Editor

In less than two weeks, Old Dominion University students will assist ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” hosted by Ty Pennington, to help local families and they need your help. “We really want to help families whose homes present major problems for the family - those big issues that affect (their) quality of life on a daily basis. We want to find deserving people who just don’t have the resources, ability or time to fix those serious issues without our help, “ Rebecca Shumsky, supervising producer, said in a press release. Building an entire house in a week takes lots of hands and all skills are needed. Volunteers will spend about 106 hours rebuilding. “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” is a complete home redo so volunteers can expect to do everything from hauling debris to painting to planting flowers,” Tami Park Farinholt, Center for Service and Civic Engagement coordinator, said. You do not have to be a skilled craftsman to join the effort, faculty, staff, students and alumni are welcome. “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” is in its eighth season and is known for its extreme transformations of homes. With each show comes a new creation of a masterpiece home. The houses are always custom fit for each family and their needs. You can witness the advanced technology and amazing decorations that goes into each house. A much needed family will be rewarded with a magnificent home that we all have the chance to be a part of. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and volunteer by going to: http://studentaffairs.odu. edu/osal/community/ExtremeMakeoverHomeEdition.shtml. “We are currently anticipating that the final volunteer day will be Sunday, Feb. 6,” Farinholt said. In addition, ODU will also help with the “Extreme Food Drive”. Its goal is to raise more than 150 tons of food to help out regional food banks. This means gather all the nonperishable food items

HOOPLANOW.COM Extreme Makeover Home Edition the popular ABC television show, will be in the Hampton Roads area. Many ODU based organizations are volunteering.

you can and bring them to the Barry M. Kornblau Alumni Center, located in the Webb Center, or the Virginia Beach and Peninsula Higher Education centers. Donations will be accepted until Thursday, Feb. 3 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. However, food can be donated through Feb. 5 at other locations. Please check for updated drop-off locations. Two sets of tickets to the 2011 ODU Homecoming football game will be raffled off as prizes for those who donate. On Feb. 4, the winners will be notified and one set of tickets will go to a student and the other will be given to a member of the faculty, staff or alumni. The Hampton Roads episode will be aired roughly eight weeks after the completion of the project. “Home Makeover: Home Edition” can be viewed on ABC Sundays at 8 p.m.

ODU Biology Professor Co-authors Marine Field Guide by Amanda David Assistant News Editor

King Mackerel. Schoolmaster. Wahoo. Queen Snapper. Little Tunny. Although some of these may sound like the names of up-and-coming rap artists, these names actually belong to some of the fish featured in Kent E. Carpenter and Valerie A. Kells new book. “A Field Guide to Coastal Fishes: From Maine to Texas” features more than 1,000 species of fish complete with descriptions and full-color illustrations, a first of its kind. Carpenter and Kells worked on the book for four years before it hit the shelves. Carpenter, a professor of biology at Old Dominion University, provided the marine species expertise while Kells produced the detailed illustrations of the fish. “We wanted it to be comprehensive, and it is,” Carpenter said to reporters. “She insists on drawing from photographs, not from someone else’s illustration, and pulling together those photographs was a chore. But we got it done, and she is excellent at interpreting photographs.” Carpenter attributes the best feature of this book to be “the superb illustrations” by Kells. “Other field guides have not been updated for many years and the illustrations are far inferior to those produced by the lead author on the book, Val Kells,” he said. The detailed illustrations are set side-by-side with the information

about the specific fish. The descriptions include the habitat, biology and size information of each species. This tackle-boxed-sized book is meant for use inside and outside of the classroom. “Fishermen are most likely to use the book but this will also be an important resource for scientists and students studying fishes on the East Coast of the US,” Carpenter said. The paperback edition of the field guide retails at $25, but can be snagged for $16.50 on Although Carpenter’s book is all about fish, he is not an avid fisherman. “I am not the type of person that can sit still and wait for a fish to take a lure,” Carpenter said. “I have too many scientific projects in the works and fishing would take too much of my time. I typically only fish when I need specimens for scientific research.” As for future publications, Carpenter doesn’t have anything major in the works right now. “Only scientific publications based on my funded research are planned in the near future,” he said. “However, there is a possibility I may attempt a field guide to fishes of the Philippines.” According to ODU’s website, “Carpenter is known internationally for his work in waters near the Philippines, where he has documented the existence of a region that has the richest shore-fish biodiversity in the world.” Carpenter has written a plethora of scientific articles pertaining to fish

Meetings every Tuesday at 12:30 in the U-Center No experience needed HTTP://SCI.ODU.EDU Kent E. Carpenter is co-author of a new textbook on Marine Biology.

and their habitats as well as written and edited identification guides for fisheries. He is also the director of the Global Marine Species Assessment. “We are getting a very positive response from ichthyologists on the quality of the illustrations and of the book,” Carpenter said. “No doubt every American ichthyologist will want copies for their office, lab and field work.”

Write for news, sports, arts & entertainmentor take photos! pick up a copy every wednesday



B5 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 02/02/11

What’s inside

Panic Button Causing Panic To panic or not to panic? That is the question. by

William Channel Staff Writer

In the past few weeks a few students have reported that the panic buttons in the University Village dorms do not work. These buttons, which exist only in the University Village dorms, do not work and never have since the building complex was brought over to ODU. They appear as a small button along the wall with the caption of “For Emergency Use Only” near them. When these buttons are pushed, a very loud and annoying alarm will sound from a panel in the hallway; however, the buttons currently are not connected to any police or medical assistance like they would normally be. Terry Durkin, Facilities Manager for Housing and Residence Life, explains that before the buildings were brought over they had a contract that connected the panic buttons to the respectable places. But when the buildings were brought over, unfortunately this contract was not. ODU even sent out an e-mail recently explaining this issue of the panic buttons. Strangely though, most students are unaware of the placement of panic buttons, around the school. However, that is not to say that ODU intends to just leave these buttons as they are. Terry Durkin went on and said

that they intend to by next week to start removing the buttons from the dorms. “We don’t want to students to look to the button as a means of getting help,” Durkin said. “We don’t want there to be any confusion on the subject.” This process of removing the button will include all ten buildings and will average about a week each. They hope that by thus removing the button there will be no more confusion on the subject. However, what should a student do if they should happen to hit the button either accidental or for the hope of getting assistance of some kind? If they are hoping for the latter of the two, then it would be best to pursue another means of getting assistance either calling 911 or calling out for help. But in either case there is only one way to stop the alarm, which is to find someone in the maintenance area to turn off the alarm manually being the only way. This is not a common occurrence though, and it happens rarely. The removal of the panic buttons are just a precaution so as not to offer a false hope to the individual if placed in a situation where they might be inclined to place trust in it. However, if a student still has any questions or concerns on this subject or the process being taken, they are advised to talk to the people in the Housing and Residence Life office located in the Virginia house. These buttons should not be confused with the other panic buttons located around ODU and in the other dorm stairwells. These look like three-inch buttons with the words “Press for help.” These do work and will not be removed from the grounds.

Cold months bring winter woes 6 gadgets to help keep you warm Wear two layers of socks. Eat soup. Drink coffee. Move to Florida. All of these ways may help you keep warm this winter, but what fancy technological gadgets have been invented to keep our fingers and toes from getting frostbite while walking between classes? Plenty. 1) No ordinary gloves. Admit it. If you own a touch screen phone or iPod, you’ve probably used the tip of your nose to unlock the screen or answer a phone call instead of taking off your gloves. Now, thanks to inventors who have probably witnessed this a time or two, you don’t have to. The tips of the index finger and thumb on tech gloves are equipped with a special fabric that allow users to use their touch screen devices without ever removing their gloves. Plus, they have a cool techie look to them. A pair of North Face E-tip gloves will set you back $40 on The ladies might prefer the Polartec Power Stretch Touch Gloves by Athleta for $34 on 2) Can I have a light? The Zippo hand warmer looks like the traditional stainless steal lighter, but don’t try to use it to light cigarettes. The body of the device warms up and last for up to 12 hours. It runs on the same fuel the original Zippo does, but doesn’t have an open flame. This Zippo gadget is great for smokers and non-smokers and can be found for $19.99 on 3) Cold office? This is not just any heated blanket, but one powered by your nearest USB outlet. This velour blanket measures 31 inches by 17 inches and houses heating coils to keep the user warm. It features two levels of power, plug one USB in for low and two USBs in for high. It’s $24.95 on 4) “Hats you can hear” Tired of your earbuds falling out or being shoved into your ears by your winter hats? The company Tooks many have solved your problem. Their hats feature removable headphone speakers that will connect to most music devices. Tooks come in many styles including cable knit bomber, visor beanies and micro-fleece headbands. Tooks Classic beanie sells for $24.99 on 5) Wonder Warmers These reusable hand warmers that seemingly work like magic. A metal disk floats inside these liquid filled pouches and when the metal disk is pressed the liquid inside crystallizes in a chemical reaction. To get the pouch back to liquid form, boil the bag for five to ten minutes. Wonder Warmers come in a variety of sizes and can be reused more than 100 times. A pair of small hand warmers three and a half inches by three inches cost $14.99, will stay warm for 20-30 minutes. 6) USB-powered gloves For times when the professors are demanding essays and your roommate won’t turn up the heat, these gloves wrap around your hands, leaving your fingers free to skirt across the keyboard. The gloves plug into a USB outlet which means they can be used while typing on your Mac or PC or while playing gaming consoles such as Xbox360 or Playstation 2. You might look like a total tool wearing them, but at least your hands will be warm. They are $22 at




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see c2

arts enter tainment Monster Energy Music as a Weapon 5 Tour Metal Music at its Finest by

Crystal Spick Staff Writer

Jan. 25 2011, the night of Weapon’s Tour, with the excitement in the air, everyone around me was pumped for the show. As I was waiting for my press pass, I was standing next to a couple of my friends from 98.9 and some of the WODU guys. When I first walked up to the Ted Center entrance, they patted everyone down through security. Then, we walked inside and the first thing I saw was the group Disturbed signing autographs. The first band, Til This Moment, was already playing. You could see the lead singer on stage with her long blonde hair and enormous amounts of tattoos. I’d remembered hearing about them in the 2008 Warped Tour. With her heavy-toned voice one would be surprised at how small of a lady she was for having such a powerful behind her; I’d describe her as an Emo Barbie. The band members who backed her up played quite a show and were very photogenic. The only drawback was some of the feedback that the sound booth was providing became fairly distracting. Since Til This Moment was the band to pump up the crowd for the major labels, they totally took the cake on that part. The next band was Sevendust, which is one of my favorite bands. When Sevendust came out, I was amazed to how close I was, being in the photographer’s pit. Sevendust resulted as the band with the best pictures because the lead singer was literally bending down and singing at eye level with me. When I looked behind me, I noticed the mas-

sive mosh pit and body surfing going on. The lead singer did mention during their set that he loves Norfolk and that when they first started they played at the old venue called The Boathouse. The Boathouse was a venue that became condemned because of Hurricane Isabel in 2003, and they talked about how they really missed performing there. They were the only band to mention Norfolk. The next band that came on next was the widely known Korn. I have to say they sound just like they do on their CD when performing live. They played all the new songs and they also played a 20-minute song set of all the old songs like “Freak on a Leash” and “Twisted Transistor”. Korn put on such an enthusiastic performance by jumping around and head banging. They definitely tore the roof off and brought the house down, although I really thought Korn shouldn’t have been headlining. Finally, the last band of the night was Disturbed. When Disturbed first started it as a long wait before the curtain dropped. The background on their layout and lights was quite impressive. When they came out on stage after their introduction the crowd went wild. Disturbed was good. Just like Korn, they sounded like they do on their album. The overall concert experience was a once in a lifetime chance to see all these great bands together. If I get another opportunity to see them again, I would love to interview them. If you’ve never been to a concert at the Ted, please take the time to do so. There is not a bad seat at the Ted and the staff really knows how to run the place. The experience alone is completely unforgettable.


EMAIL: SMILL073@ODU.EDU CELL: 703-727-0034



photos courtesy of Crystal Spick



wednesday 02/02/11 | MACE & CROWN | B3

B2 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 02/02/11

Cheers to Safety Two sororities, Delta Zeta and Pi Beta Phi, come together to Sponsor an event for Stalker Awareness Month Nour Kheireddine Contributing Writer


Thursday afternoon’s event on Healthy Relationships and College Culture was a great success. Unsurprisingly, the Virginia Beach Room in Webb Center was overcrowded with girls coming for different reasons, like extra credit, a sorority activity or to show their interest in the topic. Sponsored by Delta Zeta and Pi Beta Phi, the meeting had a friendly, welcoming feel. The three presenters, Becky Michele, Jayne Smith and Kate Becker helped break the ice with their friendly faces and welcoming introductions. They passed out a sign in sheet, information packet and

Rushura Jones Mace & Crown Sponsored by Delta Zeta and Pi Beta Phi, the meeting had a friendly, welcoming feel.

Popsicle sticks with a colored circle attached to them. They handed each attendee a stick that was red, yellow or green. They did not tell us what the Popsicle sticks would be used for. We were informed and entertained about what is a healthy relationship. The girls and I shared our stories and threw in our two cents on the table. Out of the 60 or some girls, 12 girls at random volunteered for an activity. They left the room for a good 15 minutes and when they came back in each volunteer gave up her Popsicle stick to the sitting crowd leaving 12 viewers with two sticks, including me. After that, the show began. We watched the volunteers go through a series of 12 skits, each one demonstrating a different scenario. We laughed and judged each skit whether it was consensual or non-consensual using our Popsicle sticks. Becky and Jayne tossed out candy for all the girls who participated adding some flavor to the serious topic, all the more to make the occasion and the information memorable. We shared memories with the whole crowd and our learned experiences through our mistakes. It’s good to know that everyone has been put into a situation where his or her space has been violated or a trust between two has been broken, so it’s alright to share your pain with someone or go for counseling if you don’t have anyone to talk to. Telling someone will help you not get into further trouble and make you realize where you possibly went wrong and even get advice to avoid getting into trouble again. Truly, there is no need waiting for another meeting to get the advice you need. The Counseling Human Services Department, a branch from the Women’s Center, is located in the Education Building on campus and it’s doors are open for you at any time. The session on Thursday was very helpful and fruitful. I discovered a couple of tactics to better improve my safety and enjoyed participating very much. I believe the girls and I bonded in this short hour and as we left we felt a little more confident of who we are and more aware of how to keep safety on our side.

Girl Talk Mashes Up the Norva Can you Handle this Giant Dance Party? by Alyssa Narvell Asst. Arts & Entertainment Editor

On the night of Jan. 28 the biggest dance party you could imagine broke out at the Norva. Girl Talk was in town, and the DJ’s beats were loud and clear. As the bass started bursting through the speakers and the strobe lights began to flash vigorously about the venue, there was not one person in sight who wasn’t dancing. Mash up DJ Gregg Gillis, better known by his stage name of Girl Talk, performed an incredible sold out show that Friday night. His music consists of mashed up rap, pop and techno songs with ample amounts of energy and bass. His dance music can be a song by Van Halen that suddenly twists into a Biggie Smalls song. Girl Talk’s beats flow together so smoothly that he makes music-mashing look easy. So far, Gillis has come out with five albums. One of his albums, “Feed the Animals”, was No. 4 on Time’s Top 10 Albums of 2008, and Rolling Stone gave the album four stars and ranked the album No. 24 on their Top 50 albums of 2008. He started making music back in 2006, and has only continued to progress and to become more and more

popular as the years go by. Most concerts I have gone to in the past have either consisted of angry moshing or drunk fighting, but as I stood in the middle of the dance floor at Girl Talk, the fans that jam packed the venue were all smiling, dancing, benevolent and full of positive energy. The atmosphere was also very aesthetically pleasing. From the strobe lights to the massive amounts of dancing fans surrounding the DJ’s turn tables and computer, the environment that traveled with Girl Talk was just one gigantic party. There were long tubes stuffed with confetti, large beach balls, toilet paper and bright colored balloons bouncing about the crowd throughout the entire show to keep everyone pumped up. I felt like I was at a rave and loved every minute of it. The concert lasted for about three hours, but I wished it had lasted for a few hours more. You never knew what song and bass-filled beat was going to be mashed up and spilt throughout the speakers. Hands down, I will say that this concert was the most exciting concert I have ever been to and I’ve been to a decent amount of concerts. There was not a dull moment throughout the entirety of the concert. I give it 12 out of 10 stars, and would see Girl Talk again next time they are in town and you should too. If you haven’t heard of Girl Talk before, check out his website at girltalk to hear some awesome tunes.

The Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Gallery

All Hail the Oscars! The Only Awards Ceremony That Matters! by

Maralee Pepper Mace & Crown War Conflict & It’s Legacy exhibit.

Changing exhibits of contemporary and self-taught art by Derek Page Contributing Writer

The Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Gallery, located on 45th St. and Monarch Way in the University Village, is the home to numerous pieces of artwork from multiple artists from the Hampton Roads area as well as all over the nation. The 15,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility holds two separate galleries displaying the works of contemporary artists and nine self-taught artists. The gallery is open to the public and is free. “We warmly open the community and are available for their questions and we aim to engage them,” said the gallery’s curator Ramona Austin. As you enter the gallery, you are welcomed by a large lobby of warm textures and hardwood floors, with two galleries to either side. To the left is a collection of ceramic sculptures and functional forms. A particular piece titled “Momiji “(“Story Teller”), by Elizabeth Keller of Conway, South Carolina, depicts a woman apparently morphing into a tree from the waist down, as well as her left arm, which cradles what appears to be a collection of fruit. Many other interesting and thought provoking works are scattered amongst the room. This portion of the gallery, titled “Magic Dirt: National Juried Ceramics Exhibition” changes approximately every six to eight weeks. The exhibit is set to change Feb. 20. Upon entering, to your right is a collection of works by nine self-taught artists. The exhibits theme is “War: Conflict & its Legacy”. This portion of the gallery opened Sept. 25, 2010. This exhibit portrays the works of multiple artists and their response to the horrors of war and its impact on the world. One artist in particular, Clinton Ford, has multiple works that spans roughly half of the exhibit. Clinton Ford, deceased at 82, was a Richmond native and veteran of World War II, as well as the recipient of the Silver Star and the Purple Heart, two of the nation’s highest awards for valor and bravery. He is a nationally recognized folk artist whose work is displayed in multiple venues across the country, most recently at the Virginia Historical Society. His work traces his experience in the war from his training to his involvement at Normandy. Upon his return from the war, like most soldiers, Ford bottled his emotions from his experience. In an effort to express the memories, he turned to canvas artwork. Ford’s story is far from boring. He retells his many near-death experiences with an array of vivid colors and textures, many of which involve the addition of action figures and children’s military toys that add an element of intensity to the memories of wartime. As a visitor, you receive a second hand re-telling of Ford’s experience from jumping out of planes into clear shot of a German with a faulty riffle to landing at Normandy to German prison camps. It’s not often you get to witness a story like this through the apparatus of canvas art. For those who have not experienced this little treasure of Old Dominion University’s Fine and Performing Arts division, I strongly urge you to do so before the current exhibits close. Although the gallery is relatively small, one could find themselves lost in the story of Clinton Ford and those of the other contributing artists. I have never been particularly zealous in regards to the visual arts, but even for the average student the gallery is a great way to spend some time. The changing exhibits are sure to engage the audience in its intimate setting and prime location. The Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Galleries 4509 Monarch Way at 45th Street (757) 683-6271 Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11a.m. to 5p.m. / Sunday Sunday 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

R Jay Molina Staff Writer

t’s true. The film industry has so many awards ceremonies that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. The only ones that seem to matter are the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards (Oscars for short), though the Globes are more like the pre-game before the party. But why should we care? Unless you’re a film enthusiast, the Oscars ceremony or any awards show is about as important as Oprah’s family secrets. You just don’t care. However if you are a film enthusiast, you watch the ceremony with the hopes that your favorite film from the previous year is acknowledged. Die-hard fans of James Cameron’s “Avatar” were in complete shock that the sci-fi “Pocahontas” didn’t win for Best Picture. I wasn’t. But I digress. With the Oscar nominations finally made public there can be endless debates, finger-pointing and exclamations of your predictions for who will win in all the categories. Since there are two dozen categories, I’m going to narrow it down to the ones that really matter: Best Actress and Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Actor and Actress in a Leading Role and Best Motion Picture. It was a treat for me to see that all the women nominated for Best Supporting Actress were from independent movies. There’s Amy Adams for “The Fighter”, Helena Bonham Carter for “The King’s Speech”, Melissa Leo for “The Fighter,” Hailee Steinfield for “True Grit”, and Jacki Weaver for “Animal Kingdom”. Melissa

Leo has my vote for winning. “The Fighter” has been the talk of the town lately, and she’s already won a Golden Globe. So it’s only natural that she wins an Oscar. For Best Supporting Actor there’s Christian Bale for “The Fighter”, John Hawkes for “Winter’s Bone”, Jeremy Renner for “The Town,” Mark Ruffalo for “The Kids Are All Right”, and Geoffrey Rush for “The King’s Speech”. Before I saw “The King’s Speech,” I was behind Christian Bale for winning. Now, I’m not so sure. Geoffrey Rush’s performance in “Speech” was just as perfect as Bale’s performance in “Fighter”. But I’m going to stick with Bale, seeing as how he’s the favorite right now and the man really does deserve an Oscar. Rush already has an Oscar under his belt. In the Best Actress category, Natalie Portman for “Black Swan” leads with a Golden Globe for Drama already on her shelf, and Annette Bening is right next to her for “The Kids Are All Right” with a Golden Globe for Comedy. Other women in the category include Nicole Kidman for “Rabbit Hole”, Jennifer Lawrence for “Winter’s Bone”, and Michelle Williams for “Blue Valentine”. Portman owns most of the award ceremonies this season, so it’s a safe bet that she will win an Oscar. Much like Christian Bale, Portman is overdue for one. For Best Actor I hope, no, I firmly believe that James Franco will win for “127 Hours.” I mean let’s be serious here. An actor who can pull off a gig on “General Hospital”, play a pothead to a tee be the only redeeming character in one of the worst superhero movies of the past decade and masterfully portray a man who is faced with hacking his own arm off to survive from a slow death deserves and Oscar! If he doesn’t win I will go to Hollywood and hunt down the Academy for robbing this man of something that he clearly deserves! In case you’re curious, the other nominees are Javier Bardem for “Biutiful”, Jeff “the Dude” Bridges for “True

Grit”, Jesse Eisenberg for “The Social Network”, and Colin Firth for “The King’s Speech”. Firth is my second choice for Best Actor. His portrayal of King George VI was just inspiring. Finally for Best Motion Picture of the Year we have ten films that are nominated; “127 Hours,” “Black Swan”, “The Fighter”, “Inception”, “The Kids Are All Right”, “The King’s Speech”, “The Social Network”, “Toy Story 3”, “True Grit”, and “Winter’s Bone”. Narrowing the list down to the films most likely to win, “The Fighter”, “The Social Network”, “The King’s Speech”, and “127 Hours”. The film that I think will win is “The Social Network.” The Academy will most likely pick a film that either speaks about a generation, or inspires them to do something inspiring. “The Social Network” has been the biggest surprise to come out of Hollywood because everyone thought, “Why would a movie about Facebook be interesting?” But the movie has proved to be an effective courtroom drama (outside of a courtroom) that not only speaks about a generation, but also shows an honest breakdown of communication, friendship and trust. It also helps that the screenplay by Aaron Sorkin contains some of the sharpest dialogue I have heard in a movie in a long time. Now, I’m going to settle things with the die-hard “Inception” fans who think I’m wrong and believe that “Inception” should win. First, I love “Inception” and found it to be the best summer blockbuster since “The Dark Knight”. Second, that’s all it really is; a summer blockbuster. Even director Christopher Nolan acknowledges this. Third, the Academy is known for rejecting Sci-Fi movies from winning Best Picture. Take “Star Wars,” “District 9”, “Avatar”, and “E.T”. for example. It’s just the way it is. Those are my predictions. What are yours?

The Rite

Italy Has Never Felt More Eerie by

R Jay Molina Staff Writer

When one thinks of Italy, things such as romance and beautiful artistry comes to mind. However director Mikael Hafstrom has a different view. With the help of his cinematographer, Ben Davis, composer Alex Heffes and Sir Anthony Hopkins, Hafstrom creates a subtly creepy and thought-provoking film. Those wanting shock value and something to see with friends on a Friday night will be disappointed though. “The Rite” is a film that one has to experience alone. It tests ones faith and brings up the notion that if you believe in God, you must believe in the devil. There cannot be one or the other. Colin O’Donoghue plays Michael Kovak, who represents the ordinary man conflicted with his faith and wanting the answers that cannot seem to be answered. He is a skeptic that the audience can relate to. It is suggested that he go to Rome to renew his faith, to become an exorcist, in order for him to see the truth that he has doubted all along. Once he arrives, Kovak begins his lessons in exorcism, which consist of nothing more than history classes about different demons and different encounters shown via video. It is not until he is referred to Father Lucas that Kovak’s skepticism is tested. Father Lucas is brilliantly portrayed by Sir Anthony Hopkins, whose performance mirrors his days as Hannibal Lector. He proves that growing old does not mean he is out

DAEMONSMOVIES.COM Anothony Hopkins stars in The Rite.

of the game. From his introduction in the movie, right up until his last shot, Hopkins solidifies the creepy atmosphere that Heffes started with the score and Davis continued with the cinematography. The other actors, including O’Donoghue and Alice Braga from “I Am Legend,” bring honesty to their roles and keep the story moving. One of the other notable performances comes from newcomer Marta Gastini as Rosaria. She plays a pregnant teenager who is the subject of the exorcisms. She effortlessly brings the most shocking parts of the movie to the table and has the greatest impact on Father Lucas. After the first exorcism, which was pretty low-key for what audiences are used to seeing in movies, Kovak is still a skeptic, but Father Lucas states that there is more going on inside the person and the ritual than

just spinning heads. That does not stop the film from showing physicality during the exorcism scenes. It just tones it down to a more realistic approach. Again, “The Rite” proved to be effectively creepy and thought-provoking. It felt as though every aspect of the production was used equally, from the production design to the music score, to bring something fresh and interesting for the new year. It does not try to beat films like “The Exorcist” or “The Omen”, but it secures its place and pays homage to the old school days of horror films where the phrase “less is more” seems appropriate. Whether the events of the story are true or not (Hafstrom claims that they are), “The Rite” is a solid matinee that will satisfy those waiting for more to come this year.




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What’s inside

“All these times are hard – don’t give up on me, baby!”


The Script is back, and better than ever, with their latest release: “Science & Faith”! By Timothy Fulghum Staff Writer Following their highly successful eponymous debut album, The Script returns with their next effort, “Science & Faith”, a poetically masterful album featuring the soothing vocals of Danny O’Donoghue. Their sophomore album blends truthful lyrics and amazing instrumentals, thus proving to audiences everywhere that they are a band that will be around for a while. The album is an emotional rollercoaster ride that soars through love, heartbreak, life, and everything else in between! Each song is wonderfully crafted and holds infectious beats and catchy songs that will become engraved into iPods all over.While listening to the album, one may notice that it can be broken up into groups: The first part is “The Opening That Soothes “You Won’t Feel A Thing” is A terrific opener that will become an instant ‘Top 25’ on iPods everywhere! The upbeat song promotes the album’s underlying theme of love, all the while keeping its listeners on their feet. “For the First Time” is the album’s leading single. “First Time” is a more relaxed and mellow song that, although slightly depressing, is hopeful at its core with a message to not give up on a relationship, despite rough times. O’Donoghue’s wooing alone is enough to hit the repeat button on this beautiful song. “Nothing”, a similar

BEST-DAMN-BLOG.BLOGSPOT.COM The Script’s new album “Science and Faith.”

song to “First Time”, continuing with the message of faith. The lyrics are catchy and beautiful, the beats are a slower tempo and

the song features some amazing string accompaniments, all the while evaluating a seemingly hazardous relationship. “Nothing” is definitely a soon-to-be-favorite for fans of post-breakup songs. The next category is The Up-Tempo Middle With Substance of Hope and Love “Science and Faith” is the titular song and strays from the previous slow-tempo songs and brings the audience into a more cheerful space with lighter instrumentals while explaining that all that matters is what we feel, “If You Ever Come Back” is another up-tempo song that features amazing strings, and sporting the message of waiting for love to return. “Long Gone and Moved On” is a beautiful, up-tempo song that is wonderful solely for its instrumentals. The final category is The Seeming Haunting Songs That Aren’t Very Haunting, But Are Certainly Beautiful “Dead Man Walking” is an almost haunting song that features amazing vocals. “This Is Love” is the standout track from the album. This song promotes the message that love is ultimate, as well as infinite. The catchy chorus, the beautiful instrumentals and O’Donoghue’s vocals all blend together to make this song an instant favorite. “Walk Away” is a more faster-paced song, with heavier music an more powerful vocals. “Walk Away” is certainly the second standout track! “Exit Wound” is the ending song of the album that features deeper lyrics, while continuing to possess wonderful instrumentals. As a whole, the album is terrific and, as standalone tracks, the songs are beautiful compositions that vary between love, hope, life, heartache and loss. The Script is here to stay and this album certainly will leave fans hungering for more! “Science & Faith” is definitely worth the listen and purchase, and is available at all retailers, both physically and digitally.

Fashion Profile Of the Week: Nathan Humphres by

Heather Habermehl Staff Writer

wednesday 02/02/11 | MACE & CROWN | C1

spor ts


see c7

Ride the Fence

Monarchs rout Towson Bazemore and Hassel Lead the Monarchs to Victory Brielle Boucher Contributing Writer


In the game on Jan. 29 showed a very confident and skilled Old Dominion University basketball team. The Monarchs played an excellent game, almost flawless against the Towson Tigers. They trampled the Towson Tigers by a final score of 80-57. The Monarchs had everything going for them in the second half. The first half was not in their favor as much as it should have, but they came back fighting and playing effortlessly the second half. Junior Kent Bazemore went 7-10 for field goals and 3-4 three pointers, leading the game in scoring with an astounding 17 points. Seniors Keyon Carter and Frank Hassel were key players for the entire game and really pulled through for their Monarchs. While the score was going back and forth the entire first half with Towson’s Josh Brown making threes left and right going 5-6 really had the Monarchs on their toes. The game was tied five times throughout the game, which had fans concerned that their Monarchs would lose to a team that was 0-10 in the CAA standings. Coach Blaine Taylor really must have said something to his players at halftime to really spark their momentum

to really stick it to the Tigers. Bazemore went 5-6 on free throws and threw in a few dunks along the way to give the fans a show to see. He also went 2-3 of three pointers. “Our strategy during halftime I said to the guys was to score, stop them, and score,” said Taylor. That is exactly what the Monarchs did, plus more. Coach Taylor gave his others players a chance to play as well. His bench had a great game and showed their athleticism at the end of the second half. Fans were on their feet as they cheered for those players they do not usually see , and wanted to see them score. Junior Trian IIadis scored a substantial amount for coming off the bench. He had 12 points in the game and showed his Monarchs that he is a strong player for his team. Coach Taylor really expressed that his star players are not greedy when they had chances to be. The Monarchs had a substantial amount of assists, 24 to be exact, to give other players chances to have great opportunities to set up and score. “This week was a very pivotal week for our team. Our win at Georgia State was big and to cap it off with this win over Towson is great and what we needed,” said Coach Taylor. The Monarchs now have a 17-5 record and are 8-3 in the CAA standings, putting them in third right below George Mason and VCU first in the standings. The Monarchs’ next game is against University of Delaware at home, and to pull out win in the TED would seal the deal for the Monarchs and show that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Outfit Description: A charcoal military-style jacket and cable-knit scarf cover a white graphic t-shirt. Jeans and patchwork Chucks complete the outfit. Fashion Tastes and Preferences: Although everything that the term “fashion” implies seems to be associated with women, men care about personal fashion as well. “My personal style is to try to look sophisticated and original, but at a reasonable price,” Humphrey said. One or two expensive or quality pieces matched with basic items increase the visual value of the total outfit. His jacket and shoes pictured are perfect examples. College-friendly Copy: Men can afford great style on a limited budget just as well as women can, although there are less locations for men to go to. Humphrey said, “Target has really affordable clothes that are still trendy. I got this T-shirt there for less than $10. Also, T.J. Maxx is worth browsing through.” T.J. Maxx is a discount department store that retails brand name and designer fashions for up to 60 percent off their listed prices. Both T.J. Maxx and Target have store locations along Military Highway in Norfolk.

Heather Habermehl Mace & Crown Nathan Humphrey an English Education Major.

Off-price Department Stores Offer Savings Picture a department store. Most likely an image forms of quality clothes with high prices and plenty of selection. Traditional department stores can be too expensive for the frugal college student. However, discount department stores offer that same quality and selection but at half the cost. Ross, T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s and AJWright are a few major off-price department stores in our area. One organization, TJX Companies, owns three of these T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s and AJWright. These retailers contain the same sections as traditional department stores: apparel, home furnishings and decor, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. However, the stores and sections are much smaller and less organized. Rummaging and patience will be required skills to find great deals, but these are not new concepts to thrifty shoppers. Also, unlike conventional department stores, they do not place a high value on customer service. Shoppers fend for themselves and what’s on the rack is all they have. No two-store locations for each of these retailers are alike; they all carry different items. The merchandise changes weekly because they continuously refresh their inventory. Aside from these downgrades and warnings, the clear advantage to these stores is what makes the trip completely worthwhile: the merchandise at these discount options cost 20 to 60 percent less than they would at traditional department stores. These prices are possible due to the “no frills” attitude of these organizations. They cut costs within the company (the lack of customer service fits here) and employ opportunistic buying strategies to pass savings onto the customers. The nearest Ross lies within Military Circle Mall off Military Highway. T.J. Maxx also operates a store off Military Highway, in the JANAF Shopping Center. The closest Marshall’s location to campus is within the Haygood Shopping Center on Independence Boulevard in Virginia Beach. AJWright locations are in the process of converting into T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s stores. An AJWright still stands in Wedgewood Plaza on Little Creek Rd. in Norfolk. Most of these stores have other locations throughout Hampton Roads as well.

Ari Gould Mace & Crown Finney was efficient in the Monarchs victory scoring 11 points handing out five assists.

Lauren Makely Mace & Crown Parker was in a giving mood against the Panthers dishing out a career tying seven assists.

Lady Monarchs Defense Too Much for GSU Panthers by

Ben Decowski Staff Writer

The Lady Monarchs, who are 8-1 and 14-6, displayed a dominating defense in their 64-41 blowout of the Georgia State Panthers , who are 2-7 and 7-13, Sunday, Jan. 30, at the Ted Constant Convocation Center. “We did some great things defensively today,” said Head Coach Wendy Larry, who was honored before the game for being the 10th fastest coach to 600 wins. Former ODU star Medina Dixon was also honored and her No.13 jersey was retired. The Lady Monarchs started out slow, turning the ball over on their first three possessions. Old Dominion fell behind 4-0 and the team seemed to be playing sloppy. Then, senior guard Kquanise Byrd made a lay-up that sparked a 9-0 run to give the Lady Monarchs a 9-4 lead. Senior forward Angelique Burtts responded by making 6 consecutive points to give the Panthers a 10-9 lead that put the pressure on ODU. ODU answered the call as redshirted sophomore guard JoNiquia Guilford put in a lay-up that sparked a 20-2 run in the Lady Monarchs favor. During that run senior guard Jasmine Parker, junior forward Tia Lewis, freshman forward Shakeva Richards, Byrd and Guilford all put points on the board. The Lady Monarchs dominated the first half and took a 31-16 lead into halftime. Guilford led the team with eight points and four rebounds. Parker also had a great first half, tallying six points and a shocking five steals. ODU’s defense forced 15 turnovers and stole the ball eight times. The Georgia State Panthers surprisingly out-rebounded the Lady Monarchs 21-18, but the team was completely shut down on the offensive side of the ball, shooting only 24 percent from the field. ODU turned up the pressure in the second half as the defense continued to smother the Panthers. The Lady Monarchs grabbed 27 more rebounds while GSU only grabbed 17. The defense’s dominating play kept the Panthers from coming anywhere close to catching up to ODU. The closest that the Panthers got to the lead was when freshmen guard Kendra Long made a lay-up with 16:52 to go that cut the lead to 14 points. The Lady Monarchs played the entirety of the game as they extended their lead to 28 points, the largest of the game, with only 5:11 left. The Lady Monarchs led by at least 20 over their CAA foe’s for the last 12 minutes of the game, which completely deflated the Panthers. ODU did not score in the last 3:42 of the game, but that was mostly due to Coach Larry’s decision to play her bench and pull most of the starters out. The Lady Monarchs took the game 64-41 which gives them an 8-1 record in the CAA. The game was significant because it keeps them in a 3-way tie with UNC Wilmington and James Madison for first place in the Colonial Athletic Association. Parker finished the game with 13 points and seven steals but she said, “I know I had more than 7.” Coach Larry assured her that she would go back through the game tape to see if she could find more. “It’s always been a goal of mine to see Lady Monarchs c4



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wednesday 02/02/11 | MACE & CROWN | C3

The boys are back in town Tears? Sweat? Victory! Only at the TED where domination is expected by

Ari Gould Mace & Crown Hassell was big in getting the Monarchs back on track, finishing with a double-double 16 points and 10 rebounds.

The Monarchs Men Get Back on Track by

Justin Brown Staff Writer

Finally. The Monarch men’s basketball team finally put up points, played shut down defense and blew out a team that they were much better than. In an 80-57 win the Monarchs looked like the team we expected them to be in the preseason when the Monarchs were the Colonial Athletic Association favorite to win the conference. It wasn’t until junior Kent Bazemore put in an alley-oop slam with four minutes left in the first half that the game took a turn for the Monarchs. The game had been back and fourth for the majority of the half due to great three point shooting by the Towson Tigers. The Tigers shot over 50 percent from long range and Rashawn Polk and Josh Brown went a combined 5-5. The alley-oop that Bazemore put in though changed the game. “That’s what I try to do, get my team fired up and bring energy.,” said Bazemore after the game. And that’s exactly what he did. Not only did he put in the dunk, but he came down two possessions later and hit a three pointer to give the Monarchs a 30-27 lead that they would not surrender. The Monarchs finally hit on all aspects of the game. They put up points and played shut down defense. It was a great sight to see. Senior Keyon Carter snapped out of his slump, junior Trian Iliadis hit his fair share of three pointers, and the stars came to play. Senior Frank Hassell had a double-double, Bazemore led the team in scoring and had six assists. Senior

Ben Finney and Carter were also in double figures. It was just what the doctor ordered and it couldn’t come at a better time. You can just see the guys’ talents meshing together and that is what Monarch fans have wanted to see all along. “24 assists tonight. I think that led to the shooting percentage and just the quality of shots,” said the Monarchs Head Coach Blaine Taylor. He couldn’t be more right. You could see it. The Monarchs were finally playing as a cohesive unit. A unit that all had the same goal, put the basketball in the basket. It didn’t matter who it was or how it happened, but the Monarchs made it happen. Seven assists for senior Darius James, six assists for Bazemore and five assists for Ben Finney. They all got in on the act. So as the season rolls on and the Monarchs go into their last half of conference play, the question still stands. Can these Monarchs score the basketball? Their defense is apparent and will show up every night. “I’ve been doing this for 31 years and they have the longest arms I’ve seen since playing against some of those North Carolina teams I’ve played against,” said Towson Head Coach, Pat Kennedy. Their arms aren’t going to get shorter and their defense is only going to get tougher, but can they score the basketball when they definitely need points? It remains to be seen. But the showing against Towson shows the Monarchs can do it, they can work as a unit. If they can keep up the excitement and the unselfish style of play, then we can be hopeful to hear more chants of, “We want Canes! We want Canes!”

Matthew McCracken Asst. Sports Editor

Tears are not for the weak. Yet, Sunday at the Ted Constant Convocation Center, they were given out of respect for newly admitted Hall of Famer Medina Dixon, former Lady Monarch. Let’s not forget the Lady Monarchs’ Head Coach Wendy Larry recently hit her 600th career win as a head coach. With honor and glory given to these legends of the game, distraction was brought about to the current Lady Monarchs playing the Georgia State Panthers. At least for the first two minutes, that is. Starting off the game with three straight turnovers, the Lady Monarchs fell behind by four. Not one Lady Monarch seemed to be sweating or even putting forth effort. It was as if they were still idolizing Dixon’s banner dropping or Coach Larry’s success. The game of basketball is as mental as it is physical. Coach Wendy Larry’s 27 seasons as a collegiate head coach taught her that. Calling a quick timeout after two minutes of high-school caliber basketball, the Lady Monarchs “woo-sawed” as one would to calm down and relax. Splash some water on your faces ladies. It’s just another game against a team that is nowhere close to the talent you possess. After the timeout, the Lady Monarchs went on a 9-0 run until about 14 minutes left in the first half. Talk about a wake-up call. The pre-existing tears of Lady Monarchs turned into sweat. Wiping off their faces and licking their lips, the Lady Monarchs were hungry again. And only one thing can satisfy hunger for the Lady Monarchs: good old basketball. With senior guard Jasmine Parker stealing the ball five times in the first half alone, seven total in the game, the hustle of the Lady Monarchs was too much for the Panthers. Scoring 19 points off of turnovers, the Panthers were losing a fighting chance, fast. Better look up at all those banners hanging around the gym, Panthers. The Lady Monarchs know how to guide themselves to victory. For the last 11 minutes of the first half, the Lady Monarchs outscored the Panthers 22-6. How does that even happen? You had to have been there to believe it. It seemed almost as if they were playing “make-it, take-it” with how much the Lady Monarchs possessed the ball. The Lady Monarchs didn’t even shoot very well, only hitting 36.7

percent of their shots in the first half. It literally, not figuratively, was the inability of the Panthers to score. There were missed lay-ups left and right along with lob passes into the post that were stolen 99.9 percent of the time by Lady Monarch guards. Georgia State, have you ever heard of pump-faking a pass and swinging the ball in the other direction? Parker and Byrd knew where you were going to pass before you even called the play. In Panther defense, the Lady Monarchs are undefeated at home against them. Prior to the game, they had won the last seven of their eight games. But excuses are just long explanations to hide the truth. The Lady Monarchs outplayed the Panthers for 38 straight minutes. Even the second half was all ODU. I mean, you’d think the Panthers could get a couple free ones due to the fact that they were down 15 at the half. I guess not, considering the fact that Lady Monarchs outscored the Panthers 16-9 for the first ten minutes of the half. The sweat and hunger of the Lady Monarchs didn’t dry up during halftime. The tears from prior to the game were long gone. There wasn’t even a hint of the heartfelt tears, almost as if none of the Lady Monarchs had tear ducts. People weren’t even looking at the scoreboard anymore. Instead, they were waiting for the game clock to show the triple goose eggs so they could sing the Old Dominion alma mater in celebration of victory. Granted, Panthers’ senior forward Angelique Burtts did score 13 points. And yes, sophomore forward Cody Paulk did have nine rebounds and five blocks. But 13 is nowhere near the Lady Monarch’s 64 points. Plus, five blocks is nowhere near the Lady Monarch’s 13 steals. Lady Monarchs doubled Panther’s assist total 16 to eight. They forced ten more turnovers than the Panthers did, 27 to 17. They scored nine more points in the paint 37-28 while scoring seven more fast break points than the Panthers, 1710. This was by no means a grudge match. The sweat of Lady Monarchs was not from fear of the Georgia State Panthers, but more like sweat from running fast breaks created from good team defense. The clinic the Lady Monarchs put on today deserves to be on ESPN. The play of the Georgia State Panthers deserved to be in a recreational gym. Division 1 collegiate team capable of making the NCAA tournament against a newly acquired intramural team is what we all witnessed Sunday. Great job Lady Monarchs! Now, can we just fast-forward to the CAA finals against the James Madison Dukes? Please and thank you.

Lauren Makely Mace & Crown The Lady Monarchs defense was relentless forcing a season high 27 turnovers in the victory over the Panthers.

#7 looks to bring home Steelers’ Seventh Roethlisberger key in Steelers’ hope for seventh championship by

Donnell Coley Staff Writer

The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to the Super Bowl. Stop me if you heard this before. That’s right, those pesky Steelers Nation fans are just one game away from waving those Terrible Towels in tune to another world championship. But wait a minute, aren’t they the underdogs? Going into the game, Las Vegas has the Packers as the 21/2- point favorites. Aaron Rodgers looks to be an unstoppable machine looking to take over any thing that gets in his way to becoming mentioned with the best in the game. Though Aaron Rodgers has been shaping up to be nothing short of elite over the past couple of seasons, in games as grand as the

Super Bowl, I’ll take more experience than talent. That’s going to be the deciding factor in a game that should be as close as the experts say. Scrolling down the Steelers roster, you stumble upon names like Troy Polamalu, James Harrison and Casey Hampton. Those are Pro Bowl caliber veterans that have been in Super Bowl situations before. Looking at this imposing swarm of world-class talent, you almost neglect to mention the same veteran leadership on the other side of the ball. With an offense that includes such experience as Heath Miller, Hines Ward and Ben Roethlisberger all who have Super Bowl rings, it’s kind of hard not to expect these guys to win. To complement these vets, there are young play makers who can change the game just as fast. Wide receiver Mike Wallace led the team in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns in his second season. Running back Rashard Mendenhall had an outstanding third season, rushing for over 1200 yards and scoring 13 touchdowns. If these two don’t burn you, then you have to worry about rookie receiver Antonio Brown who has done nothing but catch the two most important completions in this year’s play-

offs for the Steelers and is a threat at any time in the return game. Then there is this little thing I call coaching. This game features two of the premiere young coaching talents in the NFL. But one thing that separates them is that ring that Mike Tomlin received with the last Steelers Super Bowl team just two years ago. He has a quiet confidence that resonates through his team and you can see it surface when the team comes through in game-changing situations. In a game in which I think defense will hold serve for the most part, like any other Super Bowl it will come down to quarterback play. This is where the ultimate deciding factor. They call him Big Ben. No. 7 just seems to thrive on the big stage. Every time his team needs him to make a big play, Roethlisberger remains true to his nickname and extends plays enough to prevail. And at the end of the day, Big Ben might have a little to say to stop the championship belt dance of Aaron Rodgers. I say Steelers win 24-17 on a last minute touchdown drive by Bug Ben making “Black and Yellow” the most played song for the year.

Championship Pack Green Bay Looks to Upset Steelers and Become World Champions by

Ben Decowski Staff Writer

They don’t have Big Ben Roethlisberger, they don’t have Troy Polamalu and they certainly don’t have six Super Bowl titles. What the Packers will have coming out of next week’s game in Dallas, Texas is the bragging rights to Super Bowl XLV. That’s right; the Green Bay Packers will be Super Bowl Champions on Feb. 6. There has been a lot of talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger being one of the most clutch players of all time. That may be true, but keep in mind it wasn’t the Steelers who had to defeat two playoff caliber teams just to get into the postseason. It was the Packers. Green Bay went into week 16 at 8-6 and on a two game losing streak. The Packers remaining schedule consisted of the 9-5 New York Giants and the divisional rival 11-4 Chicago Bears. The Packers embarrassed the Giants 4517 as quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw for 404 yards and four touchdowns while the Packer defense intercepted four passes. Then, in week 17, the Packers took on the second seeded Chicago Bears and came out victorious in a tough 10-3 defensive game that put the Packers in the last Wild Card spot in the NFC. If the Packers performance in the last two games of the regular season doesn’t qualify them as being clutch then the word needs to be redefined. The Packers played with heart and willed themselves into the playoffs when many critics and fans had given up on them. It wasn’t just one player either, it was the team as a whole that pulled together and kept its composure in the most critical part of their season where so many other teams fall apart. The Packers playoff road was as tough as it could get as they played the No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 seeded teams in the NFC to get to the Super Bowl. They first defeated the No. 3 seeded Philadelphia Eagles 21-16 who have some of the most explosive players in the NFL in quarterback Michael Vick and wide receiver Desean Jackson. Then, they defeated the top ranked Atlanta Falcons in an embarrassing fashion with the final score showing 48-21. To top off their ridiculous run, they faced their long time rivals the Chicago Bears who were the No. 2 seed and won 21-14. On top of all that, the Packers did not have the home field advantage in any of those games. This all sounds a little familiar. In 2007, the New York Giants were the fifth seeded team in the NFC. The Giants faced the No. 4 seeded Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the No. 1

seeded Dallas Cowboys and the No. 2 seeded Green Bay Packers. Just like the 2010 Packers, the 2007 Giants had to play all of these games on the road. The Giants defeated all three of these teams and won a trip to Super Bowl XLII to play the undefeated New England Patriots. With seemingly no chance of defeating the unstoppable Patriots, the Giants shocked the world and won 17-14. So while the Packers are the sixth seeded team facing the AFC’s No. 2 seeded Pittsburgh Steelers, they have the upper hand. Most football fans out there will lean heavily towards picking the Steelers to win the Super Bowl, but they are not taking the Packers road warrior mentality into consideration. The Packers have not played a home game since week 17, the last week of the regular season. The Steelers on the other hand have played two home games in a row against the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets. Unfortunately for the Steelers, the Super Bowl is played at a neutral site so neither team will have the home field advantage. While the Steelers will have to get back into the road game state of mind, the Packers will just be doing the same thing they have been doing for three weeks now. The same thing happened with the 2007 Patriots; they weren’t as used to playing on the road as the fifth seeded Giants were and it showed in the game. The undefeated Patriots were sloppy and out of rhythm while the Giants were just going about their business. Now if the unstoppable Patriots of 2007 had a tough time adjusting to being a road team again, in what way can the 2010 Steelers be considered a better, more prepared team? The Packers are road warriors and that is what the game is going to come down to. The Packers are also a team that has too many playmakers to be denied a championship title. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the best young quarterback in the league and he has multiple big play targets to hit. Greg Jennings is one of those targets and he is one the league’s best deep threat receivers. On the defensive side of the ball, the Steelers are going to have to deal with blocking the freak known as Clay Matthews. Matthews will be hungry for a ring and he will get to Ben Roethlisberger at least once during the game. The Packers also have last year’s defensive MVP in cornerback Charles Woodson. Woodson is another player that will be looking to make some noise as he tries to get a ring before he retires. To many fans and critics, it is the Steelers who are the favorite to win Super Bowl XLV. This may be because of Ben Roethlisberger and this may be because of Troy Polamalu. Or maybe it’s the six Super Bowl titles that the Steelers franchise has already claimed. Either way, those fans are wrong. It is Green Bay’s time and Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews know that. Look for a score around 27-21 with Green Bay as the victors as they deny the Steelers their seventh ring.

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Capital Worries Why These New Capitals Don’t Have Their Old Appeal by

Justin Brown Staff Writers

This hockey season the Washington Capitals have been what most would consider a disappointment. At this point last year, the Capitals were in first place in the Eastern Conference by a record amount of points, Alexander Ovechkin was among the league leaders in goals and assists and the offense was flying up and down the ice. This year is different. The Capitals are 14th overall in goals per game and 19th in power play scoring percentage. They don’t look the same and it’s frustrating. Before I look at this from the other perspective, because it’s not all bad, I just wanted to say that something is wrong with Ovechkin. Granted, Ovie had a hat trick the other night, but one of the goals was an open net goal. Since Ovechkin came into the National Hockey League, his worst season was 46 goals in his sophomore campaign. This year he has 19 and is on pace for 31. I don’t know what it is or why he is struggling, though. Maybe it’s the fact that he is Washington, D.C.’s biggest sports icon. He runs that city. Washington fans haven’t had a team that was relevant in any sport in years and Ovechkin is D.C.’s golden child. So what I’m thinking is that maybe superstardom has gotten to Ovechkin. Maybe he’s out drinking a little too much vodka. Maybe he’s enjoying the finer things in life a little too much. When I watched the 24/7 series on HBO, I heard Sidney Crosby talk about the things he does to try and finetune his game. He talks about his puck control and what he can do better. He works hard when he’s off the ice and

maybe Ovechkin needs to take a little lesson there. Who knows though. I don’t live in D.C., I’m not one of Ovechkin’s friends and I don’t know what he does on his spare time. On the other hand, players slump. So who knows, maybe Ovechkin is just going through a dry spell where the puck just isn’t bouncing his way. Whatever it is, something’s has to give. Now there is a reason (at least the Capitals claim) that scoring is down: Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau has preached hard-nosed defense this year. He has changed the style of play for the Capitals. Last year the Caps weren’t worried about defense, they wanted to outshoot and outscore their opponents. And they were great at it. They coasted into the playoffs with the biggest lead in points in the history of the NHL. They had the No. 1 seed locked up from what seemed like the All- Star Break and they had home ice throughout the playoffs. Well, it didn’t last long. The Capitals got into the playoffs and couldn’t score. If you can’t score and you can’t play defense, it’s going to be hard to win a hockey game. In the end, they lost in the first round to the Montreal Canadiens because they couldn’t win the close games. Instead, this year Boudreau preached defense in an effort to avoid what happened last year. Has it worked? So far, no. After starting the season 5-0 in overtime games, they have dropped nine straight. According to Boudreau, it hasn’t been a failure, though. Changing the culture of the team is not an easy thing to do and there have been bumps along the way. It hasn’t been pretty, but the good news is that the Capitals are still sitting at fifth in the Eastern Conference and are only eight points out of first place. Maybe if these new and still-waiting-to-be-improved Capitals can get it together they can make a real run at Lord Stanley’s Cup this year.


Lady Monarchs from C1

break some record here,” said Parker. The record for steals at the Ted Constant Convocation Center is eight. Guilford also had a big game off of the bench finishing with ten points and eight rebounds. “Jo is understanding now exactly where she’s best. She’s a tremendous rebounder, she has a tremendous mid-range game and she’s a good defender,” said Coach Larry. Parker acknowledged the heightened significance of this game due to the pregame awards given to Coach Larry and Medina Dixon, especially since last time the team played in front of their alumni against Towson they failed to impress. “In the huddle I was telling them we got a chance to redeem ourselves playing in front of some of the alumni that were here,” said Parker. “And also playing for Coach Larry, play hard for her and just bringing some of the alumni back and making them proud of us.” Coach Larry was visibly proud of her team after the game and said, “Personally I think this particular team over the course of the last couple years is one of the best defensive teams we’ve had in a while.” Coach Larry also gave praise to Shakeva Richards who she felt played a good 19 minutes in the game. As far as her bench as whole goes Coach Larry said she is, “pleased but not satisfied.” The Lady Monarchs played well as a team Sunday and have now won three straight games, all against CAA opponents. The team will now go on the road for two more CAA games as they play Thursday, Feb. 3, at George Mason and Sunday, Feb. 6, at James Madison.

Big Apple problems?

Where Do the jets Go From Here? by

Jake Ullrich Staff Writer

Probably a question many Jets fans are asking themselves right now is where do we go from here? This was the year, our year. We know it. We learned from Indianapolis last year, we made the right signings in the offseason, Rex told everybody on “Hard Knocks”, it had to be. And it wasn’t. Instead we win in two of the toughest places to play in the playoffs and lose in probably the toughest. We beat two of the best quarterbacks in the league and lost to probably the best (Big Ben over any other QB in the league. But that’s a whole other topic). We win two games that, in the end, don’t matter and lose in the one that really matters. It wasn’t Mark Sanchez, it wasn’t Schotty’s play calls, Ryan’s defense or even all of Cromartie’s children. They just weren’t ready yet. Great teams don’t fumble at the end of the first half to be returned for a TD, great teams score the TD. Great teams do not score on 17 play, eight minute and 80 yard drives, great teams get six points. Unfortunately, the Jets just aren’t great yet. So now we watch Pittsburgh play Green Bay in the most beloved sporting event in America. Another year of disappointment for Jets fans. As they’re watching, fans, coaches and players are all asking themselves: “Where do we go from here?” Well, there’s a good start. We got our quarterback. Sanchez is in the middle of a five-year contract and, knowing we have that locked down, lets us worry about the other thing. Pro Bowlers Nick Mangold, Darrelle Revis and D’Brickashaw Ferguson all inked a long-term deal before the expected strike. However, Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards, David Harris, Antonio Cromartie and Brad Smith are all free agents. It’s impossible to keep all of them, but the Jets had a good team this year so they will look to sign many. Unfortunately, the Jets can’t afford

both Holmes and Edwards. It would be a great setup but both will be demanding high money and the Jets can’t give it to both. Holmes should be prioritized over Edwards. While Edwards may seem more consistent (he only dropped two balls all year, Holmes had five), Holmes provides much more of a big play threat. He can create after the catch but also demonstrated his catching skills in New England. Another tough problem is that LaDanian Tomlinson has one year and $2.4 million left on his contract, but there is some question whether the 31-year-old has much left in his tank. L.T. played well early, faded in the second half of the season, but performed well in the playoffs. I think L.T. needs to be kept involved in the offense. He knew to take the regular season lightly to be completely ready for the playoffs. L.T. could be a very effective third down back because he catches the ball so well. He looked great in the postseason and should be able to do the same next season. Maybe the second biggest question next season is that of Cromartie. We all know how much Rex values corners; he’s called Revis the greatest player in the league. The question is how good was Cromartie? He’s certainly no Revis and should not be paid like one. A dream situation would be the Jets go after recent free agent Nnamdi Asomugha, but I just can’t see the Jets putting that much money towards one position, especially since that position is cornerback. Unfortunately, Cromartie can’t return. He was a liability because of his lack of physical play and to put it simply, he couldn’t tackle a JV player. While the Jets most likely won’t sign Asomugha, they need to either improve in the offseason or develop rookie Kyle Wilson more. The Jets will certainly be active in the offseason, not only signing players but also talking themselves up again. And why not? They back up their talk with their play. Many teams would kill to be in a conference championship two years in a row. But the Jets know that isn’t the game they want to be in. It’s about the next one and if the Jets play their offseason correctly, there’s no reason they can’t make it there next year.

USA: The King of Films MILLER TIME! but the Joker of TV shows “King” of the Hypocrites by

Sophie Clark Staff Writer

Hollywood has always been the center of the world for great movie blockbusters. The glitz, the glamour, the celebrities – there’s nowhere else quite like it. So why are there so many U.S. remakes of European television shows gracing the U.S. TV Networks? Surely the production of motion pictures alike is a subject that America can never fail in? Well, the new MTV version of “Skins” was my starting point for this question. “Skins”, released in the UK in 2007, showed a group of teenage friends bombarding Bristol and getting in plenty of comical yet dark situations. The series is renowned in Britain for its portrayal of a completely unsupervised teenage lifestyle including drugs, sex, alcohol and friends making teenage viewers wish they were as crazy and carefree as the characters. There were many “Skins parties” in the UK around the first season in 2007. Normal teenagers’ house parties were promoted on Facebook under the name “Skins party” and saw thousands of people turning up. This caused an outcry by parents and adults everywhere. Skins created a phenomenon; another era where teenagers rebelled against restrictions of society. So I was definitely anticipating the release of the MTV version. However, to my huge disappointment, the U.S. version did not meet expectations. The first episode was a word for word copy of the UK script, yet had been turned into some kind of soap opera with its airbrushed actors and actresses. There are also a few controversial topics that the UK version showed, but that MTV has chosen to change. One of them is that the male character, Maxxie in the UK version is now a female character, named Tea. Although the character is still played

as homosexual, the change in gender poses a question as to why MTV thought this would be more appropriate. It will definitely be interesting to see if MTV takes this character in the same direction as the UK did. Maxxie in the UK version is best friends with a Muslim boy called Anwar (played by Dev Patel, award winning actor of “Slumdog Millionaire”). Will Tea and Abbud (MTV’s version of Anwar), a Muslim and a lesbian, be best friends, or will it be taken in a different route to avoid such a controversial topic? It’s definitely interesting that the U.S. is so huge in film, yet its TV programs are not quite as unique. Of course, there are definitely series that have come from the U.S. that were played in the UK and I remember watching, like “Saved By the Bell”, “Sesame Street”, “Friends”, “Scrubs” MTV is played in the UK. However, there are a couple of programs that the U.S. created and Britain is remaking. First, there was “The Apprentice” that went huge in the U.S., which was then remade and created the same success in the England. Second, there is “Jersey Shore”, which is going to be turned into “Geordie Shore” (Geordie being someone who comes from Newcastle in the North of England). I expect the program will be quite a lot different and have a lot more to do with football (soccer), as Newcastle United and Sunderland are two prominent soccer teams in the UK. It will be interesting to see if it succeeds or whether, like “Skins”, the differences between the U.S. and UK are too prominent for their TV shows to correlate this way. We may both have very similar political ideas on democracy and join hands in many foreign relations, but I think in terms of culture every nation has its differences and TV programs reflect these variations.

S2.DAEMONSTV.COM “Skins”, released in the UK in 2007, showed a group of teenage friends bombarding Bristol and getting in plenty of comical yet dark situations.

Stuar Miller Editor in Chief


There is no question that the attack on September 11, 2001 shook this country to the core. The tragedies that occurred that day changed the culture of the United States forever. However, for some, like Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), the new chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, that change in culture has come in a form that rivals McCarthyism. For those who don’t pay attention to what’s going on in our country, King has not only began to single out the American Muslim race as “homegrown” terrorists, but he also plans to hold hearings to uncover the “radicalization” of the Muslim community. According to The New York Times, who reported first, King is planning the hearings to counteract the lack of cooperation from the Muslim community when dealing with terror investigations by local police. My problem with this is not only does it show that xenophobia and extreme ignorance exists within our government, but it also exposes King as a hypocrite. Before these announced hearings, King was praised in the Muslim community in the Long Island area. Not only was he seen as one of the “good guys” amongst the community, he was a philanthropist and a fundraiser within the religious com-

That’s G The Pointlessness of All-Star Games


Garrison Cole Sports Editor

It is that time of the year, sports fans. No, I’m not talking about the unofficial American holiday, the Super Bowl. No I’m talking about the great spectacle that is the All-Star Games! Wait, you’re not excited? You’re not excited to see the Pro Bowl? Or what about the NBA All-Star Game? No? Well, neither am I. In all of the four major sports in America; the NFL, the NHL, the NBA and MLB; not one league has been able to get their version of the AllStar game right. Major League Baseball’s theme “This One Counts” is an absolute joke. Deciding that the winner of the All-Star game is whichever league acquires home field advantage in the World Series is one of the worst decisions made by Commissioner Bud Selig. The NFL hasn’t handled their version of the All-Star game well either. Being named to the Pro Bowl used to be an honor for most of the NFL players. But now guys are in fact trying to find ways not to go to Hawaii and participate in the game. You are seeing third or fourth alternates play, because players simply don’t care that much. Moving the game the week before the Super Bowl was a nice touch, I must admit. However, I will not waste my time watching a glorified scrimmage. The NBA All-Star game is such a joke that the durable Yao Ming was once again voted to start in this year’s game in Los Angeles. I can count the number of times I’ve seen Yao on the court on two hands the last couple of seasons,

munity as well. King’s involvement went as far as raising money for a mosque. But now he claims 80 percent of them are controlled and run by radical Islams. Yes, you read that right, King’s “fact” draws from a testimony by Sheikh Kabbani, a Muslim leader during the Clinton administration. That’s it. That’s all the evidence that King has to prove his “theory”. The accusations come as such a shock to the Muslim community as his picture hung in the very Mosque he raised money to build and Muslims in that community even have been quoted talking about how they invited King into their home for dinner and that he was an active member in the overall production of their Long Island mosque. Other than his one and only fact, King has gone on record saying more outlandish things like “There are too many mosques in this country”. He also referred to the Muslim community as “an enemy living amongst us”. The fact that this political figure is willing to be labeled as a bigot shows just how paranoid the Homeland Security department has gotten in this country. While there are not a lot of people backing King in his Elmer Fudd-like hunt for terrorist, he is still being heard and the hearings are still going to happen. The one main concern I have is if one member of the Muslim community just happens to be exposed as a radical leader of a terrorist organization, will the un-educated people in this country fall victim to King’s ignorance and buy into this McCarthyist-like search? For this country’s sake, I sure hope not, as anyone can pick up a history and find example after example of why seclusion of a race, religion, etc. only ends in bloodshed and turmoil. So before you make your rash judgments about the people that also call this country home, look at the facts, just not King’s.

but yet fans feel the need to vote him in. Please. David Stern should have personally removed Yao’s name from the ballot to avoid this situation. The NHL is at least clever, although still pointless with what they did with their All-Star game this season. The NHL decided to appoint two captains who would then select the rosters for the game. The first thought I had when hearing this was the guy who is picked last isn’t going to hear the end of it. I’ll give the NHL credit, for at least attempting to spice up an exhibition game, but because it’s still hockey I don’t think many people in this country will be tuned in. The answer to the problems with these All-Star games to me is simple. Get rid of them. All of them. I don’t want to hear that these games are for the fans and that players should put out the effort of a regular season game, and blah blah blah. If the fans truly cared about the game, Pau Gasol would’ve been voted to start, not Yao Ming. Most of these games are more events than anything else. Every NBA AllStar game there is a list of who’s who when it comes to celebrities. Hearing the great Charles Barkley talk about how funny looking he thinks Jay-Z is or him talk about how goofy the suit Craig Sager has on is more entertaining for me than the happenings of the game. Sorry. Instead of giving subpar All-Star games why don’t the leagues just give the players a week off? Or just keep some of the festivities associated with the games, but have no game? I’d much rather watch players slug it out in the Home Run Derby, than sit through three plus hours of a meaningless baseball game. I know the leagues claim that these games are for the fans, but if the leagues were all about the fans they’d know that fans don’t want to see them. Once they realize this, the better off their sport will be. Because the best part of when these games are when the games are over and they get back to playing meaningful games.



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THE SCOOP! (Music News and Reviews) The Miscommunication of Lauryn Hill


Robbie Ciara Staff Writer

The Scoop! announced in the WODU studios that Lauryn Hill would be performing at the Norva on Feb. 12, 2011. Suddenly, the joy spread like sweet 90s molasses over the entire collective. WODU members Joshua Haralson and Martin Tucker, both local neo-poets, were the first to offer to line up to do concert reviews in 20 degree weather. Within the hour, the ticket rumors spread outside to the House of Blue and by the time The Scoop! checked the 5 p.m. emails, over 20 students were requesting tickets to watch the former Fugees front-woman rock the crowd with all of her Grammy-winning favorites. WODU will be covering the Miss L-Boogie Valentine’s Day weekend, but which Lauryn Hill will show up to the Norva? Although Ms. Hill has had lukewarm success as an actress, her claim to fame has been as a musician. She reached worldwide fame as the lead vocalist in The Fugees, whose 1996 album was a smash and an instant classic. “The Score” went on to sell over 18 million copies worldwide. Two short years later, she followed that up with an even more successful solo album called “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”. Singles such as “Doo Wop (That Thing)” and “Everything is Everything” became signature neo-soul hip-hop fire and ushered in the neo-soul age for the 21st

century. Her collaboration, “Nothing Even Matters”, with troubled Grammy winner D’Angelo, became a B-side favorite. In the end, her signature album netted five Grammys, including the coveted Album of the Year, which was the first for any album with any ties to hip-hop. 18 million in record sales assured that Lauryn Hill would be the artist of the decade and then the unthinkable happened. Lauryn Hill recorded MTV Unplugged 2.0. It was featured as a live show but the acoustic songs were poorly produced and many thought Lauryn was off her game and perhaps a little overwhelmed after retreating for four years. After another eight years, later Miss Hill announced her new tour for 2011 and then the unthinkable happened again. On her opening date of the tour in Boston, Hill took the stage roughly two hours late. She ran through a number of hits and left just around 90 minutes later. Many reported that she was hoarse and had a forgettable performance. She was four hours late for her New York performance, but received a large number of good reviews. Some other performances reported that Lauryn abused her fan base by butchering her old songs while her band put up a sign, which read, “We were on time”. The St. Louis fans two weeks ago walked out of the Jan. 14 concert, and many demanded a refund. 24 hours later, fans in Atlanta walked out on L-boogie when she again, remixed all of the old favorites after being three hours late…again. It’s hard to predict what will be the outcome of her show at the Norva. Will Norfolk be treated to a Lauryn Hill throwback? Or will it be the same half-baked Fugee that strangely resembles the 1998? “It’s funny how money change a situation, Miscommunication leads to complication”, Lauryn wrote in her hit “Lost Ones”. No truer words were spoken. You might win some, but you just lost one – and that’s The Scoop!

Here’s Your Tip The Diary of a Waitress

by Diane Dougherty Arts & Entertainment Editor

There is one enemy a sever must face while at work and that enemy is the secret shopper. I like to describe them as ninja’s. They come out of nowhere, undetected and unrecognizable. First they call in to see if you’re answering the phones properly then they come in for the full dining experience. There are many points a server must hit in order to get a good score such as introducing themselves properly, being efficient with the time it takes to get the drinks, food, check, the servers friendliness, etc. I don’t mean to toot my own horn but I’m a pretty good server and I know there is absolutely no way I could get a 100 percent on these surveys. People are hired to ask a bunch of unnecessary questions to check your knowledge of the menu? I don’t know a single person I work with that wouldn’t get annoyed with anyone asking a bunch of questions about nothing. Another annoyance I have with secret shoppers is how picky they are. You’re getting a free meal and you have the audacity to be rude? I understand that you’re trying to do your job but I have definitely heard of some servers being secret shopped and it was more like an ambush on their character than a point system on their performance. Stick to the questions you’re supposed to ask and don’t make it a point to

go overboard. If I felt someone was being rude to me there would be no way I’d get 10 points in my friendliness section; I think it’s their form of sabotage. On another note, there are the servers that I would hope get secret shopped because someone high up in the food chain needs to know how poor their serving routine is. There have been times that I have gone out to eat and the service was out of control horrible. I wished I had been a secret server at those times, I would have felt empowered and very grateful that I had a say in that server’s future at that restaurant. I could have been the local superhero-saving the city from one bad meal at a time. The worst part about secret shopping is that you really don’t know who the secret shoppers are. I always get these “feelings” like my spidey senses are tingling to tell me that my table is a secret shopper. I’ll give them the best service they’ve ever had, go way out of my way to make sure their experience is great and then find out they definitely aren’t a secret shopper and they’ve only tipped me five dollars. It’s discouraging and exhausting and I hate it. Secret shopping is and will remain a server’s worst nightmare and until I get chosen to be one I won’t understand the method behind it. If I could think of a better way to rate a restaurants performance I would but alas, I don’t think there is a better way so for now secret shopping is here to stay. So here’s your tip: If you’re in the secret shopping business, be nice to the server. It will make your experience and the servers experience a lot better and if you’re a server who’s getting the spidey senses that you’re about to be secret shopped, go with your gut. Its better to overly cater to a table then to let a secret shopping ninja get the best of you.

For Crying Out Loud 20-year-old mayoral candidate breaks into news


Christian Ernst News Editor

Jeffersonville, Indiana, isn’t usually a hot topic news center for, nor are college students from Indiana University Southeast. But recently, Matthew Owen, a 20-year-old, is running for mayor of Jeffersonville. It could be surprising to see, a college student running for mayoral seat, but readers of the Mace & Crown may remember a similar story. Last year, in the March 24 edition, I wrote an article about Ryan Cooper, an Old Dominion University junior who ran against long time incumbent Paul Fraim, who won the race. While Cooper was not a major name in even local media, it is a wonder that we see such a similar story just a year later. Owen isn’t a viable candidate, similar to Cooper, taking on heavy opposition. Although qualified, Cooper had odds against him taking on such a strong incumbent. There’s a clear moral to the story though. Cooper contacted local press, making news in the area. Owen, however, managed to take it a step further, somehow managing to contact CNN with his story.

Public relations is everything. Reaching out, taking the next step and keeping a good image are key to advancement in nearly anything. Public view affects everything. That’s why advertisements are such a major role in society. They change our view of products, services and even candidates. Think about the public eye for a minute. It’s even crept into television. Why do people love reality television so much? Because it’s the public eye into daily life of people. Sure, the extremity of situations may change, but it’s still actual people doing actual things, not actors pretending to do them. Who is the public eye? Anyone reading this, viewing the television or seeing an advertisement. Now take this into the original thought. Jeffersonville, Indiana, wouldn’t be the first town you’d expect to see on It wouldn’t be a town that readily pops into your head. You probably wouldn’t have ever heard of it unless you had some family member you haven’t heard from in three years that lived there for a short period of time. But Norfolk isn’t the same. You might have heard of it if you watch the news regularly. It’s a fairly common city with major ties into both Navy and business worlds. Yet Ryan Cooper didn’t even make news outside of Hampton Roads, but Matthew Own did. Matthew Owen, a college student from Indiana University Southeast, a college most people haven’t heard of in a town most people haven’t heard of, made it to because of a good public relations committee, or some similar group.

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Why are Social Networks so Addicting?

by Danielle Buxton Photography Director

by Alyssa Narvell Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

Now, with my busy schedule, I’m never home at 3 p.m. On this rare occasion, I’m home and I came across a very familiar show, “The Maury Show”. For those who are heavy local television hours, you know that they Maury show comes on every Monday through Friday at 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Some people watch this show because it’s like a soap opera with heavy yelling. Others watch it because they only have two segments that they show constantly. They are paternity tests and to determine if your significant other is lying to you or not. Today, I decided to talk about a photo from one of Maury’s many, many paMAURYSHOW.COM ternity test episodes. Ashley, Ramzia and Latrice await paternity test results to see if Edwin In this photo are Ashley, Ramzia, fathered their children. Latrice and Edwin. The women are on the show to prove to Edwin that he fathered their children. Looking at this photo, I can tell that your pride is on the line depending on the test results. But really, why are you bringing your personal business out for the world to know? Seriously, the four of you look ridiculous. This photo shows me that you need to put your priorities in line. Now I don’t know whose child is one the television screen but why are you placing your child on blast for everyone to see that you do not know who his father is? This picture tells me that there are three immature women present with one immature man there as well. By looking at your facial expressions, I can tell that you don’t care what negative thoughts people think about you. All you want to hear is that fateful line that all women in your position would like to hear: “You are the father!” I can tell just by the fact of your wardrobe that you carry yourselves well. Or at least I hope that you carry yourselves well. Hopefully you just had a brain fart in which you decided to be on this show. The women in this photo look angry. I’m assuming that you are all angry because Edwin is denying that he fathered all your children. Edwin looks upset because not only is he being accused of fathering not one, not two, but three women’s children. You also look confused, Edwin. I’m guessing that you look confused because you are on “The Maury Show” for a paternity test. All in all this was a hard photo to talk about. I could attack it from many angles but that would not be what my column is normally about. My final thought about this photo is that even though, you carry yourselves well and that all of you currently look angry, I hope that your main focus is about the little boy in on the television as well as the other children involved. The smile on the little boy’s face is just to precious not to mention. Ashley, Ramzia, Latrice and Edwin you have been Caught! You were caught bringing your personal business onto national television. The three women look like a visible example of the calm before the storm, because if Maury says what they don’t want to hear then it’s just going to be bad for all parties involved. Hopefully, I never have to see you in a photo like this again. That includes you too, Edwin.

As I sit here in front of my blank Microsoft Word document contemplating on what I should write my article about this week, I find my mind consumed with what my best friend’s current Facebook status is rather than an article idea. I seem to always blame Facebook for giving me writer’s block, but it’s my own fault. Why do I feel the need to scroll down my news feed and view every one of my friends’ recent activities? Why do I care so much what other people are doing with their lives? Shouldn’t I be concerned with more important, stimulating things, such as my English 346 homework? Well, the answer is yes, but I just seem to always find myself automatically clicking the “Facebook” link on my favorites bar or updating my Twitter status instead. Day after day, I accidentally find myself scrolling through my news feed and checking my e-mail account more times than I can count on both of my hands, and I know I am not the only one with this unfortunate addiction. So, why are we so consumed with these various forms of social networks? Well, for one, the immediate access of communication with friends and family. It’s nice to be able to reconnect with old friends, and to get to know new friends with the click of a few links. Some people also feel like they can be someone else online, someone who they like better than themselves. They can edit their photos to their liking and write sophisticated biographies. Also, let’s be honest, we just like to creep. We like to know who is doing what, who is hanging out with whom, where they were hanging out at, what they were wearing and the list goes on and on. There are more than 500 million active users. 50 percent of our active users log on to Facebook on any given day and people spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. Yes, you read that right, 700 billion minutes. Do these statistics surprise you or maybe even scare you a little bit? Well, personally, it made me feel kind of bad about myself. I mean, why do we, as a college community, feel the need to constantly check our Facebook, e-mail accounts and update our Twitter statuses every two seconds? Why do we consume our lives worrying about other people and our online persona? I think we need to step back and think about all of the other things we can be doing with our time instead of creeping on our ex-boyfriends or girlfriends and their recent online activity. We need to be a productive society. Try exercising, going out and socializing with friends in person, or exercising the left lobe of your brain, which is your creative side. There are so many other constructive activities we could be partaking in. Why do you want to spend 700 billion minutes of your months sitting behind a computer or a smart phone? Is it worth it? The answer is no! The obsession our society has with social networking sites is becoming repulsive. We need to make a change and cease these additions before it gets too out of hand.

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