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Lyndsey Fields Contributing Writer Old Dominion’s Lady Monarchs had the chance to celebrate over 1,000 program wins Saturday afternoon and then continued to sweep Florida International University to add to their numbers. Not only did they have the opportunity to look back at their wins, they also got to acknowledge those who helped them get where they are at the Alumni Game. After a rough start, the Lady Monarchs prevailed over Florida International University 8449. In lieu of the celebration, there was noticeable frustration from the Lady Monarchs caused by the Panthers’ early lead. They started slowly to FIU’s strong defense and double-teaming, and

Head coach Karen Barefoot was pleased with her teams performance and adjustments in the second half. “Halftime, we really adjusted and came out and had one of our most powerful quarters of the whole year,” said Barefoot. The Lady Monarchs dominated in the third quarter even without one of their best guards, Makayla Timmons, who left the game with an injured left leg. They ended the quarter with a 24-point lead over a fighting FIU. Everything really seemed to click for the Lady Monarchs after their communication in the locker room during halftime. As





struggled to get shots up and the ball where they wanted it. The Monarchs held tight with great rebounding and passing that lead to much needed back-to-back shots late in the first quarter, which sped up the overall tempo of the game. The pressure didn’t stop there. Throughout the second quarter, Jennie Simms struggled to find her rhythm which led to missed shots in the field. This would have been a bigger problem if Annika Holopainen wasn’t in the game. Straight off of the bench, Holopainen rebounded, assisted, passed well and put up shots, which benefited the Lady Monarchs. “We came in the locker room and communicated to each other that we had to turn it around, we had to separate, and we came out and we did that in the third quarter,” Simms said.

the game came to a close, Holopainen continued to put up shots and help the team by playing multiple roles on the court. This allowed her to end with double-digit points along with four other teammates including Jennie Simms, who scored her 1,000th point during a run late in the game. FIU ultimately buckled under the fast paced Lady Monarchs scoring and impenetrable defense. “It was a really, really good game in the first half and unfortunately for us the game is forty minutes long and the wheels kind of came off the wagon for us in the third quarter,” said FIU’s Coach Marlin Chinn. “This team has been really resilient in coming back and fighting and playing until the end. We just didn’t have it tonight,” Chinn said. The Lady Monarchs will go on to play Charlotte on Saturday, Feb. 6.



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From Feb. 8 – Feb. 14, the Office of Housing and Residence Life will hold the second annual Cultural Awareness Week. The week’s festivities are meant to embrace and support the expanse of identities on campus, including a talk by Kayden Coleman, a 29-year-old transgender father and husband on Feb. 10 at 7 p.m. in the Hampton/Newport News Room in the Webb Center.


A burglary was reported to have occurred on January 30th at 3:00 p.m. at this approximate location

JANUARY 28TH A robbery was reported to have occurred on January 28th at 9:10 p.m. at this approximate location. JANUARY 26TH A robbery was reported to have occurred on January 26th at 11:48 p.m. at the ODU Inn.


On Tuesday, Jan. 27, student Shawn Grooms was approached by two men while driving to class on Lindenwood Avenue. Grooms was robbed and shot in the arm before the suspects ran on foot. Grooms was taken to Sentara Norfolk General and is now resting at home in Northern Virginia.

JANUARY 28TH A robbery was reported to have occurred on January 28th at 2:55 p.m. at this approximate location.

JANUARY 24TH An assault was reported to have occurred on January 24th at 8:00 p.m. at this approximate location.



Moe Spencer will be discussing the history of marijuana in a forum on Feb. 4 at 7 p.m. in the Hampton/ Newport News Room. The Talk is called High Politics: Sorting Through the Weed. Spencer is an attorney focusing on marijuana and criminal defense at the Spencer Palace law firm.

A motor vehicle theft or break-in was reported to have occurred on January 21st at 5:30 a.m. at this approximate location.

JANUARY 27TH A shooting was reported at this approximate location on January 27th at 7:28 p.m.


On Feb. 5, there will be a discussion and presentation on sea level rise in the Burgess Room – Room 9024 – in Batten Arts and Letters building. The open forum will discuss the socioeconomic impacts of sea level rise. The talk begins at 1:30 p.m.

Courtesy of Mace and Crown

Note: Due to the ODU Police Department website and crime log being taken offline, we are unable to report crimes that occur in the ODU area that are not investigated by other agencies.



The annual Blue Crab Bowl will take place on Feb. 5 -- 6, showcasing the best and brightest science students from around the Hampton Roads area. The winning team will represent Virginia in the National finals.



The ODU Chapter of the NAACP has started a fund on GoFundMe for residents of Flint, Michigan. The proceeds of the page will directly benefit residents while they struggle with tainted water. To donate, look for the fund advertised on their Twitter page, @NAACP_ODU.




Offer Valid February 1-29



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For a more visual take on student loan default rates, visit

Photo by Josh Caudell

Spring 2015 Commencement Ceremony.

See Where ODU Ranks on Student Loan Default Rates Jonah Grinkewitz Contributing Writer For many college students, loans are a sad reality, and paying them back after graduation can be difficult. Each year, the U.S. Department of Education releases a report on the most recent student loan default rates. This shows the percentage of borrowers who entered repayment on certain types of student loans and defaulted or met other specified conditions. For Fiscal Year 2012, the 3-year national cohort default rate was 11.8

Tidewater Community College, and 12.4 for Thomas Nelson Community College. In most cases, students enter repayment on loans after a six-month grace period. A school with a high default rate may lose its eligibility to participate in federal student aid programs. Types of loans differ, and the ODU Office of Financial Aid does its best to guide students with the right decisions. ODU just had its first-ever Financial Aid Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, Jan. 28 in the Mills Godwin

“Many students only qualify for loans, but if possible we advise them to choose subsidized loans because that is still considered a form of financial aid,” Riddick said. A subsidized loan is better because the government will cover the interest, unlike an unsubsidized loan which will accrue interest each year. According to the financial aid staff, ODU gives out “hundreds of millions” of dollars in aid each year, and stu-

Building auditorium. Veera Riddick, Director of Financial Aid at ODU, and the entire financial aid staff met with and answered any questions that students had.

dents are automatically considered for aid if they follow the process correctly. They explained how students who are

Virginia Commonwealth University: 4.5 % Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University: 2.1 % William & Mary: 0.6 % University of Virginia: 1.7 % George Mason: 1.6 % Norfolk State: 14.3 % Tidewater Community College: 13.2 % Thomas Nelson Community College: 12.4 % Eastern Virginia Medical School: 0 – 250 borrowers in repayment, no defaults

Fall 2015 Commencement Ceremony. Photo by Kam Nedd

The Mace & Crown

“Unfortunately, there are consequences to taking student loans and you have to pay that money back. In many cases we advise students to do a payment plan and only take as much as you need,” Riddick said.


“Many students only qualify for loans, but if possible we advise them to choose subsidized loans because that is still considered a form of financial aid,” Riddick said. percent. For ODU, that rate was 5.5 percent, down from 6.8 percent in 2011, and 6.5 percent in 2010. This is also compared to 14.3 percent for Norfolk State University, 13.2 for

seeking aid need to fill out their FAFSA form by Feb. 15 to meet the priority deadline for scholarships, grants and other forms of aid. In addition, students need to complete 67 percent of their classes and maintain a G.P.A. of 2.0.






For Sarah's comic strip "Mr. Knuckles," see page F1.

"Breaking News" is a visual representation of the culture of Downtown Norfolk.

Sarah Glaser illustrating comics in her office.

Photos by Jason Kazi.

Sarah Glaser Shares Love for Comics through New Major Jason Kazi Contributing Writer While Old Dominion University offers over fifty academic options when it comes to master’s degrees, there isn’t necessarily an ideal fit for every interest. Graduate student Sarah Glaser is paving the way for fans of comics who come after her with hopes of someday becoming the second person in the world with a doctorate in Comic Studies. Glaser is originally from Norfolk, Virginia, and her family has been here for four generations. After graduating from Kellam High School in Virginia Beach, she enrolled at Old Dominion University to pursue her undergraduate degree in English linguistics. During her undergraduate studies at the university, Glaser, along with her friend Jeffrey Onwularu, published an ongoing comic “Mr. Knuckles” in the Mace and Crown. It was just five years ago that a friend of hers gave her a copy of "The League of Extraordinary Gentleman." This was truly the turning point that sparked her interest in comics. “When I opened that comic book and started reading it, it was like an epiphany,” Sarah said. “Like, I had found my medium, right in front of me. And so I went on to more com-

ics, I kept reading. I couldn’t stop, and I eventually started looking at the different narrative structures. I started talking about it with friends.” Often, her friends just wanted to talk about the content within the comics, however, and Sarah found herself interested in looking beyond just the content-level meaning of the panels. She gave up on talking to her friends about comics and started researching comics. Soon, she found out that there is a social group for her interest in the Hampton Roads area called “757 Comic and Car-

nected in new, different ways across discourses, being interdisciplinary should be one the most important things,” Sarah said. There’s an option within ODU’s institute of humanities called interdisciplinary individualized studies, which allows students to study what they want after taking some courses in humanities. The program in comic studies that Glaser is designing is more specific to how she can apply her work and degree to Hampton Roads. One of the themes of any individualized interdisciplinary

speak to my friends who create comics in a particular way. I think it really is a code or a language.” After Glaser graduates with her master’s degree, she plans to study comics at the University of Dundee in Scotland — the only school in the world offering such a degree at the doctorate level — to receive her doctorate’s degree in comic studies with the goal of teaching courses as a professor of comics journalism. Comics journalism is the study of people who have made comics about real issues. Students in the course may

“I think in comics,” Sarah said. “I speak to my friends who create comics in a particular way. I think it really is a code or a language.” toon Creators.” The group holds bimonthly meetings at Panera Bread to talk about each other’s projects, critiquing each other’s work and just hanging out and talking about their shared interest. Glaser believes that the option to pursue an interdisciplinary major is not promoted well enough at the university, however, the process of creating her own major really wasn’t too difficult. “I was attracted to the Humanities department because both Humanities and Comic Studies are interdisciplinary and in a world that’s con-

The Mace & Crown

degree program at ODU involves looking for how the students can use their studies to give back to the local community. Glaser is studying the fan/geek/comic-making culture of the Hampton Roads area for her research. Glaser is interested in the application of comics in scholarly work. She is inspired by people like Nick Sousanis, who is the first person to have his doctorate's dissertation (which was done entirely in comic form), published by Harvard University Press. “I think in comics,” Sarah said. “I

even create their own comics based on world events happening as they are enrolled in the course. If she follows her current path, she will be the second person in the world (to her knowledge) to be a professor with a doctorate’s degree in comic studies. Glaser is also interested in zine culture as an avenue for being resistant to mainstream culture. “It’s a place where marginalized voices can be expressed in comic form,” Sarah said. Outside of her research, Glaser has worked on many creative projects, however, she hasn’t completed



any yet. She has a graphic novel series and a comic/game academic piece conceptualized in her mind. Explaining the concept of the academic piece, she said, “It’s a game that starts out as a comic, the idea being that each level brings you to another dimension. The first level is scroll-down; the second level is stop-motion panels; the third level is continuous movement, so you get more dimensions with each level. It’s an exploration of debates in game studies between ludology and narratology.” Glaser’s everyday experiences are her inspiration for most of her comics. After taking on the role of a graduate research assistant recently in the department of humanities, she has decided to share her love for comics with her colleagues and passersby by posting a weekly comic every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. on her door on the third floor of the Batten Arts and Letters building. Her first comic is of herself getting distracted while talking to her supervisor about her responsibilities and first assignments in the role. Next time you’re on the third floor of BAL, look for Glaser’s weekly comic on the door of Room 3047.




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More Snow Days Likely with El Niño

Ben Maxie Staff Writer Old Dominion University students notice the unusual weather this winter, including the snowstorm two weeks ago. The El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO), usually referred to as El Niño, has been in effect over the 2015-2016 winter and might bring more northern storms our way. El Niño is essentially a change in the air currents over the southern Pacific Ocean. Normally, trade winds blow from South America to Australia, pushing the warm tropical surface water with them. The action builds over distance to create westward,

warm water currents. “The trade winds weaken or shift during El Niño years,” Ben Hamlington, an oceanographer at ODU, said. This causes the warm water to sit listlessly along the South American west coast. “It’s like if a bunch of warm water is sort of seesawing, sloshing back and forth across the whole Pacific,” Hamlington said. “This happens every two to six years.” The result of the shift is warm, wet air sitting over the Eastern Pacific. El Niño can have far-ranging effects, from stormier winters in most of the southern U.S. to mass fish die-off in Peruvian fisheries.

Labelled for Fair Use. No Modifications Made. Courtesy of WikiCommons.

El Niño primarily affects Norfolk by bringing more storms. “The Pacific jet stream is pushed farther south,” Hamlington said. This shift brings more warm, humid air over the southern United States and the Gulf of Mexico. “There is a significant relationship between ENSO and the South East U.S. and mid-Atlantic, although north of Cape Hatteras, the relationship is much weaker, in part because of the shift in the jet stream,” Hamlington said. “We may get one or two more big storms over the winter than usual.” Most of the effects of El Niño are felt on the West Coast.

“Sea level rises along the western coasts during an El Nino because warm water piles up in the eastern Pacific, as a result of the shifting trade winds,” Hamlington said. “There is also more precipitation, because of more storms than usual on the West Coast.” “While it is good news that drought improvement is predicted for California, one season of above-average rain and snow is unlikely to remove four years of drought,” Mike Halpert, Deputy Director of NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, said. The weakened winds over South America have another effect: crashing fisheries in Peru. Strong winds

Krijger, the K9 killed in the line of duty in mid-January 2015.

pushing warm water west also pull up colder, more nutrient- and oxygen-rich water from the depths. When these winds slack in El Niño years, low-oxygen, low-nutrient zones pop up along the west coast of South America, sometimes leading to massive fish die-off. Although the currents causing El Niño and La Niña are thousands of miles away from Norfolk, ODU feels significant effects. The strength of El Niño has been increasing for the past few cycles, although it is currently unclear how El Niño might be affected by climate change. ODU may see more snow yet.

Photo by Jason Kazi

Journalist Anderson Cooper Visited Norfolk Forum Series Amy Poulter Editor-in-Chief CNN anchor Anderson Cooper visited Norfolk on Tuesday, Jan. 26, to speak about his career and life experiences at Chrysler Hall. Hosted by the Norfolk Forum series, Cooper entertained guests with touching stories and his well-known sense of humor. Every seat in the 2,500-person venue was full. Cooper’s approach and entry to journalism was unconventional. After creating a fake press pass and borrowing a video camera from a friend, he visited Thailand and started filming his own news segments. When Cooper realized that he could then sell those segments to major media outlets, he began what would become a rewarding career. “I’ve never actually studied journalism, but I’d been interested in television news,’ Cooper said, “particularly the experiences of war cor-

respondents in the Vietnam war.” Without any journalism experience, Cooper was unable to obtain an entry-level job. In an effort to break into the industry and get a story, he set off for locations that others jour-

true costs of war. A man and woman were bathing the body of their 5-yearold son, who had just passed away. “He was the first child I ever saw die right in front of me, and since then there have been many, many more,

War zones weren’t the only place that Cooper experienced great loss. During his senior year of college at Yale University, Cooper’s older brother committed suicide. Because of the stigma attached to his brother’s death,

“I wanted to go places where the language of loss was spoken,” Cooper said, “where life and death was not something people feared talking about. I needed to learn how to survive from people who were surviving.” nalists were unlikely to visit. Cooper found himself visiting war zones in Burma, Southeast Asia and Somalia. “I knew then that this was something that I could do, something that I loved to do,” Cooper said. While in Somalia in 1992, Cooper visited the town of Baidoa. Somalia was in the midst of a civil war, citizens were suffering from extreme famine and thousands were dying daily. Cooper stayed in a small makeshift hut and recalled his first glimpse at the

and I’ve given up trying to count,” Cooper said. Cooper admitted he had seen more than his share of horror and hate in his 23 years as a journalist. Even though he couldn’t personally stop these injustices, Cooper said that he was driven by the need to share the struggles of those who cannot speak for themselves. “It was in that trip to Somalia that I knew I had found my calling,” Cooper said.

Cooper said that he didn’t talk about it often. Experiencing the loss of his brother motivated Cooper to seek out people who were suffering and others who were learning to survive. “I wanted to go places where the language of loss was spoken,” Cooper said, “where life and death was not something people feared talking about. I needed to learn how to survive from people who were surviving.” Just two weeks before Cooper’s

The Mace & Crown



appearance at Chrysler Hall, he contributed to the Hampton Roads community with a touching donation. A Norfolk Police Department K9 was shot and killed in the line of duty. When Cooper was told about the loss of the K9, Krijger, from former Navy Seal Jimmy Hatch, he decided to donate his speaking fees to Hatch’s foundation, Spike’s K9 Fund. “The morning after Krijger was killed, I texted Anderson and told him that we lost a dog in our community,” Hatch said. Cooper’s donation was used to purchase bullet-proof vests for Norfolk Police Department’s K9 unit. It is the first time in the Norfolk Forum’s 83year history that a speaker has ever donated any amount of their speaking fees to a charity. Cooper’s donation purchased over 25 vests for local K9 dogs. “These dogs should receive the same kind of protection that all police should have,” Cooper said.



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BITS OF A&E PIONEER ACTRESS BILLIE ALLEN DIES AT 90 Known for her Broadway and television appearances, Hampton alumna Billie Allen passed away on Dec. 29. Allen is best known for paving the way for African Americans on television. Her credits include appearances in Broadway production “The Ofay Watcher” and as an understudy in the 1959 premier of “A Raisin in the Sun.” NETFLIX FINALIZES REBOOT OF ‘GILMORE GIRLS’ Netflix confirmed that the “Gilmore Girls” revival is a go. The cast for the follow-up movies has been finalized to include six actors from the original series. Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel will reprise their roles as Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. The series will feature four 90-minute movies with a title yet to be determined. ‘STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII’ DATE PUSHED BACK Disney has announced that the upcoming installment in the Star Wars saga has been pushed back. The original release date of May 2017 has now been rescheduled for Dec. 15, 2017. It is reported that Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” will occupy the 2017 Memorial Day weekend slot. BOYZ II MEN TO APPEAR WITH THE VSO Internationally acclaimed R&B vocal group Boyz II Men will perform with the Virginia Symphony Orchestra. This one-night engagement is scheduled to take place on Sunday, May 22 at 7:30 p.m. at Chrysler Hall. The performance is part of the Virginia Arts Festival’s 20th anniversary celebration. BARBIE GETS A MAJOR MAKEOVER Mattel, makers of the famous Barbie doll, have given the iconic brand a major, body-positive makeover for 2016. The new generation of Barbies are diverse in skin tone, hair colors and textures along with three different body shapes. Barbie now represents many different types of women as part of The 2016 Barbie Fashionistas Collection.

The Front Bottoms are one of the headliners for the upcoming Lava Music Festival. By Laura Luz [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Josh Coplon Gears Up for LAVA Music Festival 2016

Jonah Grinkewitz Contributing Writer

Josh Coplon walks into Borjo Coffeehouse with shorts and a tshirt that reads “Berklee College of Music” and orders an iced coffee, despite the fact that it is January and 30 degrees outside. He is not deterred by the weather and is excited to talk about the anticipation for the 2016 LAVA Music Festival this May 27-28

Music Festival. It took two years to develop and organize with the help of family, friends and especially Justin Billcheck, a festival consultant, producer and owner. The festival was a huge success with a packed lineup, which included big names like Fitz and the Tantrums and Tokyo Police Club alongside indie favorites Of Montreal and local acts Major and the

Coplon is 23. He has a nose ring, a thick beard and a passion for music. at Suffolk Executive Airport. Coplon is 23. He has a nose ring, a thick beard and a passion for music. “I have a deep understanding of music; I play music; I love listening to music,” Coplon said. “But at the end of the day I would rather listen to music 10 times over than play music or watch someone perform than perform myself.” Coplon went to Berklee to study music business and to play cello, but he always knew that his goal was to become a music promoter and organizer. Last May, he made his dream a reality with the first ever LAVA

The Mace & Crown

Monbacks and Wyte Shayds. This year, Coplon says that they want to improve on the success and diversify the lineup. “I support the local music community as much as I can, and we have some really incredible Richmond and Hampton Roads bands that are playing,” Coplon said. “Our lineup is really diverse and people in Richmond will find out about it now.” While last year’s lineup appealed to indie rock and alternative listeners in a certain niche, this year will add soulful acts like Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires, folk/punk groups like The Front Bottoms and


the lively Richmond-based No BS! Brass Band. In addition, the festival will include an extra day, a camping site and a “Silent Disco.” The disco will require everyone to wear headphones to listen to the music played by two DJs. The dance floor will leave onlookers staring at a seemingly silent room. Coplon hopes that by offering the option to camp and moving the date up to Memorial Day weekend, the festival will draw in crowds from farther away. “People already have the long

Work | Release — an arts venue, exhibition and event space in the NEON District in Downtown Norfolk — to showcase local artists and promote this year’s LAVA Music Festival. “It all comes back to how we are supporting the local music scene and local bands,” Coplon said. “It’s a giant community and we really have to work together and understand everyone. I try to be friends with everyone and reach out to any promoters in the area to say I support what you’re doing and I hope you support me.”

“...I try to be friends with everyone and reach out to any promoters in the area to say I support what you’re doing and I hope you support me.”

weekend and maybe work off, and will be traveling or willing to spend more money. It is an alternative to doing something generic,” Coplon said. More than 3,000 people turned out last year with ticket sales from 26 different states. Coplon said he thinks that number will grow this year. He also books shows at


When it comes to the music scene in Norfolk, Coplon said, “This is a large enough market in Hampton Roads, and looking to Richmond too. There is nothing that is satisfying that need.” The full lineup can be found at and tickets are on sale now.



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We’re Getting There...


Face Palm.

Charlie Puth ‘Nine Track Mind’

Courtesy of Atlantic Records

“Nine Track Mind” is Charlie Puth’s debut record released on Jan. 29 and the follow-up to his “Some Type of Love” EP. The singer-songwriter and producer initially gained popularity by posting his work on YouTube. Starting with covers on his YouTube channel, he later won an online video competition sponsored by Perez Hilton. Puth gained worldwide fame for writing and performing the song “See You Again,” a collaboration with rapper Wiz Khalifa. The song is featured as a tribute to the late Paul Walker

and also found on the “Furious 7” soundtrack. “See You Again” reached No. 1 in over 90 countries including the U.S. as well as Shazam, iTunes and Spotify. The New Jersey-born-and-bred Puth attended the pre-college division of Manhattan School of Music majoring in jazz piano with a minor in classical. He then attained a full scholarship to the prestigious Berklee College of Music graduating with a major in music production and engineering. The track, “Marvin Gaye” featuring Meghan Trainor was his debut single

from “Nine Track Mind” that was released almost a year ago and reached into the top 25 in the U.S. His second single, “One Call Away,” released in Aug., peaked at number 26. The record also features the smooth Latintrance based duet with Selena Gomez entitled, “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” Puth’s musical instincts as a multitalented artist have only just begun. As he launches his international tour in support of “Nine Track Mind,” he is sure to gain new followers and attract more attention from his peers in the music industry.

Kevin Gates ‘Islah’

“Islah,” the debut studio record by rapper and hip-hop artist Kevin Gates was released on Jan. 29. “Islah,” which means to reform, to improve and to make better was inspired by his first daughter by the same name. Gates felt she inspired him as a talented artist and entrepreneur. Initially slated to be a 15-track release, “Islah” contains two extra tracks, most notably “Jam” which features guest appearances by Trey Songz, Ty Dolla $ign and Jamie Foxx. Included within this compilation are the two singles “2 Phones” and “Really Really.” Aside from “Jam,” there

are no other guest appearances. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper was the subject of some controversy on Instagram last year when it was discovered he was sporting a necklace with what some believed to be “devil-worshipping beads.” Prior to his posts on social media defending this argument, he used Instagram to discuss sleeping with his cousin and dissed fellow artist, Young Thug. Despite Gates’ online firestorms, “Islah” displays a careful craftsmanship of heavy, syncopated beats mixed with thick bass grooves and varying

vocal textures. Within the opening track “Not the Only One,” the singerrapper introduces a fresh sonic energy unfolding throughout the new record, utilizing ambient soundscapes under tight and multifaceted hip-hop grooves. Gates delivers what seems to be the beginning of powerful and in-depth music, revisiting old school with a heavy dose of new hip-hop. He is currently on his “Islah Tour Part Two” which kicked off on Jan. 29. The tour will bring him to The NorVa on Feb. 26. Courtesy of Bread Winner’s Association/ Atlantic Records

Dream Theater ‘The Astonishing’

Courtesy of Roadrunner

The Mace & Crown

Progressive metal masters Dream Theater present their epic, 2-CD concept recording of “The Astonishing.” Released on Jan. 29, the story of a dystopian society plays out with heroes and villains in a world that has shifted away from music. The last time Dream Theater offered a full concept album was 1999’s “Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory.” Regaining that storytelling momentum and borrowing from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall,” the band’s new offering came with the notion that it was time to do something big.

A sneak peak into the storyline came back on Dec. 3 when the first single, “The Gift of Music,” was released. It was here that Dream Theater revealed not just an album, but also a narrative with a plot, places, characters and a map. Taking place 270 years into the future, the secondary theme is about the importance of music in society. “The Astonishing” features the band involved in their most creative work to date. The 34-track collection features a full orchestra, several choirs and a range of unusual instru-



ments. DT guitarist and producer John Petrucci, a huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy genres, led the writing process by constantly working on this saga everyday until he had something solid. While “The Astonishing” appears as an ambitious, complex work and futuristic drama, Dream Theater softens somewhat in their cutting edge prog-metal motifs compared to previous studio releases. A much fuller score with broader sonic landscapes, their new release is sure to offer a revisit into the rock opera genre, giving fans a new musical perspective.



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Claire Loring’s Melody Lingers On Adam Flores Arts & Entertainment Editor

Rashad Ollison at ODU speaking about his new book, “Soul Serenade: Rhythm, Blues & Coming of Age Through Vinyl” on January 27. Photo by Adam Flores

Music Critic Rashod Ollison Brings His ‘Soul Serenade’ to ODU Morgan Engelhardt Contributing Writer Throughout our lives, music defines our memories, both past and present, whether as a comfort or a catalyst. Music and culture critic Rashod Ollison used soul music as an escape from a childhood with separated parents, being an outcast and living in a broken home. Ollison, author of a recent memoir, “Soul Serenade: Rhythm, Blues & Coming of Age Through Vinyl,” came to ODU on the evening of Jan. 27 for a book reading, to share his reflections on writing the memoir and a book signing. Rashod’s success started at the Virginian-Pilot and took four years to get published. His memoir deals with the challenges he faced as a child with divorced parents and not feeling able to “fit” into his community. Ollison discussed how it felt to put his own personal stories down on paper for readers to see and how he got through having to relive all the happy and painful memories.

“There were times that it was difficult. Certain memories had to show who these people [his family] were and who I was. Sometimes it was too real for me, and I would take a break and go to therapy to relax,” Ollison said. Ollison shared one particular moment in his life that was difficult for him to write down and even harder to remember. The moment when his mother took his father to court over child support made Ollison change the way he saw his father early in his life. When having to remember the painful memories, however, he came to a realization that some people seem to understand later in life. “It made me see my family as actual people, and not just as my parents,” he said. “The big takeaway after writing this all down was that families do the best with what they’ve got.” One of the biggest impressions on Ollison’s life were his father’s old records that were left to him after his parent’s divorce. He listened to these records, and they influenced the mu-

sic he came to love, despite not being what most children his age listened to during that time. This left Ollison feeling outcasted. While other children his age listened to Biggie Smalls, N.W.A. and Ice Cube, Ollison listened to soul music from artists like Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson and Rick James. This shaped his musical tastes and even led to his collecting vinyl records to this day. “I still listen to my dad’s records, but I’ve also made a collection of my own,” Ollison said. “Some days I just go out to find vinyls and just sit and listen to them at home. I’ll get in moods where I’ll listen to a certain artist for a straight week.” His music binges led to the title of his memoir, “Soul Serenade”– the title of a song by King Curtis, which Ollison frequently listened to as a child. Ollison will be on a tour of the East Coast in support of his new book. All of the songs that inspired him during the writing of “Soul Serenade” can be found in a Spotify playlist he created on his website.

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Claire Cucchiari-Loring is remembered by her mother, Kate, as a fiercely independent woman, yet compassionate and kind. Though many remember her for her quick wit and sarcasm, her gift of music and singing touched the hearts of all around her. Claire used her talent as a jazz vocalist with ODU’s jazz choir and madrigal singers. She was a vocal soloist with the jazz band and part of the close-knit ODU music family. Singing jazz was Claire’s passion and she had hopes to make it her career. As Claire was working toward graduating magna cum laude in May 2007, her life and senior year at Old Dominion University came to an abrupt, tragic end. On Friday, Dec. 8, 2006, Claire fell victim to fatal gunshots from her estranged ex-boyfriend. Claire’s voice, forced to taciturnity, also silenced Claire’s family, friends and her vibrant music community. Since Claire’s passing, Kate Loring has made every effort to keep her daughter’s memory and voice alive for all to hear and remember. Loring created the Claire Cucchiari-Loring Memorial Scholarship, which supports music students in the jazz program at ODU and is administered through the ODU Educational Foundation. Since 2007, the scholarship has helped 15 student recipients, while “Her Melody Lingers On” scholarship concert has raised nearly $30,000. Loring desires the evening to first and foremost remember Claire and her love of music. It is also Loring’s way to share her daughter’s story and addressing the manner of Claire’s death. She has spoken on college campuses and in public forums about Claire, healthy and unhealthy relationships, intimate partner violence and victimization. “Helping to raise awareness is the way I am honoring Claire’s death and dealing with my own ‘if onlys.’ If only I had known more than I did. If only she had. If only we had realized how truly serious it was near the end, and that the period when a person leaves a relationship can be the most dangerous time,” Loring said. Loring’s life is focused on helping


Claire Cucchiari-Loring on the day of her last concert performance 10 days before she was tragically killed. Photo provided by Kate Loring, Claire’s mother. others avoid the tragedy of intimate partner violence. “If only I had memorized that list of “red flags” for abuse. If only she had realized earlier that the subtle verbal abuse and control issues he displayed were warning signs, and that he would explode into physical violence at the end. If only her friends and I had found other ways to speak to her earlier about the signs that troubled us,” Loring said. Over the years, the event has had volunteer assistance from many ODU women student members of Sigma Alpha Iota and the ODU chapter of the international music fraternity. “They will be helping us again this year,” Loring said. The seventh memorial “Her Melody Lingers On,” a benefit event in ODU’s Diehn Hall, will also feature a concert of jazz piano duos featuring ODU music professor John Toomey and international touring artist Justin Kauflin. The concert will begin at 8:00 p.m. A silent auction, light refreshments and a cash bar beginning at 7:15 p.m. will precede the concert. Admission is $15 (students $10). Tickets can be purchased through ODU Box Office (757-683-5305), online at or at the door. All proceeds benefit ODU’s Claire Cucchiari-Loring Memorial Scholarship in music. For more information, call 757-619-4093.



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By Katherine W.1 [CC BY 2.0 ( by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Deceptions of ABC's 'The Family' Alyssa Branch Contributing Writer Whether you are waiting for your favorite television series to return or preparing to plunge into a new one, many great shows are premiering early this spring. Produced by ABC Studios and Mandeville Television, “The Family” is a new series on ABC. The captivating political thriller reveals a complex world as more is discovered about the mysterious Warren family. When Adam Warren returns, after disappearing a decade earlier, his family is ecstatic. But soon suspicions arise, and Adam’s true identity is questioned. The family must resurrect secrets and heartache to uncover the truth. Mother and aspiring governor Claire Warren uses her struggling family to boost her political status. Adam’s dramatic return impacts not only his family, but also everyone involved. Adam, the accused kidnapper, makes an effort for his comeback, while the detective who did him wrong faces her downfall. “The Family” compares to “Scandal,” another popular drama by Jenna Bans, co-executive producer. “Scandal,” like “The Family,” is about revealing old secrets. While Claire War-

ren must maintain her political status, in “Scandal,” Olivia must operate her crisis management firm. The event differentiating “The Family” from any other series, is the mysterious disappearance and return of Adam Warren, if it is actually him. The show features a rather remarkable cast. Claire Warren is portrayed by Joan Allen, who starred in the 2015 film “Room” and as Pamela Landy of the “Bourne” franchise films. She has been nominated for three Oscars and has won over 30 other awards for her acting. Other cast members include Zach Gilford as Danny Warren, Liam James as Adam Warren, Rupert Graves as John Warren and Alison Pill as Willa Warren. Danny Warren is the pessimistic, oldest son, while Claire’s daughter Willa is the political advisor. “The Family” was created by Bans who also wrote for “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Off the Map.” Bans is an executive producer along with Laurie Zaks, David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman. The new series is set to premiere on the ABC television network Thursday, March 3 at 9 p.m. The weekly series will continue on Sunday evenings at 9 p.m. starting March 6.

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By Katherine Kazinsky at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con. By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America (Rob Kazinsky) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

Does FOX’s ‘Second Chance’ Deserve One?

Nora McCotter Contributing Writer Everybody, at some point, has wanted a second chance. For Sheriff Jimmy Pritchard, the wish for a second chance becomes a reality. FOX’s new Frankenstein-esque series with a twist of cop drama,“Second Chance,” centers on Pritchard, a disgraced sheriff with an incredibly strained relationship with his FBI agent son. Pritchard was forced out of the sheriff’s office for planting evidence “to get things done.” One night, while he is trying to find some records in his son’s house, Pritchard hears men downstairs. When he goes down to check, he sees his son’s partner and an accomplice. While still trying to be a tough guy one last time, the perpetrators do away with Pritchard by staging a suicide off a bridge. At the same time, billionaire owners of the tech firm Looking Glass, Otto and Mary Goodwin, are desperately looking for a cure for Mary’s cancer. She has stopped responding to treatment and has exhausted all other options. Otto runs across Pritchard’s autopsy report and discovers he is the


one they have been waiting for with a genetic sequence that is one-in-amillion. It is at this point Otto commandeers Pritchard’s body without Mary’s knowledge. Jimmy Pritchard suddenly finds himself back in his old apartment. It does not take long before he realizes something is different. At first he reacts hostilely, but quickly realizes that amazing gift bestowed to him. He is now a 35-year-old man and his first order of business is to right the wrong that has been done to him and protect his son. With a multi-billion dollar tech firm backing him and some unexpected side effects of the transformation, Jimmy Pritchard seems almost unstoppable, but with one slight caveat: he can only be away from the “tank” for a certain number of hours before his body goes into rejection. This, however, does not seem to slow him down. The show is already on its third episode and is slated for 10 more. The reviews have been mixed. USA Today errs on the negative side, tearing down the show for being another series playing with the idea of unlimited resources achieving any-


thing–even bringing someone back from the dead. The New York Times acknowledges that, “The premiere has so much going on and is so absurd that you may be tempted not to return, but give it another try. Rewards await.” IMDB has given it a 7.8 out of 10 while Rotten Tomatoes is holding at 30 percent. There are many familiar faces in the series. Tim DeKay (“White Collar”) portrays Duval Pritchard in his second FBI role. Adhir Kalyan (“Rules of Engagement”) and Dilshad Vadsaria (“Greek”) take on the roles of Otto and Mary Goodwin respectively. The main character, the young Jimmy Pritchard, is played by the lesser-known Robert Kazinsky (“True Blood”). Once past the ridiculousness and clichéd theme in the pilot, viewers are in for an interesting ride. The bond between the twins adds an interesting dynamic and poses some thoughtprovoking, moral questions as well. Is it okay to restore life, even if it is for your own benefit? Should the dead remain so? Second Chance is currently airing on FOX Wednesdays at 9 p.m.



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‘The Turbo Kid' 2015 | Unrated | 92 min. It’s 1997, and acid rain contaminates much of Earth’s water supply. All life struggles to exist. An orphaned teenage comic enthusiast forages for supplies. His only means of transportation? The humble bicycle. Welcome to the Wasteland. The “Kid” reluctantly befriends a sprightly, cotton-candy-haired girl named Apple. Together they happen upon the crash-landed ship and corpse of Turbo Rider– a Speed Racer, Power Ranger hybrid. Upon dawning the fabled hero’s gear, including a supercharged fist of fury, “Turbo Kid” is born.

Warlord Zeus, played by veteran bad guy Michael Ironside, rules over this post-apocalyptic desert alongside the masked Skeletron and their band of biker misfits. The gang collects prisoners to fight to the death in gladiator-like gauntlets. The losers are pressed like oranges to extract their precious water contents, the surplus of which is sold in exchange for metal scraps on the black market. When Apple is captured, Turbo Kid must team up with a lone cowboy in search of his brother to defeat evil and end Zeus’ tyrannical reign over the Wasteland.

The photography and costume design of the film, though sensational, does little to elevate the been-there, done-that plot. Clearly inspired by classics like “Star Wars” and even “Alien,” “Turbo Kid” couples elements of science fiction with the steam punk aesthetic in what can narrowly be described as an homage to archetypes rather than a complete rip-off. Unlike “Mad Max: Fury Road,” strict gender rolls remain intact. Prepare for exciting blood baths, nonetheless. This film is available on Netflix.

Courtesy of EMA Films

‘See You in Valhalla’ 2015 | R | 82 min. “See You in Valhalla” is another coming-home movie about a broken family reunited after the unexpected death of its most reclusive and disturbed member. It is up to the disillusioned Johana (Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland) to face her troubling past and remind her siblings of their eccentric brother’s dying wish.

Courtesy of Tarnol Group Pictures

Better suited for Lifetime than Sundance, this film is severely overwritten with lots of unnecessary F-bombs. The characters, though earnest, are too perfect in all their flaws, like those of an after-school special or your freshman, high school health textbook. For example, in spite of her adorable habit of self-medicating with whiskey and toaster waffles, Johana’s perfect hair, makeup and wardrobe suggest otherwise. Similarly, her brother Barry

and his archery-practicing, former opiate addict partner, Makewi, played by the hilarious Steve Howey, are the stereotypical, over-affectionate gay couple. If you haven’t guessed already, mom dies in the midst of her children’s formative years, and their grieving father falls to the wayside just when he is needed most. A cringe-worthy rape joke also puts into question the merit of the film. In spite of these pitfalls, however, “See You

in Valhalla” offers some genuine laughs and touches on the universal themes of regret, failure and the strength of family. Though targeted toward a narrow audience of disenfranchised, recent high school graduates, anyone in need of a good laugh (or cry) will appreciate this tender, life-affirming story. All of the Viking references eventually make sense, kind of like life. This film is available on Netflix.

‘Uncanny' 2015 | Unrated | 91 min. Awarded Best Film at the Boston SciFi Film Festival, “Uncanny” takes place within the span of just one week and masterfully uses only four characters. Joy Andrews, a former robotics grad student and tech reporter, is assigned a story on Adam– the world’s first artificial intelligence. Adam’s deceiving human exterior is of the highest caliber and virtually undetectable. The project is sponsored by Castle (Rainn Wilson), a mysterious billionaire, and executed by MIT alumnus David Kressen. The young genius Kressen has toiled tirelessly for years in a state-of-the-art, all-expenses-paid apartment/lab. It is

here he constantly tests Adam’s abilities with daily rounds of chess and other routine exercises. When Joy is introduced to his otherwise pristine environment, Adam begins to exhibit emergent behaviors, adaptations that are thought to be impossible for his software’s advanced, yet limited capabilities. The groundbreaking discovery is initially exciting, but quickly turns frightening when Adam becomes defiant and then violent. The relationship between Kressen and Adam, while close, is clearly that of a god-like father and an increasingly resentful son.

The Mace & Crown

In a thrilling, unforeseen twist of events, Joy finds herself the guinea pig in Adam’s own experiment with human emotion. What sets “Uncanny” apart from similar films is its willingness to take the exploration of the threat of cyborg companions a step further. 2004’s “I, Robot” questioned the legal status of androids in a futuristic judicial system, while 2015’s “Chappy” investigated the more intimate concept of a soul. “Uncanny” boldly addresses sexual desire and just how far humans will go to replicate life. This film is available on Netflix.


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SPORTS RECAP ODU BASKETBALL TEAMS TO FACE UNC CHARLOTTE After winning 64-60 against Florida International University in Miami, Florida, the ODU Men’s Monarchs will play against UNC Charlotte on Feb. 6 in an away game. The Lady Monarchs will play a home game on Feb. 6 at 4 p.m. at the Ted, coming off of their 1,000th win on Jan. 30 against FIU. BASEBALL TEAM TO PLAY UVA AT HARBOR PARK Tickets are now on sale for the Monarchs baseball game against the University of Virginia at Harbor Park at If you purchase tickets before the noon cutoff on Feb. 5, tickets will cost $5. After the cutoff, tickets will go up to $10. ODU WRESTLING TO FACE NAVY The ODU wrestling team will face the Navy in a match on Friday, Feb. 5 at 7:30 p.m. at the Ted. ODU TENNIS PLAYING BACK-TO-BACK The ODU tennis team will play two back-to-back days this week. On Saturday Feb. 6, they will play against Penn State at 1 p.m., and on Sunday, Feb. 7, they will compete against Dartmouth at 10 a.m., both of which are home matches. COLTS LINEBACKER SUED BY PIZZA DELIVERY MAN D’Qwell Jackson is being sued by a pizza delivery driver he allegedly punched in February 2015, according to Bleacher Report. The driver, Jose Bonilla-Fuentes, claims Jackson punched him in his face and back of his head, breaking a bone in his face. Bonilla-Fuentes is suing for $1.5 million BEST OF SUPERBOWL ENTERTAINMENT CBS will be showing the greatest halftime shows on Friday, Feb. 5 at 9 p.m. in preparation for the big game. Missed a favorite performer and always regretted it? Tune in and you might catch them during this special showing.

Photo by Jonathan Harding

Jack Dechow pinning UNI wrestling member. January 17,2016.

JACK DECHOW TALKS WRESTLING WITH THE MACE Matt O’Brien Sports Editor Jack Dechow stands outside the wrestling room in the Jim Jarret Athletic Administration Building. He has a big bruise under his eye, but he cracks a smile. Dechow recalls the first time he wrestled ODU alumnus Billy Curling at Granby Camp. “It was my first taste of collegiate wrestling. He put a whooping on me,” Dechow said. “That was my welcome to college moment.” Since then, Dechow has hit the mat running. He stands alone in 184 weight division for the Old Dominion wrestling team this season. The redshirt junior has compiled a 69-10 record and is 10-1 this season. “These last couple years have been awesome. I have been privileged with some great teammates, great coaches and a great school. This has opened the door to a lot of great opportunities for me and I have met some great people and made a lot of good connections along the way,” Dechow said. In the first installment of the coaches panel rankings, Dechow was ranked No. 6 in the 184 division by wrestling coaches around the nation. Even cracking the top 10 doesn’t mean much to him. “To me, honestly, rankings don’t matter. When I came here as a fresh-

The Mace & Crown

man, I was ranked as a 13th seed and I finished as an All-American. It’s all about who can perform the best mentally and physically in March,” he said. Dechow is in the heart of his career here at ODU. He has generated plenty of success starting very early on. He has managed to stay humble through his setbacks–and he suffered some last season. Despite posting a 31-3 record, Dechow had a disappointing loss in overtime to Edinboro’s Vic Av-

slow start this season and currently sit at 4-8 with an 0-3 record in the MAC conference. Dechow has done his part, only losing in one match so far this season. This year’s team is more youthful and features 13 freshmen -- six starters are either freshmen or sophomores. Dechow is one of four Monarchs ranked in the top 20 and remains optimistic. “I don’t think we have really peaked yet in our dual matches, but we have six young guys who are still getting

“My mentality remains the same. Work hard, stay humble. Last year didn’t really go my way.” ery in the NCAA tournament, which spoiled a 26-match win streak. “My mentality remains the same. Work hard, stay humble. Last year didn’t really go my way,” he said. Dechow’s desire to improve his craft is obvious, and the early successes of his career have seemed to only motivate him further and keep him grounded. The Richmond, Illinois native is making the most of his opportunity here in Norfolk. “You can’t take anything for granted. It can all be taken away from you at any point,” he said. The Monarchs are off to a relatively

adjusted, and once they do we are going to have a lot of success, especially in the MAC. I can guarantee that,” he said. Part of his optimism comes from his faith and high praise for his head coach, Steve Martin, who Dechow has worked with since he redshirted in 2012. “He has put so much time and effort into me, and it’s probably more than most kids around the country get, and I’m very appreciative of that. He has helped me on the mat, as a man and in the classroom and you can’t beat that,” Dechow said.



Martin liked what he saw in Dechow out of high school, and he is one of the biggest contributing factors to why Dechow chose to wrestle for ODU. Living in the Midwest his whole life, Dechow welcomed a change of scenery Norfolk offered. “I wanted something new. I wanted to give myself a chance to figure things out on my own away from where I have always been. I couldn’t be happier with my choice to wrestle here, and I’ve been so lucky to meet the people I have here,” Dechow said. Expectations are very high going forward as the All-American looks to qualify for the NCAA tournament for the third consecutive season. He did not wrestle in the Midlands tournament held in Evanston, Illinois, for the first time in his career, as he was recovering from a hamstring injury. “You hate to miss a chance to compete, but it was definitely a positive for me. It was nice to get my mind and body right,” he said. Dechow and the Monarchs look to bounce back after dropping in back to back dual matches in the MAC with losses to Buffalo and Kent State. ODU will take on No. 5 Missouri in their next meet, and Dechow goes in to that match ranked a season high no. 4 in the 184 division.




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Destiny Young on the sidelines at the FAU game at the Ted Constant Center on Jan. 28. Photos by Joshua Boone Gianna Smith at the FAU game at the Ted Constant Center on Jan. 28.

LADY MONARCHS BLAST FAU IN 40-POINT VICTORY Michael High Staff Writer Just two days before alumni night, the Old Dominion Lady Monarchs (8-12, 4-4) looked similar to the great teams of the past. The team used a balanced offensive attack and a smothering defense to run away with an 85-45 victory over the Florida Atlantic University Lady Owls Thursday night at the Ted Constant Convocation Center. “I told them if you come out and play like you practiced this week that it’d be a big night,” ODU Head Coach

her teammates. “No one was aware they hadn’t scored we just wanted to keep them off the 3-point line,” she said. “In the third it hit me once that it had been a while for them to score.” However, the coaching staff was aware it had been a long time since the Owls were allowed a basket. “We were so locked in defensively tonight I honestly had to ask one time when was the last time they scored,” Barefoot said. “We worked very hard

ODU uniform. ODU’s Ije Ajemba recorded a double-double, including 10 points and 13 rebounds. Destinee Young added 18 points and eight rebounds, while Annika Holopainen tallied 14 points and two rebounds. Gianna Smith got the Monarch’s off to an early start when she opened the score by draining a wide-open 3-pointer. She tallied 12 points and matched a career-high five rebounds. “Hitting that first shot was a great start tonight,” Smith said. The team and Coach Barefoot are well aware of all the past stars that will be in attendance at Saturday’s game. “It will be a very special day and I can’t wait for us to honor all of the past greats and celebrate 1,000 wins,” Barefoot said. The Lady Monarchs will welcome alumni on Saturday as they watch the team take on FIU at 4:00 p.m.

“I told them if you come out and play like you practiced this week that it’d be a big night,” ODU Head Coach Karen Barefoot said.

Karen Barefoot said. The Lady Owls (11-8, 3-5) were scoreless during a 29-0 run by Old Dominion over a 12 minute span in the first half. Florida Atlantic’s Danneal Ford would stop the run when she notched the team’s first point of the second quarter with a free throw with 58 seconds left in the half. The focus was noted by Smith and

on help defense and pushing them from the 3-point line, and it showed well.” Jennie Simms led the other four Monarchs with 20 points, including her 1,000th career point when she sank a free throw in the second quarter. She added eight assist and five rebounds. Simms is 17 points shy of reaching her 1,000th point in an



The ODU band at the FAU game at the Ted Constant Center on Jan. 28.

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Brendan Abban Contributing Writer Super Bowl 50 has many different compelling storylines that have made it one of the biggest emotional tug-of-wars to date. From the rumors that this could be Peyton Manning’s last ride, to the underdog Cinderella story for the Carolina Panthers and its leader Cam Newton. The odds have Carolina as -5.5 favorites over Denver, but the last time a Peyton Manning-led team was in the Super Bowl, they were -2.5 favorites over Seattle. Everyone remembers, though, how that Super Bowl turned out, 43-8 in favor of Seattle. The saying is that defense wins championships and offense wins games. That year, Denver was the number one offense going against Seattle who was the number one defense. This year, it is an entirely different tale. Denver is the best overall defense in the league while Carolina is the best scoring offense, but still

has a top ten defense to back it up. At the end of day, at the center of all the stories being written are Newton and Manning. On one side, there is 26-year-old phenom, Newton, who has led a team that many would not have chosen to go to the Super Bowl, especially after the team lost their top wide receiver from last season Kelvin Benjamin, to an ACL tear in training camp. The Panthers’ winning streak was initially viewed as a lucky streak that was bound to end, but the team used the outside chatter as motivation. Much of this talk was fueled around Newton, the “dabbing” revolutionary. Newton recently made headlines in the media by stating, “I’ve said it since day one, I’m an African-American quarterback. That may scare a lot of people because they haven’t seen nothing that they can compare me to.” In many ways, Newton’s statement is very accurate. The league has never had an African-American quarter-

back that could possibly be one of the faces of the NFL. It would be tough to find a quarterback that matches the level of charisma and swagger Newton exudes weekly. No quarterback has been a better representation of the young generation as Newton has been this season. Between the dance moves, the generous gestures of giving children touchdown footballs and infusing his personality into his team, Newton does it all. It also helps that he is a 6’5, 245-pound man at the quarterback position. And yet, the young quarterback has still faced his share of criticism this season. Newton has thrown a career best 35 touchdowns to just 10 interceptions, along with 10 rushing touchdowns. His stellar play coupled with that of his teammates has provided the franchise with their first playoff since 2004. The Panthers have been a big surprise this season, but the same could be said for the Denver Broncos. The Broncos, who were predominantly known for their high powered

offenses, have had a change in culture over the past year. Instead of the team relying on Manning and the offense to carry the team to the promise land, they now rest their merits upon their defense. This is the same defense that forced Tom Brady to the ground 23 times in the AFC championship game. The Broncos have also become more reliant on their running game going from 349 rushing attempts last year to 409 attempts this year. A lot of this also coincides with the regression of Peyton Manning as well. In 2014, Manning threw for 4727 passing yards, 39 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. While in 2015 he threw for 2,249 passing yards, 9 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. At one point in the season Manning was benched for backup Brock Osweiler and would continue to be Osweiler’s backup until the waning weeks of the regular season. For 39-year-old Manning, the Super Bowl game would mark the 293rd game of his 17-year career.

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Manning has the opportunity to do something very few players have had the opportunity to do. He has the chance to ride off into the sunset with a Super Bowl win to end what has been a great career. While there is speculation Manning may play beyond this year, all signs have pointed to his retirement following the Super Bowl game. While Manning’s play has regressed some, his football mind, which is most commonly known for the saying “Omaha!” is still as sharp as ever. The story lines for Super Bowl 50 are endless going from Newton and the Panthers’ to Manning and the Broncos, but they all have one thing in common. All of their story lines are now connected in one way or another. Mannings’s future, Newton’s future, Denver’s future and Carolina’s future all intersect forever on that Super Bowl Sunday, which is why the game is always the most important game of the year.




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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE MASTERS THE GAME ‘GO’ While artificial intelligence has already mastered the game of chess, it was predicted that it would take at least ten more years before mastering the Chinese game go. However, Google’s “AlphaGo” artificial intelligence has surpassed expectations by besting European go champion Fan Hui in a recent match. OBAMA PROPOSES $4 BILLION FOR COMPUTER SCIENCE EDUCATION In an effort to increase America’s competitiveness in the modern computer-based global economy, President Obama included in his budget proposal $4 billion dollars to help states develop computer science education programs. Also included was $100 million in computer science grants for individual school districts. SPACEX WILL GO TO MARS BY 2025 Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, said that his company will be launching a mission to Mars by 2025 while speaking at the StartmeupHK Festival in Hong Kong. This is certainly an ambitious proposal, as even NASA’s plan to land on Mars is estimated to occur in the 2030s. APPLE’S SECRET VIRTUAL REALITY TEAM The rise of virtual reality and the emergence of the Oculus Rift seem to have spurred Apple into developing their own VR technology. While no official word has been given, a series of acquisitions of smaller virtual reality companies and hiring’s of virtual reality researchers speaks volumes.

There are up to THREE puzzles in this screencap alone. Can you find them?

“The Witness” is the newest game developed by Jonathan Blow, creator of the critically-acclaimed, independent game, “Braid.” The player awakes alone on a mysterious and beautiful island with no information or memory to speak of. The only thing to do is solve puzzles–so many puzzles. Unlike Blow’s previous game, “Braid,” which leaned heavily on metaphorical themes and used blocks of text to convey its narrative, “The Witness” is practically silent in everything but visuals and subtle nature noises. Aside from the pause menu, there is no written text nor spoken words anywhere in the game. While this might sound like a detriment to a game where the player needs all the rules and goals of the world, as well as for each individual puzzle, the minimalist approach of “The Witness” still manages to successfully guide the player. “The Witness” takes place on a colorful, visually-stunning island where the player is free to roam at their own pace. There are no enemies or a fail state to be wary of and no real goal in mind except to solve puzzles. The puzzles are the stars of the game and practically the only thing the player can interact with. Thankfully, the game claims over 500 puzzles for the player to solve. Puzzles are the meat and potatoes of “The Witness,” and the game possesses a wonderful learning curve even without written or spoken words. Every puzzle is a layer of complexity added to a previously-solved puzzle, and all puzzles take a similar form: connect the starting point to an end point through a maze. The very first puzzle is a simple left-to-right swipe.

USC GAMES PUBLISHING The University of Southern California offers one of the few game design programs in the world. In an effort to further the efforts of the program and entice new students, it will begin publishing student and faculty-made games under the new label “USC Games Publishing.” There are at least ten puzzles in this screen alone.

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The second introduces a bend. The third introduces multiple paths and dead ends. The fourth introduces dots that need to be collected. The fifth has colors that need to be kept separate by the line itself. Eventually, the player finds puzzles that require careful observation of the environment, control of two lines at the same time or using the glare of the sun to find an invisible path. While this may sound overwhelming, the game always teaches new rules before requiring them. The structure and format of “The Witness” makes it both frustrating and rewarding in the way only a good puzzle game can. There were times when a puzzle stumped me because the rules were poorly explained, but there were also eureka moments when I finally solved a tough puzzle or a surprise when I accidentally found the key to solving an impossible puzzle. At any time, a puzzle can be left alone to explore or find new ones as there is no punishment for a failed or unfinished problem. This, and the fact that the game is gorgeous, helps alleviate some of the frustrations of puzzlesolving. Between writing this paragraph and the previous paragraph, I peeled back an entirely new level of the game, which had been unknown to me. My desk is covered in scratch paper, maps and numbers. The case is no longer “anything can be a puzzle,” it is now,“everything is puzzle.” From obvious puzzles, to the clouds in the sky, to the way certain shadows lay on the ground, everything in “The Witness” has the capacity to be a puzzle or a piece of a larger puzzle. I will not see the end of this game for a long time, but I will happily cover my walls in possible puzzle solutions. Although I have no doubt that the end of the game will lead to another new puzzle.




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Learning Through Video Games Audra Reigle Contributing Writer For some students, education can be boring, and they may not be particularly invested in some subjects. The issue spurs educators to find ways to make lessons more engaging for students. These days, video games are not just for entertainment but, for education too. Games most people wouldn’t expect to be educational, can be just that. Video games could be the solution to student boredom. The job market is changing. Jobs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) areas are becoming increasingly popular, though there is not as much interest in the field from students. An article on the US Army website states, “only 16 percent of high school seniors are interested in becoming STEM professionals.” These jobs do not even require a high school degree, according to a ValueWalk article. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, referenced in the ValueWalk article, says that professions in this area “will expand 1.7 times faster than non-STEM occupations between 2010 and 2020.” On the surface, Minecraft looks like a game where the player uses blocks to build structures. However, Minecraft can also be used for coding lessons by using a system called Blockly, according to Quartz.

Students will learn basic concepts such as program loops and “if” statements by dragging and dropping instructions in order on the screen. This, along with videos within the system, will allow the students to learn these more complex principles as part of the game. Minecraft Edu, a software developed by Teacher Gaming, is also allowing Minecraft to make its way to the classroom, according to CNN. Microsoft has plans to launch a version of Minecraft for schools over the summer as well as offer free trials. These systems are already in use by over 7,000 teachers worldwide. The game also offers

and to figure out why the electricity has been turned off in a pre-created town. The educational version teaches students problem solving, and since the public works assignment has a writing component, it allows them to improve their writing skills. An article by the Christian Science Monitor says, “studies have found that creativity-minded video games can increase student engagement and teach substantive concepts.” With no limits to what the students could create in Minecraft or Sim City, they can learn valuable skills, such as problem solving, while having fun.

correlating with better test scores or cognitive development, people question whether or not video games in the classroom is a good idea. “The improvements in game scores for children with low levels of working memory did not extend to broader skills,” Darren Dunning of the University of York said in a 2013 study conducted by the University of Cambridge. Children’s performance in brain training video games only improved when playing similar games. Essentially, practice makes perfect. “Digital games cannot be treated like the latest quick fix to the edu-

“The improvements in game scores for children with low levels of working memory did not extend to broader skills,” Darren Dunning of the University of York said in a 2013 study conducted by the University of Cambridge. a multiplayer mode so students can collaborate and learn about Great Britain, according to PC Gamer, and Denmark, according to GameSpot. Sim City, a game where the player is the mayor and creator of a town, also has an educational version, according to USA Today. It also has an online community with lesson plans and sample assignments for teachers. These sample assignments ask students to prioritize the creation of public works projects in their cities

Video games have been in the classroom since 1979, the article states, starting with the Oregon Trail, a game that teaches students about the westward expansion of the United States. A 2014 survey referenced in the article states that 55 percent of teachers who use video games in the classroom use them at least once a week. On the other hand, a Scientific American article says that because there isn’t much proof of video games

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cation system,” Brian Waniweski, a social entrepreneur and the former managing director of the Institute of Play, said. Therefore, while the games can be helpful, they are not a one-size-fits-all approach. While there are mixed reactions towards video games in the classroom, there is hope for them sticking around. With video games becoming more than just entertainment, students can enjoy learning. If there’s a child who doesn’t like school, but loves video games, their learning experience could be tailored to suit them. The students can be tested on their skill in the game as well as what they’ve learned from it. It’ll also allow for communication and collaboration between the students as they discuss the game and help each other when they’re struggling. The games are not guaranteed to fix the education system, but they could help.




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Macklemore and White Privilege Shannon Jay Staff Writer It could’ve gone wrong, but was done well. If not well, then at least carefully. At the end of the day, however, activists facing daily struggles Macklemore benefits from are forced into the backdrop in the rapper’s new track, “White Privilege II,” while the white perspective is in the foreground. The ideas and voices contributed to the track will be lumped together, and titled as Macklemore’s project. As a white rapper clearly benefitting heavily from his privilege, however, silence was simply not an option. The track serves as a sequel to Macklemore’s 2005 “White Privilege.” This prequel takes a much narrower stance on racism in hip-hop, focusing on Macklemore’s role as a white guy in the genre, and what his presence does to the authenticity of rap. Some of the internalized battle and the role of whites in hip-hop occurring in “White Privilege” carries over in “White Privilege II,” but Macklemore takes the police brutality shot into mainstream media within the past 10 years to revisit this topic. Macklemore went out of his was to make sure the track was not only a reflection of his personal awkwardness as he did in 2005′s “White Privilege,” but that “White Privilege II” reflected voices leading the #BLM movement - as much as a song by a white dude could, anyway. Through this,

Macklemore diminishes as much as possible his role as a white martyr for the movement. However, this role is impossible to diminish completely, since ultimately the song is about his personal relationship as a white male with #BLM. This fact takes the platform away from the marginalized POC truly suffering, seemingly reduced to accessories added for authenticity. The trouble with grieving over inclusion in #BlackLivesMatter is it could be construed as yet one more way to appropriate black culture. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ sweeping of the Grammys in 2014 throughout all rap categories against far supe-

comprehend the benefit of whiteness. Macklemore stays true to this goal throughout the song, refusing to apologize for fellow whites who utter cringe-worthy statements about how the duo is the only hip-hop artist their kids listen to due to his “positive” themes. In the 2005 track, Macklemore notes that the differences in themes are due to different upbringings, and growing up in different environments. Now I don’t rap about guns, so they label me conscious But I don’t rap about guns ‘cause I wasn’t forced into the projects See I was put in the position where

parallel scenarios. Speakers don’t talk about themselves but a community, and expressing that seemingly singular incidents are apart of a bigger picture. As one speaker roughly quoting Martin Luther King, Jr. states: “Injustice anywhere is still injustice everywhere.” This statement counters one of the white speakers in the previous verse, who said “99% of the time, across this country, the police are doing their job properly.” Contributor and collaborator Nikkita Oliver makes painfully clear on the track’s website that “most white people will not listen to me when I speak about my experience and white

“Most white people will not listen to me when I speak about my experience and white supremacy. Macklemore has a platform in the ear buds of white youth all over the United States. They likely will not hear me, but they will listen to [his] music.” —Nikita Oliver, Contributor and Collaborator rior and important releases from Jay Z, Drake, and most notably Kendrick Lamar, was a clear illustration of the rap duo’s advantage when appropriating hip-hop. From the most cynical pointof-view, this track could come off as stealing some limelight from #BlackLivesMatter to perpetuate Macklemore into the trending topics. Actually, it’s meant for his white audience that gave him and Ryan Lewis those Grammys, who projected the overall mediocre and lyrically shallow rap duo into pop stardom - the same people who still don’t fully


I could choose my options Blessed with the privilege that my parents could send me to college - “White Privilege” (2005) In “White Privilege II,” the white voices sound like caricatures, their statements full of broken logic and defensive statements riddled with I’s and me’s. Instead of letting his benefits slide, he takes advantage of his heavily white and misinformed audience and challenges their opinions. The verse with folks explaining why in fact black lives matter is explained poetically and thoughtfully, metaphors painting vivid pictures of

supremacy. Macklemore has a platform in the ear buds of white youth all over the United States. They likely will not hear me, but they will listen to [his] music.” Although Oliver had hesitations about working with Macklemore, she sees the advantage of the rapper’s platform and how he projects to white audiences. “I hope that this song moves white allies to have conversations with other white people about white supremacy,” she said, “why black lives matter and why it is important to hear and follow the voices of those most marginalized

and oppressed by the system.” Macklemore risked sacrificing his credibility with both the white and black community with this release, but it’s a risk that paid off: not exactly for Macklemore due to criticism of the song’s quality, but for sparking a conversation about the movement and crossing racial boundaries. As the female speaker in the voices defending Black Lives Matter states, The best thing white people can do is talk to each other, having those very difficult, very painful conversations with your parents, with your family members. I think one of the critical questions for white people in this society is, “What are you willing to risk? What are you willing to sacrifice to create a more just society?” Getting white people “woke” is progress, but it’s simply another starting point. #BlackLivesMatter’s major proponent DeRay McKesson chatted with Macklemore about the track after it’s release, and both men agreed that making whites aware is the beginning, not the end of what needs to be done for racism in America. After talking to Macklemore about the track, McKesson tweeted “He will be (rightly) judged by the actions that follow.” The next step is listening to what representatives of the movement have to say about their experiences. #BlackLivesMatter co-creator Alicia Garza will deliver the first President’s Lecture of 2016 on Tuesday, Feb. 2 at Old Dominion’s Ted Constant Convocation Center. The 7:30 p.m. event is free, but a ticket is required.

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Fort Knox Houses New Backing of US Dollar

George Plank Staff Writer Over the past decade, many Americans have grown wary of the stability of the U.S. economy. After the depression caused by 2007’s housing crisis, many Americans have had to live in the aftermath of the recession and struggle to make ends meet. For years, most Americans have grown distrustful with the federal government and the treasury’s ability to maintain the U.S. economic standard. Many think that may never be possible ever since the U.S. com-

pletely abandoned the gold standard in 1971. However, Fort Knox recently opened their doors to a select group of reporters to assure the American public that their financial future is well secured. Fort Knox has long been rumored to be the holding place of America’s gold supply. These rumors are well fortified in popular culture by films such as “Goldfinger” and the cult classic “Laurel and Hardy Meet the Military Police.” All those myths were soon put to rest when the doors finally opened and the group of reporters were let in. “Frankly, I was shocked,” Zach

Thompson, reporter for the Des Moines Penny Pincher said. “When they had told us that what was inside Fort Knox was the basis for the U.S. economy, I was justifiably worried, but after seeing what was inside I can safely say that America shall continue to be the most prosperous country on Earth.” What lies within Fort Knox’s guarded rooms wasn’t any precious metal or currency, but everyone agreed that it was just as valuable: ’90s collectors items. From floor to ceiling of Fort Knox was the largest collection of Beanie Babies and Pogs the world over. Shelves upon shelves

were dedicated to crates holding original generation Pokemon cards. To put the amount into perspective, if someone were to go to every yard sale, thrift store and swap meet in the nation for a yea,r they wouldn’t have one one-thousandth of the Beanie Babies that Fort Knox has. Many financial analysts among the group have said that the U.S. couldn’t have picked a better substitute for the gold standard. Years into the future, this commodity will only increase in value and eventually the U.S. can sell them back to another country at a ridiculous profit. Already, reports are flooding in in

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which the U.S. is using our new medium of exchange to cause waves. The U.S. recently paid a quarter of its debt to China with 10 millennium bears still in their cases, a complete set of Hulk Hogan Pogs and a holographic Charizard Pokemon card. After the news broke, many Americans polled stated they were able to sleep easy at night knowing that their hard earned money was backed by a standard with so much stability to it. Above all else, it has given collectors the world over hope in the knowledge that one day their curios, collectables and knick-knacks could one day back an entire government.




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The pain cuts deep Its like a sword, The blood drips down Its his reward. He slides it smoothly But I still groan, This blade will lift me From my degenerate throne. My eyes close tight As I hold down tears, The light I saw Was all of my fears. Hes done his job He walks his way, The scars he left Will eternally stay. Heavy, Empty Hands Josh Whitener Muddy shoe prints, tracks. There on the vinyl floor. That’s where I know he’s been That he’s been and being And following me, waiting for something Or are they mine? Have I been here before? The living room is a dirty cotton color. I always hated it, I hated a lot. I ruminate about the color, sneering if I could. The crimson, rust colored stain escapes me. Why are there still foot prints? Bleach or formaldehyde I smell it and I have to sit down. There’s a couch here. I choose the floor. My hands are heavy but all I see are chapped, blistered and empty heavy hands that weigh too much I’m tired. Something‘s behind me; always there. I shut my eyes forever. I can’t clean up the tracks muddy footprints on the vinyl floor The Mace & Crown


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