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Relay for Life at Old Dominion Fights Cancer By: Jess Starr & Alyssa Narvell Copy Editor and Arts & Entertainment Editor ODU’s largest overnight event, Relay for Life, took over Webb center and Kaufman Mall. This year’s relay theme was “relay across time.” Organizations chose different decades and dressed up to fit the time period. Relay for Life is a nationwide event sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Their goal is to raise money for cancer treatments and patients to help people stay and get well by find-

Mad About Mad Men see A2

ing cures and fighting back. This year’s relay raised $63,500. There were 878 participants and 89 teams. Participants consisted of hundreds of ODU student organizations selling items from baked goods to hair decorations to raise money. The event ran from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. ODU’s marching band kicked off the event followed by a lap of cancer survivors and caregivers. The survivor lap started in north cafe and circled around the left wing of Webb center. ODU professor, Jennifer Hoyt, is a cancer survivor and participates in the survivor lap annually. continued on A2

“Exposed” Photography Show see B1

The luminaria service honored the memories of the deceased affected by cancer.

Maci Comes to Speak at ODU see B1

ODU Baseball vs. James Madison see C1

Football Season Preview see C3

Project Purple Comes to Old Dominion A Cleaner Way of Life Through Sobriety to Take Place on Kaufman Mall By: Justin Brown Editor in Chief Old Dominion University is going to be giving an all-out effort on Thursday to try and raise awareness for drug and alcohol abuse. Jamie Hughes is a junior at ODU and has begun, what will become a semi-annual event, ODU Project Purple. Project Purple began as the Chris Herren Project. Herren was a former NBA player whose career and family life were derailed by drug and alcohol abuse. Since Herren has gotten clean he has been going around speaking at

different schools and forums to promote drug and alcohol awareness. The idea for Project Purple began when Herren was giving a presentation at a high school and noticed a row of students all wearing purple. He asked why they were wearing purple and they said they were the only sober students at the high school. Herren was moved by these students and decided, like as pink is to breast cancer, to make purple the noticeable color for sobriety. Hughes, who will compete in the Miss United States Pageant as Miss Virginia this summer, went and lis-

Inside the Mace:

tened to Herren speak when he came to ODU earlier this year. “It was a very moving experience to hear his story,” Hughes said of the event. After Herren concluded his presentation Hughes began her inquiry into how to bring Project Purple to campus. They decided to try to make it an event where people can come out and show their support. “We made the idea of an event become a reality,” Hughes said. “All of athletics has decided to back the event so it is a championship effort event, which means that basically everyone continued on A3

Campus Safety By: Brittany Trippe Contributing Writer

Many of the crimes listed on the Old Dominion University daily crime log for the past two years involve at least one offender and one victim. These crimes include assault, intimidation, sexual battery, rape and robbery. Former NBA player Chris Herren said a group of students wore purple to represent their being the only sober students in their high school gave him the idea for Project Purple.


A2 | MACE & CROWN | Wednesday 4.18.2012

Mace & Crown staff Justin Brown Editor in Chief Derek Page News Editor Alyssa Narvell Arts & Entertainment Editor Matthew McCracken Sports Editor Jessica Starr Copy Editor Elaina Ellis Photography Editor Megan Jefferson Senior Graphic Designer James Porter Advertising Director LJ Harris Web Designer James Porter Distribution Manager Ethan Shaw Arts & Entertainment Assistant Jake Ullrich Sports Assistant Ari Gould Photography Assistant Senior Writers: Ben Decowski RJay Molina Staff Writers: Janah Stokes Alexander Rose Jessica Scheck Steve Knauer Gianina Thompson Lauren Grant Emma Needham Elizabeth Bowry Megan Stamper Jordan Jones MaryAnn Jackson Jessica Piland Nour Kheireddine Lateesha Gloston Shawn Minor Siaga Johnson Sarah Roby Angel Dodson Andrew Tompkins Daniel Felarca Rashad Little Brian Jerry Haja Kabba Allison Terres Timothy Fulghum Staff Photographers: Chris Sampson Rachel Chasin Jake Zimmerman Binh Dong Lauren Makely Alfred Greg Marlie De Clerck General Information: The Mace & Crown is a newspaper published by and written for the students of Old Dominion once a week throughout each semester and once in the summer. Originally founded in 1930 as the The High Hat, the paper became the Mace & Crown in 1961. The Mace & Crown is a primarily self-supporting newspaper,maintaining journalistic independance from the university. All views expressed in this collegiate paper are those of the author, not of the University, Mace & Crown, or the editors. Contact Information: Phone: 757-683-3452 Fax: 757-683-3459 Advertising: 757-683-4773

Letter From the Editor Readers of the Mace & Crown, First and foremost I would like to thank you for reading our publication. This is going to be our last issue of the semester, thus ending another school year. We are not done, however. We will still have an issue this summer. There will be some changes in the summer issue. The first is that there is going to be a new staff putting it together. Matt McCracken, our Sports Editor, and I are going to be graduating next month. We would like to thank everyone who has applied for the new positions on the Editorial Board and wish them the best. Also I would like to personally congratulate Megan Jefferson, our current continued from “Relay” (A1) One person from each participating team is supposed to remain walking on the track at all times during the 12 hours of Relay for Life. Teammates who weren’t walking were able to check out the other tables scattered around Webb center or stay by their table and help raise money. There was also a luminaria ceremony that honored the people who lost their battle to cancer and a Miss Relay competition where male participants dressed as women to raise awareness and earn money. Many tables opted to appeal to

Senior Graphic Designer, for being selected as the new Editor in Chief of the Mace. With Megan’s graphic design skills the newspaper is going to be headed in a bit of a new direction for the summer issue and onward. We will begin with a new layout and logo. I am not sure where it will go from there, but with Megan’s graphic design skills I am completely confident that it will be nothing short of excellent. As for me, I would like to take this chance to thank everyone I have worked with over the past four years. I remember writing my first article and now my last. It has been a great ride, I have met countless people, and like all good things, it must come to an end.

I hope our readership not only continues on but continues to blossom. I hope the newspaper itself does too. So, I’ll end my time with the Mace with something I have told friends and classmates all along, “Meetings are at 12:30 every Tuesday in the Mace & Crown office in the Ucenter. It’s across from the card center. You can’t miss it.” Come out and write for us. It will be a great experience you will be able to take with you for the rest of your life. Thanks Monarch nation. Go Big Blue! Best Regards, Justin Brown Editor in Chief

the stomachs of the relay goers with a wide spread of food. Some chose to sell sweets such as cupcakes and cookies while others provided full meals such as burgers and tacos. Relay for Life first began in Tacoma, Washington in 1985 by colorectal surgeon, Dr. Gordy Klatt. He decided to personally raise money for his patients battling cancer by running marathons, which he enjoyed doing. Since then, thousands of organizations and schools across the country participate in this overnight event to raise money and awareness of cancer.

Mad About Mad Men Professor Gary Edgerton discusses his Analysis of the hit TV show Mad Men on Local NPR show By: Andrew Tompkins Staff Writer Gary Edgerton, professor and chair of the communication and theatre arts department at ODU, was featured Thursday as a guest on the NPR radio broadcast show “With Good Reason” discussing the wildly popular television drama “Mad Men.” Edgerton has also published a book on the series in collaboration with academic scholars from across the nation entitled “Mad Men: Dream Come True TV.” AMC’s Emmy-award winning drama follows the life of Don Draper, an early 1960s advertising executive as he struggles to balance his highly stressful work and personal life in the midst of an ever- changing industry. Set in the backdrop of the 1960s, the critically acclaimed show is renowned for its nostalgic style and historical authenticity. Since its premiere in 2007, Mad Men has been a cultural phenomenon capturing and retaining the spirit of the 1960s. Even inspiring a new wave of ‘60s themed cocktail parties dubbed simply as “Mad Men” parties. “With Good Reason” is aired on 89.5 WHRV-FM and broadcasts to a national audience. The show typically features authors or academics from various fields and covers a wide array of topics ranging from politics to arts and culture. Edgerton has appeared on numerous radio shows including “HearSay with Cathy Lewis” and “An Academic Minute” discussing his examination of the series. Edgerton primarily talked not on plot, but about the thematic elements of the show and how they relate to society today. Edgerton gave a brief analysis of why he believes “Mad Men” connects so well with people today. “It’s really a show about 2007-2011 that’s one thing about popular historical narratives is that when you look deeply at them you see that the concerns that they are dealing with really more represent today,” Edgerton said. Edgerton referred to the show’s themes as a “critical nostalgia” in that it’s a time period that people remember but not necessarily want

Edgerton said if you look closely, “the concerns that they are dealing with are really more present today.” to go back to. It really shows over the top and out in the open sexism, racism, drinking and smoking and reminds people why there was such a monumental culture shift in the 1960s. He went on to explain that characters in the show are going through a period and culture of rapid transformation and they are only trying to keep up. Many similarities can be drawn between the changes America has gone through post-9/11 and the cultural revolution that occurred in the 1960s. Elements of the show do not hold back when trying to embody the experience of living at the time. Sexism and race discrimination are main themes throughout the show and serve as a key reminder of how far race and gender discrimination has come in only a few decades. “What we’re really interested in today is racial relations and gender relations and the elements of identity politics including sexual orientation, when you get to the heart of what Mad Men is about it really is those kinds of themes,” Edgerton said. Edgerton has plans to contribute to a second edition of “Mad Men: Dream Come True TV,” which will further explore topics addressed in the first edition as well as analyze the show’s newer seasons.


Wednesday 4.18.2012 | MACE & CROWN | A3 continued from “Purple” (A1)

has to attend. We’re asking everyone to wear purple.” The event is going to take place on Kaufman Mall at 4 p.m. on April 19 and will consist of guest speakers and the Project Purple Pledge. “We’re hoping to get the police chief there,” she said. “I’m going to speak. We’re hoping to have members of the football and basketball team say something.” After the speakers conclude, the plan is for everyone in attendance to be a part of the Project Purple Pledge. “We are going to say an ODU Project Purple Pledge. The pledge doesn’t mean you have to live a life of sobriety, but that you are going to help those suffering from drug and alcohol addictions and that you will help raise awareness of drug and alcohol abuse,” Hughes said. Hughes will not stop trying to raise awareness for Project Purple once her event is over. She is also going to be a part of an event before the Miami Heat take on the Boston Celtics in Boston on April 24. Although it will not happen this year, the goal is that in years to come she, along with Herren, will be able to get the NBA players to wear purple in support of their cause. Hughes will promote awareness throughout the summer as she goes around the state as Miss Virginia. “After being crowned Miss Virginia, I’m in a position where I can take it to Miss United States and it is my platform cause. During my entire reign as Miss Virginia I will be traveling across Virginia speaking on behalf of Project Purple.” The event will raise awareness on campus and is being taken to the national forefront. For Hughes and Herron these events will help to further their cause.

Campus Safety Students in ENG 583 report on campus safety at ODU

Campus Safety’s Effects on Students’ Mental Health By: Brittany Trippe Contributing Writer Many of the crimes listed on the Old Dominion University daily crime log for the past two years involve at least one offender and one victim. These crimes include assault, intimidation, sexual battery, rape and robbery. ODU students are affected in a variety of ways by campus safety. People primarily think of the bodily harm that befalls a victim of a crime. But crime can also leave less visible scars. Students’ mental as well as physical health is affected. And sometimes the fear of crime has mental health impacts, before a crime even occurs. Hearing campus alerts and learning about other students becoming victims of crime can take a toll on a student’s mental health. However, the toll that students’ mental health takes due to campus safety is not necessarily, all negative. “Whether the effect on students is negative or positive depends on a lot of things… their makeup or belief in things and their overall mental state,” said Betty Davis, a resident counselor at ODU’s Counseling Services for more than three years. Her patients or “clients” as she refers to them, include students, faculty, staff and parents. Davis is soft spoken, approachable, and able to put into perspective some of the positives that something as heavy and daunting such as campus safety can have on a community. Campus safety, even the crimes, can help ODU students “form a sense of community and form a sense of resilience.” Davis said students are more

aware of their surroundings, more cautious, and are more likely to take more responsibility for themselves. More and more women, for example, walk in groups and are signing up for self-defense classes organized by ODU’s Women Center, Davis explained. The university’s efforts to prevent crime and keep students informed through campus alerts, can have a negative impact on mental health. “It has the same effect on some students as the news. News is somewhat fear-based and so there is a heightened sense of fear. Safety and security then become the forefront,” Davis said. Fear is a strong emotion and can have a significant impact on students overall mental health. Mary Fernandez, an ODU undergraduate English student said, “Campus safety definitely has an effect on my mental health. I’m paranoid everywhere I go on campus, especially at night or by myself. Crime happens here all the time and while I love our campus, it’s hard not to walk around with fear when we have emails every night explaining someone getting shot at or held up.” Elizabeth Mazorra, another ODU undergraduate English student said, “I get pretty paranoid when I walk home alone and I make it a point to try to get someone to walk with me, or I wait up to 45 minutes for campus safety patrol.” While students, such as Fernandez and Mazorra, express concern over campus safety, Davis explains that planning for a safer campus is a collaborative effort and describes it as a process. The strategic planning that goes into campus safety also includes the help from ODU’s Counseling Services. Part of

this planning process includes being available to students and staff at the time a crime occurs. In the case of a crime involving a student, members of the clinical staff are called out to the scene and offer whatever help they can, like the case of Benny LeBon, the ODU student arrested this past January for disorderly conduct outside of the Perry Library. The Counseling Services clinical staff was called to the scene to speak with the young man and work with the ODU Police Department. Following the death of Chris Cummings in June of 2011, Counseling Services provided grief counseling on campus. Several university officials and representatives of various departments to include the Office of Counseling Services also attended the Cumming’s funeral in Petersburg. While the death of Chris Cummings was a tragedy, it also created a “stronger sense of community” at Old Dominion University, said Davis. While many students dealt with the loss of ODU student Chris Cummings, many found solace among one another and were “each other’s own resources.” While some students may be more fearful, many are more cautious and responsible for their own well-being. ODU students are not the only ones affected by campus safety but the ODU community as a whole. “I invite you or others to think about these situations… to recognize one’s strengths and inner authority and also what we will all accept in ways of changing the things that have gone wrong and building on that, in order to improve our campus and really our society.”

Campus Crime Budget Increase By: Jake Ullrich Assistant Sports Editor

Over the past five years, Old Dominion University has seen a 29 percent increase in their safety budget. This includes threat assessments, installation and maintenance costs for technology, such as closed circuit cameras, additional lights, emergency phones and radios. This all falls under the $6,434,538 expected budget for the 2012 school year. In the past five years, the school has spent $29,423,538 on its safety budget. “It definitely makes me feel good about the school,” junior Sarah Moore said. “I want to know that they’re actually doing things to make me safe.” Moore, who lives in the District off of 39 Street, had her car broken into twice last year while parked on 40 Street. In 2008, the school spent just under $5 million on campus safety, but with the recent influx of campus crime, headlined by the death of student Chris Cummings, the school has increased the resources surrounding campus. But Moore criticized the univer-

sity’s lack of commitment to other projects. “We don’t need another half-monorail job when it comes to safety,” Moore said. “We need proactive efforts on the part of the police to make sure the streets around ODU are safe.” The school has made positive moves to reinforce their commitment to the safety of Old Dominion students. President John Broderick selected Dave Harnage to a new position titled Chief Operating Officer. Harnage was hired to have direct responsibility for all issues involving public safety and work closely with Norfolk police to ensure safety for all. Junior Kevin Kerr was a victim of campus crime, being robbed at gunpoint outside of Whitehurst dormitory earlier this month. Kerr criticized the efforts of the Old Dominion police, calling them “useless” and believing the criminals were only caught because of the “Norfolk detectives and not the ODU people.” Bringing into question the effectiveness of the officers the university has hired to protect the students. Twenty-one burglaries were reported on the Old Dominion campus

in the 2010 calendar year, as well as two arsons, four aggravated assaults and over 400 drug or alcohol related crimes. Moore believes the police need to focus more on the safety and preventing serious crimes, not just alcohol charges. “We don’t need cops busting parties all the time,” Moore said. “They need to worry about keeping us safe and not

just handing out drinking charges for fun.” Junior Rudy Ramos worries about the high spending on safety, wondering if the school could put the money some place better. “I’m glad they’re worried about our safety,” Ramos said. “But do they have to spend so much more money to do that? I feel like there are a lot of places

our school could improve, but spending all the money on safety equipment will keep us from doing that. “Students just need to be smarter and not put themselves in stupid positions.” Only time will tell whether the money will pay off. Until then it is up to students to be smart and the police to be aware.


A3 | MACE & CROWN | Wednesday 4.18.2012

Is Crime Affecting Admissions? By: Megan Stamper Staff Writer While campus safety has preoccupied students at Old Dominion University in the past few months, crime seems to be having little to no affect in the university’s admissions rates. According to the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, ODU applicants have steadily increased since 2003. In 2010 the overall freshman applicants to ODU dropped from 10,515 to 10,276. Transfer student applicants had an increase in applicants with 3,868 in 2010 and 4,169 in 2011. Tecarla Moore, a senior admissions counselor said in a telephone interview that she does not have statistics, but she does not believe that crime near to the ODU campus affects admissions. Out-of-state admissions are significantly lower than in state. In 2010, there were almost 6,000 more in-state applicants. Moore said that the large gap is because of the economy not crime. She said, “Traditionally it is an in-state school spike, and ODU is primarily an in-state school.” When asked if parents are concerned with crime when their children are considering applying. Moore said, “Now and again they ask about the area, and ODU alert, but it is not a regular thing.” According to the Department of Education website, on the ODU campus there were 31 burglaries in 2009 and 21 burglaries in 2010. There were six sex offenses on campus in 2009

and six in 2010. There were six motor vehicle thefts in 2009 and five motor vehicle thefts in 2010. In on-campus student housing, there were 30 recorded burglaries in 2009 and 16 burglaries in 2010. There were three sex offenses on campus housing in 2009 and six sex offenses in 2010. Universities are required by the Clery Act to publish all crimes that occur on the campus. Information about crimes on campus can be found at ODU also has a daily crime and fire log that can be found on the ODU website. The boundaries of campus are vague, and there are some incidents that go unreported by the Clery Act. For example, the Clery Act does not account for crimes against students while off campus owned property. Many students do not live and work on ODU owned property. Zack Hill, a senior at ODU said that he was not aware of the crime near ODU when he applied but it would not affect his decision. He also said, “People should be aware of the crimes that are committed around campus and plan their lives accordingly to prevent those crimes from happening to them.” Priscilla Nguyen, a junior at ODU said that she knew there was crime around ODU but it did not affect her decision to apply. She said, “People should know that there is a neighborhood surrounding ODU that is not the safest place although it is fairly safe directly on campus.” Nguyen also said to be careful, but remember that

robberies can happen everywhere. Katy Tecson, a recent graduate of Christopher Newport University, said that crimes happen on every college campus. And she said, “The college, city, and community response to crime impacted my decision when applying to college.” Kaylene Woods, a recent undergraduate of the College of William and Mary, said that she was not deterred from ODU because of crime because

she knows the area. She also said, “I would be rather hesitant to apply to a school in an urban area that had a high crime rate, because I would be intimidated by the statistics and unfamiliar area. So I have to wonder if the application decisions of potential students outside of our area are affected by the projected crime rate.” Although students do not seem discouraged by the crime, Woods said that students must be aware and

intelligent while on campus. Kristen Bohlman, a junior at ODU said that she was aware of the crime when she applied and she also lived on campus for a time. She said, “Be smart and safe, know how to defend yourself and beware of suspicious behavior. Don’t walk alone at night.”

or all Richmond area Capital Ale House locations

Universities are required by the Clery Act to publish all crimes that occur on campus. Visit


& Teen Mom Maci Wednesday 4.18.2012 | MACE & CROWN | B1

arts entertainment

Bookout Tells All By: MaryAnn Jackson Staff Writer

Old Dominion Student Activities Council presented Teen Mom’s Maci Bookout on Thursday, April 12. Students crammed into MGB’s Lecture Hall to hear words of advice and wisdom from “Teen Mom’s” own Maci Bookout. Maci was one of the first teen moms featured on the now popular MTV documentary, “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant.” Maci talked with the audience about her pregnancy and how she got involved with MTV. Being sixteen and pregnant, Maci was broke and her parents tried to persuade her into maternity modeling to make some money. Looking around for maternity modeling, Maci’s mother came across an opportunity through MTV for a new documentary about teen mothers. She thought it was a joke and silly, but did it anyway to please her parents. She said, “I emailed them and said,

‘I’m Maci, I’m from Chattanooga Tennessee, I’m sixteen and pregnant. This sucks.’” Maci received a call the next day with an interested producer. Even today, Maci is still shocked to have ever received that opportunity. Maci elaborated on her troubles with her ex Ryan Edwards. She said it was difficult not having the man she loved there to help her, but despite the difficulties, Maci got through it. Maci and Ryan are not together but they are making things work for their son, Bentley. Maci went into detail about her difficult relationship with Kyle King as well. Maci was with King for two years and considered having another child with him, but he was not ready for that. They ended their relationship a couple of months ago. Today, Maci has found a new man in her life, notorious motocross rider, Ryan Regal. Maci says that she has finally found a balance between her career, school, Bentley and a relationship. She is taking things one day at a time and trying to be the happiest 20 year old she can be.

Bookout talks about her struggles as a teen mom.

Old Dominion Student Shoots People Student Portrays Domestic Violence through Photos By: R Jay Molina Staff Writer With her camera and bold subject matter, ODU senior Stephanie Eley presents the harsh realities of domestic abuse. Images of bruised women and substance abuse fill her frames that result in a startling and powerful effect. Eley was able to present her work for ODU’s senior show in a gallery entitled “Exposed,” in the Perry Library near the Student Success Center. The overall simplicity of the gallery helps guide any unassuming traveler to the forefront of Eley’s work. There is nothing flashy to guide a viewer to the harsh frames, just a white wall with medium sized pictures and a story for each one to tell. Eley had been into photography since grade school. However, she came to ODU to pursue a degree in graphic design. But when she met Natalie Bray, an adjunct professor for photography, Eley was inspired to re-

One of Eley’s photos portraying the hardships caused by domestic violence. focus her efforts and change her major. “Natalie brought me back to pursue work that meant more than a pretty picture,” Eley explained. She wonders why issues of domestic abuse are being overlooked. Eley felt the pressure about how her work would be perceived by a general

audience. “So far, I’ve gotten mostly positive feedback from it,” she said. The gallery was scheduled to stay up until the end of April, but Eley has been thinking about taking her work down sooner than that. “I’ll check on my work every now and again and notice little cracks in the frames, which

tell me that there are some people out there who are just not ready to see this yet,” she confessed. The full collection of Eley’s work can be found on her website, www. She will be heading to Atlanta, Georgia after graduation where she will be

pursuing a master’s degree in photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design.


B2 | MACE & CROWN | Wednesday 4.18.2012

Red Bull Party Local Band Rekapse Signs with Bus Bumps at Producer Extraordinaire, Timbaland Old Dominion By: Allison Terres Staff Writer

Many students go to Red Bull to help them get through the end of semester grind. Red Bull now offers an alternative to help students take a break from it. Last Thursday, a few lucky Old Dominion students got the chance to ride around in the Red Bull Scenicruiser to relieve some stress from the lurking pressure of finals and papers. There were televisions, leather couches, a live performance, and of course, free Red Bull for all. The Scenicruiser is a tour bus decked out in customary Red Bull fashion. It is garnished on the outside with the traditional Red Bull logo. The inside is equipped with flat screen televisions and extra long plush couches. The multiple drink coolers were stocked with the company’s newly released zero-calorie edition of the classic. It was the Red Bull treatment. The bus wasn’t only a bus, but a mobile club with a set up better than most stationary ones. There was a turntable in the back of the bus and speakers that could make the whole tour bus rattle. There was also a considerable amount of floor space available for dancing. When the party left Miller Mart at 5:30 p.m., the DJ was in the booth and bumping tunes. Red mood lights on the ceiling and back walls were turned on and the party began. The bus took a two hour loop around Norfolk and over to Virginia Beach. Halfway through and three Red Bulls in, rap group Teleport Team began to perform. The Hampton based duo consists of Nick Thriller and Don Mimosa. “This is our first time performing on a moving bus,” said Mimosa as the set began. This was an opportunity for students and friends to take a break from studies to enjoy a rare experience. While Red Bull knows how to work hard, some say they know how to play hard too.

Rekapse is on the road to a bright career. By: Alexander Rose Staff Writer Virginia is home to some of the most recognized musicians in history, ranging from Ella Fitzgerald to Dave Matthews Band, and now has another set of musicians ready to make a name for themselves. Rekapse, a Virginia Beach indie band who has made their rounds in the area over the past few years, were recently signed to Mosley Music Group, the label created and run by fellow Norfolk native and Grammy Award winner producer, Timbaland. Consisting of siblings Kelly, Stacie, and David Bollmann, Matt Osborn and Stephen Lee, Rekapse quickly gained attention from local music buffs since establishing the final lineup in 2008. After signing with an unnamed indie record label in 2009 and talks of tours and albums became imminent, the band seemed ready to embrace this new and exciting

chapter in their lives. After recording a full-length album in 2009 and 2010, small pushes by their label began to pose a problem with the direction Rekapse wished to go. Kelly Bollmann explained they had, “Gotten to the point where we wanted to give up, everything was turning sour. Luckily, having a supportive family was one of the ways we were able to get through this rough time.” Contractually bound, Rekapse felt trapped. On the other side of the United States, Timbaland was busy recording songs for a forthcoming album and heard tracks that Rekapse had done, through friend and Z104 radio personality, Shaggy. Timbaland then decided to reach out to them wanting to collaborate. After flying the band out to Los Angeles, he ultimately decided he wanted to remix one of their songs for his upcoming album and expressed interest in working with them in the future.

After failing to void their existing record contract, things began to finally look up for the band in 2011. Timbaland was so pleased with the work he was able to create alongside Rekapse that he began to express interest in signing them alongside other successful acts such as One Republic, Keri Hilson and Chris Cornell. With both sides of lawyers going back and forth with contract negotiations, Rekapse signed the final paperwork with Timbaland less than a month ago. “The future is bright, we are very pleased with how things were resolved and I can’t wait to finally begin this next chapter of our careers,” said David Bollmann. Rekapse is set to play at the upcoming Shagfest, hosted by the man who helped put their career on the right path, Shaggy, on June 9 in Virginia Beach. More information on the show will be released soon.

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Wednesday 4.18.2012 | MACE & CROWN | B3

The Harsh Truth Old Dominion’s Dance Department is in Full Bloom By: Siaga Johnson Staff Writer

bright colored costumes and conveyed themes of fun, summer, fitness and laughter. On a different side of the spectrum, piece “Formerly Yours” by Kevin Jones, featured music from Stephan Moccio and was comprised of two dancers. The colors used in the backdrop were different from the rest, using grey, green and hints of brown to convey an, earthy and heavy feeling. The movements of the dancers were contained and were centered around the upper body. “Woman is the Blues” by Wesley Acker was the only ballroom dance piece of the showcase and featured a sultry and seductive theme. The movement was centered on the hips and the dimmed lighting offered a tone of sultry yearning for a woman. The concert featured dances that not only showcased the talents of ODU faculty and students but how dance conveys a story to the audience with certain moods and emotions. For more information on upcoming events and how you can support the university dance theatre, contact the dance department at 757-683-3002.

The spring dance concert was brought to ODU’s theatre the week of April 11 through April 14. The dance showcase was a collection of choreographed pieces contributed by ODU faculty and dance students. The event was dedicated to the memory of Eva May Morris Gregory who passed in 2012. Gregory was honored for her family’s generous contribution to a dance scholarship for the ODU dance program. The showcase presented 10 pieces of choreography ranging from modern dance to ballroom and latin dance. The lighting on the stage fit each piece but carried a constant theme of red, pink and purple to bring out the color in the dancers’ outfits and muscle definition. A particular piece, “Walk,“ choreographed by Christina Yoshida featured music from The Bangles, Katrina & the Waves and Aerosmith. Showing the talent of 10 dancers, this piece was among the largest ones of the entire showcase. The dancers wore

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Kirby Dick’s documentary shows injustices some military women have to face.

Documentary Sheds Light on Rape in the Military By: R Jay Molina Staff Writer Rape is a hard subject to discuss. The problem worsens when a victim cannot seek justice for being violated in the most brutal way. “The Invisible War,” a new documentary from Oscar nominated director Kirby Dick, sheds light on this problem. The United States military operates under the “uniform code of military justice,” which is different from civilian law to reinforce discipline. However, “The Invisible War” makes a bold claim, supported by evidence, to suggest that the reinforcement of these disciplines is ignored at times. Old Dominion University’s Women’s Center hosted the screening of the documentary, followed by a Q&A session with one of the victims featured in the film to kick off Sexual Awareness Month. The statistics in the film were provided by U.S. government studies and featured a small group of female soldiers, ready to tell their harsh stories, and the effort by some of them to join with other victims to sue former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for violating their Constitutional rights. The beginning of the film showed all of the women supporting the military. But, it quickly became apparent that their love was only for what the military represented when they first enlisted. Within the first few minutes

of the movie, stories of violent rape were recounted with little hesitation. Male investigators within the military were blamed for not having enough drive to see the cases through. A common belief in the military is a man is set up when being accused of rape. Rape victims often face harsh repercussions for reporting an attack, such as being discharged with little benefits. Most of the victims featured in the documentary walked away from their attacks with a strong sense of distrust for the rest of the world. As one of the victims, Kori Cioca, said as she packed an army knife in her bag, “You always have protection with Jesus. But sometimes you need a little more.” Cioca had been severely beaten before she was raped, resulting in a broken jaw. Another victim of the film, Jessica Hinves, was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and kicked out of the military. “I got in touch with the filmmakers and they sent me on a retreat to talk with me about the documentary,” said Hinves. She said since the release of “The Invisible War,” the military has been trying to get in contact with the victims for “re-evaluation.” In regards to the lawsuit filed by the victims, the courts dismissed it. But, a petition has been started on the documentary’s website,, to bring the case back into the spotlight.


Wednesday 4.18.2012 | MACE & CROWN | C1


Sweep Salvaged

Old Dominion 6 vs JMU 5 AB 2 4 3 4 4 0 4 2 1 2 0 2 Belgrave, Kenneth 0 0 Huyett, C.J. 0 Smith, Brandon 0 Ali, Dean Totals 28

Old Dominion (13-23)

Wright, Josh Eldridge, Josh Baker, Chris Tutwiler, Josh McGowan, Austin Fraizer, Brent Verlander, Ben Bashara, Brian Shelton, Brandon Engler, D.J. Sizemore, Shawn Coker, Drew

R 2 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 6

H 1 0 1 1 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6

RBI BB 0 2 1 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 3

H 4 5 1

R 4 1 0

April 15 SO PO 0 6 1 2 0 10 2 5 2 1 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 2 3 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 11 27

Game 3 A LOB 5 0 0 0 0 0 3 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 4 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 16 4

ON THE MOUNDA p r i l 1 5 G a m e 3

Old Dominion Huyett, C.J. Smith, Brandon Ali, Dean

IP 6.0 1.2 1.1

ER 0 1 0

BB 0 0 1

SO 3 2 0

Kenneth Belgrave looks to bunt for the Monarchs.

Monarchs secure victory in JMU series finale By: Brian Jerry Staff Writer A three run deficit was erased in the fifth when Shawn Sizemore crossed home plate on an error to score the go ahead run as Old Dominion escaped the wrong side of a weekend series sweep 6-5 over James Madison Sunday afternoon at Bud Metheney Complex.

“Both teams played hard yesterday and today in back and forth games and we got a break today and it was a good way to finish out,” said Monarchs’ head coach Chris Finwood. ODU added two runs in the seventh inning to break a 4-4 tie after Shawn Sizemore led the inning off with a walk. Drew Coker’s sacrifice bunt moved him over to second and an intentional walk to Josh Wright. Josh

monarch mentions • Thirteen field hockey players were named to the National Field Hockey Association National Academic Squad. Players must have a 3.30 accumulative GPA to qualify. • Three Lady Monarch swimmers in Erla Haraldsdottir, Kimberley Rashleigh, and Yesim Girensulu received All-CAA honors. • Arni Arnason earned CAA Swimmer of the Year. This is his third time receiving this award out of his four years as a Monarch.This is his third time receiving the award out of his four years as a Monarch.”

Eldridge’s liner to second base drove in Wright, followed by Chris Baker’s sacrifice fly to center field to bring in Wright from third to grab a two run lead. The Monarchs never looked back. “We haven’t gotten a lot of breaks this year, but there was a nice one for us to get and to win on Sunday.” The home team got rocked early in the fifth inning when the Duke’s Ty McFarland doubled to center field and advanced to third on a sacrifice bunt. Soon after, Bradley Shaban reached base on an error to bring home McFarland and tie the game at one apiece. Aaron Hoover doubled to right field, bringing in another two runs. Casey Goss scored the final run of the inning to give JMU a three run cushion to the

tune of 4-1 to end the inning. C.J. Huyett took the hill for the Monarchs and gave up four runs off four hits, striking out three with no walks in five and two-thirds innings of work. Finwood pulled him with two outs in the fifth to bring in right-hander Brandon Smith, who recorded the final out of the inning. The two relievers combined to give up just one run in the comeback victory. Catcher Josh Tutwiler led the Monarchs offensively with his sixth homerun of the season that cut the lead to a run prior to the team tacking on another to tie the game at four. The win gives the ball club just their twelfth of the year and fourth in the conference after losing 12 of their last 17. Coach Finwood reminds fans

of just how much every game in the conference counts from this point out just to stay in the thick of things. “Every win is huge for us because we’re fighting for our lives to try and get in the [CAA] tournament. We’ve got to win most of them the rest of the way out to have a chance to do that so that’s a good start. Hopefully we can carry that over.” Smith (6-1) picked up the win while Evan Scott of James Madison dropped to 1-4 on the year. The Monarchs head up to Fairfax for a three game set Friday, April 20 against CAA foe George Mason before returning to home April 27 to host Virginia Commonwealth.

Athlete of the Week:

Josh Tutwiler Redshirt Senior

Tutwiler went two of five at the plate on Saturday against James Madison University with two home runs. He recorded three RBIs and kept the Monarchs in the game, who lost a close one, 7-6.


C2 | MACE & CROWN | Wednesday 4.18.2012

Tribe Handled In Regular Season Finale Tune-up at Home By. Brian Jerry Staff Writer

Senior Krystoff Muzalewski handled Adrian Vodislav in straight sets singles play 6-1, 6-1 to seal the regular season finale on senior day over William and Mary 4-3 Saturday afternoon at Folkes-Stevens Tennis Court. “It’s tough today, it’s windy, the conditions are hard and it comes down to who wants it more,” Muzalewski said. “Pretty much every game went down to deuces and advantages but he was just not willing to take the chances. I was and that was the difference.” The Toran, Poland native, alongside Alfredo Rodriguez, claimed their doubles match with an 8-5 thumping over John Banks and Robert Pietrucha. Muzalewski also pointed to the mental advantage he had on his opponent late in the match and felt as though he had the upper hand. “We were in the first few games where it could have gone both ways and then I got on top of him early in the first set,” Muzalewski said. “After that, he kind of never got back into the match, he was always behind. So it’s easier to play when you’re ahead.” Match play was halted before singles play to honor Muzalewski with a ceremony. The senior was presented with a gift and kind words by head

coach Aljosa Piric for his hard work and dedication to the program on the court for four years. “ It’s a great way to send him out since this was the first time he beat William and Mary in his four years here,” Piric said. “That’s what he wanted to do and I’m very happy for him. He’s definitely earned it.” Piric continued with kudos to Muzalewski’s game and prowess on the court during the match. “he [Muzalewski] has been a competitor for us the whole year and every time he gets out there, you know what you’re going to get and that’s going to be a lot of fight and a lot of passion.” Old Dominion came out swinging with the three straight match wins and coach admits that the plan was to start off strong and play like favorites the entire match. “We came out with a purpose today and the purpose was to play like we’re better. We didn’t want to play like underdogs. We wanted to play a team that’s supposed to win,” Piric said. With this victory, the Monarchs have secured their spot in the CAA Tournament and the lone Monarch senior was quick to emphasize the importance of a victory like this for team moral. “It’s great, this locks the fact that we’re the fourth seed and it just gives

you some confidence before the tournament. William and Mary’s always a top team, always a top rival. It’s good to get a ‘W’ right before the conference [tournament].” In other singles action, ODU’s Carlos Lopez Villa took care of the Tribe’s Anton Andersson in straight sets 6-0, 6-2 while Wesley Barrett also secured the win for the white and blue 6-0, 6-3 over Ben Hoogland. The Monarchs finished the day with split singles 3-3. As to what the goals and expectations were for Thursday when the tournament begins, Muzalewski admitted that while a hard effort would be nice, a conference title to cap off his collegiate career would be that much sweeter. “We all want to win. It would mean a lot to me if I can finish my career at ODU with a conference title, but as long as everyone gives their best effort, I’m going to have no regrets.” With Muzalewski and Rodriguez’s doubles win, the Monarchs were able to snag the point via Fahoum Fahoum and Can Cantinel’s 8-5 win over Jacob Braig and Andersson while Lopez Villa and Albert Ochagavia defeated Ben Guthrie and Ilja Orre 8-5. Coach also acknowledged the magnitude of a win like this just days before taking the court for tournament action.

Monarch returns a low ball with a backhand. “This was definitely a good win and helps with seeding,” Piric said. “We’re going to prepare for our first round, whoever they may be and our guys are excited to play. I’ll look forward to it.”

The CAA Tournament begins Thursday, April 19 while Old Dominion will begin conference match play on Friday.


Wednesday 4.18.2012 | MACE & CROWN | C3

The Season of Competition Spring Practice Brings High Levels of Competition for Veteran Football Monarchs

ODU football stretches out before practicing. By: Ben Decowski Senior Writer The Old Dominion University football Monarchs are in the middle of their spring practice schedule as they prepare for their fourth season in 2012. “They’re very highly motivated right now. As we talked about as a team, we finished second in the CAA [Colonial Athletic Association] as a team last year and we finished second to Georgia Southern, so we didn’t win anything last year and our goal this year is to win something,” head coach Bobby Wilder said. The Monarchs have a veteran group of players this year. There are 47 players on the current roster that have playing experience and 18 of those players are seniors. “…I would say this is a veteran team of experienced players and their experience has been winning,” coach Wilder said of his team that has gone 27-8 over the last three seasons. The Monarchs are losing a couple of leaders on the team to graduation this year like quarterback

Thomas DeMarco and defensive tackle Ronnie Cameron. That doesn’t mean that leadership is lacking in the Monarchs’ locker room though. “One of our discussion points as a team this year has been the fact that leadership is influence, how you influence your teammates, and I feel like for this veteran group that we have right now we’re getting that proper influence whether it’s on campus, in the classroom, in the weight room, on the practice field,” coach Wilder said. Other than leadership, the football team is focusing on becoming more competitive. “Our personality right now is being established as a very competitive group and that’s the goal. To have the most competitive football team we’ve had in our brief history,” coach Wilder said. Competition runs deep in spring practices and coach Wilder explained that they are playing a bit of a numbers game to create a competitive atmosphere. The team will start out with 95 players for preseason camp that starts on Aug. 4 before being trimmed down to comply with the CAA rules.

“First number we work off is 56 and we work off 56 because that’s what you’re allowed to have for a travel roster,” coach Wilder said. The 56 players that make the travel roster are the players that get to dress for home and away games. “So they’re competing for those 56 spots first and foremost and then they’re competing for one of 11. They’re trying to be one of the 11 that starts on special teams, defense or offense and when you talk about that, that’s where that word ‘competitor’ comes in,” coach Wilder said. The coaching staff also holds an open competition at every position so none of the returning 18 starters are guaranteed their spot next season. “Those 18 guys are competing right now to hold onto their spots and they’ve got a bunch of other guys right now that are saying, ‘no I want that spot,’ so that competition is really strong right now,” coach Wilder said. On top of that, the coaching staff posts updated depth charts for the team that shows where every player is on offense, defense and special teams. “It’s evaluated on a daily basis by the coaching

staff and that’s what makes for a lot of competition,” coach Wilder said. The Monarchs have a spring game on Aug. 21 and it is no surprise as to what coach Wilder wants to get out of the game. “Competition. I want the players to have a mindset and an attitude that they’re going to go into S.B. Ballard stadium in front of a good crowd and they’re going to compete and try to set themselves up for having an excellent 2012 season,” coach Wilder said. The Monarchs have a long way to go before their regular season kicks off on Sept. 1 against Duquesne at Foreman Field, but they aren’t wasting any time preparing for 2012. The team knows that after their program’s early success, teams are going to be coming after them hard next season. “The Old Dominion name is now out there across the country in FCS football with the fact that we ended the season ranked number 10 in the country,” coach Wilder said.


C4 | MACE & CROWN | Wednesday 4.18.2012

ODU Freshman Sailor Looks to Qualify for 2012 Olympics By: Matthew McCracken Sports Editor A gifted athlete is not the only one who has to pick a school to attend for their particular sport, but the school must pick them as well. Old Dominion picked the right freshman in skipper Andrea Luna. In her first year as a Lady Monarch sailor, Luna has already teamed up with Ariana Baker to take fourth in the Maisa Open A Division Race. On top of that, the pair has also taken four in the Top 9 Regatta B Division Race and fifteenth in the Women’s Atlantic Coast Championships B Division Race. Luna, who won’t turn 19 until October, will get a chance to further represent her individual talent in the Laser World Championships. Taking place from May 15 to May 20, Luna will represent her country, Venezuela, in their last chance to qualify for the 2012 Olympics.

It means a lot for me, it was a goal of mine a couple years ago Luna said, “It means a lot for me, it was a goal of mine a couple years ago,” in regards to being a part of the Venezuelan national team. The Laser World Championships take place on the German Baltic Coast in Boltenhagen, Germany. Winners will fill the last 25 percent of Olympic

qualifiers. There are 140 women and 170 men competing. “I think it’s an awesome opportunity that my national federation gave me. I’m really excited about it.” The majority who qualified for the 2012 Olympics did so at the ISAF Sailing World Championships in 2011 in Perth, Australia. Two girls will represent Venezuela including Luna. If they win, there will be a decision on who will represent their country in the 2012 Olympics. Luna said, “They have to decide who is better for conditions, for the wind, current and everything related.” On top of a chance to compete in the Olympics, winning in Germany would also give Luna the prize of Under-21 champion. Quick to say she isn’t looking past Old Dominion’s remaining season, Luna was chosen as a freshman to represent the Lady Monarchs. “I have been sailing a lot even though I’m a freshman. I keep working hard, I have to keep working hard,” Luna said. At Old Dominion, Luna concentrates more on her sailing with a teammate, while in Germany, she will be asked to sail solo. Two different boats, Luna will try to get as much practice as she can in for Germany, but refuses to shadow her commitment to ODU sailing. “I want to represent ODU as best as I can. I want to show everybody what we can do, especially as a sailing team.” With the mindset to work hard for continued success, Luna is in the right direction towards success not only as a sailor, but as a person in general.

Old Dominion sailing communicates during race.

T he CAA S core C orner Women’s Lacrosse

Old Dominion 14 vs W&M 10 Old Dominion (4-11)

1 Reymann, Rebecca 2 Bernardini, Lisa 4 Collins, Jordynn 5 Wright, Sarah 7 Burns, Alexandra 10 Dragon, Alyssa 17 Bermingham, Mary 20 Davis, Shelby 21 Johnson, Courtney 22 Hartrum, Rebecca 30 McBee, Hannah 32 Geary, Sarah 6 Austerberry, Emily 12 Liberty, Jess 14 McCormick, Kallie 15 Rogers, Meredith 25 Rea, Christinia


GA 0 1 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 8

A 1 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5

Sh GB DC TO CT FPS 3 0 0 1 0 0-2 8 3 1 1 3 2-3 2 0 0 0 0 2 1 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 2 0 0 1 0 0-1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 5 0 0 1 0 0-1 1 1 0 0 2 1-1 0 7 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0-1 2 0 0 0 0 0-1 27 15 4 10 9 3-10

Foul 1 1 3 3 2 2 1 4 3 1 1 24

Men’s Tennis ODU 4 vs. William & Mary 3

Singles No. 1 - Krzysztof Muzalewski (ODU) def. Adrian Vodislav (W&M) - 6-1, 6-1 No. 2 - Carlos Lopez Villa (ODU) def. Anton Andersson (W&M) - 6-0, 6-2 No. 3 - Ben Guthrie (W&M) def. Albert Ochagavia (ODU) - 4-6, 6-3, 6-3 No. 4 - Wesley Barrett (ODU) def. Ben Hoogland (W&M) - 6-0, 6-3 No. 5 - Robert Pietrucha (W&M) def. Can Cetinel (ODU) - 6-4, 6-4 No. 6 - John Banks (W&M) def. Alfredo Rodriguez (ODU) - 6-7, 6-3, 10-5 Doubles No. 1 - Fahoum/Cetinel (ODU) def. J. Braig/Andersson (W&M) - 8-5 No. 2 - Lopez Villa/Ochagavia (ODU) def. Guthrie/Orre (W&M) - 8-5 No. 3 - Muzalewski/Rodriguez (ODU) def. Banks/Pietrucha (W&M) - 8-2


D1 | MACE & CROWN | Wednesday 4.18.2012

opinions SEXcapades By: Easy A Staff Writer

The Old Spice commercials are a revolution in the advertising world. Everyone laughs at the ridiculous situations that they present in their commercials. Similar to Old Spice, Axe presents women with an overwhelming attraction to a man with their deodorant spray. I believe that the events portrayed in these commercials are not too far off from the mental images that appear in a woman’s mind after smelling the scent of these two brands. I call it the “Axe Effect”. The “Axe Effect” is the moment when a woman smells the Axe or Old

Spice aroma coming from a man. She takes a deep breath in and exhales out with a noise that suggests pleasure. For example, an “ahhh” or “oh!” The following story is absolutely crazy and sounds like a lie, but it‘s real. Last spring, one of my guy friends moved in with my female roommate and I for a few months. The absolute best part about him living at our house was the moment when he opened the door after the shower. The smell of the gods filled the hallway and wafted into our rooms. Simultaneously, my roommate and I would come out of our rooms and into the living room to bask in the aroma that was his Old Spice body wash.

The Smell of Sexy Once we found out that he did the “double-pits-to-chesty,” our dignity went downhill. As crazy as it seems, we asked him to put on his deodorant spray in the hallway so we could smell it, too. Laughing at us, he agreed to leave his door open after the “double-pits-to-chesty” application. The “Axe Effect” can happen when you least expect it, and it doesn’t only happen after a shower; a guy can be walking past and the wind blows in the right direction, filling your nose with his scent. I love that moment, as it’s a nice surprise. For me, a guy instantly becomes cuter if he smells amazing. So, all you men out there, smelling like either of these two products is a definite plus in your favor.

Release the Cracken: By: Matthew McCracken Sports Editor Ladies and gentlemen, it’s sad to say, but this will be my last column. Well, if you keep up with me, this is probably my first column in two months. But hey, I’m trying to graduate on May 4 with no excuses, so excuse me. While I embark on my new career, wherever or whenever that starts, I just wanted to thank all of you who have stayed loyal to the Mace and Crown sports section. Since starting to write the spring semester of my sophomore year, I’ve witnessed plenty as a sports writer, assistant and editor. From being the only sports editor to not go to the NCAA Tournament for basketball to the only one being able to say he traveled to an away game for football, I am truly humble towards the Mace and Crown. I once thought journalism as a whole was nerdy, but this publication showed me that it can take you places no one else can. I’ve sat courtside at three CAA Basketball Tournaments, two men’s and one woman’s. I’ve covered every sport from

tennis, sailing, rowing, basketball, football, baseball, soccer and even written a piece on Nascar, which I still know nothing about. I’ve offended people for things I have written about, but also have been praised for covering athletes and sports that others haven’t. Usually, my column has to do with a sporting event that needs to be dug into. Or about an athlete’s actions that upset me in some way. This time, I’m just honored to be able to write one more column, to say thank you one last time, and to wish everyone the best of luck in their future endeavors. My word count is at 288 right now, and I don’t want to take up the entire opinion section about how grateful I am of my time at Old Dominion. I realize I’m not going professional in journalism anytime soon, but thank you for making me feel like one during my time here. Continue reading the Mace and Crown for years to come, they are heading in the right direction. And one last message to our new sports editor, whoever it may be: Don’t get rid of our monarch mentions, five buck boxes, athletes of the week and CAA score corner. Please and thank you.

It is Strawberry Time in Pungo, VA By: Megan Stamper Staff Writer Just saying the word “strawberries” makes my mouth drool. Their sweet taste and iconic shape have inspired The Beatles, a cartoon character, and Pop-Tarts. If you ask me, they are the best fruit; I have never met anyone who did not like strawberries. If you are like me and adore those fresh, red, delectable bites, then you will be pleased to know that strawberry season is early this year. Farmers in Pungo, VA are preparing early for the huge amounts of “you pickers” who

will start invading the fields this week. Strawberry picking is not only fun and scenic, but also economical. At Brookdale Farms, strawberries go for $1.69 per pound in Pungo and $1.80 per pound in Chesapeake. The twenty-ninth annual Pungo Strawberry Festival is one of the largest county festivals in the area. Attractions include a parade, pie eating contest, fresh produce and homemade goodies, mechanical bull riding, carnival games, live music, pig races, a livestock show, and of course, strawberry picking. The festival is a nonprofit organization and all proceeds

are donated to local charities. Pungo is expecting a crowd of over 120,000 to attend this year’s festival. The festival will be Memorial Day weekend, May 26 and 27, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day. The festival will be held in downtown Pungo. Admission is free, but parking is $5. The parade will be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday. After you go to the festival and pick gratuitous amounts of strawberries, there is an array of treats you can create. There is the usual strawberry jam, strawberry shortcake, and chocolate covered strawberries, but here are some other ideas to consider:

Pull Up J

I apologize for the relevance of my article, but I wanted to write about Bubba and his Masters win. It wasn’t exactly the playoff everyone was hoping for Thursday morning, which would have been a Tiger v. Rory or Tiger v. Mickelson, but Bubba Watson and Louis Oosthuizen provided some excellent golf for a reasonably subdued Masters weekend. The first weekend of April is littered with history and tradition from Augusta. I won’t pretend to know all about the legends who have played those 18 holes, but I remember seeing Tiger win his first major in 1997, as well as when he won in 2001 and held all four major titles at the same time. Even Phil’s first major came at the ’04 Masters. It is the tournament of all tournaments for golf fans. The organization has always taken itself too seriously, from banning African-American members for so long and still not allowing women members. It prides itself in its invitationonly based membership and “our poop don’t stink” attitude. So it was perfect for a guy named Bubba to be the latest to join the green jacket club. Bubba Watson epitomizes everything good in golf. He uses a pink driver to support breast cancer research and wore all white for the tournament to raise awareness for children with disabilities. He thanked his alma mater, the Georgia Bulldogs, before his “lord and savior Jesus Christ.” In a tournament based on precision and accuracy, he won with the most ridiculous shot of the tournament, a 40-yard

Strawberry Salad: Wash and dry strawberries, slice lengthwise and place in a bowl with vinaigrette. Add six oz of spinach, 1/3 cup pine nuts, toss well, and top with feta cheese. Strawberry Salad Dressing: Place one cup of strawberries, one tablespoon of vinegar, one dash of pepper, sugar, and salt in a blender or food processor; process until pureed, stopping once or twice to scrape down the sides. Add two tablespoons of oil and process until smooth. Cover and refrigerate for up to two days. Strawberry Tarts: Blend 2/3 cups sugar, 2 ½ tablespoons of cornstarch, and a pinch of salt. Stir into one cup

hook from the forest that ended up 15 feet from the hole. The tournament seemed to be headlined by near misses. Tiger’s near miss to being relevant in a serious tournament and Lefty’s near miss to join the four jacket club with Tiger, Jack, who has six, and Palmer. It was McIlroy’s near miss at redeeming himself after last years Sunday meltdown, he chose Saturday to melt down this time, and Lee Westwood’s near miss to win his first ever major. The tournament may well be remembered for Oosthuizen’s albatross on the par 5 second. A simply sublime 235-yard second shot that took the line at the beginning of the green and never faltered before it found the bottom of the pin. The ball looked destined to find the hole, such as how sweet a swing Oosthuizen possesses. It was the first every double eagle hit on the second hole and only the fourth double eagle in the history of the Masters. Mickelson seemed destined to grab the jacket after an amazing 31 on the back nine Saturday afternoon. He went into Sunday in the final pairing, a place any golfer dreams of being, but had his entire tournament fall apart on the par 3 fourth. A wayward tee shot had his ball find the grandstands and, after a few bounces, find itself in a bush. Lefty has never been one to admit defeat and instead of taking his third shot at the tee, he tried to sneak the ball out and finished the hole with a hideous seven. But the weekend was deservedly about Watson who broke into a waterfall Niagara may be jealous of when his ball found the hole on his second putt of the second playoff hole. He immediately embraced his caddie Ted Scott, before moving on to his mother and his friends following him. Watson reminded all of Augusta not to take themselves too seriously. And with his long drives and recovery shots, don’t be surprised to see Watson start the waterworks a couple more times this year. of apple juice and cook over medium heat until smooth and thick. Let cool for ten minutes. Spread a little bit of the mixture over 12 baked tart shells. Arrange berries over the glaze, slicing if necessary. Pour the remaining glaze over the tarts. Chill for two to four hours and put some whipped cream on top. Some of the farms participating in “you pick” strawberry season: Brookdale Farms: 2060 Vaughan Road Flanagan Farms: 1707 Princess Anne Road Flip Flop Farmer: Indian River Road and New Bridge Road Cromwell Farms: 3116 New Bridge Road For more information on the festival and strawberries, visit The twenty-ninth annual Strawberry Festival can be found at 1776 Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach 23456.


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