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Mace & Crown Student Inboxes Flooded in Email Mishap By: Sean Burke Webmaster Mace & Crown Old Dominion University students were assaulted by more than 400 emails Wednesday night and Thursday morning in what the university called “the mass email spam incident of Jan. 22-23” in an email to students following the chaos. Improper restriction settings were to blame, the university further explained. According to a follow up email from Jennifer Mullen Collins, assistant vice president for marketing and communications at ODU, “…permission setting was not in place when the update email was sent Wednesday night. A student responded to me in what was thought to be a private email, but instead inadvertently went to all students.” Messages from all parts of the student body alerted student’s cell phones from 10:40 p.m. until almost midnight. As students quickly realized that messages were being sent to a large part of ODU, requests for followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook pages and YouTube channels started pouring into the mix. Even a fake email cancelling school from a phony Jennifer Collins was delivered, though one of its paragraphs left more than little room for doubt of its author. It read, “There was also a robbery reported in the vicinity of 42nd and Elkhorn. Three homeless people are now even poorer. But who cares, no one reads these emails anyway unless someone gets out of class early.” While messages continued for hours, Information Technology Services (ITS) reported that they had changed the permission restrictions on the mailing list within 15 minutes of being notified. Messages continued to send because they had been sent into a holding queue due to the large volume of participants. The response time is both a testament to the work of ITS and the opportunistic nature of ODU students.


Former governor indicted on corruption charges By: Pamula Floyd Staff Writer Mace & Crown

Former Governor, Robert McDonnell, and his wife, Maureen McDonnell were recently indicted on a combined 14 counts including honest-services wire fraud, obtaining property under color of official right, making false statements, and obstruction of official proceedings. Bob McDonnell, the former Republican governor of Virginia, and his wife, Maureen, were indicted Tuesday, Jan. 21 by a federal grand jury for illegally accepting gifts from Jonnie R. Williams, Sr., a promi-

nent businessman and donor. Federal prosecutors had first told McDonnell and his wife in December that they would be charged, but a decision was delayed until after McDonnell left office earlier this month after a face-to-face appeal from the McDonnell’s attorneys. The indictment alleges that the McDonnells accepted more than $165,000 in direct payments of gifts and loans from Williams and then lied on various documents in an attempt to cover their tracks. The couple could face fines of more than $1 million and decades in jail. Williams was the chief executive at Star Scientific, a dietary-supplement company.

Months of investigations by The Washington Post revealed that he gave more than $165,000 in gifts, luxury travel, and loans to the governor and his family, including checks and other gifts to offset the costs of the McDonnell daughters’ weddings. In return they promoted Star Scientific. Before leaving office, McDonnell publicly apologized for the scandal during his final State of the State address on Jan. 8, saying, “I am deeply sorry for the problems and pain I’ve caused this past year.” Both McDonnells have maintained their innocence. Following announcement of the indictment, McDonnell called the allegations

“false” and said he deeply regretted accepting “legal” gifts and loans and that he takes full responsibility for his poor judgment. “However, I repeat emphatically that I did nothing illegal for Mr. Williams in exchange for what I believed was his personal generosity and friendship,” McDonnell said in a statement. “I never promised -- and Mr. Williams and his company never received -- any government benefit of any kind from me or my administration. We did not violate the law, and I will use every available resource and advocate I have for as long as it takes to fight these false allegations.”

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Mace & Crown is a newspaper published by and written for the students of Old Dominion once a week throughout each semester and once in the summer. Originally founded in 1930 as the The High Hat, the paper became the Mace & Crown in 1961. The Mace & Crown is a primarily self-supporting newspaper,maintaining journalistic independance from the university.

Students Target Dominion Power and State Legislature By: Sean Davis News Editor Mace & Crown Old Dominion University students joined students from around the commonwealth to march in the state capital to bring attention to environmental concerns and decry the ways in which fossil fuel interests are “blocking the democratic process in dealing with these concerns,” according to a statement released by the group. Dozens of members of The Virginia Student Environmental Coalition marched from Dominion Power’s Richmond headquarters to the State General Assembly on Jan. 20. The marchers tied red string along the route to “illustrate the connection between the energy titan’s profits, climate change and the pockets of state legislators,” the statement explained. They fastened facts about the company and its actions within the state to the string. “Dominion is the number one polluter in the state,” one read. “In their 15-year

plan, Dominion seeks to increase clean energy by less than one percent” read another. The tiers and fasteners could barely keep up with the enthusiastic, chanting marchers in the brisk morning. Reaching the state legislature building, students split up based on their district and entered the building in an attempt to speak with their respective representatives. Armed with a tiny symbolic bag of coal and a drafted letter, ODU students Jugal Patel and Erica Guardino passed through security, boarded the elevator and located the office of Delegate Johnny Joannou. Not unexpectedly, he was not in, but a cheerful assistant listened to the two speak and explain points in the letter. She promised to pass it along with the coal when he returned. “Everyone gets so fired up about having the right to choose, but so few people are aware of Dominion’s monopoly on energy in Virginia. I wanted to make my community more aware of the fact that they don’t have a choice in their energy right now, and that more people should

reach out to their representatives to fight this,” said Guardino, a first-year graduate student in secondary education. Prior to the march, a member of the group read the letter aloud in front of the Dominion offices. “We have allowed money, in the form of campaign contributions and political gifts to corrupt our political system and silence the voices that matter most,” he declared. “Over the past ten years, Dominion Resources, through Dominion’s PAC have given more than $6 million in campaign contributions to our General Assembly members, across party lines…In a state that is being choked by fossil fuel interests, we do not feel that our poor energy policies are a coincidence.” The demonstration in Richmond followed a meeting of the group to exchange ideas, discuss specific issues and plan their upcoming statewide convergence slated for later this spring. “The atmosphere was exciting and energetic,” said ODU finance and accounting major,Miriam Novotna. “It was inspiring to see all of us come together and work toward a common goal.”

“Mostly the idea of compassion for everyone in a community. If we care for each other, we would also care for the environment. We need to be strong as communities and not as individuals. The construct of individualism in this society is working against any greater community efforts,” Novotna said. Tentatively scheduled for early April, what’s been deemed “Virginia Powershift” will be a “convergence of youth activists from all over the state,” said Erin Fagan, who heads the ODU VSEC chapter. “Other states have had their own PowerShifts, and they serve as an opportunity to focus in on the things that we were only able to touch on for a couple of hours at national PowerShift… Reps will be able to have their entire groups trained in all of the basics and not-so-basics of organizing, campaigning, and non-violent direct action.” If you’re interested in getting involved with the ODU Chapter of VSEC, please contact Campus Representative Erin Fagan at

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Joshua Stanton

ODU honors Martin Luther King Jr. with Community Service By: Joshua Stanton Staff Writer Mace & Crown While many took advantage of the extra day off of school, a number of service-minded students participated in the eighth annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service on Monday, Jan. 20 in the Webb Center’s North Café . The event celebrated the life of civil rights leader and consisted of a ceremony, march and community service project at the Lambert’s Point Community Center. The keynote speaker of the ceremony was Efrem Graham, an Emmy Award-winning news anchor with the Christian Broadcasting Network as well as a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and the National Association of Black Journalists. Graham told the audience about the famous people he has had the opportunity to

interview such as Oprah Winfrey and Vice President Joe Biden but said, “The stories of people who matter most are the stories of people you have never heard of.” He went on to tell the stories of those he had interviewed such as Simeon Right, the cousin of Emmett Till. Right was sleeping in the same room as Till in 1955 when two men abducted and murdered him for reportedly flirting with a white woman. The two men responsible for the murder were later acquitted. In the interview, Right told Graham it had taken years for him to be able to forgive all those responsible for his cousin’s death. Today Right’s mission is to meet and find his cousin’s accuser and forgive her. Graham also spoke about Eugene Brown, who inspired the movie “Life of a King” in which Brown is portrayed by Cuba Gooding Jr. Brown grew up in Washington D.C.

where he fell into a life of selling drugs and was eventually arrested for an attempted bank robbery. While in jail, Brown learned the game of chess and when he was released from prison he opened a chess house to teach D.C. youth the game that had changed the way he viewed life. “Wake up every day thinking ‘How can I make a difference?’” charged Brown before the group got ready to march down Hampton Blvd. to their service project. When asked why she attended the MLK Day of Service, Old Dominion University student Khadija Carter said, “I came because Martin Luther King Jr. did so much and it is important to remember where we came from and give back.” The event, which featured the slogan “a day on, not a day off,” certainly lived up to King’s legacy of action, in working for justice.



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Quick Colors Nationally Renowned Speed Painter Tim Decker Performs in MGB By: Adrienne Mayfield Copy Editor Mace & Crown What do advertising, speed painting and stand-up comedy have in common? Not much, until Tim Decker. An intimate crowd at Old Dominion University welcomed Decker, former advertiser turned speed painter on Thursday, Jan. 23. Decker put on a half hour long performance in which he speed painted three large portraits of Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein and the Statue of Liberty and gave the audience his brief autobiography. His act was set to music and he encouraged the audience’s energy with his sense of humor.

The three paintings were given away to Christina Kann (Lincoln), Darryl Turner (Einstein) and Derek Page (Liberty). Organized by SAC, the event was held in the Mills Godwin Life Sciences Building and free with a student I.D. Decker has had his hands in advertising since high school. Growing up in eastern Pennsylvania, he opened up his own advertising agency at age 16. He attended college at East Stroudsburg University and earned his Bachelors in Media Communication. A few years after college, Decker moved his thriving agency to Tampa, Florida. By age 26, he boasted approximately 2,000 clients and a six-figure salary. Then Decker’s life changed over the course of a single night.

One night Decker had a strangely intriguing dream. In his dream he was doing something he had never seen done before; he was speed painting. When he woke up he bought a gallon of paint and with a brush in each hand, speed painted his first work, a portrait of Mr. T. “It [Mr. T] was really bad… The first time it took probably eight or nine minutes,” Decker said. Although Decker had only had two college art classes in his life, he easily picked up on speed painting and quickly ended his ten year advertising career. “I liked it [advertising]. I thought I liked it. But it was something that had just sort of become tedious and that I didn’t love anymore,” Decker said. “It got to the point that I could have sold it

but I didn’t even want to wait for a buyer. I just completely gave it up just because I wanted to pursue this [speed painting] and move on.” Almost five years later, Decker’s speed painting career has blown up so huge that he travels nearly 250 days of the year. He does events for corporations, charities and celebrities. His most well-known audiences have included Kim Kardashian, Hulk Hogan, the Miami Dolphins and members from the Ronald McDonald House. Although the paintings Decker does for show take him between four and seven minutes to paint, like any true artist Decker must practice. “When I first start [practicing a new portrait] it usually takes me about 10

minutes but eventually I get it down… It takes a little while to pick music, pick colors and develop a concept,” Decker said. Decker credits parts of his success in speed painting to his background in communications, marketing and advertising. His education and experience enable him to make himself into and market himself as a brand. Decker kept the crowd engaged long after the show with a funny, conversation style question and answer session. He was open and friendly with the crowd and placed heavy emphasis on engagement. His advice to ODU students? Follow your dreams.

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All Sides of the Spectrum By: Adrienne Mayfield Copy Editor Mace & Crown

Old Dominion University, in partnership with Virginia Beach City Public Schools, presents “Spectrum,” an exhibit showcasing the artistic talents of Virginia Beach high school students. The exhibit is open from Jan. 21 to Feb 22 at ODU’s Virginia Beach campus and admission is free for anyone. As a whole, the art exhibit’s concept is “spectrum.” Each young artist is invited to interpret this through their unique perspective, giving their work differing themes that fall under the original concept. “Spectrum” is led by guest artist and educator, Erin Richburg of Salem High School (SHS). Originally a graduate from SHS herself, Richburg went on to graduate from ODU’s art education program with Magna Cum Laude honors in 2004 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in painting and a minor in


art history. She recently attained her National Board Certification and is currently the lead visual art teacher at SHS. Richburg was also voted SHS’s 2015 “Teacher of the Year.” To aid Richburg and the students, current ODU students enrolled in ART 305 at the Virginia Beach Campus assisted in the installation of the exhibit. Led by senior art lecturer and University Supervisor, Patti Edwards, these students are studying arts education at ODU and are preparing to teach in public schools. To celebrate the young artists who contributed to the exhibit and those who collaborated with them, an opening reception is being held Thursday, Jan. 30 from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the ODU Virginia Beach campus in the Atrium. This event is also free and open to the public with special event guest parking in Lot 3.

Sean Burke | M&C

Stephen Coxe to Perform in Faculty Recital By: Janah Stokes Contributing Writer Mace & Crown A faculty recital featuring Dr. Stephen Coxe will take place at Old Dominion University in the Diehn Fine Arts Center on Jan. 27. The recital will be from 7:30 p.m. until 9 p.m.. Coxe teaches music theory and composition at ODU as well as being an award winning musician and educator and part of the faculty of the Virginia Governor’s School of the Arts. The Diehn Fine Arts Center will exhibit the world premiere of Coxe’s complete “Blake Songs” for tenor and piano, with works by Stockhausen, Britten and Beethoven. Coxe will perform a piano composition accompanied with other talented artists. The guests artists are Brian Nedvin

as tenor, Anna Sterrett singing soprano and Jeffrey Phelps playing cello. In his journey as a musician and educator, Coxe received degrees from Swarthmore College and Yale University. He has also earned several awards, including an Aaron Copland Award, ASCAP Award, Belgian-American Educational Foundation Fellowship, Composers Guild Award, Friends and Enemies of New Music Prize and Meet the Composer grants. Coxe has taught at Yale, Peabody, Mannes and Loyola College in Maryland. He is also Artistic Co-Director, with Nansi Carroll, of the Jubilus Festival. Coxe’s impressive background in music reveals his passion for art. As Monday night approaches, students can anticipate a creative performance to remember.

Thespians Get Alex Trebek Treatment with “Theatre Feud” By: Alyse Stanley Technology Editor Mace & Crown The University Theatre stage received a Jeopardy style makeover on Jan. 23 and 24 as the student production “Theatre Feud” took center stage. Presented by the National Theatre Honors Society, Alpha Psi Omega and written by Lucy Bonino, the show blended contemporary humor with classic cinema and theater in the flashy guise of a game show. The play recently replaced “Theatre Sucks” as one of ODU’s annual production and is aimed at educating students currently enrolled in Theater 241A: The Theater Experience. Ticket sales also help raise money for the department. “It’s a way of teaching new students about theater basics and it gives them an opportunity to see a play. For a lot of students, it’s the first play that they’ve seen,” said Saige Hill. A veteran to theater herself, Hill is one of the directors of “Theatre Feud” as well as the sole director of the upcoming production “The Vagina Monologues” premiering Feb. 14, 15 and 16. The show began with a single spotlight shown on the evening’s host Chip Vanderbilt (Samuel Locker) as he entered the stage, swinging his step in time to the catchy game

show music playing. After welcoming the audience, he cheerfully informed the crowd that he would need volunteers for what he dubbed was a “Game show from Hell.” The three victims, all preselected theater students placed in the crowd, took to the stage: Peter (Mark Stefani), a stereotypical nerd complete with suspenders who sang his praise for Kanye West’s new album; Andy (Justin Harris), a self-described lover of loose women and Quentin Tarantino movies; and Snacks (Luke Messenger), a disinterested hipster with “alternative facial hair” – a moustache drawn on with sharpie. Vanderbilt asked the three contestants a series of questions, each concerning the technical terms of theater. The final question of each round asked the participants to identify the name of a production after watching one of its scenes. The curtains opened to reveal the scene they were to watch. The first play within a play was Mary Zimmerman’s “Metamorphoses.” Directed by Saige Hill, the story follows Myrrha (India Johnson), a young lady who shamefully conceals her sexual love for her father Cinyras (Samuel Martin). The second was “A Street Car Named Desire.” The character Blanche(Stephanie Donald), emotionally soliloquized about what she found wrong in society while struggling with her own age and alcoholism in

front of her would-be-suitor, Mitch(Marcus Bell). “In short, Blanch is Snack’s mom,” Peter snorted on stage once the scene ended. The final vignette was “Closer,” a romantic drama about two women, played by Lucy Bonino and Devyn Nelson, as they contend for the others love interest and slowly uncover their true feelings about the men they are fighting over. The show ended with Snacks throwing a fit over his loss from what he claimed was a faulty buzzer, until the host finally granted him honorary second place. The lights dimmed to the laughter from the audience after Snack rushed forward to give him an awkwardly drawn out embrace. “I really liked it. It was dramatic and funny all at the same time and the interludes were great, very entertaining.” said theatre goer Robert Williams. “It was nice having actors who were passionate about their work. It just made for a really easy rehearsal process,” said Nikki DeBrango, director of the scene from “Closer.” This was her second experience directing, as she previously directed a scene from “Theater Sucks.” “Theatre Feud” will continue to blur the lines between education and entertainment when it returns next year, now an annual addition to ODU’s theater schedule.

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Monarch Football Pieces Together Reputable Class By: Brian Saunders Senior Writer Mace & Crown

Junior Zvonimir Podvinksi prepares to return a shot from University of Richmond’s Alex Hahn.

AJ McCafferty | M&C

Monarchs Net Victory on Wings of Intesity By: Nate Budryk Sports Editor Mace & Crown The Old Dominion Monarchs men’s tennis team played three matches this weekend, the first coming in the form of a victory over the in-state rival University of Richmond Spiders. ODU won the match by a score of 5-2, with the decisive victory coming from Carlos Lopez Villa, the junior from Madrid, Spain. “It’s another match. There’s nothing else like having that feeling of clinching, but I’m really happy about the team. I think we got a good win today. It was really important for all of us and I can’t wait to get back tomorrow and hopefully we win both matches tomorrow,” Lopez Villa said. After winning the doubles point, the pressure was lessened, enabling terrific singles wins from one of the team’s more energetic

members, Zvonimir Podvinski, the Junior from Croatia and the German sophomore, Jonas Kuwert with an outstanding comefrom-behind win. Intensity and passion also played a big role in a match that may have had a different result had they been absent. The FolkesStevens Tennis Center was filled with cheers from players to other players. Perhaps most notably of this noise was emanating from Podvinksi. “When I have this intensity, I think I play my best tennis. I just showed that in the first set, and I think my best in the second set was a little bit less than if you compare it to the first set, but at the end, I found it and it was good,” Podvinski said. In his first set, Podvinski easily dispatched his arachnid adversary by a score of six to zero. The second set proved to be a different story as Podvinski, or “Z” as he’s referred to by teammates, fell behind and had to refocus and finish his opponent off.

“I broke him the first game then I had like love or 2-0 on my serve then the deuce point, the deciding point…but finally I found a way which is the most important.” Podvinski said. The team’s energy comes from multiple sources according to Head Coach Aljosa Piric. “We have a couple of ringleaders. I would say Z definitely brings energy. I would say Carlos brings a lot of energy. Darragh (Glavin) brings a lot of energy. Those guys bring natural energy out every time they play. The rest of the guys have the energy but it’s a little more internalized and they kind of latch on to these vocal leaders. “ In addition to the passion, intensity and the desire to win, this group also has the true team attitude, something which can be difficult to have in a sport that can be both an individual and a team game. “That is the tough thing with tennis, and college tennis is a unique situation because there is a team aspect and that’s what we try

to do,” Piric said. “We try to push each other. We try to encourage guys to understand the team concept from the day they get on campus. Sometimes it’s an easier process than others but this particular team understands what they need to do as a group, as a unit, and they absolutely push one another at all times, and we keep looking to grow and keep looking to improve every match.” This is ODU’s first victory against an instate school this weekend, with the potential for a second coming on Sunday against a Norfolk State Spartans team that is said to be much improved. “Norfolk State wasn’t as good the last couple of years I guess and they have a really good team and they recruited pretty well all over Europe and I think tomorrow they’ll be excited to play us and we’ve got to come out with huge intensity and hopefully get the win tomorrow,” said Lopez Villa.

Hampton Roads is a first-hand witness to the skyrocketing success of the Old Dominion football program. There have been multiple factors that have gotten the Monarchs to the point of qualifying for a bowl in the upcoming season. Although each factor plays a vital role, so far recruiting has been the biggest ingredient in the formula. Old Dominion Football hasn’t been around for long, but the caliber of players that have donned the slate blue and silver have been top-notch. 2013-14 has been a different year with the same tune for the Monarchs as the success on the field continued while off the field the coaches continued to do a stellar job showcasing the program to prospective student-athletes. According to 247 Sports recruiting service, the Monarchs have been able to compile the 76th best recruiting class in the country so far. The 28 recruit commitments are good enough for the third best class in the C-USA. National Signing day is less than two weeks away and the Monarchs still have a few spots to fill but on the bright side, they have eight recruits enrolled in spring classes and practices. The class has many solid players that look to have immediate impact similar to last years players like Richie Staton and Gerard Johnson. Shuler Bentley is a 3-star QB from South Carolina who has put together a great career at James Byrnes High School. He has been tabbed as the “Taylor Heinicke after Taylor Heinicke” according to DMVstream. com analyst Brian Gardner. Bentley is the back-to-back Gatorade South Carolina Player of the Year. Not only will he get a chance to learn from one of the most prolific QBs in Virginia, but he will also be coming in with a class full of offensive weapons. One of the eight recruits who are enrolled for spring classes is Jesse Yorke, a junior college transfer from Fort Lauderdale, FL. The 6-foot 180-pound WR from ASA College in Brooklyn is ranked the eighth best player in New York and rated a three-star prospect by 247 Sports. He recorded 33 receptions for 483 yards and nine touchdowns last season and had a huge game against junior college powerhouse Dean College, totaling 5 catches for 154 yards and 2 touchdowns. In a statement to ODU Athletics, Wilder praised the recruit. “Jesse Yorke has worked hard academically and athletically for this special moment. He worked hard to graduate early from ASA College so he could join Old Dominion for the spring semester instead of this summer,” Wilder said. “He will add much needed depth to a talented wide receiver pool and he should be able to compete for playing time this fall. I want to thank all the good people at ASA and Old Dominion that have allowed Jesse to realize his dream.” Yorke will provide the Monarchs with another slot receiver similar to how Antonio Vaughn and Nick Mayers have contributed over the years. Although it’s getting closer to the final countdown, Old Dominion is still out and about trying to reel in the best of the rest, and if Coach Wilder has his hands in it, you can bet that there will be some bright youngsters on Foreman Field next season.

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Guard Aaron Bacote (seated) looks on as his three point attempt falls.

Zack Chavis | M&C

Monarchs Suffer First Conference USA Defeat to Southern Mississippi By:Brian Saunders Senior Writer Mace & Crown Old Dominion University was destined to exhibit growing pains following its move to the Conference USA. Following a 3-0 record with all three games on the road to begin conference play, Monarchs supporters were astounded. Thursday evening at the Ted Constant Convocation Center the Monarchs (9-10, 3-1 C-USA) were hit with a taste of reality, after it lost 75- 60 to Southern Mississippi (17-3, 4-1 C-USA). Moving up to a bigger conference for ODU meant playing against better, stronger and smarter competition. The Golden Eagles were easily a more

seasoned team. its team featured nine players who were either a junior or senior. ODU is a very young team with seven under classmen in its rotation. The Virginian Pilot’s Ed Miller, documented that the Monarchs coaching staff used the term “grown men” when preparing their players for Southern Miss. “Basically, you had juniors and seniors playing against freshmen and sophomores,” Coach Jeff Jones said. “The juniors and seniors rose to the occasion.” Behind the 7,549 in attendance, the Monarchs lead by nine early, 16-7. As seasoned veterans do, the Golden Eagles, preseason C-USA pick to win the conference, weathered the early storm. Southern Miss went on a 15-0 run to take a 27- 20 lead with 6:39 remaining in the first

half. ODU was able to shake off the run and go into the half trailing by just three, 35-32. As they have done all season the Monarchs played well and kept the game close for the first 30 minutes, however down the stretch their youthful experience cost them another home victory. Besides being young, perimeter defense was a deterrent for the Monarchs on Thursday. Poor defensive rotations allowed for Golden Eagle seniors Jerrold Brooks and Neil Watson to have a field day from behind the arc. The two guards combined to make 10- of 18 treys, including Watson’s 6-7 from 3-point land. “If we don’t make 12 3s, it’s a different story,” Coach Donnie Tyndall said. “But most

of our shots were good shots.” Southern Miss hit five more threes than ODU, which accurately depicts the scoreboard differential; however, the post presence and depth of the Golden Eagles ultimately wore the smaller Monarchs down. It’s been cited several times that ODU is a small team. Its tallest rotation player is 6-7 in stature (Joe Ebondo and Denzell Taylor) and its beefiest player is lean forward Richard Ross weighing 225 pounds. Southern Miss has three players who outweigh each Monarch by at least 15 pounds, excluding Ross. “We definitely started to wear down a little bit,” Ross said. “Their depth got to us.” After a Keenan Palmore layup with 9:26 remaining, the Monarchs led 52-51. Southern Miss ended the game on a 19-8

run. “We had the lead, it was close, we kind of folded,” Bacote said. “That’s the mental part we need to clean up.” “Our guys battled, but the way I look at it is it was a big test for us and we did some good things, but we weren’t ready for this moment,” Jones said. “The most important thing is making sure, rather than feeling bad or feeling sorry for ourselves, that we learn from this.” The Monarchs do not have much time to dwell on their latest let down, Saturday evening they host Tulane University at 7:00 p.m..

Blazers Blow Past Lady Monarchs Lady Monarchs fall to 2-3 in Conference USA By: Jasmine Blackwell Senior Writer Mace & Crown It was a cold night in Monarch Nation as the Lady Blazers from UAB blew past the Old Dominion Lady Monarchs 80-64 at Ted Constant Center on Military Appreciation Night. This untimely loss came just after the Lady Monarchs managed to rise to .500 on the season in conference and overall play. Sophomore guard, Galaisha Goodhope led the Lady Monarchs in the losing effort banking in 16 points, distributing a career-high seven assists, while adding six rebounds. Junior forward, Shae Kelley, who was also in double figures (14 points, eight

rebounds and three steals) was held without a double-double for only the seventh time this season. Chelisa Painter added 13 points and snagged nine rebounds. “I feel like it really came down to the mental part of just trying to stay focused and be aggressive against this team because that’s who [UAB] is. They’re very athletic. Their big three do a great job, their back court provides them with rebounding and scoring so it’s not like you can just play off one player,” Barefoot said. With stellar play from the “big three”, UAB had no problem securing and keeping the lead. UAB’s Karisma Chapman bolted past all scorers with 28 points, while hauling down 17 rebounds and dishing out

five assists. Chapman was not alone as she received major contributions from Ashley Grimes (21 points, six rebounds and six assists) and Chelsee Black (12 points and seven rebounds). The Lady Monarchs got off to a quick start opening the game with a three-pointer. The Blazers quickly responded with an 8-0 run to put them ahead. ODU managed to rally together to put on a 10-2 run to take their largest lead of the game at 27-21. Goodhope made a layup with 44 seconds left in the first half to put an end to the Blazers 12-1 run. This cut the Blazer’s lead to 4232 as the teams headed into the locker room for halftime. With a little under five minutes remaining

in the second half, the Blazers went on a 15-0 run and never looked back. UAB’s defense held ODU scoreless for seven minutes in the second half. “This team needs to stay confident and learn how to stay aggressive and be mentally tough. We’ve got to learn to do that at times when we hit adversity and be okay with it,” Barefoot said of ODU’s disappointing play when things were not going their way. When the shots weren’t falling, the defense fell flat, almost as if the Lady Monarchs had defeated themselves. This is definitely something that the Blazers took advantage of. The Blazers capitalized on the lack of attention to the paint, scoring 33 of their 42 first half points under the basket.

“I think [UAB] is very athletic, a very good team and play great defense. We knew this was going to be a battle,” said Head Coach Karen Barefoot of the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s impressive play. The Lady Monarchs have an even bigger challenge coming their way as they will travel to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to take on the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders on Jan. 25 in hopes of getting back to the Monarch way. “They play good at home and I’m looking forward to seeing how we respond,” Barefoot said of the Blue Raiders who have not lost a game at home since late November.

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Evil Empire Strikes Back

I have been a Yankees fan ever since I can remember. It was rather inherited. I got the passion for the “Bronx Bombers” from my uncle at an early age. The past four seasons have not been the best for Yankees fans. Following the thrilling conclusion to the 2009 World Series crown (pure awesomeness and jubilation), the Yankees have not been real contenders for another title. For just the second time I can ever remember, the Yanks did not even make the playoffs. The Yankees have won five World Series since I was born in 1993, but I am going to be honest, I cannot recall back further than

the failure of losing to the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 2001 World Series. That’s not to say I didn’t watch games prior to that year, it’s just how far back I can remember. Since 2001 I’ve seen the Yankees lose another World Series to the then Florida Marlins, collapse in the American League Championship Series after winning the first 3 games of the series, my first taste of a Yankee-less postseason and the rise to prominence again. After the collapse heard ‘round the world to the uber-hated Boston Red Sox, the Yankees lost in the playoffs three straight years and then missed the 2008 playoffs completely. After the debacle of 2008, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman went to work. He acquired Nick Swisher from the White Sox and signed CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira

and A.J. Burnett to free agent contracts totaling $422 million. The Yankees steamrolled on their way to a 103-59 record and a Major League Baseballbest 27 World Series championship. As I hinted at earlier, the past four seasons have not been fun as a Yankees fan. There is public enemy number one, Alex Rodriguez, who is embarrassing himself and the Yankees organization with his involvement in the biogenesis performanceenhancing drugs scandal. Hey Bud Selig can you ban him already?. The ending of the “core four” also has hurt the Yankees. The retirements of Andy Petttitte, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera closed the chapter on one of the most successful dynasties, producing five championships in 13 years. The decline of Captain Derek Jeter has

been hard to watch because he is class personified and is one of the best shortstops ever. Oh, captain my Captain! Yes, I went Walt Whitman. It was inevitable. It is safe to say as a Yankees fan I have been spoiled. For most of my life they have put together a roster that competed for championships. For goodness sake, our hated rivals, the Bo Sox, went over 80 years without winning before they won three in the last 10 years. There are fans of plenty of other organizations who would tell me to get over myself, but when you are use to a certain way, losing just does not cut it. In the last four seasons, the Yankees were put out of the playoffs early and then in 2013 missed it all together. Sound familiar? Wait this is where it gets weird. This offseason the Yankees signed

Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann, Jacoby Ellsbury and Masahiro Tanaka to free agent deals totaling $465 million. Stop me if you have heard this before, its sort like déjà vu. Brian Cashman is spending money likes its 2009. Of course, it is a similar recipe to the offseason prior to the last championship Yankees team, but spending the most does not guarantee you the best teams. However, with all these moves I cannot help but be excited. Y! A! N! K! E! E! S! Here come the Yankees Let’s get behind and cheer the Yankees They’re gonna learn to fear the Yankees Everyone knows they play to win, cause They’re the New York Yankees.

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By: Kimberly Joy Ward Staff Writer Mace & Crown Redefining the struggle between exorcists and demons, “D.Grey-man” provides every classical literary genre including comedy, action and adventure. As its basic categorization falls under a simple supernatural, gothic horror, “D. Grey-man” is often overlooked, yet it goes through so many characters’ stream of conscious that tragedy, romance and drama are naturally woven into the story if only for a brief moment. In the first episode, the main protagonist, Allen Walker, submerges the viewer into the unseen world he must live in to protect the unknowing civilian population, which is set up like a murder mystery. As he explains to police, the world becomes more and more real.


The viewer learns that akuma are weapons fashioned be the Millennium Earl to bring destruction to humanity by using the misery and grief. The Black Order, an exorcist organization, was founded with the sole purpose to destroy akuma and stop the Millennium Earl through the use of anti-akuma weapons forged by Innocence. Innocence is the name of a metal that purifies akuma and can manifest extraordinary phenomena. As the stage is set for war, Allen must find a way to stop the destruction and corruption of humanity as an exorcist of the Black Order. Although it is hard to be skillfully done, “D.Grey-man” employs proper utilization of a large cast to give support to the tired, overused main protagonist . All of the charactershave some sort of depth. Some important supporting characters are given full form with psychological scars and interesting manifestations of them.

Many references to classic folklore such as witches and vampires, as well as some science fiction staples, like the homicidal android and manipulation of time, are woven into this literary universe in a very complex and mature way, so as the successfully suspend the viewer’s disbelief. To do this, the story falls on the plot device of Innocence, a magical metal that transcends laws of accepted logic by creating supernatural intrusion onto the real world. As the Black Order was founded on this Godgiven gift to fulfill their God-given purpose, this is a key aspect of this fictional world, but the Black Order’s science division cannot explain its true properties or purpose. The lack of fictional history does not take the viewer out of the story due to the story’s mystery of the origin explained in the second episode. No one really knows about the previous civilization who fought

the Millennium Earl, the prophesywrote, and left the Innocence. The viewer does not know anything that the characters have not learned themselves, producing a very interesting narrative. “D.Gray-man” utilizes its tracks very well. Each character has a thematic track and the score enhances the fight scenes spectacularly. The comedy is well spread out and highlights the relationships between the characters, humanizing them to another degree. The transitions between scenes are remarkable as they allude to actually camera work. This aids the presentation of themes that haunt the anime. “D.Gray-man” tackles themes of grief and how it affects all aspects of society and life. Seeing Allen watch his adoptive father die and then have to kill the akuma his soul became chained to; it is heart-breaking. It really speaks to how grief can be a poison and a motivation in a complex and palatable way.

However, it often breaks the sober moments with a plethora of comedic gestures and jabs between characters. With 103 episodes, four openings, eight endings and two seasons, “D.Gray-man” goes through many different story arches. Fortunately, FUNIMATION obtained the dubbing rights to “D.Gray-man” and have dubbed the first season. The second season contains such an evolution to the story that it would be terrible to miss out on it due to sub/dub preferences. “D.Gray-man” is a comedic adventure that tackles heavy themes with beautiful music and excellent “camerawork.” This is an anime that requires no thought but can be very thought provoking. I found it to be a very enjoyable experience within the gothic, historical atmosphere and light-hearted slapstick.

Crown Jewels and Mace Spray By: Adrienne Mayfield Copy Editor Mace & Crown In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day which passed Monday, Jan 20, this week’s crown jewel goes to Dr. King. Simple words cannot express the gratitude and respect we have for Dr. King who dedicated his life to attaining equal rights for all Americans. He said, “I have decided to stick with love. Hate

is too great a burden to bear.” Although he was hated and despised by many, he exemplified love and forgiveness to all in ways that seem impossible to the average person. Dr. King’s example of passive protest as a means to attain peace can serve us in practical ways as we navigate our crowded campus in 2014. At Old Dominion we are blessed with a diverse student population, ethnically and otherwise. When diversity is present there are often hurdles to be faced, but those

hurdles come nowhere near the advantages of coexisting and learning from one another, peaceably and creatively. Although all Americans are born with certain unalienable rights, those rights can be quickly narrowed down to the right to remain silent until your attorney is present as pop-star Justin Bieber found out in the early hours of Thursday, Jan. 23. After being caught drag racing through the streets of Miami in a rented Lamborghi-

ni, Bieber was charged with drunk driving, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license. He also admitted to being under the influence of marijuana and anti-depressants previous to his arrest. Bieber’s bond was set at $2,500 and he was released shortly after his hearing in the Miami-Dade circuit court. Although I’m surprised that the most interesting thing Miami Police found in the streets that night was a turnt-up Bieber, it’s a good thing that the golden boy wonder was

caught and will receive a slap on the wrist for his bad behavior. Bieber has grown in a much different direction than the innocent you-tube star that created a hysteria of “Bieber fever” probably imagined for himself orginally. He’s allowed the obsessive adoration of the world’s preteens to go to his head.

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Net Neutrality No More By: Alyse Stanley Technology Editor Mace & Crown The future of the Internet hung in the balance on Jan. 14 as the U.S. Federal Appeals court released its final ruling in the case of Verizon vs. Federal Communications Commission. Their decision: the abolishment of net neutrality, the principle that internet service providers (ISPs) should be unbiased in their distribution of content. The case began in 2011, one year after the FCC instated its Open Internet rules, colloquially known as net neutrality. These guidelines outlined rules of transparency amongst ISPs, as well as preventing them from blocking online services or discriminating content distribution amongst their consumers. Essentially, the rules stated, once a person pays for an internet connection, they are given free rein over how they use it. Though the court agreed that the FCC has the power to regulate the Internet, it disagreed with how the FCC enforced their

regulations. Under net neutrality, the FCC governed ISPs according to the same standards as they would a telecommunications service, but since the Internet has yet to be classified as such, technically the organization overextended its jurisdiction. With net neutrality gone, what does that mean for consumers? Immediately, not much. The effects of major court rulings always take time before their influence trickles down into everyday lives. In the long term, though, it could mean increased costs for companies and consumers, with ISPs the only ones coming out ahead. One possible offset of a less regulated internet is tiered data plans. In an attempt to raise profits, ISPs could start providing “Gold” and “Silver” memberships that give higher paying customers access to speedier, more reliable internet. Certain websites could even become reserved for those patrons willing to pay for admission. Without the FCC’s regulations, servers can now block any website they choose, or make websites in direct competition to them harder to access. One of the principle

reasons the FCC originally instated net neutrality was due to Comcast slowing down consumer’s access to YouTube, as it directly competed with Comcast’s own video player. Businesses can now negotiate with servers to ensure their content is delivered reliably and quickly to consumers. Companies that are willing to pay more become more accessible, while those that are not may find their videos and content forced through needless buffering. This idea has already come to fruition in less extreme instances with companies like AT&T and Verizon. Their sponsored data plans allow businesses to pay for their data to be put into the hands of smartphone users instead of that money coming out of the pockets of consumers. Media giants with the resources to afford this new system may benefit but it could spell disaster for smaller, independent websites. The added cost of doing business could possibly squeeze them out of the running, creating less new content available for consumers. The general consensus amongst internet

service providers has been that charging websites for priority delivery will decrease buffering and congestion, as well as providing new revenue streams for the servers themselves. Thus, consumers receive a better quality for cost. Major contenders like Google and Netflix have been starkly against the court’s ruling. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings expressed his discontent in a letter to his shareholders, “…we would vigorously protest and encourage our members to demand the open internet they are paying their ISP to deliver.” However, the court’s decision is far from the final word on the matter. The FCC retains the opportunity to repeal the court’s decision to the Supreme Court. Since the initial ruling struck down net neutrality due to a technicality, the FCC could push to have the internet reclassified under their jurisdiction. This idea has some people even more nervous. “In other words, before this decision was handed down from the court, there was some haziness about the true role of the FCC in regulating the Internet. But since the court’s decision, it’s crystal clear: the

FCC…can now impose regulations on the Internet, overriding any local or state laws that may forbid such regulation,” wrote CNET’s Marguerite Rearden. However, in his blog post on Jan. 14, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler ensured the public that the FCC would exercise its power as wisely as it has since the organization’s inception. ““[The FCC] is not going to do anything that gratuitously interferes with the organic evolution of the Internet in response to developments in technology, business models, and consumer behavior…[it] is not going to abandon its responsibility to oversee that broadband networks operate in the public interest,” Wheeler wrote. With the court’s decision on Jan. 14, the battle over control of the Internet has entered a new round of public debate, each person and company trying to cut out their chunk of the last frontier. The stakes are higher than ever now, since whoever comes out on top is going to get to determine the rules of the Internet

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“Rust” Needs Some Polish

In an age where simulation and hyperrealistic graphics have become the most prominent “back of box” features, it is nice to play a game that aims only to be completely bonkers and does not care about realism or graphical fidelity. “Rust” offers a world of bare bones fun that borders on insanity or some kind of psychoanalytic experiment. Players are spawned on an island in a single server of their choosing with up to 128 other players. Much like in zombie survival game “Day Z,” players spawn into the world with absolutely minimal equipment

and armor. In “Day Z,” this means a pistol, a can of beans and some bandages. In “Rust,” it means that the player starts entirely nude with just a rock to beat things with, a flare to keep darkness at bay, and first aid kits to stop bleeding. The goal of the first day of “Rust” is always the same: spawn and gather supplies. Much like in Minecraft, players can hit trees and boulders to receive wood, stone, and ore. The animals that populate the world of “Rust” can be reduced to raw meat. Once these are secured, the player can use wood and stone to build a fire, cook the chicken at the fire and then huddle in a ball next to the fire until morning and hope no other players find them. Those that survive

the first night can begin collecting more wood, cloth and food on the second day to make a small shelter and maybe some pants and better weapons. Incremental improvements and a cautious strategy are key elements to playing “Rust.” While the server side chat may seem friendly and helpful, many players just as soon kill you as they will help you. “Rust” breeds a weird paranoia in this way. My first sighting of a player ended just as soon as it began. Before I could type “hi, are you friendly?” into the chat, I was brutally shot in the face from four hundred feet away. After that I never trusted the chat or any other player again. “Rust” takes players into a hostile environment where they have the

absolute essential resources and pits them against nearly insurmountable odds of zombies, radiation, wolves, bears and other participants. Players quickly learn that almost nothing comes freely, making every resource precious. If a player is killed, they re-spawn with nothing. Starting the game over completely yields the same result. Constantly being faced with the possibility of restarting and the fear of losing progress so completely drives players to a mental state possibly similar to that of actual cavemen. If cavemen had access to assault weapons. Even though “Rust” is so immersive, gripping and legitimately fun, it is still very rough. The game is in early access, and clear-

ly says “Alpha” in the corner of the screen while playing. Players can glitch through walls, fall through the floor, lose progress spontaneously without cause and suffer immediate game crashes. The graphics are not stellar by any means and the sound effects are minimal. The game has a ways to go before it can call itself complete. However, for $20, it is an absolute treat and will have you seeking revenge, laughing with tenuous alliances and fighting in small but meaningful battles to protect your ramshackle homestead.

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Splitwise Makes Renting Simple By: Alyse Stanley Technology Editor Mace & Crown

At a school like Old Dominion University with few opportunities to live on campus and a large commuter population, many students can empathize with how time-consuming finding a rental apartment can be. However, with Splitwise’s new Average Rent Calculator, that process is as simple as entering a zip code. Splitwise is a website that uses “fairness calculators” to facilitate splitting rent and travel costs among other features. With a layout that mirrors social media websites,

it allows users to add friends and organize them, as well as their virtual IOUs and bills, into groups. “It’s cloud book-keeping in a sense. We try to make tools that help people living in a shared lifestyle easily manage their expenses,” said Zoe Chaves, a member of Splitwise’s Marketing and Business Development Department. The Average Rent Calculator is one of the latest tools added to Splitwise’s arsenal “Basically you plug in a zip code and the database finds all the apartments tagged to that zip code, the average cost across all those apartments and the price per bedroom by apartment size. Then it provides a

custom analysis for that zip code in a chart,” Chaves said. The tool calculates the average rent for studio, one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom apartments, as well as the cost of sharing a one bedroom apartment. It also compares the percentage saved by choosing one type over the other. Development began last October when Rentmetrics, a company that specializes in collecting data about residential rental markets, shared a data set essential to the tool’s development with Splitwise. It included information on two million apartments from across the United States. “Once we received the data set, we

thought ‘How is the best way we can put this to use?’” Chaves said. “Since in college, the price of tuition is fixed and so is the price of books, [off-campus] housing seemed like a place where students could potentially save a lot of money.” The general tool released on Splitwise’s website last year on Halloween, though it was not until Renter’s Week, an annual event in New York City that showcases the most notable apartments to hit the market, that the tool received its grand debut. Splitwise created their first custom analysis specifically for the event, complete with color code maps and graphs. “New York City was an exciting one to do

because people need it so badly. Rent costs are so high there that many people can’t afford living on their own,” Chaves said. Though Chaves explained that converting the tool into an app would be difficult given the interface, the company does have plans to further develop the design, possibly by adding links to apartment rental websites to take users straight from the calculator to deals in their area. Those interested can use the Average Rent Calculator at average-rent.splitwise. com. The company also encourages any questions or comments about the tool to be emailed to Zoe Chaves at zoe@splitwise. com.

Nintendo’s Numbers Nosedive By: Alyse Stanley & Noah Young Technology Editor & Staff Writer Mace & Crown Nintendo did not fare well this past holiday season. Wii U and 3DS sales were low, forcing Nintendo to lower its sales expectations for both consoles. The estimate for the Wii U sales dropped from 9 million to 2.8 million and 3DS sales estimates dropped from 18 million to 13.5 million. This caused their predicted profits of 55 billion yen to change to a predicted loss of 25 billion yen. Nintendo blames the low sales on their foreign markets. “In particular, sales in the US and European markets in which we entered the yearend sales season with a hardware markdown were significantly lower than our original forecasts, with both hardware and software sales experiencing a huge gap from their targets,” said Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo. This shift in expectations, though unfortunate, ultimately changes little. Iwata stands by his decision to not expand Nintendo’s franchises onto non Nintendo devices. “The spread of smart devices does not spell the end of game consoles. It’s not that simple. It doesn’t mean that we should put Mario on smartphones,” said Iwata.

Iwata also has no plans to resign or restructure Nintendo’s management. Despite its failed sales predictions, the 3DS was still the best-selling video game system in 2013. Since Nintendo has had a history of its handheld outselling its home consoles since the GameBoy in 1989, many have suggested that Nintendo redirect its focus to producing handhelds exclusively. “By focusing on a single console, Nintendo could create a game lineup strong enough to turn the heads of both casual iPhone gamers and core Xbox fans who might want some quality gaming on the go. Nintendo could even include connectivity to allow these games to be beamed to the big screen when players are at home, similar to Google’s Chromecast device,” Victor Luckerson wrote in Time magazine. Whether it’s expanding its market, acquiring more third party titles or revamping its advertisement of the WiiU, Nintendo needs to find a way to prove to gamers that the WiiU and 3DS have something to offer. With two other incredibly popular consoles newly released and slowly dominating the market, Nintendo is going to struggle to keep its head above water unless it makes some major changes.


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ACROSS 1. Rectum 5. Quaint outburst 9. Wings 13. Dispatched 14. European currency 16. An aromatic ointment 17. Cabbagelike vegetable 18. Genuflected 19. Among 20. Cut of meat 22. Store clerk 24. Dogfish 26. Frothy 27. A short novel 30. A fourth state of matter 33. Photographer’s setting 35. Platform 37. Martini ingredient 38. Creator 41. Cover

42. Move stealthily 45. Empowering 48. Trim 51. Sinewy 52. Assumed name 54. Warbled 55. Blends 59. Requires 62. Distinctive flair 63. Sharpens 65. Diva’s solo 66. Not more 67. Notes 68. Obtains 69. Misplaced 70. Container weight 71. Historical periods

DOWN 1. Demands 2. Tidy 3. Made without yeast 4. Paddle-wheeler 5. Startled cry 6. Firearms 7. Territories 8. Small indefinite amount 9. Expert 10. Tibetan monk 11. Dry 12. Countercurrent 15. Pilfer 21. A man’s skirt 23. Resorts 25. Astringent 27. Badgers 28. Express a thought 29. Genus of macaws 31. Slacker 32. Growing old

34. Barely manage 36. Jittery 39. N N N N 40. Rodents 43. Opposed 44. Pottery oven 46. Fiber source 47. Bloodline 49. Not day 50. Stumblebum 53. Ringworm cassia 55. Mobile phone 56. Margarine 57. Catholic church service 58. Clairvoyant 60. Devil tree 61. Back talk 64. South southeast


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X WORDS abide assemble been beside blood cart coal cream discover endure escape expression fanatical five focus heroes hole killer lewd opposed

print project reason rebel relief report salute scale sear seed seer swords trial twist valve vase wander waste woes world





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