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WEDNESDAY | 9.18.2013 | MaceandCROWN.COM | Vol. 58, Issue 4


The Old Dominion University Monarchs defeated the Howard University Bison 76 - 19 on Sept. 14 at S.B. Ballard Stadium in Norfolk, Va. This is the highest scoring game by the Monarchs since the 2009 reinstatement of the football program. (continued on D1)


BLACK FEMALE BUSINESS PROFESSORS IN COUNTRY By: Pamula Floyd Staff Writer Mace & Crown Old Dominion University graduate Kimberly Luchtenberg recently joined the ranks of only 28 female African-American business school professors in the U.S., the PhD Project announced. Luchtenberg earned her master’s and doctorate in business administration-finance from ODU and has joined the faculty

By: Pamula Floyd Staff Writer Mace & Crown News can be harrowing, but Old Dominion University graduate and professional football player Ronnie Cameron has found a way of spreading the bright side of current events with Bonfire Impact. Bonfire Impact is the cyber brainchild of

at East Carolina University as an assistant professor of corporate finance. “Dr. Luchtenberg has succeeded in the very difficult endeavor of becoming a bschool professor,” PhD Project President Bernard J. Milano said in a prepared statement. “She has demonstrated dedication, hard work and intelligence in joining the rapidly growing ranks of minorities choosing to influence the next generation of business leaders as college professors. “ Luchtenberg attended the 2007 Novem-

Cameron. It is a unique type of news blog that advocates social awareness and highlights nonprofits and human rights groups, social awareness, charitable organizations, and education advocacy. Cameron also said he wants to get young people excited about being socially active and making a difference in the world.


ber PhD Project Conference and is a member of The PhD Project Finance Doctoral Students Association. She said the conference taught her much of what it takes to be a university business school professor. “The PhD Project showed me that being a professor meant performing research in addition to teaching and service. The balance…the rigor involved with publishing journal articles and the challenge of educating students really appealed to me,” she said. (SEE LUCHTENBERG on A1)

STORIES INSIDE HARD TWERK PAYS OFF Rapper Juicy J offers $50,000 to one woman who believes she can twerk her way up the ladder.

C1 EMBRACE THE CULTURE FESTIVAL Local music and art was celebrated at this year’s ETC festival in Downtown Norfolk.


CREATIVE ENCLAVE RETURNS After a brief hiatus, the student creative writing section is back and looking for more contributions.


Wednesday 9.18.2013 | MACE & CROWN | A1


NEWS Mace & Crown Staff : Derek Allen Page Editor-in-Chief Jessica Scheck News Editor Dominique Bailey Arts & Entertainment Editor Jordan Jones Sports Editor Aaron Roland Copy Editor Ellison Gregg Photography Editor Jonathan Kwok Senior Graphic Designer James Porter II Advertising Director Sean Burke Webmaster DeAngelo Thorpe Distribution Manager Senior Writers: Brian Jerry RJay Molina Staff Writers: Eryn Tolley Kadeem Porter Emma Needham Eric Smith Brian Bowden w Staff Photographers: Rachel Chasin AJ McCafferty Taylor Roy Claud Dargan Marlie De Clerk Chris Ndiritu Ari Gould

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR By: Derek Allen Page Editor-in-Chief Mace & Crown

Dear readers, The future is upon you. Old Dominion University is rapidly expanding, merging into the realm of the academic main-stage. Administrators and students alike are striving to make our school a top tier institution of not only the Tidewater region, but also the nation. Much like tackling the issue of crime and safety on and around campus, as I addressed in my last letter, it is not only up to university officials to bear on their shoulders the weight of academic and infrastructural change. Chief Operating Officer David Harnage has welcomed to student body

to voice their opinions and visions of where the university stands and where it is headed at the next student open forum for the campus master plan. Likewise, I urge you to actively participate in the transformation of your school. However, be conscious of the dichotomy of responsibility in progressing our school. After all, if you want your school to be better, it only makes sense to insist upon the betterment of yourself. To imitate a line from John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address, I beseech you ask not what your university can do for you. Ask what you can do for your university. Whether or not you attend the student open forums on Oct. 9-10, there are other ways to ensure the school you leave behind upon graduation has a bright future, as it does for you.

Contribute. Take pride in your school. Strive to get the absolute most out your experience as a Monarch and community member. Don’t take your education for granted by focusing only on weekends of frivolity as the cornerstone of college life. Remember, there was a time when going to college meant you were on your way to a life of promise, not alcohol dependence. As a young person, I understand the appeal of partying hard, but I’ve seen this take priority in many students’ lives, my own friends, ultimately rendering their time and money spent in school futile. I’m not saying don’t go out and enjoy yourself. It’s healthy to have a social life, and I enjoy a brew just as much as the next dude. Just do it responsibly. Fight for your future by finding balance. Take initiative. Avoid the vapid and find your philosophy. Engage with your

school and community. Fulfillment finds it’s true form in fortitude and tenacity.

When it comes time to walk across the stage and accept that ‘multi-thousand dollar piece of paper,’ as the pessimist oft describes it, you will undoubtedly find more satisfaction in knowing you gave it your all than a case of Natural Light can provide. In retrospect, would you rather tell your children your college experience was a series of blurred weekends or a series of enlightening, thought provoking, self-developing experiences that guided you toward the best person you could be? Sure, a degree is fundamentally a piece of tree vestige with fancy fonts, but what it should represent; passion, persistence, perseverance, is where the pride resides.


AFFECTS LOCAL ECONOMY By: Joshua Stanton Contributing Writer Mace & Crown This year’s Old Dominion University poll “Life in Hampton Roads” has reported that 40 percent of community members avoid doing business in a nearby city because of traffic congestion. What started as an infrastructure problem may have evolved into an economic problem. “Clearly there are these bottlenecks which reduce the ability of the regional economy to function when people aren’t able to travel to visit a business because of concerns about traffic,” Jesse Richman, ODU professor of political science, said of the economic impact of traffic on the community. “It’s a problem when some of your customers aren’t visiting you because they do not believe they can reach the business without running into significant delays.”


The PhD Project aims to diversity corMace & Crown is a newspaper pub- porate America by increasing the number lished by and written for the students of minority business professors. Since its of Old Dominion once a week through- inception in 1994, the number of minority business professors has increased from out each semester and once in the 294 to 1,217, according to the project. summer. “It’s an amazing organization that has Originally founded in 1930 as the supported me through every step of the The High Hat, the paper became the PhD process,” she said. Following the Mace & Crown in 1961. The Mace & 2007 Conference, I took my GMATs and Crown is a primarily self-supporting was accepted to ODU’s PhD program. newspaper,maintaining journalistic That summer, before I started my proindependance from the university. gram, the PhD Project sent me to Hawaii for a conference where I heard from leadAll views expressed in this collegiate ing researchers and teachers, as well as edipaper are those of the author, not of tors at the elite finance journals.” the Following the 2007 conference, University, Mace & Crown, or the edi- Luchtenberg said. The program sent her tors. to Hawaii that summer for a conference where she heard from leading researchContact Information: ers, educators, and editors of elite finance Phone: 757-683-3452 journals. Fax: 757-683-3459 After the PhD Project conference, she Advertising: 757-683-4773 was allowed to stay and attend the Western Finance Association conference to hear research papers be presented at one of the top finance research conferences.

Professor Richman is not alone in his belief that transportation congestion plays a negative roll in area commerce. According to the study, 88 percent of respondents felt infrastructure was extremely important or very important to the region’s economic growth. Earlier this year, the Virginia General Assembly earmarked funds to improve transportation problems in both northern Virginia and Hampton Roads. “When you look at studies about what affects our daily lives, transportation appears to be at the top of almost every one of those surveys. The data is compelling and requires all of us to come together and find solutions,” said Dwight Famer, executive director of the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization. Another issue addressed in the report was tolls. Sixty-percent of survey respondents were aware of pending tolls coming to In addition to gaining valuable information, she developed a network of friends and colleagues that is an extended form of support. “Now that I have graduated, I am giving back by being a faculty adviser, helping to plan next year’s conference, she said. Participants will join one of the project’s five student associations, which provide resources and a support network. She has advice for minority students thinking about pursuing a PhD. “Take some time to figure out what being a professor is really like because it may be different than you expect. Study hard for the entrance exams and seek help and support wherever you can. The PhD Project is one excellent place for support. Getting a doctoral degree is a tough and grueling process, but it is also very rewarding,” she said. Luchtenberg also said that it is important for business students who are pursuing their PhD’s to network, to listen to research papers being presented at national conferences, and to present their own research whenever possible.

bridges and tunnels in Hampton Roads, and half of those polled said they would be less likely to use bridges and tunnels which collected fees. The downtown and midtown tunnels connecting Portsmouth and Norfolk are the two main tolls. According to the Daily Press, Portsmouth Mayor Kenny Wright

and groups in the community have argued against the tolls claiming it would put an unfair burden on lower-income residents. However, transportation officials have stated that tolls are needed because the General Assembly’s bill will not cover the total price tag of the infrastructure overhaul.


BONFIRE “I felt like there was another platform that was necessary for people who were doing the right things. I actually read the news a lot, and it’s always negative coverage-whether it be politics or crime. I first hand got to hear from a lot of great people, and I feel like that needed more media attention. I took it upon myself to just start the company myself,” Cameron said. Cameron completed his bachelor’s degree in information technology at Hofstra University and later chose Old Dominion University to complete his master’s of arts in business administration concentrated in information technology. While playing football for the Monarchs, he was recognized as the CAA Defensive Player of the Year. He then graduated from ODU in 2011 and has since moved on to bigger fields within the NFL. Cameron became an undrafted free agent

of the Chicago Bears, and later moved to the Cleveland Browns. He is currently on the practice squad with the Philadelphia Eagles. It was when he was volunteering and playing with the Browns that he got the idea to create his own news network. He loves football, but he said he hopes the work he does when the football day ends will change the world. “It’s pretty much like the Huffington Post for a lot of the stories that don’t always get noticed,” Cameron said. Contributing to the Huffington Post is where Cameron inherited his love of writing about social issues and awareness. “We wanted it to be kind of a beacon for hope and it came together from there. Impact is the affect I want to have on the world,” Cameron said. His goal is to bring organizations’ causes and issues together so people who care or are interested can find information in one

place. Such people are those working for Cameron. “Everybody that we have working for us are volunteers and they are super-excited and are really passionate about the issues we cover. Hopefully this reaches the younger generation and sparks an interest in them actually getting up and doing something,” Editor-in-Chief Ashley Dale said. Bonfire Impact has already partnered with over 24 organizations, including the NFL Players Association, the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society. Cameron is also working to increase awareness of the good works, charities and philanthropy of pro athletes, especially those in the NFL, by dedicating a section of the website to them. He works closely with the National Football League Players Association in an effort to promote positive news about athletes.

Wednesday 9.18.2013 | MACE & CROWN | A2

For more information about Bonfire Impact, visit

Old Dominion University graduate and NFL football player Ronnie Cameron is CEO of Bonfire Impact, a social awareness news blog promoting the good side of news.


By: Mark Fulton Contributing Writer Mace & Crown Discord between climate change and politics is the topic of Old Dominion University’s Glen Sussman’s recently published co-authored book “US Politics & Climate Change: Science Confronts Policy.” Sussman and co-author Byron W.

Daynes, a political science professor at Brigham Young University, confront the political deadlock concerning bipartisan response to climate change over the last twenty years and “explore the prospects for effective policy making in the future,” according to a description of the book. “Ninety-eight percent of Americans think that climate change is an issue in the United States and think something should be done

about it, but the media presents the issue as a fifty-fifty issue, even though in reality the issue is ninety-eight-two,” Sussman said. He said the methodology of how legislators get their facts is flawed, suggesting corporate funding yields results only corporations are interested in. “When big oil is funding your research, big oil will get the results that it is looking for,” he said.

Sussman also felt that issues that affect citizens’ pockets catch their attention more than the environment. “I think when you talk about the economy and things that directly affect people on a daily basis, that will obviously take the front seat in their mind instead of something like the environment that affects the long term,” Sussman said.

Wednesday 9.18.2013 | MACE & CROWN | B1


ARTS & entertainment

EMBRACE THE CULTURE By: Dominique Bailey Arts & Entertainment Editor Mace & Crown

Norfolk’s love for all things artsy was well and alive this past weekend at Town Point Park as the Embrace the Culture Festival took residence. Beginning at noon, Sept. 14, the park was filled with Hampton Roads locals exploring the live music, local art, handmade made trinkets and food trucks. As attendees entered the park they were immediately submerged into a serene energetic atmosphere. Filled with diversity, the festival’s crowd varied in gender, race and age. The majority of the food venders were located toward the back of park near the smallest stage, C Stage. There festival goers could find local food truck favorites Panavoir and Twisted Sisters Cupcakes in addition to a stand that held festivals favorites like corndogs and beer. Towards the center of the park, goers could find Kona Ice and a variety of local venders. There ,attendees could purchase vintage t-shirts, handmade wooden earrings, energy stones and bracelets and handmade soap. Also towards the center, festival goers had the opportunity to participate in a silent disco. Listeners were able to jam out the mixes of K-Dinos, Dj OH!BOY, DJ El Capone and DJ Chris Elane through a pair of noise canceling headphones.

At the front of the park, visitors were able to stretch out and enjoy the weather while enjoying the performances on the E Stage. The indie music and arts festival delivered on its promise of endless music. All afternoon and evening, attendees were able to enjoy live performances from a variety of musical acts as they took the various stages on a rolling schedule. E Stage and T Stage featured larger bands like Civil Twilight, Good Old War, Delta Spirit and Electric Guest, while the Stage C featured local Tidewater Arts Outreach emerging artists, like Logan Vath & The Vacant, Luke Hartman and Alice Conner. The Los Angeles based band Electric Guest performed at 6:15 p.m. on E Stage. Fans cheered, danced and sang along with the band as they energetically played many of the crowd’s favorites such “This Head I Hold,” “Holes,” “American Daydream,” and “Troubleman”. Soon after Electric Guest exited E Stage, festival attendees migrated to the smaller T Stage to enjoy Philadelphia based band Good Old War. The trio wasted no time with introductions and dove right into their set that included songs like “Coney Island,” “Amazing Eyes” and “Loud Love”. Shortly after, San Diego indie rock group Delta Spirit closed the festival with a performance on E Stage delivering a 90-minute performance for the remaining attendees. The electric set featured songs off their lat-

est self-titled album such as “Tear It Up” and “Calfornia,” as well as other favorites like “Bushwick Blues” and “People C’mon.”

The Embrace the Culture Festival allowed Norfolk to celebrate its love for music, food and community. Those that were in at-

tendance were able to embrace the culture that resides here in Norfolk and the talent that traveled cross-country to be here.


By: Dominique Bailey Arts & Entertainment Editor Mace & Crown Last year, the Texas based urban planning and committee organizers, Team Better Block, identified three Norfolk sites that would fit the Better Block vision. Norfolk’s first site, Granby Street, was a success last April and acted as the test site for

future revitalization. Team Better Block is hoping to recreate that success with historic W. 35 Street beginning Nov. 8th and 9th. Team Better Block is collaborating with a number of city officials, business owners and community leaders for this project, most notably is the Park Place Business Association. Park Place Business Association is a group composed of local business owners

who have an interest in the betterment of not only W. 35 Street, but Park Place as a whole. President Vernon Fareed has high hopes for the collaboration with Team Better Block. “They contacted me and invited me to go with lunch with them. It’s really the fact that they reached out to us... It was a natural fit,” said Fareed. “They had an interest in this

area and we had an interest in what they had to offer, so it was kind of a two way street,” Fareed said. Better Block 35th St. held its first community walk on Aug. 27. About 75 community leaders, residents and past Better Block volunteers walked through W. 35 Street and identified possible opportunities and constraints for upcoming revitalization. Since then the team has been actively working to narrow down their ideas and make them a reality. Much like the goal of Better Block Granby Street, ultimately, Better Block W. 35 St. wants to bring travelers to Norfolk. Fareed feels as if this will be an easier task for W. 35 Street since there are already multitudes of active businesses in the area. “I think we have a little bit more going for us in terms of [the] businesses that we already have active here. …I think that the activity that we already have here …is going to give us a little edge,” Fareed said. The current businesses will be intermingled with the pop-up shops and attractions on Nov. 8th and 9th. Currently, Better Block W. 35 St. hopes to have an herbal microbrewery, Kombuchick, and Halal Kosher Hotdog Shop as their popup shops in addition to others. The Venue on 35th Street will also be participating on Nov. 8th and 9th. At the venue, there will be spoken word artists, musicians, and children’s activities. They also hope to have antique cars parked along the streets. Unlike Better Block Granby St., W. 35 Street will not be an arts driven project. This block will be geared towards family friendly

businesses that appeal to all demographics and welcomes citizens of all ages. With that in mind, the team is considering “The Soul of Norfolk” as this block’s theme. However, Fareed does not want ‘soul’ to be misinterpreted and used to exclude people. “We’re not using the word ‘soul’ in a sense of blackness. Were using ‘soul’ in a sense of the spirit of Norfolk, the essence of Norfolk, the core of Norfolk. Those are the adjectives I would use to describe what we mean by soul. We want to capture and be the spirit for Norfolk, and once people see the spirit emanating from us here [we hope] that they will be attracted to this area, but more importantly the city of Norfolk,” Fareed said. Despite W. 35th Street being a street that is lined with family orientated business and residences, it is often the victim of negative stereotypes. Fareed credits a lot of the misinformation about Park Place to the media. Stating that unlike other areas of the city, “Park Place is branded” when crimes happens. “We have to overcome an image issue,” Fareed said. But he is not discouraged. As a resident, Fareed knows firsthand that Park Place is no safer or any more dangerous than any other portion of the city. He, along with his colleagues, are fully dedicated to changing the perspective of this neighborhood and they believe it starts with Better Block.


Wednesday 9.18.2013 | MACE & CROWN | B2

ATARAXIS THE ACE & MASEGO AT BORJO By: Kadeem Porter Staff Writer Mace & Crown

Max Covington and Micah Davis are your average ODU students by day, but somewhere between classes they become performers that have no issues moving a crowd. This was proven last Thursday when the two teamed up under their creative monikers, Ataraxis the Ace and Masego, to pack Borjo’s coffee house to max capacity. Convington, who also performs as Moonkid Max with local band The PicUp Kids, describes his sound as alternative hip hop with inspiration from indie pop/ rock acts like Lana Del Rey, Marina & The Diamonds, Tegan & Sara, Matt & Kim, and Paramore. Davis sticks to more of a jazz-fusion, alternative hip-hop and EDM tone since he found out a sixth grade love interest liked jazz.The popularity of the show even seemed to shock the performers. “I was anticipating a lot of people, but I definitely was surprised when the Borjo staff came to me telling me that we had reached capacity and no more people could come in” said Covington. “Nobody is forcing anybody to come out and see me perform, so it’s always a really humbling moment when things like that happens.”

It seems their tactic to “give a lot of free content so people want to invest in you” is working and will help them accomplish their goals of expanding out with more people and sounds to eventually do local tours. Their angle for expanding their number of listeners and moving their talent to a national platform is to give a lot of free content so people want to invest in their music. The two were accompanied on stage by fellow students including DJ Dennis Wayne and Travis Waller, playing background music and instruments during the sets which ended in a fun mini rap cypher that other musical artist could participate in on stage. Covington got to perform his favorite song “Extraordinary,” which talks about his spark in making music after getting “boo’ed and laughed off stage at [his] first talent show here at ODU” and Liberty where he raps, “Everywhere I go, my energy is potent. Visualizing your dreams isn’t bogus. It’s true, it’s true, if you focus, you’ll do, you’ll have anything you want.” These songs and more can be found on his debut solo mixtape “The Angst Diary: Finding Autumn,” which can be downloaded for free via and Masego’s music called “Masego Music” can also be found on the internet.

Q & A WITH TIM SEIBLES: A POET’S POET By: Will Willson Staff Writer Mace & Crown Tim Seibles, esteemed poet and 2013 National Book Award Finalist for his collection titled “Fast Animal,” participated in a reading at Prince Books, a local bookstore located at 109 E. Main St. in Norfolk, Va., on Sept. 14. The event was in conjuction with the Embrace The Culture independent music and arts festival held in Downtown Norfolk. The Mace & Crown sat down with Seibles for an interview to discuss what makes him so passionate about his writing. M&C: What do you love most about poetry? Seibles: “What I love most about poetry is that it gives me an opportunity to consider my life and to find out how my life connects to other lives. Poetry allows me to feel more intimately connected to the community of people—locally and globally.” M&C: Think back to your very first reading experience, how did you feel? How did you deal with nerves? Seibles: “I did my first public reading at a litfest event when I was an undergraduate. I felt excited to read my poems, but also nervous because there were some famous literary festival guests in the audience. The only way to deal with nerves is to do the thing you’re afraid to do. Every time you do that thing you become a little more comfortable.” M&C: Do you still get nervous before or during readings, if so, how do you deal with the nerves now? Seibles: “Yes, I still get nervous, but it’s

much less intense than when I was younger. Now, I get nervous mostly because I want to make something happen for the audience. I don’t want to be boring or to seem selfabsorbed.”

M&C: What are your thoughts on the current state of poetry? Seibles: “Poetry is thriving now. Spoken Word is everywhere. Traditional readings are everywhere. People of all kinds of backgrounds and beliefs are writing, performing, and publishing poems. I think we’ve entered a sort of golden age of poetry. This doesn’t mean there couldn’t be more poetry in our daily lives; it simply means that it’s a good thing that people can find poetry virtually anywhere.”

M&C: What makes you most excited about having the opportunity to read at Prince Books? How do you feel about the venue? Seibles: “Prince Books is a great, independent bookstore. I’ve read there many times over the years. It’s a great venue for serious listeners.” M&C: What would you like people attending the reading to take away from your poetry?

M&C: In the future? Seibles: “In terms of the future of poetry, I dream of an America (and a planet Earth) where no one feels that poetry is for smart people or that poetry isn’t for men or for poor people. Poetry should be seen as one way, among many, for people to talk to each other, to dispel feelings of isolation and despair.”

Seibles: “I always want listeners to come away with a sense that poetry can speak to various aspects of their real lives. I want them to leave the reading more emotionally engaged with their own lives and with life in general. Poetry should make us care more about what being alive means.”

M&C: Thank you for your time Professor. Before you go is there any advice you can offer aspiring poets eager to demonstrate their art in front of an audience of their own?

M&C: There’s so much going on in the world, how do current events influence your poetry? Seibles: “Yes, current events do influence what I write about. When I write about homelessness or war or racism or political repression of whatever kind, it’s because I see those evils at work here and all around the world.” M&C: You say you are an ambassador for poetry. Would you go into detail as to what holding such a position entails?

Seibles: “I hope to be an ambassador for poetry. To me, that would involve writing and reading poems that invite more and more people into the magical and gutwrenching cosmos of poetry. Of course, whenever I teach, I’m always hoping to fos-

ter a love for poetry and the precision of language. I want all students to be lifelong readers of poetry. I think reading poems, sitting with truthful thoughts and perceptions, can help to make us better people individually and, of course, a better society collectively.”

Seibles: “If you are a young poet in search of a chance to read or perform go to open mikes at bars and coffee shops. There are usually several open mikes on campus, here, if you’re an ODU poet. However, the most important thing you can do in service of your art is to read deeply and widely. There’s so much to learn from other writers, so many ways we might be awakened to what words can do.”

Wednesday 9.18.2013 | MACE & CROWN | C1




STUDENTS RESPOND TO JUICY J SCHOLARSHip Freshman Olivia Covington asked, “Why, why, why? I know college is expensive, but shaking my butt on camera for some rapper? I mean it’s a lot of money, but at the same time I have a reputation to uphold.” Although there is a lot of negative campus feedback about the Juicy J Scholarship Foundation, some students feel that it is a legitimate way to earn a scholarship. “I would definitely twerk something for

“It’s a bit strange, but it’s a way for students to earn money. I don’t feel like its wholly negative but I don’t feel like its positive either. If you’re going to twerk anyway, and if you’re okay with that kind of publicity with your name attached to it, I think you should go for it,” freshman Kele McKaigh said. Whatever opinion we may have on Juicy’s scholarship, it is true that the product of any true scholarship is always positive; a college education. “At the end of the day the person who gets that scholarship, they come and do something with it then its served its purpose,” junior Kam Anon said. Many of the current contestants do not include any twerking in their submissions and instead spend the time telling Juicy why their story makes them deserving of the money. However, there are top videos that,

spent on gaining gender equality, what does the fact that a scholarship strictly for women that accepts twerking as a qualification for entry mean for the current status of women in America? If this is the future standard, many ODU students believe that it doesn’t look good for women. Junior Rebeca Perloff said that this scholarship does “nothing positive” for the status of women in America. “I was disappointed. It’s kind of like telling women to degrade themselves to earn money,” freshman Selah Coleman said. “I wouldn’t want people looking at me and thinking ‘She’ll do anything for a piece of change.’ We have come to an all-time low really. This is what we [women] are really worth at this point. It’s not what we can do, what we’re doing in our community, our GPA.” There are many factors to consider before

a $50,000 scholarship. That’s two whole years! It’s a little degrading but to be honest it’s hard now, so you have to do what you have to do. It’s all about how you see it. Your perspective,” sophomore Adisola Oni said.

along with the backstory, also feature the contestants twerking. Both types of videos are receiving high votes and it is a mystery as to which type of video will catch Juicy’s attention. With so much time in recent decades

entering for a chance to win the $50,000 scholarship. It’s a high risk contest with low probability of success. The cost of education is mounting, but eventually there comes a price that is too steep and too public to pay.

Times are hard and people are realizing what an expensive necessity college is becoming to succeed in a competitive economy. Paying for school can be rough. Fortunately, federal financial aid is available to most students in the forms of grants and loans, and if that doesn’t cover it, there are scholarships out there for the twerkers! Rapper Juicy J is offering one young woman the opportunity to twerk her way through college with a $50,000 scholarship. Juicy announced the scholarship on Aug. 31 via a tweet saying, “Twerk dat ass! #JuicyJScholarship contest Enter here! #StayTrippy”.

contest that will last until Sep. 30. Fans will vote the entire month of September and Juicy will pick the winner out of the top ten videos. The rules are simple. Ladies ages 18 to 25, who are currently enrolled in an accredited program and have a GPA of 1.5 or higher, can submit a short video on Worldstar Hip Hop telling or showing Juicy why they deserve the money. Twerking is encouraged but optional, and contestants must use Juicy’s new song “Scholarship” off his new album for some “inspiration.” “Scholarship” offers a lot of twerkspirational lyrics like, “You a college chick, keep twerking baby might earn you a scholarship…Show me some, I might owe you some. Them bands waiting and I know you want ‘em, I’m tryna pay your student loans.” Whether women want to admit it or not,

should women be encouraged to twerk to pay for school? Opinions are varied, but many Old Dominion University students say no. “It’s absolutely ridiculous,” sophomore Christina Peyton. “I would never twerk for a scholarship. I’m sorry, but usually they go off brains. If you twerk for a scholarship, I don’t think you deserve one.”

The original tweet has since been deleted, but he legitimized it by partnering with Worldstar Hip Hop to create the Juicy J Scholarship Foundation. Contestants will compete in an official video-submission

most of us do like to twerk. Whether we are closet dancers or the baddest on the floor, twerking happens. It happens all the time and it happens for free. However, is twerking a legitimate basis for a scholarship and

By: Dri Mayfield Staff Writer Mace & Crown


ARGUMENTS IN SUPPORT OF CONCEALED WEAPONS ON CAMPUS By: Mike Sobey Contributing Writer Mace & Crown I would like to first and foremost thank the staff of The Mace & Crown for allowing me to write about such a controversial subject as persons affiliated with ODU, who possess Concealed Carry Permits, carrying on campus. Over the coming weeks, I plan on tendering an intelligent argument that armed students and faculty will improve campus safety and lower the violent crime rate in the surrounding area. I will be drawing information from many new studies, which have only recently been released, and I will be looking at recent events that have taken place around campus. I will also being looking at the law, which if anything, will suggest that students are sacrificing liberties for an illusion of safety. I would first like to remark on the current climate of the ‘Campus Carry’ debate at ODU. Per State regulation, schools are afforded that ability to make their own policy

regarding weapons on campus, and ODU has opted to make the campus a target rich environment, or “Gun Free Zone.” In the shadows of recent events, to include three crimes committed with fire arms, two of which resulting in victims being shot in close proximity to campus, I wrote to the president’s office to seek an audience with the Board of Visitors to seek a repeal of the standing weapons policy. I was turned down because the BOV “has no interest in revisiting the issue or hearing further arguments regarding the policy.” My question is; how many more violent crimes must be committed before the powers that be realize that personal safety and protection comes down to the individual? It is clear that this debate needs to be revisited. It is clear that ODU and Norfolk police can’t protect us at all times. It is clear that it is up to the student to take charge of their own safety because when seconds count, the police are minutes away. I welcome and request any comments students may have regarding this issue as to address your concerns. You can reach me via email at


Wednesday 9.18.2013 | MACE & CROWN | C2

APPARENTLY STARSHIPS WERE NOT MEANT TO FLY AFTER ALL By: Brian Jerry Senior Writer Mace & Crown Last week, reports surfaced about Nicki Minaj’s 2012 summer hit “Starships” is a total rip-off of EDM star Clive Tanaka’s tune “Neu Chicago.” Tanaka filed a federal suit in Chicago last Wednesday against Minaj, three writers, and the song’s producer; claiming copyright infringement on his hit single. He even edited both songs on top of one other and posted the end result. I don’t necessarily talk about Minaj much, but I must say that this is no shocker my friends. Listening

to it for just a minute, could have you confused and it sounds like you’re listening to a Japanese pop song off a video game. I’m just sorry that she got caught and now must suffer the consequences of stealing someone else’s cheesy pop tune. Great job Clive, you hold the jewels for the next seven days. Simply because I’m not too big a fan of the person you’re suing. I wish she was just a bit more humble and personable so I wouldn’t feel as bad. However she’s not, I don’t think I’ll be buying any of Minaj’s albums any lifetime soon folks. Mace Spray: From one former singing talent competition host, to four others.

ASK MEGHAN ????????????????

Sorry fans, but this show is on its proverbial deathbed. The X-Factor USA version has been a complete and utter failure in the ratings; particularly in the 18-49 key television demographic where shows attract the most sponsors. Even with brand new hosts Paulo Rubio and Kelly Rowland to join music mogul. There hasn’t been much to attract brand new viewers. If they can’t do it with my wife from another life Britney Spears, then there’s little to no hope in reincarnating this series in my humble opinion. The over-saturation of reality singing competitions, rising digital video recorders, and on-demand web show streaming. Has made prime time television producers chomping at the bit to attract the viewers’ attention.

By: Meghan Larsen Staff Writer Mace & Crown Question: I know this may sound stupid, but I am really superstitious and I don’t know what to do about Friday the 13th. My boyfriend got into a car accident four years ago on Friday the 13th and I haven’t been able to forget it since. Thankfully, he was okay but I still feel weird doing anything that could cause harm on a day like this. Am I crazy? Or is this normal? Answer: Don’t worry. You’re not a alone. A lot of people have weird superstitions about Friday the 13th, such as ‘don’t get out and get your haircut.’ However, I do not think that you should alter your daily routine, like driving, just because of a date. I am sorry about what you

To learn more about Army Reserve opportunities, visit us at

AR_Norfolk.indd 1

8/13/13 2:24 PM

Needless to say, if things don’t improve this season; I see Cowell pulling the plug on the project altogether and Fox executives going back to the drawing board in attempt to rebrand the talent search. . They’ve already lost yours truly, mainly because I’ve come to the emphatic conclusion, these talent competitions will never again create any worthwhile stars in the music industry. So I’ve given up, but that doesn’t mean Cowell or anyone else at the network should. A spray in the face doesn’t necessarily mean you intentionally done something wrong. It’s just that it could serve as motivation not to park in life’s comfort zone. So move your amateur talent search vehicle before it gets towed.

had to go through with your boyfriend, but driving has become less of a privilege and more of a need in today’s world. You cannot interrupt things just because you are scared. You need to face your fears and realize that any of these things could happen on an ordinary day. And I would start by taking baby steps. Maybe let someone drive you on Friday the 13th instead of being the one driving. Good luck! Question: I am in a bit of a dilemma. My best friend goes to a university, which I prefer to leave unnamed for confidentiality purposes. Anyways, I live all the way in New York and the commute is really far and I’ve never driven that long of a distance before by myself. I also feel like I’m obligated to go, even though I would rather stay home and just chill.

Answer: I would suggest bringing someone along with you to make the drive more bearable. This way, if you’re uncomfortable making the drive alone you can switch off with someone while you nap. Of course, run it by your best friend first, but I’m sure that “the more the merrier” saying is appropriate in the college setting. Secondly, if you are doing this to make your friend happy then you are a good friend, but you also need to think of yourself and your needs. Would your friend come up all that way to see you? If the answer to that is yes, then you have a loyal friend. If you have your doubts, then maybe you need to reevaluate your friendship. Talk to your friend about the complications of making the trip. A real friend would accommodate you and support you no matter what you choose to do.

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SPORTS OLD DOMINION DEFEATS HOWARD 76 - 19 monarchs play highest scoring game since 2009 reinstatement By: Nate Budryk Contributing Writer Mace & Crown It was back to business as usual for the Old Dominion University Monarchs as Taylor Heinicke and his pride worked to pick apart the Howard defense to the tune of a 76-19 ODU victory. This is the highest scoring game by the Monarchs since the 2009 reinstatement of the football program. ODU managed to rack up 733 yards of offense in the rout as well. With a whited-out stadium, the game started off fast with an ODU kick return to around midfield. From there, Heinicke led a run-dominated drive, which ended with a 13-yard touchdown pass to junior wide receiver Larry Pinkard. Howard would do their best to answer on offense, driving fairly deep into Monarch territory before a nice defensive stop forced them to kick a field goal. ODU would not look back afterwards, scoring three touchdowns on their next three possessions; two 29-yard touchdowns to Pinkard, and a 76-yard toss to fellow junior Antonio Vaughan, which really got

the sold-out Monarch crowd on their feet. ODU ended the half with a 49-10 lead. At the start of the second half, a new Monarch game plan was in use. Head coach Bobby Wilder decided to bench Heinicke in exchange for backup David Washington, and coast, turning to a mostly rushing offense and relying on ODU’s young defense to keep the Bison in check. The Monarchs’ defense did just that, allowing just nine more points after halftime. Heinicke finished the game completing 20 of 27 passes for 406 yards and four touchdowns. He also had rushing touchdown. Tailback Colby Goodwin finished the game with 9 carries for 79 yards. This game was a great morale booster for ODU, after losing a close game versus East Carolina, and a much less close game to Maryland in College Park. Next on ODU’s schedule is The Citadel at home on Saturday, Sept. 21 at 6 p.m. “This a very hard working group, this is a very smart group as long as we focus on getting the basic components right the results will take care of themselves,”


Old Dominion University men’s soccer hosted the 38th annual STIHL classic on Friday, Sept. 13 suffering a 2-1 loss at the hands of the Creighton Blue Jays. “We had our game plan down, and we executed it very well up until the very end. I thought the boys played incredible, just an unlucky ending for us,” goalkeeper Sean Stowe said. There is a little history between the two teams. ODU upset Creighton in front of their home crowd in their last face off. “That was huge for us last year and we wanted to show everybody we could do it again, especially all of our guys that graduated,” Stowe said. The Blue Jays came into the contest as the number one ranked team in the country, creating a playoff like atmosphere in front of a very spirited crowd. “Coming in, we knew the atmosphere was going to be good especially against a highly ranked team. Seeing a crowd like that really gives us a lift. We love these fans and their support,” ODU head coach Alan Dawson said. Coach Dawson and his team tried not to let the number one ranking distract them or affect the usual preparations. “For us, this week was more of a reflection on our loss to William and Mary. The goal was to focus not so much on Creighton but us as a team and what we can do to get better,” Dawson said.

Dawson is very familiar with Creighton’s team and staff, contributing to a fast start for the Monarchs. “He knows their coach very well and their style of play and we were able to adapt very quickly,” Stowe said. The Monarchs’ hard work and preparation showed in the first half. They demonstrated great ball control and created opportunities early on. Controlling the possession allowed the Monarchs to generate pressure and a lot of offense, outshooting the Blue Jays 11-5 in the first half. “It almost looked like a rivalry game out there. Both teams played an aggressive game. You could see how badly both of us wanted it,” Stowe said. Creighton’s aggressive play backfired at the end of the first half. A foul in the box led to a goal on a penalty kick by junior forward Ivan Militar. Going into the second half, ODU looked to keep the pressure on. Unfortunately, the Blue Jays were able to capitalize on a penalty kick as well. It came just 13 minutes in to the second half. “That was a tough for us because we knew we had outplayed them up to that point. Simply, we had a great first half. They played better in the second half,” Dawson said. At the end of regulation, the teams were dead-locked in 1-1 tie, neither team wanting to give an inch. The Monarchs finished with 20 shots overall and 6 on goal. “I think what really hurt us was not being able to get as many subs out there as we needed to, The guys were very tired at the

end of regulation,” Dawson said. At 116 minutes, with just four minutes left in extra time, Bruno Castro gathered a rebound and put it in the back of the net giving Creighton their fourth victory of the season. “It really was a great game from both sides. We really wanted this one tonight and it just didn’t fall our way,” Stowe said. Stowe finished with three saves, two cru-

cial ones coming at the end of regulation to force extra time. At the end, Dawson was very pleased with the effort his squad put forth. “I know I’ve got a team with a lot of heart and a lot of fight who play to the last whistle. I take a lot of pride in this team. They deserved better than a loss,” he said. Not much time to think about this one for the team. The Monarchs will face Central

Florida on Sunday, Sept. 15. “We just have to shake this one off, rest up, and stay loose,” Stowe said. Dawson does not want his team to lose focus. “We expended a lot of energy against Creighton all the guys need to make sure they stay loose. We are 1-2 right now. We need to re-focus and find a way to get a win,” Dawson said.


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iPHONE AND iOS7 By: Sean Burke Webmaster Mace & Crown

At an event in Cupertino California on Tuesday, Sept. 10, Apple announced the two newest additions to the iPhone brand; the iPhone 5C and 5S. One is offered as a cheaper alternative for younger buyers of smartphones and one is claimed to be the “gold standard of smartphones,” featuring new biometric technology. The iPhone 5C is aimed at a younger and less affluent market. The phone comes in a variety of vibrant colors and is made mostly of plastic to cut cost. Apple has cut about $200 dollars of the price of the phone to have it in an unlocked month-to-month version. The iPhone 5 currently costs $749 to buy and use on a monthly basis with the carrier Verizon. The 5C will be $549 from T-Mobile or direct from Apple. Apple is also offering an attractive $99 two-year contract version of the phone directly from them. Apple has always marketed itself as a

higher end smartphone. However,some analysts feel that this is a peculiar and potentially harmful business move. “Apple’s downmarket strategy comes with risks. By offering a lower-cost version of the iPhone, Apple could cheapen its brand or cannibalize demand for its more expensive model” analysts from the Washington Post said. The iPhone 5S is advertised as the more sophisticated and elegant brother of the smartphone twins. The new phone comes in new colors as well, the most notable of which is a metallic gold, or according to Apple, “champagne.” In addition to new colors, the 5S features a new way to access your phone and confirm purchases with a new fingerprint scanner in the phones ‘Home’ button, referred to as “Touch ID.” Apple also improved the motion control range and capabilities of the phone. As with most new forays in biometric technology, there is a vocal contingent of activists opposed to the new Touch ID system. This comes despite Apple’s claims to not be storing fingerprint information in local

facilities, but rather directly on the devices. “Apple’s new product should spark a much-needed debate on how much personal information has to be collected from us and the need for comprehensive privacy legislation,” Jeff Chester of the Center for Digital Democracy said. To many customers, something more alarming than the Touch ID system will be the price of the device. To purchase an un-

locked version of the iPhone 5S, customers will need to pay $649 minimum for the gigabyte version, and up to a whopping $849 for the 64 gigabyte version that isn’t available for the iPhone 5C. It is clear that Apple feels this is the phone for the hardcore user, the true Apple fanatic. Both phones will receive an upgrade to their processor, touch screen, and camera. The camera will now be 8 megapixels and

feature slow motion and image stabilization modes. Both phones will also receive a new iOS update with iOS7 which will be rolling out two days before the phones on Sept. 18. They will be available for sale Sept. 20 in more than 100 countries and on 270 carriers. Following Apple’s announcement, company shares dipped nearly 3 percent. It closed down about 2 percent at $494.64 per share.


By: Sean Burke Webmaster Mace & Crown Just as Steam hits its tenth anniversary as a digital games distributer, Valve, the parent

company, announces a brand new feature that could really change the digital landscape in gaming; family sharing. Steam Family Sharing will allow close friends and family members to share games


NASA launched their Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer [LADEE] from Wallops Island, Virginia on Friday, Sept. 6. The unmanned probe is set to enter lunar orbit on Oct. 6 and has a current mission of gathering “detailed information about the lunar atmosphere, conditions near the surface and environmental influences on lunar dust. A thorough understanding of these characteristics will address long-standing

unknowns, and help scientists understand other planetary bodies as well,” according to NASA. The lunar orbiter did experience a minor delay after it entered earth’s orbit. The spacecraft entered “Safe mode” on Sept. 11 to fix a camera alignment issue. Later that day, however, the spacecraft executed a successful test of its Orbital Control System. “The LADEE spacecraft completed the AM-1b maneuver yesterday. We are currently in fine pointing mode, and everything looks good. The post-burn engineering assessment is that the main engine performed very well with no issues,” NASA reported.

by authorizing a shared computer. Although the games will be shared, each player will be able to earn their own Steam achievements and save their game progress to the Steam cloud. The service can be used with up to 10 steam enabled devices including the host pc. However, some games will not be available for this feature,such as any game with a third party authentication or sign on separate from Steam. This will include many games in the Massive Multiplayer Online genre that require specific registration. Patrick Klepek, from spoke on Steam’s idea in an article on their website. “The idea of sharing your digital games became a topic of conversation earlier this year as Microsoft flirted with the idea for Xbox One. As a result of its massive turnaround on DRM policies, however,

these potentially progressive and interesting ideas were kicked down the road.” Valve has broached an interesting and compelling topic in the gaming industry dealing with how Digital Rights Management (DRM) is used, ways where regulations can be relaxed, and ways piracy can be stopped.. Valve has already detailed how it’s planning on stopping piracy in a very long and technical way, which can be simplified through a scenario. To illustrate a scenario, if your brother wants to play a game that you own in your library, they will request access from the games page in your steam library through a handy button. You can then authorize this action and they are now able to play the game. However, should you stop whatever it is you’re doing in real life and want to play any game in your steam library, including

one that the 2nd party is playing, Steam will give the player notice they are about to be booted from the game and offer them a chance to purchase the game to continue playing. This is a happy middle ground for DRM, content can be shared between users, but only like a disc can be shared in real life. Stopping the play of another user when the owner of the game is online is a brilliant move by Valve. By stopping the game for the player borrowing, this system almost acts like a long-form demo of a game. Since few people will be able to play games without interruptions from the owner, this will entice players to purchase their own copy of the game.. Valve has made a masterful stroke in furthering their brand and disguising it in a family friendly way.

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CREATIVE ENCLAVE Abecedarian Band Conversation by GREY Acoustic guitar attracted me to her But it was the buzz of a band with a beat boxer that Caught my concentration, she cued for the cymbals of the Drum and the Electric bass. The euphonious Funk flowed so phenomenal with her freestyles and the Guitars had their own groove. Her harmony had me higher than a haloed angel’s harp. I fell in love with their instrumental improve and inquired Joining their musical junction. I jawed that I could jam out with jazz scales and had Knowledge of hip-hop from KRS to Kendrick even still, I Loved the lilt of Lennon and his lullabies. She said Me too at the motion and we had a meditation over music as medication, Not just noise, but an Orchestra of orgasmic opus Production. She asked me to play percussion Quell the crappy quality from within, Replace the drummer, rap a bit, and rip the radio with a Solo from something slightly new. She wanted to see if I should sing, I Told her I could carry a tune, but I wouldn’t toot my own tuba. She said Usually she can make a ukulele sound useful, but I Voted for violin Which I wouldn’t waste time with cause it wasn’t my wont so we wondered if a Xylophone experiment would fill the need of our new thrill, Yet we settled for her favorite instrument from youth in the end, Zills.

The Matrix by Will Wilson American perception: The pursuit of perfection, what is called “perfect”, for some is throwing dollars to the wind and chasing where they go—the voyage from birth to being seen and knowing you’re being seen... The truth: You are a slave. Shining, blinging for the flashy life, for no other reason than to say that you did or that you could if you wanted. What you thrash toward—stomping and killing one another for a chance to be cloaked in capitalism—waiting in line to wait in line, where each step is a blind one... like riding in the third row of a coaster without being harnessed... the thrill before the kill. “Under this dollar we trust.” E pluribus unum®— the conception that enough is never enough. If you do not unplug yourself, you may never see, but that’s the hope anyways. Pray for the tamed mind, who will never have the courage to take the red pill.

Welcome, readers! This is the Creative Enclave, a platform for students with a lust for lexicon. I’ve reserved this space for those who feel compelled by the human condition, and find their medium to express such motivation in words. There aren’t many of us. You may see this page come and go. Just know it’s open for all who wish to convey their experiences creatively. Words are a powerful tool. Our society is quickly forgetting this, opting for ignorance instead of understanding. Language allows us to explore the consciousness of another and thusly explore and expand our own. I read and write to better understand the lives of others and to make transparent the complexities of my life that are otherwise clouded in the ether of my consciousness. Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, try it. I beseech everyone to find the words that best fulfill your true self. Otherwise, we’re just mass of mammals making noise. *Interested in submitting to the Enclave? Send your work to

Rendezvous by Will Wilson

 I’m like a starving man at a banquet 
 when it comes to your touch.
 I can feel it—my stomach knots up, 
 my nerves do cartwheels delighted 
 and warmed by the thought 
 of your soft and gentle hands, 
 gliding through the room’s 
 still current,
 rubbing my temples
 and closing the day.

Anethesia by Roland Cowles I can’t wait to wake up from being under. The numbness has bent us asunder and I wonder how long it’s been since I last said I love you.

Accident by Roland Cowles We were an accident waiting to happen. Do you recall the day we aimlessly made our way to each other? How we both seemed to stall, lock up, spin out of control and crash into each other? We were a wreck that worked but my towing and your coasting killed us.


THE NORVA September 2013 SCHEDULE Friday, Sept. 6: Shane Dollar & Friends DOORS: 6:30 p.m. SHOW: 7:00 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 7: X Ambassadors with Logan Vath and The Vacant, DOORS: 7:00 p.m. SHOW: 8:00 p.m. Monday, Sept. 9: The Gaslight Anthem with The Sidekicks and Gates DOORS: 7:00 p.m. SHOW: 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 10: The Airborne Toxic Event with American Authors DOORS: 6:30 p.m. SHOW: 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 14: Yo Gotti with Ca$h Out, Ced Zilla and Young Money Yawn DOORS: 8:00 p.m. SHOW: 9:00 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 15: Matisyahu with Magic DOORS: 7:00 p.m. SHOW: 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 17: Pepper with Grieves ad RDGLDGRN DOORS: 7:00 p.m. SHOW: 8:00 p.m. Friday, Sept. 20: Sea of Souls with Revery and Nemesis DOORS: 7:00 p.m. SHOW: 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 24: Sigur Ros (This event will be hosted at the ODU Ted Constant Ceter) DOORS: 7:00 p.m. SHOW: 8:00 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 28: The Legwarmers: The Ultimate ‘80s Experience DOORS: 7:00 p.m. SHOW: 8:00 p.m.

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ACROSS 1. Church alcove 5. Iron 10. Extent 14. Let go 15. Adjust again 16. Not there 17. Inadequacy 19. Chocolate cookie 20. Meadow 21. Admirer 22. What we are 23. Trap 25. Ancient Roman magistrate 27. One or more 28. Norm 31. Dye with wax 34. Protective ditches 35. Ghost’s cry 36. Iridescent gem 37. Deadly snake

38. Blackthorn 39. Lair 40. Scrawny 41. Stinks 42. Outside 44. Color 45. Amidst 46. Total weight in tons 50. Permit 52. French for “Queen” 54. Not against 55. Entice 56. Bigger than a teaspoon 58. Axlike tool 59. French for “After” 60. Backside 61. Views 62. Specter 63. Dregs

DOWN 1. Befuddle 2. Primp 3. Couches 4. Upon (prefix) 5. Religious residence 6. Late actor Christopher 7. Feudal worker 8. Administrative assistant 9. Hog’s home 10. Ought 11. Porous 12. Region 13. A noble gas 18. A loud resonant noise 22. Ancient units of liquid measure 24. Found on a finger 26. Information 28. Not drunk 29. A chess piece 30. Accomplishes

31. Portend 32. Pinnacle 33. Seduce 34. Treatise 37. Metal money 38. Observed 40. Found over each eye 41. Graphic symbols 43. Acts 44. Truthful 46. Anagram of “Islet” 47. Previously 48. Gander 49. Sea eagles 50. Garments of goat hair 51. Stow, as cargo 53. River of Spain 56. Children’s game 57. Friend




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classifiedads ODU RECYCLEMANIA ODU’s RecycleMania is inviting all students, staff and administration to come and take part in ODU’s recycle-ympics! Come out for the opportunity to learn more about how you can help the university and win wonderful prizes! RecycleMania is a friendly competition and benchmarking tool for college and university recycling programs to promote waste reduction activities to their campus communities. With each week’s updated ranking, participating schools follow their performance against other colleges and use the results to rally their campus to reduce and recycle more.

Mace & Crown The Mace & Crown meets every Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. in the U-Center, located across from the Card Center in Webb. We welcome anyone who has a passion for reading, writing, editing and photography. Join our Orgsync page for updates and meeting reminders. If you wish to advertise with the Mace & Crown please contact James Porter at advertising@ He can supply information on advertising costs and the classified section.






DEADLINE: October 1, 2013 Freshmen who submit their Monarch Experience on their co-curricular transcript via

and bring this advertisement to Leadership &

Student Involvement recieve a free Monarch Experience baseball tee! (While supplies last, one per person)

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