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By José I. Duarte

Studies necessary Once COTAI’s integrated resorts have been designed with the mass market gambler in mind, to what extent can this lead to a change in the type of gambler on the Peninsula? And if the Peninsula customer is more sensitive to price what consequences will this have on profile? To help anticipate trends by helping the government and the operators themselves, academics would have a say. But no study of these issues has been produced as of until now that is in the public domain.

1. Ruins of St. Paul’s, 2. Senado Square, 3. COTAI Strip Macao Government Tourism Office believes that opportunities in Macau are everywhere. Questioned by Macau Business, the Office says that based upon the findings of several visitor profile studies conducted by MGTO in the past five years the top three attractions for visitors are (in order of popularity) 1. Ruins of St. Paul’s, 2. Senado Square and 3. COTAI Strip. “It goes without saying that for first-time visitors to Macau, the Historic Centre of Macau is a must for any itinerary, as well as are the new integrated resorts

on the Macau Peninsula and the COTAI area, the gastronomy, shopping, festive events, and more, no matter if visitors come on leisure, to attend a MICE event or other.” For repeat visitors, with a designated purpose, adds MGTO, “such as attending an event like the Chinese New Year Parade, the concert of a high profile international star, for shopping, an incentive event, or other activities, they may tend to gravitate towards the area of their activity and interest.”

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