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VOL. 52, ISSUE 23 | APRIL 13, 2011

Mace & Crown

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ODU raises tuition, SGA moves to reduce tuition late fees

Christian Ernst Mace & Crown Every year for the last three years there has been an increase in tuition.

Resolution awaits administration decision by

Christian Ernst News Editor

Tuition is often a hot button topic among students, especially with the announcement of a seven percent tuition increase next year. Senator Justin Ferrell introduced a resolution on behalf of the students to reduce late fees for students who fail to pay their tuition on time. The announcement of the tuition increase came April 8, making Old Dominion the second Virginia school to announce tuition increases for the upcoming year. James Madison University was the first, announcing an 11 percent increase for next year. An administrator said the increase was caused by significant cuts in funding from the state, according to the Virginian-Pilot. This is the third consecutive year that Old Dominion has introduced a tuition hike. In 2009, the school raised tuition five percent, followed by a seven percent increased in 2010. In-state, full time undergraduates will pay $5,034 in tuition next year, plus $2,856 in mandatory fees. In-state costs of an ODU education next year will be $16,362 on average, including room and board, a 4.8 percent increase over this

Tuition increases at Old Dominion $800 $700 $600





$500 Tuition (In state per credit)

$400 $300 $200





Tuition (Out of State per credit)

$100 $0 2008-2009



year. The current average is $15,610. Out of students average will also move to $30,702. $1 million dollars of the tuition increase will be earmarked for financial aid, and an additional $300,000 for on campus employment opportunities, according to vice president for administration and finance Robert Fenning. In the past three years, ODU suffered a net reduction of $25 million in state funds, Fenning said to the Pilot. Student Government Association has taken this chance suggest the establishment of a new


advisory board consisting of students and faculty in regards of tuition late fees and collections. The Tuition Late Fee Act, a resolution that was offered on March 22, is a suggestion to the administration to reevaluate the fairness of tuition late fees and the account management with the school. Ferrell said the school currently has late fees that can range anywhere from $300 to $500, which many students can struggle with. Other schools, according to Ferrell, have much smaller fees, and are also implemented differently.

Radford, according to Ferrell, has a straight $75 fee for late tuition payements, whereas the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech have 10% payment fees that cannot exceed $100. Ferrell also said this was an important step for SGA to take on behalf of the students. “We’re the student’s voice,” said Ferrell. “What better voice than that of the ones that elects us? I think students will respect us for this. They will see us for more than a bank. SGA is actually here to do business.” Ferrell also said with the coming tuition increases, a reduction in fees is increasingly important. With students who already receive fees on current tuition rates, the tuition increase may only add to that number. This increasing number of students affected by increased tuition rates and late fees make a committee even more important to establish, according to Ferrell. “Students initially have the voice, that’s why a committee is important,” said Ferrell. “If a committee isn’t established, the correct assessment cannot be established.” While the contingency passed SGA’s senate, it still is only a suggestion to administration. There has been no committee yet established, and administration


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Campus competes well in Recyclemania by Amanda David Assistant News Editor

The 2011 RecycleMania Tournament, a competition between schools to see who can recycle the most, ended on April 2. Although the final results are not in yet, Old Dominion University finished fifth at the end of the ninth week and administration is confident that the school’s position will not change. Nationwide, 630 schools registered in this year’s tournament. Final results will be available on Friday, April 15. During RecycleMania, a 10-week period that coincided with March Madness, participating schools reported recycling and trash amounts, in pounds, and were then “ranked according to who collects the largest amount of recyclables per capita, the largest amount of total recyclables, the least amount of trash per capita, or have the highest recycling rate,” said Harvey Logan, ODU Support Services Manager. “With each week’s reports and rankings, participating schools watch how their results fluctuate against other schools and use this to rally their campus communities to reduce and recycle more.” Some of the goals for RecycleMania were to have a fair and friendly recycling competition, increase recycling participation, heighten awareness of waste management and recycling programs and lower the amount of waste generated on-campus. “Recycling is a simple action to take, but it has a huge impact on our collective energy use. Recycling just one aluminum can save enough energy to run a television for nearly two hours,” said Paula Davis, Alcoa Foundation president, in a statement. “Supporting RecycleMania is a great opportunity for us to generate awareness about recycling and, we hope, encourage students, professors and the entire campus to take that one extra step.” RecycleMania began in February 2001 when Ohio University and Miami University wanted to increase recycling at each of their schools. The two schools faced of head-to-head to see which school could recycle the most. Miami University claimed the victory and each year more schools have joined in to participate in the 10-week recycling event. “Colleges and universities are small cities that consume large amounts of resources and generate much solid waste,” Logan said. “RecycleMania anticipates that environmental messages cannot always motivate action by themselves and seeks to present waste re-

1800RECYCLING.COM Old Dominion placed well in the 2011 Recycle Mania tournament finishing fifth amoung 630 registered schools.

duction in terms any college student can appreciate: beating the cross town rival!” Unfortunately, as of the state-wide results at the end of the ninth week, Old Dominion University fell short in the competition this year placing fifth behind Virginia Commonwealth University who claimed second place and University of Virginia who took the crown. The College of William and Mary placed sixth. Even though the RecycleMania competition has been completed for the 2011 season, the best way to raise recycling awareness is to “continue to forward the message of recycling and all its virtues throughout the campus and community,” Logan said. ODU has more than 500 recycling receptacles on campus. “They are various sizes and shapes,” said Logan, “located everywhere at desk side, copier machines, lounges, hallways, community spaces, residence buildings, athletic facilities, corridors and the Webb Center building as examples.” Trouble finding a recycling receptacle? Want to suggest a new location? Call Recoverable Resources at 757-683-3005.


David Bakhshaee Staff Writer

Most Americans are fully aware of the tumultuous and often times childlike partisan arguments that the United States Congress has been known to display and bestow upon the American people. One such debate that is going on in Congress right now is a proposed $5.7 billion cut to Pell Grant funding. The Pell Grant Program is the country’s fundamental financial aid program, providing scholarship aid to 9.4 million low and moderate income students a year. This is clearly a big deal to not only Monarch nation, but to the American nation as a whole. As Congress continues to debate a long-term budget plan for the 2011 fiscal year, the proposed cuts to the Pell Grant Program have irrefutably devastating and long lasting consequences. “The proposed cuts on Pell Grants are a short term solution to cutting spending but will have long term effects on America’s superpower status,” said Tyler Spires, a student at Old Dominion University and member of the ODU College Republicans. In its 2012 budget proposal for the Department of Education, the Obama administration called the program’s growth “rapid and unsustainable”, but despite the bleak numbers and Republican proposals for colossal reductions, Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa and fellow Democrats insisted Pell Grants must be protected against any reductions. Senate Democrats led by Harkin, say they will fight any cuts in the federal Pell Grant Program. “Any reduction to the Pell Program would

come at a much higher cost to our country down the road,” Mr. Harkin, chairman of the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions committee told The Washington Times. “Tough budget decisions are needed, Congress must raise taxes and cut spending elsewhere while continuing to make investments in education,” said Harkin. President Obama’s 2009 stimulus plan channeled $15.6 million into Pell Grants. A bill last year to revise the administration’s health care plan deposited an additional $13.5 billion. Despite these additional funds, the program still suffered from an $8.6 billion shortfall. The Obama administration has declared and affirmed that this cannot be maintained. Education Secretary Arne Duncan projected last month that the Pell Grant Program could face a $20 billion shortcoming in 2012. The Obama administration wants $41.2 billion in the 2012 fiscal budget to keep Pell Grants at a $5,550 maximum award per student. Undeterred by what the president and his administration want, House Republicans seem ready for yet another dogfight on Capitol Hill. House Republicans voted to sever that $5,550 maximum award to $4,015 per student as part of House Resolution 1, which is a 2011 spending plan that was voted down in the Senate last month. Senator Michael B. Enzi, Wyoming Republican and HELP Committee member, called for systemic changes to the program. “I supported the Pell Grant spending reductions in House Resolution 1…Doing nothing while spending spirals out of control is not a responsible option,” said Representative Virginia Foxx, North Carolina Republican and chairman of the education subcommittee on higher education and workforce training. The Obama administration has asserted several

changes it hopes can save the program. First off, President Obama wants to eliminate interest subsidies for graduate and professional students, saving roughly $2.2 billion in 2012 and $32.9 billion over the next ten years. Additionally, the White House hopes to eliminate the “two Pells” stipulation. Under this provision, students who attend college for the entire year could get two grants during the same calendar year. Intellectuals and scholars believe Obamas proposed fix to alleviate the Pell Grants’ financial woes is superficial and misleading. “It isn’t going to save any money. It is just going to push back graduations,” said David M. Canaski, president of Financial Aid Training and Consulting and former director of financial advisement at the State University of New York-Cortland. Mr. Canaski said that the administration’s plan, would discourage the best students from completing college in less than four years since they would have to pay for a third semester with no help from the government. Despite the brazen attempts that Congress and the White House have made to rectify the looming $14 trillion deficit, it is quite straightforward and perceptible that cutting low income and middle income students’ federal financial aid, specifically the Pell Grant, is not the path that needs to be taken. Perhaps both the Democrats and the Republicans can come to a sensible agreement, and realize that penny pinching already cash strapped college students is not only an immediate disservice to Americans trying to further their knowledge and better their understanding of the world in the present, but also realize that cutting Pell Grants endangers this country’s future.


wednesday 4/13/2011 | MACE & CROWN | A3

The MacArthur Memorial by Amanda David Assistant News Editor

The MacArthur Memorial is one of the hidden treasures in downtown Norfolk. General of the Army Douglas MacArthur gained fame through his military actions in the Pacific during World War II and the Korean War. These actions were both praised and criticized making him one of the most controversial figures in American history. “The MacArthur Memorial is more than a museum,” said MacArthur Memorial Curator Charlie Knight, “it is, in essence, a presidential library for a man who was never president.” In 1961 Douglas MacArthur agreed to give all of his papers, uniforms, medals, art collection and other possession to the City of Norfolk with the purpose of creating a museum. Four buildings comprise the MacArthur memorial: a museum, a theatre, Jean MacArthur Research Center, and a gift shop. The theatre displays a 24 minute orientation film, so the memorial staff suggests that visitors start their tour in the theatre building. A short walk over to the two-story main museum building visitors will find a statue of General MacArthur outside and nine galleries documenting his life inside. General and Mrs. MacArthur are also laid to rest on the ground floor of the museum. The gift shop, a separate building, not only has souvenirs but also features MacArthur’s 1950 Chrysler Imperial limousine which he used from 1950 to the end of his life. Some of the most interesting exhibits at the memorial include the Colt pistol that Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo attempted suicide with at the end of WWII as well as the bullet recovered, Gen. MacArthur’s medals, including his Medal of Honor and Purple Heart, which is the first Purple Heart ever issued (Serial No. 1), and one of the pens used to sign the surrender document ending WWII. Knight recommends at least 90 minutes for a visit. The main museum building is the former City Hall and Courthouse building of the City of Norfolk. It was built in 1850 and “designed by William R. Singleton and Thomas U. Walter, who also designed the dome on the U.S. Capitol in Washington,” Knight said. The memorial opened on January 26, 1964, MacArthur’s 84th birthday. “Sadly he never saw the completed museum,” Knight said. “He died April 5th of that year, about two months before the scheduled dedication for Memorial Day.” Behind the Memorial stands the Jean MacArthur Research Center, named for the General’s widow. This building houses a library, archives, education facility and administrative offices. “The archives consists of some 2.5 million documents, hundreds of thousands of photographs and maps, and several thousand books including the largest collection of material relating to the history of the Philippines in the United States,” Knight said. The MacArthur Memorial is planning to expand its exhib-


David Bakhshaee Staff Writer

Differences were finally put aside, a compromise was reached, and a budget was finally agreed upon. These words are music to Americans’ ears due to a looming shutdown of the federal government. A last-minute budget compromise devised in the midst of bullying, intimidation, and tough bargaining thwarted a shameful federal shutdown. The agreement also cut billions in spending and displayed to Americans the results of the first sizeable test of a divided government that voters steered in last November. Congressional and White House mediators with conviction concurred on a plan that would fund the federal government thru the end of the fiscal year which is thru the month of September. Buckling down late into Friday night with the

Meetings every Tuesday at 12:30 in the U-Center No experience needed Write for news, sports, arts & entertainmentor take photos!

pick up a copy every wednesday Amanda David Mace & Crown General Douglas MacArthur at this memrorial in downtown Norfolk.

its. They plan to construct a visitor’s center which would replace the current theater and gift shop buildings on site. The new building, which is expected to be completed in the summer of 2012, will feature “a state of the art theater, increased special exhibit gallery space, and a second floor to house our artifact storage.” Knight said. “We have outgrown our current storage for both 3-dimensional artifacts and papers, a good problem to have, and we also have several vehicles in the collection that we currently do not have the space to exhibit - a 1942 US Army Harley Davidson motorcycle, and a restored WWII Willys Jeep.” Both of these vehicles will be housed in the new building. The MacArthur Memorial is located in the MacArthur Square across the street from the MacArthur Center Mall. It is open Tuesday thru Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 5p.m. Admission is free. For more information call (757) 441-2965.

whole nation waiting as the clock ticked and seemed to relentlessly be approaching the dreaded midnight hour, lawmakers agreed to trim spending by $38.5 billion, or roughly 1% of the federal budget. “Behind me, through the window, you can see the Washington Monument, tomorrow, I’m pleased to announce that the Washington Monument, as well as the entire federal government, will be open for business,” said President Obama after the deal was reached. The settlement was brought to terms by Obama, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada. If an agreement was not made by the midnight deadline on Friday night, the federal government was assured to choke federal services. Everything from national parks closing down to tax return help-centers would have been affected, but most importantly, American troops risking their lives daily in 3 major wars would have had their pay adversely affected and delayed. All sides vowed they wanted to evade that outcome,

which at times seemed imminent. Shortly after midnight, instructions to proceed normal operations were sent out by White House Budget Director Jacob Lew. The hammered out deal came after “A lot of discussion and fight” said Boehner. The deal is “Historic” said Reid. The agreement underlined the cessation of a three-way clash of wills which set the tone for other materializing showdowns over raising the government’s borrowing limit, the spending plan for the next budget year that starts October 1st of this year, and Long-term deficit curtailment. “This agreement between Republicans and Democrats, on behalf of all Americans, is on a budget that invests in our future while making the largest annual spending cut in our history,” said Obama. The upright size of the spending cuts was the main issue for Republicans whose Tea Party affiliates in Congress claim they were elected last November on promises to cut federal spending by roughly $68 billion. For Obama, Reid, and fellow Democrats, the main challenge and issue

was throwing aside GOP policy initiatives that would have blocked crucial environmental rules and regulations and changed a program that provides family planning services. “Some of the cuts we agreed to will be painful,” Obama said. Programs people rely on will be cut back, needed infrastructure projects will be delayed. And I would not have made these cuts in better circumstances.” The agreement came after weeks and weeks of grueling tensions and arguments as both Congressional and White House officials and negotiators provoked each other to shut down the government. In the end, it seems like both sides put aside their differences and embraced the concept of common sense in that shutting down the government would not help anyone, but rather it would hurt everyone. “I want to thank Speaker Boehner and Senator Reid for their leadership and their dedication during this process,” said Obama.


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B1 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 4/13/2011

arts enter tainment Bishop Takes Night SAC Hosts Spring Comedy Show Featuring Lauren Ashley Bishop by

Martin Tucker Staff Writer

Look out Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Sarah Silverman, there’s a new comic genius on the scene and her name is, Lauren Ashley Bishop. Raised in the rocky rocks of Little Rock, Arkansas and forged in the mean streets of Boystown, Chicago, this Hollywood hotshot is well on her way to stand-up superstardom. Known for commercials such as the humorous Mini Babybel Cheese series coupled with an extensive improv resume including the Chicago Improv of Schuamburg and Second City’s critically acclaimed adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” Bishop’s name is spreading faster than Christianity in a pagan land, but a lot less painfully. Symone Mercado, events coordinator of the Student Activities Council, brought Godfrey last semester, organized the Open Mic this semester and hopes to organize the annual SAC rap battle on April 18. The students could expect nothing less than spectacular from her booking of Bishop on April 7 at 8 p.m. which is exactly what she did by bringing the lovely Lauren Ashley Bishop to the North Café on April 7 at eight p.m. Working the room like a master of ceremonies, Catherine Scott, a freshman civil engineering major, patiently waited to open for Bishop. When Mercado called her up, she humbly grabbed the microphone and said, “I am nervous as heck,” before proceeding to split the audiences’ heads open with laughter. She immediately went into a joke about her family experiences while paying homage to her mother, Rose Scott, and the way she implements Jesus into her everyday routine. Moving into the more physical aspects of her comedy, Scott excelled with her tale about spring break bears loose in D.C. and especially complacency at dance clubs , which had at least 75 percent of the audience on the floor laughing so hard they were crying. Bishop started her set giving props to Catherine and Rose and calling on a student to ask him if he “likes big boobs.” She said, “You would love California everybody has big boobs.” She flawlessly transitioned into her traveling experiences including her love of “packing drunk,” her Meg Ryan orgasm impersonations at TSA checkpoints and coaching an “adorable gangster” through his first plane ride. Bishop went on to cover her patriotic duty as a comedian and her involvement in the Suck It USO Tour , which her father affectionately calls the “Ghana-ria tour.” While going oversees to Qatar, she was amazed that men could “wear whatever they wanted” but women were subject to a single black garment and not even a Hello Kitty burqa. Another theme in her comedy is her relationship to the South and her family, including a mother who wants her to teach drama and have babies and a father who thinks, If he makes fun of everybody it’s okay, calling humus, terrorist bean dip. It was about this time that Amir “Parrot” Bell, an energetic ODU student, started a dialogue between himself and Bishop as they went back and forth on issues such as Taco Day, the mystery of Midol and whether or not to do a dirty joke that involved “grammar Nazis.” She addressed women’s issues such as the serious topic of bulimia and how pizza tastes so good the second time around after she had stuck her fingers down her throat. Another women’s issue was the bittersweet Midol commercial she was once attached too where she said, “Midol is like my Obama, it cleans up all the mess my bush makes.” Another women’s issue was the misconception that those

Ari Gould Mace & Crown Lauren Ashley Bishop leaves the audience rolling on the floor with laughter.

who don’t make it in the entertainment industry end up in porn, which she can’t even watch because of a mother-daughter bonding experience involving the 1994 film “Wolf” and the discussion of sex with Jack Nicholson. Bishop humbly ended her set and sat on stage to take pictures and answer questions with newfound fans. One of her admires smiled while having his picture taken and said, “She’s funny as shit.” Bell, who after the show had decided he might be a comedian, said, “I could not have been happier.” The Northwestern University graduate has seen her fair share of resistance in the entertainment industry. The number one question she is asked, pertaining to her success in the comedy world, is “How’d you get that?”. She said “A lot of people don’t want to put in work and focus and the Internet age lit a fire under a lot of people’s asses leaving no excuse not to create.” The former double major of engineering and theatre cited her influences as Chris Rock, Maria Bamford and the late Mitch Hedburg. While she lives in Los Angeles now, she prefers the longer sets of Midwest clubs instead of the seven-minute spots that are the average in LA. Bishop found stand-up after originally having a career in Musical Theatre, but after a surgery that prevented her from singing for a year, she picked up stand-up after seeing a group of intelligent Chicago comics. She can be seen on the web series “Intercourse with a Vampire” on, which she insists is not porn but a parody of Hollywood’s infatuation with vampire romance stories. Bishop left leaving an unforgettable impact on the students at ODU and proved that at the end of the day all that matters is humor


wednesday 4/13/2011 | MACE & CROWN | B2

Off-campus Hanna is a winner Housing Event by


Jessica Scheck Staff Writer

Ever wish you could find more information about off-campus housing? The Off-campus housing event was a great place to be to find more options about houses, apartments and the District. Tables decorated with goodie bags, labeled pens and prize buckets, each off-campus representatives were very willing to help students find the information they were looking for. Also present among the different offcampus leaders were the ODU Police Department, the Financial Aid office, the main Office of Housing and Residence Life, Parking & Transportation Services as well as the makers of the ODU Off-Campus housing website. North Mall was full of students, slowly walking and grabbing pamphlets for places they were interested in. It was a very good opportunity for students to get all the facts they would need for making the move out of the dorms and into a place they can call their own. “See, this is a great way to let students know what is going off-campus as well as on campus so they can look over their options,” said a representative from the Odu Off-Campus Housing website table. “Most students don’t know that housing is the second largest expense aside from school tuition, so it’s important to get as much info as you can about everything,” Also, having all the information in such a convenient and well attended place made it easy for comparing information, gathering more and asking all the necessary questions a student would need to ask. All of the apartment complexes were ones that were close to campus and a great option for the student ready to take the plunge on renting or owning their own place. Many tables were very informative, providing pictures of floor plans, different rooms types for the different apartment complexes and also prizes with discounts on rates and payments for those who dropped his or her info in a bowl. Participating in off-campus housing could give many students the benefit of learning his or her way through the city of Norfolk, finding new places to participate in concerts, faith and restaurant events and meet more people outside of the Old Dominion University network. With all the pieces of the puzzle together in North Mall, it was a great way to get all the information together, organized and able to be put forth in a proactive manner for moving out and starting a student’s life on their own. Events such as this one are good ways to engage all students on campus and giving them much of the information vital to campus life. In case students missed it, they can find more information on the ODU Off-Campus website that provides insight on roommate finding, floor plans for housing options, car-pulling and much more at http://studentaffairs.

Kaylin Moore Staff Writer

After a wonderful performance in “The Lovely Bones” and infamously tarnishing a potential happily ever after for Keira Knightley and James McAvoy in “Atonement,” Saoirse Ronan is back. Only this time, she has shed her innocent, naïve persona and she’s surprising the audience in an unexpected way. The movie “Hanna” takes place in Finland’s wilderness where Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) is trained and groomed by her ex-CIA father Erik (Eric Bana) and becomes a prodigy in the art of assassination. Hanna’s father sends her on a “coming of age” type of mission across Europe, where she strategically and impressively eludes a group of CIA agents that are under the direction of Marissa (Cate Blanchett). Along the way, Hanna makes startling discoveries about herself that are sure to surprise audiences. After making a friend, traveling to different countries and demonstrating her im-

pressive self-defense skills on a few people, Hanna’s secrets are revealed. Directed by Joe Wright, “Hanna” takes the viewer on a wild ride. This intense and gripping plot is timed perfectly. The movie has varying levels of intensity with appropriate flashes of action mixed with haunting, cautious moments of calmness. The camera work throws the audience into the action and manifests the story into a visually intriguing piece of art. More remarkably done is the music. The Chemical Brothers, who were responsible for the electronic sounds and melodies heard in “Hanna”, made that movie into the suspense-ride that it is. The club-like beats and rhythms are molded into the story and move the plot along just as much as the dialogue. Without the significance of these fast-paced tempos and catchy melodies, the meaning of the entire film would be lost. Ironically the music is so clearly articulated and heavily emphasized and, yet, the life of the main character is so void of any type of musical enjoyment. While

COLLIDER.COM Saoirse Ronan stars in Hanna.

the acting may not be Oscar-worthy, “Hanna” is sure to delight and thrill audiences everywhere. Without giving away any major hints or clues, “Hanna” is a story that demonstrates the power of emotion and self in the purest sense of the

words. While it may not be suitable for young children, many viewers may find themselves relating to Hanna’s humane desire to discover who she is and where she belongs in the world. “Hanna” is rated PG-13 for language, violence and sexual material.

The Foo Fighters aren’t done yet Foo Fighters Release Highly Anticipated Album “Wasting Light” Robert Townsend Contributing Writer


Foo Fighters founder and frontman Dave Grohl has just about done it all. He was lead drummer of the band that revolutionized the 90s, Nirvana. After the tragic death of Kurt Cobain, Grohl created an entire album in 1995 by himself, every instrument included, under the name Foo Fighters, which became an instant massive hit. He then formed a band and has since released five critically acclaimed, fan adored albums that progress from distorted and angry to mellow and clean, but still pretty angry. All the while, he has recorded with Queens of the Stone Age, Tenacious D and Nine Inch Nails, among others. The Foo Fighters have sold out arenas all around the world and played for Paul McCartney and the President. At this point, many bands would either go into cruise control, releasing an album that is good enough, or simply break up (see The Beatles). What does Grohl do? Set up in his garage, strip down production and make one of the most memorable and complete rock albums in recent memory. The CD begins with two heavy hitting, yet catchy songs that will surely be played on rock radio stations for months to come; “Bridge Burning,”

SWAGGERNEWYORK.COM There is not a single throwaway track, as every individual song feels like it was placed for a reason.

which shows a clear influence from Grohl’s time with Queens of the Stone Age, and “Rope.” The first of two incredible guest stars, Bob Mould of 80s punk band Husker Du, creates an incredible atmosphere with his unique guitar riffs and backing vocals on “Dear Rosemary,” the track that could be seen as the peak of this Mount Everest of an album. “White Limo”, displays the band’s furthest step towards metal they have taken, while still somehow maintaining their

trademark melodic touch. The next four tracks or so bear resemblances to their past couple of releases. They include skillful vocals by Grohl and powerful bass and drum beats, but the guitars are different this time around. Instead of relying on chords of the power and regular varieties, much of the verses and even some choruses rely on paired riffing guitars, yet again proving that the Foo Fighters refuse to play it safe or be repetitive.

This noticeable improvement in guitar can be attributed to the addition of Pat Smear, a former member whose touch certainly played a large role in pushing this album from good to incredible. Few songs on the album are as powerful as, “Miss the Misery,” where Smear’s lead guitar seems to be fighting with Grohl’s vocals for star performer. The final two songs on this much too short list of tracks take steps out of the generic Foo Fighters catalog. “I Should Have Known” includes former Nirvana bandmate Krist Novoselic’s genius on bass, a violin, cello and an almost eerily slow-moving progression towards an incomparably powerful climax. “Wasting Light” ends with “Walk,” a beautiful rock ballad that leaves you wanting so much more. There is not a single throwaway track, as every individual song feels like it was placed for a reason and they all flow from start to finish before you’re ready to admit it has all passed. To put it simply, “Wasting Light” gives any music fan what they want. For the dedicated Foo fanatic, think of it as the intricacies of “The Colour and the Shape” with the intensity of their debut album and the maturity of “In Your Honor”. For the casual rock fan, think of it as your education for what a complete album should sound like. This album deserves not only a listen or a download, but a purchase. Those who do not have the cash, however, can still hear the album in full on the band’s official website at


B3 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 4/13/2011

It looked like a war Delta Zeta’s Annual Turtle Tug Derek Page Staff Writer


It looked like a war zone on the gloomy afternoon Saturday, April 9, but that didn’t keep Delta Zeta Sorority from hosting their sixth annual Turtle Tug. The philanthropy event is held to raise money for The Painted Turtle Camp, a camp for terminally ill children. This year, Turtle Tug was set in the Quad, as opposed to last year’s location, right by the water behind Whitehurst. Turtle Tug isn’t just your ordinary roll in the hay; it is more like a roll in lime flavored Jell-O and mud; lots of mud. The event gets it’s name from the sorority’s mascot and the primary attraction, the old time favorite, tug-o-war. Groups of five could register their team for 25 dollars with the hopes of yanking their opponents into a massive blue tarp covered in the sticky, sugary green gel. Factions of fraternity boys and sects of sorority girls battled it out on each side of the rope, gripping and pulling with every ounce of their effort. Water balloons flew through the air like grenades, hitting random people and personal targets.

Rachel Chasin Mace & Crown Delta Zeta took over the Quad for their sixth annual Turtle Tug on April 9.

The tug-o-war event was set up tournament style with prizes for the winning team and raffles for other chances to win. One lucky winner re-

One Secret to Share Jessica Scheck Staff Writer


Most people have those secrets they never feel comfortable sharing with others, but from April 4-22 the ODU Women’s Center is giving students the chance to share secrets about sexual and relationship violence anonymously. One Secret To Share, a postcard drop-off event, allows anyone to drop off his or her secret in the Women’s Center Office in 1000 Webb Center to share with other students who could be struggling with the same hidden issues. Once they have all been collected, they will be displayed on a large board in Webb near Starbucks for others to identify with. The student run taskforce We Speak Up regularly holds meetings for students dealing with such traumas and encouraged the idea of anonymous secret sharing as a way to relieve the stresses caused by never getting the chance to share them. “This will give students a way to share an experience secretly so they don’t have to be afraid to speak up about other incidents that have happened or could happen in the future,”said Joann Bautti-Roche, MPA Assistant Director and S.A.F.E. Coordinator . “Hopefully seeing other student’s postcards will inspire any passing person to want to share theirs too.” One Secret To Share was inspired by PostSecret and was aimed to help those not only with deep secrets, but one’s that include violence from sexual experiences and relationships. Having an event such as this was a good way to provoke interest

in Sexual Assault Awareness Month, happening all through April. PostSecret was created for the same purpose by Frank Warren, and collects hundreds of postcards by mail every day to be posted on the main website,, as well as published in books. Secrets sent in range from sexual abuse to suicide, family problems, love, work and anything in between. Every year Frank Warren has travelled to many college campuses around the nation, inspiring others to face his or her fear and come forward with a secret at every session on a college campus. Many organizations have been inspired one way or another to let the latest generation share information with others, such as The Clothesline Project, PostSecret, One Secret To Share, and much more. This allows young adults and adults to share thoughts with others while still letting them keep their heads above water. As a division of Student Affairs, the ODU Women’s Center provides services and programs aiming to rid society of gender bias, encourage leadership and inspire students to reach their potentials through groups such as S.A.F.E. and W.I.L.D. (Women’s Institute for Leadership Development) and events to teach students about healthy relationships, stalking awareness, eating disorder awareness and more. All students are invited to join in all Women’s Center activities and groups. More information on becoming a part of the center’s groups or finding dates for any future events can be found at www.studentaffairs.

ceived a brand new eight-gig iPod touch. The ecstatic winner said it couldn’t have been a better prize to win, being that her iPod had just recently

been stolen. One can’t expect a pool of green Jell-O to go to waste after the tournament of tug-o-war, so students took to throwing their friends into the pit of gelatin. Brothers wrestled with each other and jumped on the backs of the sturdy and resistant few to try and force them into the pit and sister’s shrill could be heard all over the field as they were lifted in the air by fraternity boys eager to tease the helpless turtles. Apart from a few bumps and bruises, no one was seriously injured in the chaos. The event also featured a three-part relay race starting with a three-legged race, moving on to a wheelbarrow race and concluding with a dizzy bat race. Joey Heines, a brother of the Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity, said, “I thought it was a lot of fun. Everyone was just going crazy dropping other people in the Jell-o and throwing water balloons. Besides, I was only expecting to do a tug of war but then we also got to do a race and water balloon toss.” WODU 100.5 even came out to DJ the event, providing some enthusiasm and spirit in the face of the unfortunate forecast. The event started at noon and concluded around 3 p.m. Delta Zeta Sorority managed to raise over 800 dollars for their cause and left many participants with smiles and Jell-O all over their faces. Delta Zeta said that they can’t wait to do it again next year.

Move & Improve Starting Fresh As A Freshman by Asheton

Richards Contributing Writer

Okay this is not the typical “Flat abs in 5 minutes,” “Easy workouts,” “Get fit fast” bogus column that most of you are probably use to seeing. The truth is overall health and wellness does not come fast or easy. Coming to college is full of new and exciting things; new places, parties and people. Along with those things also come, priorities, lifestyle and independence. At the age of 18 and 19balancing all of these changes can become overwhelming and stressful, so in order to stay on track you have to continue to motivate yourself. Most people come to college to improve themselves by continuing their education, excelling in sports, making a difference on campus and to overall become a better rounded person. Any freshman reading this is probably thinking, “I came to college to have fun and get away from home” and of course those things are great, but towards the end of spring semester most freshmen are also thinking “What am I doing here? Is college right for me? Can I handle all this?” Being that I was once in those shoes and asking all the same questions to myself, the answer is yes, you can. Maybe your GPA isn’t too hot and you feel like a failure. The best way to improve your GPA is take some summer classes. Summer class are always shorter, easier and the best way to make up for the slack in the previous semesters. ODU also offers many free tutors, especially the classes for the general education requirements. Not only should you be focusing on improving your mind, but your body as well. I am not saying spend two hours at the gym everyday and count every calorie you consume. The best way to improve your body is to actually use your body. Simple changes are the trick to an overall lifestyle change, such as, walking to the Subway on campus instead of driving there, taking the stairs and not the elevator and parking at the back of the lot instead of by the door. Getting your body in motion will actually help you to gain energy and keep you motivated throughout the day. So, even if it’s just taking the longer route to get to your class or squeezing in a 30 minute workout class at the Student Recreation Center, all the small changes will lead to one

great one and that will be an improved you. One thing that a lot of people forget about when they are feeling unmotivated and tired are the foods they are using to fuel their bodies. I am not one to recommend a diet by any means. Diets do not teach someone what their body needs and everyone’s body needs different things. Fast food, for example, is full of sugars, which are why people crave it, but what they don’t realize is that they are craving the sugar. Once your body is used to being fueled off of all the sugars in processed foods, the body literally gets addicted to sugar. What your body needs to function at its best are fresh foods that provide the body with carbohydrates for energy, protein for strong muscles and nutrients for functioning. So after a long night out with your friends, I know it may be hard to resist that “fourth meal” but your body will be thanking you in the morning. So maybe freshman year has taken its toll on your mind and body, but it is not too late to get a fresh start on your freshman year. In order to have the best college experience, living a healthy and balanced college lifestyle is very important and possible.




C1 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 4/13/2011



Lauren Makely Mace & Crown The Monarchs continue progressing to their Spring Game on April 23rd.

No lock-out here ODU Monarch’s Open Stadium for Spring Practice Matthew McCracken Assistant Sports Editor


The flowers are blooming, the temperature is rising, and spring football is here again. Old Dominion University is preparing for their third season as a Division 1-AA program, first participating in the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) conference. Conducting spring practice for two weeks, it was time to show the yearround Monarch fanatics a little taste of what they’ll be witnessing in the 2011-2012 season. To hype up the troops, Head Coach Bobby Wilder and staff put together a scrimmage inside Foreman Field, opening it to the public. Outstanding young talent was witnessed, senior leadership was heard, and aftershocks of hard hits were felt around the stadium. To start off the practice of approximately 75 plays, rising sophomore Colby Goodwyn returned the initial kickoff 60 plus yards. Reminiscent of his returning skills from last season where he set the FB record of return yards with 333 against Cal Poly, Goodwyn hasn’t lost a step. Like always, the Monarch’s fast-paced offense went off early against the first team defense. A 73-yard run from upcoming junior running-back Mario Crawford fueled the Monarch’s offense and got into the skin of the defense. Crawford led the team in rushing last season with 505 yards, but despite his known suc-

cess, Monarch’s defensive captain Craig Wilkins wasn’t having it. “I’m tired of this. Play your position instead of always trying to make the big play,” Wilkins said to his defense on the sideline. A simple statement from an enthusiastic player was what the entire Monarch’s defense needed. After Wilkins’s outburst, Monarch defense started to crack helmets out on the grid-iron. Big hits by Alex Arain on both special teams and defense brought “oo’s and ahhs” out of the crowd. Arain, an upcoming senior, has played almost every skill position during his tenure as a Monarch. Finally seeming to find a home at the linebacker position, Arain said of his performance, “I felt I did really good. It’s only my second week learning this position.” Arain got more playing time due to an injury of starting linebacker John Darr. Taking advantage of his time out on the field, Arain used more of his energy to make the hits instead of celebrating after. “He needs to work on his after-the-play swag,” ODU student Mike Williams said. In response to this statement, Arain simply said, “I don’t like to celebrate, I’m humble.” After playing three years as a Monarch, Arain knows to let the pads do the talking. Due to this senior leadership on the defensive side of the ball, young talent such as upcoming redshirt sophomore linebacker Xavier Duckett, was able to follow suit. Making the biggest tackle of the day on fellow teammate Angus Harper, Duckett’s hit seemed to echo throughout the stadium. ODU student Derrick Peyton said, “Xavier Duckett has been getting after it. He’s been working hard coming down hill, and filling holes.” Despite Duckett not being a starter, turning heads with hits like his could change that. Peyton went onto say, “Looking forward to a bright future

from Xavier Duckett.” Though this first scrimmage of the spring from the Monarchs brought out the skill of players that went unnoticed in years past, the regular stars were still on their game today. “One of the most improved players was Reid Evans. He’s been picking up his skills and intensity, and has great hands,” fellow ODU student Josh Langley said. Evans performed as expected from all ODU coaches, fans, and faculty by catching passes from starting quarterback Thomas Demarco, who threw for seven of 13 on the day. Veteran receivers in Chris Lovitt and Marquel Thomas displayed their ability to catch the deep ball. Lovitt hauled in a 30-plus yard corner route while Thomas grabbed a 30-yard jump ball catch over fellow teammate T.J. Cowart. This Randy Moss type of catch opened the eyes of some ODU students. “He catches more passes than Jerry Rice,” ODU student Jason Carlos said. Learning from his elders, freshman Antonio Vaughan caught more than the attention of ODU fans, but the football as well. Vaughan hauled in four passes, the most of any Monarch receiver on the day. For Mid-April, the Monarchs seem to be moving in the right direction. Not losing an ounce of speed or strength, these men seemed to thrive off the challenge set ahead of them. Being the newest addition to the CAA, the Monarchs seem to be tired of being a whisper around the conference. With what was witnessed during that hour and a half at Foreman Field, all fans of ODU can feel the same. Just be happy that all of this talent is on the same team come Fall 2011. Don’t believe the hype yourself. Check out the next open practice at Foreman Field on April 16th.

As a student you paid mandatory fees with your tuition—fees that are used to support recognized student organizations. But an Old Dominion University policy won’t allow any of those funds to be given to your recognized Christian student group if your meetings involve prayer or worship. This is unconstitutional, it’s discriminatory, and it deprives you of your fair share of the fees you paid.

You paid the fees, your group should get a piece of the pie.

SPEAK UP Continue the conversation at

WEEKLY RECYCLING SITE WHEN: Every Wednesday from 10 am until 2 pm January 26th through April 27th WHERE: In front of Webb Center next to the Lion Come bring all of your acceptable recyclables to our table in front of Webb every Wednesday. Let’s keep Recycle Mania going strong! Grab a new copy of the Mace while you are at it!


wednesday 4/13/2011 | MACE & CROWN | C2

Rachel Chasin Mace & Crown Rebecca Hatrum’s three goals were essential in getting the Lady Monarchs first conference victory.

Monarchs hold of Mason Rebecca Hartrum scores three in Sundays win by

Kathryne Mason Staff Writer

Norfolk, VA. - The Lady Monarchs lacrosse team had a little bit more than home field advantage when they took on the George Mason Patriots. Fans from both sides came out to the Powhatan Sports Complex to cheer on their respective teams in Sunday afternoon’s CAA matchup. With Friday’s CAA opener loss against No. 9 JMU still looming in the air, Old Dominion came into Sunday’s game craving a tournament win. The loss, a minor setback for Old Dominion (3-9), put them at 0-1 in conference play, which could be considered fairly better than the Patriots who were coming in 0-3. Midfielder Rebecca Hartrum scored a game high of three goals while the Lady Monarchs held Mason to no shots on their last possession of the game. For the most part, the first 30 minutes of action consisted of a back and forth, somewhat seesaw scoring game. Old Dominion’s Lisa Bernardini started the scoring spree just 50 seconds into game time, and soon afterwards Mason’s Anna Kopecka scored what would be her first of three goals throughout the game. (Bernardini leads the Lady Monarch roster in goals, 22; assists, 11, and shots on goal, 47.) With less than 19 minutes

left to play in the first half the Catonsville, Maryland native Rebecca Reymann, would score her second unassisted goal of the game to tie it back up at four a piece. No more than 20 seconds later Junior Alyssa Dragon gave the Monarchs a one up advantage on an eight meter free position shot. Both teams headed into halftime tied at six. Although Mason led the first half in shots on goal and draw controls, the Lady Monarchs came out in the second half ready to play. With turnovers plaguing the Patriots, Old Dominion would go into the second half scoring three unanswered goals with one from freshmen Emily Austerberry, and two from Hartrum. After a two minute time out from ODU, Mason would come back and score two consecutive goals to put them one away from tying the Monarchs with less than 10 minutes left to play. Once again, Hartrum came to the rescue when freshmen attacker Emma Kriss sent a pass from behind goal to Hartrum who sent the ball sailing past the left side of the Mason keeper Brittany Pastrana. Hartrum’s goal would evidently be the last for Old Dominion and the game winner. Mason’s Allie Hilderbrandt would score with 4:54 left to play, but to many turnovers from the Patriots and the Lady Monarchs relentless defense would hold off the Patriots for to get a win for the Monarchs. Sunday’s win now puts Old Dominion 1-1 in CAA action. The Lady Monarchs will be taking on Drexel this Friday, 7pm at the Powhatan Sports Complex.

Weekly sit-down with head couch Goulet by

Jake Ullrich Staff Writer

Away games are never easy. They can include long trips, bad food and miserable hotel room sleep. It is easy for a team to lose concentration and sometimes struggle against opponents. It didn’t happen like that for the Monarchs. After going to Harrisonburg and knocking off the favorites in the CAA James Madison, the Monarchs traveled to Richmond and won the series against Virginia Commonwealth. The Monarchs have been focusing on defense throughout the year. In the preseason training Goulet stressed fundamental defense and the Monarchs have been showing success from it. “I never wanna lose a game because we can’t defend a bunt,” Goulet said. “We made some errors on some bunt plays and it’s gonna happen, its baseball. Last few weeks we’ve been playing great defense. We’ve finally got the guys believing in each other and our system. They’re making the routine plays and that’s really helping our pitching staff. “ Much of the success from the Monarchs’ pitching staff is coming down to their ace Kyle Hald. Leading the team in strikeouts, Hald has been matching up against the opponents best pitchers and frequently been coming out with victories. Hald has a 4-2 record and is posting the second best ERA on the team with a 2.76 “Kyle’s been great,” coach Goulet said. “He works extremely hard. He gives us a chance to win day in and day out. Every time he has the ball in his hand he gives us a chance to win. I think he’s one of the best pitchers in the conference.” While the pitching has been performing valiantly, the offense took a tough hit early in the season with outfielder Donnie Corsner, the third hitter in the Monarchs’ lineup, was ruled out for the rest of the season to injury. While Goulet admits having Corsner would help the team, he has seen improvement from other players filling in the hole Corsner left. One of those players is Josh Wright. Wright, a junior shortstop, is hitting .294 with nine home runs and 25 RBI’s and has slid into the three spot in Corsner’s absence. “When we started the season Wright was our leadoff guy

and when Donnie went down we had to move Josh from the leadoff spot to the three hole hitter. Josh has been swinging the bat really well. He’s really stepped up his game and helped us out tremendously.” Even with the loss of arguably their best hitter in Corsner, Goult stresses it hasn’t change their style of play. Trying to move away from simply playing for the big inning and starting to manufacture runs better, the Monarchs have been fantastic at getting runs in when they are in scoring position. “We are a team and we practice to play our style of baseball. We all need to bunt and we all need to hit and run and our guys have been doing a good job with it. I’d like to get our running game going a little more. We’re getting guys in motion and we’re trying to hit and runs going a little more.” Some of the loss of steals comes from Josh Wright injuring an ankle. Goulet refers to Wright as the teams best stealer and calls him a “green light guy” allowing him to make a steal to second or third whenever he thinks he can make it. The team has been disappointing still in some aspects of the game. Ranking last in batting average in the CAA, the Monarchs have much room to improve in that category. Even with a disappointing overall average, Goulet admits to being happy with the timely hitting the Monarchs have been demonstrating. “What I like is we’re getting clutch hits. If we get guys in scoring positions with 2-out we’re getting clutch hits. If we get a lead off double the next guy is coming over and moving him to third and the next guy is hitting a groundball to short and we score a run. We’re manufacturing runs well right now.” An area of concern for Goulet is the bullpen. The team has been hit with multiple injuries and has had to result to using some position players in relief appearances. For Goulet, it comes down to throwing strikes. If the team is able to throw strikes than the defense will be able to make the plays to finish the game. The Monarchs still have a tough schedule coming up. With trips to Delaware and Georgia State, as well as hosting George Mason and UNC-Wilmington, the road doesn’t get much easer for the Monarchs. But by playing the fundamental and sometimesaggressive baseball Goulet stresses, the Monarchs should continue their winning ways.


C3 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 4/13/2011


Monarchs tame Tigers

Fireworks in the fourth Monarchs Tame Tigers Behind Fourth Inning Offensive Explosion Brian Jerry Staff Writer


Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown The Monarchs won two out of three bouts against Towson this past weekend.

Monarch Arms Toss Nine Shutout Innings For Second Straight Win Over Towson Brian Jerry Staff Writer


Junior right-hander Ben Tomchick allowed no earned runs off five hits with four walks while fanning five Tigers in seven innings, giving Old Dominion University their second straight win over the Tigers of Towson University 3-0 April 9 at Bud Metheny Baseball Complex. The 308 in attendance witnessed the Virginia Beach native and Princess Anne High School product use a three run inning in the fifth to his advantage as ODU never looked back. The first of three runs in the ODU half of the fifth came by way of junior center fielder Kenny Stoneback, who reached base on a sacrifice bunt, as a committed error led to senior right-fielder Nathan Hartman (who singled to right) coming into to score, giving the Monarchs a 1-0 lead. After Towson righthander Michael Trionfo was pulled midway through the inning and with the bases jacked, redshirt junior shortstop Joshua Wright drove in a run by singling to right, allowing senior catcher Edgar Hernandez to score, giving the Monarchs a two-run cushion. The final run of the inning, a sacrifice fly to left by redshirt junior first baseman Christopher Baker, was all Tomchick needed to finish another stellar outing. After being pulled after seven strong innings, the ball was handed to freshman righty Dean Ali, who gave up a hit while walking a hitter and striking out two in the eighth. Senior right-hander Adam Wieniewski was called on in the ninth for the save. He gave up a hit with no walks and a strikeout to secure the win for ODU (17-16, 9-5 CAA). The loss drops the Tigers to 12-18, with a 6-8 record in conference play. Tomchick picked up his fifth win of the season, improving to a 5-3 mark on the year. The loss went to Trionfo (1-5), while Wiesniewski recorded his ninth save. Towson threatened to score in the ninth when junior catcher Brian Wyman singled to right. Junior outfielder Brady Baxter came in to pinch run when Natoli reached base on a fielder’s choice and Baxter was called out at second. Wiesniewski ended the game shortly after, allowing no runs or hits with no errors with a runner left on base. The Monarchs were led offensively by Wright, who went two for four with a run batted-in, while Baker’s day concluded with a one for two mark with an RBI and a walk. The Tigers managed to record seven hits, two of which came from senior shortstop Nick Natoli who went two for four with a walk on the day. Trionfo finished the day on the mound for the Tigers by giving up two earned runs off three hits with two walks and a strikeout in four innings. He was relieved by senior right-hander Zach Umberger and freshman righty Christian Duclos, who allowing an unearned run off three hits, walking one and striking out two in four innings combined. “I felt good, the main thing coming into this game was just to pound strikes. The past couple of weekends I struggled, walked a bunch of people, didn’t start off with strikes, that’s what you want to try to do,” said Tomchick “Having a two or three run lead definitely helps. I try to go out there and just, thinking we’re still 0-0.”

ODU bats netted five runs in the fourth off five hits, while senior lefthander Kyle Hald pitched six innings, giving up two earned runs off four hits with four walks and nine strikeouts to lead the Monarchs past the Towson University Tigers 6-3 at “Flood The Bud” at Bud Metheny Baseball Complex April 8. The intended record-setting game presented by the Monarch Maniacs was moved up from its original start time of 7 p.m. three hours earlier to 4 p.m. due to anticipated weather inclinations. All 271 individuals who showed up saw Hald pitch five straight shutout innings and receive a six-run cushion by the end of the fourth inning. Junior third baseman Brent Frazier led off the inning with an infield single, followed by redshirt junior shortstop Joshua Wright’s double down the right-field line, moving Frazier over to

third. The inning continued with redshirt junior first baseman Christopher Baker providing an offensive spark with an RBI single to right, followed by redshirt sophomore left-fielder Shawn Sizemor’s RBI single to right. Freshman designated hitter Joey Burney added to the team’s three run lead with an RBI single of his own to the same side. Senior right-fielder Nathan Hartman concluded Old Dominion’s monstrous inning with a two-run double before being called out at third. At least five hitters recorded a run batted-in, including Hartman who led ODU offensively, going two for four with two RBI. The team accounted for six total runs off eleven hits with six RBI, two walks and only five K’s. Hald improves to 5-2 on the year, while Head Coach Nate Goulet was pleased by his starter’s performance for six strong. “I thought Kyle was really good today. This is probably one of the better starts he’s had probably the last three weeks,” Head Coach Nate Goulet said. “We had a little rain come in and he really, in that sixth inning, couldn’t grip the ball right. So he had a couple of wild pitches but other than that, he came out, gave us another quality start and he was on today, especially early.” Providing the run support that the lefty needed, Coach Goulet also cred-

its his bats and the coaching staff for a job well done. “Their pitchers kind of left some pitches up in the zone and our hitters did a great job of capitalizing on his mistakes,” Goulet said. “Coach Monatague’s done a great job with these guys In trying to recognize pitches and trying to hit pitcher’s mistakes and it worked for a big inning for us.” The Tigers were led offensively by freshman second baseman Pat Fitzgerald who went three for five with an RBI single in the ninth. Freshman right-hander Brandon Gonnella took the ball for Towson, giving up six earned runs off seven hits with two walks and no strikeouts in four and a third innings pitched. Sophomore right-hander Mike Volpe finished the remainder of the game with no earned runs off four hits with no walks, fanning five batters in three and two third’s action. Hald was relieved in the top of the seventh inning by freshman righty Dean Ali, allowing no earned runs off a hit in two innings. Senior righthander Adam Winiewski finished the contest with an earned run off three hits with no walks while striking out two Tigers in the ninth to improve his team to a 16-16 overall mark (8-5 in CAA conference play). The loss drops Towson to 12-17 overall (6-7 CAA).

Monarchs drop series finale ODU Surrenders 5 Unanswered Runs To Slip Series Finale To Towson Brian Jerry Staff Writer


Monarch bats left 13 runners stranded on base to slip as the Tigers edged the Monarchs 5-2 in the series finale April 10 in front of 257 at Bud Metheny Baseball Complex. Junior right-hander Phil McCarthy tossed six total innings, giving up four earned runs off seven hits with two walks and four strikeouts. It wasn’t enough in a contest in which Towson added two runs in the second and fourth, as well as an insurance run in the seventh to seal the game. Old Dominion got out to a two-run lead in the bottom of the first when redshirt junior shortstop Joshua Wright reached base off an infield single and reached second off a throwing error by Tigers’ freshman shortstop Hunter Bennett. Following consecutive walks to redshirt-junior first baseman Christopher Baker and redshirt-sophomore Shawn Sizemore, freshman designated-hitter Joey Burney ripped a two-run single to center. The Tigers responded the next inning off an infield single from junior catcher Bryan Wyman, who stole second. His effort was followed by an RBI double to center from senior first baseman Austin Harclerode to put Towson on the board. After Wyman reached third on a fielder’s choice, freshman third baseman Hunter Bennett RBI doubled down the right-field line, tying the game at two-a piece before McCarthy retired the side. In total, Towson scored two runs

off three hits with two runners left on base. The slide for the Monarchs continued in the fourth when Bennett drove in another run off a single to center. Soon after, redshirt-senior shortstop Nick Natoli reached first on a fielder’s choice, as freshman left-fielder Dominic Fratantuono came in to score, increasing ODU’s deficit to two runs to end the inning. Towson added an insurance run in the seventh behind sophomore catcher Andrew Parker’s RBI double to left-center. McCarthy was relieved in the fifth inning to finish the day. ODU right-handers freshman Ben Verlander, senior Joe Haumacher, freshman Brian Bashara and redshirtsophomore Eric Baker combined for one earned run off three hits with two walks and a strikeout in three and two thirds innings pitched. “The second inning, I had to get five outs. We messed up on a bunt play. It was a little close play but didn’t make that so we should have gotten an out there. We should have gotten an out o a ball that tipped off my glove,” said McCarthy. “I just gave up a couple of hits because I left the ball over the plate, really nothing other than that in an inning like that, it is hard to establish any kind of a rhythm. When I got into the third, fourth, fifth innings, I was able to get somewhat of a rhythm.” The loss drops McCarthy to 4-3 on the year and Old Dominion to 17-17 (9-6 CAA) and remain third in the conference standings. Senior right-hander Charlie Cononie, who finished with two-earned runs off five hits with five walks and eight strikeouts in six innings pitched, improves to 4-2 for TU. Hunter Bennett led the team offensively, going two for four with two runs-batted in. Towson goes to 13-18 (7-8 CAA). The Monarchs were led offensively by Burney, who finished one for four with two RBI.


wednesday 4/13/2011 | MACE & CROWN | D1

That’s G

Orioles Hoping for Staying Power

Pull-up J


Jake Ullrich Staff Writer

It was a close election, but I narrowly edged it out. Thanks to the intense campaigning and hard working all my loyal readers participated in, I was elected the Czar of All-Sports. What? You didn’t hear of the election? Oh well let me fill you in. A recent addition to the President’s cabinet was that of Czar of All-Sports. It was a close call with a lot of dirty politics involved. Not by me of course, only by my opponents. Who did I beat you ask? Well favorite for the role was ESPN columnist Bill Simmons, but he withdrew from the election after the Red Sox 0-6 start, citing the election was causing “unnecessary risks to the health of him and his family.” Don King was closest to beating me, mainly due to his hair. I never was too worried about Don; I knew he couldn’t compete with my stance on boxing (I’ll get to that later). My last competitor was Manny Ramirez. It seemed he was going to win it all before he failed another drug test, this time it wasn’t for a steroid. So here I am at my first day on the job. In my office I’ve got my autographed Manchester United jersey, Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz autographed pictures and a couple less important pictures of my family and stuff. I’ve got all the power of sports in the palm of my hand and its time to get to work. I’m starting with baseball, a favorite of my sports. I thought about completely getting rid of the Yankees organization, but decided losing the enjoyment of beating them was too much. So I’m editing the regular season, cutting 30 games. There is no reason baseball should be finished in early November. It’s too long and they lose too many fans because of it. It will make the earlier games in the season more exciting and allow us more of a break between baseball and college basketball. So lets move onto college basketball and get to the tournament. 64 teams and that’s final. I know VCU’s Cinderella run was great to watch but it still doesn’t change they shouldn’t have been in the tournament. If we keep expanding it ruins the magic of

making the tournament. It makes the regular season even more useless and lets coaches off the hook even more. I’m not against Cinderella teams but the team should still earn the berth to the tournament. Lets stay with basketball and talk about the NBA. No longer will the best eight teams from each conference make the playoffs. I’m tired of seeing a sub-.500 Indiana Pacers team make the playoffs over a competitive .500 Phoenix Suns. From now on the first four teams from each conference will be guaranteed spots and then the final eight spots will be wildcard spots given to the teams with the best record, not mattering conference affiliation. Moving on the NFL and we’re sticking with 16 games. I don’t like the longer schedule because it is too much of a health risk. The head hits have been getting ridiculous and adding more games makes no sense. I’m also changing the price of the preseason games. Fans have complained constantly about the price of preseason games. They are nothing more than a glorified scrimmage so charging fans a full price ticket is absurd. Lowering those prices will keep the fans entertained and not demanding more games. Now we keep the fans happy and the players safe. Boxing is a bit of a different beast. The game has died so much recently and it seems the only true way to bring it back is to have an American competing for the Heavyweight title. Unfortunately giving steroids to boxers isn’t in my job description so instead I’m now handpicking fights. Boxing is far too political because there is no global committee there is no way to ensure a fight happens. Boxers all have their own marketing companies and insist on certain accommodations for their fighter to be involved in a fight. Now that I’m in charge I choose who fights who and when. The biggest fight possible right now is Pacquio vs. Mayweather and because they both insist on different things, the fight won’t happen. Now that I’m in charge I’m telling them they’re fighting now. In my backyard. So there. I’m going to remain on the job forever; it was something I insisted on being in my contract. I now have the most power in the world (Sorry Obama, Sports> Politics) and am happy to be here. I’m going to keep you posted on the moves in sports and hope my loyal followers don’t get too mad at me.


Garrison Cole Sports Editor

Every year during this time of year, my hopes are high for my Baltimore Orioles, partly because the Orioles tend to start out very well in April. By June, my attention has already shifted to the Washington Redskins because the Orioles have all but been eliminated from any playoff contention. This season, here we are again as the Orioles have once again started off strong. This season, since we’re stronger than those of recent times, I have a firm believe that these birds are of a different feather and have staying power in the unfairly tough American League East. What gives me confidence this season more than the previous ones is the manager, Buck Showalter. Ever since Showalter took control, the Orioles have been a dangerous team. In fact, if the season would have started the day Showalter took over, the Orioles would be in first place.

opinions Before this season started, Showalter made headlines by taking shots at the big boys of the division, the Yankees and the Red Sox. “Our guys are thinking, ‘Wow, he’s screaming at Derek Jeter.’ Well, he’s always jumping back from balls just off the plate,” he said. “I know how many calls that team gets, and yes, he ticks me off.” “I’d like to see how smart Theo Epstein is with the Tampa Bay [Rays] payroll,” Showalter reportedly said. “You got Carl Crawford ‘cause you paid more than anyone else, and that’s what makes you smarter? That’s why I like whipping their butt. It’s great, knowing those guys with the $205 million payroll are saying, ‘How the hell are they beating us?’” That type of swagger has been infused into the Orioles’ young but talented roster. Outside of Showalter, Andy MacPhail has also done a good job for the Orioles. MacPhail, the president of baseball operations, made key attentions to the Orioles roster this off-season to inject life into “Birdland.” The Orioles signed Vladimir Guerrero and Derek Lee, and traded for Mark Reynolds and JJ Hardy to jump start an Oriole offense that was dreadful, to say the least, last season. Reynolds is a feast or famine guy, who will hit a bunch of homeruns but strikeout a ton. The former is just what the Orioles offense needs. With these additions the young players of the Orioles can now develop batting in the spot that they need to do. Promising players Adam Jones, Nick

What In the World?! by Diane Dougherty Arts and Entertainment Editor

Ladies, ladies, ladies. It deeply saddens me, and somewhat amuses me, every time I see nude pictures exposed on the Internet. Why do you feel the need to send naked pictures of yourself to someone? Regardless if it is your boyfriend or just some random guy, there is no sure fire way to make sure they will remain out of the public eye. It’s really unfortunate to hear about girls who sent these photos lovingly to their boyfriends of five years and as soon as they break up, their nude photos are sent to the masses of his guy friends. Guys, what’s your problem? No matter how spiteful you are, these photos could potentially ruin someone. Just delete the photos and move on. Also, ladies, do what you have to in order to make sure these fellows aren’t saving the pictures. Steal his phone and delete them if you have to. It’s your butt on the line for taking them to begin with. I couldn’t be more appalled by the actions people take to destroy other’s reputations. Yes, a majority of us are guilty for partaking in the “send and receive” of nude photos, but what boggles my mind are the people who do it knowing full well what type of trouble they’re getting themselves into. Celebrities who have had their photos leaked time and time again are one for instance. Why do they keep sending them? I would think after the first humiliating experience it would be enough to scar an

Markakis Matt Wieters are the future of the Orioles, but having those veterans is a big benefit to their growth. Playing in the AL East it comes down to pitching. Going up against the heavy hitters that are in the AL East, whether the Orioles have staying power as a club who can contend in the division will depend on their young arms. Jeremy Guthrie has been absolutely splendid this season posting an ERA under one in his first two starts. The biggest surprise has been the rookie Zach Britton, who is also 2-0 and is coming off nearly eight shutout innings of the Texas Rangers who have been the AL’s best team thus far. The starting pitching has been great thus far and they are doing without Brian Matuz, who was projected to have a great second season. Matuz is expected to be out a few more weeks, but when he returns, the Orioles may pose one of the top young pitching duos in baseball. Now, I’m not sitting here saying the Orioles are going to win the division (although that would be epic). I am saying that things are beginning to look up for the Orioles, and with the struggling Sox and Rays, the Orioles may be that second team to challenge the Yankees in the division. If nothing else, the Orioles have given fans like me hope. Hope that this last through the dog days of summer and possibly into the fall.

individual but no; Vanessa Hudgens just can’t get enough of the public embarrassment. You’re famous, whoever these photos are going to will be using them against you and if you’re supposedly sending them to a significant other, clearly you shouldn’t be dating if he’s going to allow the whole world into your bedroom. Recently, I came across a trending topic on Twitter called “#TT” or “Titty Tuesdays,” where people upload photos of their own or someone else’s lady parts. Is this a joke? You purposely uploaded a photo of your boobs to an extremely popular online Internet site; you’ve lost your damn mind. This is where the amusement kicks in. I have no sympathy for anyone who uses naked pictures online to get attention from people. You put yourself out there and made the choice to expose your body; I think I just heard the worlds smallest violin start playing. We need to become tasteful again. It’s a shame that we’ve lost sight of sophistication and what it means to have class. Ladies, don’t think you’re off the hook either. There are plenty of women who expose men as well and can be just as heartless. Moral of the story: don’t send anything to anyone that you wouldn’t want someone else seeing. With how technology savvy our generation has become, anything and everything is bound to end up somewhere the public can get access to. Keep your clothes on or keep your phones off; the two never seem to mix well together.


D2 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 4/13/2011

This is a NO NO!


Celebrities in our Cafeteria

Danielle Buxton Photography Director by

For starters, let’s just say that I am fully aware of any possible retaliations that may come because of this column. My reaction to those retaliations is whatever. This past week on campus there was an American Heart Association Heart Walk. The Mace & Crown’s sports editor, Garrison Cole, took part in this walk. I’m not knocking Garrison for doing the walk. In fact, I applaud him for it. What I am going to knock him for, however, is the warm up he did to prepare for the walk. Garrison, along with other students, faculty and members of the community, prepared for doing the walk by dancing to “Cupid Shuffle” by Cupid. I give Garrison credit for dancing on Kaufman Mall for a good cause. However, if you observed the dance from my point of view, it’s clearly proven that my fellow editor has very little rhythm. All of us in attendance of the heart walk cheered on everyone who took part in the warm up dance. I will point out that Garrison did better at the Cupid Shuffle than most of the people there. I do have to give him credit on one thing. No one made you get out there and start dancing; you did it on your own. I commend him for that because it’s something that I don’t ever see myself having the guts to do. I’m too shy to dance in public and he jumped right at the challenge. His dancing isn’t that great, but he has my respect for having the confidence of dancing


Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown Sports Editor, Garrison Cole, gets ready for the American Heart Association Heart Walk by doing the Cupid Shuffle.

with a group of people. It looks like he’s having fun. Or I at least hope he is. He seems like he is really getting into the dance. It’s also ironic that he is on the front row. I get the feeling like that he wanted to be seen. There is no problem with that because if he didn’t want to be seen, then I wouldn’t be writing my column on him this week. This makes me wonder if he has any dance moves that he excels at. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one in the Mace & Crown office that has wondered this. Do you have moves, Garrison? In all honesty, I can’t bash him for dancing; as much as I want to, I can’t. I hate to admit that he did do a pretty

good job. The amount of guts that it took for him to dance in front of not only his co-workers, but also the university president and some of his friends is pretty amazing. Garrison Cole, you have been Caught! You were caught dancing to the cupid shuffle as part of a warm up for the American Heart Association Heart Walk. You have a bit of awkwardness that makes it look like you know how to dance. Not many people have the quality and you should be proud. I’m curious to see if you were given the opportunity would you do it again? If this happens again, you better believe that I will be there with my camera, ready to take a lot of pictures.

Symone Rene Mercado Contributing Writer

Currently having the privilege to work for an organization where we can bring celebrities, guest speakers and entertainers to our campus, I have to admit I am embarrassed to say where most of the performers end up performing. North Café a location that is usually on any organization’s top reservation spot, one of the biggest venues we are able to book on campus (besides the Ted, which costs money to use) and where most student org events on campus occur is really our cafeteria. Yes I said it, our cafeteria. A place where people get Chick-Fil-A and go sit and eat, where the Greeks have their tables during activity hour and where important student info hangs around the room in an array of colors and forms. This is perfectly fine since North Café’s purpose is to be all those things, but not a place where performers are to perform. I never been very fond of using North Café, but always wondered how outsiders felt coming there as well. The realization and the embarrassment became apparent to me when we brought a certain performer to our school last semester. During dinner, this performer excused himself from the table and went outside of the Rectors room to take the call. During this time, I overheard this performer tearing apart North Café. He was telling whoever was on the phone about how crappy the venue he was about to perform in while using many insults and profanity to describe it. He even brought up the “crappy art” on the walls during his performance. These comments really hit home with me due to their validity, especially when we are paying people thousand of dollars to come to our school. Old Dominion University is on the map; our academics, athletics and not to mention our wonderful Capital One Mascot Big Blue are all becoming well known. Why can’t we have a presentable, appropriate place that can fit more than 600 students auditorium style? With ODU growing, we desperately need somewhere student organizations can book a place on campus to where they can be bring speakers, singers and comedians and not have to wait until after lunchtime for setup. My commentary is not intended to bash the Webb center or the people that work there, I only want to point out that there is need for an appropriate venue to host student events at ODU. ODU is changing and I believe with a student venue on campus that can seat at least 2,000 people, all 200 plus organizations on campus will reap the benefits. Not only will it benefit the student organizations but it will also assist with the growth of student involvement on campus, as they will have a venue that can fit a larger portion of the study body, which can allow for more creative and fun events on campus. I understand land is limited and this venue would be expensive to ODU, but I believe that this venue is not only a want for the student body but also an investment in the future and the growth of student organizations on our campus.

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monarch roars! -To the girl using her cell phone in the bathroom, find another place to hold a call. -All you commuters out there, watch out for us students who are ON campus when we cross the street. -I’m selling my kidney to pay for the tuition increase! -Dear homeless people outside 7-11, I don’t have a dollar so stop asking. -Why is advising the most painful process ever? -I’m going to the beach, my classmates will just have to suffer without me. -Can there a campus-wide power outage so all of us can catch a break? -Finals are coming up, time to start pay attention I suppose -Don’t forget to support Relay for Life!! If you do anything helpful for this campus at least come out and support! -I’m not going H.A.M., I’m opening up a freakin’ deli.

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S1 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 4/13/2011

sundr y

FRIDAY 15: 68°

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[SUHN-DREE] (look it up)

Mace & Crown



Are you staying up all night for Relay for Life?

Have you done your taxes yet?

How many hours a week do you spend on Facebook?

How many swipes do you have left?

Where are you spending your summer?

What’s your favorite thing to do at the beach?

That’s the plan

Nope, one of my w-2’s was sent to the wrong address

When am I ever NOT on Facebook?

I don’t have a meal plan

In my new house on 42nd street working and going to the beach

A tie between surfing and looking at pretty ladies

I will probably stay for a while because it’s a lot of fun

Yes, my mom did I think

5 maybe?



Spend time with my friends

Yes, if I’m not working

Yeah I did them

My phone’s always hooked up to it unfortunately

I don’t have one, that’s what underclassmen are for

In Norfolk and maybe planning a few trips around the states

Depends where at the beach I’m at

I didn’t know about it


Zero, sike

I haven’t had a meal plan in 3 years

Depends on if I take summer classes or have a job

Sit with the chair on the sandbar with your feet in the water, with an ice cold beer.

I might could be



0. $1.00 left in Flex Points


I like to lay out and read a book






C R O W O R DS S Last week’s solution - Puzzle #6 for April 11, 2011 Across 1- Airline since 1948; 5- Compass dir.; 8- Agitated state; 12- Theme; 14- Wander; 15Aggregate; 16- Ethical; 17- Boutique; 18- Arthur Ashe’s alma mater; 19- Almond-flavored liqueur; 21- Suds; 23- Seine contents; 24- Coxcomb; 25- CIA forerunner; 26Harmful intent; 30- So far; 32- Dress style; 33- Subsequently; 37- Hoar; 38- Trail of a wild animal; 39- Dies ___; 40- Vibraphone; 42- Frighten; 43- Vestige; 44- Swarmed; 45Secreted; 48- Hot time in Paris; 49- Floor covering; 50- Still; 52- Excellently; 57- River to the Moselle; 58- “The Time Machine” race; 60- Ridge; 61- ___ Romeo; 62- Interpret; 63- Consumed; 64- Small children; 65- Letters on a Cardinal’s cap; 66- Williams of country music;

Down 1- Anarchist Goldman; 2- Apparatus for weaving; 3- Gillette brand; 4- Make-up artist?; 5- London district; 6- ___ Paulo; 7- Boss; 8- Brown-bag stuff; 9- Tortilla topped with cheese; 10- Cruise stops; 11- Autocratic Russian rulers; 13- Swindle; 14- Queue after Q; 20- ___ kwon do; 22- Copycat; 24- Camera setting; 26- Sportscaster Albert; 27- Et ___; 28- Leg or arm; 29- Inactive; 30- Preceding, poetically; 31- More than once; 33- Expeditiously; 34- Composer Khachaturian; 35- Describes a gently cooked steak; 36- Act; 38- Breaks; 41- Ancient Athens’s Temple of ___; 42- Bristly; 44- Skye cap; 45Attacks; 46- Author Calvino; 47- Beer choice; 49- Female servant; 51- Ages; 52- Young horse; 53- D-Day beach; 54- Mex. miss; 55- Legal claim; 56- Pull abruptly; 59- C


wednesday 4/13/2011 | MACE & CROWN | S2


Sudoku-Puzzles .net Sudoku, Kakuro & Futoshiki Puzzles Sudoku 9x9 - Hard (133385131)




9 7 7

5 6






3 5




1 9



1 4

1 4





Sudoku-Puzzles .net Sudoku, Kakuro & Futoshiki Puzzles Sudoku 9x9 - Medium (139850036)


Summer Jobs: Seeking Christian college students for fun filled and spiritually reward positions in management, camp counselor, support staff, and lifeguarding. Kaleidoscope Camp, Williamsburg. Contact Jenn Hill at 757-5662256, or



3 4





9 4


6 8



2 5





8 9



1 5 3






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April 13, 2011  

April 13, 2011

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