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VOL. 52, ISSUE 24 | APRIL 22, 2011

Mace & Crown Student newspaper of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, since 1930

Elliot Fisher Mace & Crown A truck flipped over on Hampton Boulevard causing power outages throughout campus.

Down goes ODU Truck accident takes out power on majority of campus by

Christian Ernst News Editor

Just after 1 p.m. on March 13, lights all over campus shut off. Computers went down. Soon the Internet was shut down. Students all over campus were released from classes, which made the scene outside of Spong Hall even larger. Students gathered to see a flipped truck, lying through a utility pole, which had caused all the commotion. The truck flipped as it was traveling down Hampton Boulevard near Bolling Avenue, when it unexplainably tipped and struck the pole. While many students rejoiced over the cancellation of classes, others gathered at the scene to see what had happened. Power was down for more than an hour, affecting more than 4,500 Dominion power consumers, including students. The power outage affected buildings across campus, as far as 41st Street and

Powhatan Avenue. Webb Center lost power for over an hour, but had emergency lighting in several places, including the University Center. Power remained out longer for the area near the accident, including the intersection of Hampton Boulevard and 49th Street. Fewer than 50 customers remained without power until nearly 3 a.m. on March 14, according to Bonita Harris of Dominion Power’s comment to the Virginian-Pilot. This canceled classes from when the power went out until 4 p.m. that day for most students. Students in the Health Sciences buildings had classes canceled until 7 p.m., and Spong had no classes for the rest of the day. Student Matthew Bradley was in Spong when the accident occurred. “We were sitting in the [computer] lab, and all the computers shut down,” said Bradley. “It felt like an earthquake. That’s what we thought it was.” Bradley, along with several other students, then proceeded outside where he saw the accident scene. Police officers cleared the field in front of the building, moving everyone far enough from the scene to be safe.

While some students saw the scene first hand, others were unsure of why the power was out. Student Jolandie DeClerck was in her apartment when the power went out, and was unsure of what had occurred. “My roommate texted me saying that one of the construction workers that is working on the library hit a power cable,” said DeClerck. “Then my best friend texted me a picture of the truck which I then sent to my roommate.” Other students heard rumors as well. Fred Tugas was in the Office of Student Activities and Leadership when the power went out. Soon, he heard rumor that a terrorist attack had occurred, because of the ground shaking and large boom caused by the accident. Student Matthew Blaszak was running near and around campus when the accident occurred. When he came into Webb Center, he saw everything was dark, when he asked another student what had occurred. While power was quickly restored after the accident, the shutdown was a break for students as the end of the semester soon approaches.






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Mace & Crown staff Stuart Miller Editor in Chief

Norfolk Botanical Garden

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Christine Wetzler Mace & Crown The Norfolk Botanical Gardens are a place to go to enjoy many different plants locally.

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by Amanda David Assistant News Editor

The Norfolk Botanical Gardens serve as a retreat from the city life on the backdrop of a serene garden setting. The 155-acre garden is home to thousands of plants and many wild animals. The gardens are open year round and are available for special venues, such as weddings. “We are a museum for plants,” said Education Program Manager Perry Mathewes. “We are really famous for our azaleas.” The garden started in the 1930s as part of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s depression relief effort named the Works Project Administration. It took 200 African American women and 20 men to clear the original 30 acres for the then named Norfolk Azalea Garden. The garden recently erected a monument to honor those workers. The Norfolk Botanical Gardens are composed of several smaller themed gardens. The gardens range from colonial gardens to Japanese gardens to a statue garden featuring eleven marble statues of famous artists. They are internationally recognized by the International Camilla Society as a Garden of Excellence for their camilla collection, an honor bestowed to only eleven gardens world wide and they are one of two in the United States. The Bicentennial Rose Garden has about 3,000 rose bushes of different colors and varieties that bloom in May. The Renaissance Court architectural garden is a popular place for couples to get married. It is located near the bald eagles’ nest. “If you need to study, it is a quiet place,” said Tour Operations Manager Amanda Wells. “I wish I would have known about it when I was in school.” The Norfolk Botanical Gardens are home to three baby eaglets and their parents. A portion of the garden is roped off during their nesting period, which lasts from December to mid-July. “The adult pair are wild animals that choose to live here year round,” Mathewes said. The eagles have been nesting at the garden since 2004. A web-cam is placed in a nearby tree to allow visitors to view the eaglets and their parents on the web or in the visitor’s center on site. According to Mathewes, the website had five million page views last month with viewers in 26 countries. Lake Whitehurst surrounds Norfolk Botanical Gardens on three sides and neighbors the Norfolk International Airport. In the 60s the garden built canals and started providing boat tours to visitors. The garden offers boat tours from April 1 to Oct. 15. This narrated water-

side tour of the gardens lasts about 45 minutes. Boat tour tickets cost an additional $5. The Norfolk Botanical Gardens also offer tram tours from April 1 to Oct. 15. The tour lasts about 25 minutes and provides guests with a narrated tour and seasonal information about the gardens. The tram stops at seven locations throughout the gardens so visitors can board and depart at their leisure. The Norfolk Botanical Gardens are open year round. “Visitors should really come once a month to see everything,” Mathewes said. Different flowers are in bloom throughout the spring and summer months. In April, azaleas are in bloom, in May roses, in June summer annuals, in July the butterflies are active and in August the tropical flowers flourish. “The perennial gardens come back every year. It’s a constant changing landscape.” The garden features a three-acre butterfly garden, open year round. During the summer months, the butterfly house is open for visitors to get a closer look at more than forty varieties of butterflies. It will be open from June through September this year and no additional cost is required to enter the butterfly house or garden. In 2006, the garden opened a 3-acre child-friendly garden named World of Wonders, or WOW for short. In this garden children are free to explore six different habitats from around the world including places such as an Australian outback and South American rain forests. During the spring and summer months, children can play in the fountains inside the WOW’s gates. Visitors also learn facts such as what kinds of plants tea comes from and where their food comes from. “It is a great change for children who are so plugged in that they don’t know nature,” Mathewes said. The Norfolk Botanical Gardens feature Bike Nights on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights from 4 to 7. The site boasts 12 miles of paved roads that are not open to bicycles during the daytime. “We don’t mind people walking on the grass at all,” said Matthewes. He encourages picnics and perusing through the gardens. “It’s a good place to relax,” he said. “There is always something different to see.” Admission to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens costs $9 for adults and $7 for children three to 18 years old and toddlers under two get in free. The garden does not offer a student discount, but they do offer a coupon for one dollar off admission until the end of the year on their website. The gardens are open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. from April to Oct. 15 and 9 .m. to 5 p.m. from Oct. to March.


A2 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 4/22/2011

The Chrysler Museum of Art by Amanda David Assistant News Editor

The Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk offers visitors an opportunity to explore a collection of fine art and sculptures from across the globe. The 200,000 square-foot building features 62 galleries. “Museums are places to learn about yourself and your world,” said president and director of the Chrysler Museum of Art William Hennessey. “They are places to have fun with friends and family and they are places where you can catch your breath and regain your balance in our hectic and confusing world.” The museum opened in 1939 as the Norfolk Museum of Arts and Sciences and became the Chrysler Museum of Art in 1971. Today, the museum employees about 100 people. “The best reason to come to the museum is our 30,000 object permanent collection,” Hennessey said. “Great art every day.” The permanent collection includes works from European and American paintings and sculptures, an extensive glass collection, Art Nouveau and Federalist furniture and African, Asian, Egyptian, pre-Columbia and Islamic art. The museum offers something different for visitors on Wednesday nights. Each Wednesday night the museum offers events such as wine tasting, live music, book clubs and silent films. Each week is a different theme and the schedule can be found on their website. Admission to these events are free for museum members and $5 for all others. In 2010, the Chrysler Museum of Art announced plans to build a $7.5 million hot glass

Amanda David Mace & Crown The Chrysler Museum of Art features several different types of galleries.

studio to complement their extensive permanent glass exhibit. The studio will offer free glassmaking demonstrations as well as classes and workshops for visitors. According to the museum’s website, “The addition of the Glass Studio enhances the Museum’s stature as one of the top three museums in the United States with an art

glass focus.” The studio is being constructed across the street from the museum and its projected completion date is late fall 2011. “The Glass Studio will help our visitors gain a better understanding and appreciation for the wonderful objects in our collection,” said Kelly Conway, curator of glass, in a statement. “We

devote a lot of time explaining the technical processes used to make these artworks. The studio will provide far more capable and lively answers for these technique-based questions from our visitors, and tours will connect the live studio experience with the contextual history explained in the glass galleries.” The next exhibition, “Curious George Saves the Day,” will open on April 27 and run until Sept. 18. Many people know the mischievous monkey Curious George, but few know the story behind his creators. Margret and H. A. Rey, the Jewish Germans who created Curious George, fled Nazi Europe for the safety of the United States. The Chrysler Museum described their journey in a statement, “Hours before the Nazis marched into the city in June 1940, the Reys fled on bicycles, carrying drawings for their children’s stories, including one about a mischievous monkey, then named Fifi.” Hennessey said that many people usually spend between one and two hours at the museum. “It takes longer to see the whole place,” Hennessey said, “but we encourage people to sample the Chrysler in small delicious bites rather than trying to swallow it whole.” The Chrysler Museum of Art is located at 245 West Olney Road in Norfolk and is open Wednesdays 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Thursdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays noon to 5 p.m. The museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, as well as major holidays. Admission to the Chrysler Museum of Art permanent exhibits are free but additional exhibits, such as the Curious George exhibit, costs $5.

Sit-down with Nicole Kiger- Director of Student Activities and Leadership An Overview of OSAL the Past Year and an Insight for What’s to Come by Diane Dougherty Arts and Entertainment Editor

Since January, 2001, Nicole Kiger, director of the Office of Student Activities and Leadership, has been working within the Student Affairs department at Old Dominion University. The goal of OSAL is to provide resources and opportunities for students to be able to get involved on campus and thrive even after they leave from these services. These services include Fraternity and Sorority life, community service and many others. For the past three and a half years. she has held the position of director and has seen improvement each and every year, especially this year. “This year went very well,” said Kiger. “We’ve been extremely busy considering we made a lot of new programs in our civic engagement and service area.” Her hard work and diligence as director has given ODU students the opportunity to make this campus their own and to leave their mark as monarchs after graduating. As a university, ODU has grown and expanded on a lot of grounds, particularly the leadership and organizations on and off campus. Last year, there were 220 student organizations on campus. This year the number of organizations has risen to 275 with over 8,000 student memberships. “Connection to the community, excitement about ODU and school spirit are at an all time high,” said Kiger. We as ODU students, should expect to see

this continue to rise, as our university becomes more recognized and of higher caliber. OSAL sets goals each summer to establish what they want to see happen within the next year. “I want to see us focus on reaching some different populations like veteran students,” said Kiger. As with every department on campus, the Department of Student Affairs focuses a lot of their changes on evaluations. OSAL has several goals they want to reach in the fall and better evaluations and updating their policies remain at the top of their list. OSAL administrators become very involved with the organizations and the students who affiliate amongst them. One piece of advice for incoming freshmen is to “get involved. Every student has the ability to find their niche and to learn what they could get out of ODU,” said Kiger. For graduating seniors, “stay connected; alumni is an important piece of ODU’s growth as mentors interacting with current students.” Kiger can’t say what new organizations will be brought to the university next year, but she hopes to reach a count of 400 organizations in the near future. “If a student wants something and that something isn’t there, they will make it happen.” OSAL is there for students to be able to get what they want out of their college experience. Take full advantage of the opportunities and if an organization that you would want to be a part of and you think other students would want to be a part of as well isn’t available, take action and start the organization yourself. Whether it’s joining a fraternity/sorority, becoming a member of T.R.U.S.T or starting your own organization, being a leader will help you branch out, meet new people on campus and could help you discover what you want for your future.

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arts enter tainment


Rachel Chasin Mace & Crown Alpha Phi at Relay for Life making bracelets.

Rachel Chasin Mace & Crown Food was a hot commodity at Relay for Life.

Working Relay for Life Stay Awake for a Good Cause by Jonathan Moran Staff Writer

Rachel Chasin Mace & Crown Kids getting in the groove, participating at Relay for Life.

Relay for Life was a lot of fun for anyone who attended. There were all sorts of activities and events for people to take part in. Of course, it wouldn’t have been a success without the dedicated students managing the tables late into the night. They are the ones who helped make this night great. While working, many were fighting sleep. Things that helped were coffee, energy drinks and sugar. Luckily there were cupcake booths, a cotton candy stand and a mocktail booth that made virgin piña coladas and daiquiris. Erin Smith from Gamma Sigma Sigma said what kept her up was “just pure adrenaline.” The Webb was booming with energy and students fed into that as they enjoyed themselves. On the lawn was a dunk tank set up by Delta Zeta Sorority. Taylor Shaw from Kappa Delta Rho worked the front desk of the Relay for Life Committee and said, “You could just hear screams every time they fell.” As soon as the girls got out of the tank, they quickly covered themselves with blankets until the next contestant came to knock them down. However, it was for a good cause and everyone at the booth was having a great time. The Miss Relay for Life Pageant was another big attraction for the night. Guys dressed up as elegant ladies and

went on stage posing and dancing around. Some pulled tissue paper out of their bras and threw it into the crowd, making everyone roar with laughter. Kyle Mayo was one of the contestants, representing the Model UN and said being on stage like that was, “invigorating.” He had on a blond wig, a green dress, leggings and black heels. When he was onstage dancing the crowd went nuts. “I felt pumped,” he said, “and it was a good cause to do it for.” After the show, the contestants walked around the Webb with a canister and anyone could donate money to them for the campaign. As they walked around, people took pictures with them and complimented their lovely outfits. Some students were smart and camped on the lawn and in North Café. They set up their tents or found a corner to take a quick nap in. Pi Beta Phi was the organization that raised the most money for Relay for Life, bringing in more than $3,000 in just donations. To celebrate, they had a slumber party in North Café. Sarah Ashley Taylor said they stayed awake by hanging out and telling stories. In the Rabbi Reich Room of the Webb were the volunteers from the American Cancer Society counting money and recording what they were making that night. Kathy Bayliss said she loves the event and she gets pumped up. Norman Soroko said he was fighting sleep but was enjoying himself. He said, “When I walked into the door at 5:15, I felt the energy from the students.” That feeling is what helped everyone stay awake through the night. They were having fun and working for a good cause. Shaw said he was mentally keeping himself up but at 7a.m., “I’m going to pass out.”


wednesday 4/22/2011 | MACE & CROWN | B2

ODU’s Summer Job Fair is heating up by

Jessica Scheck Staff Writer

As classes wind down and hints of summertime approach, many students start stressing about finding a summer job. Here to help were representatives for many different opportunities such as summertime RA positions for the ODU Office of Housing and Residence life, restaurant gigs from Chick-Fil-A and Moe’s and other plentiful jobs with Ocean Breeze Waterpark, the ODU Monarch Techstore, and the ODU2 Child Development Center. Although April 14 seems like an early date to start researching for summer jobs, the fair provided students with many openings that could have been overlooked or unnoticed. Many signs advertised the Summer Job Fair and were placed out front of the Webb Center as well as on fliers around various school buildings. The positive part of the event was that each job that was represented, encouraged students to apply and note that they had met the employer at the Fair. “Just tell us you met us on the comment

box of the application. It helps us differentiate between many of the high school and college students that apply without meeting us from the students that have taken the time to come talk to us here,” said Bear and Tiffany, representatives from the table for the Ocean Breeze Waterpark. “We know college students needs the money,” he said. “This is why we come to events like this. They’re more willing to work, which makes us more motivated to hire the students that need it”. Although classes are dwindling off into meaningless lessons and the stress of finals week begins, the focus on summer jobs is just as important. Whether you’re living nearby school or going back home for the summer months, earning enough money for the rising college expenses is crucial. Thankfully, ODU always provides students with various events and sources to help its students find the selections that best fit each student individually. To learn more about what jobs are available or to start applying go to www. or better known as the Career Management Center’s website.

The Tiger and the snow by

Shawn Minor Staff Writer

This past Thursday, April the 14, the Fantastic Outstanding Ridiculously Entertaining Immigrant Geniuses with Narcissistic and Egotistical Rationale Squad better known as The F.O.R.E.I.G.N.E.R.S. hosted yet another entertaining and social event with their showing of “The Tiger and the Snow” in room 1012 of the Batten Arts and Letters Building. Italy was the focus of celebration by showing this movie originally titled “La Tigre e la Neve”. The tale is one of comedy, romance and drama. Main character Attilio de Giovanni, an Italian poet, (played by actor, director and writer Roberto Benigni) goes through many hardships and trials as he tries to save the life of his ex-wife whom he is still in love with. During his adventure he faces several comedic yet problematic interactions with the United States Military, and Baghdad citizens, due to the fact that he must travel in and out of Iraq to find a cure for the ailment plaguing his love during the onset of American invasion. Even though Attilio goes through these “road bumps” political humor and slight breaching of the fourth wall can be seen with such lines as “…in Iraq, and I run out of gas…” when Attilio’s motorcycle falls short on fuel. Attilio’s jitteriness and fast paced dialogue add to the humor of the film and make it a bit less dreary and thereby serve as relief to a heavy heart fallen subject to the films dark moments. Jean Reno, who is no stranger to American films with appearances in works such as “Godzilla” and “The

Da Vinci Code”, plays the role of Fuad, a lonely man with much wisdom to share with Attilio and positive backing to assist him in his quest to save the life of his love. Fuad often plays the dais ex machina role with timely and efficient assistance. All the while Attilio keeps faith and will stop at nothing to bring his ex-wife’s quick and safe convalescence, which according to the doctor, could be seen in the slightest movement displayed by her. Following the showing of the movie, The F.O.R.E.I.G.N.E.R.S. held a philosophical discussion about the movie where attendees were encouraged to share their ideas about the film and even views on the state of the current situation with the United States and the Middle East. Several points of view were discussed and it served as a great bonding moment for those in attendance as they were able to see perspectives of people not only from the United States, but also those members and attendees who were from overseas. As if the movie itself and discussion following it weren’t enough to satisfy the participants of this event, free pizza and Pepsi were served as refreshments! Events like this and many others such as going to clubs, salsa dancing and raising awareness of global problems as a group accepting and inviting of all people from all cultures and walks of life are normal for The F.O.R.E.I.G.N.E.R.S. If you would like to get involved with The F.O.R.E.I.G.N.E.R.S., visit their office in the University U-Center in Webb, or take a look at their website,

Rachel Chasin Mace & Crown The Summer Job Fair encouraged students to apply and note that they had met the employer at the Fair.

Fashion Profile of the Week: Mia Smith by

Heather Habermehl Staff Writer

Outfit Description: Mia Smith is wearing a mauve, boatneck style top with lace detailing. Below, she is wearing American Eagle shorts and a belt from a thrift store. This outfit is paired with a unique combination of legwarmers and sandals. Fashion Tastes and Preferences: In three words, Smith describes her sense of style as “comfortable but cute.” Smith’s favorite celebrity fashion role models are the Olsen twins. “I like how they feel comfortable in loose clothing and they always have the greatest shoes,” she said. Her fashion philosophy is a helpful outlook that all young, fashion-minded people should adopt. “Wear what looks good on you. If you think it’s cute, then don’t be afraid to wear what you want to,” Smith said. College-friendly Copy: “Marshalls and T.J.Maxx my favorite places to shop. They are great for people on the college budget,. Charlotte Russe is good, too,” Smith said. Charlotte Russe is located on the second level of the MacArthur Center. A Marshalls held its grand opening on Little Creek Road on April 7; the store location has been converted from an old A.J. Wright. The nearest T.J.Maxx is in the Janaf Shopping Center at the intersection of Military Highway and Virginia Beach Boulevard.

April Showers Bring Outfit-planning Hours They say, “April showers bring May flowers.” We all expected April to be rainy. However, the rain may come crashing down on days that seemed to be (previously) beautiful. Spontaneous weather patterns, combined with a campus that must only be trekked on foot, create the annoying daily outfit question, “What do I need to wear to walk to class?” Here are a few tips to weather the storm. To begin with, always check a weather forecast either on TV or using a credible online source, such as weather. com or This seems obvious. But, if you are running late for class or still half-asleep in the morning, you may forget. Make it an important step of your morning routine. Additionally, wear closed-toe shoes, unless the weather calls for close to no chance of rain. The pavement on campus is unevenly spread and puddles gather quickly. Sandals are not ideal for these conditions. Many of us have experienced that awkward moment when we stand, in our flip-flops, at the edge of a daunting puddle-sea separating us from our next class. Before you have to grin and bear it with

Heather Habermehl Mace & Crown Mia Smith, sophomore, psychology.

cold, wet feet one more time, invest in some waterproof shoes, such as rain boots. If it is cold outside, it is going to be warm in the classrooms. To prevail over this dual situation, we wear jackets. During this season, consider swapping your thick winter coat with a lighter rain or trench coat. However, if the forecast predicts a warm day with a slight chance of rain, skip the jacket and just bring an umbrella. When and if it does rain, the temperature will remain warm and a jacket may just make you feel muggy and sticky. If you can afford the space in your book bag or purse, bring a dry umbrella with you whenever you go outside as a precaution. Good luck and stay dry!


B3 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 4/22/2011

ODU Spring Dance Concert by

Lauren Grant Staff Writer

Every year ODU’s fine arts department puts on a dance concert for the spring and fall semesters. It features original choreography from students, instructors and guest artists alike, and it showcases the best dances of the department. This year the performances did not disappoint. With a stunning combination of modern, ballroom, jazz and ballet, this dance concert is as entertaining as it was surprising. The performance features about twelve dances, each of them performed elegantly and precisely. The props are eye-catching, the music is alluring and complimenting and the dances are captivating. The first dance featured in the performance, “Synonyms for Intimacy,” was one that was somewhat somber and slow paced. It involves music by the popular band Imogen Heap and was choreographed by Samantha Martinez. The dancers in this number are Nicole Burgess, Stacey Jackson, Elizabeth Katherman and April Shreve. The second number in the performance is entitled “Again”. Jessica Page choreographed it and its music is by Audra Mae and Whitesnake. The dancers that perform this dance vary according to which performance you attend, but all of the dancers involved are Carly Hosse, Alexandria Loomis, Cylie Kindvall, Samantha Martinez, April Shreve, Ana Vivas and Megan Werth. “With Clinging Weight and Pressure” is the third piece in the performance. It gave off a certain impression to allude to domestic abuse and it was performed by Katie Beale, Melissa Cervone, Alexandria Loomis, Katie Minnich, Ronald Parker and Molly Spurrier. It was choreographed by Ashley Budy Whitlinger. “Ballroom Medley,” the third piece featured in the performance, involves several couples do-

Ari Gould Mace & Crown The Spring Dance Concert features original choreography from students, instructors and guest artists alike, and it showcases the best dances of the department.

ing classical ballroom dances. Its choreography and music editing was done by Danny Charles and its music was involved excerpts from Secret Garden, John James Powell and Lady Gaga. The dancer’s are Nick Bautista, Daylnn Fond, Marissa Hornbrook, Jeff Hughes, Kaitlyn Ingram, Daniel Ivory, Aaron Keckley, Rachel Lord, Robert Orr, David Slachta, Heather Slaven and Alexis Vasconez. “Made to Move” involves a single dancer alone on stage. The performance and choreography were done by Katie Beale, and the music is by Michael Danna. There were no props involved in this dance, and the audience is made to focus on the moves of the dancer alone. These aspects of the dance make it an interesting change from

May I Kiss You? Mike Domitrz Gives ODU Students Some Dating Advice by Stacey Smith Contributing Writer

A keynote speaker for a sexual assault awareness would normally leave students expecting a heavy handed and preachy lecture about obtaining consent, carrying mace, not getting into cars with strangers, etc. However, when Mike Domitrz, who is the Founder of “The Date Safe Project, Inc.,” author of two books, and one of the most sought after educational presenters in North America, addressed the audience, Students knew they were in for something a little different. He immediately warned all, “This will not be a lecture.” He began with an exercise- a role-play, if you will- of a boy and a girl on a date. He asked, “How do you know when you should make a move?” and the chosen boy said with, “Just go for it.” The audience response reflects that this is a sentiment many of our peers can relate to. How are we supposed to know when our partner wants us to make a physical advance towards them? How can we avoid the awkwardness of rejection and, what’s worse, seeming silly? Mike said, “Just ask.” Sure this can seem strange and maybe take some prospective partners aback, but he elucidates his point that relationships should not require anyone to be in defense of their body. To clarify, couples should be clear with one another about what they do and do not

the dances before it. “Rice Circle” is the sixth dance in the performance. It serves as the most aesthetically pleasing dance due largely in part to the props that are used during the performance. It was created and performed by Dale Lazer, Jen Stone and Megan Thompson. Other performers and collaborators include Rashaida Hill, Carly Hosse, Laveca Latimore, Greg Lee, Shawna McLaughlin, Kathrine Patrick and Alexey Popov. The seventh dance in the performance was entitled “Enough!!”. Its choreography, direction, sets and costumes were by Rachel Thorne Germond and its music was by Marlene Dietrich. The dancers that perform this dance vary depending on what show you go to, but all of the

want and not be placed in a position where they need to tell someone to stop. Communication is key and if someone is not in a state of mind to communicate effectively, they clearly are not of the maturity level to handle the situation before them. This led to the subject to alcohol. Most students at this point in their college careers are pretty familiar with it and its effects. It can be easy to tell who does not have the best intentions and who is having a little too much of a good time. Unfortunately, there are those people out there who only want one thing, and they are willing to take advantage of the most inebriated in order to get it. He beseeches students to do our part in preventing sexual assault by recognizing situations like these and having the courage to say something. “We live in a ‘back-me-up’ society,” he said. “All you need to do is ask your friends, “‘Hey, back me up’, Instead of sitting around and laughing at ‘that guy’ or ‘that girl’ at the party.” This showed students that something can be done to prevent good people from being placed into bad situations. Then the reason for Mike’s passion about the subject is revealed -while in college, Mike’s sister was raped. When students imagine if this was their own sister or family member, the light and comical tone of the entire presentation fades and they realize how important the information he is sharing with students really is. Anyone can be a victim, despite how difficult it can be to approach the subject; students can all do their part in preventing it. For more information on Mike’s story or The Date Safe Project, go to

dancers involved are Megan Ferry, Stacey Jackson, Samantha Martinez, Gillian Nelson, Carly Hosse, Kevin Jones, Katherine Patrick and Angie Pittman. “FOXY TROT”, the seventh number in the performance, was choreographed by Danny Charles. The musical accompaniment was a song called “Some Things” by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. The dancers that performed this dance were Katie Beale and Robert Orr. “Night”, choreographed by Joni Petre-Scholz, was a dance that was performed to music by Dario Marianelli and spoken poetry. Arielle Flax, Kaitlin Clobbers, Dakota Morton, Kathryn Novell and Isis Percell provide the poetic accompaniment. The dancers are Katie Beale, Melissa Cervone, Molly Spurrier, Megan Ferry, Darianne Greene, Kevin Jones, Alexandria Loomis, Elizabeth Katherman, Meghan Kent and Ronald Parker. “inputoutput” was choreographed and performed by Angie Pittman. The music was by Jerome Begin and edited by Angie Pittman. “Along the High Line” is the eleventh dance in the concert. It was choreographed by Christina Yoshida and its music was by Zoe Keating. The dancers featured in this performance are Katie Beale, Megan Fenton, Kevin Jones, Brittany Kania, Alexandria Loomis, Samantha Martinez and Angie Pittman. The final dance in the concert is entitled “Paint Me” It is a lively dance that features music by Elvis Crespo. The choreography was by Jessica Page and the dancers were Katie Beale, Carly Hosse, Alexandria Loomis, Cylie Kindvall, Samantha Martinez, April Shreve, Ana Vivas and Megan Werth. The University Spring Dance concert is a wonderful showcasing of dance styles and music. It is definitely a show that I would recommend seeing before the end of the semester.

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown Mike Domitrz was the keynot speaker for the Sexual Assult Awareness Month.


wednesday 4/22/2011 | MACE & CROWN | B4

Thursday’s “No Devolucion” Released The Musical Journey Begins Now by

Gianna Thompson Staff Writer

Time brings more than thicker beards and extended tattoos. Thursday’s album “No Devolución” illustrates how time has brought history that has paved Thursday to develop a different approach within their music. Most average Joes who experience a near-to-death scenario would not be able to push ahead and make progression. Luckily, Thursday is not filled with average Joes. In a sense, the members of Thursday are the same old New Jersey boys, just with a different trademark in sound. Fans should not base their expectations for “No Devolución” on past albums like “Full Collapse”, “War All the Time”, or “Common Existence”. However, this new sound should not be dismissed. Geoff Rickly has switched over from taking front and center with his vocals to a more in-mix ap-

proach. Tom Keely, Steve Pedulla and Tim Payne work the strings in a more edgy style. Drummer Tucker Rule adds vivacious and snappy vibes to the album while keyboardist Andrew Everding makes a strong contribution in tweaking the sonic textures, which created a bolder and more unique sound for Thursday. Overall, the rock band’s main concept for this album was to become more of a unit by synchronizing beats and vocals. This new development and concept within the album should not be seen as a slap in the face by fans, but more on the lines of the band metamorphosing, like a butterfly. The album can be described in merely one word: a journey. The engaging music and intense lyrics that role from one song to the next definitely is a metamorphic experience that the fans witness, while listening to the album. “Empty Glass” is a song on the reminiscence of an old love, a story that has seemingly been narrated by most us in some point of our lives. “We’ll trade all our memories for forgetting” is a line that can grab the audience to feel the heartache that Rickly portrays in his attempts to forget his past lover and hold on to nothing but an empty glass.

Red Bull brings Tum Tum Pa to campus by

Robbie Ciara Staff Writer

We’ve all been guilty of it. On any given afternoon, hundreds of students who are bored at their desk decide to take a couple of pencils and drum until their hearts content. They bang pencils off of glasses, books, tables and soda cans. On a rare occasion, the rhythm may mirror a Neil Purt drum solo, if they’re lucky. When it’s all said and done, no one has heard the amazing science book bass or the plastic inbox high hat skills that ring from a thick No. 2 pencil until now. Last Saturday, The Red Bull Tum Tum Pa competition made its way to the Old Dominion Campus at the very popular hipster lounge, 37th and Zen. The Red Bull Tum Tum Pa is the first freestyle drumming competition for students. Teams of up to four bring musical creativity; jamming with pens, pencils, rulers, scissors and erasers to create unique rhythm. What is most interesting about this competition is that the Tum Tum Pa competition is an international event. The best beat performance nationwide has a shot to compete in the Red Bull TUM TUM PA World Finals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Old Dominion competition featured three teams from our campus. With team names like “Hipster” and “Fat Man’s Breakfast,” the competition was sure to be loose and extremely entertaining. The Mace and Crown’s own Diane Dougherty and Christian Ernst were invited to judge the competition and drink as much Red Bull as possible. The competition started with two rounds of competition. The first round consists of doing a drum cover of a popular

song. The genre is non-specific. It can be a bass thumping song from Jay-Z or the drilling rhythm of ACDC’s “Shoot to Thrill,” it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s the natural thumping of a Red Bull can or even a stapler. The Zen disc jockey got things going in the first round and the popular song of choice in the first round was Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” Hipster had a team of one and started things off light and loose by using pencils and plastic accessories. “Fat Man’s Breakfast,” with its team of three, was loud, fun and frantic. By the time the judges were on their third can of Red Bull, the crowd was pumped up for the second round, which features the freestyle round. In the free-style round, teams get sixty seconds to produce their own original Tum Tum Pa symphony and all of the teams saved their best for last. One two-man team made the crowd go wild by pouring a Red Bull in a glass and drumming it simultaneously to create an instant treble to bass rhythm that scored high with the judges. Judge Christian Ernst said, “The Red Bull pour at the end was just sick!” In the end, it was the Three-man team of “Fat Man’s Breakfast” that won the competition in a drum montage that featured spiral binders, cans, scratching and hand stomping that rivaled anything you’ve seen in the movie “Drum Line.” The first place winner received an opportunity to produce a Tum Tum Pa video that will be used to judge the nationwide competition. The winner and runner-ups also received Red Bull products. For more information or to view the nationwide Tum Tum Pa videos, log on to

Jason Anderson Mace & Crown Various winning prizes ranged from cases of Redbull to submitting a Redbull video to compete as a finalist in Brazil.

“Turnpike Divides” is creatively crafted with screams carefully placed to emphasize the explosive nature of the song. In a sense, this song can be interpreted as the reasons why Thursday chose to metamorphosis their sound, with lyrics like “Waving goodbye to my former life,I don’t want to be a self-medicator,But it’s hard to sleep when you’re born to run,I’m sick of living life in the Garden State Trap.” This song may also speak to its listeners in regards to embarking change. “Millimeter” takes the listeners on a dangerous journey with its intriguing bass line and thought-provoking lyrics like “There’s a bullet in my bag, and it tells me what to think, In the middle of the night, When I can’t sleep, There’s a bullet in my bag.” It may be challenging for fans to accept the idea of a new sound of Thursday, but if they give the album a chance they will quickly find out that it’s not goodbye, but hello to a new chapter of Thursday. Listeners will quickly realize that whether the speakers are on blast or low volume, the album will rock and roll them to accept this new sound. Thursday’s “No Devolución” is available now.

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream 4… Scream 4 is a Recipe of Suspense and Horror With a Dash of Humor by

Gianina Thompson Staff Writer

“Scream 4” definitely keeps its word at making the audiences scream not only four times, but more like four times a billion times. Wes Craven, who directed “Scream”, “Scream 1”, “Scream 2” and now “Scream 4”, was creative at crafting this film in its elements of surprise, horror and comic relief that was definitely needed after a gruesome slashing. The previews of “Scream 4” may have lead many people astray to the idea that it was going to imitate the “Scary Movies” series, which made fun of the typical conventions in scary movies, like the white girl dying while having sex or the black guy being separated and dying first. However, this film does a good job at being full of exactly what its genres entail; mystery, suspense, and horror, with a hint of humor to relieve the stress created from those characteristics. “Scream 4” opens up with the typical scene of two girls, one being Lucy Hale, who plays Aria in “Pretty Little Liars,” alone in their house at night talking about guys. The phone rings to what the girls expect are prank calls; however, the voice is sarcastic and cynical daring the girls to open the door. Their curiosity gets the best of them and they open the door; no one is there but the darkness of the night. Guess again. Only three seconds of relief follow, with Ghostface stabbing both girls. However, this scene is not the movie’s story; instead it is a movie within a movie, “Stab.” Then the next scene goes on to do the same thing, until the third stabbing scene is no movie, but the rebirth of the past Ghostface slashings with the first victims being two sisters of Woodsboro County. Now Sidney Prescot (Neve Campbell) returns to Woodsboro on the 15th anniversary of the first Woodsboro murders to promote her new self-help book. Here Prescott reunites with Sheriff Dewey Riley (David Arquette), Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox), her younger cousin Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts) and also meets Jill’s friends—one being Kirby Reed, played by Hayden Panettiere. The movie continues its elements of surprise being that this Ghostface stabber is taking reference to the horror “Stab” movies, but with a modern day twist. In order for the returnees and newcomers of the film to survive, they must follow the conventions of current horror films to determine who and how to stop Ghostface. This intense movie is relieved with humor that doesn’t drown its number one motive of horror. For instance, Craven makes fun of the “Saw” movies, when Kirby says “Saw” movies are not scary, just gross. And the infamous Ghostface voice is the number one comic relief because it’s a blend of sarcasm from Dr. House in “House” and the element of surprise and game-play from Jigsaw in “Saw.” What you think you know about scary movies can be thrown out the window because this “Scream” feeds off the unexpected, especially at the end. Let’s just say there’s nothing worse than a woman scorned.

What’s inside MLB UPDATES see C2

JOEY BURNEY PROFILE see C2 C1 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 4/22/2011



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A Year in the books Dr. Selig reflects on his first year at ODU by

Garrison Cole Sports Editor

After 11 years at Western Kentucky, athletic director Dr. Camden Wood Selig couldn’t have asked for a better start in his first year . Old Dominion athletics treated the new AD to back-toback CAA Tournament championships, a field hockey run to the Elite 8 and a soccer team that returned to the NCAA Tournament. “Competitively I think we’ve done very well and I think academically we’re improving our performance in the classroom,” said Selig. “We’re trying to establish a different culture and a new culture of championship effort and put every team in position to win championships.” The cupboard that previous Athletic Director Jim Jarrett left wasn’t entirely bare for Selig. Coming into the situation at ODU was a far smoother transition for Selig that it was at his previous stop at Western Kentucky. “I had a lot more work to do at WKU my first year than I did here,” said Selig. “WKU had so many facility needs, budgetary needs, just needs across the board. When I arrived here facilities were pretty solid, budget was in good shape, there was a nice reserve and support from our donors to our season ticket holders to our community in general was very strong.” One new aspect that Selig and his staff have brought to ODU is a strategic plan, outlining the future for the Monarchs athletic department. “We spent seven months reviewing every aspect, benchmarking, every measurable dimension of our program from academics to competiveness to revenue generation,” said Selig. “This is our road map for the future and right or wrong we hadn’t had a strategic plan in decades. I think this strategic plan will speak to accountability, expectations, goals, measurable objectives for everyone and I think point everyone to the same direction.” In his first full season as athletic director, it is understandable if some of the challenges that Selig has faced in his first year would be surprising. However, for Selig that was not the case. “There’s been absolutely nothing that was absolutely shocking or surprising,” said Selig. “The selection committee did a great job in outlining

WKUSPORTS.COM Selig has enjoyed great success in his first 10 months as athletic director.

for me; these are going to be your biggest challenges right off the bat.” With all the great moments that have happened in year one for Selig, it’s hard for to pick just one as his favorite. “Typically I define best moments as being individual moments with student athletes or coaches where you see growth or transformation,” said Selig. “Certainly beating VCU in Richmond in front of a national TV audience and going back-to-back, that was pretty cool. Then standing on the floor at the end of the game and just feeling the energy in the coliseum that

was pretty nice.” As the landscape of the campus changes, the confidence and determination of Selig won’t. His goals for his tenure here are very simple. “We want to win championships, we want to graduate every student athlete, and we want to operate by integrity.” One of the possible changes to the landscape of ODU athletics could eventually be the move from the CAA conference. However, Selig doesn’t feel any pressure to make the move just to make the move. “I know it doesn’t make sense for us to go

1-A just to go 1-A,” said Selig. “Right now the majority of our competition is against teams who are located in the state of Virginia. Every game is relevant…you have rivalries that are valuable, that are geographically accessible people can go home and road and follow ODU. “We have to be very careful that we just don’t leave all that behind chasing what we think is bigger and better when maybe bigger and better is in our back yard.”

What do you want for the summer? How about to see? Wouldn’t it be great not having to deal with your glasses or contact lenses at the beach? Laser Vision Correction is one of the quickest and easiest medical procedures in North America, and the experienced surgeons at Tidewater Eye Centers can help you receive the vision you’ve always dreamed of.

Bring in your student ID and this ad for 20% off your LASIK procedure. Call 757-436-6000 for your free LASIK consultation

As a student you paid mandatory fees with your tuition—fees that are used to support recognized student organizations. But an Old Dominion University policy won’t allow any of those funds to be given to your recognized Christian student group if your meetings involve prayer or worship. This is unconstitutional, it’s discriminatory, and it deprives you of your fair share of the fees you paid.

You paid the fees, your group should get a piece of the pie.

SPEAK UP Continue the conversation at


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Heating up Burney Having Solid Season Brian Jerry Staff Writer


Freshman designated hitter Joey Burney has started to heat up in the middle of the Old Dominion University baseball lineup. In 71 plate appearances, he’s produced ten runs, four homers and driven in 18 runs off 17 hits with four doubles, sporting an on-base base percentage of .276 while slugging .465, second to only redshirt junior and CAA All-Honorable Mention first baseman Christopher Baker. With his strong start to the 2011 campaign, the DH slugger isn’t surprise by putting up those kind of numbers in his freshman year. “Just trying to do whatever I can to help to help out the team. In the offseason that’s what we worked on, just getting my hands through and hitting the ball,” Burney said. “Not too surprised, I just wish I could just keep working to get better and contribute a little more, hopefully.” Burney was called upon to deliver some pop in the middle of the lineup after senior left-fielder Donnie Corsner’s season was abruptly ended due to injury. “When you lose a guy like Donnie, you can’t really replace him, you can only try,” Burney said. “Just trying to get good pitches to hit, it’s just so hard to replace someone with his hitting ability, it’s just amazing. I just do what I can.” He credits some basic mechanics that his coach worked on with him during his senior year of high school in order to make a smooth transition to the collegiate level. “Well he pretty much ran all of our high school practices just like a college practice. When I got here, I wasn’t surprised at all,” Burney said. “Me personally, it was just being clam. I was always jumping at pitches and trying to

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown Burney is fourth on the team with 21 RBI.

get the ball and hit it as hard as I could at all times. He worked on me to have a calm head and stay back on the ball and try and drive it to the opposite field.” He knocked in the only two runs for the team off a single up the middle in the first inning on Sunday in a loss against Towson. Nevertheless, Old Dominion won the series and the last three out of four games played. Some of the mechanics that he works on personally that resonates in the batters box against opposing pitchers. “Just staying back, keeping your hands back and just let the ball come to you rather than trying to jump at the ball and make something out of something that’s not,” Burney said. “That’s what the tee’s are for (in practice), you see us always over there, staying back, get your hands through, get backspin on the ball.” Going up against a team that the Monarchs have leapfrogged in the standings in Georgia State, Burney prepares himself mentally in his first year going up against elite teams on long road trips from

the confidence the team gained by knocking off the conference’s best. “We started out with one of the best teams in the nation like, a Top-25 team like JMU. When we took two out of three from them, it really helped our confidence,” Burney said. “ Going to Georgia, we’re just going to do the same thing as before, just hitting the ball where it’s pithced and just making the routine plays, throwing strikes.” With the top four teams advancing to the CAA conference tournament in Wilmington, North Carolina on May 26t, the team is currently tied for third. Despite all of ODU’s success, the approach remains the same for a ballclub that has exceeded expectations all year long. “It’s just keeping a level head. You know what you have to do, just go out there and do it, make the routine plays,” Burney said. “Baseball is baseball, no matter where it’s played it’s still baseball. That’s what you have to do.” As the new guy in the locker room, tasks generally include sometimes carrying the team’s bags or maybe the Gatorade bucket. “Just cleaning up the weight room, cleaning up the locker room. Coming from a senior in high school, now suddenly on the very bottom of the totem pole, it’s definitely humbling” he said. “You’re the best player on this team (in HS) but then you come back and every one else is good here, so you have to do whatever they say here, pretty much.” The focus now shifts to Joey Burney and the Monarchs reaching the next level and finish the year off strong while continuing to raise the bar on the diamond. “Just keeping playing baseball, no matter where you’re at it’s still baseball. You know you have to throw strikes and when the pitchers throw strikes, you know you’re going to get ground balls,” Burney said. “You have to make all the routine plays, not trying to make a highlight reel every single play. You want to do all the routine things and that’ll take us as far as we can be.”

If it stays fair, to home we run Brian Jerry Staff Writer


Major League Baseball has one again delivered a surprise start to the delight of fans from patient cities in the 2011 campaign. The Baltimore Orioles are off to their best start since the Clinton Administration’s last term in office. With their first winning record since 1997 when they last won the American League East and advanced to the ALCS, the team holds both an even record at home and an above .500 mark away from Camden Yards. It’s still early, but look for Buck Showalter’s ballclub to continue exceeding expectations. Not to be outdone, the Bronx Bombers are holding their own in the best division in baseball. Led offensively by first baseman Mark Teixeira with two homeruns and ten runs batted-in, the New York Yankees must look to everyone not named C.C. Sabathia for depth on the mound. The pitching staff posts a combined earned run average of 4.84 and must improve upon this number if they have any hope for success down the stretch. If you live anywhere near the state of Massachusetts, then your medical bill must be skyrocketing. There’s much to pick about these days in the house that Ted built, as the Red Sox are off to their worst start since 1996. Boston currently sits at the bottom of a division in which they were the preseason favorites on paper to win. Unfortunately, the game isn’t played on paper. Winless on the road and 2-8 in their last ten games, the Red Sox will need to receive much needed production from their rotation, specifically guys like Clay Buckholz (7.20 ERA) and Daisuke Matsuzaka (12.86 ERA) if they have any hope of climbing their way out of the cellar. To the surprise of virtually no one, the Tampa Bay Rays are struggling after losing All-Star left-fielder Carl Crawford. Just when the news couldn’t get any worst for TB when All-Star third baseman Evan Longoria went to the 15-day disabled list due to a broken wrist, a surprise announcement sent shockwaves through the league when on Sunday, April 10t, newly acquired left-fielder Manny Ramirez announced his retirement after discovering he would face a 100-game ban for his second violation of MLB’s drug testing policy. Needless to say, the Rays are in trouble. They will need production from center-fielder and Norfolk’s own B.J. Upton to drive in runs for Joe Maddon’s current offensively challenged ballclub. The Cleveland Indians currently sit atop the AL Central divi-

sion behind the bats of Shin Soo-Choo and Carlos Santana, but we shall see how long their success lasts. The Kansas City Royals follow with a winning mark despite the loss of their former anchor Zack Greinke during the offseason. In the south side of Chicago, the White Sox are stuck in the middle of the pack in the division. Minnesota’s currently struggling and remain fourth in the division but a lineup that features All-Stars catcher Joe Mauer and a healthy season from first baseman Justin Morneau, as well as ace Francisco Liriano should be all they need to compete once again for the division crown. The Texas Rangers, sit atop the AL West with a perfect mark at home behind the incredible start of rightfielder Nelson Cruz’s five homeruns and 10 RBI were dealt a huge blow last week when All-Star center fielder Josh Hamilton broke his upper-right arm after being called home by third-base coach Dave Anderson in which Hamilton called a “stupid play.” He later apologized for his remarks. Nevertheless, hitting .333 mark at the plate, .409 on-base percentage as well as team-leading twelve hits are going to be hard to replace down in Arlington for the next six to eight weeks that he is expected to miss. Said to be the best rotation in all of baseball, Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels and, Joe Blanton have led the Philadelphia Phillies to the best record thus far in the National League East despite DL trips for second baseman Chase Utley and closer Brad Lidge, who will remain out until at least after the All-Star break. Cincinnati’s high powered offense has delivered some surprise numbers in the form of third baseman Scott Rolen, who leads the team in runs batted-in with 10, in addition to a .444 mark at the plate carried by reigning National League MVP first baseman Joey Votto. St. Louis Cardinals are struggling mightily, in large part due to the struggles in the batter’s box from All-Star first baseman Albert Pujols, who’s hitting just .150 with one homer and four RBI in 10 games. Needless to say, they will need much more from him to compete in the division. Shortstop Troy Tulowizki is leading his Colorado Rockies to the best record in the NL West behind four dingers and nine runsbatted in. Right-fielder Seth Smith is posting a .324 mark at the plate with a .395 on-base percentage and with the help of leftfielder Carlos Gonzalez, who posted a .334 batting average with 34 homers and 117 RBI in 2010 to go along with ace Ubaldo Jimenez’s 19-win mark in the same year, everyone in the Rocky Mountains have good reason to remain excited for the season and foreseeable future. The Los Angeles Dodgers follow the Rockies in second place behind right-fielder Andre Ethier’s seven runs-

BLEACHERREPORT.COM After a solid start to the season the Orioles have fallen back in the tough AL East.

batted in as well as center-fielder Matt Kemp’s .425 mark at the plate to go along with a .531 on-base percentage with 15 hits, leading the team in all three respective categories. Add Clayton Kershaw’s 1.37 ERA and 24 strikeouts in three starts and you’ve got yourself a contender in the division. Surprisingly, the defending World Series Champion San Francisco Giants are in the cellar of the division. It didn’t seem to help matters that closer Brian Wilson started the season on the DL due to a strained left oblique muscle. Nevertheless, Wilson is back and with a talented core of starters (ace Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain and Jonathan Sanchez) as well as third baseman Pablo Sandavol, catcher Buster Posey, first baseman Aubrey Huff and center-fielder Andres Torres, the Giants are primed for a run towards the division crown. With so many questions up in the air and with so many games to play, we as fans can only sit back and watch the rest of a young season unfold. The prime suspects (Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, Phillies, Reds and Giants) will look to make a push toward their respective divion crowns while teams on the rise (Orioles, Tigers, Twins, Angels, Braves, Cardinals and Rockies) all seems to make promising finishes to prove that they belong in the conversation with the contenders. Let’s play ball.


C3 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 4/22/2011

Number one spot Anything you can do, She has already done Matthew McCracken Assistant Sports Editor


Teamwork can be the reason for success or the reason an athlete falls short of their potential. “In singles, you play good, you win. If you play bad, you lose,” Old Dominion University women’s tennis superstar senior Joanna Dobrowolska said. Presented with the award of CAA Co-Player of the Week in the first week of April, Dobrowolska is looking to not only the CAA Tournament in late April, but to qualify for the NCAA as a singles competitor. Dobrowolska was the No. 2 player for the Monarchs last year while Nadine Fahoum was atop the ODU’s women’s tennis team. Fahoum transferred to Duke University for her senior year, leaving the No. 1 spot open for Dobrowolska to claim. “I think I’m pretty good. I feel more confident like I need to show I’m No. 1,” Dobrowolska said. Despite being behind Fahoum last year, Dobrowolska was honored with First-Team All-CAA single and doubles honors.

Only posting a 16-14 record as a single competitor at the No. 2 spot, there isn’t any doubt that Fahoum and Dobrowolska as a double pair had more success in the previous season. Going 11-3 on the season, these two women combined to earn a trip to the NCAA doubles’ competition. Comparing the difference of doubles to playing singles, Dobrowolska said, “It really depends on who your partner is. You feel bad when you play good, and your partner plays bad and you lose.” Despite her past success as a partner, Dobrowolska is all about her No. 1 spot atop ODU’s tennis, and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Already posting a 14-5 record with three matches left in the regular season, Dobrowolska hasn’t lost more than two matches in a row. Blame it on her composure she’s acquired over the years. Dobrowolska believes differently. “It really depends on matches, how they schedule our matches.” In her last season, this belief of scheduling works in Dobrowolska’s favor as the CAA Tournament will be hosted in Norfolk, Va. “I feel much better playing here. In other places, you feel different, and have to adapt,” Dobrowolska said. Despite her upcoming matches, Dobrowolska understands that her tennis career is slowly coming to an end. Admitting that she may participate in a few matches before she graduates in Decem-

ber, Dobrowolska’s next step in life is far from a tennis court. “I want to go to grad school somewhere. It doesn’t matter where,” she said. Native of Warsaw, Poland, Dobrowolska has already been away from home for a long period of time. Though Dobrowolska will be hanging up her ODU tennis racket at the end of this season, her competitiveness takes over any type of premature nostalgic type of feelings. “I don’t want to lose,” Dobrowolska said. Dobrowolska admits there’s always room for improvement. “I always have weak points,” Dobrowolska said. These weak points are ones that ODU fans and CAA opponents haven’t seen much of in her senior year. With the CAA tournament approaching followed by a chance of a NCAA berth, Dobrowolska understands that a lot of things are coming her way at once. Reflecting on what she’s going to miss most at ODU, Asked Dobrowolska simply said, “The competition, and the matches.” At only 22years old and a soon to be college graduate, the challenges that Dobrowolska has faced are miniscule to the ones in her life after tennis. But that’s just it; Dobrowolska prefers to live in the here and now. And here and now is the CAA Tournament that begins on April 21. Come out to watch Dobrowolska and the rest of the ODU women’s tennis team compete as the season comes to an end.

Robert Brusso: player profile ODU Grad Student Running to VA Tech for Kids with Cancer Jessica Twyford Contributing Writer


Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. My rapidly beating heart feels like it is about to explode. My breathing is getting heavier and with every stride, more and more difficult. I feel like I’m wading through mud. Thick, consuming mud. I want to stop, collapse and lay in the road until one of my neighbors finds me and offers me a ride home. My mind, originally a blank slate, is now filled with a stream of conscious negativity and the devil on my shoulder is whispering to quit. Then I think, what would Robbie Brusso do?” and my legs burning with exhaustion continue to shuffle through the invisible muck I feel exists beneath me, pulling me into the pavement like quicksand. Part of me wants to quit, walk it out and say I did it when only I will know I didn’t, but then again the thought persists: What would Robbie do? Robert Brusso is a 26-year-old Ph.D. student at Old Dominion University who started running about three years ago to get back into shape after a hiking trip left him winded and in the back of the pack. As time progressed,what originally had only been a work out, became a form of entertainment that soon became a passion and is now benefiting children with cancer. On May 7, Robbie will depart from his home and begin a roughly 350 mile trek to Virginia Tech, making pit stops at the Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters and the Children’s Hospital of Richmond, two hospitals that will receive donations at Brusso is a dedicated runner who survives hardship with an unwavering positivity that spreads into the lives of others. He said , “when I was an infant I had cancer.” When Brusso was eight months, old he was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma, a malignant tumor that develops from nerve tissue and occurs in infants and children. In Brusso’s case the tumor was located in his chest and touched parts of his heart, lungs and ribcage. While Brusso only has memories of physical therapy as a young child, he is choosing to run for children with cancer to serve as a guidepost, not only for the children, but for the parents as well to show what great possibilities could lay ahead for their child. Brusso’s training routine begins with running 50 to 60 miles per week. Then he tosses in at least two cross training sessions of either cycling or yoga, a dash of weight training and a strict diet. To better help monitor his diet Brusso has created an Excel sheet that breaks down the content of what he consumes into fat, protein and carbohydrate percentages. Brusso, who stands six-foot-three-inches and maintains his weight between 160 pounds and 165 pounds,

Jessica Twyford Mace & Crown Brusso’s story and hard work are inspirational for all.

has the appearance of a prime athlete. He is lean but muscular, thin but not waifish. His face slightly tanned from time spent outside framed by chocolate brown facial hair, is approachably confident. While the perks of his training are physically obvious to others, the sacrifices made to be able to train are not always clear, including losing time to socialize and sleep. To most it may seem

extreme, and beg the question of why? but for him it is simple;, it is what he loves to do. He states that running goes from being exercise to a passion when “eventually you find the act itself entertaining. You know you’re at that point when you start adding a mile or two, or in your free time you’re like, ‘I’m going to go ride or go run’ because it becomes what you want to do.” The difficulties of such a demanding hobby affect all aspects of his life: the physical, the mental and the social. “You welcome the physical pain as part of the challenge. Mentally it’s a challenge but that’s part of it. You learn a lot about yourself when you’re at mile twenty and your toenail is falling off and you’re having a muscle spasm in your leg and you’re still running,” Brusso said. “The hardest part is how you are viewed by others. People think I have a problem with exercising too much or have an eating problem or some deep-seeded issue that I am ‘running’ from. It’s such a passion for me that to others it does not make sense.” His devotion may have come more under the microscope when last summer while cycling he was hit by a car and fractured his C-6 vertebrae, leaving him distressed but not discouraged. The accident caused him to drop out of three races. However, within a month and a half, his doctor had approved him to try running again but warned him of discomfort caused by the soft collar he would have to wear. With doctor approval, Brusso wasted no time venturing out into the summer heat to begin running again. His confidence and strong sense of self leaves the questions and worries of others in the growing distance as he runs because for him, it is the personal challenge, not the competition nor the approval of others that motivates him. “I started running to improve myself. I took six minutes off my time in this year’s Virginia is for Lovers 14k but I came in the exact same place as last year. If I competed against other people it would take focus off the fact I kicked last year’s Robbie’s ass.” His constant positive attitude and relaxed demeanor is calmingly contagious. He attributes much of his personal qualities to running. “Running is a meditation type state. It is such a stress reliever. It has made me a more laid back person. You know when people find religion and they change? They become happier and more whole? I feel like that’s what happened.” So to answer the question “What Would Robbie Brusso Do?” Robbie would run. He would push through the pain, push through the negative and finish with a sense of self-gratification that few can own. He would continue on to something greater than himself and bigger than most would imagine and end with something incredible like impacting the lives of families touched by the cold hand of cancer. So what will you do? Give a donation and help change the lives of child with cancer at www.varunforthechildren. com.


wednesday 4/22/2011 | MACE & CROWN | C4

2011 WNBA Draft Review Brian Jerry Staff Writer


The 2011 Women’s National Basketball Association Draft gathered hundreds of the top NCAA women’s collegiate athletes together under the bright lights of the ESPN Studios on Monday, April 11 in Bristol, Connecticut. With the No. 1 overall pick in the draft, the Minnesota Lynx, selected former Naismith, John A. Wooden, Wade trophy winner and two-time National Champion Maya Moore from the University of Connecticut. Moore averaged 19.6 points per game while pulling in 8.25 rebounds during her time as a Huskie. Holding the second selection, head coach and former NBA standout Nate Richardson chose six-foot-eight inch center, Australian native Elizabeth Cambage from the Bulleen Boomers and 2010 WNBL MVP. Previous reports of Cambage refusing to play for the Shock were disregarded as Cambage later said that this was a misinterpretation and that she was happy to play with Tulsa. The third overall selection, awarded to the Chicago Sky who chose guard Courtney Vandersloot from Gonzaga. The Sky, needing to add depth at the guard position to add to the post presence of six-foot-six-inch center Sylvia Fowles and pe-

rimeter shooter forward Shameka Christianson, chose Vandersloot over Xavier forward Amber Harris. With no complaints whatsoever, the Minnesota Lynx gladly chose Harris with the next selection. At six-foot-five-inch, she averaged 18.8 points per game and 10.2 rebounds to grab back-toback Atlantic 10 Player of the Year honors while being named to the All-Conference First Team this season. The Los Angeles Sparks, coming off of one of their worst seasons in franchise history at 1321, used the fifth overall choice in the draft to snag six-four Ohio State center Jantel Lavender to play alongside forwards Candace Paker and eight-time WNBA All-Star Tina Thompson. Returning to the sidelines for his second stint as San Antonio Silver Stars head coach, Dan Hughes used the sixth pick to complement an abundance of front court depth by way of fivefoot-nine Oklahoma guard Danielle Robinson. The 2010 All-Big 12 First Team member joins a nucleus of guard Becky Hammon and frontcourt standouts forward Sophia Young and center Jayne Appel. Rounding out the first crop of selections on the ESPN portion of the draft, the Tulsa Shock utilized their second pick and seventh overall selection to take forward Kayla Pedersen from

Stanford to play alongside Cambage. Harris’ teammate, center Ta’Shia Phillips (who was later traded to the Washington Mystics) was chosen by the Atlanta Dream at No. 8 followed by Pedersen’s fellow Cardinal, Jeanette Pohlen to the Indiana Fever with the ninth choice. The New York Liberty were next on the clock and chose Georgia Tech guard/forward Alex Montgomery, while the local Washington Mystics grabbed Kentucky forward and reigning SEC Defensive Player of the Year award winner Victoria Dunlap with the eleventh choice. Prior to the draft, the Mystics (who are coming off their best season in franchise history) acquired six-foot-four inch center Nicky Anosike from the Minnesota Lynx in exchange for the Mystics’ 2012 first round pick. The first round concluded when the reigning WNBA Champion Seattle Storm brought Duke guard and Fairfax native Jasmine Thomas to the Emerald City. The former Blue Devil averaged 12.3 points per game while dishing out 3.3 assists. Other notable standouts selected in the second round included a pair of 2011 National Champions. Guard Syndey Colson (later traded to New York) and forward Danielle Adams of Texas A&M were chosen at No. 16 to the Connecticut Sun and No. 20 to the San Antonio Silver Stars, respectively.

Minnesota held the first picks twelve and thirteen of the second round and chose forward Jessica Breland of North Carolina and forward Felicia Chester of DePaul. A name quite familiar with the mass population, Colorado forward Brittany Spears was chosen at number nineteen to the Pheonix Mercury in a selection that will certainly drive Mercury fans crazy heading into the 2011 season. After six-foot-six-inch Boston College center Carolyn Swords was chosen by Chicago at seventeen and later North Carolina guard Italee Lucas to Tulsa at 21, the Mystics were once again on the clock and announced Duke guard-forward Karima Christmas as the twenty-third choice. In the third round, six-foot-five-inch Northwestern center Amy Jaeschke was selected to hometown Chicago. Jaeschke averaged 21.6 points and 3.1 blocks as a four-time All-Big Ten selection. Phoenix chose Nevada guard Tahnee Robinson at thirty-one followed by local Indiana guard Jori Davis to the hometown Fever. The Mystics picked Serbia center Sarah Krnjic at thirty-five, followed by the final selection of the draft, Duke guard Krystal Thomas, joining her fellow teammate Jasmine Thomas in Seattle at thirty-six.

RECYCLE ME pick up a copy every wednesday


D2 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 4/22/2011

opinions That’s G:

Finals Predictions


Garrison Cole Sports Editor

Playoff basketball is back. The NBA Playoffs are in full force, and with it are the many storylines that encompass the playoffs. There are in my opinion, six teams that have a legitimate shot at winning the NBA title the Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Thunder, Heat, Spurs. With all due respect to the Magic and the other seven teams, this is the reality of the playoffs. The Lakers are going for a three peat, and after limping through the final 12 games of the regular season at 3-9 ,that doesn’t seem likely. But in fairness to the Lakers, it’s hard to stay motivated throughout 82 regular season games, when you have your eyes on the prize. People forget that the Celtics were a .500 team through the second half of the season a year ago, and still went to the NBA Finals. The Lakers are still the team to beat in the Western Conference, thanks to Kobe Bryant. Hate him or love him, Bryant relishes fthis time of the year. The length of the Lakers and the grit and determination of the best player in the game should be enough to get them at least to the conference finals. If the Lakers don’t come out of the West, it’s going to be because they lose to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder has a Top 5 player in the leaguein Kevin Durant and that guy Russell Westbrook isn’t too shabby either. But it’s the addition of Kendrick Perkins that has the Thunder

thinking of the title. Perkins is a junkyard dog when it comes to protecting the basket, and his addition, along with the length of Serge Ibaka and Nazr Mohammed inside the Thunder are poised to make a title run. Ever since the Boston Celtics traded away Perkins, the landscape of the Eastern Conference has changed dramatically. The Chicago Bulls ascended to a 62 win season led by the MVP frontrunner Derrick Rose, and a stingy defense. Bulls fans, for the first time since a certain No. 23 played in the Windy City, are thinking championship. The team that caused so much drama in the off-season, the Miami Heat, have found a way to put it all together and are now a serious threat to come out of the East. The Heat finally figured out that their best player is Dwayne Wade, and ever since that has happened they have been on fire. The potential second round matchup of Heat-Celtics is going to be a slugfest of two powerhouse franchises. Speaking of the Celtics, some talking heads have dismissed the Celtics because of their age, and the fact that Perkins is gone doesn’t help the chances of the Celtics. Despite all of these factors, the Celtics are still my pick to represent the East in the NBA Finals. The Bulls are great, but in history it usually takes one failure before they can succeed. All of the greats have had to go through some heartache and I think the Bulls will go through that season. Out West, I like the Lakers. Too much Bryant, too much depth, too much length and too much Bryant will once again lead the Lakers back to the finals. My prediction is that the Lakers will capture their third straight title over the Celtics in six or seven games. If it is not these two teams vying for the title, then I think it will be the young Bulls against the young Thunder with the Thunder capturing the title. This year’s installment of win or go home will bring excitement like no other.


by Danielle Buxton Photography Director

Relay for Life is a time for everyone to unite and have a fun time in order to raise money for cancer. One event that everyone looks for during Relay for Life is the Ms. Relay competition. This is a male drag competition. One of my photographers caught a photo of an event during the competition that had everyone, at least the front row, turning their heads. During Ms. Relay, the contestants were asked to show off their stuff after they were dressed in panty hose, makeup and a toilet paper ensemble. One contestant in particular caught everyone’s attention while he was showing off his stuff. Cherry the Pope, as seen in the picture, showed everyone that this is a Ms. Relay to remember. Cherry the Pope was dancing and then took a friend and did, what some may call a very provocative dance. He took his friend and placed him on his hands and legs, and then he proceeded to get on top of him from behind. I will just tell you to fill in the blank for what happens next. Like I said earlier, it caused at least the front row to turn their heads. Don’t get me wrong, the competition was all in good fun. I will say this however; I didn’t want to see that. It was funny but it was too late and I was too tired to see that. I was wondering if he thought of doing that on the spot or if it was in his plan to do it all along. It looks like the two of them are enjoying themselves. I hope they are. The smiles are a little too big to say that this isn’t fun. However, after saying all of this, I am speechless. This is because that whole show your stuff routine came out of nowhere. I will say that out of all of the contestants performing in Ms. Relay, his performance was the most memorable. It was memorable from start to finish. His first dancing number that went with the introduction had the crowd talking. His ending performance that resulted in Cherry the Pope being the subject of my column this week had the crowd talking. Unfortunately, I did not stay to see if he won the competition but I will say with a performance like his, he should have won. I knew I had to write this column once my photographer showed me the photo. An opportunity like this was too good to pass up. Cherry the Pope you have been Caught! Cherry the Pope was caught doing a dance that woke up everyone who was drifting off to sleep at that time. Throughout the entire Ms. Relay competition, I have to say his performances were what kept the crowd interested and entertained. I hope he won and if he did not then he should compete next year. Cherry the Pope, I thank you for providing some fun entertainment and raising money during Relay for Life.

Rachel Chasin Mace & Crown Cherry the Pop caught all the attention and more at the Ms. Relay Competition.


wednesday 4/22/2011 | MACE & CROWN | D1

What in the World?!

by Diane Dougherty Arts and Entertainment Editor

The Mickey Mouse Club was the originator of where children were born into musical and acting stardom. Stars we still know now like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling all blossomed their careers from this show and currently continue to work in show business decades later. To be a cast member on this show, you had to have many talents, or as they call it in “the business,” a triple threat. Nowadays, our generation’s equivalent to the Mickey Mouse Club is actually YouTube, where clearly you don’t have to be talented to get noticed. YouTube sensations sweep the nation it seems about every other week. First there was Justin Bieber, who was discovered and mentored by the living legend of R&B, Usher. Then there was Greyson Chance, who was signed as the first artist on Ellen Degeneres’ record label. Now there are the infamous Rebecca Black and Antoine Dobson, who people love to hate. Who’s next? For everyone’s sake, I hope these “sensations” aren’t going to continue on a downward spiral. It seems everyone uses YouTube as a portal to be-

come discovered. Unfortunately, this means many people who aren’t talented, but think they are, keep posting YouTube videos of themselves that we run across daily. The comedy central show “Tosh.0” is solely based around finding these hilarious Internet clips and showing them to the world, while making fun of them as much as possible. Is it worth getting “discovered “ if everyone is making a mockery of you? For me, I probably wouldn’t care, but I’ve also never been in their shoes. I’m always down for a good laugh and if it requires me to laugh at myself, so be it. More than likely, these people are aware that their “talents” don’t really encompass any talent. If they aren’t aware, then I think they’ve clearly got some other issues that need to be addressed first. Every once in a while really talented people are noticed on the Internet, but it seems most of those people are overlooked by the public eye because we’re all focused on the people who write really horrible songs and then make a music video of it. There should be some sort of way to weed out those who are a joke and put a spotlight on the people who deserve it. I wish a show like the Mickey Mouse Club would come back. We’d find kids with real talent, who don’t become known for their public embarrassment but because they possess qualities and gifts that not everyone has. Bring back the old school ways.

Move & Improve Recreation in a Monarch Nation by Asheton

Richards Staff Writer

There are many great things that come along with being a Monarch. Representing Old Dominion University is a privilege, giving that it gets more and more competitive each and every semester to get accepted into such a wellrespected university. There are many recreational activities and chances to get involved revolving around Monarch pride. Joining a club such as Monarch Maniacs is a great way to get involved on campus, meet new people and the chance to represent Old Dominion in a fun way. If you are not interested in a club but still would like to be part of an organization, try looking into the Fraternity and Sorority Life that the university has to offer. Greeks on campus are very involved in fund raising, sports, Homecoming and other major activities that take place on campus. Not only will joining a club or an organization help your social life and overall experience while you are in college but it will also help you gain skills in time management, organization and give a major boost to any resume. If one of your reasons for coming to ODU happens to be “I wanted to be near the beach,” then take advantage of all the outdoor activities that the school offers! If your classes do not take place in the Student Recreation Center, and you are not a total “gym-rat” then it may be hard to find out about all the recreational activities and organizations that ODU offers. The Student Recreation Center puts out a complete guide to all Recreation and Wellness activities taking place for each semester, providing students with detailed descriptions on the Outdoor Adventure Program

(OAP), intramural sports, aquatics, sports clubs, special events throughout the semester and summer camps. The Student Recreation Center can also make available information on programs such as L.E.A.P. (Leadership Experiences through Active Participation). There are also many lectures provided throughout the semester focusing on different topics to improve overall wellness of the mind and body. These lectures are free and much knowledge can be gained just by going to one, or all of the lectures that are offered throughout the semester. I noticed from the moment I went through orientation as a freshman that ODU strongly encourages students to feel as welcome as possible on campus. The campus is always busy with fundraisers, dining, Exam Jams, ODU After Dark parties and just the weekly ruckus of Activity Hour. What is also great about the campus vibe is that there always seems to be some sort of physical activity occurring on the quad, Whitehurst beach or on a sports field. If you are not exactly the outdoor type, that is no excuse to not put your Monarch feet into motion. The SRC building provides many group fitness classes from yoga to Zumba that will have you feeling fit in no time. The best part about these classes is that they are free and you do not have to sign up to participate! All classes are taught at different levels of experience, so do not be intimidated by the regulars. Get in there and make yourself a regular. All these opportunities may seem overwhelming, but do not wait until you are a senior to realize where your tuition has been going all this time. Be a Monarch in motion. There is no better time than the present to improve yourself, your education and your lifestyle. Take advantage of the time you have here, and make it a priority to be apart of the Monarch Nation before you say goodbye at graduation.

The Mace & Crown would like to congratulate the class of 2011 on graduating and would like to give a special thanks to GarrisonCole,Chynna Steve, Nick Liedel and Stuart Miller on graduating this semester. Thank you for all of your help over the years and good luck! -The Mace Staff


S1 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 4/22/2011

sundr y

FRIDAY 22: 60°

SATURDAY 23: 73°

SUNDAY 24: 77°

[SUHN-DREE] (look it up)

Mace & Crown







How long did you sleep after Relay for Life?

Who’s going to win the Stanely Cup?

NBA Finals prediction?

How bad did the power outage effect you?

What band are you most excited for Campus Chaos?

How many finals do you actually have?

I didn’t go, so I slept for 6 hours.

Washington Capitols


Cancelled all of my classes for the day, now I have a class on Sat.

Who’s coming?


I was at home during Relay.



Didn’t effect me at all.

Can you tell who’s going to be there before I answer?


10 hours. Does it matter that I didn’t go?

Gotta go with my Caps


It was great, I got to miss two classes.

Mambo Sauce

I don’t know yet.

I felt really bad that I didn’t go this year.

My alliance is to the Capitols but I have to go with Vancouver

You think I watch the NBA?

It was kind of awesome since I missed my linguistics and missed a test.



5 hours



It effected me in a positive way, I got to miss class

Mambo Sauce



C R O W O R DS S Last week’s solution - Puzzle #5 for April 20, 2011 Across 1- Germinated grain used in brewing; 5- Savory jelly; 10- Challenge; 14- “East of Eden” director Kazan; 15- Language with click consonants; 16- Arabian sultanate; 17- Petty quarrel; 18- Viscounts’ superiors; 19- Darn; 20- Goddesses of the seasons; 22- Naming; 24- Baby’s cry; 27- Drudge; 28- Stimulating; 32- Turbulent; 35- “The Matrix” hero; 36- Biblical mount; 38- Apartment sign; 40- Some nest eggs; 42- Untrue; 44- American space agency; 45- Gambler; 47- Kind of question; 49- Japanese computer giant; 50- Pursue; 52- Last; 54- Briefs, briefly; 56- Swenson of “Benson”; 57- Dense tuft of hairs; 60- Thick slices; 64- Ambience; 65- Recurring series; 68- Calculus calculation; 69- Clairvoyant; 70- Singer John; 71- Zoologist Fossey; 72- Not new; 73- Like some arts; 74- Pull abruptly;

Down 1- Interlock; 2- Iams alternative; 3- Make-up artist?; 4- Japanese mat; 5- Chopper; 6- Doo-wop syllable; 7- Harbor; 8- Long Island town; 9- Small wheel; 10- Sovereign authority; 11- “So be it”; 12- Pealed; 13- Break off; 21- Chow; 23- Spoils; 25- Common street name; 26- Bother; 28- Children’s author Blyton; 29- Adapted to a dry environment; 30- Carriage; 31- Spud; 33- Grassy plain; 34- Approvals; 37- Japanese immigrant; 39- Diplomacy; 41- Region bordering a seacoast; 43- Son of Judah; 46- Invitation letters; 48- Assns.; 51- Drew forth; 53- Disease of the body; 55- With cunning; 57- Takes to court; 58- Native Canadian; 59- Broadway opening; 61- Horne solo; 62Frijole; 63- Subsided; 64- Sun Devils’ sch.; 66- Actor Chaney; 67- Chang’s twin;


wednesday 4/22/2011 | MACE & CROWN | S2


Sudoku-Puzzles .net Sudoku, Kakuro & Futoshiki Puzzles


Sudoku-Puzzles .net Sudoku, Kakuro & Futoshiki Puzzles

Sudoku 9x9 - Medium (133896270)



Sudoku 9x9 - Hard (137839813)




3 3








5 1

6 9








5 4

4 6


2 7

9 4

2 6


5 3



4 8




1 2






4 2


5 8





10.0 in.


7.0 in.

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4/7/11 7:12 PM

GRAND OPENING at Village Shops at ODU


off haircuts

Includes shampoo and conditioning rinse. Offer not valid on Value Packages. Long hair charges apply for select services. Cannot be combined with any other coupons, discounts or offers. Not valid on any previous services or toward the purchase of gift cards. Valid only at the Village Shops at ODU salon with original coupon. Coupon must be surrendered when redeemed. Associates of Ratner are not eligible. Offer expires 6/3/2011.

Open 7 days. Just walk in.

Village Shops at ODU / 757-489-0202 4400 Monarch Way in Norfolk

110437_RATN_10.5x7_MC.indd 1

3/30/11 6:10 PM



Visit for additional buyback hours and locations.


Rented textbooks are due back May 5, 2011

University Village Bookstore Corner of 45th and Monarch Way 986SBB11

April 22, 2011  

April 22, 2011

April 22, 2011  

April 22, 2011