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VOL. 52, ISSUE 23 | APRIL 6, 2011

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SGA elections on the way Three candidates show promise for president by

Christian Ernst News Editor

Justin True, current Student Government Association president, is graduating, which means the coming elections guarantee a new president. Three candidates have shown promise for the job, and have a variety of experience. The three candidates are Amber Thichangthong, Luis Ferreira and Waylin Ross. All three candidates are experienced leaders on the campus, but students must now decide who will best represent them for the coming year. While these three candidates are the declared candidates to date, applications are still available until Friday. The elections are scheduled for April 19 and 20. Amber Thichangthong is the only candidate not currently within SGA. She is a member of several organizations, including Student Activities Council and the Office of Service and Civic Engagement. She is also the president of the Filipino American Student Association. “I think people see me as the person who’s always around,” said Thichangthong. She also said students know her for being friendly and committed, as well as being willing to do the dirty work. Thichangthong also said she wanted to better represent the student body through SGA, including starting a WODU radio show where SGA matters could be discussed. “I want to do an internal overhaul,” said Thichangthong. Waylin Ross is the director of communications for SGA this

credit Mace & Crown Luis Ferreira is current Chief Justice of SGA and one of the three candidates for SGA President.

year, and has worked closely with the organization. “I believe as a director I was perfectly in the middle of the hierarchy so that I understood all that goes into decisions that the executives make, as well as being close to senators and students so that I understand what they want and what they deserve,” said Ross. Ross also said that he wanted SGA to be a provider for student organizations, enabling them to better program and plan events. He also believes he has what it takes to be the next president. “I believe the student body is behind me. I think they trust me, in that they trust that I know what it takes to be president,” said Ross. Luis Ferreira is SGA’s chief justice, the same position True held before he became president. “As Chief Justice I have learned the rules and regulations that govern our association,” said Ferreira. “This knowledge is critical

credit Mace & Crown Whalin Ross is Director of Communications for SGA and is also a candidate for SGA President.

Courtesy of Dominique Nguyen Amber Thichangthong is the only Presidential candidate not currently a member of SGA but has experience with several other student organizations.

to ensuring that we are serving the interests of the students because the bylaws and constitution are approved and written in the best interest of the student body.” Ferreira also believed he could improve on some the struggles currently faced by SGA. “Miscommunication has been a big concern,” said Ferreira. “I would ensure that every member of SGA is on the same page, from the bottom-up and vice versa. If there are errors on our part, we need to be accountable and do everything on our part to remedy them in the most effective and timely manner.” There are five positions up for election including president. The office of Vice President has three applicants, including Keshaun Pearson, Collin Rodino and Fred Tugas. Speaker of the Senate, currently occupied by Rodino, also has three applicants; Justin Farrell, Justin Vigil and Vince Dianora. Treasurer and secretary are also up for grabs in the upcoming elections. Applications for all five positions can be obtained in the Office of Student Activities and Leadership.


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ODU Big Blue Summer Camp Melissa Flippo News assistant


With summer only a few weeks away, Old Dominion University is once again hosting the “ODU Big Blue Summer Camp.” With the possibilities of five different summer camps for children ages 6 through 12, there are plenty of options for the summer. Registration for the ODU Big Blue Summer Camp is currently in progress and will end May 1, 2011. After May 1st, registration may still be open but a $25 application fee will be applied. There is a summer camp theme for every personality type, from the adventure seeker to the not-so-adventure seeker. The five camp names within the “ODU Big Blue Summer Camp” are: Sports Camp, Kid Fit Camp, Adventure Camp, Art Camp and Rock Climbing Camp. The camps start June 20 and last until August 12. Each camp is about four days long. The Adventure Camp, Sports Camp and Rock Climbing Camp will be held twice throughout the summer. The Sports Camp is a fun way to get kids involved in spots and teach them a little something about traditional as well as non-traditional. Children can be expected to be on the go as they play each sport to learn the ropes. Kid Fit Camp is designed to get kids to exercise in a fun atmosphere. Don’t worry it is not a baby boot-camp but instead the kids will learn to be fit by learning to dance. These dances will include: Zumba, African dance, hip-hop and belly dancing. Not only will the children learn about fitness but they will also be taught about healthy eating habits. The Adventure Camp is a way to get the kids outdoor. Some of the camp “activities may include rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, biking, and ‘Leave-No-Trace’ training for all ages and experience levels,” per the ODU Big Blue Summer Camp information flyer. The kids will be safe with qualified staff on hand to help and guide them. The Art Camp is designed for the non-adventurous kid in mind and is a way for children to express themselves artistically. The arts and crafts will include “ceramics, T-shirt creations, painting, drawing, beading, lanyards & braiding, macramé, papier-mâché and plaster projects, wood projects, block printing and nature crafts.” The Rock Climbing Camp is exactly as the title says. It is camp that is designed to teach kids to focus and build their strength. Kids will be closely monitored by staff that is certified. With activities that will cater to every child this is the perfect alternative to daycare. The typical day lasts from 9:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. and extended hours are available for an extra $20. Extended hours are from 7:30 a.m. till 5:30 p.m. “ODU Camp Big Blue makes summer a fun, happy and safe experience for

History is preserved in Casemate Museum by Amanda David Assistant News Editor

Fort Monroe is the largest stone fort in the country. Inside the fort lies the Casemate Museum which documents the long history of Fort Monroe. Paul Morando, Director of the Casemate Museum, said, “The museum really captures the history of Ft monroe spanning from the beginning the fort in 1819,” said Paul Morando, Director of the Casemate Museum. “It talks about the history of the Army and how the Army used Fort Monroe as a defensive structure initially and then over time how the Army sought different missions to continue operating.” The museum is inside the fort, so lighting is dim and the atmosphere is damp. The archways are low throughout the museum. Scattered throughout the museum are military uniforms, weapons, old newspaper clippings, plaques of information and mannequins on display with various props ranging from cannons to pianos. The museum said that Fort Monroe was built between 1819 and 1834, after the War of 1812, as a way to protect the Hampton Roads area from a Naval attack. It was initially called Freedom’s Fort because it served as a refuge for thousands of runaway slaves during the civil war. The Casemate Museum website states, “Fort Monroe is also the place at which Major General Benjamin Butler made his famous ‘contraband’ decision, by which escaping slaves reaching Union lines would not be returned to bondage.”

STUDENTAFFAIRS.ODU.EDU Big Blue Summer Camps offer a chance for younger students to get a taste of the campus. your child,” Jean Holt said, Ed.D., CRSS, Summer Camp Director. “Our specialty program’s intent is to provide a quality camping experience to support parents in their desire for their children to grow to their fullest potential. Each child has talents and skills to develop, energy to burn, and huge reservoirs of creativity that need to be encouraged.” Christina Bein, a resident of Chesapeake, thinks the program is a great idea and looks forward to when her children will be old enough to participate. “Kris would enjoy the Adventure and Sports camp; he’s been asking to play football. Lena would probably enjoy it if she was old enough,” Christina said. For more information on fees and schedules, please visit recsports or call (757) 683-3384 to contact the ODU Recreation and Wellness office.

Former Confederate President Jefferson Davis’ prison cell is also located inside the museum. Originally, the Casemate Museum opened in 1951 to show where Davis stayed as a prisoner for two years. The room where Davis was guarded day and night features a bed with shackles on top, a writing desk, and a small window. “The museum covers every aspect of the vast history,” Morando said. “It’s a big, big story but the museum sort of breaks it down and gives you a blow by blow picture of what happened here.” On September 15, 2011 the Army will leave Fort Monroe and the state will assume control of the 570-acre property. The museum will continue normal operation after the Army leaves. The fort’s fate is still undecided. The Fort Monroe Authority is attempting to get the fort into National Park status when the Army leaves later this year. It is going to take an act of Congress. “We want to have this thing done by the time the Army leaves, and have the National Park Service ready to take on that management responsibility,” Bill Armbruster, executive director of the Fort Monroe Federal Area Development Authority, said to The Virginian-Pilot. If approved, Fort Monroe would join the ranks of the Acadia, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon. Visitors are welcome to venture outside the museum and explore the ramparts of Fort Monroe. The top of the fort is covered with grass and giant metal disks embedded into the ground where cannons used to nest. A walk around the ramparts is 1.3 miles and offers a good view of the area sur-

rounding the fort, including the historical buildings and a view of the Chesapeake Bay. One of the most unique characteristics of the site is a pet graveyard. “I can tell you that there are cats and dogs and birds and maybe even a goldfish buried up there [on the ramparts],” said Casemate Museum Collections Manager Clair Samuelson. “In the late eighties the post commander said we couldn’t do it anymore.” More than one hundred animals are buried on the ramparts of Fort Monroe. Most are adorned with stone plaques any human would be proud to have as a headstone. The City of Hampton’s tourism bureau created iPod walking tours for many places in Hampton, including Fort Monroe. “You can essentially guide yourself around ft monroe with information and images about the particular site that you go to,” Morando said. “It’s a great tool for those folks who don’t want the standard tour.” Until September, Fort Monroe will be an active operating base. Which means that visitors will need proper photo identification and a vehicle registration to gain access to the base. The Casemate Museum is open from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. seven days per week, closing on major holidays. Admission is free. For more information about the Casemate Museum call 757-788-3391. “I enjoy the environment the most,” Samuelson said. “It’s a 19th-century building. You can’t beat that.” Visit for a photo essay of The Casemate Museum


wednesday 4/6/2011 | MACE & CROWN | A3

Tax deadline extended Markia Robinson Contributing Writer


Sweating bullets because you have yet to file your 2010 income taxes? Don’t worry, because the Federal Government is giving you three extra days to fill out your forms. That’s right; the deadline is being extended this year. Instead of long lines and extended hours at the post office on April 15th, the festivities are being held off until Monday, April 18th. While the deadline is subject to extension when it falls on a weekend or a federal holiday, this year it is extended thanks to the observance of the Emancipation Day in the District of Columbia. The public holiday, which is usually observed on April 16th is moved forward a day because it falls on a Saturday. The deadline to file taxes is then held off until Monday, so that the residents of D.C. can properly observe the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Compensated Emancipation Act. Still need help getting your matters together before April 18th? The professionals at the IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center, located at 200 Granby Street, are available to answer questions. If you make less than $49,000 annually they are also available to prepare your taxes Monday through Friday from 8:30-5:30, should you qualify. The United Way of South Hampton Roads also has trained volunteers on hand to prepare taxes for qualified individuals. All Volunteers are trained and have passed an exam administered by the IRS. Rather to do them yourself? The IRS offers free software on their web-

site for individuals making less than $58,000 annually. Megan Burnham, PhD, CPA and assistant professor of Accounting at Old Dominion University, offers a few suggestions for credits and deduction that are commonly overlooked. “For students, I would suggest making sure they take advantage of the American Opportunity Credit (an update on the Hope Credit) or the Lifetime Learning Credit. Students should make sure that they include all of their eligible expenses, including textbooks and supplies”. For students who are already paying on their loans, Dr. Burnham has a tip for you too, “Also, if students are already paying interest on their student loans, they should take advantage of the student loan interest deduction”. No matter which option you decide to use, Dr. Burnham urges the public to double check your math, and be sure you are using the correct tables for your calculations. Be sure you are using the correct social security number or tax ID number. Last but not least, do not forget to sign your forms. If the extension is not enough for you, file an extension. Dr. Burnham warns, that all penalties are due by the April 18th deadline even if you file an extension. If you are unable to pay in full, contact the IRS to set up a payment plan. Next year for President’s day we have one more thing that Abraham Lincoln should be remembered for. Not only did his Compensated Emancipation Act set people free of slavery, but it also gave us an additional three days to watch the dancing Statue of Liberty on every corner.

While many expect tax day for be April 15, the new deadline is April 18th.


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arts enter tainment The 21st Century Slave Trade ODU Students Host Human Trafficking Awareness Event by Alyssa

Narvell Staff Writer

ODU student Anna Zakharova stepped up and turned her feelings into action. Zakharova’s mission was to create a campus-wide awareness of the worldwide criminal act of men, women and children being trafficked for sexual exploitation and forced labor, also known as human trafficking. She created a day-long event designed to provide students with entertainment, education and emotional connections to the people all around the world who are victims of human trafficking. Starting at 5 p.m. on April 2, Zakharova and ODU student group the F.O.R.E.I.G.N.E.R.S. held a Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign to help raise awareness of the horrors of human trafficking and to raise money for rescue missions. Human trafficking is defined as, “the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation,” according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes. Many of these crimes focus on young women and children from underdeveloped countries, but anybody anywhere can be a victim. “We wanted to draw people’s attention and raise awareness. Human Trafficking is the second largest criminal business in the world, and people need to know about it,” said Anna Zakharova, a student from the Ukraine, who is also an ODU graduate student majoring in International studies. This event consisted of a human trafficking Awareness Walk throughout Old Dominion’s campus, which was then followed by presentations by President Broderick and worldwide leaders, such as Ramesh Sapkota, who is the leader of the organization KI Nepal. This is a program which assists rescued human trafficking victims recover. Followed by these presentations was a benefit concert featuring two bands, Crossword and Bryan Fine, who performed to help raise awareness for the victims of modern day slavery. Visual awareness was also portrayed throughout Webb center with pictures and posters graffitied with facts about human trafficking to raise awareness of any and all passer-bys. Jewelry and other small accessories were also being sold to raise money for rescue centers. One of the human trafficking organizations that was featured at this event was the Blue Heart Campaign against human trafficking. This organization’s purpose is to encourage involvement in

Kathleen Hanna Mace & Crown Visual awareness was also portrayed throughout Webb center with pictures and posters.

spreading awareness of this crime and to inspire action in people all across the world to help stop this crime once and for all. For more information on how you can help, visit the Blue Heart Campaign’s main website This event was co-sponsored and supported by the Greenbrier Church, the Office of Intercultural Relations, Delta Zeta Sorority, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. Sigma Nu Fraternity, Sigma Lambda Upsilon Sorority, Inc. the ODU Philosophy club, as well as graduate members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Kathleen Hanna Mace & Crown ODU student group the F.O.R.E.I.G.N.E.R.S. held a human trafficking awareness campaign to help raise awareness.

Kathleen Hanna Mace & Crown Delta Zeta was one of the co-sponsors of the event.


wednesday 4/6/2011 | MACE & CROWN | B2

“ODU Art Rocks!” Art Department takes a trip to New York City Ethan Shaw Staff Writer


Abruptly awoken by the cheerful voice of the bus driver on the intercom, ODU students and faculty wiped the sleep from their eyes at the sight of the sun rising over the New York City skyline. We arrived bright and early at 6:30 Saturday morning, March 26. A seven-hour drive on two Sprinter Buses, the fatigue of the epic drive was quickly replaced with awe and excitement as teachers and students set their feet down on the concrete jungle of midtown Manhattan. The day trip was organized and sponsored by the ODU art department and gave students the opportunity to observe the unique architecture of the city and visit the world famous museums that makes New York City America’s epicenter for artistic culture. Students representing a diverse collection of majors including graphic design, art history, photography, art education and me, the lone journalism major, were quickly moved to assigned groups headed by ODU professors. With three groups total, everyone began the day with a hearty breakfast at the Tick Tock Diner located at 481 8th Avenue intersecting at 34th Street. The groups went their separate ways to pursue their individual itineraries, which involved visiting various museums and famous landmarks of the city. Within each group, students were given the opportunity to branch out and explore their individual interests with the only rule being to meet back for the bus departure at 157 West 33rd Street. by 3:30 p.m. Students in the group headed by Professor Elliot C. Jones left the diner and got to ride the famous New

York City subway system from Penn Station to 50th Street by the landmark Rockefeller Plaza. Trying to catch the NBC Today Show, the group quickly broke out in a half sprint down 50th Street to the world-renowned Rockefeller Center. Unfortunately, students missed the show by a mere five minutes, but the small trot left a memorable experience that bonded the group for the rest of the day. With cameras in hand, students visited the NBC Experience Store that held a variety of merchandise; “The Office” character bobble heads and hospital scrubs stitched with the fictional Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital lettering from the hit series “House”. Small cliques of threes and fours went their own way, visiting the famous ice rink in Rockefeller Center (and yes, they still have ice!), Central Park and a host of small shops and gift stores. Eventually Jones’s group met back up at the Museum of Modern Art, popularly referred to as the MoMA, which opened at 10:30 a.m.. It was here that the bulk of the time was taken for many. The MoMA is considered the leading museum of modern art in the world. With six floors labeled Architecture and Design, Drawings, Film and Media, Painting and Sculpture, Photography and Prints and Illustrated Books; students were able to see the works of the most talented and world renowned artists from around the globe. Such artists included Vincent Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Henry Mattisse, Edward Ruscha, Roy Lichtenstein and Barnett Newman. After the museum, exploring and experiencing the city life of Time Square took up the remaining time of the trip. Within the other two groups led by Professors Robert Wojtowicz and Cheryl White, students had the opportunity to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Folk Art Museum, Highline Park, Kim Beck’s Highline Installation and the Chelsea Art Galleries. Being an associate professor of art for ODU for the past 18 years, Jones said, “We believe trips like these are very important for our students, as it gives

Christian Platon Mace & Crown Malik Asante waits for the oncoming subway at Penn Station 34th.

them exposure to art in a way they wouldn’t experience merely from a textbook. It broadens their horizons and should inspire them to greater heights as artists.” Jones later explained how the art department has made trips to Washington D.C. and Richmond in the past, and this endeavor to New York was the first of its kind. Because of its success, it’s easy to see why the art department hopes to make it an annual event. Art Department Chairwoman, Dianne deBeixedon said, “We believe this is a great experience for the students, and dividing into groups like we did was necessary so everyone could see what they really wanted to see.” After ten hours of walking, students were relieved to finally rest their feet and warm up on the busses, a

“Herstory Repeats” by

Jessica Scheck Staff Writer

Teeming with excitement, both male and female attendees filled the large lecture hall in the Mills Godwin building Wednesday, March 30, for “Herstory Repeats,” an event presenting Kathleen Hanna and her work on the feminist movement. “I remember listening to her CDs when I was younger and pissed off at my parents,” said one student. Aside from the comfortable number of students in attendance, the audience also included Cathleen Rhodes, an Old Dominion University professor of women’s studies. Kathleen Hanna, an avid punk-rock musician and crisis counselor, became well known during the span of the 1990s with her bands Bikini Kill, Julie Ruin, Le Tigre and the consciousness raising group Riot Grrrl. Kathleen Hanna gave insight on how she became interested in feminism and other controversial topics during her college years. When explaining her place in what is often known as the “third wave” of the feminist movement,

Kathleen Hanna Mace & Crown Kathleen Hanna visited ODU to talk about her feminism movement

she said: “I feel like learning about our history is a way to have feminism rise and have an importance again.” Her interest in feminism began as a college student, as she chose a class that required one textbook, “The Second Sex,” by the French female philosopher Simone de Beauvoir. This very textbook would later be recalled as her “launching point” for her interests in many varying topics mainly being feminism, but also racism, homophobia and social inequalities. Facing these troubles as a young adult, she decided to use her love of music to present her ideas and problems with the issues at hand and formed her first band, Bikini Kill. In her spare time, Hanna started a discussion group named “Girl Talk,” a place where women could talk about issues and personal experiences of rape, sexism and other troubles that needed to be released in a judge-free environment. From here stemmed the popular slogan “girl power” and gave the feminist movement of the 90s an identity to many. Although the main focal point of Kathleen Hanna’s participation was her underground punk music and girl support groups, it was from there that many ideas spread across the nation. Hanna also talked about the many obstacles she faced while being a musician. These included not only bad mouthers of her music, but also people taking her messages the wrong way, “We weren’t willing to shy away from ideas that were put on us,” she said. “A lot of the times we wrote derogatory words on our stomachs and arms to throw them back at the audience. Make them think about the meaning of them and how ignorant the uses of them are.” It was this strength that inspired many women and men to be part of the feminist movement and start their own groups and put together their own events. “I didn’t care if people said our music was bad. We showed people in our audiences how we played our instruments. I guess I hoped they would think ‘wow they suck. I wanna make my own band,’” she said. Currently, Hanna continues to record new music and write new songs under her solo band Julie Ruin. Aside from continuing her music, Hanna enjoys traveling to different venues encouraging our generation to promote our ideas, stand up to prejudice and continue thriving in the always-changing societal norms.

welcomed reprieve from the 30 degree weather. The seven-hour trip back felt almost non-existent. Most students passed out from a physical cocktail of exhaustion, the feel of the steady flow of heat from the vents and the hypnotic hum of the bus engine. All in all, the trip was a huge success, adding even more to the ODU college experience. Junior Jaimie Phillips said, “I’ve never been to New York before so this was all very new for me.” Other students had similar sentiments and were excited to be able to tell their friends and family members about their escapades in the Big Apple.

This week’s

monarch roars! “Girls, it’s an instant turn off when you walk up to a guy and tell them how hot they are. At least make it a challenge.” “Headphones, they are part of a billion dollar industry for a reason. So use them so I don’t have to hear your crap” “To the girl wearing the “I bleed black & gold” sweatshirt, do you know what school you’re at?” “Dear Norfolk, How about keeping this nice weather around for more than a few days?” “The use of proper grammar is imperative, especially in an English class” “They should call the new ‘Fast and Furious’ movie ‘We’re only angry because we had to do another one of these stupid movies’.” “It’s formal season! Time for no eating and an increase in gym appearances” “My friend lives in the friend zone and doesn’t realize it.. It provides me with a lot of laughter.” “Can Xzibit come back to ODU to host ‘Pimp my Monorail’?” “People, there is a certain protocol on how to get food at ODU.. So learn it, because I’m hungry!!”

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Campus Chaos Baseball vs. George Mason 2pm

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Women’s Lacrosse vs. William & Mary 7pm


B3 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 4/6/2011

Hudson does it again

Workaholics putting in work

Jennifer Hudson’s New Album “Remember Me” is Definitely Memorable by

Gianina Thompson Staff Writer

Jennifer Hudson is back as a new woman with the drop of her sophomore album “Remember Me” ranking No. 2 on the Billboards. The irony of her album’s title speaks a lot of her transformation within the last three years—she is engaged, had to cope with the loss of her mother, murder of her brother and nephew, becoming a mother and dropping 80 pounds! There is no surprise that her transformation is also featured in her music. Ne-Yo, Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys and R. Kelly are just a few of the writers and producers who helped mold this new sound Hudson is going for—a blend of classic and contemporary R&B styles that is complimented with her sultry range of vocals. The album itself does not only speak for those who are in love or those looking for love, but a mix of all sessions of love. The album opens up with the song “No One Gonna Love You.” This song declares a love that is able to overlook any baggage. The theme itself is rare and should spark many hands to go up, while singing along to the lines, “But why run from what’s gonna hold you tight. Through any complications, baby, maybe we can start tonight.” These lines open up the floor for those of us who run from things that may catalyst a deeper love. Hudson is trying to convey that it’s the complications that sometimes build a better nest for love to grow even deeper. Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz use both their talent and experience as newlyweds to write and produce J-Hud’s “Angel,” which speaks of vowing to be the guardian angel for a soul mate. “I was never looking ‘round/Trying to find someone/That’d like to tie the knot/Little did I know/I was in need to find the one that made me feel so heavenly.” This opening verse of the song opens up the theme of love finding you when you least expect. Instead of searching for it, it will find you and transform you into your “lover’s guardian angel.” “Where You At”, produced by R. Kelly, has the bittersweet undertones of one washing their hands of a guy who is full of empty promises and commitment. Hudson even goes outside the box by putting her own signature sound on Nina Simone’s classic “Feeling Good.” “Gone” is a complete 180 from “Where You At”. Hudson speaks about how she doesn’t want to think about life if her man was gone. This song is sure to bring fans reminiscing and thinking of old loves or even future loves from the verse, “Can you imagine/What it would be/Like if we never met? /We never kissed /Can you imagine/If we never got/To spend those nights/In each other’s arms?” The album itself will emphasize any type of emotion in the sessions of love or no-good love. “Remember Me” is in stores now. Target has the deluxe version which includes an Afroganic remix of “Spotlight” and “What You Think,” a live rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” and video footage of her album cover shoot and the making of the album.

MP3LYRICSMANIA.BLOGSPOT.COM Jennifer Hudson releases new album “I Remember Me”.

POPTOWER.COM Comedy Central’s new show “Workaholics” aired April 6 at 10:30 p.m.

Comedy Central Presents the Show Every Post-Grad Dreams Of by

Martin Tucker Staff Writer

Comedy Central’s new gem, “Workaholics,” stars Adam Devine, Blake Anderson and Anders Holm as three post-grads who have found their calling in the telemarketing business. The Kyle Newacheck-directed series is a guide on how to preserve the more dubious parts of college experience in the workplace including sex, drugs and “poop dollars.” Adam, Anders, Blake and Kyle spoke in a conference call about the show’s origin, their relationship as friends and what they hope to accomplish as Comedy Central’s new kids on the block. The idea for “Workaholics” started back when these four friends were trying to make it as aspiring comedians and improv artists. Anders and Adam met at “Second City,” the famous improvisational comedy collective. Kyle and Blake were raised in Concord, California. United by their love of weed and comedy, the four formed an Internet sketch comedy troupe called “Mail Order Comedy.” While “Mail Order Comedy” was under the radar of many Internet comedy sketch groups like “College Humor,” “Reckless Tortuga” and “Derrick Comedy,” they still managed to produce hilarious sketch after hilarious sketch including “ThemeAddict,” “Sausage Fest” and “The Dudes’ House,” the latter of which was a basis for the at home aspects of “Workaholics.” Even though they admit they “tried and failed, and tried again,” as many of their videos had barely 600 views on YouTube, they persevered long enough for Comedy Central to take notice. MTV must be fist pumping in anger, as they had previously shot a hilarious comedy pilot called “Super Seniors” about fifth year high school students and been turned down. What makes their comedy so unique is their genuine relationships with each other. It makes it easy to form an “improve dynamic,” Newacheck said. When asked whether that rock hard friendship might collapse and affect the show, the four agreed that they can and have fought before but have always reconciled, they said, “Boys will be boys.” The four men agreed that they have fought before and have always reconciled, so the idea that their rock hard friendship might collapse and affect their show doesn’t cross their minds. An immediately interesting aspect of the show is that it mirrors their life so well that they have decided to partially film it in the home at which they stay. This genius idea came from simple

convenience as their improv group, Mail Order Comedy, had been shooting web videos at free locations for a long time. Confident in their fanbase, Anders, Adam and Blake don’t have to worry about fans finding their base of operations. Adam said he would actually like to “bring on the sexy crazy fans” and Blake said they can “come over, drink beers and watch Wrestlemania together.” The “Workaholics” get their inspiration from selling steaks over the telephone and delivering pizzas, but they have acknowledged award-winning shows such as “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “South Park” and “Cheers” as influencing their comedy. While “Workaholics” may seem like a mash up of improvisational comedy, college humor and “pancake pizza,” the four entertainers said that in show business “you have to work as hard as you can as long as you can;” and that you must “be dumb enough to think it’s going to happen” or the depression and rejection will consume you. The “Workaholics” advice to graduating college students is to frankly “give up, get a city job, get a house with your best friend, take full advantage of the Internet, pick up a new major and be a student forever.” Newacheck especially said for the audience to “live in the moment, carpe the diem and be a kid forever.” As the “Workaholics” embark on their rise to comedic nirvana, they are aware of the waters they swim in. Los Angeles is a town where everybody’s too cool for school and no aspiring or established comedian or writer will show appreciation even if they are huge fans. They haven’t had too many star moments, as Blake said that he often goes to a yogurt shop only to see people staring at him, but they are usually looking at Ryan Phillippe. Adam hopes his former coworkers and bosses are watching the show, but he has no vengeful feelings towards them. The four have noticed a recent trend of people they never knew in high school contacting them on Facebook and telling them “I always knew you’d make it.” As well as being talented improv artists, actors and comedians, the Mail Order Comedy men are also rambunctious rappers. They have recently released a comedy rap album on iTunes under the name “Purple Magic.” Anders is described as the best lyricist, Adam is the hook-man who wishes for more, Blake is the ODB of the group and Kyle is the RZA. “Workaholics” airs April 6 on Comedy Central at 10:30 p.m.. While Chris Parnell is a confirmed guest, the “Workaholics” have decided to keep a tight lip on others but promise to include “a hero of ours from childhood,” and said “for the most part people in Hollywood were like screw these guys.” They jokingly said that they “went to Paul Walker really hard” to play a pedophile. “Workaholics” is sure to be a memorable show, as fans can expect “keg nog, rapping wizards, not getting laid and professional body building” this season.


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Jake Zimmerman Mace & Crown Senior Lisa Bernardini was one of the bright spots against UVA as she tallied a goal for the Lady Monarchs.

Lady Monarchs Lacrosse lose hard fought game to Virginia Cavaliers by Connie Farmer Contributing Writer

The Lady Monarchs were pumped up and ready to compete against the Virginia Cavaliers at home on March 30. On or off the field, their spirit was contagious to those who made it out to watch on the cold, wet Wednesday night. The Lady Monarchs were determined to improve their 1-5 record so far this season, and were not going down without a hard fight. Unfortunately the Cavaliers played a very solid game, beating the Lady Monarchs with a final score of 9-5. The Cavaliers got a lot of momentum going early in the game, with four goals in the first seven minutes. Old Dominion had only made one goal against Virginia by this point in the game, scored by senior Lisa Bernardini. Although down 4-1 early, the Lady Monarchs kept up their high energy and enthusiasm, working together well on the field and cheering from the sideline. Head Coach Sue Stahl was pleased with the girls’ enthusiasm over the course of the game and said that they played “spirited.”. With 17:05 left in the first half, ODU’s Tracy Reed scored their second goal of the night, assisted by Bernardini. The excitement of this goal was soon shut

down by the Cavaliers’ scoring again within a minute of the Lady Monarch’s second goal and keeping their three shot lead with a score of 5-2. Old Dominion still had 16 minutes left in the half to make up some ground. Unfortunately, the Cavaliers were not making it easy. The Lady Monarchs were unable to make any more goals by the end of the period. The Cavaliers’ Caroline McTiernan scored one more goal with 13:19 left to play in the first half, making the score 6-2 at half time. With 11 shots on net and only two goals, compared to Virginia’s 15 shots on net with six goals, the women were fighting as hard as they could. In the second half, ODU came out ready to make something happen, with Rebecca Hartrum scoring early. The Cavaliers, not letting the Lady Monarchs get comfortable, scored again just over a minute later. This did not intimidate the Lady Monarchs, with junior Alyssa Dragon scoring another goal with 23:37 left in the game to move within three of Virginia. The Cavaliers scored two more goals in the next eighteen minutes, giving themselves a comfortable lead of 9-4 with 5:26 left to play ODU Head Coach Sue Stahl, called a time out at this point in the game. Just 28 seconds after the time out, junior Rebecca Har-

trum scored, bringing the Lady Monarchs within 4 of the Cavaliers. This goal was followed by another great shot by ODU soon after. The Lady Monarchs were fighting one hundred percent in the last 5 minutes of the game. Rebecca Hartrum hits the post with 2:32 left to go. Unfortunately, their efforts didn’t get them the win they were so hoping for. The Lady Monarchs are now focused on beating North Carolina at their next game on Sunday, April 3. What can the girls do better to get a victory against North Carolina? Coach Stahl said that their Achilles heel is the 75-yard- runs that allowed the Virginia Cavaliers two to three goals over the course of the game. “That’s been our weakness this year, we can’t allow those,” said Stahl. “Without them tonight it would have been a pretty tight game.” There were also some opportunities to score against the Cavaliers that Coach Stahl didn’t feel the Lady Monarchs took advantage of. Coach Stahl did, however, like the confidence the Lady Monarchs had in themselves and the other players on the field,” Coach Stahl said. “Our attitude was much better tonight than the beginning of the season. We played better together.”

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Weekly sitdown Right here, Wright now chat with head coach Nate Goulet Brian Jerry Staff Writer


Brian Jerry Staff Writer


Don’t look now, but the ODU baseball team (12-14 overall, 5-4) came off a huge series victory over James Madison University, the best team in the Colonial Athletic Association conference. The series took place between Friday, March 25 and Saturday, May 26, with ODU taking the first one 5-4, struggling mightily in the second game by a final count of 13-2 but were able to pull it all together in the finale to wrap up the series, 10-8. “It was all our players, you know,” said Head Coach Nate Goulet. “It’s tough, we ended up playing a double header on Saturday and they handed to us pretty good the first game and it was all our players,” said Goulet. “They knew how much we CAASPORTS.COM talked about winning the series and you know, we won The Monarchs are 12-14 on the season and Friday night. We lost the 5-4 in the CAA. first game on Saturday and we knew how important it was in the second game to win the series up at JMU. We’ve beaten a pretty good team.” The team is now within arm’s reach of William & Mary for the fifth best record in the conference. “We don’t look down the road,” said Goulet. “I tell these guys day in and day out, we got to play from the first pitch to the last pitch,” said Goulet. “We can’t worry about tomorrow’s game, we got to worry about today’s practice. I don’t want these guys looking too far ahead and checking out other teams’ records. We take it one day at a time and our guys have been doing a pretty good job.” The offensive spark from his bats doesn’t seem to hurt matters either, as redshirt first basement Christopher Baker’s hitting .321, senior right-fielder Nathan Hartman .299 and redshirt junior shortstop Joshua Wright .281. “It’s our hitting coach,” Goulet said. “Tag Monatague and Justin Haywood, they do a good job at teaching the guys the approach, what we want from game to game,” said Goulet. “We get scouting reports on opposing pitchers and fortunately we’ve been in the league for a little bit, myself I’ve been in the league for six years, Tag for two years, so we know some of the pitchers we’re going to see on weekends. We know kind of how they pitched us last year or previous times we played them. So I attribute those two guys for getting these guys’ heads right.” As the conference schedule heats up, Goulet knows the challenge his team faces game in and game out. “I think every team we face on the weekends,” he said. “The CAA seems like the last couple of years, everyone beats up on each other on the weekends,” said Goulet. “It’s doesn’t matter if we’re playing the first place team or the last place team or the team that’s ranked fifth right now. It’s a game of baseball, anything can happen. As long as we play hard, we can make the routine plays, throw strikes and get timely hitting, I like our team against anybody.”

There’s not a whole lot that gets past ODU baseball right-handed redshirt junior shortstop Joshua Wright. So far on the year, the Bridgewater native and Turner Ashby High School product accounts for 62 of the team’s 250 assists while committing only 14 errors and recording an .881 fielding percentage in 26 games. In addition to his stellar defensive number, his production in the batters’ box and base paths are nothing to sneeze at either. Posting a .281 average, Wright has crossed the plate 22 times with 25 hits, six doubles, two triples, six homeruns and 18 runs batted in. He sports a .373 on-base percentage with 11 stolen bases on 13 attempts. All the statistics in the world couldn’t exactly tell you how much this Old Dominion University infielder has meant to his ballclub during the 2011 campaign. “Just hard work, me and the coaches have been going back and forth trying new things, just trying to work as hard as we can to get the outcomes we want,” said Wright. Wright counts on his focus when he steps up to the plate. “I try to focus on the situation, what needs to be done at that time, whether it’s to get a base hit, move a guy over or maybe lay down a bunt to get a guy on base and start the team off with maybe a little rally or something.” In the James Madison series, Wright batted .400 with five

ODUSPORTS.COM Wright has recorded 22 runs and 25 hits in his career.

runs, four hits, three RBI and three walks, and in the process the Monarchs won a series over the team with the best record in the conference. His offensive performance last weekend gave him some confidence going forward. “It’s a huge confidence booster,. I mean, knowing James Madison is one of the elite teams I our conference and knowing we got out there with a series win, it just put a lot of confidence on me and on our team to know that we can go out and beat the best,” he said. On the defensive side of the diamond, Wright is excelling and points to his drill work during the week. “We really work on coming to get the ball because playing a new position here at shortstop, it’s a lot different,” he said. “You need to come get the ball and not wait back on it to get your hop. Don’t let the ball play you, you need to play d-ball, so that’s my main focus.” In addition to the offensive spark he provides for the ODU lineup, having a Preseason All-CAA Honorable mention redshirtjunior first baseman Christopher Baker protecting you in the lineup doesn’t really seem to hurt matters either. “It’s great, I mean he can hit any ball you pitch to him. He’s an outstanding hitter,” said Wright. “It’s makes it a lot easier when you’re hitting in front of him because you know they’re trying to get you out and they don’t want to have to pitch to him. So it makes it a whole lot more comfortable.” Wright was a triple away from the cycle in a win over Northeastern in the series a couple of weeks ago. He went 3-for-5 with two runs and two RBI, including a two-run homerun to left-field in the first inning, a double down the left-field line in the third, with a single to left-field and had no idea he was so close to such a milestone. “No I actually wasn’t, I had no idea until just now but if I would’ve known that, I’d probably tried to hit a triple a little more but it would’ve been a great achievement if I could’ve done that.” A majority of baseball players seem to have someone they’ve followed growing up as a kid in the majors. Wright’s all-time favorite major league shortstop is quite a popular choice amongst the common baseball fan. “AllTime favorite shortstop is actually Chipper Jones,” Wright said. “He plays third base now but he came up as a shortstop. So, I’ve always watched him as a little kid, so he’s my favorite player.” Pitchers Kyle Hald (senior left-hander), Ben Tomchick (junior right-hander), Phil McCarthy (junior right-hander) and Dean Ali (freshman right-hander) combine for 10 wins on the the year thus far. Wright knows how important good pitching is “It’s huge because if we get off to a good start then our pitchers can pitch with confidence and know that they can use their pitches to get people out and not have to worry about striking everybody out or putting up a zero.” With the season almost halfway complete, he stresses what has to happen for both him and his teammates to ensure success on the field moving forward. “We got to keep working hard, never get comfortable where we’re at,” Wright said. “Just keep on progressing and hopefully be able to make it to the conference tournament and then win that thing.”


wednesday 4/6/2011 | MACE & CROWN | C3

Beast(s) of the East Preview of the NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs Matthew McCracken Assistant Sports Editor


No matter how much people wish it wouldn’t end, March Madness and the NCAA Tournament are over and done with. It is April now, ladies and gentlemen, and it is time to move on. Baseball season has started for those who are tired of watching buzzer beater shots, come from behind wins and questionable calls. On the other hand, those who can’t get enough are waiting for April 17, the start of the NBA playoffs. The Eastern Conference of the NBA is known to be easier to get into the playoffs than the West due to lack of wins amongst teams. Although the last let in seed (eighth) will have a losing record, the East has become a powerhouse with superstars on multiple teams. It is no longer about role players in the East, but instead, how many potential superstars can a team rack up at the same time. If the playoffs were to start today, the Chicago Bulls would lead the Conference to host the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers, whom have been known as a joke of the East ever since Reggie Miller retired, are on the rise. Only problem for them is the fact they have to face the Chicago Bulls and Derrick Rose in the first round of the playoffs. Rose is averaging 25 points and 7.9 assists per game, but more importantly, he is leading the race for the MVP honors of the NBA. With an improved jump shot and athleticism one couldn’t wish for, Rose seems unstoppable when in the

zone. Although the Pacers have Danny Granger, an all-star last season, they just don’t have enough guard depth to handle Rose. Their best bet would be to keep the ball as long as possible on the offensive side. Only if that were possible considering Bull’s Joakim Noah averages 11 rebounds a game. With the Bulls having a clear first round victory against the Pacers, the second seeded Boston Celtics have an entirely different journey of their own. As of today, the Celtics would host the New York Knicks in the first round of the playoffs. Two years ago, players and fans are would expect a sweep by Boston. Unfortunately for them, the Knicks now have superstars Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. Stoudemire and Anthony both average 25.5 ppg while Stoudemire also grabs 8.3 rpg. Despite their scoring potential, Boston comes in with experience and the original “big three.” Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce, all of whom are potential Hall-of-Famers, have already won one ring together. Not getting any younger, these three along with their rising superstar point guard Rajon Rondo, look to regain their throne atop the Eastern Conference. The Celtics will have this one in the bag if they stop Anthony and Stoudemire. Wrong. The Knicks also have big shot point guard Chauncey Billups, who’s made a living in the league for hitting buzzer beater threes. Also one of the best free-throw shooters in the game, Billups brings the experience that the Knicks need in the playoffs. Though the Celtics will win this battle, the Knicks have much to look forward to in the 2011-2012 season. The Big Three. Becomes more like the big Two and a Half. During the off-season, the Miami Heat acquired Lebron James and Chris Bosh

THESPORTSBANK.NET Derrick Rose and his MVP caliber season has the Bulls thinking championship as the playoffs approaches.

to add to Dwyane Wade. Although James is one of the league’s leading scorers at 26.6 ppg, Bosh has slacked this year as an “All-Star” with 18.7 ppg. The Heat are third in the conference as of today and would face sixth seeded Philadelphia 76ers. An easy first round win for the Heat, considering the 76ers are a team who play together, but don’t have enough talent to handle James and Wade on the defensive end. The Heat’s biggest problem is playing against teams at the top

Wild Wild West Western Conference Playoff Preview by

Garrison Cole Sports Editor

Throughout the NBA season, most of the focus has been on the superstardom that the Eastern Conference possesses. However, the Western Conference also has star power and all of those stars will be on display when the playoffs start on April 17. The West has a “big four” of teams that are all capable of winning the West this season. The West features names such as Kobe, Durant, Westbrook, Ginobli, Parker, Duncan and Dirk. As the regular season winds down, it’s time to look forward to the playoff runs all teams are hoping to make. At the top of the West are the San Antonio Spurs, who have had the best record throughout the regular season. They are led by the aforementioned Duncan, Parker and Ginobli. The Spurs have championship pedigree and a great coach on the sidelines in Gregg Popovich. Past the three stars, the Spurs also have talented role players who make the team one of the most complete in the league. George Hill, Gary Neal and Dejuan Blair are also big reasons why the Spurs have been successful. In addition, the Spurs have transformed from a team that played great defense, and a half court style offense, to a team that doesn’t mind in getting shootouts. Popovich has let the team loose on offense and the Spurs have flourished under this new philosophy. Even though the Spurs have struggled recently, they will still be a tough out in the playoffs. The team nipping at the heels of the Spurs just happens to be the two-time defending champion Lakers. Led by Kobe Bryant, the Lakers have been scorching since the All-Star break only losing once, while closing the gap on the Spurs to now just a game and a half. The Lakers are the league’s most complete team. They posses everything you look for in a great team. They have tremendous

LIVE.DRJAYS.COM Bryant and the Lakers have gone 17-2 since the All-Star break.

length, tremendous depth, the best player in the league and the best coach in the game. After sleepwalking through the first half of the season, the Lakers have hit their stride and now look like the team to beat in the West. Another team with championship aspirations is the Dallas Mav-

the conference. Not winning once against the Celtics, Miami seems to have a problem against teams with the same amount of talent as them. The last match-up of the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs is between the Orlando Magic and Atlanta Hawks. The Magic, led by Jameer Nelson and Dwight Howard, have been one of the Eastern leaders for the past couple years. Due to the numerous trades that they were a part of, they have seen to of fallen off the map a little bit. The Atlanta Hawks hype has died. Their excuse of being a young team is long overdue. The Magic will take this one in six games. The first round of the playoffs seems predictable in the Eastern Conference with all the higher seeds moving forward. But that’s just it. This isn’t college basketball, where one team only has to win one game against one team to move on. It’s a series, and a long series at that. Even if the Bulls get past the Pacers, they’ll most likely meat up with the Magic in the second round. A bigger, more experienced team. Even if the Celtics get passed the Knicks, they’ll most likely face the Miami Heat in the next round. Although they’ve swept the Heat this season, Miami has star talent that can be turned on in a second. It could be a very sticky situation for the original “Beast of the East.” Experience, home court advantage and rest will all come to affect the outcomes of these series. With the amount of stardom in the Eastern Conference this year, it should make for a great playoff atmosphere. The ball is in every team’s court. Whether they want to be the first to pick it up first is their decision. Tune in April 17 to witness the craziness of the NBA Playoffs, Eastern Conference style.

ericks. The Mavs have one of the most underrated superstars in the game in Dirk Nowitzki. The Mavs have been solid all season long, and with Jason Kidd running the show, have to feel good about their chances as the playoffs draw closer. The keys for the Mavs in the playoffs will be whether or not they can get stops defensively, and whether Nowitzki gets the help he needs for a long and successful playoff run. In playoff failures in the past, his teammates have left Nowitzki by himself in terms of scoring. This season that can’t happen. Jason Terry and Shawn Marion are going to have to play big for the Mavs. The fourth team that thinks they can win the West is the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder are led by the dynamic duo of Durant and Westbrook, one of the league’s top scoring duos. Westbrook is a freak with his blinding speed and improving jump shot. He has the ability to take over games, and some will argue has had a better campaign then Durant. The Thunder made a big acquisition in Kendrick Perkins to go toe-to-toe with the West elite, mainly the Lakers. Since Perkins arrived, the defense of the Thunder has improved by over a five point per game average. Perkins is a junk yard dog on the defensive end, and his nastiness and toughness are just what the Thunder need to win in the playoffs. The Thunder are going to need great production from James Harden and Serge Ibaka if they can overtake the Lakers in the West. The one sleeper team in the West is the Portland Trailblazers. The Blazers have the ability to upset whoever they matchup with in the first round. LaMarcus Aldridge has had a breakout season for the Blazers and has kept the team afloat, while their other stud, Brandon Roy, battles with injuries at different times this season. The Blazers also have good enough wing players to make their series interesting. When it is all said and done, whoever makes it out of the West is going to be battle tested. The storylines and the potential matchups are going to make for great theatre once the playoffs begin. As a fan, that’s all that one can ask for.


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Who Will be wearing the Green Jacket on Sunday?

As the regular season ends, the postseason looms right around the corner An In-Depth Look at the NHL’s Eastern Conference by

PSORIASIS-CURE-NOW.ORG Mickelson is looking to build momentum after capturing a victory in Houston over the weekend.

Masters Preview by Connie Farmer Contributing Writer

The Masters is the most prestigious tournament in golf. Going into this year’s event there are big names searching for a pivotal major victory. Tiger Woods has said his game is close to where he wants it to be. The Masters would be a great place to see Woods get his first victory in over two years. Phil Mickelson is searching for back-to-back green jackets, and once again show why he is one of the top players in the world. Practice rounds for the 2011 Masters are complete. And the tournament takes place Thursday, April 7, through Sunday, April 10. Golf fans are anxiously waiting to see Woods rise to the top of golf again. There are plenty of questions circulating concerning if he will make a comeback, and if so, when. Woods is currently ranked 87th in FedEx Cup points and doesn’t seem to be making any drastic moves. He tied for 24th at the Arnold Palmer Invitational last weekend, a tournament he has won six times in the past. Woods won the Arnold Palmer Invitational in 2008 and 2009, giving him good momentum heading into the Masters. He will have to find other ways to raise his confidence this year. Between the 2007 and 2009 PGA Tour seasons, Woods had a total of 17 wins. In the 2010 and 2011 seasons he has yet to win a tournament. There are some promising debuts at the Masters this year, one being Martin Laird of Scotland, coming in with confidence after

his win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational this past Sunday, March 27. Laird, however, is only one name on a long list of talented European players all looking to put on the green jacket by the end of the week. There are 10 European players in the Top 21 of the world rankings, including Martin Kaymer of Germany (Germany), Lee Westwood and Luke Donald of England and Graeme McDowell of Northern Ireland. American Charley Hoffman has also earned his first invitation to play in the Masters after winning last year’s Deutsche Bank Championship. And let’s not forget about the young rising talent in the field. Rikki Fowler, a very popular young American player, seems to be in great control of his game right now. He has yet to capture a win on the PGA Tour, and a Masters victory would be a memorable first for him. Many eyes will be on Fowler this week, and not just because of his vibrant wardrobe. Hideki Matsuyama, an 18-year -old Japanese player, will also be one to watch after winning the Asian Amateur Championship. This win got him an invitation to the Masters, so he will be contributing to the young talent in the field. Matsuyama finished at a total of 15 under par, winning by seven strokes. His four rounds of 68-69-6567 prove that he is ready to compete. There are a lot of questions that can be asked, and a lot of predictions that can be made, but we will all have to wait until the leading group walks down the 18th hole on Sunday at Augusta to find out who will be wearing the green jacket.

Justin Brown Staff Writer

As the regular season draws to a close and the postseason draws near, the best teams in the NHL are getting ready to make their final push. At this time of year it takes a multitude of things to go right for a team to make that push: a confident goalie, a solid blue line of defensemen and a group of forwards that can put the puck in the net. In the Eastern Conference, the top four teams look extremely dangerous. The Penguins remain in fourth place despite not having Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin for the majority of the season. They have been able to keep pace with talented defensive lines and even more talented goaltender in Marc-Andre Fleury. They had a chance to tie for first place in the Eastern Conference with a win over Philadelphia, but let that game slip away from them. It doesn’t seem as if they are going to be able to move out of that fourth place spot and past the Flyers, but they are sitting comfortably in fourth place and looking down the barrel of a home playoff game. The Boston Bruins possibly have the most talented goalie in all of the NHL in Tim Thomas and the most talented defenseman in Zdeno Chara. Along with the Bruins, the currently eighth seeded New York Rangers could be dangerous matchups for teams in the playoffs. If Thomas or the Rangers’ Henrik Lundqvist can get hot for the playoffs, they are two goalies that can shut down offenses. Lundqvist has been possibly the best goalie all season and, unlike in other sports such as basketball, eight seeds do damage in the

NHL. Last season the eighth seeded Montreal Canadiens were able to defeat the Presidents Cup winner, Washington Capitals and the defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins. The two most dangerous teams in the East, however, appear to be the Capitals and the Flyers. As the Flyers sit at No. 2 in the conference trailing by one point, the two teams have been dominant again this year. Last season the Capitals won the regular season in the East, while the Flyers were the East’s representative in the Stanley Cup Finals before eventually going down to the Chicago Blackhawks. The Capitals have preached defense all year to a team that didn’t really know how to play it last season. The Capitals beat teams by outscoring them and when the puck stopped going in the net last year against the Canadiens, they were unable to put away a team that they should have beaten. Although the injury to Dennis Wideman is going to be hard to overcome personnel-wise, the team has gotten better at defense collectively. The Flyers are a scary team, literally. They are not afraid to hit, smash or throw their bodies around in any game. They like to trash-talk the opponent throughout the game and they make them eat the ice. The Flyers are the defending Eastern Conference champions and look to repeat again this season. While the Flyers haven’t won a Stanley cup since 1975, the Capitals have never won one. Both teams are hungry as has been evident by their play this season. In the four times the Capitals and Flyers have met, all four have gone to overtime and have been spit. Their records are 2-0-2 against each other and if they meet in the Eastern Conference Finals, don’t look for anything different. It is shaping up to be another exciting hockey playoffs and once again, any team can win.

NHLSNIPERS.COM After missing time with injury Ovechkin and the Caps seem to have hit their stride.


wednesday 4/6/2011 | MACE & CROWN | D1


Pull Up J Best Moves of the Offseason Falls to the Red Sox by

Jake Ullrich Staff Writer

Last season was a tough one for Red Sox fans. While their team seemed to have vastly underperformed, a closer look would show injuries and star players who did not carry their weight. Kevin Youkilis, Mike Lowell, Adrian Beltre, Jacoby Ellsbury, Victor Martinez, Clay Buchholtz and J.D. Drew all spent time on the DL. It didn’t help that highly paid pitchers Jonathon Papelbon, John Lackey and Josh Beckett played well below their average. The Red Sox finished 89-73 and seven games behind AL East winners the Tampa Bay Rays. It’s unfortunate because many teams would kill for a record like that, but for an organization with a payroll and following like the Red Sox, it isn’t enough. Many, including myself, were worried Theo Epstein, Red Sox GM would take the summer slow, maybe improve the bullpen but nothing too big. Why should they? Without all the injuries, the Red Sox certainly would have been closer to the playoffs and certainly they’ll go into next year with a similar lineup. Not so close. The Red Sox made a huge signing in Carl Crawford and traded away most of their minor league organization to get Adrian Gonzalez. The Sox also picked up important bullpen pieces like Bobby Jenks, Matt Albers and Dan Wheeler. The different line up possibilities are out the roof and if the pitching performs as it should, the Sox should be a force to reckon with. The most important parts of the team shouldn’t be the new players coming in, but instead the returning pieces. A fully healthy Pedroia, Ellsbury and Youkilis should be enough to see the Red Sox return to dominance, but the new additions make them a scary team. A perfect lineup would be having Pedroia as No. 1, Crawford as No. 2, Youkilis as No. 3,


Bronx Cobra Making Moves by Danielle Buxton Photography Director

I don’t like snakes. As a matter of fact, I can’t stand them. Every time that I look at this picture I cringe. I am severely afraid of the snake in this picture. Sure enough, you can say that it’s just a picture, but when you look at this snake, I’m not going to be the only one afraid. I’m talking about the Egyptian Cobra that escaped from the Bronx Zoo early last week. This snake is just creepy. Even though this cobra is in New York, it’s scaring the living daylights out of me. The cobra became a big deal not only because it is a snake, but it is a venomous snake. Let’s be honest, the people in the Bronx were freaking out. There is no need to deny it because anyone in their situation would be freaking out right now.

Gonzalez as No. 4, Ortiz as No. 5, Drew as No. 6, Saltalmacchia as No. 7, Lowrie or Scutaro as No. 8, and Ellsbury as No. 9. This gives the four best hitters a chance of a fifth AB later in the game. With the game on the line, you’d rather have Pedroia at the plate than Ellsbury. With that being said, batting Ellsbury ninth would basically give you another leadoff hitter. He would be hitting in front of Pedroia as the lineup turns over from 9-1. Another huge factor of the Sox will be their speed on the base paths. While it may seem crazy, a combined 110 stolen bases between Crawford and Ellsbury really isn’t too crazy. Depending on how aggressive Terry Francona plays, expect to see both players a constant threat to steal. Keep an eye on Gonzalez and his numbers. He’s leaving one of the most pitcher-friendly ballparks in Petco Park and entering one of the most hitter-friendly in Fenway. Gonzo should be able to belt doubles against the Green Monster. A Triple Crown? All right maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but expect big numbers. It seems everything will come down to the pitching of the Sox. While Lester and Buchholz both emerged as first class pitchers, the drop off of Beckett and Lackey caused a lot of concern. It seems Lackey realized how much harder it is to pitch in the AL East than the AL West. He seemed to calm down and utilize his fastball much better later in the season, so expect him to perform much better. Beckett comes off the most disappointing season for him in a Red Sox uniform. A positive for Sox fans is after Beckett’s very lackluster first season, he entered the 2006 offseason with a point to prove. He worked harder than ever in the offseason and came back ready to pitch in 2007. Many people are saying Beckett has that same work rate in this offseason so a rebound year may not be out of the question. It’s obvious the AL East is the most competitive of baseball divisions and the additions to the Red Sox will only add to that. For the Boston faithful, anything but a World Series berth will be a disappointment, but with the huge improvements they made, it should happen.

This cobra looks like a pharaoh. My roommate was nearly in tears when I told her that this is King Tut reincarnated as a cobra. Talk about revenge. The cobra has a small head. I’m not the best at math, but I do know that a small head plus a big body equals intense bodily harm. That much I am sure of. The body make up of this cobra is just deathly. Not only is this cobra venomous, the actual body is just mortifying. If this cobra were to have gone loose from the Norfolk Zoo I would have just about lost my mind. I would be afraid to leave my dorm in thoughts of possibly seeing this monster. The Norfolk Zoo isn’t within walking distance of campus, but it is surely close enough for this cobra to make moves and find its way onto Hampton Boulevard. I did think about if this cobra were to make its way to Norfolk. I know it was close to a 0 percent chance of it making it here from the Bronx but still it was a thought. How would the city of Norfolk react if it had an

Egyptian Cobra got loose? My guess is to hope for a huge rainstorm so that the cobra could drown. Of course, we would like to find it and return it to the zoo as soon as possible, but let’s be honest. People would want to see that cobra go down if it threatening us in any way, shape or form. I have one question though. How did this thing escape? This is not “Harry Potter,” where we wanted the glass to disappear and it did, allowing the snake to escape. I just want to know how and why this happened. Thankfully this cobra has been caught and returned back to the Bronx Zoo. Zoo officials said that it would be easier to catch it once it becomes hungry. It took them five days to capture this creature. So I’m guessing that it took five days for it to become hungry. This little fact has immensely increased my fears. Bronx Cobra you have been Caught! You were caught scaring the people of Bronx, New York for five days. I’m happy that you’re home. Let’s just hope that this never happens again.

That’s G

Bryant the Right Choice for MVP


Garrison Cole Sports Editor

A couple of weeks ago, Stan Van Gundy lashed out at the media for already deciding that Derrick Rose was the MVP of. Van Gundy was doing so to back his best player Dwight Howard who is having a MVP caliber season. The media ripped Van Gundy for his comments, but the truth is that he is correct. The only problem is that he’s campaigning for the wrong guy. Derrick Rose has been great all season long, and in any other circumstance he would be a great choice for MVP. However, the real MVP of this season should be Kobe Bryant. Bryant is making a late charge up the MVP board since the All-Star break in which the Lakers have only lost while gaining grown on the Western conference leading San Antonio Spurs. The numbers between Rose and Bryant are very identical. Bryant is sixth in the league in scoring averaging 25.2 points a game. Rose is right behind him at seventh in the league averaging 25.1 points a game. Rose is averaging almost eight assists a game an aspect that he has improved on each year in the league as he transforms into a complete point guard. And I’m not denying that his season has been very impressive. Rose has put up these numbers with his supporting cast mostly missing all season long. Boozer and Noah have all missed time this season, forcing

Rose to step his game up even more. To his credit, Rose has responded. For me it’s nothing that Rose hasn’t done, but what Bryant has done. The Spurs seemed to have a lead that no team in the West could catch. They were playing at an extremely high level and the Lakers seemed to be sleepwalking through the regular season, which is not out of the ordinary for a team that has won back-to-back titles. Then after the All-Star break, the Lakers have just played at a level that makes you realize why they are going for a third straight title. They have won 14 of 15 games, including currently a nine game winning streak. Bryant has been the main reason behind the Lakers’ surge. He is again playing through injuries and showing why he is the best player in the game. Bryant is averaging 25.5 points per game during the Lakers’ nine game winning streak and is the leader of the best team in the NBA. I know how most voters feel when voting for the MVP award. The trend is to vote for the new young commodity that is sweeping the league. That guy is Rose, who has been brilliant all season long. However, just because Bryant isn’t the new kid on the block doesn’t mean he shouldn’t win the MVP. Some will argue that the talent around Rose doesn’t compare to the talent around Bryant. This I will concede as the Lakers’ talent is better than that of the Bulls. But Bryant is the better player, on a team that is playing better, after somewhat struggling through the first half of the regular season. The Lakers have hit their stride, and Bryant has hit his as well. So Van Gundy was right; the media has decided that Rose is the MVP a little too early. Those who haven’t filled out their ballot should rank the “Black Mamba” as their MVP. It’s time to give him the credit that he deserves.

NYDAILYNEWS.COM An Egyptian Cobra similar to this one escaped from the Bronx Zoo last week.


D2 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 4/6/2011

What In The World?!

by Diane Dougherty Arts & Entertainment Editor

As I was surfing the web, procrastinating on homework, I came across a video shot the night that VCU lost their Final Four game against Butler. Directly after the game, VCU students went nuts to celebrate the basketball teams run. The city of Richmond was on fire; literally. Students were setting their Final Four shirts on fire in masses in the middle of the street, setting off large fireworks, burning trashcans and newspaper dispensers and breaking their skateboards. I’m not sure what it is about big events that take place, like sports wins or losses, but for some reason college campuses

become a watering hole for madness. When Obama was elected president, college campuses set cars and couches on fire, broke windows of school property and local businesses and much more, while schools like West Virginia University are known for their tradition of couch burning after football games. This kind of behavior shouldn’t be praised or considered cool; you should be embarrassed by what you see on these videos. When these videos are viewed, we make ourselves look like delinquents to others around us. While it may be fun to partake in the traditions during the moment, the repercussions of your actions last a lot longer. The VCU students not only trashed their campus and the city of Richmond, but some were arrested and quite possibly had their own cars or buildings vandalized. I actually felt bad for the cops in this situation. They were the minority. They were just doing their job and didn’t want to inflict harm upon anyone, yet they had a bunch of drunken college kids taunting them. Of course the notion that “cops are the enemy” rests in the back of everyone’s mind and being drunk does nothing but increase those feelings, but I guarantee none of them wanted to be

there under those circumstances. Facebook statuses of students who attend VCU weren’t commending the students who took part but putting them down. Yes, this does make your school look bad and yes, it makes you look like idiots. Setting city property on fire and jumping on the tops of cars isn’t something I would want to have to explain to the judge, especially when it’s caught on tape. Some comments people left on this video said, “You’d think that this was about a corrupt government, or abuses of civil liberties, but no… just a bunch of drunk and rowdy college kids getting dumb over a sporting event.” Your audiences don’t view this as humorous and neither do I. Next time something remarkable happens to your school, celebrate it appropriately; don’t dumb down the situation and shred its significance. The boys on the VCU basketball team worked their butts off to get to the Final Four this season and give your school the respect it deserved for the basketball teams success; don’t lose that respect by acting like a bunch of animals. Come on VCU, you’ve got more class than that.

MILLER TIME! All in the family



When you begin your journey into the college life, it’s easy to have those feelings of “get me the hell out of here” when you leave your family for campus. I mean, why wouldn’t you? You’re stuck under the same roof, with the same people for 18 years and at that point in your life it’s almost like it’s inevitable that you’re ready to move on. I was the same way; while I love my family and still do to this day, it was time to go. However, it wasn’t until my mom posted this particular photo of my siblings and I on Facebook the other day that got me thinking how much of that life I actually miss. It’s hard to remember on a whim the memories you had in your childhood, but when I saw this photo my mom posted, it triggered far too many to talk about in this column. Obviously, the clear-cut memories came first, but in the form of a question. For example, “what the hell am I wearing?” And “who let me walk out of the house with that “foof” of a haircut?,” as my mom likes to call it. It’s always easy to laugh at ourselves for how we used to look and the phases we went through, but it’s even easier to recognize what we have become. The only trouble in recognizing who you have become is remembering how you became that way, which is why the picture above served as such a reminder to me. I got to talking with my buddies about it after the picture was put up on Facebook. The fun of reminiscing childhood memories like playing sports in your neighborhood and having sleepovers with your best friends playing Pokemon and Nintendo 64 (which I still own to this day) can’t be beat. Remembering those memories just puts into perspective the life I came from and life I live now and how I live it. While these memories may translate to your childhood, it’s always important to remember family. Because for most of us, they are the ones paying for us to be here at ODU, whether it’s out of pocket or they are the ones signing your loans. However, that shouldn’t be the reason to stay in touch with your family. They are my driving factor every day. Whether I talk to them on the phone, through Skype, on Facebook or not at all, I still think about them in every aspect of my day. I’ve always wanted to make my family proud and be a positive role model for my siblings and seeing that I’m one of the first members of my extended family to attend


a four year university, I know how important it is to get as much out of it as I can. With my graduation rapidly approaching, I am both nervous and excited to be with family again. Nervous that I won’t live up to what I’ve done here at ODU, but also excited to be able to reconnect with my family and watch my younger siblings grow and follow in (most) of my footsteps. It’s funny to me how much my family has played into my college life, whether they are calling to bust my chops about an ODU team losing or calling to wish me a happy birthday. They are still there and they are still willing to remind me of times when I was younger and more naïve compared to the man I am now. No matter what the occasion I love hearing those memories and words of wisdom from my relatives, mainly my mother and father. My mom will always be there to embarrass me at the most inopportune time, but I love her for it, while my dad is always the guiding voice for success for me and will be the first to tell me that “I can do better,” which includes being a better son, brother and mentor. As a matter of fact, I’m going to give them a call for posting this photo.




S1 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 4/6/2011

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FRIDAY 8: 70°


SUNDAY 10: 72°

[SUHN-DREE] (look it up)

Mace & Crown





Did you pull and April fool’s prank or were you a victim?

Who’s your favorite baseball team?

Tiger Woods or the field in the Masters?

Going to watch the new “The Office” with Will Farrell?

Are you voting in the upcoming SGA elections?

Did you heare ChikFil-A is closing FOREVER? (April Fool’s!!)

I’m never the victim. I’m always pranking them.

Baseball is too boring to have a favorite team.

Tiger Woods all day!

I don’t mess with the TV

I don’t even know what SGA is. I didn’t even vote for Obama.

Well if that’s closing then Hardees needs to close too.

Told the guy I’ve been dating for 3 months that we are official then said April Fool’s, but i was kidding

I guess the Diamondbacks

I don’t watch that crap.

I never watched it, I like Dwight though.

I seriously doubt I will

The only good thing they have is waffle fries so I don’t care.


The Jacksonville Suns, they are a minorleague team

The field

Heck no!

Probably not


No, I didn’t pull any. I was a victim of the Army Stetson Hat press release.

I don’t really watch baseball, but it would have to be the Braves or the Orioles.

Definitely the field

I didn’t even know they were making a new one.


That’s pretty surprising. I didn’t know yet.



C R O W O R DS S Last week’s solution - Puzzle #5 for April 3, 2011 Across 1- Norwegian king; 5- Brahmin, e.g.; 10- Madcap; 14- Anklebones; 15- New York city; 16- Affirmative votes; 17- OPEC member; 18- Dupe; 19- Temple; 20- Semiautomatic rifle; 22- Slide; 24- Baton Rouge sch.; 25- Black bird; 26- Communion table; 29- Where It.’s at; 32- Come to terms; 36- Spahn teammate; 37- Out, in bed; 39- Author Fleming; 40- Describe fully; 43- Single unit; 44- Mountain range; 45- Agitate; 46- Outer coat of a seed; 48- Where some vets served; 49- Grassy plain; 50- Turkish title; 52- Battery size; 53- Crown of ancient Egypt; 57- Corpulence; 61- Delhi wrap; 62- Holder; 64- Sand hill by the sea; 65- One-named supermodel; 66- As before; 67- Goddess and sister of Ares in Greek mythology; 68- Big rig; 69- Actor Hawke; 70- Spoils;

Down 1- Auricular; 2- Zhivago’s love; 3- Banned apple spray; 4- White wine; 5- Horn-shaped bone; 6- “Hard ___!” (sailor’s yell); 7- Equinox mo.; 8- Sailors; 9- ___ Gay; 10- Having a pleasantly plump figure; 11- Indian nursemaid; 12- Branta sandvicensis; 13- Belgian river; 21- Leb. neighbor; 23- Not proper; 26- Cravat; 27- Singer Cleo; 28- Wearies; 29- Ruhr city; 30- Extreme; 31- Give guns again; 33- Lasso; 34- Kind of kitchen; 35Diciembre follower; 37- Parisian pal; 38- Bambi’s aunt; 41- Grammarian’s topic; 42Inhabitant of Oahu, Mindanao, or Java; 47- Falafel sauce; 49- Back muscle, briefly; 51- Battery terminal; 52- Brother of Moses; 53- Pitchfork-shaped letters; 54- Ditto; 55- Burn the midnight oil, studying; 56- Ninny; 57- Goat’s milk cheese; 58- Architect Saarinen; 59- Agitated state; 60- Cong. meeting; 63- Advanced degree?;


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3 3



7 5






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6 5






Sudoku-Puzzles .net Sudoku, Kakuro & Futoshiki Puzzles Sudoku 9x9 - Hard (132797637)

1 5

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2 1








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5 7

Mace & Frown “I thought you’d always be mine.” Guess not. by Chynna Steve Copy Editor In a turn of events that rocked the music world to its core, Justin Bieber has announced his desire to leave the entertainment industry. Bieber, the 17-year-old YouTube sensation who burst onto the pop scene at the tender age of 14, has had the incredible success of having a certified Double Platinum album and being the youngest male solo artist to rule the music charts. “Unmanageable pressure, combined with a desire to live a normal life away from the spotlight, have brought me to this decision,” said Bieber in a statement released this past Sunday. “I thank the fans for all of their love and devotion over the past three years.” Music stores and radio stations all over the country have reported devastation from fans. Walmart is now completely sold out of all Bieber albums, including the exclusive acoustic album he released for the retail giant. AMC theatres has recognized the worldwide shock and awe and, as a result, has decided to bring back Bieber’s documentary film, “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never,” to theatres nationwide. Fans can relive the glory days of their beloved pop star during an exclusive month-long run. President Broderick announced during his last press conference on Thursday, March 31, that there would be a new addition to the “Big Blue Family” next fall. Mrs. Blue will make her first appearance at the last ODU home baseball game. She is scheduled to throw the guest pitch before the game commences with Big Blue by her side. In order to choose the next Blue family member, ODU is holding a “Mrs. Blue Pageant” on May 5, at 7 p.m. after all final examinations have ended for any student who wishes to enter. The winner will be crowned that evening and win the prize of becoming Mrs. Blue. The only qualifications students need to be able to enter are to be female, an underclassman and have an overall GPA of 2.5. There are scheduled to be talent, Q & A and “surprise” segments, so ladies, get your act together and sign up to be the future Blue of ODU. Rumors of a “Little Blue” have circulated, but there is no word as of yet if those rumors are true. Keep your eyes peeled for any updates and don’t forget to come out and support your fellow Monarchs at the “Mrs. Blue Pageant.”



Termites, Termites, Termites By Kathryne Mason An anonymous source claims that all residents in the Powhatan Apartments will be forced to leave due to termite invasions. “ I woke up one morning and noticed that my bed was a lot lower to the ground than usual,” sophomore John Smith said. “ That’s when I saw all four legs of my bed had been eaten overnight, they were gone.” Apparently, Smith isn’t the only resident that has had “uninvited” guests staying with them. The Powhatan Apartments are one of the oldest and original residence halls that were first built on the ODU campus. ODU Housing declined to take or answer any questions, but a representative did put out a brief statement and said,

“The problem has been investigated, and it will be fixed.” An ODU parent outraged by the lack of response from housing management is threatening to sue the university for endangering their child’s lives. Many ODU students who were living in the termite-infested quarters are shacking up with friends in local, privately owned houses or taking advantage of the local Spring Hill Suites Marriot Hotel deal called, “Got Termites? Stay here for the night.” The hotel is offering all ODU students half prices, with singles for $39.99 and doubles for $29.99. “The termite situation has been a real boost for us,” said Night Manager Jane Doe. “Just about every room is occupied with students.” ODU housing officials says that they should have the termite situation under control by the spring semester of 2015, but that there are no guarante

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony postponed

ODU’s monorail off-schedule again Stuart Miller President Broderick announced today that the ribbon cutting ceremony for the long awaited ODU monorail would be postponed until a later date. The ceremony, which was planned for later this week was postponed due to a confusion of parts that were supposed to be ordered to complete the monorail. “We ordered the last parts for the monorail, but instead we were sent 4,000 legos,” said President Broderick. “While the legos have provided me with hours of building entertainment, it doesn’t help get our students mobile.” The monorail has been a work in progress for years now and has continually postponed for various reason. In 2007, the completion was postponed because Big Blue was angry after the basketball team’s loss to Butler in the NCAA tournament and broke the windows of the monorail. In 2009, the monorail was again postponed for completion because of the infamous flash mob that took place on campus and shook the entire monorail off of the tracks. “We realize that the monorail has hit its rough patches.” Said ODU student John Doe, “Hopefully one day I’ll get to ride the monorail, maybe by that time we’ll have space travel too.”

April 6, 2011  

April 6, 2011